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Issue 17, October 24, 2012

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what’s NEW January 1, 2013 is Only 70 Short Days Away! Is Your Marketing Plan Ready?

It’s hard to believe that 2012 has come and in 70 days will already be gone. Have you started to think about your Marketing and Printing Plan for 2013? If not, why not get started today! Are you looking for ideas, advice or someone to help you put your ideas down on paper? Be sure to take some time to go back through our past Social Marketing Talk Newsletters -- check out the Recommended Resources and brush up on all of the new marketing ideas and tools that we introduced you to. If you are interested in having someone help you put your 2013 Marketing Plan together -- we’d love to help you! Contact Gene at 402.379.0616 or to get started!


Domino Theory Blog This is a great resource on all things digital: Social Media, Email Marketing, Web Design and Lead Generation. According to their website, “The Domino Theory applies to your marketing efforts. -- All it takes is one small strategic action to set big things in motion and align with the actions of others throughout your business.” Check it out!

You Gotta Spend Money to Make Money...Are You Spending Your Marketing Dollars Where it Counts! Have you heard the old saying, “You Gotta Spend Money to Make Money?” There is a lot of truth to this statement, however, spending money on marketing doesn’t always mean spending lots of money. You have to spend your marketing money where it counts -- spend your marketing dollars wisely. It’s been told to us over and over again that:

Spending money on marketing is supposed to increases sales AND

Not spending money on marketing is supposed to result in fewer sales There is some truth to the statements above, however, marketing is a lot more than just spending money on advertising and selling to increase sales, it’s about providing an exceptional customer experience -- which doesn’t always consist of spending lots of money. If you focus your marketing efforts on creating the ultimate customer experience, your customers will become your brand advocates and you will find that you will not have to spend as much of your budget on marketing because your customers will do this for you!

How You Can Provide an Exceptional Customer Experience at Every Digital Touchpoint!

Consider this -- the customer experience starts with discovery and awareness of the brand, and leads to interaction, purchase, use, and potentially advocacy of that brand. This being said, the ultimate customer experience starts when the customer discovers your brand. In today’s marketing world, chances are your customer’s first experience with your brand will be in the digital form. This means that you need to develop a digital customer experience strategy in order to provide an exceptional customer experience! You need to own the voice of the customer online, develop a promise at every digital touch point, have your brand story spread across all of your digital channels and pay close attention to what your customers do on your website and social media. Take it from Mashable, “Instead of focusing on channel-specific experiences, companies need to pay attention to the realities of today’s multi-channel customer who may use multiple touchpoints in pursuit of a single goal, and expects all touchpoints to be in sync in visual design, behavior and content. Firms need an overarching digital customer experience strategy.”

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Social Marketing Talk  

Create a customer experience

Social Marketing Talk  

Create a customer experience