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We can accredit and qualify your learning

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We use our business as a force for good globally by improving the standards of leadership, teamwork, safety, and communication.


We spark and support long term behaviour change.


Through targeted, high-quality training and coaching programs across all delivery formats, globally

We assess your capabilities across our four pillars.

We then co-create a program to enhance your strengths and close the gaps.

What makes us different

Increasing people and organisational performance for over two decades,

and we know what works.

An understanding of you guides everything we do. We help people at all levels to transform how they think and operate.

Our stretching, experience-rich programmes enable people to be vulnerable in ways that accelerate their learning. We can deliver anywhere globally, on any platform in any format, in any blend, to any audience, no matter how cynical.

We have extensive experience in co-creating and delivering comprehensive organisational

programs of learning.

We provide bespoke modules as part of existing programs, and when given the license, we transform organisations.

We utilise the first-hand experiences of our diverse team, the latest behavioural science and rich experiential learning to create powerful learning experiences that stick.

All focused on initiating and supporting long term behavioural change.

Mission Performance Playbook 5


We EMPOWER others by demonstrating confidence and trust in their ability to develop and succeed.

We are HUMBLE acting with empathy and understanding.

We are BOLD and adventurous in the pursuit of excellence.

We are always COURAGEOUS and act with integrity.


We adopt a Hybrid Learning methodology – this means we deliver our services across a selection of channels.

Remote – we create learning pathways to support the learner journey and to coordinate and connect cohorts

Virtual – we deliver virtual live sessions to teach, coach and connect the learners

Face to face – we deliver face to face to enhance the learning

In house design – we create bespoke audio and video content to support each learning pathway

Behaviour change – we can link hard operational processes to specific supporting behaviours

B Corporation – we are a registered B Corporation and meet the highest standards of ethical and sustainable best practice

We can accredit and qualify your learning as an ILM approved centre and EMCC (Global) EQA centre

We have four interconnected pillars that provide all the related behavioural specialisms under one practice roof

We have an enviable global track record of delivery for over two decades

Mission Performance Playbook 7

Our Four Interconnected Pillars

Powerful in their own right. But when combined, they accelerate performance.

Refined over 20 Years


We develop leaders and teams to thrive in these uncertain times.


We help you and your people become more effective communicators.


We coach individuals, teams and organisations to take ownership of their success.


We enable your leaders at all levels to minimise human error, optimise safety and reliability through our CRM (Crew Resource Management) and Human Factors expertise.

Mission Performance Playbook 8

We are in the Capability Business

A good strategy needs excellent execution.

Achieving a competitive advantage in your chosen market/s requires an assessment of your aims, opportunities against your organisational capabilities.

This assessment underpins how we work with our clients to help them deliver their strategies.

We believe that investing in a person’s capability is key to realising your strategy and helping you achieve sustainable performance.

We also believe that if you are not learning, then you are

standing still.

This learning ethos and drive for self-improvement underpins everything we do.

We believe that six interrelated components drive performance in any one organisation, however large or small.

How well you develop and support your people for the realities of their jobs is entirely within your control.

We provide you with an objective and challenging perspective on doing this in the most effective way possible.

Mission Performance Playbook 9
How do we build capability? We use our Operational Excellence Framework (OEF) that has six components: 1. Culture and mindset 2. People and Structure 3. Works & Processes 4. Early Warnings 5. KPI’s 6. Habits

We ensure your communications are clear and precise through effective briefing and debriefing, and we help you create an environment where your people feel safe, integrated, and empowered.

We make our programs available to a variety of different audiences in your organisation and develop role-specific capabilities.

We deploy a range of appropriate teaching, coaching and mentoring styles for each project we deliver.

Our first two components in more detail:

People & Structure - we align our programs to your operational processes and assess how ready, willing, and able your people are to deliver the outcomes. We measure the levels of competence and the degree of working interdependence between them. We facilitate the fair exchange of expectations and encourage additional investment in your people capabilities to develop the requisite skills to build trust and relationships.



Culture and mindset - we have a range of programs designed to build your capabilities. We define it as having the necessary knowledge, skills, beliefs, and behaviours to deliver sustainable business objectives. We measure a culture by the level of honesty, openness, transparency, proactivity, collaboration and trust you demonstrate.

Mission Performance Playbook 11

An indicative selection of our services that we use to build your people capabilities are summarised and grouped by our four connected Capability Pillars:

Mission Performance Playbook 12

Pillar 1 - TO LEAD

1. IBL - Intent-Based Leadership is based upon the Mission Command philosophy of the US/UK Armed Services. Leaders provide the clarity of their intent and ensure their people have the competence and empowerment to deliver it. As a result, decision making and problemsolving speed up, engagement increases, and the organisation is primed for change and to shape the environment in which it operates. It is a philosophy of execution.

2. Sustainable leadership - We help Leaders to make better decisions once they understand a simple framework to measure the impact they have on each of the four elements of Sustainable Leadership: (1) The impact they have on individual employees (2) The impact they have on the organisation’s external stakeholders (suppliers/contractors/Partners) (3) The impacts they have on the communities in which they operate and serve (4) The impact on the environment/s on which they depend

3. Resilience - Building personal and team resilience in your organisation is a vital part of our approach to tackling mental health and well-being. Your people will learn about themselves and their relationship with various factors and stressors that enable them to change their habits and responses to multiple challenges at home and work.

4. High-Performance Teams - The critical components of high-performance teamwork are introduced (Clarity-Culture-Interdependence-Team-LearningPsychological Safety) and then embedded into each team in the organisation. We help build teams that collaborate and work interdependently with other units. Confirming a shared understanding and practice of building and leading high performance in teams is key to organisational success.

Mission Performance Playbook 13

5. Followership - We develop Leadership and Followership in equal measure. Your ability to tailor support to your colleagues and your leaders lifts everyone in a team. The principles of Followership are also crucial ingredients in creating safer and higher performing environments.

6. SDI2.0 - The Strength Deployment Inventory 2.0 is our relationship building tool of choice and supports your people development objectives. Insight into a person’s motivational preferences and conflict drivers underpin Self-Awareness, Leadership and relating style, and all organisational communications. In addition, the online connectivity that it provides makes it a game-changer for collaboration in all contexts.

7. Mindfulness - Mindfulness is an essential discipline and practice for your people in all aspects of their life. It supports your culture of openness and support and destigmatises conversations about mental health and personal well-being.

8. Mentoring - scaling knowledge, insight and sharing experience and intellectual property is key to growing capability at all levels. Mentoring is a crucial tool we deploy to share best practices and pass on the wisdom from your more seasoned operators.

Mission Performance Playbook 14

Pillar 2 - TO COACH

1. Coaching skills - We hone the World-Class Basics basics of coaching to ensure your organisation develops a coaching style of leadership that supports the full implementation of the IBL mindset.

2. Thinking partnerships - We teach your people to conduct more effective conversations with their peers. By asking better questions and listening more intently, we encourage significant innovation, creativity and mutual support.

3. ILM 5 Qualification in coaching - Investing in coaching qualifications for your senior leaders ensures that you continue to create suitable environments for your people to thrive. The World Class Basics of Coaching complements this program and ensures that the creation of a coaching culture is accelerated and sustained.

4. EMCC (Global) – Practitioner accreditation – we accredit previous managerial and coaching experience (at least five years) with the EMCC (Global) Practitioner level of coaching competence. This accelerator program enables you to develop a core of accredited internal coaches within eight weeks.

5. Instructional technique - developing essential competencies is a crucial skill. Learning to impart knowledge and build competence raises the bar for all and supports your Intent-Based Leadership objectives.

6. Specialist communication coaching - We deploy our EMCC communication coaches to support specific people in specialist roles.

7. One-to-one executive coaching - we coach people to define & shape their objectives and help them achieve them.

Mission Performance Playbook 15


1. Personal impact - Communicating with clarity ensures that details and objectives are shared effectively. In addition, listening to understand saves time and reduces friction within your operations.

2. Crucial Conversations: Conducting Crucial Conversations, setting appropriate expectations, and managing performance are skills for effective operations. We build the confidence and competence of our people to face what needs to be said and done at the appropriate points in time.

3. Authentic leadership - We help leaders to connect to their authentic selves, which gives them the confidence to be vulnerable and accountable. We work with leaders to provide them with a detailed understanding of their communication’s impact on their teams, culture, and associated performance.

4. Leadership communications - getting your message across effectively and inspiring commitment are critical skills for a leader. So, we build your leaders’ capability to communicate the message and to build effective relationships.

5. Diversity and Inclusion –this integrated approach begins with an organisational/departmental audit of how you currently demonstrate your commitment to D&I, followed by a bespoke series of experiential workshops to bring best practices to life.

Mission Performance Playbook 16


This specialist topic is supported by the three Pillars of TO LEAD – TO COMMUNICATE – TO COACH.

Crew Resource Management provides a route map to build and sustain safe, happy, and efficient working environments.

Using the hard-won lessons of operational performance in the Airline sector, we deliver the following elements situated within your specific operating environment:

Threat and error management


Leadership and Teamwork

Situational awareness

Workload and Task Management

Problem Solving and decision making

Monitoring and crosschecking

SOPs and Task Sharing


Automation Management

Effective Monitoring

The management of Normal and Abnormal

Mission Performance Playbook 17

Sustaining change, we create together:

The four remaining components guide us to sustain the behaviours we help initiate together. We will work hard to understand your supporting operational components as this will help to identify & sustain the changes we help initiate together.

3. Works & Processes

4. Early Warnings

5. KPI’s + MI

6. Habits

When optimised, your operating environment may have the following characteristics:


3 4 5 6


Works and processes

You will have processes that underpin efficient operations: a system that streamlines all related tasks, activities, and handovers to affect smooth and predictable outcomes. You may also have checklists, and standard operating procedures that reduce errors, minimise manual interventions and reduce costs. We will use these to guide our work.


Early warnings

You will have advanced warning of your leading KPI’s for each of your performance areas. You will have a vocabulary and method that categorises these indicators and correlates independent variables to provide insight deep into the heart of your operations. We use this insight to support the outcomes we achieve together,


We will be working towards a shared understanding and agreement on your key performance indicators. The measurement of these results over time generate confidence in the efficacy and efficiency of our work together.



You will have developed a set of habits to monitor, control and optimise your performance. Not least, your management and communication habits will ensure that anomalies are addressed early before they become issues.

Mission Performance Playbook 19
Mission Performance Playbook 20

Methods we deploy for learning and improvement

We deliver across all formats.

Online and selfpaced on an award-winning learning platform called PROMOTE

Live and Virtual through ZOOM and MS TEAMS

Face to face through workshops, experiential offsites, one to one

Mission Performance Playbook 21

Experiential Learning

We deploy experiential learning to cement behaviour change and team cohesion. Built on the premise of shared experiences that stretch your mind, body and soul, we bring people together to share extraordinary experiences.

Three examples of these exceptional experiences are detailed below:

Horse Led Learning

Self-Awareness and belief cannot be taught only experienced. Building a supportive and open culture starts with individuals having the confidence to demonstrate vulnerability with their colleagues. We work with our partner equest to provide life-changing experiences for teams—these shared experiences cement relationships and self-knowledge.

Welsh and Dartmoor Experiential

Shared hardship in exclusive and isolated environments anchor positive memories and build individual and team capabilities. High-performance team working is hardwon, and these programs demonstrate how to develop team spirit in inspiring locations far from the distractions of work and home.

Yacht Based Development

A tried and tested vehicle to achieve your behavioural learning objectives. We take our research and experience from Amateur and Professional Yacht Racing and inject these into 2-3 day experiences on the Solent and overseas.

Mission Performance Playbook 22

Design Philosophy

We design our training against an accelerated learning framework and deliver it to the 70-20-10 philosophy providing the content and the experience on the most appropriate platform to meet the objective.

Profiling Tools

We Use

We are accredited to utilise a selection of profiling tools for both individuals and teams. These tools accelerate and deepen understanding of self and others. Some of them are referenced below

The scope of our work can be found at: https://www.missionperformance.com/problems-we-solve

Mission Performance Playbook 24
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