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“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” ~Winston Churchill

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Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 Executive Messages 2 Our LTG’s Word 3 Kiwanis Day of Service 4 Monterey Ridge Cultural Fair 5 Divisional Council Meeting 6 Ronald McDonald Charity House 7


Executive Messages Division News Editor: Hey Guys! The end of the year is coming near and I hope you guys are ready for another year of volunteering! I really hope this year was satisfying for you and the people you helped by being a part of this fantastic organization. If you want to be a part of this newsletter, please feel free to send your ideas in the form of an article to me. ~Abhi Nathan Division Secretary: Hey Red Bulls! It's Michele Matsuoka, your new division secretary! I am currently a freshman at Poway high. I'm so excited to have been appointed this position and to further serve our division. I fell in love with key club slowly then all at once. My first key leader was a critical turning point in which I fell in love with the people. My first Dcon was a different turning point in which I fell in love with the organization. Dcon is what inspired me to apply for this position. I've made so many friends and met so many wonderful people through Key Club. I love going to all the events and helping out my community. Some of my favorite events are Miracle Mile of Quarters, Key Leader, and DCON! There are so much more so get out there and experience the wonders of service, grow as an individual, and make a change in people's lives. My first year has been amazing and I can't wait to see where this new one takes us. Executive Assistant: Hello Red Bulls! We’re almost at the end of the year, and you know what that means… an-­ other year! And summer, of course. Thank you to all of you for such an amazing year volunteering. Whenever there was a Key Club event, it was sure to be fun, yet productive. When you think about it, we really achieved a lot, with our numerous fundraisers and increase in service hours (district tree!). Good job everyone! Now, let’s work together to make next year even better, and achieve more as a division. I look forward to serving all of you in the upcoming year, and don’t hesitate to come to any of the board with questions. If you need anything, or have any ideas, bring them up, and I’ll be glad to discuss it/them with you! -Michael Yang


Lieutenant Governor Hey Red Bulls! I hope you all were safe during the recent wildfires that burned through San Diego. Now that the bulk of standardized testing is over, I hope to see all of you return to the previous levels of service. Many clubs will be holding banquets to recognize your achievements over the past year, but it is also a fantastic time to get started on the following year of service. I’d like to encourage you to attend the upcoming Region 2 Picnic on May 31st from 2pm-7pm (last 30 minutes will be clean up). Not only will you be able to enjoy food and games with Key Clubbers from around the region, you’ll also have the chance to write cards to firefighters and drop off school supplies/backpacks for UCR Circle K’s Operation: Pack It! Furthermore, you’ll be able to pie both me and your officers as part of a fundraising opportunity. A reminder that host district ICON registration has been extended to Friday, May 23rd more Red Bulls at ICON. The price and location are truly once in a lifetime opportunities. As we move towards summer, I’d like to once again re-­ mind you to keep up the service (summer is one of the best seasons for service!). Finally, stay tuned for information about OTC! Your Lieutenant Governor, Michael Zhang



Day of Service James Lee Rancho Bernardo High School Members of the Rancho Bernardo High School Key Club, in conjunction with various other Key Clubs from Torrey Pines, Mount Carmel, Westview, and other schools in division 37 of the greater California-Nevada-Hawaii district, participated in a combined effort to help the community at the Kiwanis Day of Service. The various Kiwanis members created many different items including: knit hats for babies, bookmarks for elementary school students, bracelets and compliment cards for hospital patients, woven placemats for the program “Meals on Wheels� and senior citizens, Easter packages with candy and cards for senior citizens, care packages for mothers and expectant mothers. The seven members that attended the event contributed greatly to the service effort and some even stayed overtime to help with cleaning up and finishing the started projects. This volunteering event was an overall success because of the variety of helpful activities.



Monterey Ridge Elementary Cultural Fair

Anna Gao Del Norte High School Hello, my name is Anna Gao and I am part of Del Norte's Key Club. On Sunday, May 4th, I enjoyed a fun time volunteering from 2:30pm-5:00pm with my friend Laurens (as pictured below) at the annual Monterey Ridge Fair. When we arrived, we headed straight towards the Volunteer Booth located at the front of the entrance. The kind volunteers there handed us two red aprons, and we proceeded to follow them to our designated booth: Spin Art! Things went very smoothly from there. What we had to do was very simple: make sure that the kids wrote their names on their artwork, spin the machine (the button was surprisingly hard to press), and hang their artwork up to dry. There was one important thing we learned immediately: this was a busy booth! For the entire time there, the line never stopped growing. I was very surprised that each student patiently waited for their turn. In return, they each had fun creating their own artwork, as I took pleasure in seeing their artistic pieces come alive. From hues of red to blue, each piece was uniquely difference from one another. When they returned to pick up their artwork, each child smiled or laughed as they held it in their hands. My own face brightened to see their unmaskable excitement to hang it up in their rooms, or even tape it to the front of their folder. As a result from all the fun, the two hours that Laurens and I spent inside the booth passed by quickly. Before we knew it, we were inside the school eating our complimentary pizza and drinks. All in all, this was a volunteer experience I would definitely come back for!



Divisional Council Meeting Katherine Luo Torrey Pines High School This was the first DCM that I have ever been to, so I was not sure what to expect. It was pretty casual and small as only 5 people from our school went. We met up with some of the key clubbers from other schools in our division at Hilltop Community Park and it was cool to see the key clubbers come together. I met our new Lieutenant Officer Mike Zhang and he brought us all donuts! Which was perfect because today was my birthday. We started with an "ice-breaker" of rock paper scissors and the overall winner got a $5 Starbucks gift card. Then each school talked about what their club was up to and their successes. Later, Mike talked about DCON and upcoming events. Then we went over awards and Torrey Pines got Club of the Month! It was fun and I learned a lot about how Key Club is organized on a larger scale. This was a worthwhile experience because it allowed me to get more involved with our division.


Charity House Katherine Luo Torrey Pines High School This weekend, TPHS key club went to volunteer again at the Ronald McDonald Charity House. There was a shortage of baking materials, but it all worked out when we still got the opportunity to bake. While we were there, it just so happened that Division 11 Key Clubbers from Montgomery were baking 300 cookies and a group of women from a nearby church were cooking lunch. After we placed our goods into the oven, we walked around the charity house sanitizing doors and rooms. I was very impressed by the facilities Ronald McDonald offered to families. There were game rooms with Wiis, a classroom, a salon, a worship area, and much more. Everywhere we turned, there would be another stack of books or an item to entertain ourselves with. To top it all off, we ate taco soup and Greek salad for lunch. It was comforting to see that families in need were being given nice amenities and the opportunity to be happy in a new home.


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