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here’s an ‘old meets new’ vibe rippling through this issue – apt, perhaps, given we’re now officially ankledeep in autumn with its bittersweet blend of falling leaves and freshly sharpened pencils. Our interiors feature, for example, sees us examining two stunning local properties – one old, one new – and quizzing the creative forces behind them; we celebrate the fine art photography of Emma Solley who has made timeless, ancient scenes appear newly minted; and we’ve taken a look at some exciting new local wedding ideas. We’ve also got a review of a unique new restaurant that’s deeply rooted in tradition, and a hi-spec property development nestled in an ancient setting. Like lakes, cities need a constant replenishing stream to stay fresh. Luckily, Exeter has two – a youth-heavy population (the largest demographic group in the city by a considerable degree is 20-30 year-olds) and a healthily enthusiastic attitude to the future. Welcome to the new term! Now, open your books at page 5...

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Issue 251/October 2019 Cover Touch Design work their magic on a contemporary Exe Estuary home – see page 13


6 Spotlight Eye-catching news from around the city 9 jP hedge He’s losing his desk and he’s OK about it 11 my desk ...though that might change when he sees

Sarah Jepson’s

cover feature



two stylish local homes and uncover their secrets

the arts

26 WHAT’S ON More amazing art, theatre, comedy

and music than you can shake a glass of house red at

30 LIFE THROUGH A LENS The fine art photography


of Emma Solley



Local wedding ideas that nobody else has had


42 editor’s choice Mark the arrival of autumn

with a red/brown/gold shopping splurge

food & DRINK

46 RESTAURANT The Cork & Tile: a tasty spoonful of

the real Portugal


53 exeterworks How the city is winning,

launching, celebrating, moving and shaking


60 showcase Take a look inside EXIII’s five-bedder


49 society 66 Exeter lives The unstoppable Gill Hayes

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spotlight Everybody’s talking about…


The St Thomas floods of 1960



Local theatre company Theatre Alibi is turning its attentions to one of Exeter’s most fascinating, and overlooked, areas this October. Running at Emmanuel Hall from 5-12 October, St Thomas Stories is a pop-up exhibition of archive photos, objects and stories exploring the rich history of the neighbourhood that has been Theatre Alibi’s home since the 1980s. “Perhaps because of its tendency to flood and being outside of the city walls, this is where the Workhouse and the Debtor’s Prison was placed,” they explain, “but it was also where the fun happened; the fairground, the speedway and the very first theatre in the city were all in St Thomas. “It was the part of the city that took in most of the evacuated children during the war, and where the black American soldiers were stationed in makeshift tents whilst the white soldiers were put up in homes north of the river. “And Emmanuel Hall, which is nearly 100 years old now, has been central to many St Thomas stories, hosting everything from dances and youth clubs to pantomimes and wedding receptions.” The exhibition also triggers the start of a new performance project, which is set to culminate in May 2020 and feature work by local artists that is inspired by St Thomas and its stories. For more:

The Monty’s team

Some of RAMM’s oldest and most valuable photographs have been put on display for the first time in the Viewpoint area of the museum. The full range of RAMM’s photography was revealed during a recent collections review by specialist MarieKathrin Blanck, supported by the Art Fund. Among the gems she discovered were the charming A Domestic Affair (below), a mid-1920s colour shot of vegetables and kitchen utensils by Exeter’s Frederick Gordon Tutton (1888-1930), a pioneer of early colour photography. Turns out it wasn’t millennials who invented the idea of photographing their lunch... For more: Lovely, Fred – but where’s the ‘like’ button?



Hats off to the three deserving winners of InExeter’s annual Summer of Independents competition. Local indie businesses in three categories – Food & Drink, Services and Retail – were voted for by customers over the summer, with a judging panel selecting the winners based on feedback from a mystery shopper and submissions from members of the public. Jewellery-making emporium Monty’s Beads on Little Castle Street topped the Retail category, with New Bridge Street barbershop Roots Foundation taking

6 I exeter living I

top prize for Service and chocolatier Chococo on Gandy Street being named Food & Drink champion. “Exeter has a thriving independent offer with a huge breadth of boutiques, creative and artisan makers, gifts shops, professional services, venues as well as cafes and restaurants,” says Ann Hunter, InExeter manager. “Independent businesses are what make Exeter stand out from other cities in the South West. “Thank you to everyone that took part in the Summer of Independents campaign. Please do keeping shopping locally and supporting our businesses.” For more:

Be part of Gill’s mission on 10 October, in person or on social media

Mental health

CHALK THIS WAY The people of Exeter are invited to chalk a hopeful and inspiring message on the pavements of Bedford Square, Princesshay between 9.30am and 7pm on 10 October, to support those who may be struggling with mental health problems. Let’s Chalk About Mental Health is the brainchild of local suicide prevention campaigner and TEDx Exeter sensation

Gill Hayes (see also page 66), and aimed at tackling stigma, supporting sufferers of mental illness and raising awareness around mental health and suicide. Local mental health and suicide prevention charities and wellbeing services will be also be on hand during the event. “I know what it feels like to be in a place of absolute despair as I am a suicide survivor myself,” says Gill. “I know how stigma compounds the isolation, the shame and the suffering. I also understand how vital the

messages of hope and support I received were, on my own journey to recovery. “By chalking messages of understanding and support, we can encourage those who are suffering in silence to ask for help, and take that first step towards recovery. Through our messages, we could actually nudge someone away from a trajectory towards suicide – we might even save a life.” Can’t get to Princesshay? Chalk your message anywhere, and share on social media using the hashtag #LetsChalkAboutMentalHealth

SEVEN DEADLY SINS In our regular mini Q&A with visiting and local performers, violinist SOPHIE ROSA bares her wicked soul LUST: Who or what do you find yourself lusting after today? My Joseph Gagliano violin c. 1795. I never take it for granted that I have such a beautiful instrument to play on, thanks to the generous assistance of the Stradivari Trust.

GREED: What should you be cutting down on (non-food and drink!)

Late nights. I have never been a morning person, but binge-watching TV box sets does not help!

GLUTTONY: What one thing could you happily eat or drink until you burst?

Cheese on toast. (Or just cheese!). Also, homemade lasagne using my Italian grandmother’s recipe (which also involves a lot of cheese!).

SLOTH: What should you be really putting your back into right now?

I am learning Luciano Berio’s Sequenza for solo violin at the moment for a concert with my chamber group, Pixels Ensemble. It is one of the hardest pieces I have had to learn but I am finding the process very rewarding.

WRATH: What/who makes you angry?

I find it is heartbreaking that there is plastic on the ocean floor and hope more can be done in future to protect the environment.

ENVY: Who are you jealous of ?

I tend not to be jealous, but I do envy people with fast metabolisms!

PRIDE: What’s your proudest achievement?

Marrying my partner of 12 years. We just celebrated our second wedding anniversary.

Sophie Rosa will be performing at the Two Moors Festival, with pianist Martin Roscoe, at 2.30pm on Friday 18 October at the Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross, Crediton; I exeter living I 7


Spaced out

Bye-bye pot plant! The council embraces a radical new way to work


xeter City Council will permanently reduce its office space by half over the next couple of months. By the end of the year, no officers – including directors and the chief executive – will have a desk that they can call home. All staff that are able to do so will have ‘flexible and agile’ status, and many will be working remotely. Coffee shops of Exeter – we are coming your way. For those that don’t know the Civic Centre in Paris Street... being kind, it’s a pretty ugly building. It looks like we borrowed Plymouth city centre’s designers for a special ‘one off’. Pebbledashed exteriors collide with interiors that appear to have been painted with an exclusive

“Coffee shops of Exeter – we are coming your way”

‘local government’ pallet. I have managed to put up some Exeter Live Better branding around the complex, but really there isn’t much you can do. As you can imagine, with the public purse no expense was spared, particularly on the green walls which I last encountered when I lived in post-communist Russia. There’s ‘going-off avocado’, ‘end of summer bean’, and a pastel that resembles a runny nose. Despite the aesthetics, the Civic Centre is fondly loved by many staff. And, like a worn-out, much loved pair of shoes, I expect the new, incoming residents to form the same inexplicable attachment. We are pouring ourselves from two buildings into a single storey and renting out the rest to help save money. When it comes to job losses versus embracing new ways of working, it is a pretty easy decision to make. It has made for interesting times. After your job title, where you sit and your environment is probably the hottest topic in the workforce. My desk was generally a busy place. It was slightly cleaner and more choreographed than usual when it featured in this title’s My Desk slot. Being a former journalist, I have always worked with paper and loved the physical feel of paper. You would never get me on a Kindle – but we are about to become a ‘paperless’ office.

Under this new system, there won’t be family photos or pot plants. We will have lockers for personal belongings – like college sophomores on Glee. But there are positives to be taken – and we’ll start to lead by example. As a major employer, we will be taking a lot of personal vehicles off the road. At the same time, there is going to be a new emphasis on supporting and incentivising those that do come to work to do so by walking and cycling. Concepts are at a very early stage, but it might not be the last big move the council sees in the next few years. We are exploring what ECC can do, to ensure the city thrives, as part of a new anchor hub on the new Citypoint development around St Sidwell’s Point. There are some amazing things in the pipeline. As the city moves towards Carbon Neutral 2030, it’s important that ECC does everything in its own power to lead the way. And if I start lobbying now, we might just avoid avocado green. ■ Jon-Paul Hedge is a director at Exeter City Council where he currently looks after tourism, communications and culture. He is a former newspaper editor and lives in the city with his wife and two young children. I EXETER LIVING I 9



Not one to brag, but I am the current Connect Four champion and even managed to keep the title on a recent work trip to the US

Bought for Easter but I couldn’t bear to put it away, so it’s now our little office mascot


Six Degrees is our new, female-only club and it’s going from strength to strength

We have our own little drinks trolley and like to top it up with fine tipples



6kg kettlebell from an antique shop – it’s my lucky number!

Drive by Daniel H Pink– bought for me by my other half; it’s all about understanding motivation A client sent this to me and it always makes me chuckle

We bought this table off our client, Circa 1924 – this used to be in their restaurant! No wonder I am constantly hungry when I am sat here

I issued every team member with a book of happiness/positivity and we all write messages to each other which we can read when the mood takes us!

We’ve worked with Burrington Estates from the moment their company was created

e always knew this one’s desk would be a joy-sparker. The owner and MD of Exeter-based marketing and PR consultancy Attention Media helps some of the city’s most exciting and successful brands make their mark on the world – and always with a sense of conviviality. “You can never be too silly or say the wrong thing,” says Sarah of the office culture at Attention, which spreads across three rooms in the heart of Southernhay, including a big boardroom overlooking the Cathedral. Speaking of boards... “We have a selection of board games for times when we might need to de-stress or remind ourselves not to take work too seriously,” says Sarah. “Dog Bingo is a particular fave! Yep, Dog Bingo is a thing!” ■

For more: I EXETER LIVING I 11


HOMES WITH A DIFFERENCE Join us for a closer look at two stunning local properties, one contemporary/coastal and one traditional/rural – both created by talented local interiors experts

Au Thèâtre Ce Soir from House of L acroix available through Designers Guild; find it at various stockists in and around exeter

Words By Anna Britten I EXETER LIVING I 13


“The doors were cut to produce a rippled pattern. As if a stone had been dropped into water” 14 I EXETER LIVING I



How the timeless beauty of the Exe Estuary was brought into a contemporary modern home

this image and top right: Bespoke wooden furniture beautifully echoes the lines of the building and the surrounding topography

A contemporary, waterside property handed Exeter-based Touch Design Group the opportunity to fuse 21st century functionality with water-inspired creativity and experimentation. Touch were engaged to design and produce furniture and joinery for the serene, clean-lined new build on the edge of the Exe Estuary, working closely throughout the build process, and for virtually all rooms in the house, alongside Grainge Architects, contractors Setter & Saunders and interior designer Di Folland. “This was one of our favourite projects,” admits David Crosby, who founded Touch Design in 2000 with Ed Tremlett. “All concerned were aligned in their desire to produce a spectacular but also highly functional family home, which it certainly has turned out to be.” Several large joinery pieces created by Touch allow for flexible living space and all-weather enjoyment of the stunning, tranquil views across an emerald lawn to the water. A feature wall in the entrance hallway, for example, stylishly incorporates inset doors, both hidden and visible: grand, floor-to-ceiling entrance doors into the living area fold back and fit within the doorway reveal when opened, while two completely hidden doors give access to a large service room cleverly concealed behind the panelling. I EXETER LIVING I 15

The bespoke bedroom furniture includes this circular bed and dressing table

“The estuary’s entrancing curves and colours are subtly referenced” The estuary’s entrancing curves and colours are subtly referenced in the juicy blue accents, ripples and rounded edges that Touch have placed around the house, including in the master bedroom. “The circular bed, desk and stools in a mixture of Corian and leather were one of the highlights of the project,” says David, “allowing us to experiment with CNC (computer control machining) manufacturing techniques in Corian, which allows for complex and seamless forms to be produced. “Another was the office storage cupboard – whilst this could have been a plain flat piece, it was brought to life by the highly decorative doors manufactured from walnut veneered panels with solid walnut inset. The doors, once the walnut sections had been inlayed, were cut to produce a rippled pattern. As if a stone had been dropped into water.” The end result? Modern waterfront living that takes tranquillity to another level.




Interior designer Holly Keeling started with a blank canvas when she renovated her own 16th century farmhouse

Ruin and redemption: Heathfield Farm was a labour of love for its designer owner

What better place to seek style inspiration than in an interior designer’s own home? A place where they can give their imagination free rein, unrestricted by a client’s tastes or budget. Today, Holly Keeling’s 16th century farmhouse in Denbury, near Newton Abbot, is pretty close to what any interiors buff would picture if they closed their eyes and tried to conjure the perfect restored Devon farmhouse: soft, soothing colours and natural materials, with perfectly-maintained period details, and antiques and vintage finds, making for a romantic, French style. Heathfield Farm is such a great example of its genre, in fact, it has won a design award from Period Living magazine, featured in a White Company catalogue and is in constant demand by brands seeking gorgeous, shabby-chic locations. But it didn’t start out that way. When Holly found the property it was, she tells us, “in a very bad state, run-down and neglected. “Everything had to come out, which was good for me as I could then put my own identity on it and start from the beginning.” I EXETER LIVING I 17

“We had to change the layout to give the bats room to fly in the attic roof�

Antiques and vintage/retro finds create a traditional, homely feel


The romantic restored farmhouse of a TV location scout’s dreams

She set out to create “a relaxed country feel that didn’t fight with the outside space”. Out went the “riot of colours” she inherited, and in came “a calmer palette”. Surprisingly, despite being hundreds of years old, the house was not listed – so, to improve flow throughout the house, she removed a staircase from the kitchen “as it took up valuable space and I couldn’t cope with the children constantly running up and down it”, and worked with an architect on a loft conversion. The latter presented a particularly interesting challenge: bats. “We had to create a special flying zone and change the layout of the rooms to give the bats room to fly in the attic roof,” says Holly. This wasn’t the only moment of compromise: “We were restricted on putting a small balcony on the top bedroom window. The council were prepared for the house to fall due to years of neglect – but insisted on not letting us have a small Juliette balcony which overlooked a field!” Holly’s own favourite spot in this sumptuous yet cosy family home? “I love the former piggery – the roof had caved in but it’s been converted to a garden room/artist studio. It added extra space and makes the most of the views across the garden.” I EXETER LIVING I 19

INTERIORS Grespania wood-look tiles at La Fabrico

Twyford Blinds 01884 258271;

FLOORING & TILING Exeter Carpet Company 01392 493084; La Fabrico 01392 848487; Market Carpets 01392 423007;

OTHER Dream Doors 01392 758597;


Local suppliers and experts to make your res totally des ARCHITECTS & DESIGNERS Holly Keeling 07835 100577; In Ex Design 01395 233 807; Touch Design 01392 364269;

CASA 01392 950920; Chunky Monkey 01392 490590; Exeter Stoves & Chimneys 01392 410903;


Faraday Stoves 01404 44777;

Touch Cucina 01392 364269;

Just Shutters 01392 342081;

Sapphire Spaces 01392 879320; System Six Kitchens 01392 285945;

LIGHTING Amos Lighting 01392 677030; Dusk Lighting 01392 363200;


Lewis’s of Crediton 01363 773246; Naturalmat 01392 877 247; Otter Garden Centres 01404 815 815; Peter Betteridge – Your Bed Expert 01404 549992;

Bang & Olufsen 01392 424600;

RGB Building Supplies 01392 277261;

Bernaville Nurseries 01392 851326;

St Bridget Nurseries 01392 873672;


Farrow & Ball’s brand new Crimson Red W93 – find it at various stockists in and around Exeter


Autumn’s in the air Keep your home cosy with the help of DUSK LIGHTING


he summer fades into autumn and the nights are getting longer. Unfortunately, this is an unavoidable fact that we all have to experience. While some dread the autumn and winter, others look forward to the cosiness of home and the family time that brings. However you feel about autumn and winter, the inescapable truth is you need lights in your life! It goes without saying that, during the colder and darker months, we depend on lighting more than perhaps we actually give thought to. It’s crazy when you stop and think how much we depend on lighting in our day to day life. Lighting has both positive and negative effects on our mood, sense of safety, ability to carry out practical tasks. As well as triggering sleep and arousing the body to wake. All this considered, I am sure you will agree that good lighting in your home makes for a safer, more enjoyable and relaxing space. When it comes to lighting in your home, many of our customers can feel overwhelmed by the sheer range of lighting that is available and can often feel intimated by the technical information. Dusk Lighting is here to assist and guide you through the process and will hopefully make the process as stress-free as possible. Based at Exeter Airport Business Park, our team of advisors are on hand to answer questions,

inspire and guide you to find the perfect lighting for your home and garden. The Dusk team believes in friendly and relaxed customer service and will always work hard to ensure that you do not spend a penny more than what is necessary – ultimately, to ensure you achieve the style and functionality that suits the personality of your home. Primarily an internet-based company, Dusk can offer fantastic internet prices to our local customers, with free expert advice – you would be mad not to drop by. This year is our tenth anniversary, and for this landmark, Dusk has made a commitment to reduce the plastics that are involved in our packaging and reduce, reuse and recycle where possible. A green future for Dusk makes sound business sense as well as reassuring our customers that we take environmental responsibilities seriously. ■

DUSK’S TOP TIPS Exeter Showroom 1 Lancaster Court, Exeter Airport Business Park, Clyst Honiton, Devon, EX5 2DP; 01392 363200;

In the bedroom, avoid glaring light and ensure that you use lighting that is diffused to create a softer, more relaxed atmosphere. The colour of the light in your bedroom can affect how you sleep. Choosing a warmer, more amber tone will be better suited. Avoiding blue light (light with a kelvin above 3000) can have a detrimental impact on your ability to sleep. Lounge lighting is relatively simple. A combination of ceiling, floor and table lamps enable you to create various, versatile lighting effects for functionality and to create mood lighting. This is often referred to as the three levels of lighting rule. Smart technology opens up a whole new world of possibilities that do not require an electrician. You can add dimming lights, timers, sensors, and set bespoke colour settings for different parts of the day, all at the touch of a remote controller or phone app. Light fittings are generally a long-term feature in our home. Try to consider how the lighting would look if you were to change the interior style of the space. Sometimes it is worth considering a neutral style, to avoid conflicts of style in the future.


What’s on 20 September – 20 October

Kathryn Williams woos the Phoenix crowd on 13 October

EXHIBITIONS Until 4 October

ALAN COTTON: DRAWN TO PAINT Works on paper; drawings and studies produced throughout the distinguished artist’s career. Brook Gallery, 30 Fore St, Budleigh Salterton;

Until 6 October

NOMADS: HOMES ON THE MOVE Exhibition examining the lives of the estimated 30-40 million nomadic people in the world. RAMM, Queen Street, Exeter;

Until 12 October

RICHARD ADAMS: RHYME OR REASON Solo exhibition by the popular painter of quirky Devon countryside scenes. Hybrid Gallery, 51 High Street, Honiton;

Until 26 October

JO LATHWOOD & PAUL BLAKEMORE: WELL TRODDEN WRONG WAYS New sculpture and film exploring the cultural, social and geological landscape of our Jurassic Coast. Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton;

Until 31 October

PHILIP LETTS: TEXTURES Mixed media art examining modern challenges including climate change. Devon Sculpture Park, Mamhead;

Until 3 November

BIRDS WITHOUT BORDERS A fascinating look at what birds do to survive. Includes a new artwork by Heinrich & Palmer (there’s a talk by them at Exeter Phoenix on 25 Sept). RAMM, Queen Street, Exeter;

26 I exeter living I

Until 10 November

EXETER CONTEMPORARY OPEN Unmissable showcase of emerging and established contemporary visual artists from across the UK. Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter;

21 September-4 October

MIKE BERNARD: EXPLORING DEVON’S JURASSIC COAST & COUNTRYSIDE Gorgeous mixed media landscapes from the acclaimed English artist. Marine House at Beer;

23 September-5 October TIM NEWMAN: LANDSCAPES & MANSCAPES Fauvist-inspired works from the Exmouth painter. AWEsome Art Space, 27 Paris St, Exeter;

28-29 September

EMMA SOLLEY: SEPTEMBER EXHIBITION See page 30. Chapter House, Exeter Cathedral;

5-12 October

ST THOMAS STORIES Pop-up exhibition from Theatre Alibi, which focusses on the rich history of this part of St Thomas. See also page 6. Emmanuel Hall, Emmanuel Rd, Exeter;

theatre, Comedy & Dance 25-26 September

JONATHAN PIE Warm-up shows for the raging reporter, aka satirist Tom Walker,

what’s on ahead of his Fake News Tour. Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter;

27 September

TRISTAN & ISEULT Storyteller Katy Cawkwell presents the romantic legend, with snatches of Gaelic song. Cygnet Theatre, Friars Gate, Exeter;

28 September

THE LOVELY BONES A new tour of Bryony Lavery’s adaptation of the moving Alice Sebold coming-of-age novel. Northcott Theatre, Stocker Road, Exeter;

2 October

LOST VOICE GUY: I’M ONLY IN IT FOR THE PARKING The first stand-up comedian to use a communication aid is back after his sell-out tour earlier this year, Exeter Corn Exchange, Market Street, Exeter;

2-3 October

29 September

BILL RYDER-JONES The former Coral guitarist brings his beautifully intimate and langourous sounds to town. Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter;

29 September

2 October

9-12 October

BLACK MEN WALKING New play set in the Peak District, written by the rapper Testament and inspired by a real-life walking group from Yorkshire. Northcott Theatre, Stocker Road, Exeter; THE BALLROOM BOYS: IAN WAITE & VINCENT SIMONE New show from the Strictly Come Dancing favourites. Northcott Theatre, Stocker Road, Exeter; BLEAK HOUSE

BOURNEMOUTH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA: ELGAR’S MASTERPIECE The new season kicks off with the mighty Elgar Cello Concerto, plus Finlandia by Sibelius and Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No 5. The Great Hall, Stocker Road, Exeter;

STEPHEN BEVILLE: MUSICAL PAINTINGS The pianist performs music inspired by art, including works by Liszt, Grieg, Prokofiev and Britten as well as his own composition. St Margaret’s Church, Fore Street, Topsham;

JOHN ROBINS: HOT SHAME Soul-bearing, self-lacerating stand-up from the Edinburgh Comedy Award-winning comic. Exmouth Pavilion (2 Oct) and Exeter Corn Exchange (3 Oct), Market Street, Exeter;;

15-16 October

22 September

26 September

30 September-5 October

13 October

music & opera BOYZLIFE Brian ‘Westlife’ McFadden and Keith ‘Boyzone’ Duffy churn out their old chart hits. Lemon Grove, University of Exeter;

JASPER CARROTT: STAND UP AND ROCK! New musical humour from the veteran Brummie stand-up. The Great Hall, Stocker Road, Exeter;

top: All the feels at The Lovely Bones middle: Big up John Robins who’s coming to Exeter and Exmouth! bottom: Molly Thomson’s Shoulder To Shoulder at Exeter Contemporary Open

Powerfully physical, gothic retelling of the Dickens novel by the David Glass Ensemble. Northcott Theatre, Stocker Road, Exeter;

DAVID FORD Highly-rated, Tom Waitsinfluenced musical meditations by the man often dubbed ‘the best singer-songwriter you’ve never heard of.’ Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter;

9 October

FERRIS & SYLVESTER London-based, ’60s-tinged folk duo being backed as stars of the future. Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter;

10 October


WHAT’S ON Stephen Barlow conducts R Strauss’s Metamorphosen, Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No 3 and Prokofiev’s Romeo & Juliet. The Great Hall, Stocker Road, Exeter;

11, 15 &18 October

TWO MOORS FESTIVAL Quality classical music across Devon from international artists and rising stars. In Exeter itself there’s an animal-themed programme from baritone Ashley Riches and pianist Joe Middleton (RAMM, 11 Oct), Baroque arias from Dame Sarah Connolly with The English Concert at (Cathedral Church of St Peter, 15 Oct) and previous winners of the Two Moors Young Musicians Competition

(Powderham Castle, 18 Oct). Various venues, Devon;

13 October

KATHRYN WILLIAMS Intimate, intricate songcraft from the ultra-talented, Mercurynominated North Easterner. Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter;

18 October

AL STEWART Return of the legendary singer/ songwriter and band, performing classic material and rarities. Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter;


EMILY MACAULAY shares the latest from Exeter Library We’ve had a very busy summer at Exeter Library, with a huge 1,285 young readers taking on the Summer Reading Challenge – and our visits in August were up on the same month last year, with ten days seeing over 1,900 visits! But the fun doesn’t stop as the sun disappears, and we are already gearing up for a funpacked October. On the weekend of Saturday 5 and Sunday 6, we are hosting a Fun Palace with a huge range of activities for all ages taking place in the library – all for free and all interactive. So come along, get involved and learn something new. Fun Palaces is an annual event across the world whereby communities get together to share their skills and passions with other members of the community, under the banner “Everyone an artist. Everyone a scientist”. This year we have street dance, handbell ringing, and the Met Office are doing weather and

Make clouds with the Met Office


Sign up now for the Exeter Living newsletter... On Friday afternoons, Exeter’s offices, school gates, supermarket checkouts and street corners start to resound with the big Friday question: “Got any plans this weekend?” If you ever find yourself stumped for an answer, worry not – your favourite regional lifestyle magazine is here to help. Sign up now to start receiving the popular Exeter Living Friday afternoon email newsletter, in which I suggest the best events and outings for the coming weekend – from gigs to theatre to family fun days and loads more – along with a property pick of the week. (We won’t share your data with third parties – not our thing.) Like the sound of it? Then jump on www.mediaclash. pronto and you’ll hear from us soon.

19 October

ALEXANDER O’NEAL US R&B star of Criticize and Saturday Love fame. Ask your mums, kids. Lemon Grove, University of Exeter;

climate experiments. 7-12 October is National Libraries Week and we’ll soon be advertising our full programme of events to celebrate all that libraries have to offer. We hope you’ll visit and celebrate with us. Plus, keep an eye on our Twitter account on Thursday 10 October for #ADayInTheLife, where I will be tweeting throughout the day all that I get up to!


OTHER EVENTS 22 & 26 September, 5 & 12 October & 2 November

RUGBY WORLD CUP BREAKFASTS Join fellow rugby fans and members of the current Chiefs squad for all four pool games involving England (and the final). Ticket includes a full English. Sandy Park, Exeter;

26-29 September

CREATIVE CRAFT SHOW Check out the best new crafting products and trends – plus workshops

for adults and children. Westpoint Centre, Devon Showground, Clyst St Mary;

5-13 October

SIDMOUTH SCIENCE FESTIVAL Superb event featuring lots of fun activities and serious talks for all. Various venues. Mostly free.

10 October

100 BEST AUSTRALIAN ROADSHOW An evening’s informed slurping with Daily Mail wine writer Matthew Jukes. Exeter Castle;

10 October

LET’S CHALK ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH See pages 7 and 66. Bedford Square, Princesshay, Exeter; ■

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We create special relationships

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The Triangle, Kenton (Nr Powderham Castle) Exeter, EX6 8LS. 01626 890195

LIFE THROUGH A LENS With her camera, Exeter-based photographer Emma Solley makes the familiar feel brand new, whether it’s the Cathedral or the Exe Estuary – she tells ANNA BRITTEN how


“This was the building I had longed to shoot”


ll creatives start out doing it purely for the art – before realising that, if they want to eat and pay bills, they have to do it for the money too. Hopefully, at some point, they get to have it both ways. Like Emma Solley, the well-known Exeterbased photographer who’s launching a fine art photography exhibition in conjunction with Exeter Cathedral at the end of September. Specially commissioned images of the Cathedral will sit alongside breathtaking sea- and skyscapes of the Exe Estuary taken from Emma’s collection Salt + Land, a mix of stunning one-off pieces, and limited edition prints. Pop that lens cap on, Emma, and tell us more... How do you approach such a famous subject as Exeter Cathedral and make it your own?

opposite: Emma Solley, in front of the

camera for once – photo by Andy Green; above: East In Exeter

The Cathedral has long been in my blood. It is a building that, as for many of us, I have turned to throughout my life. I have been

fortunate to photograph some spectacular sites around the world, including the Taj Mahal, but this was the building I had longed to shoot so, in truth, it was relatively easy to make it my own. The collection has been a manifestation of my imagination for a long time. The hard part has been making sure the images do the sheer magnificence of the building justice.  Did you discover any special nooks or features that you hadn’t noticed before?

So many. That has been the biggest joy, and speaking to those who work in, on and around the building every day, they say you never stop seeing new things in the architecture. It is a treasure trove of secrets. My favourite discoveries have been the resplendent navy blue and gold moon/star ceilings in the smaller chapels, along with some gorgeous little hand-carved stone owls, but the incredible fact about the Cathedral’s most iconic feature I hadn’t appreciated, is that the Cathedral Nave features the longest uninterrupted gothic vaulting in the world. I EXETER LIVING I 31

“Sharing the skies and seas with the world is the most personal thing I have done professionally” What is it about the Exe Estuary that draws you to photograph it?

The changing tides and light. The knowledge that no two days, or two moments even, are ever the same. I grew up five minutes from the River Exe and have spent my life walking, running, cycling along the river. If I am lucky, the stars align, I am on foot, the light is spectacular and I cloud-gaze with a camera in hand. It is a moment captured and then gone. I still find that the most magical thing about shooting stills.  What do you look for in a sea or sky? 

A sense of emotion. Some days that is tranquility, sometimes hope, often I find myself drawn to the sea as I like to be reminded of just how small we are and the sheer power of nature. It helps keep life in perspective. I like to think of my works as visual meditations, where we can lose ourselves in the same way when we are by the sea.  I am fortunate enough to shoot seascapes


around the world. I am often bleary-eyed, but up at sunrise and then return to marvel at sunset, but many conditions in between bewitch me as well. I love a good storm and clouds rolling in. I favour light. Good light. The nicest compliment I ever received was that my skies were like Turner paintings. I will take that.  It is not unknown for me to go flying out the door in my pyjamas with a coat thrown over to photograph an impending celestial sky, or ask my long-suffering husband to pull the car over at inopportune moments to capture a moment of magnificence. 

captivated by the process and the simple joy that taking photographs brings. The reality is that this doesn’t pay the bills when you are fresh out of university, so we channel our skills into a profession to earn a living. I love shooting commercial work and don’t think I shall ever give that up, but it is really important to shoot for the sheer love of it, as well. I don’t think of it as an artistic mission, just something that I innately do.  The skies and seas are hugely personal to me. They are the thing that I have shot forever. For me. Sharing them with the world is the most personal thing I have done professionally. n

Salt + Land is the ‘fine art’ side of your work; you are also a commercial photographer. Why is it important to have a personal, artistic mission alongside the bread-and-butter?

Emma Solley’s Fine Art Photography exhibition is in Chapter House, Exeter Cathedral, 10am-4pm, Saturday 28 – Sunday 29 September. 25% of the net profits from the image sales featuring the Cathedral will be donated to the Exeter Cathedral Development appeal.

I think all photographers start out following their heart. We shoot things from an early age and are


opposite page: Tempest II; this page, top left: Watergate; top right: Transcendence; above: From The Moon To The Stars I EXETER LIVING I 33

Ringlets begone: it’s all about the messy bun now, thanks to Meghan

Something old, something new… Planning a wedding? Avoiding the same-old same-old? Here are some of the freshest ideas in and around Exeter… 34 I EXETER LIVING I

weddings THE VENUE

With scarcely any other sign of civilisation in sight, and little more than birdsong to disturb the peace, it’s hard to believe that the practically-brand-new Harefield Barn in Shobrooke is so close to Exeter. Designed, built and run by Robert and Deborah, specifically with weddings and events in mind, it has the light, airy feel and convenience of a modern building and all that goes with it (plenty of parking, for example) but also buckets of quirky charm. Wed al fresco on the terrace if it’s sunny, and head to the cornfield for that all-important wedding kiss photo.


Packets of wildflower seeds next to every place setting? Trust us, nobody will remember to take them home and scatter them. Bags of sweets? What are we, nine? Instead, how about little pieces of Devon oak (cubes, ‘fairy benches’ or circles, let’s say) with your guests’ names hand-engraved on them? Which conveniently double up as name place holders? That’ll be the cute wheeze of The Lovely Little Log Company, aka the Grehan family, based in Bow near Crediton. They do bespoke benches and house signs too, if you’re in the market for a unique wedding gift.

“Bags of sweets? What are we, nine?”

above: Harefield Barn;

below: The Lovely Little

Log Company;

below bottom: Hello,



Meghan Markle’s trademark messy bun at her wedding last year has seen modern brides – including, recently, pop star Ellie Goulding – rushing to recreate that romantic, unpolished look for their own big days. “We have seen a big trend this year towards very soft and casual hair ups,” says Exeter hair and beauty supremo Amanda Marsden. “Think buns, braids and beachy waves. More brides this year than ever requested their hair to be partly down and partly up, very soft and casual, although more polished than festival hair. “The look is ultra-casual, thrown up but very sexy and romantic, almost whimsical. “I believe the wedding hair trends have been informed by the styling of the dresses – personally I haven’t seen any big dresses this year, they’re more figure-flattering with lots of intricate detailing – abundant lace, lace and more lace alongside beading. “With such beautiful dresses appearing that are so intricate, the hair doesn’t need to be so ‘done’ – brides are trending towards customising their preferences rather than tradition.” Put those straighteners down, ladies.


If Disneyland had a weddings section it might look a bit like Unique Designs By Tina, a newcomer to Marsh Barton – wander through their showroom of ‘looks’, make your choices, and they’ll liaise with your venue to create the wedding ‘scene’ of your dreams whether that’s taffeta chair sashes and Grecian-style pillars or a Manhattan skyline and a ceiling of fluffy giant snowballs. We’re rather taken with their deceptively realistic cherry blossom trees – for the thrill of spring whatever the season. I EXETER LIVING I 35


“They look like Liberty but cost less than half the price”

Ties by Alice Pascoe’s Simply Wishes


When Teignmouth-based crafter Alice Pascoe and her intended went shopping for ties for all the men in their wedding party, they didn’t find a single one that passed muster. They were all so boring. So Alice sat down at her sewing machine and made her own – they looked like they were from Liberty but cost less than half the price. She’ll do the same for you – simply pop her a message detailing your wedding colours and she’ll send you some fabric ideas. Or, if you already have a fabric picked out, she’ll use that. She can make adult and child versions, so no need for your little page boys to miss out.

OLD FAITHFULS We still love…

VENUES Exeter Castle 07786 178983; Exeter Golf & Country Club 01392 874139; Claremont Marquees 01363 84846;

Mother of the bride? Head to Julia’s Collection on Roman Walk

Donkey Sanctuary 01395 578222; RINGS Erin Cox 01392 660836; Michael Spiers 01392 666590; Mortimers 01392 279994;

www.mortimersjewellers. OUTFITS Elizabeth Ann 01392 252876; www.elizabethannshoes. Julia’s Collection 01392 980456; www.juliascollection. Pirouette 01392 432643; www. pirouettethecollection. com

Astridge’s legendary pork crackling

Zebel 01392 758742; FLORISTS Trugs 01392 422522; CATERERS Astridges 07811 416254; Posh Nosh 01392 444877;

36 I EXETER LIVING I PHOTOGRAPHERS GRW Photography 07833 249117; Matt Round 07966 226671; www.mattroundphotography. com Venetia Norrington 0800 157 7203;

Natural Handcrafted Bespoke Cake & centrepiece stands

Name holders

Wedding signs

Have something particular in mind? Get in touch! 07508125579 | | f thelovelylittlelogcompany


advertising feature

Extraordinary Weddings The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation is an Exeter-based charity helping people with terminal and life-limiting illnesses have the wedding of their dreams.


he charity organises weddings throughout the UK, with the support of a growing network of wedding suppliers who offer their services at a reduced rate, or for free.

How it began Naomi Thomas has been a wedding planner for 15 years – but it was only after being a bride herself that she decided to start The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation. In 2010, Naomi was diagnosed with incurable secondary breast cancer. “All hopes of marrying my soulmate were put on hold,” she says. “Until local wedding planner Sam Williams stepped in and offered her services for free.” “I married Graham in 2012 in front of our friends and family and our beautiful baby boy Devon,” Naomi says. “Our big day was perfect; even more so because it had been arranged for as little money as possible thanks to the generosity of local wedding suppliers.” Later that year, Naomi founded The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation. To date, the charity has organised over 50 full and partial weddings and has the support of more than 700 registered wedding businesses. Naomi and Graham celebrate every milestone together and always renew their vows on their wedding anniversary. Naomi says: “We don’t know how long I have left. Every time I say those words to Graham I realise how lucky I am to stand beside him for just that little bit longer.” The couple have held renewal ceremonies at the Deer Park Country House in Devon, Watergate Bay in Cornwall and at their home – but for their fifth wedding anniversary, Naomi and Graham travelled to Venice. “We’d never been before and it’s such a romantic destination that we always knew we’d eventually visit,” says Graham. “Once the sun was low and the crowds had dispersed we chose the perfect spot in St Mark’s Square for the intimate ceremony. It was the most beautiful and romantic backdrop for this significant vow renewal.” Naomi says: “We felt utterly alone with one another despite being surrounded by locals and tourists.”

Photo: Tara Statton Photography

fundraisers and will happily accept a donation of your wedding dress.” The team is always on the lookout for supporters, champions and fundraisers. Naomi’s book, No Ordinary Wedding Planner, was published in 2014. It describes her story, the charity’s early days and the first weddings they organised. “If you’d like to support The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation and read about our mission, you can buy a signed copy from our website ( for £4.99, or purchase the eBook for just 99p,” says Naomi. n

How you can Help There are plenty of ways to support the charity. Couples can buy a range of wedding favours or make donations instead of giving favours. The foundation can also help couples to organise a wedding gift list in the charity’s honour. Naomi adds: “Of course, we’re also happy to meet new 40 I EXETER LIVING I

The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation Unit 17 Exeter Business Centre, 39 Marsh Green Road, Marsh Barton, Exeter EX2 8PN; 07875 030393

Not sure what to do with your wedding dress? You Can Donate! If you have a wedding dress and would like to donate it, please get in touch and email us with a photo to If it is a dress we feel that we can make use of we will arrange for it to be collected by courier or you can drop it into our shop. Our dresses are either offered to our couples who are in need or sold at our shop, La Boutique in Exeter, with 100% of the profits going back into the charity to help us give our couples the wedding day they truly deserve.


Pirouette is situated in the historic West Quarter of Exeter in the famous ‘House that Moved’ We are proud to be long standing stockists of the award winning designers Maggie Sottero, Sottero & Midgley, Rebecca Ingram and Lou Lou Bridal. Our ethos is simple... from your purchase to the collection of your gown we offer a trustworthy and professional service - this will include our extensive alteration service where you can customise your gown to your individual requirement. Come and chat to one of us about our fabulous Collection and let us completely spoil you for choice in our quirky Tudor building!

01392 432643. The House That Moved. 24 West Street, Exeter EX1 1BA

OTTOD’AME ‘ADINA’ JUMPER, £82 Is it too soon for Christmas drinks? Busby & Fox, 21 Cathedral Yard, Exeter;

RED AND CHARCOAL JIGSAW THROW £39.95 (SALE PRICE) For when you just need to snuggle under some wool and watch Strictly Hyde & Seek, 1 Paul Street, Exeter;

MAKE LIKE A LEAF Embrace autumn with crisp new buys in fiery, earthy hues

SPANISH LEATHER BOOTS, £150 Comfortable, claret, and just kickass enough Elizabeth Ann, 3 Cathedral Close, Exeter;

THE MAN WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE BY JAN STOCKLASSA (AMAZON CROSSING), £8.99 Love Stieg Larsson? His research into the unsolved 1986 assassination of Sweden’s prime minister here triggers a real-life nailbiter Crediton Community Bookshop, 100 High Street, Crediton;


ILSE JACOBSEN ‘RAIN71’ RAINCOAT, £125 If we owned this, we’d be praying for rain Busby & Fox, 21 Cathedral Yard, Exeter;

ED’S CHOICE DUNGAREES, £69 Oh, if only every day were dress-down Friday Sancho’s Dress, 126 Fore St, Exeter;

‘FLORA’ DRESS, £695 Basically New York in fall, but as a pretty frock Caroline Charles, Roman Walk, Princesshay, Exeter;

‘ELVEDEN’ BOOTS IN TAN, £95 Yes, more boots, because those leaves won’t kick themselves Chatham UK;

DOG TREATS POUCH, £16 Just one of the quality leather and waxed canvas goods made by local designer Anna Holm Holm;

GRESPANIA ‘MARIANNE’ TILE, £56.40 PER SQUARE METRE (SALE PRICE) Comely streaks of latte, charcoal, russet and sand La Fabrico, 1 Mitre Ln, off Mary Arches Street, Exeter; I EXETER LIVING I 43

Elizabeth Ann of Exeter


15 Gandy St, Exeter EX4 3LS ♦ ♦ 01392 491649 ♦ Mon - Thu: 11am - 11pm | Fri - Sat: 11am - midnight | Sun: 11am - 5pm

A Tour and Talk Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery Queen Street Exeter EX4 3RX

HOW RADICAL IS BUDDHISM? Smart, casual and occasion shoes. Large selection of HB loafers. Lisa Kay, Cefalu, Caprice, Van Dal, Brenda Zaro and Paula Urban. Mostly hand made Spanish and Italian shoes and boots, and much much more.

Lama Jampa Thaye

Sizes 2 (35) to 8 (41) available and various fittings

Thursday 3rd October 2019 This is a rare opportunity to explore Buddhist artefacts in RAMM’s Asia Collection followed by a public talk with a Buddhist meditation master of the Tibetan tradition.

3 Cathedral Close, Exeter EX1 1EZ Telephone: 01392 252876

Entrance fee £10 Doors open 6:45pm Talk 8pm Contact or Tel: 01392 841904

Casa Magnolia CHAGFORD

Stockists of: Orientique Capri Passioni Rabe Aventures des Toiles Anna Montana Marble Just White Toni Ireland’s Eye Michaela Louisa Shoes: The Flexx Riva Cefalu Adesso

Rachel Moss

Autumn/Winter ’19 collections are now in! YACCO MARICARD OSKA QUERNSTONE OCHRE KNITWEAR ROBELL MAMA B RINO & PELLE LUELLA VOLKER LANG BAGS DANSK JEWELLERY LOFINA BOOTS and wonderful winter accessories. 38 The Square, Chagford, Devon, TQ13 8AB 01647 433905 /


12 High Street, Budleigh Salterton EX9 6LQ Tel: 01395 443117. Open Mon to Sat, 10am - 4.30pm.




• Just White • Barbara Lebek • Lunar Shoes • Pause Cafe • Olivier Philips • Marble • Frank Lyman • Brax • Joseph Ribkoff

AUTUMN/WINTER COLLECTION Now in stock Church Street, Sidmouth, Devon, EX10 8LZ

Tel: 01395 579181

The Cork & Tile

Anna Britten has a mini-break in Gandy’s Street’s authentic new Portuguese restaurant


f any corner of Exeter best resembles Lisbon’s bohemian Bairro Alto, it’s Gandy Street. Which means that new Portuguese restaurant/bar The Cork & Tile already feels like it belongs here – something you definitely couldn’t have said about its recent, ill-fated predecessors, a Harry Potter-themed café and a pseudo-Cuban cantina. Owner Neil Perry has worked in hospitality across the country and beyond, so he knows what he’s doing. Crucially, by dint of marriage to a Portuguese national (who is also the business’s co-owner), Neil also knows plenty about Portugal – we learn from talking to him that it is one of England’s oldest allies, the variety and quality of its wine is remarkable and that Portuguese people “talk about sardines the way we talk about the weather”. And there’s a Portuguese mother-and-son team in the kitchen – Ana and Ricardo – who will teach you everything you need to know about that country’s rich, robust, meat-and-fish-centred cuisine. Before we pick up our forks, a word on the place itself –

46 I exeter living I

at street-level you’ll find a fresh, modern café/bar, with a light-filled back room; upstairs, three cosy dining rooms. A blue, white and green paint scheme pops with splashes of hot, Iberian colour, and – as you’d hope given the restaurant’s name – cork and tile both feature heavily. Do check out the beautiful cork wall coverings from Beach Brothers in Exeter (they did Thomasina Miers’ Wahaca chain, too), and the many traditional azulejo ceramic patterned tiles. Items of authentic Portugalia adorn the walls, from fans and maps to paintings and napkins Ana decorated as a child. Fado plays softly in the background. Seated in an upstairs window overlooking the street we nibble on a selection of petiscos (“bits and bobs”): a rissol de carne (a piping hot and crispy, meat-filled, breadcrumbed turnover), a rissol de camarao (same, but with shrimp) and bolinhos bacalhau (salted cod fritters). The standout is a small bowl of pica pau (“woodpecker”), which turns out to be chunks of beef and chorizo in a rich, reddy-brown ‘beer sauce’ that actually contains port, wine and brandy, too, dotted with crunchy pickles, olives and fresh parsley. It’s a sweet-salty delight that’s traditionally eaten with toothpicks over Super Bocks, but no less moreish with a


“Our aim was to do Portugal proud” fork over a passion fruit Sumol, Portugal’s quintessential soft drink apparently. Neil’s bestseller is the confit garlic octopus but, tentacle-phobically, we get the carne de porco alentejana, a rustic stew with meltingly tender pork and a scattering of clams, more pickled veg and olives, and minuscule diced, roasted potatoes. Frango a Brás manifests as a square-shaped confection of shredded chicken, onion and potato bound with egg that’s not a million miles from a supercharged potato rösti. All the cakes and puddings are made in-house – Ana trained as a pastry chef – but the pasteis de nata are imported from Portugal because they are the best. Not just according to Neil, but also to one Portuguese customer who declared them a match for no less than the original pasteis from Lisbon’s legendary Pastéis de Belém. Still warm from the oven, the pastry is perfectly flaky, crunchy and buttery, the wobbling, velvety inch of custard filling eggy and sweet, but not tooth-achingly so, and the mahogany topping lightly caramelised. We eat two just to be sure – yep, outstanding. “Our aim was to do Portugal proud,” says Neil, adding that many customers have a link to the country. Even if all you know of Portugal is Ronaldo and the Algarve, The Cork & Tile makes you want to know more – you might even find yourself getting a DNA kit to track down a long-lost Portuguese great-granny. n

Dining details The Cork & Tile, 15 Gandy St, Exeter EX4 3LS; 01392 491649; or Facebook: thecorkandtile Opening times 10am-10pm MonThurs, 10am-12midnight Fri-Sat, 11am-5pm Sun Vegetarian/vegan choice Options include a vegetarian platter Drinks Portuguese wine a specialty from vinho verde to Douro Disabled access Ramp to assist you into ground floor, where there’s an easy-access loo – but it is a small area Service/atmosphere Welcoming, informal, proper Portuguese (you can’t move for Ricardos) I exeter living I 47


GETTING THE LOWDOWN ON THE FAMILY LAW COMPANY’S NEWEST RECRUIT, LAURA SELLICK-TAGUE HOW HAS YOUR CAREER IN FAMILY LAW DEVELOPED? I studied Law and Sociology at UWE and after my conversion course I began practising family law straight away. I qualified as a Chartered Legal Executive in 2018. I am delighted to have recently joined The Family Law Company.

WHAT DO YOU SPECIALISE IN? Mainly cases involving divorce and finance, child arrangements and pre-nuptial agreements. Cases span a variety of clients, including high net worth clients such as doctors and army personnel, for whom pensions are often the biggest asset in the marriage.

IS THERE ANY PARTICULARLY INTERESTING AREA YOU WORK IN? Complications can arise where a family-owned farm is involved. A farm is not just a home, it’s also an income resource. If it is broken up this could affect the jobs of the husband and wife and also any children. Usually the court prefers a farm to be retained within a family if at all possible.

WHAT’S YOUR APPROACH TO FAMILY LAW? I don’t encourage conflict but prefer helping clients to reach an amicable agreement, especially when they have children. However, it’s also my job to ensure that my client has what they need to move on with their life, so I take a stronger approach whenever necessary. Going through a divorce can be overwhelming so I make sure clients remain fully informed of the process and all deadlines.

ARE ALL CLIENTS THE SAME? Not at all. Some clients prefer a relaxed relationship with their lawyer whilst others want a more formal approach. Similarly, some clients want their lawyer involved in every part of the process and others are happy to take more control – in which case I can just give legal advice as needed. And while some clients understand legal speak, others require layman’s terms. For me it’s key to quickly ascertain what each client needs and tailor my service for them.


Laura Sellick-Tague is a Chartered Legal Executive at specialist law firm THE FAMILY LAW COMPANY by HARTNELL CHANOT in Exeter. Call to make an appointment on 01392 421 777. Balliol House, Southernhay Gardens Exeter EX1 1NP.


It’s rewarding to be able to help clients to move on with their lives. When I first see clients, they are often feeling broken, disorientated and scared of what the future holds for them without a partner and with less money. When they realise that this is actually an opportunity to start a new chapter in their life, that’s when I know I’ve had a positive impact.

DO YOU UNDERTAKE ANY VOLUNTEERING ROLES? I volunteer as Chair of the Devon branch of YRes, Resolution’s network of family law professionals at the start of their careers. Resolution believes in a constructive, non-confrontational approach to family law matters which is very much the ethos of The Family Law Company.


Samantha Johnson and Ama Williams

Owen Richards


Ann Hunter, Helen Scholes, Rachael Miles and Lisa Vanstone

Ben Bradshaw MP

150 people gathered at Hotel du Vin for the launch of Tribe, a new initiative from Exeter Chamber, Exeter City Council and Air Marketing to encourage businesses within Greater Exeter to choose local suppliers where possible. Speaking at the event, were Owen Richards, Air Marketing, Ben Bradshaw MP and Ann Hunter of InExeter. For more information about Tribe visit

Eliana Sydes, Tanya Fitzgerald and Dawn Newman

Hilary O’Dwyer, Jo Benney and Wendi Hardy


Gandy Street-based law firm Solicitors Title LLP celebrated its 21st year in business with a summer party for staff, friends and clients held at The Deer Park Hotel. The rain stopped and the sun came out as guests enjoyed wood-fired pizza. “Thank you to everyone that joined us,” said partner Janet Milton, “and to all of our clients, friends and collaborators for so many wonderful years in business.” Photos by Sasha Hack, Happy Snaps Photography

Wendy Harris, Sharon Ruskin, Eleanor Chew, Jan Roberts, Janet Milton, Richard James, Ailsa Tatton-Shell and Georgi Demirev

Debbie Tomlinson, Jon Iacomino, Bracken Jelier and Dave Barr I EXETER LIVING I 49

advertising feature

The complexity of Inheritance Tax: the latest report


Stuart Coombe of OLD MILL outlines recent changes

he Office of Tax Simplification recently published its findings after being asked to assess Inheritance Tax (IHT) rules. Although these proposals may not make it into law, if they were put into place they would significantly change estate planning. The review provides recommendations on lifetime gifts, the seven year rule, Capital Gains Tax (CGT), term assurance plans and Alternative Investment Market (AIM) shares. To help, we’ve summarised three of the key proposed changes…

Lifetime gifts There are varying types of ‘gifts’ – annual, small, wedding, and gifts out of income. There is a

suggestion to replace all of these with a single annual allowance.

The seven year rule One must survive seven years for larger gifts to be effective for IHT – gifts known as potentially exempt transfers (PET). The report proposes to reduce this term to five years. As people often leave it late in life to gift, reducing the time by two years would be a welcome change. Tied to the above is the idea to remove taper relief – it is complex and misunderstood. Scrapping this would make tracking gifts and establishing any tax due much simpler.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) There is a capital gains ‘uplift’ on death which

can drive planning decisions. Often individuals hold onto assets in later life, knowing this will be more tax favourable than gifting during lifetime, which can trigger significant CGT liabilities. Once assets pass through the estate, the probate value becomes the new ‘base cost’ and gifting or selling the asset may then be more tax favourable. This is particularly relevant where assets are passed to a surviving spouse, or where assets qualify for Business Property Relief (BPR) or Agricultural Property Relief (APR). This change would be controversial and the proposals are complex. n IHT can be complicated but we’re here to help. To see how we can assist you, please do contact me on 01392 351301 or

Reach the best in the west Affluent, active and influential and just a call away


SOUTH WEST BUSINESS EXPO WEDNESDAY 20TH NOVEMBER 2019 Visit us at the event or contact us for all your accounting needs ADVICE & SUPPORT, ACCOUNTS & TAX, BOOK KEEPING & VAT, PAYROLL & PENSIONS



Exeter Living team 01225 475800

It’s the city’s business

EXETERworks Matt Roach, Exeter Airport MD

Always on the up


Exeter Airport rated one of the country’s finest ritain’s best and worst airports have been revealed – and Exeter Airport is officially up there with the best. The airport has outperformed some of the country’s biggest flight hubs, and once again been ranked in the top five of UK airports for customer satisfaction, according to the consumer group Which? Exeter rose one place this year to be ranked fourth out of 17 airports across the UK with fewer than 10 million passengers, beaten only by Doncaster, London Southend and Southampton. Over 6,000 passengers completed the online survey for Which? this spring, rating in detail their experiences using UK airports

over the last year, from bag drop and security to refreshments and toilet facilities. Says Matt Roach, MD of Exeter Airport: “Our passengers appreciate the convenience of flying from their local airport and the Which? survey results show that our staff at Exeter Airport have again helped bring about the high scores for customer satisfaction. This summer we have also invested in many improvements to enhance the passenger experience and we aim to maintain our high ranking in the future.” Belfast International came in last, with a customer approval rating of 42%. For more: I EXETER LIVING I 53


BACK IN THE SADDLE Launch day was a Lycra-free zone

Co Bikes, the UK’s first electric on-street bike hire scheme, is celebrating its return to the streets of Exeter. The bikes can be currently hired from County Hall, Civic Centre, St David’s station, Central station, and the University of Exeter’s Streatham campus and St Luke’s campus. In addition, new Co Bikes stations are scheduled to open at Digby & Sowton station, Heavitree High Street, Cranbrook Younghayes Centre and Pinhoe station during September and October. The expansion of the Co Bikes scheme – part of local car club and not-for-profit cooperative social enterprise Co Cars – is possible due to a partnership with Devon County Council who secured external funding from the Department for Transport’s National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF), and

developer contributions from new residential developments in Exeter. Says MD Mark Hodgson: “We were the first on-street electric bike hire scheme in the country and are still the largest one out there in the UK. Of course, being a pioneer at anything is not without its challenges and I’d like to personally thank Devon County Council for their ongoing belief and support in what we’ve set out to achieve. “Co Bikes are perfect the perfect solution for urban journeys as riders can tackle the toughest of hills without breaking into a sweat. This means they are ideal for commuters, for getting to meetings, for running errands or simply just for fun.” For more:,

GET CREATIVE FOR THE AWARDS As momentum continues to build for the Exeter Living Awards, local businesses are encouraged to get involved – and there are plenty of ways to do so. With the glamorous business event now less than six months away, companies can show their support and align their brand with the Exeter Living Awards in a variety of ways. “A great way to get on board with Exeter’s biggest business event is through sponsorship,” explains Steph Dodd, events director at MediaClash, Exeter Living’s publisher. “Sponsors benefit from an unrivalled long-term marketing campaign which peaks in March.” But organisers are also keen to hear from companies who may have creative ways to partner with the Awards. “As well as backing one of our categories, businesses can also sponsor our shoulder events, which include the finalists’ and sponsors’ reception, the champagne reception on Awards night and our winners’ dinner” says Steph. “Or if your business is launching a new product or service and you think we could work well together, get in touch!” The 2019 Awards saw a glittering ceremony with over 480 guests in attendance, and more on the waiting list. The Awards were trending in the UK on Twitter, such was the huge interest in them. Those hoping to become finalists are also encouraged to begin considering their entries,

54 I exeter living I

Less than six months to go!

with nominations opening on 12 November. The Awards are free to enter, and companies can enter multiple categories. Already showing their support for the Awards is platinum sponsor Jelf, along with category sponsors Cathedral Appointments, Exeter College, Exeter Live Better, MD Business

Interiors, Old Mill, Princesshay, Regus, Triangle Networks and Warwick Event Services. To join our sponsors and benefit from the Awards, please contact Carolyn Southcott:; Twitter @exeterlivingawd

Marina O’Shea

MOVERS, SHAKERS ETC Exeter Chamber has appointed five new directors to its board – Amanda Grabham of Axminster Carpets, Paul Nero of Radio Exe, Helen Scholes of Co Cars, Tim Wadsworth of Space and Yvan Williams of The Oddfellows… InExeter has appointed Marina O’Shea (pictured) as event manager… Stephens Scown LLP in Exeter has promoted Justin Butt and Peter Cooper from the energy team, and Richard Slater from the dispute resolution team, to partner … Lovell Southern, the partnership housing division of the £3bn Morgan Sindall Group, has appointed Andrew Johnston as regional managing director based in Exeter… Laura Sellick-Tague has joined the divorce and finance team at The Family Law Company.

STEERING COMMITTEE Two Exeter businessmen have launched a new venture connecting car enthusiasts in the South West. Re:Fuel was launched in August by Dan Regan and Matt Young, and provides a space for petrolheads to meet, admire each others’ machines, compare stories of how they came to own them, and discuss their motoring passions – all while enjoying fresh, local food and drink. Re:Fuel is currently based at Froginwell Vineyard, but Matt and Dan are hunting for a permanent home so that the meet-ups can take place on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year. “The variety of vehicles on display surpassed all our expectations,” said Dan of the launch day. “We had everything from a 1926 Rolls Royce Phantom 1, the only one left in the UK, right up to modern day supercars like a one-off Mclaren Mercedes signed by Stirling Moss, a Lexus LFA, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and everything in between. There was a great classic and retro VW turnout too.” The next Re:Fuel Open Day is on 29 September at Froginwell Vineyard, 9am-5pm (last admission 4.30pm), and costs £5 per vehicle which includes a free hot or cold drink.

Vroom for one more?

For more:

Packexe CEO Andrew Orchard

GOLD RUSH Exeter-based Packexe, who manufacture protection products for home DIY and the building industry, have extended their Unroll for Gold Competition by 10 weeks to 13 December 2019. Willy Wonka-style, the company has been hiding golden tickets in selected rolls of their protection film since May – customers can win Thomas Cook gift cards worth up to £1000. CEO Andrew Orchard claims ending the competition when there are still tickets to be found would be unfair. “If there are tickets left to find, there’s a

competition still to run,” says Andrew. “Our only option is to extend, and our only reason is to get as many winners as possible! “As everyone in business is aware, this summer has been a little slower than usual which, for Packexe, means fewer golden tickets claimed than expected. But this is no bad thing, as our customers now have added time to find and claim tickets!” The competition is part of Packexe’s 30th anniversary activities, which have also included a £30,000 donation to Exeter Cathedral For more: I exeter living I 55


Luxury living in Topsham, with parking and a garden? See it and believe it, says KITTY KANE

60 I exeter living I


home in Topsham remains the ultimate property dream for many buyers across the South West – but sizeable family homes with all the trimmings, that are ready to move straight into, are as rare as sand crocusses on the Exe Estuary. Hence this advice to hurry, if you haven’t already, to check out EXIII – a collection of luxury new homes on the Exeter Road in Topsham, created by award-winning local property developer Burrington Estates New Homes. Offering features uncommonly found in this area – such as guaranteed parking and generous garden spaces ­– it’s hardly surprising homes have been snapped up and only a few now remain. Located just half a mile from the waterside and Topsham’s renowned independent outlets, including boutique shops, cafes and restaurants, EXIII provides


the perfect opportunity to embrace everything the local lifestyle has to offer. The final homes remaining on this prestigious site are the impressive three-storey, four- and five-bedroom properties in The Clyst category – and they’ve been creating quite a buzz among families and those seeking multigenerational living. With five sizeable bedrooms, including a lavish master suite benefitting from a large bathroom and dressing room, the top floor provides quite the hideaway for grown-ups. You’d be forgiven for thinking you had been transported to a swanky hotel suite – and who doesn’t like the idea of luxury living, every day? Open-plan living, kitchen and dining space heavily features on the ground floor, and with an additional snug to the first floor, it’s clear why this home has been a popular choice for buyers, particularly ahead of the looming festive season. Bespoke options include a professional extension to the ground floor with stunning skylight detail to allow for additional living space.

Every home at EXIII has been expertly designed and fitted to the highest of specifications, with Britishdesigned and installed kitchens, beautiful half-height Porcelanosa tiled bathrooms and additional luxury fixtures included as standard, such as ceiling-to-floor windows to the bedrooms on the first floor, low level lights in each bathroom, luxury carpeting, underfloor heating to the ground floor, and a family-sized garage with ample parking space. Another key element to the homes is energy efficiency, with smart heating controls in all homes, and additional options available such as car-charging points, solar PV and a Tesla Powerwall. Residents that have already moved to EXIII have started to make the most of the two large green areas on site by hosting community events to cultivate friendly relationships between one another and the wider Topsham community. A new home that comes with new friends? Now that’s a fixture and fitting you can’t put a value on. n

House numbers Square feet 1,995 Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms 3 Price The Clyst houses range from £700,000 to £770,000 For more: 01392 640022; topsham@burringtonestates. com – and Wilkinson Grant & Co, Exeter, The Old City Library, 1 Castle Street, Exeter EX4 3PT; 01392 427500; I exeter living I 61

Dean Clarke Gardens Exeter

Guide Price £800,000

An exceptional opportunity to purchase a substantial freehold, period Grade II* Listed property in one of the most prestigious locations in the city. Presented to a high standard with graciously proportioned accommodation. There is scope for creating additional accommodation in the roof space, subject to any necessary consents. The property also benefits from a southerly facing courtyard garden and a freehold parking space, within the private car park.

For further details telephone Mike Shaw on 01392 427500 or email


Alphington Exeter

Guide Price £800,000

A unique, beautifully presented Grade II Listed detached cottage of over 3,300 sq.ft, renovated to an exceptionally high standard in the most sought after ‘village’ of Alphington. Incredible and versatile open-plan accommodation, ideal for family living and comprising a 34ft kitchen/family room with Aga, three gracious reception rooms and four bedrooms (all en-suite). Fabulous enclosed level garden and parking for up to four cars.

For further details telephone James Mold on 01392 427500 or email



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Finding you the perfect flooring for your home At Sowton Carpet Mills, we offer a fast and friendly service. We aim to provide you with complerte peace of mind that you’re in safe hands. New flooring is one of the best ways to give your property a fresh new look. We can offer you: • • • •

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“My best fancy dress costume? Lady Gaga” when I was a kid, my Dad used to call me Potter Harris – make of that what you will! What piece of music would you put on at the end of a trying day?

If I need to raise my energy levels, Macklemore’s Can’t Hold Us wins every time. What’s been your best fancy dress costume?

Lady Gaga.

What job would you be terrible at?

Being a librarian. I’m not very good at being quiet.

GILL HAYES Chalking and pedalling over town like the ceiling can’t hold her After surviving a suicide attempt in 2013, Gill Hayes became a powerful local voice in mental health awareness. You’ve probably seen, or at least heard of, her incredible talk on the subject at TEDxExeter in 2017, which has had 184,000 views to date. We decided that, since she usually gets asked very serious questions, we’d ask her some utterly frivolous ones... Whereabouts do you live, and what makes it special?

Pennsylvania. Being on the edge of the University, we have great access to the Northcott Theatre and all the fabulous sporting facilities including Cornwall House swimming pool, plus I can get on my bike, whizz down the hill and be in the centre of town

in three minutes (it takes a bit longer coming back up!). Tell us what you’re up to on World Mental Health Day…

I’m going to be in Princesshay, inviting people to write messages of hope and inspiration in chalk on the streets of Exeter to support those who may be struggling with mental health problems. ‘Let’s Chalk About Mental Health’ aims to tackle stigma, support sufferers of mental illness and get people talking about mental health and suicide. We will be joined by the University of Exeter, the Samaritans, a host of community groups and a few surprise guests. Do you have a nickname/ nicknames?

Friends call me Gilly or Billy but,

66 I exeter living I

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Bradley Cooper. How could anyone resist those eyes?

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

When I was a student I used to take groups of American school kids on tours around Europe. As a French major, I had an annoying habit of slipping French words into sentences. Heading off for a shower, I told the group I was just going for a “douche”. I couldn’t understand why they were looking at me aghast – any American reading this will know that the word has a very different meaning. What’s your earliest childhood memory?

Being at the carnival in Hamble, where I grew up, wearing a birthday cake on my head. It was the centenary of the carnival so I went as ‘Happy Birthday Hamble’. The cake had 100 candles on it and was tied on my head with a ribbon. Pretty heavy for a two-year-old.

When did you last cry, and why?

After hearing about the suicide of a young boy the same age as my son. Working in suicide prevention doesn’t harden you to it. It makes you more determined to help stop it. What’s your most treasured possession?

I’m going to have to cheat and have two. My ‘Hope’ bookmark given to me by a 10-year-old boy after my suicide attempt, and my late Dad’s cap. Favourite places to eat, drink and shop in Exeter and the surrounding area?

Mangos on the quay for coffee, Al Farid in Cathedral Green for dinner and the independents in Fore Street and Topsham for shopping.

Who’s the coolest person you know in Exeter?

There are so many but if I have to choose I’m going to pick my great friend Nicky Dunn who runs Pi Society. We organised a charity ball together at Exeter Castle last year and cycled from London to Paris to raise funds for Women’s Cancer and Action to Prevent Suicide. She has enormous energy, knows everyone and is funny, kind and a good friend. We’d better let you get on… What are you doing right after this?

Working on the ‘Let’s Chalk About Mental Health’ campaign. So much to do, so little time. n Chalk your supportive message at Let’s Chalk About Mental Health at Bedford Square, Princesshay, from 9.30am to 7pm, on Thursday 10 October 2019 (World Mental Health Day)

Profile for MediaClash

Exeter Living - Issue 251  

Exeter Living - Issue 251