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We can accredit and qualify your learning

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Contents 4 One Partner – Four Pillars 5 The Way We Work 6 Our Approach 7 Why, What, How? 8 Leadership Pipelines 9 Intent-Based Leadership (IBL) 10 Sustainable Leadership 11 Resilient Leadership 12 Leading Teams 13 Followership 14 SDI 2.0 15 Mindfulness 16 Mentoring 17-18 Testimonials Mission Performance To Lead 3

One Partner – Four Pillars

We have four specialist areas.

To Lead To Coach Human Factors

To Communicate

This unique Mission Performance capability means you have access to four interconnected specialist portfolios under one roof.

All design, delivery and ongoing refinement can be synchronised efficiently.

They fit perfectly together.

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The Way We Work

We pride ourselves on delivering practical, applicable skills that change behaviour and exceed your performance expectations.

Our ability to do this emanates from two strengths.

• Firstly, we are practical people, we all have careers experience using the skillset we are sharing, and we deliver those skills in engaging, energised, experiential ways.

• Secondly, we design programs together using a High-Performance Learning Journey framework. This framework ensures alignment between your high-level strategy and individual performance outcomes and the specific contexts they can be applied.

We anchor the learning through repeated practice of skills. We support the learning with solid stakeholder and peer engagement and pre-empt blockers to application.

We combine the virtual, in-room and remote structure that is right to achieve your goals.

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Our Approach

To Lead - We develop leaders and teams to thrive in these uncertain times.

Leadership has many definitions and dimensions. We like to keep things simple.

We specialise in helping people create environments for people to thrive.

We develop new leaders and experienced leaders.

Our team of practitioner-coaches has diverse first-hand global experience to inject into every engagement.

Our work is always guided by our culture of humility and credibility, where we listen and listen some more.

Mission Performance To Lead 6

Why, What, How?


We can deliver quality at any scale and can accredit and qualify your leaders. ? ? ?

We believe that leaders should strive to be a force for good in the world.


We teach, coach, facilitate, challenge and support leaders to grow into the leaders they aspire to become.


We work one to one, one to many, virtually, face to face, experientially, locally and globally.

Mission Performance To Lead 7

Leadership Pipelines

This program is guided by the Leadership Pipeline methodology (Drotter & Charan 2011). It is designed to work with multiple seniorities within the same organisation and is a system-level approach to leadership development.

We work with First Level leaders through to Senior Managers. By taking a system-level approach, you ensure progression and free up your Talent pipeline.

Case Study

It uses various tools and methods, including Functional and Situational Leadership, SDI 2.0, Change and Transition, Coaching, Innovation and Creativity, Leadership Communications, Innovative Experiential Learning and more.

And the EMCC at Practitioner Level (Coaching) accreditation/eqa/

Company - European Technology Manufacturing Organisation

Location - UK with locations across Europe


A large European technology and manufacturing organisation serving a Global client base.


The UK’s Government Procurement strategy changed to demand better value and service from our client. Our client was also facing the imminent retirement of a large percentage of their management population.

Solution format:

We designed and delivered a four-tiered leadership program that helped them lead their integrated project teams more effectively and ease their transition/ handover to a younger management demographic.


Our bespoke Leadership Pipeline approach was specifically referenced in their Gold IIP award. We helped them develop their Talent population to fill management positions and changed the way they build and lead their integrated project teams. Examples can be found at:

Mission Performance To Lead 8

Intent-Based Leadership (IBL)

Intent-Based Leadership (IBL) is based upon the Mission Command philosophy of the US/UK Armed Services. Leaders provide the clarity of their intent and ensure their people have the competence and empowerment to deliver it.

As a result, decision making and problem-solving speed up, engagement increases, and the organisation is primed for change and to shape the environment in which it operates. It is a philosophy of execution.

Case Study

Company - Infrastructure and Civil Engineering

Location - South of England

It is the perfect antidote to uncertainty and change and supports project-based, matrix structured operational teams.

It is taught, coached, and developed face to face and virtually.


A UK based infrastructure client tasked with building a digital cable network across the South of England.


Building-integrated project teams and Business Units to deliver high-quality digital networks efficiently and effectively.

Solution format:

Multiple High-Performance Learning Journeys scaled across the business. Our 4 Pillar approach has been deployed across all seniorities and delivered in all formats.


Key performance metrics have increased across all Business Units with triple-digit growth in company scale and turnover inside 24 months.

Examples can be found at: problems-we-solve.

Mission Performance To Lead 9

Sustainable Leadership

We help Leaders to make better decisions once they understand a simple framework to measure the impact, they have on each of the four elements of Sustainable Leadership:

1. The impact they have on individual employees

2. The impact they have on the organisations external stakeholders (suppliers/ contractors/Partners)

3. The impacts they have on the communities in which they operate and serve

4. The impact on the environment/s on which they depend

Case Study

Company - UK Based Charity Location - London UK

This program is delivered across organisations at all levels. From large scale events to focused Senior team coaching.

Utilising our B Corporation accreditation and experience, we create the space to raise awareness and facilitate discussion on your organisation and its relationship with sustainability. We then help you define your sustainability goals and support you in achieving them.


A UK Based Charity tasked with raising money to fund future research projects in the UK and Europe.


How to refresh and increase their fundraising efforts annually to support their research strategy.

Solution format:

The creation of a new annual high-profile fundraising event supported by a wide network of related partners


As a result of this new event, seven-figure sums are being raised to support ongoing research and a significant increase in their Global profile

Mission Performance To Lead 10

Resilient Leadership

Building personal and team resilience in your organisation is a vital part of your approach to tackling mental health and wellbeing.

Your people will learn about themselves and their relationship with various factors and stressors that enable them to change their habits and responses to multiple challenges at home and work.

Case Study

This program was born in the pandemic working with a Global Manufacturing Organisation struggling to support the health and well-being of its operational leaders and teams.

It is delivered in any format. It is available face to face, virtually and globally using our Virtual Learning Platform.

Company - Global Manufacturing Organisation

Location - North America with multiple Global locations


A Global manufacturer headquartered in the US faced enormous production challenges mid pandemic. As a result, plant and Operational Supervisors were under extreme pressure to deliver despite significant COVID restrictions.


How to support these managers under extreme pressures of time and expectation to connect with their resilience and well-being to lead themselves and their teams more effectively.

Solution format:

A bespoke series of virtual 90-minute sessions over 4-5 months introduced some essential resilience and communication tools to build mutual support and understanding around shared challenges and opportunities.


Cohorts 1 and 2 have successfully graduated as the program grows in reputation to create and sustain a global network of leaders.

More examples can be found at: problems-we-solve.

Mission Performance To Lead 11

Leading Teams

The critical components of highperformance teamwork are introduced (Clarity-CultureInterdependence-TeamLearning-Psychological Safety) and then embedded into each team in the organisation.

We help build teams that collaborate and work interdependently with other units. Confirming a shared understanding and practice of building and leading high performance in teams is key to organisational success.

This program equips your teams to own their performance and the means to identify and close the gaps. We deploy a simple method using cards that focus and structure ongoing discussions.

We can also underpin these programs with your chosen profiling tool.

Mission Performance To Lead 12


We develop Leadership and Followership in equal measure.

Your ability to tailor support to your colleagues and leaders lifts everyone in a team. The principles of Followership are also crucial ingredients in creating safer and higher performing environments. These experiential programs exercise teams to build added depth to their relationships through shared experience and endeavour.

We have a range of experiential options honed over 20 years that support these outcomes.

These experiential options can also be utilised to deliver related program outcomes as part of a blended mix of learning.
Mission Performance To Lead 13

SDI 2.0


Strength Deployment Inventory 2.0 is our relationship building tool of choice and supports your people development objectives.

Insight into a person’s motivational preferences and conflict drivers underpin Self-Awareness, Leadership and relating style, and all organisational communications. In addition, the online connectivity that it provides makes it a game-changer for collaboration in all contexts.

SDI 2.0 is a stand-alone program as well as an insightful tool. A program on its own or a tool to be used across our 4 Pillars. The utility provided by this tool enables us to support our customer service, leadership, and communication portfolios and much more. Now totally configured virtually for a global audience, we are changing lives worldwide.

Mission Performance To Lead 14


Mindfulness is an essential discipline and practice for your people in all aspects of their life. It supports your culture of openness and support and destigmatises conversations about mental health and personal well-being.

Born in the pandemic, we searched for a credible and scalable virtual program. Our lead coach for Mindfulness has over 30 years of corporate experience. This experience is combined with the best Global practices and insights from the Mindfulness sector.

Programs range from 4 to 8 sessions over respective weeks. The program is supported by a book and accompanying app to aid understanding and application.

Mission Performance To Lead 15


Scaling knowledge, insight and sharing experience and intellectual property is key to growing capability at all levels. Mentoring is a crucial tool we deploy to share best practices and pass on the wisdom from your more seasoned operators.

Delivered as part of a broader development program, we train mentors to operate across the organisation to nurture your Talent populations. When mentoring is well planned and executed, engagement and retention increase, especially in professional service organisations.

Mission Performance To Lead 16


“ “

We all agreed this was the best training we have ever been on. This is all down to Mission and your approach. We particularly like the way that we are emotionally engaged by the tasks, discussions and role plays as this makes things clearer and stick far better. As well as the focus on people and communication rather than processes and how the small things really make the difference.”

An incredible 36 hours which challenged and stretched us as a team. Mission Performance understands the demands a global leadership team face and built a programme that not only ensured we walked away as a bonded group who want to work together to make GTS Operations great but left a tangible legacy in the local community. An experiential activity organised by Mission Performance is not for the faint hearted and will challenge you individually and as team, but the outcomes speak for themselves.”

Senior Leader Global Banking Operations

“Mission were excellent, detailing in a very engaging and compelling way the challenges of building and leading a high-performance team. Their style of combining rich personal experience with hard commercial reality was particularly impressive.”

Senior Civil Service

Mission Performance To Lead 17


An enlightening and engaging view of how vital it is to have great teamwork and leadership, even in the most extreme circumstances.”

Really fascinating and illuminating talk; you could almost feel how scared and courageous his team felt prior to engagement. The detail was so good you could almost picture it. Justin demonstrated the powerfulness of teamwork, showing the strength of a team and the vulnerability of an individual.”

“ “ “ “ “ “

Absolutely Fantastic Course. Justin was amazing with so much of energy and enthusiasm that we were alive and active all throughout the day. The course content was just enough for a better understanding of leadership. The practical examples, role-plays and activities given were specifically designed to give us insight of what course wants to tell us. I personally enjoyed every part of it. It has taught me so many things and I am sure going forward I will actually implement all of this in not only my work but also in managing personal affairs.”

One of the most inspiring persons I have ever met! This is what a true leader should be like –inspiring, positive. His ability to include his valuable experiences ‘from the field’, from different stress situations, not related to organizations (as we are used to) to draw parallels with leadership and management is excellent.”

Mandy is a fantastic public speaker. She is both inspirational and extremely well prepared. Her ability to relate her own experience working under extreme pressure and in highly performing teams to everyday situations is most impressive. She tops it all with a wonderful sense of humour and great modesty. Listening to her talking about the many challenges that she has successfully overcome should be compulsory for all girls!”

Fantastic presenter. I found Justin extremely engaging and I was emotionally involved. One of the most powerful courses I feel I have been on.”

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