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Julia Roberts in Chopard Alpine Eagle Ice Cube
Portrait©Picture by Alasdair McLellan for Chopard
Julia Roberts wearing Chopard Haute Joaillerie earrings
Portrait©Picture by Alasdair McLellan for Chopard

Moments of vulnerability

Bertie Watson

Personal Luxuries

Susi Smither The Rock Hound

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Game changers for your eyes

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At the core of MilliOnair Magazine's mission lies sustainableelegance.

By making these fashion choices, we can celebrate nature'sbeautywhilerespectingourplanet.

This spring, sustainability takes the lead in the fashion world, encompassing eco-conscious materialsandethicalmanufacturingpractices.

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Join us on a stylish journey, where each outfit narrates a tale and encourages you to express yourself withconfidenceandauthenticity.

Embrace a season of exquisite style andboundlessopportunities.

Welcome to our new edition of Millionairmagazine.




We are what we wear
The world according to Vivia Ferragamo
Interview by Marcella Martinelli

A notable figure in the fashion world, Vivia was born into the prestigious Ferragamo family, which was founded by her grandfather, Salvatore Ferragamo, in the early 20th century and is widely celebrated as a pioneer in luxury footwear design, known for his innovative designs and craftsmanship. His eponymous brand expanded over the years to encompass a wide range of luxury fashion products, including handbags, accessories,andready-to-wearclothing.

As a member of the Ferragamo family, Vivia grew up surrounded by the world of fashion. She inherited her grandfather's passion for design and creativity, which eventually led her to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Vivia's unique perspective and creative vision have contributed to the ongoing success of the Ferragamo brand andhasplayedacrucialroleinpreservingthelegacyoftheFerragamobrandwhilealso infusingitwithmodernsensibilitiestoappealtocontemporaryconsumers.

Vivia Ferragamo's influence extends beyond the realm of fashion, as she is also known forherphilanthropiceffortsandcommitmenttosocialcauses.Shehasbeeninvolved in numerous charitable initiatives aimed at supporting education, healthcare, and cultural preservation. Her dedication to making a positive impact on society reflects the values instilled in her by her family and upbringing.

In addition to her work within the fashion industry and philanthropy, Vivia Ferragamo maintains a low public profile, preferring to let her work speak for itself. However, her contributions to the world of fashion and her family's legacy are widely recognized and celebrated by industry insiders and fashion enthusiastsalike.

Her journey exemplifies the intersection of tradition and innovation within the fashion world. As a custodian of her family's legacy, shecontinuestoupholdthevaluesof craftsmanship, quality, and creativity that have defined the Salvatore Ferragamobrandforgenerations.

As the granddaughter of the legendary shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo, was the Fashion world a natural and easy path for you to follow, or would you have chosen another career?

I grew up in my grandmother Wanda’s closet! The smell of fresh leather and the iconic and timeless designs from those years are the echos of my life and what I am programmedtocarrythrough;it’smycode,myDNA

What are your most precious possessions?

My freedom! My sports car, my four-legged kids, and the love and abundance that I feel inside

Your swimwear is one of a kind; what inspires you for each piece?

It's a mood, a way of being, like a blank canvas, inspired by anything around me, even a song!

Who or what are you most proud of?


Where would you go and why if you could go back in time?


Do you have a favourite accessory?


What is the greatest recognition of your career so far?

Helping others for a cause, creating more work for people, purpose.. upcycling…

What would you take on a desert Island?

My notebook, some watercolours, oils andcandles.

What is your favourite song?

These boots are made for walking by NancySinatra.

Your greatest extravagance?


Which fashion designers and Artists do you admire?

Clara de Tezanos is an incredible artist wholivesinAntigua,Guatemala.

How would you describe your style?


What is next for Vivia?


You are at your happiest when?


Bertie Watson moments of vulnerability

TheLondon-basedphotographer discusseshisartisticroutines andbackground.

Interview by Marcella Martinelli

Bertie Watson developed his unique style through his lens and sought to redefine the narrative surrounding celebrity culture, capturing moments of vulnerability and authenticity often overshadowed by the allure of fame. His photographs serve as a testament offering a glimpseintothelivesofthosewhoinhabitthespotlight.

As a trained Opera Singer do you have a favourite Opera and a favourite Opera Singer?

It's got to be Tosca with Jonas Kaufman playing Cavaradossi, I've been lucky enough to seehimplaythisroleattheRoyalOperaHouse,andmymindwasblown.

How did the transition from singing to being a photographer happen, and why?

I was at an event for Paul Smith and noticed a photographer shooting two actors I'd seeninamoviethenightbefore,AnneHathawayandJimSturgess.Ihadnothingtolose, soIintroducedmyselftohim,hisnamewasJamesMason.Iendedupworkingwithhim for a year taking photographs at huge events such as the GQ Men of The Year Awards. He had a huge heart, I owe that man a lot. That was when one hell of an amazing journeystarted.

We're all human, and even A-list celebrities have their insecurities. It's always less challenging when your subjects know you're on their side. Keep your walls down, and they'll let you step into their world.

Your favourite song? Pop or Rock? or other?

It's impossible to choose just one, I'd throw moves to Justin Timberlake's "Summer Love", languish in "Per me Giunto" by Verdi and be transported to another world by Hans Zimmer's "Now We Are Free".

Do you have a favourite photographer? And a photograph that you love, yours or others?

Without a doubt, Austin Hargrave 's use of light and colours are jaw-dropping; they'relike on-set movie stills. I'm also a fan of Greg Williams, the way he can conjure so much spirit from his subjects and show you a glimpse into who they are is fascinating; I'd never get bored looking at photographs. My favourite photograph is the one I took of cinema legend Antonio Banderas coming at me like a Spanish bullfighter, he just oozes va va voom!

What is your favourite style of photography?

I like what I like when I see it, simple as that. That being said, I've been revisiting the art of wildlife photographer Nick Brandt. I've never seen photographs of animals out in the wild quite like this before, and they're breathtaking.

My favourite photograph is the one I took of cinema legend Antonio Banderas coming at me like a Spanish bullfighter, he oozes va va voom!

Black and white or colour?


Studio or location? or both and why?

Location. It keeps you on your toes, and it's whererealmagiccanhappen.

The most fun celebrity you have worked with so far?

Being taught the moonwalk and dancing to Michael Jackson with Lea Seydoux, she's a gem.

Is there Someone you would not want to photograph and would turn down if offered?

Hitler, but I don't think he'd be asking for a photoshootanytimesoon!

How do you put someone at ease in front of the camera who might not want to be photographed but has to? Has it ever happened to you?

We're all human, and even A-list celebrities have their insecurities. It's always less challenging when your subjects know you're on their side. Keep your walls down, and they'll let youstepintotheirworld.

Where would you go and why if you could go back in time?

You'd find me in The Dingo Bar, Paris, circa 1930s, a cigar in one hand and whiskyintheother.

What is the greatest recognition of your career so far?

Shooting Mark Ruffalo, Emma Stone, Willem Dafoe and Ramy Yousef for Searchlight Pictures, a standard day at theoffice.

Your greatest extravagance?

Agorgeous1949goldLongineswindup wristwatch.

You are at your happiest when?

The four f's; when I'm surrounded by food,family,friendsandfun.


"Primordial voice of Nature in the soul of man".
Riccardo Contini

The charm of diamond clusters, arrangements of precious stones, and sparkling jewels reminiscent of the sun's rays brings forth the idea of celestial symbols representing love and dedication. These beautiful pieces are meant to be treasured as symbols of loyalty mirrored in the sky.

Riccardo Contini


The epitome of indulgence, as revealed by Marcella Martinelli, luxury editor.



Rose gold, diamonds



Echoing the floral patterns, scrolls, swirls and scalloped edges of fine antique lace, the Precious Lace High Jewellery collection unfurls its charms through various creations combining ethics and aesthetics.

Harry Winston

HW Harry Winston The Premier Collection Premier Sunflower Automatic


Asprey's iconic Daisy is a force of nature. A collection inspired by British wildflowers, its diamonds and coloured gemstones are always in bloom.


42 MM Polo Player Steel Green Dial Watch



High Jewellery brings rare gemstones and innovative materials together in elegant original designs with attentive craftsmanship.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe Rose Gold with an embossed and lacquered purple dial


Sustainably, much emphasis is placed on materials like organic cotton or recycled polyester, often overlooking jewellery. However, there are numerous options available. Sustainable jewellery brands go beyond using recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones; their sustainability practices extend further. These practices include supporting local communities where the jewellery is crafted, providing full transparency and traceability, and implementing zerowaste initiatives to reduce material waste. Additionally, their designs are both fashionable and enduring. Discover how these sustainable jewellery brands are strivingtominimizetheirenvironmentalimpact.

Daniella Samper

Artanddesignareutilisedastools to drive positive transformations across various industries. This initiative is committed to actively contributing to lasting change. Acknowledging that certain industries will persist despite their flaws, pursuing enhancement and advancementbecomesacollective duty.

SWhile gold extraction is often overshadowed by the fashion industry, it is plagued by inadequate regulations and significant environmental repercussions. Despite efforts to minimise dependence on "new" gold, mining will continue due to gold's value as a currency and its diverse applications beyond jewellery. Daniella Samper's project highlights transformative practices that support lasting change, benefit future generations,andadvocateforsustainability.

Pilarbracelet: Acylindricalclassicchunkybraceletthatsitsclosetothewrist.

LPamela Love

Pamela Love founded her eponymous jewellery line from her Brooklyn home in 2007. Her earliest designs stemmed from a lifelong fascination with astrology, tarot, and folklore. Fluent in the visual language of symbols, Pamela explores jewellery from the point of storytelling. Informed by travel, the brand’s signature celestial, spiritual, and terrestrial motifs celebrate the ritual of wearing jewellery.

As Pamela Love has grown, we have stayed mindful of our impact on the earth, using recycled metals and ethically sourced, conflict-free stones. That mindfulness extends beyond the materials we use. The brand has launched several notable initiatives, includingfairtradeproductionwithartisansinAfghanistanviaTurquoiseMountainand the fundraising trio of Divine Feminine collaborations. Jewellery should empower not onlythewearerbutalsothosewhomakeit.

Astraearing: A lush, glowing emerald is set in a raw and organic 18k yellow gold band, accented by diamonds on either side. This ring is one-of-a-kind, andtheemerald,handpickedbyPamela,isafamedColombianMuzoemeraldknownthroughtheagesforitsunparalleledcolour.


Jenny and Lily Monbouquette are a mother-daughter team with a shared passion for innovative design and bold self-expression. After 30 years as an art advisor, Jenny began designing jewellery for funin2014.Shesoontapped Lily’s expertise in fashion, giving them a reason to connectandcollaboratewhile living 3,000 miles apart, Jenny inLAandLilyinNewYork.

MFive years later, Monbouquette is a full-fledged collection, designed in LA, produced in the US, and quickly gained acclaim from editors, celebrities and women nationwide who are dazzled by their unique designs.

Vibrant bougainvillaea blooms against our clear blue Southern California skies, inspired by this colour combo. It is made of ethically mined24-karatyellowgoldwithpremium,thickplating.


Kat Kim

KATKIM is a blend of design, quality, and sustainability that is fused into every piece. Sustainability is one of the core pillars upon which the brand was founded. It’s a crucial guideline for the design and development of our pieces, created with respect for the communities andenvironmentsurroundingus.

Every piece of KATKIM is handmade in Los Angeles, California, andtheentireproductionprocessisovershadowedfromstart to finish. In a world of mass production, each of our pieces is handmade by artisans, and we are dedicated to supporting ourlocalcommunitybusinesses.

All of our diamonds are conflict-free and adhere to The Kimberly Process, and we use recycled gold whenever possible. We are a proud member of Ethical Metalsmiths. We are committed to remaining transparent in our processes and selections as we continuallyseektoimproveouroverallimpactonourplanet.

The Anerise ear cuff: The Anerise Ear Cuff is crafted of polished 18K gold. It features an invisible set of 1.2 carats of princess-cut

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Anywear Everywear: From resort to red carpet, these iconic Le Vian bangles are the perfect accessory for any occasion.

World-renowned celebrity jeweller Le Vian has created three iconic bangles that can be worn anywhere, from the resort to the red carpet. They predict these versatile and iconic bangles will be one of the most compelling trends of 2024.

Eddie LeVian, CEO of Le Vian, says: "An iconic fashion accessory, bangles have an understated beauty. Our bangles in luxurious Vanilla, Strawberry and Honey Gold feature stylish and sophisticated combinations of our most eye-catching gemstones. In different sizes that are fitted to the wrist, these bangles are an iconic symbol of luxury and elegance in simplicity. From arrays of blues, to mouthwatering Chocolate Diamonds®,theyaretheperfectaccessoryforanyoccasion."


The Mare Azzurro bangle features waves of Le Vian's high quality Sea Blue Aquamarine®, Blueberry Tanzanite®, Deep Sea Blue Topaz™, and Blueberry Zircon™. Setin14KVanillaGold®thebraceletcaptureshowtheunadulteratedbluesofseawater glitter in the light, and how its hues and tones change with every passing hour from sunrisetosunset.

The chic Chocolatier® Bangle from the DolceD'Oro™collectionfeaturesarowof rich Chocolate Diamonds®, bordered above and below by lustrous beaded trim.Setin14KHoneyGold™,thebangle is part of the new Dolce D'Oro™ collection,wheretheallureof‘sweetgold’ meets the indulgent charm of chocolate gelato. Each piece in this exquisite collection is adorned with delicate beads of gold, reminiscent of the joyous experience of savouring a scoop of your favouritechocolatetreat.

The Anywear Everywear Bangle Party Collection forms part of Le Vian's 2024 Trend Forecast. From Bold Gold Chocolate & Nude™ or Bee Positive™ Honeycomb to colour gems and diamonds, bangles are an iconic representation of luxury and elegance in simplicity. These bangles are designed to be versatile and can be worn all day, everydayandintothenight–fromresort to black tie. Classic designs and fabulous gemstones are paired with the iconic Bangle.

Le Vian is a family-owned, New Yorkheadquartered jewellery company that can trace its roots to jewellers in the 15th century. Today, it is regularly worn by Hollywood celebrities. Le Vian is at the forefront of creating the most exquisite natural fancy colour diamond jewels in a kaleidoscope of colours, including pink, yellow - and the exclusive Chocolate Diamonds, which have, in the last 20 years, attracted over 5 million collectors. The fine jewellery house of Le Vian is the fashion couture fine jeweller of choice, uniting two luxuryworlds-glamoroushigh-stylefashion trend forecasting and hand-made fine jewellery designs incorporating rare, preciousdiamondsandgemstones.


A fourth-generation Eurasian Hong Konger, Mara Hotung’s formative years perfectly balanced East and West influences. As a creative, she developed a gentle, artistic spirit and an innate love for gemstones.

Mara’sfirstjewellerymemorywasdesigningapairofdiamondearrings from stones she’d received from her mother for her birthday. Her mother told her friends that her daughter was the designer, thoughMarawasonly16.

“Jewellery is my way of dreaming and storytelling. Gemstones are Mother Nature’s gift to us. She tells a story of beauty, resilience, courage, romance, and adventure through each gem. I hope my designs reinterpret those tales with thoughtfulness, excitement, and wonderment.” Mara Hotung

After completing her Bachelor’s in art history and psychology at Georgetown University, Mara returned to Hong Kong and earned a degree at the Asian Gemmological Institute and Laboratory. She secured a job at Sotheby’s Hong Kong and catalogued eminent jewellerycollectionsandimportanthistoricgemstones.

Mara was later headhunted by Van Cleef & Arpels, where she worked in marketing, liaisingcloselywiththeParisteamandpromotingtheirhighjewellerycollections.

Mara’spassionforgemstones,theirprovenanceandthejoytheybringtoherandothers hasremainedthedrivingforcebehindhercreationsthroughoutheroverthreedecades asajewellerydesigner.

AftermeetingherbelovedhusbandinaliftinHongKongtwentyyearsago,Maramoved to London. Here, she raised her family and developed her career as a jewellery valuer, gemmologist, and gem dealer. She brought her expertise to projects, including cataloguing the 800-piece couture jewellery collection of Sonia Petroff, a prolific midcenturydesignerwhosearchiveswererediscoveredandbroughtbacktolife.

Duringthistime,Maracontinueddesigningjewellery,withapenchantforone-offpieces for everyday and evening wear. She often found clients by word of mouth and via discreetprivatesales.

Between 2012 and 2015, Sotheby’s London and Fellowes Auctioneer sold several Mara Hotungdesigns.

Mara Hotung Jewels is currently working on three new initiatives in partnership with fellowcreatives:

A Chinese zodiac pendant line with illustrator and niece Sophia Hotung. Miniature painted wood panels with Mary Justice Designs and her Balinese artisans who create sustainable limited-edition furniture as art.

A jewelled wood collection with a local wood artist using reclaimed wood.

In particular, Mara adores jadeite, given its unique connections with Asia. Known as the Stone of Heaven, it is typically vibrant green and comes in many shades. One of Mara’s mothers was a jadeite bi pendant, a flat circular jade disc symbolising heaven. Mara oftenusesunconventionalgemsandmaterials,suchasapatite,kyanite,fireopal,wood, and resin, and then accents the jewel with diamonds, sapphires, signature pieces or rubies.

Maratakesinspirationfromherpassionsofgardening,beekeepingandtravel–andthe impeccablestyleofherlatemother.

New Tissot x WNBA Seastar Wilson®


Tissot, in collaboration with Wilson and the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association), have released the first Official Watch of the WNBA. To commemorate the exponentialgrowth of the women’sgame,two limited-edition TissotSeastar’sare set to becomethefirsteverofficialwatchesinleaguehistory.Astaggeringmarkofthecultural influence of the WNBA, the new references have been announced to basketball fans alongside the 2024 Draft, which took place April 15th and kicks off the 28th season of thisprogressivebasketballleague.

The Tissot Seastar Wilson® WNBA Powermatic 80 and Tissot Seastar Wilson® WNBA Quartzseethethreehouseholdnames,Tissot,WilsonandtheWNBA,cometogetherin creationoftwo40mmlimited-editionwatches.


ThefirstofitskindTissotSeastarWilson®models,naturally,encompassspecialfeatures destined for the wrists of basketball players and enthusiastic fans alike. Featuring white and orange detailing, recognised internationally as the colours of the game, the new editions are offered on interchangeable orange and white straps which have been producedusingWilson’sEVO-NXTPremiumCompositeMaterial.Ensuringhigh-comfort, versatilityandusability,thestrapscanbesimplyclippedoutandclippedin,withoutthe need for tools. In a nod to Tissot, the official timekeeper of the NBA and WNBA shot clocks, the rotating bezels highlight the 24-second basketball shot clock time. The theming continues throughout the design onto the caseback where each of the brands arefeatured,aswellasaWNBAWilson®basketball.

Proudly inducted into the Seastar collection, the collaboration offers the best of both worlds with a Powermatic 80 Movement as well as a high-quality Swiss Made quartz movement. The Powermatic edition is identifiable by its black circular brushed dial and mineralbezel,thestarkoppositeofitsquartzcounterpartwhichappearsinwhite.Both havereceivedageneroushelpingofSuper-LumiNova®onthehandsandhourmarkers andarewaterresistantupto30bar(300meters/1,000feet).


Theperfectmatchforsportwatchenthusiastsandfansofthegame,thelimited-edition TissotSeastarWilson®modelscanbepurchaseddirectlythroughTissot.

The Rock Hound is shortlisted for Creative Jewellery Designer of The Year at The 2024 UK Jewellery Awards and speaks on The UK Jewellery Festival’s greenwashing panel

All images Circe Hamilton

Susi Smither, Founder of The Rock Hound, has been announced as shortlisted among 6otherdesignersfortheprestigioustitleof Creative Jewellery Designer of The Year at theUKJewelleryAwardsShortlistParty.This isthesecondtimeSusihasbeenshortlisted andshewentontowinNewDesignerofthe Year at the UK Jewellery Awards back in 2017 just two years after launching The RockHound.

The Shortlist Party closed off the first day (Thursday 21st March) of The UK Jewellery Festival’s fourth annual edition, held at London’sHiltonMetropole,andattendedby thejewelleryindustry’skeyplayersandhost Retail Jeweller’s highly engaged audience. Over 250 guests attended the shortlist event, with over 600 people expected to attendtheawardceremonyon26thJune.

The following day (Friday 22nd March), Smither spoke on the Festival’s closing panel: “Forging a Sustainable Business Pathway in the Greenwashing Age”, which drew upon RJ’s Sustainability Survey 2024 (built from consumer and retail research) and which covered topics such as recycled gold, consumer perceptions, greenwashing, and supply chain transparency - and in which greater clarity within the market was called upon. Susi, was speaking alongside such industry specialists as Aisling Connaughton(co-founderandsustainability solutionist - Cyd Connects); Charlie Betts (managing director - The Betts Group); Harriet Kelsall (founder - Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery); Joy Harvey (artisanal independent goldsmith and designer - La Luce);KerrySaunders(operationsdirectorWeston Beamor Group); and Victoria Waugh (founder - V&V Sustainability ConsultancyandConsideredJewellery).

Now in its 32nd year, the UK Jewellery Awards-dubbedthe“pinnacle”and“Oscars of the jewellery industry” - is the longeststanding and one of the most-prestigious jewellery and watch trade awards event. Attractingalmost600peopleeachyear,the Awards will return to Old Billingsgate on Wednesday 26th June, where the winner of this among other categories will be announced.

There were a record number of entries received for this year’s awards, which recognise and reward excellence across all areas of the industry spanning everything from design and retail excellence through to digital innovation and marketing. These were then reviewed to come up with the finalcategoryshortlists.

The UK Jewellery Awards have a two-stage judging process. In the first round, in order to be in with a chance of being shortlisted, designers had to respond to all of the questions on the entry form and submit images of their jewellery made within the lastyear.

This in-depth application delved into the creative process of each designer, from their training right through to the pieces they'd created over the last year, such as locking in a tighter and more responsible supply chain, through the use of recycled silver salvaged solely from medical X-rays. With a full calendar over the last twelve months - including participating in two London Fashion Week runway shows, joining Selfridges’ roster with La Maison Couture and winning two awards during MilanJewelleryWeek-

Smither was able to share insights into what's driven the brand over the past year and the focus which has helped enhance theprofileofTheRockHound.

Thenextstageofthejudgingprocesswillbe that the shortlisted applicants will be interviewed by Retail Jeweller’s select panel of industry judges during the Awards judging days taking place on 8th–9th May 2024, where they must present 5 pieces of jewellery and talk through the design processofeach.

The judging process is such that it ensures thatnoonejudgesacategoryinwhichthey have a vested interest, neither will competing business be judging one another. All judging takes place under ChathamHouseRulesandalljudgessignan NDA. The final decision on winners is made by secret ballot and no judge leaves the room knowing which business/individual has won. This judging process has been honedandperfectedoverthelast32years, ensuringthefairestandmostrobustwayof deciding on the winners of these important industryawards.

Sponsors of the event include Betts Group, Hockley Mint, Pursuit Software, Single Mine Origin, Studex, TH March, Windiam and WOLF. The National Association of Jewellers istheevent'sofficialsupporter.

And in the meantime, The Rock Houndalong with other shortlisted finalists –shouldenjoyextensiveexposureinthelead up to the awards, on the night itself and beyond, via Retail Jeweller and The UK JewelleryAwardschannelsandbeyond.

SusiSmither,FounderofTheRockHoundadds: “ThrilledtobeshortlistedforCreative Jewellery Designer of the Year. To me, designing jewellery is such a personal thingalot of which happens in my mind. With a new understanding thanks to my ADHD diagnosis, I am able to explain and give insight into exactly how I go about this. The judges really took the time to understand the creative process of each entrant, so I feel immensely proud and pretty emotional to be shortlisted. Thank you so much RetailJeweller-seeyouattheawardsinJune!”

The top Spring sustainable must haves are here

like innovative plant-based leathers. Let's take a closer look at the trends catching our eye this season.

Pre-loved revolution

E.L.V. DENIM is a pioneering British luxury brand dedicated to crafting timeless fashion pieces from 100% upcycled materials.

The E.L.V. DENIM stovepipe jean is a mid-rise, classic style with a straight shape throughout the leg. Our luxury jeans are handcrafted from 100% upcycled denim, sourced and colour-matched by hand, and produced locally by E.L.V. DENIM in London.

Each pair is as unique as you are: created from upcycled jeans of either matching or contrasting colours. Therefore, the exact shade of denim may differ slightly from the one pictured. All stovepipe jeans come with the original hemlines, which might feature a step or match hemline.

All our sustainable jeans feature our branded E.L.V. DENIM eco-friendly hardware.

The apple of our eyes

The Pretty shoulder bag in Apple Skin and Caramel Nylon is part of the Kromatik line, a colourful collection that offers everyday essentials.

As with the range, ASHOKA Paris has taken particular care over every detail to create a unique, high-quality bag that respects the living.

Neither too big nor too small, the Pretty bag can hold your companion wallet, your glasses, your pocketbook, your keys… and much more!

Thanks to its ingenious all-purpose format, the Pretty Bag adapts to all occasions.

It's the new must-have!

Thanks to its triangle-shaped inserts, emblematic of the range, it is a bag with nerve and does not leave you indifferent.

Worn cross-body or carried by hand, the Pretty Kromatik slips everywhere with you thanks to its removable shoulder strap. It has two inside pockets, one of which is zipped.

This version is made of recycled Nylon and Apple Skin—a bio-sourced material made from apple waste from the food industry—and is available in three colours.

Step into spring

SOFIA vegan clog sandals in Apple Skin Silver™ �� are the perfect combination of style and comfort. These stylish yet practical sandals feature a unique apple skin silver upper with an adjustable buckled strap for a perfect fit. They also offer maximum cushioning thanks to their durable rubber outsole, which provides superior shock absorption. With a nice and comfy fit, these vegan-friendly sandals are ideal for those who want to look good while still being conscious about animal welfare.

Produced by hand in small batches

Unapologetic hedonism: a white floral with a dark undertone. This intoxicating composition opens with effervescent Italian Bergamot, illuminating the nocturnal intensity of Jasmin Sambac. An audacious floral with animalic depth, unleashing a freeing kinetic energy magnetised by smokey dark woods.

At every stage of Altra's perfume creation process, there is a commitment to a Profuture mindset, emphasizing responsible and mindful practices in fragrance production. This ethos extends to all aspects of production, including the packaging made from a single sheet of 100% recycled and compostable paper handcrafted in the UK. The bottle, created through glass blowing, showcases an impressive, endlessly refillable design. Altra's core values revolve around nature, with a portion of its revenue allocated to addressing crucial environmental and social issues through 1% For the Planet. To mark Earth Day, Altra will donate 5% of all sales to ClientEarth – a compelling reason to invest in their eco-friendly scents.

Jasmin XXX by Altra

Satin recycled

If you are a fan of sustainable fashion, you have probably come across the name ROOP. The unique ruched arm accessory originated from a lockdown passion project in 2019 by its founder, Natasha Fernandes-Anjo. By exploring fabric movements and ruching techniques, the Furoshiki was created, drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese wrapping cloths. ROOP is a 100% vegan brand that custom-makes its products directly from the studio in Manchester. This approach eliminates unnecessary waste and reduces the production footprint by using limited quantities of fabrics. Each ROOP accessory is distinctive, either as a one-of-a-kind piece or an exclusive item, making you feel truly special.

Hand-blended using ancient principlesAyurvedic

It’s time to recharge and reset – and Bourii have you covered on both bases. The soulrestoring brand has received a Carbon Neutral Business Status for its efforts, and alongside their research into the healing power of botanicals, it’s safe to say they have us all on board. The plant-based options are named Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, which balance your inner energy and restore your skin. The brand’s Earth First approach has launched them as carbon Offset Verified with their commitment to planting 30 trees monthly to offset 60 tonnes of CO²e. Therefore, all the emissions from Bourii’s staff and business will be covered – from electricity to waste to delivery. Bourii goes beyond the skin, targets your everyday habits, and back into nature, nourishing each factor of your being and restoring via a customised oil.

Multipurpose oil: A potent blend of antioxidant-rich ingredients, including pomegranate, rosehip and sea buckthorn oils, help support cell regeneration and skinrejuvenation,smoothandsoftenskin and fine lines, and seal in moisture. The base oils of sesame and sweet almond detoxify the deepest layers, improving theappearanceofscarsandunevenskin tone.

A grounding aromatherapeutic essential oil blend featuring sweet orange, rose, myrrh, and vanilla gently eases tension andanxiousthoughtsandarousesjoyand self-love, calling on the soul's inner strength.


Our Spring photo shoots have been a whirlwind of excitement and timeless style. We have it all covered, from the ‘’Bold and Beautiful’’ looks that make a statement with striking jewellery to the cosy combination of a cashmere sweater with well-worn jeans or a classic white shirt. In our 'Cape Town' shoot, we captured an eclectic mix of charm blended with 1970s swimwear. Meet Tuuli, a model turned entrepreneur who transitioned into a yoga teacher in 2014 and later pursued qualifications as a nutritionist. Inspired by her herbal medicine studies, she founded Tuuli Tea, showcasing her dedication to wellness and sustainability.

Nestled within the vibrant streets of Cape Town, against the backdrop of the iconic Table Mountain, lies a hidden gem – a modernist marvel that blends seamlessly with the city's eclectic charm. It's here, within the confines of this stylish abode, that we embarked on a journey to capture the essence of the 1970s with a swimwear shoot like no other with vibrant colours, bold patterns and sensual lighting reflecting the spirit of summer.

Fashion director: Marcella Martinelli @marcellastylist @Arlingtonartists

Photographer: John Rowley @jrowley

Hair and make-up Lisa Valencia @lisavalencia1 @Arlingtonartists using @davines_sa

Model: Shernine Tannier @shrinzki @bossmodelsa and Jason Malan @jasonmalan @damodelmanagement





VILEBREQUINwhitelacepatternswimsuitandVILEBREQUIN’Starlettes’inkblue swimmingshorts

NAIABEACHSeleneSwimsuitwithgoldclasp men'spinkshortsbyVILEBREQUIN

DIOROne-pieceSwimsuitinBlueToileDeJouyTechnicalFabric. HouseofDior 160-162NewBondStreet,W1S2UE,London




In love with ALFIE

Alfie is a luxury Parisian label created in 2020, dedicated to theEffortlessFeminine.

Anintuitiveunderstandingofsilhouettesandproportionsin search of the perfect balance between masculinity and femininity. Handcrafted in France, exclusively from highendfashionhouseswithdead-stockfabrics,ourCollectibles areone-of-a-kindpiecesmadetobecollected.Producedin limited quantities based on the amount of available fabric, eachcollectableisnumberedand,therefore,unique.


In Apple Green




timeless essential, The Kate Dress is crafted from deadstock bouclé in apple green and features a zip closure in the back. This elegant, sleeveless dress is perfect for special
In Dark Grey Herringbone
The Knot Jacket is a classic, timeless piece made from deadstock dark grey herringbone wool.Itssignaturesilhouettemakesitanelevatedbasicthatcanbewornanyseason.


In Butter

A wardrobe staple, The Tailored Trousers in the butter colorway are crafted from cotton and feature two side andbackpockets,alongwithafronthiddenbuttonand hook fastening. The relaxed fit includes a low-rise design and wide-cut leg, offering a slight slouch for addedcomfortandstyle.

Fashion Scout is proud to present Wauzine 005 – a Digital Zine that explores the identity and community in Kenya’s vibrant and dynamic creative scene.

Derivedfrom‘Wau’,Nairobianfor‘Wow’,Wauzineistheacclaimed digitalzinedesignedandcreatedbytheteambehindFashionScout, London.

Conceptualised and developed by Billie and Martyn Roberts, Wauzine celebrates the works of emerging fashion, accessories and footwear designers selected to participate as part of Creative DNA month : Kenya 4.0, an innovative six- business incubator programmeandshowcase.

This programme is instrumental in advocating emerging designers in Kenya, providing them with the resources, skills, and exposure needed to thrive in the global fashion industry; the programme is supported by the British Council and delivered in partnership between Trio Media, Kenya and Fashion Scout, London. Since its inception in2019,71designershavecompletedtheprogramme.

InthefifthissueofWauzineFashionScoutcommissionedCreativeDirectorSunnyDolat to explore the power of storytelling and re-claiming self-appreciation whilst celebrating theinnerbeautyofculture,tradition,identityandcreativity.

The powerful imagery that graces this issue speaks volumes, with nostalgic references, boldcoloursandcinematographicpower-reaffirmingstorytellingasapowerfulmedium forartisticexpression.

Wanjeri Gakuru’s compelling article celebrates storytelling’s ability to empower, remind us of who we are, make us feel and think, and also as a “guide to confront our own discomforts”.

As Creative DNA: Kenya 4.0 highlights and boosts 20 promising designer businesses in this impactful programme, we are proud to present a fresh creative and cultural exploration that evokes senses, passions, thoughts, as we celebrate the power of stories.

And whilst you read issue 005 and admire the deep, Afrobubblegum inspired imagery, tune into Spotify to enjoy the soundtrack that accompanied the photoshoot, featuring among others, the ethereal sounds of Nyokabi Kariuki, and the electrifying choruses of IddAziz! Listen here

CreativeDNAprogrammesupportedbytheBritishCouncilisfocusedonpromoting alternativeandinnovativeapproachestotheglobalfashionsystemwiththeambitionof demonstratingthatthefashionsectorinKenyaisaprofessionalchoiceforyoungpeople and a valuable contributor to the creative economy. As part of the Fashion Incubator programme, select fashion businesses in Kenya have undergone an incubator programme that includes a business boot camp, personalised mentoring, and competitiveseedfunding.

Current Mood

A/W 2024 collaboration, surprisingly, went big on bows. Even baby pink satin bows all overashiftdress.Thoughoutofcharacter, of course, the pair made it work, but it still begs questions about where and how this inspiration came about. And then Miuccia was quoted - 'It's strange, because, every single morning I have to decide if I'm a 15year-old girl or an old lady'. Which struck a chord.Whatageareweallmeanttoaspire toemulatethesedaysanddoestheideaof 'dressingyourage'stillevenexist?

Clearly, the average 'middle-aged' woman rarely looks 'middle-aged' any more. We're no longer rolling over into support stockings wearing old-ladyhood the minute we hit 30, 40 or 50. Younger girls (reportedly from the age of 11) are requesting expensive skincare ranges from Santa (well more accurately, from Sephora and Drunk Elephant) and there is a rising demandfortreatmentsfromteensand20year-olds - arguably before necessary. So are women being even more pressured to age backwards, or was Miuccia making the point that she doesn't feel old (or sometimes does) and can dress for whateveragesuitshermood?

I'm going with the latter, not least because Miuccia's little sister brand, Miu Miu, recently made nostalgic nods to Prada's noughties iconic pieces in the S/S 2023 show, with significant references to the going out IRL era that Miuccia might have once enjoyed. The famous Prada bowling bag made a comeback, spilling its contents with high heels, spare socks, possibly a change of clothes and other random detritus that might have been stuffed into your bag for post-night-out emergencies. Slovenlyanddisorganised,itwasacheerful reminder that none of us are perfect. And that'sok.Rememberpackingballetflats,for when the obligatory wearing of high heels becameunbearable?Whenyoumighthave afewotheressentialsonboardincaseyou had to go straight to work from being 'out, out'? If Miuccia and Raf are harking back to those halcyon 'Walk of Shame' years, (in a luxury way of course) I'm here for it, not least for the slightly sheepish, often hazy, but always fond memories. But also because sometimes I'm slovenly and disorganised.

Prada Autumn/Winter 2024 womenswearCourtesy of Prada

As the Insta, selfie generation scrutinises appearancesmorecloselythaneverbefore, perhaps they are more concerned about presentation over fun than the pre-insta generation were (trying to put off signs of ageing before they've even happened, barely drinking, rarely smoking and shunning going out in preference to online interaction). Which, of course, could be a goodthing-ahealthier,clearerandprettier generationwithoutahairoutofplace.

So, whilst I might not be condoning the reckless behaviour of fashionistas past, I can confirm that it was a whole world of fun. So this season, along with Miuccia, I'm embracingfeelingyoung(asandwhenIfeel likeit)andchannellingthathedonisticerain thenostalgicformofballetflats,MaryJanes, bowling bags, skinny low-cut jeans, supersizedpeplumsandpinkbows(ok,that might be a stretch), but I will also probably beinbedby10pm.

Prada Autumn/Winter 2024 womenswearCourtesy of Prada

Bold & Beautiful

Embrace individuality and express your personality, whether you are stepping out in a head-turning outfit with bold Jewellery pieces or pairing them with a cashmere sweater, a pair of perfectly worn-in jeans or a white shirt. This style exudes a sense of fearlessness and self-assurance.

Fashion & Jewellery Director Marcella Martinelli @marcellastylist

Photographer: Olivia Owen

Makeup: Neusa Neves @neusa_neveslove_mkup @arlingtonartists using Skin Care @biodermauk @makeupbymario @eyelureofficial

Hair: Debbie Horgan for Daniel Galvin @arlingtonartists

Model Yunsu at Premier Model Management

Photo Assistant: Ryan Arras @sarraanyr

Thank you to

MoussaieffHighjewellerysautoirnecklacewithpinkdiamonds,whitediamondsandParaiba AN-Y1designersilkjumpsuitinRacingBlue




With her striking looks inherited from her South African mother and her English father, Tuuli Shipster started her career as a model at 16 and has appeared in various campaigns and magazines. Her diverse career highlights include featuring on the cover of a Bond book and playing a Santa girl in ‘Love Actually’. Alongside being a successful model, Tuuli became a yoga teacher in 2014 and later qualified as a nutritionist. Inspired by herbal medicine studies, she started Tuuli Tea, reflecting her passion for wellness and sustainability. Her brand embodies creativity, authenticity and a very British approach to embracing life’s adventures. She is married to the photographer Rankin and lives in North London with their four dogs.

Van Gelder gold handcrafted

Wider Collar Necklace from the Jail Collection AN-Y1 Sustainable Leather Racer Jacket

Anine Bing Monique sweater

Frame Black leather trousers

Karina Choudhry white gold diamond necklace and bracelet
JOSEPH cream cashmere long coat Anine Bing Amani Tee in Off-White Cashmere Blend

Ananya Bespoke Scatter

Emerald Necklace in White Gold, White Diamonds and Emeralds

Brunello Cucinelli Jacket

Dior men's vintage Black Tshirt

Van Gelder Jewellery handcrafted gold linked necklace from the Jail Collection Brunello Cucinelli satin jacket

detachable emeralds

Eres swimsuit

Adler necklace "Tandem" in white gold set with pearshaped diamonds and oval cut
Adler necklace "Mizu" in white gold with 9 pear-shaped diamonds and diamonds with matching earrings: Cashmere sweater by Brunello Cucinelli

Dove clip: Rose gold, mother-of-pearl, onyx.

JOSEPH cream cashmere coat

Van Cleef & Arpels Zodiaque Aries long necklace: Rose gold, iron eye
Zodiaque Sagittarius long necklace: Rose gold, red pietersite
Lucky Animals Squirrel clip: Rose gold, carnelian, tiger eye, onyx and Lucky Animals




Signature No.1

This aura cleansing blend is full of comforting essential oils, ideal for when you need some emotional support. Spray around your space, mist onto your skin or your pillow before rest ~ however you use it, be sure that the calming fragrance will soothe those frayed emotions. Carryitwithyouwhereveryougo.Useliberallyinyourspacewheneverneeded.

100% natural ingredients. Hand Blended in small batches contains only 100% Essential oil (3%)blendedwithfloralhydrasolwaters.

"Beauty inspires beauty, and there's a special satisfaction in knowing what you apply on your skin. This awareness can introduce you to a variety of wonderful skincare or makeup brands that we can't help but rave about."




From the Oscars to the Golden Globes, the Grammys to the Brits, the stars have all showcased their finest beauty looks on the red carpetthisyear.Thelookshavebeenmoresubtle than usual, but they haven’t lost their glamour. This year’s red carpet has been dominated by understated elegance, radiant, glowing skin, and sun-kissed looks with a light, dewy finish, demonstrating that even on the most prominent occasions,simplicityreignssupreme.

Radiant Glow

One of my favourite trends this year was embracing natural, radiant skin. Celebrities opted for fresh faces with just a hint of sun-kissed bronze, proving that a minimalist approachcanbeimpactfulevenwhenitcomestothebiggestnightsoftheyear.

How to:

Healthy, moisturised skin is the key to achieving a glowy look. There is less moisture in the air when it's cold, so be sure to compensate for this in your skincare routine. My approachisalwaysaboutenhancingyournaturalskinratherthancoveringitup.Choose a lightweight, natural-finish foundation that matches your skin tone. Armani Luminous Silk is a staple in my kit; its lightweight finish and silky texture blend effortlessly into the skinforasmooth,naturalfinishthatevensskintonewithoutlookingheavy.

When it comes to bronzer, use a fluffy face brush to sweep across the areas of the face that the sun would naturally hit: the top of the cheekbones, temples, chin, jawline, and bridge of the nose. Hermes Plein Air H Trio powder is a light mineral powder that brightensasitbronzes.

A healthy wash of blush

During awards seasons, celebrities and their teams are always on the go, whether attending events, attending junkets, or travelling. Mimic the appearance of optimal healthwithaswipeofblushonthecheeksforaninstantlyrefreshedcomplexion.

How to:

Infuse your look with a healthy glow by sweeping blush onto the apples of your cheeks, gradually building intensity for a fresh, natural flush. My universally flattering Cheek Colour in red offers a sheer, blendable formula that complements all skin tones, delivering a vibrant yet natural-looking glow. Avoid going too low on the cheeks, as this tendstodragyourfeaturesdown.

Neutral vs Bold lips

Whilst the bold lip colours we often see on the red carpet command attention and elevateglamour,thisyear,it’sbeenallabouttheneutrallip.Theneutralliptrendfocuses onshadesthatmimicthenaturallipcolour,leaningintothethemeofsubtleglamour.

How to:

We all have a perfect nude, but finding it can be trial and error. Too pale, and you risk looking zombie-like; too brown, and your lips look muddy or grey. To avoid looking washed out, opt for a colour one shade darker than your natural skin tone and finish with a shimmery gloss or lip balm. To ensure your lip colour lasts all night, use a longlastingLipPencilunderneathyourLipColour.

CharlotteTilburyPillowTalk/LipCheat/YSLCandyGlazeLipGlossStick/RubyHammer LipBalmFX

Softly Sculpted Brows

Well-groomed brows have the power to frame and change the face. This season sees the return of natural, feathered brows, achieved through a combination of shaping, filling,andsetting.Thisachievessoft,sculptedarchesthatframethefaceflawlessly.

How to:

Fill in sparse brows with a brow pencil or powder using feathered strokes for a natural look. Then, use a clear gel to set them in place for the day. In theatre, you are taught brush the brows up for a youthful appearance as it opens the lid space, and brush brows down to appear older as it makes the eyes appear smaller - a very simple but effectivetrick.


Kitten eyes

For a minimalist upgrade on the classic winged eyeliner, meet kitten eyeliner. A more subtleversionoftheclassiccateye,thesmallerlinewasthecoolestwaytoweareyeliner thisyear,liftingtheeyeswithoutbeingoverwhelming.

How to:

Apply a neutral eyeshadow shade across your lids, with a touch of shimmer to the inner corners for a subtle pop. If you’re looking for an all-over shimmer, the Eye Wear sticks in shimmer shades suit everyone and are easy to apply and blend. Starting from the lash line above the centre of your eye, use short, thin strokes to draw alongyourlashlinebeforefinishingwithatinyflickattheend. When it comes to eyeliner, there are so many formulations to choose from - liquid, gel, powder, or pencil. If you want a wing that's going to stay put all day (and night), opt for a gel or liquid liner. Whichever formula you choose, keep micellar water on hand along with pointed cotton buds to perfect the look - this is much easier than building the eyelinerupandup.


Puffiness, dark circles, crow’s feet, droopy eyelids – we’ve all been there. Now, a new generation of creams and patches are transforming our delicate ocular area – before our very eyes, so to speak.
Here, Millionair reviews some of the latest eye care launches:
Words by Juliet Herd


In what is believed to be a beauty first, the ground-breaking Skin W1 I-Shine Eye Cream combines technology with skincare. The vibrational massage microcurrent device created by holistic doctor, Rabia Malik, features a cooling zinc applicator that activates upon skin contact, seamlessly dispensing the optimal product dosage.

With its high frequency operation at 3000rpm, the unique tip gently massages the eye area, promoting circulation and easing puffiness, while enhancing the absorption of active ingredients.

The improved micro-circulation and oxygenation of the tissue around the eye area also diminishes the look of dark circles, while the negative ion microwave current penetrates the dermis, helping to stimulate collagen and elastin, leading to tighter and firmer skin and a reduction in fine lines.

Prepare to be seduced: this new eye saviour tackles everything, from dryness and puffiness to dark circles and crow’s feet.

Skin W1 I-Shine Eye Cream, £75; or


Amarrupa Wrinkle-Correcting Eye Cream is a pocket rocket formulation that hydrates and re-energises the skin around the eyes, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles to achieve a firmer, more youthful-looking eye contour. Blended with 14 botanical extracts, including carrot seed and Indian gooseberry, this rich cream is enhanced using smoothing Indian Pennywort peptides and energising terminalia arjuna.

For a brighter-looking eye contour, try the new Kumkumadi Youth-Revitalising Eye Concentrate, which reduces dark circles and puffiness and boosts skin radiance. It’s also enriched with 14 botanicals, including saffron, sacred lotus and Indian madder.

Formulated in collaboration with Ayurvedic doctors and cutting-edge cosmetologists, both clinically proven products are authentic to the original healing plant recipes and traditional formulation methods of Ayurveda.

Kama Ayurveda is a holistic, India-based skincare brand, which recently opened its first international boutique in London’s Notting Hill. Prepare to form an orderly queue!

Amarrupa Wrinkle-correcting Eye Cream, £52 & Kumkumadi Youth-Revitalising Eye Concentrate, £59;


A powerful, clinically proven serum, the Perfect 360 Eye Illuminate contains a triple-action liposomal formulation that specifically targets the root causes of periorbital problems, reducing pigmentation and inflammation.

Formulated with a light-weight blend of high-performance active ingredients, vitamins, peptides, adaptogens, probiotics and naturally occurring compounds, the serum brightens, rejuvenates and lifts. More than two thirds of participants in a clinical trial found it visibly left the skin instantly brighter and healthier around the eyes and reduced the appearance of eye bags. We’re in! Perfect 360 Eye Illuminate, £90;


We’re obsessed with this all-in-one science and sustainability-conscious innovation that targets every eye concern.

The patches work to instantly hydrate, refresh and revitalise tired eyes while reducing the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. The secret weapon? A special hydrogel, which prevents moisture being lost through evaporation and is formulated to help the skin absorb the active ingredients with twice the intensity.

Key ingredients include avocado polyphenols to de-puff and reduce dark circles; triple hyaluronic acid to deliver immediate plumping hydration; vegan collagen to strengthen skin elasticity, skin-identical ceramides to reinforce skin barrier function and panthenol to boost hydration and improve texture. Wear for 15-20 minutes before removing and gently patting the excess concentrate into the skin – et voila!

Each jar contains 30 pairs of biodegradable patches.

Everything Eye Patches, £100;


Rich in vitamin C and E and filled with essential fatty acids and vital nutrients that rejuvenate the skin cells, this natural eye cream soothes the eyes, boosts firmness and reduces puffiness.

The advanced anti-oxidant formula also helps to nourish, repair and hydrate the delicate skin around the eyes.

Key ingredients include amla, which promotes collagen and elastin production while fighting key radicals; anti-inflammatory oil brahmi; and rosehip oil, which is pressed from the fruit and seeds of the rose plant and is packed with healing benefits.

The good news? Although based in Sydney, Australia, Ayurveda aromatherapy specialist Subtle Energies has partnered with London’s new Peninsula Hotel and its ayurvedic therapy treatments are offered exclusively at The Peninsula Spa & Wellness Centre.

Amla Replenishing Natural Eye Cream, £63; and


This new brightening product is billed as the only under-eye treatment that decongests the microvascular network to reduce dark circles and puffiness.

Formulated with advanced MelaC+ Technology, featuring 10% THD Ascorbate (the most potent and stable form of Vitamin C), it targets underlying causes like increased fluid build-up, as well as increased discolouration and diminished dermal support.

The powerhouse ingredients work in synergy to leave the under-eye area brighter, de-puffed, and refreshed. And it’s got the clinical trials to prove it!

Revision Skincare C+ Brightening Eye Complex, £125;

Rumi Cosmetiques Launches Gamechanging PowerBrow + Tinted

Eyebrow Gel To Colour and Grow Brows

The era of thin brows is a thing of the past. The 2010s introduced the trend of fuller brows, with exploring 'how to grow your eyebrows' staying minimal until April 2011. By April 2020, the search peaked as people sought ways to enhance their brows at home. Even those loyal to salon treatments are switching from HD Brows to the PowerBrow + Tinted Eyebrow Gel, a recent release by RumiCosmetiques.

This newly launched product promises to redefine the way users approach brow makeup. It offers a bold colour payoff, customisable intensity, and smudge-proof wear,allwhilecontainingactiveingredients that nourish and thicken brows with every stroke.

Rumi Cosmetiques is a beauty brand for mature women who often struggle with thinning brows. Women lose their natural prostaglandin, the hormone that signals for eyebrows to grow, as they age, meaning brows can become thin, take longer to grow, become coarse and changecolour.

PowerBrow+ is not your average tinted brow gel; it's a game-changer in the makeup world. The unique formula delivers an intense, natural-looking colour, ensuring brows stay on point throughout the day. Specifically made for mature women, PowerBrow+ fills, shapes, and defines brows, providing a natural, youthfulappearance.

Crafted with sensitive skin in mind, the PowerBrow+ Tinted Eyebrow Gel is available in three shades - Espresso, Mocha and Latte - and is also proudly veganandcruelty-free.

Eyelash serums like Rumi Cosmetiques Lash Care+ Serum have been popular for years. Brow serums are the latest trend, with a 20% rise in searches compared to five years ago (November 2018 vs. November 2023). Like its sister eyelash product, Volume Care+ Mascara, the new PowerBrow+ Tinted Eyebrow Gel provides a2-in-1solution.Itgrowsbrowswhilealso tinting them to help users feel more confident.

Expert Tips on Crafting the Perfect Brows

Brows are a work of art, and PowerBrow+ is the artist's brush. Rumi Cosmetiques has curatedprotipstohelpusersshapeanddefinelikeatruebrowconnoisseur!

Face shapes can determine the ideal brow arch. Discover the best arch for each face shape—a slightly rounded arch for a heart-shaped face, a defined, angular arch for a square face, an arched illusion for a round face, and the freedom to experimentwithanovalface.

Achieving the coveted feathered brow look is now effortless with PowerBrow+ Tinted Eyebrow Gel. Brush the product through the brows toward hair growth usingshort,upwardstrokes.Finishbycombingthroughwithacleanspooliebrush forasoft,naturalfinishthatlastsallday.

Consistency is key to achieving optimal results with PowerBrow+. While individual experiences may vary, regular use of this powerful eyebrow gel can lead to visible improvementsinbrowgrowthwithinafewweeks.

Rumi Cosmetiques has a 100% 'Does What It Says' Guarantee. Customers who aren’t happywiththeresultscanreceivetheirmoneyback.

RumiCosmetiquesisabeautybrandthatcreatesproductsfor mature women that highlight their natural beauty. Its products are specifically formulated to support mature women with ingredients suitable for sensitive skin and that grow and build hair strength. Established in 2020, the familyrun business was inspired by the notion of helping women redefine themselves and rebuild their confidence. It has a dual approach to its work; more than a beauty brand, Rumi Cosmetiques is also a community that listens, supports, and inspires celebrating sisterhood, especially as women age. The brand believes that age is not a swear word nor should be associated with something negative. Rumi Cosmetiques offers avarietyofbeautyproductstailoredforeyes,brows,hair,and skin. It mainly chooses natural ingredients, ensuring that all products are vegan, cruelty-free, and specially designed for sensitiveeyesandskin


Wish you were here

CreatingMemorieswithMagicalFragrances. Yourchoiceoffragrancecansignificantlyimpacttheatmospherearoundyou. This spring, set the tone with a scent that captures freshness, revitalisation, and vibrancy. Imagine yourself transported to a serene beach, breathing in the salty air, or a lush meadow filled with blossoming flowers and grass, savouring the


Sea Foam is the scent of freedom. Remember as a child when you spilled excitedly over the dune and caught your first glimpse of the sea for that year? Remember how the smell of the sea seemed to expand like pure joy in your lungs? Well, this scent brings back all those familiar feelings of happinessandpureliberationwhenweseeandsmellthesea.

Revitalise Your Skin

Meet Jenny Doyle who graduated with Distinction from Oxford University in 2012, she is the one woman who can make you feel and look 10 years younger.

Jenny is a consultant Oculoplastic Surgeon who serves as Head of Aesthetics and Chief Operating Officer at The Clinic Holland Park. She combines her knowledge of ophthalmic surgery with a keen eye for aesthetics, which provides a holistic approach to achieving natural yeteffectiveaestheticoutcomesforherpatients.

The Clinic offers many different types of treatments, from traditional Spa to non-invasive treatment,andprovidesasecureandsafeenvironmentformorein-depthprocedures. Itisaone-stopshop,somemightsay,butanexclusiveluxuriousclinicandoneofakind.

Iwasinvitedtotrythenew Sofwave™aninnovativeNonsurgicalskintreatmentwhich revitalisestheskinandgivesa boostaroundthejawlineandthe eyesorwheneverneededincluding onthebody.Thisground-breaking ultrasoundtechnologyisquitean experienceandalthoughnot completelywithoutsome discomfortitiswellworthit especiallywhenyouseetheresults attheendofthetreatment.(Iwas delightedtoseehowmyeyesand browsliftedaswellasmychin)

Its unparalleled ‘Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam’ (SUPERB™) technology delivers focused ultrasound energy precisely to the dermal layers of the skin. This energy penetrates the tissue without causing damage to the outer layers, allowing for targeted heatingandstimulationofcollagenproduction.

The ultrasound energy delivered by Sofwave™ stimulates the body's natural healing response,triggeringtheproductionofnewcollagenfibresinthetreatedareas.

Collagen is a key structural protein in the skin that provides support and elasticity. By promotingcollagenremodelling,Sofwave™helpstotightenandlifttheskin,reducingthe appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. In my case, we focused on the jawline and eyes, and in approximately 30 minutes or so, my skin tightened, and I felt as if I had a mini facelift.

Iwasoutandaboutshortlyafterthetreatment,feelingyoungerandwithaspringinmy step.

Withnodowntime,Icouldresumemynormalday immediately.

Thistreatmentisarevelation,anditsoptimal resultsaretypicallyachievedwithaseriesof treatmentsspacedseveralweeksapart.Overtime, theskincontinuestoimproveascollagen productionincreases,withresultslastingforupto ayearormore.

Whatistherenottolove?VisitTheClinicHolland Parkandbookyourappointmentonline.


Spring has arrived, and each day brings new opportunities for learning and self-care, encouraging us to nurture our minds, bodies, and souls further.


Forget dermal fillers or going under the knife. There’s a soft revolution taking place in the beauty industry as increasingly savvy consumers turn to the latest cuttingedge non-invasive treatments for long-term aesthetic results that are more than skin deep.

Here, Millionair takes a look at some of the best new treatments designed to give glow – and lift – without the downtime.

PicoSure Laser Skin Brightening - Dr Joney de Souza

The PicoSure Laser is one of the most effective ways to correct hyperpigmentation and improve overall skin tone, quality and texture. Unsurprisingly, the expert practitioners at Dr Joney de Souza’s skin and laser clinic tend to treat a preponderance of Australians and South Africans, who are more prone to sun damage and freckles than those in the northern hemisphere. The treatment can also help reduce the appearance of fine lines, acne scarring, wrinkles, and pores, and it is suitable for all skin types.

How it works:

PicoSure laser delivers ultra-short pico-second pulses, which penetrate deep into the skin to shatter tiny pigment particles without damaging the surrounding tissue. These broken-down particles are small enough to be eliminated by the body, resulting in gradual fading. Ticking boxes for both sun damage and age spots as an Australia-born, middle-aged woman, I was booked in for three sessions carried out four to six weeks apart. First, my practitioner, Roma, applied an anaesthetic numbing cream on my face and neck for 30 minutes before using a pigment-zapping handpiece to target both visible and hidden pigmentation. Next, she deployed the PicoSure Focus handpiece, a rejuvenation tool designed to get my skin cells “talking to each other” and stimulate the production of elastin and collagen.

Pain factor:

It started off as a feathery pin-prick, which then gave way to the sensation of a ballpoint pen pressing into your skin. Not exactly pleasant but certainly bearable. Roma gave me a cooling wand to wave over my hot face while she lasered away.


It takes at least a couple of weeks before you start to see any noticeable results, and it might take longer, depending on your skin type. You can expect your pigmentation spots

How it works:

Extracted from damascene rose cells and measuring about 1/800th of the size of a cell, exosomes (only plant-derived ones are legal in the UK) contain biomolecules including proteins, growth factors, lipids and nucleic acids. They act as 'regeneration messengers' from stem cells to other cells – in effect, they help the older cells to repair themselves. After applying some topical numbing cream to my face (20 minutes is long enough for it to take effect as the procedure is low in discomfort), my practitioner spread exosome serum on my skin before using a microneedle device to create microscopic channels in the dermis, which cause the exosomes to seep into the deeper layers. While exosomes are nanoparticles, they cannot penetrate skin on their own and need these little channels in order to start communicating with skin cells. More serum was then applied topically to maximise collagen and elastin production.

Pain factor and downtime:

The treatment was pleasingly pain-free and fast, lasting less than an hour, including the time taken for the numbing cream to work. My skin felt slightly tingly and tender to the touch and looked mildly sunburnt for a few hours afterwards, but by the next morning, any redness was gone.


While three sessions (two weeks apart) are recommended for best results, including minimising the appearance of acne scars, enlarged pores and hyperpigmentation as well as alleviating inflammatory conditions such as rosacea, my skin felt plumper, brighter and smoother after just one.

Price: From £580 per session. Dr David Jack Belgravia Clinic,

Sylfirm X - Dr Rita Rakus

This magical machine is a next-generation radiofrequency and micro needling system, deploying both continuous wave and pulsed wave in one nifty device to treat pigmentation and vascular lesions such as melasma and rosacea as well as acne scarring. It also tightens and lifts, improves skin tone and leaves it looking clearer and moreradiant.

How it works:

The beauty of the dual-mode procedure is that it can be tailored to different aesthetic concerns and is suitable for all skin types. For instance, the continuous wave is ideal for improving collagen and skin laxity, while the pulse wave RF specifically targets abnormal vessels for improved pigmentation and vascularity. Dr Rakus describes it as “the next stepaboveMorpheus8”.Thedevice’sultra-finegoldneedlesareroboticallyproducedto ensure they penetrate at controlled and optimum superficial depths of between 0.34.0mm. This creates controlled micro-injuries within the skin, triggering its natural healing process, stimulating new collagen and elastin production and reducing the appearance of fine lines. “New technology is showing that superficial treatment is best; the shallower you go, the less pain, less damage and fewer side effects,” says Dr Rakus. The treatment can last up to 45 minutes, with an additional 20 minutes if numbing creamisrequired.

Pain Factor:

According to Dr Rakus, you should experience 70% less pain due to the advanced technologyandvirtuallynobleeding.


There could be some redness and minor swelling after treatment, but this usually disappearswithin24hours.


While visible tightening comes immediately, for a reduction in the appearance of pigmentation and acne scarring, expect to see results after about one month. Measurable results appear gradually over two to three months as it takes time for the benefits of boosted collagen production to be seen. A series of three to five sessions, spacedtwotofourweeksapart,isrecommended.

Price: From£1200foronesession.DrRitaRakusClinic,


Millionair’s health & wellness editor, Lucy Wakefield shares her favourite self-care finds for spring

I am a big believer that small self-care moments make the most difference when it comes to our well-being, and whilst I’m not usually one for hopping on trends, I couldn’t help but notice some of the ones set to soar this Spring. A slower, softer feel seeps into the wellness scene, delivering a new kind of glow and a deeper level of luxury – that of time, mindfulness and comfort. Less is more, and quality over quantity is the vibe in every area.

So, forget working out to exhaustion, feeling overwhelmed by constant habit tracking, and starting at 5 a.m. The new and refreshingly effective way to get results is to follow a moremindfulandpersonalisedapproachandtransformyourroutinesintorituals.

If you ever thought about switching your gym routine for something gentler but worried you wouldn’t get the same results, or you’re curious to simplify your 12-step skincare regime or complex contouring routine, now is the time. I’ve downsized the time I spend but upped the intention and quality of all my routines, and I’m very pleased with the results.Ifeelcalmerandmoregrounded.

So here’s my Spring edit of the best new launches and the wellness trends I recommend you try for a simpler, quieter


The holy grail of the wellness industry is making meditation and well-being practices realistic and accessible in this always-switched-on world. Now, there’s a new way to tap into the benefits and unwind without the commitmentofjettingofftoadestinationretreat.

Finding Quiet was founded by health and wellbeing expert and meditation teacher Ciara McGinley, who was inspired to truly create a space for women to rest in this ever-evolving, fast-paced world. Collaborating with top wellbeing practitioners, from yoga and Pilates teachers to sound healing therapists, Ciara curates luxury meditation and well-being experiences and mini-day retreats for her community of like-minded women. Working with luxury brands including Stella McCartney, Neom and Bamford, Ciara teaches her guests how to find quiet in the noise and ultimately shows you howthesimplestofpracticescanimproveyourwellbeing.

‘I firmly believe that you don’t need to wake up at 5 am or give up anything inyourfullandbusysociallifejusttofitanideaofwellness,”saysCiara.

Alongside hosting mini well-being retreats and luxury meditation experiences, Ciara also works with a small number of clients on a one-ononebasis,helpingthembuildameditationroutinethatworksforthem. Formoreinformation,visit


Mindfulness is no longer confined to the yoga mat, and the demand for more intentional and intuitive workouts is on the rise, thanks to trends like social media’s cosy cardio and soft hiking, as well as the growing awareness of the benefits of cycle-synching

I’m personally experimenting with this, too. I'm switching my regular HIIT and weights sessions for more Pilates and body weight resistance workouts and listening more closely to what my body (rather than my fitness tracker) is telling me it needs. In my opinion, this trend is built to last as it allows individuals to work to their own rhythms, learning to understand and listen to their bodies.

“Mindful, intuitive workouts take into account things like energy levels and hormone fluctuations, so they help build sustainable and enjoyable routines,” says Sarah Aspinall, founder of Breaking Ballet, a graceful yet strengthening for women in midlife. “They allow you to take a step back and transform both your mind, body and nervous system, too, resulting in a happier, healthier and more balanced you.” For online programs, live classes and retreats


111 Skin Black Diamond Facial

I recently visited the Private Facial Suite at 111 Harley Street Clinic with Dr. Yaniis Alexandrides to experience the Celestial Black Diamond Facial. It’s been dubbed the non-surgical alternative to a facelift. It combines actual black diamond microspheres with highly effective skincare ingredients, LED, micro-current technology, and cryotherapy to make the skin look more instantly youthful while boosting long-term skin health.

After assessing my skin to discover my concerns, my aesthetician created a bespoke treatment to target my priorities: lifting, firming, and brightening.

It’s little wonder the experience, a luxurious blend of the latest and most effective of everything happening right now in skincare, is a favourite with celebrities prepping to dazzle for awards season and the red carpet. My skin was visibly lifted, super-hydrated, and had a wonderful glowing sheen.

It’s definitely a first-class experience and one to invest in if you have a special occasion to prepare for or want to look more like your best self but don’t want to go down the invasive or tweakment route. I also loved the focus on aftercare and the incredible face masks and eye patches they offer for home maintenance. To book the Black Diamond Facial, £240 for 90 minutes


Now, this is a trend we can definitely get on board with at Millionair, and it’s not all about aesthetics, although the products will look beautiful in your bathroom. Body care is getting a self-love upgrade, and about time because taking time to massage in a lotion or hydrate with an aromatherapy mist can actually supercharge your well-being. With the constant pressure to achieve more, look perfect and make it all seem effortless, an at-home self-care experience is an accessible way to combat this stress and help you maintain a positive outlook while reducing anxiety.

Combining the power of intentional touch with therapeutic aromas can transform simple routines into rituals and release feel-good endorphins. This is the thinking behind Rare Beauty’s new Find Comfort body collection. Selena Gomez wanted to create products that helped you feel good in your own skin, and she’s certainly succeeded. All the products are gorgeous, but the star products for me have to be the Stop & Soothe Aromatherapy Gel, a handbag-friendly on-go stress buster that’s also a lovely companion for meditation and yoga and the Body & Hair mist, which uplifts and hydrates as it scents with Lemon Zest and Jasmine.


If there’s one thing I want to achieve with my makeup routine it’s to look like my best self - glowing, rested as if I’ve just come back from a relaxing holiday. So, when I met with Gabriella Elio, makeup artist and founder of Sweed, and discovered her makeup mantra has always been, “look like yourself after a two week vacation – radiant and full of life” I knew I had met a kindred spirit and discovered my new go-to cosmetics brand. Gabriella designed and developed all the formulas, and they have been years in the making, which I hugely respect. Every product has its place and the range is comprehensive but not overwhelming as Gabriella only launches into a new category when she is hundred per cent happy. The newest example of this is the new Glass Foundation, which is set to be a cult classic.

My personal favourite is the Miracle Powder, infused with vitamins and minerals, it casts a magic filter on the skin which gives a flattering glow and blurring effect. It provides buildable coverage, it’s breathable yet long wearing and has skin matching pigments so it works with your skin not against it.

Besides the gorgeous Tiffany-esque packing, I adore Sweed for its vegan and animal friendly credentials – they who save one sea turtle for every mascara sold.

sublime skin

Your Skin Has Never Been Loved Like This Before:

Discover beautiful, healthy, radiant skin with our nourishing face serum. Sublime Elixir was crafted with the utmost precision and the finest, most nutritious ingredients to uncover a complexion that radiates youth, health and vitality. Upgrade your skincare to skinLOVE with Sublime Elixir.

The Science of Perfection:

AttheheartofSublimeElixirliesafusionof cutting-edge scientific research and the wisdomofage-oldbotanicalmedicine.Every drop of this serum is a masterpiece, meticulously formulated to deliver unparalleledresults.

The Riches of Nature:

Sublime Elixir contains a symphony of rare and precious botanical extracts. The Mediterranean diet has long outperformed any other diet in terms of optimum health, wellbeing and longevity. We have now sourced the most nutritious ingredients, grown in oneof the mostbeautifulareasof the world, to bring you a veritable feast of unmatchednourishmentforyourskin.Each of our 21 ingredients was carefully selected for its potency and efficacy. Together, they cover all the skin’s nutritional needs so that your skin has an abundance of nutrition to support its highest health, radiance and vitality.

Mediterranean Heaven:

100% natural, the aromatic bouquet of Sublime Elixir transports you to a warm Mediterranean orchard. Sweet fennel blends with plum, pomegranate, basil and verbena notes. Uplifting and regenerating, inhale this signature scent for a heavenly momentofself-loveandbliss.

Indulge and Simplify:

Reap the benefits of opulent nourishment and unlock ageless, luminousskin.Experiencethebeautyof radiant living with Sublime Elixir – the most luxurious and nutrient-rich face serumevercreated.



Plum kernel oil, Meadowfoam seed oil, Grapeseed oil, Sesame oil, Rice bran oil, Raspberry seed oil, Tomato seed oil, Broccoli seed oil, Pomegranate oil, Prickly pear oil, Olive Squalane, Marshmallow, Green coffee bean, Bakuchiol, Pumpkin, Rosemary, Verbena, Basil, Sweet fennel, Coriander, Frankincense

Firming Fusion Genius

Are you ready to say goodbye to “bumpy” skin and hello to a smoother, firmer silhouette?

Firming Fusion leg oil is expertly designed to address the common concerns of cellulite and uneven skin texture with a natural and effective approach. One of its distinctive featuresistheup-cyclingoffoodby-productsforahealthyMediterranean“skindiet”. Powered by roasted coffee bean extract and grape pomace, Firming Fusion oil is clinically proven to reduce orange peel skin and cellulite imperfections by 23%, and improveskincompactnessby63%in56days.

Roasted coffee bean extract is rich in antioxidant properties and caffeine, which stimulates blood circulation and helps break down fat cells. Grappa is traditionally prepared from grape pomace and is very rich in phytomolecules. Grapes contain vitamins (C, K, B1, B6), Manganese, and many compounds with antioxidant and antiinflammatoryproperties.

** Recycled Food-By Products: Kear’s commitment to sustainability means they utilise recycledfoodby-products,makingitabeautyproductyoucanfeelgoodabout.

What is your sleep secret?

Born from witnessing the power of Earth’s natural ingredients, it was developed using a scientific approach to create the most effective complexes for a product that truly delivers.

Earth’s Secret

Amy,thefounderofEarth'sSecret,wasinfluencedbyhermother'sholistichealthbeliefs and journey battling cancer, where natural remedies like Ashwagandha, Spirulina, and Reishiplayedasignificantrole.Herpersonalexperiencein2016fueledherdedicationto natural wellness after realising the underappreciated potential of these potent ingredients.

This realisation led to the creation of Earth's Secret. Not finding brands that resonated withhervaluesofauthenticity,purity,andsustainability,Amyembarkedonamissionto offer something unique. Her goal is straightforward: delivering potent, ethically sourced ingredients in innovative and effective blends. Through their award-winning products, they aim to reconnect individuals with nature's wonders, promoting a healthier and morebalancedlifestyle.


Sleep:YourNaturalPathto RestfulNights

Discoverpeaceful,restorative sleepwithourSleep capsules,blendingaffron® saffronextract,organic passionflower,tartcherry, lavender,andchamomile. Eachingredientischosenfor itsnaturalabilitytorelaxthe mindandbody,ensuringa smoothtransitiontodeep sleep.

Affron®saffronandpassionflowercalmyourmind,whiletartcherry,richinmelatonin, regulates your sleep cycle. Lavender and chamomile provide a gentle, soothing effect, enhancingthequalityofyourrest.

These vegan, organic capsules are your nightly ticket to a serene, rejuvenating sleep experience.

Award-winning Saffron extract is combined with four other powerful blends of sleepinducing botanicals to relax your muscles, quieten the mind, reduce sleep latency, and give your body quality sleep.

SuperNaturalcomplexes helpyou discoverthebesthealth foryourbestlife.

“I developed Earth's Secret with one single mission: to make it even easier to live your healthiest life. The ingredients included in our complexes contain the highest level of active compounds on the market and, unlike other products, contain absolutely no fillers whatsoever.”


‘’We firmly believe in the value of sharing because we care deeply. We are thrilled to unveil our latest art, culture, and sustainable hospitality findings. Our team has been exploring the globe to uncover our passions, and we are eager to unveil them to you.’’

I can see

Kirk & Kirk creates

distinctive and lightweight and handmade in France. eyewear for you to express who you really are. Crafted from bespoke Italian acrylic

Just Frames. No Labels.


Jason Kirk

JasonKirk grewupinthesleepyBuckinghamshirevillageofChalfront StPeter.Theeldestofthreebrothers,hehadlittleinterestinjoiningfollowinginthe austere and clinical environment of the family optical business and was instead drawn to the expressive idealism of the brit pop and punk rock new romantic movements.

JasonwasdeeplyinspiredbyDavidBowie,whomhereveredforhisimmensetalent coupledwithaboldandtheatricalself-expression,andseeminglyendlessabilityto adaptandreinventhimself.

Yet, Jason was also profoundly shaped by his grandfather’s passion for innovation andhistremendousgenerositytowardseveryone,includinghiscompetitors.

These values were formative for Jason making him an ardent evangelist of not just thebrand,butofeyewearitself,believingdeeplyinthepotentialthatithastohelp otherspeopleexpressthemselvesmoreboldly.

JasonisalsoasecretFrancophile,havingreadFrenchStudiesatWarwickUniversity andthenlatermovingwithKarenandtheirchildrentoBordeaux,wheretheyspent ten years together. It’s one of the reasons that Kirk & Kirk maintain their manufacturingfacilitiesinFrancetothisday.

What is the most frustrating element of running an eyewear brand in 2024?

To cite one main frustration, it would be fashion stores not recognising the value of quality eyewear. This season, it's our aim to change that with our new SUN 2024collection.

What frames do you wear (and return to time and time again each season) from the Kirk & Kirk collection, and what do you feel those particular designs say about you? Also, please include what colour frames you wear and why.

My mainstay is HORACE in colours including Pink Cadillac, Cobalt Blue and Matte Moss Green, and I like wearing that with a photochromic lens (that goes darker in the sun) with a hint of flash mirror. I feel like the most authentic version of myself is wearing that, and when you wear the right frame, you feel better about yourself and find other peopleengagewithyoudifferently.

What are the most common mistakes most guys make when selecting eyewear?

There are two common mistakes. Firstly, they look at pictures of other people in glasses and think that if they wear the same frame, they will look like Austin Butler or Cillian Murphy. The second is playing it safe and not taking any risks. Eyewear says so much about who you are,andsomanygoforclassicshapesin tortoiseshell that basically say, ‘Please don’tnoticeme.'

A pop of colour is always a great conversation starter, but ultimately, your eyewear should always reflect your personality and your mood, so a more understated tone would be somethinglikeMidnightorRoyal.

Congratulations on a fantastic new sunglasses collection. What are you most looking forward to in 2024 connected to launching this line?

Thank you! We're really looking forward to a deeper connection with the fashion world through this collection.It'sanopportunityforusto communicate how optical frames are really a part of your look, not simply a necessary way of seeing the world moreclearly.

Of all the celebrities that have worn Kirk & Kirk, do you have a particular favourite, especially in terms of what Kirk & Kirk frames really suited them? And if you could see anyone wearing Kirk & Kirk, who would it be and why?

It’s always an honour when we see someone in the limelight wearing Kirk & Kirk. Robert Downey Jnr has been a fan for several years, and his choices always look spot on. Questlove and Jason Bell also wear our frames with joyous ease, and they always look so natural on them. We loved seeing J. Smith Cameron from Succession in our frames recently, and I’d love to see Cillian Murphy in our frames in 2024; his spirit of independence and irreverence really echoes that of Kirk &Kirk.

Apart from eyewear, is there anything special you collect in your wardrobe, any accessories, etc? If so, please let us know details about the collection (when it started and why, the quantity, etc) and include a snapshot of yourself with them if possible.

Trevira ties! I’ve been relentlessly collecting their 2.5” ties for about 30 years. Trevira were really at theirpeakinthelate50s/early60speriodand theircoloursandtextilevarietywere-andstillarecompletelyunbeatable.I’mallaboutthatskinnysuit worn by The Rat Pack, and so for me personally, wearingaTreviratieisanextensionoftherespectI have for accessories that begins in the morning by selecting eyewear that suits my mood, followed by process of choosing a Trevira tie to add to my outfit. I’ve always had a fond appreciation for the ritualisticaspectofdressinginthisway.

A Different Green

Bella Hoare

“For Hoare, painting is a process of drawing out the sitter’s inner life while also offering space for audiences to bring their own ideas and interpretations.”

ADifferentGreenisthefirstsoloexhibitionbyemergingartistBellaHoare,takingplace from22ndMayto2ndJuneatTheOxoToweronLondon’sSouthBank.

The exhibition focuses on over 20 works that explore the beauty of the female form alongsidecloselyobservednaturalreferencestoforests,leaves,andflowers.Successive layers of paint build the final image and the visible history of that image’s construction, whileHoare’soptimismshinesthroughinacelebrationoffemininebeautyandpower.

Plant life and the natural world are constant touchpoints. Hoare’s series of “green goddess” paintings offer a feminist take on the “green man” figure of medieval PaganChristian folklore. They can be seen as a reminder of the possibilities of human and, morespecifically,feminineintimacywiththenaturalworld.

Her “Glasshouse” paintings feature five portraits of women from The Glasshouse – a social enterprise empowering female prisoners through horticultural training. A passionate supporter of The Glasshouse, Hoare’s paintings are larger-than-life-size images. The scale throws off viewers’ preconceptions, monumentalising these women from marginalised communities and emphasising their potential for growth. As individuals and archetypes, they represent the opportunities for renewal the natural worldoffersthroughhorticultureandsharedexperiences.

Hoare’s practice repeatedly turns to themes of renewal and hope. Transitional colour palettes and lush vegetation expanses hint at the seasons' turning and the inevitable return of light and life from darkness. Under Hoare’s brush, nature is not a benevolent force but a neutral one, indifferent to human lives. It provides us with emotional and physicalsustenanceifwearewillingtoembraceitspower.

As a child I spent long hours deep in the forests and gardens around Stourhead that surrounded my home. As an adult the seasonal renewal of life has supported me through challenging times. This positive relationship between nature and feminine poweriscelebratedthroughoutmywork.

Colouriscrucialasawayofexpressingemotion.Mymemoriesofgreenlightfromdeep in the spring-time forest, the vivid colours of summer flowers, or the infinite variety of brownsandgreysofmid-winterareallequallybeautiful.

Theintricatelytexturedsurfacesofmyworkevolvesovermonthswithmanylayersofoil and cold wax medium. Representational when viewed across a room or on screen; in proximity you appreciate the successive application of abstract marks. We are all more interestingthecloseryoulook.

Lympstone Manor

Meander down to the tranquil heart of Devon, overlooking the commanding views of the River Exe, and you will find a statuesque Grade 11 listed Georgian manor, now creatively restored into the luxury five-star country hotel, Lympstone Manor.

Renovated by entrepreneur and highly acclaimed celebrity chef Michael Caines MBE, the once sleepier side of Devon has been given a dose of refined glamour with this modern restoration that is careful to pay respect to a building steeped in history and family legacy.

Lympstone dates back to the Roman and Saxon eras as the City of Exeter held an important part in Roman trading and later the then ‘Courtlands House’ was bought by local merchant bankers, the Baring family, around 1760, who extended it from a farmhouse into the sweeping Georgian manor and picturesque veranda gardens that are still visible to the front of the building today. Indeed, the owners still possess old newspaper archives from the local ‘Exeter Flying Post’ which reference ‘Courtland’s, with its beautiful, park-like pleasure grounds, well-known walled garden, peach house, graperiesandconservatories….’

Today, you can still find references to Regency and other period features within the stately interiors – muted powder blue hues, decorated wall panels and brass inlays – sit easily within the juxtaposition of antique objet d’art and modern conveniences. So, expect to find 21 luxurious suites facing onto the elaborate seascape vistas of the Exe estuary and Jurassic coast, with all rooms individually designed taking inspiration from a differentfamedbirdoftheestuary.Thiseditorstayedinthe‘Egret’classicsuite:anopen planned, king-sized room with a garden view designed in varying shades of milky white, paleblueandgreyasitsaviannamesake. Thesuiteresemblestheeasyopulenceofthe

Caines’ stellar culinary background puts the Lympstone Manor menu and newly converted three dining areas at the forefront of the offering: the exquisite, Michelinstarred, 8-course ‘Estuary Tasting Menu’ is also paired with wines from the local Lympstone Manor Vineyard, a passion project of Caines, himself; ‘Most of the great vineyards of Europe are all located near rivers, the Médoc châteaux of Bordeaux on the Gironde, wine estates along the Rhône, Loire, and Rhine rivers, the great port vineyards of the Douro. So why not the Exe estuary?’ Approximately 10.5 acres, with soil sitting on anExmouthsandstoneformationdatingback250millionyearsago,thetotalplantation has around 17,000 vines, mainly made up of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Meunier. The tasting menu is full of exquisite vignettes such as Cornish Octopus, barbequed sea bream in a roasted fish red wine sauce, braised Cornish turbot and the new addition, a mouth-watering lightly salted cod in a nettle based velouté, that reflect both the precisionandcreativityofCainesvision.Youwillalsofindalacartedishes,andthechef’s teamareonhandtoofferwineguidancewiththetwobasementLympstonewinecellars comprising 600 bins and a wine tasting room with state-of-the-art Wine Emotiondispensemachinesandabespoke-builtgranitewinetastingtable.

If you want a truly rustic experience stroll through the 28acre garden into the accompanying woodland where you will find the six Lympstone shepherd huts – luxury interior design meets glamping with a hint of bohemia between – expect sumptuous fabrics,kingsizedbeds,openplankitchenettesandloungeareasallinwarmcolourways, ideal for romantic getaways, solo trips or even family breaks. Slope down to the end of the garden meets estuary and you will find the newly installed Pool House (which was not yet opened at the time of this editor’s visit) with a year-round heated pool and separate laissez-faire style restaurant – also catered by Caines himself – with croquet lawns, exquisite views and cocktails at sunset also available to locals to visit on a Lympstonehousemembership.

Lympstone Manor is a successful example of how a historic house can be elegantly rendered into 21st luxury hospitality and gives a glimpse of Caines vision for future projects.

A slice of barefoot luxury

Amari Raaya Maldives

In the fast-paced world of luxury travel, the Maldives has long been an insider’s go-to. Known for its seclusion, first-class hospitality and guaranteed sunshine that kisses the whiter-than-white sands, the overwater bungalows that hover suggestively aloft the azurewatershavecementedthemselvesonthevacaycalendarforagoodreason.Ican confirmthatthelatestofferingtotheIndianOceanticksallthoseboxes,resultinginan indulgentholidaytoremember.

Amari Raaya Maldives, which opened this summer, is located on one of the largest natural islands in Raa Atoll and is about as close as it gets to tropical bliss on Earth. Backed by luxury hospitality group Onyx, this is its second resort in the Maldives, and it continues its mission to create magical memories and unforgettable experiences for its guests. With attention to detail, starting from your welcome at Male’s Velana International Airport. Guests are met and transferred to a VIP Lounge, where they can refresh before the final leg of their journey- a 45-minute seaplane which will deposit theminEden.

The Resort

On the surface, there’s not much to do on thispristinecastawayisland,andthat’spart of the appeal for many. The Indian Ocean stretches to the horizon, perfectly flat, ending in a smudged line that joins with the mirrored turquoise of the sky. But mostly, it’s just the endless sea, and the resort has captured these natural surroundingsperfectly.

TheVillageSquareisthehuboftheresort’s activities. You can grab a coffee or afternoon tea or pick up some trinkets at the boutique. Although there are plenty of buggy stops around, I preferred to nip aboutonmyownwithacourtesybike.

The Rooms

The blue of the sky and sugar white sand was contrasted with the lush greenery which hugged the resort's pathways. My bungalow,incontrast,wasamodernsingle floor affair- an overwater villa which gave directaccesstotheocean.Thecrystal-clear waters allow for excellent visibility, making it a paradise for snorkelling, and it was the perfect spot for an early morning dip to explore the reefs and underwater world.It also had a large deck and plunge pool, which I took advantage of one day for my floating breakfast. A huge bed with crisp white sheets kept the style simple and fresh,andthelargerainwatershowerreally feltlikeIwasinthetropics.

This would have been perfect for romance (alas I was travelling alone), but there are family and adjoining bungalows availablewith187guestroomsandvillasintotal,yet eachofferingprivacy.


Eight dining options range from themed nights to beach barbecues to discreet dining under the stars; romantics will love the Clocktower experience, as the sky-high viewing point can be transformed at night intotheultimateromanticdinnerfortwo.

Elsewhere, you can enjoy a rotating menu at the buffet-style Amaya Food Gallery, book a table at the a la carte Ampers&nd, which specialises in Pan Asian cuisine, or check out the al fresco dining at Mediterranean-inspiredPregolino.

Foraspectacularsunsetdiningexperience, headovertoAmbers,arooftoploungeand bar that serves Asian wok and grill specialities alongside creatively crafted cocktails, accompanied by a DJ and other musical entertainment. Of course, there are plenty of child-friendly options at the SOAQpoolbarandVillageCafe.


Guests are invited to whizz about and exploretheselectionofbeachesbybikeor burn off some steam at the gym or yoga class. But if you’re not feeling so energetic, you can join an art session, which is a nod to the island’ser, portrait artist fictional foundSeb.

You can read the story of Seb, who was washed up on the island and made it his home,intheillustratedbookyouwillfindin your room. Each carefully curated event coincides with the island's geology, and as youexploretheisland, you’llfindoutmore about his life, including the Art and Crafts studio he built, the wreck of his ship he arrived on, and watchtowers he created as a lookout, which have been transformed intoprivatediningandstargazingspots.

Seb was clearly an adept fisherman, and guests can join boat trips for a number of water experiences including whale and turtle watching; there is also a dive school with a certified PADI instructor, or you can enjoy a more gentle paddle board, snorkel or kayak. I’m personally a fan of the hammocks which you can find sporadically swayingbetweenthepalmtrees,andthisis theplaceIwasmostlychannellingmyinner Seb!

What they don’t mention in the book, are the wellness facilities, which the Amari doesexceptionallywell.TheMaiiSpabrand isdesignedtototallyreleaseyourbodyand mind and offers a range of holistic and wellness experiences. With ten relaxing treatment rooms set in the natural surroundings, including rooms for couples, the Thai inspired treatments include aromatherapy, Ayurvedic and reflexology, deep-tissue, hot stone and sports massage. In the name of research, I tried out the House Special, which was truly divine.

Other treats for guests are an option to join the nightly sunset cruise, unlimited access to non-motorised water sports and acomplimentaryone-hourphotoshoot!


I visited last month, and although I have visited the Maldives before, I was once again dazzled by the glistening sea and effervescent sands, which reach for miles, often without footprints. It’s no wonder that the brand has chosen a castaway character to epitomise this slice of paradise, and like him, you will make memorieswhileyou’rethere.


We search, discover, and deliver the most exquisite items that you might have missed during endless scrolling.

Seekingtobringmoreeleganceandcharmintoyour life? We have you sorted with delightful items that are truly worth investing in. Discover Stephen Webster’s exquisite, sustainable, quirky keepsakes, gifts, and organic, clean eye creams that we have personally tested and adored. Also, explore our latestfragrancediscoveriesthatwillbecometimeless essentials. Don't overlook these treasures that will foreverholdaspecialplaceinyourheart.

That's Rich Incense Burner

That'sRichIncenseBurnersetwithaGreyCrystalinBrushedBronze ontopofablackstonebase.

among the top 10 items found in beach clean-ups and take over 200yearstobreakdown,StephenWebster’smakesastandagainst thisenvironmentalissuewith;TheLastStraw.

Beautifully handcrafted in Sterling silver, a perfect material known for its anti-bacterial qualities, each straw hand engraved with the owner’sfirstnamefollowedbytheengravedstatement:LastStraw. Partnering with Plastic Oceans International, Stephen Webster will donate10%ofallsalesproceeds,tosupporttheiron-goingworkin preservingouroceans.



The Crystal Haze Large Cocktail Ring is a signature of the Fly By Night collection. Set with a mesmerising Black Opalescent Crystal Haze and Black Diamond pavé, the design is a tribute to nocturnal creatures ofthedarkestforestdepths.


Both Ends Burning Candle

For those who like to burn the candle at both ends…. We introduce Webster’s latest twist of innovation, the Both Ends Burning Candle; a candle that can be flipped and burnt at both sides to enjoy a different a fragrance by day and night.

Fly By Day has a fresh and hypnotic scent, with top notes of Pink Pepper and Berries, heart notes of Rose and Jasmine, and base notes of earthy Leather, Cedarwood and Musk.

While Fly By Night offers a rich and mysterious fragrance, with subtle top notes of Mandarin, heart notes of Jasmine and Rose and seductive base notes of Amber, Vanilla and Musk.

Once burnt, you can reuse the ornately designed doublesided ceramic pot for your trinkets and treasures.



Made from organic cotton in one of ASPIGA’s block prints. A slim-fitting quilted design with a button-through fastening, detailed with fabric-covered buttons and button loops. The jacket has a slight puff shoulder, full-length sleeves and a back yolk.

Sustainability: Arrived by boat, with sustainable packaging and ethically made.

Sky Jacket


Best natural eye creams with organic ingredients

Haveyouevernoticedhowyoureyesreveal yourstresslevelsafteralongdayatthe office?Theeyeareaisoftenthefirstto displaysignsoftirednessduetoitsdelicate nature—itistentimesthinnerthantherest ofthefaceandhaslessfatbeneathit. Whenchoosinganeyetreatment,itis crucialtoavoidharshingredientsthatcan overwhelmthissensitivearea. Safeguardyoureyeswithplant-based products.



Discover an “intelligent” eye cream that imitates the structure of the skin around the eyes, helpingitbindandretainmoisture,eliminatewrinkles,andprovideaprovenliftingeffecton theupperlid.

This luxurious and gentle eye cream provides just the sophisticated care the delicate skin around your eyes longs for at night: a revolutionary BYNACHT®biomimetic complex imitates the skin's lamellar structure, helping to restore its disturbed barrier function overnightandenablingittobindandretainmoistureperfectly.

Highly potent, precious Persian Silk Tree extract helps to eliminate visible signs of fatigue, whilehighmolecularhyaluronicacidpreventstransepidermalwaterloss.

Infused with a powerful cocktail of nourishing and protecting oils, such as Avocado and Sweet Almond, this high-performing cream also helps diminish the appearance of fine lines andwrinkles.




Biossance's Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream stands out as a favourite for many. This formula, approved by EWG, incorporates squalane derived from sustainable sugarcane, pink marine algae, and paracress extract, all crafted in a Green Lab Platinum Certified facility. Users appreciate its gentle nature on sensitive eyes, seamless application under makeup,andnoticeablequickenhancementofskintone.

Their award-winning eye cream pairs the power of marine algae and paracress extract for maximum performance. The result? Incredible lift with the appearance of fewer fine lines and wrinkles. This eye cream's whipped texture melts in on contact to deliver deep hydrationandleavebehindaperfectcanvasformakeup.

"I have been using this eye cream for over six months and adore it! With my super sensitive skin, I used to face severe allergic reactions, but now everything is sorted out. Not only does my concealer apply flawlessly over it without creasing, but at 53, people are always eager to learn abouttheproductsIuse!"


Ocean Eyes Age-Defying Serum

OSEA’s Ocean Eyes Age-Defying Eye Serum is a product guaranteed to see real results. With a blend of organic seaweed, hyaluronic acid, and peptides, this serum rolls on cool and is absorbed into the skin without leaving behind any greasy residue. Not only will you feel refreshed, but you’ll decrease the look of dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness. Knowing it’s cruelty-free, vegan, and made sustainably in California will make you a lifelong user.

This hydrating gel serum is a wake-up call for tired eyes. It addresses all signs of ageing. A high-performance blend of seaweed, hyaluronic acid, caffeine, and peptides smooths the look of fine lines and crow’s feet.

Our lightweight formula reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. It is delivered with a cooling roller ball applicator that instantly refreshes. It has been clinically and dermatologist-tested. Due to naturally derived ingredients, the consistency can vary. However, this does not impact the quality or performance.



For a rich and dense eye cream that’ll plump and smooth any texture around the delicate eye area, turn to Ursa Major’s Forest Alchemy Eye Cream. This velvety eye balm feels thick and luxurious and keeps your under eyes smooth and hydrated all day. Made with unique and powerful ingredients like chaga to limit hyperpigmentation and wild birch containing over 17 amino acids, your eye region will thank you for keeping it healthy and moisturised. Usesparingly,asalittlegoesalongway!

A supremely nourishing eye cream with powerful active ingredients and a rich, creamy texture, you have to feel to believe. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lightens dark circles, de-puffs, and hydrates—all in one effortless step. All that’s left for you todoissetyoureyesonthenextadventure.


Refillable Restorative Eye Crème

Tata Harper’s Refillable Restorative Eye Crème proves that even a small amount can yield significantresults.

A multi-correctionaleyecreamthatbrightens,smooths,depuffsandhydratestosofageing rejuvenatesignandfatigue.Bestforfinelines,dryness,under-eyebags,anddarkcircles.

This ultra-hydrating formula, which offers multiple corrective benefits, is crafted from 30 potent botanical ingredients: all-natural and 66 per cent organic. Infused with olive oil, lavender, and mango, this eye cream can enhance hydration, plump the skin, and reduce puffinesswithinafewweeks.Produced,handcrafted,andpackagedinVermont,thiscream provides peace of mind as it is ethically made using eco-friendly methods – including the use of refillable, sustainable containers! Embrace vibrant and elastic skin with this product forahealthierappearance.

Forbestresults,applyaroundtheentireeyearea-upperandlowerlids.UseAM&PM. Thisproductisrefillable.Whenyourunout,gettherefillpodandreuseyourbottle,pump, andcap


Resurrection Radiance Eye Cream

For a luxurious, plant-based eye cream free from fillers, True Botanicals is it. Their ResurrectionRadianceEyeCreamisclinicallyproventoaddressdarkcircles,puffiness,and evenwrinkleswiththeirinnovativenaturalformula.Withtreebark,coffee,liquoriceextracts and anti-inflammatory turmeric, this powerful cream rejuvenates tired eyes without any of the waxes, shimmers, or silicones in other formulas. Combine this cream with their eye serumandseetheskinaroundyoureyesbrightenbeforeyour,well,eyes.

This innovative, brightening eyes bioactive moisture retention complex from the Resurrection Plant helps intensely moisturise and dramatically reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, cream features and wrinkles. Infused with a unique tree barkextractthatdirectlyaddressestherootcauseofdarkcircles,antioxidant-richturmeric, coffee, and liquorice extracts help depuff and brighten the 360° eye area to deliver youthful-looking, radiant eyes. Formulated without silicones and waxes, this eye cream is hypoallergenic.

Warm up a pea-sized amount for a few seconds between your ring finger. Gently pat and press under and around your eyes in the morning and evening before you apply your moisturiser..



TAn enchanting smell escapes the bottle and suddenly fills the air: it is the age-old linden that shades the garden of painter Balthus’s atelier, at Grand Chalet,highupintheSwissalps.Atributetotheartistandhisfavouritescent,baskinthisCologne’sdelightfulredolenceofhoney,milkandslighthintsof lemon.Andintheend,aslighttrailofblondwoodandvanillaremains.

ContainsEssencesofLindenBlossoms,Mimosas,GreenLeaves,Bergamot,Heliotrope,Sandalwood,Musks.ColognedesignedbyFrançoiseCaronandthe Takasagoperfumeteam.

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