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ISSUE: 493 (May-June 2022)

Reg #: A-0006149J



Saturday, 2nd July 2022 Chinese Association of Victoria Hall 8 Ashley Street (320 Wantirna Road) Wantirna. 6pm for 7:00pm dinner $35 per head

Don’t miss out

UPDATE! With fire-pit designed and constructed by David Wilson, to be set up in the courtyard outside the CAV Hall – a place to sit and chat and get some fresh air. UPDATE! A line-up of iconic Subies opposite the entrance (with members help - please confirm if you’ll be coming in an pre-2008 vehicle, so we can assign a space). Featuring a sit-down dinner with spit roast and dessert, with special entertainment supplied by Cactus Moon line dancing (thanks to Cynthia Rennolds). This event is for club members and their families, including partners and companions/guests (who need not all be members, providing they are guests of a member). It is also open to past members. In general, though, it is not open to the general public. Any COVID regulations that may be in place at the date of the event will be observed. Currently that includes a requirement for double vaccination (or valid medical exemption). Bookings are now open. Please send an email to with the Number of Bookings and Names of Attendees. Where bookings include non-members, please indicate the connection, ie, partner, companion, guest of a member or former member. Please let us know in the email if you have any special dietary requirements. In order to be able to confirm catering numbers, bookings will close on Tuesday 21st June (unless the event reaches venue capacity in the meantime). All payments must be received by this date as well.

PRESIDENT’S Report Don’t forget your membership fees were due at the end of May, there was the Membership Renewal Form attached to the previous Newsletter which had payment details and amounts due, as well as an area to update your details of your vehicles.

If in doubt, speak with Erica, Membership. There are still a few more seats available for the upcoming 45th Anniversary event on Saturday 2nd July, just advise Martin or myself by email at the General Meeting if you wish to be part of this exciting Anniversary event. This event is rated ‘easy’ & ‘social’ on the Trip Rating Index. No driving required at the event. Socialising is the order of the day. This will be different from previous milestone anniversary events; with Line Dancing and accompanying music courtesy of Cynthia Rennolds, large hall dance area, large parking area, purpose built firepit (courtesy of David Wilson) that will be on the adjoining large courtyard area. Dining will be in the hall with so far 5 composite tables that will be setup so that 10-14 people can be seated as a cluster. The venue can easily accommodate 200 persons seated at tables for dinner, and have a decent size dance floor. The venue is used by CAV regularly for ballroom dancing, CAV’s table tennis group places 11 table tennis tables in the space; that how big the space is, and it is heated. So the space is large and the floor of very good quality. Your dining placemat will be a laminated ‘take home’ Subaru Club collectors item, as one side will be a photo from our photo archive from trip events over the years. Be part of it! Recently on Thursday 23rd June, we received an email from FWDV calling for Club involvement in the National 4x4 Show to be held on 19th to 21st August at the Melbourne Showgrounds. In the past, some members have been involved in this event, please indicate to Tim or myself if you wish to be involved to either have your vehicle on display or to participate in the 4x4 Proving Grounds activities. More detail at this coming GM. One day trips have returned, with the recent trip to Cheviot Tunnel near Yea, the trip commencing from Narbethong travelling through the Murrundundi area. A trip report by one of the participants (who took lots of photos, I didn’t except in the tunnel itself), will follow in either this edition or the next. The tunnel was part of a train line to Yea, and this was the only tunnel on its route. A pity about the graffiti on the information board. -3-

All newsletter editions love to contain trip reports held in the preceding weeks or months, photos uploaded to our NAS Server via Daniel or myself, and also onto our other spaces on Facebook. So if you have been involved in recent trips, taken photos, took notes during the trip of actually which tracks we went on, or some quirky thing happened on the trip, please feel free to write your account of the trip. Till Later, Stay Safe

Mark Tyssen President


ISSUE: 493 (May-Jun 2022) Club Committee President:

Mark Tyssen Vice President & FWDV Delegate:


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P28-30 P31-34

Tim Folliard Secretary:

Martin Foot Treasurer:

Angela Bombardieri Membership:

P40-42 P43

Erica Auld Trip & Social:

Tim Folliard Venue coordinator:

Mark Tyssen Editor:

Next Club General Meeting Tue 28th June (8pm start)

Daniel Ho Community Manager:

Peter Kakalias Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. c/- 24 Hill Street Hawthorn VIC 3122

Committee Member:

Nicholas Leask

Vice-President’s Report It was great to see new members out in being 12 PSI in the sand, I would not want the cold and wet at Murrundindi. A few to be driving at 100 kph to the nearest questions were raised on the minimum service station 50 km away. gear required so I will briefly cover this. • Tyre deflator for above, Keep the Attending a club meeting is a great source instructions as there are a few styles. of information (with car park meetings afterwards) as well as attending a 4WD training course. Some Subaru models are a bit limited in recovery points but don't rush out yet and purchase expensive modifications. Members have had nearly every model, so they are a source of advice. •

UHF CB radio, Preferably 5 watt. Small battery units often have limited range and drain batteries quickly. There are some very good small units that are powered through a cigarette or USB point if you do not want a unit permanently installed and hard wired,

Air compressor. A suitable size that can inflate 4 tyres without overheating. These can be vehicle mounted or portable, connecting to the car battery Most good units have a rating. As deflating tyres from road pressure is a • common $WD technique. But after • •


First aid kit. Small shovel. Snatch straps rated for your vehicle. Chances are you will get stuck or lose traction which is usually easily and safely resolved with the right gear and technique. A bridle or equalizer strap (below) is very good at spreading the load, particularly if the rated recovery points are not options.

And a form of shackle to mount these to the vehicle. Straps have a limited use life and can get very dirty. So it is good etiquette to have your own. If the vehicle has a tow bar, this can be a good rear recovery option. Never use the tow ball as it can fail and become a dangerous projectile.

Tim Folliard Vice-President

-7- /432721397925114

EDITOR’S NOTE It is fantastic to see the trip reports rolling in. On a different note, the Club is continuing to work with local businesses to bring more value to our members. Stay tuned.

Daniel Ho Magazine Editor


Below is the current list of registered trips. There are other trips taking bookings for later in the year. As the weather improves (warmer) and tracks begin to open in November it would be great to have a list of planned trips. Please consider where you would like to go either for a day trip or a weekend camping trip. Let me know the plan (tracks/campsites) and I can enter it into the website. As always, if you have a trip idea, please don’t hesitate to discuss them with me (Tim Folliard) via email at Please note that trips may be postponed or cancelled due to extreme weather (fire risk / storms) or Public Health restrictions at short notice. Full details for each of the events can be found on the Proposed Trip section on the Club’s website.

UPCOMING TRIP Explore Anglesea St Arnaud Ranges, Staying at Camp Seed, Stuart Mill

Innamincka Snow Trip

Mt Skene snow trip Mt Robertson Kinglake

Big River to Walhalla via back tracks - early notice

DATE 26 June


29 July – 31 July

Cynthia Rennolds

1 Aug – 27 Aug

Stewart Southam

6 Aug

20 Aug – 21 Aug

Tom Morley

Dan Ho

4 Dec

Tim Folliard

18 Feb – 20 Feb

Tim Folliard



Considerations All Wheel Drive and High Range 4WD. Novice Drivers

Mainly High range 4WD but Low range required. Some 4WD experience recommended.

Significant Low range 4WD with standard 4WD ground clearance. Should have 4WD driver training.

Low range 4WD with High ground clearance. Experienced Drivers

Mostly unsealed Expected terrain roads with no and track conditions obstacles and minor gradients.

Tracks with some steep and/or rocky/slippery/sandy sections. May have shallow water crossings.

Tracks with frequent steep and/or rocky/slippery/sandy sections. Possible water crossings.

Tracks with frequent very steep and/or rocky/slippery/sandy sections. May have difficult river crossings.

Suitable for medium clearance vehicles with dual range and all terrain or road tyres.

Suitable for medium to high clearance vehicles with dual range and all terrain tyres.

Suitable for high clearance vehicles with dual range and tyres suitable for the terrain. (Mud Terrain tyres).

Overall Description

Vehicle suitability

All wheel Drive and High Range 4WD. Can be low clearance with single range and road tyres.

Recovery equipment Winch / Recovery required. equipment required.

Recovery equipment

Driver Training / Experience

Drivers with extensive experience Recommended that Recommended for and advanced drivers have drivers with training should only experience or 4WD reasonable attempt as there are Suitable for novice training. experience or 4WD several technical drivers. Recommended to be training. To be done challenges. done in groups of in groups of Recommended to be vehicles. vehicles. done in groups of four or more vehicles.


May be difficult in wet conditions.

Will be more difficult in wet conditions.


Will be more difficult in wet conditions.

Will be more difficult in wet conditions.

The Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. recommends that each vehicle carry the following items or equipment on every trip. Personal details form (as specified by 4WDV) ❑ One copy to the trip leader; One copy in vehicle

Minimum of a basic recovery kit ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑

Two rated D- Shackles (minimum 3.2t) Rated Snatch strap / Kinetic rope Bridal strap / Equaliser strap (*important for Subaru vehicles) Accessible recovery points for both front and rear A shovel

Safety equipment ❑ UHF (477Mhz) Radio (Club convoy channel is CH16). Ideally an in car mounted radio, but hand-held are ok provided sufficient battery(s) to last the trip.

❑ Fire extinguisher, accessible to the driver ❑ Basic first aid kit

Spares and tools ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑

A tyre pressure gauge and air compressor Spare tyre (full size & same size as the other 4 tyres) Jack and wheel brace, or equivalent A suitable tool kit for your vehicle Sufficient fuel, oil and water for the trip, accounting for delays Spare parts (appropriate to the nature of the trip) Your vehicle manual Emergency supplies (matches, food, water and clothing)


Unsure or have questions regarding the items above

Contact the Trip and Social Coordinator or the Trip Leader




Social Bike Ride


Mark Tyssen

Sand driving trip - NW Victoria (Postponed)


Dan Ho




Yarra Junction

Successfully scouted on 15th April

Dan Ho


Successfully pretripped in 2021

Dan Ho

NW Cape / Port Hedland

27 Mar – 17 May 2023

Stewart Southam




Aluminium bash plates for Subaru Made from 6.0 mm construction grade aluminium.

Available for all Subaru models Prices start from $350; Fitting services available *10% discount for Subaru Club members. Call David on 0429 942 724

Monday 19th. Flinders ranges in the distance After gathering together near our Mildura caravan park, Martin’s GPS took us on the most convoluted way out of Mildura and we headed for our first stop: the Quarantine Station outside Renmark. It was at the servo next to the station where folks grabbed coffees and Les’ affinity for toasted sandwiches began that we first learned about ‘Les time’. Morgan was our lunch stop overlooking the beautiful bend in the Murray, but it is not a town to pick up supplies, or lunch for that matter. A short stop at Burra to stock up on supplies took quite a while and saw us arriving at the Peterborough Caravan Park with long shadows, as we made out first camp. Tuesday 20th After a chilly evening we got on the road headed for Copley. The Hawker Food Store proved to be the first stop on our Cafe Tour of the Flinders Ranges and The Jeff Morgan Gallery provided a nice diversion. Leaving Hawker we headed up the Flinders Ranges Way. In the distance, we were getting our first glimpses of the ranges. So, began our beautiful road trip. Every corner, another amazing view. At the end of this drive we turned back onto the bitumen Line-up at the old Bullock Yards along the Moralana Scenic Drive past Parachilna – unfortunately -15-

the iconic Prairie Hotel was closed. (However, hawk-eye Erica noted the opening times for later.) So, on to Copley. The caravan park at Copley is very simple and Mike expressed concern about the lack of grass on which to pitch their tent. We informed him that the outback is not noted for grassy camping as Mike was to learn as he hammered in those tent pegs. Wednesday 21st Next morning saw us invade the Quandong Cafe next door to the caravan park, where we sampled their treats – Quandong muffins and pies. Yum. We then took off along the road on the way to Arkaroola. The scenery was again magnificent as we travelled along this well maintained gravel road, although there was evidence of the recent floods in all the creek beds. The beautiful red gums framed the rock-strewn beds. After a brief stop at the Nepagunna, one of the aboriginal settlements along the way, we learned about the IPA lands, which could be incorporated in a future trip. So, we arrived at Arkaroola. Booking in to the Ridge Top tour on our arrival, Dot incurred a fine when she wrongly nominated 11 people for the trip, after failing to notice Lisa was absent when the count was done – oh dear. Trip booked, we then proceeded to try and find suitable camping spots in the rather awkward terraces on the powered sites. The sites are cramped and challenging for tents. This was where Erica learned – always put on the handbrake! Arkroola’s beauty is legendary; their powered sites are ordinary. After the mishap, Angela & Tom set off to do the Acacia walk, and the rest of us enjoyed a relaxing late afternoon, followed by G&Ts for some at the Tourist Centre. Martin, Dot and Les enjoyed the catered BBQ night under coloured lights with the fire pit glowing.

Austral grasstree at Arkaroola


Thursday, 22nd Next morning we headed off on the famous Ridge Top Tour. We loaded ourselves into the open-bench seat Troopies, designed for maximum views, winds and movement up and down the seat as we ascended and descended the rough tracks. The views were awesome, but by the time we reached the Ridge Top, with its glorious views across the plains to Lake Frome, we were pretty chilly. We enjoyed our hot drinks and treats and then availed ourselves of the rugs provided. (“Rugs, you now say? Yes, please!). After our bone shattering, yet fantastic trip, we enjoyed the resort facilities for lunch as we thawed out. Another toastie for Les (and others too). On reflection, the tour was indeed a highlight of our trip

The steep climb along the Ridge Top track


Distant views along the Ridge Top track

Stubbs Waterhole at Arkaroola

The afternoon saw the walkers take off again and a number of us play cards, while we talked of the morning’s adventure. Friday, 23rd The next day saw us heading for Stubbs Waterhole. We stopped at the Ochre Wall where the Indigenous people dug out ochre for trading throughout the region. After an easy drive through the ‘Jasper Twins’, two outcrops of red stone, the Stubbs waterhole drive (and region) is a geological wonderland. The waterhole still had some water after recent rains and its stunning walls and beautiful eucalyptus were a feast for the eyes. Some of us enjoyed the riverbed walk through the gorge and Tom and Angela headed off on the extended 7Km loop track. Later that evening we saw the Yellow-footed rock wallabies when they were being fed near the centre and G&Ts were again enjoyed.


Saturday 24th The next morning saw us leave Arkaroola via the Copley Road again, as the link road north to Mt. Freeling still hadn’t opened, much to Martin’s disappointment. We had hoped to visit the IPA lands along the Copley road, however time was not with us. This is certainly a possibility for future trips. We did stop at Iga Warta, an Indigenous tourist stop on the road. They have an extensive display of historical pictures and artefacts and we took the opportunity to indulge in Quandong and Acacia ice creams, while Martin instructed one of the community members in the use of multimeters. It is on this road where Angela shredded her tyre (not just a puncture!) and Les and Erica come to her assistance. Late in the afternoon, we arrived at Farina, the railway ghost town located on the Old Ghan route. It was here we found our favourite campsite, beautifully grassed and near the river walk. Mike was very pleased! The setting was picturesque with so many birds. We really enjoyed our secluded spot, our fire and our own water-tank flushing loo.

Rock wallaby feeding time at Arkaroola Tourist Centre (there are six there, if you can find them!)


“Turn on the water!” Alas, too late by seventy years …


Sunday 25th We also enjoyed our early morning walk along the river area, which has been fenced off by Farina Station to keep the cattle out. It was bushy and teeming with birds in the early morning. Later we explored the ruins of Farina (originally called “Government Gums”) and rued the fact that the famous bakery wasn’t operating until the end of May. Ruins at the old Farina township

Erica made a solo trip up the highway to Maree to have a look around and so she could say she had sighted the Birdsville and Oodnadatta Tracks. We then headed south and arrived at the Parachilna Pub around lunchtime and it is buzzing! A quick drink turned into an extended stay with many of us enjoying a bowl of their double cooked potatoes. After perusing their beautiful art works and looking at their large Ediacaran fossil sample (the closest we got to the World Heritage nominated fossil fields) we headed for Angorichina Village via the Parachilna Gorge. Angorichina Village is a pretty basic park, located in an amazing setting with views in all directions. Later in the evening a few of us did a river walk that had the most beautiful sliver gums, which were glowing in the afternoon sun. -21-

Monday, 26th Leaving quite early for Blinman Mine tour, Martin and Dot narrowly missed a couple of kangaroos who jumped right in front of the car. The mine tour is highly recommended. It is a fascinating social history as well of the Cornish miners who worked the mine in family teams, as well as an interesting look at the way the mine worked. Encouraged by our tour guide many of us indulged in Cornish pasties from the bakery, which included a traditional sweet apple section at the end. It was good, as were the other home made cakes and slices we purchased here. Another excellent stop on our cafe tour of the Flinders! Les about to experience the Cornish Pastie!

Leaving Blinman we headed a few kilometres down the road to the Wanda Cultural Centre. Quite a few purchases were made here – hats, art work, bags, earrings. An hour easily passed as people explored the lovely choices on offer and spent far too much money! The Great Wall of China was a spectacular feature, framed by a beautiful blue sky. It certainly warranted a stop on our drive south to Rawnsley Park. It also gave Les the chance to deal with a tyre puncture (and a reminder to use the handbrake when lifting a rear wheel, not relying just on Park). On -22-

the way, Martin & Dot’s car started to evidence an unpleasant vibration coming from the front passenger side of the car – it sounded expensive and we hoped it wouldn’t curtail the trip. On arrival at Rawnsley, our booked campsites provided us with very comfortable spaces, close to an amazing camp kitchen (but alas, no grass, sorry Mike). Camps were set up, flights were booked and walking plans made. Tuesday, 27th Next morning we headed to Wilpena Pound. A number of us did the 7km return walk to the old homestead in the Pound and then later the more recent Wilpena Station complex with its extensive outbuildings, which is now used as a Park Office. A few climbed the lookout. Others returned to Rawnsley airstrip for their flights. Wednesday, 28th The following day Angela & Tom embarked on a 12 km walk via Fred Nob into the Pound. Bev & Lauren kindly dropped them off and picked them up and were rewarded with a delightful drive. Others headed to Brachina Gorge, a trip they rated as a highlight. Meanwhile, Martin & Les headed to Hawker to have Martin’s car diagnosed, as an inspection the evening prior suggested it might be unfit drive. They went to Quorn so Les could access a pharmacy


Erica in camp at Rawnsley Park

The old (restored) homestead in the Pound

Wilpena Pound from the air (taken by Angela)


and returned to Hawker to receive the news that the car could be driven back to Melbourne gently for repair. This meant that no risky dirt tracks could be contemplated. That evening the group enjoyed a lovely meal at the Rawnsley “Shearing Shed” Restaurant as a finale to the main part of our trip. We ate as we heard the first rain of the trip falling on the tin roof.

Dinner at the Woolshed Restaurant at Rawnsley Park

Thursday, 29th Next day, we packed up and headed for Hawker. A final tasty morning tea at the Hawker Food Store capped off our cafe tour of the Flinders. Tom left the group at this point to go further exploring, and the rest of us headed for Renmark, where we stayed by the Murray River, some in cabins and others in our campers. Friday, 30th Departing Renmark, and heading home, we enjoyed a last lunchtime meal together at Wycheproof, at yet another fine bakery.


I think we felt that it was a very enjoyable holiday, with lovely sights and great activities every day. It wasn’t the hard driving Martin had hoped for, but the weather gods had had other ideas. There was plenty planned, but people also had the opportunity to have time to follow their own interests or relax if they chose. There were many lovely campfires to warm us and the walkers made good use of this time. The flights were enjoyed by all who took them. All of us felt we had done some great exploring, in good company with the Flinders Ranges looking its fabulous best. We did wonder what hit us on our return Melbourne − all those cars, people and the weather − aghhhh. We felt there were plenty more interesting areas to explore in The Flinders and South Australia – perhaps Station Stays and more bush camping in the Flinders or perhaps Kangaroo Island. Stayed tuned.

Trip Participants Martin Foot & Dorothy Greiveson (Trip Lead) Andrew & Lisa Jantke Les Ralph Bev Davison & Lauren Vallance

Vehicle Forester Diesel (SJ series) & teardrop caravan Isuzu D-Max Ute & camper trailer Isuzu D-Max Ute & camper trailer Forester XSP (SH series) & AVan trailer

Erica Auld Cynthia & Mike Rennolds

Forester (SJ series) Outback (BP series) & trailer

Tom Morley

Forester (SF series)

Angela Bombardieri

Forester (SJ series)



Perhaps it is the distance, the lack of leave, or perhaps it was the cooler weather that resulted in only three vehicles registering for the trip. Unfortunately, one of the registered participants had to cancel due to Covid symptoms. Your loss and our gain! With no others in tow, Rhys in his Forester with Samantha and I in our Pajero had a fantastic worryfree few days to explore the dunes at the Portland Dune Buggy Club’s property. Rather than the original plan to drive only on Sat and Sun with Fri and Mon being the transit days, we drove all four days and explored parts of the area where we would not have been able to had we been a group with more vehicles. Needless to say, we had a blast.

The weather was also very kind to us with dry cool days and dry cool (but not cold) nights. Having gathered plenty of firewood, each night we relaxed and unwind by a nice warm fire beneath the Milky Way.


As they say when playing on soft sand dunes …. “If you don’t get stuck every so often you aren’t driving hard enough.”. We most certainly had our share of needing to be recovered. But being well equipped each recovery only took a few minutes.



Driving up it was cold and wet. Like all the previous week was but there was a good sized convoy waiting at Narbethong, (doing very good business in ski and chain hire) so it was time to turn on the wipers and head into the forest. Plantation Rd, led into Yellowdindi and then Murrindindi, all good gravel forest roads. First stop was at the Cascades but the rain was heavy enough to discourage any walk to the cascades. Then it was a short run past some very good riverside campsites to the Suspension Bridge area over a fast running Murrindindi River. The rain had eased. A sealed section north took us to the dirt Cheviot Road and the Cheviot Tunnel. After a walk through the tunnel, (almost pitch black in the middle) and still in good condition, it was time for lunch.

-31Fast running Murrundindi River from the Suspension Bridge

The tunnel completed in 1889, is some 201 metres long and was built for the Tallarook, Yea to Mansfield railway line which closed in 1978. For a time you could drive through the tunnel (see photo) but now it is part of a railway bike trail. After lunch we followed Scrubby Creek Rd into Black Range Rd and finally SEC (and Old SEC) Rds.

These were wet but good dirt surfaces through the Black Range State Forest. Parts of this area was badly burnt in 2009 but the regrowth is complete. SEC was a winding scenic descent and climb


Cheviot Railway Tunnel today

under massive pylons which give it the name for those who remember the old state run power company. Around this point there was some chatter on the radio around directions and as feared the convoy has broken. Peter headed back and the convoy was reunited but this did demonstrate the need even in relatively easy conditions, to wait for the vehicle behind you at turns. The rain was back (it never really left) so he headed back out and soon we were airing up in a clearing alongside the Melba Hwy for the drive home. Hopefully the visitors will be back as full members for future club trips. A future overnight trip in warmer, drier conditions will be planned to this popular area.


SEC Track under the powerlines

Trip Participants Tim & Kerry F (Trip Leader) Rick & Jackie K

Vehicle Land Cruiser FJ40

Subaru L Series

Les R


Peter K


Tristian Z


Michael B


Mark T


Chris B

Subaru L Series

Mark G


Allen T

Subaru XV


Bev Davison is the Club’s resources coordinator. The Club has branded polo shirts, vests, jackets, beanies, and caps .

Get in touch with Bev for more details

Resources Coordinator:

Bev Davison

Send the details to the Editor and we’ll put it in the next edition of the magazine. Contact the Editor on

Membership The Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. has three different classes of membership: [1] Single $85 (Seniors card $80); [2] Family / Joint $95 (Seniors Card $90) [3] Life $50 (awarded on merit, minimum 10 years service) Membership fees are due for renewal on 31 May each year, for the following financial year. Please note an initial joining fee of $30 applies for Family / Joint or $15 for Single. All annual fees include FWDV affiliation and trip insurance ($52, subject to review by FWDV). A trip fee of $15 per adult non-member applies (for insurance purposes). NB: Persons joining during the year pay a pro-rata fee - contact the Membership Officer for details. If you would like more information about the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc., please contact our Membership Officer, email: or write to: Membership Officer Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. c/- 24 Hill Street Hawthorn VIC 3122 Membership application forms can be downloaded from our website


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•Let the editor know

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SatPhone Shop Education Night SatPhone Shop held their satellite information night last month at the Mulgrave Country Club with some great door prizes and giveaways for those in attendance. The team at SatPhone Shop are extremely knowledgeable in the Satellite field with everyone’s brain leaving the night packed full of information about satellite systems and what might be the best option for them. Thank you to everyone who attended and a big thank you to the SatPhone Shop for putting on a terrific night to our member’s benefit!

Camp Host Whilst winter is approaching there is still plenty of opportunity for your club to undertake a Camp Host for 2022. Hosted on long weekends throughout the year, they are a great way to help out and volunteer with DELWP and Parks Victoria and allow your club to be a point of knowledge for others visiting the area and be able to showcase the ability and knowledge of your club to all visitors. Four Wheel drive Image 1 Satphone Shop Night Victoria is also looking to increase the payment for clubs from $250 to $300 to help encourage more clubs to get involved in this great program!

Seasonal Closures Seasonal Road Closures are coming into effect on the 16th of June 2022 until the 27th of October 2022. Please follow these track closures and plan ahead to make sure you are not caught out. A full list of closures from both Parks Victoria and DELWP can be found on Four Wheel Drive Victoria’s website,, under Resources -> Track Closures.

Image 2 Snow Driving

Please note: Four Wheel Drive Victoria have an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) with both Parks Victoria and DELWP regarding track closures. Before any track closure is signed off Four Wheel Drive Victoria must be notified and sign off on the closure before it becomes official. All seasonal closures are sent to Four Wheel Drive Victoria prior to being listed which are passed onto club executives for feedback to supply to Parks Vic/DELWP.

Mt Skene The Mt Skene permit system is now open for applications for 2022. The road is closed from 16th June 2021 until 27th October 2021. If you would like the apply for a permit to drive the Licola-Jamieson Rd please login to the website, click resources and under Track Permits you will find all the information about the MOU and the permit to download and send to Please note the section listed at the bottom about which dates are full or close to capacity.

Regional Reps Meeting Over the 21st and 22nd of May the Four Wheel Drive Victoria Regional Reps had a gathering and meeting in Beaufort. On the 21st there was a terrific drive held around the Mt Cole and Mt Buangor areas, led by two excellent Parks Victoria Rangers Alex and Rory. They were both full of knowledge on the area and everyone finished the drive with a big smile on their face having all learnt plenty about the region. The Sunday saw a meeting at the DELWP office in Beaufort, with plenty of healthy discussion with the Regional Reps, DELWP and Parks Victoria representatives. This allows information to be shared with club across the state.

Image 3 Regional Reps Enjoying Mt Cole Reservoir

Do You Log Your Volunteer Work? Our volunteers do a fantastic job helping the community with Four Wheel Drive Victoria projects such as Camp Host, Track Clearing and High-Country Hut maintenance. Even your track clearing you may do on a trip count, so club trip leaders are encouraged to log time spent clearing tracks and send in your volunteer hours worked. As the end of financial year approaches this is extremely important to Four Wheel Drive Victoria to be able to actually represent the hard work our amazing volunteers do on a regular basis.

Trackwatch We need interesting articles and high-resolution photos about your club for Trackwatch magazine. Trackwatch is distributed far beyond our clubs and is seen by many organizations as well as Government agencies and politicians, so it is a terrific way to show your club to the world. Please email your articles and photos to If you don’t want to receive a hard copy of Trackwatch and would rather read it electronically, send an email to the Four Wheel Drive Victoria office, The latest 4 issues of Trackwatch are always available to read on the Four Wheel Drive Victoria website.

Moving Office Four Wheel Drive Victoria has moved! However we haven’t gone far. When visiting the Four Wheel Drive Victoria office please now head upstairs after entering the main door to find the new office location. The office address is still 6/27 Thornton Cres, Mitcham 3132 and the phone number remains the same, 9874 7222. Lifeblood April Update – Final Month!! The Four Wheel Drive Lifeblood challenge is still running for 2021/2022 and there is still time to book in and make sure your donation is counted towards your clubs tally. Pajero 4WD Club of Victoria are so far leading the challenge with 29 total donations. Overall, for the challenge there are 156 total donations and 468 lives saved! That’s another 23 donations and 69 lives saved since the start of May, a tremendous effort!! Don’t forgot there will be tokens of thanks given out to clubs for various donation milestones reached, such as highest total donations, highest donations per member and a few other categories so make sure to roll up your sleeves to help your club receive these tokens of thanks. We are so close to 200 donations so it would be great to see a big push in this final month to help get us over the line!! Club Name Pajero 4WD Club of Victoria Toyota 4WD Club of Victoria Overlanders 4x4 Club Inc Dandenong Ranges 4WD Club Inc Bendigo Four Wheel Drive Club CFA Four Wheel Drive Club Mansfield Alpine 4WD Club Ballarat District 4WD Club Albury Wodonga 4WD Club Inc Land Rover Owners Club of Gippsland Victorian Four Wheel Drive Club Inc Red Dirt 4X4 Club Inc Toyota Land Cruiser Club of Victoria True Grit 4WD Club Inc Bushtrek 4WD Club Inc Nissan 4WD Club GAA 4WD Club Inc Offroad and Camping Club of Victoria Inc Total *Table current as of 1/6/22

Total Donations 32 27 25 19 12 10 9 8 6 4 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 172

Lives Saved 96 81 75 57 36 30 27 24 18 12 12 12 9 9 6 6 3 3 516

Mildura Great Outdoors Show The Mildura Great Outdoors Show is on again this month!! Located at the Mildura Racecourse over the 24th to the 26th of June, it is sure to be a great weekend. Be sure to get down and pick up a bargain and get inspiration for your own vehicle! To OPT OUT just click here or reply Four Wheel Drive Victoria is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO21605) Our privacy policy is available for viewing HERE

26/06/2022, 01:14

Roundcube Webmail :: FWDV Club Involvement at National 4X4 Show

FWDV Club Involvement at National 4X4 Show From

FWDV Projects <>


2022-06-23 15:50

To the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Board Members, The National 4X4 Show is running once again at the Melbourne Showgrounds over the 19th to the 21st of August 2022. Four Wheel Drive Victoria have made an agreement with the organisers of the National 4X4 Show to have sites for our affiliated clubs with the possibility of even having a car on alongside your stand, these sites will be provided at no cost to our clubs. These spots are limited however so it will on a first come first served basis so please let the Four Wheel Drive Victoria office know your clubs intentions ASAP. There will also be a ‘Show ‘n’ Shine’ of which club members can enter their car at no cost to be judged with prizes allocated to selected winners. Once again these spots are limited and your car will need to remain on show for the entire day, arriving before the show starts to get it in position and cannot leave the show until all patrons have left at the end of the day. It is a great way to show off your pride and joy and possibly help inspire others to build a car like yours. The 4X4 Proving Ground is also returning with a slight change this year. We are looking for club members to showcase their vehicles and driving skills on the proving ground. The vehicle owner will be driving the vehicle whilst taking passengers and showing both the drivers and cars ability to those who attend the show. These sessions will not run all day and will be run in 4, 30 minute blocks each day allowing drivers to enjoy the rest of the show in between. We are also looking for clubs to run a few demonstrations in their own vehicle throughout the day such as recovery and responsible four wheel driving, these will be run similar to driving passengers around the providing ground and run in a few sessions throughout the day. Please let the Four Wheel Drive Victoria office know if you or your club is interested in any or all of the above so we can pass on further information.


Daniel Whitby Daniel Whitby – Projects Officer

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