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Exploring Crane Meadows National Wildlife Refuge near Little Falls. Jan Lasar photo

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GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY! I’ve been trying to Minnesota Miles but I got to see Minnesota figure out exactly where as an exchange student. my love for outdoor My host parents, Jean adventure comes from and Dave, sent a stack of and I think I have my photos of them hiking on families to blame. rugged trails and canoeing I grew up in Germany, sparkling lakes rimmed with in a city of 250,000, with dark green firs and pines. a view of a steam plant’s Other photos showed the giant smokestack near roof of their house sticking some railroad tracks. out of a huge pile of snow. Jan Lasar “Go outside and Yet another picture was of Trails Editor/Publisher play,” my mother, the Minneapolis skyline and Rosemarie, would say a giant spoon with a cherry and push me out the door most on top. mornings. Foot stomping and eye What a strange, new world for rolling I would comply, hop on my this explorer. bike, with instructions to “be back My Minnesota family went to by dark,” and go exploring. great lengths to show me the state. My travel-loving parents There wasn’t a weekend I didn’t get took me all over Europe, first in to see a baseball game, go fishing, a Russian-made Lada Niva off- visit some crazy roadside attraction, road monster, then a pea-green get flushed down a pipe at a water VW camping bus. Looking back park, roast S’mores, or try desperately on our family travels, I admire my to get the hang of waterskiing. dad, Manfred’s, drive to explore the Minnesota left a mark on me and most out-of-the-way destinations. I returned to Germany a different Whether he used hands and feet to person. communicate with a machine gunDuring my year abroad, I met toting Hungarian border guard, Jen. We were teenagers, madly in or traded cartons of cigarettes for love, and over the course of seven safe passage at an Albanian militia years we wrote letters and visited checkpoint, he was determined to each other when we could. In 1996, get us there. His retirement dream I moved to Minnesota permanently, was to travel across the United we got married and I had yet another States in a Winnebago to see the family, my in-laws, Mike and Theresa. country he only knew from movies Jen’s parents introduced me and magazines. to Minnesota’s State Parks and we He didn’t get to live his dream, visited many of them together, from

Big Ole

4 Winter 2016-2017

Lake Bronso n State Park

Myre-Big Island to Tettegouche. By now, they have hiked all the Hiking Club trails and I’m about forty parks behind. While I was out biking one day, I met Dave Simpkins and he recruited me to write a story for Minnesota Trails Magazine. He eventually suggested I take over this publication; thus began two years of apprenticeship under his guidance. Dave has as many years of publishing experience as I am old and he couldn’t have been a better teacher. He showed me how the magazine comes together, how to write and take photos, how to interview strangers on trails, and he continued to push me out the door to explore. Over the last two years we have taken selfies wearing paper Viking helmets in front of Big Ole on the Central Lakes Trail, typed up notes by the light of a headlamp at Lake Bronson State Park, and staffed the Parks and Trails booth at the State Fair. I consider Dave a part of my Minnesota family and am grateful he found me able enough to take Minnesota Trails into the future. He calls Minnesota “The land of love and lutefisk.” I say, love: Yes. Lutefisk: Not yet. PS: This winter, push your family out the door and explore. The pages of this issue are full of great suggestions.

State Fair Minnesota Trails

people eo saving special places


Letter from the executive director

By Brett Feldman

Say no to motorized off-highway vehicles in state parks

Minnesota’s changing seasons make our state and its rich natural resources one of the most fascinating places on earth. One of the best ways to experience Minnesota in all of its stunning natural glory is by visiting a state park—something more than 9 million people did in 2015 alone. Protecting these natural places where we all love to hike, fish, camp, bike, or simply observe nature is a full time job that requires constant vigilance. As fall turns to winter, legislators will convene at the Capitol to make decisions that will impact you and our parks as early as this spring. One of the decisions that lawmakers are considering is whether or not we should open up our state parks to off-highway motor vehicles also known as OHVs (that includes ATVs, off-highway motorcycles and 4x4s). Not only are we opposed to this idea, we think it is prohibited by law. The only way OHVs can be in state parks is through specific legislation or through amendments to existing outdoor recreation rules. The Minnesota Outdoor Recreation Act of 1975 is clear that state parks are not meant to accommodate every kind of recreational use and in fact the only permissible uses

are those that do not cause material disturbance to the natural features of parks. That doesn’t mean that OHV users shouldn’t have a place to engage in their outdoor recreational activity. They should, and they do. The 5 percent of Minnesotans who own OHVs, currently have more than 4 million acres of public land on which they can ride. Compare that to the 232,000 acres of state parkland open to the 30 percent of Minnesotans who visit them. That’s 17 times more land for a fraction of the users. Clearly the issue is not about OHV users being underrepresented in the recreational opportunities being provided. Yet, their use can materially disrupt the opportunities of state park users seeking a nature experience, if allowed into these special places. Minnesota state parks protect and preserve 285 rare species, 900 archeological sites and 80 types of important plant communities. They are also places that park users visit to enjoy the sounds and smells of nature as well as to experience silence and quiet.

We have shared our position and the disparities in equity between user groups with legislative leadership and the DNR Commissioner. We have also encouraged them to review the DNR’s 2012 Minnesota State Parks visitor survey, which shows there is very little support for providing opportunities for off-road motorized vehicles in state parks. We are concerned that despite all this, our lawmakers will rewrite the law and bring OHVs into our parks. I’m letting you know this now because now there is an opportunity to take a preemptive stand that could have more impact than waiting to respond after legislation is introduced. Please take a moment right now to contact Gov. Dayton, Lt. Gov. Smith and DNR Commissioner Landwehr to tell them that you oppose opening state parks to OHVs. We will need all of our collective voices if we are to prevail in keeping state parks as special places they are. I hope we can count on you. Generations who came before us and generations that will come after us are counting on you too.

We’re the parks and trails people. Join Today! www.ParksAndTrails.org

Parks & Trails Council of Minnesota would like to thank the following sponsor Minnesota Trails


Winter 2016-2017 5

people saving special places


Parks & Trails 2016 Photo Contest

Winners Announced

h 1



Debbie Kippen spends a lot of time in Minnesota state parks; she is just one park visit away from having hiked every one. And she says each one is special. In August, Kippen was awarded the first place honor in our photo contest. We chatted with her to learn a bit more about her winning photo in our photo contest. 6 Winter 2016-2017


Debbie Kippen Blue Mounds State Park

P&TCM: How would you describe the place in your photo?

What were the conditions like when you took this photo?

sunrise. Then, think dead of summer: hot, humid, sticky along with a bumper crop of mosquitoes. As I walked up the hill, I could hear quite a variety of birds. But as I stopped what I was doing and really listened, I could hear the faint rustle of the wind as it came down the hill and through the prairie.

DK: I hiked up the hill well before

How would you describe the mood

Debbie Kippen: Majestic—peaceful, a true test of time. And the tree just seems to come up out of the rocks.

Minnesota Trails

people saving special places


of this photo? DK: I was hoping for a good sunrise and drama in the sky. It was just a matter of wait and see and when the sun starting coming up and over the hill—I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed. How did you set up the photo? DK: It was both spontaneous and carefully planning at the same time. Since I had been to this spot several times before, I wanted something different. And I probably took about 15-20 shots at different angles that morning and this turned out to the best of the group. Do you have any tips for other outdoor photographers? DK: Just get out there—it may take several trips to get that one shot. And be prepared—for anything. Don’t let obstacles get in your way, look for a spot that 50 other photographers haven’t taken—yes it’s hard these days, but if you look hard enough, you’ll find your own special spot.

h 2





Tanya Ryappy Itasca State Park

“Itasca State Park is my second home. Towering pines and the flow of river and lake water fill my senses. This image captures the next generation of Minnesota wilderness lovers and protectors.” ~ Tanya Ryappy

ABOUT THE PHOTO CONTEST Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2nd annual photo contest! We received 190 photos showcasing parks and trails in Minnesota. A panel selected the winning photos based on technical quality, composition, and how well the photo showcases parks and trails. We will host another contest in 2017, so start snapping photos of your adventures in parks and trails! See all the photos at parksandtrails.org/photo-contest Minnesota Trails



Andrea Bauer Superior Hiking Trail

The panel of judges discussing the photos

Winter 2016-2017 7

University of Iowa students hone their climbing skills.

8 Winter 2016-2017

Minnesota Trails

Ice Climbing in Minnesota By Rudi Hargesheimer It was an absurdly warm 57-degree February day, but I was determined to discover Minnesota’s hottest new ice climbing parks. Robinson Park in the city of Sandstone is right across the Kettle River from Banning State Park. This is the “go to” place for climbers seeking a challenge and dependable ice routes in Minnesota. Here, natural water seepage from the former sandstone quarry’s 75foot walls freezes into curtains of ice. But natural is not always good enough. Volunteers Jeff Engle and James Loveridge of the Minnesota Climbers Association (MCA) had a better idea and the city of Sandstone agreed it was a good one. They installed water lines to the cliff-tops where strategically-placed shower heads disperse water whenever the weather is cold enough for ice to form or when natural water seepage comes up short. The MCA manages the water system. (They also helped create the new bouldering area in nearby Banning State Park with the help of the Parks and Trails Council of Minnesota.) This hotspot for ice climbing draws climbers from all over the region. I arrived to join a large crowd from Illinois and Iowa. Dave Everson and Joel Taylor of Vertical Adventure Guides, an Illinois based guide service, were making video of the day’s excursion. Joel explained the lure. “Unlike rock climbing, ice climbing is always a new challenge. The ice changes constantly in form and texture,” he said and added that ice climbers get the reward of “Creating their own work of art” when they put up a unique route on that day’s new ice. “It is always new!” All photos by Rudi Hargesheimer Rudi is a Minnesota freelance photographer and journalist. He has been a board member of both the Parks and Trails Council of Minnesota and the Superior Hiking Trail Association for many years. His awardwinning nature photos can be seen at www.northshorephotoart.com Minnesota Trails

The same day, the city of Duluth and the Duluth Climbers Coalition (DCC) were hosting a grand opening event at the newly-inaugurated Quarry Park. Some 200 Minnesota climbers attended the Duluth Ice and Mixed Fest, which featured lessons, clinics, slideshows, socials, snowshoeing and fat-tire biking. Quarry Park is brand new. In late 2015 the city purchased the land from private owners and with the cooperation of the DCC, created a climbers’ park. This added to the already great outdoor recreation scene in Duluth and the plan is to develop the western half of Duluth into a national outdoor sports magnet. Soon to come is ice farming like at Robinson Park in Sandstone. In addition to warm-season climbing gear like ropes, karabiners, belay tools, harnesses and helmets, ice climbing requires additional special gear. Ice axes with curved shafts help prevent knuckle bashing and direct the pick into the ice at the correct angle. Climbers need one for each hand. Rigid boots with crampons, sharp spikes to pierce the ice, are mandatory. Crampon front points are needed for vertical ice, so you can kick your foot into it for traction. To give it a try, you will need basic climbing skills and know belays from previous rock climbing experiences and dress for cold weather.

(left to right) Cody Miller, Dave Everson and Joel Taylor get ready for their video shoot.

Ice boots and crampons are a staple piece of gear for ice climbing.

Sandstone Ice Festival December 16-18, 2016 www.sandstoneicefest.com Duluth Ice and Mixed Fest February 10-12, 2017 www.duluthclimbers.org For more information on the Minnesota Climbers Association www.mnclimbers.org

Dave Everson uses an ice axe on his way up the wall at Sandstone’s Robinson Park.

Winter 2016-2017 9

Bike on the Wild Side By Jan Lasar, Trails Editor Grant Schnell has been in love with the outdoors as long as he can remember and he has a wild side. “I’ve always enjoyed being active, camping and biking and sharing those experiences with others,” he said and beamed a big smile through his red beard. “We’re all so overwhelmed with electronics in our daily lives and being outside gives me muchneeded solitude. I can focus on the ‘right here-right now’ and I don’t have to think about yesterday or tomorrow,” he explained. In 2002, he bought his first mountain bike and turned casual biking into a “serious recreational pursuit.” Then came winter camping, which he says “brings a certain simplicity to things.” “Staying warm, hydrated, fed and sheltered are the only things y o u

10 Winter 2016-2017

need to think about.” her said. With the coming of the fat bike, it didn’t take long for him to make plans for a winter fat bike camping trip. Friends Chris Gibbs and Seth Downs decided to join him. “None of us had ever done a trip like this on a fat bike, without a road or town within 30 miles,” he said. “We could only plan ahead so far, because of the snow conditions. We got serious about it only about two months before the trip.” “I was after the wilderness experience, which you can’t have on most fat bike trails available today,” he said. After a year of planning they settled on an overnight camping trip on the Matthew Lourey State Trail because it was close to home, easy to access and state forests allow dispersed camping without designated campsites. “We checked with the DNR about snowmobile traffic and were told to use caution and wear bright clothing,” Schnell said. “We also used front and rear lights and rode only in the daytime.” The 80-mile Matthew Lourey snakes its way up Minnesota’s border with Wisconsin from the Chengwatana State Forest near Pine City, crosses St. Croix State Park and then turns north into the St. Croix and Nemadji State Forests. They planned on a three-day, 50-mile ride from Pickerel Lake near Nickerson in the Nemadji State Forest back to a second car they had parked at the southern end of the St. Croix State Forest. A compass, maps and GPS-enabled speedometers helped them stay

on track. Each of them hauled 35 pounds of gear with a Pulk, a kind of sled, attached to their bikes with a special bracket Schnell designed. “It was like riding on a dream,” Schnell recounts riding the first few miles. “The trail was freshly groomed with a foot of hard pack and 18 inches of snow cover in the woods and we were making better progress than anticipated.” The fat bikes performed well, too. “Eight pounds of tire pressure gave us a good grip on the snow and we never had to change it,” Schnell said. “At one point we were going down a hill at 25 miles an hour.” After 25 miles of rolling hills and crossing frozen creeks, the group decided to make camp for the night. “When you get to your campsite, the work is just beginning,” Schnell said. Unlike summer camping, staying warm is first priority. The three of them worked together: Schnell cleared an area and put up the six-person tipi. Next was a tarp, because the nylon-walled tent has no bottom. Then insulated sleeping pads and down sleeping bags. Meanwhile, Downs and Gibbs cut downed Signs mark the way on the Matthew Lourey Trail.

Minnesota Trails

trees for firewood. The whole procedure took about an hour. Once the fire was started in the lightweight titanium wood stove, the tipi warmed up in minutes and they cooked dinner. “Once I ate and laid down in the warm tent, I struggled to keep my eyes open,” Schnell said. “I was out by 7:30.” Back on the trail the next day, they saw the temperatures creep up and trail conditions deteriorated. “It was getting really warm, the snow was getting thinner and our tires started to poke through the crust,” said Schnell. Temperatures above freezing and rain were in the forecast for the following day and the group decided to cut the trip short and finish on the second day. It turned out to be the right call. “Thirty miles later we made it back to the car and it started raining on the way home,” Schnell said. His next trip might take him to the 150-mile C.J. Ramstad/North Shore Trail, which is even more rugged. “That would be wild,” he said and flashed a smile.

First things first: Cutting firewood to stay warm. Maps are essential navigation tools.

Day one camp. 35 pounds of gear on a sled in the foreground.

All photos by Chris Gibbs/C5 Adventure Photography Grant Schnell is a Recreational Therapist who works with children, adolescents and adults. He is also owner of SkiPulk.com, where he makes pull-behind sleds for skiers, snowshoers, racers and fat bikers. As an outdoor enthusiast he enjoys snowmobiling, biking, climbing and skiing. He has winter camped in the Boundary Waters and competed on foot in the 2012 Arrowhead 135 Winter Ultra Race from International Falls to Tower, MN.

The tipi glows as night settles over the forest. Minnesota Trails

Winter 2016-2017 11

Nordic Skiing in the Chippewa National Forest By Peter Friedlieb The Chippewa National Forest north of Grand Rapids is one of my favorite cross-country skiing destinations in Minnesota. The trails are scenic and range from fun and easy to challenging even the most adept skier. Whether you’re in the mood for an easy meander through the woods or a rigorous workout, you’ll find it there. The area around Grand Rapids has over 200km of groomed trails and I’m fortunate to live close by and be able to ski there all the time. Last Christmas I skied the trails around the historic Joyce Estate in the Trout Lake Recreation Area with my daughters, Rachel and Tash. Our trip started at the parking lot on Bluewater Road. The double tracks were groomed to perfection and we skied alongside each other at a pace that let us visit, interrupted only by a gentle uphill or swooping downhill. The mixed hardwood and pine forest opened occasionally to show us Moore Lake, and later, Trout Lake. After 5km we arrived at the historic Joyce Estate Lodge late in the afternoon and decided we’d best hustle back before the short December day turned to night. Rachel felt a bit chilled, sped ahead to the car and soon disappeared into the woods. Tasha Wolf tracks on the trail near the Joyce Estate. Peter Friedlieb photo

and I skied together at a relaxed pace for a few minutes when I remembered I had the car keys. I took off and caught up to Rachel 10 minutes later. When I returned to Tash, I found her flushed and excited. Shortly after I had left, she saw a deer bound across the aw wayy, trail about 20 feet away, wolff in in followed by a largee wolf ght, indeed! gh in nd de hot pursuit. A rare sight, aabout bo out ut We chatted this en nco oun u t wonderful, wild enco encounter the caar. whole way back to the car. min ine is the Another favoritee of mine y friends fri rieen nd and I nd Suomi Hills trails. My and d ski ski ki off the like to get together and rie iees with with wi h a 26km winter holiday calories trek on these trails. H Hi ill llss sy ys The Suomi Hill Hills system is ke a dumbbell d roughly shaped like nort no rtth and a an and consists of a north south n8 section, connected b byy aan 8km twoern er n loop lo oop o is nice way trail. The southern skkiier er and an has for the intermediate skier climb limb bs with some longer uphill climbs th he bottom. bo ott tt occasional turns at the From there, the connecting trail rolls nicely into the 10 km Spruce Island Lake loop of the northern trail cluster. That loop is also accessible from the North Suomi Hills Members of the Northern Lights parking lot. It starts Nordic Ski Club on the North with a short climb, Suomi Trail in the Chippewa followed by a long National Forest. Kim Young photo downhill with a 90-degree corner halfway through, plunging you down to the flats leading to Doctor Hill. It was named for the nearby lake, but as I fight my way up, I can’t help but think I may need to see my physician, because it is all herringbone and panting to the top. After the hill, this challenging loop winds through the pines with corners and exhilarating drops and will give you a great workout.

These trails are maintained by volunteer members of the Northern Lights Nordic Ski Club. For more information on how to get there and up to date trail reports go to northernlightsnordic.org. 12 Winter 2016-2017

Minnesota Trails




Northeast Ski Region Offers Deep Snows


Along the North Shore of Lake Superior, throughout the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area, to the Chippewa National Forest, northeastern Minnesota offers some of the biggest snowfalls in Minnesota and many well-groomed trail systems. Northeastern resorts offer winter ski packages and many state parks rent camper cabins in the winter.


Minnesota Bed

Biwabik | Giants Ridge 60km - All levels, US Ski Team training center using the Superior National Forest with views and roller coaster rides. 3km lit for Nordic skiing and some of the trails can be reached by a chairlift. Cambridge | Spirit River Nature Area 5-8km - Beginner classic and skate ski trails through prairie, deciduous forest, and wetlands, parking and restrooms at college. Carlton | Jay Cooke State Park 51km - Beginner to advanced with a wide variety of trails. White Pine Trail is an intermediate trail offering an overlook of St. Louis River Valley. CCC Trail is the easiest trail running along the river. Warming shelter with a woodstove and bathrooms open seven days a week. Candlelight ski and snowshoe event held annually. Groomed classic with multiuse trail at Oldenburg Point. Snowshoe rentals. MN ski pass required.

Ski Trail Guide Chisholm | Sturgeon River Trails 35km - Excellent beginner trail in the Superior National Forest. Long stretches of solitary trails. Two Adirondack shelters, groomed, scenic views of Sturgeon river. Cloquet | Pine Valley 10km - Intermediate to advanced, challenging with difficult climbs, yet gradual, rolling sections. Partially lit, adjacent to Cloquet Area recreational center. 2.5k lighted. The back of the 5K loop across Spring Lake Road is skate and classic groomed. Coleraine | Itasca Trails (Mount Itasca) 10km - Beginner to expert, groomed for skate and classic skiing on flat to very hilly terrain. MN Ski Pass required on west public trails. Additional fee for east biathlon course with man-made snow. Cohasset | MN Power Blackwater Trails 3.4km - Beginner trails groomed for skate and classic skiing. Lighted. MN Ski Pass required. Cohasset | Portage Park 4km - Beginner classic trails near the Mississippi River. MN Ski Pass required Cook | Ashawa 40km - Beginner to advanced on the west side of Lake Vermilion. 5 miles north of Cook, new 3km trail around golf course. MN ski pass required.

Breakfast Association For your peace-of-mind, all members of the Minnesota Bed & Breakfast Association have passed our Quality Assurance Inspection. When you arrive you will ďŹ nd clean, comfortable, and safe accommodations.

Baptism River Inn B&B 6125 Highway 1, Silver Bay baptismriverinn.com (877) 353-0707

Summit Inn B&B 208 Summit Ave., Center City summitinnbb.com (651) 257-4987

Green Heron B&B 2810 Meyers Bay Rd., Grand Rapids greenheronbandb.com (218) 999-5795

The Pillar Inn 419 Main Street, Cold Spring thepillarinn.com (320) 685-3828

Historic Hutchinson House B&B 305 NW 2nd Street, Faribault historichutchhouse.com (507) 384-3291

Turning Waters B&B and Brewery 136 Bridge Ave., Wabasha turningwatersbandb.com (651) 564-1568

Lake Le Homme Dieu B&B 441 S Le Homme Dieu Dr. NE, Alexandria llbedandbreakfast.com (320) 846-5875 Minnesota Trails

Poplar Creek Guesthouse B&B 11 Poplar Creek Dr., Grand Marais poplarcreekbnb.com (800) 322-8237

Visit us at www.minnesotabedandbreakfasts.org Winter 2016-2017 13

Ski Trail Guide Deer River | Blueberry Hills 12km - Beginner to expert with many loops. Classic and skate groomed trails. 5 miles northeast of Deer River. MN ski pass required. Deer River | Simpson Creek 20km - Beginner to intermediate trail along Lake Winnibigoshish in the Chippewa National Forest. Duluth | Bagley Nature Area 3km - Two intermediate classic loops on the UMD campus. Duluth | Boulder Lake 21km - Beginner to advanced, 8km of skate ski with Wolfski’s Ski Den warming shack, open sunrise to sunset. Groomed daily for classic and skate ski, very well maintained by Minnesota Power. Duluth | Chester Bowl Park 3km - Intermediate to advanced. MN ski pass required. Duluth | Hartley Trail 5km - Beginner to intermediate with some gentle slopes. Classic only. MN ski pass required. Duluth | Korkki Nordic 11km - Intermediate to advanced single track classic trails, groomed daily. Steep hills, designed for racing. MN ski pass required.


NORTHEASTERN TRAILS Duluth | Lester Amity Trail 15km - Beginner to advanced trail of varied terrain through pine, aspen, and birch forests. Additional 3km circles the Lester Park Golf Course and is accessible from the main Lester-Amity Trail. 5km trail lit mornings and evenings. MN ski pass required. Duluth | Magney-Snively Trail 14km - Intermediate to advanced, beautiful hardwood forest with large hills. A rugged trail not recommended for beginners. MN ski pass required. Duluth | Piedmont Trail 5km - Beginner to intermediate trail through aspen, birch and hardwood forest. Beautiful overlook of St. Louis River Valley. MN ski pass required. Duluth | Snowflake Nordic Ski Center 15km - Intermediate classic and skate ski trails, groomed daily. Lessons and rentals available. Warming chalet with showers, sauna, changing rooms, lounge, and snacks. Duluth | Spirit Mountain 22km - All skill levels. Beautifully wooded cross-country ski trails groomed daily. Ely | Bear Head Lake State Park 11km - Beginner trails through boreal forest circling Norberg Lake, groomed for classic ski. Trail center with toilets, water and warming house. MN ski pass required.

Ely | Birch Lake Plantation Trail 8.5km - Beginner to intermediate groomed trail through Minnesota’s oldest red pine plantation crosses several bridges and edges Birch Lake. MN ski pass required. Ely | Hegman Lake Trail 6km - Beginner, user-tracked trail on several lakes surrounded by rock and pine ridges. View unique Indian pictographs on west shore of North Hegman Lake. Need BWCAW day use permit available free at trailhead. Ely | Hidden Valley/Hidden Valley Extension Trails 15km - Beginner to advanced, groomed, classic and skate trails. Rolling to hilly terrain, through birch and pine stands. Connects to 8km Hidden Valley Extension. Scenic overlook at Farm Lake, access behind Fall Lake Town Hall. Hidden Valley Chalet available for rent. MN ski pass required. Ely | North Arm Trails 42km - User-tracked, beginner to advanced. Some trails go through BWCAW. Rocky hills, ridges, majestic pines and wilderness lakes are highlights of this trail system. Many loops and wildlife viewing opportunities. Need BWCAW day use permit, available for free at trailhead.

MAY THE SNOW BE AS SOFT AS YOUR PILLOW. Every day exploring the North Shore is an adventure. But your nights are exactly what you expect: friendly service, a fresh room, and the best RYHUDOO YDOXH \RX FDQ ÓžQG

Free hot breakfast Hotel-wide, high-speed internet Indoor pool and whirlpool Easy rewards loyalty program Newly-remodeled rooms

TOFTE/LUTSEN 7231 West Hwy 61 218.663.7899 14 Winter 2016-2017

AmericInn.com | 800.634.3444

SILVER BAY 150 Mensing Drive 218.226.4300

TWO HARBORS 1088 Hwy 61 North 218.834.3000 Minnesota Trails



Ely | North Junction Trail 13km - User-tracked, beginner to advanced, series of loops through meadows, spruce swamps, ridges and around beaver ponds. Ely | South Farm Trail 8km - Beginner to intermediate, user tracked. Gently-rolling terrain through BWCAW with some lake travel. Ski around a muskeg swamp. Need BWCAW day use permit, available for free at trail head. Ely | Trezona Ski Trail 6.5km - Beginner trail groomed for classic and skate ski. Relatively flat with some rolling terrain. Starts in town, circles Miner’s Lake with views of remains of Pioneer Mine. Grand Marais | Banadad Trail 30km - Intermediate, groomed singletrack trail in BWCAW. Yurt to yurt skiing available. Connects Central Gunflint Trails with Upper Gunflint Trails, for one of the longest trail systems in the state. MN ski pass required. Grand Marais | Bally Creek Trails 25km - All skill levels, mostly classic. Connects to Cascade River State Park. MN ski pass required. Grand Marais | Central Gunflint Trail System 70km - All skill levels, 27 miles groomed north of Grand Marais close to BWCAW. Lighted sections at Bearskin & Golden Eagle lodges. Grand Marais | Pincushion Mountain Trails 25km - Beginner to advanced, welldesigned classic and skate trail 2 miles north of Grand Marais with beautiful Lake Superior views and separate snowshoe trail. 1.6km lighted trail. MN ski pass required. Grand Marais | Upper Gunflint Trail 70km - All levels, 45 miles north of Grand Marais. This large system near Canada and BWCAW has mostly classic trails with 30km of skate skiing, a trailside restaurant and three trailside lodges: Gunflint Lodge, Gunflint Pines Resort, Heston’s Lodge. Upper Gunflint Trail Passes required, available at the resorts. Grand Rapids | Alder Pond Trail 10km - Beginner, groomed classic ski trail through aspen and coniferous forest. MN Ski Pass required.

Ski Trail Guide

Students work on their technique at Bagley Nature Area on the University of Minnesota Duluth campus. Brett Groehler/University of Minnesota Duluth photo Grand Rapids | Amen Lake Trail 7km - Intermediate, groomed, classic ski trail 13 miles north of Grand Rapids. Ski through hardwood forest with rolling hills. Connects to south end of Suomi Hills ski trails. MN ski pass required. Grand Rapids | Golden Anniversary State Forest – Cowhorn Lake 8km - Intermediate, classic ski trail with rolling hills through old growth aspen forest. MN ski pass required. Grand Rapids | Golden Anniversary State Forest – Boomer-Blue Trail 7km - Beginner, classic ski trail, doubletracked. Connects with Cowhorn Trail. MN ski pass required. Grand Rapids | Golden Anniversary State Forest – River Road Trail 3km - Intermediate, classic ski trail with rolling hills through majestic pines. MN ski pass required. Grand Rapids | Forest History Center 8km - Beginner, classic ski trail through 1900s logging camp and virgin timber forest. MN ski pass required on one main trail.

Grand Rapids | Legion Trails 3.5km - Intermediate trail, groomed for both classic and skate skiing. 3 km lit. MN ski pass required. Grand Rapids | Sugar Hills 28km - Intermediate to expert trail, groomed for both classic and skate skiing on hilly terrain through hardwood forest. Thunder Peak provides excellent panoramic views. MN ski pass required. Grand Rapids | Suomi Hills 35km - Intermediate to expert classic, groomed ski trail on rolling hills through the Chippewa National Forest. Connects with Amen Lake Trail. Grand Rapids | Sylvan Point Trail 6km - Beginner classic trail. Connects Grand Itasca Hospital to Forest History Center. Grand Rapids | Trout Lake Recreation Area 10km - Intermediate, double track, classic ski trail through the Chippewa National Forest. 3 miles from historic Joyce Estate, a 6,000-acre SNA with Adirondack buildings.



Bicycle and Ski Sales & Repair Authorized A Au Aut uthor ut uth ho ho orrize izze iz ed Dealer:

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Minnesota Trails

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Ski Trail Guide


Miles of quiet ski trails on the North Shore. Visit Cook County photo

Grand Rapids | Wabana Trails 10km - Intermediate, classic trails wind through rolling hills. MN ski pass required. Goodland | Big Ridge Trail 10km - Intermediate, groomed, classic ski trail with rolling hills through hardwood, evergreens and aspen. MN ski pass required. Hibbing | Carey Lake 22km - Beginner to advanced groomed trails with 10km side-by-side classic and skate skiing with views of the lake, lowlands, bogs, and jack pine stands. 3.8 km Black Forest loop is lit from 5-10 pm daily. Hinckley | St. Croix State Park 17km - Groomed, classic ski trail with many loops for all skill levels. MN ski pass required. Hoyt Lakes | Bird Lake Trail 18km - Beginner to intermediate trail over birch and aspen hills with views of Bird and Lillian Lakes. Hoyt Lakes | Colby Lake Trail 3.2km - Beautiful hilly terrain with birch and aspen forest and views of Colby Lake. Start at Birch Cove Beach parking lot.

International Falls | Tilson Creek Ski Trail 16.4km - Intermediate, groomed, classic and skate trails in the Koochiching State Forest. MN ski pass required. International Falls | Voyageurs National Park 53km - This National Park has three trail systems: Black Bay Trails-three loops totaling 13km with a 1km connector to Tilson Creek Trails. Access is at Rainy Lake Visitor Center via ice road. Echo Bay Trail-4km loop accessible through Kabetogama Lake Visitor Center. KabAsh Trail-A 35km system accessible near Ash River Visitor Center. Isabella | Flathorn Gegoka Trail 30km - Beginner to advanced, groomed, single-tracked in the Superior National Forest. Some paths on old logging roads. Accommodations available at National Forest Lodge. MN ski pass required. Lutsen | Cascade River 42km - Beginner to advanced trail with good views of Lake Superior, Cascade River, and Deer Yard Lake. Ski through birch, pine and aspen on mostly double tracked Pisten Bully groomed trails. MN ski pass required.


Lutsen | Cascade River State Park 27km - Beginner to advanced, classic, single tracked, groomed weekly. Heavily forested trails along Cascade River and several little creeks. The only place in Cook County to ski along Lake Superior. Spot moose and wolves down the river valley from Lookout Mountain. Woodheated warming house available. MN ski pass required. Lutsen | Lutsen Mountains to Spruce Creek 35km - Groomed for both classic and skate ski with resorts along the way. Includes the Massie, Hall, Meadows, and Golf Course loops of the North Shore ski trails, loops around Solbakken Resort, and connections to Sugarbush and Cascade systems. MN ski pass required. Mora | Vasaloppet Nordic Center Trails 15km - Classic and skate ski, beginner trails, 5km lit, starts and ends at Vasaloppet Nordic Ski Center which offers waxing room, showers, sauna, and is open throughout the season. Mora | Vasaloppet Public Ski Area 25km - Beginner to intermediate, groomed, classic and skate trails with separate loops. Nashwauk | Stoney Ridge Trail 10km - Intermediate trails, groomed for classic skiing. Mostly flat with a few rolling hills through woods. MN ski pass required. North Branch | Wild River State Park 48km - Beginner to advanced, groomed, classic ski trail along St. Croix River. Heated trail center has rentals available. The park holds an annual candlelight ski and bonfire. MN ski pass required. Silver Bay | Northwoods Ski Trail 19km - Intermediate, groomed single track classic trail through flat woods. Connects to Tettegouche State Park. Trail head is on west edge of Silver Bay with parking at Beaver Creek. Silver Bay | Tettegouche State Park 31km - Intermediate to advanced, classic trails with many loops and good views of lakes and hills. About 4km of skate ski trail. Four historic ski-in cabins at Mic Mac Lake. Take a side trip to 70-foot High Falls on the Baptism River. Warming house is the lodge at Tettegouche Camp. MN ski pass required.


www.visitgrandrapids.com/skiing 16 Winter 2016-2017

Minnesota Trails



Tofte | Sugarbush Trail System 65km - Extensive trail network for all skill levels. Groomed for both classic and skate skiing with spectacular views of Lake Superior. Trail heads at Britton Peak and Moose Fence on the western side. Ski-through from Onion River Rd/Oberg Mountain trails and trailhead on the eastern edge. 5km connector hooks up with Superior National Golf Course Nordic Center trails. Club house trail head offers ski rentals. Trails maintained by Sugarbush Trail Association, check online for updated grooming info. MN ski pass required. Togo | Thistledew Trail 16km - Mostly expert trails for classic skiing only. Beautiful and remote trail in the George Washington State Forest. MN ski pass required Tower | Howard Wagoner Trail 10km - Beginner trails groomed for classic ski only. View big Norway pines, deer and wolves. Skiers can start in city of Tower at Civic Center. MN ski pass required.

Ski Trail Guide

Trail Shelter at Cascade River State Park. Kurt Zuppke photo Two Harbors | Gooseberry Falls State Park 19km - Groomed, classic ski trail with many loops on gradual hills and unique views of frozen waterfalls. Ski over the bridge at Fifth Falls. MN ski pass required. Two Harbors | Erkki Harju Trail 10.5km - Intermediate, groomed, classic and skate trail through scenic city forest. 3km lit until 10 pm daily. MN ski pass required.

Before visiting any state park or trail, check on local snow and grooming conditions at

www.dnr.state.mn.us/skiing or call the park directly.

Virginia | Big Aspen Recreation Area 33km - Beginner to intermediate trail with shelters and a beautiful overlook on old logging roads and abandoned RR grades of the Virginia and Rainy Lake Lumber Co. Virginia | Lookout Mountain Trail 24km - Classic, user-groomed trails run along the Laurentian Divide on the crest of low, rocky hills dividing the Red River and Rainy River basins from the Minnesota River and Lake Superior basins. Skiers can enjoy several scenic overlooks. Sources: Minnesota DNR, Minnesota Nordic Ski Association, Skinnyski & Individual Trails

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Minnesota Trails



Ski Trail Guide

Northwest Ski Region Offers Variety

From the edge of Lake of the Woods to the Headwaters of the Mississippi, from the hardwood forests of Maplewood State Park to the jail trail of St. Cloud, northwestern Minnesota offers the widest variety of cross country ski trails in the state. Winter ski resorts and lodging outlets offer ski packages that include meals and a hot sauna. Aitkin | No Achen Trail 10.1km - Beginner to advanced, groomed classic and skate trails through rustic forest. MN ski pass required. Alexandria | Spruce Hill Park 5km - 97 acre park with gentle wooded hills through tamarack. MN ski pass required. Alexandria | Trollskogen Ski Trail 9km - Intermediate level loops around two lakes. MN ski pass required. Battle Lake | Glendalough State Park 13km - Beginner to intermediate, classic trails on rolling hills over prairie and northern hardwoods that pass several lakes. Weekend shelter with fireplace, historic lodge rental, camper cabins. Ski and snowshoe rentals. MN ski pass required. Bemidji | Buena Vista Ski Trail 25km - Intermediate to advanced loops through woods. Family resort since 1949 with downhill skiing, snowboarding, tubing, sleigh rides, replica logging village, large lodge, kitchen and shops. Home of the Minnesota Finlandia and Snowjourn races. Also downhill skiing. MN ski pass required. Bemidji | C.V. Hobson Forest Trail 7km - Beginner, groomed for classic. Red and white pine and tamarack bog along Lake Lyra. MN ski pass required. Bemidji | High School Trail 7km - Easy beginner trail, groomed classic and skate. MN ski pass required. Bemidji | Lake Bemidji State Park 17.6km - Beginner to advanced, four loops, groomed double classic near Lake Bemidji. Warming shelter during office hours, annual candlelight ski. 28 miles of skate ski within 5 miles of park. MN ski pass required.

Cross country skiers near Glendalough State Park. Dave Simpkins photo Bemidji | Montebello Trail 4.5km - Beginner, gentle course in the city of Bemidji with 2km of lighted trail. Close to hotels and restaurants. MN ski pass required. Bemidji | Movil Maze Trail 14km - Intermediate to advanced, classic and skate. Steep and rolling hills through black spruce bog, red pines and hardwoods. Used by local racers to train. MN ski pass required. Bemidji | Three Island Park 28km - Beginner to intermediate, groomed classic and skate with beautiful views of Three Island Lake and Turtle River. MN ski pass required. Bemidji | Fern Lake Trail 3.5km - Intermediate to advanced, groomed classic ski trail. MN ski pass required. Brainerd | French Rapids 16km - Expert only. Well-groomed and challenging trails in glaciated area with great views of Mississippi River Valley. MN ski pass required. Brainerd | Northland Arboretum 20km - Beginner to intermediate, classic and skate ski with nearly 5 km lighted trail. MN ski pass required.

Brainerd | Pine Beach Trail 40km - Mostly beginner to intermediate with some advanced loops. Varied terrain through pine and hardwood forest around several scenic lakes. Trail links Kavanaugh’s and Cragun’s resorts. Ski rentals at Cragun’s. MN ski pass required. Callaway | Maplelag Resort 64km - All levels, many well-groomed loops through maple forest with rolling hills. Mostly classic with some skate ski. Privately-owned cross-country ski resort with lessons and rentals. Sauna and hot tub.

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Before visiting any state park or trail, check on local snow and grooming conditions at



or call the park directly.



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Ski Trail Guide Carlos | Lake Carlos State Park 9.5km - Intermediate, groomed classic only, rolling terrain through tamarack bog, marshes, woodland ponds and lakes. MN ski pass required. Crosby | Wolf Lake Ski Trail 13km - Beginner to advanced, groomed classic with challenging hills through hardwood forest and mature pine. Shelter along trail, maps at intersections. Deerwood | Larson Lake Ski Trails 20km - Beginner, skate and classic, with some advanced loops, rolling hills, wooded area with oak trees, red and white pines, wetlands and tamarack bogs in the Lansin R. Hamilton Memorial Forest. Passes by Larson and Dogfish Lakes. Detroit Lakes | Detroit Mountain 7km - Ski trails ranging from skate and classic to classic only. Beginner to advanced. No MN Ski Pass currently required. See website for details. Detroit Lakes | Dunton Locks 6.1km - Beginner with some hills, west of Detroit Lakes, groomed classic all levels. Detroit Lakes | East Frazee Ski Trails 16km - Mostly beginner with loops for all levels, groomed single-track through pines, lakeshore, forest and meadows. Detroit Lakes | Mountain View Recreation Area 5k - All levels, both classic and skate skiing on wide, regularly-groomed trails through hardwood forest.

20 Winter 2016-2017


Camper Cabins on 8km of ski trails at Maplewood State Park. Jan Lasar photo Detroit Lakes | Pickerel Lake 9km - Narrow single track trails through hardwood forests. Groomed occasionally. Detroit Lakes | Pine Lake 12km - Beginner to intermediate, generally even terrain with a few short hills. Occasionally groomed, plus 20 miles of ungroomed trails. Located in the Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge. MN ski pass required.


Fergus Falls | Spidahl Skigaard 30km - All levels. Groomed classic and skate through 340 acres of hardwoods and prairie near Maplewood State Park. Privately owned. Fee applies. Ski and snowshoe rentals. Hackensack | Deep Portage 18km - Beginner to advanced through rolling hills. 6km groomed for skate ski. Located in the Deep Portage Conservation Reserve. Interpretive center open all week. MN ski pass required. Hackensack | Hiram Ski Trail 8km - Beginner to advanced, inside Foot Hills State Forest. MN ski pass required. Kensington | Andes Tower Hills Ski Area 15km - All levels of classic and skate through forest and around lakes. Adjacent to downhill ski area with 1.5km lit trail. Ski rentals available. Little Falls | Crane Meadows National Wildlife Refuge 5.6km - Beginner trail, groomed with two parallel tracks, with gentle hills. Trail follows Platte River, skirts around several wetlands, winds through mixed hardwoods, crosses fields restored with prairie grasses. Waterfowl observation deck along trail overlooking Skunk Lake. Longville | Goose Lake Recreation Area 15km - Beginner to intermediate trails through woods, over gently-rolling hills and around wetlands. MN ski pass required.

Minnesota Trails



Milaca | Milaca Trails 8km - City of Milaca trails are groomed single track. Nisswa | Grand View Lodge 8km - All levels over three loops, groomed for classic, through 360 acres of pines, prairie and wetland. 1.1km skate loop. Onamia | Mille Lacs Kathio State Park 20km - Beginner to advanced, several loops through wooded terrain. Ski rentals available. MN ski pass required. Outing | Washburn Lake Solitude Area 11km - Beginner to advanced trail in the Land O’Lakes State Forest with a trail shelter. Palisade | Long Lake Conservation Center 7.2km - Beginner to intermediate, groomed classic ski trails through rustic forest. MN ski pass required. Park Rapids | Itasca State Park 20km - Beginner to advanced, groomed with many loops. Ski to the headwaters of the Mississippi River amongst towering white pines on easy rolling hills. Visitor center with fireplace is open year round. Mississippi Headwaters Hostel is inside the park. MN ski pass required. Park Rapids | Soaring Eagle Trail 10km - Beginner to advanced trails that wind through a varied forest ranging from baby aspen to mature balsam and pine with rolling hills. Skate and classic. MN ski pass required.

Pelican Rapids | Maplewood State Park 8km - Intermediate to advanced, four loops of classic ski through hardwood forest, over hills and around many lakes. Additional 8km backcountry trail. Annual candlelight ski. MN ski pass required. Pine River | Cut Lake Trail 16km - Beginner to advanced skiing around Deer and Cut Lake. Rice | Mississippi River County Park 6km - All beginner trails, groomed for classic skiing right along the Mississippi River. Saint Augusta | Warner Lake Park 6km - Beginner to intermediate, groomed classic through woods with some challenging hills. 41-acre site surrounding Warner Lake. Saint Cloud | Graystone Trails 17km - Beginner to intermediate with a few challenging hills. Many loops through scenic woods, pastures and apple orchards. Maintained by the Nordic Ski Club of Central Minnesota. MN Ski Pass required. Saint Cloud | Riverside Park 5km - Beginner to intermediate trails with flat to rolling hills along the Mississippi River near downtown St. Cloud. Saint Joseph | Kraemer Lake-Wildwood County Park 6km - Beginner to advanced. Six classic ski loops that wind through a wooded setting. MN ski pass required.

Ski Trail Guide Sauk Centre | High School Trail 2.25km - Groomed classic and skate ski trails next to the Sauk River. Rated easy to moderate with cut-offs to avoid the few large hills. Thief River Falls | Greenwood Trails 1.5km - Beginner classic ski trails that wind through a wooded setting along the Red Lake River. Thief River Falls | Golf Course Trail 12km - Beginner to intermediate classic trail. Ski on the frozen Thief River from Red Robe Park to the golf course. Monthly moonlight ski event. Wadena | Black’s Grove 9km - Beginner to advanced, classic ski trails that wind through a wooded setting. Waite Park | Quarry Park & Nature Preserve 6.3km - Beginner to intermediate with a skating loop and classic loops. Ski past granite quarries and rock piles on lighted trails. 323 acre State Scientific and Natural Area within park with additional 5km of ungroomed rustic trail shared by snowshoers and skiers. Quarry Park parking pass required. Walker | Shingobee Recreation Area 9km - Beginner to expert trails on the slopes of the Shingobee River Valley. Groomed for classic and skate skiing. MN Ski Pass required. Sources: Minnesota DNR, Minnesota Nordic Ski Association, Skinnyski & Individual Trails

Home of the Lake Wobegon Trail Covered Bridge ƝɆȾȺȽɀȳΎɂȶȳΎƤȯȹȳΎƯȽȰȳȵȽȼΎȯȼȲΎƫȽȽΎƤȷȼȳΎƬɀȯȷȺɁ

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Minnesota Trails

2016/17 Metro Ski Region

The many communities that make up the metropolitan area of Minneapolis and St. Paul provide an extensive network of well-groomed cross-country ski trails. Many regional parks make snow and offer skiing whether it actually snows or not. Twin City area ski clubs meet regularly for fun, training, and competition. Annandale | Stanley Eddy Regional Park 12km - Advanced, classic ski only. MN ski pass required. Afton | Afton State Park 19km - A variety of groomed, classic loops, featuring 2 miles of easy trails and 13 miles of trails rated intermediate to advanced. Trails overlook the St. Croix River near Afton Alps Ski Resort and have trail shelters. Heated visitors center has parking and bathrooms. The park also has snowshoe trails and holds an annual candlelight ski. MN ski pass required. Bloomington | Hyland Lake Park Reserve 15km - Beginner to expert, groomed, classic and skate trails over rolling hills and prairie. 9km lighted trail. 5k manmade snow. Ski Chalet serves as a warming house and offers ski rentals. Three Rivers Park District ski pass required. Burnsville | Alimagnet Park 6km - Short and flat beginner trails. Burnsville | Terrace Oaks Park 10.9km - Beginner to expert. Groomed, classic ski trails along lakes and ponds through hills and woods. Chalet available.

Minnesota Trails

METRO TRAILS Lino Lakes | Chomonix Golf Club 10km - Beginner to intermediate trails on flat terrain. Rent skis at Chomonix Golf Course club house. MN ski pass required. Cokato | Collinwood Regional Park 8km - Intermediate, groomed, classic trail on open fields with some wooded areas. Coon Rapids | Bunker Hills Regional Park 20km - Intermediate trail loops on flat to slightly hilly terrain. Rental skis available at Bunker Hills Campground Visitors Center. Warm up inside the Bunker Hills Activity Center. MN ski pass required. Coon Rapids | Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park 10km - Beginner to intermediate trails on relatively flat terrain along Mississippi River. Rentals available at Coon Rapids Dam Visitor Center. MN ski pass required. Cottage Grove | Cottage Grove Ravine Regional Park 8k - Intermediate to advanced trails with some steep slopes and heavily-wooded ravines. 4.5 km skate ski loop. MN ski pass required. Eagan | Lebanon Hills Regional Park 23km - Beginner to advanced trails, groomed for classic and skate ski. Trails wind through the hilly, wooded countryside and around scenic lakes and ponds. Dakota County ski pass required.

Ski Trail Guide Elk River | Woodland Trails 15km - Beginner to advanced, groomed skate and classic ski trails with many loops. Maintained by Elk River Nordic Ski Club. MN Ski Pass required. Elk River | Otsego Regional Park 2.5km - Classic/skate trails through hardwood forest and prairie restoration area, adjacent to Mississippi River. MN Ski Pass required. Farmington | Whitetail Woods Regional Park 10km - Intermediate trails around Empire Lake. Connects with Lone Rock Trail in Rosemount. Camper cabins and fire rings available. Dakota County ski pass required. Hanover | Crow-Hassan Park Reserve 4.5km - Ungroomed trails through restored prairie. User tracked. Hastings | Spring Lake Park Reserve 8.2km - Beginner to advanced, groomed, classic (5.6km) and skate (1.6km) ski trails. Schaar’s Bluff offers views of the Mississippi River Valley. Dakota County ski pass required. Hastings | St. Croix Bluffs Regional Park 10.5km - Beginner to intermediate, groomed, classic ski trails on the wild and scenic St. Croix River. 1.8km skate loop. MN ski pass required. Lake Elmo | Lake Elmo Park Reserve 20km - Beginner to intermediate, groomed, classic and skate trails on gently-rolling hills offering a variety of experiences and challenges. 8.7k lighted. MN ski pass required.

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Ski Trail Guide Lake Elmo | Sunfish Lake Park 13.1km - All skill levels. Camel Back provides some fun hills, but Oak Run is particularly exciting. Morgan Lane offers beautiful view of a pond from a birchlined ridge. Lakeville | Ritter Farm Park Ski Trail 10km - Beginner to intermediate, groomed, classic and skate ski with hills through the woods. MN ski pass required. Maple Grove | Elm Creek Park Reserve 18km - Beginner to advanced, groomed, classic and skate trails. Some of the best ski trails in the metro area with fantastic night skiing on lighted trails and a 2.5 km loop with man-made snow. Elm Creek Chalet offers ski rentals, snack bar, and woodstove. Three Rivers Park District ski pass required. Maple Lake | Robert Ney Regional Park 7km - Intermediate, groomed, classic and skate trails over small hills and flat areas. Nature center offers rentals weekends January-March. Moonlight ski events. MN Ski Pass required. Maple Plain | Baker Park Reserve 14.5km - Beginner to advanced, groomed, classic and skate trails through woods and meadows. Ski rentals, warming house, and snack bar at Chalet. Three Rivers Park District ski pass required.

uth of Just minuteCsitsoies in the Twin s heaven! winter sport

Maplewood | Battle Creek Regional Park - East 6km - Beginner to intermediate classic ski trail through mature woods. MN ski pass required. Maplewood | Battle Creek Regional Park - West 9.8km - Beginner to advanced, classic and skate ski trail. 4 km lit trail. MN ski pass required. Marine | Big Marine Park Reserve 2.5k - Easy beginner loop along Big Marine Lake. Classic only. MN ski pass required. Marine on St. Croix | William O’Brien State Park 19km - Multi-trail system, for all skill levels of classic and skate skiers with views of St. Croix River. Wetland Trail for beginners and Prairie Overlook for the more advanced. Heated trail center has a wood stove. Annual candlelight ski. MN ski pass required. Minneapolis | Columbia Golf Course 3.5km - Groomed, classic trails on rolling golf course hills. MN ski pass required. Minneapolis | Hiawatha Golf Course 4km - Groomed, classic and skate trails on rolling golf course hills. MN ski pass required.

Minneapolis | Francis Gross Golf Course 3.7km - Groomed, classic and skate trails on rolling golf course hills. MN ski pass required. Minneapolis | Theodore Wirth Regional Park 25km - Beginner to advanced, groomed, classic and skate ski trails. 3km lighted trails. One of the largest venues with snow-making capabilities in the Twin Cities features some incredible hills on the north while the south side is primarily flat. Connects to Brownie and Cedar Lakes, Lake of the Isles and Lake Calhoun. Ski rentals available. MN ski pass required. Minnetonka | Glen Lake Golf Center 2.4km - Groomed, classic and skate trails through rolling golf course hills. Rentals and concessions available at the club house. Three Rivers Park District ski pass required. Monticello | Bertram Chain of Lakes Regional Park 3.5km - Great beginner trail through pines next to the Mississippi River. Groomed classic ski only. MN ski pass required. Monticello | Harry Larson County Forest 3.2km - Intermediate, classic ski only. Close to Lake Maria State Park. MN ski pass required. Monticello | Lake Maria State Park 9km - Beginner to intermediate, groomed, classic trails through rolling terrain, wooded areas, old growth forest areas and past lakes and ponds. MN ski pass required.

• Downhill skiing • Cross Country Skiing • Snowshoeing • Snowboarding • Explore Afton State Park, Carpenter Nature Center & Spring Lake Park

Hastings Area

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Minnesota Trails



Plymouth | Eagle Lake Regional Park 6km - Beginner to intermediate, groomed, classic and skate trails through woods and meadows. Three Rivers Park District ski pass required. Plymouth | French Regional Park 8km - Variety of terrains from beginner to advanced. Groomed, classic and skate trails over rolling hills. Lighted trails attract many after-work skiers. Rentals and concessions available at visitor center. Three Rivers Park District ski pass required. Prior Lake | Cleary Lake Regional Park 9.5km - Beginner to intermediate, groomed, classic and skate trails. Visitor center with ski rentals, vending machine, and fireplace. 4.5km lighted daily until 10 pm. Three Rivers Park District ski pass required. Ramsey | Rum River Central Regional Park 8km - Mostly flat trail loops. MN ski pass required. Rosemount | Lone Rock Trail 18km - Intermediate trails groomed for both classic and skate ski on gentlyrolling terrain through woods, agricultural land and two wetlands in UMore Park. MN ski pass required. Before visiting any state park or trail, check on local snow and grooming conditions at

Saint Paul | Fort Snelling State Park 19km - The park offers flat, classical trails. Most popular trail is the Pike Island Loop. It offers views of the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers. Visitor center open daily 8 am to 4 pm. MN ski pass required. Saint Paul | Phalen Regional Park and Golf Course 7km - Intermediate classic and skate trails, open and fairly flat. Equipment rentals. Saint Paul | Como Golf Course 5km - Intermediate to advanced classic and skate trails. 1.7k lighted. Equipment rentals. Saint Paul | Highland 9 Golf Course 3.5km - Beginner to intermediate classic and skate trail loop. Equipment rentals. Savage | Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve 15km - Some of the most exciting and challenging trails in the metro. Groomed, classic and skate trails. Snacks, rentals and wax available at trail head building. Three Rivers Park District ski pass required. Shoreview | Snail/Grass Lakes 3km - Beginner trails through woods and marshland, classic ski only. MN ski pass required.

Ski Trail Guide Stillwater | Pine Point Regional Park 7km - Beginner to intermediate trails groomed for classic ski only. This small park near the end of the Gateway Trail has beautiful scenery with trails winding through large pine plantation, by small lakes and picturesque farms. MN ski pass required. Stillwater | Brown’s Creek Nature Preserve 4.5km - Beginner classic and skate trails on moderate hills. MN ski pass required. Vadnais Heights | Vadnais/Sucker Lakes 7.3km - Beginner to advanced, classiconly trail on moderate hills through woods. MN ski pass required. Victoria | Carver Park Reserve 18km - Beginner to intermediate, groomed, classic and skate trails through hardwood forests and marshlands. Lowry Nature Center offers a warming place and has ski rentals on weekends. Three Rivers Park District ski pass required. White Bear Lake | Tamarack Nature Center 8km - Beginner to intermediate, classiconly trails through prairie, woodland, and marsh. Ski rentals available. 1km practice loop. MN ski pass required. Sources: Minnesota DNR, Minnesota Nordic Ski Association, Skinnyski & Individual Trails

www.dnr.state.mn.us/skiing or call the park directly.

REGIONAL SALSA DEALERS MINNESOTA ANGRY CATFISH BICYCLES 4208 28th Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55406 612-722-1538 info@angrycatfishbicycle.com

FREEWHEEL BIKE 1812 S 6th St Minneapolis, MN 55454 612-339-2219 freewheelbike.com

MILLTOWN PREMIUM ADVENTURE GOODS 311 Central Ave Faribault, MN 55021 507-331-2636 milltownsports.com

REVOLUTION CYCLE AND SKI 160 29th Ave S St. Cloud, MN 56301 320-251-2453 revolutioncycleandski.com

ROCHESTER CYCLING 1211 7th St NW Rochester , MN 55901 507-289-7410 cycling-fitness.com

TONKA CYCLE AND SKI 16 Shady Oak Rd S Hopkins, MN 55343 952-938-8336 tonkacycleandski.com

NORTH DAKOTA THE SKI & BIKE SHOP 1711 S Washington Grand Forks, ND 58201 701-772-5567 skiandbikeshop.net


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Ski Trail Guide



Southern MN Ski Trails

Southern Minnesota has a wide variety of state parks, forests and recreational trails that offer fine cross country skiing. Many rivers provide high vistas and abundant wildlife to view. The southern half of Minnesota offers rolling bluff country in the east and wide-open prairies in the west with regions of old-growth forest in between. Austin | Jay C. Hormel Nature Center 15km - Beginner to intermediate, classic and skate trails through woods and prairie. Interpretive building with rentals. Faribault | River Bend Nature Center 10km - Beginner to advanced, groomed classic through flat prairie and woods with some challenging hills. MN ski pass required. Frontenac | Frontenac State Park 11km - All levels, groomed classic with overlooks of Lake Pepin. MN ski pass required. Lanesboro | Lanesboro Golf Course 4km - Beginner to advanced skate and classic loops on the Lanesboro bluffs. Great views of the river valley. Lanesboro | Root River State Trail 67km - Beginner to intermediate trail offering views of tall bluffs and abundant wildlife. 40km track set between Fountain and Preston, the rest is groomed flat. MN ski pass required.

Winter Wonderland at Jay C. Hormel Nature Center in Austin, MN. Austin Daily Herald photo New London | Sibley State Park 13km - Intermediate to advanced with hills and curves. Ski to the top of Mt. Tom for the best view of the countryside. 4km skate ski trails. MN ski pass required. Northfield | Carleton College Arboretum 18km - 6km are groomed for skating and classic skiing, the remainder are classic only.

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Owatonna | Brooktree Golf Course 2km - Easy skate ski and classic loop. Owatonna | Kaplan’s Woods 13km - Intermediate, ravine terrain provides challenging hills through hardwood forest near a lake and river. Wide trails suitable for skate ski and tracked for classic when snow is sufficient with 3km lit trail. MN ski pass required. Preston | Harmony-Preston Valley State Trail 29km - Beginner to intermediate, groomed, with some challenging hills through a wooded area and farmland. Connects communities of Harmony and Preston. MN ski pass required. Red Wing | Cannon Valley Trail 32km - Mostly intermediate, groomed classic and skate. Trail offers views of overhanging cliffs and stunning scenery. Connects communities of Cannon Falls, Welch and Red Wing. MN ski pass required. Red Wing | Mississippi National Ski Trails 11km - Beginner to advanced, groomed for classic and skate. 8km classic loop through wooded terrain offers extensive views of Mississippi River, considered one of the most spectacular in the state. MN ski pass required.

Bike The Root River Trail

We Rent Tubes, Canoes & Kayaks! We’ll Drop You Off! 35455 State Highway 16 Lanesboro, MN 55949 507-467-2598 • www.eagle-cliff.com Minnesota Trails

2016/17 Rochester | Chester Woods Park 8km - All levels, groomed trails through a wooded and hilly county park with views of Chester Lake. Trails are well marked with maps at most intersections. Rochester | Eastwood Golf Course 9km - All levels, groomed classic and skate ski with 1km lighted trail. Main training course in Rochester. Rochester | Essex Park 8.5km - Groomed classic and skate ski through woods and restored prairie. Rochester | Soldier’s Field Golf Course 5 km - Intermediate, groomed classic and skate ski. Quiet city trails with lights offer good night skiing. Rochester | Quarry Hill Park 10 km - Relatively flat, groomed trails through rolling hills around an old quarry. Quarry Hill Nature Center is open all year and has equipment rentals. A trail fee applies. Spicer | Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center 10km - Beginner to advanced, groomed classic and skate. Trails within 500-acre environmental learning center campus with woodland and prairie scenery and abundant wildlife. Wide trails suitable for skate ski, tracked for classic when snow is sufficient. Rentals available. MN ski pass required. Willmar | Swan Lake Ski Trails 5km - Groomed, classic and skate for all levels on Eagle Creek Golf Course. MN ski pass required. Winona | Great River Bluffs State Park 15km - Beginner to intermediate, groomed classic with overlooks of the Mississippi River Valley. 1.6km skate ski trail. Area has sledding hill. MN ski pass required. Winona | Holzinger Lodge 6.75km - Beginner to advanced trails on former logging trails along a bluff overlooking Lake Winona. Rustic cabin with fireplace available to rent. Winona | Saint Mary’s University 14.5km - Mostly intermediate to advanced with some flat terrain for beginners. Groomed classic and skate ski, through hardwood forest, an old apple orchard, and near Gilmore Creek. Some lit sections. Winona | Prairie Island 2.4km - Beginner trail through stands of pine offers a near-wilderness experience close to town. Winona | Westfield Golf Club 1.6km - Beginner trail on gently-rolling golf course terrain. Sources: Minnesota DNR, Minnesota Nordic Ski Association, Skinnyski & individual trail organizations.


Ski Trail Guide


Outdoor fun for everyone


Before visiting any state park or trail, check on local snow and grooming conditions at

www.dnr.state.mn.us/skiing or call the park directly. Minnesota Trails

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Fat Bike Trail Guide



DNR Fat Bike Trails In 2015 the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) started a pilot project for grooming winter fat bike trails. All trails, with the exception of the groomed singletrack of the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area, are shared with other non-motorized users such as hikers, snowshoers and skiers.

Two Harbors | Split Rock Lighthouse State Park 8.7 miles - of intermediate trails starting at the picnic area trail center.

To leave your feedback on this program go to www.dnr.state.mn.us/ patfeedback.

Carlton | Jay Cooke State Park 5.4 miles - trails on the Summer and Silver Creek Trails as well as parts of the East and West Ridge Trails.

Crosby/Ironton | Cuyuna Lakes State Recreation Area 20 miles - of groomed trails dedicated to fat biking, rated beginner through expert. The 8-mile Cuyuna Lakes State Trail connects many of the systems and is groomed for multi-use non-motorized winter recreation.

Winona | Richard J. Dorer Memorial Hardwood Forest-Bronk Unit 7.5 miles - The Plowline Trail consists of a north and south loop. Rated Advanced.

St. Paul | Fort Snelling State Park 6 miles - of groomed trails on the Minnehaha Trail and a loop around Picnic Island.


Rochester | Douglas State Trail 13 miles - on an abandoned railroad line between Pine Island and Rochester.

Before visiting any state park or trail, check on local snow and grooming conditions at

www.dnr.state.mn.us/skiing or call the park directly.

Fat Bikes on Lake Bemidji at the First Annual Northland Fat Bike Rally. Jan Lasar photo

On March 4, 2017, the DNR and the Bemidji Area Mountain Bikers (BAMB) are holding their third annual Northland Fat Bike Rally at Lake Bemidji State Park. The noncompetitive rally begins with a mass start on Lake Bemidji, then turns into the park where the course loops through Rocky Point, Balsam and Fish Hawk trails, and the Old Logging Trail. Distances are 10k and 28k. The course will be closed until the official start time. After the event, it will be open to biking into the afternoon. For more information on the bike rally, contact Lake Bemidji State Park at 218-308-2300, or visit the Bemidji Area Mountain Bikers Facebook page. 28 Winter 2016-2017

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Minnesota Trails

Northwest Angle

Lake of the Woods Roseau River

Lost River

Garden Island Zippel Bay

Parks, Trails, Forests, Rivers

Lake Bronson Twin Lakes

Franz Jevne

Hayes Lake

Smokey Bear

Beltrami Island


Thief Lakes

Rainy Lake Trail

Pine Island

Old Mill

Voyageurs National Park

Big Bog Rec. Area




Red Lake

Lower Red Lake

Red River Rec. Area



Fo Koochiching rk Riv er

Border Route Trail

Kekekabic Trail

r ive

Red Lake R

Upper Red Lake

R lion mil Ver

Agassiz National

Fo rk


Riv er Burntside

Pat Bayle Cascade

71 Big Fork



Mille Lacs Kathio

Long Prairie River

r Rive Terr e pew a Riv er

e de


Pom m

Lac qui Parie

il Tra

Big Stone National

Big Stone Lake



h Fo

Monson Lake

Glacial Lakes Trail

rk C

row Rive r

Kettl e


River Shurburne National



Lake Maria


i Riv er T rail

Jay Cooke



Wild River


Interstate William O’Brein


Willmar Gateway Trail

l Luce Line Trai

Upper Sioux Agency


iT ra i am iG

tc h Gi

Maps • Guides • Features


Browns Creek Trail

Grand Rounds

Lac qui Parle



l Dakota Trai






Fort Snelling

MN National Wildlife Refuge


May 2013


71 ive

Find More Maps at www.MNTrails.com

St. Croix

Carlos Avery


ke La

l ai Tr


Ru m

St. Cloud




Sauk River

ik i

St. Croix


er i Riv

Glacial Lakes



Rum River



Wob eg

Mille Lacs


Soo Line

Lak e

Moose Lake

Father Hennepin

Soo Line Trail


Charles A. Lindbergh

x Aleeau t Lav men Seg

Willard Munger Trail


Lake Mille Lacs

Crow Wing

Lake Carlos

Rice Lake National


er at rW rio pe Su


Fond du Lac


Ce ntr al L ak es Tra il

Savanna Portage


Wing River

Glendalough Trail

Ottertail River

r ve



Cuyuna Country Rec. Area





e up

il ra gT

Che ngw ata na







Gooseberry Falls

er t Riv



l rai rT

Pine River

Paul Bunyan Trail





Foot Hills

Whiteface River


Hill River


Cloquet Valley


North Country Trail



Trail North Country

Heartland Trail

Tettegouche Split Rock Lighthouse

iss iss

Two Inlets Smoky Hills

Schoolcraft Golden

Leech Lake




Red River

Tamarac National



ouis St. L

Paul Bunyan Trail


River George H. Crosby Manitou

rail bi T

Hill Annex Mine


Grand Portage

River Superior National Forest Temperance Finland

Migizi Trail

White Earth

Bear Island

Soudan Underground Mine Bear Head



Bowstring Lake Winnibigoshish

Bemidji Paul Bunyan

Itasca State Park

Buffalo River

Buena Vista

Sunrise Prairie Hardwood Creek Trail

Itasca Wilderness Trail

Chippewa National Forest


Lake Bemidji

Vermilion State Park

Sturgeon River

McCarthy Scenic Beach George Washington

Grand Portage

Judge C.R.Magney

Minnesota Valley

Split Rock Creek


Lake Shetek



Minneopa Watonwo n River

Frontenac GoodhuePioneer

Nerstrand Big Woods Sakatah Singing Hills Trail

Sakatah Lake


R ood onw

Straight River


Casey Jones Trail

Cannon Valley Trail Flandrau

Marshall Pipestone National Monument

er Cannon Riv

Rice Lake

Douglas Trail

Kilen Woods

r ive at R rail Greidge T Whitewater R


Des Moines River

35 Blue Mounds Blue Mounds Trail

Zum bro R

Fort Ridgely

Fair Ridge Trail

Albert Lea Blazing Star Trail

Myre Big Island


John A. Latsch




Riv er

Richard J. Dorer Memorial Hardwood

Great River Bluffs

Root River Trail

Austin Shooting Star Trail

Lake Louise

HarmonyPreston Forestville/ Valley Trail Mystery Cave

Beaver Creek Valley


Minnesota Trails

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Water Carnival/Rotary Bike Ride

Caramel Roll Ride

June 10, 2017 Albany, MN www.caramelrollride.com

Lady Slipper Nature Ride June 17, 2017 Avon, MN www.ladyslipperride.com June 24-29, 2017 Mineral Point, WI www.scscbiketour.com

36th Annual Watermelon Family Ride July 4, 2017 Shoreview, MN www.biketcbc.org

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27th Annual Tour de Bun Bicycle Classic

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17th Annual Gitchi-Gami North Shore Ride

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Swiss Cheese and Spotted Cows Bicycle Tour

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Mora Bike Tour

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