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Mission Performance TO COMMUNICATE

We can accredit and qualify your learning

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Contents 4 One Partner – Four Pillars 5 The Way We Work 6 Our Approach 7 Why, What, How? 9 Presentation Skills Training 10 Personal Impact 11 Dealing with Challenge and Conflict 12 Leadership Communication Mission Performance To Communicate 3

One Partner – Four Pillars

We have four specialist areas.

To Lead To Coach Human Factors

To Communicate

This unique Mission Performance capability means you have access to four interconnected specialist portfolios under one roof.

All design, delivery and ongoing refinement can be synchronised efficiently.

They fit perfectly together.

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The Way We Work

We pride ourselves on delivering practical, applicable skills that change behaviour and exceed your performance expectations.

Our ability to do this emanates from two strengths.

• Firstly, we are practical people, we all have careers experience using the skillset we are sharing, and we deliver those skills in engaging, energised, experiential ways.

• Secondly, we design programs together using a High-Performance Learning Journey framework. This framework ensures alignment between your high-level strategy and individual performance outcomes and the specific contexts they can be applied.

We anchor the learning through repeated practice of skills. We support the learning with solid stakeholder and peer engagement and pre-empt blockers to application.

We combine the virtual, in-room and remote structure that is right to achieve your desired outcomes.

Mission Performance To Communicate 5

Our Approach

To Communicate – Whatever your job, whatever your position, communication will lie at the heart of your personal success.

How your teams communicate both internally and externally will impact relationships, culture, and ultimately performance.

We specialise in creating behaviour that will help you and your organisation thrive in every interaction. And we mean every interaction.

We develop everyone, from intern and graduate to Senior Global Executive.

Our team of professional performers are all qualified coaches and have worked extensively within business Worldwide. They are experts in their field and each has a careers experience engaging people both live and on-screen.

You always guide our work. We ensure we understand your business strategy and your teams’ specific objectives and competencies. This knowledge enables us to deliver practical coaching that sees skills and techniques stick.

6 Mission Performance To Communicate

Why, What, How?

? Why

We understand that communication is at the heart of the success of your business. And we understand communication; we are experts in it.

We see the impact an individual’s behaviour can have on those around them, and in turn, the impact that can have on your relationships, culture, and performance.

It is the combination of three things that makes us unique.

• We are all Performers – actors, directors, writers. All with a careers experience doing what we coach – engaging people, inspiring people, leading people, and building relationships.

• We are all qualified accredited Coaches, adept at building trusting relationships enabling us to explore detailed, personal challenges

• We are all experienced in business. We bring years of insight from working with interns, graduates, senior Leaders and C-Suite executives.

Communication is the foundation for excellent Leadership, impactful presentations, memorable client meetings, collaborative team briefings, effective negotiations, engaging virtual interactions, challenging conversations, clean feedback and much more.

7 Mission Performance To Communicate




Mission Performance Communication programmes support the achievement of your business objectives.

We design your training in collaboration to understand your aims and needs at organisational and individual levels.

We deliver soft skills embedded in programmes that take your teams on journeys.

Our energised and engaging style will leave your teams with new skills they can rely on and provides an experience they will not forget.

We have a broad skillset and can work at several levels, from individual Leadership Communication Coaching to Presentation Training for sales teams to organisation-wide culture change programs.

Whatever the scale and scope of your challenge, we share insight, experience and practical application tools that will exceed your expectations.


We work one to one, one to many, virtually, face to face, experientially, locally and globally.

We can deliver quality at any scale and can accredit and qualify your leaders.

8 Mission Performance To Communicate

Presentation Skills Training

“Emma is great. She is the perfect example of how to present and engage people in the meeting”

Presentation Skills Training is our hallmark. We have worked Globally for over a decade ensuring that presenters excel, delivering engaging, impactful, focused content and demonstrate value to the audience, whilst representing the excellence that their organisations and clients expect.

Case Study

Global Manufacturing Company

Location - Europe Wide

Audience - Sales Team

Presentation classes can be delivered face to face, virtually, with remote modules or with learning journeys that blend all three delivery styles. All sessions are practical and deliver applicable skills that last, at an individual level and help you meet your business objectives.

From Executive Presentation Coaching and rehearsal for specific messages, to group sessions for Global Sales teams, your programme will be tailored to meet your unique needs.


Sales team Presentation programme developing personal deliver skills and strategic focus.


This experienced Sales team were product focused and found it challenging to offer greater knowledge, context and personal experience in a changing World and vibrant market


A two-month learning journey programme. Combining remote self-paced learning, virtual Instructor led training, in-room sessions and peer led practice and review.


The Sales team deliver confident engaging communications that lead to the product as opposed to with the product. They demonstrate a wide knowledge base by sharing their industry experience and support customers on their journey.

Mission Performance To Communicate 9

Personal Impact

“Simply, a brilliant day. Clare was amazing at giving us instant feedback on our communications and everyone grew in confidence as they learnt something really useful that they could apply to everyday life. Everyone should have a day with Clare…”

Personal Impact forms the bedrock of great business communication. Designed to enhance the everyday, these are practical skills for leaders and their teams, enhancing daily interactions, meetings, briefings, and informal discussions whether internal or client facing. Repositioning communication within the team acts as an important start point for a positive culture and high performance.

Case Study


Personal Impact training can be delivered as a series of bespoke modules, as face to face group sessions or as a stand-alone blended programme. The sessions can also be delivered as part of wider organisational cultural change programmes.

Sessions can be run for groups, or as one to one coaching for individuals with targeted needs.

Global Bank Location - Europe Wide Audience - Sales Team Format: Day long bespoke workshops. Overview: Leadership team programme enhancing targeted communication impact needs.
impactful daily
challenging environment.
Challenge: A Leadership team challenged with creating behaviours that align with an organisational leadership framework and tasked with delivering
team messages in a
Mission Performance To Communicate 10
The Leadership team demonstrate consistency in their communication style, challenge the norm and create innovative, impactful, inclusive meetings whilst bringing passion and engagement to their leadership roles.

Dealing with Challenge and Conflict

“Jamie is a great instructor. I improved my skills and selfconfidence in front of an audience thanks to the exercises done during the class”

Challenge and conflict within the workplace is not uncommon and is indeed often healthy. Yet it is feared by many at all levels of organisations. The Challenge and Conflict workshops address how to avoid conflict, whilst remaining confident and assertive and how to deal with it when it is needed or unexpected.

Case Study

Every conflict is unique, and the sessions are therefore structured accordingly, often including the foundations of great communication, strategies to deal with nerves and anxiety and structures and techniques that will guide participants at all levels of business through tricky waters.

Modules can be run as part of a learning journey or as stand alone. They can be delivered face to face, virtually or in one to one coaching sessions.

UK Technology and Infrastructure Company

Location - Southeast, UK

Audience - Senior Leadership Team


Leadership programme to enhance leaders’ relationship management skills.


Virtual sessions and coaching, with remote learning hosted on our learning platform.


A Leadership team with high workload, volatile environment and thriving market, required to confidently advocate their own perspective, while managing the needs of a number of conflicting stakeholders.


The team have the requisite skills to lead from the front with confidence, to avoid conflict, and to strategically step forward when challenge is required.

Mission Performance To Communicate 11

Leadership Communication

“Matt has the strength and wit to challenge the strongest personality with positive direction and recommendations. This is the first course that the instructor advised live the issues needing correcting. Non-threatening style. Smart man. “

The Leadership Communication programme draws upon our decades of experience working with Global leaders. It sets out to give leaders the personalised tools to engage, inspire, build lasting relationships, and create a strong culture within their teams. The design of the programme strengthens bonds, enabling leaders to leave with an extended support network.

Case Study

In the current Global climate, the programme additionally tackles leaders’ communication challenges whilst leading teams virtually.

Designed and delivered as a learning journey, this programme incorporates one to one coaching, virtual and face to face group sessions (where achievable) and remote learning supported through our learning platform.

The programme can be run as a stand-alone, or as part of a wider organisational commitment.

To support leaders through a period of change and volatility by building a Global connected cohort of leaders. To enhance team wide culture and leaders personal resilience levels. Additionally, to aid succession planning with accelerated deployment of senior positions in the business. The programme has to be designed and delivered to dovetail with leaders’ operational commitments.


The Leadership team can strengthen their relationships and develop greater trust; they can tackle communication and leadership challenges with greater confidence and call on the cohort to leverage experience. They have a renewed energy leading virtually and can deliver their message with an authentic authority. They have a heightened sense of their teams’ individual needs and can give them greater autonomy.

Global Manufacturing Company Location - Global Audience - Operational Leaders
Format: Learning journey combining virtual Instructor led sessions, remote learning, and coaching. Overview: Operational Leadership Programme for Global
Team. Challenge:
Mission Performance To Communicate 12

The Authentic Leaders Programme

message or organisational wide announcement.

“Thank you, Paul, for the incredible atmosphere during the training and for the ability to notice the personal style of each participant and give advice on strengthening that style”

The Authentic Leaders Programme is leadership team specific. Combining one to one coaching, group sessions and rehearsal, the programme is designed to work towards a specific outcome – whether that be investment presentation, delivery of a quarterly

Case Study

Global Energy Company

Location - Global Audience - Executive Leadership Team


Advanced Communication Programme for Executive Leadership Team.


A high profile Global team of Executive Leaders, delivering a quarterly message virtually to a wide audience, failing to create the required connection and impact with their message.

The programme supports leaders through the delivery of significant messages, challenging them to define their content and excel in their delivery. The programme is designed for leaders at all levels and takes into account their specific needs, status and challenges.

The deliver team draw upon their vast experience to ensure value for the most Senior individuals of global organisations.


Virtually delivered group and pairs coaching sessions. Individual rehearsal of final content delivery.


An Executive team with polished communication delivery skills. The team are able to match their delivery style to their message and deliver virtually with a clarity, confidence and energy that corroborates their status in the organisation.

Mission Performance To Communicate 13

Executive One to One Communication Coaching

“Outstanding passion for the content – Matt was very engaging. The one to one content was extremely pointed and helpful. This was the best training experience I have had in 14 years.”

A unique aspect of the Mission Performance communication team is that alongside being professional performers, we are all EMCC accredited coaches. With decades of experience coaching Global leaders, we are able to guide new leaders looking to find their authentic

Case Study

leadership style, or polish high level skillsets and push leaders to challenge themselves in all aspects of their communication.

All communication coaching outcomes are defined in consultation with those involved and are aligned with personal objectives and desired business strategy.

Sessions can be conducted face to face or virtually.

UK Technology and Infrastructure Company Location - UK Based. Delivered virtually and face to face Audience - Executive Leaders commitments.

Overview: C-Suite Communication Coaching.



To support leaders through a period of change and volatility by building them as a Globally connected team of resilient leaders.

Additionally, to aid succession planning and delivered alongside demanding operational

A programme of one to one coaching sessions.


Individual successes combined with an increase in team confidence to apply new skills, techniques and stretch their learning to all aspects of their personal and business lives.

Mission Performance To Communicate 14

Consultation Training

“Toby is excellent at what he does. He gives exactly the right amount of challenge and support and doesn’t take ‘I can’t’ for an answer. I think we all pushed

ourselves a lot harder than we would have chosen to under his guidance and as a result found we can do a lot more than we thought.”

Our Consultation Training programme develops the skills needed to build strategic and productive relationships with their clients.

Drawing upon coaching techniques the programme allows participants to put others at the centre of their communications, not force outcomes and to build trust.

The programme is designed to deliver against each organisation’s individual requirements. It can involve a combination of virtual instructor led and face to face sessions and has coaching and feedback at the heart of the process.

Case Study

Custom Software Designer

Location - New York based organisation. Programme delivered virtually Audience - A diverse team consisting of Engineers, Product Managers, Designers, and Senior


Virtually delivered Consultation Training.

organisational brand.


A virtual learning journey delivered over a three-


The team of experienced software designers are required to prioritise effective communication and relationship development over formal process. The team are not consultants by trade but must have the confidence to utilise consultancy skills to deliver the highest performance and further the month period .


The team have practical tools with which they can immediately engage clients, exchange expectations, build lasting trusting relationships, lead conversations, deal with challenge and coach.

Mission Performance To Communicate 15


I believe it was one of the most valuable online training sessions I have ever had

I was convinced of the course’s value within the first 20 minutes. There’s no substitute for seeing yourself present! Couple that with the feedback & techniques taught by talented, professional trainers rounded out a profoundly behaviour changing experience. I wish I’d done it sooner”

The instructors care about us”

These skills apply for day-to-day work and daily life as well.”

These kinds of courses have to be mandatory for all the sales community and management staff”

The quality of materials and practical’s given by Instructors are truly world class”

This was the best course I have taken to date”

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “

That class is a must for all people who are client facing”

This was a great course because of the energy from the Mission Performance instructor. His teaching style is infectious, and he brings the entire group together and into a productive learning environment. This is the 3rd course I have taken from Mission Performance, and every course has been excellent. I enjoy and learn from these courses”

An enjoyable and practical course, which has provided positive and effective tools for us to apply in everyday situations”

“ “ “

I did not like how the course forced me out of my comfort zone. Which was likely the whole point and why I found the course effective”

“ “

The session was actively engaging throughout and the learnings I took can be applied both at home and work. Not only did we learn the theory, but we also applied this in 1-1 settings –allowing everyone to receive personal feedback and tips for improvement.”

“Hands down the best facilitation of a communication activity I’ve experienced. It involved everyone. The content was very easy to understand and retain.”

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