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As we unveil our New Logo, Millionair remains dedicated to its core values of Sustainability, Elegance, Innovation, and Excellence. The magazine's relaunch adds a bold step forward, embracing the future while honouring our illustrious past.

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It has been an

journeyamazing ourselvesfinding and discovering exceptional brands.

This month, we spotlight the inspiring Mariana Magtaz, Creative Director of Gaya Joyas, a passionate advocate who effortlessly turns her beliefs into action. For Mariana, supporting women is not merely a concept but a personal commitment. "‘’The most important advice I give to people is this: Persist: even if the path is not always beautiful or easy, it is still creative and rewarding!’’

Also, it’s the season of bold adventures in our cover story 'Sun Spells', the dazzling Swimwear photoshoot by John Rowley and his team in South Africa, whose effortless blend of chic, extraordinarygeometricalsceneryandstunningimagesembodiesthespiritofsummer.

From one sun-soaked photo shoot to another, the renowned French Photographer Frederic Pinet showcases his intimate journey through the wilderness at the Kurland Estate, a 700hectareparadisewithmagnificentnaturalbackdropsinSouthAfrica.

As you delve into this edition, we welcome you to join us on our new journey towards sharing ourvision.



Offeringdouble-eyedchronographswithmattedialfinishes, theCordueneCollectionexudesasmartandsporty impression.TheResistancemotifiscelebratedinthisspecial limitedcollection,symbolisingstrengthandresilience.


More thanskin deep.


When Kiera Chaplin first heard about Bufarma natural skincare, she admits she wasslightlywaryaboutusingproductsmade frombuffalomilk,aningredientmoreusually associated with mozzarella than face and bodylotions.

“I was always a bit sceptical about organics,” says the international model, entrepreneur and humanitarian, who is the niche Italian brand’s new global ambassador. “I like luxury, so for somebody like me to endorse it, says a lot,” she adds with an infectious laugh. “I really would not have put my name to it if I didn’t believe in it, 100 percent. It’s true - you think buffalomilk,howstrange.Butit’sgreatanditworks.”

You may not have heard of Bufarma before but it’s set to shake up the natural skincare industry with its responsibly sourced ingredients, no-nonsense, recyclable aluminium containers and cardboard packaging – and, of course, hero dairy product. Quite simply, skin loves buffalo milk, which is not so surprising when you consider the ancient Egyptians, notably Queen Cleopatra, were mad about the stuff, famously bathing in sour milk to improve the look andtextureoftheirskin.

Containing more lipids than any other milk as well as high levels of calcium and other essential nutrients, buffalo milk naturally protects the skin’s moisture barrier,providinghydrationandnourishment.

Kiera, 42, granddaughter of legendary comic actor Charlie Chaplin and founder of the Chaplin Awards, joined the Bufarma team in London recently for the UK launch of this unique brand, which was literally bornontheland.

Based at a buffalo farm near Naples in southern Italy, Bufarma is owned by the Galdiero family, representing three generations of farmer pharmacists. Although the family traditionally bred buffalo to make mozzarella (the region is famous for it), it was an open secret that a regular splash of freshmilkkepttheirhandsandskinhealthyandsoft.

Formulations for making beauty products and methods of distilling organic essences were first created by Stefano Galdiero, who passed down his passion for natural remedies to his microbiologist grandson Massimiliano. He has decided to go one step furtherandsharehisfamily’sskincaresecretswiththeworld.

Five years in the making, Bufarma offers a small but comprehensive range of accessiblypriced organic products, including body lotion, cleanser, body wash, face oil, creamy scrub,dayandnightcreams-aswellasagemofaserum,theReplenishingMilkEssence Serum(£49).

Introduced to the brand through mutual friends, Belfast-born, Geneva-based Kiera is so convinced of the power of buffalo milk that she has come on board as an investor and advisor. Here she tells MilliOnAir about her segue into skincare, upholding family values andthehumanitariancausesclosetoherheart.

When did you first became aware of the importance of skincare?

“Luckily enough, I became quite conscious of it when I was about 18, through modelling. They teach you at a young age to take care of your skin. I probably didn’t have the best routine back then but compared to some of my friends, I was trying to take care of my skin. In my mid 20s, I was living in LA and started seeing sun damage on my porcelain Irishskin(laughs),sothenIrealisedIhadtostepupmygame!”

How easy was it for you to find products that worked?

“I always had a hard time because my skin is sensitive but also quite thin and needs a lot of hydration. So, then you think, ‘I have to wear a heavy cream’, but if it’s too rich it suffocates my skin and I get blemishes. It’s hard to find a good cream that your skin will absorb and that willactuallynourishit.

“I love that the products are natural and the packaging is sustainable. I’ve seen a huge difference in my skin.”

You originally aspired to develop your own skincare range – what happened?

“About six or seven years ago, I decided I would love to launch my own cream. I was introduced to somebody in Switzerland who does the creams for many big names – I’m not allowed to say which ones! (laughs) – and they explained they all have the same base,butsomecreamshaveafewextraingredients,andthat’swhatchanges[theprice]. But usually, you are paying more for the packaging than the product. I was kind of shocked about that. And then I thought, ‘All of these creams are kind of the same, and there’s no point in putting something on the market that’s not so different’, and I lost hopeandinterest.”


did you become involved with


“Amutualfriendcalledandsaidtheywerelookingforanambassador.I’dneverbeenthe face of a skincare brand before – I’d done fashion and accessories. I love that the products are natural and the packaging is sustainable - even the dispensing pump is made from recyclable plastic. I love it so much that I am now part of the company and a

Have you noticed a difference in your skin since using buffalo milk products?”

“I’ve seen a huge difference! I have a lot less redness-andwhenIgetafacialnow,theydon’t tell me to hydrate my skin. It would drive me crazy. In my modelling days, I would drink two litres of water a day and wear creams and still they’d go, ‘Oh, your skin is really thirsty’. I managethecreamsaccordingtohowmyskinis – when it is feeling great, I just use the day and nightcreamsandifitneedsalittlepick-me-up,I use the serum at night. Once a week I put on the face oil, which is really hydrating and absorbsquickly.It’sgoodtohavethatlittleextra steponceinawhile,butifitinvolvesputtingon five creams a day, I don’t have the patience or thetime.Ialsothinkitendsupbeingtoomuch onyourface-youhavetolistentoyourskin.”

What new products are you working on?


You founded the Chaplin Awards in 2018 to honour actors and filmmakers in Asia whose work embody Charlie Chaplin’s qualities of realism, diversity and courage –how did the awards come about?

“I used to help sell tickets and get sponsors for The Chaplin Award Gala in New York, whichhasbeengoingformorethan50yearsandwasnamedaftermygrandfather,who was the first recipient. So many great people have received it since, including Meryl Streep, Martin Scorsese and this year, Jeff Bridges, and I thought it would be great to celebrate all the big film industries around the world. My grandfather didn’t want to speak in his films because he liked the international aspect of everybody being able to understandhisfilms.IknewhewaslovedinAsia,soIthoughtthiswouldbeagreatway to celebrate the film industry there. Today, people are famous for one or two films and then they disappear. To stand the test of time and be given a lifetime award is somethingtobecelebrated.”

“The name Chaplin for me means a lot of things: it means laughter, fighting for the underdog and being passionate and rebellious.”

Your grandfather, best known for his silent screen persona, the Tramp, stood against fascism during the 1940s, satirising Hitler in his first sound film, The Great Dictator. Do you think his anti-war message is as relevant now as it was then?

“It’s crazy because his speech in The Great Dictator has gone viral again in the past few years. It’s called LetUsAllUniteandisabouthow,ashumans,weare supposed to love one another and support one another. It’s a message of love and humanity and I thinkitwillalwaysresonate.Ithinkthereasonhegot into trouble [he was accused of communist sympathies in America] was because he was one of the very first international celebrities and the Americangovernmentwasterrifiedaboutactors[like him] who had this huge influence. They tried to control my grandfather but it didn’t work. He didn’t want to be a part of any political party – he was a citizen of the world – but as soon as you said, ‘What is going on in Europe isn’t right’, they said, ‘Oh, you must be a Communist’. He said, ‘No, I’m a humanist’. They had no idea what that meant so he got in trouble for it, but I think it’s a beautiful and courageousthingtogetintotroublefor.”

What does the name Chaplin mean to you, today?

“Chaplin for me means a lot of things: it means laughter, fighting for the underdog and being passionateandrebellious.”

You’ve acted in a handful of films over the years, including The Importance of Being Earnest and the Peter Fonda film, Japan. Any plans to act again?

“I love movies but to be an actress you have to be really obsessed and I was never obsessed about beinganactress.Ilovefashion,soIstartedmodelling and everyone said you should act and then I felt obliged to act but my heart wasn’t in it. The day I decided I didn’t want to be an actress was very freeing.

It was not necessarily family pressure but [I didn’t like] so much being compared… it didn’tfeellikemything.IlovetheChaplinAwardsbecauseIcanstillbeinthatworldand celebrateallthosepeopleIadmire.Ialsoliketheglamoroussideoftheevents!Icansee myselfdoingabitofproducing-I’mgoingtobeexecutiveproducerofaTVshowinthe States and I’d like to produce one or two more things. I work with the Desert Flower Foundation, founded by [Somali-born model and human rights activist] Waris Dirie to combat female genital mutilation (FGM), and I’m helping with her life story. There is a musicalaboutherlifeinGermany,whichI’mtryingtomakeintoamovie.Itsoundsweird asamusicalasit’ssuchatoughsubjectbutit’sveryempowering.”

Tell us about your work with the Desert Flower Foundation?

“I first met Waris at the Gazelle women’s empowerment car rally in Morocco, and her story was so incredible, it made me realise that as long as there is still FGM going on, womenarenotempoweredatall.IstartedworkingwithherfoundationandIsaid,‘How canIhelpyou?Ican’tgotoAfricaandsaythisisbad’.They’llbelike,‘Youwhiteprivileged woman, go home’. So, we started building schools as it is through education that you givepeoplethetoolsforabetterlife.

“The Kiera Chaplin School opened in Sierra Leone in 2020 and we have 400 students. There are also after-school programs for the parents, so they can learn a trade and make some extra income. The whole philosophy around the school is that we realised most of the places where they practise FGM are places where poverty is very high. Seventy percent of the Sierra Leone population can’t read or write, so they end up gettingmarriedveryyoung,havingtoomanybabiesandbeingunabletosupportthem.

And in order for [parents] to marry off their daughters, they have to cut them. We realised that if we gave them an education, they would have better options. So, instead of getting married as teenagers, they can go to school, earn an income and help their familiesinthatway.”

What does it mean to you seeing the impact of your humanitarian work?

“Growing up, I used to hate school. Now I think, what a luxury to be able to hate school. It’s so ironic that I am now pro-education. To see these little kids so excited to go to school and know they have more options to choose their future is a great feeling and extremelyrewarding.”


Interview with Mariana Magtaz

Creative Director of Gaya Joyas

What creative mind and founder of Gaya Joyas, Mariana Magtaz, envisions the future of the jewellery industry and how to preserve its heritage as we evolve over time.

‘’The most important advice I give to people is this: Persist: even if the path is not always beautiful or easy, it is still creative and rewarding!’’

of ROOAR, an organic skincare brand dedicated to sustainability, organic goods, and overall well-being. With a combined passion for beauty and wellness for more than 15 years, ROOAR symbolises their efforts to advocate for self-care and mindfulnessworldwide.

I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to learn more about ROOAR. They not only invited me to interview Sandra but also gifted me their exquisite Warm & Soothing Massage Oil, which is like pure bliss in a bottle. This massage oil is extraordinary, offering intense moisturising and skin repair, whilesimultaneouslysoftening,soothing,and hydratingyourskin.

Presented in an exquisite box featuring my belovedcolors,purpleandlilac,thisproduct is enriched with nourishing rosehip and apricot oils, along with calming evening primroseoil.

After establishing a successful nail brand in three locations in Hong Kong and receiving accolades for their skincare products, the company's move to London two years ago inspired them to reach a broader audience. Stay tuned to hear Sandra's story about ROOAR and the significance of this relocationforthem.

‘’By choosing ROOAR, you're not just choosing skincare; you're choosing a lifestyle—one that prioritises sustainability, health, and wellbeing. Together, let's embrace a future where beauty and responsibility go hand in hand. Join us on this journey toward a greener, more conscious world. Together, we can make a difference—one mindful choice at a time.’’

Can you tell our readers about your business and how you got started in the beautyindustry?

I've been in the beauty industry for over 15 yearsnow.Myjourneybeganin2009whenI opened my first nail salon - Nail Me; with a simple intention: to create a business that bringscomfortandhappinesstopeople.Nail services seemed to perfectly match this vision, and I was touched every time I saw our customers smile after getting their nails done. Since then, we've grown into a chain withfourbranchesinHongKong.

In 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic prompted my sister and co-founder Theodora and me to rethink our business model.We felt a strong urge to build a brand that not only brings happiness and quality to our customers but also prioritizes sustainability and giving back to nature. This passion led us to launch Ole Beauty, our first product brandofferingall-naturalbodyproducts.

Our signature product, a 100% wheatderived natural hand sanitizer, made a significant impact. It was highly functional andnourishing,selling300pieceswithinone week.Drawingfromourexpertiseinthenail business, we understood what customers seekinagoodhandcream.

We developed our own branded hand cream, which won the Best Hand Cream award from Cosmopolitan, one of the mostpopularmagazines.

In 2021, I relocated to the UK with my children, seizing the opportunity to expand our vision globally. This marked the birth of ROOAR. We spent nearly a year searching for the right factory to produce our products, ensuring they met our high standards for quality and sustainability.

ROOAR is the culmination of our passion and expertise, aimed at providing our customerswiththebestinbodycare.

What motivated you to create ROOAR, and what was the first product you launched?

WhatmotivatedmetocreateROOARwas a culmination of personal passion and extensive professional experience in the beauty industry. Having spent over 15 years operating successful nail salons across Hong Kong, I witnessed firsthand the transformative impact that highquality beauty products can have on enhancingpeople'shappinessandoverall well-being. This profound understanding inspired me to embark on a journey with ROOAR,whereourfocusextendsbeyond mere skincare; we aim to promote a cultureofself-careandholisticwellness.

‘’We encourage individuals to rethink their purchasing habits, placing emphasis on necessity, longevity, and environmental impact. In a world of fast consumption and disposable products, we advocate for mindful consumption and conscious living. It's about choosing products that not only benefit you but also the world around you.’’

ROOAR embodies our deep-rooted belief in the power of touch and its ability to foster internal awareness and self-care rituals. The brand name itself serves as a constant reminder for individuals to prioritize their well-being,encouragingadeeperconnection betweenbodyandsoul.

With our inaugural product lineup, which includes essentials like the Deep Hydrating HandTherapyandVita-renewCuticleOil,we aimed to deliver not just effective skincare solutions but also a transformative experience.

Our Deep Hydrating Hand Therapy was meticulouslycraftedtomeetspecificcriteria: alightweighttexturethatabsorbseffortlessly while providing deep nourishment and protection, even for sensitive skin. Meanwhile, the Vita-renew Cuticle Oil, formulated by our co-founder Theodora, featuresrareandluxuriousingredientssuch as Myrrh and Cypress. This blend, a bestsellerinourlocalmarketforoverfiveyears, reflects our commitment to excellence and marks our expansion into the global market withROOAR.

How does your skincare product formulation differ from other organic skincarebrands?

Our body care product formulations at ROOAR stand out from other organic body carebrandsthroughameticulousapproach that combines cutting-edge natural ingredients with a commitment to efficacy and sustainability. Unlike many brands, we prioritize the use of rare and luxurious botanicalssourcedfromreputablesuppliers worldwide. Each ingredient is selected not onlyforitsbodycarebenefitsbutalsoforits sustainability credentials, ensuring minimal environmentalimpactthroughoutoursupply chain.

Moreover, our formulations are crafted with a deep understanding of dermatological science and holistic wellness principles. We strive for synergisticblendsthatenhancethebody's natural functions, promoting both immediate and long-term benefits. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure safety, efficacy, and compatibility withsensitiveskintypes.

Beyond ingredients, ROOAR body care products are distinguished by their sensoryexperience.Webelievebodycare should be a sensorial journey, offering texturesandaromasthatelevatethedaily self-care ritual. Whether it's our lightweight lotions, nourishing oils, or revitalizing scrubs, each product is designedtodeliveraluxuriousexperience while addressing specific body care concerns.

Ultimately, our goal is to redefine organic body care by marrying luxury with sustainability, efficacy, and a commitment to promoting overall well-being. Through continuousinnovationandadedicationto quality, ROOAR sets a new standard for conscientious body care that empowers consumers to nurture their bodies and connectwiththeirinnerwellness.

Craftedinsmallbatcheswithartisanalcare,ourproductsmarryluxurywithsustainability, fromeco-friendlypackagingtoethicalsourcingpractices.Thisapproachnotonlysetsus apart but also reflects our commitment to offering discerning consumers a rare and exceptionalbodycareexperiencethatnourishesbothbodyandsoul.


My current favorite is the Warm & Soothing Massage Oil, which recently won the Best Massage Oil award at the Beauty Shortlist MAMA Awards. One of its key ingredients, evening primrose oil, helps balance hormones while enhancing skin elasticity and hydration. I personally use it as my nightly body oil post-shower. A helpful tip I'd like to share is that using our massage oil for gentle massages can also alleviate period pain effectively.


Since launching ROOAR in April, we're thrilled to have received two prestigious awards throughpublicvoting:BestNewInnovativeBodyCareProductattheNatural&Organic Product Expo (London) and Best Massage Oil of 2024 at the Beauty Shortlist Mama Awards.Theseaccoladesaretrulyasourceofprideforus!

‘’What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to sustainability and ethical practices. From the inception of our products to the packaging and beyond, we strive to minimise our environmental footprint at every turn. We carefully select responsibly sourced ingredients, ensuring that our formulations are as pure and potent as nature intended. But our commitment doesn't stop there.’’

Joie de vivre


With more than three decades of experience in fashion and lifestyle photography, Frederic Pinet is a distinguished expert in his field. As both a photographer and video director, he dedicates his time to globetrotting, crafting iconic visuals for luxury brands, print publications, and digital magazines worldwide.

Pinet's journey began when he discovered his passion for photography during a transformative trip to Africa at 14. The gift of his first Nikon camera ignited his love for capturing life through the lens. He embarked on his professional career by assisting esteemed photographers such as Steven Meisel, Mario Testino, and Paolo Roversi, which propelled him into the realm of highly sought-after commercialphotographyforseveraldecades.

In2014,Pinetrekindledhisartisticflame and started assembling his creative pieces, developing thematic collections rooted in nature, water, the feminine form, and his childhood memories of summerholidaysintheMediterranean.

His works showcase ordinary moments that unveil the extraordinary, offering viewers a transcendent glimpse into a sereneworld.Inhismostrecentseries,“ Mediterranean, ” Sous Le Soleil", and “Endless Summer,” Pinet showcases subjects that unveil the interplay between water and the human form. Theseimagescapturerelatablemoments while his lens conveys the timeless stillness of pure escapism, evoking nostalgicmemorieswiththeirrefreshing dynamism.

Since 2014, Pinet has masterfully blended his fashion expertise with fine art, undertaking commissions to create andcuratecompletebodiesofworkfor collectors,hotels,andbrandsseekinga unique and captivating blend of authentic and genuine artistic expression.

Pinet's captivating artwork has been showcased at prestigious events, including Art Basel, SwimWeek Miami, Eden Rock St. Barths, and Palm Beach. Privatecollectorsaroundtheworldhave acquiredhispieces,solidifyinghisplace amongthecelebratedphotographersof ourtime.


“Colour Block“ is a collection that plays with the idea of matter. Can it be ambiguous? The sculptural figures are solid, but the layers of vails shelling them render them liquid. Inspired by master sculptures Rodin and Phidias, colour block stimulates the eye. The colours are saturated, and the subjects are still, but, at the same time, alive. They are solid and liquid. It’s a study of elements, matter, form and colour.

STRENGTH, CREATIVITY & the spirit of freedom

Founded by Leyla Uysal, BAJER is more than a watch brand, it honors the strength and creativity of Kurdish women. Growing up in the 1990s during times of conflict in Turkey, Leyla was inspired by the determination of Kurdish women to preserve their heritage and voice. This passion led her to establish BAJER Watches, a brand that showcases the talent and resilience of Kurdish women through Swiss-made timepieces.

The name "BAJER" derives from a Kurdish word meaning "city," symbolizing a state of mind: a place of freedom, safety, and empowerment for the Kurdish community. Each BAJER watch is crafted with precision and care, embodying the unique beauty and heritage of Kurdish culture.

Beyond luxury watches, BAJER is committed tomakingapositiveimpactinKurdish communities.Aportionofproceedsgoesto NGOs supporting women and children in rural Turkey, empowering them through education, financial independence, and communitydevelopment.

BAJER's designs are inspired by the artistic languageofKurdishwomen,whohistorically communicated their emotions through intricaterugweaving.Thebrandcontributes to this tradition through three motifs: The Clarity, The Resistance, The Protection. The Kurdish motifs and European design mixing with Swiss-made quality represent a combination of resistance against oppression and the joy of growth at Bajer watches.

Featuring glossed dials, stainless steel finishing, traditional Roman numerals, and sophisticated minimalism, BAJER Watches embodytimelessstylewithamoderntwist.

Bajer is a tribute to all Kurdish women who have fought for their rights and refused to be silenced, whether that be their most recent armed struggle against the Islamic State or their centuries-old struggle for education and equality in a patriarchal society.

Despite their challenges, Kurdish women are a force to be reckoned with—and Leyla wantstheworldtoknowit.Theyhavealong and rich history of artistry, creativity, and innovation.

Leyla is proud to carry on this legacy with herluxurylineofwatches.Eachtimepieceis crafted with the utmost precision and care, showcasing the unique beauty of Kurdish women.

Leyla hopes that Bajer Watches will not only empower Kurdish women but also introduce the world to their unique cultureandtraditions.

Thefirststeptowardsachievingthisgoal is ensuring that the watches are of the highest quality, which is why Leyla has partnered with some of the best Swiss watchmakersinthebusiness.

Thewatchescomeinvariousstyles,allof which reflect Kurdish culture and heritage. With stainless steel cases and Swiss-made quartz movements, these watchesarebuilttolast.

Withminimalisticmotifsandattentionto detail, Bajer’s timepieces are understated elegance at its finest. They represent a new chapter in Kurdish history, one in which women are at the forefrontofprogressandinnovation.

Bajer Watches is more than just a watch company. It is a symbol of hope for a brighter future. We invite you to join us on this journey and become part of the Bajerfamily.

The drive for freedom and resilience inspired Leyla Uysal to establish Bajer Watches. Her goal was to establish a brand that highlights the skill and fortitude of Kurdish women.

Beyond being a watch company, Bajer represents hope for a better tomorrow.


Corduene Collection

Offering double-eyed chronographs with matte dial finishes, the Corduene Collection exudesasmartandsportyimpression.TheResistancemotifiscelebratedinthisspecial limitedcollection,symbolizingstrengthandresilience.



Today, many watch brands extend their reach beyond watchmaking by supporting various important causes such as environmental conservation, clean water accessibility, and aiding underprivileged communities with medical and educational needs. Some brands collaborate with brand ambassadors to carry out these initiatives. Whether partnering with large organisations or backing grassroots movements, these brands often choose to keep their charitable efforts understated. By exploring the philanthropic endeavours of watch brands, we can see how their generosity reflects the compassionate nature of both the brands and their timepieces.


Globally,Cartier'sannualgoldconsumptionisonly 10 tons, of which more than 90% is recycled. In addition, the brands' diamonds account for less than0,4%oftheworld'sproduction.Guaranteed conflict-free and verified through participation in theKimberlyprocessandcompliancewiththecode ofconductoftheCouncilforResponsibleJewellery Practices.Inaholisticsense,Cartierisestablishing notonlytheseethicalpracticesbutalsosustainable ones:thejewellerygianthasbeenclimate-neutral since2009andisalwaysworkingonminimisingits CO2 footprint. In addition, the quality of the creations ensures eternal durability, while repair offersarealsoavailableifnecessarytoextendthe lifecyclesofthepieces.



For ZENITH, innovation is synonymous with sustainability. Under the HORIZ-ON initiative, ZENITH’scommitmentscanbegroupedintothree broad categories: Inclusion & Diversity, SustainabilityandEmployeeWell-being.Governed by the ZENITH executive committee as well as a newly established Corporate Social Responsibility committeethatcountsontheguidanceofexternal experts,themanufacturerisembarkingonanew chapterwhereitsimpactontheenvironmentand peopleiscentraltothebrand’sdecision-making.



The commitment to environmental and social responsibilityisoneofthekeyelementsinthe brand’s development strategy. Thanks to their natural interest in the marine world, they have chosen to focus their efforts on Sustainable Development Goal 14 (life below water), which determinesthepriorityactionstobecarriedout to ensure sustainable management of the Ocean.

Since 1846, the Ocean has been their first inspiration,andsharksandtheirhealingpowers arealsoapartofthat.So,forthepastdecades, together with their partners in the field, they have been on a mission to safeguard sharks' future.


By driving our research efforts towards new innovative and responsible materials and through our Sustainable Innovation Lab, we will make the reduction of our future carbon footprint… a reality.


SinceJuly2018,theSwissluxurymanufacturerhas exclusivelyused100%ethicalgoldforalljewellery creationsandwatches.AsamemberoftheSwiss Better Gold Association, the brand is both Fairtrade and Fairmined and adheres to environmentally and people-friendly standards. The variety of classic and elegant watch models promises timeless, ethical luxury that can be passedonthroughgenerations.


Alpine Eagle is dedicated to contemporary eagles, those aspiring persons who outperform in their daily lives and whose vision inspires and elevates. With foresight and determination, they act on the challenges of tomorrow and are innately aware of the importance of environmental issues.



Ever since Girard-Perregaux was founded, they have always strived to work in ways that are respectful and responsible. As climate change impacts lives and natural resources become depleted, and face an increasing number of challenges. With this in mind, Girard-Perregaux recognisesthattheymustdomore. Theybelievethatsustainabilityisfarmorethan meeting responsibilities. It provides opportunitiesforinnovationandrenewal.GirardPerregaux is embracing these possibilities for change by being inventive and relentlessly pursuing progress, a mindset that they have demonstratedsince1791.



Renownedforitsdedicationtosustainability,IWC wasthefirstSwisswatchbrandtoadoptGlobal Reporting Initiative standards for its initial sustainability report back in 2018. Recently, the brand named supermodel and environmentalist Gisele Bündchen as its inaugural advisor for environmentalandcommunityprojects.

Intoday'sworld,itiscrucialforwatchbrandsto addressclimatechange.IWC'ssteadfastfocuson sustainability distinguishes it within an industry wheresucheffortsareuncommon,establishingit as a noteworthy and straightforward global initiative.



Oris goes above and beyond in its dedication to sustainability. By achieving climate neutrality in 2021, the company now aims to decrease its carbonemissionsby10%overthenextthreeyears.

According to corporate sustainability ambassador Sven Mostögl, sustainability is not just a mission statementforOris;it'sacorebelief.



The blush pink Aquis Date diver's watch is a standoutwithitshighcontrastdial.Thedial,crafted frommotherofpearl,shimmerslikethesunseton water, adding elegance to its high-performance profile. This watch, with its familiar tapered silhouette,isauniquepieceintheAquiscollection.


From the beginning, Helen Kaminski has been synonymous with style, integrity, and authenticity.

TheRealChangemakers inluxury.

‘’We believe that fashion should be designed with longevity in mind. High-quality pieces crafted with Integrity, Authenticity, Craftspersonship and People & Planet in mind - these are the values we are committed to every step of the way’’

Internationally renowned for its 40-year history which began when the designer created a raffia hat as sun protection for her daughter in the early 80s.

Helen Kaminski has since carved an impressive niche for itself with unisex hats and accessory collections, all of which essentially nurture an ongoing commitment to supporting the hands that create the product; be it by developing artisanal workshops in Madagascar (home to the world’s finest raffia) or village artisan workshops in Sri Lanka that give women the opportunity to learn new skills and gain financial independence whilst looking after their families.

Having caught the eye of a VOGUE fashion editor in 1984, the original Classic 5 raffia hat went on to appear in the magazine’s pages, creating everincreasing demand – and the necessity to produce more without losing one thread of integrity. Just one year later, Helen established a workshop in Madagascar, home to the world’s finest raffia.

Throughout the next decade, the brand continued to grow and expand its offerings. In 1990, Helen Kaminski launched its first raffia bag, the ‘Sac’. Five years later, the ‘Provence’ hat came into being—a style now synonymous with the Helen Kaminski name.

In the early 2000s, Helen Kaminski launched internationally. In 2012, the brand established a village artisan workshop in Sri Lanka. A little over ten years later, Helen Kaminski entered into exciting new territory with the launch of footwear.



‘’From remote village workshops in Sri Lanka, our handcrafted raffia and crochet pieces come from a beautiful place – and people. Founded in 2012 by Helen Kaminski, the workshops give the village women the opportunity to learn new skills and gain financial independence. It also means they can work while looking after their families and be part of a positive, social community. Today, we employ over 8,000 artisans in Sri Lanka, with a further 1,000 in training, with great thingsonthehorizon.

In2023,wewillenterintoanagreement with The National Apprentice and IndustrialTrainingAuthorityofSriLanka. Together, we are developing a national curriculum that recognises crochet and braidskillsinSriLanka.It’sanincredibly rewarding next step – one that will enable us to certify our current and future artisans’ extensive skills training with a government-recognised qualification. Beyond Sri Lankan borders, we are also thrilled to have launched new training opportunities in Madagascar in May 2022, with more than300activeartisansintraining.


At Helen Kaminski, integrity, traceability, and transparency are at the forefront of everythingwedo.It’sbeenthiswayfrom the start. We strive for minimal impact frombeginningtoend–creatingfashion with a conscious. Placing sustainability at the heart of our processes, we are continually seeking – and actioning –betterwaysofdoing.

We are committed to greater transparencyacrossoursupplychains and expanding our responsible scouring strategies. We are also using more environmentally friendly materials in our products. These include non-mulesed traceable Australian Merino wool, GRS-certified fabrics, Good Cashmere Standard cashmere, Good Earth Cotton® and FibreTrace® technology. In addition, we are working towards becoming a GoodLeatherWorkingGroupmember and are committed to fur-free manufacturing.

In September 2023 the brand was awarded with Positive Luxury’s Butterfly Mark certification. The Butterfly Mark, is the global luxury industry’s leading sustainability certification. Underpinned by the latest international standards, global legislation and best practice principles. It’s awarded to brands going beyond ‘normal’ industry standards- a symbol of the Real Changemakersinluxury.’’

For Summer 2024 the brand has successfully landed upon international accessory radars thanks to their latest collaboration of hand-printed designs produced in association with the Bábbarra Women’s Centre. And the hype doesn’t stop there. With Helen Kaminski having departed from her namesake brand in 2008, the label’s contemporary sense of elegance with a twist has steadfastly been maintained via the creative sensibilities of Hannah Zemanek, HelenKaminski’sHeadofDesign.

Throughherwork,thebrandhascontinuedtoevokeadefinitesenseofcoolness via gender neutral accessories for all ages, an attribute that in essence reflects the spirit of one of Australia’s most beloved brands making waves across the globe.


Summer has come, and Marcella Martinelli, our luxury editor, reveals her favorite indulgences for this season and beyond.



Brunello Cucinelli


The DiorCannage S1U sunglasses are an elegant style adorned with hallmark details. The gold-finish metal square frame stands out with delicate engraving on the temples showcasing the Cannage motif and CD signature. Completed by gradient purple-to-pink lenses, the sunglasses will lend a modern and refined touch to any attire.


Massimo Izzo

Each piece reflects the philosophical depth of our connection with this powerful force of nature, evoking the beauty, mystery, and majesty of the depths. Let yourself be carried away by the currents of these creations, where art meets the ocean in a dance of shapes, colors, and lights, each jewel a story of connection between man and the sea.


swimsuit is one of the mythical founding pieces at llows your figure and your movements.



Pomellato revisits its iconic ‘button’ design heritage with a new collection, reinterpreting an iconic gold necklace from 1974 in an unexpected and playful way.

The new Pom Pom Dot collection flips with two-sided gem colors for a playful versatility. Drawing on the button’s historical significance, both as a functional accessory and a talisman, its soft round silhouette becomes a modern-day emblem of connection and protection.


The anti-ageing range associates technicality, efficiency and sensorial pleasure with mature, dehydrated, dull and tired skin.


Sea Level

Sea Level Swim is committed to creating collections in the most mindful and sustainable ways. Our swimsuits are made from advanced eco-friendly fabrics which use regenerated nylon yarns derived from pre-consumer waste. These recycled textiles maintain a durable soft feel and premium quality.



Mini Dioriviera Lady Dior Bag, Dioriviera Dway Platform Slide,Dioriviera Hat Basket Bag, Dioriviera Dior Marine Sandal


EssentialBasicsfor aStylishandEco-


As the summer sun lights up the globe, it's the perfect opportunity to refresh our lives with sustainable options. These choices not only enhance our style but also support a healthier planet. We have curated a guide featuring eco-friendly summer essentials. Discover breathable organic clothing, ethical jewellery, and sustainable accessories that will boost your fashion sense and reduce your carbon footprint. Join us on this journey to explore fundamental sustainable pieces that will establish you as a champion of conscious style.

FENTON - Emeralds from the source.

Responsibly mined and completely unique.

In collaboration with Gemfields, a world-leading responsible gemstone mining company, Fenton has crafted each piece in this exclusive capsule collection with Solar Diamonds and Zambian emeralds.

Celebrating the unique traits and inherent beauty of these precious gems, every piece is a testament to their individuality.


The Gemfields Foundation will ensure a portion of the profits of this collection go to projects that aim to alleviate poverty in the communities that live near to the source of these gemstones in Zambia.

To date, Gemfields’ community efforts have established schools to empower new generations, provided mobile health clinics to issue vital medical supplies to remote communities and imparted essential skills to revolutionise livelihoods. Gemfields’ conservation efforts have provided much needed support to initiatives protecting Africa’s great biodiversity.

ASPIGA - Stylishly Sustainable Fashion

By choosing to shop at Aspiga, you are supporting ethical and sustainable fashion, investing in high-quality pieces built to last. Discover more about our journey through the eyes of our Founder, Lucy.

The Aspiga story began during Lucy's 2005 vacation in Kenya, where she was captivated by the skilled artistry and craftsmanship of locally made hand-beaded sandals, intricately designed belts, and vibrant jewelry.

Inspired by this experience, Lucy spent the next year collaborating with a local supplier to create a sandal and belt collection. After debuting the collection in 2006 at Top Drawer in London, the products were quickly embraced by 40 retailers, including Fenwick of Bond Street. Encouraged by this positive reception, Lucy made the tough choice to leave her charity job to focus entirely on growing Aspiga.

Our summer favourites


Inspired by kaftans, the Cara dress speaks to summer. The beautiful design is block printed by hand onto organic cotton and features a contrast print. The dress is lined and will be a super stylish addition to your summer wardrobe

Elvis and Kresse - Fire & Hide Travel Bag

The Fire & Hide Travel Bag is handmade from rescued Burberry leather pieces, decommissioned fire-hose and reclaimed lining material. The Elvis & Kresse signature fire-hose is the perfect partner to the handwoven leather and is deployed in all vital areas: the base, the handles and the strap.

The extra-long double zip makes access into the bag a cinch and the generous sizing makes it the perfect hand-luggage for your travels. The bag has zipped external and internal pockets and 2 further internal poacher-style pockets.

Every year, 800,000 tonnes of leather is wasted. To address this, a unique modular approach is used to hand weave offcuts into new hides for sustainable luxury bags and accessories.

‘’British fire hoses remain the same; the trim, handles, and internal detailing of the Fire & Hide range are all made from genuine decommissioned fire hoses. We continue to donate50%ofourprofitstocharity.

Our Fire & Hide Collection represents a whole new kind of luxury. One that is sustainable, ethical,transparent,generousandkind.’’

LOCI - Stylishly Sustainable Fashion

A modern runner designed to reflect the look of tomorrow. With our new, innovative sugar cane sole featuring meticulous panel detailing, meet the future one bold step at a time with ECHO.

The active world meets the modern-day runner, ECHO is meticulously crafted to enhance your look. Featuring a layered panelling made from our innovative bio-leather material, supported with a lightweight modern sole with a contrasting heel spoiler to leave a lasting impression.


Continuing our range of vegan bio leather trainers with our latest silhouette FUSION, made from a unique blend of non-food grade corn waste and recycled textiles. Our women’s running shoes are primed to withstand the demands of an active lifestyle. The future is LØCI.’’



This summer, the vibrant blues and bright hues set the tone for our adventure in South Africa, where we infused magic and self-expression into a hidden gem, illuminating our journey.

Photographer John Rowley @jrowley1

Fashion director Marcella Martinelli @marcellastylist.

Styling Assistant Robynne Kahn

Hair and Makeup Lisa Valencia @lisavalencia1 @arlingtonartists

Model Mitchell Akat at

Production Stellar Media Productions @stellarmediaproductions

Melissa Odabash bikini



Wolford metallic

halter neck
ERES Fuchsia bandeau Bikini Boots:
Vivia Ferragamo Flavor of the Month Orange Bougainville and Stary Velvet night one piece

Let there be a ‘Ray of Light’


Born on Earth Day, 22nd of April 2020, MĀRĪCĪ champions a circular design philosophy with a focus on a regenerative mindset.

Inspired by the ideas of re-birth and positive evolution, MĀRĪCĪ is a London-based luxury accessories brand formed as in direct response to the continued environmental impact of synthetic based leathers derived from fossil fuel and created from various forms of plastics.

Founded on the desire to effect positive change and lead with purpose, MĀRĪCĪ combines heritage craft with innovative and mindful materials to create timeless designs.

Ourdesignsaremadefromrevolutionaryplantbasedleatheralternatives,createdfrom discardedplants,by-productstakenfromexistingindustriesandup-cycledinto materialsofferinganenvironmentallyfriendlieralternativetobothmass-produced leatherandtoxicsyntheticmaterials.

PreservingheritagecraftsmanshipisattheheartofMĀRĪCĪ.Ourlimitededition creationschampionslowfashion,andarehandmadeusingtraditionaltechniquesby masterartisansinFlorence,Italy.Eachhandbagisnumberedandsignedbytheartisan whocreatedthehandbag.

Ouraimistoofferamindfulproductwhereeverysingleaspecthasbeencarefully thoughtabout,offeringourcustomersatrulyspecialpiecethattellsastory.

AllMĀRĪCĪproductsaremadefromplant-basedleatheralternativesmadefromupcycledplantby-productstakenfromexistingindustries,createdwithoutusingany additionalland,water,pesticides,orfertilizers.



the ephemeral trends of the moment, embodying an enduring elegance and quality that remains relevant and desirable across generations. It is grounded in classic design principles, superior materials, and a lasting legacy.

Photographer John Rowley @jrowley1 Fashion director Marcella Martinelli @marcellastylist. Hair and Makeup Lisa Valencia @arlingtonartists

Model Regina Burton @burtonregina Production Stellar Media Productions @stellarmediaproductions

Anine Bing Textured Recycled Swimsuit
VILEBREQUIN Rainbow Birds swimsuit
Brunello Cucinelli, Organza Trousers and Organza top

ERES, Sky Long Dress

Zimmermann Golden Terry Tie Bikini

Zimmermann Purple paisley Ottie Kaftan Midi Dress
Dior Bikini top and bottom in orange toile de Jouy Technical fabric and Toile de Jouy Sarong in orange cotton worn as a headscarf

Top Five Beauty Trends to Try This Summer

with industry expert
Ruby Hammer MBE

Endless sunny days, balmy evenings, late nights, and holidays… Summer is finally upon us. Switch out long-winded routines and embrace skin-loving looks that will keep you fresh from sunrise to sunset.

Sunset Blush

Red, orange, and peach shades of blush flatter all skin tones, bringing a lit-from-within warmth to your complexion. Capture the golden hour effect by applying a peach cheek colour to the apples of your cheeks and dabbing a small amount of red above. Finish withahighlighteronthecheekbonestocatchthelight.Blendthecolourstogetherusing adenselypackedmakeupbrushorbeautyblenderforaseamlessfinish.

Products Ruby Hammer Cheek Colour Red / Refy Cream Blush in Peach / Armani Luminous Silk Cheek Tint in Peach / Ruby Hammer Cheek Colour Nude / Chanel Baume Essentiel

Glowing Skin

Bidfarewelltoglitterandoptforpearlisedglowingskinforaradiant,luminouslookthat feels modern and fresh. Danessa Myrick Beauty Hyper Radiant Liquid Highlighter offers anopalescent,almostholographicglowthatgivesskinasheer,instantluminosity.Apply it to areas where the light naturally hits: the tops of cheekbones, brow bones, temples, and a dot on the chin. Complete the look with a slick of vinyl-look lip gloss, perfect for summer’sbrightdays.

Products Danessa Myrick Beauty Hyper Radiant Liquid Highlighter / Vieve Skin Dew / Rare Beauty Positive Light Liquid Luminizer

Berry Lips

Lastyear’sfood-basedbeautytrends,suchasstrawberryandtomatolipsandblush,are evolvingintothisseason’sberrylips.Gentlystainedlipsareoneoftheeasiesttrendsto achieve. Apply colour to the centre of the lower lip and blend outwards for a soft, diffusedeffectreminiscentofindulginginapunnetoffreshberries.

Products Ruby Hammer Lip Serum Balm berry / Violette French Bisou Balm / Clinique Black Honey Lip Oil / YSL NU Lip & Cheek Tint

Feathered Brows

Saygoodbyetooverfilledbrowsandembraceanatural,featheredeffect.Chooseabrow powder one shade lighter than your brows for a perfect colour match. Fill in sparse patches using an angled brush to mimic the natural hair. Start from the arch to avoid overloading the front of the brow; where you first place your brush, the colour will be deepest.Finishwithaswipeofbrowgeltokeepthebrowsinplaceallday.

Products RMS Brow Powder / Ruby Hammer Mascara & Brow Duo / Victoria Beckham BabyBlade Brow Pencil / Victoria Beckham Feather Fix

Colourless Makeup

Minimal,no-makeupmakeupisheretostay,offeringmoreoptionsthanevertoenhance your features without adding colour. Clear mascaras, brow gels, and lip glosses are perfectforbeachdaysorloungingbythepool.Curlyourlashesandapplyclearmascara to hold the curl all day. Use a clear brow gel to keep your brows in place, and a slick of clearlipglossorbalmwillkeeplipslookingandfeelingtheirbestwhilestayinghydrated.

ProductsJillianDempseyLidTintinClearGlossy/ClarinsClearLash&Brow/Makeupby Mario Glowing Balm / Indu Colourless Collection / MAC Clear Squirt Plumping Gloss Balm/DiorAddictLipGlowLipBalm


A Captivating Candle

Changing colours changing the mood

SKOOP and Haute Florist Collaborate on Bespoke, Heat-Reactive Candle

SKOOP,theinnovativeproductdevelopmentcompanybehindthegroundbreaking "Candlemeleon" candle, has recently partnered with Haute Florist to create a bespoke,heat-reactivecandlefortheirbrand.Thiscollaborationmarksasignificant milestone for both companies, as they combine their expertise to deliver a unique andcaptivatingproducttoHauteFlorist'scustomers.

SKOOP's trademarked technology allows for thecreationofcandlesthatsitinheat-reactive vessels, changing colour as they warm. This innovative feature has garnered attention from various industries, and the partnership with Haute Florist showcases the versatility andadaptabilityofSKOOP'stechnology.

"Asaproductdevelopmentteamandwithour trademarked technology, it was important for us to make any process seamless and enjoyable We aim to do this with every client andteamweworkwith,"saidLewisDavisand RodrickSilva,foundersofSKOOP.

"The team at Haute, including Maryam and their buyer Nicola , kept us informed of their thoughts on design creation, sampling, and purchase order status, and were on hand at all times to discuss their project needs. Creating a bespoke own label candle and using our trademarked heat-reactive technology allowed for a perfect fit. We are excited to be able to work with the team on moreproductlaunches."

Haute Florist expressed equal enthusiasm for the collaboration. "Working with Lewis and Rodrick has been amazing; their innovative designs have allowed us to create something remarkable for our customers on Haute Florist. We met at the Harrogate Home and Gift trade show (Clarion) in 2023 looking for oneofourotherbrands,butHauteandSkoop just fit perfectly. Lewis and Rodrick as people are charming and so easy to work with, which made this whole process very fun. We can't wait to work with SKOOP again on new and exciting product launches!" said Maryam Ghani.

The success of this collaboration demonstrates the potential for SKOOP to create bespoke, heatreactive candles for various brands and industries. The company invites other businesses to explore the possibilities of partnering with SKOOP to develop unique and engaging candle products that will captivate their customers.

For a long time, sunscreen application was seen as a necessity rather than a treat, but now it has become more appealing, largely due to the latest products available. Modern sunscreens address common issues like a white residue and strong scent, offering a more refined experience with a clear finish, lightweight texture, and added beneficial ingredients. Enjoying the sunscreen you use makes consistent application effortless, and these advanced formulas have achieved just that.


100% natural zinc sunscreen, suitable for all the family and all skin types, including sensitive.

This SPF30 formula includes a natural zinc suspension to ensure even coverage and broad-spectrum protection, keeping you and your family safe from harmful UVA and UVB exposure.

Instantly effective, non-whitening transparent balm with a soft, silky, easy-to-spread application. Suitable for all the family and all skin types, including sensitive.

Reef-safe, non-nano formula to protect marine life. Warm the sunscreen balm on your skin for 2-3 seconds to melt, then glide to apply. Plastic-free suncream is ideal to reduce your use of single-use plastic.

As with all their products, their vegan sunscreen is cruelty-free, handmade in the UK, and packaged using only 100% recyclable materials.

Eco By Sonya Driver Glory Veil SPF 50+

Step into the sunshine with our ultimate all-natural sunscreen lotion formulated with the power of vitaminrich Carrot Oil. Yes, it rubs in clear! No, there are absolutely no harsh and synthetic chemicals and fragrances. It’s beautifully formulated with kids (6 months+) and sensitive skin in mind, to deeply nourish the skin and provide a strong shield against UVA/UVB rays, ensuring your safety in the sun.

Founded in Queensland, Australia, where we have the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, you can see why sun protection is something we take very seriously.

Vitamin E - helps to improve the appearance of skin at a cellular level, meaning it promotes cell regeneration and turnover, which improves discolouration and uneven pigmentation.

Carrot seed Oil - Highly moisturising and also helps with healing the skin. Perfect for those who want to heal dry or irritated skin.


Active Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50

With our Active Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50, you can finally stop worrying about what your sunscreen contains. This high-performance sunscreen, with very high water and sweat resistance, offers an innovative combination of mineral UV filters and Pongamia Glabra Seed Oil. It's barely visible yet provides scientifically validated broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Smooth vegan and reef-safe sunscreen with soothing aloe vera and calming Chamomile. It is allergen-free and suitable for kids and sensitive skin.

100% NATURAL SUNSCREEN | Safe for you and nature. Finally a worry-free sunscreen, packaged in an ecofriendly sugar cane tube.

HIGH PERFORMANCE SUN PROTECTION | Very water resistant and sweat resistant. Stays on in both big waves and sweaty activities on land.

Solde Ibiza Face & Body Magic Sun Oil

This is Sol de Ibiza Magic Sun Oil, your ultimate skincare essential for radiant, protected skin every day.

Created with an extraordinary formula that merges the powerful protection of zinc oxide with the revitalising powers of ethereal oils and flower extracts. It is designed to:

—Regenerate the skin and prevent spots, giving you a flawless complexion.

—Delay photoaging with the potent antioxidant vitamin E, ensuring your skin stays glowing and vibrant.

—Protect from the harmful effects of the sun, wind, and pollution, keeping your skin shielded and healthy.

—Repair the delicate skin on your face, neck, décolletage, and hands, restoring its natural beauty.

—Provide anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, promoting skin health and vitality.

This Multi-Purpose zinc lotion provides broad spectrum light protection (UVA and UVB) every hour of the day.

Let yourself be carried away to a summer day on Ibiza, with its loving smell of Mediterranean plants and the caring effects of organic Grape Seed Oil, Calendula Flower extract, Argan oil, Ricinus oil and Jojoba oil.


Introducing CHAGA CHAGA’s Sun-kissed Glow Tanning Oil, your secret weapon for achieving a radiant tan while basking in the sun's warmth. Crafted with a carefully selected blend of natural ingredients, this luxurious oil not only enhances your bronzed glow but also provides protection against harmful UV rays, giving you a safe and natural tanning experience.

Key Ingredients:

Olive Pomace Oil

Chaga Extract

Olive Pomace Oil

Indulge in the opulent experience of a Sun-kissed Glow Tanning Oil. Bask in the sun with confidence, knowing that your skin is being nourished, protected, and beautifully bronzed.

You’ve arrived

Travelling with my loves

Conceivedandbroughttolifebythe husband-and-wifeduoofDavidSethand KaviMoltz,knownbytheiraliasesD.S. andDurga,thisdiversefragrance collectionisrenownedforitspremium ingredientsanduniqueblendsthatevoke vividscents.Thisoil-basedrollerballisthe idealcompanionforon-the-gotouch-ups, ensuringyou'rereadywhenthatspecial someonecrossesyourpath.

I Don't Know What by D.S. & Durga is a fragrance enhancer with transparent radiance that can be used with any perfume,essenceoroiltogiveitacertain "jenesaisquoi". Withnorealheart,butaselectionofsoft, neutralnotesthatarerenownedfortheir subtly transformative powers, this perfumehasbeencraftedtoelevateyour chosen fragrance – uplifting notes of bergamot, iso e super, vetiver and ambrox will infuse an aroma with crispness and light, gracing you with a new,truesignaturescent.

D.S. & Durga's Radio Bombay eau de parfum is an evocative, medium-bodied fragrance that radiates a fruity, woody warmth - transporting the wearer to the centre of Mumbai under the hot Bandra heat.

A sandalwood transistor radio plays ragas; its hot copper tubes warming the soft wood that surrounds. Distinctive bloomsofmusk,cream,peach,ambrette, coco and cedar distillates ensue, penetrating the already heady atmospherewithanaddictivearomathat stirsthesenses.

D.S. & Durga's Rose Atlantic eau de parfumisacontemporarytakeonarose; a salt spray-sprinkled bloom swaying in a warmbreeze.Evokingasenseofnautical romance, this captivatingly fresh and floralfragranceblendsblossomynotesof petals and bergamot with clean, light lemonoil,dunegrassandsaltwater.

D.S. & Durga's Debaser eau de parfum is a contemporary fragrance icon that brings to life the upbeat shrill of Pixies' BlackFrancisonahotsummer'sday. Notes of ripe fig, iris, coconut milk, tonka and dry blonde woods evoke a stifling August afternoon soundtracked by '80s rock. Hot sun beats down on leather, filling the air with a fresh and juicy yet comforting aroma that's equal parts fruity,greenandvintage.


With a continual influx of skincare products and ingredients deemed essential for radiant skin, selecting the perfect lineup to suit your skin type can be challenging. Oils, in particular, provoke mixed opinions in skincare – praised for their hydrating properties yet accused of causing breakouts. Here, we present a selection of the finest oils that we have personally tested, approved, and adore.

Haveyouconsideredthepotentialbenefitsofusingskincareoils?Theyhavethe potentialtotransformyourskincareroutine.

Numerousplantoilsarerichinantioxidants(tofightfreeradicals)andfattyacids(to supportskinbarrierfunction),offeringavarietyofskinhealthbenefitswhenapplied correctly.Oilshavetheabilitytopenetrateskincellsmoreeffectivelythancreams, improvingabsorptioninspecificscenarios.

Whileresearchonskinoilapplicationislimited,mostbenefitsareanecdotalratherthan scientificallyproven.Nonetheless,manypeoplehavediscoveredthatincorporatingoils intotheirskincareregimehelpsmaintainskinhealthandboostmoisturelevels.While oilsarewell-studiedfordryandmatureskin,providinghydratingbenefits,theycanalso beadvantageousforawiderrangeofskintypes.


Relax & Rejuvenate with Sustainable Energy.

Iceland's hot springs result from volcanic activity,withsomenaturalspringstoohot or remote for use. Water from these springs is utilized in man-made geothermal pools like Krauma Spa, providing a relaxing experience with scenic views. Krauma is a must-visit for those seeking natural wonders and relaxationinIceland.

KraumaisageothermalspanearReykholtinWestIceland,renownedforitsuniqueand relaxing experience. It utilises the natural hot springs of Deildartunguhver, Europe’s most powerful hot spring, with a flow rate of 180 litres per second at a constant temperatureof100°C(212°F).

Thisgeothermalenergyisharnessedtoheatthespa'sbaths,providinganaturallywarm andrejuvenatingenvironment.

Kraumafeaturessixgeothermalbaths,includingfivewarmbathsandonecoldtub.The temperatureinthewarmbathsrangesbetween37-39°C(98-102°F),offeringasoothing experience,whilethecoldtub,at5-8°C(41-46°F),providesaninvigoratingcontrast.

The spa includes a steam bath and a sauna, which use the hot spring's geothermal energy. These facilities provide additional relaxation and health benefits, promoting detoxificationandcirculation.

A highlight of the spa is its relaxation room, where guests can unwind on comfortable loungers.Softmusicandacalmingambienceenhancetheoverallexperience,makingit anidealplacetorelaxafterenjoyingthebaths.

Krauma's design blends modern aesthetics with the natural beauty of the Icelandic landscape.Theminimalistarchitecture,featuringnaturalmaterialslikewoodandstone, complementsthesurroundingsceneryandenhancesthetranquilatmosphere.

Theon-siterestaurantatKraumaoffersaselectionofdishesmadefromlocallysourced ingredients.ThemenuincludesIcelandicspecialitiesandinternationalcuisine,providing aculinaryexperiencethatcomplementsthespa'srelaxation.

Krauma is approximately 60 kilometres from Reykjavik, making it accessible for a day trip from the capital. The drive offers scenic views of Iceland’s diverse landscapes, including mountains, rivers, andlavafields,addingtothespa'soverall experience; it also emphasises sustainability by using renewable geothermal energy to heat its facilities. This eco-friendly approach aligns with Iceland’s commitment to responsibly utilisingitsabundantnaturalresources. The spa's water comes directly from Deildartunguhver, which ensures a continuous supply of pure, mineral-rich water.Thecoldwaterusedfortempering the hot springs is sourced from Ok, a former glacier, guaranteeing a unique blendofnaturalelements.

It perfectly blends relaxation, natural beauty, and sustainable practices. Its geothermal baths, elegant design, and scenic location make it a must-visit for anyonetravellingtoWestIceland.

NewArtisticTimepieces fromBritishdesigner BenRousseau

AnewtimepiecefromBritishlightartistanddesigner, Ben Rousseau has been unveiled. Created to change ourexperiencewithtimeandilluminatethemind.

Obsidian is the latest edition to the Tempus timepiece collection which is the culmination of over two decades of experience stimulating the senses with lighting technology, precision engineering and luxurymaterials.

This eye-catching kinetic artwork cleverly doubles as an illuminated timepiece, which Rousseau describes asa“21st-centurytakeonthetraditionalwallclock.”.

In true Rousseau style, the Tempus range brings a sense of theatre to the simple act of telling the time and is a homage to his love of sci-fi films like Blade RunnerandFifthElement.

Instead of rotating hands and traditional numbers, a futuristic clock face operates with state-of-the-art digital LEDs that illuminate three different segments: seconds, minutes and hours, in sequence to representa12-hourtimepath.

Inspired by the utilitarian stone coveted by shamans, healers and stone age spiritualists. Obsidian is formed by the quick cooling of volcanic lava in an earthlyandscientificwaythatcausesittohardenlike glass,asRousseauexplains;

‘Obsidian has been around since the beginning of time and has been used in trading by the Mayans since 100 B.C., with a perceived value being higher than gold. It is also believed to act as a protective shield against negative energies and looks to relieve stresswithitscalmingpatternsofbuildinglight.

‘People worldwide incorporate obsidian into meditation and dream work for its ability to clear confusion and promote emotional well-being. These clocks have been conceived and created to serve as beacons of serenity, inviting users to pause, reflect, andfindsolaceintherhythmoftime.’

Rousseau wants each clock in the Obsidian collection to stand as a symbol of resilience, providing a haven of positivity and tranquillity within the home or workspace. Encouraging userstoappreciatebeinginthemomentandtobeatpeacewithoneself.

He creates each timepiece using highly skilled metal forming techniques, state-of-the-art computer-controlled laser cutting machines, and digitally controlled lighting technology. Tempusbringstheartoftellingthetimefirmlyintothe21stcentury.

Coming soon are the Tempus Time Out zones, where the ultimate zen spaces will be created. At the centre will be an artistic timepiece that guides a breathwork and relaxation programmeforthehighest-qualitypersonalexperiencesofpurecalm.

Obsidian comes in standard size of 710mm Diameter x 45mm Deep. 70mm with wall mount. Custom stands and mounts are also available.

Made from over 70% recycled or recyclable materials. Grained black aluminium frame, glass, LED’s. Priced at £7749.99 inc VAT Deliveryforthewall-mounteddesign.


Raphael Mazzucco

Raphael Mazzucco is one of the world’s most influential fashion photographers and contemporaryartists,criticallyacclaimedforhissingulareyeandcaptivatingaesthetic.

AfteryearsspenthoninghiscraftinItaly,France,andAmsterdam,hisarrivalinNewYork Citygarneredattentionfromsomeoffashion’selite.Hewentontocreateiconicimagery for the likes of Victoria’s Secret, Guess Jeans, L’Oréal, Ralph Lauren, and Bergdorf Goodman.

His imagery has appeared in L’Officiel, French and Italian Vogue, Marie Claire, Playboy andVanityFair,featuringnotonlyhiseditorialfashionimagerybutcelebrityportraiture of notable actors, including Benicio Del Toro, Matt Damon, Susan Sarandon and ElizabethBanks.

Atwo-yeartourofexhibitionsinMilan,Florence,Melbourne,HongKong,Singapore,Los Angeles, Miami and New York City was met with critical praise. Following the tour, Raphaelimmediatelylaunchedintoanartworkandphotoessaybookcollaborationwith musicimpresarioJimmyIovineandrapproducerSean‘Diddy’Combs.Hehasbeen profiledbymajortitleslikeTheWallStreetJournal,TheNewYorkerandTheNewYork Times.ParisVoguehasalsofeaturedRaphaelseveraltimes,commentingthathisstyle ‘oozessensualityandcharm’.

Raphael’s artistic visual narrative captures the human form set against a backdrop of startling landscapes spanning the continent, from Icelandic glaciers to African wildlife andtheoutbackofWesternAustraliatoVietnamesericepaddies.Heincorporatesthese documentaryformsintobuildingalayerednarrativethroughpaint,collages,andhandletteredtext.Throughtheseworks,wejourneyalongsideRaphaelthroughterrains,both geographicandemotional.RaphaelMazzuccoisirrefutablyaloveroflife.

Hispassionforsynchronicitybetweenhissubjectsandsettings,coupledwithasensual aesthetic, has arguably resulted in some of the most relevant photography today, heralding a new age of art. A native of Vancouver, Canada, Raphael lives in Lebanon, Connecticut,withhiswifeLisa,sonSaschaanddaughter-in-lawCeline.

Kurland Estate, a window into Paradise.

If you are looking for adventure with distinguished and Luxurious surroundings, look no further. The Kurland Estate is an idyllic retreat near Plettenberg Bay in the Western Cape of South Africa.

Situated at the foothills of the Tsitsikamma Mountains, it offers an unparalleled experience of both opulence and nature, blending the charm of country living with the sophistication of a world-class hotel.

What was once a humble farmhouse has blossomed into a prestigious country estate, thankstothevisionofBaronPeterBehrandhisWife.

Their dedication to preserving their historical roots while infusing them with timeless eleganceandluxuryhasshapedTheKurlandEstateintowhatitistoday.

They offer a range of luxurious accommodations and individually decorated villas in classic,antique,andcontemporarystyles.

Eachsuiteprovidesexceptionalcomfortandprivacy,withprivateterraces,plungepools, andexquisitefurnishings.

Famous for its lush polo fields and glamourous equestrian events, this luxury private accommodationofferstheultimateantidotetothestressofcityliving.Kurland’s12-suite and 12-loft-room luxury Homestead and 5-bedroom exclusive-use villas offer stylish interiors,breathtakingbreakawayspaces,androomswithextraordinaryviews.

TheEstate'spicturesquesettingisalsofamousforweddingsandspecialevents.Withits beautifully manicured gardens, elegant venues, and exceptional service, the estate providesastunningbackdropformemorablecelebrations.

It also offers a variety of activities that cater to diverse interests. Guests can enjoy spa treatments, horseback riding through the scenic countryside, or explore the estate's extensive grounds. The Kurland Polo Club is a notable feature, attracting polo enthusiastsworldwideforitswell-maintainedfieldsandtop-tierfacilities.

For those seeking outdoor adventures, Plettenberg Bay's proximity allows for hiking, beach outings, and wildlife excursions. The estate’s location near the Garden Route provides easy access to some of South Africa’s most breathtaking landscapes and attractions.

The Kurland Estate is more than just a luxury retreat; it is a testament to the seamless blend of historical charm and modern elegance. With its top-notch accommodations, fine dining, diverse activities, and commitment to sustainability, it stands out as a premier destination in South Africa. Whether for relaxation, adventure, or celebration, Kurland Estate offers an unparalleled experience in one of the country’s most beautiful regions.


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Explore Platinum Born's celestial jewelry, Ceva cu Dichis' passion for textiles, Anna Krawczyk's organic mineral makeup with pure ingredients, and Art de Parfum's latest fragrance discovery that will become your timeless must-haves. Don't miss out on these treasures that will always have a special spot in your heart.


Born From the Stars

Platinum was born from a cosmic meteor shower over 2 billion years ago. Named "Platina" by Spanish explorers who discovered it, this metal earned the regal endorsement of King Louis XVI in 1590. 200 years later, Cartier unveiled its opulent garland-style platinum jewelry,markingamilestoneinluxurydesign.

In 2017, a new chapter in platinum's lustrous history began with our unique vision for the world’s most precious metal: radiant platinum jewelrymadefortheeveryday


HighlyregardedasoneoftherarestandmostbeautifulpreciousmetalsonEarth,platinumoffersaunique enduringradianceandtimelessaestheticthatistrulybornfromthestars.



From the Stars

Thisspectacularpreciousmetalarrivedover2billionyearsagowithinameteor,makingitsbirthplacetrulyamong thestarsabove.



Kind to Skin




Founded in 1790, Balblair is the oldest working distillery in the trueheartoftheNorthernScottishHighlands.Locatednearthe banks of the beautiful Dornoch Firth, it sits in the rugged shadow of Struie Hill - seldom will you find a distillery set in morescenicandunspoiltsurroundings.

Outside stands the ancient Clach Biorach standing stone. A landmark for over 4,000 years, this stone was used as a gathering place by the ancient Picts. Upon it, they engraved their intriguing Z-rod symbol which is a representation of the passageoftime.Thisuniquesymbolinspiresourpackagingand reflectsourdedicationtocraftsmanship.

Balblair believe in quality above all else. This is defined by theirunwavering, hands-on approach that gives Balblair’s whisky its distinctive taste and character. The result is a whisky crafted toperfection;elegantlyunderstated,yetquietlyself-assured. Recent awards include Double Gold at the 2023 SFWSC and Gold at the ISC 2023 Awards for Balblair 12 Year Old, and five Gold Outstanding and Gold awards at the 2022 IWSC Awards. Balblair 12 Year Old, 18 Year Old and 25 Year Old whiskies received the highest accolade from the judges, all being awardedthecovetedGold

As part of its commitment to the community and surrounding environment, in 2015 the distillery reduced itscarbonfootprintby25percentthroughconversionto LPG(liquefiedpetroleumgas)consumptionratheroil.

Balbalir was our first site within the international beverage portfolio to trial high gravity mashing and we are now on our second phase of trials having reduced the water for a second time.

A new TVR system is now also being installed which will greatly reduce energy consumption resulting in less LPG being used. In addition, we are planning a partnership with Acorn Bioenergy, in which all co-products from distillationwillbesenttoananaerobicdigestionfacilityto createlowcarbonbiogasforuseasanalternativefuelfor vehiclesandasrenewableheat.

At Balblair, we believe in quality above all else. This is defined by our unwavering, hands-on approach that gives our whisky its distinctive taste and character. The result is a whisky crafted to perfection; elegantly understated, yet quietly self-assured.


Ceva cu Dichis

Oana Sofron is the designer and the founder of Ceva cu Dichis

The story started when I was little. I used to go with mymomtoherseamstressandIwouldgounderthe sewing machine and I would play with all the textile scraps. It was a magical place for me, I couldn’t way for the next time to go with her. Then, at home, my mom had a closet with fabrics and I remember having a ritual: I would take out the pieces of fabric and imagine what I could make out of them. However my dream stayed in that closet until I grew up.

Years passed, I went to study finances at the university and after I finished I understood that I had adifferentdream,soIenrolledinfashiondesign.

I took the classes and then I discovered block printing! I remembered how much I liked the feeling ofcomfortthatwhitebedlinenandbeautifulpijamas bring to your soul. So I started to create what I love: printed white textiles, loungewear and street clothes interpretedintheformoftheMerakikimonos.

The rest followed organically. Today I'm turning my passion and love for textiles into creations that bring people of all sizes and all ages, a sense of comfort andbeauty.

For me, continuing this journey is deeply related to my inner child and my father who hand carved my first wood blocks when I started to work with this technique. My creative process is constantly changing, growing, maturing, so what you will discover here can be contrasting, different, nonlinearbutdefinitelyCevacuDichis.

Nature provides us with a wide range of beautiful and renewable fibers that we harness in our clothing. We make use of cotton, organic cotton, linen, silk, and other natural fabrics that are grown without harmful chemicals or excessive water usage. These fabrics are not only gentle on the environment but also softer on your skin.




We are truly captivated by this exquisite fragrance, feeling incomplete without it. This scent has the remarkable ability to uplift our spirits, bring back nostalgic memories,especiallyfromourvibrantdaysinthe90s.Itmirrorsone'scharacterandcaptivatesanyonewhoencountersit.Thisfragranceholdsaspecialplaceinour hearts as it serves as a potent means of expressing ourselves to the world. For those with refined tastes globally, it's essential that their chosen aroma matches their, uniqueness..

Sabotage your senses with this blissful new cocktail from the fragrance innovators at Art de Parfum. Taking a nostalgic nod to the 90s, this is a disruptive, bold and self-ironic citrus floral scent. A feast for the fragrance gourmand, Sabotage will have you feeling upbeat and optimistic, and at the same time sereneandradiant.

Bliss out to a scented soundtrack of vivid and boozy Negroni accord paired with an uplifting olfactory explosion of bitter orange and red mandarin and mountainherbs. Floatawayonthecreamyfloracyoftuberosepetalsfollowedbyatrailofcreamywoodsandwhitemusk.



Why do we LOVE this brand...

AnnaKrawczyk,thefounder,carefullyselectsingredientsthatarebeneficialforourskin.Insteadof concealingourcomplexionwithheavymakeup,AnnabelleMineralsaimstorevealournaturalbeautyand glow.

Thesemineralmakeupproductsofferhighcoverageandareexceptionallylightweight,actingasfoundation thatnotonlycoversbutalsonurturesyourskin,givingyouacomfortablefeel.Youcanchoosefromarange ofshades,eachavailableinthreefinishes:radiant,coverage,andmatte.

In our product range, you'll find both makeup and skincare items packaged without plastic. We take great pride in this, and we hope you'll be happy to use them.

Shining Example

Annette Welander is the founder and creative director of the eponymous Swedish design house she founded in 2018.Herpassionfordesign,artand architecture stems from her family of Swedish artists and architects, also her own experiences, continuously exploring the field. Born in Sweden, Annette studied Art History and Visual studiesattheUniversityofGothenburg, then switched to IHM Business School (The Institute for Higher Marketing studies).ShewentontostudyatBerghs SchoolofCommunicationinStockholm, rankedasthethirdtopCreativeSchools in the world and she latterly worked in communication, branding and design for several companies. She also continued to indulge her interests in painting,sculptureandphotography.

Annette first discovered the world of fine jewellery when she met a fine jeweller from Canada that had worked at Maison Birks & Sons and had started his own atélier. She comments: “That was my introduction to this world of these fine pieces. He introduced me to this exquisite handcraft and taught me the skills and “know how” of the industry. Encouraged by him I had this growing idea that I wanted to create these fine pieces and make something unique by bringing my own Scandinavian heritage in the designs and I continued learning the skills and handcraft of fine jewellery.”

ItwasanaturalprogressionforAnnettetofollowherartisticheritageandwhenshehad the idea to create her own design house, she knew she wanted the business focus on jewellery and precious objects. She adds: “I started the brand even though I knew that thefieldwasextremelycompetitive.Iwantedtocreatepiecesthatweremeaningfuland had the minimalistic Scandinavian touch, simple, yet elegant, with exquisite handcraft andwithtopqualitygemstonessetinpreciousmetals.Ialsowantedsustainabilitytobe atthecoreofourbrandethosandthinkingacrosseveryangle”.

Annetteworksaspartofacreativeteam consisting of architects and together they strive to encourage innovation, continually raising the bar of each collectionandofeachpieceofjewellery. Annette has a devotion for her designs and she has a drive and intensity that is fundamental to everything she does. Every Annette Welander piece goes through a long development process that takes a considerable amount of time before it becomes the final creation. Her mission is to make sure that the brand is only creating exceptional and thoughtful pieces. Each designbeginswithacreativeideathatis developedovertimeandwhenshefeels that its going to be something special that will interact emotionally with the customer and tells stories that they can relateto,doesthepiecebecomepartof the collection. Annette believes that to buy fine jewellery is an emotional process, and that you must feel an emotive response to it both as the designerandthewearer.


She works closely with her studio in Stockholm to develop every aspect of the fine jewellery pieces which are uniquely handcrafted by Swedish goldsmiths, using the latest production technologies to ensure perfection. She also works alongside with her creative teamwhoarebehindthebrand’sartistic imagery and aesthetic. As a designer, she finds the collaborative process of workingwithincrediblepeopletobeone of the most enriching parts of the businessbesidesthecreativeaspect.

Lemniscate draws its inspiration from Architecture and the art of making objects and materials into everlasting items, where the craftsmanship influences our sense of time and place to something without an end and without any borders. Limitless design gives way for unique and individual interpretationsandsetsthestartingground foranuninhibitedimagination.

The pieces in the collection are made in Stockholm, the home of the brand, from sustainablysourced, conflict-free 18K gold and Top Wesselton VVS diamonds (E-F color). The diamonds are showcased in a castle setting allowing light to flood either side of the diamonds, creating a sparkling appearance.

Each piece, according to the house signature,hasahiddendiamond.


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