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Creating safe, happy and high-performing cultures.


About Mission

“We are a learning and development consultancy, but we are different. Everything at Mission Performance is about people. The people we work with and the people that make up our team.

We are a diverse group, made up of people from the military, actors, sports men and women, pilots, expedition leaders and business leaders. Despite our different backgrounds, each member of the team has been chosen because we all have two things in common: ‘we all thrive in challenging environments, excelling under pressure’ and ‘we all have a love of sharing our experiences to help to develop others.’

Our Principles

Our aspiration is lofty – it is not just to train you and deliver new skills, it is to inspire and change lives.”

Tailor made experiences


Challenge through choice


Stretching the mind, body and soul


Creating compelling stories


Bringing happiness to work


Return of investment for the individual learner and the buisiness

Our Mission

Beyond traditional experiential learning

We have developed a range of exceptional global experiences. We combine professional learning with tailored personal development This facilitates the achievement of both personal and business objectives with defined returns of investment.

We combine the excitement of experiential learning with the intellectual rigour of a management consultancy. Our experiential options can be delivered as stand-alone development opportunities for teams in addition to distinct modules within larger Talent and Leadership Development programmes.

How does it work?

We listen and listen some more in order to select the right combination of experiences and support to deliver your objectives. These experiential options can be augmented with a range of supporting interventions taken from our four practice areas.

The core of our existence and character

Excellence in Performance

We are experiential practitioners with a deep understanding of how human beings learn and improve

We are all coaches and facilitators and we use the great outdoors as well as leading tools and techniques to facilitate excellence in others

We have been working in professional learning and development for 25 years, delivering global programmes

We all bring a wealth of experience developed throughout our careers. We are made up of theatre actors and directors, decorated military officers, expedition leaders, round the world Yacht Skippers and more

All have achieved something remarkable in their professional lives

“We have been working with Mission Performance for close to four years and from the beginning have found it easy to develop a very pragmatic and quality focused working relationship. We genuinely see them as partner that wants to work collaboratively with us to deliver our flagship global senior leadership development programme.

Their people are first rate, having a depth and breadth of experience and always being focused on meeting our needs and being willing to offer guidance and input in a supportive manner, and with integrity. The range of their experience and backgrounds has repeatedly added value to Participants’ experiences.”

People Development Director

Major International Insurer

“Mission Performance are a team of highly experienced, credible and passionate training consultants who have the ability to engage, inspire and empower their target audience at all levels. The Mission portfolio is always practical and useable and is bought to life by inspirational first-hand accounts of often extraordinary events. This makes for a high impact learning experience, which in turn helps achieve the programme objectives. In my view, this is a winning combination. The Programme has received excellent feedback and is widely referred to by the executive community as the “best product”.

Leadership Programme Leader

Global Energy Supplier


The ultimate team experience

This definitive team sport explores what it really takes to become a highperformance team.

Climb Rowing’s steep learning curve together as one team.

Learn to exercise followership and to demonstrate vulnerability with your colleagues.

Utilise the vehicle of rowing to explore the components of a learning culture and a growth mindset.

Offers a level playing field for team learning devolved of hierarchy, rank and position.

Provides an immersive experience to facilitate positive and enjoyable learning and life experiences

Synchronise independent efforts to propel your team forwards

Hosted by the guests of the Oxford City Rowing Club

Ready to go? contact us! info@missionperformance.com

Dartmoor Discovery

Explore your potential as leaders and teams in this immersive and dynamic experiential setting.

Escape noise and distraction in Dartmoor’s peaceful and reflective surroundings

Immediate access to multiple challenging outdoor activities

Purpose-built experiential activities on one self- contained site

Deepen understanding of effective relationships and creative problem solving

Co-located comfortable accommodation enables focus and feeds the intimate ‘retreat’ feel

All programmes are designed to meet your specific development needs

When is the best time?

Any time of year, although the whitewater activities are restricted to between October and March.

Ready to go? contact us! info@missionperformance.com

Dartmoor Journey

An immersive journey on land or river to explore your potential as leader and follower through shared discovery.

Immerse yourself or your teams in a journey across Dartmoor’s wilderness by land or water

Journey by foot, open canoe or kayak over granite tors, on calming estuarine waters or thrilling whitewater rapids; you define the environment that will help you explore the themes of your journey

Explore the power of compassion for others and the need for self-compassion.

Discover what is it like to lead as yourself and to follow with purpose by offering meaningful connection.

A chance to explore the power of the pause and of listening with purpose

Develop your reflective practice and practice creating the space for quality thinking

Choose to return to comfortable accommodation each night or spend a night under the stars to enhance the feeling of journeying.

Ready to go? contact us! info@missionperformance.com

Horse Led Learning

Lead with Heart: Building Authentic Relationships and Inspiring Teams

‘Humanising’ your leadership practice and culture (beyond process)

Exploring Leadership as a relationship

Developing embodied leadership and an authentic presence

Developing a strong sense of self and ‘us’ as foundation for inspirational leadership

Empowering people (trust) and inspiring people (passion, energy, creativity)

Developing and applying non-verbal communication skills

Understanding and applying emotional competence

Deeper reviews and transformative reflective practice

In partnership with

Ready to go? contact us! info@missionperformance.com

Teams Walking

Escape off grid to reflect and reflex as one leadership team

Experience creative problem solving and innovation

Develop your coaching and communication skills

Develop your planning and leadership skills

Develop and build team cohesion and sustainable performance

Formulate strategy and reflect on current and future performance as one team

Unique opportunities to practice coaching and to develop leadership and communication skills

Opportunities to solve problems and exercise creativity as one team

The revitalising qualities afforded by the beauty and location of a Mountain environment to recharge individual and team batteries

Ready to go? contact us! info@missionperformance.com

Norwegian Experience

Build Team Spirit in a unique and untouched environment.

Working as a team to build selfawareness, team efficacy and cohesion in an unfamiliar and truly inspiring environment.

Located in the dramatic tranquillity of South Norway's Hardangervidda Plateau.

You will be coached to cross-country ski and to ice-climb.

You will be taught and experience winter survival techniques including snow holes.

You will experience the best in Norwegian hospitality including contrast therapies and Sauna.

Accompanied throughout by a team of experienced coaches and mountaineers

Ready to go? contact us! info@missionperformance.com

The Alps

Build Your Team: The Alps Challenge

Working as a team to build selfawareness, team efficacy and cohesion in an unfamiliar and truly inspiring environment.

Located in Morzine in the French Alps.

You will be coached to traverse several challenging routes in the high mountains and pastures.

You will be coached to climb, ride and paddle in some spectacular and isolated locations.

You will experience the best in Alpine hospitality including Contrast Therapies and Sauna.

Accompanied throughout by a team of experienced coaches and mountaineers

Ready to go? contact us! info@missionperformance.com

Tree Planting

Stump Up For Trees are a community-led, farmer-facing charity. Their mission is to plant one million trees in the Brecon Beacons and South Wales.

Teams will work alongside them on a variety of tasks, designed to build trust and rapport in the idyllic Welsh countryside.

Develop and build team cohesion and sustainable performance.

Formulate strategy and reflect on current and future performance as one team.

Unique opportunities to practice coaching and to develop leadership and communication skills.

Opportunities to solve problems and exercise creativity as one team.

The revitalising qualities afforded by the beauty and location of a Mountain environment to recharge individual and team batteries.

Ready to go? contact us! info@missionperformance.com

Building Story Circles

Experiential classrooms for community enrichment.

You will be tasked to plan and then build a story circle safely within one working day. Working together with all of your team mates you will rotate through a series of tasks until the structure has been built. Super Adobe techniques can also build a range of beautiful structures that are solid, sustainable and cheap to build.

Direct engagement with your local community

Build something meaningful in 1 business day

Opportunity to link your build to a deserving cause in the developing world

Engage and leave a legacy/learning resource in your local community

Building process allows for regular reviews to capture learning and progress

Shared hardship to deliver something meaningful together

We have built story circles all over the UK for local primary schools, and for charities in Nepal and India.

Ready to go? contact us! info@missionperformance.com

Innovation & Creativity

Bespoke Theatre: Build Your Team, Break the Mould.

Write, cast, stage and perform a piece of theatre bespoke to your group

Designed and delivered by professional theatre practitioners including West End actors and Theatre Directors.

Use of prestigious rehearsal and performance space.

Performance content bespoke to the culture, values and aims of your organisation.

It strengthens the integration of leadership, teamwork and communication skills

Reinforces creative left field thinking and working in collaboration.

Helps define clarity in storytelling and the delivery of specific messages.

Challenges organisational stereotypes and comfort zones.

Ready to go? contact us! info@missionperformance.com

Norfolk Exposure

Recharge & Explore

Rare opportunity to sail in vintage wooden Norfolk craft

Low tech traditional sailing requires the team to ‘connect & recharge’ with their environment and revert back to the basics of sailing.

Close proximity to shore allows for land and sea based activities.

Foraging and wildlife activities to learn new skills to augment the experience.

Opportunities to work in multiple teams within an unfolding and credible scenario (featured in an article within the UK Times and The Telegraph.

Ready to go? contact us! info@missionperformance.com

Leaders Sailing

Experience ‘Team-Learning’

Experience what it feels like to reformulate strategy and operate in real-time in a highly uncertain and changeable environment.

Lead self and others amid change.

Experience the necessity for total honesty and support when working as part of a high-performance team.

Learn to be more vulnerable and open when building new and developing existing relationships.

Learning the necessity to trust one another before you can truly perform as a team.

Experience the direct connection between the team dynamic and corresponding boat performance.

Ready to go? contact us! info@missionperformance.com


Our highly experienced delivery team have led over 200 expeditions across all parts of the globe. They have worked – and love working - with people and teams of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. Our team of leading mountaineers, polar explorers, fast-jet pilots, ocean racing yacht skippers, elite sports men and women and former Soldiers and Marines have amassed an impressive array of trophies, tributes and awards. Most importantly, they have the ability to connect with people to create experiences that can transform lives. Here are some of our clients’ testimonials:

“Fantastic experience. Also coaches were very good. My coach, a former Army major made it really authentic I still cannot really believe what happened The magic in the programme ”

“Awesome experience - one thing I will remember forever. Progress we all made was amazing. Very visual and experiential demonstration of learning. Deep value perceived only a few days afterwards.”

“We were stretched perfectly as individuals and as a team with the results clear to see that without doubt left each of us having gained a huge amount of personal development, reflection about ourselves, the impact our actions have on others and the benefit of teamwork, planning and emotional awareness.”

“I found the experience unique and inspiring and (it) took me to a place I never expected in understanding the trust and respect required to lead.“

“An incredible 36 hours which challenged and stretched us as a team. Mission Performance understands the demands a global leadership team face and built a programme that ensured we walked away as a bonded group who want to work together .. An experiential activity organised by Mission Performance is not for the faint hearted and will challenge you individually and as team, but the outcomes speak for themselves”.

Mission Performance Ltd Bulwark Unit 3, Daedalus Drive, Daedalus Park, Lee - on-the -Solent, PO13 9FX, UK

Tel: +44 (0)1329 841652

Email: info@missionperformance.com

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