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January 2013

Christmas Party 2012

(ISSUE 388) Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. Reg. No. A – 0006149J FWDV Member PO BOX 2456 Mount Waverley VIC. 3149

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INTRODUCTION TO THE SUBARU 4WD CLUB The Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. was originally formed over 30 years ago by an enthusiastic group of Subaru owners. Today the club has expanded to include all Subaru 4WD and AWD vehicles, as well as all other makes of AWD, light 4WD and crossover/soft-roader type vehicles. The club aims to participate in exploration of the Australian countryside without damage to the environment, vehicle or individual. Visitors are most welcome to attend the club’s General Meetings and contact committee members regarding participation in club activities. The club relies on membership fees to offset its running costs, including insurance. Membership fees are payable each year, due on 31 May. Fees for the 2012/13 year were agreed at the general meeting in March 2012 and are as follows: Interstate: $100 (Seniors card - $95) � Single: $110 (Seniors card - $100) Joint/family: $115 - (Seniors card - $100) (All fees includes affiliation and Insurance: $42) A trip fee of $10 per adult non-member applies (for insurance purposes) Please contact the membership officer for further information regarding membership, including pro-rata and monthly rates.


South Camberwell Tennis Club 322 Burke Road Glen Iris (Melways 59 H6)

Last Tuesday of each month at 8:00pm sharp (except December)

COMMITTEE Meetings 1st Tuesday each month: 7:30pm Damian Stock (President) Jessica Walsh (Vice President) Peter Bellis (Secretary) Bob Marshall (Treasurer) Martin Foot (Trip & Social) Michael Hartshorne au (Editor) Andrew Jantke (Membership) Dale Rebgetz (Resources) Stephen Whittaker (Venue) Bev Davison (Ordinary Member) Phil Milkins (Ordinary Member)

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PRESIDENT’S REPORT Welcome to my first report for 2013 and the January club magazine. Christmas has flown by in the Stock household thanks to a very demanding client keeping me very busy when most others were taking the opportunity for some long overdue rest and relaxation. A couple of long weekends since the new year is the best I have been able to achieve, all spent at the farm doing some of the never ending maintenance down there. I am really looking forward to some extended time off as soon as my client loosens the shackles although I cannot see that happening any time soon. Unfortunately my work commitments kept me away from the club’s Christmas trip however, with nine vehicles attending, I am sure that I wasn’t missed. From dispatches, and some interesting video on youTube, it is clear that the trip was quite eventful. As a result, the fines should be flowing thick and fast at the January meeting. I have even heard that credit card facilities may be in order, due to the number and value of fines to be handed out, thanks to one pretty tough day out on the track. It should be quite entertaining so make sure that you come along. If you want to see some of the scenery that the convoy travelled through, have a look at the club’s Facebook page. Speaking of Facebook, there are a couple of interesting photos up thereof the new 2013 Forester and the Subaru BRZ. While the BRZ is the product of a joint development with Toyota the Forester has definitely inherited much of its styling and features from the 2012 XV. It should be interesting to see how this new model is accepted by the motoring fraternity. We are hoping to have one of our coming meetings at a dealership so that we have a closer look at this new model. I am not sure that we will get a chance to have a look at the BRZ as Subaru is selling these faster than they can supply them. Prior to the January meeting we will be having a BBQ in the adjacent park, as an informal start to the year. Come along from around 6.30, armed with a couple of gold coins to support this event. You may even get to see yours truly slaving over a hot BBQ, something that is rarely seen, to help feed the hungry hordes. Don’t forget also to submit your photos to Stephen for the annual photo competition, to be conducted at the January meeting as well. It’s going to be a very full evening so come along early and be ready for some fun. In my November report I mentioned that I had been nominated for the board Page: 4

PRESIDENT’S REPORT of Four Wheel Drive Victoria. As it turned out, the election at the AGM was a non-event and I was elected to the position of vice president, unopposed, as was Carol Reed as president and David Crainean as secretary. We have already had our first board meeting, in mid—December, and it is quite interesting seeing the association from the board’s perspective. I am looking forward to the next twelve months as the new board guides the association in a direction that benefits all of its member clubs, both big and small. If you have any questions about my new role please contact me. Shortly after the AGM, and just prior to our final meeting for 2012, we had our club Christmas party. Despite the best efforts of Stephen to organize the event, in the Brisbane Ranges, the attendance was a little lighter than in recent years. This was due to a combination of factors, but certainly not due to the location. While it very much suited the locals from the western suburbs it was still not a difficult drive from the east and it was great seeing an area of Victoria that I had not visited for quite a few years. I am sure that everyone who attended this year’s party, as well as those who took the opportunity to camp out nearby on the previous night, had a most enjoyable time. While sitting back and enjoying the excellent lunch, and surrounds, it took me back to a club committee meeting held in the area nearly 30 years earlier where we spent the meeting munching on yabbies while conducting the club’s business. The yabbies had been caught in the host’s dam earlier in the day and certainly made the committee meeting quite unique. As has been the case over the last few summers, our state is again being threatened by bushfires, with some of the best frequented parts of the high country being Impacted, Large areas of Gippsland, encompassing towns such as Rawson, Aberfeldy, Seeton and Glenmaggie, have been affected with many homes being destroyed, large livestock losses but thankfully only one known death. I am sure that these communities, which the club has visited many times, will welcome assistance to get their lives back in order. FWDV, through its rural response group, will get involved when the time is right and I hope that our club supports this initiative when invited to do so, just as we do for other initiatives such as the Oxfam Christmas tree delivery. This year a number of members again delivered trees and, despite the extremely hot day, it was not too hard delivering a car and trailer load of trees to welcome recipients in the eastern suburbs. I would like to thank all the members who participated in this worthwhile event.

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PRESIDENT’S REPORT This coming long weekend we have a trip down to Jamie’s new home in South Gippsland. If you haven’t got much else planned how about coming down for the weekend, or even for a night, as it is not very far out of Melbourne. After that, in February, we have the trip to Tasmania, led by Jessica, I am sure that it will be a great trip. My holidays are being held over for another trip to the US and Ireland, later in the year, as well as the Simpson trip, so I will have to miss out on the apple isle this time. A little while back I mentioned that I had updated the suspension on the Forester, with King springs and KYB struts. The club has recently negotiated a great deal on the same combination for club members so please take up this opportunity if you are considering a suspension upgrade in the foreseeable future. We will try to find other deals like this so let Dale know if there is something you are interested in purchasing. Anyway that’s enough from me for this month. Take care of yourself out there, on the road or in the bush, and if I look forward to seeing you soon. Damian

JANUARY GENERAL MEETING Date: Tuesday 29 January at 8pm

*** BBQ FROM 6:30PM!!

The club is having a BBQ before the January meeting to celebrate the start of a new year for us! Bring a chair and enjoy some food and company before the official start of the meeting. We hope you can make it! Sausages $1 | Hamburgers $2 | Soft drinks $1.50 (vegetarian options available too) Venue: South Camberwell Tennis Club Presentation: Looking forward to seeing photos from our members in our annual Photo Competition! Page: 6

VENUE REPORT Presenters and meeting highlights to come in 2013: Telstat (outback communications experts) Smithy’s Outback Gear (Greg Smith’s business – 4WD & outback gear) Flexitank (water bladder systems manufacturers) Club meeting at Subaru Glen Waverley (as close as possible to the launch of the new Forester!) There are door prize giveaways for members at each meeting too. PHOTO COMPETITION Our photo competition is on at this month’s meeting… if you haven’t entered… HURRY! All photos must be entered electronically so please email them to We request all entries to be in a couple of days prior to the January meeting to ensure we can collate the presentation. Categories you can enter: Best portrait photo (photo of a person) Best Subaru action shot Best recovery shot Best group photo Funniest photo Best landscape/nature scene Best close-up nature shot (flowers, animals, etc.) All photographs submitted must have been taken in the last two years (2011 & 2012) at a club event. Any photographs that have won a prize previously are not eligible. There is a limit of one photo per person, per category (however, family membership allows for each member to submit their ‘best photo’ but they must have taken the photo themselves). So, rifle through your collection of club event photos from the last two years and send them to us. Members in attendance at the meeting will be able to vote for the winner in each category – come along, see a display of the club’s events over the last two years and VOTE for the best photos! Stephen Whittaker Venue Coordinator Page: 7

TRIP & SOCIAL REPORT AUSTRALIA DAY WEEKEND TRIP 26 – 28 January 2013 Social/Easy to Difficult, your choice. Contact Jamie Scott, email Standing camp at Jamie Scott’s property in South Gippsland. Day and night drives, visits to State and National Parks. TASSIE TREK Saturday 15th February - Friday 1st March 2013 Medium to Difficult Contact Jessica Walsh, email: It has been some time since the club has been to Tasmania, and there are some off road areas I would like to explore. I plan to do a circumnavigation as best as possible. Some places to see are the Aurthur-Pieman conservation area, Port Aurthur and Wineglass Bay with as much in between as possible. Vehicle preparation is important as some of the areas will be very isolated, and we may encounter the extremes of mother nature. Due to catching the ferry and needing national parks passes this can't be regarded as a budget trip. One way vehicle ferry charge is $89 plus $128 for an overnight 'recliner' per person. Booking the ferry will need to be done as early as possible so an early commitment is appreciated. See you on the Apple Isle! BUCHAN TRIP (PROPOSED) Sat 9 – Mon 11 March (Labour Day weekend) Maintenance at the Buchan campsite, plus day trips Trip leader NEEDED for the trip to go ahead, could also happen at Easter. Contact Martin Foot, email: EASTER TRIP (PROPOSED) Fri 29 March – Mon 1 April Watch this space CRANBOURNE BOTANIC GARDENS TRIP Sunday 21 April Visit the newly opened second stage at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne. BBQ lunch at the Woodland Picnic area, then enjoy the bushwalks, bicycle track and the formal gardens. Free entry. Trip Leader: Martin Foot, email: Page: 8

TRIP & SOCIAL REPORT SIMPSON DESERT TRIP 2013 This trip has been on hold since 2011 due to inland road conditions, but hopefully will take place in 2013. Likely timing: July/August Vehicles will need to be suitably prepared and subject to prior inspection and approval Contact: Damian Stock, email: HIGH COUNTRY AROUND POREPUNKAH Sat 2 – Tues 5 November Trip Leader: Steven Whittaker, email:

OTHER TRIPS Film Night – Drive-In? Kurth Kiln (take 2) Narbethong Cathedral Ranges A Picnic at Hanging Rock Wombat State Forest Woods Point Goldfields Melbourne Laneways We need leaders to run these trips, please contact me. Martin Foot Trip and Social Coordinator Email:

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The Suburu 4WD Book Club Cars cross on Buckwong's stony bed in a gentle, careful arc with promise of a refreshing dip before the night is dark. When all have crossed and chatter ceases we wend upon our way the cavalcade of Subbies out for a challenging day. We travel over rutted roads and stony ones and shale, and up again and down again all through a dusty veil. The sun shines bright, wild flowers bloom amongst tall and leafy trees a bunch of us out in the bush – all city escapees. The track is narrow, not often straight with all it's twists and turns, we pass by little pockets of soft green leafy ferns. Page: 10

The road it rises up ahead, we keep on driving 'til a flattened tire, a broken shaft, the convoy's standing still. Mechanics rush to do their best to change the shaft and tire. The rest of us decide to rest or stand round and admire. Chairs come out and books retrieved in warm and shady air, we sit in comfort in the bush and read without a care. The word goes round that all is well, so lunch is all made ready and afterwards, it's up the hill, but keep it slow and steady. First car takes off, the engine roars and part-way up it stops it's stuck, the engine noise has ceased and we're nowhere near the shops. The Official Subaru Recovery Van is there with snatch strap strong to pull the stranded vehicle to a flat spot further on. Again the fixers trundle out and scratch their heads and mumble, “You can't go forward and you can't go back 'cause you know your 'box's crumbled.” Meanwhile across the dusty track the book club has resumed, we continue with our reading each time we get marooned. The plots are getting thicker, books are getting read as we sit among the mountains, far from that cool creek bed. As the sun is slowly setting and the kids are getting tired, the mechanics have a plan that's really quite inspired. The car will move quite slowly as down the hills it rolls using only braking, avoiding ruts and maybe some deep holes. Back along the dusty track, dragged uphill and on the flat and yet another tire is changed, hopefully that is all of that. As it is dark, we cannot read. The book club is disbanded – until next time we're on a trip and again we all get stranded. © Jan Rebgetz 2013 Page: 11

JESSICA’S JOTTINGS I found myself caught out the other week. I chose to do the standing camp section of the club's Christmas/New Year trip. While I was there I thought I would continue for an extra day to the next campsite. As this was a last minute decision, I did not have the spares that I would usually take with me. So I ended up having to borrow a spare tyre when I had a (rather dramatic) puncture, My Outback only has an emergency spare which was not suitable for the terrain we were crossing. The moral of the story - either plan for the unexpected, or don't change plans at the last minute. Happy Travels Jessica Walsh


A reminder that we are no longer sending out hard copies of the magazine before the general meetings to the majority of members. The exceptions are those who have not registered an email address with the club. Everyone else will receive an electronic link to the magazine on-line and can collect their magazines at the meeting or print them using the files provided in the email. The magazine deadline for next edition is February14th 2013. Send all copy to Michael

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TRIP REPORTS Grampians Trip Melbourne Cup Long week end Report written by Jean Bellis With Peter having taking the Friday off and I only working till 10am we were planning to leaving home by 12 and meet up with Bev and Michael at Rockbank. Things did not go exactly to plan and we finally got away at about 12.45pm. Bev and Michael had lunch at Rockbank and headed off together. As we were getting close to Ararat we could hear them talking on the radio as they left Ararat so we made contact and arrange to meet up with them in Halls Gap. Rick and Jackie heard us talking and also called in. They were planning to have a break in Ararat so we fueled up and kept going. As we got closer to Halls Gap we made contact with Bev and Michael, and Rick let us know that they were not too far behind so we decided to wait and all go onto the campground together. After a stop to refuel for those who hadn’t at Ararat and stock up on a few other supplies we were ready to head off when Rick announced that he had lost Jackie. She had headed off to find the newsagency to buy a magazine. Rick declared that he couldn’t leave her behind or he and Josh would starve without the cook. We headed up Mt Victory Road taking in some of the damage done by the floods and marveling at the rock formation known as the “Elephants Hide”. Then it was a left turn onto Rose Creek Rd and then left again on Philip’s Track and into the campsite at about 5.00pm. There were quite a few campers already set up, including a group with a large fire going just across the fence from the area that Peter was wanting which was still free. We quickly worked out how we would fit everyone in and placed cars to keep places for those still to come. We set up camp and collected wood for a fire later in the evening and had tea. Bev set off the alarm in her van as she had forgotten to open up the window/vent. Lisa and Andrew, Jamie, Steve and Janelle all arrived during the evening. With the fire going we all sat around and talked and waited to see who else may have arrived. The group next door had grown as more of their group had arrived and now they had fairly loud music as well as loud voices. The campsite was certainly filling up and we were glad that we had gotten there early. We decided to head to bed having decided that the others would not arrive till the next day. The music from the group next door was still very loud and was making it very hard for any of us to get much sleep. At about 2.00 am Peter got up and went over to them to ask if they were aware of what time it was and could the music be turned off as others were trying to sleep. They Page: 13

TRIP REPORTS apologized and soon after all was quiet and we were able to get some sleep. Katie and Peter arrived early Saturday morning as we were all getting up and having breakfast. They had camped on the side of the road just out of Beauford. They too had had a sleepless night due to all the trucks going past. There were a few kangaroos around the campsite and lots of birds including kookaburras and a parrot which sat in the tree above the picnic table and dropped pieces of leave, twig and nut onto us. We left camp at about 9.30 and headed along Philips Track, right onto Rose Creek Road and then right onto Taylors Track(Burrong Short cut 4WD track). There was nothing challenging about the track but it was a pretty drive and cut some distance off that kept us off the bitumen. We turned right onto the Mt Victory road and stopped at Reed’s Lookout with wonderful views over the central valley of the Grampians. From here we continued along the Mt Victory Rd and then left onto the Mt Difficult Rd and to Boroka Lookout. This look out is east of Halls Gap and gives wonderful view up the valley to Rockland Reservoir and out of the plains. Here Lisa and Andrew decided that they need to go into Halls Gap to buy vegetables, mainly broccoli for dinner that night. A few others took the opportunity to put in some orders as well. We then backtracked a short distance to Old Mill Track (4WD) which turned out to be a very good dry weather gravel road. Checked out a nice little camp site but it was all fenced off into small individual sites so not really suitable for a group trip. As we drove into Lake Wartook we witnessed a couple on the dam wall with the man down on his knee proposing. We witness the ring go on then the kiss. This was the signal for Janelle to let them know that they had an audience with some blasts on the car horn. We congratulated them, admired the ring and offered to take some photos for them before they made a hasty retreat. Some of us walked across the dam wall and took in the view and checked out the pumps. From here we headed up the Chinaman’s track. How many of the group took the track around the gate only to find that the gate was open?? This track offered us some good 4WDing and wonderful views before we popped out in to the bitumen on the Roses Gap Road. A quick trip into Roses Gap to meet up with Andrew and Lisa after their shopping trip and then we turned left onto the Mt Zero –Halls Gap Rd then left onto Copper Mine track with a stop at Galton Gorge for lunch. I suggested a walk down to the Gorge as the last time I had been there was a lot water. After a short but steep walk down Page: 14

TRIP REPORTS there was hardly any water but we still climbed over the rocks and explored. Rick picked a flower off a bush and asked what sort of flower that was. Noone knew but we told him that he was not meant to pick flowers in National Parks. This lead to a discussion about flowers and people giving others flowers. Katie mentioned that Peter hardly ever gives her flowers. So back at the cars Peter presented her with a small bunch of wild flowers. The rest of the afternoon was on good gravel roads with lots of wonderful views of the mountains, rocks, etc. We covered Pohlner Rd, Smiths Rd, Flagstaff Track, Northern Grampians Road, Asses Ears Road, Lodge Rd and Glenelg River Road and back to camp. During the day we saw lots of wildlife including kangaroos, wallabies, emus and along Glenelg River road a couple of snakes. Back at camp we relaxed and had a visit from The Wimmera 4WD Club, who were Camp Hosts for the weekend. They gave out show bags from Parks and 4WD Vic and a questionnaire to be filled out. They asked our plans and what tracks we were planning to use. They gave us their best 3 tracks , Chinamen’s ( which we had done that day) Launders ( which was on the literary for Monday) and the fire tracks that run Parallel with Mt Zero – Halls Gap Road. In the bags was a copy of Trackwatch and, as Steve was flipping through his copy, he discovered that it was the copy that had the article on the Subaru Club in it. Dave, Antoinette, Justin and Anthony arrived late Saturday Afternoon. After Showers we cooked tea and sat around the campfire talking before heading to bed. Sunday Peter decided to swap around Monday and Sunday’s planned activates. Monday had been planned as more a sightseeing/tourist day but as Steve and Janelle needed to head off early Sunday afternoon, the days were swapped . First Stop of the Day was Mount William the tallest point in the Grampians. The views on the way up to the car park were amazing and the we were staggered by the large scars down the mountainsides caused during the floods. From the Car park it was a 2 km walk to the summit. Michael chose to stay in the car park. I walked about 400 mts and decided that it was too steep for my ankle and headed back down to the car park. Michael and I got out our chairs and sat in the shade. During our talking, Michael commented that he had no idea where North was. I looked at the position of the sun and predicted where I thought it was. Michael got out his Page: 15

TRIP REPORTS phone to see if it had a compass application on it. It didn’t so he downloaded one . I was nearly spot on. Katie joined us in the car park having found the walk too hard on her back. Slowly after about 2 hours the others came back to the camp. They had enjoyed wonderful views, some had seen an echidna and others had seen a pair of Gang Gang cockatoos. By this stage it was nearly 1pm. Andrew lead most of the group down off the Mount to Lake Bellfield to find toilets and fine a lunch spot while we waited for the Wilson family. We too headed to the lake and the toilets but couldn’t find the others. They had taken the first road into the lake and we had taken the 2nd. A phone call located the others so we went back and joined them. Steve and Janelle said their farewells at this point as they needed to be back in Melbourne for work the next day. After Lunch we headed to Silverband Fall. Here evidence of the floods was devastating. The valley along the creek to the falls was stripped of vegetation, large trees and logs were piled up and we could see what was left of the previous bridge washed down stream. Water and rocks makes a great play area and Josh, Justin and Anthony had great fun. From here it was into Halls Gap for ice creams and fuel and a few other shopping items. Those that went to the ice-cream shops had to stand in queues out the doors. While the Kosters elected to head back to the campsite the rest of us decided to visit Heatherlie Quarry via the firetracks the Wimmera club had told us about. These tracks proved to be great fun with rocks, soft sand, and a few creek crossings. The Quarry was fascinating as this is were the stone for many of Melbourne building such as Parliament and the State Library came from. There are lots of relics and some houses still there. We then took the quick route back to halls Gap via the Mt Zero halls Gap road. In Halls Gap the local policeman was pulling over all the cars for breath testing. Back at camp the Jantke shower was put to good use again. After tea we all settled in around the campfire again and watched lightning in the sky. Monday morning we had a slightly more leisurely morning. Today was also Dave’s Birthday. Bev had travelled with Michael on Saturday and with Jamie on Sunday so Monday Jamie drove Bev in her car. We headed out to via Philips Tk onto Roses Creek Rd and then left onto Wallaby Rocks Track. Along this track we stopped and went out on the rocks for some magnificent views and the more adventurous in the group climbed out and up on the Page: 16

TRIP REPORTS rocks. As the rain looked like it was coming in we moved on quickly and onto Lauders Track. This proved to be a lot of fun and provided a few challenges as we made our way down. From here we took Hines Track and Syphon Road onto Goat Track. This track didn’t really live up to its name as in some places it was wide enough to be a 2 lane road but It did have a few twists and turns and offered some magnificent views as we climbed higher. At the end of Goat Track we stopped at Bilmina campsite for lunch. About half the group then walked in to the falls. More rocks for the boys (big and small) to climb over. Then we took the steeper climb up to the Bilimina Shelter to check out the rock art. While the art was interesting we were more fascinated with the rock shelter itself which was a huge overhang of rock. The views across the valley as we walked down were very spectacular. From here were travelled a very corrugated road to reach the Henty Highway and go across to check out Rockland Reservoir. During the drought years this reservoir was empty so it was good to see that it was about half full. The boat ramp was still a long long way from the water. Back over the corrugated road onto Hynes Road and Harrops Track with a few little creek crossings. At this point Bev, Jamie and Michael left the group to head into Halls Gap to pick up the birthday cake they had ordered the day before . We checked out the map and noticed that the track to our left would met up with the track we were on again further down so we decided to go check it out. Along this track we came across a large area of grass trees that were out in flower and were the most amazing sizes and twisted in some interesting ways. We spent a lot of time stopping to take photos. Michael radioed in to say that it looked like we were going to be in for a storm later that evening. We headed back to camp along the Glenelg River Road and into camp. When those who had been into Halls Gap arrived back we surprised Dave and Josh with a decorated birthday cake ordered the day before. After tea we all sat around the camp fire until the rain set in and people either headed to bed early or adjourned into Jackie and Rick’s Camper trailer annex. Tuesday morning people backed up and left a various times. Jamie left first planning to stop at Pommel at the native nurseries to see if he could buy some prickly grevellias as we had seen them flowering everywhere and Jamie really liked them. Page: 17

TRIP REPORTS The rest of us packed up and left at our own pace. Dave, Antoinette and the boys decided to take their time and were planning to go to the lookouts that we did on the Saturday on their way out. Bev, Andrew and Lisa, and Peter and I left together. We had to stop on Glenelg River Road for Bev to close the door of her van which she hadn’t closed properly. Going down the Mt Victory Road Peter’s car was pouring out a great deal of blue smoke . We stopped in Ararat to buy lunch which we took out to lake to eat. From here it was a good trip back home. We had had a great 4 days. For the most part the weather was great. The scenery was breathtaking. We had seen many wildflowers and a great deal of wildlife including kangaroos, wallabies, emus, deer, echidnas , snakes, and lots of birds. We had taken lots of photos and enjoyed great company with the other members of the club. Michael Hartshorne Jamie Scott Peter and Katie Mynard Stephen Whitaker & Janelle Ouoshoon Rick, Jackie and Josh Koster Andrew and Lisa Jantke Bev Davison Dave, Antionette, Anthony &Justin Wilson Peter and Jean Bellis

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Forester Suboo (Brumby) L Series Forester L-Series Rodeo Forester Outback Forester

TRIP REPORTS CHRISTMAS PARTY Saturday 25th November (optional tour and camp) Sunday 26th November (Christmas Party) By Stephen Whittaker This year’s Christmas Party took a slightly different shape to other years. While there was still a great deal of celebration and a fantastic day held by all on the Sunday, there was an added feature for those with a little more time up their sleeve. The added feature was an optional drive and overnight camp in the Brisbane Ranges National Park the night before the Christmas Party. The Brisbane Ranges are located essentially halfway between Geelong and Ballarat. Jessica, Michael H and Stephen met in Bacchus Marsh for lunch on the Saturday. The weather was perfect, in fact, quite warm. Once fed and energised, we headed for the park, entering from the north via Reids Road. The driving was easy, just undulating 2WD roads which crept up, over, down and around valleys and mountain ranges through the picturesque park. Very little fauna to report, unfortunately – just the one wallaby and a loud birds nest above the campsite. We stopped at many picnic and camping spots throughout the park and finished the loop at the Boar Gully Campsite. The three of us enjoyed some lively conversation and relaxed as the sun went down. A little light rain made for an early night. In the morning, after Michael and I waited for Jessica to enjoy her sleep-in, we packed up camp and headed, via Anakie, to Steiglitz Historic Area and the Bert Boardman Recreation Area where we awaited the arrival of everyone to the ‘official’ Christmas Party. We picked the best spot, assessed where the sun would go to ensure we had ample shade all day and settled in. Damian was first to arrive with BBQ in tow. After a quick setup of the BBQ, everyone else arrived promptly and the food was a cooking. Martin taught the boys (and everyone for that matter!) the game of Kubb. It was a lot of fun and it became quite competitive at various stages. It will, no doubt, get a good run at more upcoming trips.

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2012 Sat 26 to Mon 28 Australia Day weekend JANUARY



Tues 29

General Meeting

Tues 5

Committee Meeting

Sat 16 - Fri 1/3

Tassie Trek

Tues 26

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Committee Meeting

Sat 9 – Mon 11

Labour Day weekend

Tues 26

General Meeting

Fri 29 – Mon 1 April

Proposed Easter Trip

Tues 2

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Sun 21

Social Day

Tues 30

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All wheel drive and high range 4WD. Can be Suitable for medium clearance vehicles with d

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South Gippsland


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TBA TBA Cranbourne Botanic Gardens CSTC

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Martin Foot Stephen Whittaker

low clearance with single range and road tyres. dual range and all terrain or road tyres.

th dual range and all terrain tyres. ge and tyres suitable for the terrain (eg. mud terrain tyres).


TRIP REPORTS The spread of food brought by everyone was incredible. The laughter and entertainment never died. Until… Damian had an announcement to make. He had just been over to his car and noticed a note had been left on his windscreen. “What did it say?”, we all wondered. The boys gathered around and listened intently as a letter from Santa was read out. He had paid a quick visit but couldn’t stay and had left some pressies hidden in a sack somewhere nearby. The boys were on a mission to find them! Less than 90 seconds later, the sack was back to the group and the boys were ripping paper apart as quick as they could. Needless to say, there were smiles all round. Thank you to everyone who helped make it a fantastic day with great food and perfect company. In particular, thanks to Damian and Angela for bringing the BBQ and the meat and Bev for bringing the drinks. We look forward to many more for the club. Stephen Whittaker Jessica Walsh Michael Hartshorne Damian & Angela Stock & grandson Brendon Martin Foot & Dot Greiveson Bev Davison Bob & Ruth Marshall Cynthia & Michael Rennolds & grandson Lachlan David, Antoinette, Anthony & Justin Wilson Dale & Jan Rebgetz Stephen Whittaker Trip Leader Page: 22

Forester Outback Forester Forester Forester Forester (with Bev) Forester Outback Forester

TRIP REPORTS HIGH COUNTRY TRIP: DAVE'S CHRISTMAS ADVENTURE 27 — 31 December 2012 by Dorothy Greiveson It had it all — driving, camping, views and drama. There were heroes and villains. The villain? Dave's Subaru Outback. The heroes: Jamie and his Land Cruiser and Rick’s patience and good humour. Now our adventure begins … The destination for this year's trip was the high country. North of Omeo, Hells Hole, Davies Plain, Mt Pinnibar and finally Tom Groggin. The company started to assemble at Bentley's Plain campsite on the 26, with a number of us arriving at 27th. For the early birds the 27th was spent exploring the area. Bentley's Plain campsite was bordered by a corral fence with a large kitchen shelter in the centre. While Jessica played guard dog, loudly enquiring how many members would be arriving every time anyone else drove in to the campsite, we ended up with the whole site to ourselves. We had all assembled by evening, checked in with our intrepid leader. We heard stories of Stephen's folly which became evident during the day's drive. That clanking noise he could hear was his wheels; had been caused by loose wheel nuts, on not one, but all tyres. One was so loose, it had actually gone. Stephen, so meticulous: how could this have happened? The next morning saw light rain and the area was covered in mistabs olutel y beautiful. We started with a short drive to Moscow Villa a lovely hut built in the 1940s by Bill Au Do, a fire spotter who wanted a comfortable place to return to. The unusual name Page: 23

TRIP REPORTS relates to the battle for Moscow, which was being fought when the hut was built. Then we turned our attention to the driving for the day. In the mist, Dave spotted some brumbies and Stephen heard them. No sightings for the rest of us. Our first big challenge came when we attempted Hells hole. It was already evident that the tracks were not good, so when the tail-end Charlie crew heard a rather intense call from Dave calling for assistance, we hung back waiting to hear more. Meanwhile, drama was unfolding at the top of the hill. Dave was wedged against a tree after losing grip on the shale-strewn track. The rescue mission then saw Dave slipping side ways out of control for about 20 metres. As Dave remarked later, "Not good". The ascent to Hells Hole was abandoned, with mutterings about the deterioration of the tracks. However, this was not to be end of the drama for the day. The return journey required the negotiation of a nasty steep river crossing exit at the Tambo River. In the centre was a very large piece of horizontal rock with nasty wash outs around it. Ouch. Now Jessica became the focus. Her Outback is a standard non-lifted car. It was going to be challenged. Rick and Dave gave instructions. Jessica insisted that speed was her friend. Picture, the car crossing the water, gunning up the exist, hitting the rock and then a loud bang and hissing sounds. Oh dear! A burst tyre. Rick shook his head. He is the great exponent of slow and steady ... .But there's more. Jessica had not originally intended to do this part of the trip and she only had her narrow spare. It was not good enough for this driving. Dale worked out that his space could do as a substitute and Jessica was towed then the tyre changed. The remainder of the day was uneventful. However, a new tradition was initiated by Jean, leaving a lolly on the gate post for the last car through. Rick was certainly not adverse to this notion. We went via Omeo and Benambra and eventually arrived at a lovely campsite, Buckwong Hut - on a large secluded grassy area with a trickIng steam and plenty of evidence of the elusive brumbies. There were also lots of places for the kids to climb and play. The morning bird song was deafening and woke us for the next journeyDavies Plain. Jessica left for her slow journey home on her dodgy spare after being escorted out by Dale and Martin. After a very leisurely morning, we started the trip. It was both beautiful and fire ravaged, the extent of the 2007 fires evident everywhere. Buckwong Creek campsite, about 4 km from Tom Groggin was our next Page: 24

TRIP REPORTS campsite. A number of us took a dip in the creek and washed off the dust of the last few days. Others dipped their toes. Tom and his family left us at that point in order to join his brother further on. Another beautiful night by the campfire, preparing for out next challenge- Mt Pinnibar. The day started with a briefing. "It is going to be a long day," said Dave and so it was to be. It became apparent early in the day that the Pinnibar Track was in poor condition. The slopes were shaley and rough. Early on, Jamie's vehicle, aka The Subaru Recovery Vehicle, was in action towing cars up some gnarly slopes. Even Dave was struggling. Martin lost a tyre, punctured in the side wall. (So much for that brand new tyre) But worse was to come. Dave was struggling up a nasty patch when his drive shaft broke. Lucky he had a spare! While he and Rick set about fixing it, it was time for a lunch break, beside the track. A succession of vehicles passed us, telling us there were more shaley, very steep sections ahead. Drive shaft fixed, we moved on. Dave loved the next steep slope. Then, half way up the second slope, a dreaded call over the two way, " I have no gear box". This was a blow. What now? No spare this time. Anthony later commented that his dad needed a spare car! In the meantime Stephen had also wrecked a tyre. The tally was mounting. However, as Dave said, "Pinnibar or bust", so a number of us took on the final climbs to reach the top. And we did. It was steep, rocky & shaley, but

Page: 25

TRIP REPORTS Dale, Stephen, Martin & Peters' vehicles made the ascent and conquered the challenge of Pinnibar. The views were spectacular and it was worth the effort. On our descent, we were met by hard working people who were making Dave's car ready for challenge. At 7 pm the decision was made to split the group. Three cars, including the children ensconced in Stephen's car, started to make their way down the rocky slopes home. It was a treacherous trip in the daylight with functioning vehicles. Soon after, the descent of the Dave vehicle commenced. With a stick wedged on the clutch, Dave came down these slopes on his brakes. Occasionally, the word would come across the two way that they were stopping to cool brakes. The car was then hooked up to the recovery vehicle and towed up the slopes. Rick and Dale followed behind as tail end Charlie's Back at camp, as the children were fed and put to bed, snippets of the descent were heard. We were very impressed at how accommodating and patient the kids were. All were relieved when at 10pm, we saw the car lights of the vehicles as they crossed the creek, having left the disabled car at the Murray Crossing.

Page: 26

TRIP REPORTS Around the roaring fire, folks relaxed and the trip was recounted. All were in amazingly good spirits considering what they had just achieved. The major disappointment seemed to be that was too late to have a much anticipated swim in the river. We felt Jamie had earned many credit points towards future fines, however, he lost a couple because he had wrecked a tyre when taking a descent a little carelessly. Rick, quiet and steady seemed take all in his stride and Dave, ever optimistic, was coping well. At this point I did suggest that Dave's Subaru was really a Peugeot in disguise. ( This cheeky remark was prompted by my memories of living with old Peugeots. I often felt we needed a spare car!) This supercilious remark earned me the task of writing this report. Good flick pass, Dave. Still, the adventure continued. Dave needed to get the car to Corryong, along the narrow, windy and hilly Alpine Way It also included the extra challenge of of other cars. Once again we took off. This time we crossed the mighty Murray, a manageable stream at this point, and headed off. At times, Dave was pulling Jamie down the slopes. Some exhausted travelers arrived in Corryong, only to be almost trumped by a man in an electric wheelchair, blocking their way. A most interesting last negotiation. After a wait in long Corryong to establish the future of the car, we all went our separate ways for New Year. It was a hard trip, but all declared it a very enjoyable trip: beautiful countryside, challenging driving, good company, wonderful campsites and all safely home. Thank you Dave for organizing another memorable Christmas adventure. Attendance: David, Anthony and Justin Wilson Tom and Isaiah Boltadzija Jessica Walsh Stephen Whittaker Peter and Jean Bellis Ric and Josh Koster Jamie Scott Martin Foot and Dot Greiveson Jan and Dale Rebgetz

Outback Forester 2.5X Outback Diesel Forester 2.5X Forester 2.0 L-series turbo Toyota LandCruiser Forester 2.5X Forester XT

Page: 27

CLUB MEETING MINUTES The general meeting of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc was held on Tuesday, 27th November 2012 at the South Camberwell Tennis Club starting at 8:10pm. 1. Present Andrew Jantke, Lisa Jantke, Jamie Scott, Les Scott, Paul Saleeba, Michael Hartshorne, Glenys Howell, Brian Howell, Bev Davison, Jessica Walsh, Stephen Whittaker, Dale Rebgetz, Ruth Marshall, Bob Marshall, Katie Mynard, Peter Mynard, Jean Bellis, Peter Bellis, Rick Koster, David Wilson, Martin Foot, Phil Milkins, Elaine Milkins, Damian Stock. 2. Apologies None 3. Visitors Mark Noble – Aussie Drink Mate 4. Welcome A welcome was extended to all members and visitors. 5. Minutes of the Previous General Meeting The minutes of the October 2012 General Meeting were accepted without amendment after being moved by Bob Marshall and seconded by Phil Milkins. There was no business arising from the minutes. 6. Correspondence 6.1 In 4WD Victoria Notice of meeting regarding new Incorporated Associations Act. Track classification work in the Walhalla area. AGM report. Page: 28

CLUB MEETING MINUTES Victorian State Library – missing issues of magazines. KTA 4WD Accessories – WAECO fridges on special. Membership renewal 6.2 Out None 7. Reports 7.1 Resources ARB Kilsyth – have an open day this Saturday. Includes product demonstrations. 7.2 Editor As per the magazine 7.3 Trip and Social Details elsewhere in the magazine. Christmas trip Meet at Bentleigh Plain on the 26th and head off on the 28th. Simpson Desert May be delayed until July. 7.4 Venue Details elsewhere in the magazine. For 2013, have a number of tentative guest speakers, especially leading up to the Simpson Desert trip. 7.5 Membership. 1 single membership renewal. 7.6 Treasurer Current bank account balance is $3,112.90. Interest on investment account was $139 for 6 months. 7.7 Secretary Nothing to report. 7.8 Vice-President Will have a practical driving day in December. 7.9 President Jessica and Damian attended 4WD Victoria’s AGM. Page: 29

CLUB MEETING MINUTES Carol Reid, from the Pajero 4WD Club, is now President of 4WD Victoria, with Damian being Vice-President. Rudi Paoletti is seeking assistance with track interpretive signage in the high country. 8. General Business Bunnings – only able to go to Notting Hill as it is the area that covers the club’s registered address. Damian’s son, Matthew, who is a mechanic, has bought Andrew’s Impressa (also known as the “Feral”). 9. Fines and Fun 9.1 Nametags Jamie Scott, Bev Davison, Martin Foot. 9.2 Last to Meeting Martin Foot. 9.3 Trips 9.3.1 Grampians Rick – could not leave Jackie in Halls Gap as he would stave without the cook. Bev – for not putting water in the A-van tank. Bev – for setting off the van’s smoke detector alarm because she had not opened the high vent when cooking. Andrew and Lisa – for needing to go into Halls Gap to get some veggies (including the broccoli). Janelle – for beeping the car horn at the couple on the Lake Wartook retaining wall just as the bloke had proposed to the lady. Peter M – for taking the track around the gate on Chinaman’s track, only to discover that the gate was open. Jean – for suggesting a walk down to Galton Page: 30

CLUB MEETING MINUTES Gorge only to find there was hardly any water. Rick – for picking wild flowers a National Park. Peter M – for picking wild flowers in a National Park (even though he gave the bunch to Katie). Michael – for downloading a compass application to his phone to find out where north was (even though Jean had accurately estimated using her watch and the sun). Jean – for giving wrong directions to the lunch spot at Lake Bellfield. Jean – for telling Rick to turn onto the Glenelg River Road, when the road actual was Sandy Creek Road. Rick – for still getting lost after getting directions from a policeman and a park ranger. Bev – for not closing the van door when we left and so, having the door blow open along the track. Peter B – for his Forester generating too much blue smoke. Jean – for confusing left and right when giving directions. Michael – for forgetting a tent peg (which he got back at the meeting). 9.3.2 Club Christmas Party Stephen – changing from his jeans into his shorts in the carpark in full view of Jessica. Jessica – for mis-guiding the trip down a MVO track. Stephen – forgetting the onions till after the meat had been cooked. Damian – for calling the toilet a “bathroom”. Jessica – for almost putting out another campfire that was thought to be abandoned. Stephen – for having sandals on and being bitten by an ant. Page: 31

CLUB MEETING MINUTES Stephen – for cleaning his dirty feets with some “wipes”. Jessica – for subsequently buying a packet of “wipes” for similar situations. Bev – for buying a $6 chair from an opportunity shop and was broken. 9.4 Total fines collected - $15.17. 10. Mark Noble, from Aussie Drink Mate gave a presentation/ demonstration on some of the company’s products. The Drink Mate currently retails for $35. Special offer for 4WD clubs is $30 with a $1 rebate to the club. 11. The lucky door prize was won by Michael Hartshorne. 12. Meeting closed at 10:02pm and was followed by supper. 13. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 29th January 2013 commencing at 8pm.

FOR SALE The club makes this space available free of charge to members wishing to buy or sell items. Please note that the Motor Car Trader Regulations 1998-22(4) require that vehicles for sale advertisements must contain: (a) the cash price of the vehicle and; (b) the registration number if registered or the engine/chassis numbers if unregistered. Contact the club editor to advertise in this space.

Mountain Bike plus Tow Bar type 3 bike carrier, safety helmet. The lot $120 o.n.o. Contact Bob Marshall, email: Forester Aluminium Bash Plates: made from 6.0mm construction grade aluminium: $300 for club members, $330 for non-members. Fitting can be arranged. Contact: David Wilson, email: Page: 32

RESOURCES We have plenty of resources to sell. We may have many, some or none of the following items so if you are interested in any of these then please come along to the club meeting and I will be very happy to sell them to you. Correct change will be much appreciated. $ Hat Oiled Skin size 55


Hat Safari


size 59

Black caps with club logo


Short sleeve blue chambray shirt with logo Size 14


New Style Red Polo Shirts (M, L, XL, 2XL)


New Style Vest


Blue Polo Shirt


Large Sew on Badges


Small Sew on Badges


Shackles 3.2 tonne


Fuel Filter Plastic x 45deg.


Fuel Filter Plastic x 90deg.


Fuel Filter Plastic x Straight


eFlare HZ510 Red with Base


CV Boot Clamps Large & Small


CV Joint Grease


Wheel Nuts [Set of 4]


Thanks, Dale Rebgetz Resources Officer

Page: 33

COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES Minutes of the meeting of the committee of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc held on Tuesday 4th December 2012 at the home of Stephen Whittaker starting at 7:30pm. 1. Present Stephen Whittaker, Phil Milkins, Dale Rebgetz, Damian Stock, Peter Bellis, Bev Davison, Bob Marshall, Andrew Jantke. 2. Apologies Jessica Walsh, Michael Hartshorne, Martin Foot. 3. Quorum A quorum was achieved with 8 committee members present. 4. Minutes of the Previous Meeting 4.1. Minutes of the November 2012 committee meeting were accepted without amendment. 4.2. Business Arising from the Minutes and Outstanding Actions 4.2.1. Club Constitution Changes – yet to be lodged with Consumer Affairs Victoria. 4.2.2. Pre-2003 Club Website – Martin will continue to follow up with Mark Tyseen. 4.2.3. Club brochure – needs to be updated. 5. Correspondence 5.1. In ● FWD Victoria – special meeting invitation regarding the changes to the Incorporated Associations Act. ● Brian Moran – Oxfam Christmas tree delivery – letter of appreciation for support. 5.2. Out None. 6. Reports 6.1. Resources ● Special deal from Burson Nunawading regarding suspension stuff (springs and struts) – 20% off. ● Deal to be advertised to club members via email. ● Damian to follow-up with Burson at Nunawading regarding general discount for club members. Page: 34

COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES ● A number of old books and labels in the resources box will be disposed off. ● Small club cloth logos will be available for sale.

6.2. Trip and Social Date



Sat 8 & Sun 9 Dec

Oxfam Christmas tree delivery

Sat – eastern and southern suburbs, collecting trees from Blackburn. Sun – northern and western suburbs, collecting rom Carlton North.

Thu 27 Dec to Tue 1 High country out from Jan 2013 Omeo

Trip standard is medium to hard. Meet at Bentleigh Plains. David is the trip leader.

Sat 26 to Mon 28 Jan South Gippsland area

Trip standard is medium to hard. Will be tackling various national and state parks in the area Standing camp based at Jamie’s place in South Gippsland

Sat 16 Feb to 1 Feb


Need to book early for the ferry. Have 4 to 5 vehicles so far. Jessica is the trip leader.


High country around Porepunkah

Trip standard is medium to hard. Stephen is the trip leader.

April / May

Cranborne Botanical Gardens

Trip standard is social. Martin is the trip leader.

Sat 13 July to Sun 4 Aug

Simpson Desert crossing

Currently have 5 to 6 vehicles. Vehicle needs to meet trip requirements.

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Tue 29 Jan 2013

Ramblings from the summer trips, and photographic competition.

Starting with a barbecue.

Tue 26 Feb

Flexi-Tank water bladders

Still awaiting confirmation.

Tue 26 Mar

Subaru Glen Waverley (?)

Tue 23 Apr Tue 28 May ● At last week’s meeting, Mark Noble sold over 10 “Aussie Drink Mates” to club members. ● Future meeting suggestions – Hema maps, car auxiliary lighting, Telstat. ● Have a “safety tip” session every second meeting to be presented by Jessica (as part of her driver instructor trainer). 6.4. Membership ● Nothing to report. ● The FWD Victoria membership stickers for 2012-13 will be distributed to members at the next meeting. 6.5. Editor ● No report was submitted. 6.6. Treasurer ● Current bank account balance is $3,018.96. 6.7. Secretary ● Incorporated Associations Reform Act o Attended an information session at FWD Victoria last night regarding the Reform Act. o The club will need to review its constitution in light of the additional requirements in the Act and the new “model rules. o Peter will compile a comparison of our current constitution with the Page: 36

COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES requirements of the new “model rules”. ● It has been suggested that a sub-committee of the secretary and two other committee members review the new requirements and put forward to the committee recommendations for changes to the club constitution and by-laws. Once agreed at committee level, an information session will be held at a general meeting before being put to the vote at a subsequent meeting under a special resolution. Sub-committee will comprise of Peter, Jessica and tba. 6.8. Vice-President ● No report was submitted. 6.9. President ● Damian discussed his role as vice-president in FWD Victoria, and opportunities/challenges it presents to the Subaru 4WD Club. 7. Fundraising ● Barbecue at Bunnings and Woolworths – Jessica to follow up. Bunnings – only able to access the store at Notting Hill. However, we would need to demonstrate that meet in the Waverley area. Need to write a letter to the store and hand deliver it. There is about a 6-month waiting list. ● Chocolate drive – Jessica to follow up for 15 boxes of $1 Freddos for the January meeting. ● Oil additive – Andrew to follow up if a discount for bulk purchases is available. NSW wine club – Andrew to enquire about potential bulk purchase. 8. General Business ● Club sticker – has been updated and will be reprinted in time for the January 2013 meeting. ● Club website – Stephen has offered to assist Martin with maintaining the website. The Facebook page now has 35 contacts. However, need to actively keep it up-to-date and relevant to attract new visitors. Need to also look at having an “e-trip” facility on the club website. 9. Next Meeting will be held on Tuesday 5th February 2013 at 7:30pm at the home of Peter Bellis. 10. Meeting closed at 10:46pm. Page: 37

I received an email advising about this new iphone application and thought I would shared it with you all. Having a quick look, it has numerous off road locations already added to it such as the campgrounds in Lerderderg we where looking at on the weekend. I thought we could share some of the out off the way places we camp at. Michael Hartshorne Produced by:

FOUR WHEEL DRIVE VICTORIA TRAINING CALENDAR February 2013 Friday 15th 4WD & AWD Proficiency (PC130216) - Theory Saturday 16th 4WD & AWD Proficiency (PC130216) - Practical Thursday 21st Chainsaw Course (CS130223) - Theory Friday 22nd Map Reading & Introduction to GPS (MR130222) Saturday 23rd Chainsaw Course (CS130223) - Practical March 2013 Friday 1st 4WD & AWD Proficiency (PC130302) - Theory Saturday 2nd 4WD & AWD Proficiency (PC130302) - Practical Friday 1st Ladies 4WD & AWD Proficiency (PC130303) - Theory Saturday 2nd Ladies 4WD & AWD Proficiency (PC130303) - Practical Tuesday 12th Track Classification (TC130317) - Theory Saturday 16th First Aid Course (FA130316) Sunday 17th Track Classification (TC130317) - Practical Thursday 21st 4WD & AWD Proficiency (PC130323) - Theory Friday 22nd GPS Course (GPS130322) Saturday 23rd 4WD & AWD Proficiency (PC130323) - Practical April 2013 Friday 5th 4WD & AWD Proficiency (PC130406) - Theory Saturday 6th 4WD & AWD Proficiency (PC130406) - Practical Saturday 6th Winch Recovery (WR130406) Friday 12th Chainsaw Course (CS130414) - Theory Sunday 14th Chainsaw Course (CS130414) - Practical Thursday 18th 4WD & AWD Proficiency (PC130420) - Theory Friday 19th OziExplorer (OZ130419) Saturday 20th 4WD & AWD Proficiency (PC130420) - Practical FWDV can be contacted on 9857 5209 or e-mail: Contact S4WDCV Secretary Peter Bellis, email: regarding attendance at FWDV courses as a club discount may apply.

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Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria monthly magazine - January 2013  

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