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ISSUE: 491 (Mar-Apr 2022)

Reg #: A-0006149J

DATE: Saturday, 2nd July 2022 VENUE: Chinese Association of Victoria Hall 8 Ashley Street (320 Wantirna Road) Wantirna. TIME: 6pm for 7:00pm dinner COST: $35 per head Featuring a sit-down dinner with spit roast and dessert, with special entertainment supplied by Cactus Moon line dancing (thanks to Cynthia Rennolds). This event is for club members and their families, including partners and companions/guests (who need not all be members, providing they are guests of a member). It is also open to past members. In general, though, it is not open to the general public. Any COVID regulations that may be in place at the date of the event will be observed. Currently that includes a requirement for double vaccination (or valid medical exemption). Bookings are now open. Please send an email to with the Number of Bookings and Names of Attendees. Where bookings include non-members, please indicate the connection, ie, partner, companion, guest of a member or former member. Please let us know in the email if you have any special dietary requirements. In order to be able to confirm catering numbers, bookings will close on Tuesday 21st June (unless the event reaches venue capacity in the meantime). All payments must be received by this date as well.

Please make payment by EFT to the club account as follows: BSB: 633-000 ; A/C Nr: 132148123 With reference/description: 45TH <Surname> x <number of bookings>

PRESIDENT’S Report Please be aware that our April General Meeting on Tuesday 26th April is at Ringwood Training, in Hill Street off Bedford Rd, in Ringwood. From 6pm, participants in Martin’s May Trip to Flinders Ranges have the opportunity for their vehicle to be inspected, items identified for attention so they can be fixed prior to the Trip. BBQ from 7pm, and the Meeting from about 815pm. The Meeting itself will be aimed to be short & sweet. This meeting will not be ‘zoom linked’. See Venue report for more detail. For the Saturday 2nd of July delayed 45th Annivarsary Celebration of 2021, it will be held at the Chinese Association of Victoria hall at their site in Wantirna. The theme will have elements of a ‘Christmas in July’, and there is a large enough dance floor area also, line dancing and music will be featured and is arranged by Cynthia. The 45th Anniversary Planning Sub-Committee have already sent out a flyer for the event, and bookings are now being taken, book via the website., see also information about the Event in this Newsletter. Earlier this month I attended the face to face/zoom FWDV Presidents Meeting, where there were a number of items discussed: • there is the intention to hold these Presidents Meetings every three months, and to reintroduce the district Representative Meetings. • the Financials were discussed, and amount of Grants sought from the government & its bodies. • in discussion was the potential relocation the the FWDV Office & its storage. • also the Toolangi Traing Ground, a leased property of $800/year with 10 year lease. When developed the intention is for the ability for member Clubs to hire the area for a nominal day hire charge of $1/day, area on site will be set aside for camping on flat (drained) area. The leased property area is larger than the quarry that is in it. • There are priority items to be done first – gates, fencing, CCTV setup to monitor inappropriate use of venue and facilities. • Also mentioned was the Bairnsdale Archery Club venue, $50/year cost, another quarry (lapsed lease), Werribee Training (shutdown at present and more expensive for use) The current FWDV eNews Newsletter only gave a brief content of items/subjects. A little bit of trivia, I was doing some YouTube research a few weeks ago and I came across something quite interesting. We all remember when Subaru had a designer that remodelled the front grill to look more like aircraft wings. Have you -3-

ever wondered why? In a YouTube video that was discussing Japan’s FX Stealth Fighter, it is planned for flight in 2028, and could be a ‘headache’ for China & Russia

The video mentioned initially a number of those companies involved in the partnership to build this Stealth Aircraft, it also mentioned Fuji Heavy Industries involvement, but the also mentioned there was an Aeronautical section of Subaru that will be involved in the landing gear development. Also stated was that the Subaru Aeronautical Division was already suppling Boeing for the 777 model aircraft, the wings assemblies. Could the wings in the Subaru vehicle grill a few years ago actually were present to represent their involvement in providing Boeing 777 aircraft wings? Till Later, Stay Safe

Mark Tyssen President


ISSUE: 491 (Mar-Apr 2022) Club Committee President:

Mark Tyssen Vice President & FWDV Delegate:


Tim Folliard Secretary:

Martin Foot Treasurer:

Angela Bombardieri Membership:

Erica Auld Trip & Social:



Tim Folliard P37-39 P40

Venue coordinator:

Mark Tyssen Editor:

Next Club General Meeting Tue 26th April. 6pm vehicle inspection; 7pm BBQ; 8pm meeting

Daniel Ho Community Manager:

Peter Kakalias Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. c/- 24 Hill Street Hawthorn VIC 3122

Committee Member:

Nicholas Leask

Vice-President’s Report Victoria Police have posted this up on their Facebook page as part of their Holiday Road Safety Blitz. While all the drivers passed alcohol and drug tests, 6 of 7 vehicles in this convoy were issued defect notices and fined in relation to lift and tyre sizes. Two were not allowed to continue. Where our club vehicles are modified, this is generally quite subtle. While we rarely see police on many of our trips ( just outside of Mansfield is often a check point) it does highlight some do get checked. Of course the Facebook responses were full of not drunk, drugged or speeding (the milider ones), it does highlight the modification rules are enforced and not just by insurance companies after a crash. All these mods would have been sold and probably installed by 4WD suppliers. This does not make them legal. Apart from the fines, changing some of these back to a registration standard would not be a cheap exercise. So just because someone will sell or fit something, don't assume it is legal.


Tim Folliard Vice-President /432721397925114

EDITOR’S NOTE The Club certainly has been busy since Covid restrictions were lifted. It is wonderful to see members getting out on trips. And special thank you to Peter Aird for his contents contribution.

Daniel Ho Magazine Editor


There are currently no signs that Covid restrictions will be reinforced. So please stay Covid safe and join in one of the many upcoming trips. As always, if you have a trip idea, please don’t hesitate to discuss them with Tim Folliard. Tim’s email address is

Please note that trips may be postponed or cancelled due to extreme weather (fire risk / storms) or Public Health restrictions at short notice. Full details for each of the events can be found on the Proposed Trip section on the Club’s website.




29 Apr – 1 May

Stewart Southam

Northern Flinders Ranges

15 May – 28 May

Martin Foot

Portland Sand Dunes

20 May – 23 May

Dan Ho

Heathcote (with stargazing)

Outback Queensland and Cape York St Arnaud Ranges, Staying at Camp Seed, Stuart Mill

2 July – 16 Sep 29 July – 31 July


Peter Devine Cynthia Rennolds

* Please note that these trips 1) Will only go ahead if Covid restrictions permit 2) Covid vaccination requirements may apply (Depending on the Government Covid Regulations at the time of the trip. Please contact the Trip Leader for more information.


Considerations All Wheel Drive and High Range 4WD. Novice Drivers

Mainly High range 4WD but Low range required. Some 4WD experience recommended.

Significant Low range 4WD with standard 4WD ground clearance. Should have 4WD driver training.

Low range 4WD with High ground clearance. Experienced Drivers

Mostly unsealed Expected terrain roads with no and track conditions obstacles and minor gradients.

Tracks with some steep and/or rocky/slippery/sandy sections. May have shallow water crossings.

Tracks with frequent steep and/or rocky/slippery/sandy sections. Possible water crossings.

Tracks with frequent very steep and/or rocky/slippery/sandy sections. May have difficult river crossings.

Suitable for medium clearance vehicles with dual range and all terrain or road tyres.

Suitable for medium to high clearance vehicles with dual range and all terrain tyres.

Suitable for high clearance vehicles with dual range and tyres suitable for the terrain. (Mud Terrain tyres).

Overall Description

Vehicle suitability

All wheel Drive and High Range 4WD. Can be low clearance with single range and road tyres.

Recovery equipment Winch / Recovery required. equipment required.

Recovery equipment

Driver Training / Experience

Drivers with extensive experience Recommended that Recommended for and advanced drivers have drivers with training should only experience or 4WD reasonable attempt as there are Suitable for novice training. experience or 4WD several technical drivers. Recommended to be training. To be done challenges. done in groups of in groups of Recommended to be vehicles. vehicles. done in groups of four or more vehicles.


May be difficult in wet conditions.

Will be more difficult in wet conditions.


Will be more difficult in wet conditions.

Will be more difficult in wet conditions.

The Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. recommends that each vehicle carry the following items or equipment on every trip. Personal details form (as specified by 4WDV) ❑ One copy to the trip leader; One copy in vehicle

Minimum of a basic recovery kit ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑

Two rated D- Shackles (minimum 3.2t) Rated Snatch strap / Kinetic rope Bridal strap / Equaliser strap (*important for Subaru vehicles) Accessible recovery points for both front and rear A shovel

Safety equipment ❑ UHF (477Mhz) Radio (Club convoy channel is CH16). Ideally an in car mounted radio, but hand-held are ok provided sufficient battery(s) to last the trip.

❑ Fire extinguisher, accessible to the driver ❑ Basic first aid kit

Spares and tools ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑

A tyre pressure gauge and air compressor Spare tyre (full size & same size as the other 4 tyres) Jack and wheel brace, or equivalent A suitable tool kit for your vehicle Sufficient fuel, oil and water for the trip, accounting for delays Spare parts (appropriate to the nature of the trip) Your vehicle manual Emergency supplies (matches, food, water and clothing)


Unsure or have questions regarding the items above

Contact the Trip and Social Coordinator or the Trip Leader




LEADER(S) Mark Tyssen



Explore Anglesea

Successfully scouted on 15th April

Dan Ho

Yarra Junction

Successfully scouted on 15th April

Dan Ho


Successfully pretripped in 2021

Dan Ho





in shape and location as they are blown by the Back in November 2021, I (Dan Ho) ran a trip wind. Unlike the sand dunes in the Big Desert to the Portland Dune Buggy Club’s property for and on the Border Track, the sand here is not the Pajero 4WD Club of Victoria. The Pajero held together by vegetation and there is not a Club runs a minimum of two trips there each firm base underneath the loose sand. In short, they are not dissimilar to the sand dunes one year, and running a trip for them with the support of people who knew the area like the see in films of the Sahara Desert sand dunes, just a different colour. back of their hands gave me an excellent opportunity to learn from them. Having done that, I intend to run a trip for the Subaru Club What is it like to drive on these over the Easter weekend in April. sand dunes?


Driving on these sand dunes is nothing like What are the sand dunes like? driving on sandy beaches, Big Desert, or the The sand dunes at Portland are migrating sand Border Track. It is a little like driving on deep dunes. This means they are constantly shifting dense snow. -13-

How far is the PDBC?

What is the itinerary?

The PDBC’s facility is adjacent to the public The itinerary for this trip is a relaxing one. campground at Swan Lake, Mount Richmond There is no rushing involved. ( Friday: For those arriving in time, a 2hr It is 380km from Melbourne. reccy starting after lunch to familiarise with the terrain and The PDBC campground has good quality bore navigation. water, flushing toilets, and designated fire pits. Sat&Sun: A morning session and an afternoon It is accessible with large caravans and camper session, with lunch back at Camp. trailers. Finish the day no later than 4pm for nibbles and drinks It is anticipated that we’ll have a good size Mon: Leisurely pack up in the morning. camp fire each night. Each participant is Lunch in Portland, then head home required to bring a bag of firewood. We’ll also be brining our electric camp shower and the bore water is perfectly fine for showers

showering with. With the weather in April being cooler, we’ll be using the camp fire to ensure warm showers are available.


Vehicle requirements The sand dunes are steep and the bases of them involve sharp angles. It is not uncommon for vehicles to suffer front and rear bumper damage. Good approach and departure angles will significantly help with reducing the chances of damage Do note that Outbacks and XV not fitted with SX bull bars have poor approach angles, and Outbacks with stock rear bumper have poor approach angles. Drivers of these vehicles need to be extra careful.

This sounds dangerous. Why are we going driving on the sand dunes? Driving at the Portland Sand Dunes certainly has potential for vehicle damage. Equally, driving on those sand dunes is a lot of fun. The scenery is fantastic with a relaxing pace to allow time to soak in the experience. It is not for everybody, but many 4WDrivers go back to Portland year after year.


With each day being divided into morning and afternoon sessions and a large open camp ground, the trip caters for both families and singles alike. Those wanting to take a break away from driving, Swan Lake nearby is perfect for fishing, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding (better bring a wetsuit, as it will be cool in April). In general, the trips to Portland are just great fun social gatherings with some challenging driving thrown in.


Aluminium bash plates for Subaru Made from 6.0 mm construction grade aluminium.

Available for all Subaru models Prices start from $350; Fitting services available *10% discount for Subaru Club members. Call David on 0429 942 724

Saturday Mansfield was a busy place as we met up under clear, blue skies ready to depart. It was interesting to see a lot of water past Bonnie Doon and water skiers. The last few trips I could have driven across Lake Eildon under the bridge. A few vehicles had had some recent repairs so this was to be a good test run. After leaving Mansfield first stop was Powers Lookout. At lunch, we checked the viewing platform near the carpark and another a short walk (and climb) away. Both give spectacular views along the King Valley that bushranger Harry Power in used to ensure he had warning of any police approaching in 1870. The intention was to follow a short track down into the valley below but the gate was closed, We backtracked and took McDonalds Spur Track, which had a few challenging sections before following Christophers Rd into the sealed Upper King Valley Rd for the run into Lake William Hovell, which was seemed to contain a good volume of water and had a few swimmers and non-power boating activity. The Top Crossing Track to Sandy Flat Campsite was a little rough in parts but the difficult rating arises from 2 water crossings. High water levels would make this crossing impossible. One had a rough exit which caused some wheel lift and spin but the -18-

Powers Lookout

McDonalds Spur Track

second on the King River was deeper. Dan tried an alternative approach in the XV and managed to get some water over the bonnet and a Facebook video out of it. Overnight at Sandy Flat Camp. Almost hidden river side bush site with a drop toilet but not much else. The day had been warm and the sky clear but Martin may have been tempting fate leaving the sunroof open as we awoke to a heavy dew and wet tents and awnings. Charlie packed his camp away but then couldn’t find the car key. On unwrapping the swag they were still nicely stored in the swag pockets for keys and phones so as to not lose them! Sunday We traversed Sandy Flat Track into Stockyard and then Burnt Top Track. Good surface grip but with some steep sections, rocky and rutted areas keeping the speed down and occasional use of low range. On one drain, Martin and Dot had sufficient undercarriage showing for a keen observer to note the underbody protection was missing. His mechanic had failed to re-install the bash plates after recent work. Martin was not happy. A lot of expensive parts were exposed but undamaged. Somebody has been collecting firewood. A few nicely cut pieces had fallen onto the track which were collected for later use. By lunchtime we had pulled into Pineapple Flat camping area. A large campsite along the river. The only condition is the depth of the river which

Tracks were mostly dry but there was some mud -19-

today was flowing but only about 30 cm deep. All along the King River the base is rocky and the water crystal clear. By lunchtime we had pulled into Pineapple Flat camping area. A large campsite along the river. The only condition is the depth of the river which today was flowing but only about 30 cm deep. All along the King River the base is rocky and the water crystal clear.

Burnt Top Track

After lunch we forded the river, Martin and Dot (in search of a bash plate) and Charlie departed for home, the rest turned left along King Basin Rd. The track condition varied by the signage, in the Alpine National Park it was rougher than in the Mansfield State Forest. There is a series of river crossings which caused no concern in the last few kilometres before arriving at King Hut camping area. After heavy rain or snow melt this would be a different story but many of these would have the gates locked by then.

King River Crossing. The water is crystal clear

After setting up camp near King Hut, we went for a driver to Lake Cobbler. Part of this is short, step sections of track along Speculation Rd. Towards the end there is a series of switchbacks. The vehicle in the photo is 50 metres below but about 500 metres along the track. Once known for The Staircase, it is still rocky but easily managed. Lake Cobbler Track had deteriorated from previous visits. It was rocky and rutted with a few holes to negotiate and a few had rising Small piece of firewood collected


temperatures. Still the plan was to skip this on the way back. Into Lake Cobbler, full of water and a small campsite of hikers on one side. Every other visit this has been full of 4WDs but we were the only vehicles today. A short drive on to view Dandongadale Falls (255 metre fall, tallest in Victoria) which had a steady stream of water in the distance.

King River Crossing

The plan to take Little Cobbler Track back to camp was met with a Road Closed sign and locked gate. But it was open on the other end! After heading up Lake Cobbler Track and down Speculation Rd again, Sam saw the closure sign – thrown into the bushes. Back to camp for dinner and a campfire with the collected wood. We didn’t need to use Tom’s log in the earlier photo.

Switchbacks on Speculation Road

Lake Cobbler -21-

Highest tree in Victoria

Monday Early start towards Craig’s Hut. The grader team was at work on Speculation Rd clearing the side drains and dumping everything onto the track. It was like driving through a mix of top soil, small rocks and garden cuttings and quite deep in parts. From there a short run to the Craig’s Hut turnoff and onto Clear Hills Track. A couple had been flown by helicopter but we mostly had it to ourselves during the visit. This is a rebuilt hut (after fire) from the Man from Snowy River (1982) movie (also think it should be nearer to Corryong) but is quite impressive hut and has spectacular views. And we scored a really good weather for the views and photos. Clear Hills Track was a moderate drive with some rocky sections and a few short climbs until turning near Mt Stirling for a walk at the summit and a visit to the tallest tree in Victoria, a snow gum, the lone survivor. It was then drive down Howqua Hills Track (rated difficult but OK) to the Howqua Gap huts for lunch. From there Circuit Rd to Mirimbah to air up and say our farewells.


Craig’s Hut

As trip leader I think we found a nice balance between driving and camp time, tracks that were never boring but not overly challenging, excellent views, fine weather and great company. If you missed it, look out for another trip to the area next year. Another trip with a very high percentage of Subaru’s.

Trip Participants


Erica A


Martin F and Dot G

Forester SJ Diesel

Tom M Subaru Forester SF Daniel H and Samantha L

Charlie H Tim F (Trip Leader)


Subaru XV Forester Toyota FJ40

This was a night scouting trip with myself and Keong, of a route plotted based on the track ratings in HEMA maps. All the tracks were rated as “EASY” by HEMA, but they turned out to be anything by easy. The tracks were steep with very deep spoon drains that our two lifted FJs with big tyres just managed to clear. This will be run as a future Medium-Difficult trip. - Dan Ho


This was meant to be a beginner trip, catering for some new and potential members of the Club. Because of some late cancellations due to people getting sick, only Erica and I ended up on the trip. We had fun on the day and I will run this trip again for those interested in something suitable for beginners and unmodified cars and not just driving on gravel roads. - Dan Ho


Four of us went to scout out a route in the Black Range. The area has been affected by bush fires, thus it was uncertain which tracks remained opened. We met up in Yarra Glen before proceeding into Pauls Range State Forest. It was a dry day with dry tracks, which made it possible for us to climb the steep tracks with deep spoon drains. After leaving Pauls Range, we went to tackle the SES Track in Toolangi State Forest. However, the entrance we had planed to use was gated shut and we had to find an alternative route. We came across Pines Tk, where three heavily modified 4WDs were in the process of turning around. We stopped and had a chat, with them telling us how difficult Pines Tk was and how they decided to turn around after not being able to make it through the first obstacle. We inspected the obstacle, chuckled, while watching them depart before promptly saddling up and drove up Pines Tk. After climbing up Pines Tk, we came to a creek crossing with the track blocked by three other 4WDs including a new Jeep Rubicon. The other drivers were concerned that the creek might be too deep for them to cross safely. They were more than happy for us to venture across first. Given it was only slightly more than ankle deep with a firm rock base, we simply drove through and on. Eventually we were able to re-join back onto SES Tk. It was a very scenic drive with some challenging sections. However, before we reached the end of the track we were again met by closed gates and had to reroute. After finding our way out of Toolangi SF, we ventured through Black Range SF to get to Buxton where Rick and and Jackie left us for home. The rest of us had a rest stop at the Buxton Burgers before driving back to Melbourne for a group dinner in Ringwood East at a restaurant Keong knew well. Overall, the trip went very well. The tracks would be rated as Medium-Difficult in the dry, and Difficult-Very Difficult (winching) in the wet.

Trip Participants Les with daughters

Rodeo Dual Cab

Keong Y

Toyota FJ Cruiser

Rick and Jackie Samantha and Dan (Trip Leader) -26-


L-Series Toyota FJ Cruiser


After meeting at the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery for breakfast and coffee, (opened at 9 AM and very busy), from Yarra Glen we drove north along the Melba Hwy towards Kinglake National Park. The dirt started at Boggy Creek Rd where some logging had occurred, the soil a crimson and bright red colour, so some gravel and rocks had been laid on the road for the logging trucks. A short run up Mt Robertson Rd into Gum Creek Tk and that was when 4WD was selected. While the track was not particularly wet there seemed to be a bog hole of various depths and difficulties every 200 metres. Maybe they never dry out. Many of these were heavily rutted but we were initially diligent at stopping to check the depths and best lines. We had a narrow squeeze past a ute stuck on the track with a broken tie rod. They had a fire going to heat a rod for a trackside repair. But he was with a few others and they seemed have it in control so we rolled on. We saw them driving out as we were leaving.

Gum Creek Track

While there was a small delay back in the convoy, the trip leader pushed ahead making an incorrect call on the depth of a rut in a large bog. Luckily no water got in and shortly back underway with a now slightly concerned passenger.

A short decent into a creek crossing and a sharp, muddy corner exit to a very steep and rocky and rutted climb out. This led to about 3 km of steep climbs and rutted, uneven descents. All the vehicles had low range and completed the climbs with a little in reserve and engine braking on the descents. Lunch was near Mt Robertson in a car park to unload trail bikes. From there it was a short drive and a -28-

1.5 km walk to view Wombelana Falls which has a 25 fall with plenty of water running over it. A mist was coming in so we called it from there. By Kinglake visibility was about 50 metres. This is a good, short day trip and would be interesting to do in reverse. But only if in dry conditions! Trip based on Robert and Muriel Pepper’s 4WD Trips Close to Melbourne (2013) Trek 18 and Rooftops Mt Disappointment-Kinglake Activities Map.

Mud and Bog Holes every 100 metres

Trip Participants Tom

Vehicle Subaru Forester

Michael & Sharon Mitsubishi Pajero Tristian Z

Subaru Forester

Rick and Jackie L-Series Tim & Kerry Land Cruiser FJ40 (Trip Leader)

Rick guiding Tristian on his first trip. The ruts were deep with minimum clearance around the tree.


The publication of Club Awards (Jacked Up) reminded me of the benefits of Tyre Pressure monitors.

No further loss of tyre pressure suggested that the problem was the valve. A bit of spit over the After New Year we went down to the Apollo Bay valve confirmed the diagnosis. area for a very enjoyable week. Not too hot or Now safely parked, out with my trusty too cold, virtually no rain and plenty of compressor and re-inflated the tyre, making interesting roads and tracks to explore in the sure that I blew out the valve to remove any dust Otways. or grit. Planning a day along the coast (sealed roads) to look at the sites, I re-inflated my tyres to my standard bitumen pressure of 35 psi. About 20kms west of Apollo Bay, I noticed that the LH rear tyre was now showing 34psi. Kept on driving to find a safe place to pull over and it was down to 33 psi. Better check that the sensor hadn’t gone silly; nope, it was 33 psi whilst the

Valve cap on again and drove the rest of the way to the 12 Apostles and Port Campbell (50+ km). Tyre pressure now stable, and I didn’t have to get out of the car to check. There are other advantages in addition to the detection of slow (or fast) leaks. When you air down, the monitor will tell you if you have all tyres at the expected pressure, same after reother tyres were around 36 psi. A friendly inflation. Also gives you accurate feedback on resident (whose drive I was stopped in) told me the impact of the pressure you are running there was a bitumen parking area about another whilst driving. 5kms on, so we headed for that with a view of changing to the spare if required. Made sure Our 2021 Forester came with Tyre Pressure the (metal) valve cap was tight and drove on. monitors as standard and I generally leave the


dash showing tyre pressure all the time. You can also get kits/systems with sensors and cabin display at Auto and 4WD shops. Some reviews: I now also carry spare valves and the required removal tool.


Bev Davison is the Club’s resources coordinator. The Club has branded polo shirts, vests, jackets, beanies, and caps .

Get in touch with Bev for more details

Resources Coordinator:

Bev Davison

Send the details to the Editor and we’ll put it in the next edition of the magazine. Contact the Editor on

Membership The Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. has three different classes of membership: [1] Single $85 (Seniors card $80); [2] Family / Joint $95 (Seniors Card $90) [3] Life $50 (awarded on merit, minimum 10 years service) Membership fees are due for renewal on 31 May each year, for the following financial year. Please note an initial joining fee of $30 applies for Family / Joint or $15 for Single. All annual fees include FWDV affiliation and trip insurance ($52, subject to review by FWDV). A trip fee of $15 per adult non-member applies (for insurance purposes). NB: Persons joining during the year pay a pro-rata fee - contact the Membership Officer for details. If you would like more information about the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc., please contact our Membership Officer, email: or write to: Membership Officer Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. c/- 24 Hill Street Hawthorn VIC 3122 Membership application forms can be downloaded from our website


Do you have an idea for a magazine topic?


•Let the editor know

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The latest news from Four Wheel Drive Victoria April 2022

Ballarat Great Outdoors Show With the Mornington Great Outdoors Show now behind us, the Ballarat Great Outdoors Expo is the next cab of the rank. Taking place at the Ballarat Showgrounds over the 6th-8th of May 2022 this next expo is sure to be a hit. Make sure to mark it in your calendars and stop by to pick up a bargain.

Davies Plain VGO Works The next leg of the consultation process for the Victorian Great Outdoors works has been completed. Four Wheel Drive Victoria CEO Wayne Hevey has been out with members from Parks Victoria as well as members from SMEC the surveying team to review upgrades to tracks and campsites to the Davies Plain Iconic Drive. From all accounts the trip was a success with planned upgrades to encourage vehicle dispersed camping through the Iconic Drive. Toyota 4WD Club Camp Host A big thank you to the Toyota 4WD Club who ran a successful Camp Host at Murrundindi over the Labour Day weekend recently. There was great weather for all to enjoy and with a great turnout of campers the cub was able to promote themselves to whilst showing the ideals of Four Wheel Drive Victoria and principles of Tread Lightly. Presidents’ Meeting On the 9th of April there was a successful Presidents’ Meeting held at Currawong Park. All club presidents were encouraged to attend with the possibility of attending either in person or via zoom. One of the main topics of the day was the imminent relocation of the Four Wheel Drive Victoria office, along with other topics including communication between Four Wheel Drive Victoria and it’s clubs and the Toolangi Training Centre and the work to be undertaken there in the very near future. Image 1 Photo by Toyota 4WD Club

SatPhone Shop Education Night One of Four Wheel Drive Victoria’s long term supporters, SatPhone Shop,, are hosting an information evening for Four Wheel Drive Victoria members. This night will give SatPhone Shop an opportunity to demonstrate their products and help educate Four Wheel Drive Victoria members about satellite services. The evening will be held at the Mulgrave Country Club on the 26 th of May 2022 commencing at 7pm. There will be door prizes, giveaways and light refreshments available on the evening. If you are intending to come to this evening you will be required to register beforehand, keep an eye out for this registration link which will be sent to your email soon. There might even be an extra prize for the first few who register!

March Trackwatch Have you read the new edition of Trackwatch yet? Don't forget it is available to read online through the Four Wheel Drive Victoria website as well as previous editions when you log into the website. There's stores from all over in this march edition including a recap of Macalister's Camp Host, Four Deserts in Four Days, MJOC's 25th year and many more. Plus some good deals from sponsors SatPhone Shop, Exedy Australia , Atagalong Tours , Icom Australia Official , OMEGA Power Equipment , Piranha Offroad Products , Volkswagen and Patrolapart & Navarapart

Lifeblood March Update The Four Wheel Drive Lifeblood challenge is still running for 2021/2022 and there is still time to book in and make sure your donation is counted towards your clubs tally. Pajero 4WD Club of Victoria are so far leading the challenge with 26 total donations. Overall for the challenge there are 133 total donations and 399 lives saved! That’s another 21 donations and 63 lives saved since the start of March, a tremendous effort!! Don’t forgot there will be tokens of thanks given out to clubs for various donation milestones reached, such as highest total donations, highest donations per member and a few other categories so make sure to roll up your sleeves to help your club receive these tokens of thanks. Club Name Pajero 4WD Club of Victoria Toyota 4WD Club of Victoria Overlanders 4x4 Club Inc Dandenong Ranges 4WD Club Inc Bendigo Four Wheel Drive Club Mansfield Alpine 4WD Club Inc Ballarat District 4WD Club CFA Four Wheel Drive Club Inc Albury Wodonga 4WD Club Inc Land Rover Owners Club of Gippsland Victorian Four Wheel Drive Club Inc Red Dirt 4x4 Club Inc Bushtrek 4WD Club Inc GAA 4WD Club Inc Nissan 4WD Club Inc Offroad and Camping Club of Victoria Inc True Grit 4WD Club Inc Total *Table current as of 1/4/22

Total Donations 26 22 18 15 9 9 8 8 3 3 3 3 2 1 1 1 1 133

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Regional Reps Meeting Four Wheel Drive Victoria are back to hosting another face to face regional representative meeting over the 21st and 22nd of May 2022. The weekend will see us out exploring the Mt Cole area whilst Sunday will have the official meeting in the DELWP offices in Beaufort.

High Resolution Photos for Media Use Four Wheel Drive Victoria are on the lookout for as many high resolution photos of your club and cars out on trips, undertaking volunteer works including track clearing and camp hosts. Pictures of camp set ups would also be much appreciated. Both the person who took the photo and the club will be credited on each photo used and number plates will be removed from the photo for privacy. Please email with any photos you wish to submit including the name of who took the photo and the 4WD club. The location of the photo would also be greatly appreciated. These photos will be used on the Four Wheel Drive Victoria website and across Four Wheel Drive Victoria’s social media platforms. A fantastic opportunity to showcase your club and the great times you and your club have!

MJOC Celebrates 25 Years! Melbourne Jeep Owners Club (MJOC) are holding a muster over Easter based at Alexandra whilst celebrating their 25th Anniversary. They are expecting in excess of 100 people in various models of the Jeep variety. We look forward to seeing plenty of photographs and articles of the event in the near future. Image 2 Photo by Peninsula 4X4 Club

Trackwatch We need interesting articles and high resolution photos about your club for Trackwatch magazine. Trackwatch is distributed far beyond our clubs and is seen by many organizations, businesses, Government agencies and politicians so it is a terrific way to show your club to the world. Please email your articles and photos to To OPT OUT just click here or reply Four Wheel Drive Victoria is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO21605) Our privacy policy is available for viewing HERE

SatPhone Shop Information Evening From: FWDV Projects <Projects@fwdvictoria.> Date: 31 March 2022 at 14:10:19 AEDT

Subject: SatPhone Shop Information Even

To the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer Delegates and Board Members, One of Four Wheel Drive Victoria’s long term supporters, SatPhone Shop,, are hosting an information evening for Four Wheel Drive Victoria members. This night will give SatPhone Shop an opportunity to demonstrate their products and help educate Four Wheel Drive Victoria members about satellite services. The evening will be held at the Mulgrave Country Club on the 26th of May 2022 commencing at 7pm. There will be door prizes, giveaways and light refreshments available on the evening.

If you are intending to come to this evening you will be required to register beforehand, keep an eye out for this registration link which will be sent to your email soon. There might even be an extra prize for the first few who register!


Daniel Whitby Daniel Whitby – Projects Officer