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With Meinhardt Environment you get more. Meinhardt is a multi-disciplinary engineering and technical services consultancy with over 60 years’ experience. Our focus is on how we do what we do. The Meinhardt Environment team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the business, providing clients with a solutions focused approach to meet and exceed their expectations for the delivery of Landfill/Waste Management, Contaminated Land, Environmental Management and Environmental Advisory projects. We work closely with clients to understand the key drivers for their business so that we can deliver tailored solutions to real world problems. Our aim is to provide solutions, which work for each project: practical, cost-saving, time-saving ideas and a personal approach to delivery.

The Team Matthew Collyer Director — ­ Environment

Toby Montgomery Associate — Environment

Michael White Discipline Leader — Civil Infrastructure & Project Director

Sid Paleri Senior Environmental Scientist — Contaminated Land

Tara Morton-Bernas Senior Environmental Engineer

Nicola Eldridge Environmental Scientist

Matthew Gibbs Environmental Scientist

Tom Duncan Environmental Engineer

Landfill & Waste Management The team has a well-established and long running presence in the landfill and waste management industry. We work closely with a number of local government and private clients in the landfill and waste management space, providing environmental monitoring and licence compliance reporting, landfill and waste infrastructure design/CQA and bespoke, site specific solutions for leachate and landfill gas issues. We worked to ensure your landfill and waste management sites are operated in compliance with relevant legislative and regulatory requirements and in accordance with best practice environmental management.

Key Services: Landfill: Site Suitability, Risk and Hydrogeological Assessments / Licence Compliance Advice and Reporting / Design – cell, cap, liner, drainage / Construction Quality Assurance / Rehabilitation and Aftercare / Environmental Monitoring / Landfill Gas Risk Assessment / Leachate Issue Resolution Waste Infrastructure Assessment and Design: Leachate, Stormwater and Landfill Gas Management / Transfer Station and Materials Recovery Facilities / Waste Management Plans and Minimisation Recycling & Composting, Strategy Formulation / Project Management / Landfill Compliance Monitoring and Design

City of Greater Geelong, VIC – Landfill Cell Design and CQA The Environment team designed and completed CQA supervision for the construction of 2 new waste cells for the CoGG Drysdale landfill site. We significantly expanded its capacity, allowing the region to responsibly and effectively manage their municipal solid waste. By undertaking a lifecycle cost analysis and redesigning their traditional cell liner solution, we were able to realise significant savings in both construction time and money, while creating an additional 50,000m3 of airspace. This boosted revenue for CoGG and further extended the life of the landfill. We also conducted environmental compliance monitoring and reporting as required under landfill licence and PC-PAN conditions for Drysdale and Corio landfills with various contracts since 2005.

Macedon Ranges Shire Council, VIC – Landfill PC PAN Support

Hume City Council, VIC – Compliance Monitoring and Waste Management

Working with MRSC for over 10 years, the team has prepared reports including Hydrogeological Assessments, Leachate Extraction Strategies, EMPs and other compliance documentation as required for the Kyneton, Bullengarook and Lancefield landfills. This assisted the MRSC to meet their PC PAN requirements for these sites.

The team has provided HCC with ongoing environmental monitoring at the Riddell Road, Bolinda Road and Craigieburn landfill sites over the past 10 years in support of compliance with EPA landfill licence and PC PAN conditions.

We have also provided ongoing environmental compliance monitoring (groundwater, surface water, leachate and landfill gas) and reporting in support of PC PAN requirements at the Bullengarook and Lancefield landfills. We developed a detailed landfill cap design and provided CQA services for the Kyneton landfill. Throughout various projects completed for MRSC, we have provided sound and strategic technical advice, including representing them in discussions with the EPA and other key stakeholders.

At Riddell Road, we designed a staged landfill capping and a new leachate pond to ensure landfill and leachate management was conducted based on relevant guidelines and best practice. We also conducted investigations to assess contractor compliance to licence waste placement boundaries and presettlement cap contour plans. At Bolinda Road, we have provided a bespoke solution for leachate management by managing procurement, supply and installation of an aeration system for the leachate pond to resolve issues related to excess leachate discharge under a TWA. The team assisted HCC in the TWA application process and conducts regular monitoring to assess compliance with acceptance criteria.

Contaminated Land The team provide a solutions-focused approach to the assessment, management and/or remediation of contaminated land. We work closely with clients to understand the key drivers for their business, so that we can deliver tailored solutions to real world problems. We can assist with preliminary and detailed site investigations, due diligence assessments for property acquisitions or divestments, and provide surety that your site is fit for proposed uses or help remediate the site in support of any proposed development.

Key Services: Property Purchase / Sale Environmental Due Diligence / Preliminary and Detailed Site Investigations / Assess Soil, Groundwater, Surface Water, Soil Vapour and Indoor Air Quality Contamination / Waste Soil Classification for Management or Disposal / Soil Management Cost Estimation / Acid Sulphate Soil Assessments and Soil Management Plans / Remediation Options / Assessments and Action Plans / Remediation of Contaminated Media / Contaminant and Groundwater Fate / Transport Modelling / Environmental Management Plans (Construction/General) / Environmental Approvals / Specialists in Soil Vapour, PFAS and Asbestos in Soils

Private Residential Property, VIC – Environmental Audit Overlay Assessment The Environment team provided initial advisory services followed by completion of PSI and DSI assessments for a private residential site. This was subject to an EAO in the planning scheme, due to its close proximity to a former industrial site. We produced a remediation plan and specification for the removal of contaminated soil and supervised validation works on completion of the investigations. Working closely with the client, the Environmental Auditor and incorporating other adjacent client-owned properties in the Audit, we minimised the duration of the Audit process and provided the client with an economical and efficient outcome.

City of Darebin, John Cain Memorial Park, VIC – Site Investigation and Waste Categorisation The former municipal landfill is now a rehabilitated, public open space and sporting precinct. The Master Plan for its redevelopment involved multi-sports precinct upgrades, including netball courts, hockey/soccer pitches and a Women’s Multi-Sports Stadium along with comprehensive associated infrastructure and access improvements. The team completed comprehensive PSI and DSI assessments across the site, combined with geotechnical assessment, to assess potential soil, groundwater and LFG impacts associated with historical land uses and inform the redevelopment design. The team also prepared a CEMP for the project to support “hottrucking” of waste soils and avoid the need for stockpiling on-site or further assessment during works.

Confidential Clients – PFAS Management at Airport and Fire-Fighting Sites The team worked closely with Australian key clients to complete multiple site assessments, waste categorisation, risk assessment and management in accordance with evolving guidance for soils, surface water and groundwater impacted by PFAS from historical airport and firefighting activities. We have provided clients with detailed advice on the appropriate management, mitigation and remediation of PFAS impacted media at these sites. We generated site specific CSMs, designed permanent/temporary soil repositories, provided EMPs for both ongoing site use and construction activities. These works have helped our clients manage PFAS risk in an appropriate and proportionate manner while determining the value of the land previously affected by PFAS impacts.

Advisory The team has established a role as trusted advisor to a wide range of clients for environmental advisory services. We can provide a range of services, including third-party technical review, general or specialised and targeted review of legislative and regulatory requirements and advice on compliance and risk assessment. We can conduct project management and provide advisory services for large and small multi-portfolio sites and assets to assist clients to sequence any works required to manage and mitigate potential risks to human health and the environment.

Key Services: General Environmental Technical Advice / Third Party Technical Review / Specialist Trusted Advisory Roles / Portfolio Management and Asset Advisory

RMIT University, VIC – Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project RMIT University has been a key client of the Environment Team for over 5 years. We have worked closely with them in an advisory and technical specialist role for the Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project and general environmental projects. Strategic advice and site investigations and assessments were undertaken to assess potential risks to RMIT assets and site users. We have built an excellent working relationship with the RMIT team, providing responsive and timely advice and becoming a trusted advisor not only for environmental services, but also for structural, civil and building services.

Victorian Planning Authority/ Local & Regional Councils, VIC – Land Capability Assessments The team has worked closely with the Victorian Planning Authority and local and regional Councils to complete Land Capability Assessments. We identified land suitable for potential residential subdivision, ensuring that future residential development can progress in a manner that allows for efficient service provision. These LCAs have been completed using GIS software and a simple traffic light risk approach (high/medium/low) to provide the clients with a clear and easy to understand assessment of potential environmental risks associated with large areas of land. This informs the preparation of Precinct Structure Plans for new growth areas in Melbourne and regional areas. Developers are then also confident with the environmental status of the various land parcels to open up for development.

Victorian Department of Education and Training, VIC – Statewide UPSS Programme The team completed initial site inspections, risk assessment and review of third party technical reports on behalf of DET for Underground Petroleum Storage Systems and associated infrastructure across a portfolio of over 1,500 Victorian government schools. The Meinhardt Project Management Team acted as Principal Contractor for the UPSS removal and remediation project. This included communications with the school principals and key stakeholders, the development of the scope of works, all procurement, tender, contract award, supervision and close-out. During the project, over 350 derelict or redundant steel tanks were removed, including appropriate removal and disposal of contaminated materials. Completion of this project highlighted Meinhardt’s capability and track record in the management of large scale, complex multi-site and multi-discipline programs. We were able to efficiently set up program-specific processes, procedures and communications protocols as well as mobilise a team of auditors at short notice.

Environmental Management The team has a diverse range of skills and extensive experience in soil, acid sulphate soil and rock, groundwater, surface water, leachate, sediment, landfill gas, air and soil vapour assessments. This includes determining the appropriate level of management required at your site and providing tailored solutions to your environmental problems. We can assist in preparation of Environmental Monitoring Programs, Environmental Improvement Programs, installation or decommissioning of monitoring infrastructure, Management Systems and Strategies and compliance with EPA licences and conditions.

Key Services: EMP Compliance Audits / Environmental Monitoring Infrastructure and Data Collection / Environmental Management Strategies and Systems / Environment Improvement Plans Licence and Pollution Abatement Notice Compliance

Hampton Property Services, NSW - Acid Sulphate Soil Management The Environment Team was commissioned to prepare an Acid Sulphate Soil Management Plan (ASSMP) for the proposed development site on Coronation Road, Macksville, NSW, designed to be part of planning and development activities. Previous work indicated the presence of potential and actual acid sulphate soils (PASS and AASS, respectively) at the site. The ASSMP provided appropriate control measures for management of PASS and AASS during the proposed earthworks that may result in disturbance of acid sulphate soils, including deep foundation excavation (up to 12m below ground surface), trenching for installation of services, and cut and fill activity. The ASSMP considered both the existing and potential future environmental impacts relating to PASS and AASS. It detailed mitigation measures to minimise the potential impacts both within and surrounding the subject site. The Environment team has extensive experience in the assessment, management and remediation of acid sulphate soils, including dewatering and management plans and related advisory services.

Lotus Living – Silverwoods Estate

City of Whitehorse – Bennetswood Pavilion

The Silverwoods Estate development is an iconic residential and recreational development, occupying 160 hectares in Yarrawonga. Meinhardt worked with Lotus on the planning, design, development and management of Silverwoods from the project inception since 2005 to present.

Council are constructing a new sports pavilion at the Bennetswood Reserve, formerly a municipal landfill that had been rehabilitated and converted into a sports oval.

The Environment team has conducted ongoing monitoring and assessment of groundwater and surface water quality since 2009, a requirement of the estate’s development. This is due to the close proximity of the Murray River and associated sensitive environmental issues. We have also installed new monitoring infrastructure, prepared key environmental management documents including a consolidated Water Management Strategy (WMS), Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs), and ongoing tri-annual as well as comprehensive annual water quality monitoring reports to meet the compliance requirements of the local Catchment Management Authority, Goulburn-Murray Water.

To protect the public from potential LFG migration due to position over part of the former landfill, Meinhardt worked with Council to prepare designs for the concrete floor slab, underlying vented geosynthetic liner and composite clay layer installed as a LFG barrier. The Environment Team has provided key support and environmental assessments to the design and development process, including intrusive soil investigations to delineate historical landfill extents, construction and installation of LFG monitoring infrastructure, LFG Risk Assessment (LFGRA), Third-Party CQA and Level 1 GITA consultant services, CEMP preparation and assistance to Council with Stakeholder Engagement.

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