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The Eighth Edition of Lady Dior Art








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EDITORS NOTE Dear MILLIONAIR Readers, As we usher into the winter season, our pages come alive with the vibrant energy of the latest trends and timeless styles. Welcome to the latest issue of MILLIONAIR, where fashion is not just a reflection of what we wear but a celebration of individuality, creativity, and the ever-evolving tapestry of our narratives. In this edition, our team has curated a symphony of looks that transcend the ordinary, embracing the extraordinary facets of fashion and Beauty. From avant-garde runway ensembles to the street-style gems that captivate our daily lives, we invite you on a journey through the kaleidoscope of expression that is the world of fashion.


The Eighth edition of Lady Dior Art

In the spirit of sustainability, we highlight brands and designers who are championing eco-conscious practices. From innovative fabrics to ethical production methods, these trailblazers are redefining the future of fashion while leaving a positive impact on our planet. Our beauty section is a canvas of inspiration, showcasing the latest beauty trends, skincare rituals, and makeup looks that empower and celebrate diversity. Beauty is a language, and we encourage you to speak it boldly, unapologetically, and authentically. As always, we extend our gratitude to our readers, contributors, and the entire MilliOnair team for making this issue a visual feast of creativity and style. We hope these pages ignite your passion for fashion and inspire you to embrace your unique sense of self. With style and enthusiasm.

elli x

Martin a l l e c r a M


F a s h i o n + C u l t u r e + M o r e Cover credits Fashion & Jewellery Director Marcella Martinelli @marcerllastylist Photographer: John Rowley @jrowley1 Make-up: Lisa Valencia @lisavalencia1 @arlingtonartists using Charlotte Tilbury Hair: Tim Crespin @timcrespinhair @arlingtonartists using Hair by Sam McKnight Nails: Joanna Newbold @Joannanewboldnails @premierhairandmakeup using Artistic Nail Colour Caro Göckel at M&P Models Thank you to the Great Scotland Yard Hotel @gsy_london MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE

Sneek peak into Marcella’s ‘Personal Luxuries”

'Fendi's Flip Bag for Spring-Summer 2024


Julia Roberts in Chopard Alpine Eagle Ice Cube Portrait©Picture by Alasdair McLellan for Chopard

Julia Roberts wearing Chopard Haute Joaillerie earrings Portrait©Picture by Alasdair McLellan for Chopard

MILLIONAIR eco luxury


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Conversations, cultivations and inspirations By Marcella Martinelli


A mother -and -d aughter team, Ber ti ol i i s the si b l i ng b r and of Thyme. Inspired by nature, we design beautiful products for everyday living, that inspire a connection to the land and nourish both people and planet. Set the scene for warming winter rituals with our top essential picks. Rooted in a love of nature and founded on scientific principles, our Bertioli everyday bathing and breathing products harness the healing power of breath and scent to nourish mind, body and planet. Through our scents and stories, we transport you to wonderful places, immerse you in nature and inspire a love of the wild. With an understated elegance, the shop effortlessly combines Thyme’s own brand, Bertioli by Thyme, together with consciously sourced, artisanal products and one-off antique treasures. The result? A carefully curated collection of beautiful food, fashion, garden and homewares; with each item being led by our passion for the land, food and entertaining. Bertioli by Thyme is Thyme’s daughter brand encompassing the product ranges we have designed and made, covering an array of categories including our printed table linens, silk wear and sheep seats. Thyme is an English country destination, nestled in the heart of the Cotswold village of Southrop. An enclosed collection of restored historic buildings form a peaceful hamlet environment, a ‘village within a village,’ that epitomises the understated and natural beauty of the surrounding area. A sustainable ethos is rooted in the kitchen garden & farm, ensuring a gentle footprint in the local and global landscape. We offer hotel rooms, cottages, cookery school classes, spa facilities, tithe barn dining for celebrations & corporate events, cocktail bar, restaurant, village pub and gardens.


Beauty for the mind, body and planet Nature Inspired by wild spaces and their fragrant botanicals, we have created healing scents of nature that capture and embody nature’s very essence. Scent Rich in botanical essential oils beneficial to respiratory health, our scents transport you to and immerse you in nature, acting as a focus for both your thoughts and your breathing. Breath The effects of conscious diaphragmatic breathing on our well-being are profound, empowering and well-established in scientific principles – switching off your stress response and harnessing your body’s innate ability to heal itself. Simplicity Scents of nature, in turn, provide a deeper connection to and engagement with the natural world, inspiring us to take action to protect and conserve it, empowered by the knowledge that in nurturing nature, we nurture ourselves.

Beauty for the mind, body & planet


The Golden Thread "There were many things about the flood plains of the Okavango that reminded us of the flooded water meadows at home. In particular, it was the lush green landscape, long sedge grasses, an abundance of butterflies and the snow-white little egret that made us see why our birds might feel at home in both of these landscapes. I chose to paint the beautiful mopane leaf as it is a tree that only grows on the African continent, and it is a favourite feast for elephants." - Caryn Hibbert MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE


‘’The allure of diamond clusters, precious stone constellations, and shimmering jewels akin to the sun's rays evokes the notion of celestial symbols of love and commitment. These exquisite pieces are destined to be cherished as tokens of devotion reflected in the heavens’’. MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE


Meet Alice Van Cal

A visionary jewellery designer whose creations transcend the boundaries of traditional adornment. Words by Marcella Martinelli

Alice’s design philosophy revolves around blending the classic with the contemporary. Alice seamlessly marries traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics, resulting in pieces that are timeless yet fashionforward. Each piece is a testament to her meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the materials she works with. Her creations are more than accessories; they are symbols of a conscious, creative force making a positive mark on the world of design and craftsmanship. MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE

How did you become a Jeweller? It started out of passion. First, with beads and macrame, when I was younger, and from the age of 23, I started to create bespoke jewellery out of the special moments people wanted to celebrate and highlight in their lives. That’s how I became a jeweller, but it took the birth of my firstborn son, Joshua, to launch Alice van Cal. He brought me the confidence to go for it, and so we launched our eponymous brand five years ago. And here is how I arrived at that moment: I have always been fascinated with jewellery throughout my childhood. I was born and raised in Brussels, where I graduated with a degree in marketing and communications and ended up interning at various public relations and luxury firms, most notably LVMH. From there, I was able to intern at Piaget, which led me to be introduced to the brand manager at Baume & Mercier in London, which is where the foundations of Alice van Cal began to be built. I found my place as a protégée at Baume & Mercier for four and a half years, and it was the surroundings that inspired me to begin my jewellery brand. In that time, I was lucky enough to share the same walls with the artisans of the Cartier workshop, which allowed me to gain exclusive insight into the craft of fine jewellery-making and, most importantly, ignited that spark I had to bring my designs to life. After Baume & Mercier, I spent a year and a half working for Christie's in 2015 and 2016, and my experiences taught me that I wanted to work independently and have a strong core message for my brand. I ended up launching Alice van Cal when my firstborn was five months old; that’s how it started, and here we are now, five years later!


Your First-ever luxury purchase? I would flick through magazines when I was younger and choose the most creative images, then I came across the campaign for the J'adore Dior tank top, and I wanted one; I must have been about 13, my stepfather kindly gave it to me as my Christmas gift, and I still wear it today. Years later, I realised Dior was a luxury brand.


Do you have a favourite piece of Jewellery? I have many favourites, but the most impactful in my life has been my grandmother’s locket. I played with it for as long as I can remember, and this is what has instilled how meaningful, powerful and helpful a piece of jewellery can be to its wearer.

Three things you would take with you on a desert island? My rainbow journey bracelet is a talisman to keep focused on that challenge. An elastic band for my hair. A jet ski so I can leave once I have had enough on the island. Your greatest extravagance?

What is the greatest recognition of your career so far?

Maybe just daring to be true to myself no matter what…

My children ask me questions about the growth of the brand and are encouraging me every step of the way.

Jewellery pieces or designers that you admire?

Do you think you will expand to another area of design?


Yes, and I am beyond excited about it; this is a never-before-seen conceptual design that I literally can’t wait to share. It will launch at the end of 2024 or earlier if our workshops can schedule it. Do you do a mood board for each collection? No, I have never used one. Once I know the meaning I want to instil into a design, the design comes to me. Favourite stone and why? The white natural diamond because it contains every single colour in it. Also, it is the strongest stone due to how it is formed. To me, I believe it enhances the colours from within its wearer.


Alice Van Cal

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TASAKI Atelier Elegant and audacious

TASAKI Atelier is a high jewellery line inspired by the diversity of life and breathtaking beauty found in nature. From pearls raised at TASAKI’s own farms to the highest quality diamonds and coloured stones, the finest materials come together in an ode to the unique beauty and style that shines within you. Step into a world of modern glamour with TASAKI's unparalleled quality, creativity and craftsmanship. Nature Spectacle 'Nature Spectacle' brings you a world of majestic beauty created by the sun, moon and ocean. Lavishly garnished with pearls and coloured stones gifted from the richness of nature, this jewellery captures the hearts of people with vibrant colours depicting the sparkle of life and beautifully sculptured forms featuring intricate settings. Designed on the concept of natural harmony replete with diversity, this jewellery is infused with TASAKI's sustainability mindset.​


Flourish The necklace depicts the multi-coloured ocean organisms that inhabit the clear, bright waters of a lagoon. Sapphires, morganite and tourmaline denote the sparkle of sun-basked life, while pearls and Paraiba tourmaline depict a wave-lapped shoreline. The delicately arranged gemstones evoke an image of an ocean paradise, transforming this jewellery into a gleaming art piece filled with hope.

The earrings depict the multi-coloured ocean organisms that inhabit the clear, bright waters of a lagoon. Sapphires, morganite and tourmaline denote the sparkle of sun-basked life, while pearls and Paraiba tourmaline depict an ocean paradise centred around pink and pinkorange coloured stones. Cherishing the mutual reverberations and reflections of adjacent colours, this jewellery paints a gleaming art piece.

The bracelet depicts the multi-coloured ocean organisms that inhabit the clear, bright waters of a lagoon. Six types of coloured stones denote the sparkle of sunbasked life in this vibrantly kaleidoscopic piece. Sapphires, morganite, tourmaline and other gemstones vividly depict a world of pink and pink-orange, while Paraiba tourmaline adds an accent of neon blue. This fantastic piece conjures an image of an ocean paradise.

Ocean Light Black South Sea pearls and vibrant blue zircon express the mystical view of a full moon floating in the dark sky over a wonderous ocean cloaked in the stillness of night. Akoya pearls and diamonds are arranged to depict endlessly rippling white waves. The resulting innovative harmony in this ear clip for the right ear creates a unique sparkle. *Clip earring for right ear


Cascade The 'Cascade' dynamically depicts silhouettes of gracefully winding water currents. The clear lustre of Paraiba tourmaline and flowing lines of pearls express sparkling waters that conjure a sense of the primeval pulse of a tropical rainforest. This statement necklace will dramatically accentuate your neckline with gracefully wavering cascades.

Splendor The 'Splendor' expresses through jewellery the endless beauty and exquisite spectacle of wind as it soars to the heavens. In these earrings, the soft and pale tones of sapphires depict the dazzling colours and light that abound in nature. The colourful sapphires compose a gorgeous symphony and sparkle delicately in concert with their wavering movements.

Ocean Light Black South Sea pearls, vibrant yellow tourmaline and blue zircon express the mystical view of a full moon floating in the dark sky over a wonderous ocean cloaked in the stillness of night. Akoya pearls and white South Sea pearls are strung together to depict endlessly rippling white waves. In this necklace, multiple strands of variously sized pearls intersect to create an innovative lustre and unique individuality.




‘’Chic accessories are in the eye of the beholder. Prepare to say hello to new luxuries, opulent, theatrical, and embellishments aplenty.’’ MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE

Personal Luxuries



The epitome of indulgence, as revealed by Marcella Martinelli, luxury editor.



Tweed De Chanel Collection Imagine the impossible; make it a reality. This is the challenge the Chanel Fine Jewellery creation studio embraces with each new collection. Like translating the house’s lightweight, contrasting emblematic tweed into high jewellery, making it as supple and sensual as the fabric that inspired it.



Bouquets Magnolia Earrings, Bouquets Magnolia Necklace, Bouquets Magnolia Ring, Le jardin De Chaumet Peuplier Bracelet, Diamond and Pearls watch, Fields Feuille De Vigne Necklace, Fields Feuille DE Vigne Watch, Fields Feuille De Vigne Earrings, Fields Feuille De Vigne Ring.


Breguet Watches

Breguet White gold Classique Tourbillon 3358. Breguet Rose Gold Classique Tourbillon 3358. MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE


EviDenS de Beauté

Evidens de Beaute The Extreme Collection MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE


Graff SUNRISE Diamonds, yellow diamonds and white gold. MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE


Cartier Le Voyage Recommencé High Jewellery secret watch in white gold rubies sapphires and emeralds diamonds MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Jewellery MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE


GILBERT & GEORGE Medium “Lady Dior” bag in printed and embossed calfskin, with velvet and 3D resin inlay. Handles in red velvet. in collaboration with Dior MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE

Christian Louboutin

Discover your loved one's newest addition to their collection, whether it's a stunning pair of red-soled shoes or a chic handbag. Find the perfect gift for any occasion. MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE

Gaelle Khouri

These striking Octopus Earrings are a true conversation point. Fashioned in 18K yellow gold and blackened silver, the octopus's heads and legs sparkle with pink sapphires, while at the centre of each chandelier earring are two natural Chinese pearls. MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE


The eighth edition of

‘Dior Lady Art’ Gilbert and George are among 12 artists called upon to transform Dior's iconic 'Lady Dior', a project now in its eighth edition. In an industry where spectators constantly ask, 'What's next?' adaptability is no longer seen as a brand characteristic but a must. Reinvention keeps fashion alive, and the house of Dior knows this better than anyone, once again proven by their latest project, Lady Art #8, which honours the Lady Dior bag through a modern - not to mention artistic - invention. Words by Marcella Martinelli

GILBERT & GEORGE Photographe: Marion Berrin


HILARY PECIS Photographe : Harry Eelman


A timeless icon with an extraordinary destiny, the Lady Dior has never ceased, reinventing itself at the convergence of modernity and elegance; it encapsulates the quintessence of Dior style with its architectural lines and distinctive carnage. For the Dior Lady art project, the house invites several artists each season to play the metamorphosis game, transforming this object of desire into a veritable work of art. These multi-expressive personalities share a common goal: To sublimate the heritage and fundamentals of this fascinating symbol in the light of their own singular universe. For this eighth edition - echoing - Christian Dior, lucky number - Mircea Cantor, Jeffrey Gibson, Ha Chong-Hyun, Lee Kun-Yong, Mariko Mori, Ludovic Nkoth, Hilary Pecis, Xu Zhen, Zadie Xa, Michaela Yearwood-Dan and Gilbert & George. from England to China, Japan, to the USA - Take turns reinterpreting this iconic accessory. The Lady Dior is transposed into a unique creation, an emblem of inventing us and poetry.

below HA CHONG-HYUN Photographe : Sungmin Kim


GILBERT & GEORGE Photographe : Marion Berrin, HA CHONG-HYUN Photographe : Sungmin Kim,HILARY PECIS Photographe : Harry Eelman, JEFFREY GIBSON Photographe : Diego Vourakis, LEE KUN-YONG Photographe : Sungmin Kim, LUDOVIC NKOTH Photographe : Marion Berrin, MARIKO MORI Photographe : Yuto Kudo,MICHAELA YEARWOOD DAN Photographe : Marion Berrin, MICKALENE THOMAS Photographe : Dana Scruggs, MIRCEA CANTOR Photographe : Marion Berrin, XU ZHEN Photographe : Li Kai, ZADIE XA Photographe : Marion Berrin ,

MICHAELA YEARWOOD DAN Photographe: Marion Berrin

An encounter between Dior and the world’s cultures, this wonderfully inspiring carte blanche showcases virtuoso techniques and artisanship imbued with a spirit of innovation. Every detail thought out with infinite meticulousness, fuses dream and reality through the combined prism of imagination and exceptional savoir-faire, transcending the limits of excellence. An ode to Passion and the beauty of emotions. MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE


Alexander McQueen



Bold + Gold An exploration of beauty and anatomy: the Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter women’s collection focuses on the construction of clothing, subverted and turned upside down. Tailored jackets, knit dresses and skirts are spliced and slashed. The orchid, a symbol of love, is printed and embroidered across ready-to-wear and accessories. Discover the new Reverse Clutch, the Seal Box Bag, the Slash Biker Boot and the Slash Sandals, launched this season.



‘’Our Winter cover shoot, "One Night in Paris," pays homage to the classic photographers of the 1980s. Meanwhile, Clare Lazaro's latest Spring/Summer 2024 collection exudes sheer elegance. Welligogs, a prominent British brand, offers comfort-inspired styles that embody freedom and joy. Finally, Apres Midi merges timeless sophistication with a commitment to eco-consciousness, and we can't get enough of them.’’ MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE

Cover story

One Night in Paris

Inspired by the legendary and iconic photographers of the 1980s with clean lines and cool lighting, we capture the essence of the decade's vibrant and opulent nightlife leaving an indelible mark in the world of photography and fashion, featuring the most stunning suits, warm knits, cashmere coats, velvet cloaks and diamonds.

Fashion & Jewellery Director Marcella Martinelli Photographer: John Rowley Make-up: Lisa Valencia at Arlington Artists using Charlotte Tilbury Hair: Tim Crespin at Arlington Artists using Hair by Sam McKnight Nails: Joanna Newbold at Premier Hair and Makeup using Artistic Nail Colour Model: Caro Göckel at M&P Models Thank you to the Great Scotland Yard Hotel MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE

VALENTINO Knit, shirt and shorts Adler brooch ‘Fan'tasia’ in white gold set with marquise cut


BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Sleeveless coat De Beers Enchanted Lotus Pendant and Earrings

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Double-breasted tailored jacket and heeled trousers in black wool with a white broken pinstripe, a shirt in white cotton poplin and a tie in black leather.


ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Double-breasted tailored jacket and heeled trousers in black wool with a white broken pinstripe, a shirt in white cotton poplin and a tie in black leather.

ERDEM Jacket and voluminous white dress with gloves Adler ring ‘Twirly’ pink gold and pink and blue enamel set with one diamond and diamonds


ERDEM Jacket and voluminous white dress with gloves CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN loafers in black leather Adler ring ‘Twirly’ pink gold and pink and blue enamel set with one diamond and diamonds

THE VAMPIRE'S WIFE The Crusader Cape in black velvet and with a satin David Morris Le Jardin collection earrings in white diamond set in white gold


THE VAMPIRE'S WIFE The Crusader Cape in black velvet and with a satin David Morris Le Jardin collection earrings in white diamond set in white gold CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Astrid Lace Veau velour and strass boots

JOSEPH white vest and black wool trousers David Morris Rose Cut collection white diamond choker set in white gold


THE VAMPIRE'S WIFE The Crusader Cape in black velvet and with a satin David Morris Le Jardin collection earrings in white diamond set in white gold

LOUIS VUITTON Tailored blazer and trousers LOUIS VUITTON One B blossom pendant in gold and onyx and one in diamonds


ROKSANDA Sultra Cape in Lilac Bibi Van der Velden Opium Smoke Ring in 18K White Gold, Spinel

BEN COBB X TIGER OF SWEDEN Pierre satin-lapel wool-blend suit jacket and trousers at CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN loafers in black leather


VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Old town coat in black navy double-face coating Adler necklace ‘Mizu’ in white gold set with pear-shaped diamonds Adler bracelet ‘Palais des vents’ in white gold set with diamonds Adler ring ‘Ventaglio’ in white gold set with 55

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Old town coat in black navy double-face coating Adler necklace ‘Mizu’ in white gold set with pear-shaped diamonds Adler bracelet ‘Palais des vents’ in white gold set with diamonds Adler ring ‘Ventaglio’ in white gold set with 55 MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE

Apres Midi



Introducing Après-midi - A London-based company that Fuses Timeless Elegance with Eco-Consciousness Après-midi is a brand that's on a mission to redefine sleepwear. Based in London, they focus on sustainable practices without sacrificing style. Imagine luxurious, eco-friendly, purposeful sleepwear – that's what Après-midi offers.

Our collection of pyjamas and overnight accessories is a testament to finest Italian silk, local craftsmanship and planet-forward thinking. With Après-midi, every slumber is a statement; because why shouldn't one sleep in chic and save the world at the same time? Our production aligns with our aesthetic: leisurely, slow and intentional. Our silks handpicked in Como, Italy, our seamstresses in London, and our founder floating between both, making patterns and selecting trims in between long, après-midi naps’’. From one girl’s dreams to yours: sleep well.




Current Mood Sheer Bliss

By Clare Lazaro

Freelance Fashion Editor/Stylist

The 'Emperor's New Clothes', or an avante garde take on sheer luxury? Why it's worth investing in the new season's see-through styles.

Miu Miu Holiday Campaign 2023


Since the gamine, androgynous actress and rising star, Emma Corrin, was cast in Miu Miu's 2023 Holiday Campaign, the sheer skirt and big knickers combo instantly gained 'cool girl' status. Needless to say, many luxury power houses (including Givenchy, Erdem, Missoni and Ermanno Scervino) swiftly followed suit, featuring transparent skirts in their S/S 2024 shows, so it seems that the trend is gaining traction. Whilst you may imagine that only those of a daring disposition can pull off this look, it is actually far from risque and surprisingly wearable. When styled with masculine tailoring or a layered ladylike mentality, this trend is more fashion forward than flirtatious. The key is subtlety and suggestion. The diaphanous slip adds a light-hearted, festive femininity to more modest wardrobe staples, such as oversized blazers, crisp cotton shirting and knitwear, layered up in accordance to how much you dare to bare. Styling with hosiery, bodysuits and kitten heels elevates the look to modern day evening glamour. Flash a pair of big knickers if you dare (embellished or otherwise) and team with a fine knit cardi for a more ladylike vintage feel. Less blatant boudoir, the sheer skirt whispers suggestion - a hint of hosiery, a nod to knickers - as seductive as the glimpse of a Victorian ankle.

Sequinned briefs - (£3,800, Miu Miu at Milly fine knit cardigan - (£220, John Smedley at High rise briefs - (£82, Wolford at Semi-sheer skirt - (£1,690, Prada at MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE

Miu Miu Catwalk - F/W 2023

Prada Catwalk - S/S 2024

Carven Catwalk - S/S 2024

Coperni Catwalk - S/S 2024

Sacai Catwalk - S/S 2024



Discover the British fashion brand that combines sustainability with style. Using natural and regenerative materials in sustainable product creation Welligogs prioritise natural, regenerative materials and fabrics whenever possible and is continuously searching for innovative ways to produce stylish pieces in a more sustainable manner.



As the leaves fall and the winter chill sets in, it's time to dust off our winter wardrobes and plan those long walks in the beautiful countryside. However, for many of us, our closet makeovers now involve a different set of priorities. During this downtime, we've become acutely aware of the pressing need to make more environmentally conscious decisions in our day-to-day lives. Enter Welligogs, a contemporary British fashion label with environmental awareness at its core. Embracing fashion-forward clothing and accessories, this family-run business is gaining a profile for doing exactly what the world needs – investing in quality, timeless, ethically crafted fashion.

“Being a small family company gives us agency over the big decisions, as well as the smaller ones. We regularly inspect how our garments are made, which is rare in itself, and we have a lot of control over the supply chain. We choose natural, regenerative materials and fabrics whenever we can, and we’re always looking for innovative ways to create products in a more sustainable way. Our high-quality materials are designed to last.” MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE

The Birth of Welligogs: A Family's Move from Australia to England

Welligogs' story began when Kim and Ray made the decision to move their family from Australia to England in 2000. Kim, being British, always envisioned returning home to give her four children a British upbringing. Ray, who was born and raised in Australia, had reservations about leaving the sunny skies but agreed that it was worth exploring new opportunities overseas. The question was, what career path would they take? A comment from Ray about the dreary British weather inspired Kim. With plenty of rainfall, there was a need for wellington boots in the UK. Unimpressed with the classic green wellies, Kim sought out hand-painted designs with vibrant colours. After sourcing the boots and creating the designs, the brand was born. Kim named the brand Welligogs, a nostalgic nod to the wellington boots of her childhood.


MILLIONAIR affirms that Welligogs excels in creating sustainable fashion and accessories. If you're searching for high-quality clothing that's both durable and stylish, this brand is definitely worth checking out. Welligogs offers a wide range of timeless staples, including classic tweeds, modern jackets, and practical, luxury waxed cotton outerwear. Their fully waterproof and windproof coats, featuring sealed seams, are perfect for any weather condition. Additionally, Welligogs offers waterproof, breathable leather boots to complete your look. MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE


KAYLL is a fusion of designer Jessica Kayll's love of

travel with her hand-painted textile design. Finding resortwear which was modest, timeless and beautifully made was difficult for Jessica to find, and so KAYLL was created. MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE


Carefully working with a tailor for months to create the most flattering silhouettes for every woman’s shape, Jessica designed and launched a collection of 12 silk robes and coverups inspired by the shape of Japanese kimonos, with every detail carefully considered and perfected. Demand for KAYLL's intricate prints has seen the brand expand into sustainably made swimwear and ready-to-wear in 2023.

“We are committed to slowfashion and ethical, sustainable production’’ With a degree in Fashion Textile Design from the University of Brighton, British designer Jessica Kayll worked in London and Paris for brands including Alexander McQueen, Erdem and John Galliano as a textile designer, specialising in handpainted prints All of KAYLL’s prints are painted by Jessica, in her London studio, taking months of painting and design development before being finalised. Initially starting as pencil drawings, Jessica then hand-paints KAYLL’s prints using acrylic paint before scanning her artworks and creating the final placement on each garment. Next, we digitally print onto 100% silk using a UK print company using only azo-free dyes, we make all of our garments in the UK, at a highly skilled specialist London atelier..



‘’Beauty begets beauty, and there's nothing quite like the feeling of being aware of what you put on your skin, which can open up a whole new world of beautiful skincare or make up brands which we love to shout about.’’ MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE


Industry expert

Ruby Hammer MBE

You attract with your eyes From glamorous to grungy, Smokey Eyes is a winter classic that will always make a statement. With the advent of Hollywood Glamour, Marlene Dietrich was said to have burnt a candle underneath a saucer and then mixed the soot with vaseline to create her iconic sultry smokey eye (making her eyes stand out on screen). Today, there are many iterations of a smokey eye, and there are no hard rules... It is more of a technique than a specific colour! Starting with clean, dry skin, begin by priming your eyelids to keep your eyeshadow crease-free and in place all day (and night) long. Whether you opt for one shade smoked out at the edges or multiple shades and textures to build up depth, the key is to blend, blend, BLEND!


Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush, gently sweep your mid-tone colour across the lid to create a base, and gradually build up the layers with the darker shades. Keep the darkest point at the lash line for sultry definition. Create a precise and smudge-proof line along your upper lash line, with a kajal pencil adding more intensity to the look. Layering dark-toned eyeshadows over the liner before smoking out. If you’re looking for a way to take your look from day to night, consider adding a metallic or glitter eyeshadow to the centre of the lid or a pop of colour along the lower lash line to really make the eyes pop. Lastly, don't forget to finish off your smokey eye look with several coats of mascara. MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE

Ruby Recommends, “Always do your eyes before your base; this avoids having to clean up and reapply if there is any fall out from your eye colour”.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Lock your look in place with the original eyeshadow primer. Lisa Eldridge Seamless Glide Eye Pencil in Black Treacle – Glide along the lash line and smudge into lashes for lived-in definition. Victoria Beckham Satin Kajal Liner in Smoky Quartz / Night Flash – Ultra-creamy, once this eyeliner sets it will stay put until you remove it Ruby Hammer Mascara & Brow Duo – Lengthen and define your lashes with nourishing ingredients to keep them looking and feeling their best. Vieve The Ninetease Palette – 90s supermodel glamour summed up in one eyeshadow palette. Makeup by Mario Ethereal Eyes Palette – With three finishes and 12 shades this multi-finish palette contains everything you need for ethereal, smokey eyes Dior Diorshow Mascara – Build up the drama, from natural to the most spectacular volumized lashes. MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE


...AND SEAL THE DEAL WITH THE LIPS Keep lips soft, smooth, and ready to seal the deal.

As the weather becomes cooler and drier, our lips tend to require some extra TLC to stay soft and hydrated. Like your skin, lips need to be in top condition before you apply any product. You don’t want any dry, cracked skin or flaky bits. If your lips are feeling a little dry, start by exfoliating with a lip scrub to remove any dead skin cells, creating a smooth base. Apply lip balm liberally throughout the day; whether you prefer lip colour or glosses, neither will look right over dry lips. Finish up the day with an overnight mask to lock in moisture whilst you sleep. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water; staying hydrated from the inside out is essential for maintaining supple lips.

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish – gently buff away dry, flaky skin Tatcha The Kissu Lip Mask – replenish lips with moisture whilst you sleep with the hydrating overnight lip mask Ruby Hammer Lip Serum Balm FX – Nourish and protect your lips with a subtle wash of shimmer




S c e nt


o f Y




B ut

B e tt e r

Altra Skin


THE ALTRA UNIVERSE Using 100% natural materials, Altra's compositions reveal limitless routes into nature, re-evaluating what scent is and what scent can do. Altra distills and lifts nature out of its traditional context, presenting a new otherworldly experience within three distinct scent collections: Skin Scents; Altra Intense and Future Florals. A new world of Future Nature.

Our approach is rooted in a deep respect for the natural realm. Nature generously provides the

greatest inspiration and is the sole source of the raw materials we blend into our scents.


WE ARE PROFUTURE Our approach is rooted in a deep respect for the natural realm. Nature generously provides the greatest inspiration and is the sole source of the raw materials we blend into our scents. We understand that any organisation manufacturing consumer products, cannot be truly sustainable. The fact remains that product creation uses the planet’s resources. Doing things differently requires transparency and clear action. Altra occupies a Profuture® mindset. It is the embodiment of a dedication to approach everything we do in a conscious and responsible way whilst contributing to the regeneration of our future world.


OUR FOUNDERS Female Co-Founders and lifelong friends, Beckielou Brown and Bridget Plant founded Altra from their mutual desire to create a natural scent experience that celebrated beauty in all its forms with inherent respect for the planet. As the Perfume-Creator, Beckielou has developed a new approach to working with natural materials, after challenging herself to create evocative, conceptual scents without the use of synthetic molecules. Beckielou's compositions explore the beautiful intersection between nature and the man-made, often referencing architecture and urban environments as the unexpected backdrops to her unique expressions of nature.




skincare Skin Solace


Preparing Your Skin for Winter: Tips and Tricks to Stay Radiant

The arrival of winter comes with a crisp breeze and golden leaves, but it also

brings unique skin challenges. Don't worry; we've got you covered! It's time to show your skin some extra love during the colder months.

Hydration Station

First and foremost, let's talk hydration. The drop in temperature can leave our skin feeling dry and tight. Enter Skin Solace's Face Oil – a hydration hero! Packed with nourishing botanicals, it's like a comforting hug for your face. Gently massage a few drops onto your skin or mix in with your favourite moisturiser, and let the magic unfold. Say goodbye to winter's attempt to steal your glow!

Hydration: Almond oil deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin, preventing dryness and flakiness. Balancing: Ylang Ylang and Clary Sage Essential Oils help balance the skin's natural oils and promote a healthy complexion. Clarifying: Pine needle essential oil has clarifying properties, supporting clear and refreshed skin. Radiance: Papaya seed oil promotes a glowing complexion through natural exfoliation.


And speaking of hydration, don't forget our Lotion Bar. Enriched with avocado oil and cocoa butter, it's a nourishing delight recommended for your body, hands, and feet. A protective layer against the cold, this bar is your go-to for maintaining soft, supple skin throughout the season, even for the roughest skin.

They melt in the hand creating an oil ready to be massaged into the skin. It is made with two mighty ingredients: Cocoa Butter and Avocado Oil, with the addition of essential oil. They are small but mighty bars providing your skin with the very best skin food. Sweet Orange Essential Oil smells beautiful, and not only is it beautiful, but it nourishes dry, irritated and acne-prone skin. Sweet orange is one of several popular anti-inflammatory oils, including lemon, pine and eucalyptus, but Orange oil has been shown to be the most effective. Avocado oil is high in oleic acid, a type of fatty acid. It is the high percentage (63 per cent) of oleic acid that allows the oil to absorb deeply into the skin, softening and soothing very dry, chapped skin. It provides your skin with all the essential nutrients and antioxidants leaving your skin well moisturised, soft and supple. They come in a convenient jar to be kept by the sink for moisturising after hand washing and in your bag in the cooler months. MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE

Exfoliate to Radiate Exfoliation is your secret weapon against winter dullness. Our Body Scrub is a game-changer, combining exfoliation and hydration in one. While it buffs away the dullness, it also leaves your skin feeling moisturised and refreshed. A win-win! For a luxurious treat, indulge in the Body Scrub experience, revealing smoother, radiant skin.

Shield from the Elements Winter isn't just about chilly breezes; it's also a battle against environmental stressors. Our products act as your skin's shield, preventing it from feeling the brunt of the harsh elements. It's like giving your skin a cosy blanket to face the winter chill.

Embrace the glow and let your skin radiate confidence! Remember, your skin is your best accessory, so let's make it shine bright through the colder months. Happy pampering, lovely Skin Solace community!



As the seasons change and we head into the drying colder months, it is worth investing the time on your lips to keep your pout soft and supple. Anytime you feel your lips are dry, you should apply a lip balm or serum. Apply all over the lips, making sure to include the outer corners and reapplying as necessary throughout the day. If you have very dry lips, there are also great overnight Lip Masks to hydrate whilst you sleep. Inspired by skincare, LIP SERUM BALMS are a hybrid of colour and care. Infusing a rich ingredient complex with pigment for lips that look as good as they feel.

MilliOnAir Magazine

Meadowfoam Seed Oil The perfect ingredient for locking in moisture for a nourished feeling. Licorice Leaf Extract Visibly smoothes the skin around your lips and balances the moisture content for a refreshing look. Dipalmityl Hydroxyproline + Palmitic Acid (plantderived) Helps strengthen your skin barrier and reduce the look of fine lines. Cocoa Butter Helps to soften dry and rough lips. Apply alone for a dewy wash of colour or over lipstick to add an extra dimension. Ruby Hammer Lip Serum Balm is available in 6 shades Berry, Red, Pink, Nude, FX and FX Gold, £18 each.



The purest sensory indulgence Nancy Meiland is an English perfumer and trained nose who shaped her career by designing signature scents for those coveting something highly individual and special. Nancy Meiland Parfums features a collection of fragrances formulated through the sourcing and blending of exceptional raw materials from around the world. The collection comprises four exquisitely contemporary and unique scents, each as wearable by men as by women. Each of the four fragrances has also been developed to feature within a complementary range of candles with an individually designed ceramic jar.


MilliOnAir Magazine

Was perfume ever in your family’s history? What made you start your own brand? We think that someone ancestrally in the family had their hand in Perfumery; an 1891 edition of Piesse’s Art of Perfumery was uncovered in my Grandmother’s attic – inside is a handwritten list of raw materials, quoted for with quantities and strengths. The list includes Oudh, Fig extract, Turkish Rose, Teak, Champaca, Mousse de Chene (Oakmoss) and intriguing notes called Fancy Bouquet and Spiritual Burnings. It’s still a mystery as to who this belonged to! What are the scents and perfumes that marked your childhood and your teens? My Mum wore Byblos with its mimosa, lily and iris, so this scent and her skin in the sunshine have left a lasting impression. I didn’t swerve the teenage scents of White Musk from the Body Shop and Charlie perfume, probably worn all at once with an added fog of Impulse body spray! The perfume industry is currently oversaturated with new brands. With thousands of new lines and launches every year, it can be difficult to explain how any brand achieves success. So, how did your brand manage to stand out in this challenging market? Staying true to our roots as an independent perfume house and a steady stream of new product launches as well as complimentary products. It helps to have a storytelling element with strong creative input that develops part of our brand story and remains a key part of what our customers and followers enjoy about the brand. What moves you in a perfume, and which of your fragrances do you like to wear? I love the mercurial nature of perfume and how it adapts from skin:skin. Using a high level of naturals helps achieve this unique expression of perfume from wearer to wearer – I also love a slope of notes in the dry-down. I reach for different perfumes in my collection seasonally and depending on my mood – AQUILARIA means a lot to me as it was in my headspace for many years to create a journey into Oud and the tree of its origin.


Can you describe the creative process behind a perfume? Nature is my muse. It can be a particular light or the moment a dew drop falls off a leaf that forms the inspiration for a perfume. I think feeling connected to nature through perfume is balancing, inspiring and emboldening. Connecting the colours, textures, light, and humidity within a wild landscape and translating those into perfume using natural feels alchemical creates a kind of high altar to nature through scent. We loved that you collaborated with Amly Botanicals; we are all about supporting each other; is that something you will do more of? Definitely, female-led and founded businesses are at the core of what we like to support at NMP. Do you use only natural raw materials? When making my roll-on perfume attars - I like to stay with sustainable, natural raw materials as they work subtly with the energy centres of the body. Some synthetics in perfume can bring magic and life to a formula, so I wouldn’t shy away from using them if it’s the key to an amazing perfume concept. At the same time, there’s a lot of soul in the natural raw materials and so I mostly tend to draw from these. What is next for you? Continuing staying true to our brand, considered product development – there’s a perfume waiting in the wings, and I’ve got some events lined up with a global fashion brand – watch this space!


JASMINE SACRÉ extrait de parfum A constellation of jasmine flowers - birthed against the night sky. This rarefied extrait de parfum is an olfactive temple to the jasmine, playing up to the stars like a sacred nocturne ~ THE NOTES Orange Flower, Apricot Bergamot, Jasmine Absolute Jasmine Sambac, Patchouli, Encens Amber JASMINE SACRÉ extrait de parfum with @livanddom special edition vessel, £180 and as part of the core collection in a spray bottle, £95 for 50ml MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE


Fragrances that scream winter style Creating the perfect ambience with a captivating fragrance. The scent you choose can have a profound effect on your surroundings. This season set the tone with a fragrance that evokes a feeling of radiance, warmth, and sensuality. Imagine being wrapped up in a plush blanket as you enjoy the delightful aroma.

OSTENS Cashmeran Velvet

A soothing combination of cashmeran velvet, sandalwood, and cedarwood shavings imitate the texture of velvet and the softness of cashmere to create a sense of calm and contentment.




the rules of

natural skincare HUNTER LAB calls on a combination of natural ingredients and green science to formulate a slew of products that feature essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Bottled in clean packaging, they’re way too easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Hunter Lab is rewriting the rules for natural skincare. Since 2015, Hunter Lab has redefined genderinclusive skincare formulated in sync with the natural world to improve the daily skin health ritual. Synthetic and chemical ingredients can cause skin sensitivities, or worse, so Hunter Lab’s skincare suite is formulated naturally and transparently, crafted for the discerning individual who strives for balance, efficacy, and the highest-quality natural ingredient profile – the Modern Hunter MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE

Nature has inspired skincare remedies for centuries, and Hunter Lab has elevated this process with curated formulas featuring innovative natural peptides, oils, antioxidants and exfoliants while maintaining the purity and integrity of every ingredient. Opting for a natural skincare routine has often meant foregoing chemical actives and high-tech formulas, but advancements in technology have set the stage for Hunter Lab’s signature – Next-Gen Natural Skincare Intentional, natural skincare should work in sync with our skin rather than against it, and rewrites how we care for such an important and dynamic organ Our skin functions optimally when nourished and supported by biocompatible products with natural ingredients and minimal synthetics and preservatives, and individuals are increasingly conscious of the full-body response to topical products – the ingredient list matters. More than just natural ingredient blends, Next-Gen Natural Skincare is age and gender-inclusive, combining design innovation and high-performance natural extracts for healthy, balanced skin DESIGNED FOR YOU Switching to natural skincare benefits all skin types – reducing irritation for easily inflamed and sensitive skin, gently assisting acneic or congested skin, balancing and rehydrating dry skin – holistic wellbeing must extend to our skin daily Every individual has unique skincare requirements thanks to our skin’s microbiome – the ecosystem of microorganisms on the surface of our skin. Next-gen natural skincare allows this microbiome to stay balanced, where high-chemical formulas can wipe out the innate work your body is doing to protect and preserve itself TRANSPARENCY We provide clarity around not only what is in each formula, but what is deliberately left out. Waterless formulations (such as Lipid Vitamin Face Oil and Lip Ammo) are 100% naturally derived and do not require a preservative system, as they are safe and stable to use topically without preservatives Natural transparency is at the core of the Hunter Lab ethos, and we share the exact percentage of natural ingredients within each product across the range. At the correct percentages, natural extracts and compounds can communicate and interact with the skin’s microbiome to boost skin health and resilience over time, and we encourage our customers to discover all product percentages listed on relative product pages


TECHNOLOGY As green chemistry advances, we look forward to when all synthetic ingredients can be replaced with bio-compatible, natural alternatives. In formulations (including waterbased) where a synthetic preservative is required to ensure safety throughout the product’s lifespan, Hunter Lab utilises a small number of synthetic preservatives. Despite their synthetic origin, these preservatives are non-toxic (not linked to toxic responses in humans) and an extension of our dedication to the very best of ingredients, both natural and non-natural. Our commitment to safety remains paramount through every step of our innovation process. Opting for natural transparency in resultsdriven formulas encourages ongoing innovation and exploration at Hunter Lab and, importantly, empowers our customers to make informed choices for their skincare ritual and lifestyle.

Click the link to explore the range.



‘’We are into early 2024 now, we are awakening and learning more everyday, and we look deeper into looking after our mind, body and souls.’’




The Future of focus and

performance is here

Staying focused and maintaining high performance is more crucial than ever today, Zhero — pronounced 'Zero' — is making waves as the next-generation solution in cognitive enhancement. This isn't just another product on the shelf; it's a revolution in how we approach mental performance and daily energy.


Revolutionizing the

Beverage Industry:

A Rebel with a Cause

Hailed as rebels in the food and beverage industry, the creators of Zhero have a simple yet powerful belief: consumers deserve better. In a market flooded with products laden with additives, artificial sweeteners, and empty calories, Zhero stands apart. It's a beacon of purity, offering a clean, zero-calorie option without sacrificing taste. Whether it's powering through a busy day or gearing up for an early morning workout, Zhero is designed to integrate into any routine seamlessly. Scientifically Crafted for Peak Performance

Developed by leading UK food scientists and biochemists, Zhero's natural formula is a testament to innovation and health consciousness. It's not just good for your body; it's a powerhouse for your brain. The secret lies in its meticulously selected ingredients that are scientifically proven to improve focus and cognitive performance. With Zhero, you're not just drinking to stay awake; you're consuming to thrive.


A Message from the Founders We saw a gap in the market for an honest, simple product. The industry is filled with options that promise one thing but deliver another. We wanted to offer an alternative to sugary energy drinks and the calorie-laden latte habit. Zhero isn't just about a healthier lifestyle; it's about empowering you to perform at your best in every aspect of life, whether it's at the gym, work, or play. Our vision was clear: create a product that adds a competitive edge to your life, without the drawbacks of traditional energy drinks.

David & Nico

Embrace the Zhero Way Zhero isn't just a drink; it's a lifestyle choice for those who refuse to settle for the ordinary. It's for the go-getters, the dreamers, the doers who want more from their day and are ready to achieve it. As you navigate the hustle and bustle of everyday life, let Zhero be your companion in achieving optimum performance and focus. Take the leap today and see how Zhero can transform not just your day but your life. MILLIONAIR readers can benefit from a 77% discount on your 1st month's subscription. This means you can get 30 days of energy and focus drinks delivered to your door for just £10 (just .33p per day). MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE



Introducing The Gym Wear Boutique: Fashionable and Durable Fitness Clothing. GWB is more than just a fashion statement – it's designed to last and crafted with the highest quality materials. They aim to provide a balance of style, comfort, and performance in every garment. Their passion for designing whole ranges of activewear began as an experiment to find affordable, high-quality pieces. And quickly realised that they could help women feel confident and comfortable in their activewear by creating stylish and performance-driven outfits.

Based in Newcastle, UK, The Gym Wear Boutique started as a home business in 2018 and quickly outgrew the spare room and into larger GWB premises.

I would like to personally thank our loyal customers for their amazing enthusiasm and support. Helen, Owner and Founder. MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE


The Ultra GWB

Leggings in Camo

The Ultra Sports Bra in Camo

When you are working out you need all the support you can get! This lightly padded bra supports your bust giving you great shape whilst feeling light and comfy thanks to the added stretch and breathable material. Medium to strong support Lightly padded (removable) Racerback Adjustable hook and eye-fitting Suitable for all exercise Match with the Ultra leggings Also available in Black

The Ultra leggings are our super highwaisted, buttery, soft and super comfortable leggings. You won't want to take these leggings off! Suitable for all sports and leisure. Black and Grey Camo Super high-waisted - so they stay up and support you! Buttery soft - unbelievably comfortable! Squat-proof quality - tried and tested! Ultra comfort fit Match with the Ultra bra or New Camo bra Also available in Black and Purple



Body Bliss BODYBLISS® nourishes your journey to total body confidence. BODYBLISS® is not about a specific body size or shape, it is about caring for your body and nurturing its best health. BODYBLISS® is a vegan supplement that supports a strong, healthy metabolism, stable blood sugar levels and helps reduce the tiredness and fatigue that thwart our best efforts to stay fit and active. It contains 16 active nutrients, including Chromium, Niacin and Magnesium, to make attaining and sustaining optimum weight healthier and easier.


Oral luxury


Experience the ultimate in everyday hygiene with a contemporary mouth care brand which blends luxury with natural ingredients. MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE


Selahatin is introducing the future of oral luxury. With a series of whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes and oral sprays, the brand has the ambition to elevate the emotional experiences of everyday ceremonies. The brand was born from a crisis. Before the age of 30, founder Kristoffer Vural had a stroke that left him paralysed and hospitalized for a year. The stroke made his senses more responsive to scent and taste. It also highlighted the importance of everyday rituals. ‘’I started to see things differently. I realized that the small things in life had a profound effect on my well-being. If I had a bad day, brushing my teeth would make it worse. I was desperate for products that I could emotionally connect with – products that could provide a sense of escapism,’’ says founder Kristoffer Vural. The brand has been nominated in Wallpaper Design Awards, named “one of the best grooming brands in the world” by GQ, called “the world’s most sophisticated toothpaste brand” by Monocle Magazine and is being used by iconic designer Rick Owens. Founder Kristoffer Vural has been named one of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the world by Monocle Magazine.


“Selahatin is more than just a brand; it’s a gentle reminder to slow down and enhance your everyday rituals.”

Distinguishing Factors of Selahatin: Sustainability and Artisanal Approach Selahatin stands out not only for its artisanal approach but also for its commitment to sustainability. Their products are packaged with eco-friendly materials, and responsibly sourced ingredients are used to enhance oral health while minimizing environmental impact. Selahatin represents a way of life that encourages mindfulness, self-care, and environmental consciousness. It serves as a gentle reminder to slow down, appreciate the present moment and elevate the everyday rituals.



Make Your Water Work Harder For You

Health. For real life. So you can get on with living it.


Meet HUX

What does ‘wellness’ mean? And to whom? This is a question that inspired the beginning of HUX. Our founders, Damien, Fadi & Alistair found that even though they wanted to invest in their health, finding the right supplements —which, when, for how long and so on – was confusing and stressful. They were constantly disappointed by a category that is bland, boring and inaccessible. A Health Company Our mission at HUX is to create a health company that inspires people to find their daily edge by making complex nutrition simple. We want to reclaim ‘wellness,’ so it’s about feeling good on your own terms. It’s not new news that good health is about balance and stability, but it bears repeating. You don’t need to be an elite athlete or commit to extreme diets to enjoy your body and life, or to feel energetic, enthusiastic, happy and healthy. Health doesn’t have to be boring. It certainly shouldn’t be restrictive. Health should be beautiful, even aspirational.

"HUX is your

insurance policy, your booster shot, the

extra hour of focus or the gift of sleep after another long day—your secret

weapon. Your daily edge."


Your Daily Edge Life is the ebb and flow of good days and bad days. Sometimes you’re winning: up with the larks, doing a spot of dawn HIIT and getting a few emails boxed off before the morning oficially begins... and other days are one hundred percent less smug as you sleep through alarms, lock yourself out of the house in your pyjamas and clock up a step count of sub 300 before soothing yourself with a huge glass of wine as the clock strikes 6pm.




At our core, we believe that sharing is caring – and we're excited to share with you our latest discoveries in art, culture, and sustainable hospitality. Our team has been scouring the world for the things we love, and we can't wait to share them with you. MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE



and realism Words by Theo Woodham Smith MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE

The Landscape Paintings of Garry Pereira

Garry Pereira is a British Isles landscape painter whose work has captured the attention of collectors worldwide. His art is characterised by its romantic quality and realism. Garry Pereira (born 1974, painting for 25 years) is dedicated to the land and sea of the British Isles, capturing the spirit of remote places from East Anglian flatlands to the Highlands of Scotland. He makes his own paints, each painting is made by ‘layering thin washes of oil and glaze techniques’ ( his words) He has exhibited around the world, including Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and many cities in the US. Garry Pereira, studied at Norwich School of Art, made the ancient cathedral city his home. For his last show at The Osborne Studio Gallery ( show he was inspired by dunes of the Norfolk coast, flower meadows of Norfolk and Suffolk, the wild seas of the East Anglian coast.


The dunes are in Holkham and North Norfolk, bluebell meadows in Norfolk and Southwold in Suffolk. Most of the time he works in the open air, or in small boats at sea, picking up pieces of slate or ‘found’ materials to use for small landscapes. Now he is making sketches to work up into large canvases in the studio. Thames, Tyne, Portland, Humber, Forth, Dover are nostalgic names from the Shipping Forecast, one of the most famous broadcasts in the history of radio. Garry Pereira calls his seascapes ‘Found Poetry’ a reference to the rhythmic quality of that familiar lineup. His wild seas are often painted on fishing boats and trawlers much to the surprise and admiration of the fishermen he accompanies. Garry Pereira says: ‘ this theme informs much of my work in the show. I have had a fascination with the Shipping Forecast since childhood, the words soothing and the romance of being in the middle of the ocean still excites, soothes and inspires me today.’




Tales by the fireside MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE

Paul Smith adds new winter scent Storyteller to home fragrance line up

Paul Smith expands its growing home fragrance collection with a new wintery scent, Storyteller that recalls cosy nights in, open fires and Paul’s winter trips. Like the wider Paul Smith home fragrance collection – which launched in 2022 – Storyteller is based on Paul’s fond memories, in this case his inspiration trips to the Nottinghamshire countryside. With notes of Madagascan clove bud, intense woods, and patchouli the scent is smoky, woody, and warming to evoke wintertime evenings by the fireside. The name, which follows the rest in the collection by being named for character traits, is also a nod to Paul’s personality and love of storytelling.



Storyteller has been created by IFF perfumer Meabh McCurtin. They say: “Storyteller captures the warm feeling of sitting in front of a crackling log fire in winter. The nostalgic smell and the roaring glow of the fireplace are comforting and cosy, perfect after a day of walking. I sit in my leather armchair, fireside, next to which is a basket of freshly cut wood with the special scent of moss and lichen and immerse myself in my favourite novel. In Storyteller, I combined the unique ingredients of Vetiver oil from Java, with a distinct smoky quality, together with intense woods for earthiness and patchouli oil.”


The specially selected ingredients for Storyteller also include fine natural oils sourced from LMR Natural (Laboratoire Monique Remy), one of the world’s most renowned purveyors of raw materials with a long history of supplying the very best perfumers in the world. Each vessel is purposely designed to be reused (as a vase in the case of the diffuser or a jar in the case of the candles) and comes with a lid which doubles as a coaster to protect surfaces from heat and spills. The interaction between light and colour was key when designing the striking vessels which, when lit, will subtly recall Paul Smith’s Signature Stripe. Even the box, with its unique “zippered” design, has been carefully considered and is a wink to Paul’s tailoring expertise. The home fragrance collection sits alongside and is designed to complement the broader Paul Smith Homeware collection, which celebrates the timelessness of the stripe and encompasses blankets, cushions, and towels. Available as a single-wick 240g candle, triple-wick 1kg candle,) or a 250ml reed diffuser, Storyteller is housed in a two-tone vessel in a warm earthy tone (with contrasting cobalt blue lid) that recalls the rustic palette of the British countryside. MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE



TUMI exclusively partners with

Hotel Café Royal to launch ‘Laundered Luggage’ Service

Give your suitcase a VIP experience thanks to this new launch. TUMI, the iconic luggage and travel accessories company have announced an exclusive partnership with Hotel Cafe Royal and its guests in Piccadilly


TUMI, the iconic luggage and travel accessories company, is delighted to announce their exclusive partnership with Hotel Cafe Royal, one of the founding properties of The Set Collection. Together, they are pioneering a one-of-a-kind 'Laundered Luggage' service, designed to take the service HotelCafe Royal's esteemed guests receive to the next level. Under this unique partnership, suite-level guests of Hotel Café Royal will be treated to a personalised 'Laundered Luggage' service, which encompasses a deep cleanse and a meticulous fault check of their luggage, following the exceptional brand standards of TUMI. Following this process, guests' luggage will be promptly delivered to their suites, complete with a note detailing the services performed. Guests arriving with TUMI luggage and availing themselves of this service will also receive a complimentary TUMI electronics bag (valued at £55) as part of this refreshing service.


Beyond this quality cleaning service, guests will also have access to the VIP expedited repairs service at TUMI’s flagship store located on Regent Street, moments away from the grand entrance of Hotel Café Royal. Furthermore, as part of this exclusive partnership, guests who may have the misfortune of losing their luggage or simply wish to purchase a new case for their trip will have access to a private shopping experience in the comfort of their own suite for their utmost convenience.

Guests at Hotel Cafe Royal's suite-level accommodations can soon expect to embark on their travels with luggage that is not only impeccably clean and faultchecked but also primed for an unparalleled shopping experience and quick, efficient repair services. The 'Laundered Luggage' partnership is set to launch on 30th November 2023 indefinitely and will be available exclusively to Hotel Cafe Royal's suitelevel guests staying a minimum of three nights.

The 'Laundered Luggage' partnership between TUMI and Hotel Cafe Royal sets a new standard amongst its competitors in luxury hospitality and travel, providing guests with unparalleled convenience, personalisation, and peace of mind. Alex Wilson, Brand Director at TUMI, expressed equal enthusiasm for this partnership, stating, "We aredelighted to collaborate with Hotel Cafe Royal to provide an elevated travel experience for our valued customers. The 'Laundered Luggage' service exemplifies TUMI's commitment to delivering premium quality and service at every stage of our customers' journeys." Guillaume Marly, Managing Director at Hotel Cafe Royal says, "By partnering with TUMI, we are delivering a tailored and sophisticated experience to our discerning guests, ensuring that their travel needs aremet with the utmost care and attention to detail so that they are able to continue their travels without interruption, from the moment they check-in and beyond. Available exclusively to Hotel Cafe Royal’s suite-level guests staying a minimum of three nights. Find out more and make a booking via MILLIONAIR MAGAZINE



Discover the must-have items to elevate your year ahead. Looking to add some beauty and grace to your life in the upcoming year? We've got you covered with some pleasurable possessions that are worth the investment. From a Judith Leiber clutch bag to an Officine Universelle Buly Skin Feather, these items will remain a staple in your life for years to come. Don't miss out on uncovering these treasures that you'll cherish forever.

Pretty Magpie Rosey Crown - exquisite Magpie collection crowns, designed to make a bold statement. These crowns are meticulously hand embellished with up to 300 exquisite glass crystals, beads, and jewels, creating a mesmerizing display of elegance and opulence.

JUDITH LEIBER Embellished Butterfly Clutch Bag Complementing your floatiest, most ethereal looks, this Judith Leiber clutch bag is shaped to the aerodynamic profile of a butterfly in flight.

NOMA NAPIER These divine scented candles are handmade with eco-friendly soy and coconut wax and burn in a 20cl vessel. All these candles are hand-poured and beautifully packaged in a gift box with brown twine. All candles are adorned with a stylish wooden wick that burns with a sense of calm and is more sustainable than cotton wicks. COSMOS


Sacred Mist Eau de Parfum (100ml) Cosmoss is the brainchild of Kate Moss, specialising in sensual and holistic products designed to bring about inner peace. Make the Sacred Mist eau de parfum part of your daily ritual and discover a spicy balance of oak moss, cedarwood and tonka – finished with jasmine and floral notes for a calming sensation.



The Eclipse Velvet Bag is hand-made with highquality black 100% cotton velvet and hand-printed with opulent shimmer and glitter vinyl. Fully lined with two pockets and closes with a matching zip. The handles measure 56cm long and are designed to be worn over the shoulder with a coat.


INDIE RITUALS Experience natural botanical beauty infused with 24k gold. Every element in our process from formulation to design is a celebration of intentional touch. Expanding your awareness & attune to the power of intent. Intentionally anoint your body with our Luxury skincare & aromatherapy range. Evoke your power & beauty within.


Officine Universelle Buly ECCENTRICITIES Conceived in Paris, formulated in a French laboratory, the skin-care products and perfumes designed by Buly make up a peerless and timeless experience. Building a bridge between natural ingredients, the teachings from ancient recipes, and the innovative technologies of contemporary cosmetics, they promote an approach to beauty that is personal, intimate and bespoke, through which each person elaborates their own rituals and develops their own skill set. A beauty that makes them want to take time for themselves, to explore every recipe, every texture, every ingredient or every tool to make it their own. A functional beauty that doesn’t neglect the aesthetic pleasure given by a product, its container, or an accessory. A form of beauty humanised, resurrected, and purified.

Eau Rectifiée cleanser, Baume des Muses lip balm, Mischievous comb, Skin Feather, Aker Fassi (beautifies smiles and naturally colours lips. Enhances rosy cheeks.), Chios Gum.




"Revolution and Resilience in the Entertainment Industry: An Insight into an Emerging Actress" The entertainment industry has experienced significant upheaval over the past year, characterised by mass layoffs, dual strikes, and general uncertainty. Nevertheless, 2023 has witnessed the release of movies, TV shows, and theatre productions that have mesmerised both critics and audiences. In the middle of this turbulent time, an emerging actress named Amy McPherson has captured our attention with her captivating performances and fresh face. We eagerly anticipate witnessing her next on-screen appearance.

Amy McPherson

Amy made her debut in the 2019 production of esteemed director S.J. Clarkson's “Game of Thrones,” which earned her on-screen recognition. She went on to appear in another project from a visionary creator, Mark A. Altman’s ‘’Pandora’’, in which she appeared in four episodes as ‘’Matta’’. Amy has embarked on a new journey this year, leaving London to pursue her acting career in the United States.


Watch this space...



Eco-luxury meets sustainability and beyond

Winter 2023


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