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“Wavelengths” is a series of photographs made on infrared film. To produce the images in this book, Melanie explored the landscapes of Kilpisjärvi (Northern Finland) and Margate (UK) with curiosity. The residency with Bioartsociety gave Melanie the opportunity to represent the organic landscape with unique vibrant pink tones. Closer to Melanie’s home in Kent, she explored the tidal pool at Walpole Bay, closely observing seaweed suspended in water.

Bioartsociety Finland With particular thanks to the Space-Earth-Space group. The Film Photography Project Photo Co-Op Folkestone Argentea Gallery, Birmingham Arts Council England South East Creatives Emma Falconer Charlie Cameron + All patrons of my Crowdfunder.co.uk and Patreon pages.

Infrared film represents life forms such as plants and trees as a glowing magenta, so Melanie’s camera was pointed at lively seaweeds and lichens set against cold and “inert” rocks and chalk. Historically, Infrared photography has had many uses. It has been used for military and ecological observation and is still commonly used within the field of astronomy to view distant nebulae and galaxies. Infrared photography allows us to view phenomena in a way that we would not usually see with the naked eye. Within all of her work, Melanie aims to demonstrate the interconnectedness between humans and the natural world. www.melaniek.co.uk

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