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February 2016 (Issue 422)

Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. Reg. No. A – 0006149J / FWDV Member PO BOX 2456 Mount Waverley VIC 3149

Volks-Baru Subaru and Volkswagen Specialist Parts and Service Centre

We will smooth out your motoring costs with extremely competitive prices, offering trade discounts to all Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria members on all parts and repairs.

John Bailey 1362 Heatherton Rd Dandenong North 3175 Phone: (03) 9793 5655


CONTENTS Intro 4 Committee 5 From The President 6 Upcoming 7 Next Meeting - Tuesday February 23rd 7 March Meeting (CHANGE OF DATE & VENUE!!) 8 Trips and Social Events 8 Long Term Future Planning 11 Trip and Recovery Gear 12 Trip Reports 13 Australia Day Weekend 13 Trips Summary 18 Member Tricks and Tips 22 DIY Rear Drawers 22 Buy and Sell 28 Club Resources 28 Member Items for Sale 29 Minutes 30 Editor Notes 36


INTRO The Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. was originally formed over 30 years ago by an enthusiastic group of Subaru owners. Today the club has expanded to include all Subaru 4WD and AWD vehicles, as well as all other makes of AWD, light 4WD and crossover/soft-roader type vehicles. The club aims to participate in the exploration of the Australian countryside without damage to the environment, vehicle or individual. Visitors are most welcome to attend the club’s General Meetings and contact committee members regarding participation in club activities. The club relies on membership fees to offset its running costs, including insurance. Membership fees are payable each year, due on 31 May. Fees for the 2015/16 year were agreed at the general meeting in April 2015 and are as follows:

Member rates: Single: $120 (Seniors card - $110) Joint/family: $140 - (Seniors card - $125). One off joining fee of $10 ($20 for Joint/Family) also applies All annual fees include FWDV affiliation and trip insurance: $47

Non-member trip fee: A trip fee of $15 per adult non-member applies (for insurance purposes)

Please contact the membership officer for further enquiries. Email:


COMMITTEE Stephen Whittaker (President)

Dale Rebgetz (Vice President)

Peter Bellis (Secretary)

Bob Marshall (Treasurer)

Duncan McCrae (OM: General Committee) Dan Conlon (OM: Editor) au

Jean Bellis (OM: Social Coordinator )

Jamie Scott (OM: Trips Coordinator)

Meredith Dale (OM: Venue Coordinator)

Mike Dale (OM: Website/ Magazine Content)


F R OM T HE P RE SI DE N T President’s Report: February Magazine Welcome to the February Subaru 4WD Club magazine! As you may know, this year is a particularly significant year for this club. It marks our 40th year! Forty years exploring Australia in Subarus! We will celebrate this occasion later in the year. We’re asking you to lock in 24 & 25 September – the weekend before the Grand Final Day long weekend. We will be heading to Echuca for the party where we will enjoy afternoon drinks on a paddle steamer, an optional ‘Port After Dark’ guided lantern tour and then dinner at the renowned Radcliffe’s restaurant right in the Echuca Port precinct. After a huge night celebrating, we will then enjoy a big breakfast cook up Subaru 4WD Club-style! So, save the date and more details will be out soon for what will be a sensational weekend. Sincere thanks to David Wilson for his fantastic efforts in arranging everything so far – thanks, Dave. Our traditional ‘welcome back’ BBQ was once again a great success at our January meeting – the first for 2016. It was great to see so many faces – new and familiar – at the BBQ. Sincere thanks to Peter and Jean for cooking all of our food – it’s greatly appreciated. Thanks to everyone else who helped and who cooked treats too – Maddy, those cupcakes were brilliant! There were even some other familiar faces at the BBQ. Previous member, Doug Greenall, was a surprise having recently acquired (on the down-low) a 2007 XT Forester – the same model and colour as the one he’d sold just 18 months ago! It also has a whole lot more daylight underneath it than a standard Forester. Doug and his wife Michelle have recently welcomed a little man into the world. So, hopefully, we will see the family out and about on the tracks soon. Great to have you back, Doug, Michelle and now Billy. There are MANY things I love about this club and that would have to be up there with one of the top reasons; it brings people together and back together. No matter how long you’ve been away from the club, when you come back, you know you’re coming back to a pretty awesome place with good people, good trips and good fun. Another little surprise was the acquisition of a mint-condition Brumby by Dale and Jan. It looked a treat in the car park. The little beast was in fantastic nick – cannot wait to see it out on the tracks (maybe also with extra daylight underneath it!). Congratulations, Dale and Jan.


During this month, we had a really well-run trip by Mike and Meredith to Castlemaine. I could attend just one night and a day due to other commitments but enjoyed every minute of it and, from all accounts, it was a fabulous trip. Looking forward to ‘Fines and Fun’ at this month’s meeting to see who’s been dobbed in. On the cards this year is our all-important club training. We are conscious of the fact that this training has taken some time to get off the ground. But it is now close to coming to fruition and we will in the very near future have a weekend dedicated to training new (and even older, more experienced) members in the theory and practical components of four wheel driving. Looking forward to this soon. The Club Photo Competition is on at this month’s meeting. Hopefully, you’ve entered your favourite pics. The entries last year were stellar, so be sure to come along to vote for the winners of the various categories this year. Looking forward to your company then where you can catch up on the latest club news, hear trip reports and mingle with other members. In the meantime, enjoy the February magazine and I’ll see you at the meeting and/or out on the tracks – wherever we may be heading!

UPCOMING Next Meeting - Tuesday February 23rd Date: Tuesday the 23rd February at 8pm - Meetings are the Last Tuesday of every month (except December) Venue: South Camberwell Tennis Club, 332 Burke Road, Glen Iris At this month’s meeting we are running the photo competition. Come and join us and vote for your favourite photos. I would like to thank Katie and Edith for collating all the photos. Door Prize: come along to win a prize at this month's meeting. Venue Coordinator Meredith Dale


March Meeting (CHANGE OF DATE & VENUE!!) The March Meeting (22th March) will be held at Berwick Subaru (1 Prestige Place, Narre Warren), there will be chance to test drive vehicles from 6pm and the meeting itself will then be held there at 7:30pm. Venue Coordinator Meredith Dale

Trips and Social Events We have some great trips planned for 2016 and others that have started to be planned. So it looks like we are going to have another great year with the club. This year we will again run most trips with a convoy limit. So if a trip fills quickly there is the opportunity for someone to run another trip on the same weekend. If you have an idea for a trip or event during 2016 please let Jamie and Jean know. If you don’t want to lead it someone else may. If you want to run your first trip or event, again talk with Jamie or Jean. We will provide you with a mentor who can give you advice or can be a co leader with you. We have a Trip Leader pack that includes a check list and other helpful items to assist you.

Belgrave Cameo Cinema Trip Leaders: Jan and Dale Rebgetz – When: Saturday 5th March Location: Belgrave Meal: 6pm at the Reel Café. Movie: Movie and time to be advised.

Trip Standard: Social Details will be emailed out to those who have indicated they are attending.


Tonimbuk - Bunyip Date: Friday 26th – Sunday 28th February (option to come for a day or the whole weekend, can also stay Sunday night if you want) Trip leader: Jamie Scott

Trip Standard: Social to Easy ● to Medium ■ to (extremely) Difficult with chicken tracks or alternatives. Location: Tonimbuk with camping on Private Property and Jamie will give you the address. Suitable for Campers and tents. Everyone needs to be completely selfsufficient for water. Plan: Friday: Meeting Time from 12-noon Saturday: One easy Trip One extremely difficult trip Night run medium Sunday: fun and Games Challengers for Drivers, passengers and vehicles Lunch at a winery – TBC

Lake Cobbler This Trip has reached Convoy Limit. When: Saturday 12 – Monday 14 March (Labour Day Long Weekend) Trip Rating: Medium ■ (to be confirmed) Convoy Limit: 8 vehicles (potentially 10, TBC)


Trip Leader: Stephen Whittaker, The Labour Day Long Weekend will be a fantastic weekend for all involved – a fun, social, interesting and scenic trip. This moving trip will commence at Mansfield, where we will meet in the main street mid-morning. After fuelling (via the servo and the bakery!), we will head for: Tolmie, Powers Lookout, Whitfield, Paradise Falls, Lake Cobbler, The Staircase, King River, Huts: King Hut, Mt No. 3 Hut and Tomahawk Hut Likely camp for the first night is Lake Cobbler and for the second night Tomahawk Hut or a trackside camp depending on how busy it is out on the tracks. More details to come in the lead up to the trip.

Buckland Valley When: 12th – 14th March 2016 Trip standard is medium ■ to difficult ♦. Organised by 4WD Victoria. Based in the Buckland Valley at Beveridge’s Station Day trips of various standards Evening entertainment and catered Dinner on Saturday. Further details: see Track Watch December 2015 p 20-21

Disputed Border This Trip has reached Convoy Limit. Trip Standard: Medium ■ Trip Leaders: Jean and Peter Bellis - The Full length of VIC/SA border) Friday 25 March to Sunday 3rd April 2016 (Easter 25-28th March) Further details will be emailed out to those attending this trip.

10 | P a g e

Jean and Peter Bellis

Simpson Desert When: 17th July 2016 for 3 weeks Trip Leader: Dale Rebgetz -

11th Australian 4WD Gathering When: 19th – 22nd August 2016 Where: Barmera, South Australia (2 hours west of Mildura) Loveday 4x4 Park.

40th Anniversary Celebrations – Save the Date Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria will be celebrating its 40th Anniversary during 2016. th


When: Saturday 24 to Sunday 25 September 2016. Where: Echuca, with events getting underway late afternoon Saturday. More details to come as soon as they are finalised.

Robe When: 29th Oct to 1st November Where: Robe, SA Trip Rating: Medium ■ (to be confirmed) Convoy Limit: TBC Trip Leaders: Lee Wegner & Duncan McCrae

Long Term Future Planning 2017

Central Australia Kangaroo Island? Fraser Island

11 | P a g e


Cape York


Canning Stock Route Simpson Desert – re-enactment of the 40th anniversary of the Club’s 1974 crossing from Macumba Station to Purine Bore

Trip and Social Contacts • • •

Trip Coordinator: Jamie Scott Social Coordinator : Jean Bellis

TRIP AND RECOVERY GEAR The aim of all Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. trips is to have an enjoyable experience in the bush, increasing 4WD’ing skills and experience, whilst maintaining the highest regard for the safety of individuals, the vehicle and the environment. As a driver you have ultimate responsibility for the safety of your passengers and vehicle. It is the responsibility of any participating driver to contact individual trip leaders for clarification of individual trip requirements and standards. Financial members are encouraged to participate in as many trips as possible to increase confidence and experience. Visitors are welcome subject to the payment of the appropriate levy to cover insurance, but after two visits, should consider membership. Non-financial members are not covered by insurance and may not participate until payment is received. Individual drivers with concerns or queries regarding their vehicle and the trip standard should contact relevant trip leaders. The Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc. recommends that each vehicle carry the following items or equipment on every trip: 1.

Personal details form as

strap, according to vehicle

specified by FWDV, copy to Trip Leader 2.

design; 5.

AM (27Mhz) Channel 5 or

Two rated D- Shackles

UHF (477Mhz) Channel 16 CB

(minimum 3.2t)

Radio. Ideally in car but hand


Rated snatch strap

held are ok provided


Recovery Points, Front &

sufficient battery(s) to last

Rear; plus optional bridle

the trip.

12 | P a g e


Fire Extinguisher, accessible to the driver

11. A Tyre Pressure Gauge; Compressor (according to the


Spare Tyre (full size)


Jack and wheel Brace, or

12. An Axe, Bow or Chain saw;


13. A Sturdy Shovel (collapsible


Emergency Supplies (matches, food, water and clothing)


shovels are no good) 14. Spare Parts (appropriate to the nature of the trip)

10. Sufficient Fuel, Oil and Water for the trip and delays

15. A Tool Kit 16. Personal First Aid Kit 17. The Vehicle Manual

Any vehicle not carrying at least the first five (5) items of equipment should contact the individual Trip Leader before leaving. Any Club member unsure about any of the items of equipment listed above are advised to contact the Trip and Social Coordinator or the Trip Leader concerned. All Trip Leaders carry a complete First Aid Kit in case of emergency. All nonemergency medical needs are expected to be meet by individuals own medical supplies.

TRIP REPORTS Australia Day Weekend A smashing good time in Castlemaine Edith Fullalove & Michael Dale

Thursday 21st January Meredith and Sandy headed up to Mt Alexander, Leanganook Camp ground, to assure we got a good place to camp for the weekend. Thanks ladies.

13 | P a g e

Friday 22nd January Meredith had to return to Melbourne to attend to a personal issue and returned to Mt. Alexander with Mike. Graham, Kerry, Darryl, Alan, Edith and Peter arrived Friday at different times during the day and evening and setup camp.

Saturday 23rd January Saturday morning started with a 4km walk along the West Ridge walking track, a section of the Great Dividing Trail which links Castlemaine and Bendigo. Meredith ferried everyone who wanted to go on the walk to the chosen starting point (the telecommunications towers which was the highest point of the walk) and the trail would take everyone back to the camp site. While the name of the track suggests a walk along the ridge, it in fact takes you along the side of the mountain, in and out of gullies and scrambling over rocks and fallen trees. It was a great walk, passing Shepherds’ Flat lookout and Dog Rocks. Paul arrived while we were out walking and set up his tent. When we all got back from the walk we had lunch and waited for Tim and Jack to arrive and set up. We then headed out for an afternoon drive, taking in some of the local sights of Mount Alexander. The first stop was Langs’ Lookout (next to the communications tower) which had magnificent Northern views of the area. We then went to the top of an old granite quarry (there are over a dozen quarries on the mountain), and then drove down into the quarry itself for a look around the site and the old abandoned equipment still there. We then headed to The Oaks for afternoon tea via a track which was a tiny bit overgrown in places which allowed for the adding of memories to some of our cars. We did get out and do a bit of manual pruning of overgrown branches at one point. The Oaks was initially a plantation of Valonia oaks to supply tanning material to local tanneries. However this variety of Oak could not be established due to insufficient draining and a variety of other Oaks were planted (Holly, Cork, English, Algerian and Bristle Oak). The arrival at The Oaks was met with a chatter of talk from a group of Chaffy birds. Meredith and Edith soon managed to silence that racket, with one of their own!

14 | P a g e

On our way back to camp we had to stop for an echidna that was crossing the road and some good pictures of the spiky ant eater were obtained.

On the return back to camp a little confusion happened for some when Edith and Meredith changed vehicles. Some thought it sounded funny that Tail End Charlie was

15 | P a g e

telling the convoy which way to turn and the directions were being acknowledged by the Trip Leader. In the evening we had dinner at the Five Flags Hotel in Campbells Creek. Here Stephen joined us.

Sunday 24th January Sunday morning was an early rise as we had a big day ahead of us. The aim was to make our way along a series of tracks to the Chocolate Mill (just North of Dalesford). One of the trip leaders had procrastinated on exactly which tracks to take due to various reasons (too easy, too out of the way, too overgrown with a 6m tree in the middle of the track!). Finally he bit the bullet and took a gamble on a series of mostly un-named tracks (off White Gum Track) which should provide some interest. In this he was correct! The first was a bit of a faux pas by the driver of the lead car - their usual roles having been swapped as only Mike knew the planed route and was hence navigating. While climbing a short steep hill the navigator realized the convoy needed to turn right at the top of the hill, and told the driver as much. The driver misunderstood this, assuming it was a directive to move to the right of the track, and thereby taking it as a slight on her driving abilities and the line she was taking, decided to let the navigator know what for. It was alas at this moment that the navigator, not really focused on anything but the map, decided to pass these instructions on to the rest of the convoy. The driver not realising the send button was down on the radio, had a few choice words broadcast to anyone in range of a UHF CB radio! Never the less the convoy progressed until a track intersection was encountered which was not on the map. This caused a bit of confusion and some scouting. Some errant fence wire was picked up by the vehicles of Mike and Meredith, and Peter and Edith. The later requiring some tools to safely remove it from the underside of the car. Continuing along the un-named track, the intrepid trip leaders finally found their way back to White Gum Track. The convoy then made their way South along White Gun to Telecom. This was a great track with some nice climbs and descents. Towards the end of Telecom track there was a particularly steep and rocky descent, with each vehicle taking their turn to descend. At some point during the descent we hear Kerry’s voice over the radio, “our oil light has come on”. They made it down to the bottom without incident, and Graham proceeded to investigate the issue. Despite his efforts (and yes the car had plenty of oil in it), the oil light would not turn off. It was decided that Peter and Edith’s Pajero would tow the Outback to somewhere a bit more convenient for further investigation. So morning tea was had on the side of a 2WD road while further investigations were done. This however still amounted to naught and a decision was made to tow them into Vaughan Springs and leave their vehicle there for the rest of the day, and pick it up later and tow it back to camp. It was this towing that allowed Peter and Edith ‘fine immunity’, which as you will read about later, came in handy. Lunch was had at Vaughan Springs and those that wanted to try out the giant slide had a turn. We then had a group photo around the slide. We headed out of Vaughan, to Guildford where we climbed up the lookout which had 360degree views of the surrounding area. We then headed to the Chocolate Mill,

16 | P a g e

where it was time for chocolate and afternoon tea. Chocolate was purchased, drunken or eaten or all three. Yummy! The lamington’s that Paul and Stephen had sure seemed rather large. After leaving the Chocolate Mill we headed into Leslies Road, Sawpitt Gully Road, Porcupine Ridge Road, Helge Track, and Italian Hill Track where we stopped for a second afternoon tea and a play on the hills. It was pick your poison? There were five different hills of veering degree of difficulty for vehicles to be tested on. Lots of dust was produced by all and a fun time as well, “Dusty” (Peter and Edith’s Pajero) lived up to his name on the hills and poor “Shiny” (Stephens silver Forester) got covered in dust. Daryl broke a water bottle on one climb and water poured out his tailgate. We got a group shot with cars and their drives (see magazine cover). At this point Stephen left us to head home and the rest of the convoy headed back into Vaughan so we could get Graham and Kerrie’s car back to camp. Tires were aired up, Peter and Edith towed Graham and Kerry, while Alan and Sandy went ahead to let us know of oncoming vehicles or road hazards. It was also noted around this time that Paul’s car was making a high pitched noise when breaking and it was nick-named “Squeaky” Mike, Meredith and Paul picked up some wood for a campfire that evening.

Monday 25th January The Monday morning saw Graham on the phone to Subaru to sort out his car. The conclusion was that it would be safe to drive into Bendigo to have it checked out. The rest of the group went to meet Martin at Eureka Reef for a walk around the old mining site. The trip leader failed to find the correct turnoff (as about only 1 in 5 streets on his map were signed ) and we had to call Martin for directions. Martin had downloaded the pod cast of the walk and he was happy to play tour guide. The walk retraces the steps of the diggers who experienced life on an 1850’s gold field. The walk took a little over an hour and was very enjoyable and informative with the audio commentary. We then headed to the Garfield Wheel which contains the stone foundations of one of the world’s largest water wheels. The 24-metre diameter water wheel had 220 wrought-iron buckets and revolved once every 55 seconds. It was constructed in 1887. Peter managed to climb up to the top of the foundations. Tim and Jack headed home, while the rest went back to camp for lunch. We heard from Graham and Kerry that their car was fine, and now with a new name, “Oily”. Paul, Sandy and Alan packed up to go home. That afternoon it was only Mike & Meredith and Peter & Edith that was motivated to try some tracks. Mike decided he wanted to checkout another un-named track (off Railway Dam Road). This was a nice track that climbed then followed a ridge with spectacular views. We then met White Gum Track and then onto Reservoir Track, followed by Morgan Track. Morgan Track was a narrow windy track, pretty much unmaintained , and at times coming very close to the aqueduct. We stopped for a late afternoon tea and to correlate the GPS coordinates with the map to ensure it didn’t become a night drive. Towards the end of Morgan Track it formed a T intersection that had a large ravine in front of it. To the left it ended up driving down into the ravine, to the right it skirted the ravine and back onto a main gravel road.

17 | P a g e




Next Meeting

February 23rd

See you there


Jan and Dale Rebgetz Twilight Cinema

March 5th

vicepresident@subaru4wdv Easy ● to

Tonimbuk Weekend

Medium ■

Friday 26th –

Jamie Scott

Sunday 28th



to Difficult with chicken tracks or alternatives

Lake Cobbler This Trip has reached Convoy Limit.

Buckland Valley

March Meeting. Held at Berwick Subaru

Saturday 12 – Monday 14 March (Labour Day Long Weekend)

12th – 14th March 2016

March 22nd. Test drive from 6pm, Meeting from 7:30pm

Stephen Whittaker, president@subaru4wdv

Further details, see Track Watch December 2015 p 20-21

Medium ■ (to be confirmed)

Medium ■ to difficult ♦

Meredith Dale (Venue Coordinator) venue@subaru4wdvic.

18 | P a g e

Disputed Border

Friday 25 March to Sunday 3rd April

This Trip has reached Convoy Limit.

Simpson Desert

2016 (Easter 2528th March)

17th July 2016 for 3 weeks

19th – 22nd

4WD Gathering

August 2016


Medium ■

Dale Rebgetz- vicepresident@subaru4wdv

Medium ■

See you there

Saturday 24th to Sunday 25th

More details to come


Saturday 29th Robe, SA


11th Australian

40th Anniversary

Jean and Peter Bellis -

October to Tuesday 1 November

Lee Wegner & Duncan McCrae



Medium ■ (TBC)

19 | P a g e

We then followed Jacobs Track and found an area that was out of bounds. It contained a large area of toxic mine tailings, with signs saying no swimming or drinking! We caught glimpses of a large body of water, but didn’t have time to investigate a good viewing position. We drove down an un-named side track where we met a gold prospector weighing his finding for the day. He had 0.1 grams of gold, worth about $4 with the current price. We followed this track until it stopped at a shed on someone’s property. The owner came and had a talk with us (very friendly – no issue there). Apparently Parks Victoria had closed the track at his property (no sign of road closure earlier), so there was nothing left to do but back track. We decided to check on what Graham and Kerry were doing for dinner. They had been sightseeing on their way back from Bendigo. We said we would meet them at a hotel in Castlemaine for dinner. Mike however decided to check out one more track first, The Monk Track. We only had a very short time, so we didn’t explore any side braches. We met Graham and Kerry just as they arrived at the hotel, which was alas closed. We then went to another hotel in Castlemaine which was also closed. While we were discussing (over the radio) what to do for dinner, a third party recommended the Five Flags Hotel in Campbells Creek. Having been there two nights earlier, it didn’t take much convincing, so we headed there for dinner. Meredith rang them to ensure they were open, and they remembered her from before. So we got a booking and headed there for another great meal in their outside dining area.

20 | P a g e

Tuesday 26th January: Australia Day After breakfast we all started packing up. Mike, Meredith, Peter and Edith then decided they had time to go back and look at The Monk Track again. We said our goodbyes to Graham, Kerry and Darryl who were still packing up. We arrived at the bottom of the track; M & M unhitched their camper for the track. Peter and Edith went up the track to see if the Forester would be able to get up the track. We tackled this track from the other end to what we had done yesterday. At the top Peter had a little accident turning his vehicle around and backed into a broken tree branch, breaking his rear window. We removed all the glass and headed down to the bottom. When we got down M & M helped us cover the window with a tarp. Mike decided he wanted to have a better look, so Peter offered to take Mike up in his truck, and who is Peter to say no when it comes to tracks. It was decided that it wasn’t suitable for the Forester due to a large hole in the track which could not be avoided without driving into an even larger hole. So we then all drove around to the other end of the track and went to the top of The Monk. There you could see the start of the channel that relayed water down to the aqueducts. Peter and Edith came down the hard way and M & M took the easier way back. The camper was hitched up again and we headed off for home.

Trip participants Michael and Meredith Peter and Edith Sandra and Alan Kerry and Graham

Tim and Jack Paul Daryl Stephen 21 | P a g e

MEMBER TRICKS AND TIPS DIY Rear Drawers By Dan Conlon Following several trips with plastic tubs and occy straps it was time to organize the back of the car a little bit, so I set about getting some drawers. First stop was (my go to for bargains) but they didn’t have anything under $650 so after a bit of planning I made a set for $240 plus the cost of a six pack. The project took about 24 hours, split over a few days….it’s possible the omission of beer could cut this time down. Size: I’m not including measurements as your boot may be a different size to mine, also I measured a lot of stuff on the fly. Though the rear floor area taken up by the draws is roughly 70cm deep and 95cm wide, and the drawers are about 65cm high. Mounting: if your Subi is like mine then you’ll have 4 square tiedowns, two behind the seat and two at the rear. I bolted the wooden frame to these.

Getting out your spare tyre: The whole assembly is hinged behind the seat so by unbolting the rear two bolts you can pivot the whole thing up on the front two enough to get the spare tyre out.

Material used: 70mm x 35mm pine 42mm x 19mm pine Piano hinge 2 x 600mm 90kg heavy duty drawer runners Several sheets of thin ply

40mm, 30mm and 10mm screws. About 40 of each. 4 x 8mm bolt and nut, 8 x square washer to fit 4 x sure strap (large) Mesh tie down Regular tie down strap

23 | P a g e

My steps‌.. 1. Cut timber for base as per above, started with the cross beam just behind the rear seat (the one that attached to the two tiedowns) as that gave the width measurement to use throughout. 2. Created and assembled base for fridge 3. Attached draw sliders to inner side of frame and outer side of drawer

Note: this shows two 70mm x 35mm lengths in the centre when I only ended up using one

Detail of the join at the hinge

24 | P a g e

4. Test

5. Build drawer for right hand side and attach to runners

a 6. Add verticals, I used 42mm x 19mm

25 | P a g e

7. Add cross beams to make a roof. I used 42mm x 19mm. The cross beams ran both length-ways and across to form a grid that then sat and was screwed to the top of the verticals. 8. Cover with ply where appropriate

26 | P a g e

9. Cut custom shaped stopping piece to fit between drawers and boot. Should be snug but not too tight, this will stop the drawers moving while driving. As rule of thumb if it fits down between the drawers and the plastic strip that runs along the back (see arrows below), then the boot will close.

10. Add sure straps as mount points for the fridge, then use a tie down strap to mount fridge

11. Add mesh, get creative with mount points. The hooks the seats clip to when they go back is a good one (even if your seats are back). As are the tie down points in the roof. 27 | P a g e

All done‌‌.enjoy!!

BUY AND SELL Club Resources We have plenty of resources to sell. We may have many, some or none of the following items so if you are interested in any of these then please come along to the club meeting and I will be very happy to sell them to you. Correct change will be much appreciated. Short sleeve blue chambray shirt w/logo (Size 14) - $30.00 Long sleeve blue chambray shirt w/logo (Size M) - $60.00 New Style Red Polo Shirts (M, L, XL, 2XL) - $30.00 Hat Oiled Skin size 55 - $20.00 Hat Safari size 59 - $20.00 New Style Vest - $60.00 New Style Jacket - $70.00 Blue Polo Shirt - $15.00 Large Sew on Badges - $3.50

28 | P a g e

Small Sew on Badges - $2.00 Fuel Filter Plastic x 45deg. - $5.00 Fuel Filter Plastic x 90deg. - $5.00 Fuel Filter Plastic x Straight - $5.00 eFlare HZ510 Red with Base - $55.00 Wheel Nuts [Set of 4] - $1.60 CV Boot Clamps Large & Small - $3.00 CV Joint Grease - $4.00 MSP Engine Formulation (oil additive) - $50.00 For substantial discounts on all general automotive spare parts, oils, filters, shocks, etc., please see me for details. Resources Officer: Dale Rebgetz Email:

Member Items for Sale Item: Forester Aluminium Bash Plates Details: made from 6.0mm construction grade aluminium Cost: $300 for club members, $330 for non-members. Fitting can be arranged. Contact: David Wilson, Item: Set of 4 alloy rims from Outback 1997 model Cost: $120.00 ONO Contact: David Wilson, Item: Roof console to hold CB and lights and switches for Outback Cost: $100.00 Contact: David Wilson,

Want to sell something Subaru/off-road related? Contact The club makes this space available free of charge to members wishing to buy or sell items. Please note that the Motor Car Trader Regulations 1998-22(4) require that vehicles for sale advertisements must contain: (a) the cash price of the vehicle and; (b) the registration number if registered or the engine/chassis numbers if unregistered.

29 | P a g e

Contact Jamie for any questions:

M IN U T E S General Meeting Minutes

McCrae, Peter Mynard, Katie Mynard, Stephen Whittaker, Peter Devine, Matt Chaplin, Graham Gill, Kerry Gill, Tim Folliard, Dan Conlon, Damian Stock, Dot Greiveson, Martin Foot, David Wilson, Anthony Wilson, Justin Wilson, Les Scott, Rick Koster, Peter Landouris.

The general meeting of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc was held on Tuesday, 26th January 2016 at the South Camberwell Tennis Club starting at 8:16pm. 1.

Present Peter Bellis, Jean Bellis, Jessica Walsh, Peter Fullalove, Edith Fullalove, Ruth Marshall, Bob Marshall, Phil Milkins, Elaine Milkins, Michael Dale, Meredith Dale, Dale Rebgetz, Jan Rebgetz, Anthony Saunders, Andrew Jantke, Lisa Jantke, Duncan McCrae, Lee


Apologies Jamie Scott, Bev Davison, David Denver, Jessica Moloney, Paul Saleeba, Lynette Mudford.


Visitors Dennis Scambler, Doug Greenall.



30 | P a g e

A welcome and new year’s greetings was extended to all members and visitors. Thank-you to Meredith for the food for tonight’s barbecue, Peter and Jean Bellis and Peter Devine for doing the cooking. Many thanks to Dot Grieveson for nipping down the street to get some more bread.



Minutes of the Previous General Meeting 5.1. The minutes of the November 2015 General Meeting were accepted without amendment after being moved by Edith Fullalove and seconded by Katie Scambler. 5.2. There was no business arising from the minutes.

7.6. 7.7.

7.8. 7.9.


Correspondence 6.1. In Magazines from various 4WD clubs. 6.2. Out None.


Reports 7.1. Resources 4x4 magazines for members to take. New club members are entitled to club shirts at a discount. The club has some sizes in stock. 7.2. Editor Seeking trip reports and trip photographs. Other articles are also appreciated. 7.3. TRIP AND SOCIAL Trip attendance sheets are at the front for filling in for upcoming trips. Plenty of long weekends coming up in the year for opportunities to organise and run trips. 7.4. Venue


Photographic competition will be occurring at the February meeting. March meeting at Berwick Subaru will be brought forward a week to Tuesday 22nd March due to the 29th clashing with the Disputed Border Track trip. Seeking suggestions for future meetings. Membership. Have received some membership enquiries. Anthony Saunders was presented with his club nametag. Treasurer Current bank account balance is $8,511.46 Secretary Next committee meeting is next Tuesday, 2nd February, 2016 at the Bellis’ home. Vice-President Nothing to report. President This year is the club’s 40th birthday. There will be some large celebrations later in the year. Details of events will be published in February. We will be seeking contact details of previous members so that they can be invited to participate.

2015 Annual Awards Presentation The following awards were presented: Clubman of the year – Peter Bellis Clubwoman of the year – Jean Bellis Bent Valve – Peter Bellis Bogger – Michael Hartshorne Jacked Up – Dan Conlon Other annual awards presented at the Christmas party in November were: Burnt Billy – Lynette Mudford Piggy Bank – Jamie Scott

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Silver Socket – Rick Gain Membership award – Jessica Walsh for 5 years.


General Business 9.1. Rick’s 1985 Leona has just clicked over 100,000km. 9.2. Battery recycling – have already received quite a few. Will earn about $700 a pallet load. 9.3. Fundraising – will be doing the chocolate drive in the next month. 9.4. ARB – are selling hinges for radio antennas that allow them to be fold down for going under low clearance objects. 9.5. Vehicle modifications – in 2015, the vehicle roadworthy laws stated that vehicles that have electronic vehicle stability control were not able to be modified. However, after testing in the USA last year that proved that vehicle height modifications had no impact on stability performance, the regulations have been made less restrictive. Consequently, vehicles with ESC can now be modified.

10. Fines and Fun 10.1. Nametags David Wilson, Les Scott. 10.2. Last to Meeting Peter Landouris. 10.3. Trips


Christmas Trip David Wilson – delaying trip by one day. Edith Fullalove – losing the map before the trip started. Peter Devine – for getting stuck on

the way to Mt Pinnabar. Martin Foot – flat tyre on the way to Mt Pinnabar. Peter Bellis – flat tyre on the way through Indi country. Dennis Scambler – for catching a rainbow trout within a few minutes of stopping for lunch. Dorothy Grieveson – for not packing the bathers. David Wilson – for telling people not to worry about bathers. Rick Koster – for washing his car in the river. Stephen Whittaker – for also washing his car in the river. Rick Koster – for losing his roll of toilet paper on the track. Les Scott – for losing his lunch box on the track into Dartmouth Dam. Jamie Scott – for breaking his Brumby on the play exit at the campsite. Dale and Jan Rebgetz, Peter and Jean Bellis, Jamie Scott, and Martin and Dot – for not tackling a very challenging track. Dale and Jan Rebgetz, and Martin and Dot – for heading into Corryong afterward for coffee. Dennis Scambler – for not pinning his

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tow hitch after assisting in the recovery of Peter Devine. 10.3.2. Christmas Party Les Scott – sitting on Santa’s knee. 10.4. Total fines collected - $14.20.

3.2.3. 3.2.4. 3.2.5.

11. The Lucky door prize was won by Dot Grieveson.

12. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 23rd February 2016 commencing at 8pm.



Correspondence 4.1. In 4WD Victoria “Clean up the Bush” – collection phase at Ballarat. List of general meeting dates for 2016. Anthony Saunders – club nametag for wife. Martin Foot – purchase of pair of 17” steel rims for 2014 Forester by the club as a resource. Committee decided not to proceed. Enquiry about cost of mechanical repair to a Subaru Liberty. 4.2. Out None.


Reports 5.1. Resources Nothing to report. 5.2. Trip and Social Report circulated. Details of future trip and social events elsewhere in the magazine. The AFL Grand Final public holiday on the Friday before is gazetted again for this year. Suggestion for trip to Robe on Melbourne Cup weekend – proposed by Duncan and Lee. 5.3. Venue Report circulated.

13. Meeting closed at 9:26pm and was followed by supper whilst Stephen

Committee Meeting Minutes Minutes of the meeting of the committee of the Subaru 4WD Club of Victoria Inc held on Tuesday 2nd February 2016 at the home of Jean and Peter Bellis starting at 7:40pm. 1.

Present Jean Bellis, Peter Bellis, Jamie Scott, Bob Marshall, Dale Rebgetz, Stephen Whittaker, Duncan McCrae, Dan Conlon, Meredith Dale, Michael Dale.


Quorum A quorum was achieved with all committee members present.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting 3.1. Minutes of the December 2015 meeting were accepted without amendment. 3.2. Business Arising from the Minutes and Outstanding Actions 3.2.1. Bank account signatories. 3.2.2. Club’s cupboard. Have problems finding a locksmith who can access the blank

(evidently these are kept in the USA). Ongoing 4WD Education / Awareness. Membership renewal form. Electronic version of other Subaru 4WD Club magazine – links now being circulated in the email with the link to the club’s magazine. Request for advertising in club’s magazine by AllDrive Subaroo

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Details of future monthly meetings elsewhere in the magazine. Future possibilities – visit to Ringwood Trade centre (need to give David Wilson some dates), tree man (via David), Rob Pepper, 4WD tyres. Membership Report circulated. Membership application Have received a new membership application and a rejoining membership application. After reviewing the applications, the committee passed the following resolutions:


The committee resolved to accept the membership application from Doug and Michelle Greenall


The committee resolved to accept the membership application from Dennis Scambler and Janice Crozier.

Family member – what is the scope of the membership type “Family”? The issue of the scope of the membership type “family” was raised with the committee. The club’s constitution defines a family/joint membership as “may be granted to a family or couple”. The club’s constitution is silent on the definition of family. Name tags for children – the committee agreed that



5.7. 5.8. 5.9.


the club would fund the cost of the initial name tags for members’ children, given the club’s current positive financial situation. Editor The editor will be absent during April (he will be getting married). Therefore, need either someone else to do the editing or the magazine is published early. Michael offered to do any final editing prior to publishing. Magazine distribution by post o Martin has highlighted that due to the recent postal pricing increases the cost of posting the printing and posting the magazine, it is now starting to get very expensive. It was agreed that the receiving of a printed and posted magazine be made an “opt in” option at an additional cost, not the current “opt out” option. o New membership form needs to be amended (Dan offered to do) to provide such option. Treasurer Report circulated. Current bank account balance is $8,645.16. Monies from last week’s barbecue was $179.75. Secretary Nothing to report Vice-President Nothing to report. President Nothing to report.

Sub-Committees 6.1. Communications

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Some changes have been made to the club’s website in regards to the photograph gallery to improve loading speed. Community Involvement Oxfam Christmas tree delivery – had 3 vehicles from the club as part of the effort to deliver over 3,500 trees and raise just shy of $330,000. Nerrina Forester, near Ballarat – second phase of “Clean-up the Bush” is on 2nd / 3rd April 2016. Constitution Review Convoy rules – Jessica and I are currently reviewing the by-law governing trip convoy rules. Education / Training 4WD Victoria has just released their training dates for 2016. Membership application form – should include any information about prior 4WD and other appropriate courses. Club 4WD driver instruction / trip leading instruction – Stephen to follow up with Jessica.

40th Birthday Celebrations Proposal received for a weekend event at Echuca, camping overnight nearby (24/25 September). River cruise on a paddle steam late Saturday with appetisers and drinks (limit – 95 people). Walking tour through the wharf afterwards for an additional $15 per person

Two-course dinner at a nearby restaurant at 7:30pm. Quoted cost is $80 per person. Bus back from/to the camp site – $300 to $400 per bus charter. Camping - $45 per powered site. Currently investigating other options. Need to seek some sponsorship from Subaru. Deposit to be paid with application. The club will partially subside the event – restricted to current members. Merchandise – need to start thinking about it and organising it. Possibilities – caps, club sticker (with 40th year), photograph book, video, thermo mugs. Former Members – when do we issue an invitation and how wide? Will run only the one event.


General Business Club’s “iconic drive” – Jamie suggested the trip in the Morwell River area. Needs to be documented.


Next Meeting will be held on Tuesday 1st March 2016 at 7:30pm at the home of Dale Rebgetz.

10. Meeting closed at 10:25pm.

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