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Hladik Assignment 4-3 1

Customer Service Proposal Script Michele C. Hladik 9-11-11

Hladik Assignment 4-3 2 Topic Sentence: ACME Pros Office Cleaning has recently received a number of customer complaints that need to be addressed through customer service training and employee rewards in order to maintain high quality service, retain current customers, and increase business. I.

Welcome to the customer service training session for all current and new ACME Pros Office Cleaning employees. A. ACME has received a variety of customer service complaints. B. Excellent customer service is very important for business. C. There are a number of customer service practices that will easily improve customer service, retain current customers and increase the number of customers ACME serves. D. Good customer service benefits the customers, the employees, and the company.


ACME has recently received a number of complaints about many of its departments. A. These complaints need to be taken seriously and addressed at all levels. B. The variety of complaints spans many areas in the company 1. Customers are being placed on hold for long periods of time including a customer who was placed on hold for an hour. 2. Customer’s questions or requests for information have gone unanswered. 3. Employees are appearing on the job in unprofessional dress including dirty uniforms, untucked shirts, and out of uniform. 4. Customers have reported being treated rudely on the telephone.

Hladik Assignment 4-3 3 5. Employees of one customer became sick from ACME cleaning products and when the incidents were reported to the cleaner, they were never passed along or given an appropriate response. 6. Customer’s are not fully briefed or updated on services ACME provides. III.

Excellent customer service is necessary to retain current customers and to encourage new customers (“Customer Service…,” 2011). A. In a tough economy customers are likely to spend less unless they receive good service (“Customer Service…”). 1. It can make customers feel valued and appreciated (“Customer Service…”). 2. They are generally willing to spend more money (“Customer Service…”). 3. Exceptional customer service inspires loyalty (“Customer Service…”). 4. Return business is really important in a tough economy (“Customer Service…”). 5. About 70 percent of customers are willing to spend up to 13 percent more with a company that provides excellent customer service (“American Shoppers…,” 2011). B. Every person who has any type of contact with the customer should be practice good customer service (“Customer Service…”). C. It’s never too late to begin good customer service. D. Most Americans believe business are not treating customers well enough or meeting customer needs (“Small Business…,” 2011).

Hladik Assignment 4-3 4 E. Customers are ending business transactions if they are not satisfied with customer service (“Small Business…”). IV.

Providing excellent customer service is possible with a few basic techniques. A. There are several of these techniques that can be applied by all ACME employees. 1. Excellent job performance is the best way to ward off customer complaints. a. Doing a good job give the customer what they want right away and doesn’t give them as much to complain about. b. Good job performance also shows the customer you are taking the job seriously and helps them feel valued. 2. Working with a positive, can-do attitude will give the customers confidence and will make dealing with customer concerns easier (Miller, n.d.). 3. Always take customer concerns seriously and respond promptly. a. Allow upset customers to vent their concerns without interruption (Miller). b. Listen closely so the customer does not need to repeat him or herself (Miller). c. Use the customer’s name frequently when addressing the customer to show you know who you are talking with and to treat them with respect and individuality (Miller). d. Saying “I’m sorry” or apologizing can often diffuse anger (Miller).

Hladik Assignment 4-3 5 e. Always tell customers what you can do not what you can’t do and make sure the customer agrees with your solution to the problem (Miller). f. Always show you appreciate the customer’s business by offer a thank you at the end of the conversation (Miller). g. Follow up with the customer to make sure their problem was solved and the solution met their satisfaction (Miller). h. Ask the customer if there is anything else you can do for them and make sure you let the customer know you are available and willing to help them in additional ways if necessary (Miller). 4. Customer requests should also be taken seriously and dealt with promptly. a. Listen to the customers’ requests intently. b. Respond to customer requests as quickly as possible. c. Know about all ACME products and services or be able to tell the customer who they can contact. d. Pass along customer requests to the appropriate department immediately. e. Follow up with the customer to ensure their needs were met. B. Cleaners are on the front lines and are the most visible to the customer. 1. Be polite when addressing the customer. 2. Never interfere with the customers business operations. 3. Wear the appropriate uniform. a. All cleaning uniforms are the same.

Hladik Assignment 4-3 6 b. Make sure they are clean and shirts are tucked in at all times. c. Appropriate hygiene should be followed at all times. d. Hair should be well kept and professional in appearance for an office setting. e. Makeup should be minimally applied and professional in appearance for an office setting. f. Minimal jewelry should be worn. 4. Cell phone use is strictly prohibited in front of customers or their employees. 5. No electronic devices such as radios or mp3 players may be used at any time in front of the customers or their employees. C. The majority of the office staff also has contact with customers and should follow a few customer service procedures. 1. Phone calls should be handled with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. a. Each call will be answered as promptly as possible. b. Callers will receive a professional greeting that includes the ACME employee’s name. c. No call should be placed on hold for longer than five minutes at a time. d. Before being placed on hold, callers will be asked if this is acceptable. e. Messages shall be placed in the appropriate ACME employee’s mailbox as quickly as possible.

Hladik Assignment 4-3 7 f. All calls will be returned within one business day. 2. All office staff should dress in professional business attire at all times while representing the company. 3. Hair, makeup and jewelry should be worn in an appropriate and professional manner at all times while representing the company. D. Supervisors play an important role in maintaining good customer service. 1. Managers need to monitor staff members and ensure they are delivering good customer service (“Customer Service…”). 2. Start day with regular team meetings that focus on the positive can start the day on a good note and put employees in a better mood (“One Easy Thing…,” 2011). 3. If you notice an employee having a rough day or a problem, assign them to an area that can put them in a positive frame of mind (“One Easy Thing…”). 4. Consider the way employees are treated when they give good customer service or when they give bad customer service (“One Easy Thing…”). V.

The rewards for performing these simple customer service related tasks will be great for all involved. A. Customers will receive better care and will feel they are receiving the goods and services they deserve in the manner they deserve. B. ACME employees will receive several rewards for successful customer service efforts.

Hladik Assignment 4-3 8 1. They will be eligible to receive the Employee of the Month designation and the awards of a special parking space, a small bonus for the month, and special notice in the employees work file. 2. They will also get the satisfaction of knowing they did a good job and that they are appreciate for their efforts. C. The company will be rewarded with continued success, prosperity and growth which it can pass along to its employees and customers. VI.

Performing a few simple customer service procedures can make for a happier and more successful workplace. A. Performing these simple tasks would make current customers happy and encourage new customers to contract with ACME. B. Happy customers are essential to a successful business.

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ACME Customer Service Proposal Script