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LAST WORD World Exclusive with Dr Sherif Wakil by Laurie Stone MilliOnAir Property The Little Black Book And so much MORE..... COVER: Reflection de Cartier earrings in white gold and diamonds Agent Provocateur Malisa swimsuit www. TEAM: Photographer John Rowley Fashion & Jewellery Marcella Martinelli Make up Lisa Valencia at Carol Hayes management Hair Shukeel @theonlyagency using @bumbleandbumbleuk Model Kayla C @kayla_crous at Fan Jam agency Assistant photo Dune Tilly Stylist assistant Arielle Robins Hair assistant Ronja Langhout

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Summer 2020

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We will meet again

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That is the phrase of the moment, a strange time, as well as a time to reflect on all that I am creating with my businesses. Every day is changing as well as challenging. I have been concentrating on my mindset for the last few weeks and I have been fortunate to be surrounded by some very empowering people who have helped me keep on track as to not get anxious. I have also been meditating which has been wonderful. Unfortunately for some, it's been devastating news and these people are in my heart especially the essential workers who have held this all together for us, for others they have had no choice but to carry on, just as I have had to, I have not stopped, which is fabulous for the MilliOnAir Team. We have bought you ''Lockdown Love'' where some of the best in fashion have stepped up to keep going and help the nursing industry as well as protecting their own livelihoods. I want you all to take care out there. Sending you all virtual hugs until.....we meet again.



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#CartierOverTheRainbow is so close to our hearts in more ways than one. This has made us so much closer even though we are so far apart, we are stepping our way through this journey one moment at a time, we are clapping for all the essential workers out there who are doing this for me, for you, for us. Our rainbows are out there around the world joining people together, making us smile and reminding us that there is hope out there and we can do this….we will be back, we will be stronger and we will meet again, Love The MilliOnAir Team. #CartierOverTheRainbow #ConciousLuxury #CartierUK #Cartier #UKStandsTogether @nhscharitiestogether

My meditation essentials VITAJUWEL Era + Wellness Gem water vial SAÏA Emmeline Yoga Mat Bag

#CartierOverTheRainbow By Marcella Martinelli


aurent Feniou, the managing director of Cartier has launched an inspiring project which is in line with Cartier’s ethos of blending tradition, modernity and innovation. Cartier has invited friends and family to partake in an artwork challenge by submitting your very own rendition of the NHS rainbow. The rainbow has become a symbol of hope and gratitude for the NHS, to encourage solidarity through creativity. Whether it be by painting, writing, singing, dancing, photography, objects or any multi-media platform of your choice, this colourful show of appreciation will uplift and unite friends of the Maison during this global battle. The Cartier UK Over the Rainbow challenge will accompany their charitable initiative for NHS Charities Together, which supports the work of the NHS. #CartierOverTheRainbow

“I am truly inspired by the brilliant submissions we have received from so many friends of our Maison and employees, as part of our Cartier UK Over The Rainbow initiative. These colourful displays of solidarity are a wonderful tribute to the tireless work carried out by the NHS.”

Laurent Feniou

Some of the work submitted

#cartierovertherainbow submission image photographer Romain Maurette Eva Espresso photographer quote:

For me it was about hope! How in this difficult time, our memories from happier times will bridge us to the other side of the pandemic! My happiest memories from the last year have been from Cartier events, with everyone together laughing & having a great time! The Cartier polo last June was such a fabulous day, the memories of which I thought created the perfect rainbow of hope for us all to cling to until we meet again ! @Evaespresso

In order to participate, please RSVP to: All entries are due by 15 May 2020 #CartierOverTheRainbow @nhscharitiestogether @clapfornhs




luxuries Marcella Martinelli co-owner and luxury editor of MiliOnAir Magazine shares her ultimate indulgences.

Gina Shoes & Bags

Wallis WALLIS exudes contemporary bohemian chic with a sense of glamorous nostalgia. In Magenta Satin

Elsie ELSIE exudes contemporary bohemian chic with a sense of glamorous nostalgia. In Limone Satin

Ninette NINETTE exudes contemporary bohemian chic with a sense of glamorous retro nostalgia.



BERN exudes the ultimate in urban or vacation chic and glamorous sophistication.

HANOVER is a versatile clutch or shoulder bag that elevates evening and occasionwear to red-carpet levels of opulence.


Happy Spirit The Happy Spirit collection symbolises a jewellery collection imbued with multiple artistic sources, which it vividly embodies through its light effects and pure lines and the ageless femininity of the circle.

Lara Bohinc Stargazer, Fortress & Urushi Lara Bohinc MBE studied Industrial Design at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts, followed by MA in Metalwork and Jewellery at Royal College of Art London. After graduation, she won British Fashion Council’s New Generation Award and launched her own studio. She was design consultant for many luxury brands, amongst them Montblanc, Gucci and most notably Cartier, a position she held for over a decade.

Iuri and Jane Home Pillows New York City designers Iuri Shubladze and Jane Wilson-Marquis, have joined their artistry & talents to produce a unique hand painted and silk screening pillows collection which gives one of a kind beauty and quality to their creations making these pieces become a real piece of art.

Missoni Summer 2020 Missoni’s lurex knits, dynamic patterns and bold color palettes bring a sense of joie de vivre to dressing. Each piece revels in the sensory from touch to sight. Since celebrating its 20th anniversary, the house continues to create glamorous day-to-dark pieces that elevate any wardrobe.

Eres My favorite one piece's One-piece swimsuits Perfect on the beach or in the water, ideal for your dance class or when you're out and about the city, each ERES one-piece swimsuit is designed to support your shape and your movements. With emblematic colours and its reshaping Peau Douce fabric, this is a truly unique garment. /


Yellow & oh so Mellow A much needed injection of warm summer sunshine to help us in these dark times. The vivid shades of yellow add a warm touch to your outfit. A flavourful sherbet shade for your head-to-toe bright ‘’out’ look this season, long may it last. Y NCH imer E V I G Pr risme P w o ell


AN rafe KILI p Mini Ca d old E G n I n



N ERO H C U and BO Gold t w o l l n Ye Serpe ce e n i r Cit kla e Nec m è h Bo

RAIT ess T R O -P Dr SELF otton Midi ed C mock

S ZA G HUN imsuit ire Sw Solita

MAC Glossy on Illusi olour d n a r C G d Lip i u q i L




BS h JACO uggle Pouc C R n MA S he obs T Bag c a J c ar etics The M Cosm




S Satin d e h s i l l Embe Mules 105

MilliOnAir | YSL

Ready to WearSaint

Laurent By Marcella Martinelli





The Story of Fragrance

By Marcella Martinelli

Our sense of smell has closer links to our memory than any of our other senses

Tonya Kidd-Beggs Creative director and founder of Stories Parfums, a collection of unique fragrances with a story to tell.

Perfume is the key to our memories Following your childhood trauma , It was not until you visited a Perfumer in the French Riviera that your memories returned. Do you remember the first scent that provoked such feelings? I was 12 years old when my life spiralled out of control, I lost all my childhood memories and it was through counselling that I could address the trauma in my adulthood. I began working with a perfumer in the South of France and then the memories started coming back to me while I was working on my second fragrance. I blind test notes so I did not know what I was putting into the fragrances and when the scent was in its final note the memory started flooding back and the recollection of my grandfather garden started coming back and I knew I was starting to remember, a memory of being protected by my grandfather and father whilst I played in the garden, this gave me back my memories that had been stolen from me through darkness of that traumatic time.

You view fragrance as an art form, which artists inspire you and your work? I can loose myself in Irish artists such as painters Terry Bradley, Glenn Donnelly and Martin Mooney. I can create a fragrance after spending time with an artist which I believe would represent their story but it's my own personal story that inspires my fragrances..

Who was or is your biggest inspiration? My biggest inspiration is my grandmother who sadly I never met. She was an extraordinary business woman and broke a lot of glass in Northern Ireland in her time.

A perfume is a personal journey, what is yours?

Has the imposed lockdown given way for any new creative projects? The lockdown has not affected me creatively, but has given me time to recalibrate, so to speak. It has given me time to be thankful, and look forward to the new normal. This is a chance for us all to be creative and reflective of our live.

The power of fragrance in your life has been profound what is your favourite scent? That is like asking a child in a sweetshop what is their favourite sweet. I do not have a favourite but I am drawn to nature’s scent.

What inspires each story written inside the perfume's packaging? These are my true stories of what the perfume means to me. The reason I choose to tell my story though the creation of fragrances is in the hope that it will inspire others to connect to their past, present and future.

Your story is just that, a personal one, how you perceive a scent to how another person perceives the same scent is completely unique to the wearer. But do you know that we all can have a preconception of what we read on a bottle of perfume before we even smell it? This is why I chose to number our perfumes and to keep our packaging to a minimal look, I wanted the fragrances to speak for themselves. You can either love or hate a fragrance just by reading the notes of the perfume on a box before you actually inhale it. This preconception will be related to a memory. The only way to remove this is to use your nose and skin to make the decision.

Coco Chanel famously said "A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future, do you agree? I totally agree .. I never ever leave the house without wearing a fragrance, I have been known to turn around and go home if I have ever forgot to spray, even if that means being late for a meeting.

What is your favourite place in London? It has to be Annabel’s for its art, interiors, fashion, food, drinks and vibe… it has it all. As one person put it it has the “the spirit of English eccentricity”

What is your motto? Fragrance hold your story and your story is worth being told.

Bvlgari fights against Covid-19 in the UK with a significant donation of hand sanitising gels to support and protect frontline medical staff Bvlgari’s continued efforts to stop the spread of Covid-19 transcend borders to reach the United Kingdom.

Bvlgari began its support in the fight against Covid-19 with a contribution to the scientific and medical community in February 2020 with an important donation to the Spallanzani Hospital in Rome to acquire a new state-of-the-art 3D high definition microscope to allow better understanding of the virus’ dynamics and eventually the development of a vaccination. One month later, as Italy became the epicenter of the pandemic, Bvlgari converted its fragrance production solely to the manufacture of hand sanitising gel, which was donated and distributed to hospitals and medical facilities across both Italy and Switzerland, through their government health authorities. Today Bvlgari announces the donation of over 160,000 units of medical-grade hand sanitising gel to the UK, which will be supplied to the National Health Service [NHS] at the beginning of May in 75ml recycled bottles, a format allowing medical staff to have the protecting gel with them in their pockets at all times. Frontline medical staff are facing unprecedented challenges, particularly as the UK is now one of the worst affected countries in Europe, and Bvlgari is proud to support their invaluable efforts to treat affected communities whilst also keeping them as safe as possible from infection. The UK has always been a major market for Bvlgari and the company feels it is time to give back to the country during this critical situation, in return for what the UK has given and contributed to Bvlgari’s international fame. There is a bridge of heroes linking this whole initiative together which begins in the most affected area of Italy, the Crema/Bergamo region of Lombardy, where Bvlgari’s historic fragrance partner Industrie Cosmetiche Riunite [ICR] is manufacturing the hand sanitising gel for donation – up to 6,000 units per day initially and up to more than 20,000 today. This is the remarkable output of 50 courageous and dedicated Bvlgari employees, who have courageously chosen to continue to work on a voluntary basis in spite of the fact that they are in the




Luxury fashion house, Ralph & Russo, announced today the launch of a special initiative aimed to help support the NHS and its essential healthcare workers. As a show of much-deserved gratitude for the workers bravely fighting this ongoing battle, the brand has put together care packages to be delivered directly to essential healthcare workers at the Royal London Hospital as well as the Infection Control Team. With special support from luxury beauty brand 111SKIN, each package will contain a Ralph & Russo silk pochette scarf from the Spring-Summer 2020 collection as well as two masks from 111SKIN, in an effort to lift spirits and encourage much-needed self-care amongst our healthcare heroes. Creative Director, Tamara Ralph, and CEO, Michael Russo, commented on the initiative:

“We are deeply saddened to witness the tragic impact of this pandemic on a global scale, and want to both support and show gratitude to the NHS and as well as the healthcare workers working tirelessly on the front lines to prevent, control and contain the spread of this virus in any way we can." Ralph and Russo added: "We are incredibly hopeful that an end to this pandemic is imminent. In the meantime, we continue to keep all of those affected in our thoughts and in our hearts."


Kit Lee helping the NHS


orn in Northern Ireland and raised in London, Kit Lee is of Hong Kong origin, a freelance photographer and crafter. Kit is also a co-author of a successful fashion DIY book entitled ‘ADORN’ under Hardie Grant with co-author and friend, Shini Park. Adorn appeared on no’1 best seller chart in fashion category on Amazon UK in 2014. Kit has launched a new venture the DIY nonmedical face mask project. Contemplating on what to do while self-isolating at home, Kit decided to try her magic with her old Benina domestic sewing machine and a small collection of Liberty of London print Tana Lawn fabrics that she hoarded over the years.

Because of the shortage of surgical and non-medical masks in the UK, making them for her family and close friends seemed the appropriate thing to do. Kit made a sample using a pattern from her old cotton mask that she deconstructed and copied, took a snap shot and posted on Instagram Stories. This was the time when her followers started messaging her privately about buying her masks. Personal orders grew day by day, and hundreds of them were being sold in the UK and overseas, and also donated to NHS workers. Ramping up with orders and one-woman factory in her office-turned sewing room, fulfilling orders from day to late nights. None of Kit’s masks are sold online but through private messaging on her Instagram account @itskitlee

''You realised sewing is an essential skill, a part of life skill but also a degree of lifesaving skill.''

The masks are priced at between £10£12. Free for NHS workers and registered healthcare workers. 100% of the money from the sale of face masks help fund supplies for fabrics and materials. Kit’s contact: Instagram @itskitlee Get in touch: kitlee.




Edited by Marcella Martinelli


he current rules on social distancing means that we have to swap the gym for at-home on line work outs, it 's important that we all keep on top of our mental and physical wellbeing and it can be done with great enthusiasm and fun thanks to

Shaun Christie swaying to latin beats.

Shaun started dancing when he was 7 years and competed locally in New Zealand where is is originally from. In 2005 he was asked to compete on the hit Australian TV series Strictly dancing and he career took off in many directions also touring New Zealand competing in swim and athletics events. At the age of 19 Shaun had the opportunity of travelling to the UK and representing New Zealand at the British Latin American Dance Open Championships.

His passion for dancing, swimming and athletics led him to build a career in fitness and health. While he aims for all his sessions to be fun, he also emphasises the importance of correct technique and form; and of course adapts exercises to meet the needs, or injuries, of his clients. While Shaun is working to keep us fit and happy during lockdown, with his hugely popular online sessions, out of quarantine he works at The Chelsea Health Club and Spa. @shaunchristiept


Swapping Luxury Fabrics for Polycotton

Interview by Juliet Herd

The fashion house Isabell Kristensen Couture is synonymous with red carpet, high octane glamour; its extravagant gowns worn by the likes of Nicole Kidman, Paris Hilton, Kate Winslet and Katy Perry. It’s also a family business with the Danish-born founder and chief creative director Isabell heading up the brand’s Monaco branch, while her son Martin, 28, is executive creative director based in London, where its Beauchamp Place boutique has been an elegant fixture since 1993.


owever, since the beginning of April, this well-established label has been busy deploying the skills of its in-house designers and seamstresses to make muchneeded scrubs for NHS trusts around the country. It joins the likes of Burberry and Barbour, along with many other UK designers, who have responded to the call for help during the coronavirus crisis. To date, Isabell Kristensen has produced nearly 3000 scrubs and aims to achieve a target of between 500-700 per week as an increasing number of volunteers come on board – partly thanks to a host of celebrity fans of the label posting pictures and videos on social media. Here, MilliOnAir talks to Martin Kristensen whose training as a British Army reservist has come in handy as he tackles daily logistical challenges - about what inspired him to swap luxury fabrics for polycotton and set up the non-profit organisation Scrubs4Heroes.

Martin Kristensen & Isabell Kristensen

Firstly, Martin, how did you get into design? “After graduating from Bristol University, I planned to go straight from the University Royal Navy Unit, where I was training to be an officer, into the Royal Marines. With the number of Royal Marines in Afghanistan at the time my mother, Isabell, insisted I try the family business ahead of joining. I swore I would only spend a maximum of three months in the business, but ultimately fell in love with it. I think it was the design side that snared my heart; it is unlike anything else. When I started I was brought in to work on our international events with fashion shows as far as Jamaica to keep me busy. I then trained in procurement and atelier management, and from there, my interest in design grew organically and passionately.”

Where did you grow up? “I was born in London, moved to Monaco when I was about nine or ten and then back to Monaco and the UK after a year in Denmark.”

How long have you been involved with the family company? Are your three sisters involved as well? “Since birth! Amazingly, I was born the day of Isabell’s first independent fashion show at the Churchill Hotel in Marylebone. Incredibly, my mother still managed to find the strength to leave the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital Paddington to step out on stage after the show and take a bow. She has always insisted this was a sign that my destiny was intertwined with design. My sisters have modelled for the business in the past; naturally they’re far more beautiful and capable than myself! I have always been terribly camera shy.”

Are you still producing couture orders at this time? “We have suffered massively. Naturally, we cater for events, whether great national ones like Royal Ascot or private family occasions like weddings - all have been cancelled. While there are still orders in the pipeline, these garments cannot be processed during a time of national crisis when the need is far greater for medical wear. Furthermore, couture is often hand-worked, involving close intimate working between the designers and the master-craftspeople who tailor, construct and finish the garments to perfection. Working at such proximity is not possible under the present circumstances.”

How did the idea for Scrubs4Heroes come about? “Scrubs4Heroes was born out of recognition of the extremely challenging situation facing our frontline staff and a desire to help in any way we could. For those of us in the leisure and luxury sectors, we are usually quite a comfortable distance from the trauma of an ER ward or people in pain. It’s quite impossible to imagine what our health workers are faced with amid the COVID-19 crisis. It’s not every day in fashion that we are able to be a part of helping to safeguard peoples’ lives, and this initiative allows us to contribute to that effort and support our heroes with garments to keep them safe and effective. I will always remember the amazing care I received after my hand was broken in a cycling accident, fearing for my future in design. I could not be more grateful for the excellent care I received at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. So, I decided to call them to offer support with scrubs and the response was clear. With more requests pushing us to capacity, I then decided volunteers were needed to help us meet demand and Scrubs4Heroes was born. I am proud to say we now have almost 200 volunteers and are burning through about 3000metres of fabric per week to meet orders. Isabell is, of course, very interested in the initiative and is involved as much as she can be, considering her responsibilities in Monaco.”

What types of scrubs are you making? “We are making scrubs worn by doctors, nurses, anaesthesiologists, midwives and all support staff. The greatest demand has been for scrubs as so many are disposed of or backed up in laundry to prevent COVID contamination. We’ve received urgent orders from a range of NHS health services, from GP Surgeries to mental health units, even forensics departments, which were facing severe shortages. Presently, Scrubs4Heroes is serving 15 different major NHS Hospital trusts as well as a further six NHS GP surgeries. We’re also branching into the protective isolation gowns but are being careful to ensure we only do so to the correct standards.”

You also deliver the kit – what area do you cover? “The geographical area is quite literally now the length and breadth of the UK, from Portsmouth to Sterling, with orders from Wales to Norfolk. We have about nine vehicles involved so far with a view to growing that number now that we have offers from logistics and delivery firms to cover a certain portion of deliveries outside London.”

Is there a standard design? “We only follow the specific NHS-approved instructions and patterns. This is not about design; it’s a needs-focused exercise.”

Can you explain the importance of the fabric and how difficult it is to source? “The right fabrics are important as they must be able to withstand strong temperature washing to disinfect, be fairly tarnish and tear resistant and breathable. Again, we followed exactly what the NHS requested, which was a blend of polycotton that we’ve had to import due to shortages. Sourcing was a challenge and remains difficult some weeks we get 3800metres of fabric, others we can only source about 2500metres, which slows production.”

What is the significance of the colours blue and green for surgeons? “In design we all understand the importance of colour, though in medicine this is arguably even more so. Interestingly, the University of California discovered that looking at green or blue helps keep one’s eyes more sensitive to variations in red. So, if you are a terribly busy doctor, nurse or surgeon looking at blood frequently, operating or trying to detect an infection typically indicated by levels of redness, blue or green is invaluable to refresh colour perception.”

How has your team found making the transition from couture to basic but critical life-saving PPE? “Going from spending three months on a single couture piece to making 3000 garments in a single month is a considerable change. The need for speed is a challenge, especially when combined with a real-world pressure of shortages in our wards and hospitals. The Kristensen team and our volunteers have been amazing and I cannot express enough my awe and respect for their work ethic and resolve.”

What is morale like – has this activity proved invaluable for team spirit? “Without a shadow of a doubt. Some of our team have pre-existing conditions and are considered high-risk yet still insisted on working from home. I think the team spirit has merged with the national spirit; the communal sense of purpose and goodwill is palpable.”

Did you ever expect Scrubs4Heroes to become so big? “Never. I thought we would only involve a few people, maybe 30. We have had many hundreds of requests to help and are so grateful to those reaching out but as we require a certain skill set of sewing ability, this limits the number [of volunteers] we can commit to. We recently received cries for help from as far as Malaysia and the Democratic Republic of Congo - we had no idea the campaign had reached people all over the world! Just this weekend I met with prison officials and arranged materials for them get inmates involved; they’re very keen to lend a hand and support Scrubs4Heroes in helping frontline staff. How often does a couture house couple with a correctional facility?!”

What sort of response have you had from people wanting to volunteer? “We’ve had such an inspiring response. It’s hard to count total numbers but we’re aware of almost 700 people who have expressed interest in volunteering. Sadly, due to time and logistical pressures, they do have to be capable with a sewing machine and ideally, an over-locker machine, pinking shears or zigzag stitching, so that has cut the number to 200. They’re either professional volunteers such as costume department seamstresses, alterations services personnel, freelance fashion machinists and pattern cutters or hobby craftspeople who are avid sewing enthusiasts and fashion students who really know their stuff! I cannot stress the urgency enough, which is why volunteers need to be able to make ten sets every five to six days as that allows for a rate of production to support demand. In terms of the scrub sets, these include a trouser and shirt combination, so each set is two items.”

waiting to raise funds before acting and demanded we sponsor/self-fund the effort with fabric, logistics and coordination. We would have been far less effective had we waited. That being said, as demand has grown, we do intend to raise [funds] as soon as possible but hope other companies will join the effort to support the various costs, whether shipping, fuelling, materials etc.”

What’s been the response from the NHS trusts? “They are very glad to have the support. It is just one small way to show how much we care about them and remain exceedingly grateful.”

What does it mean to you to be able to help in this way? Is this a full-time job for you at the moment?

“One hundred percent. I currently have two directorships: Scrubs4Heroes and House of Kristensen. It is demanding and exhausting; my family are worried I am burning Celebrities like Jess Wright, Pixie Lott and myself out a bit but that is laughable when one considers Georgia Toffolo have been promoting the hours of those frontline staff. Nothing I do could compare to their Herculean efforts. This is just a small Scrubs4Heroes – what has such high-profile effort to support them; we are a small company with a support meant to you? small team but the will is there and each time we make a “We’ve been humbled and fortunate to design for some of delivery to a hospital it makes a difference, however small. Britain’s most talented and beautiful women, whether for I have always admired those who dedicate their life to service; the rest of us benefit from their hard work every performing on live television for The Voice or Pride of day we spend safely living our lives in their care, often Britain Awards, red carpet appearances like the NTAs, without thanks. I would love to see this initiative grow parties at Blenheim Palace or photoshoots. We have dressed all of the above and could not be more grateful to and be able to support people internationally, who maybe aren’t as fortunate as we are to have an NHS. With the talent who have made such a valuable contribution subsequent COVID 2nd and 3rd peak waves being a very through their profiles to raise awareness and support for real possibility, we have to remain vigilant and prepared the initiative. Stars like Amy Jackson, who has almost to provide support to those who need it most.” nine million followers on Instagram; philanthropy champion Carol Vorderman; news professional Charlotte Hawkins, and [Coronation Street actress] Helen Flanagan, who connected us with a team of nurses in Scotland, have all been amazing and we could never have achieved this level of reach or awareness without their support. It also conveys the sense of community and care for one another at this difficult time.”

Why did you decide to self-fund the project? “We do ask for donations but donations of time and labour, which help keep costs from spiralling. Much of the public are going through hard times financially, losing their jobs or [facing] the pressures of irregular work. This, combined with the expressed urgency [in demand] from hospitals made it clear we would lose valuable time

To volunteer, email: @scrubs4heroes



ZAZABOOM Spread the Love; not the virus


is a creative and philanthropic project which has been inspired by one family’s imposed isolation, Kare, Ava and Coco. They recognised early on that they would need to somehow channel the quarantine time into something that generated some level of joy, as well as a means to help others. The idea came together in a matter of hours and they decided to access the many fabrics collected through the years when Karen Brost started designing clothes. ZaZaBoom selects 8 NHS hero’s and sends them a luxury facemask to lift their spirits, and 8 hand-made masks are also sent to the generous weekly donors on Facebook.

As Karen says:

“we aim to generate as much joy and creativity as we can in these fearful and uncertain times, by creating new products up-cycling the old, and giving our time some valuable purpose”. 100% of everything made and created gets auctioned during the weekly online fundraising events. All proceeds are then donated to the brave heroes of the NHS, all over the UK. Ideas are now pouring out into lots of other products, which will be promoted for the fund- raiser every week”.

Check out @zazaboom_official Instagram

ZazaBoom on Facebook for the fundraiser For info contact Karen Brost & Ros





Passionate about Watches Jorn Werdelin


inde Werdelin was born out of a life-threatening event in the Swiss Alps, a 40 year friendship and an uncompromising drive for genuine usefulness and style.In the winter of 1996, Jorn Werdelin, a keen mountaineer and off-piste skier, was taken by surprise in a bout of bad weather, got lost, skied off a cliff and broke his back. In 2002, Jorn Werdelin and Morten Linde partnered to develop a new idea: a highly crafted sports watch, when required, can be combined with a professional digital instrument to provide the right level of information at the right time for skiing and diving. A common passion for design, functionality, craftsmanship, quality, and sports has led Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin to partner and develop a new idea that redefines a highly crafted sports watch. The unique combination of watches and instruments makes Linde Werdelin the only true sports watch of today. Linde Werdelin brings together the best of Danish ingenuity and Swiss craftsmanship. Seventeen years on and they have created a small limited edition timepieces inspired by the toughness of survival in extreme conditions. The beauty of the mountains and the sea acts as a perpetual source of inspiration for Linde Werdelin.

“We are very pleased that our continued efforts have been recognised by Positive Luxury awarding us the Butterfly Mark; and in particular as nominee of the Circular Economy Pioneer of the Year. Over the last few years we have moved towards a more sustainable and circular model of operating, both in terms of our direct sales approach and our inhouse resale service, the first of its kind in the industry. I have personally found it a long and challenging process and very much a mindset, where practically every decision taken needs to include that view. We anticipate our efforts will be further strengthened through the membership of Positive Luxury and support of this like-minded community.� Jorn Werdelin


Fly me to the moon.... Giovanni Raspini launch new Spring/Summer 2020 Collection Giovanni Raspini reaffirms its strong identity with the 2020 Spring-Summer collection, by presenting creations in which contemporary design is combined harmoniously with the unique style that has long been synonymous with the brand. There are five new collections with symbolic names: Moon Crocodile, Moon Bowl, Berries, Fuego and Caesar.


For the love of Gucci Timepiece Gucci Grip watch The streamlined vintage-shaped dial is typical of the Grip line, a dark metal coating creates an elegant titanium effect demonstrating Gucci's craftsmanship and attention to details.

Jewellery Lionhead ring, Lionhead bracelet and single earring in white gold, aquamarine and diamonds.


An iconic

Stephen Webster collection

Crystal Haze is considered the most iconic of all StephenWebster collections. ‘CH2’ celebrates twenty five years of the Crystal Haze effect, reimagined into a contemporary and versatile edit. Simple lines are accentuated with baguette-cut gemstones, enhancing the abundance of colour magnified under the faceted Quartz lens. Resulting in a collection of bold cocktail rings, bangles, necklaces and earrings, each set in 18ct gold and all with Crystal Haze as the integral part of these contemporary designs.

The NEW CH2 Collection Launching 25th May 2020

When Stephen launched the original design in the mid 1990’s, conventional jewellers shunned the idea of a Quartz and opaque coloured stone, cut in a non-traditional way, being presented as fine jewellery. Everything changed when Madonna bought herself a Classic Crystal Haze ring. The collections simple lines and signature abundance of colour magnified under the faceted Quartz lens, created powerful pieces for empowered women, quickly becoming a musthave for women’s self-purchasing and symbol of the independent women who bought her own fine jewellery.

No-nonsense jewellery worn by strong no-nonsense women.


Come on let's Twist again...

Edited by Marcella Martinelli


is a statement of style. The chain-link bracelet is a composed centrepiece, a classic feel with today’s modern attitude. It's a jewel designed by the Cartier watchmaking studios, a bracelet whose chain-links are offset and aligned on the bias well-rounded and opulent, they move in time with the ultra-feminine elegance of the Maillon de Cartier watch.


Five of Halo Hearts

By Marcella Martinelli

Alice Van Cal is proud to announce a new collection of black diamond heart halo earrings which can be worn with different studs . This is a collaboration with the Imperial Health Charity for the front line heroes and WellChild who look after vulnerable children, 100 percent of the profit is going to these charities both of which are dear to Alice who has just welcomed her second son. Congratulation Alice!



CURRENT MOOD By Clare Lazaro



hilst languishing at home for slightly longer than I would normally enjoy, my mind has been wandering to far flung places - fantasizing about the freedom to roam, saddled up, on the open gaucho plains of Argentina and Uruguay. An outdoorsy and gritty life, but suitably attired of course. Which got me dreaming about Erdem's romantic S/S 2020 collection, with its Latin Victoriana sentiments. Austere, demure, ornate and feminine all at the same time. While this fantasy may not come to fruition any time soon, Erdem's individual pieces easily translate to a more relevant time and place, adding a touch of romance to any classic wardrobe.

Scalloped black belt, £275, Isabel Marant ( Embellished mules, £475, Dries Van Noten ( White lace top, £467, Miguelina ( Black organza bow blouse, £675, Dolce & Gabbana ( Asymmetric earrings, £851, Goosens ( Cream cross body bag, Stella McCartney ( Black fringed jacket, £1,850, Balmain ( Pearl ring, £320, and earrings, £540, both Alexander McQueen ( Studded ankle boot, £1,230, Versace ( Lace leather pleated maxi skirt, £4,500, Valentino ( Cotton poplin dress, £595, Simone Rocha ( Tie neck silk blouse, £890, Gucci ( Enamel embellished earrings, £260, Marni ( Ankle strap leather sandals, £490, Marni (


All aboutDior

For this Spring-Summer 2020 ready-to-wear collection, Maria Grazia Chiuri was inspired by photographs of Catherine Dior—Christian Dior's sister—in which she appears amid her flowers, in the garden that was her passion. Driven by this conviction and by the love of gardens, this new Dior collection evokes—through motifs and embroideries, brilliance and texture of raffia—lush imaginary vegetation. The designs are presented in the style of herbaria: precious inventories that preserve the memory of botanical species. By Marcella Martinelli

Belong to the Ocean

On location in Cape Town

Photographer John Rowley Fashion & Jewellery Marcella Martinelli Make up Lisa Valencia at Carol Hayes management using Kate Mciver & Stila Hair Shukeel @theonlyagency using @bumbleandbumbleuk Model Kayla C @kayla_crous at Fan Jam agency Assistant photo Dune Tilly Stylist assistant Arielle Robins Hair assistant Ronja Langhout Retoucher Dave Chambers

ERES Mocassin swimsuit www.

Melissa Odabash Gunmetal Bora Bora swimsuit

Melissa Odabash Miami triangle bikini www.

Chopard Orchid earrings from the Red Carpet collection in titanium set with white opal cabochons and brilliant-cut diamonds, pink sapphires and tsavorite Chanel Printed jersey swimsuit

Gem Dior white gold and coloured stone earings Yamamay Red sequin bikini www.

Van Cleef & Arpels Oiseau de feu earrings ERES Mocassin swimsuit

Melissa Odabash Thailand olive green bikini

Cartier Rose Gold and Diamond earrings Lelloue Bikini

Melissa Odabash Hampton red bikini

Missoni bikini and Kaftan

Agent Provocateur: Malisa swimsuit www.agentprovocateur. com

Chopard earrings from the Red Carpet collection in titanium set with pear-shaped tanzanites Agent Provocateur: Malisa swimsuit www.agentprovocateur. com

Adler Sundersand in pink gold and multi coloured sapphires earrings Freya Bali Bay high waist bikini

ZaZaBoom Official Bombshell Girls Bikini and matching Velvet Robe & sunglasses.

Adler Electric Titanium earrings in white gold set with diamonds Gottex wide strap, deep plunge swimsuit with white ribbon detailing at www.

Adler earrings Pavo in Titanium and white gold with diamonds Gottex Black lycra high neck with a sexy back and show stopping embroidery of silver and rose gold beads.

Van Cleef & Arpels Winter bow earrings Agent Provocateur white Anja swimsuit available

Gem Dior white gold and diamond earrings Dior Bay Adere striped knit bralett and bottom www.

Melissa Odabash Montenegro zig zag bikini

Van Cleef & Arpels Soleil D'orient earrings Eres Chainettes one piece swimsuit www.

Adler earrings ''Elements'' in titanium and white gold set with pink sapphires and diamonds Melissa Odabash Santiago black asymmetric swimsuit

Gem Dior white gold and diamond earrings Dior Bay Adere striped knit bralett and bottom


The Gentleman Traveller By Trausti Thor Sverrisson

Brioni, Tailoring Legends since 1945 Founded in Rome in 1945 by visionary duo Nazareno Fonticoli, a Master Tailor, and his business partner Gaetano Savini, Brioni is a legendary menswear luxury house. Fonticoli and Savini’s partnership was a marriage of technical skill and creative entrepreneurship that would define Brioni as the most prestigious sartorial destination. Society’s most powerful men, from Hollywood icons to heads of state, were queuing up to be dressed by the brand’s artisan tailors and the Brioni became synonymous with status, indicating the lifestyle of a distinguished gentleman.

Clarke Gable at a fitting

In 1952, Brioni sealed its reputation as an industry leader by hosting the first ever men’s fashion show. Presented at the exclusive Sala Bianca of Palazzo Pitti in Florence, the collection was a myriad of fluid tailoring, featuring suits in vivid colours and sophisticated fabrics. The innovative silhouettes eclipsed the conventional English style which had dominated the industry, transforming Brioni into the reference for Roman tailoring - an effortless ideal of elegance was established, and would become recognized worldwide.

As the brand went from strength to strength, the founders kept at the forefront of innovation by investing in a new form of production. In 1959, with a view to increasing capacity whilst maintaining a sartorial approach, Brioni opened an atelier in Penne, Abruzzo. From here, the company revolutionized high-end tailoring as we know it, by improving production capabilities whilst maintaining the brand’s trademark handmade quality. Throughout its history the effortless Roman elegance, flawlessly combined with unrivaled excellence in craftsmanship, has guided the house’s philosophy and been translated through the collections.

Nazareno Fonticoli and Gaetano Savini


Iconic Photographer

John Rowley John Rowley is a South African Born, London based Photographer/Director and Videographer For this edition of MilliOnAir, he travelled to Cape Town where he shot our stunning cover shoot and fashion story. John started taking photos as a child and has been capturing images ever since. He has an excellent production and editing team and is happy to shoot on location or in a studio, giving his clients the best shoot experience and providing photos and videos from start to finish. @jrowley1


A Beautiful Makeup Artist

Lisa Valencia


isa has worked on commercials and editorial shoots, she is known for her skin preparation work and has the unique ability to create a flawless look. Her celebrity clients include Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Abbey Clancy, Emma Willis, Kara Tointon, Millie Mackintosh and David Walliams. Lisa has traveled all over the world and takes inspiration from her travel experiences. She has a strong camera presence and represent brands globally. Lisa lives in London with her photographer husband and her three sons.



Supporting the creatives and brands who have stepped up during the pandemic.

By Alison Lowe MBE

Keiko Nishiyama


Ylenia Mangano

s I write this article, we are still in lockdown and whilst the pandemic has been a challenging time for all of us as we adapt to isolation and home working, for the fashion industry this has been a disastrous time. And one that isn’t ending anytime soon. Across the world, fashion brands, retailers, suppliers and manufacturers are in crisis. Even before the pandemic the industry was in trouble, but the current situation means that many will not survive. Fashion brands have had orders cancelled or haven’t received payment for deliveries, whilst retailers have had to shut their doors and many department stores are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. The promotion of fashion has been effected as fashion weeks have been cancelled and creative teams including photographers, models and stylists struggle to survive as all shoots are cancelled. The manufacturing of fashion has been impacted and garment workers in factories around the world have lost their jobs and the only source of income for their families. The fashion industry is in a mess. However, despite these challenging times, some of our creatives and smaller or newer brands are working on making a difference to their communities or rallying to support the most vulnerable in highly commendable ways. I was due to write about the latest international fashion weeks in this article, but instead I want to take the opportunity to share the inspirational creative business owners and brands who, despite this period of great uncertainty are doing more than their bit to the relief effort. To support them I have detailed below what they are working on, but also want to take the opportunity to ask you to support their brands, as they all deserve to survive this crisis and continue to grow their businesses. So please follow their brands on social media, buy their products or take part in their activities.

So here is my shout out to just a few of the brands who are making a difference during the pandemic. Shelli-Oh Shelli-Oh is an Indonesian-Canadian fashion designer, who is the creative director behind her eponymous brand, creating both menswear and stunning ethereal womenswear. Shelli is a little power house and I have greatly admired her work during the crisis to produce safety wear for frontline workers. Shelli told me “I was invited to collaborate with a team of designers, makers, technologists, bio-medical engineers, scholars and medical professionals that banded together to help with the COVID-19 Crisis called Community Make, whose focus was getting essential PPE items out to front line workers, volunteers and organizations out there helping people. A great deal of research and development went in with countless lit reviews, risk assessments and collaborative conversations with medical professionals to ensure we were getting out the best items we could. Everyone on the team has volunteered their time and resources to making this happen as we were not selling the items. I was on the textile end, working to get masks with removable filters and isolation gowns out. There's another medical 3D printing team getting face shields

out. With overwhelming demand, some requests came through the team page, others came directly to me and I just executed on mass. I personally got large batches of masks out to volunteers at food banks, homeless shelters, women's shelters, youth shelters and the Humane Society. Following the material guidelines set out by the group, I repurposed my menswear fabrics and scraps that fit the required standard, the team sent me the filter fabric to make the removable filters, and I got some elastic donated from local companies. I helped more on the developmental end of the isolation gowns this time, liaising with the team and a doctor to ensure needs were met, then created the pattern and prototype that would be accepted before going ahead and producing the gowns. The gown requests came from doctors responding to outbreaks at group homes that were in dire need. I have been working on PPE items non stop from morning to night since mid-end of March and still going...� Working on the safety wear means that Shelli has had less time to focus on her own brand, so please give her a follow on social media or a shout out and support her brand in the future. @shelli_oh

Illustration by Leni Kauffman

Yala Jewellery Audrey Migot-Adholla is the founder of award winning African jewellery brand Yala Jewellery, who splits her time between her home in Bristol and Kenya, where her jewellery is produced. Yala was the first jewellery brand to become a Certified B Corporation, creating ethical jewellery that is created to last, with collaborators who are paid fairly and materials that are eco-friendly. Audrey already does an incredible amount for her community, working directly with over 150 artisans in Kenya, ensuring they receive fair wages, safe and healthy work environments, and real recognition for their talent. Audrey is passionate about ensuring true transparency across the production process, and a genuine connection between the people who created Yala jewellery and the customer. However, Audrey has also stepped forward to take action during the pandemic. She explains, “ When Covid happened, I knew that African countries in general and Kenya in particular, were at a huge disadvantage compared to developed nations. And despite the conflicting opinions from the WHO and the CDC, we know that something is better than nothing in terms of face coverings. So I had a look at my fabric stash – leftovers from dressmaking, bag making and various other sewing projects and figured I could make around 200 masks and send them to Kenya to be distributed to whoever needs them. With my Mum’s help, I reached out to the Kenya Red Cross and the African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF) and they were delighted with the offer. The first batch of over 250 masks has been shipped already but there’s a need for far more than that. Unfortunately, I’d run out of fabric, so I had to come up with a way to keep making masks while covering my costs of materials and labour. “Buy one, donate one” seemed like the best way to achieve this. The project isn’t generating any profit, it is purely a means to an end, and the more people that can receive a face covering, here or in Kenya, the better for us all. We are making the masks that are for sale from bright, African fabric prints.” @yalajewellery

That Gorilla Brand

a few of local authorities and chiefs in the communities in the

I have featured That Gorilla Brand previously in this column, commending the founders for setting up a label with the aim to create more than a fashion brand, they are committed to making a positive impact on the world. The brand gives back by donating money from every sale to The Gorilla Organisation. The company embraces the principles of strength, love and loyalty, in a unique clothing collection that always values quality and design surrounding area of the gorillas habitat of the Virunga National Park. over profit, and never forgets the importance of giving back. That Gorilla Brand have commissioned the making of 10,000 face masks that are usable/washable and all made Stepping forward during the current crisis That Gorilla Brand has commissioned and is donating essential safety from top performance anti-bacterial fabrics. The brand has also commissioned and donated 200 PVC plastic masks and protectors to a range of workers in areas bucket face protectors for people on the front line of surrounding the gorillas habitats. This includes the workers of The Gorilla Organisation, who are based in testing in the clinics. Kisoro Uganda, these are the advanced force who will live in the forest close to the gorillas to keep a watchful eye on @thatgorillabrand them 24 hrs a day from afar. The brand will also donate masks to the UWA Ranger (Uganda Wildlife Authorities) who are patrolling the park but don't already have supplies, as well as to medical staff at Kisoro hospital and

Ylenia Mangano Ylenia Mangano is a wonderfully talented designer based in Milan. The goal of Maison Ylenia Mangano is to create clothes that enhance the natural beauty and femininity present in every woman. Ylenia achieves this by designing garments that feature soft lines, that envelop the female body and enhance the feminine silhouette. There is attention to detail in every phase of the creative process, from the choice of luxury fabrics such as silk, organza and silk duchesse; to the creation of the embroidery that reflects a classic elegance with a modern eye. Even the choice of colours is expertly calculated; strong colours that are both bright and decisive are paired in contrast with pastel colours, that are soft and delicate; to both reflect and emphasise the character of the Ylenia Mangano customer. Milan has had the longest and toughest lockdown in Europe at the time of writing this article, which has devastatingly impacted the brand. Yet Ylenia, who has also been caring for and home schooling her 4 year old daughter has remained positive throughout. Her luxury brand has a great connection with their customers, so Ylenia has been sharing positive thoughts and creative ideas throughout the lock down. Whilst she waits to invite her customers back in to the stores or her atelier to view her beautiful collection, she has now started working on a unique project with journalist Marianna Bonavolontรก. The project will donate money to a variety of different charities who are struggling to raise funds due to the pandamemic. Ylenia will be selling a variety of pieces at a discounted price, with the proceeds being split between the different charities.

Emma J Shipley Emma J Shipley is an incredibly talented graphic artist specialising in fine drawing, luxury scarves and cushions; taking inspiration from myths, legends and the unique beauty of the natural world. Emma painstakingly draws each design by hand in pencil, fusing highly skilled draftsmanship with a subversive imagination; capturing nature’s unpredictable beauty. I have been a huge fan of Emma’s for a long time and love her artwork, so was thrilled when she released a colouring competition to take part in during the lockdown. The brand has shared the reason behind the competition, “it can be hard to stay positive in these strange times, so we have created our free colouring pages that can be downloaded from our website to help you keep busy and creative whilst spending time at home. It is the perfect way to keep occupied and inspired (no matter your age!) whilst you immerse yourself in our intricate designs, where the only thing to think about is what colour to pick next.” The brand has released four designs to choose from: Zambezi, Lynx, Wonder World and Audubon. To receive your free download, just add the design to your shopping bag, checkout and you will then receive your free pdf download in your inbox - ready to print off and get colouring! @emmajshipley

Keiko Nishiyama Keiko Nishiyama is an eponymous contemporary womenswear brand established in 2014. Proud of her origins and attached to her new home, Keiko has decided to give a double identity to her brand which is both Japanese and English. The label based in London and Tokyo is synonymous with curiosity, mystery and illusion. Keiko Nishiyama is a newer brand and it is facing many of the challenges of growing a brand during these difficult times. Currently isolated in Tokyo, Keiko wanted to reach out to her community and help them, and herself, with the day to day challenges of staying positive during the lockdown. Known for her delicate and detailed prints, Keiko decided that her prints are the best way to connect with people, so has drawn a unique illustration for people of any age to colour in. Keiko explained her reasons for giving away a free download for people to colour in. “ Colouring has the ability to relax the fear centre in your brain, and induces the same mind state as meditating, by reducing the thoughts of a restless mind. I find it hard to meditate, so drawing, painting and colouring helps me focus on

something other than the pressures and stresses of running my own business.� To download the free colouring sheet visit the brands website, fill in your name and email address and then the colouring sheet will be open for you to download. Once you have completed colouring it in, then upload it to social media and tag the brand in so that everyone can share and support each other.


The Worship Company of Cordwainers


Whilst numerous fashion industry and graduate award events are cancelled this year, the Worshipful Company of As these amazing brands are doing so much for their Cordwainers has announced that the Cordwainers community, I hope that you will take a bit of time out National Footwear Student of the Year award will still go to support them, share their stories and of course if ahead. Many fashion students across the world have felt abandoned as their opportunities to showcase their collection to the industry, press and future employers were wiped out, leaving them panicking that they will struggle to standout in the crowded market place after the lockdown.

you want to buy their product, they will welcome you with open arms!

With the awards team, students and judges all working remotely, the Worshipful Company of Cordwainers were determined to go ahead and decided to take advantage of digital technology to ensure that the students can still benefit from this career-defining event. The Master of the Company, Nigel Easton expressed his delight that “we are able to run our prestigious annual competition in spite of the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus emergency. The Cordwainers National Footwear Student of the Year Awards are the embodiment of the Company’s core purpose, demonstrating the Company’s commitment to supporting both the footwear industry and student footwear designers.” He continues, “This year students from the three footwear universities (De Montfort University, the University of Northampton and London College of Fashion at the University of the Arts, London) will submit their portfolios digitally, our judges will deliberate via email and video conference, and we will be awarding almost £12,000 in prizes as usual, including a £5,000 prize for the winner. We are pleased to be able to continue to celebrate the talent emerging from British universities especially at a time when final year students are facing disruption to their studies and degree awards.” The winners of this year’s awards will be announced in June and the Cordwainers’ Company is hoping to mark the achievements of the talented students with an awards ceremony in the autumn, which will bring together some of the finest names in British footwear. Previous attendees have included Jimmy Choo, Rupert Sanderson, Sophia Webster, and Nicholas Kirkwood, as well as representatives from John Lobb, Start Rite, Pentland Brands, Jeffery-West, Cheaney Shoes and Foster & Son, among others.

Emily Hill

Yeseul RA

Youngwan Kim

Sabrina Kim







By Marcella Martinelli

CASADEI was founded in 1958, in a small workshop in San Mauro Pascoli, where Quinto and Flora Casadei created the first collection of sandals designed for tourists holidaying on the Italian Riviera. It was the time of the economic boom and the “Made-in-Italy” miracle. CASADEI have recently launched a new collection with the Ethical Fashion Initiative , a UN association, and created an ethical capsule shoe collection which reflects the amazing work of craftswomen based in Burkina Faso and aims to contribute to poverty reduction by supporting the creation of sustainable, decently paid jobs for these artisans and guarantee them fair labour and environmentally friendly practices. This capsule collection fuses CASADEI’s recognisable designs with Burkina Faso’s artisanship excellence and its local inspirations.

A collection that aims to empower, inspire and celebrate the power of women from all over the world, the Ethical Fashion Initiative within the SS20 collection demonstrates the brilliance of the female form. #CasadeiWorld #CasadeixEFI Illustrated by @wroomboomzapp In collaboration with @ethicalfashion


You can leave your hat on Awon Golding

Interview by Marcella Martinelli


won Golding is an award-winning London-based milliner who specialises in fun and fresh hats and headpieces for modern women. Being of Anglo-Indian descent and Hong Kong born and raised she is continually inspired by her multicultural background. As well as regularly featuring in international fashion publications, Awon’s ability to meld femininity with wearability has brought her a loyal following of global icons. Her hats have graced the heads of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Dita Von Teese, Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga, and Priyanka Chopra to name just a few. Following a career as a fashion writer and magazine editor in Hong Kong, she eventually decamped to London to pursue her dream of millinery. After apprenticeships with acclaimed milliners and a year of studying millinery at Kensington and Chelsea College, she went on to her first job in the hat world designing for high street giants Topshop and River Island. Awon went on to set up her own label in 2013. In 2014 Awon was selected by Stephen Jones to showcase for two seasons as part of Headonism a platform for the UK’s finest upand-coming millinery talent at London Fashion Week. 2018 saw Awon make her UK TV debut as the millinery expert on BBC 2‘s prime time show, Handmade in Britain. She creates two seasonal collections a year – Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter - and private commissions for a wide range of customers. Her hats are available for purchase at London’s Fenwick, as well as a selection of international stockists.

When did you make your first hat? I made my first hat for my step-brother’s wedding about 15 years ago. It was the first proper English wedding I’d ever been to and I was obsessed with the idea of having a hat… I’d probably watched 4 Weddings and a Funeral one too many times. I searched the shops and couldn’t find anything I liked or could afford, so ended up making something myself. Surprisingly I got lots of compliments on it and I guess it planted the first seed in my mind of being a milliner.

Which aspect of your work is the most enjoyable? Things change all the time, sometimes I love the simplest thing like sewing a headband into a hat, another day it’s the commissioning process where I meet my client for the first time and we go through the steps of finding her the perfect piece, or another day it’s producing the photo shoot for my lookbook where I see my collection come alive on a model.

Do you have a particular woman in mind when designing? I find the best place to start when designing is with what I like. I have to love what I’m making so I begin with the questions, “Would I wear this? Does this make my heart sing?” I think this brings an authenticity and continuity to my brand.

Favourite place or country to create your hats? Years ago when I first started out in Millinery I had a summer job where I’d assist on a residential millinery course at a chateau 2 hours outside of Toulouse in the south of France. It was the most stunning backdrop to be creating in and I dream about having a workshop like that one day. I’ve just got to find the chateau now.

Any preferred materials that you like working with?

I love working with feathers, they are so versatile. As they’ve been used for as long as millinery has been in existence I like the challenge of manipulating them in They are all equally rewarding and it’s really dependent novel unexpected ways. They can be graphic or soft and on my mood. I can wholeheartedly say I don’t enjoy doing fluid, they are really the voice of the hat. my accounts though.

Favourite artists? ( music, art, or a writers) I love Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea Quartet. It’s my favourite fantasy series and provides the escapism I need from my daily life. She was a pioneer in a male dominated industry and genre, which is such an inspiration.

There is a quote that says: "A piece of magic, is a hat!" Do you believe that hats have a little bit of magic? Absolutely, hats are an extension of a person’s mood, personality or intentions. They can hide and obscure or elevate and add stature. Your wish is their command.

In your opinion, what is the most fabulous hat ever created? (yours or someone else) I love the pieces Philip Treacy made for Isabella Blow, to choose one would be a crime. They are transportive and sum up the kind of fantasy and magic the best hats are imbued with. His hats were the first that ever caught my eye and his artistry continues to inspire awe.

What is your favourite hat to wear and why? I’m pretty casual in my day to day wear so in general I’d go with a boater or trilby. My interest in hats started in my teen years when I’d wear men’s hats like flatcaps and fedoras, these styles still resonate with me.

Best hats in a movie? For the best vintage hats and fashion, not to mention incredible all-star cast, you have to watch the 1939 movie The Women. Glamorous and hilarious.

What is you motto? Not so much a motto but the best piece of advice I ever received was from my millinery tutor at Kensington Chelsea College who, when asked how to succeed in hats said, “be the last man standing”. I took this to mean be persistent, have grit, and don’t give up. It’s served me well so far.



Alessandra Ambrosio Pretty Ballerinas






MilliOnAir | MUST HAVE'S

A Very Chic Upgrade... The Summer Tie-Dye Trend

Jumping on the tie-dye bandwagon whilst the trend has became popular again. It’s a print that's been loved and worn for years, so how exciting for it to be back in fashion. We adore this beautiful versions of the nineties trend, and we can’t get enough of it #tiedye

JIMMY CHOO Hawaii Tie-Dye Sneakers

EMILIO PUCCI cat-eye flower detail sunglasses

LOVESHACKFANCY Tie-Dye Gwen Ruffle Dress

MARC JACOBS The Marc Jacobs The Leather Snapshot Airbrush Camera Bag

CHOPARD Rubies and Diamonds Imperiale Automatic Watch 40mm

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Trouble In Heaven Perfume Oil

LOEWE x Paula's Ibiza Tie-Dye Sweater

OFF-WHITE Tie-Dye Bow Trousers



Sadie Mantovani

Interview by Marcella Martinelli

Photography by Misan Harriman

Sadie began her career at one of the

UK’s top fashion and luxury PR agencies, Aurelia PR, looking after Bruce Oldfield, Jaguar, Bang & Olufsen and Montblanc. Her career has been going from strength to strength and her first in-house role was working with menswear designer Ozwald Boateng. From there Sadie joined Ralph Lauren, where she headed the company as Vice President. Now she is expanding her knowledge as a freelance brand consultant for Maison Margaux, Hester Bly, Mayamiko, Casetify, Beulah London, Outland Denim Blanket London, Pronovias and Whitehair & Co.

You have achieved many collaborations in fashion and lifestyle what are you most proud of? During my time at Ralph Lauren, I worked on the partnership with The Royal Marsden hospital, as a European focus of the various Pink Pony (the RL charity collection) contributions to cancer research. The project resulted in the opening of the Ralph Lauren Centre for Cancer Research in Chelsea, which was launched with a gala dinner hosted by Prince William at Windsor Castle- the opening was a huge achievement, and I was so proud of our team coordinating the project amongst the various global brand teams, the hospital CEO’s offices, the Palace, and with our partners Alexandra Schulman and British Vogue, to achieve the launch event and the global press strategy behind it. On a much smaller scale and for different reasons, I’m proud of producing a collaboration between two youthful and forward-thinking brands at the forefront of lifestyle accessories tech, CASETiFY and and LAbased VirtualSuperLand, who created some amazing products featuring (very instagrammable) 3D and VR effects. It just felt great as it was the first truly commercial one I had orchestrated from start to finish, resulting in a really cool and current product being sold in an arena I had never previously considered very me, technology.

''It’s so important that I really believe in the brand values of clients, so that I can be authentic when speaking with the media about them, but also when addressing the consumer audience- nobody wants to listen to someone touting irrelevant wares. ''

Do you have a favourite designer or lifestyle?

My favourite designer is Maria Grazia Chiuri at Dior- she gets it right collection after collection, the shows are exquisite visual experiences and she has kept the messaging utterly current while never deviating from the original brand DNA. My favourite lifestyle portrayed by a designer is still the Ralph Lauren lifestyle- timeless and understated but beautiful throughout, with family, ambition giving back and adventure at its heart.

What is the most important quality to have as a communication expert? You need to be a great storyteller, and to truly love the stories you tell you need to be able to fully immerse yourself in the brands you represent so that you can identify the DNA of your brands and their ideal audience, to help create the feel of a common community around each of them.

How do you choose which luxury brands you want to work with, what is important to you? It’s so important that I really believe in the brand values of clients, so that I can be authentic when speaking with the media about them, but also when addressing the consumer audience- nobody wants to listen to someone touting irrelevant wares. So brand values are the first thing I research on pitching or on being approached. And in terms of choosing, it’s interesting- as your brand portfolio develops, you begin to be approached by brands who share a similar business values to your existing brands or wonderful agencies) sharing particular elements of brand ethos like, in my case, sustainability and ethical fashion as well as youthful, fashion-forward luxury.

''I think timeless items and simple, understated elegance is stylish. But also, as I get older I’ve realised that being comfortable in your own skin and having confidence in your fashion choices always really shines through and makes you look great whatever you happen to be wearing, so I think style is confidence most of all.''

Someone said that being happy never goes out of style, what defines style for you? I think timeless items and simple, understated elegance is stylish. But also, as I get older I’ve realised that being comfortable in your own skin and having confidence in your fashion choices always really shines through and makes you look great whatever you happen to be wearing, so I think style is confidence most of all.

Did you have a specific view of the fashion industry before you started working in PR and has it changed since? I did- and honestly for a long while it was accurate and didn’t change much. It was always hard work but it was glamorous and exciting, and it was based around any excuse for an extravagant event and the 2 seasons of global fashion weeks. There was also a finite amount of (primarily print) press and your day to day job was focused on creating awareness for your brand within it. It finally started changing with the huge increase in digital and influencer or social media platforms, and with the decline in marketing and advertising budgets. So the industry became much more fast-paced, and as individuals we became even more creative, as we needed better results with fewer resources, and messaging was spread more thinly and open to more forms of reinterpretation by many forms of new media. Now, we are going through huge changes due to the virus crisis- I feel like I’ve never had to work harder for results for my clients and with the agencies I work with as we try to navigate this new media landscape and find the new normal. It changes daily, but I think what will now be of most importance for brands (and it’s a great opp for the newly emerging ones) is to really create an image and messaging which make the brand consumer feel part of a community.

Do you think fashion should be political? I think that if most art is political, and as fashion is an art and an expression of reactions to external factors and to culture, it should be political if it’s doing good- like the designs of Katherine Hamnett or Dame Vivien Westwood. Perhaps it’s safer for fashion designers be political as opposed to the fashion industry- like, again, Maria Grazia Chiuri’s use of slogans. Following or engaging in politics helps some people form an identity, or to find their crowd, which is one of the wonderful things about fashion.

As a creative consultant you have to work with many different brands- how do you remain true to your vision? Remaining true to a vision comes easily once you look into a brands values and ensure that not only do you believe in them yourself, but that ultimately you’d buy into- or aspire to buy- a brand via the product, and to being a part of its community.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? Everyone gets a second chance before you form an opinion on them after meeting- perhaps they were having a terrible day personally, don’t write them off unless they are awful second time round as well.

Name something you love, and why? I love reading. I read at least a book a week and I read anywhere- in every line I wait in, in cars, when waiting for movies to start. Books mean that I am never bored and that I can totally switch off for any reality I might want or need to.

What is your dream project? My passion is film and I would have loved to work in the world of cinema, so I’d love the opportunity to work on a partnership with a movie project I’m interested in.

What is your motto? Be kind, be supportive- I can’t add the ‘be cool’ as I don’t think I can quite carry that off! There wasn’t much kindness in the industry when I started in the naughties and I used to go through phases of doubting this was the right attitude, as lots of pretty apparently harsh people were getting ahead but (and I’m not saying you should be a pushover) more often than not kindness comes through in the end.



Dolce & Gabbana starring

Sofia Vergara

This important collaboration with Humanitas University is to strengthen the efforts toward scientific research benefitting global health against Covid-19. As you may already know, Dolce & Gabbana already cooperated with Humanitas through a major donation last February. Starting from now, part of the proceeds from the sales of the Devotion bag through their e-commerce will support Humanitas University research.


Ve n e t i a n Ma s t e r Pe r f u me r . c o m




WAKEN mouthwashes Crafted with natural mint and bottled in beautiful, endlessly recyclable aluminium. Gentle, alcohol-free formulations are kind to teeth gums and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Get them all at


At home Beauty Ruby Hammer MBE Beauty Editor

May beauty columns are usually packed with Summer looks, new shades, trends and textures but in view of all that we are currently facing globally I want to address what is relevant now. Taking the time for self care could bring you out of lockdown with radiant skin, healthy hair and new makeup skills to rival pros. SKINCARE With less commuting and more time at home, this is the time to consider upping your skincare routine. Whilst I don’t feel that everyone needs to follow a Korean 10 step routine getting into the habit of cleansing, hydrating and protecting as a minimum will keep your skin looking fresh. I am lucky in my job to have tried hundreds if not thousands of cleansers from foaming, micellar waters, soaps to balms. My preference is to use balms as they offer a deep, thorough cleanse that leaves the skin satisfyingly clean without feeling stripped.

Drunk Elephants Slaai Makeup Melting Butter Cleanser melts away any grime and makeup from the skin leaving a dewy glow.

Whilst we are avoiding touching our faces whilst out and about, leading facialists have been teaching facial massage techniques on IGTV to really get the blood flowing and to encourage lymphatic drainage. If you don’t feel confident in your technique the new Nurse Jamie Beauty Blade Deep Massaging Tool is designed to fit the contours of your face and body allowing you to increase circulation and improve the skins appearance.

For an added boost Kate Somerville’s Exfolikate dual action exfoliator features physical and enzymatic exfoliants to remove dead skin cells and give you smoother more even skin.

I alternate this with REN Clean Skincare Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial when I am short on time. Applied over the face and neck and massaged in, when you massage again with moistened fingertips it activates the vitamin C leaving imperfections minimised and soft, toned skin.

I love serums of their lightweight feel and supercharged results. To keep skin looking plump Zelens Z Hyaluron contains three types of hyaluronic acids at different molecular weights for improved delivery into the skin.

Top this off with MZ Skin Hydrate & Nourish moisturiser to keep skin smooth and supple, with added SPF 30 to protect from sun damage.

Don’t forget your lips when building your personal routine, particularly when staying indoors with central heating. Votary Natural Lip Oil hydrates and nourishes with zero stickiness and unlike most other lip balms is vegan.

BODYCARE Dry brushing not only exfoliates the skin but stimulates the lymphatic system. Just a couple of minutes a day helps to alleviate fluid retention, metabolise toxins and softens your skin. It is also great for stopping ingrown hairs. Start at your feet and brush upwards in the direction of your heart working over your entire body.

Quick flicks are better than long strokes and really help to perk you up (a brilliant tip from the fabulous Kate Shapland the founder of Legology). I have several brushes but favour my Aromatherapy Associates Polishing Body Brush.

If you prefer a scrub to a brush Kiehls Crème de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Body Polish can be buffed on to create a lather and then rinsed off for silky smooth skin. I tend to set my shower temperature to lukewarm whilst cleansing and then finish with a cold rinse. There are numerous benefits to a cold shower from reducing stress levels to boosting your immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells in your body – It takes some getting used to though!

Once out of the shower pat your skin dry with a fresh clean towel and apply a rich cream all over. I love Kiehls Crème de Corps as a great everyday non-greasy hydrating body butter or for a real treat Augustinus Bader The Body Cream intensely hydrates and leaves skin feeling supple and looking more toned.

HAIRCARE I’m using this time to limit the amount of time I spend styling my hair and letting it dry naturally. Prior to lockdown I was gifted the Drunk Elephant range of haircare and I’ve been using it ever since. The TLC Happi Scalp Scrub has a blend of AHAs and BHAs which I’d usually associate with facial skincare, though it makes sense that with the amount we run our fingers through our hair and number of products put in a scrub can really help by breaking down and dissolving dead skin and getting rid of product build up. The Cocomino Glossing Shampoo has the familiar almond scent that is reminiscent of the whole range and it didn’t disappoint, replacing sulphates with a coconut based foaming agent it lathers up and leaves hair squeaky clean. The Marula Cream Conditioner is suitable for all hair types and smoothes and detangles whilst protecting against heat and colour damage. Whilst I would say experiment with the products you are using during lockdown don’t let boredom set in resort to cutting or colouring your own hair. Many salons and experts are available to chat on social media and are happy to offer advice to get you through this time at home.



Your skin treatments don’t have to stop just because the clinic is closed

We’ve got the perfect treatment for you to activate your skin at home and keep it in great condition ready for when the clinic reopens its doors.

Introducing NEWA, a fantastic and clinically proven home use radiofrequency that firms and tightens the skin while giving it a beautiful, luminous glow! And it’s totally pain free!

Treat your skin at home... with beautiful results!

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Seven ways to avoid post viral fatigue syndrome

by Health & Wellness Editor Bridget Hancock

Post viral Fatigue: Can include daytime tiredness, disturbed sleep , muscular and body pain, sensitivity to light and depression, Chronic Fatigue syndrome (CFS) and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME ) The big concern now is supporting the body when it comes through the other side of Covid-19. Whether you have experienced symptoms or not research has shown post viral symptoms can be triggered as a result of Viral infections. Following the SARS outbreak in 2003, people infected reported an ongoing variety of symptoms to include daytime fatigue, muscle pain, disturbed sleep, sensitivity to light, reminiscent of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). Other virus are known to trigger post viral fatigue such as Epstein Barr Virus (Glandula Fever) “43% of adults in England are living with at least one long term health condition. According to an NHS survey� This gives us an indication as to why our COVID- 19 figures have been so high. Studies in Australia have seen people with a robust immune system recover quickly from Covid -19 and only experienced normal 3 day flu like symptoms. So how can we support our health with food and lifestyle?

5 Minerals Zinc & Selenium

. Zinc is important for immune function and Selenium fights inflammation. Zinc rich foods include Try Pumpkin seeds, nuts, and lentils, with the highest amount of zinc found in Oysters. Selenium is found in Brazil nuts , 2-3 nuts per day are advisable.

6 Garlic, Onion, Shallots and Leaks

are part of the specific family of Lectins that block ACE-2 receptors which is where the virus docks in our lungs and Gut. Incorporate some of these into your daily diet. After chopping them up, let them sit for 5-10 minutes before cooking to activate the important component, Allicin.

1 Vitamin C

. Ensure you include some from this list every day foods Red Peppers ( dip raw into hummus) , Kiwi Fruit, Broccoli ( steamed), Sauerkraut and oranges. Use the whole fruit not the juice to obtain the fibre. If you use a supplement take no more than 1000mg per dose 15 mins before a meal up to 3 times a day. Your body will get rid of what it doesn’t need. If you get diarrhoea it is cut it back as your body is telling you it doesn’t need that much.

7 Intermittent Fasting

Digestion requires High

energy Give your body a break from the work of digestion and allow yourself 14 hours from your end of evening meal before you have breakfast.Keep a minimum of 4 hours between meals without snacking so the body can rest and repair and use energy reserves elsewhere.

“Vitamin C is deficient in 30% of Cigarette smokers ,30% of the elderly and 60% of acutely hospitalised patients ”

2 Fibre

bulk out you stool to help remove waste which helps remove the toxic materials. Foods such as porridge or flaxseeds ( soaked and or milled) will support this process and even more so if covered with grated apple.

3 Easily digested foods

, Soups steamed vegetables and early mealtimes ( before 7pm) makes digestion less energy demanding. Digestion is made easier if you keep liquids away from meals.

4 Vitamin D

this vitamin rallies our immune system cells to do the work when we are invaded by a virus. Aim to enjoy sunshine on arms legs and body for 20 minutes avoiding midday sun. Vitamin D rich foods include shiitake mushrooms, salmon and chlorella.

Bridget Hancock BSc, DIp Naturopathic Nutrition Health & Wellness Editor MilliOnAir

Get better as you age Lumity is a comprehensive supplement range clinically proven for healthy ageing and multiple benefits with targeted 24/7 nutrient rich support. After a 12-week, independent study, 92% of participants noticed a significant shift in the condition of skin, hair and nails. 84% reported that they had more energy, with increased immunity and improved emotional balance also scoring highly. Lumity’s formula also improves immune health, tiredness and energy, plus enhanced quality of life. Lumity helps to build a true foundation of health, well beyond what is possible through diet and lifestyle alone.

“Optimum health comes from respecting the body’s need for balance and its circadian rhythm.”

Discover more at

Sara Palmer Hussey PhD, Lumity Founder and Scientist

*In a 12-week, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical study conducted on 50 women aged 35-65.


Beauty self care By Beauty Expert Ciona Johnson-King @cionajk


aying attention to our physical and mental health can be one of the first things to fall by the wayside in times of stress, especially for those who are primary caregivers. Yet a little bit of self-care is proven to have a big effect on immunity, energy and mood. What’s more, it’s easy to do at home. I’ve made some DIY videos to help us through lockdown (please follow me on Instagram @cionajk so I can share them with you), the first being fresh easy make-up. Do you automatically grab a black mascara? If you’re finding your eyes are looking a bit heavy due to a bad night’s sleep, PMT or menopause, why not try a brown or brown/black one instead? It can be a little kinder to the complexion.

There’s also a DIY haircut, a separate fringe cut, a bouncy blow dry plus a full roots hair dye too. It’s quite straightforward to re-touch the parting line but a full head is also do-able with some clever planning. Perfect if you’re in lockdown alone or have a partner like mine who refuses to do my hair (he claims it’s too much pressure - I can’t think why!) I appreciate we may have completely different hair and skin tones but fingers crossed there might be some tips in these videos that can be adjusted to suit most of us. And if you’re getting to the stage where you just need a good scream, there’s even one on that too! One of my favourite tips for comfort at home is to zone your house with the power of scent. The right scent can have a wonderfully positive effect on our mood and essential oils, candles or room sprays all work wonders. Zingy lemon, uplifting bergamot & calming lavender are some classics. Combine with a few seconds of calm breathing to really give your mind and body a muchneeded break.

The Neom Wellbeing Pod is especially amazing for filling your space with fabulous aromas. It’s a super chic essential oil diffuser that humidifies the room whilst scenting the air with one of Neom’s 100% natural essential oil blends. And if you’re using it at night, it also lights up! The Pods sell out fast but even if you find yourself on the company’s waiting-list for one, it’s worth it! Neom Wellbeing Pod + oils, £140. Without oils, £90.

Neom Wonder Balm £15

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Revitalise & Glow Serum £34

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Oil Serum £52

Merumaya Youth Preservation Moisturiser™ SPF20 £40

La Mer The Reparative SkinTint SPF30 £72


self care

ELF Monochromatic Multi Stick £4.50

Balance Me Gradual Tanning Drops £30

James Read Gradual Tan – Click & Glow Tan Drops £25

Perricone MD No make up mascara in deep brown £25

Suqqu Eyelash mascara waterproof in brown £29

Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour £21

Tom Ford Cheek Colour £50

Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour £21

Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen Lip £36

Kevin Murphy Body Builder Volumising Mousse £24 Easy Rider £25

Kevin Murphy Easy rider £25 Armani Luminous Silk Concealer £34.50 Zoeva Authentik Skin Perfector £15


Please follow me on Instagram and feel free to comment, tag your friends and let me know what beauty hacks you would like to see. If you would like a bespoke beauty chat or hair and make-up lesson, please direct message me. I can’t wait to hear from you.


The Intensive Care Society @ics_updates are launching a new urgent appeal to provide the much needed wellbeing and psychological support to intensive care workers as they fight everyday against #COVID19 while looking after the sickest of patients. Please donate if you can at


I hope you enjoy my tips! Self care is so important as it is for our frontline workers who are under immense pressure. Please watch this video below and support if you can.

Thank you, Ciona x

#intensivlycaring please donate here




Nursem is a range of caring skincare products developed with nurses to help combat the effects of relentless handwashing. Our products offer natural intensive care for all hard working hands.


Beauty Skincare Aesthetics Q&A

Photo by Valerie Elash

By Beauty Contributor Steven Smith

MilliOnAir presents the King and Queen of the aesthetic world. Dr Ioannis Liakas & Vicky Grammatikopoulou

the excess off? Debbie Daniels, Newcastle. A, Needless to say that you are not alone in this and that the lockdown has put a lot of our clients in exactly the same situation as you, namely undesired weight gain.

Once all is over (and it will be over!) we can help you to get back in shape; here are a few of our interventions that will definitely support you to get back in shape, provided of Their clients include celebrities, top models and course you follow a balanced nutrition at the same time royalty. Dr Liakas is a fellow of the Royal College too. of Physicians, Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary’s 1) High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) for fat loss can target larger areas of accumulated fat (abdomen, Medical School and an Associate Member of the upper thighs), and helps our body to break it down British College of Aesthetic Medicine. quicker. It does work over a period of 3 months. 2) Fat freezing targets smaller, pockets of accumulated fat, in areas such as the sides of the abdomen ("love Before moving into the business side of aesthetics, Ms Grammatikopoulou specialised in handles"), or lower part of the belly. training teachers and was a university lecturer. 3) Anti-fat injections; these target small pockets of fat on a patient that is relatively slim, but cannot get rid of little, stubborn pockets of fat tissue.

Together, they are Vie Aesthetics, and run leading clinics in Harley Street, Germany and Rayleigh. Each month they will be answering your questions on beauty, aesthetics, skincare and lifestyle.

Q, I am a huge fan of the column and really cannot wait to come and see you all. My question is: I gave up having Botox four years ago, my forehead is quite small and it seemed to make my eyes droop, and then after a month or so it just gave me a frozen look. At the moment, I am a blank canvas, what can I do to make me look younger and fresher and not frozen? Bonnie Heat, Ascot. A, Botox is a great muscle relaxant and certainly reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The way forward really is to restart the toxin injections. As you mention, you think your forehead is rather small, however, there are certain ways in injecting Botox for people with precisely this issue. Furthermore, we can overcome the issue of looking "too frozen" by injecting a rather smaller amount of toxin in the areas needing the treatment. Above all, it is important that we see you in person, in order for our expert doctor to suggest the best amount of Botox and technique for you, ensuring you will get the desired outcome. Q, Help like everyone else, I have been in lockdown and feel like everything is falling apart. The worst is my weight gain. Please, what miracles can you perform to get

Q, My whole household have had the virus and we feel wiped out; my husband is 59 and I am 58, my daughters are in their twenties. Can you tell me, do these celebrities vitamin drips actually work and would it be a good idea to help get us all back to our best? Stacey Moore, Southend. A, I am sorry to hear about your health issues and your struggles with the coronavirus. Intravenous drips are categorised as "supplements" and not as "medicines", hence they do not constitute a specific treatment against any viruses. That said, after any infection our body suffers many "losses"; that is, losses of minerals, vitamins, proteins, amino-acids, etc. All of which our body's defence mechanism is using for supporting our immune system during an infection. It is, therefore, no wonder that we feel exhausted and weak after an infection. Intravenous supplements would play a role exactly in this front, by giving you back what your body used in abundance (and therefore you are deficient now) during the infection. Please feel free to book a consultation with our doctor, in order for us to decide the exact "cocktail" of supplements that would be suitable to you. A course of intravenous drips would help you to feel stronger and to recover faster.

Photo by Valerie Elash

Q, My fiancĂŠ has been obsessing about his appearance since being locked away, but he seriously wants a jaw implant to square his perfect little face. Is there anything he can try that won't be permanent so he can see what it would look like? Vicky Parson, Richmond Upon Thames. A, Currently, we all get bombarded and influenced by pictures of men and women with a "perfect jawline" that appear constantly on social media platforms. Though objectively, somebody might look great, self-perception of one's looks can be entirely different. I think that your partner wishes for a more squared jaw, as seen recently in social media. This is considered to be a more masculine and more "sexy" appearance. My advice would be that, at least initially, he should not resolve to surgery/surgical implantation due to risks, such as infection, scarring, and needing further surgery to remove the implant, should he not like the result. This is certainly a look that can be achieved without surgery, with a Hyaluronic Acid filler. The result can last for up to one year (not permanent) and your partner can this way see if this look is really what he was wishing for. This treatment is provided only by our specialist doctor and your partner needs to book a consultation in order to discuss his options and the details about the procedure. Q, How can I get a better bottom, a fuller bouncier one. I am too scared to get implants. Pamela Sharrock, Milton Keynes A, As all plastic surgeons worldwide admit, buttocks enhancement with either implants, or fat transfer, are one of the most difficult surgeries and also the highest in terms of complications. I am sure we all can remember the deaths of young ladies after having BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) overseas. Hence, non-surgical butt lifts have started gaining a lot of popularity recently. In our clinic, we offer two options for our clients who desire a non-surgical butt lift; one option is treatment with HA filler to give you a rounder, fuller looking butt. The other is the use of "Endopeel", a special unique chemical solution that will give a firmer and lifted appearance of your buttocks.

Q, My underarms seem to start sweating about twenty minutes after I shower, pop the old deodorant and a nice shirt on. My boyfriend smooth and waxes his underarms and he says that helps. But, I am a big fella and hairy and it would look pretty weird to have smooth arms pits. What can I do as it is quite unsightly? Ray King, Clapham, London A, “Hyperhidrosis" (excessive) sweating is a very common problem that a lot of people are faced with. A very effective way to combat this issue is to give the patient local injections of Botox in the underarm areas. At our clinic, we offer this strictly medical treatment. The effects are great, the Botox offers a nearly "sweat free " period to our clients that undergo this treatment; the effectiveness can last from 3-6 months, after which the treatment will need to be repeated. To book a FREE consultation, call 07899673578 or book online Vicky Grammatikopoulou Vicky promotes a holistic approach to the issues of image and confidence and in this endeavour, she ensures that the experience of our clients is a positive and empowering one.

Dr Ioannis Liakas Dr Liakas always aims for optimal, natural-looking results using only top-of-the-range products and combinations of treatments to achieve the best possible outcomes.


Summer beauty treat... Our mighty, mini and oh so cheeky lip treatment is a must for us whilst working from home, or even when we pop to the shops for our essentials. This little wonder tint is a true treat.


Kiss Mix Tint

Treat dry lips to the wonderful Eve Lom Kiss Mix lip treatment and benefit from its many soothing and protective agents. This lip treatment is available in a selection of trendy colours and provides the skin with effective plumping and moisturising action. Thanks to the presence of amino and palmitic acids, this lip treatment works to deliver triple action hydration and helps stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin for plumper lips, while also working to protect against harmful free radicals. Cooling menthol instantly refreshes and leaves a soothing, protective layer on the lips, while beeswax helps lock in the luxurious moisturising agents. After use, the lips are left with a glossy, protective film and feel soft and lush: looking utterly gorgeous. Apply as often as desired and enjoy deep lip care with a subtle hint of colour.



Art by Zara Carpenter


With Beauty & Industry Expert Astrid Kearney


n our current world of change self- love and pampering has never been so important as it is now…. Beauty goes deeper, nurturing both our mind and Spirit and with that self- connection like never before. The dictionary meaning of self- love is ‘regard for one's own well-being and happiness’ Nourishing the senses, mind and body well during this time will feed and strengthen the immune system, lift the spirit and calm the heart. Being kind to yourself and looking inward can be very challenging but the inward gaze will reward you in many ways you never thought possible…

THE POWER OF A RED LIP ‘Red is the colour of fire and blood and it raises the spirit’ The fabulous Red in its many hues when applied will evoke a feeling of pampering, power and sass which lets face it we are all needing. Pop it on at home and dance like no one is watching….well perhaps no one is but you will know you made the time for YOU to energize and have fun!! Wear with a foundation only skin with brushed brows for more impact on the lip zone. Ruby Woo by Mac £17.50 is matt and fabulous on all skins tones. Light skins go with any shade, bright for dazzle and deeper for drama. Medium tones go with orange based reds ilke Charlotte Tilbury Red Hot Sue £25 are sizzling. Darker tones can go for bluer tones like Maybelline Color Sensational in 388 Plum For Me £7.99

THE HEALING MASTERY OF SCENT ‘Senses and memories are evoked and mood altered‘ Emotions are stirred with so many scents throughout a day and their power is underrated. Scent can evoke memories and build into a powerful story that really effects our emotions. During this time scent can help to evoke the right peaceful environment throughout the day. Try essential oils of Citrus or Pine as you awaken and Lavender for evening, Geranium calms a racing mind and elicits a calm mind and Jasmine and Vanilla are fresh and uplifting to the heart. Use natural products so the impact on the system is holistic,not taxing. Puressentiel Air Spray £9.99 is a natural Purifying air spray with anti bacterial properties. Essential oils including Lemon, Eucalyptus and Tea tree. Their Rest & Relax spray £16.99 contains 12 essential oils from Neroli to Roman Chamomile to rest, soothe and relax. If you like a plug in pod system try the Neom Organics Wellbeing Pod Essential oil diffuser. From £90, it humidifies and beautifully scents with added timer and low LED light. Add the right essential oil to fit your desired mood at any point of the day…



‘We have a choice when faced with challenges, to focus on fear or faith. Neither of which we can see or know the outcome of but one will lead to hope and the other not’ Lee Pycroft -Makeup Artist & Psychotherapist When you feel yourself getting into a stressed or anxious state you are triggering your fight or flight system and this can lead us into catastrophic, all or nothing thinking. It will also dampen your immune system when done on a consistent basis, so keeping ourselves calm is essential to clear thinking and feeling more emotionally balanced. The mind & body breathing technique. * The power of 7-11 breathing and the use of your imagination will help Induce a calm state. * Resting one hand on your belly and another on your chest make sure you are breathing in to the bottom of your lungs and can feel your belly expanding as you breath in rather then your chest rising. * A long out breath will command your para- sympathetic nervous system to relax and evoke feelings of calm. This is essential in being able to think clearly and to start you on the road to a more balanced state of being. * Along with this, create a safe space in your mind. Conjure up a memory that you associate with peace and tranquility. Where were you? What did you see? What did you hear? What did you feel? Use all your senses to evoke that feeling of calm and tranquility. This will help put your imagination to positive use and redirect your attention from a fear state to a calm one.



‘Nourish the body well and the mind will follow’ Keeping your immune system strong is vital at this time and fatigue, stress, worry and poor digestive system is totally natural at a time when high cortisol, the stress hormone is being created. Good food and a diet rich in fresh natural ingredients is best and lots of purified water to hydrate throughout the day. The following supplements are favourites, have proven very effective and are all natural. Of course a great bottle of Malbec or bubbly are allowed to lift the spirits too on occasion ….balance is key! Citridel: A grapeseed extract to assist with reducing fatigue, it builds up the immune system and is antibacterial for the gut. Six drop in half a glass of water and drink daily, it has a bitter taste but I find it picks me up if I feel overworked and if my skin is showing tiredness. Garlic: Boosts immune system and lowers blood pressure. I supplement with Allimed capsule pack. Ashwagandha: The positives with this supplement are so many. This little scrub with yellow flowers native to India and North America has so many positive benefits such as reducing stress and anxiety,can reduce blood sugar levels,boost brain function and many other great positives. I love the Cytoplan brand. Pulsatilla: Homeopathy has been used since the 18th Century to treat mood. Pillules or melt on the tongue lozenges which are tasteless and assist when feeling overwhelmed and tearful, hyperactive, trouble sleeping , nervousness and general restlessness. Vitamin D drops by Nutri Advanced: Help with bone strength and particularly important as we stay in more and especially for those in flats who are curtailed with going out. BetterYou B12 spray Boost pre energy Oral Spray: B12 has been proven to help reduce fatigue and tiredness. This handy spray delivers a direct amount in 4 sprays under the tongue of 1200mcg B12 with 100% of the daily amount of chromium which also helps memory and concentration…we all need some of that right now!


A shot of sunshine

By Vicky Grammatikopoulou

How to overturn Vitamin D deficiencies with a “shot of sunshine” Feeling tired, prone to colds, or suffering from aches? Vitamin D deficiency could be the reason, and vitamin shots could be the answer… In our clinics, where we offer medical aesthetics, beauty, health, and wellness under one roof, Vitamin D supplementation had been on our radar for a while. It is no wonder, considering that we are located in a part of the world that suffers from low levels of sun exposure and high levels of Vitamin D deficiency. This is why we introduced Vitamin D injections into our wellness range in our aim to help our clients keep fit in mind, body and spirit – especially pertinent during these strange, uncertain times. Indeed, Vitamin shots sit well alongside Vitamin infusions and Wellness IV drips, Glutathione shots (the superhero antioxidant) and Vitamin B12 injections. It is a well-known fact that Vitamin D is shown to play an important part in boosting the immune system response

to infections and in particular protecting us from chest infections. What is amazing though, is the suggestion in the scientific world and the press that Vitamin D can help build resistance to Covid-19! Two recent studies published in the Irish Medical Journal by the Technological University in Dublin and Trinity College Dublin, link Vitamin D deficiency to the degree of severity in viral chest infection symptoms and recommend Vitamin D supplementation. For this reason, I wanted us to take a closer look at this vitamin, see what it does, and discuss the importance for Vitamin D supplementation and injections.

What is Vitamin D and why is it good? Vitamin D is hailed as the “sunshine vitamin” given that our bodies produce it naturally when our skin is exposed to direct sunlight. We also obtain Vitamin D from specific foods, such as oily/fatty fishes, dairy products, some fortified breakfast cereals, and egg yolks. But it’s the sun which provides our primary source. Vitamin D is powerful because it interacts with every one of our body’s cells. It helps to keep your muscles, bones and teeth fit, and your mood bright. Obviously, it’s easier to obtain Vitamin D during the spring and summer months due to the sunnier climes and longer days – even though it’s never easy to predict British weather! We also know the dangers of too much sun exposure, especially in ageing the skin. So, it’s always about striking a fine balance.

What happens if I you are deficient in Vitamin D? Vitamin D deficiencies are very, very common. And if you have one, you probably wouldn’t have a clue. Previous studies claimed that around 60% of people in the UK have less Vitamin D than they should. It’s especially prominent among the elderly, or people with a darker

complexion because dark skin absorbs less UV radiation from the sun. There are other factors that can increase the risk of a Vitamin D deficiency. These include rarely venturing outdoors, always wearing sunblock, and/or being overweight. Living further away from the equator is also a factor, which again applies to us in the UK, because we don’t have the privilege of all-year sunshine. Unfortunately, Vitamin D deficiencies can be challenging to detect. The effects are usually subtle and not always easy to attribute to a lack of Vitamin D, even if those effects may have a substantial impact on how you feel and function day-to-day. However, when your Vitamin D levels are topped up, the benefits can be very noticeable.

Vitamin D is powerful because it interacts with every one of our body’s cells. It helps to keep your muscles, bones and teeth fit, and your mood bright.

How can Vitamin D injections help you? If you’re struggling to get your kick of Vitamin D, V the shots can help you in a number of ways: * Immune system boost Vitamin D works with your white blood cells to fight off infections, so if you find yourself more susceptible to coughs and colds, or other respiratory tract viruses, it’s possible that you may be low in Vitamin D. By keeping your Vitamin D levels up, your body’s ability to fend off infections is greater. * Restore energy / combat fatigue Tiredness and fatigue can both be caused by lack of Vitamin D. According to a study by Newcastle University, Vitamin D boosts energy from within your body’s cells, which also helps your muscles work more efficiently. If you’re consistently finding yourself physically exhausted, low Vitamin D levels could be a factor. Inevitably, Vitamin D shots can be very useful for aiding athletic performance. * Improve mood / fight depression Vitamin D is vital for brain function, so if your levels are low, this can certainly affect your mood and wellbeing. Studies have shown results in which depression has been lifted after subjects underwent Vitamin D therapy. * Improve bone health One of the essential functions of Vitamin D is keeping bones healthy, which it achieved by enhancing your body’s ability to absorb calcium, a mineral that strengthens bones and teeth (around 99% of our calcium is in our bones and teeth). Studies have found that weak bones can most commonly manifest itself through aches and back pain, so such symptoms could be a sign of low Vitamin D levels in the blood. Similarly, a Vitamin D deficiency is also linked to a loss in bone mineral density, especially when we age. By maintaining Vitamin D levels, doctors believe it reduces the risk of fractures. In addition to the above, Vitamin D deficiencies have also been linked to joint and muscle pain, the slow healing of wounds, and hair loss.

A glorious shot of sunshine Like all vitamins, Vitamin D is essential for our bodies. Unfortunately, many of us will be deficient and not even realise it. It could be a cause of several problems that hold us back and impact our abilities to function and keep ourselves healthy.

We also know it’s difficult and risky to indulge our bodies in so much direct sunlight. Oral Vitamin D supplements are sold in health food shops, and these can help you to maintain your levels. However, they are not as effective as injections because supplements first need to be digested through the stomach, meaning that not all of the product is absorbed. With injections, Vitamin D is delivered straight into the blood for maximum effect. Remember though, vitamin injections are a medical procedure and must always be performed under the trained, expert eye of a doctor. I hope I’ve given you a useful introduction into Vitamin D and why we have added it to our ever-expanding menu for wellness and lifestyle.

If you want to find out more information on this treatment, just give our clinic a call on 0207 1646140, or drop us an email at I look forward to hearing from you. Stay healthy! Vicky Grammatikopoulou CEO, Vie Aesthetics





e l y t S l e s n u o C with Chris Sullivan

What is the correct age at which one should refrain from wearing a football replica shirt as casual wear? And how else may one pledge allegiance to his team without resorting to a tattoo of the club logo on one’s bicep? The current age is 11. After that they should never sported off the field. The only useful thing about these shirts off pitch is, that they inform the general public that, their owners are simple-minded, beer- swilling imbeciles who are the mental age of a bulldog and as such, are best avoided. To add, do not want to stand next to such a buffoon on a hot day as said garment, made of 100% nylon, cause chap to stink up a storm ; it’s like sticking your head in a cat tray. Ergo, if one of my pals wears a replica footie shirt, his number is instantly deleted as if he was a Tory, religious jn any way, a pedophile or a Gucci loafer wearer. Now, lets

move on to part two. Sorry, but why should a grown adult feel the need to show the world that he has pledged allegiance a to a group of men running around a football pitch? Is it so that everyone can see what side he supports? Surely you know yourself and isn’t that good enough? Is he that insecure that he needs to tell the world that he is a part of this huge cluster of fans or, is it just to show your fellow fan- to make them feel secure? Or is it so that the players of his team will feel encouraged by this sea of stinky shirts? Well, I think their obscene wages should be entirely sufficient. But, if the need to show support is so overwhelming why not paint your face in your team colours and wear one of those big spongy hats because, when your team loses, you can at least then wash you face in the sink in the toilet room and bung the hat in the bin. Then you might not look like a total twit.

and every man owns a pair of brogues, what shoes As a man of generous proportions with neck to match (a few cruel friends have remarked that I can I wear to stand out from the fashion pack? look like a present-day Val Kilmer), what shirt Everyman might own a pair of brogues but almost all are collar should I go for and what type of tie knot these ghastly, trendy, re-imagined takes on the classic, in would complement it. I refuse to stoop so low as to orange/ tan leather with gaping big holes or perforations sport a fist-sized ‘footballer’s’ knot. You could go that are best bunged in the bin. Wear a quality American wingtip or full brogue in black or dark brown as made by Florsheim or Loake, as they are quality timeless shoes, which are everything that fickle fashion is not. Other wise my tip is the laced up Norwegian as made by J.M.Weston (who call it a Derby) that, a fat chunky lace up loafer, can be worn casually or with a suit. Another is the Grenson Roseberry a very plain shoe that can be worn day or night with a suit or their robust Victor in Russian grain leather with the commando soul that more casual would perfectly accompany a fine Levi 501 XX or an Old Town pair of corduroys.” But careful with footwear, never wear anything gimmicky or cheap – spend at least £400 on a fine shoe that will last longer than you – and keep it classic and simple. Shoes should never be flash but should be firm, functional and reliable – just as its owner should be. Whenever we attend functions and society events The only exception I would make is the moccasin topped Norwegian in brown and cream or black and white as my wife wants us to colour co-ordinate our made by Trickers and sold in Mark Powell’s London store outfits. I think this makes us look like an iceand I’d tread carefully in those, only wear a pleated skating double-act. She thinks it’s “cute”. What trouser with at least an 18inch bottom con turn up and only wear them in summer. George Frazier, esteemed do you think? sixties fashion columnist once said: “If you want to know if Seeing couples colour coordinate actually makes me want a guy is well dressed? Look down.” Hopefully, if you are to puke up last years Xmas lunch. Indeed, there is nothing lucky, you will see a pair of shoes, an item that tells all about its wearer.” worse, more humiliating, more trite or less stylish for a man. And you must always resist anything your wife says is ‘cute’. You are a man and men should never be ‘ cute’ that’s for infants and girls – but, should have the cojones to ward off such suggestions with a curt, ‘grow up love!’ If you agreed with her, the next thing you know you’ll be bringing her breakfast in bed on tray with a rose every single morning, answering all of her phone calls making dinner and picking her up from work. In other words you will be nothing more than a waste of a human body while your pals will think you a complete write off and an object of fair and just ridicule. I had a friend whose irritating control freak bossy wife insisted on them wearing sucheven to the point of matching army camouflage or denims- poor guy couldn’t look his pals in the face. My ex wife often asked what I was going to wear when we went out together as she thought if I wore a suit she should have worn a dress but, in my opinion, all she needed to worry about is looking herself and feeling comfortable. The last woman who told me how to dress was my mum. She gave up when I was 9. for a long spear or Rathbone collar that will elongate the neck and make it appear slimmer and longer. You should also avoid small collars especially the extreme Windsor cut away collar and, any and all, of these utterly silly miniscule round collars ot square ones that some oafs team with a tie the width of a pencil and trousers to match. But it’s not all about the collar ; its also about the size of the shirt. You should be able to get two fingers comfortably side by side between your neck and the shirt collar so that the shirt does not strangle and create unsightly folds of flesh. As for the tie, there is no reason in this galaxy why anyone should wear a fist-sized ‘footballer’s’ knot, as they are not clever, not at all attractive and certainly very much idiotic.

Now that monk straps are absolutely everywhere

Sty l e Cou nse l

August Darnell on the Zoot Suit My first encounter with the zoot suit was in the Bronx where I was born and raised .My dad took me to see a movie called, Stormy Weather, with the great Cab Calloway, Bill Robinson, The Nicholas Brothers and the lovely Lena Horne and there up on the silver screen was the zoot suit and the image just stayed in my mind. Then years later, in1974, I started a band up Dr Buzzards Original Savannah Band with my brother Stony Browder and Coati Mundi and we, having been brought up on all those great movies from the thirties and forties, dressed in the style of Bogart, Cagney and Eddie Robinson and played music that was sorta disco funk with a glamorous forties feel, like Cherchez Le Femme and I’ll Play The Fool. Then Stony found an original zoot suit in a thrift store and I took it to a tailor in the Bronx who had made them originally - because you had to find someone who knew just how to make them just right- and had it copied. The easiest way to describe a zoot suit is to say that it was designed to use as much cloth as possible. It was invented in the depression by the lower classes who were told they had to conserve cloth, conserve energy, conserve money and conserve every aspect of life. So a lot of young guys decided to exaggerate the length of the jacket till it reached the knee, exaggerate the shoulders and the width of the pants at the knee and wore it with big wide brim fedoras and long key chains almost to the floor. But the suits caused an almighty fuss during the World War 2 which culminated in, The Zoot Suit Riots, in Los Angeles where thousands of serviceman roamed the streets stripping young Mexicans and Afro Americans of their suits then almost clubbing them to death. This was because the suits blatantly defied the governments war time cloth restrictions and a lot of people considered anyone wearing a zoot unpatriotic and against the war effort . Luckily nothing like that happened to us in the Bronx.

Kid Creole

After, The Savannah Band I formed, Kid Creole and the Cocoanuts and resurrected the zoot and had them made in pink and yellow and you name it. Of course, now I’m getting them all out again as it seems I’m having a bit of a renaissance. I’ve a new big band, am making a new album and our dance card is full throughout the summer playing live all over. But, I thank You tube for that as thousands of young people have been checking our old clips and really digging them. But everything goes in circles and, our time had to come around again, as I think people need glamour and escapismagain and are looking back to the early disco era for their music and to the forties for their clothes. And luckily for me all my suits still fit.

Converse As the sighting of a swallow has always heralded the coming of summer, so too has the re-appearance of the Converse-All Star forever bode the onset of a fresh independent, dare I say, a revitalised dangerously punk attitude. But it wasn’t always so. Indeed, the Converse Rubber Corporation, founded by, Marquis Mills Converse, in 1908 started off by making thoroughly un sexy rubber galoshes and waders but in 1917, to meet the increasing popularity of the new fangled basketball game – which was invented by James Naismith in 1891 - came up with the first basketball shoe - The All Star. Of course, the first models available in gingery sludge shart brown, didn’t exactly fly off the shelves but then along came former Akron Firestones basketball player, Charles ‘Chuck’ Taylor. He loved the shoes so much he joined the company, persuaded them to produce it in all black canvas or leather and, so successful was the item, that in 1932 the name, Chuck Taylor, was added to its ankle patch. What followed was total domination. In 1939 Taylor came up with the high top white for the 1936 Olympics in Berlin which consequently became official sneaker of the United States Armed Forces and in 1949 introduced the classic black and white; Chuck Taylor All Star High Top. By the late fifties, eight out of every ten sneakers purchased in the US were Converse. “When I first wore them in the fifties in the South they were considered a little outrageous,” recalls Leee Black Childers former manager of Bowies’ Main Man productions and Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers, “ In those days you never wore sneakers out to social events, -they were purely for playing sports in – and so they were adopted by the rockabilly gangsteenagers who hung out on the corner smoking cigarettes with the big greasy, fifties hair do’s and the T shirts and the jeans. I loved them and their sneakers. I still wear them to this day.” Of course, even though execs were concerned at the time, the film, West Side Story of 1961 didn’t do the label any harm, as the film makers, Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise, by putting their knife wielding New York Caucasian street gang, The Jets, in the US army white converse and their arch nemeses, the Puerto Rican born Sharks, in the classic black and white high top, only placed the item firmly at the top of the list of great American street wear.

Undeniably, none of the above escaped the attention of a small coterie of New York Punk rockers who, in 1975, enjoyed every single retro bad boy connotation the shoe had and made them their own. “I remember when I first saw the Ramones in CBGB’s,” recalls Danny Fields who managed the band from 1975-1980. “ They came on and counted 1,2,3,4, and all started playing different songs threw down their guitars and walked off stage. I loved it. But they were the least likely rock stars I’d ever seen. They all these goofy haircuts and wore these ripped tight jeans, leather biker jackets and Converse sneakers…I mean sneakers no one wore sneakers onstage.” ‘We loved all that stuff like Little Richard, Chuck Berry an Elvis,” attests Tommy Ramone. “ The Converse sneakers epitomised the fifties bubblegum thing which we all loved.” And there’s the rub. By wearing Converse one engages in a game of cross-cultural referencing. In the late eighties, Kurt Cobain threw them in his great big melting pot, maybe taking a leaf out of his pal, the Converse wearing, old school CBGB ‘s punk, Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth’s book. Subsequently a battered old pair of All Stars (or Chucks as they are affectionately known) became de rigueur for the grunge/slacker brigade. More recently stars of the New York new new wave scene, such, The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, The Strokes and The Killers have all walked out in Converse allowing their fans an inkling of exactly where they’re coming from. “ I’m into all that John Waters stuff, you know movies like Female Trouble and Pink Flamingo,” informs Karen O of the Yeah, Yeah Yeah’s. “ I love all that twisted punky fifties kind a look- so the Converse kinda do it for me.” Indeed today All Stars are everywhere. Bloc Party, the Tings Tings and Amie Winehouse love them; models Kate Moss and Agyness Deyn sport them with aplomb, Mark Ronson kicks around Henley around in a pair while Rolling Stone Keith Richards is never out of them “I’d never wear Nike or Adidas trainers,” concludes,” Karen O. “But I love my black and white Chucks. They’re more than just a pair of sneakers. They are an American icon. ”


Look and Feel Utterly Marvellous Nick Hart Interview by Chris Sullivan


ick Hart’s Savile Row, Spencer Hart, clothing/tailors store was the hippest menswear store in London for a decade. He then designed for Aquascutum, moved his premises to Brook Street and clothed everyone. Today he has altered his approach to one that seems altogether more personal – not just making the suits but also accommodating every aspect of a mans’ wardrobe. His aim is to help men look and feel utterly marvellous and realises that, whether online or in a room, his company can play a vital role in enriching men’s appearance and their lives.

Where did it all start? Berkshire, village green, everyone lived there from travellers to posh people, teddy boys, punks, soul boys, bikers, rockers, menace simmering under the surface

When did you get into soul music? James Brown at the youth club aged 12, Fatback Band etc and I never looked back. It was Philadelphia Records, Billy Paul and Harold Melvin and Teddy Pendergast - too many to mention. I was aged 14 and saw James brown in 1977 Hammersmith Odeon then Bowie 78 Earl’s Court, Stevie Wonder, Marvin; there was so much great music then.

Has music had an impact on your clothes design? Bebop and Jazz did as they broke rules but knew which ones to break- they had discipline, creativity and drive.

How did you get into style? Working in shops aged 13 onwards, L’Uomo Vogue being my bible, the emergence of the brilliant Giorgio Armani in about 77, being vain and obsessive, clubs and dancing .One could feel free on the dance floor, uninhibited, free style - all dayers, all nighters, sense of community.

What influenced and influences you? Later Hammett in 85, Commes des Garçons, men’s 80s and 90s, Jill Sander men early 90s, Prada men’s with Tim Roth art directed by David Bradshaw. Now its mid century architecture and artists and being married to an artist, reading books by people such as Yuval Hariri, studying the stoics, Alain de Bottom. I am currently enrolled in a course online on well being phycology and pursuit of a good well-lived life. People are fascinating and what makes them tick and who they are.

Did you still enjoy the clothing business? I enjoy it when the client is interesting and they are thrilled.

What’s you new business model It’s taking care of the specific needs of men today. Which is the need to fit in but also stand out. For it to be effortless for them in terms of the time they need to spend thinking about the way they dress. The changes in work cultures, being able to really help men look the best version of themselves in a safe but exciting environment and with speed, if important. Understanding the present and the speed of change and where things are heading. Knowing the lifestyles of clients today and then also knowing which traditions to apply and how often to subvert them in a new modern way. To fit in and stand out in the world of today and the future. My business partner and investor Ayman Hariri [technology entrepreneur and investor] was very attracted to my menswear designs,” said Hart. “And we both felt that the traditional menswear retail model was dated. Modern men who want a less is more understated modern elegance but who do not have the time or desire to shop in a conventional sense.

How is it going? It’s working well but its very early days. And the ambition of solving the challenge of how to make men feel and look effortlessly cool, the best version of themselves in a time-poor world will need different approaches for different markets. But we’re creating a transformation in people’s wardrobe appearance, but with it appearing effortless I could see us in the future mixing it up with retail and collaborations. As a lot of our clients are entrepreneurs and leaders and they want to create an edge around how they are perceived. It’s very confidence building and so leads to better results for them.

Define Fashion? Fashion are trends that, set by designers, influencers and massive conglomerates are fed to the general public, often creating the illusion that if you buy this it will make you feel a sense of belonging to a certain type of tribe

What’d your advice to a young guy who wants to be stylish? Advices - have fun and avoid lists of dos and don’ts.

What’d your advice to a young guy who wants to be successful in men’s clothing? Build great relationships. Be incredibly patient. It will take you at least ten years to even walk.

What does the future hold? I have no idea, but any type of privacy is a thing of the past. The system here is broken due to greed and corruption and the ruling neoliberal elite so I might get out of London and go to somewhere creative and cool like Sweden or Denmark or Berlin.

Who have you made clothes for in past? I did about seven outfits for Bowie maybe, Alex turner when they were transforming into super stars, P Diddy, Kanye, Jay Z, Robbie Williams, Cumberbatch, Prince William, Nick Cave, Orlando Bloom, Both Beckhams, Usher. Really every big TV star in UK in comedy to light entertainment, Radiohead, Coldplay, Gilmour, Jagger, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, two James Bonds and all head to toe. Transformations.

Why sum in you opinion is the most stylish man that ever lived I used to like Malkovich in the 80s, Joseph Beuys, Jackson Pollock, Dali, David Lynch, and Miles Davis.

Define Style?

And work? For me working on expanding the concept of creating whole outfits made for people based on their personalities but at a great price, and done if needed remotely. Democratizing the approach. Single biggest point for me is that I am obsessed with the whole look and how it works together on different individuals. When I opened the business in 2002 it was always about the whole thing and not selling one item and introducing people to a whole world of style and new cultural reference points and smells and environment and behaviour. Now for me, it’s about creating a joint brand between the client and we based around the clients' persona, interests and how he wants to be perceived. Coupled with my approach to design and fit, which is very personal to each respective client and project. It’s much more personal compared to the old one.

+44(0) 207935 3355 Anybody who is true to themselves. Style is wearing items Prices range from 5,000 pounds for a compact wardrobe to to accommodate your personality 30,000 pounds for a complete wardrobe.


Finding gratitude during lock down

By Lifestyle Editor Deborah Latouche


n this #lovedbylatouche I am writing about how I have been dealing with the pandemic. I had many voices in my head asking endless questions about the meaning of life, fashion, money, and of course the brand I had just conceived SABIRAH.

Mid Feb SABIRAH launched during London Fashion week on the 15th February. The glorious 2020 a new decade, new career and the moment I gave in to my fears, stopped procrastinating and finally followed my dreams. SABIRAH finally arrived! I had worked tirelessly for months and the launch was magical, emotionally overwhelming but in the best way. Back stage was calm and the amazing group of creative (friends) all worked beautifully together. The press articles started coming in, and even a couple of orders, things were definitely going in the right direction. Or so I thought…

Mid March 2020 I went into lockdown earlier than the UK government officials suggested as I have many friends in Italy and the consensus was to lockdown sooner rather than later,

Photography by Asia Werbel

advice I could not ignore. I quickly realized that this was

getting increasingly serious, factories, shops and mills closing in the UK and my appointments being postponed and later cancelled. I went through a few ‘dark’ weeks grappling with the importance of fashion, the fact that I had just spent all my savings launching a brand which had suddenly been left in limbo and with no understanding of how or when things may turn around. And to top it off all my styling work had been cancelled so I also had no income. It felt like life, as I knew it was caving in… I was now in a world of homeschooling, scared to go to the shops and spending 24 hours a day with my kids, there was no room for creativity as my mind was just going wild, I was too busy feeling sorry for myself – For 3 years I procrastinated over starting SABIRAH and when I finally plucked up the courage; the whole world was dying and went into a financial melt down!

Photo by Asia Werbel

April 2020 The turnaround began in April when I slowly started putting my SABIRAH look book together, the images were beautiful and they bought back so many wonderful memories. I started to feel really proud of my achievements, of the work that was produced as a result of working with such amazing creatives, of the endless support I had from friends and the fact that none of this would have been possible without their belief in me and my belief in myself. I started to see the positive things in my life like playing in the garden with my children, with the build up to the launch I was not there my them although I may have been in the same room I was just not present, too preoccupied with work and fashion. I have a loving husband; wonderful parents and we are all healthy. Once I started to say thank you, things began to change. Gratitude is such an amazing thing; it can enlighten your life and open your eyes to your many blessings.

Photo by Jo Thorne

OK so my brand is still in limbo, but I now have a beautiful collection that is out in the world, it is no longer just in my head a dream. With that in mind I have decided to celebrate what we all created together, what an accomplishment and a milestone I as a person over came in order to launch SABIRAH in the first place. We are never certain of what life holds and who knows what will happen with this virus? whether I will even be here next month… So with that in mind I want to celebrate my team’s achievements and mine. I want to end with words of wisdom from a lovely friend of mine Samson Soboye, told to me while I was complaining about things not going “right” for my brand.

“My darling Deborah, It is not that you ask for it to stop raining; but that you learn to dance in the rain”. Deborah Latouche


Mark Powell Tricker’s Brown and Cream Norwegian shoes


here are some pieces in a person’s wardrobe that are forever missed. Items you loved so much you that wore them into the ground until they were beyond repair. Items you wished you’d worn rarely so that you still had them. Items that were such an integral part of ones façade that, rather like a lost toe, they will forever feel absent. The top of my list in this department was a pair of original early fifties brown lace up American Norwegian with the corresponding cream buckskin moccasin top. The initial design, and that of all subsequent loafers was based on simple Norwegians fisherman’s shoes that, imported to London in the nineteen thirties were taken back to the US by travellers where they soon became a true American Preppie staple. This is more than ironic as originally the Norwegians had simply copied the Indigenous American Indian moccasin. . But never mind the history, how I loved those shoes. I wore them with suits, chinos, pegs trousers and 501’s. I wore them in the day and I wore them at night. I took them all over the world and I was always complimented on them. I had them soled and heeled on countless occasions. Then, they gave in and fell apart- the well-polished leather cracked and torn!

By Chris Sullivan

I took them to a cobbler who said they were beyond repair. It took me years to throw them out and, when I did, I felt as if I’d just put my faithful old pet dog down. And I’ve craved for a replacement pair ever since. So, imagine my joy when I walked into Mark Powell’s store in London’s Soho and saw a pair that, although not identical, certainly did the job. “I do them in collaboration with Tricker’s on Jermyn Street.” attests Powell. ‘They’ve allowed me to look at their back catalogue which goes back hundreds of years -they’ve done some tremendous designs, it really is mind boggling and choose a few styles, pick the leather etc and this is one. Its an original design from the forties.” I’d like to think that the shoes that Fred Astaire wore as he danced with Cyd Charisse in Central Park in the film The Bandwagon of 1953 were these very design. For the scene Astaire is immaculate in cream peg trousers, light stone sports jacket with matching tie, red pocket hankie, pale yellow shirt and the brown and white Weejun shoes that, although slightly different, are near enough for me. Indeed Astaire is the style icon’s icon that mixed Princeton with Savile Row (Anderson and Sheppard being his chosen tailor) and created a style revolution for looser more comfortable mufti. I’d bet my bottom dollar that the dancer owned Tricker’s shoes.

''Indeed Astaire is the style icon’s icon that mixed Princeton with Savile Row (Anderson and Sheppard being his chosen tailor) and created a style revolution for looser more comfortable mufti. I’d bet my bottom dollar that the dancer owned Tricker’s shoes.''

m dollar that the dancer

photo by Chris Sullivan

“I love Tricker’s heritage,” proclaims Powell. ‘And I’m so proud to work with them as they are a proper traditional English shoemakers going back to a few hundred years – true craftsman and experts in their field.” Indeed, Tricker’s are the UK’s longest established shoemaker. They were founded by Joseph Tricker in 1829- which was the same year that Abraham Lincoln gave his first political speech and Queen Victoria's was 8 years away from the throne – and set up shop in Northampton a town that, by 1840, could boast some 1,821 shoe makers. Tricker’s new factory opened in 1904 and employing the then new Goodyear welted soul they went from strength to strength. They then became known for their heavy brogue and the

Tricker’s country boot which are their stock in trade. Today, even though production methods have changed slightly, Tricker’s shoes are crafted completely from start to finish in their Northampton factory and using traditional techniques. Undeniably Tricker’s are one of the great British shoemakers that are the envy of the world while this collaboration with Powell has unleashed the finest summer shoe on the market.

Mark Powell/Tricker’s Brown and Cream Norwegian shoes RRP £450 Available from Mark Powell,2 Marshall St, Soho, London W1F 9BA


Kings Cross Eyes

By Chris Sullivan

The UK’s finest purveyors of vintage spectacles whether ophthalmic or sunglasses. King Cross Eyes stocks a massively impressive range of the finest vintage frames you’d ever find. Owner Johnny Morris, lover of all things vintage and obsessive rockabilly platter hoarder, has spent years travelling the world collecting original frames and sunglasses- often brand new dead stock - for both men and women. Names such as Persol, American Optical and Shuron litter the shelves in a display of ophthalmic excellence that would cause your common or garden myopic style monger to go weak at the knees. Indeed, I was so utterly overwhelmed that I had to take a walk around the block to decide between 6 pairs (one should always rule wisely) forgot all about my lecture at Central St Martins nearby and had to run there and arrived 10 minutes late to find a load of students checking their phones to see the extent of my tardiness. But, I’ve collected frames for about 40 years and have never ever seen such an array of brilliance. Of course, for me the style of a frame- whether sunglass or prescription- is one of the most important sartorial decisions one has to make. I have seen so many myopic folk, who regard themselves as stylish, deck themselves out in their top kit, pay silly money for a haircut and then finish the outfit off with a pair of suspect Specsavers. Do they not realise that when people talk to you they tend to look in one’s eyes and, as such, the first thing they see are your glasses so why let the side down with a thoroughly insubstantial pair ? It’s like taking the time and energy to bake a lovely cake then decorating it with a lump of dog poo. Not clever or nice. King Cross Eyes can sort all that for you so now you have no excuse. Address: 101B Kings Cross Road, London, WC1X 9LP, United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0)207 278 8894


The Hawaiian shirt

By Chris Sullivan

There are few other garments that say as much and as loudly as the Hawaiian shirt and, whether it’s pattern depicts a gaggle of hula gals or a mélange of matted palm fronds, there are few other garments that can cut such a dash while sweating profusely in the subtropical heat. The item was first produced on a commercial basis by the celebrated haberdasher Mr. Ellery J Chun of -Smith Clothiers and dry goods of Honolulu who, on July 15th 1936 stuck a floral, short-sleeved shirt (made from left-over kimono fabric) in his shop window with a sign that read “Aloha Shirt - $1”. Immediately the shirts took off as local residents, beach boys, surfers and tourists snapped them up until by 1940 the shirt was de rigueur for off duty US militia stationed in the South Pacific who perceived the shirt as signaling all things hedonistic. Today as the world delights in all things vintage, the shirt is once again extremely sought after. Original pieces from the forties sell for thousands while Japanese manufacturers such as Sun Surf Hawaiian shirts are replicating the very collectible generously cut 1940s and 50s examples -in the original trademark Rayon and silk with cocoanut shell buttons and double-welt seamsthat are so exact that fraudsters were passing them off as originals. A summer essential, the Hawaiian shirt will never die. It smacks of ex-pat alcoholics in a remote South Sea isle washed away on a sea of rum; it conjures up images of over weight Mafioso failing to relax on a Miami Beach and it suggests gnarly unshaven surfers living the life of Reilly. And we love all that.

Sun and Surf shirts start at ÂŁ135 and are available at American Classics, 20 Endell Street Covent Garden, London WC2H 9BD Telephone: 020 7831 1210 Or mail order from




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Beau Rivage Geneva

Geneva’s storied BeauRivage, the city’s only remaining family-run luxury hotel is currently in the hands of the fifth generation of the Mayer family.


ounded in 1865 by Jean-Jacques Mayer and conveniently located on the lakeside Quai du Mont Blanc, in the heart of Geneva’s business and shopping district, Beau-Rivage commands incredible views of Lake Geneva and the Alps. Behind its grand, historic façade the hotel’s meticulously-restored design blends the modern day with magical echoes of the past: from the Mayer family’s own original furnishings, stained glass and objets d’art scattered throughout, to suites named after notable guests who have left their mark on

Beau-Rivage’s glittering list of former guests includes the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt, who quietly reflected here whilst drafting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to Empress Sissi of Austria who chose Beau-Rivage as her pied-à-terre in Geneva, to legendary designer Coco Chanel and Hollywood stars including Angelina Jolie.

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By Contributing Editor Juliet Herd

Delivery... Petersham Nurseries Richmond & Other Fruit & Veg Home Delivery Services businesses are

Eating in has never been more pleasurable – or healthy - with all the wholesome home deliveries on offer since the start of lockdown. Enterprising wholesalers, markets and food and drink companies have been quick to adapt to increased demand by delivering everything from organic boxes of farm fresh veg to delicious precrafted cocktails. Fans of renowned Petersham Nurseries Richmond, which sources many of its ingredients from the beautiful walled garden of Petersham House, will be pleased to learn that its delivery area has been extended to encompass Kingston, Twickenham, Notting Hill, Knightsbridge and Chelsea and other parts of South West and West London. From the website, you can put together a bespoke box of fresh produce from the family farm, including aubergines, Italian broad beans, Amalfi lemons, fennel and beetroot, as well as store cupboard groceries and wine from the Petersham cellar. There’s also organic Haye farm meat, milk and eggs, along with delicious honey, olive oil, dried pasta and pulses, available for both collection and delivery with a minimum order of £30. Wholesalers are getting in on the act, too, and offering home deliveries while their usual clients - catering companies and restaurants - remain closed. A group of New Covent Garden Market www.

doing home deliveries to addresses with a London postcode, including delivery costs. The choices are limitless from Balance Box www., which offers healthy prepared meal boxes designed by nutritionists and chefs, to EuroFrutta, which prepares boxes of fruit & veg in three different sizes. Another wholesaler Smith & Brock, which specialises in supplying top London hotels and restaurants, has set up Knock Knock by Smith & Brock and is now delivering best quality produce and selected groceries to your front door. Working with smaller, artisanal producers, Smith & Brock source their products directly, which means they do not sit around for days on end in big warehouses. Tasty offerings include: ‘indulgence box of veg’ for £60; ‘perfect veg box’ for £18.50; ‘comfort pasta box’ for £29.50 and ‘essentials dairy box’ for £20, with free delivery on orders over £35. For those who like a bit more assistance in the kitchen, there are recipe box options such as Hello Fresh, Mindful Chef www.mindfulchef. com and All Plants;100% plantbased meals.

Lucy Vail Floristry Doggart & Squash

Fresh food &fabulous flowers... What could be more uplifting than a delivery of fresh fruit and veg and beautiful flowers?

Bespoke events and catering company Doggart & Squash has teamed up with Lucy Vail Floristry www.lucyvailfloristry. com/shop to supply the ultimate isolation tonic – and bring out the MasterChef wannabe in you! Not only do they put together a super fresh selection of seasonal produce for you, such as asparagus, rhubarb, spring greens and beetroot, they also offer pantry necessities plus scrumptious treats like homemade brownies to keep your spirits up. Prices range from £20 for a small fruit & veg box to £55 for a large one, which includes milk, eggs, butter and bread. Lucy Vail’s flowers are all British grown and seasonal with her top five picks of sweet peas, tulips, hellebores, narcissi and ranunculus. There are also purifying house plants and herb pots for cooking and, if you subscribe to the newsletter, Lucy will show you how to dress your home/workspace.

Another florist bringing joy to people’s doors is Rob Van Helden, who says orders for flowers are steady with peonies, stocks, sweet peas, hydrangeas and roses high on people’s lists. “My sister Patrice and I are doing deliveries of bouquets, baskets and vases of seasonal flowers or nice lasting Phalaenopsis orchid arrangements,” says celebrity favourite Rob, of Rob Van Helden Floral Design. For deliveries all over London and outside if required, email or call 020 7720 6774.

Fancy fish...

Foodie fans – including chef Jason Atherton - are flocking to order premium quality fish and seafood from Billingsgate Market wholesaler The Upper Scale Ltd, which usually supplies some of London’s finest dining establishments, including The Goring Hotel and Sketch, Mayfair. Offering next-day delivery to central London and surrounding areas, The Upper Scale prides itself on supplying the highest quality fish to home chefs with portion sizes the same as those for restaurants and hotels and all the fussy prep work done for you. The choices are limitless – from lemon sole and sea trout to fresh squid and whole mackerel – and most of the fish comes from British waters. There is a minimum order value of £20 and delivery is free.

Virtual wine tasting.. . We may all be stuck inside, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the finer things in life – and educate our palates in the process!

Prestigious private members’ club 67 Pall Mall has created The Virtual Club for a series of online wine tasting events. The events are open to wine lovers and novices alike and are being hosted daily on Zoom. Each session has a set theme and those ‘Zooming in’ are encouraged to open a bottle relevant to the topic while Pall Mall’s experts give them a guided tour of some of the world’s best winemaking regions. The sessions are designed to be light-hearted and fun – as you would expect when enjoyed from the comfort of your own home - with advice on food and wine pairings while you sip a Chateau Musar or a Pomerol Bordeaux. Members will be able to order 75ml tasting bottles straight to their door ahead of tastings. The Wine Workshop is also hosting online wine and food pairing workshops to 67 Pall Mall help make lockdown more bearable. Each week, you’ll be treated to expert tips from industry luminaries such as Jane Parkinson, Douglass Blyde and Master of Wine, Nancy Gilchrist. When you sign up to one of the 60-minute classes, you’ll be sent a hamper for two, complete with three delicious planet-friendly wines and three complimentary organic and sustainable small dishes. Classes are every Thursday (starting on 30 April) with hampers priced at £145 and £185 for private sessions.

London wine consultancy Elizabeth & Wine (above), founded by Elizabeth Hawthornthwaite, has launched a virtual wine tasting offering for all those budding connoisseurs out there. The idea is to join with four or five other households to enjoy a shared experience and learn a little bit about wine in the process. Elizabeth will ship two to three bottles of carefully selected wines to each household before hosting a bespoke Zoom tasting session. Themes include ‘women in wine’, ‘hidden gems’ and holidays, where guests get to taste the wines of a favourite country, climate or destination. “It’s about making wine simple, fun and accessible,” says Elizabeth.

The Wine Workshop

Cocktails to go...

Choose from delicious sounding signature mixes such as The Perfect Pear and Thyme Is On Our Side when you order from The Cocktail Delivery Company www. They’ll send you premixed fresh cocktails (with next-day delivery), chilled and ready to enjoy – they even come with complementary garnishes. Prepared by world-class mixologists, the cocktails will keep their delicious taste for up to five days. All you have to do is shake, pour and serve!

Virtual chocolate tasting... Premium chocolate brand Firetree has come up with you guessed it - a virtual chocolate tasting. You’ll learn all about how its new rich volcanic chocolate range is made using rare cocoa beans from the firetree or cocoa tree found on the remote islands of the southern Pacific and Oceania. The cocoa comes from single estates, which accounts for the chocolate’s unique taste. Firetree co-founder Martyn O’Dare will take you through the bean-to-bar process as you sample three carefully chosen 65g bars from the range, offering taste notes as varied as truffles and mushrooms, caramels and citrus and much more. The set includes Papua New Guinea, Karkar Island, with bold flavours reminiscent of dates, walnuts and red fruits; Philippines, Mindanao Island, with hints of honey, fig and citrus notes, and Vanuatu, Malekula Island, boasting complex flavours of cherry, white grape and citrus. The 20-minute sessions can be enjoyed by 1-5 people and tickets and tasting chocolate are available to buy HERE for £18 each. The next tasting is on 20 May.

DIY luxury burgers... The Lockdown DIY Patty Kit’, delivered straight to your door.

Gourmet burger chain royalty Patty&Bun www. have come up with the ultimate treat for fans with ‘The Lockdown DIY Patty Kit’, delivered straight to your door. You’ll be able to make the brand’s signature burgers while you dance around your kitchen to P&B’s Lockdown Bangers’ Spotify playlists. The box contains everything you need to make two Ari Gold cheeseburgers and two Smokey Robinson burgers, including P&B’s signature HG Walter beef patties, brioche buns, mayo, cheese slices and, naturally, home-made pickles and smokey onions - all for £25. You just need to add lettuce and tomato! A vegan option is also available. Patty&Bun will also be posting burger and cocktail tutorials on their Instagram page @pattyandbun and make sure you take part in the weekly #DIYpattychallenge to win a free kit for the bestlooking homemade burger!


An Elegant Picnic by Editor In Chief Millie Cooper


icnic essentials for the perfect summer day out... I enjoyed a leisurely break in my back garden last week and also went to a windy, but fun picnic in my front garden a few weeks before that, I love being outdoors and feeling the wind on my face and the sun kissing my skin. Have you gone on a picnic yet this summer? I doubt it due to the circumstances, but now as we are allowed a little more freedom. I picked these beautiful essentials for your day in your garden, local park or lucky for me. the beach.



3 4

5 6

Enjoy & Stay Safe 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.



Bali on my Mind

By Chris Sullivan

Gunung Agung Mountain

I looked around at the people sunning themselves on the loungers of the fashionable beach side restaurant/bar Ku De Ta in Seminyak and saw not the drunken horde I had come to expect from the island but a gaggle of groovers that, even the most sophisticated European resort would have been proud of. Ku De Ta is situated in Bali’s hep cat capital Seminyak that, with its funky but unobtrusive bars and cracking restaurants, is definitely worthy of your attention.I consumed the best Japanese meal of my life at, Wasabi, a sleek state of the art sushi bar and ate the finest Indonesian meal on God’s earth at Made’s Warung just down the street for £5. And that’s Seminyak - you can get the Balinese trad and the expensively chic almost back-toback. And then there’s Kuta with its Holiday Inn,Hard Rock and McDonalds is just a hop skip and a jump away from Seminyak but couldn’t be more different. Kuta is one of those sad developments that has attracted big bucks and lost its soul drawing drunken Aussies, forlorn prostitutes and even a gang of transvestites hookers known as the, ‘suck sucky girls.’


Kuta’s only plus is its surf, which for the novice is perfect. Having never surfed before I was all for giving it a go, and with the help of Matt surf teacher at the Hard Rock Surf School, after only one day I was up on the board hanging two and a half replete with cut knees, bruised elbows and about half the ocean inside me. Spurred on by such success I decided that my next mission was to learn to scuba dive. Bali’s scuba capital is the Amed in East Bali.We travelled the five-hour journey from Seminyak by taxi, which although costing the mighty sum of £50, beat the hell out of the ten-hour mini bus. On the way we stopped for lunch the beautiful coastal town of Candi Dasa and swam in the monumental Tirtagangga Water Palace which constructed by one of Bali's last kings, Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut, in 1947, is probably the worlds most extravagant swimming pools. At Amed we stayed at the Coral View Hotel which, at $25 for a double private bungalow, was heaven. My proviso was that we could walk out onto the beach in less than a minute. Here we could do it in about 15 seconds. The first day at Amed I went snorkelling at Jemeluk

Jagatnatha Temple

which not only provided the best array of fish I have ever encountered mit mask - but also, due to my lack of t shirt, delivered a crackling lobster back that any roast suckling pig worth his salt would have been proud of. After suffering the jibes of my sensibly brown other half for at least 48 long hours, I was ready to scuba and settled for Eco Dive who offered a day of training in the morning and a guaranteed dive in the after noon for the meagre sum of $75. After going through the necessary rigmarole of learning what everything that is strapped about your person actually does we hit the shallows of the nearby sea for a few practise runs and to be honest I didn’t like it at all. Add claustrophobia, breathing difficulties loads of heavy stuff on ones’ back and blind panic, for yours truly that means abject misery but, I persevered. By the afternoon we arrived at The Liberty, a second world war American ship wreck that just 50 feet off shore and fifty feet deep, is yet another perfect environment for the petrified neophyte. As I walked out backwards into the rather rough surf I felt like a kid who hadn’t done his swotting on the day of a big exam but guided by the expert teachers I fell in love with scuba and actually negotiated ny way through the wreck. It was magnificent.

Seminyak Market

Balinese Puppeteers

Tirtagangga Water Palace

money can buy. “ Just about everyone whose anyone who comes to Bali stays there’ says Nick Morley “ Even though she’s got the heli pad to whisk the rich and famous in and out without being seen I met Bono when he stayed there, Jagger spent his honeymoon there - you name them they've been there.” I for one did not want to leave. We left Ubud thoroughly rested and once again returned to South Bali where, among other things, we saw the traditional Kecak Fire Dance , visited the magisterial floating palace of Tanah Lot, ate freshly caught seafood by candle light at Jambaran and stayed out far too late at the Double Six beach Club in Seminyak but, looking back the one thing that really impressed me about the island was the Balinese whose quiet, gentle dignity is a lesson to us all - and for that I’ll return


Tirtagangga Water Palace

My next task was what pundits had described as ‘the most wonderful experience of their lives’.To see the sunrise from the Gunung Agung mountain (considered by the Balinese to be the ‘navel of the world’) one has to drive to Pura Pasar Agung, locate a guide and then climb the perilous mountain for three hours to arrive at the summit at 6am.My guide for was a Mr. Ketut Ariada. After roaring up the hill like the Sherpa Tensing twins we reached the summit and,after a well earned rest ,were rewarded by the most glorious sunrise known to man.It almost made me take up religion –but not quite. After my six hour walk I felt a slice of R n’ R was needed so we made our way to the Panchoren Retreat in Ubud, the central Balinese city that known as the centre for the arts looked to me like a town turned into a shopping centre. Indeed the Monkey Forest is worth a look, as are the many exquisite restaurants, the numerous performances of traditional Balinese theatre, Gamelan and puppetry but Ubud’s main attraction for me was The Panchoren. .

Ku De Ta restaurant, Oberoi Road, Bali Mades Warung - Ji Pantai Kuta Wasabi Sake and Sushi Lounge - Ji Pantai Kuta The Villas Bali Hotel and Spa - Private double cottage $218 per night Bali Agung Village - Private double cottage -$32. Villa £56 Hotel Bali Ayu. -Superior Villa- $27 Victory Tailor near the Garden View Cottages in Legian can copy anything shirts inc material approx cost £5

Amed Coral View Hotel - Eco Dive- Jemeluk Beach, Amed, Abang, Karangasem 80852 - Bali – INDONESIA -email: info@ecodivebali. com Fax. (62) 0363 - 23482

Gunung Agung Guide -Ketut Ariada –As you enter the village of Muncan his house is marked with a blue sign advertising his services – no phone. / About £20 plus his breakfast


Linda Garland’s Panchoren Retreat – From $266 - $466 A stunningly beautiful settlement- comprised of a number of exquisitely designed individual bungalows per cottage per night - constructed almost entirely from bamboo - its Irish owner super_saver/480.html and designer Linda Garland offers the finest respite

Sophie Walbeoffe








By Marcella Martinelli

There is only one style able to merge exotic beauty with Italian elegance,

Richard Ginori. Evocative floral decorations infuse the collection with Far Eastern charm. Be more daring, turn a simple dinner into an extraordinary journey.

Oriente Italiano collection gives a twist to your spring table setting with its bright colors and finely handdecorated natural elements.

MilliOnAir | ART


Sophie Walbeoffe Talks about her exhibition ‘BIRDSONG’

By Theo Woodham-Smith

ere is the story of online exhibition, title ‘Birdsong’: paintings inspired by Amboseli National Park, Kenya, by Sophie Walbeoffe, wildlife artist and conservationist. She was invited to spend time, which extended over three years, by the famous scholar of elephant behaviour, Dr Cynthia Moss, founder director of the Amboseli National Park.

Elephants’ documentary (Meghan Markle voiceover) and Apple feature, Elephant Queen

Joyful paintings of animals, birds, trees and flowers in Amboseli National Park, in Africa where they roam freely.

She is now a highly successful wildlife artist and conservationist. She has a forthcoming exhibition with an accompanying electronic version of the book ‘Impressions of Amboseli’ collaboration with the world’s most respected elephant expert Dr Cynthia Moss, founder-director of Amboseli National Park.

Elephants are often featured in the press, endangered elephants (poachers, collapse of tourist trade, orphans) currently in the nationals almost every day. Conservation and climate change subject of new Attenborough film, Life on our Planet, Disney

Sophie Walbeoffe (born 1961), a British artist, went to Kenya on a Raleigh art/charity project, has made her life in Kenya with scientist Piers Simpkin, herd of 60 camels, their two children brought up in the bush.

Sophie Walbeoffe wrote an account of her inspiration and the birds singing around her all the time as she works, a reason for title of latest solo show.

Sophie Walbeoffe’s fresh and lively new paintings inspired by her recent sojourn in Africa at the world famous Amboseli National Park. She wrote an account of her inspiration and the birds singing around her all the time as she works, a reason for title of latest solo show. Conservation in the news (David Attenborough new ‘Life on our Planet) Disney documentary ‘Elephants’, endangered elephants in the broadsheets (Kenya and Thailand).

Sophie Walbeoffe (above) ''For the last three years I have been painting in Amboseli Park being guided and excited by the work Cynthia Moss has done with the elephants. In addition to concentrating on the elephants and the stunning landscape of Amboseli Park, back dropped by the snow and ice capped Kilimanjaro, I also started to become interested in the birds. Cynthia is a great lover of birds so whenever we sat in the Landrover waiting for the elephants to pass it was the birds that caused a similar degree of excitement. Pelicans, Flamingoes, Ibis and all sorts of waders and water birds, as well a golden weaver birds to speak of a few . The fluttering freedom and colour of the birds, link the infinite space between earth and sky, and contrast to the heavy, grey and grounded elephants. Birds also don’t have any borders they travel around the world I love to see the swallows and travellers in my garden in Kenya wondering how far they must have flown. Kenya is a beautiful country and with the climate change all it seems to have done is rain and rain but also hot bright sunny days so the birds sing and sing and it’s a crazy beautiful place to paint.''

Solo show online: ‘BIRDSONG’ AT THE OSBORNE STUDIO GALLERY May 19th – 6TH June. The launch of the electronic verion of the book “Impressions of Amboseli “ can be seen on the gallery website

Theo Woodham-Smith Theo Woodham-Smith PR + 44 20 7589 6667

Beoplay A1 A truly portable Bluetooth speaker for music and calls. With category-breaking performance, and packing a punch way beyond its size, Beoplay A1 is the ideal speaker to have with you on the go. Made for people who care about great sound and design. Seasonal colours Tan, Chestnut & Peony.

MilliOnAir | ART

The therapy of Art Steven Smith meets the U.K.’s most renowned agony aunt, self-help expert and psychologist, radio personality/author and columnist Dr. Pam Spurr. Steven finds out why she is blossoming in the world of Art currently.

paintings revolve almost entirely around people’s personal challenges; their hope and turmoil.”

What was your earliest influence in art?

Is art a form of therapy?

My parents were my earliest influence because they dragged us to exhibitions and museums from about the age of three. You can imagine, as a young child, I thought it was too boring! From about the age of eight or nine however, I started to understand their enthusiasm for art.

Art is definitely therapeutic. Not only in a formal way, through art therapy for individuals going through personal troubles, but also informally. I find it incredibly relaxing and satisfying. If I’ve let stress start managing me (instead of me managing my stress), then getting out the brushes and paints is so helpful. As a young assistant psychologist, I used to do art therapy once a week with teenagers experiencing various challenges. They got lots out of it and I certainly did.

I had a fantastic art teacher when I was about 15, who encouraged our art class to experiment and push ourselves out of our comfort zones. I painted, drew, did pottery, collage, crafted silver jewellery, and attempted some weaving. It was all good fun, although some of my creations were more successful than others! I have to admit I hung out with the ‘naughty’ crowd and we thought it was a laugh to go to art class having smoked marijuana. I do not recommend this to teenagers at all! I worry about the younger generation because of the strength of it today. At the time we convinced ourselves it made us more creative.

Do you remember the first painting you ever created? Good question, because I haven’t thought about this for ages, but since you’ve asked; I recall the first painting I did as a teenager was about an unhappy person reaching towards the sun. There was hope and turmoil in it. Now my

Who do you most admire in the art world currently? That’s a tough question because I admire so many artists. I’m utterly happy spending time at an exhibition of old Masters, with their stunningly beautiful work. Although I always used to say that if I was rich beyond my wildest dreams, I’d buy an Impressionist painting; undoubtedly a Monet. I also love the inventiveness of much of modern art. I’d be happy wandering around exhibitions by Ai Weiwei, Alyssa Monk, Frida Kahlo, Damien Hirst, Amber LiaKloppel, Bill Viola, Lincoln Townley, and Jordan Casteel, whose paintings I’ve just discovered, amongst so many others. All totally astounding, for very different reasons.

Fantasies of Healthy Breasts

His Dream to be as Free as a Fish

How much time do you spend painting? It’s random, sometimes I spend an entire weekend painting, and other times I’ll grab an evening after work and then paint until the early hours. I find it more satisfying to spend the whole weekend painting because I can finish a whole piece. Although I do have a habit of going back to pieces because I use acrylics that dry quickly. I’ll add another layer, then another, and on one painting depicting one woman’s story of sex addiction, I ended up going back to it five or six times. I love creating different effects in the paint so once I’ve laid down lots of strokes with paintbrushes, I then use sponges of different sizes, feathers, twigs, sandpaper, and other implements.

did my BSc Hons, MPhil, Ph.D., and post-Doc work in psychology as well as various ad hoc courses like one on PTSD. I’ve worked as a life coach for a number of years now, however, as I enjoy the immediacy of coaching and working over the short term with ‘smaller’ issues.

You're originally from the U.S., would you ever want to move back? I love going back to the States but my heart’s in the U.K. I love the eccentricities of many Brits especially as I’m a bit eccentric in my own way. Luckily, having dual nationality, I can go back and forth and stay as long as I want in either country.

How did you become a psychologist?

Do you feel that the arts in the U.S. have suffered under Trump?

Originally, I wanted to be a medical doctor, however, when I started physiology and anatomy, we had to dissect cats. I found this so upsetting that I realised I could never dissect a human so I changed to psychology. I

I’ve not read any articles about whether or not Trump’s had a negative impact. It’s definitely possible to imagine that he would have a positive one because so many artists would use their art to criticise him or send him up.

Depression Lifting After Body Image Issues close up

Recovery From Body Image Issues She Now Loves Her Breasts close up

Depression In His Mind close up

Blue Mood Lifting

Renewal After Loss

How have you spent your isolation time? I’m incredibly lucky to be with four family members in lockdown. I simply can’t imagine how tough it must be for some people to isolate on their own. That wouldn’t be so tough for people who are self-sufficient or keep connected to family and friends but I’ve had a lot of contacts to my website about loneliness. Loneliness is a painful struggle for far too many people.

their anxiety and depression. I’m enjoying this developing side and look forward to doing more about men’s psychological and mental health experiences.

Quick fire questions... Chinese or Japanese? Japanese.

During the lockdown, I’ve done a lot of painting as well as experimenting with cooking. I’m a terrible cook so it’s Tracey Emin or Damien Hirst? Damien Hirst. been great to practice more. It’s important to try to see the positives of the lockdown experience although I’m The best place for a chat in London? That’s tough, very unhappy being separated from the rest of our family. I love the roof terrace at the Century Clubfor a quieter chat, Maison Bertaux for a chat over cakes and coffee, or a What can we expect from you in the future from riverside pub like the White Swan in Richmond to watch the river flow as you chat. your art? When I threw myself back into painting late last summer, I was totally focused on portraying some of the many issues of the women I’ve worked with over the years. Issues ranging from loss, relationships, body image, and confidence issues, to addiction and bereavement. In my work, I try and portray their difficulties, but also the sparks of hope I see in every person. Recently I’ve worked on expressing some of the stories of the men I’ve interviewed over the years, especially about

The biggest turn off in a person for you? Someone who talks at you rather than with you.

One thing you would change if you were Mayor of London for the day? Definitely create more pedestrian or electric car only roads. Get in touch with Pam



London’s Premier Luxury Events Planner The best luxury events planner is half-artist, half-perfectionist. Our JK team loves the challenge of creating a perfectly unique event for each client. Of course that means every detail: distinctive colours, lighting, dÊcor and atmosphere, plus a touch of theatre.

Brides elegantly styled by Jacqueline Kennedy Shoes by Lucy Choi London Bridal bouquet by Lux Occasions Photography by Leana Catherine Photography Dresses by Brides Do Good Models Natalie, Rachael, Denisa, Sinead and Charlotte. Makeup and Hair byIsra Rana Signature Brides Thank you to The Landmark London Hotel 43 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London, W1J 5AP


MilliOnAir Magazine’s Editor at large LAURIE STONE meets a Harley Street visionary

DR O is Leading the Sexual Revolution

There is no shame or taboo in wanting to improve your relationship, says physician with the movie star looks

SUAVE and sophisticated Dr Sherif Wakil looks like a film star or a jet-setting model, but there's much more to him than meets the eye.

Yes, he has actually graced the silver screen and strutted his stuff on catwalks around the world. But a few years ago, Dr Wakil found himself at a crossroads in his professional life.

And he chose to turn his back on films and fashions shoots and throw himself full time into medicine, specialising in the field of non-invasive surgery. “I’d studied medicine in my home city of Cairo for seven years, but was always passionate about acting. “I was really in two minds about which path I should take, but after much soul-searching I decided that fulltime medicine was my future.

“It was an agonising moment in my life, having rubbed shoulders with Hollywood A list actors like Bruce Willis, Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe, John Malkovich and Anthony Hopkins, but the die was cast. “It took me two and a half years to gain my British medical qualification, which I needed in order to work here although even then I was doing some acting jobs and voice-overs to help pay the rent.

It was a speciality which later became known as ‘Sexual Aesthetics’ and was further developed as ‘Regenerative Sexual Aesthetics’. “I was so passionate about how these treatments changed people’s lives, I then introduced them to Europe and the Middle East. Dr Wakil gets invited to lecture on this topic and to raise awareness at medical conferences all over the world.

“My passion was for cosmetic surgery, but I couldn’t find an opening in the NHS and got my first big break in the medical profession in 2007 when I worked as a spinal surgeon at the Royal London Hospital, a big teaching hospital in Whitechapel.

As for his female patients it is not just about making the vagina look good it is also about the improvement of its functionality.

“Even then I was getting good acting roles offered to me by my agent, but she went crazy when I told her that my medical commitments came first.

He explains: “It deals with vaginal laxity after childbirth – both from natural and Caesarean deliveries – as well as reduced sensation and stress incontinence, all of which play havoc with good sexual relations and the ultimate happiness of couples.

“She was so mad at me for turning down these offers that she abandoned me altogether.” Later, Dr Wakil pursued post-graduate studies in cosmetic medicine in Europe and the United States for about 13 years. Now he is acclaimed as the leading expert in sexual aesthetics – and is known globally as Dr Orgasm, often shortened to Dr O.

“There are various issues for females including reduced or loss of sensation, loss of desire, not reaching orgasm at all (Anorgasmia), painful intercourse and many more.” Dr Wakil began his work in this field by developing and trademarking the O Concept™. “It’s a set of protocols that I offer the patient based on his or her case – it is like tailoring different sets of interventions for each patient," he says.

An imposing 6ft 4in, Dr Wakil lives in west London and is a big sports fan, especially ice hockey, basketball, boxing and football. He has a 12-year-old son. From his private cosmetic clinic in London’s Harley Street, he explains why patients – women and men – come to see him from all over the world. “It all began ten years ago when a new specialty known as aesthetic gynaecology came to the fore in America, which was intended to restore both the aesthetics and the functions of the vagina. “I was lucky to be among the first physicians and surgeons to receive intensive training in this field.” Dr Wakil was also very involved in regenerative and functional medicine which is using your own body to heal itself. He practised using this regenerative medicine in restoring both female and male sexual function.

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art” Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Its protocols, under my name, have resulted from the USA, which mainly increased sensitivity in the vaginal treating more than 15,000 patients, both men and woman. area as well as dealing with stress urinary incontinence. It can also, to some extent, relieve vaginal dryness. “With this experience, I am able now to design an individual personalised program for each patient based on “The O-Shot works by injecting PRP – platelet rich his/her age, condition, for example treating ED (erectile plasma – in specific areas in the vagina with the growth dysfunction) for a diabetic patient is different from the factors inside the platelets helping to regenerate the way I would treat a post-prostatectomy patient. targeted tissues. Of course, it goes without saying that accuracy in this particular protocol is of the essence to “With a specific dose, time frame interval and specific achieve safe and effective treatment. sequence, patients get the best and most effective results, so it is not about one treatment any more - it's a “I have modified the protocol of the O-Shot more than six combination of treatments that gives the best results. times so far to reach the most effective injection protocol. “This is what the O Concept™ is all about and it is now “I am also using a high-quality centrifuge which produces attracting large numbers of patients from across the world the highest platelet concentration in order to get the best - its success rate is around 90 per cent. Talking about these and most effective results. treatments is how I became known as Dr Orgasm.” “The use of PRP in this way was invented by an American Using the overall O Concept™, Dr Wakil introduced a colleague of mine called Dr Charles Runes, who trained me number of a new treatments, including the ‘O-Shot’ from personally in the protocol.”

Dr Wakil, who has treated more than 22,000 patients and trained around 2,000 doctors so far also uses the ‘G-Shot’ when administering dermal fillers into the G Spot to increase sexual sensation or compensating for fat loss in areas like the labia majora. It also helps in hydrating the vaginal wall. “We also use radio frequencies and lasers as well to improve vaginal laxity among other interventions,” Dr Wakil adds.

Dr Wakil says those facing problems in their intimate relationships should seek treatment just as they would with any other health problem. “Enough with the shame and making it a taboo. Seek help, but I urge those wanting help, to deal only with well-trained doctors who have adequate experience and expertise in this field – and that way you can be sure you will receive efficient, effective – and most importantly – safe treatments.”

“All these treatments are performed in the clinic and they normally take between 20 and 40 minutes with no surgery, no side effects, and with no recovery time at all. “Patients can go straight back to work and even have sexual intercourse the same day for the majority of them.” As for his male patients, Dr Wakil says they have a different set of problems, including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, penile curvature (Peyronie’s disease), small penis or micro penis and reduced sensation due to ageing or the side effects of conditions like diabetes. Statistics show that 40 per cent of men in their forties suffer various degrees of erectile dysfunction, rising to 50 per cent in their fifties, 60 per cent in their sixties and 70 per cent in their seventies. “When treating male patients I use the ‘P-shot’, which is the equivalent of the O-shot for the female, which entails injecting the penis with plasma rich in platelets (the patient’s own blood), which help in rejuvenating the penile tissue blood vessels and nerve endings, resulting in an enhancement of both the erection and the sensation. “Provided the patient follows the protocol with the pump provided, it can also result in an increase in the penis’ length and girth, a treatment that is gaining momentum, and for which I have become quite famous. I have testimonials from many satisfied patients as to the efficacy of this particular procedure.” He also uses various other treatments of his O Concept™ for men including the Shockwave, Radiofrequency, Botox, Dermal filler and many other protocols based on each patient’s medical condition. * For more information visit: or Also: sexual Instagram and facebook: @drswrsaclinics cosmetic Instagram and facebook: @drswclinics


A STUNNING luxury villa with uninterrupted, breathtaking views

A STUNNING luxury villa with uninterrupted, breathtaking views of the magnificent Mediterranean has just come on the market with a guide price of €39.995million. This palatial mansion located in Sierra Blanca, Marbella, the destination of choice for international clientele looking for their dream home. The plot’s privileged location on Marbella’s Golden Mile provides exceptional views to the Mediterranean Sea at the front, complemented by the magnificent spectacle of the La Concha mountains to the rear. This impressive estate was designed by award-winning local Spanish architect Jesús del Valle Cardenete and in 2017 it won the Premios Maceal award for best international villa. The property is distributed over four levels and has ten

bedrooms in total, comprising eight bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. The architect has paid special attention to the direct and indirect lighting concepts, opening and extending the sense of space with impressively high ceilings throughout. All of the finishes are of the highest quality as you would expect from a property of this calibre, including Italian marble flooring and ceramics, feature wood panelling, hand-made chandeliers, LED lighting, under-floor heating, alarm system and smart home system.

On the ground level, the magnificent neo-classical there are also four family bedrooms, all with en-suite entrance with Corinthian columns leads on to the stunning bathrooms, dressing rooms, lounge areas and private hallway with two sweeping staircases to the first floor. terraces. The ground floor consists of an office, store room, two guest toilets, staff kitchen, main fully-fitted kitchen with central island, dining room, lounge area with two open fireplaces, games room with bar, TV room, three guest bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and lift access to all floors.

The basement comprises of a garage with parking spaces for eight cars, an eleven-seater cinema, wine cellar and spa with heated swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, fitness room, massage room, bathroom and two showers.

The basement also houses the staff quarters comprising of two separate one-bedroom apartments, dining area and The living and dining areas lead out on to covered terraces laundry room. and a large barbecue area, perfect for alfresco dining and entertaining. The landscaped gardens include a large This is truly a unique property and must be seen to be infinity swimming pool, sunbathing areas, water features believed. and expansive lawns. Leading off the landing is the sumptuous master bedroom with his and hers en-suite bathrooms and dressing rooms, a lounge area and superb terrace with spectacular views to the Mediterranean Sea. Aside from the master bedroom

*For more information on the sale and to arrange a viewing call: +44 659 336 790. Part-exchange welcome.




Accommodation Three Double Bedrooms

Combined Area

Service Charge

Two Bathrooms

1125 sqft (105m²)

Approx ÂŁ8,000 per annum

Drawing Room Kitchen Entrance Hall

Tenure Share of Freehold

Porter Lift Communal Heating and Hot Water

This three double bedroom, two bathroom, apartment has been exceptionally well maintained and benefits from wonderful light and beautiful London views. The accommodation also includes entrance hall, generous drawing room and well appointed kitchen. Greville House is located just off Kinnerton Street and therefore gives easy access to the shops and restaurants of Motcomb Street

and is within walking distance to Knightsbridge Underground Station. The green spaces of Hyde Park are also moments away. NB. The vendor has stipulated that a completion can only take place after 1st October 2020.




Accommodation Four Bedrooms and Three Bathrooms

Combined Area 2365 sqft (220m²)

Double Reception Room and Large Family Room


Kitchen/Breakfast Room


Private Roof Terrace and Patio Area

Nb. There is a separate lease for the ground floor patio expiring 25.01.2082

Beautifully Presented Prime Chelsea Location

Presented to an exceptionally high standard, this corner house, with its triple-aspect views, benefits from being wonderfully light and excellent entertaining space. The accommodation includes entrance hall, elegant double reception room, large family room, kitchen/breakfast room, guest cloakroom, master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and dressing area, two

further double bedrooms on the second floor and bathroom. The fourth bedroom is on the lower ground floor with its own en-suite bathroom and has access to the private patio area. In addition there is a large roof terrace, an abundance of storage and secondary entrance into the family room from Redesdale Street.


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Christmas, Inc. is a professional Christmas decorating company, providing tailor-made services to suit your home or business. Based in the heart of the home counties, our dedicated team specialises in concept design and fabrication, right through to installation, take down and storage. We’re not only passionate about Christmas, but also about great design and we’re on hand to help you every step of the way. We are committed to using the very finest quality products, which are sourced globally and are regularly maintained. We produce the majority of our bespoke items in-house, which allows us to deliver a luxurious service at an affordable price. This year, we are very pleased to bring to you the very latest in LED technology, this technology is not only super-efficient but is also environmentally-friendly.

Attilus is the name that gourmet chefs and connoisseurs associate with exquisite caviar and the finest cuts of sturgeon. Our philosophy is simple: just as the quality of champagne begins in the vines, so the health and well-being of our fish determines the quality of our caviar. We create our own caviar at a fishery in Jessen, Germany and are one of the few producers in the world offering "real" Oscietra caviar to customers. We don't rely on anonymous international producers to supply our "black pearls", nor do we allow anyone else to re-label our precious yield. Our ongoing pursuit of excellence combines an appreciation for tradition with the application of modern technology. For us, creating one of the world's most elite natural delicacies requires patience, precision and a commitment to maintaining the very highest standards.

Our range of stunning, timeless jewellery is exclusively curated from international female designers and complemented by our own unique personalisable collection, handmade in London. All our pieces are made from pure gold, diamonds, pearls and semi-precious gemstones. We recognise that jewellery is an expression of you, whether through your own selection or given as a thoughtful gift. Show who you are with your unique selection which takes inspiration from your astrological alignment and people and places special to you, to create your own meaningful jewellery collection.

Kendra Scott is a loving mom, a driven entrepreneur, and a passionate designer who believes the truest form of success is giving back in a meaningful way. As a creative mind with a love of natural gemstones, Kendra designed her first collection of jewelry in 2002. The foundation of Kendra’s success has been her infectious energy and entrepreneurial spirit, which took her from a $500 project in the spare bedroom of her home to a billion dollar fashion brand loved globally. Known for her unique use of color and quality materials, Kendra has created collections of timeless pieces that have won over loyal fans, media and celebrities alike.

Atelier Cologne was born out of our encounter and our love. Perfume has always been our passion and our profession.We met for the first time in New York in 2006 and very quickly we fell in love. We discovered that we share the same passion for the legendary Eau de Cologne and that we were on the same on-going search for a Cologne of character, elegant and fresh at the same time with exceptional long lasting power. Together, we decided to create the first fragrance house entirely dedicated to cologne. Our dream: to create colognes to be worn as Pure Perfumes. After many years in the making, our dream came true. We gave birth to a new olfactive family: the Colognes Absolues.

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