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ABOVE: On The Waterfront’s veggie sausage rolls, page 37; BELOW: Property Showcase, page 75


ack in the ’80s and ’90s, walking into a restaurant as a vegetarian could feel like the pub scene in American Werewolf In London. One of my friends was once earnestly offered a ham omelette – as though the little pink specks couldn’t possibly count as meat. Another was offered a Sunday roast dinner that consisted of the vegetables only. And if you were a vegan, back in the days of rave and John Major? Frankly, it was easier to stay home with your Sosmix and deeply held convictions. It’s incredible how much has changed since then – nowadays, in and around Exeter, eating out as a non-meat-eater doesn’t just mean being competently catered for, it probably means you’re getting the tastiest, most interesting dishes on the menu. See what we mean in our winter dining feature on page 37... Enjoy your November issue and the last drops of autumn. Because next time we meet it’s going to be time for all the tinsel-draping, present-wrapping, festive drinking and family dramas (optional) to kick off...

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Issue 236/November 2018 COVER Yvan and Faye Williams of The Oddfellows by Matt Austin


SPOTLIGHT Newsy nibbles, plus Seven Deadly

Sins and Extagram

13 JULIE REID Murder on the Paddington express


17 INTRO A celebration of humans and dogs 18 WHAT’S ON So many great days and nights out we

can barely squeeze them all in...


your tickets – oh yes it is!

30 TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS The gentle joy of


the ‘Shining A Light On Dementia’ calendar


34 EDITOR’S CHOICE Chew, crunch and slurp your


way through these local delights


37 NO BEEF Vegetarian and vegan dishes in and

around Exeter

48 RESTAURANT The seductive charms of

cover star The Oddfellows


53 BUSINESS INSIDER Emtec, Stagecoach, e ow

and more from the Exeter business world

60 SPACE TO THINK How to make your next Exeter

conference or seminar the best yet


75 SHOWCASE The very Kevin McCloud-friendly

Powers House grabs a few more column inches


50 SOCIETY 82 EXETER LIVES Nicola Knight, aka ‘The

Chocolate Lady’

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SPOTLIGHT Everybody’s talking about…



GO SHORTY Two Short Nights Film Festival, Exeter Phoenix’s annual celebration of all things short lm, is back for its th year from – 30 November 2018. As well as a programme placing mustsee lms from around the world alongside emerging local lmmaking talent, the festival will also feature talks from leading industry professionals and Q&As with acclaimed lmmakers. heck out homegrown offerings in the shape, for example, of Cut From Cloth (Tommy Gillard) and This Is Phonic (Chris Jones), a screening curated by 16-19 year olds based in the South West (Growing Pains), and Exeter Phoenix Associate Artists Vast roductions lm Gloria. For more:

grotto, tombola, craft workshops, live music and guaranteed snow! Fun starts at 5.30pm and runs until 8pm. NE inally, the literally tra c stopping Magdalen Road Christmas Fair returns for its eighth year on Saturday 1 December from 2-6pm – the road will be closed, with all those lovely independent shops and eateries spilling out onto the street where they’ll be joined by 50 stalls from all over the West Country. Street food, live music, fairground rides and mulled wine too. And then? We go all out with the bauble earrings, Matchmakers and Secret Santa shopping. Happy it’snearly-Christmas, everybody! For more; www.;; Facebook: Magdalen Road Exeter


Jeany Spark and Gemma Whelan star in Sump by Exeter’s Mike Wozniak

Even if you shredded your calendar, burnt your diary, and cleared your iCal, a quartet of tinselly happenings in Exeter city centre over the coming weeks will leave you in no doubt whatsoever about what time of year it is… FOUR! Exeter Cathedral Christmas Market is back from 15 November – as you’ll recall, last year, the Cathedral’s events squad took control and relaunched it as a trillion-times-better event than in years gone by. Expect a truly local vibe, and a more logical and user-friendly layout with a twinkly wonder of a pop-up bar at its heart. THREE! InExeter’s Exeter city centre Christmas lights switch-on takes place on the High Street on Sunday 18 November from 11am-5pm – before the big switch-on of the biggest display of Christmas lights Exeter has ever seen at 5pm you can look enjoy to a full day of family friendly, festive events from 11am. TWO! On 22 November it’s the turn of your favourite Exeter lane to throw its charming festive bash. Gandy Street’s Countdown To Christmas is back with stalls, food and drink, loads of offers, Santa s

Have yourself a very Cotley Christmas

Gandy Street gets in the mood on 22 November


SPRUCE ALMIGHTY Cotley Christmas Tree Farm’s popular ‘Choose a Tree’ weekend is back and bigger than ever on and November. Explore the enchanting hristmas tree elds by tractor and trailer, nd your perfect Norway Spruce, or Nordmann Fir, label it and select a date to pick it up. There’s also a herd of reindeer, festive shop, and a turkey click-and-collect service “For us, the farm is so much more than just Christmas trees,” says Helen, owner and farmer at Cotley Christmas Tree Farm. “It

has become, for many, a family tradition to come and see both myself and Lester, and we love seeing so many familiar faces return year on year. If this year will be your rst visit to the farm, we cannot wait to welcome you with a mince pie… or two!” Cotley Christmas Tree Farm is open 30 November – 23 December, 10am-6pm (late opening until 8pm on Fridays 30 November, and ecember 9am-12pm on Christmas Eve). Choose a Tree weekends (booking required) take place on and November. For more: I EXETER LIVING I 9




The winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2018 hits Exeter on 22 November. Lost Voice Guy – real name Lee Ridley – is a stand-up comedian from Newcastle, who has cerebral palsy and performs using an iPad voice synthesiser app. But before you give Simon Cowell too much credit, it’s worth noting BGT was far from idley s rst showbi triumph – in , he also won the BBC Radio New Comedy Awards. Catch him top of the bill at the Suck A Lemon Comedy Club at the Lemon Grove on Thursday 22 November. Take your friends, have a laugh, and splutter over your beer at his close-to-thebone gags around disability. Just don’t call him “inspirational”… For more:

SEVEN DEADLY SINS In our regular mini Q&A with visiting and local performers, DANIELLE WADEY, guitarist/ bassist/keys for The Wedding Present, bares her wicked soul LUST: Who or what do you find yourself lusting after today?

I’d love to get a theremin. I can’t play one but I’d have a good go.

GREED: What should you be cutting down on (non-food and drink!) Procrastination. I’m always in a rush to get things done at the last minute and then I’m always late. To be fair, I’m consistently 10 minutes late for most things.

GLUTTONY: What one thing could you happily eat or drink until you burst?

Biscoff spread. It’s so yummy, it makes everything taste like biscuits. I don’t buy it any more because I can’t be trusted…


SLOTH: What should you be really putting your back into right now?

Running – I’ve got a half marathon soon and I’d like to enjoy it.

WRATH: What/who makes you angry? Social media meanies! Social media is great in a lot of ways but it’s a shame when it’s used as a platform for nastiness. A bit more positivity, please!

ENVY: Who are you jealous of ? People with cats. I really want a cat!

PRIDE: What’s your proudest achievement?

I ran a marathon… once… over a whole bunch of hills! I was pretty pleased with myself when I managed to get over the finish line in one piece.

The Wedding Present play The Cavern, Exeter on Thursday 6 December

Eyecatching recent Instagram pics from in and around the city #Exeter









MD Audio Bang & Olufsen 30/ 31 Gandy Street, Exeter EX4 3LS 01392 424600

Loewe bild 5 4K TV with integrated hard drive offers razor-sharp picture quality, outstanding sound and sophisticated design.


t e rails

What price a bit of peace on the Exeter St David’s to Paddington line?


travel quite a lot between London and Devon, usually by train. I would love to go rst class every time and have those big comfy seats and unlimited free tea and biscuits, but I’d have to consume more than my body weight to make up for the extra the ticket would cost. So I take my reserved seat in coach D and sit back hoping for a relatively smooth journey. Yet I always seem to get seated next to the loud Blurters. Last time the woman and her mother who sat opposite me decided this was their time for a catch up, and obviously either didn’t understand that other people have ears, or couldn’t care less. ff they blurted, their shrieking voices heard by everyone else (who were predominantly being quiet) as they spewed their stories – about Charlie and his wedding and

“He was watching a video with step-by-step directions on how to dissect a human being”

how Mildred looked like a fairy princess and how Sam danced the fandango and how John is so dippy he was in the wrong county. On and on it went: how Felicity wasn’t able to get to Mildred’s wedding as she was in The Outer Hebrides but she was able to make Samantha’s wedding the following week, which obviously caused a hoo-hah. Like someone being made to watch an excruciatingly dull soap opera or being force-fed luncheon meat, I was hoping it would eventually stop, but no, on it went, on and on… Until suddenly, a mechanical voice came out of the blue, competing with the Blurters for volume. I couldn’t tell where it was coming from at rst, but then spotted a man at the back of the carriage on his own with his phone volume turned high. He was watching a video with step-by-step directions on how to dissect a human being. Loud and clear, in a slow calculated voice. We could all, except the Blurters, hear this commentary on the stages of dismemberment. I was, of course, hoping that he was playing this especially as a warning to the Blurters. However, the Blurters had no perception that other people outside their vociferous ‘chat’ existed, so they had no idea of the severe danger they were in. If only they had

been quiet for half a minute, they might have been saved. But no, they blurted on without a care for anyone or anything and as the other people in the carriage moved to a different part of the train, there remained only the Blurters left for Dismembering Man to experiment on… Unfortunately, that isn’t how it played out. Instead, he was politely asked by the brave ticket collector to turn the volume down, which he did. I waited for the ticket collector to tell the Blurters to also turn their volume down, but he did not. Was he more afraid of the Blurters than of Dismembering Man? They were clearly being louder and less educational. Perhaps it was because he only had to say “Please turn your phone down” to him, whereas he’d have to say “Please keep your booming, intrusive, tedious personal conversation at a lower level so you don’t cause long lasting mental anguish to the rest of the travellers” to the Blurters. That night I dreamt of Charlie’s organs being expertly removed from his body whilst he waited for Mildred at the altar. ■ Julie Reid is a photographer/writer and London exile who moved to Sidmouth with her two children and rock star husband. Instagram: @londondevongirl I EXETER LIVING I 13





Humans and dogs have been BFFs for millennia. As inter-species relationships go, it’s an intense and rare love-in – when did you last see, say, a badger and a fox playing ball together? Photographer John Slater has trained his lens on dogs and their owners for his latest project, to be exhibited at Bigger Picture Gallery in Crediton this winter. Participants were either personal contacts or respondents to a yer could have continued photographing this theme for years but had to stop somewhere, says ohn. So for those that did contact me and are not featured, it is nothing personal he bohemian couple above provided one of ohn s personal favourite shots. he beautiful Saluki did appear to be camera shy and embarrassed when lifted my camera up, he tells us, so the solution was to get the owner to hold her whilst standing up, legs dangling like a gazelle. hat have gleaned from this project is that the people think they are in control, but it’s the dogs that are in control Dogs & Their Owners by John Slater runs from 10 November – 31 January, Mon-Sat 11am-5pm, at Bigger Picture Gallery, 100 High Street, Crediton;; I EXETER LIVING I 17

WHAT’S ON 9 November – 9 December

It’s beginning to look a lot like Exeter Cathedral Christmas Market...


RAMM, Queen Street, Exeter;

RICHARD ADAMS: SHEPHERD’S DELIGHT New scenes of rural richness by the popular Wiltshire artist. Hybrid Gallery, 51 High Street, Honiton;

Until 6 January

Until 6 January

23 November-3 February

Until 17 November

CANADIANS IN DEVON 1914-1918: WAR PHOTOGRAPHS Exhibition exploring Devon’s links with Canada and Canadian soldiers. RAMM, Queen Street, Exeter;

Until 6 January

DEVON VOICES 1914-1918: HOME FRONT STORIES First-hand accounts of Devon life during World War One, from nurses to farmers to evacuees. Meet the Researcher talk 16 November.

HOLLIE PAGE: WINK Work exploring the narcissism and seduction of digital communication. Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter; JAMIE FITZPATRICK: Solo exhibition loosely inspired by Moby Dick and blending sound, video, automation and sculpture. Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter;

1-2 December

ALAN COTTON STUDIO EXHIBITION The renowned local painter opens his studio to show his latest paintings. 10am-5pm. Brockhill Studio, Colaton Raleigh;


THEATRE, COMEDY & DANCE 13-15 & 27-29 November

ONE FOR SORROW Spooky new play from Exeter’s own Substance & Shadow, staged in two of the city’s oldest and most atmospheric buildings. Tuckers Hall, 140 Fore Street, Exeter (13-15 Nov) and St Nicholas Priory, Mint Lane, Exeter (27-29 Nov);

13-17 November

MADAGASCAR X-Factor 2016 winner Matt Terry stars as Alex in this brand new musical from Dreamworks. Northcott Theatre, Stocker Road, Exeter;

16 November


Speeches, sonnets and songs by, and inspired by, The Bard, via some of his biggest fans, Exeter’s excellent Sun & Moon Theatre. Cygnet Theatre, Friars Gate, Exeter;

16 November

IVO GRAHAM: MOTION SICKNESS Enjoyable young stand-up talks big life choices. Exeter Corn Exchange, Market Street, Exeter;

21 November

VIENNA FESTIVAL BALLET: THE NUTCRACKER Tchaikovsky’s sumptuous ballet makes for the perfect it’s-nearlyChristmas treat. Exeter Corn Exchange, Market Street, Exeter;

WHAT’S ON 22 November

SUCK A LEMON COMEDY CLUB: LOST VOICE GUY Quality LOLs from the BGT winner, plus Tom Houghton, Louis Burgess and Luke Honnoraty. See also Spotlight, page 10. Lemon Grove, University of Exeter;

22-24 & 28 November1 December

HIS RETURN Plays written during and just after World War One, performed by the young actors of Cygnet Company. Cygnet Theatre, Friars Gate, Exeter;

23-24 November

BICYCLES AND FISH Tangram Theatre Company presents a funny and insightful study of a young girl’s coming-of-age. Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter;

3 December-6 January ABOVE: One For Sorrow from Substance & Shadow Theatre; LEFT: Young Ivo Graham’s at Exeter Corn Exchange; BELOW: The Wandering Hearts wander to Exeter Phoenix

JACK AND THE BEANSTALK Classic panto starring everyone’s favourite homegrown dame Steve Bennett alongside a local cast. Northcott Theatre, Stocker Road, Exeter;

21 November

BOURNEMOUTH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA: SMOOTH CLASSICS II Featuring slow movements from piano concertos by Beethoven, Rachmaninov, Mozart and Ravel. Northcott Theatre, Stocker Road, Exeter;

21-22 November

ENGLISH TOURING OPERA: DIDO & AENEAS/JONAS/I WILL NOT SPEAK Triple bill of works by Purcell, Carissimi and Gesualdo. Northcott Theatre, Stocker Road, Exeter;

22 November

ISAAC GRACIE Much talked-about young Brit star takes to the circuit to build on the success of his self-titled debut album back in the summer. Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter;

24 November

MUSIC & OPERA 10 November

EXETER PHILHARMONIC CHOIR Bruckner’s Mass In E Minor and Rutter’s Requiem, with soprano Amy Carson and wind players from the Royal Academy of Music. Exeter Cathedral, 1 The Cloisters, Exeter;

13 November

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Return of the Atlantan pioneers of non-sexist, non-violent hip hop. Expect People Everyday, Mr Wendal and Tennessee etc. Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter;

15 November

CLUB BROTHERS New Exeter-based pop threepiece of Adam ‘In The Hat’ Moran, Richard James and Leigh Coleman. Doors 7pm. South Street Standard, 3 South St, Exeter; Twitter @ClubBrosMusic

20 & 24 November

family in old Armenia. Includes the aria Ombra Cara. Northcott Theatre, Stocker Road, Exeter;

ENGLISH TOURING OPERA: RADAMISTO Handel’s epic tale of a warring royal

REEF Oh, place your hands on my hope! Return of the indestructible West Country rockers. Lemon Grove, University of Exeter;

24 November

THE WANDERING HEARTS London-based traders in high quality Americana. Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter;

25 November

GLENN TILBROOK The Squeeze frontman embarks on a solo tour in aid of food bank charity The Trussell Trust. Exmouth Pavilion, Esplanade, Exmouth; exmouth-pavilion

26 November

CHRIS DIFFORD/ BOO HEWERDINE The Squeeze co-founder and fellow hugely respected singer-songwriter join forces. Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter;

6 December

THE WEDDING PRESENT Veteran indie heroes commemorate I EXETER LIVING I 19

WHAT’S ON the 30th anniversary of the release of their first singles collection, Tommy. See also Spotlight, page 10. Exeter Cavern;

OTHER EVENTS 15 November16 December

EXETER CHRISTMAS MARKET It’s that time again! Stalls selling festive fare, plus warming food and drink, all in front of the Cathedral. Exeter Cathedral;

16-18 November

EXETER LITERARY FESTIVAL Diverse range of book-based events, with guests including authors Philip Reeve, Stella Duffy, Sarah ‘The Unmumsy Mum’ Turner, Sarah Vaughan and Su Bristow. Various venues, Exeter;

17 November

UNIQUE BOUTIQUE Exeter’s ‘alternative makers’ market, full of unusual, upcycled, locally made gifts. 10am-4pm. Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter;

18 November

INEXETER CHRISTMAS LIGHTS SWITCH ON InExeter’s biggest and best ever festive illuminations begin. Fun from 11am, switch on at 5pm. High St, Exeter;

22 November

CHRISTINA LAMB: YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY – A WOMAN’S VIEW ON WAR The foriegn correspondent and author shares tales from a career reporting everywhere from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

LIBRARY LIFE EMILY MACAULAY shares the latest from Exeter Library I’ve talked before about our free computer and internet access within the library. Every Devon Libraries member can use one of our computers, free of charge, for two hours every day. We’ve all heard about the introduction of Universal Credit and we’re working hard with partners in the city to let everyone eligible to claim for Universal Credit know that we have this free internet access available. As the claim has to be done online and not everyone has a computer at home, we can provide a really

important resource at a time when the last thing you want to be worrying about is where you are going to be able to complete your application. Plus keep an eye out in the library for forthcoming dates when we’ll be helping you set up an email account. (People who need assistance with completing their application are best advised to get this support from our friends at the Citizens Advice Bureau.) Of course, we’re not just here for Universal Credit help. If you want free computer or internet access to update your Facebook, research your family history, play games, write that novel you’ve been planning or even just to check you emails… join your local library. www. librariesunlimited.

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RAMM, Queen Street, Exeter;

22 November

FARMS FOR CITY CHILDREN CHRISTMAS FAIR Shop for gifts in aid of the local charity; light lunches and wine available too! 10.30am-3.30pm. Bridwell Park, Uffculme;

22 November

GANDY STREET’S COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS 5.30-8pm. See Spotlight, page 9. Gandy Street, Exeter; Facebook: Gandy Street Traders

25 November

DEVON DAY One of the highlights of the racing calendar, featuring the famous Clydesdale race. Exeter Racecourse, Kennford, Exeter;

25 November



FESTIVAL Cocoa-based fiesta! See page 82. Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter;

28 November

TWO SHORT NIGHTS Festival of short films, now in its 17th year. See also Spotlight, page 9. Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter;

1-2 December

ETSY MADE LOCAL MARKET Grab handmade and vintage gifts direct from local Etsy makers/ designers. Plus music, workshops and gift wrapping. Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter;

1-2 & 8-9 December

ARCTIC ADVENTURE Christmas magic with a Santa’s grotto, the chance to make snow globes, and plenty of photo opps, with proceeds going to FORCE Cancer Charity. 10am-4pm. Former Hobbs store, Princesshay, Exeter; ■

Elizabeth Ann of Exeter

Fabulous Winter Stock

Smart, casual and occasion shoes. Large selection of HB loafers. Lisa Kay, Cefalu, Caprice, Van Dal. Hand made Spanish boots by Brenda Zaro and Italian boots by La Ross, Franco Russo and much much more.

Sizes 2 (35) to 8 (41) available and various fittings

3 Cathedral Close, Exeter EX1 1EZ Telephone: 01392 252876


STUDIO EXHIBITION Brockhill Studio, Colaton Raleigh, Devon, EX10 0LH | 1st & 2nd December 2018, 10am to 5pm

Piemonte –Castella della Volta From the Vineyards. 61 x 76 cm (24 x 30 ins) Alan Cotton exhibits in London with Messum’s Fine Art, who represents him internationally. From time to time, however, he turns his studio, in the village of Colaton Raleigh in East Devon, into a gallery, so that some of the work from his London exhibitions can be seen in the Westcountry. Alan, who has accompanied HRH The Prince of Wales to the Southern Hemisphere and as Expedition Artist to Everest, with Sir David Hempleman-Adams has work in many important collections, including the Royal Collection. On the first weekend in December, Alan will be ‘At Home’ in his studio showing his latest paintings from his travels to Transylvania, Provence, Ireland, Piemonte, Venice and Hartland in North Devon The exhibition is open for two days only, when the artist will be there to welcome anyone who would like to visit the studio and see his paintings


CURTAIN UP FOR CHRISTMAS From festive favourites to Christmas treats for all the family, ROXANNE DURIS has the ultimate guide to the best shows to see in Exeter this Christmas


ust out the Maltesers – it’s the time of year when Exeter is brimming with snow-sprinkled, singalong, soul-stirring seasonal theatre. And though there’s an unignorable Bike Shed Theatre-shaped hole in the schedules this winter – it sadly closed earlier this year – the city’s other arts venues have some irresistible treats in store for all ages and tastes. Up at the Northcott, traditional, homegrown panto fun can be had at Jack & The Beanstalk, 3 December-6 January – the rst annual panto under the leadership of new artistic and executive director Daniel Buckroyd. “The Northcott has a long tradition of producing one of the South West’s most popular pantomimes,” says Daniel, “and we are proud to continue that tradition with this year’s fun-for-allthe-family production. Panto is a very special festive experience and we put a lot of work into the show to make sure it appeals to all ages.” Local actor Steve Bennett returns after last year’s acclaimed Dick Whittington to write, direct and star as Dame Dotty Trott. At the same venue, if music’s more your bag, make a date with local a cappella group turned telly stars Semi-Toned for All The Trimmings on 6 December – the all-male group, who met at Exeter Uni and proceeded to triumph in BBC Two’s The Choir: Gareth’s Best in Britain, will team up with top a capella groups from around the country for a mix of Christmas classics and modern hits. Then, on 9 December, London Festival Opera (whose ranks include artists


from major opera companies including the Royal Opera, ENO and Glyndebourne) will dress up in Victorian costume to deliver A Christmas Night At The Opera, stirring arias from Mozart, Verdi, Gilbert & Sullivan et al, as well as inviting you to join in with all your favourite carols. Finally, to distract overexcited tinies in the last few days before Santa’s visit, Exeter-based children’s theatre experts Paddleboat Theatre Company bring you Hansel & Gretel (morning shows, 22-30 December) – a relaxed, interactive production with actors and audience sharing the Northcott stage, and thus the perfect rst theatre experience. Across town, pre-schoolers will also get a warm welcome at Exeter Phoenix, where local troupe Quirk Theatre promise to ignite young imaginations with their new show. Puffin Island is inspired by Devon’s very own Lundy sland pu ns and, judging by the synopsis, may well nd adults with something in their eye As Exeter Phoenix’s Patrick Cunningham, puts it: “It just wouldn’t feel like Christmas in Exeter without Quirk Theatre.” Catch it 16-28 December (British Sign Languageinterpreted performance 20 Dec; relaxed performance 16 Dec). Finally, two more traditional pantomimes complete your Christmas calendar: an all-singing, all-dancing, big budget Aladdin at Exeter Corn Exchange (8 December-1 January) and, from The Exeter Little Theatre Company, a Robin Hood at the Barn eld ( ecember January) that’s enticingly billed as “the true and unadulterated truth about who really wore the tights in Sherwood Forest.” Book now and get ready for that warm glow For more:;; www.exetercor exc www.b r e t e tre.or .

“The city’s arts venues e ome rre t b e tre t tore or e t te

Chop, chop! Book now for Paddleboat Theatre’s Hansel & Gretel I EXETER LIVING I 29

Some of the cartoons by Tony Husband for the new Exeter Dementia Action Alliance 2019 calendar

TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS One of the UK’s leading cartoonists has helped create a new calendar raising awareness of dementia in Exeter and beyond By Anna Britten 30 I EXETER LIVING I



ementia: nothing to smile about. Or is it? Flick through the months of Exeter Dementia Action Alliance’s just-published 2019 calendar and you will almost certainly nd the corners of your mouth curl upwards – thanks to the warm, good-natured and often gently humorous cartoons of award-winning British cartoonist Tony Husband. Tony’s spot-on takes on modern society and politics will already be familiar to readers of Private Eye, the Spectator, Times and Sunday Express. It was two years ago at the University of Exeter, while giving a talk about his book inspired by his own father’s dementia, Take Care, Son, that he met Exeter Dementia Action Alliance lead Gina Awad – and the idea of the calendar was born. “The book I did about my Dad’s journey through his dementia has touched many people and has led me into the world of dementia, the care and awareness and understanding of the subject,” Tony says. “Gina and I chatted and found we share the same passion for raising awareness of the

illness in the community for those living with dementia and their carers. We have since worked on a number of projects together and she is an absolute champion for the cause and an inspiration.” Around 850,000 people are currently living with dementia in the UK. This is predicted to rise to one million by 2025 and two million by 2050.

“Tony has a rare quality in capturing humour, insight and emotion in his work” Tony’s cartoons for each month depict the ways in which the wider world can better respond to people with dementia – be it in helping them to access music, nature and sport, or just by being kinder and more aware. Says Gina: “Dementia is complex and often misunderstood. People frequently assume

a dementia diagnosis means the end. This is due to lack of understanding. We want to change that. “I meet people with dementia regularly who live full lives but require adaptions and understanding in order to live well. “As a society, if we view everyone as a unique individual with their own needs, and treat them with compassion and respect, life would be so much easier. “Tony has a rare quality in capturing humour, insight and emotion in his work. Our calendar depicts this. Humour and sharing stories, for some, is how they respond to change. Illustrating that really speaks to people.” Exeter Dementia Action Alliance’s ‘Shining A Light On Dementia’ calendar is on sale at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum shop for £6, or via email exeterdaa@ for £8 including P&P www. exeterdementia. I EXETER LIVING I 31

Offering friendly, professional beauty treatments in the heart of St Leonard’s, Exeter Monu and Renu facials | Lash and Brow Treatments | Jane Iredale make-up sessions | Manicures and Pedicures Shellac Manicures and Pedicures (two week varnish) | Electrolysis | Waxing | Massage

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Finalists of 2018 Exeter Living Awards Gastro Pub of the Year CHRISTMAS DAY CELEBRATION DINNER 6 Courses - £64.95

Your Local Independent Community Cafe Serving Fresh Local Produce

Service Commences from 2pm As this is a private event, there are only limited spaces remaining.

We are an independent, locally owned business serving freshly prepared, delicious breakfasts and lunches.

Contact the Team for more details

The Seven Stars, Kennford EX6 7TR 01392 834 887

Our produce is all locally sourced and we offer specialty teas and great coffee. We are fully licensed and have a fabulous walled garden, with blankets for the cooler weather! We are now a ‘7 Daisy Week’ open Monday to Friday 9am - 3pm, Saturday 9am - 1pm and Sunday 10am - 1pm

98 Fore Street, Heavitree, Exeter, EX1 2RS Tel: 07769 695113 please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for news and updates

winter dining

NO BEEF From herbivore sausage rolls to vegan afternoon teas – with meat-free eating on the rise, we sink our teeth into Exeter’s vegan/vegetarian offerings

Words by Roxanne Duris

Lympstone Manor’s wild mushroom risotto I EXETER LIVING I 37



ot so long ago, being a vegetarian or, if you were really brave, a vegan, meant being in a minority. A misunderstood and routinely mocked minority of sandalwearers, beardplaiters and neurotic Californians – or so the stereotype went. Now? Veggie-based food is hip, it’s normal, it’s everywhere. Health, the environment, animal welfare... all these concerns are driving us to lessen our meat intake – and the number of vegans in Britain has risen by more than 360 per cent over the last ten years. But how will you fare as a non-meat eater in Exeter at the close of Ba ed looks from waiters and boring old salads all the way? Hell no. We quizzed the owners, chefs and managers at some of the nest dining establishments in the Exeter area and here’s how they’ve been getting on board with the biggest shift in British eating habits since the end of the rationing…


CHRIS BILLING, GENERAL MANAGER Have you seen an increase in veggie/ vegan diners this year?

e nitely e launched a full vegan page as part of our main menu in March this year and it has made a huge difference to the amount of veggie and vegan guests we get through the doors. I think the community are really good at letting each other know when there’s new options in the area so we often nd Instagrammers tagging us and letting their friends know where they can nd great veggie and vegan food. What’s the best veggie thing on your menu?

Our ‘Herbivore Sausage Roll Bites’ are one of our most popular tapas dishes, and they’re also completely vegan. We’ve had lots of comments from customers about these being the best sausage rolls ve ever had and they have even been popular with meateaters too. And what can you offer vegans?

ots e offer vegan nachos topped with guacamole, salad and stringy vegan cheese; a ‘Shroom Burger’ – a portobello garlic mushroom served with tomato salsa, vegan cheese and chips; salad dishes; and, of course, our delicious pi as too. e also offer a rich and indulgent vegan chocolate brownie served with vegan avocado ice cream – for lots of customers this is the rst time they ve been able to have chocolate brownies in years and it always seems to go down a treat.


Carnivores go crazy, too, for On The Waterfront’s veggie sausage rolls

e o o er r c et e c oco te brow e er e w t e oc o ce cre m GIDLEIGH PARK

SIMON FRANKS, GENERAL MANAGER Have you seen an increase in veggie/ vegan diners this year?

here has been a de nite increase in both vegetarians and vegans dining at Gidleigh Park’s restaurant in recent times – we have noticed that the number of vegan customers has particularly increased, although this is still a relatively small number. e offer a delicious seven-course vegetarian tasting menu at both lunch and dinner, and vegetarian choices on our à la carte menu, too, and can offer vegan menus to those who would like them – as for any dietary

requirement that is requested. We recognise that veganism is growing and will be looking into possibly offering a vegan menu in the future. What’s the best veggie thing on your menu?

Courgette and apple tart with hollandaise. And what can you offer vegans?

e are very exible with our menu and can adapt recipes accordingly. Our mushroom mousse, cauli ower and erusalem artichoke, for example, is one of our most popular dishes. www. e .co.

LEFT: Vegan brownie with vegan avocado ice cream at On The


For when you don’t want to be within six feet of any animal flesh, thanks HERBIES True pioneers, Exeter’s first vegetarian restaurant, established 25 years ago (and currently on the market) offers a diverse, globally-influenced menu for veggies, vegans and the gluten-swerving. Facebook: HerbiesVegetarian PLANT CAFÉ Blessed with a Cathedral Green location from which you can watch the world go by, this dinky vegetarian sanctuary, which opened in the 00s, offers peerless salads, tarts, frittatas and so forth. Facebook: The Plant Café Deli THE FLAT Cool, vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free (gluten versions also available) pizza and pasta restaurant, opened just over a year ago. RABBIT VEGAN CAFÉ The first 100% plant-based eatery in Exeter sits on the site of the ancient holy well of St Sidwell and serves up breakfasts, lunches, soup and desserts in a fabulously stylish setting.

Waterfront; ABOVE: Seven Stars, Kennford’s goat’s cheese, beetroot and spinach risotto



Have you seen an increase in veggie/ vegan diners this year?

Very much so. As health, lifestyle, diets and thoughts on sustainable/ethical eating have evolved, so have the requirements of those who dine at our pub. Our new head chef and sous chef, Charlie Dingley and Carlie Glew, create our seasonal menus with this in mind. What’s the best veggie thing on your menu?

The lunchtime treat of pan fried halloumi, olive tapenade and roasted red pepper ciabatta has been very popular but, come evening, our goat’s cheese, beetroot and spinach risotto, nished with watercress and pickled baby beets, has been ying out And what can you offer vegans?

Our chefs ensure that all our soups are made not only for vegetarians, but suitable for the vegan diet. Our locally sourced vegan sausages are made with mushroom and caramelised mushroom and are served with sauté potatoes, spinach, and a salsa verde dressing. Seasonal vegetables and salads are all made to order. For dessert, our winter fruit crumble can be made for our vegan diners. The majority of our wines are now vegetarian, but our Italian primitivo, Chilean carmenère, and Romanian pinot noir are also ltered in a vegan friendly process.



Have you seen an increase in veggie/ vegan diners this year? The Plant Café

es, de nitely – although we are very meat led and I am not noticing a huge decline in

meat eaters. People are being selective about the meat they will eat. If they know or feel con dent about source uality and the ethics in the farming methods of meat they will still eat it. What’s the best veggie thing on your menu?

I love our nachos to start and we always have a risotto on. My daughter’s favourite (she’s a recently lapsed veggie) is the three bean chilli with sweet potato – this is a very satisfying vegan dish too. And what can you offer vegans?

ost of our vegetarian dishes can be vegan friendly with the addition of vegan cheese. Seasons in Well Street is the best mini vegan supermarket in town and my go to for all vegan advice and ingredients.



Have you seen an increase in veggie/ vegan diners this year?

Yes, certainly. I’ve noticed more people choosing vegetarian options, even though they aren t vegetarian, funnily enough – people perceive it as healthier, perhaps. What’s the best veggie thing on your menu?

We change the menu daily, so there are no set dishes, but we have favourites that often appear and always go down a storm, eg bubble and squeak with poached duck egg and hollandaise sauce with something seasonal, like asparagus in summer or wild mushrooms in autumn, or crispy kale in the winter. We currently have butternut squash, coconut, chickpea and coriander tagine with fragola couscous, yoghurt, and cashews. I also think my chef I EXETER LIVING I 39

WINTER DINING Quit meat but can’t resist dairy? Dive into the baked camembert at Harry’s


More meat-free marvels near you…

e re re ter oo te

ro to o er b o

makes the best wild mushroom risotto and I never used to eat risotto or like mushrooms! There is always at least one vegetarian option for each course, but usually two. And what can you offer vegans?

We can happily cater for vegans with advance warning. We just don’t have many vegans coming in, so we put something together for them on the day. Recently we did roast aubergine with herbs, peppers, tomato, olives, and artichoke with salsa verde for a visiting vegan. We don’t put ourselves ‘out there’ as vegan specialists, I have to be honest!


Have you seen an increase in veggie/ vegan diners this year?

e nitely. e believe it is really important to offer a good range of options that are



both tasty and healthy. Many people are moving away from meat and dairy products speci cally for health bene ts, rather than just ethics – the reasons why someone requests a vegetarian or vegan choice have changed over the years, which has led to the increase. What’s the best veggie/vegan thing on your menu?

We have lots of great vegetarian options on the lunch, dinner and events menus but we are really proud to offer fabulous vegan afternoon teas. We have received many compliments about them – along with our gluten-free afternoon teas too!



Have you seen an increase in veggie/ vegan diners this year?

es de nitely. e have three vegans dining with us this weekend. We now always have a veggie and a vegan option on our menu.

CIRCA 1924 Think this classy steak and seafood hotspot isn’t for the herbivore brigade? Think again. Veggie options include the likes of heritage carrots and pearl barley orzotto. LLOYDS KITCHEN Roasted sweet potato and harissa salad with toasted coconut, green beans and spinach is among the veggie/vegan options at this popular urban brasserie. THE ODDFELLOWS Very much a safe space for animalavoiders. And the Sunday roast options include a great bean and lentil oat loaf (see also review, page 48). LANGSTONE CLIFF HOTEL Head to this estimable Dawlish Warren dining destination for beef tomatoes filled with Mediterranean vegetable cous cous or broccoli, leek and cream cheese bake. L’ESTUAIRE The menu at this chic waterside Topsham bistro includes veggie delights with a continental flavour – eg roasted vegetable linguine.

LEFT: Green goodness at the ultra dietary-aware

The Flat; BELOW: Behold Rockfish’s ‘cheesevurger’;

BELOW LEFT: The Ring Of Bells is always primed for

vegans and veggies

Our menu and allergens can be seen on our website and we’ve got a clever little thing you can do on the page to see what is on the menu when you take an allergen out – have a look… www.t eroc .co.



Have you seen an increase in veggie/ vegan diners this year?

enerally, over the last ve to ten years there has been a trend towards vegan and vegetarianism, and more awareness on dietary requirements. People of a certain age, myself included, prefer to eat less meat and have a more balanced diet, with vegetables playing a very important part in that balance. e are nding more guests choosing vegetarian dishes on our menus as a choice rather than a dietary restriction. What’s the best veggie thing on your menu?

I love our spinach and ricotta malfatti, with sage burnt butter – a lovely, delicate and delicious dish.

And what can you offer vegans?

We have a super-tasty plum tomato, curry leaf and coconut curry on at the mo, perfect for the glut of home-grown tomatoes – normally tomatoes don’t take the centre spot, but they do in this curry! www.t er o be .com


MITCH TONKS, CHEF-RESTAURATEUR Have you seen an increase in veggie/ vegan diners this year?

es, we ve de nitely seen an increase in requests but not a huge amount – being a restaurant that is all about changing how

people eat and enjoy seafood in the UK, we’re on a mission! We’re really happy to provide alternatives, absolutely, but won’t ever be the go-to place for veggie and vegan diners. What’s the best veggie thing on your menu?

The best veggie option is our crisp fried tempura vegetables, which are broccoli spears, carrot and red onions, served with fresh lime, ginger and coriander dipping sauce – they are so good. And what can you offer vegans?

Our new ‘cheesevurger’ is a great vegan option, with a tomato salad to start then sorbet to nish. he vurger is a vegan patty made from soy, mushrooms, pea protein, spices and herbs, grilled and garnished with pickles, lettuce, tomato, red onion and miso mayo topped with melting (vegan) cheese.

What’s the best veggie thing on your menu?

here are a number of different choices on our à la carte and set lunch menus, as well as a full vegetarian tasting menu that we can adapt for vegans and other dietary requirements. Some of the best vegetarian dishes on our menu at the moment are the terrine of autumn vegetables, hazelnut mayonnaise and shimeji à la grecque and the wild mushroom risotto with parmesan crisp and mushroom velouté. And what can you offer vegans?

We can adapt many of our vegetarian dishes for vegans, using a different approach to food but keeping the cooking process the same. We take a serious look into the requirements the dish would need and adapt accordingly, such as using olive oil to caramelise rather than butter. www. m to em I EXETER LIVING I 41



A new micro-bakery and home delivery business in St Thomas has been such a hit since launching this summer that it’s now set up a waiting list. One Mile Bakery Exeter, as the name suggests, delivers handmade bread, soups and preserves by bike to subscribers within a mile of its base. “The deliveries are a different surprise every week, and the idea is that it’s a treat brought to your door at teatime,” says baker Boudicca Woodland. here s de nitely a demand in Exeter for real food - knowing where it comes from, who made it, and appreciating that it doesn’t cost the planet.” Boudicca also teaches a range of baking classes to small groups in her kitchen at home – check out Festive Baking on 30 November and 8 December if you’ve an urge to make your own mini-Panettone and mince pies this Christmas... For more:

HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES? Remember how great the summer heatwave was? How you wished you could somehow bottle it to enjoy throughout the winter months? Well, famous Devon juice manufacturers Luscombe have done exactly that! The abundance of summer sunshine, you see, led to a bumper 2018 apple harvest which has led in turn to Luscombe’s range of apple juices – including their signature Mostly Devon Apple Juice and its slightly sweeter sibling English Apple Juice – tasting even more luscious than normal. “Our juices promise to deliver exceptional flavour after a fantastic sunny growing season,” says Luscombe founder and chairman Gabriel David. “The 2018 Luscombe blend will deliver flavours we haven’t seen in years.”

For more:


Boudicca with bread and bike


Local gastropubs Jack in the Green and The Seven Stars in Kennford, and roadside café Hog & Hedge at Whiddon Down, have all been celebrated in a new edition of a best-selling guidebook from travel expert Alastair Sawday and Laura Collacott. The Extra Mile (Printslinger, £12.99) steers tired and peckish motorists towards the almost ne foodie alternatives to motorway service stations, all within 15 minutes of motorways and arterial A roads and offering the best of local produce, independent ownership and real character. “There has been a quiet revolution in British food,” Alastair points out. “We have found farm shops, organic cafés, pubs, stately homes, historic sites. Our travel can now be something to enjoy rather than endure.” For more:

“I was thrilled to receive a present of a day on dinner party desserts. It was such fun!” Gracie, Devon Voted Best Cookery School in the South West • Fun and friendly cookery classes for all abilities • Half & One Day Cookery Course Gift Vouchers Available •

Christmas Day Menu ÂŁ70 per person ÂŁ10 deposit per person required. Pre order by 19th Dec. STARTERS

Veloute of Mushrooms truffle oil & creme fraiche

Crostini of Brie de Meaux served with rocket, clementine jus & grapes

Gratinee of Scallops mussels, prawns, scallops served in a white wine sauce finished in the oven

Pheasant & Armangnac Pate chutney, toasted onion seed focaccia


Traditional Roast Turkey with all the trimmings

Pan Roast Filley of Seabass served with cauliflower puree, samphire, thyme potatoes, lardons & red wine sauce

Venison Bourguignon bourguignon sauce, lardons, mushrooms & buttered mashed potatoes

Parsnip, Kale & Red Onion Gratin served with rocket mix leaf & walnut dressing


Passion Fruit Bavarois light sponge with passion fruit mousse & red fruit coulis

Baked Christmas Pudding warm baked cheesecake Christmas pudding served with brandy sauce

Chocolate Vacherins hazelnut meringue filled with chocolate mousse & served with pouring cream

West Country & French Cheese crackers, grapes, quince & glass of port

6 The Quay,The Strand Topsham,Exeter EX3 0JB Phone: 01392 876 801 | Email: info@lestuaire.couk


esistance remains futile at Exeter s agship city centre gastropub, says Anna Britten


urning question for anyone who passes The Oddfellows on their evening commute. How do you ever manage to get home? What excuses do you make to your poor family for why you’ve missed dinner, bath time and the News At Ten yet again? Because Faye and Yvan Williams’ award-winning city centre gastropub might as well have velcro tentacles, it’s such an alluring refuge from the noisy rush of New North oad. Soft, golden light and mu ed laughter spill through the big windows – as do, come lunch or dinnertime, mouthwatering smells. You are propelled within its embrace, entirely and immediately, and with no thought to the possible consequences. You are Ingrid Bergman walking into Humphrey Bogart’s gin joint in Casablanca. Once ensconced, the vibe is cosy and convivial, thanks to candles, inky walls, William Morris-y wallpaper, period stained glass and scuffed oorboards, ornate mirrors and chummy notices, and a classy soundtrack of vintage sounds from soul to rocksteady. We’re lucky to grab the coveted booth table (halfway down on the right) over


which you must de nitely resort to blows if you nd yourself in competition with another diner. When we visit, The Oddfellows is livelier than any gaff off the main strip has the right to be on an ice cold Tuesday night in late October. And from his open kitchen at the rear, chef Mark Kersey delivers tastier, more thoughtful dinners than you’d expect from any city centre pub, anywhere – fathoms deep avours, in uenced by the seasons and, of course, locally sourced from a friendly supplier near you. Take our starter of beetroot soup. The unmistakable aroma reaches us quicker than the bowl does – is any vegetable more evocative of England, of the damp earth beneath your feet? It tastes like a Sunday afternoon raking autumn leaves with your granddad. You could get quite emotional about these things – and we do, brie y. And we’re not sure of current soup bowl etiquette but we’re soon tilting away to scrape up every last drop. On the side, a selection of fresh bread to chew contentedly through, baked in-house every day, and including a cheese and onion roll, fennel and coriander atbread and a truly oh boy thyme ciabatta. ichelin


“You could get quite emotional about these things” quality bread, we decide. Easily. Next up, juicy and perfectly pink, pan-fried Creedy arver duck breast sliced into three chubby ngers, served with a rich, thick, mahogany jus that our polite and well informed waiter Edward tells us takes Mark three to four days to make, using duck stock and pomegranate molasses. It comes on a bed of kale and surrounded by bonbon-sized beetroot fondants, dollops of shallot puree (more of this next time, please, it s scrumptious), crispy shallot rings and a scattering of walnut crumb for textural interest. A white alifornian infandel proves a light, unshouty counterpoint to everything. inally, the sticky toffee pudding manifests as a dense, slightly chewy s uare of hot sweetness sharpened by a brilliant black treacle/liquorice bite, and partnered with salted caramel sauce and cooling clotted cream. t s a gold standard S , and nd myself wanting to post one to all restaurants offering this pud in spongier, drier, and all-round drearier forms (and especially to Waitrose). s that the time e were due home hours ago. e dream up some lies – late meeting Broken heel Arrest – and reluctantly drag ourselves into the street. ■

DINING DETAILS The Oddfellows, 60 New North Rd, Exeter EX4 4EP; 01392 209050; Opening times Lunch: Tue-Sat 12noon-3pm, Sun 12noon-4pm. Dinner: Tue-Thur 5.30pm-9pm, Fri-Sat 5.30-10pm Prices Starters from £4.50, mains from £14, puddings from £6.50 Vegetarian/vegan Excellent choices – you won’t be an afterthought here Disabled access Mostly all on one level from the front door with no steps. One step up to the toilets Service/atmosphere Jolly with a soupçon of ribald I EXETER LIVING I 49



Paul and Jenny Johnson

Bethan Spencer and guest Hilary Bush

Janos Varga, Eva Prager and Nigel Wilkinson


Rapidly establishing itself as one of the most glamorous charity events of the Exeter year, the third annual YMCA Exeter fundraising dinner took place at Woodbury Park Hotel recently, with guests including he igh Sheri of Devon, Grania Philips, and Shaun Sawyer, Chief Constable of Devon & Cornwall Police. The black tie event was attended by 160 people and through ticket sales, a silent auction and individual pledges, an impressive £7,500 was raised. Donations are still being taken at: www. Photos by Matt Round

Glen King and David Greensmith Callum Hardy, Jess Broom and Jonathon Taylor


Caroline Thames, Rayanne Armand and Marie Cawley


Martyn Stroud, Robin Mulholland and Matt Cridge

Will Barrett, Pete Martin and Clive Harrison


ans and friends ocked to Exeter ity ootball lub to witness the long awaited unveiling of its new . million stadium redevelopment. he project, which has seen the construction of a new stand – named the Stagecoach Adam Stans eld Stand in honour of fans favourite Adam Stans eld, who died eight years ago – changing rooms, away end, and associated facilities. ulian agg, chairman of Exeter ity , said t was wonderful to welcome so many friends of the club to celebrate the opening of the new stand, from our loyal supporters groups and our fantastic sponsors, to the contractors who worked on the development, as well as Exeter ity ouncil. Claire Quick and Frances Farley

Jo Yelland and Karime Hassan Front row: Julian Tagg, Karime Hassan, Cllr Peter Edwards, Bob Dennison, Justin Quick, and David Lee

Pat Lee and Elaine Davis

Dr Peter Barrington, Professor Sue Prince, David Allen OBE, Nicola Dandridge CBE, Deputy Lord Mayor Kate Hannan, John Laramy, Dr Saul Bloxham and Christopher Groucutt


BSc Health and Social Care graduates

Exeter athedral was the magni cent setting for Exeter ollege s degree level students graduation ceremony. undreds of guests, friends and family, came together to celebrate the graduation of more than students from the college s entre for niversity evel Studies. I EXETER LIVING I 51


WHAT RIGHTS DO EXTENDED FAMILY MEMBERS HAVE? Imran Khodabocus, a solicitor at The Family Law Company, looks at the issue of extended family members missing out on contact with children. Christmas is a time for family get-togethers, with children enjoying the chance to meet up with aunts, uncles and cousins. But some adult extended-family members may find themselves excluded from the children’s lives for a number of reasons. It’s not just aunts, uncles and cousins who may be affected, this also applies to other family members such as grandparents – and others who are looking to have contact with children or are perhaps even seeking to look after the children.

NO CONTACT? If you aren’t being allowed contact, here’s some information about what you can do. The first step is to approach the parents directly and see if an agreement can be worked out. When contact is arranged this way, it is far less stressful for everyone. One tip is to try to get the parents to see that their child (not you) may be missing out by not seeing you. If you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself, consider enlisting the help of someone else, perhaps another family member who you both trust and who will remain neutral. Alternatively, try someone completely independent such as a mediator to act as a ‘go between.’ If you end up having to go to court, then you will usually be expected to have to attempted mediation first.

APPLYING TO COURT If these negotiations don’t work or break down, then extended family members normally have to apply for ‘leave’. This means getting permission from the court for a Child Arrangements Order. When the court is deciding whether or not you should be granted leave it will look at areas like your connection with the child, the views of the parents and whether your application would cause disruption for the child.

IF YOU GET LEAVE Assuming you do get leave, the court will then consider your application for contact or for the child to live with you. At the heart of this decision will be what is in the child’s best interests. Courts are increasingly recognising the role of extended family members in children’s lives, which is a good sign. Better health and longer life expectancy means that extended families are spending more time with children as they grow up. Therefore, the role of extended family members is becoming progressively more important.

WHAT DO TO NEXT If you are an extended family member and feel excluded, miss spending time with a child or are looking after a child and think it unsafe for them to return to their parents, we can provide you with advice. To make a free initial appointment please call 01392 284851. Our teams can assess you for legal aid and, in some emergency situations, grant legal aid in our initial meeting.

Balliol House, Southernhay Gardens Exeter EX1 1NP. 01823 785070.



Quote of the issue


...said which Exeter Living Awardwinner? See page 66

The Big Number


Stagecoach SW buses now doing contactless. Find out more on page 54


A new collaboration at Exeter Science Park aims to help tackle harmful CO2 and nitrous oxide emissions

E ABOVE: John White, director of Emtec (second from left) with Impact Lab’s Kathryn White, Dr Dmitry Kangin and Prof Richard Everson

xeter start-up Emtec Corporation, headquartered at Exeter Science Park, has teamed up with neighbours Impact Lab (aka The Environmental Futures & Big Data Impact Lab) to develop an algorithm to measure transport emissions more effectively, and produce valid economic rationale to help combat climate change. John White, co-founder of Emtec, explains: “Emtec combines cloud computing, connected car technologies and arti cial intelligence to simplify all aspects of eet operation and vehicle renewal planning. “Initiatives across the world

are aiming to reduce carbon emissions, which are a cause of climate change. Our technology accurately measures emissions so we can then assess how effective these initiatives are. “As we look to develop our technology further by monitoring more data sources, we needed access to additional data and data analysts to grow our products and services sustainably and accurately. “The Impact Lab’s project management and technical experts are the perfect partners to facilitate this and we’re excited about where this collaboration will take the company.” The Environmental Futures &

Big Data Impact Lab is a threeyear, £6.4m project, part-funded by the EU’s European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). It is a partnership of seven organisations: University of Exeter, Exeter City utures, et ce, niversity of Plymouth, Plymouth College of Art, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, and Rothamsted Research. John adds: “Working with the Impact Lab has opened a number of doors that ordinarily wouldn’t have been accessible to us. They have provided extraordinary support, listened well and introduced us to the right people to accelerate our impact.” Following its work with the Impact Lab, Emtec will present its research to the National Physical Laboratory in London, to progress a contract with them. 7,000 cities globally have signed up to clean air projects, and Emtec hope to roll out their technology worldwide. MEDIACLASH.CO.UK I EXETER LIVING I 115 53

CONTACTLESS COMES TO STAGECOACH A new contactless payment system has just been rolled out across more than 380 Stagecoach South West buses, speeding up boarding times and enabling customers to pay for their journeys using contactless credit or debit cards, as well as Apple Pay or Android pay. Says MD of the Exeter-based company, Bob Dennison: “With more cars than ever on the roads, congestion is a major problem in so many areas. We are continuing to work harder than ever to make bus travel as easy and stress free as possible. “The contactless payment system will help speed up journey times and make travelling by bus so much easier for our customers.” He adds: “The new technology also works in tandem with the Stagecoach app, that allows passengers to track buses in real-time.”

Re-flow MD Michael Saunders

GO WITH THE RE-FLOW Exeter-based tech start-up Re- ow has seen major growth over the last quarter, after receiving significant funding from an international investor. The company, which has created an app-based tool for businesses who have staff working outside the office, report they have doubled their operational staff, expanded into new offices on Paris Street and taken on a series of national clients, chie y in the highways and construction industry. Says Michael Saunders, Re- ow MD “Securing this funding has meant we can significantly ramp up our operations in the next year. These are exciting times in the Re- ow offices and we’re looking forward to taking our local company out to many more clients across the UK. “Any business where employees are carrying out a job on location will


benefit from Re- ow and the solution is already delivering results in many industries, from construction and civil engineering, to highways and maintenance.” The investment deal was brokered by London private equity and venture capital firm Endeavour Ventures, whose director Bill Cunningham adds: “The fact that we were able to over fund the company beyond the initial target, re ects the uality of the management team, the strength of the opportunity and the exciting nature of the growth market that they have identified. e have been impressed with the uality of the proposition from first contact and with the founders every success with their plans for developing the business.”

Less than five months to go…

AWARDS KICK OFF! Nominations are now open for the prestigious Exeter Living Awards as expectation builds for the überglam ceremony on 7 March. Now in its fourth year, the Exeter Living Awards has seen a record level of sponsorship for 2019. Open to all Exeter-based companies and organisations, the Awards celebrate local business success and provide an unrivalled business marketing showcase. The Awards are completely free to enter and can be won by anyone, from first time entrant to many times winner, from advertiser to a company who has never been in Exeter Living. All decisions are made by a panel of independent judges, newly selected each year. inning an Award is highly beneficial for company profile, said Steph Dodd, events director at MediaClash. “Not to mention great recognition for teams and individuals who go the extra mile for your business.” With so many fantastic companies in the area, making it to the Finalist list is a huge achievement. Finalists are celebrated within targeted marketing plans in the run-up to the glittering event, held in March in the Great Hall within Exeter University. Businesses can get advice on producing a showstopping Awards entry on the Awards website, where a handy ‘How to Win an Exeter Living Award’ presentation is available, along with the organisers’ 10 Top Tips for Nominating. All Winners receive coverage in Exeter Living magazine, as well as a hand-crafted engraved trophy, window stickers to proudly display success, two free places as a special inners’ Dinner after the Awards and the long-lasting memory of an Exeter Living Awards winning moment. Steph added: “If your business would like to align itself closely to the prestigious Exeter Living Awards, why not consider Sponsorship You’d be in good company! The current roster of sponsors is led by Platinum Sponsor Jelf, along with category sponsors Princesshay, Visit Exeter, Energy Hair, Cathedral Appointments, WBW Solicitors, Wilkinson Grant & Co, Dana Mulligan PR & Marketing, Exeter College, Ashley House Triangle Networks, and Warwick Event Services, with The Oddfellows returning as Silver Sponsors. The Exeter Living Awards are on 7 March in The Great Hall.; Twitter: @exeterlivingawd


EXETER CHIEFS NEWS MARK STEVENS brings you the latest from inside Sandy Park



Alex Hugo

Penny Endersby has been appointed chief executive of the Met Office SDS Engineering Consultants has announced the appointment of James Laughlin as its new regional director for Exeter Amanda Bonnick has been promoted from associate solicitor to partner within the commercial property department of ollen Michelmore in Exeter Chartered accountant and business adviser Patrick Tigwell has joined Thomas estcott’s Exeter office as a partner Olivia Miller, Sam Dunstan, Lauren Mankee, Laura Britton, Carrianne Matta and Holly Bryan have all recently completed their training contracts with law firm Stephens Scown and are taking up positions in the employment, dispute resolution, real estate, family and corporate teams in Truro and Exeter Exeterbased ainhomes South est has made Alex Hugo pictured its new managing director.

Chiefs v Munster

The clocks may have gone back, but time doesn’t stand still for life at Sandy Park as the Exeter-based conference and ban ueting stadium gears up for a busy period ahead. Three home fixtures during the month of ovember, two of which see Bath and Harle uins visit in the Premiership Rugby Cup, as well as rivals Gloucester arriving in the Gallagher Premiership, mean it’s a busy on-field period for the Exeter Chiefs. Rob Baxter’s side have endured a dream start to the 2018/19 campaign in the Premiership, where they currently sit top of the three with a perfect six wins from six games. However, it’s Cup action which is dominating the scene for the Devonians with games coming thick and fast. Having faced Irish outfit Munster and French champions Castres in the Heineken Champions Cup, it’s domestic cup action which dominates for much of ovember with clashes against ewcastle Falcons, Bath and Harle uins. The latter two fixtures form special days out at Sandy Park with the Bath game being dedicated to those who work locally with the HS, whilst the Harle uins fixture will also tie in the club’s annual Remembrance Service.

Again, the club have handed out free match-day tickets to those who currently serve in the armed forces and work within the frontline emergency services. This month also sees the annual autumn international fixtures, where the Chiefs again have strong representation. ack owell, Henry Slade, Alec Hepburn, Harry illiams and Ben Moon have all been named in the England s uad and there have also been call-ups for Tomas Francis ales and Sam Skinner Scotland . Off the field, Sandy Park itself remains as busy as ever and is currently gearing up for what looks like being another record-breaking Christmas period for the venue. Events coming up during the month of ovember include the return of the famous Ministry of Sound brand to Devon. The dance giants will be staging an Old Skool ight on Friday 1 ovember, whilst the ever-popular Comedy at the Park takes place with a rip-roaring line-up booked in for Friday 23 ovember. I EXETER LIVING I 55


We now act for commercial clients in property transactions, letting and management

SPACE TO THINK Organising a conference, seminar or meeting that needs to be unforgettable? Take a stroll through some of the best local spaces for hire... Words by Anna Britten

The opulent Dean Clarke House: a lovely spot to brainstorm

60 I exeter living I


“We’ve scrutinised the city’s corporate event offerings and are pleased to present these absolute corkers” I exeter living I 61


The Rougemont Room at Exeter Library – check out the original wood panelling and mid-century vibes


very year in the UK around 92.8 million people spend a total of about 147.4 million days in conferences (UK Conference and Meeting Survey 2017). That’s a lot of name badges. Cubic miles of coffee and tea. In fact, the UK conference sector is worth an estimated £18.1billion – and, obviously, professional and entrepreneurial Exeter is very much in on the game. But whether it’s a networking breakfast, the company AGM, or a whizzy, Apple-style product launch, nding conference space in or near Exeter that ticks all your boxes – convenient location, budget-friendly price and that je ne sais quoi that means attendees actually, shock, enjoy themselves rather than nod off – involves a lot of legwork. Allow us to help – we’ve scrutinised the city’s corporate event offerings and are pleased to present these absolute corkers. Now, let’s get down to business…



What: Exeter Library has a number of rooms

available for hire. Depending on layout, The Rougemont Room can host 24-90, and you have the option of adding the cool Rougemont Lounge and the balcony; Meeting Room 1 is perfect for groups of 8-20, and there are two smaller meeting rooms for intimate powwows of 8 and 4-6. Rates: Prices start from £14 per hour. 30% discount for non pro t organisations. USP: Exeter Library’s sleek mid-century looks always make us feel like we’re in Mad Men. Exeter Library, Castle Street, Exeter EX4 3PQ 01392 384223;


Refreshment time at Reed Hall. Don’t splash custard on your tie...

What: ith ve main suites and seminar suites, award-winning event venue (and home of Exeter Chiefs) Sandy Park has spaces for meetings and events of all sizes. The impressive Exeter Suite can seat over 800 people, while the top oor suites and seminar suites can be con gured to suit various capacities and layouts with their useful moveable walls. It’s all undergone a bit of a makeover in the past few months, with new Panasonic Solid Shine laser

projectors with 4m x 2.25m screens and a host of other tech features installed. In addition to the state-of-the-art projector screens, the suites all have large HD TV screens plus software to allow wireless streaming and other features for presentations such as social media feeds. There is also access to video conferencing technology, high speed and complimentary Wi-Fi and each of the main suites has its own PA system. Catering-wise, head chef Craig (formerly of the Pig at Combe) has recently created new menus to keep your guests’ stomachs from grumbling. Your delegates from out of town will appreciate its convenient location by junction 30 of the M5. The planned new £25 million hotel on the site, due to open in 2020, will massively boost conference and exhibition capacity. Rates: Seminar suites start from £150+VAT for half a day. Bespoke packages available. USP: Actual Exeter Chiefs may be spotted training from the windows. Sandy Park, Sandy Park Way, Exeter EX2 7NN 01392 427427;

Allow time for a quick round of golf


What: Joining the existing function rooms

at this grand old lady of the Topsham Road, there’s a freshly refurbished room and roof terrace on offer for your next summit meeting. The Mews, designed by Exeter’s Barc Architects, has its own private bar area and offers a fresh, stylish look with high spec AV equipment and integrated sound and atmospheric lighting systems, which complement the historical beams and windows of the original barn building – it leads to a lovely outdoor roof terrace. Rates: From £75 (members of Exeter Golf and Country Club get a discount). USP: Why not incorporate a few holes into your itinerary? Exeter Golf and Country Club, Topsham Road, Exeter, EX2 7AE; 01392 249286;

Settle in for the day at Sandy Park

5 TRENDS TO MODERNISE YOUR MEETING Still using whiteboards and a tea urn? Get with the programme, Grandma Apps A dedicated app for your event is the tech must-have these days. Not only do they collate all essential delegate info digitally, so that you can go paperless, they encourage interaction and networking, and the data can be super-handy when you’re planning your next event. Thinkathon/Hackathon Invented by the tech crowd, the conference ‘-athon’ is essentially a targeted brainstorming session, in which a group of people from the same field

get together to thrash out a specific project. They can last from one afternoon to a whole week! Secret events Everybody loves surprises, and being in on a secret. Issue hush-hush instructions close to the big day to pique delegates’ curiosity. Obviously, this works best if your venue is unusual and gorgeous, and not a nearby Premier Inn… Gifting lounges Like at the Oscars, this is where, rather than handing out identical goodie bags,

you invite guests to come and choose their own gifts to take home – this gives you/your partners the chance to connect directly with them. ‘Ask me anything’ sessions Every conference delegate’s biggest grumble (after the coffee and parking) is that there is rarely time at the end of a presentation for a proper, in-depth Q&A. An extra session with a speaker, steaming through a bank of anonymous, pre-solicited questions, will be a winner.


What: ou ll nd seven lovely, high ceilinged,

large windowed meeting rooms (and various break out spaces) suitable for meetings and conferences, within this stunning Italianate Grade II-listed building. Add in top notch cuisine – from sit down lunches to working buffets – and the tran uil landscaped gardens,

“Actual Exeter Chiefs may be spotted training from the windows” I EXETER LIVING I 63

CONFERENCES trees and ponds, and your delegates won’t want to go home. oom capacities range from with exible room layouts, A e uipment, free wi , and a dedicated event manager. Rates: Half day delegate packages from £15.50. USP: You’re on one of the most attractive university campuses in the country, and bedrooms are available during vacation times. Reed Hall, Streatham Drive, Exeter EX4 4QR 0300 555 0214;


What: A striking modern building found in the gorgeous grounds of Buckfast Abbey on the edge of Dartmoor – choose from eight seminar rooms, an exclusive boardroom, full catering refectory and 150-seater Schiller Hall – all with exible seating, complete A facilities and break out access to the Abbey grounds. oads of free parking, too. Rates: From £11.76 per delegate. USP: All the serenity and soulfulness you’d expect from the site of a working monastery founded nearly years ago. ook out for fudge made by the monks and on sale in the Abbey shop. Buckfast Abbey, Northwood Ln, Buckfastleigh TQ11 0EG; 01364 645530;


What: Four superb spaces beckon at this

deluxe countryside destination (it’s no longer a hotel, and now focuses exclusively on weddings

The ornate,high-ceilinged grandeur of Reed Hall

LET’S GET TOGETHER Recommended conference and meeting spaces for hire near you Buckfast Abbey Conference Centre Northwood Lane, Devon TQ11 0EG 01364 645530; Dean Clarke House Southernhay East, Exeter EX1 1AP; 03333 445757; Deer Park Country House Hotel Weston, Honiton EX14 3PG; 01404 41266;

What: This salubrious Southernhay

establishment has seven meeting facilities that can welcome up to 150 people. All are stylishly designed in a contemporary style, situated on the ground oor, and have air-conditioning, natural day light and multimedia presentation and communications facilities. 100 onsite car parking spaces, too. Rates: Day delegate rates start from £25 USP: Swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna, anyone? Mercure Exeter Southgate Hotel, Southernhay East, Exeter EX1 1QF; 01392 412812; nicky.such@;

Exeter Library’s Meeting Room 1

Exeter Racecourse Kennford, Exeter EX6 7XS; 01392 832599; www.exeter.thejockeyclub. The Lamb Inn The Square, Sandford, Crediton EX17 4LW; 01363 773 676;

Exeter Golf & Country Club Topsham Road, Exeter EX2 7AE; 01392 248051;

Reed Hall Streatham Drive, Exeter EX4 4QR; 0300 555 0214;

Exeter Library Castle Street, Exeter EX4 3PQ; 01392 384223;

Mercure Exeter Southgate Hotel Southernhay East, Exeter EX1 1QF; 01392 412812;



and events). Our faves? The timber-clad Motor House, which seats 60 (theatre-style) is above the hotel s eet of rare and classic cars, and has its own own private al fresco dining space. And for a real sense of occasion and glamour, there’s the stunning Georgian Orangery which can seat 220, theatre-style. Exceptional food. Rates: Day delegate rate is £60 (based on a minimum of 12 delegates), including lunch and refreshments throughout the day. Bespoke packages available. USP: The team can sort you out with seriously fun team-building activities in the sprawling grounds, from y shing to and over ing. Deer Park Country House Hotel, Weston, Honiton EX14 3PG; 01404 41266;;

Sandy Park Sandy Park Way, Exeter, EX2 7NN; 01392 427427; Stuart Line Cruises Exmouth Marina, Exmouth, EX8 1DS; 01395 222144;

City centre meeting room and conference venue Exeter Library offers meeting rooms and conference facilities at competitive rates, with in-house catering and free WiFi. Rooms and facilities also available at other libraries across Devon. Call or email to book.

0333 2342 123 Libraries Unlimited is a registered charity. Charity number: 1170092.



Embracing all things homely, from architecture to joinery, our Homes & Interiors category is about celebrating the people and businesses bringing beauty and innovation to your pad. Our judges picked In Ex Design, a team of architects, interior designers and landscape designers based at Woodbury Business Park, as their 2018 champion. Here’s director Julie-Ann Clements… HOMES & INTERIORS WINNER

So how did it feel to win an Exeter Living Award? I was so shocked, I really didn’t expect to win. The whole team were thrilled to bits. Tell us in a nutshell what services you offer at In Ex Design... e are different to other architectural practices in that we can offer our clients a full design service in the truest sense. We can take an empty site and create a building (or buildings) that will go beyond our clients’ expectations, or we can refurbish a house into an amazing home, from adding an extension to procuring soft

furnishings. We consider all aspects of how a space is used and how it might feel. A key part of our ethos is user experience. How and why did you establish the business? I set up In Ex Design in order to provide a level of service I felt was needed to achieve great spaces. How does it look, work, feel… in equal measure. And to achieve this, you really need to think in terms of architecture, interior design and landscape design, which is what our team does.


What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever been given? It’s important for people to realise you’re no pushover. Don’t make out you know it all, listen and learn from others. Know what you want and what’s right for your clients and stick to your guns. What are you working on at the moment? We always have several live residential projects of varying sizes on the go and several clients on a waiting list. We have just nished working at the E, refurbishing part of the children’s oncology department. The whole team has taken huge pride in transforming a space that will make the families’ time at the Bramble Ward a little more comfortable.

What plans do you have for In Ex Design? aving just nished a turnkey


project [a project presented to the client fully nished and ready for use] on the edge of the River Teign in Shaldon, it would be great to do another project like that. It was always a pleasure to visit the site. I actually am missing it already! Also in the next year we are looking to expand the team to include a practice manager and another designer or architect.

Who are your architecture and interiors heroes, and why? Well, as I am about to go to La Biennale di Venezia I think I ought to say Palladio and, in contrast, Carlo Scarpa. What advice would you give someone looking to go into these sectors? You do this job for the love of creating spaces and the impact they can have on people’s lives – you certainly don’t do it for the money! What do you love most about working in the Exeter area? What’s not to love? Open countryside, clean air, no tra c jams. The great work-life balance is a huge thing here in Devon (though mine is a bit rubbish at the moment as I am currently building my own house…) For more:



A family outdoor assault course was the deserved winner of the 2018 Exeter Living Award for Leisure & Tourism – we asked founder Ben Jordan to tell us why good, old fashioned, muddy, outdoor fun is the way forward… So how did it feel to win an Exeter Living Award?

It was genuinely a huge surprise, and I think my terrible acceptance speech did the shock of it justice! Being up against those other fantastic Devon businesses was an honour in itself, but to win was a dream come true.


Why do you think The Bear Trail won?

I think it’s the unique nature of it, and it’s humbling to realise that the concept of old fashioned, outdoor, muddy fun has been so warmly and keenly received. Customers also comment on how relaxed the environment is, and how their children can run free, yet feel safe. How has the business grown since you opened?

We’ve doubled the number of obstacles, including the addition of a ve metre big drop onto a bespoke made airbag and improved our facilities. We’ve added two annual festivals, The Colour Bomb and Zombie Trail and our corporate team building days are becoming an increasing success. How has your army background contributed to The Bear Trail?

The element of empowering


Ben’s so excited he can hardly bear it... Geddit?

my peers and subordinates was critical in enabling everyone to work together and achieve the mission. With the customers, we take an approach that trusts them to make their own decisions on what they and their family are capable of. There are few rules, as I have designed the course to allow progression for the children and adults, and it is amazing how good children really are at risk assessment and working together.

wife who grew up in Devon. I fell in love from the start! The sea on your doorstep, the rolling countryside, the amazing sense of community and, of course, Exeter Chiefs! The business network seems to be very strong, with an attitude of assisting each other grow, rather than competing and racing to the bottom. We have an amazing county and the growth of our business side gives great credit to the talent down here.

What plans do you have for The Bear Trail?

Tell us your favourite Bear Trail anecdote

The next stage is providing the customers with an all-year attraction and we have lots of customers who are disappointed that we close for a couple of winter months. The team building days have really taken off, and we plan to invest in the options we can offer on this. Many have already booked for 2019 so, although this is great, we must ensure we keep providing new and interesting days for the same companies. What do you love most about being in this part of the country?

I am originally from Cheshire, and came down here to settle with my

A few weeks after opening day, I had a message on Facebook from a mother who had a girl who had been very unhappy for a while and she didn’t know what to do or how to help her. The message stated that this little girl had laughed the whole way around The Bear Trail and her mother hadn’t seen her this happy in many months. That one message made all the hard work and stress worth it. If we can provide a day where families make fantastic memories, that last forever, then we are happy. For more: I EXETER LIVING I 67




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property a pl ace to c all home

POWERS HOUSE KITTY KANE feels her jaw hit the floor I EXETER LIVING I 75



oes this house ring a bell? Last year it was the subject of boggle-eyed features in The Guardian, Telegraph and, of course, Grand Designs magazine, because… well, just witness the coolness. Only two years old, Powers House was designed by its owners, architects Mark Camillin and Liam Denny, and built on the site of an unsalvageable 19th-century farm cottage. For former city dwellers Camillin and Denny, the project was an attempt to recreate “a modern-day version of The Good Life . And boy, did they pull it off. Powers House draws inspiration from the couple’s favourite international architects, including in uential California-based modernist Richard Neutra – but also the vernacular architecture in its Northleigh setting, about three miles north-west of Colyton. The timber frame structure is clad in slim panels of Canadian red cedar, which have now weathered to an attractive silvery-grey, and there are large areas of glazing, some stone and zinc. The house’s Z-shape layout allows for spacious accommodation with lots of inbuilt versatility – the building can either be used as one large house, or split into two, creating a two bedroomed self-contained cottage, which as a holiday let has provided Camillin and Denny with a signi cant income stream. Clean lines abound throughout the open plan living room, shiny white kitchen/diner, study and studio on the ground oor, four bedrooms on the rst oor – the master has an ensuite and a dressing room – two bathrooms, a


utility room and store. here s a fth bedroom on the second oor. All immaculate, obviously. nternal windows cleverly create a sense of ow and connection between the spaces, as sunlight bounces off a gorgeous polished concrete oor with a terra o look. oncerns for the planet come high on the priority list for any contemporary construction, and owers ouse is no exception. An air source heat pump serves the under oor heating system throughout and there are solar photovoltaic panels in the roof. hese, combined with high levels of insulation including solar thermal roof panels and thermally broken windows (which use a barrier to improve insulation and energy e ciency), have contributed to the building s A rated energy performance certi cate. he best of so many best bits At owers ouse s core – and serving as its focal point – is a show stopping double height wall with gallery, incorporating library shelving, cubbyholes, bright green coloured panels that slide back, and even a secret ladder up to the me anine. un your own business or work from home n a separate building you ll nd a garden room, and workshop. And lest we overlook its peaceful, unspoilt surroundings, check out the landscaped gardens with an orchard and vegetable garden (The Good Life, remember ), and spectacular, far reaching views over the surrounding East evon countryside. his jawdropping property was a nalist for the Best ndividual New ome in the AB ( ocal Authority Building ontrol) Building Excellence Awards . e bet it s a shoo in for your own shortlist, too. ■

HOUSE NUMBERS Bedrooms Square feet Acres Guide price

5 3,503 3.1 £1,350,000

For more: Savills, Sterling Court, 17 Dix’s Field, Exeter EX1 1QA; 01392 455700; I EXETER LIVING I 77


Price £1,200,000

Impressive detached barn conversion with over 4000 sq feet of cool and contemporary accommodation. There are five double bedrooms, Oak flooring with underfloor heating throughout and three x bi-fold doors onto the roof terrace. The property has 240 degree countryside views, large sun terrace and sits within impressive gardens with stunning views. EPC: C

For further details telephone Lisa Storer on 01392 455926 or email



Price £750,000

Extensively improved and re-modelled individual modern detached family-size home, just a mile from the centre of the town. Boasting great living space with superb 34’ X 19’ open-plan kitchen/dining/family room plus ground floor bedroom and bathroom. Four good size double bedrooms and three bathrooms on the first floor plus large enclosed rear garden, garage and parking for numerous cars. EPC: C

For further details telephone Jeremy Sharpe on 01392 875000 or email



“Nowadays I am often referred to as ‘The Chocolate Lady’” kids, as well as a programme of talks and demonstrations and more. Why do most humans go so weak for chocolate?

NICOLA KNIGHT Raise a cup of single origin cocoa to the woman behind the first ever Exeter Chocolate Festival Some ideas are so good you can’t believe nobody thought of them sooner. Like, a festival for a foodstuff so obsessed about by our entire species, all over the world, that we spend around £74.8 billion on it every year. Exeter’s first ever festival dedicated to choccie takes place this month – we bothered organiser Nicola to tell us more… Whereabouts do you live and what makes it special?

I live in Exmouth with my partner Matt, two boys and our new baby daughter Dilly. It is special to us as we both grew up here. In fact, we were at school together here. It’s lovely to be able to appreciate it again as a parent and to enjoy the beach

and small town life with our own kids. I love having everything we need on the doorstep and the coast and countryside surrounding us. And Exeter is a great city to have so close by. Tell us a bit about the Exeter Chocolate Festival

I set it up because I felt compelled to share my passion for bean to bar, ethically sourced chocolate with the world. It struck me that many people have no idea how their chocolate is actually made, or that ne chocolate is comparable to a ne coffee or wine. he chocolate festival offers visitors the chance to buy chocolate that’s both ethical and delicious. We have local chocolatiers represented, cakes and other treats, chocolate lolly decorating workshops for the


It’s all those feelgood chemicals. Chocolate contains anandamide, a neurotransmitter whose name comes from the Sanskrit ‘ananda’ meaning ‘joy/bliss/delight’. Anandamides stimulate the brain in much the same way that cannabis does. It also contains tyramine and phenylethylamine, both of which have similar effects to amphetamines. And small traces of theobromine and caffeine, both of which are well known stimulants. Do you have a fave type of chocolate?

Whilst writing this, I am munching slowly on a bar of 60% Ecuadorian single origin dark milk made by British maker Pump Street Bakery. What’s your nickname?

Nic, nickers, Nick Nack. can’t tell you what my friends actually call me, you wouldn’t be able to print it. And nowadays am often referred to as he Chocolate Lady’. What’s your earliest childhood memory?

I ran straight into a wall at my pre school and gave myself a fat lip.

When did you last cry?

A couple of hours ago. I have a newborn baby who is so precious I just want to eat her/cry over how amazing she is in equal measure What issue more than any other makes you want to get up on a soapbox?

As a primary teacher and a mum to small people it really worries me that we are putting our young people under impossible pressure and creating a culture of anxiety and stress from the age of ve. Who would play you in a film about your life?

Hmm. I’d probably go for someone quirky and unassuming, but capable of being a total badass, like Ellen Page. If you had a time machine, which era would you return to and why?

Back to the ’90s when the music was great, and I could get away with wearing those ridiculously large ares that had in three different colours from he eal McCoy. I would tell my teenage self to have way more con dence, and that there’s no rush, try to enjoy the ride as it goes by so fast. ■ Exeter Chocolate Festival is at Exeter Phoenix on 25 November, 11.30am-6pm; free entry;

Exeter Living - Issue 236  
Exeter Living - Issue 236