Lunar Portraits

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LUNAR PORTRAITS Silver Gelatin Photographs, 2019-2020 Lunar Portraits consists of a series of photographs using only light from the Full Moon to expose the image. Participants were asked to gaze up at the Full Moon whilst moonlight fell upon their face. This series highlights humanity’s connection to our celestial neighbour, considering how our ancestors have gazed up at the Full Moon for many thousands of years. The Moon connects humans across timescales and immense distances, as the same Moon can be viewed from vantage points across the entire planet. This series also acknowledges 2019’s 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11, when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first landed on the Moon. Acknowledgements Emma Falconer Leeds Art University XYZ Books, Lisbon

In Order of Appearance Alessandro Schneider Diego Valente Hannah Fletcher Ivan Da Silva (Melanie King, Author) Simone Mudde Louise Halswell Lulu Lefkavich Annie Jenkins Cat Proudfoot Charlie Russell Clare Gibson and Dave Gibson Claire de Lune Claire Orme Iain James Purves Jane Rawlings Julia Laird Ruth Fox Sam Battle Clair Le Couteur Carli Jefferson Matt Mapleston, Anna V and Carmen Clarissa Beveridge Jo Miller and Karen Reed Natascha Maksimovic Maxwell Taylor

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