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diting a magazine like Exeter Living does not come without occupational hazards. The biggest one is the temptation to constantly shop. See, when you spend as many hours as we do browsing the city’s fantastic independent shops in search of beautiful/ cool/useful/quirky objects – and shooting the breeze with their lovely, interesting owners – you can easily blow half your pay packet by the third of the month. Last time we walked down Magdalen Road, we ended up with half a kilo of Cornish new potatoes, some hair bands, a new washbag and a bottle of malbec. Didn’t know we needed any of it until we saw it. Felt great, though. Join us on a mega-spree through Exeter’s main independent shopping areas from page 27, and rediscover your love of real shopping – with no glitches, no passwords, no postage and packing fees, no couriers, no screen burn, no spam. We think it’s the future... This issue we’re also dipping our toe into summer, at last – with all you need to know about the new Exeter Festival, an invitation down to the Quay, a festie-themed Ed’s Choice and a crisp, cold IPA... See you back here in three weeks,

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Issue 246/June 2019 Cover Nest on Fore Street, Topsham by Kim Millon for Love Topsham


7 Spotlight Newsy nuggets from around the city 11 JP HEDGE Getting fit, Exeter-style 13 my desk George from Spoken, Exmouth

the arts

15 INTRO Noel Gallagher’s at Powderham Castle 16 WHAT’S ON Your tasty sharing platter of awesome


20 FEST FOOT FORWARD What’s this here new-

fangled Exeter Festival then?



23 intro Why there’s no such thing as an imitation

Eames plastic chair

24 editor’s choice All your festival season musts 27 add to basket All hail Exeter’s independent


shops – come buy with us

all you need this summer

36 WE GOT THE QUAY Exeter’s historic waterside has

food & DRINK

42 RESTAURANT The Beer Factory & Kitchen at

Hanlon’s Brewery


49 business insights Exeter companies making

waves, why you should make a video, and three EL Award winners


56 showcase Buzzing around the gorgeous

Honeyford Cottage


45 society 66 Exeter lives Sam from LaLa Choirs

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spotlight Everybody’s talking about…


An Ipswich fan gives his opinion on St James Park


AWAY WE GO Exeter City FC have just won one of the most important awards for the future and reputation of UK football. Your local club, you see, has just been awarded the English Football League (EFL)’s ‘Best Away Fan Experience in League Two’. Part of an initiative to boost away fan attendances – which will also help ensure the bad old days of hooliganism in English football remain in the distant past – the awards measure the experiences of genuine away fans, gathered from visits to all 72 EFL Clubs. Fans report back on a number of touchpoints ranging from information and first impressions; to quality of refreshments and their experience inside the stadium. Assessors described the welcome they received at St James Park as “one of the best they had experienced at an away ground”. Some of the factors that saw Exeter City crowned champs were volunteer ambassadors and turnstile welcome messages greeting fans as they arrive at the ground, and the chance for young families in the visiting section to tour the stadium and get a picture taken in the Away Dug Out. For more: www.exetercityfc.co.uk

Home Sweet Home explores how different cultures greet their guests

Exeter was the home of a historic decision recently when Devon County Council’s leader John Hart backed the Devon Climate Declaration, which commits signatories to work together to reduce carbon emissions across the county. Earlier this year Devon County Council (DCC) declared a ‘climate emergency’ and pledged to work with ‘strategic stakeholders’ to ensure that the county of Devon becomes carbon neutral. Now, the Devon Climate Emergency Response Group (DCERG) – made up of executives and chief officers of about 20 organisations including councils, emergency services and business groups – has endorsed the underlying County Hall principles of the declaration, which are to reduce carbon emissions through ‘collective action, innovation and influence’. The DCC’s ruling Cabinet has also agreed to set aside £250,000

towards this initiative to persuade organisations, communities and individuals to do more to reduce global warming. “The world is at a turning point where the effects of climate change are already being felt,” says Councillor John Hart, leader of Devon County Council. “And, if left unchecked, climate change will profoundly affect the environment, our prosperity and our quality of life.” Says Phil Norrey, chief executive of Devon County Council: “These are not just warm words. These are facts. This is a climate emergency, and we have a duty to commit to action now.” For more: www.devon.gov.uk



RAMM is marking Refugee Week (17-23 June) – the UK’s largest festival celebrating the contribution of refugees and promoting understanding of why people seek sanctuary – with an intimate new exhibition. Home Sweet Home, in the café at RAMM, is an exhibition of photographs on the themes of home and hospitality, drawing on stories and memories of Exeter residents from around the world. In addition, drop-in event Beat As One on Saturday 22 June, 10.30am to 2.30pm, invites visitors to create a welcome sign in Arabic, listen to Syrian drumming, storytelling, join in the dancing, learn how to do henna decorations and talk to local refugee support groups, including City of Sanctuary and Refugee Support Devon. For more: www.rammuseum.org.uk www.refugeeweek.org.uk

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spotlight He did it!



MY EXETER MARATHON DIARY University of Exeter student Tom Lambert, 20, has kept us up-to-date with his training for the Exeter Live Better Marathon which took place on Sunday 19 May. The event was sponsored by Tozers and supported by Ola What a lovely day it turned out to be! The weather had been forecast to start raining mid-way through the race, however the sun decided to shine instead and it got close to 18˚C. I hope all the racers, spectators and organisers had a great day. I was really impressed by the buzz of the supporters at the start/finish line and particularly at the Quay, where they definitely provided an energy boost in tough stages of the race. Running at the quayside and along the river throughout the race was spectacular with the water glistening in the sun. My personal race didn’t go to plan as a niggling knee injury worsened towards the end of the race and I had to hobble the last six kilometres – ruining my chances of a new personal best. But, overall, it was a brilliant location and an extremely spectator-friendly fast course... and I can’t wait for next year’s event! For more: www.exetercitycommunitytrust.co.uk/running-events

SEVEN DEADLY SINS In our regular mini Q&A with visiting and local performers, JON MCCLURE of REVEREND AND THE MAKERS bares his wicked soul LUST: Who or what do you find yourself lusting after today?

A lolly. It’s hot as f*ck and I fancy an oldfashioned cider lolly like we used to have back in the day.

GREED: What should you be cutting down on (non-food and drink!)

Football Manager 2019. I’m so sad. I spend way too much time guiding Sheffield Wednesday to European glory in the early hours of the morning.

GLUTTONY: What one thing could you happily eat or drink until you burst? Curry. Because it’s the food of the gods.

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Anybody that doesn’t like it is a maniac.

SLOTH: What should you be really putting your back into right now? House projects and DIY. But who can be arsed, really?

WRATH: What/who makes you angry?

Jeremy Kyle. TV for the mob. Get in the sea, Kyle. Predatory entertainment watched by people of low intelligence. Laughing at poor people isn’t where it’s at, is it?

ENVY: Who are you jealous of ?

Really successful musicians who, safe in the knowledge that people will buy any old nonsense they come out with, are free to disappear up their own backsides and indulge themselves artistically.

PRIDE: What’s your proudest achievement?

My two sons. Makes having a hit record seem like nothing. They’re both absolute little dudes and I’m very lucky to be their Dad.

Reverend & The Makers play as special guests of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds at their Sunday Sessions show – at Powderham Castle on 30 June 2019. www.exeter.sundaysessions.net


Fit for purpose You can’t see JP’s abs from the moon – well, not yet


’m two and a half stone lighter than I was this time last year. There is still quite a way to go – but I’m back into my wedding suit, and even the suit I wore to my university graduation. At 40 years old, and for the first time in my adult life, I think I’ve got a grip. Hopefully. I feel slightly less hypocritical as Exeter City Council gears up to prioritise helping 10,000 people get healthier and more active as part of a partnership with Sport England. For 20 of those 40 years, weight just crept up every year. Looking back now, it seems odd this happened despite the issue constantly being on my mind.

Somehow being ‘on my mind’ didn’t equate to shredding weight and keeping it off. If I had managed to ditch some body fat every time I thought about eating the ‘right thing’ I’d be an Adonis and you’d be able to see my abs from the moon. In all other aspects of my life, especially around work, putting focus into something generally gives me better results. I’m not a boffin, I get by, but I like to think there’s not many things that can’t be sorted out with a bit of time and effort. However, when it came to my own body and keeping fit and healthy, it was a complete mystery. From ages 20 to 40 I ran two London Marathons, went to numerous gyms, enjoyed outdoor

“It turns out that some days I was actually doing under 1,000 steps. That’s less than a nan”

activity and progressed in my career to be able to afford better nutrition. Yet every year I went up in weight. Every diet ended up back at square one, plus a few more pounds for the effort. A couple of things seem to really have made a difference in what I hope is now my permanent state. A coach called Graham Webber told me to ‘put my oxygen mask on first’. I have a tendency to prioritise my family and others. I also give everything at work. But unless you look after yourself, you can’t help others as well. That has stuck with me. I got a watch that helps me measure things. It turns out that some days I was actually doing under 1,000 steps. That’s less than a nan. On those days, it was likely I was working flat out and my brain was exhausted. So I’d reward myself with something nice to eat in the evening. Double trouble. I took a longer time than you would think to realise I wasn’t a dog and shouldn’t be rewarding myself with treats. The other is around routine. As a family, we made the decision to go from two to one cars. As a result, I cycle in most days. It’s less heroic than it sounds – it means I don’t have to do the school run. Also, it is the only way I can get from the city centre to Topsham Road in under 20 minutes. Most

importantly for my fitness, it means that some form of exercise is locked into my day. Three and a half miles of really slow cycling, being overtaken by nurses finishing a nightshift at RD&E, actually equates to 35 miles a week. Before I would have done nothing – zero. Apparently, what I do now is called ‘active transport’ and will be a cornerstone of improving people’s lives as part of our pilot. Now the staff team are in place and the funding is secure, our approach will encourage 10,000 of Exeter and Cranbrook’s least active residents to lead regular active lifestyles. We are looking to support those least likely to take part in activity, through a data-led approach, which will also help with reducing congestion and that sense of community and belonging. And no city has done this before – so not much to achieve, then. In the meantime – I’m sticking to what I hope is this permanent groove. If you overtake me on Barrack Road, I’m the one huffing and puffing for a good cause – me. ■ Jon-Paul Hedge is a director at Exeter City Council where he currently looks after tourism, communications and culture. He is a former newspaper editor and lives in the city with his wife and two young children. www.exeter.gov.uk

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With over 1,200 spirits it’s easy to find something to drink, but I have to implement a ban on myself until at least five o’clock (unless it’s an emergency!)

Exeter Deaf Academy are moving to Exmouth and we are helping in any way we can – these are new tins for a festival bar


There is always a bottle of Quick gin to hand. Meetings, talks with customers, bad day… Not only an empire, but Spoken was also built on tea!

Audi car keys. For my place of rest. LBC or Radio 3 on the way home is vital


H Newly arrived paperwork for a community festival being organised

Security tags for Manorfest, a free-to-attend festival Spoken and The Grapevine do twice a year

Everyone takes the p*** out of me for this briefcase but it’s the only way to keep important paperwork creasefree. I love tradition too!

Ideas, sketches, numbers. You can’t beat a notebook no matter how good an iPad is

e’s the proprietor of bar and restaurant Spoken on The Strand, Exmouth, which in was crowned Best Spirits Bar in the 2016 Great British Pub Awards. He’s also the founder of Exmouth’s first gin and the director of a gaming development company. George Nightingale, then, is as busy and driven as you’d expect from someone with a masters in entrepreneurship and innovation from the University of Exeter. “I’ve run Spoken for eight years now and it has evolved so much over that time,” says George. “We have a great team at the moment, and Exmouth is just starting to sort itself out in terms of its identity – and I can only see it improving. Quality shops are starting to return and I just hope that we can continue to keep up our own standards and become recognised on the national stage for what we offer!” ■

For more: www.spokenexmouth.com

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SOUND BLOKE Not exactly known for his lack of self-confidence, Noel Gallagher probably always expected to score three number one albums with his solo project, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. But could the clever one in Oasis ever have dreamed he’d play the majestic Powderham Castle? Debatable. Noel and co stop off in Exeter as part of a mammoth world tour. We’ve examined the setlists so far and can confirm that, as well as highlights from nine years’ worth of solo material, there is a 99.99% likelihood of getting Wonderwall, Don’t Look Back in Anger and Stop Crying Your Heart Out towards the end. Which is well mint. Arrive early to catch Exeter’s own rising indie popsters The Loft Club. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds headline Sunday Sessions at Powderham Castle, Exeter on 30 June, with The Charlatans, Reverend & The Makers, The Blinders and The Loft Club. www.exeter.sundaysessions.net

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What’s on 7 June – 7 July

Kneehigh’s Dead Dog In A Suitcase lands at the Northcott


PAPER PLAY Works inspired by the recent On Paper exhibition. Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Dowell St, Honiton; www.thelmahulbert.com

Until 23 June

HOME SWEET HOME A photographic exhibition celebrating the variety of ways in which Exeter residents from diverse backgrounds welcome guests into their homes. See also page 7. RAMM, Queen Street, Exeter; www.exeter.gov.uk/ramm

Until 23 June

JOURNEYING TO LIGHT: THE MOSAICS OF ELAINE M GOODWIN Retrospective of the Exeter College of Art & Design-trained artist known worldwide for her stunning, contemporary mosaic art.

RAMM, Queen Street, Exeter; www.exeter.gov.uk/ramm

22 June-5 July

HANNAH LUDNOW & NIGEL SHARMAN Works by two of the UK’s most respected semi-abstract landscape artists. Marine House at Beer; www.marinehouseatbeer.co.uk

theatre, Comedy & Dance Until 8 June

AMELIE THE MUSICAL The luminous Audrey Brisson plays the eccentric young Parisian searching for love and meaning, with a little help from Danny Mac’s Nino. Northcott Theatre, Stocker Road, Exeter; www.exeternorthcott.co.uk

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9 June

SOFIE HAGEN: BUBBLEWRAP, HAPPY FAT Edinburgh Fringe Best Newcomer Award-winning stand up from the compelling, London-based Dane. Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter; www.exeterphoenix.org.uk

12 June

TANGOMOTION A journey into the heart of Argentine tango, with world class dancers and the Tango Siempre Quartet. Northcott Theatre, Stocker Road, Exeter; www.exeternorthcott.co.uk

14-22 June

AN INTERVENTION / BOSTON MARRIAGE Two contemporary plays, by Mike Bartlett and David Mamet, make up the Cygnet Company’s summer rep season. Cygnet Theatre, Friars Gate, Exeter; www.cygnettheatre.co.uk

15 June

FRANKIE’S GUYS: A CELEBRATION OF FRANKIE VALLI & THE FOUR SEASONS Concert-style celebration of the artist behind ’50s/’60s pop classics such as Big Girls Don’t Cry. Northcott Theatre, Stocker Road, Exeter; www.exeternorthcott.co.uk

18 June

SEAN MCLOUGHLIN: HAIL MARY Smash hit show from the comic described by Time Out as “the best comedian you haven’t heard of yet.” Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter; www.exeterphoenix.org.uk

18-22 June

DEAD DOG IN A SUITCASE (AND OTHER LOVE SONGS) Cornish theatre pioneers Kneehigh bring you their anarchic show based on John Gay’s The Beggar’s Opera, which mashes up musical gentres

what’s on from punk to grime. Northcott Theatre, Stocker Road, Exeter; www.exeternorthcott.co.uk

23 June

MARK WATSON: THE INFINITE SHOW Warm and witty new show about empathy from the Bristol comedian. Exeter Corn Exchange, Market Street, Exeter; www.exetercornexchange.co.uk

24-29 June

EDUCATING RITA Revival of Willy Russell’s play about Liverpool hairdresser Rita and her university tutor Frank. Stars Stephen Tompkinson. Northcott Theatre, Stocker Road, Exeter; www.exeternorthcott.co.uk

27 June

HERE COME THE GIRLS Strictly’s Dianne Buswell and Amy Dowden, and Chloe Hewitt, hoof through a mix of ballroom and Latin. Exmouth Pavilion, Esplanade, Exmouth; www.ledleisure.co.uk/exmouth-pavilion above: Hypnotic sounds from US musician Joan As Policewoman left: Harry Redknapp’s coming to St James Park below: Dance extravaganza Here Come The Girls

5-7 July

WE’RE GOING ON A BEAR HUNT Smash hit children’s show based on the picture book by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury. Northcott Theatre, Stocker Road, Exeter; www.exeternorthcott.co.uk

13 June

GAZ COOMBES The Mercury-nominated former Supergrass frontman airs dazzling new album World’s Strongest Man. Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter; www.exeterphoenix.org.uk

16 June

NICK LOWE & LOS STRAITJACKETS Songwriting national treasure emerges for his first tour in 10 years. Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter; www.exeterphoenix.org.uk BEN WALKER The BBC Folk Award-winner delivers his thoughtful fusion of traditional and contemporary music. Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter; www.exeterphoenix.org.uk

24 June


28 June

FEMI AND THE INRHYTHMS Nigerian bassist and his 11-piece band blend afro-beat, funk and jazz with Yoruba-English vocals. Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter; www.exeterphoenix.org.uk

29 June

LET’S ROCK EXETER The Human League, Billy Ocean, Belinda Carlisle, Nik Kershaw and more unite for this fun ’80s nostalgiafest. Powderham Castle, Kenton; www.letsrockexeter.com

1 July

JOAN AS POLICEWOMAN The genre-defying US musician plays solo with piano and guitar in support of mesmerising, recent, multi-disc career retrospective Anthology. Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter; www.exeterphoenix.org.uk

6 July

music & opera

22 June

BOLTS The weirdly wonderful Lewis and gang bring their scuzzy, lo-fi lo-fi punk and anti-folk to town. Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter; www.exeterphoenix.org.uk

THE DREAM OF GERONTIUS Exeter Symphony Orchestra, tenor Thomas Hobbs, mezzo soprano Madeleine Shaw and bass Tim Murfin perform Elgar’s epic masterpiece. Exeter Cathedral; www.exetersymphonyorchestra.co.uk

other events Until 23 June

CREDFEST A celebration of the town’s vibrant and creative community, with shows, exhibitions, live music and more courtesy of local talents. Various venues, Crediton; www.credfest.co.uk

8 June

RESPECT FESTIVAL Family-friendly festival, this year marking 25 years since the end of apartheid in South Africa, and dedicated to the victims of Christchurch New Zealand. Expect music, dance, food and drink (but, as every year, no alcohol), workshops, children’s area stalls, arts and crafts, campaigns, activities and displays from many diverse cultural backgrounds. Belmont Park and Exeter Phoenix; www.exeter-respect.org

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WHAT’S ON 8-9 June

EXE REGATTA Five local sailing clubs unite in this summer jamboree on the Exe, with around 200 boats taking part across the weekend, and a lively social calendar. Various venues; www.river-exe-regatta.org.uk

9 June

OPEN FARM SUNDAY AT DARTS FARM Meet farm animals, press apples, and sample local food and drink. Darts Farm, Topsham; www.dartsfarm.co.uk

14 June


The leading historian traces the history of royal marriage from the Middle Ages up to the house of Windsor. Northcott Theatre, Stocker Road, Exeter; www.exeternorthcott.co.uk

15-16 June

FEAST FEST Food and drink festivals to raise funds for Topsham Rugby Club. Live music and kids’ rides, too. Topsham Rugby Football Club, Exeter Road, Exeter; www.feastfestuk.com

18 June

WESC FOUNDATION OPEN DAY Come and find out about WESC


EMILY MACAULAY shares the latest from Exeter Library

Spend a Sunday at Exeter Library

A few Saturdays ago, I was the duty supervisor and helping to serve customers during a particularly busy hour. I was helping a borrower with books about heraldry. Not a subject I know much about, so we were chatting a bit about the topic and, inevitably, moved on to other matters of interest. As this borrower prepared to leave, clutching a handful of books and some others on order for collection later in the week, he turned and thanked me for my help (always appreciated) and then enquired how long I’d been working here. When I replied, he responded with “And all that time as a weekend assistant?” After a chuckle about his

flattering guess of my age, and that he mistook me for one of the excellent team of customer service assistants, we then got to talking about weekends at the library. He didn’t know we open on Sundays. Did you? Every Sunday, 12noon-4pm, you can access the full range of our services and often some additional events, too. We have children’s songs and stories at 2.30pm every week, Scrabble Club every fourth Sunday, Language Café every second Sunday and, launching this summer, Meet The Local Author every third Sunday. We encourage you to spend your Sundays with Exeter Library. www.librariesunlimited.org.uk

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Sign up now for the Exeter Living newsletter... Weekends: sure, sometimes all you want to do is the big shop, and some boxset bingeing. But, mostly, you yearn to get out and about: browse a flea market, maybe, catch a dazzling new exhibition, or hit a festival, for example. Come the tail-end of Friday, however, you’re often still without a plan. Guess what? Exeter Living can help! Sign up now to start receiving the popular Exeter Living Friday afternoon email newsletter, in which I suggest the best events and outings for the coming weekend – from theatre to gigs to family fun days and more – along with a property pick of the week, money-saving offers, and the week’s most amusing, locally-sourced tweets. (Fear not, we don’t share your data with third parties – ever.)

Like the sound of it? Then jump on mediaclash. co.uk/eln pronto and you’ll hear from us soon.

services for young adults (up to 25) with visual impairment and other special needs. 10am-2pm. WESC Foundation, Topsham Road, Exeter; www.wescfoundation.ac.uk

Celebrate Refugee Week with music, dancing, stories, food and crafts, including henna decorations. RAMM, Queen Street, Exeter; www.exeter.gov.uk/ramm

19 June

4-6 July

AN EVENING WITH ALAN MCGEE The Creation Records label owner, musician, music manager and blogger has a plethora of stories to share. Britpop DJ set to close. Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter; www.exeterphoenix.org.uk

22 June

AN EVENING WITH HARRY REDKNAPP The former football manager, and I’m A Celebrity... champ invites you to hear his best yarns. Exeter City FC, St James Park, Exeter; www.exetercityfc.co.uk/news

22 June


EXETER CRAFT FESTIVAL Witness the talent of the South West’s makers and artists. Cathedral Green; www.exetercraftfestival.co.uk

5-7 July

EXETER FESTIVAL See feature, page 20. Various venues including Northernhay Gardens; www.visitexeter.com/exeterfestival

6 July

DUNSFORD SHOW Quintessential English country summer fete, with bouncy castle, dog show, Pimms, classic cars and all the trimmings. 12noon-5pm. Dunsford; www.dunsfordshow.co.uk ■


FEST FOOT FORWARD The whole city becomes a stage for the brand new Exeter Festival – ROXANNE DURIS finds out what to expect


ig name bands, open air cinema, lashings of beer – this summer you can get your festival fix right here in Exeter, without having to erect a tent or wear the same T-shirt for

three days. Exeter’s festival landscape has, in recent years, been a kaleidoscope of single, often one-off events. All splendid, of course, but we know we’re not alone in having always wished there was also one big one, gathering all the city’s creative energy and appetite for fun under one umbrella. Drum roll: the all-new Exeter Festival 2019 is that big one – a three-day party taking place in Northernhay Gardens and other locations around the city from Friday 5 July to Sunday 7 July. Each day has a different focus. Friday is devoted to outdoor cinema and comes with the subheading Films in the Park (NB: not to be confused with Exeter Phoenix’s long-running Big Screen In The Park in August). On the bill are recent singalong smash hits The Greatest Showman and Bohemian Rhapsody. Live music is the flavour of Saturday – aka Festival in the Park – when after a (completely free from 12 noon-5pm) afternoon of local acts you’ll be treated to evening sets from platinum-selling indie popsters The Hoosiers, of Worried About Ray and Goodbye Mr A fame, supported by indestructible Devonian party band Joey the Lips. Sunday is all about family – with buckets of multi-generational fun

including a morning screening of Mary Poppins Returns, and performances, demonstrations and activities to get everyone up and moving. Don’t miss the new Blue Boy Trail – a family walking trail taking in all the sights of the city, with a chance to win a prize. If you want simply to soak up the festie vibe without committing to any specific events, there will be a fully licensed bar, food and drink and a host of stalls throughout the weekend in Northernhay Gardens. Says Cllr Rachel Sutton, Exeter City Council’s deputy leader: “We are delighted to be hosting the all new Exeter Festival in the heart of the city centre this summer. “All the events will either be free or affordable, and this is a great opportunity to showcase the talent we have in the city, as well as providing residents with a great weekend of entertainment. “We have a packed programme with something for everyone in Northernhay Gardens – top films, live music, sport and activities, children’s entertainment and family fun. There’s lots going on across the city, too – street theatre in the city centre, the craft festival at Cathedral Green, comedy at the Corn Exchange and a beer festival at the Quay to name just a few. “We want to see as many people as possible at the festival, both in Northernhay Gardens and elsewhere in the city. I hope it can become an annual event and an important part of the city’s cultural calendar.”

“Get your festival fix right here in Exeter, without having to erect a tent or wear the same T-shirt for three days”

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clockwise from opposite page: Entertainment continues into the night; look out for street theatre from Nuts & Volts; it’s The Hoosiers!; start practising your Bo Rhap now

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Elizabeth Ann of Exeter


Smart, casual and occasion shoes. Large selection of HB loafers. Lisa Kay, Cefalu, Caprice, Van Dal, Riva. Hand made Spanish and Italian colourful sandals and much much more.

Sizes 2 (35) to 8 (41) available and various fittings

3 Cathedral Close, Exeter EX1 1EZ Telephone: 01392 252876 www.elizabethannshoes.co.uk

shopping live well, buy better


Don’t be deceived by their simplicity. Legendary US designers (and husband and wife) Charles and Ray Eames spent years developing these chairs, moulded to fit the contours of the human body. Eventually, the Plastic Side Chair – to use its official title – was launched alongside its sister seat the Plastic Armchair, in 1950, becoming the first ever mass-produced plastic chairs in history. Today, the original Swiss company Vitra still produces them – small tweaks over the years include a switch to recyclable plastic – and, since copyright law changed in 2016, are the only ones allowed to. Which means, if you want one, don’t bother seeking knock-offs. Head straight to your local, independent supplier for the real deal… Eames plastic chairs, from £255, Sapphire Spaces, Exeter.; www.sapphirespaces.co.uk

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MAKE-UP BAG, £8.95 Plenty of room for your Touche Éclat in here From Hyde & Seek, 1 Paul Street, Exeter; www.hydeseek.co.uk

VINTAGE VW CAMPER VAN, FROM £395 FOR THREE NIGHTS Arrive in style, sleep in comfort, leave with your body and mind intact From www.oconnorscampers.co.uk

FIELD OF DREAMS 10 festival season essentials – just add beer

LEFRIK RECYCLED PLASTIC BACKPACK, £49 Cart your day-to-day kit around comfortably From Sancho’s Dress, 126 Fore St, Exeter; www.sanchosdress.com

CHESTNUT ‘DARTMOOR’ BOOT, £250 Everybody thinks you should wear wellies at festivals. Everybody is wrong. Walking boots are comfier and tougher, trust us From Green Shoes; www.greenshoes.co.uk

24 I EXETER LIVING I www.mediaclash.co.uk

AVEDA RINSE REFRESH, £24 Can’t locate a power shower? This refreshing hair and scalp spray is way nicer than dry shampoo... From Amanda Marsden, 75 Queen Street, Exeter; www.amandamarsden.co.uk

ED’S CHOICE ELEPHANT BOX STEEL WATER BOTTLE, £25 Sip it slowly, folks, to avoid too many trips to those loos From Sancho’s Dress, 126 Fore St, Exeter; www.sanchosdress.com

ECO-FRIENDLY GLITTER, £3.95 Now you can have sparkling cheekbones without disrespecting the planet – this is sustainable, biodegradable, marine- and vegan-friendly From Boka, 3 High St, Crediton; www.boka.org.uk

PULSIN HEALTHY SNACK BARS, 89P EACH One of these mitigates every filthy kebab, right? From The Real Food Store, 3 The Crescent, Exeter Central Station, Queen Street, Exeter; www.realfoodexeter.co.uk

GARCIA LADIES’ SHORTS, £39.99 Yes, they’re going to get grass stains on them, but aren’t they fabulous? From Mademoiselle Mojo, 36 Gold St, Tiverton; www.jesuismojo.com

‘AMORE’ T-SHIRT, £15.99 Next best thing to an original Nirvana smiley face tee, in our view From Mademoiselle Mojo, 36 Gold St, Tiverton; www.jesuismojo.com

www.mediaclash.co.uk I EXETER LIVING I 25


add to baskeT Real shopping, real shops. Log off and spend some time and money enjoying Exeter’s tantalising array of independent retailers Words by Anna Britten

Put that phone down, love, and do some shopping

www.mediaclash.co.uk I exeter Living I 27



he local boutique owner who knows which hemlines you favour; the greengrocer who shouts across the street to tell you he’s got those chanterelles you wanted; the toy shop manager who’s helped you with generations of birthday presents... Independent shops are the lifeblood of any city, nowhere more so than Exeter. As well as offering an experience that beats online shopping hands down, they deserve our support more than ever. Sure, we love the occasional Zara, or Ikea, binge as much as anyone else. But we also love having a diverse range of local shops, and we love the local shopkeepers whose families depend on them turning a profit. So, people of the South West’s finest city – to mark Independents Day on 4 July, join us on a shopping spree of Exeter’s main indie shopping districts. Got your wallet?


It says: “Located in the heart of Exeter, Gandy

Street plays host to some of the city’s leading shops,” says Philippa Rutherford of Mantis. “Reported to be the inspiration behind Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley, Gandy Street provides the city with a haven away from the mainstream – providing a unique range of boutique independent jewellers, fashion and homeware shops. “It is also the jewel in the cutural crown of Exeter, being home to the award-winning Royal Albert Memorial Museum, the Exeter Phoenix and The Cavern.” What to buy: Dawdle down this most Instagram-friendly of alleyways as slowly

Fore Street: home to all things hip

as possible to savour its many charms. Shop for gourmet, regional chocolate from Chococo, individual jewellery from the likes of Silver Lion and Mantis, fashion from Moko and Sobey’s and, opening any day now, the new shop from Exeter Living Awards finalists The Recycled Candle Company.


It says: “If you wander down the hill that is Fore Street, you will find

Sara’s Petite Cuisine

28 I exeter Living I www.mediaclash.co.uk

a myriad of independent shops are waiting to give you the best service and products they can muster, from guitars to plants!” enthuses Mattie Richardson of Bunyip Craft. “Join us for our Fore Street Flea events where the whole community comes together for food, clutter-clearing and to enjoy a car-free day – the next one is Sunday 30 June.” What to buy: Hurry past the eyesore that is the empty BHS store, and try to ignore all those bong shops – this brilliant boho quarter is home to all things hip, ethical and handmade. This really is Exeter’s indie heartland and there are far too many fine traders to list here. You can get a suit, a pair of shoes, a belt or a wedding hat created just for you, by, respectively, Zebel, Chuckle Shoes, TBM The Belt Makers and Rivka Jacobs. Or buy your summer wardrobe from sustainable fashion pioneers Sancho’s, and vintage/retro clothiers

“We love having a diverse range of local shops, and we love the local shopkeepers whose families depend on them turning a profit”

There’s no way you’ll leave Topsham empty-handed

www.mediaclash.co.uk I exeter Living I 29

Find baby and children’s goods at Kapbula Organics, Paris Street

repair antique timepieces at Prime Time and take your pick of fresh blooms at St Leonards Flowers. In short, Mag Road’s a petri dish of irresistible purchases.


It says: “The estuary town is just four miles from central

All the trimmings: Bunyip Craft’s back on Fore Street

The Real McCoy and Frocks In Swing Time. Pirouette (round the corner in West Street) will provide you with a wedding dress. Deck out your home with rare, unique finds from Otto’s and Peachy Tipi, or a trendy succulent from No Guts No Glory, treat yourself to a vintage typewriter, video game or Gundam model kit (Francis Kay and Critical Mass), a surfboard at Salt City, a guitar like Dave Grohl’s (Manson’s), beautiful fabrics and craft gear from Bunyip Craft, and, when the kids are geeking out over the latest must-have Lego, look no further than Thomas Moore Toys. Big welcome to new arrival, ecostore Zero. We’re coveting one of their hammocks for the summer…


It says: “Our amazing mix of complementary shops selling sustainable and local products, alongside cafes and restaurants is a rare find,” says Daniel Taylor of Grocer On The Green. “Where else could you walk past the butcher and greengrocer chatting to the car dealer about the delicious bottle of merlot or viognier they tried from the wine merchant? “With four Exeter Living Awards already and a slot in the Guardian’s top ten coolest shopping areas – in the world – Magdalen Road is a truly unique and extremely sociable place.” What to buy: AKA downtown St Leonards, this is pretty much the local high street of your dreams. For starters, there’s everything you need, larder-wise – including a fishmonger (Gibson’s Plaice), for heaven’s sake, as rare as unicorns these days. Then there’s the aforementioned Grocer On The Green, plus St Leonard’s Bakery, Ben’s Farm Shop, which is part of Riverford Farm, wine shop Smith’s, zero waste store Nourish and the Bon Goût deli. Truly, that nearby Waitrose is wasted… You’re also sorted for quirky gifts and homewares: see Maker Maker, Leela and Leaf Street. Buy or

30 I EXETER LIVING I www.mediaclash.co.uk

Exeter and it’s easy to reach by bike, bus or train from Exeter, making it a perfect mini-escape from the city,” says Jo Berman of community group Love Topsham. “And with over 50 predominantly independent shops, it’s got something for everyone. “Stroll around the boutiques, gift shops, galleries and artisan food shops and you’re sure to come home laden with treasures – but not the kind you can easily get elsewhere.” What to buy: One-of-a-kind buys can be found at every twist of the main drag. Classy homewares, art and gifts are a speciality: for everything from a beautiful print or planter to a dining table check out Nest, Casa, Lark, Artenax, Art@96, Fleming & Sell, Simply Roka, Panorama, and Sails & Canvas for items made from repurposed sail cloth. Foodies should head to Sara’s Petite Cuisine for Portuguese patisserie, Country Cheeses for their Vacherin Mont D’Or or a sheep’s milk cheddar truckle, Darts Farm for the weekly big shop, and Topsham Wines for their tipples – and then stock up on culinary kit at Cooks Aweigh (who also sell homewares; this is Topsham). Siena and Allotment are purveyors of fashionable ladies’ garb, and there’s plenty for the green of conscience, too, including pre-loved dress agency Wardrobe, Aladdin’s cave of quality second hand books, The Topsham Bookshop, Quay Antiques and Nourish, the zero-waste store. Step into paper-cutting studio and shop Rhombus & Pineapple for their incisive contemporary greetings cards which are also stocked in MoMa in New York and The British Museum.

“You’re sure to come home laden with treasures – but not the kind you can easily get elsewhere”

indies Grab yourself a Love Topsham Card for exclusive offers and discounts across over 50 local shops, cafés, restaurants and businesses. And there’s a packed calendar of community events coming up including August’s Charter Day (24 Aug) and Gin Festival (23-26 Aug). See www.lovetopsham.co.uk for details.

Don’t forget Queen Street’s amazing indies


It says: “We are not all pop-up shops!” reports Tuba Yalcuva of children’s clothes shop Kapbula Organics. “Good news is, we all signed contracts for longer periods. Some new shops are coming along. So, Paris Street is alive and provides great independent shops a few steps away from the High Street.” What to buy: Were we of a religious persuasion we’d suspect St Jude, patron saint of desperate cases and lost causes, of lavishing some love on Paris Street recently. The road’s transformation from doomed no-man’s-land to surging indie retail hub has been one of the most gratifying and surprising developments in the city these past 12 months. We love Kapbula, Exeter’s only specialist organic and ecological shop for babies and children (clothing, toys and more). The brilliant Bake is rammed with the city’s cake-makers scoring flan tins and fondant icing, and you should definitely lose yourself in the leafy oasis of plant shop Hutch (we’ve got our eye on a terrarium). Do stop and peer into Maketank, a space for local artists. The very existence of cosplay shop Wyverns Tales suggests that, right now, this is the place to launch that niche passion project you’ve been incubating for years. New developments unfolding at a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it pace. So don’t blink.


Princesshay dominates but don’t assume Exeter city centre is 100% chains – pockets of indiedom exist all over Exeter. Queen Street is home to venerable antique jewellery destination Mortimers plus superb gift shops Toot Garook, The Shop At RAMM and Hyde & Seek. Even in the tourist-stuffed Cathedral Quarter you’ll find thriving small traders including lifestyle stores Busby & Fox and Lorna Ruby and shoe shop Elizabeth Ann while, in Castle Street, you’ve got luxury fashion and bespoke jewellery from Crede and Erin Cox, respectively. Tucked down a lane off Mary Arches Street is fancy tile shop La Fabrico, while South Street is home to high-end lingerie boutique De Bora, florist Trugs and South Gate Gallery. And don’t forget those independent big hitters in the business parks just out of town: between them, Sapphire Spaces, Amos Lighting and Dusk Lighting, for example, will help you create the forever home of your dreams. n

Magdalen Road: officially one of the top ten coolest shopping areas in the world


Celebrate the city’s retail scene with InExeter and vote for your favourite Exeter independents Exeter has an amazingly bustling independent business community giving locals and visitors plenty to get stuck into. From Fore Street to Sidwell Street and all that lies in between, the city’s independent shops, cafés and businesses are going from strength to strength and this July voters are invited to decide on Exeter’s best Indies. Voting will open on 4 July (Independents Day) to choose Exeter’s top independent businesses in three categories: Food & Drink, Retail and Services. A winning voter will also be selected and will win a £250 InExeter independent gift card which can be spent in over 70 of the city’s fantastic independent businesses. There are four ways to vote: • Head to www.inexeter.com to cast a vote online, • Vote via the InExeter social media channels using the hashtag #myexeterindie • Email info@inexeter.com • Pick up a voting card at any participating independent shop and drop into the Tourist Information Centre. Voting closes 31 July 2019. For more information about the Summer of Independents competition, visit www.inexeter.com

www.mediaclash.co.uk I exeter Living I 31


JUST A FEW BITS… TAXIDERMY STAGS HEAD, £160 From Peachy Tipi, Fore Street

DAR ‘LOEN’ TABLE LAMP, £100 From Amos Lighting, Marsh Barton/Darts Business Park

We indulged in a lunchtime shopping spree around Exeter’s indie shops. Here are some of the wonderful things we bought… EMPREINTE SWIMMING COSTUME, £125 From De Bora, South Street

BUNCH OF SWEET WILLIAMS, £4.50 From St Leonards Flowers, Magdalen Road

MANGA COMIC, FROM £9.99 From Critical Mass, McCoy’s Arcade TRENDY CANADIAN CRAFT BEER, £4.15 From Hops & Crafts, McCoys Arcade

PASTEL DE NATA, £2 From Sara’s Petite Cuisine, Topsham

32 I EXETER LIVING I www.mediaclash.co.uk

CHOCOLATE ROBOT, £10 From Chococo, Gandy Street


PIROUETTE pirouettethecollection.com

Pirouette is situated in the historic West Quarter of Exeter in the famous ‘House that Moved’ We are proud to be long standing stockists of the award winning designers Maggie Sottero, Sottero & Midgley, Rebecca Ingram and Lou Lou Bridal. Our Bridesmaids are by Ebony Rose and Richard Designs. Our ethos is simple... from your purchase to the collection of your gown we offer a trustworthy and professional service - this will include our extensive alteration service where you can customise your gown to your individual requirement. Come and chat to one of us about our fabulous Collection and let us completely spoil you for choice in our quirky Tudor building!

01392 432643. pirouettethecollection@gmail.com The House That Moved. 24 West Street, Exeter EX1 1BA

Offering friendly, professional beauty treatments in the heart of St Leonard’s, Exeter Monu and Renu facials | Lash and Brow Treatments | Jane Iredale make-up sessions | Manicures and Pedicures Shellac Manicures and Pedicures (two week varnish) | Electrolysis | Waxing | Massage

NEW! LAVA SHELL MASSAGE Lava shells are the first self-heating massage tool. The shells emit heat allowing a continuous and seamless warm body massage. Available from 19th June 2019. Full Body Massage £50 | Back Massage £40

4 Roberts Road, St Leonard’s, Exeter EX2 4HB. 01392 410055 www.belulino.co.uk

Now open Weds 10am - 8pm, Thurs 9am - 5pm, Fri 9am - 7pm, Sat 9am - 5pm

Casa Magnolia CHAGFORD

Yacco Maricard Masai Mama B Ochre Knitwear Cut Loose Quernstone Lily and Me Robell Vilagallo Ralston Terre Rouge Privatsachen

Mid SEASON SALE STARTS TUESDAY 4th JUNE! 38 The Square, Chagford, Devon, TQ13 8AB 01647 433905 / info@casamagnolia.co.uk Its all on our website:


Creditions Independent Retailers

Baobab Cafe is dedicated to offering delicious, nutritious food for children and adults and to bringing families together to explore, enjoy and play. 2 Market Square House, Market Street, Crediton EX17 2BN. Tel: 01363 894004


ďŹ nd us on

Proudly supporting British Brands.

3 High Street, EX17 3AE. Tel: 01363 899509 email: 72boka@gmail.com www.bokaonline.co.uk Follow us on F T I

18 High Street, Crediton EX17 3AH. Tel. 01363 776677 www.facebook.com/katheaboutique. www.katheaboutique.co.uk

Call us on: 01363 775884 Courtney House, 14 High St, Crediton, Devon EX17 3AF


01363 777719





WE GOT THE QUAY From wool trading to destination dining, Exeter Quay remains the watery heart of city life Words by Roxanne Duris

36 I EXETER LIVING I www.mediaclash.co.uk



hat does Exeter Quay mean to you? Somewhere you spent your youth falling in and out of nightclubs? A foolproof family afternoon out? Your current favourite place to eat lemon sole and drink craft beer? We’re willing to wager it’s all these, and more. Wander south from the city centre to Exeter’s historic waterfront and, day or night, you’ll be greeted by a whole host of places to eat, drink and shop, and ways to wear yourself out, from kayaking to climbing. Best of all? It’s entirely dominated by unique, independent businesses, some of them well-established, others brand new. Exeter Quay has lived through various incarnations since the Romans started using a sandstone ledge here as a loading bay. As a European trading post in the 17th and 18th centuries the waterway was packed with ships full of Spanish wine and Dutch wool;

“The Quay’s present-day status is still evolving”

and though it became considerably quieter after the arrival of the railways, the former warehouses were repurposed into workshops, shops and pubs. It served as an Onedin Line location in the 1970s, a nightclub hotspot in the 1980s, and from then on has been best known for its al fresco food and drink spots, and watersports. While Exeter Quay has played a crucial role in the city’s backstory, its present-day status is still evolving. Exeter has been slow to embrace the potential of this charming and historic quarter, and the Quay’s geographical position probably doesn’t help. We still stumble every time we describe to an outsider the best way to reach it. Short of a cable car from the Cathedral, we’re not sure what the solution is.

The beautiful canal basin, home to quality recent arrivals such as Exeter Cookery School

www.mediaclash.co.uk I EXETER LIVING I 37

Nonetheless, the Quay’s infinite potential is now well on its way to being realised, arguably hastened in part by the popularity of St Thomas as a trendy place to live. Seafood restaurant Rockfish and Topsham Brewery are two recent arrivals on the Piazza Terracina side of the river. “These have been two great additions to the Quay and make it more of an attractive destination to visit,” says Chris Billing of On The Waterfront. “The Quay has really become its own standout quarter of Exeter.” There have still been challenges though, particularly in the form of the seemingly neverending work on the new flood defences. Traders have worked hard during that time to remind residents and tourists alike that the Quay is very much open for business. Says Chris: “As the works have taken a couple of years longer than they were meant to, this has had a big hit on the Quay as a whole, with a decrease in the footfall, especially during the winter months. “We had to think of ways to attract people back to the Quayside and we have personally put a lot of investment into On The Waterfront with recent refurbishments and planning various events.” On the horizon is a new bridge and walkway to replace Mallison Bridge outside Samuel Jones, and, possibly, a major new play centre at Haven Banks. Whatever its future holds, like you, we can’t think of a nicer place than Exeter Quay to while away the summer. And we can’t wait to see what happens here next. n

38 I EXETER LIVING I www.mediaclash.co.uk

above: Summer throngs on the Quay right: Emma of the Boatyard Bakery


“The Quay has really become its own standout quarter”


The traders busy making Exeter Quay sparkle, all year round Bishops Blaize An exciting, fresh chapter begins at this Quayside pub, thanks to new landlords Alice and Troy 01392 254884 Boatyard Bakery The home of Emma’s Bread, also a bakery and café serving bread, sourdough, pastries, soups, quiches and more 01392 279 208; www.boatyardbakery.co.uk Coffee Cellar Quirky, vintage-styled café that takes your cup of joe very seriously indeed 01392 410000; www.coffeecellar.co.uk Doctor Ink’s Curiosities

Rockfish lights up the west bank

Tiny, super-atmospheric Victorian-inspired cocktail bar and tea room based in the Customs House 01392 491695; www.doctorinks.com

On The Waterfront One of Exeter’s best-loved hangouts, enjoying pole position on the quayside. Legendary pizzas 01392 210590; www.waterfrontexeter.co.uk

Exeter Cookery School Cookery courses, from breadmaking to spun sugar, with the highly experienced Jim and Lucy Fisher 07415 78375; www.exetercookeryschool.co.uk

Puerto Lounge Informal and eccentric cafélounge, open all day for coffees, drinks, snacks and meals 01392 422102; www.thelounges.co.uk

Mango’s Popular café and wine bar in a historic quayside cellar 01392 499991; www.cafemangos.co.uk North Barbers Hot towel shaves and all the rest at this trendy, modern barbershop 01392 986203; www.northbarbers.co.uk

Quay Presents Wonderful, long-standing gift shop under the brick arches, selling work by local craftspeople www.quaypresents.com Rock Chiropractic Treatment for a variety of health issues such as back and neck pain, headaches and sports injuries 01392 790499; www.rockchiropractic.co.uk

Rockfish Superlative seafood restaurant from the lovely Mitch Tonks 01392 491664; www.therockfish.co.uk Saddles & Paddles Hire canoes, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards and bikes 01392 424241; www.sadpad.com Samuel Jones Craft beers and smokehousestyle food, brought to you by the St Austell Brewery in Cornwall 01392 345345; www.samueljonesexeter.co.uk Topsham Brewery Cool microbrewery and taproom now occupying the historic Maclaines Warehouse 07735 591557; Twitter @topshambrewery

www.mediaclash.co.uk I EXETER LIVING I 39

Celebrating 20 Years of e xcellence!

Offering delicious balanced dishes at superb value

House Menu, A la Carte and popular Taster Menu and Wine Flight are all available, check out our website for sample menus and future events. Newly refurbished with the same smiley faces. Open Wednesday to Saturday from 6.00pm Now open Saturday & Sunday Lunch from 12.00pm

The Triangle, Kenton (Nr Powderham Castle) Exeter, EX6 8LS. 01626 890195



Love beer? Now you can watch it being brewed while you eat. Anna Britten does just that


akes sense, if you’re a craft brewery, to open a restaurant on-site. You’ve got all that space, after all – inside, for diners; outside, for cars. You’ve got the curiosity factor – everyone loves a glimpse behind-the-scenes. Plus, as the UK craft beer boom finally plateaus (eight new breweries opened last year compared with 390 in the previous 12 months) it’s shrewd to add another string to your bow. Hanlons Brewery in Half Moon Village, makers of Yellow Hammer amongst other award-winning bevvies, certainly thought so. They opened a bar here in 2015, which has, since February, up on a mezzanine within their factory, morphed into the 50-cover Beer Factory & Kitchen. It’s a cool and convivial space that we immediately wanted to hire for a party – chunky, reclaimed industrial-style furniture, black and white photos of brewery life and a little off-licence area, all under the canopy of a parachute studded with LED lights.

42 I exeter living I www.mediaclash.co.uk

Shrewder still, the Hanlons team – headed by Sam and Dan Taylor, who rescued the brewery in 2013 – have stuck to their strengths, covering the drinks side of things but teaming up with local street food van La Cantina for the eats. If you’re a long-term Exonian who likes their grub, you’ll know La Cantina, aka chef Tim Golder, and have parked in a layby for one of his epic burgers on more than one occasion. Many of Tim’s dishes here incorporate Hanlons beer – in the gravy, fish batter and even cheese. Interestingly, though, there’s more to wash down than the hearty dude food you might expect. Sure, burgers and six different types of fries top the menu, but check out those trendy bao buns on the weekly-changing menu, and the tacos and daily specials also subverting your expectations. We sink our teeth into one of the latter on our visit, a lobster mac and cheese you can taste before it’s even reached your mouth: satiny and golden, topped with parmesan, spoonfuls of luxuriant lobster bisque, and several thumb-sized chunks of juicy, fresh Cornish


“Unimprovable – and the ultimate in edible self-care” lobster. It’s richer than Jeff Bezos, and comes in a cast iron mini-cauldron with darling little garlic bread rolls. Unimprovable – and the ultimate in edible self-care. E’s gone for the La Cantina burger, in a gluten-free incarnation (there’s a separate gf menu), an Empire State Building of steak burger, Monterey jack, gherkins, BBQ pulled pork, onion rings, iceberg lettuce and chipotle alioli with skin-on fries and a scoop of violet-coloured slaw. A jar of pickled cucumber, made in-house, slices nicely through all those fats and carbs, as does a half of Hanlon’s cold, zesty Citra IPA. Pudding is bit of a push but a trio of Salcombe Dairy and Lovingtons ice cream round things off perfectly – the blood orange sorbet is the most head-messingly addictive thing we’ve eaten since our first Pringle in 1991. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the sweet placemats too, an intricate cartoon map/diagram of the brewery complete with its workers. Good, eh? Now you not only can organise a p*ss-up in a brewery but an excellent blowout, too. n

Dining details Beer Factory & Kitchen @ Hanlons, Half Moon Village, Newton St Cyres, Exeter EX5 5AE, Exeter; 01392 851160; www.hanlonsbrewery.com Opening times Tue-Sat 11am-10pm (hours can vary, so check their Facebook page before setting off) Prices Burgers from £11.50, other mains around the £12-£25 mark Vegetarian/vegan choice Loads of options, including fried cauliflower tacos and a Veganator burger Disabled access It’s in hand – planning permission secured Drinks Obviously their own range of beers are the star of the show – but plenty of soft drinks too Service/atmosphere Cosy and hip

www.mediaclash.co.uk I exeter living I 43


GEMMA SPARKS EXPLAINS HOW HER OWN EXPERIENCES HAVE INFORMED HER CAREER AS A FAMILY LAWYER... WHAT WAS YOUR ROUTE INTO FAMILY LAW? I joined a local law firm when I was 18 and started studying to become a Chartered Legal Executive. Their area of law was personal injury but I knew early on that I wanted to work in family law. I was studying for my Level 6 along with Donna Hart and she told me about a vacancy at what was then Hartnell Chanot, now The Family Law Company (TFLC). I went for an interview and the rest is history!

HOW HAS YOUR CAREER DEVELOPED? I qualified as a Chartered Legal Executive in 2010 and was promoted to Senior Associate in 2018. This is quite unusual for a CILEx trained lawyer.

TELL US MORE ABOUT CILEX CILEx provides a more flexible route into law rather than the traditional route which requires a law degree. When I first qualified, CILEx wasn’t recognised by all legal companies but this has been changing over recent years. There are now CILEx trained judges and CILEx lawyers can own legal firms, which is the case at TFLC where several of our Directors are CILEx. In fact, the company is really proactive in promoting this route into law. There’s no limit on what you can achieve as a Legal Executive as far as TFLC is concerned.

WHAT IS YOUR PARTICULAR ROLE WITHIN THE COMPANY? I specialise in cases involving domestic abuse and cases where separated or divorced parents are finding it difficult to sort out arrangements for the children between themselves. For clients dealing with these issues it can be an emotional rollercoaster.

WHAT QUALITIES WOULD YOU SAY HELP YOU IN YOUR ROLE? Having children myself gives me a slightly different approach. And I was in foster care from the age of seven so I have personal experience to call on. In the same way, I have experienced an abusive relationship so I really understand what a domestic abuse client is going through and provide an empathetic and informed service. In my own life I’ve had to work for everything that I’ve achieved, nothing was given to me on a plate. This means I really work hard for my clients – I’d say I’m a very determined lawyer.


Gemma Sparks is a Senior Associate Legal Executive at specialist law firm THE FAMILY LAW COMPANY by HARTNELL CHANOT in Exeter. Call to make an appointment on 01392 421 777. Balliol House, Southernhay Gardens Exeter EX1 1NP.


Working with clients to achieve the best result, whether that is achieving a resolution in child arrangements enabling them to see their children, or protection from an abusive partner. I love my job and feel very lucky to be able to say this. I love working for TFLC and with my colleagues who are supportive not only towards career progression and dealing with the emotional side of cases, but on a personal level too.

FAMILY LAW IS KNOWN TO BE A STRESSFUL AREA OF LAW. HOW DO YOU RELAX? Family time is important to me. Simple things like trips to the beach – we love the pebble beaches and especially Budleigh Salterton. As a family we love to get away on little trips to Cornwall. My personal way of relaxing is reading. I really enjoy crime thrillers – quite a different side of law!




Cara Strong and Sara Baker

Jane and Martin Lathan Beth Pearce, Hollie Cornelius and Beth Cole

Max Foster, Mike Bamforth, Olivia Purcell, Sophie Bamforth and Claudia Bamforth Clare Lunk and Nicci Borowski


Charlene Parkes and family

The 124th annual Devon County Show 2019 at Westpoint in May brought together over 2,000 animals with nearly 100,000 visitors, of which a small handful kindly said ‘artisan cheese!’ for Exeter Living. Photos by Fran Mcelhone

Sue Leyman and Caroline Wood

Clare and Mark Radford, with Olive, Vinnie and Marlow

www.mediaclash.co.uk I EXETER LIVING I 45


James Dart, Derek Phillips, Adrian Hills, David Kirk, Richard Marsh, Michael Caines and Michael Dart

Karime Hassan, Derek Phillips and Jon-Paul Hedge

Dan Bly, Hayley Reynolds, Thomas Chartres Moore, Lisa Mulholland and James Tregelles

Ellie and Bethany Chubb


Chef Michael Caines welcomed guests, including festival sponsors and exhibitors, to the exclusive VIP opening night reception of his Exeter Festival of South West Food & Drink. Held in the Darts Farm Tipis the party showcased produce from Darts Farm, Exeter Brewery, Luscombe, Otter Brewery, Pebblebed, Salcombe Gin and The Oddfellows.

Jake Sharp Linda Weller and Lynsey Lowthian

46 I EXETER LIVING I www.mediaclash.co.uk

Luke Whitaker, Lauren Filtcroft, Max Kirwin and Cameron Hodder Sam Simmonds, Sam Skinner, Pete Loverick and Jonny Hill



Harry Barton, Andrew Cooper, Rob Cousins and Gail McKenzie

Sue Stoneman, Bill Brown and Sharon Goble Alastair and Lorna Handyside

Jacob Cunningham and Chris Woodruff


Chloe Diggle and Holly Painter

Food and drink producers – and their fans – gathered to help regional food group Taste of the West launch its new café in Seaton, East Devon recently. The café, called Taste of the West @ Seaton Jurassic, is the first of a new Taste of the West franchise that will run throughout the West Country and will serve only produce hailing from the South West. “We are thrilled and delighted to be launching our new café franchise,” says Taste of the West CEO, John Sheaves. “It’s an exciting project which will showcase the very best of the region’s food and drink to customers.” Photos by Steve Haywood

Becky Sheaves and John Sheaves Paula Haynes and Connie Fisher

Poppy Brison and Emma Malony

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Investing in the future


Can ethical investment be beneficial to the planet and to the investor? Yes, says Carolyn Matravers of OLD MILL

ecently I was discussing the rapid societal change, after David Attenborough’s Blue Planet and the emotive images of plastic straws in the ecosystem, with the head of sustainability of a global company. With certain governments taking climate crisis off their agenda, he felt that companies had taken on some responsibility for change and that it was now important for businesses to have strong environmental and social values. This was, of course, partly to comply with regulations imposed, and also so the brand could be aligned with the views of their customers.  The common media portrayal of ‘big business’ is often contrary to this and it highlighted that the subject of environmental sustainability is complicated.

Investing for the future Can we efficiently consider sustainability preferences while building investment solutions that help meet investors’ financial goals, without taking on unnecessary risk? Social or environmental investing has been around for a long time but has often involved excluding individual companies or business sectors because of personal preference. This is more complicated than at first it seems. If you ask people what they want to exclude in this manner their first choice might be the major oil companies. But many environmental funds still include these companies – why is this? Fossil fuels are a major contributor to greenhouse gases but these companies are also developing green energy technology. So if you remove funding by not investing you may, inadvertently, be prolonging our reliance on fossil fuels.

Investing well and incorporating values around sustainability need not be mutually exclusive. By starting with a robust investment framework, then overlaying sustainability considerations, gives the ability to sustain goals without compromising on sound investment principles or accepting lower expected returns. Using a combination of company selection and weighing may allow for substantial reduction in exposure to supporting the generation of greenhouse gas emissions and potential emissions from fossil fuel reserves – important goals for many investors – while providing a robust investment strategy that is broadly diversified and focused on the drivers of expected returns. n If you would like to know more, please do contact me on 01392 214635 or carolyn.matravers@om.uk

businessinsights E XETER AND E A S T DE VON GET TO WORK

Quote of the issue

“We threw a bit of a party as a thank you”

We bet you did… Find out more on page 51

The Big Number


new city events being supported by InExeter. Details on page 51


Exeter College’s new Gym & Dance Studio marks start of £70 million investment project

E above: Students christen the new Gym & Dance Studio

xeter College has officially opened its new, £2.4 million Gym & Dance Studio – a world-class, New York-style glassfronted space for dance and performance as well as a modern, fully equipped gym with the latest fitness equipment, a spinning room, and extra teaching space. The new Gym & Dance Studio was designed by Exeter-based Grainge Architects, built by Devon Contractors, and officially opened by Tony Rowe OBE, chief executive and chairman of Exeter Chiefs, in front of over 70 guests. The opening ceremony featured

performances from current dance students, speeches and tours of the new facilities. “The opening marks the first phase of a £70 million investment in our estate,” says John Laramy, Exeter College principal and chief executive, “that will, over time, transform the learning environment for students, staff and the community.” Adds Tony Rowe: “I have been able to see at first-hand the investment and development work which is being carried out at Exeter College. Such work, we know, is already having a huge impact on not only the students, but staff alike,

and it’s helping to put the College and Exeter at the forefront of education not just here in the city and Devon, but much further afield. “Like everyone here, I’m excited to see what results the new facility will bring. Not only will it help to inspire so many people, but at the same time it will add to what are already outstanding facilities within the College. “I am both delighted and honoured to have been asked to carry out this opening of what is a fantastic facility.” n For more: www.exe-coll.ac.uk

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GRE’s Richard Booth and Gary Kingdon with Lars Rosberg of ESS

European Spallation Source (ESS), currently under construction in Lund, Sweden, is one of the biggest, most complex, expensive and ambitious science projects in the world. When complete, the ESS will accelerate protons to 96 per cent of the speed of light, releasing neutrons which can be used in research into new materials with applications in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, engines, plastics, energy, telecommunications, transportation, information technology and biotechnology.

Now, Willand-based engineering company GRE Ltd has won a five-figure contract to develop ‘mission-critical’ ultra-pure water cooling solutions for the project. Says managing director of GRE Ltd Richard Booth: “This puts UK know-how right at the forefront of one of the most exciting and important global science and technology initiatives currently under development.” The latest project for ESS follows on from GRE’s design and development of an ultra-

pure water cooling unit which was installed and brought into commission by GRE’s engineers in 2018. GRE Ltd, which has a global reputation for taking on complex and challenging thermal engineering problems others are unable or unwilling to handle, has recently expanded its workspace in Willand by 33% on the back of its growing order book. It turned over £3.5 million in 2018, up 30% on 2017, with 40% coming from international business. For more: www.gre-ltd.co.uk


Liv James and leeks: on their way to Exeter Farmers Market

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Four organic Devon market gardeners have formed a cooperative to sell fresh produce at Exeter Farmers Market. “There is a huge (and growing) number of market gardens in Devon growing veg on land under three acres” says founder Liv James of Down Farm near Winkleigh, “but we are often excluded from busy, weekly markets as we cannot meet demand whilst supplying our other customers, or because there is already a veg stall at the markets. I wanted to create an opportunity for us, at Down Farm, and other small veg growers to access a thriving market.” Joining Down Farm is Wellspring Farm near Buckfastleigh, Jim’s Organic Veg at Higher Hacknell and Hitch-In Farm near Hatherleigh. The new Devon Market Gardeners cooperative will be at Exeter Farmers Market from Thursday 13 June. For more: www.down-farm.com

Movers and shakers etc

Big Screen In The Park gets a cash injection

EVENT HORIZON Nine community events have secured funding from the city’s business improvement district, InExeter. The brand new Exeter Festival, which takes place over the weekend of 5-7 July (see also page 20), is among the events to receive backing. Others include Exeter Fringe Festival, Big Screen in the Park, Women of the World, Exeter Pride and Quirk Theatre, who are producers of the family Christmas show at Exeter Phoenix. Three further projects and initiatives have also received backing from InExeter: the restoration of the St Nicholas Priory Garden by Exeter Historic Buildings Trust, support for a website for innovative eco initiative Plastic Free Exeter, and funding towards the valuable and voluntary work undertaken by

Exeter Street Pastors in the city every Friday and Saturday night. Says Ann Hunter, InExeter manager: “We were thrilled with the volume and quality of applications we received. The InExeter board agreed that the festivals and events selected bring a diverse programme of events to Exeter’s residents and visitors, and the three projects allocated funding each play an important role in the city. We are proud to support these events and initiatives.” InExeter hopes to release a second round of funding to support and enable more events in the first half of 2020. For more: www.inexeter.com

Tracy Bailey

Andrew Brownsword Hotels has announced the appointment of Chris Eden as executive head chef at Gidleigh Park, starting on 1 September 2019… Property litigation specialist Tracy Bailey (pictured) has joined Stephens Scown LLP, at senior associate level… Barratt Developments, which includes Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes, has appointed David Matthews as its new land director, based in Exeter. The housebuilder has also hired Finlay McBay as its new marketing apprentice in Exeter… Alister Tickle, creative director at Chalk & Ward, has become a board member.


The toast of Tivvy: Jo Webber at The Grosvenor

Tiverton gift shop Jo Amor is celebrating after being crowned Independent Gift Retailer of the Year (South West) at The Greats. The Greats recognise and celebrate the top independent and multiple gift retailers regionally and nationally, as well as ‘one-off ’ niche retailers and garden centres, and outstanding retail employees. This year’s ceremony took place at The Grosvenor Hotel, London. “We are, of course, thrilled,” says business owner Jo Webber. “It is such a good positive vibe for Tiverton. “We threw a bit of a party as a thank you to our town and loyal customers.” Facebook: JoAmorTiverton

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Go, pro: Alex Wren

“a staggering 87% of marketing professionals are now using video”

The Way I See It

SHOULD MY BUSINESS MAKE A VIDEO? ALEX WREN of Bitpod offers some advice to businesses who want to harness the power of video, but don’t know where to start


ore and more video content is being watched online. A staggering 87% of marketing professionals are now using video as part of their strategy, while three in four people would rather use video than text to learn about a product or service. So what is holding some businesses back from moving with the times and creating their own videos? Since 2002, we’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of businesses in the South West and beyond. In our experience, the obstacles to making videos are generally money, time and a fearful lack of know-how. Let me try to break down some of these for you. The first step is to decide whether you are going to create a ‘Do It Yourself ’ video, work

52 I exeter living I www.mediaclash.co.uk

with a freelancer or employ a video production company. To an extent, your budget will influence this. If you have little or no budget, a DIY video could be the way to go. Assuming you have the skills and time, it can be an effective way of bolstering your online presence, though it’s always worth considering whether a rough and ready production style suits your brand. Bigger budgets allow you to work with professionals who will do most of the work for you and create a polished end product. A video production company worth its salt will help you decide on the best type of video (animation, on-location, in-studio or a combination of these), as well as the all-important content, your target audience and how and where to distribute your video. They may suggest ways to use your new video that have not occured to you. For example, a

video for your website could be sliced into shorter clips for social media or a big screen at your next trade fair. Here at Bitpod, we’ve always prided ourselves on helping businesses use video, no matter how challenging their needs. Responding to the fact that many clients had a small budget but didn’t want to compromise on quality, we developed our innovative EasyStudio service, which drives down costs by streamlining the production process. Our EasyStudio starts from £395 plus VAT for a two hour session, plus a ‘first time only’ set-up fee, which starts from £45 plus VAT. Clients love using our studio set-up to make their own videos for training and education, sales pitches, product demonstrations, testimonials and many other uses. EasyStudio has really been embraced by businesses looking for a happy medium between the DIY approach and full-scale professional video production – so much so that we were thrilled to be shortlisted for the Technology & Innovation Award at this year’s Exeter Living Awards. It was a fantastic night and we were inspired by the diverse range of businesses doing amazing things in our city. We’re proud to be part of such a vibrant business community, where people help each other to succeed. If you want to make video but don’t know where to start, feel free to give me a ring or drop me an email. I love talking to, and helping, fellow businesses here in Exeter and the South West – regardless of whether they become clients or not. Alex Wren is managing director at Exeter-based video production agency Bitpod, finalists in the Technology & Innovation category at the 2019 Exeter Living Awards; www.bitpod.co.uk

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exeter living awards 2019

Katherine Dayman and Sara Bennett enjoy the culmination of an incredible year

BALLOONS (DEVON) The task of choosing a winner from among Exeter’s many, outstanding local charities is no fun. But this year’s judges, after a lengthy and emotional debate, plumped for Balloons (Devon), who support bereaved children and young people, and had an especially impressive and fruitful 2018. We asked charity CEO Sara Bennett to share her thoughts… CHARITY WINNER Sponsored by

So how did it feel to win an Exeter Living Award?

Incredible! We were thrilled and gobsmacked in equal measure. To be recognised in this way, when the other shortlisted charities were so strong, was like all our Christmases coming at once! The most important thing is that the award has recognised the children and young people themselves. They are truly a credit to the region, and we accepted the award in their name. Why do you think Balloons (Devon) won?

I think that over the past few years we have really made a mark in the city, raised our profile and continued to do what we do best – respond quickly and appropriately to the needs of

grieving children and young people. We have been recognised by many generous local businesses who have fundraised tirelessly for us. We have seen the demand for our service grow. We have worked closely with our partner schools and trained more professionals in childhood grief than ever before. Bereavement is a universal human experience. We are all likely to lose someone we love, and the price we pay for love is to experience the pain of grief. I think everyone can relate to that and would want children and young people to be supported when they go through that. 2018 was our year. Can you tell us in a nutshell what your charity does?

Balloons provides pre- and post-bereavement support to children and young people aged 5-25 and their families. We also provide childhood grief training to professionals and deliver activity and family days for children and young people who have completed one-to-one support.

“Bereavement is a universal human experience. We are all likely to lose someone we love”

How has our understanding of the impact of bereavement on children changed since our readers were themselves children?

We have left behind the ‘children should be seen and not heard’ attitudes and recognise that children feel emotional pain and deserve support. Research clearly indicates that the death of a significant loved one is a critical, traumatic moment for children and young people. Unsupported children and young people have poorer health and educational outcomes, are more likely to enter the criminal justice system, have higher teenage pregnancy rates, are more prone to a range of psychological disturbances. Balloons’ support mitigates against these negative health, educational and social outcomes. How can people access your services?

Over-18s can contact us directly on our support line – 01392 826064. Schools can ring to discuss a referral. Primary carers can contact us directly. We would always encourage people to ring, and we can take it from there. If I donate to Balloons (Devon) what sort of things will my money go towards?

The smallest amount of money

really does make a massive difference to us. Here are some examples of how we spend our money: • £5 can pay for a memory box for a child to fill with treasured memories of the loved one that they have lost • £10 can pay for arts and crafts materials to support a child to work creatively to process their grief • £15 can buy a book for our resource library to enable our volunteer Grief Support Workers to find new ways of supporting bereaved children • £50 can cover the costs of travel for a volunteer Grief Support Worker for one month as they travel round our geographical area providing grief support to children • £400 covers the costs of training a new Grief Support Worker • £500 covers the costs of our children’s Christmas party How can I become a Balloons (Devon) volunteer?

We are currently recruiting for our September 2019 course, and offer full training over a nine-week course, plus support and supervision once actively volunteering. If anyone reading this wants to find out more – give us a ring!

For more: www.balloonscharity.co.uk

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“MANY OF THE VISITORS TELL US ‘THIS PLACE IS AMAZING, WHAT CAN WE DO TO HELP?’” that wasn’t where they wanted to focus their attention. They wanted a place where they could talk to one another, learn new things, and build on the strengths they had discovered in themselves as they recovered, to find a better way forward for themselves and their families. There are women who initially came into CoLab looking for support, who are now volunteering or contributing in other ways to what is offered in the building. You are also involved in tackling the county lines issue – how is that going?

The CoLab team on the night

COLAB EXETER New for 2019, the Exeter Living Civic Award was introduced to celebrate the fact that so many businesses now make social responsibility part of their mission. Our judges chose to honour two organisations that have helped improve Exeter as a place to live. CoLab Exeter was the first... CIVIC AWARD JOINT WINNER SPONSORED BY

So how did it feel to win an Exeter Living Award?

We were surprised to be nominated and delighted to win the Exeter Living Civic Award. We were nominated in two categories and in each category we were in excellent company, our fellow nominees being remarkable organisations making significant differences in the city and beyond – we felt honoured to win one category and to be highly commended in another.

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We celebrate the award as recognition of our efforts as a diverse community to make a difference; to the social issues we work so hard to address, and to the lives of some of the city’s most vulnerable people, who don’t often get recognised for their courage. What, in a nutshell and in the simplest possible terms, do you do?

CoLab Exeter is a wellbeing hub housing a dynamic community of people who work hard every day to push past the limitations of their (charity, private and public) sectors, to find new ways and means of improving the lives of people who come to the building because they are in crisis, ready to receive help and support, or looking to move forward in life. What we try to do is see the person behind the need, and meet each individual where they are at. Can you tell us more about the Resilient Women Programme?

It grew out staff noticing how many more women were showing up in need of support, or looking for new direction. We realised as we spoke to them that, though they had problems,

The county lines initiative has been a real example of joint working across agencies to address a pressing need. We have been involved in conversations about how best to respond as a system, and are part of a solution in terms of providing a range of diversionary meaningful activities for people who are affected by this problem, or at risk of becoming involved. This isn’t a problem that is going to be solved overnight, but the genuine attempts to work together to try some new things has been really encouraging.

How can our readers best support your work?

People coming into CoLab for the first time are often overwhelmed by the size of the place, the buzz in the atmosphere, and the range of things going on. Many of the visitors tell us, ‘This place is amazing, what can we do to help?’ There are so many ways people can connect with us or get involved. It’s not just about offering time or resources to support the work; it is also about people coming along to discover for themselves what speaks to them. People make the most profound contributions when they feel genuinely motivated to make a difference to people’s lives in the city. Then it is as simple as finding out how to give a little, whilst staying open to gaining something too. The magic, we have discovered, is in that exchange. For more: www.colabexeter.org.uk


EXETER LIBRARY The second co-winner of our new Civic Award was the wonderful Exeter Library, that stylish, lightfilled hub of curiosity, intelligence, creativity and community in the centre of the city. Manager Emily Macauley and customer service assistant Serena Fitzgerald tell us what it means to have won… CIVIC AWARD JOINT WINNER SPONSORED BY

Emily and Serena briefly escape the mob...

So how did it feel to win an Exeter Living Award?

We honestly can’t really remember the moment. It came as such as surprise that, when we heard Exeter Library announced, there was a good minute or two of screaming, jumping around and being mobbed by our new chums from Forn and The Stand Off who were sharing a table with us. We were immensely proud to receive the award and thrilled that the hard work of the team had been recognised in such prestigious company.

Why do you think Exeter Library won?

We are particularly proud to have won the Civic category alongside our friends at CoLab. The staff at Exeter Library work hard all year round to provide services that meet the needs of the diverse range of people using our space, and to create opportunities for everyone to help others. Our Period Poverty and Beauty Bank collection points are ongoing examples of this. Where are you displaying your award?

Now that we have finally wrestled it from Emily’s grasp, it is in prime real estate near our main Help Point on the ground floor. For the very few readers who don’t already know: what do you offer, at Exeter Library, besides books?

What don’t we offer?! There are computers, newspapers, magazines (and access to digital magazines), audiobooks (and digital audiobooks), events, children’s activities, a FabLab with 3D printers and a laser cutter, a Business & Intellectual Property Centre for start-up business guidance, livestreams from the British Library, a café, board games and so much more.

That said… what’s your number one book recommendation for summer 2019?

The Farm by Joanne Ramos. Reviewers say this is The Handmaid’s Tale for 2019, a dystopian novel about politics, ethics and power. If a time traveller from the year 1980 landed in a library today, which changes would most blow their mind?

We aren’t wearing glasses on a cord and won’t ever tell you to shh! What plans do you have for Exeter Library for the rest of 2019?

The Summer Reading Challenge (getting young borrowers excited about reading during the school holidays), Fun Palaces (come and share your passion or skill, and learn from others), high quality cultural events including theatre productions, and opportunities to learn and socialise with others.

“WE WON’T EVER TELL YOU TO SHH!” What advice would you give someone looking to work in the world of libraries?

It’s all about people. And about all people. With over 1,600 visits a day, the library is a fast-paced environment with a diverse community of users, as no-one is prohibited from coming in and staying all day. You’ll get asked questions you had never considered and find books on topics you didn’t know existed. Tell us a secret about life behindthe-scenes at Exeter Library ...

When we closed the main building for refurbishment (opening again in May 2014), the site was secured overnight by a private security firm. One night, a member of their team abandoned his post having reportedly seen a “grey lady” in the basement of the library and was too frightened to continue working. The ‘ghost’ has not been seen since, but some staff do wonder, when shelving in the stacks, if they may be being watched... For more: www.librariesunlimited.org.uk

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HONEYFORD COTTAGE Fancy coming home to this Dartmoor dream? Words by Kitty Kane

56 I exeter living I www.mediaclash.co.uk


n old movies, when a soldier returns home from the battlefield, he walks up his garden path to a cottage like this one. An adorable, ancient, thatched homestead on a hillside, with an aproned mother or wife having conniptions in the porch. Honeyford Cottage sits on the edge of Dartmoor, half a mile from the hamlet of Crockernwell, and we can only imagine the homecomings, reunions and other family sagas it has been the backdrop to. (In fact, according to the 1851 census, there were once no fewer than three families all living here at once). Parts of this Grade II*-listed, four-bedroom gem date back around 800 years – it’s mentioned in the Domesday Book, and its name suggests honey was once made here (‘down’ probably coming from the Old English ‘dun’ or hill). You won’t, then, be surprised to learn that charm and character are in abundance throughout. Let’s begin at that winsome porch tucked under the thatched roof and supported on granite posts. Slip your wellies off here, open the front door, enter the breathtaking, practically untouched hallway and it’s like stepping back in history – exposed floorboards and beams, stone walls and original wood panelling, granite fireplaces, solid wood latch key doors... Downstairs, there’s a sitting room with a wood burner – and window seat you’ll want to read romance novels in all day – a cosy dining room, good-sized kitchen/


breakfast room with the obligatory Aga and access to the rear decking and gardens, a study/bedroom and a utility/shower room. Honeyford Cottage’s captivating period looks continue upstairs, where you’ll find a great big landing area with stunning vaulted ceiling and space for a desk or sofa. There are also three further bedrooms – the master has its own, private staircase from the dining room which will come in handy if you’re ever hosting the dinner party from hell – and a lovely, big bathroom with a roll top enamel bath with claw feet, separate shower cubicle and eaves storage areas. Your gardens are no less heavenly: just under two and a half acres set well back from a quiet country lane ensuring maximum privacy for your sunbathing/tai chi/ parties/naked trampolining. As well as a decked terrace,

lawns and well-maintained trees and shrubs, you also get a private stream and pond, small paddock, and an orchard and kitchen garden to keep you in home-grown fruit and veg. A courtyard driveway provides bags of space for parking. A clutch of outbuildings offer plenty of scope for development, subject to planning permission – a stable block with tack room, workshop and studio room, and, most fun of all, the former piggery (see above, bottom left). This has already been partially converted and is on the way to becoming a cute, one-bedroom cottage, ideal for letting out or giving the kids the Wendy House of their – and, indeed, Marie Antoinette’s – wildest dreams. Eight centuries’ worth of Devonians have already called Honeyford Cottage home – could you be next? n

House numbers Bedrooms 4 Acres 2.5 Piggery 1 Guide price £650k For more: Wilkinson Grant & Co, Exeter, The Old City Library, 1 Castle Street, Exeter EX4 3PT: 01392 427500; www.wilkinsongrant.co.uk

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Price £895,000

Detached five bedroom house of 4000 sqft with views across the Maer Valley and a sea view. Located in the Avenues, Exmouth 0.9 miles from the sea front in approx 0.3 acres with two annexes, 34ft reception room, 90 ft terrace spanning the width of the property, south east facing gardens, garage and off street parking.

For further details telephone Tom Folland on - 01395 268900 or email t.folland@wilkinsongrant.co.uk



Guide Price £475,000

A spacious detached, 4 bedroom family home with a truly lovely fully enclosed rear garden with decked terrace, large paved patio, level lawn bordered by hedges and fences, summerhouse extensive storage.

For further details telephone Jeremy Sharpe on 01392 875000 or email j.sharpe@wilkinsongrant.co.uk


The Devon Shutter Company Ltd British Made Shutters Since 2007 01395 578506 | www.devonshutters.co.uk

Intruder Alarms | Fire Alarms | CCTV Specialist installers of electronic security systems, tailored to suit your every need Existing systems maintained and updated

Call us for a chat about cost effective security solutions

01392 368830


Join in the fun and take part in Exmouth’s first ever sponsored colour bomb event. Walk, run or dance through the colour bomb paint stations and help raise money for the New Deaf Academy.




Supplying office furniture, design & fit-out across the South West

MD Business Interiors, 103 Grace Road West, Marsh Barton, Exeter EX2 8PU 01392 834980 | www.mdinteriorsdevon.com



Luxury & local

The most sophisticated audience is just a call away Exeter Living Team 01225 475800 OUTDOOR LIVING

EXE T E R B AT H R O O M S & K I TC H E N S ◆ Free design and expert impartial advice ◆ Free delivery within a 10 mile radius of Exeter ◆ Independent living solutions and advice Unit 2, Norman Court, Budlake Road, Marsh Barton, Exeter, Devon EX2 8PY Call Martin: 01392 277727 | www.exeterbathrooms.co.uk Email: contactus@exeterbathrooms.co.uk


• Construction waste, garden waste and household waste • House and garage clearance • Demolition of sheds, greenhouses, walls etc • All the work done by us at competitive rates, fully insured and registered waste carrier For a free quotation ring Mark on

07944 580 775



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“I’ve been likened to Dawn French for years!” Samantha Abrahams Meet the follicularly blessed, vintage Beetle-driving choirleader If you like to sing your heart out in your free time, there’s a good chance you’re doing so as a member of ace local organisation La La Choirs, and raising tons of cash for charity in the process. In which case, you’ll know ebullient founder Sam who, if she raises £5,000 for Stand Up to Cancer, is going to shave off her hair – which is brave, because Sam’s got great hair… Whereabouts do you live, and what makes it special?

I have recently moved to Clyst Heath from Exmouth. I will miss the daily beach walks but am loving being on the many cycle routes to the Quay and more. Exeter and East Devon are just beautiful.

Tell us about La la Choirs in a nutshell...

I started La La Choirs in Lympstone with 18 members in 2008. We now have over 300 people on the books and have choirs in Plymouth, Exeter, Exmouth and Ottery St Mary. We are a mixed adult choir and perform in around two concerts per month for the majority of the year, except for December when we usually have 10 or 12 events. We have raised nearly £140,000 for charities to date, including an amazing £60,000 for CLIC Sargent from our sell-out CLIC for Christmas concerts. La La isn’t just a place to sing. It provides a community, a family, fundraising for those who need support, and a safe, positive place. The atmosphere created is

66 I exeter living I www.mediaclash.co.uk

one of kindness, acceptance and love. The aim is to enjoy singing, not strive for perfection in pitch. The result is happiness, which, in turn, produces great singing. You’ve decided to shave your head for charity. Tell us more!

I see the devastation cancer causes to people’s lives, not just their health. But I also see many more recover these days than ever before, so if I can do something to contribute to the development of more or better treatments, then I will. If I hit my target of £5,000, the actual head shave will take place on 17 August at La La’s summer social and open rehearsal at Bicton Park Botanical Gardens. Members of the public are welcome. Do you have a nickname/ nicknames?

La La Lady, Mrs La La.

What piece of music would you put on at the end of a trying day?

Nina Simone Wild is the Wind – so beautifully sung, with such vulnerability. Who’s your celebrity crush?

Colin Firth. I’m a sucker for Mr Darcy.

Who would play you in a film about your life?

Dawn French. I’ve been likened to her for years! Favourite places to eat, drink and shop in Exeter and the surrounding area?

Ruby in The Grapevine, Exmouth or Meat 59 in St Leonards. I don’t drink alcohol because I’m lively enough already, but The Grapevine does great beers too, and I do like to go to The Fat Pig. I love Exeter city centre for shopping – such variety, from the independents on Fore Street to high end stores. It’s great. If you had a time machine, which era would you return to and why?

The 1940s. I’d love to sing with the greatest jazz female singers and the amazing big bands.

We’d better let you get on… What are you doing right after this?

I’m planning my trip to Belgium in my 1967 Beetle! n www.lalachoirs.co.uk www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ samsbaldadventure

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