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Hey Red Bulls, We’re finally in the GOLDEN time that is summer! I’d like to congratulate you for all your hard work both academically and service wise. Summer is really the time to participate in service! Put all that free time to good use. Your club officers should have summer events lined up and planned out! You may have noticed the revised hours goal of 12,000 hours. I felt that the he initial goal of 20,000 may have been a little overreaching but I want you to prove me wrong and strive to go above and beyond in that aspect. Invite your friends to service projects, make events an experience! Fundraising wise, we’ve reached nearly HALF of our fundraising goal in just two months. That is pretty amazing and I urge you to keep it up! Y’all may have even unlocked a reward at the next DCM! Check out the upcoming events section of the newsletter for some major events that are in fact…coming up. Finally, can you believe that the Key Club Year is almost a quarter of the way through? I urge you to seize the opportunities that arise and use them to enrich your Key Club experience, whether that be attending that weekend event, going to OTC or cheering your heart out at a spirit function. I think we’ve had an amazing start, and let’s continue to celebrate service, leadership and family! Stomping for service, Michael Zhang

The Firefighter Letter Writing event was held in Ms. Stenger’s room (Mt. Carmel High) after school from 2:15 until 3:45. With colored pencils, markers, crayons, and construction paper, we created at least seven letters expressing our appreciation towards the firefighters who successfully fought numerous fires around San Diego County this past month. Some cards held messages like, “The safety and protection your hard work has provided for this city is priceless”, others read things along the lines of “Thank you for your service and dedication to keeping our county safe. You are true heroes.” We sat together at a desk and individually made cards with creative designs and thoughtful messages of thanks on the inside. A few cards were even made supporting a young child in the hospital and her family. At around 3:30, we began to clean up our scraps of colorful construction paper and scattered pens and pencils; organizing them into their proper bags while the cards ware collected. I would say that this event was pleasant and it was felt nice to be able to express gratitude for the emergency crews in San Diego on behalf of Mt. Carmel High School Key Club. Written by Miriam Kawy, Mt Carmel

Volunteering at CCA for the Quiz Bowl was a really fun and frenzy experience. Waking up was sort of the hardest part since it started at around 8:30 on a Saturday. I didn't attend the two informational meetings for volunteers that week so I had to go over the rules and score sheet scoring procedures with the coordinators. The rounds started a little behind schedule and I was required to collect the score sheets as well as hand out pizza order forms for the participants. There were teams from Irvine, Westview, Poway, and our own school's team that competed against each other in an intense 30-45 minute period of random questions ranging from Grammy awards to world history. Several of the classrooms were around the same area but since I'm not that familiar with CCA, I had to figure which classrooms were holding rounds which took a while... Things got pretty chaotic when teams were still in round and went into overtime while others finished early but had to wait on other teams to finish. On top of this, the coordinators had to enter the scores into the computer for every round but score sheets weren't coming on time. Ordering pizza was also a huge struggle because not everyone was ordering pizza so they didn't specify if they wanted cheese or pepperoni, making us guesstimate how many boxes to order. I think volunteering at tournaments like these gives me chance to see what the activity's like. I had been meaning to try out for Quiz Bowl last year, but due to too many extracurriculars, I sort of pushed it aside and made note to myself to get back to this club later in high school. I like the idea of having to learn many subjects and not just one. Knowledge of several different topics is more beneficial in my opinion, because this can diversify your opinions and thoughts. Written by Maggie Fang, Torrey Pines

With 3 acts, 64 performances, and over 120 performers, the Adobe Bluffs Talent show is easily one of the biggest elementary school talent shows I have ever been to. When I first arrived, I was put to work right away in the “green room” (library) checking in all the “talent” and telling everyone where to go. (I was also unofficially the photographer and make-up girl). Meanwhile, the other 3 key-clubbers were sent backstage, to get ready to tell the kids when to get on/off the stage, and open and close the extremely heavy curtain after every single act. Then, it was 6:00, and time for the show to begin. Everyone, even I, could feel the nervousness and excitement in the air. All the Act I performers sauntered out of the library “like a choo-choo train” towards the stage. They were all so adorable in their costumes, wearing everything from leotards to full-out Olaf suits. After two more groups of kids walked out (for Acts II and III), everyone had left and I was sent to help out backstage. The best view of a show is always from in the wings, after all. Overall, I would say that the whole show ran smoothly, and there were only a few small incidents. So many of these kids were extremely talented, and you could tell that the whole thing was very well-rehearsed and planned. There were a lot of dance numbers and piano and violin solos. However, a good HALF of the performances (okay, I might be exaggerating a little bit there) were based off Frozen and its songs. But seriously, there were at least 5 performances of singing or dancing to the song “Let It Go” alone. And that Olaf costume I mentioned earlier? Yes, the guy inside it sung and danced to “In Summer”. Overall, this talent show was an extremely fun event. We got to watch the amazing performances, and the time went by so quickly. Actually, despite the fact that I was volunteering, it was so fun that I didn’t even feel like I was really “working”. If our key club has the chance to volunteer at this event again, I recommend that everyone should try to go! Written by Zoe Li, Mt. Carmel

Member Jack Miao assists a child on the bouncy house at the End of the Year Luau.

Region 2 LTGs before the Eliminate pie fundraiser


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