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COMPONENT 1 Milda Rapnikaite

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Contents Brief & Specifications Location Building Research Design Ideas Inspirational drawings Secondary source Specific sizing design drawings Random generated ideas Sketches with different thicknesses Drawing plans Theme examples(sketches and secondary) Client interest sketches Developing idea to idea 1 Model of idea 1 Developing idea 1 Building exploration Material experimentation Development Examples from the architect Plan Combing ideas Final idea Developing interior spaces Interior one point perspective Creating the model

BRIEF Design a suitable cinema building that can accommodate a large crowd. It should be influenced by the theme of 'Light' . It should be a child friendly space, make it appealing for tourists and improve the environment. An old railway station house 'Geležinkeliečių rūmai. Geležinis kablys' has been neglected and now is out of commission ,it has now become a waste of space and is making the city seem run down, the government has asked for a new building in place of the old building to liven up the place and make it a sort of tourist attraction that would make them want to return. Unfortunately, the town seems to be very old and moody, although it has a lot of sunlight it still seems kind of dark, it should be adapted to extreme weather conditions (really hot summers over 30C and extremely cold winters –20C).It needs to be a cinema capable of providing entertainment,food and welcoming surroundings.

SPECIFICATION Must include a:​ •Food/drink place​ •Lavatories​ •A lobby/seating area​ •​Child friendly play area •Renewable energy(solar panels) •Access to : • Bike area • Easy access for wheelchair users •Include the theme 'light' •Must not obstruct the surrounding buildings •Heat sensitive material •At least 5 cinema screens •Holding up to 1,500 max people

LOCATION The location is a nice space surrounded by trees and other buildings, it has a lot of buildings surrounding it



MGM Mirage’s City centre



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