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traight to the point plain an simple 3 ways of packing on maximum amount of muscle as fast as possible is going to depend on how much you eat, how much you lift and how much you sleep. Lets start with.. Diet –How much are you eating? How many times a day do you eat? and what exactly are you eating? I ask myself this question often to keep up with my muscle weight. So many missed meals could dramatically affect your performance in the gym, and your overall muscle growth. That is why it is important to stay on top of your meals and protein shakes. And keep your calorie intake at an all time high. Supplementation- We all know food is the most anabolic form of energy but we all cannot eat 12oz of steak 4-5 times a day, just to get the proper requirements of protein our bodies need to build muscle. Adding in shakes as forms of meals is a great way to pack on those extra clean calories. MHP’s Up Your Mass a weight gainer itself, is great for this purpose, with high quality protein, clean carbs, and good fat’s it cover’s all aspect’s of a nutritious meal not to mention it’ desert like style taste. Weight- What’s your routine in the gym? How much weight do you lift? Are you working out hard enough? Many weight lifters don’t get the results they need because they remain at the same weight for a long period of time. You have to push yourself everyday to your limit. I recommend 8-10 reps is max. If you can do 10 or more it is too light. If you cannot reach 8 reps, it is too heavy. Some recommend 10-12 for bodybuilding but it should vary because your body can adjust to anything over a long period of time. Supplementation- incorporating an energy supplement such as dark rage (carb free) can dramatically change the outcome of your workout. Most of us tend to feel great and pumped up entering the

3 Quick Max Steps in packing on Max Muscle! By Adam Paz - MHP Nutrition Specialist gym but when it starts to hitting the weights we feel sluggish drained and unmotivated. Consuming dark rage (carb free) prior to training allows your body to do the exact opposite. With its mind blowing pumps and increased energy it for surely will help you achieve higher weight result and higher rep count. Tend to only take on workout days. Sleep- How much do you rest? If you rest too long you could be missing a meal. If you rest too short you could be burning more calories than you want, thus for not gaining the mass that you need. Resting twice a day has helped out most bodybuilders today. Supplementation- Sleep is the most powerful form of recover but why not make the most powerful form even more powerful with Cyclin GF (Growth Factor) not only will you achieve proper sleep patterns and a deep realm sleep but also an increased production of growth hormone being stimulated naturally from the pituitary gland while in deep sleep. All of which will maximize your gains and feel less sore the next day!

3 Quick Max Steps in Packing on Max Muscle!  

Straight to the point plain an simple 3 ways of packing on maximum amount of muscle as fast as possible is going to depend on how much you e...