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Securing your perimeter Thermal imaging is taking the world by storm




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The latest developments in the industry

Could cars become the next target for hackers?

BSIA explores access control at school whatever the weather

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The magazine wiTh The inside sTory on securiTy




08 INDUSTRY NEWS The latest developments in the industry


Could cars become the next target for hackers?

36 SUNNY DAYS BSIA explores access control at school whatever the weather

40 ExHIBITIoN UpDATES port Security 2014 preview

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elcome to the May issue of In Security. As the weather grows warmer, thoughts turn to IFSEC where many of you will be reading this. A number of the products discussed in our Products & Industry News section will be on display at the show in London, and we would encourage all readers to examine these exciting innovations for themselves. Our cover story this month focuses on perimeter protection and how FLIR thermal imaging is taking the world by storm. Thermal security cameras from FLIR have been tried and tested in numerous surveillance and perimeter security installations around the world (see page 2). Next, we examine how Barco offers open, modular solutions to retrieve and distribute data, from the most diverse sources, and visualize it flexibly and brightly (see page 20). Elsewhere, an independent piece, “We are in a brave new world of security


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Contents 02 Cover Story Securing your perimeter day and night FLIR Thermal imaging is taking the world by storm 06 Product & Industry News All the latest developments from the security industry and what’s hot at IFSEC

20 The connected control room How Barco offers open, modular solutions to retrieve and distribute data 24 “We are in a brave new world of security threats” A look at how Heartbleed can affect the corporate environment 28 “IP: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint” Honeywell examines how hybrid solutions can be the perfect way of managing the migration to IP

threats” by Dan McDuffie the CEO of Wyless, takes a look at how Heartbleed can affect the corporate environment (see page 24). Jeremy Kimber of the Honeywell Security Group scrutinises why hybrid solutions can be the perfect way of managing the migration to IP, as they introduce the benefits of IP without major upfront cost or potential risks (see page 28). Could cars become the next target for hackers? With, in car connectivity increasingly a desirable element in the development of the latest infotainment systems and more consumers wanting to use their devices in the car, this is set to continue. (see page 32). The British Security Industry Association looks at access control in schools with the upcoming summer months affecting both costs and their carbon footprint (see page 36). Finally, we update you on the latest exhibitions by previewing the Port Security 2014 event and reviewing the MIPS 2014 show (see page 40).

Chris Hewett, Editor

20 32 36 32 Car Hacked? Could cars become the next target for hackers? 36 Sunny days BSIA explores how access control can secure your school whatever the weather 40 Exhibition updates Port Security 2014 preview and MIPS 2014 review

IN Security I May 2014 I 1

cover story

Thermal security cameras from FLIR have been tried and tested in numerous surveillance and perimeter security installations around the world

Securing your perimeter day and night Thermal imaging is taking the world by storm


ess than ten years ago, thermal imaging might have been remarkably unknown to the wider public, but today the technology is catching up very fast. And yet, sometimes even professional security buyers still have reservations against thermal imaging cameras for surveillance applications. Thermal imaging the technology has been tried and tested in numerous professional surveillance and perimeter security installations around the world. Thermal security

2 I May 2014 I IN Security

cameras let you see intruders and other threats to your facility clearly in total darkness and in bad weather. Still, even with professional users and buyers, thermal imaging has to cope with a number of reservations, most of which have to do with cost and performance.

Reservation #1: price What does it cost to secure your perimeter 24/7? And most of all: are thermal imaging cameras more expensive than traditional CCTV systems?

As CCTV systems become more advanced, the security industry increasingly focuses on CCTV installations for 24 hour surveillance. To be truly secure, a site must be protected day and night. To get a full picture of the Total Cost of Ownership for a certain solution, not only the initial purchase cost, but also the installation and maintenance costs need to be considered. Some solutions consume a lot of power and need a lot of spare parts. Saving energy by looking at running costs will become increasingly important.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) combined with traditional lighting CCTV systems are effective for security and surveillance applications. However, just like the human eye, CCTV cameras do not see much in total darkness. So in order to detect intruders at night they are often complemented with traditional lights by mains driven bulbs. Although some bulbs are more efficient than others, the operational cost remains very high. Light can only penetrate a certain distance and completely illuminating an area, so that it can be kept under surveillance of CCTV cameras, is not always possible. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) combined with LEDs Compared to bulbs, LEDs provide significant savings on electrical consumption. LEDs also provide

long life performance with little ongoing maintenance costs. Infrared illumination with LEDs, sometimes also called active infrared, beams infrared radiation into the area in front of a camera. The LEDs are often placed around the lens of the camera. LED illumination is compromised by limited range performance. Also, providing lighting for domes has long been a challenge for CCTV professionals as the lighting cannot be fitted to move with the camera. Thermal imaging Thermal imaging cameras produce images of invisible infrared or “heat” radiation. Based on temperature differences between objects, thermal imaging produces a crisp image on which the smallest of details can be seen. They work both during daytime and nighttime and

require no additional lighting. So how do thermal and visual CCTV systems compare? Let’s look at the required number of camera units for perimeter protection systems based on CCTV cameras versus systems based on thermal imaging cameras. Say that we want to protect an industrial perimeter of 700 meters. The perimeter needs to be secured day and night, in all weather conditions. This means that CCTV cameras are limited in terms of distance that can be covered by the infrared illuminators. In this simplified example, the cost of personnel and equipment during the installation and the cost in maintenance and power bills are not included, as they might vary strongly depending on available infrastructure, local power rates and local wages. >

CCTV cameras


D/N Camera with outdoor housing and 19 mm lenses Pole and pole basement IR Lamp Video Analytics License Input on DVR or nDVR

Thermal imaging cameras

12 12 12 12 12


FLIR FC-324 S camera Pole and pole basement IR Lamp Video Analytics License Input on DVR or nDVR

5 5 0 5 5

Monitoring this 700 m perimeter would require either 12 CCTV cameras or only 5 thermal imaging cameras

IN Security I May 2014 I 3

“In all cases these costs will be directly proportional to the amount of equipment and on the usage of lighting�

In all cases these costs will be directly proportional to the amount of equipment and on the usage of lighting. Even though the price of one single thermal imaging camera might be higher than the price of a CCTV camera, the overall investment costs for a thermal imaging camera perimeter protection system is actually lower, in this case 28% lower. The larger the perimeter, the bigger this difference will become. Since thermal imaging cameras require no lighting to function and given the fact that fewer cameras are needed with the thermal imaging perimeter protection solution, this system will also consume less electricity than the CCTV solution, making the thermal solution less expensive in its upkeep than the CCTV solution. Monitoring this 700 m perimeter would require either 12 CCTV cameras or only 5 thermal imaging cameras.

Reservation #2: durability Once the investment for thermal imaging cameras has been made, it is important to know whether these cameras are durable and built to last. Perimeter security cameras have to endure a lot, due to their outdoor installation. Lightning strikes for example can cause irreparable damage to outdoor cameras. Outdoor cameras are often installed in remote locations which require

4 I May 2014 I IN Security

Reservation #3: performance

them to rely on sometimes poor quality power. Poor input power quality may be compounded by the injection of noise, voltage spikes and transients onto the power, Ethernet and video coax cables along the long cable runs to each camera. In order to better protect its thermal security cameras and safeguard the investment made, FLIR Systems provides a thoughtful design that ensures the survivability of the camera in electrically adverse environments. The cameras have been engineered to provide a high degree of protection against a variety of problematic power, communication and video signal conditions that can cause problems for cameras. The FLIR FC-Series S for example uses a rugged aluminum alloy case, which minimizes any interference from the local environment with the camera operation. FLIR’s FCSeries S is designed for applications that are exposed to lightning and has protection circuitry that only allows the intended signaling to pass through. This way, FC-Series S has significant immunity to abnormalities on its power lines. In addition to the lightning protection, FC-Series S provides immunity against voltage dips and surges, fast transients, short interruptions, and conducted RF disturbances.

Reservations about the performance of thermal imaging cameras disappear very fast from the moment you experience what this technology can do. For starters, thermal imaging cameras allow you to see in total darkness. Since everything generates heat, thermal security cameras can see as well at night as they can during the day. Cameras dependent on visible light are useless at night or in poor visibility without supplementary illumination from lights or lasers. Thermal energy also passes through many obscurants including smoke, dust, modest foliage and light fog. In most cases, thermal energy travels through the atmosphere more effectively than visible light. As a result, thermal imagers can see activity at extreme ranges, while visible cameras, which rely on color contrast, fail.

Conclusion Security technology buyers have less and less reasons to doubt thermal imaging. Certainly today, the technology has become more cost-effective than ever before. In the perimeter example given above, the overall investment costs for a thermal perimeter protection system are actually lower than for a traditional CCTV system. Add to this the extreme durability and high performance of thermal imaging cameras, and you have a risk-free investment that will protect your perimeter for many years on end. n

one choice

Honeywell – your partner of choice in retail fraud prevention



At Honeywell we understand the challenges faced in protecting businesses from crime and theft. We offer reliable, cost effective, integrated security solutions for intruder detection, loss prevention and inventory management. Our products help reduce retail crime and increase operational efficiency whilst protecting your people, premises and profits. Secure more with Honeywell – Your partner for entry-level to enterprise security solutions.


ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS | INTRUSION & DETECTION | DIGITAL VIDEO SURVEILLANCE For additional information call 0844 8000 235 or visit © 2014 Honeywell International Inc. All rights reserved.

product and industry news

Kiowa Casino relies on video technology from Dallmeier State-of-the art equipment, unwavering support and an enormous range of integration capabilities: the Kiowa Casino in the state of Oklahoma, USA relies on video technology from Dallmeier


he Kiowa Casino provides 60,000 square feet (over 5,500 m2) of undiluted Las Vegas-style gambling excitement. Guests can choose from more than 900 slot machines with the latest games. If that is not enough, gambling tables for such classic games as Blackjack, Ultimate Texas Hold-Em and 3 Card Poker await. The casino is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Provision is also made for the guests’ physical well-being: they have a choice of three restaurants, the Morningstar Steakhouse, the Morningstar Buffet or the Winner’s Circle Sports Bar and Grill. In order to upgrade the existing video surveillance system to reflect the latest advances in the field, Michael Pratt, Director of Surveillance for the casino, turned to Dallmeier. Dallmeier has been developing and manufacturing individual CCTV/IP video network solutions specifically for casinos since 1997. The company has also been active on the North American market for more than ten years, and has a long list of satisfied customers. According to Michael Pratt, the critical element in the decision by the Kiowa Casino was the flexibility and simple integration capability of the Dallmeier system: “We wanted to add high definition cameras to our existing installation, and we chose the IP cameras from Dallmeier because of their outstanding image quality. It was particularly beneficial to us to be able to integrate our existing analogue camera installation from a third-party provider in the new system from Dallmeier without difficulty.”

Intuitive operation The system is controlled via the SeMSy® Security Management System from Dallmeier. One of the advantages of SeMSy® is that it can easily be adapted

6 I May 2014 I IN Security

to the customer’s specific requirements. It is not only possible to personalize the graphical user interface, but also to add new functions. In this way the software meets exactly the customer’s unique demands. In order to make operation even easier, the Kiowa Casino also decided to implement the VMC-1 Video Management Centre. This consists of a keyboard, a joystick and a jog-shuttle, with which an operator can navigate through all of the cameras simply and intuitively. The individual components of the VMC-1 can be arranged in any configuration, so they can be used equally well by both right-handed and lefthanded operators.

Integration of cashier systems Every Dallmeier CCTV/IP solution is principally designed to be able to serve as an open platform for third-party integration. An enormous variety of integration options has already been implemented particularly in the casino sector, including for example barcode scanners, playing card readers, cash register systems, slot machines, access control and the like. An interface with the InfoGenesis POS system was implemented at the Kiowa Casino too. The data from cash register transactions is linked to the video images and stored in a SQL database. This makes it possible to carry out a vast array of additional search options in video recordings, by amount or item for example.

Support and after-sales service Since its installation, it is not only the equipment that has functioned flawlessly; Michael Pratt is also entirely satisfied with the customer support he receives: “We are very happy with the support and after-sales service we receive from Dallmeier.” n For further information contact

Axis camera provides a bird’s-eye view

see us at stand E1000

The Scottish Wildlife Trust is harnessing the power of Axis network cameras to provide live video to anyone wanting to track the arrival of a rare osprey as it returns from West Africa, where it spent the winter, to Scotland. The AXIS Q6035-E PTZ Dome Network Camera is mounted at the top of the tree canopy, some 60 feet high, and is focused on one particular osprey’s nest and captured the moment it returned from its annual 3,000 mile long journey from West Africa to the Scottish Wildlife Trust Loch of the Lowes Visitor Centre, near Dunkeld in Scotland. The osprey in question is affectionately known as ‘Lady’ or ‘the Lady of the Loch’, a remarkable female who has returned to breed at the nesting site for the last 24 years and is thought to be the oldest known breeding osprey in Britain. The high-definition camera provides a constant live stream of events at the nest site directly to the Loch of the Lowes Visitor Centre and to the Trust’s website. Atul Rajput, regional director northern Europe at Axis Communications commented: “Come rain or shine, day or night, our camera is providing real-time footage for everyone to watch the moment when the Osprey returns to the nest. “Working with our specialist installation partners at Scottish Communications, we decided that the AXIS Q6035-E PTZ camera was the best contender for the job due to its excellent tolerance of extremely harsh environments, its 20x high definition optical zoom and its ability to see in low light conditions thanks to infrared technology.”

Stuart Leslie, sales engineer at Scottish Communications added: “We’ve been using Axis cameras for years and this particular installation required a specific type of high specification, hardwearing and reliable equipment. “We chose Axis cameras as they were ideal in this situation. They had to be robust and reliable as we don’t want to have to keep climbing the 60 feet to the top of the top of the nest as it might scare the osprey and our staff! “We used a direct fibre connection to relay live, high definition images back to the visitor’s centre half a kilometre away and out across the internet. At the visitor’s centre we used the Axis Camera Companion software so that visitors can easily move the camera and manipulate the view. We’re really pleased with the results.” Michael Lennon, ICT manager at the Scottish Wildlife Trust added: “We’re really pleased with the high definition output of the new camera system to the visitor centre. The equipment is coping really well despite the extremely windy conditions – our staff are finding the operation of the new camera much easier than the previous system.” The Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Loch of the Lowes Wildlife Reserve has been home to breeding ospreys since 1969. The expected lifespan of an osprey is approximately 10-15 years. In her estimated 28-year lifespan, Lady has laid 68 eggs, fledged 50 chicks and thought to have travelled nearly 130,000 miles. Ospreys are listed by the IUCN on the species of Conservation Concern. There are now approximately 240 breeding pairs in the UK, producing approximately 250 chicks a year. In the UK, ospreys are still rarer than golden eagles. n For more information about Axis Communications visit:

IN Security I May 2014 I 7

product and industry news

Bank on complete security with new surveillance camera

Panasonic is introducing super dynamic face recognition to its range of vandal resistant network ATM cameras

The WV-SW115 features a 104” wide-viewing angle and a discreet design to meet surveillance requirements in banking, as well as retail and hospitality applications. The compact camera is highly impact-resistant and waterproof, promising the durability to withstand the most challenging weather conditions and threats from vandals. The Super-Dynamic HD function offers high-sensitivity and improved image clarity, with enhanced face recognition in strong back light conditions such as the entrance to shops and banks. The camera is also enabled with 24-hour day and night functionality. Gerard Figols, European Product Manager for Panasonic Security Systems, said, “The WV-SW115 is

a valuable addition to Panasonic’s current fixed dome network camera line up. The camera records 720p HD images at up to 30 frames per second, meaning that end users will have greater peace of mind and confidence that their premises are operating a security system that adds real value.” The camera has an SDHC/SD memory card slot for manual recording and backup in the event of network failure. The camera offers multiple H.264 (high profile) streams and JPEG streams, delivering simultaneous real-time monitoring and high resolution recording.

n To find out more about Panasonic’s complete surveillance solutions, please visit http://business.

BSIA reveals plans for IFSEC 2014 With IFSEC International fast approaching, the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) – the trade body representing the UK’s private security industry – has revealed its activity plan for this year’s exhibition and conference, which makes its London debut on 17th – 19th June. As the key event in the security industry’s calendar, IFSEC International provides an important focal point for industry practitioners to gather and exchange best practice, and it is the opportunity to network with new contacts, while revitalising existing relationships, that remains at the heart of the Association’s activity at IFSEC. With this in mind, the BSIA is hosting an informal luncheon on Wednesday 18th June, providing a networking opportunity for both existing Association members and those security companies interested in finding out more about the benefits of BSIA membership. Taking place on the BSIA’s stand (D1500) from 13:30 – 15:30, the event aims to provide a relaxed

8 I May 2014 I IN Security

atmosphere in which industry practitioners can exchange views and catch up with BSIA personnel. James Kelly, Chief Executive of the BSIA, comments: “Enabling the sharing of best practice between industry professionals is a key function of the Association, and IFSEC provides an annual opportunity for the wider industry to reflect on the successes of the past year and exchange ideas about the future direction of our dynamic industry.” n For further information please visit


Paxton, Offering the Complete Solution to your IFSEC Experience

Come and visit us on stand G1500 for: Training & education

Industry insight

Experience a taster session of Paxton’s industry leading training

20 minute introduction to access control: The Top 10 Things You Need To Know

Daily competitions

Space to recharge

Net2 Entry Speed Trials each day from 12-2pm – how fast can you put a system together?

The Paxton stand café is perfect for quick and informal meetings

Entry ! 2 t e N n etitio p m Co

Paxton’s international team of industry experts will be available to offer advice and information.

Stand number: G1500

productand andindustry industry news product news

The RedCop™ rapid deployment CCTV tower The RedCop™ rapid deployment CCTV tower is launched at IFSEC 2014, stand A250. RedCop™ is a trailer-mounted, rapid deployment, CCTV tower manufactured in the UK by Redvision CCTV. It provides an immediate surveillance solution for any site, however remote, and is ideal for temporary or semipermanent CCTV applications. It’s combination of PTZ and fixed cameras provides real-time site surveillance, alerting operators to intrusion. It will run for 72 hours without external power. RedCop™ comprises an X-SERIES™ DualLight rugged dome camera mounted on top of a 6m telescopic tower. Four static, 2MP IP cameras provide continuous site coverage and Genesis wireless PIR detectors sense site movement. Audio functionality allows operators to communicate with site visitors and warn off intruders. The Dual-Light PTZ provides close-up, high-quality video images of incidents, using its zoom functionality. Infra-red and

white-light illumination enables clear night time operation, with full scene illumination at up to 100m and facial recognition at 40m. In whitelight mode, RedCop can spotlight and track intruders, making it highly effective as a crime deterrent. Hired weekly, Redcop is delivered to site and set up within minutes. It is compact, simple to install and extremely robust. It is maneuvered into position by one person and the telescopic tower is extended horizontally, before being raised by hydraulic ram. The battery powered PIR detectors can be tower-mounted or positioned around the site. Its trailor wheels can also be removed as an extra, anti-vandal measure. RedCop uses 3G, wireless communications and is monitored using the industry-standard, IMMIX control software. n Please visit for more information

see us at stand A250

Custom Consoles to exhibit latest SteelBase at IFSEC 2014 Custom Consoles returns to the IFSEC exhibition which will be held from Tuesday June 17 to Thursday 19 at the London ExCel. The company’s latest SteelBase security and process control furniture and Media Wall modular video mounting system will be on show. Representatives manning the stand will include Managing Director Neil Reed and Sales Manager Gary Fuller. “Custom Consoles furniture is used across a wide sector of the security market, including air traffic control, airport security, emergency response centres, road traffic monitoring and public-area surveillance,” says Gary Fuller. “Clients appreciate the strength, ergonomic excellence and modern styling of our desks and storage furniture. They are also aware that we lead the market in terms of design innovation, sometimes copied but never surpassed by our competitors. A key factor in Custom Consoles’ success is careful attention to details such as cable management, ventilation and equipment access.

10 I May 2014 I IN Security

We will also be showing examples of the Ergotron range of user-adjustable flat-panel monitor display supports and a KAB controller chair.” n FFor further information please visit

Redvision launches IP version of its X-SERIES™ cameras

see us at stand d430

Redvision launches an IP version of its hugely successful X-SERIES™ PTZ and dome camera range at IFSEC International 2014 Redvision will launch an IP version of its X-SERIES™ cameras for network-based CCTV applications at IFSEC 2014, stand D430. Designed and manufactured by Redvision in the UK, the IP X-SERIES™ camera produces three video streams at up to 1080p, realtime, in H.264, MPEG4 or JPEG compression formats. The technologically advanced IP X-SERIES™ camera uses a 1 / 2.8” CMOS image sensor, with wide dynamic range (WDR). It has exceptional low-light sensitivity, at 0.35 Lux in daylight mode and 0.05 Lux at night in Infra-Red (IR) mode. Each camera has a 20x optical and 12x digital zoom, 100 pre-sets, 24 tours, 16 alarm contacts and up to 24 privacy masks. Full integration with leading NVR and Video Management Software (VMS) solutions ensures seamless, network operation in most applications.

The IP X-SERIES™ camera uses the same rugged, outdoor design as its well-established analogue counterpart, converting from a dome to a ball PTZ camera by the removal of an optional top cover. Day and night surveillance is enabled with IR or Dual Light (combined IR and white light), ultra-efficient, LED illuminators. IR and white light illumination are effective up to 150 metres and 120 metres, respectively, with both options providing reliable facial recognition at up to 40 metres. The IP X-SERIES™ camera has a flat, opticallycorrect, toughened glass camera window for image clarity. Low power consumption reduces the total cost of ownership and a comprehensive range of colours, finishes, mounts and brackets is available. n Please visit for more information

IN Security I May 2014 I 11

product and industry news

ACTviquest brings access control and VMS together

see us at stand d1925

ACT, the Dublin-based security technology company, are launching ACTviquest, their newly-developed integrated video management and access control security platform The system is designed for all levels of security risk with ACTviquest scaling according to the size of the application. Alongside ACT’s ACTenterprise access control engine, the video management is also paired with local analytics that will alert the user to significant behaviour such as overcrowding alarms or analysis of footfall in retail environments. The initial offering covers a range of uses from entry-level to major installations. ACTviquest is the entry-level product, aimed at plug-and-play simplicity and ease of use. With 4TB of storage, eight video channels and up to 100 access control doors, the system has been developed for users who require an integrated security platform that is easy to manage and install. For medium to large installations, ACT is offering ACTviquest+ which features 16 video channels, 16TB of storage and an unlimited number of access control doors. This is available as either a 19” rack-mountable version or as a desktop configuration.

12 I May 2014 I IN Security

ACTviquestPRO is for large installations where integrated control room security is a top priority with no limit to the number of video channels or access doors. Available only to certified installers, it is also compatible with the ACTviquestWALL integration which will display multiple feeds across a control room of monitors for true control room display and efficiency such as external signage or video feed integration. Shay Moran, Chairman of ACT, said: “ACTviquest underpins our commitment to scalable integration. We pride ourselves on helping clients to manage an everincreasing range of data types and security risk. Now, ACT is combining VMS and access control as a logical way of maximising its clients’ situational awareness. ACTviquest is an illustration of this strategy.” The ACTviquest range supports most major camera brands including Ganz, PixelPro, Vivotek, Hikvision, Bosch, Sony, Samsung and many more. n For further information please visit




Smarter visualization Networked visualization leading to smarter decision making A reliable networked visualization solution is indispensable to monitor, analyze, and share an ever increasing number of video and data sources all over the world. That is why Barco designed its networked visualization solution, the simplest and most exible way to securely distribute any information to any location. The result: faster and smarter decision-making.

Learn more about networked visualization at

product and industry news

TDSi Demonstrates the Benefits of Integrated Security Solutions at IFSEC International 2014

see us at stand F1100

Manufacturer to offer partners and customers the best mix of high-end security, support and value for money Integrated security solutions manufacturer TDSi, will be introducing visitors to the benefits of truly integrated security systems on stand F1100 at IFSEC International 2014, which is taking place at its new venue at the ExCel London from 17th to 19th June 2014. The company will also be talking about how its channel partner programme can help partners to grow their business, offering dedicated technical and sales support to ensure they are highly competitive and able to offer the highest levels of customer assistance and support. The TDSi stand at IFSEC International 2014 will be part of the ‘Harmony Village’ group of stands with fellow Harmony Alliance partners Texecom, GJD, Elmdene and Advanced LED Technology and a refreshment area sponsored by TDSi’s distribution partner Midwich. TDSi’s Managing Director John Davies commented, “IFSEC International’s new home at the ExCel is the perfect venue to meet visitors from across the UK security industry. Our aim is to show visitors what integrated security solutions can offer in terms of high-end security, usability and value for money. With a high degree of compatibility with other systems, our integrated solutions allow users to continue using and building upon existing security investments, making the most of even the tightest budget. We work with our customers and end users to understand their needs, so we can provide solutions that best suit them and their particular issues or circumstances.” TDSi is keen to demonstrate its commitment to partners and installers, as John Davies added, “Our

14 I May 2014 I IN Security

partners are the cornerstones of TDSi’s business and I encourage anyone who is interested in joining our programme to visit stand F1100. We pride ourselves on the support we offer to partners and the TDSi team will be keen to demonstrate how benefits such as enhanced services, pricing and dedicated technical support can add real additional value to the proposition you offer your customers.” TDSi will also be showcasing how its products and services can be incorporated into real-life projects. Highlights this year include its new range of readers. The company will also be demonstrating the latest version of its EXgarde PRO 4.3 integrated security software solution, which now includes full integration with industry leaders such as Texecom, Aperio, Milestone and Microsoft Active Directory. Additionally TDSi will be participating in three detailed presentations during IFSEC International 2014: ‘Functionality, reliability, performance: security solutions for smarter buildings’ with fellow Harmony Alliance members in the SMART Buildings Theatre at 1pm on Tuesday 17th June ‘Security and Access Control: key trends for 2014-2015’ on Thursday 19th June from 11am – 11:30am, in the SMART Buildings Theatre ‘UK Security on the World Stage: advice for exporters’ on Thursday 19th June from 1pm, on the IFSEC Global. com Centre Stage n For more details on TDSi’s range of products and service, please visit:

Changing the Face of IP

see us at stand g800

Samsung Techwin will show how it is changing the face of IP at IFSEC International 2014 It will demonstrate how the features and functions incorporated within its latest generation of ‘zero configuration’ WiseNetIII IP video surveillance cameras and ‘plug & play’ network recording devices, are revolutionising the way you work with IP. “All the 1.3MP, 2MP and 3MP models within the family of WiseNetIII network cameras and domes are extremely easy to install and set up, as are all the Samsung Techwin NVRs,” said Joanne Herman, Marketing Manager for the Security Solution division of Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd. “However, it is the open platform capabilities of the WiseNetIII DSP chipset that will have the most significant impact on the demand for IP network based video surveillance solutions, and will create considerable sales growth opportunities for our business partners, installers and system integrators.” The open platform nature of the Samsung Techwin WiseNetIII DSP chipset cameras provides users with complete freedom to choose their perfect combination of video analytics and video management

software (VMS) which best matches their individual requirements. The layout of the Samsung Techwin stand has been designed to make it easy for visitors to learn about which of the company’s extensive range of IP network cameras, domes and recorders is the ideal match for specific applications and environments, as well as how they can fully support a wide range of video analytics and VMS options. Visitors to the stand will see that it has been divided into various vertical market zones, such as retail, airports, banking and transportation with each zone enabling visitors to identify the best combination of equipment for individual projects. There will also be a ‘Zero Configuration’ zone which will provide an opportunity to get hands on with the products and discover how easy they are to set up. Samsung Techwin can be found on Stand G800 at IFSEC International 2014 n Samsung Techwin can be found on Stand G800 at IFSEC International 2014

IN Security I May 2014 I 15

Club Car takes to the streets

Club Car is now street legal in every country in the EU. Club Car’s electric utility vehicles offer an attractive alternative to traditional petrol-powered vehicles. For a start there’s no petrol costs – and zero emissions. Club Car’s vehicles have the power to perform numerous campus tasks, from mail delivery to security and maintenance. Want to know more? Contact your Club Car representative today.

street legal (+44) 777 180 5463

Enter the Paxton Net2 Entry Speed Trial Competition

Paxton Exhibit Its Biggest Stand Ever at IFSEC International Paxton, the market leader of electronic IP access control and door entry equipment, will exhibit its largest stand to date at IFSEC International, taking place at ExCeL London, 17-19 June. The stand will include Paxton’s team of industry experts offering advice and information, daily training taster sessions and competitions. Paxton’s stand expansion and interactive approach supports the company’s commitment to offering industry leading support and thought leadership within the security market. Visitors to Paxton’s stand (G1500) will be able to take part in daily hands-on training taster sessions, showcasing the company’s free training and installer focussed workshops. They will give an insight into access control and the features a Paxton system offers, including high security, ease of management and increase in building efficiency. Further introductory presentations to access control will provide an insight to the top 10 essentials you need to know about these operation systems. Visitors are encouraged to take on Adam Stroud,

see us at stand G1500

CEO of Paxton in the Net2 Entry Speed Trials which will take place each day at 12.30pm. The competition allows visitors the opportunity to experience the simplicity of Paxton products first hand, by timing how fast they can put a Net2 Entry system together in a bid to get their name and company to the top of the leader board and win a Playstation 4. As well as various information points, including touch screens conveniently located around the stand, the Paxton stand will also feature a café for quick and informal meetings and a space to recharge. Adam Stroud, Chief Executive of the Paxton Group, said: “It’s always a pleasure meeting our customers face to face and IFSEC International allows us the perfect opportunity to do this. The concept behind our new stand was to provide an interactive, informative and informal space for visitors to learn more about Paxton and access control at their own leisure. We really hope that we’ve achieved this and look forward to seeing you all there.” n Paxton will be at stand number G1500 at IFSEC International 2014

IN Security I May 2014 I 17

product and industry news

KHC is so impressed with the Toughshield R500+ that it is recommending the device to its Service Partner network as they adopt their pioneering new CHASE app for KHC activity in the field

see us at stand g1600

The Keyholding Company launches ground-breaking new operational app VISIT THE KEYHOLDING COMPANY TO DISCOVER INTELLIGENT OUTSOURCED SECURITY SOLUTIONS at IFSEC International 2014

The Keyholding Company (KHC) the UK’s premier commercial keyholding and emergency response provider is delighted to announce exciting new strategic alliances with two major partners, as well as the launch of a ground-breaking new operational app which will be unveiled at this year’s IFSEC exhibition. Established for over 15 years, KHC currently provides security services to over 15,000 properties. Each development to be revealed at IFSEC 2014 furthers the company’s pursuit of innovation in the provision of intelligent outsourced security. The company will announce a new partnership with Facewatch, the new crime reporting system used by businesses and the Police to improve response time and information quality when reporting a crime. KHC’s state-of-the-art National Control Centre will be hosting a Facewatch Crime Reporting Centre, where trained KHC operators will report crimes directly to the Police on behalf of their clients’ via an online system. KHC is also pleased to announce it has been appointed as an authorised reseller to the security industry of Toughshield’s rugged smart devices in the UK. The new Toughshield R500+ features an ultraruggedised design for maximum durability, and a host of security features including a dedicated push-to-talk and Lone Worker button, making it the ideal device for mobile employees, security personnel, field force and lone workers.

18 I May 2014 I IN Security

The water-resistant device is easy to use and features enhanced battery capability, which is important for KHC security operatives who may be out in the field for prolonged periods. The lightweight device also features a super-strength screen which is brightly lit making it easy for operatives to use and read at night. KHC is so impressed with the Toughshield R500+ that it is recommending the device to its Service Partner network as they adopt their pioneering new CHASE app for KHC activity in the field. The app will be demonstrated on the Toughshield devices to showcase the technology in its optimised format. CHASE is designed to streamline communications between the client, the operative on duty and the KHC Control Centre, providing unparalleled visibility to all parties of all emergency response or site patrol activity. CHASE ensures a transparent step-by-step account of any incident and at the end of a job the client is alerted to all activity by email ensuring quick, accurate reporting. The new software replaces a paper reporting and manual inputting system thereby enabling improved data accuracy and a greatly reduced administration burden. Visit Stand No G1600, where personnel from the KHC, Facewatch and Toughshield teams will be in attendance, to discuss your security requirements and discover the latest innovations from the country’s leading providers of outsourced security. There will also be some exciting show-only special offers for IFSEC visitors. n

Itʼs good to be well connected. Your wireless data solution is more than just data connectivity. We understand that. So we not only built the world’s most advanced global wireless data management platform and private managed network, we also built our business upon the most important connections of all – our relationships with our partners, carriers and customers. That’s why Wyless is the trusted provider to our partners and the trusted solution for Fortune 500 companies and startups alike. We’re the easiest company to work with. We listen to our customers and take pride in every connection. Wyless offers truly uncompromising LTE, 3G, and 2G data solutions, delivering worldwide wireless connectivity over the most secure and resilient private managed network infrastructure delivered in partnership with 19 Tier 1 MNOs in over 120 countries We provide unrivaled management tools and empower you with end-to-end managed services, technical expertise and dedicated support. So connect with the experts and together we’ll take your applications to the next level. You have found your true IOE ( Internet of Everything ) and broadband data partner.

control room

The connected control room

powered by barco

How Barco offers open, modular solutions to retrieve and distribute data, from the most diverse sources, and visualize it flexibly and brightly. To ensure prompt and effective responses to security breaches, incidents or emergencies


rom Barcelona’s El Prat Airport, the Warsaw Municipal Guard and the Holy City of Mecca through to the new Formula One race tracks in Abu Dhabi, Korea, Delhi and Bahrain: Barco’s visualization solutions enhance the speed and quality of decision-making in all kinds of security and surveillance environments around the globe, 24/7. What is it that makes so many

20 I May 2014 I IN Security

organizations and authorities put their trust in Barco?

The importance of real-time information Prompt decision-making can make the difference between life and death, in the case of security breaches, incidents or, in the worst case, disasters. One of the keys to reduce response times is real-time information: if everyone involved has the same, real-time

view of the situation and can share information such as images, logbooks, maps, camera feeds, and the like, they’re bound to cooperate in the most effective - and fastest - way. Data gathering, distribution and monitoring is, therefore, of extreme importance in control rooms, crisis coordination centers and emergency operation centers. For more than 20 years now, Barco has been a trusted supplier of video walls and displays to clearly

visualize real-time information. Its networked visualization solution, with intelligent controllers and wall management software at the core, ensures the flexible retrieval and distribution of that information.

Networked visualization Using secure IP technology, the networked visualization platform offers the simplest and most flexible way of sharing and distributing information coming from numerous video and data sources; not only within the control center but anywhere decisions are made. Any type of data can be ingested into the platform and shared to its users by simply attaching the input device to an encoder from Barco’s TransForm N family of products, and connecting it to the organization’s IP network. On the output side, a TransForm N decoder or controller processes the information for display on any type of visualization device - from laptop screens to large-area displays.

Bright, collaborative overview displays Large video walls are the best way to display the myriad of information coming from different sources while maintaining team focus in the complex environments that control rooms are. Barco provides a wide range of high-resolution LED rear-projection and tiled LCD video walls that permit virtually unlimited integration of data and video sources into one Common Operating Picture (COP) overview. In order to display immersive, largescreen 3D content, Barco also offers stereoscopic video walls (using active shutter glasses). Optional touch technology, available on all Barco video walls, is ideal for fully interactive planning.

LED-lit panoramic canvas One of the latest product launches for control rooms, planning environments and crisis management rooms is the OverView

Seamless Video Wall (OSV) range of LED-lit curved displays. This series combines the proven qualities of rear-projection cubes (24/7 reliability, high uniformity, and short throwing distances) with Barco’s advanced image processing to create a panoramic seamless canvas on which to visualize an abundance of data in the most optimal way. Thanks to the innovative screen technology combined with high precision optics, the depth of the system is 1.1m, which includes space needed for maintenance. The OSV solutions also introduce TransForm C, Barco’s new content management approach and GUI. TransForm C allows users to select and deselect previewed sources and combine them in auto-generated layout regions. In this way, it always provides the ideal collaboration composition on the canvas and ensures optimal usage of the display surface. >

IN Security I May 2014 I 21

Creating customized, actionable perspectives Whatever type of video wall chosen, Barco’s Control Room Management Suite (CMS) helps operators efficiently manage the wall. CMS allows users to correlate data from many different sources into an actionable perspective - a personalized and dynamic view appropriate to each individual’s specific roles and tasks. Thanks to its open API, the CMS can be perfectly combined with high-level situational awareness applications, such as the PSIM or VMS systems to recognize, correlate, analyze and resolve events. This total integration facilitates event-based visualization, manual or automatic

loading of perspectives or scenariobuilding on CMS-powered displays.

increased system flexibility and better decision-making.

Expandable without limits

Better and faster

The system modularity and openness is one of the distinct capabilities of the Barco product offering. As a subsystem provider, Barco always designs open and universal products that can easily interact with other equipment. In this way, new, 3D geospatial views, for example, can be added to elements already known from traditional scenarios. All it takes is to connect the input device to the corresponding TransForm N input node. The possibilities are literally infinite, with thousands of possible inputs being supported. The result:

“In mission-critical situations, it’s a must for security personnel to have the most complete information available and be able to show and share that with others. Barco solutions ensure a much higher level of awareness and visualization of everything that is happening on the ground, to help control room personnel view better, share faster and resolve quicker,” commented Dirk Hendrickx, Vice-President Strategic Marketing Industry and Government at Barco. n For more visit

“Barco took our control room into the future” We’ve found quite some great examples of how Barco’s display solutions and networked visualization system help raise the efficiency of emergency operations. Here’s two: Swedish fire departments In Sweden, IT solutions provider Atea integrated Barco’s control room management (CMS) software and the TransForm N family of networked controllers into a modular control solution. The package is currently being used by over 20 fire departments, one ambulance service and several police departments and much more projects are in the pipe. Project manager Mats Nilsson of the Hyllie fire station near Malmö: “When an alarm sounds, an automated voice now announces the incident. The operators can then immediately pinpoint the incident and the current positions of fire safety assets and ambulances on the bright, 3X2 Barco NSL video wall. Simply by pressing a few buttons, the data can be shared on the wall so that everyone involved receives a coordinated picture of the situation.” Civil Protection of Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy) 
 Italy’s Civil Protection agency relies on Barco equipment in its National Center in Rome, as well as in the ‘Cube’, a control center established more recently in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region (Northeast). While the Cube’s control room features a Barco video wall consisting of 7x2 OL-721 modules, the crisis room is equipped with 16 RLM-W6 projectors reproducing environmental crises simulations on a 360° set-up of eight screens. A video wall made up of 4x2 NSL-5521 tiles adorns a meeting room. The Transform N video wall controller and the CMS software ensure that any type of data source can be accessed and shared from any location within the workplace. By facilitating quick and effective collaboration and decision-making, the installed Barco systems help the Civil Protection succeed in its mission: help keep the Italians safe from natural hazards.

22 I May 2014 I IN Security

WHERE INNOVATION MATTERS The Next-Generation Scalable Infotainment Platform DYNAMIC AND CUSTOMIZABLE WHILE ENHANCING SAFETY AND SECURITY. Meeting the steadily growing expectations of customers in a seamlessly connected world is one of the greatest tasks for the automotive industry. HARMAN’s Next-Generation Scalable Infotainment Platform offers a new, modular, multicore architecture and a fully open-standard software basis to ultimately fulfill the demands of digital natives.

THE PROBLEM: As modern cars become more and more connected, car hacking is becoming a serious threat. THE SOLUTION: HARMAN’s new platform offers unparalleled multi-layer security through features such as hypervisor-based domain separation and its hybrid architecture.

WWW.HARMAN.COM © 2014 HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated. All rights reserved. Features, specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice. All other company and product names used herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

security threats

We are in a brave new world of security threats By Dan McDuffie, CEO Wyless

24 I May 2014 I IN Security


s you may have already seen on the news, a security vulnerability known as Heartbleed was recently identified in the popular OpenSSL cryptography library. This weakness allows stealing secure information including any sensitive data or even private keys that would normally be protected by the SSL/ TLS encryption used to secure Internet traffic and it made big news primarily around web sites that could have the security hole built in, however this is a phenomenon that also has had serious implications on corporate security around access devices in the Corporate IT and Machine to Machine market and highlights the need for stringent security controls not just on Corporate owned systems but to any vendor that might have installed a solution into your our your clients’ premises that required any level of external access. With regards to Heartbleed, any device (wired or wireless) that is connected to the corporate network and used

OpenSSL in any way potentially had this vulnerability, and there are undoubtedly other similar issues lurking out there as well.

What’s the impact of this? Essentially we are in a brave new world of security threats. Think in terms of several scenarios: • Many ATM Machines worldwide are connected wired and wirelessly using modems that could be hacked, and every day hundreds of millions of people bank over these networks. • Many corporate IT departments have secondary networks using wireless access gateways for Internet continuity or public Wifi Networks. (For instance retail chains, restaurants, doctors offices, health clubs, etc.) • Both residential and corporate security systems have cellular gateways for backup or in growing cases for primary access to central monitoring stations.

• Building control systems such as energy management devices, HVAC Systems, etc. are connected to wired or wireless gateways for out of band management or remote monitoring. • And in many cases of the above and other similar scenarios, disparate systems increasingly are interconnected without the knowledge of the end user, opening up the potential of a backdoor into other areas of the network. How serious is this? Let’s consider the security breach where literally tens of millions of consumer credit card numbers were compromised in last year’s hack of Target department store’s network. Malware was installed at their Point of Sales devices, the thieves having hacked through the HVAC System’s remote management gateways. The hacking of a simple industrial control connection somehow led to one of the largest security breaches of consumer data in history. >

IN Security I May 2014 I 25

“It is our strong recommendation that any device with public IP addressing ensure their device be “locked down” and the factory default username/password be changed”

With respect to Heartbleed what is truly disturbing is that it appears that this flaw in Open SSL that was recently discovered had been undetected by over 2 years. Heartbleed creates an opening in SSL/TLS, an encryption technology marked by the small, closed padlock and “https:” on Web browsers to signify that traffic is secure. The flaw makes it possible to snoop on Internet traffic even if the padlock had been closed. Interlopers could also grab the keys for deciphering encrypted data without the website owners knowing the theft had occurred, according to security researchers. What’s worse is that it is estimated that over two-thirds of the worlds Web servers rely on Open SSL. So what can one do to mitigate such disasters lurking in the shadows? First, secure the network from the obvious. Devices on public IP addresses are the most vulnerable as these devices

26 I May 2014 I IN Security

are directly accessible from the Internet. Use a private network instead. For instance, standard “private-IP” cellular connections from Wyless use a network configuration called “many-to-one” Network Address Translation (NAT) in accessing publicly accessible Internet destinations. That configuration prevents unknown entities on the internet from initiating contact with the privateaddressed device. When a device has a public IP, either natively, or assigned via “one-to-one” NAT, then the firewalls by default does not filter, block, or prevent any Internet source from contacting the device. This leaves the wireless device itself as the only layer of security, and while most devices have some firewall capabilities of their own, these capabilities are frequently either left disabled by default, left with default username/ password in place (and the default is easily obtainable via internet

searches), or misconfigured in a way that unexpectedly permits easy access, or even installed correctly but exposed by a later patch or firmware upgrade. It is our strong recommendation that any device with public IP addressing ensure their device be “locked down” and the factory default username/password be changed to something unusual and not easily guessed. We also recommend customers evaluate the vulnerability of their devices and reach out to their hardware vendors for any updates needed to secure them. And choose a managed services provider that offers Security as a Service. Any MSP or Carrier that is touting a public IP network should be reconsidered. When it comes to external access to a corporate IT network, best practice security is a must. But that’s just common sense right? Ask Target’s HVAC vendor! n For more visit

Reaching new heights ... in sound reproduction

The new Hemi-directional Loudspeaker from Bosch. Bosch has developed a powerful loudspeaker covering large areas in high ceiling applications like auditoriums, transport and exhibition halls, mega stores and swimming pools. This architecturally and acoustically innovative speaker delivers clear speech and quality music reproduction, even at the boundaries of the sound projection range. For more information visit our website or contact your nearest Bosch representative.

IP security

IP: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint Jeremy Kimber, Honeywell Security Group


he rise and rise of IP security continues apace. It is increasingly the technology of choice for organisations looking to implement a system that can protect its people and assets, and it’s easy to understand why. Its benefits are commonly acknowledged – a unified view of a site’s security infrastructure, easier integration between access control, video and intruder alarm systems, remote web-based or mobile access, compatibility with building management systems and HR systems – and a world in which IP systems achieve close to 100 per cent penetration increasingly feels like an inevitability, rather than a possibility. However, there is a potential stumbling block in IP’s path to total dominance; hype. It’s a hurdle that

28 I May 2014 I IN Security

often appears when a technological revolution is in full swing. It has happened to IP in much the same way it is happening to ‘cloud’, ‘big data’ or ‘mobile’. Suddenly, these technologies are seen as a panacea, a silver bullet, the answer to every question. IP technology has huge strengths, but if we overpromise, specifying it for every customer irrespective of context, we risk undermining it. Worse, we risk damaging confidence in it. Let me elaborate further.

Over-promising One of the best ways in business to delight customers is to ‘under promise, and over-deliver’. Overselling the benefits of a product or service, then failing to meet the customer’s falsely inflated expectations negatively impacts an individual or company’s reputation,

increases customer churn and, crucially, leads to lost revenue. In the past we have seen this with video analytics systems. This is now a trap installers and manufacturers risk falling into in today’s IP market. Yes, many IP product ranges on the market today are capable of incredible performance and packed full of cutting-edge features. However, there is a critical requirement to understand the customer’s unique set of requirements and the environment in which the products will be used.

Under-delivering Let’s take a ‘for instance’. Honeywell recently completed a number of mega budget IP projects for organisations based in Qatar, Oman and Kuwait. In each instance, the customer invested a large sum in designing a state-of-the-art IP

security system from scratch with each component and the system network purchased to the highest specification possible. As you might expect, the high-definition IP cameras are capable of delivering to their full specification since the whole network is brand new, and both it and the system have been designed to provide the end users’ security staff with a ‘bells and whistles’ solution. But imagine a slightly different scenario; maybe a retail organisation in Europe with a budget a tenth of the size, looking to upgrade its system and purchasing a set of impressive-looking IP cameras to plug into a legacy network and recording hardware from a different supplier. The system might have an old hybrid DVR and network limitations, rendering it incapable of getting 100 per cent out of the IP cameras. Cue unhappy customer. The message here is simple; providing an IP solution – or any solution for that matter – isn’t a case

of reading off an impressive list of product specifications. It’s about recognising the customer’s unique circumstances, understanding their challenges and limitations, and selling and delivering a realistic vision for them.

A matter of trust This matters. If manufacturers simply extol the virtues of a product’s spec sheet – a product which then goes on to underperform when it is installed in the wrong context – we will undermine installer and end user confidence in IP. Equally, for installers, while it’s tempting to specify multi-megapixel IP cameras with their many advantages to a customer, the sale must only be made with a full knowledge of the customer’s set-up and an honest appraisal of how the product will perform in situ. The history books are littered with examples of technology that suffered simply because people didn’t trust it. Let’s make sure IP doesn’t join the list.

Life in analogue yet Another important consideration is the enduring power of analogue solutions. For customers with smaller budgets or straightforward objectives for their security system, analogue is still often the perfect solution. Let’s take a small retail outlet with 1015 staff, a stockroom, staff room and shop floor. In this context, is it really in the best interests of the customer to rip out their existing system and replace it with something ‘all singing, all dancing’ that requires network upgrades, integrates with their (non-existent) HR and (nonexistent) building management system, or provides their security team (a security guard) with a forensic capability he may not have the ability to use effectively? Possibly not. Specifying IP in the right circumstances is critical – specifying it every time will lead to many security managers questioning its value. >

IN Security I May 2014 I 29

“In this context, hybrid solutions can be the perfect way of managing the migration to IP - introducing the benefits of IP without major upfront cost or potential risks”

Hybrid: The third way Let’s consider another scenario. Imagine a university with 20 or 30 different campus buildings; a collection of residential buildings, a host of different departments and lecture halls, sports facilities, shared public areas like libraries, theatre halls, bars or car parks. The campus’s security team might well have an array of different analogue cameras installed in different buildings and areas, and – to say nothing of squeezed budgets in the education sector – would likely not want to replace every piece of security equipment in order to benefit from IP. They might want a single view of all video through a common video management system based on NVRs or COTS servers, or even a video analytics system, plus opportunities for enhanced integration to access control systems, but the idea of ripping out their entire old infrastructure isn’t even worth considering. In this context, hybrid solutions can be the perfect way of managing the migration to IP - introducing the benefits of IP without major upfront cost or potential risks. By upgrading the head end management solution and replacing DVR’s with NVR’s, an installer can then use encoders to bring existing analogue cameras into an IP system, capturing and managing the information far more effectively, in addition to introducing higher spec cameras,

30 I May 2014 I IN Security

where appropriate or affordable, and enhancing options for integration to access or use of technology like video analytics. Further it’s an opportunity for installers to win over security managers before asking them to sign huge cheques. It’s a ‘try before you buy’, that is guaranteed to, over time, deliver a much higher number of IP converts in a much shorter space of time than aggressively selling it to every customer in every context. The bottom line is this; IP sells itself. The key is giving end users the confidence to embrace it without a massive capital outlay.

Education, education, education At Honeywell one of our biggest areas of focus is delivering bespoke training on IP solutions to installers across Europe and Middle East markets from our training centres of excellence in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Dubai, and putting feet-on-the-street in the form of sales and technical support teams. Why? Because we understand that another big barrier to the continued upward trajectory of IP adoption is education. For some installers, it’s tempting to run from IP because of its perceived complexities. Unlike a traditional closed circuit analogue solution – which installers have grown up with and instinctively feel comfortable with – an IP solution requires both

a different technological approach and far more interaction with end user IT departments as well as their security teams. Since the solution will interact with a company’s IT infrastructure of servers and networks, implementing it can be a daunting task. Grasping the nettle is important for a number of reasons; the most compelling is cold, hard cash. Installers that don’t invest in educating their employees on how to install IP systems are missing out on pitching a potentially lucrative and rapidly growing revenue stream to commercial and public sector organisations. Equally, those that under-invest risk sending out engineers with under-developed skill sets to deploy solutions that are outside of their comfort zone. This can lead to errors, constant call backs which kill any profit on the job and – once again – a disappointed customer whose faith in both the installer and in IP as the appropriate solution for them, is dented. In short, while the IP market is booming there are still challenges that lie in wait. As an industry, selling solutions not spec sheets, investing in training and development across the board and winning customers around to the benefits of IP by introducing hybrid solutions must be the big priorities for the coming years. Retaining end user support for IP depends on it. n Visit

SMi presents its 5th annual conference on...

International Port Security

Holiday Inn Regents Park Hotel, London, UK


JUNE 2014

EXPERT SPEAKERS INCLUDE Captain Thomas Fransson, Port Security Officer, Deputy Harbourmaster, Senior Security Manager, Harbour Master Office, Port of Gothenburg Chris Trelawny, Senior Deputy Director, Maritime Safety Division, International Maritime Organization Eng. Ashraf Kotait , Port Operations Expert, Saudi Ports Authority

NEW FOR 2014 • Preview the latest technology systems being implemented by leading international ports • Obtain a greater understanding of end to end port security • Take the opportunity to hear from IMO and NATO on latest news regarding ISPS Code and counter-piracy initiatives • Gain insight into challenges faced from organised crime with case studies from Port Authorities from across the globe

Commander David Phillips, Chief Harbour Master, Port of London Commander Hallvard Flasland, Branch Head NCAGS, NATO Shipping Centre, Maritime Command Northwood Captain Donald Farrell (Ret), Tactical Planning and Technology Development, Los Angeles Port Police Captain Luis Sousa Pereira, Head of Plans & Policy Division, Portugese Navy and Chairman of NATO Specialist Team on Harbour Protection Anderson Fagundes, Port Facility Security Manager, Port of Santos

PLUS AN INTERACTIVE HALF-DAY PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP 3rd June 2014, Holiday Inn Regents Park Hotel, London, UK

Maritime Crime Hosted by Neil J Hall AFNI MIACP, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Retd) 8.30am - 4.30pm

Sponsored by Register online or contact James Hitchen on +44 (0) 20 7827 6054 or email

in car connectivity

Car Hacked? W Could cars become the next target for hackers?

ith in car connectivity increasingly a desirable element in the development of the latest infotainment systems and more consumers wanting to use their devices in the car, this is set to continue. Backing this up, a recent study by the IEEE claims by 2025, either Bluetooth or WiFi technologies will be in just about every new car being built. Much like the phenomenon experienced with smartphones and other consumer devices, there is a growing expectation from consumers that in-car entertainment systems should feature internet connectivity and they should enable integration with mobile devices. Coupled with more consumer service providers such as Google growing their presence in the automotive space,

32 I May 2014 I IN Security

it is a trend set to continue. While it has become common for consumer devices to be supplied with built-in security software or the ability to use aftermarket alternatives, few have any expectations for car security beyond alarms and immobilisers. Much like the computers first connected to the internet, current automotive architecture does not contain security measures designed to repel remote infiltration and intrusion so what are the car makers doing to resolve this? Drivers are now seeking seamless connectivity between mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to the car itself. Manufacturers including Audi, which recently launched LTE connectivity in cars across its range, are satisfying consumer demand for in-car internet

access, with connectivity to rival smartphones and tablets. Other infotainment systems such as BMW have USB and phone connectivity, allowing users to download apps or simply transfer music files and other data from their smartphones, MP3 players and USB sticks, on to the unit’s hard disc. For industry experts this is a significant step to allow third party data onto a vehicle infotainment system. It is worth noting that this enhanced connectivity improves the enjoyment, experience and safety for the driver and passengers but there is a downside that few have yet considered. By allowing access to the Cloud or by enabling the possibility to load unknown software and files into a vehicle is starting to raise concerns amongst leading suppliers such as HARMAN. With an estimated

25 million vehicles on the road today equipped with HARMAN audio and infotainment solutions, the firm sells its products to most of the leading car makers including BMW, Daimler, Toyota, Ferrari and Porsche. “Hacking a car remains a fairly new field but one we are investing heavily in,” says Robert Boatright, director of Automotive Networking at HARMAN. “Researchers from the Centre for Automotive Embedded Systems Security have found that it is possible to seize control of a vehicles engine and brakes by connecting a laptop to the a car’s on-board diagnostic port and hacking the vital systems. However, to date, successful car hacks have required direct hardware access to the car’s systems and few have been implemented outside of research conditions.” HARMAN’s work and knowledge of car connectivity, notably to the Internet highlights that an infotainment system connected to the internet directly or via a networked device is potentially open to cyber-attacks and malware if not sufficiently secured. The risk suggested by HARMAN is that comprehensive in-car connectivity could lead to cyber-attacks that have the potential to range from inconvenient through to impacting safety critical systems. Drivers have long since become accustomed to using consumer devices that come ready with builtin security software or have the chance to purchase aftermarket alternatives. Few expect a need for this in the car today but HARMAN believes we have been in this scenario before. “To us, it feels like the first wave on internetenabled computers that lacked any protection,” adds Boatright. “The car makers are only now thinking about the risk yet there are cars being shipped today with the ability to download files. The process of dealing with unwanted attention is not something new for the car makers to face. Thieves have for many years targeted vehicles and

keep up themselves with trends some are still successful today taking cars despite the switch to electronic rather than mechanical immobilisation. The thieves just learnt new methods to start the car without any keys.” It is worth reinforcing that to date, successful car hacks have required direct hardware access to the car’s systems, such as plugging into the diagnostics port and results outside of controlled conditions suggest it is not easy. For downloads and

files from the Cloud, the headunit is the first point where material could access the car and is often the connectivity gateway. Given this fact, it is also the most likely entry point for malware finding its way into the car. Malicious code could lurk behind an app downloaded or be embedded in a music file transferred onto the system via a smartphone or perhaps a USB connection. Once in the infotainment system, a virus or malware could manifest itself in a number of ways. >

IN Security I May 2014 I 33

“Perhaps most concerning is the chance any virus could migrate to another in car network providing access engine and braking controls”

From simply disrupting the operation of the infotainment system, such as music playback errors, incorrect navigation instructions or disrupt the display. These could be considered annoying or frustrating to an end customer but there are more serious issues. Some suggest a virus could collect personal data that is on devices connected to the network. Perhaps most concerning is the chance any virus could migrate to another in car network providing access engine and braking controls. Taking inspiration from robust PC and laptop security technology, firewalls and other software security measures are being considered to act as a barrier between malware and an infotainment system. As an example, the Oakland entertainment platform presented at The Geneva Motor Show by HARMAN uses separate computing domains using type 1 hypervisor for securing critical vehicle functions from errant or malicious software

34 I May 2014 I IN Security

for what HARMAN is claiming is “automotive grade” robustness and is the first of its kind in the industry. HARMAN’s engineers have partitioned the system into two virtual domains, one domain manages critical car functions such as vehicle network communication, and the second domain handles infotainment applications such as navigation and Internet access. The vehicle domain is securely firewalled from the infotainment domain, preventing any impact on safety-relevant features in the car. With advanced security techniques such as secure boot and data encryption such a combination creates a Trusted Infotainment Architecture that should deliver class leading security. Engineers are also looking at other measures such as developing a process that isolates crashed or compromised parts of an infotainment system from other connected components and networks. Whilst HARMAN and others look to platforms such as Oakland,

the car makers may have another alternative, particularly for those planning to offer 4G connectivity. As 4G and communications technology improves and spreads, the need to run an infotainment system on local software can be bypassed. Processing power and security duties can be carried out by a robust and remote secure server, which can then stream the required infotainment functions to a vehicle, significantly lowering the risk of malicious software from being downloaded onto an in-car system. For some, the roll out of 4G may not provide all the answers and something in the car is the favoured option for all forms of penetration. Whilst there is a risk, HARMAN and others stress that to date no real-world occurrences of such cyber-attacks have been recorded, and for many consumers today the benefits that infotainment systems can bring to both safety and driving enhancement, certainly outweigh the potential risks to security. n

Safe, Simple, Secure. The KeySure case is a pilfer proof, tamper evident keyless lockbox. This is the only non-electronic security device that will control and audit the use of a key, password or any other contents. Once an item is secured inside the KeySure it must be physically broken to access what’s inside. This provides physical accountability of the use of the protected item. This simple yet effective device is perfect for:

• Property Managers • Office Buildings • Personal Use

• IT Professionals • Security Departments

The most powerful benefit of the KeySure device is that it can be used to prevent those responsible for your keys, flash drives or other personal information from unauthorized access by providing physical accountability. However, they are still able to access the contents in an emergency. This is possible because the KeySure case must be broken to retrieve its contents. This one-time-use key access box ensures that it: • Protects Both Parties from Surreptitious Use • Provides Physical Accountability • Prevents False Accusations • Eliminates Liability The KeySure case is Safe, Simple and Secure. No other key control product on the market is as easy to use or inexpensive because the KeySure device is the only non-electronic control key system available. This makes it an efficient and effective means of key security.


Sunny days Access Control – Securing your school whatever the weather


ith Summer approaching, weather conditions in the United Kingdom are never predictable and it can be hard to judge the amount of heating and lighting that a building may require on any given day. Schools may be particularly conscious of this fact, with creating a comfortable environment for students to learn in being a key priority. Here, Sian Evans, Communications Executive of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), discusses how access control systems can help

36 I May 2014 I IN Security

create a healthy environment year round whilst also making essential cost savings. The education sector has many factors to consider year round, particularly during times of economic instability when higher fuel consumption is needed, but higher energy bills are not. Keeping a schools carbon footprint to a minimum is also an issue, with the need to appear socially responsible being at the forefront of most people’s minds. This can be particularly problematic for schools that operate out of hours clubs or that require 24-hour access, where

creating the balance between necessary energy supplies and cost savings can be a large challenge. During the current economic climate in the United Kingdom, finding a security system that is reliable, cost effective and environmentally efficient has become a priority for many different organisations. It is therefore important for people to be aware of the fact that security providers can actually offer solutions that integrate cost savings and environmental commitments with the appropriate security measures for the building.

The benefits of access control Access control systems not only offer great security solutions individually, but when integrated with other systems can also be extremely cost effective. Generally, access control systems are well regarded in organisations of varying types, and are considered essential for schools to effectively protect their people and assets. Although some classrooms may not need this type of access, other areas – such as computer suites that when unattended can be extremely vulnerable – can benefit from more controlled access. These systems tend to be comprised of three key parts: the physical barrier, such as doors and turnstiles, the identification device, such as swipe cards and readers or

PIN pads, and the door controller and subsequent software. Access control systems themselves can be energy efficient, such as making use of low voltage turnstiles. While integrating access control systems with other types of security systems can help ensure extensive protection, integrating them with Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) can help ensure energy efficiency and ultimately lower utility bills. Access control systems provide a wealth of information about a building, such as building or area occupancy data which highlights the parts of a building that are being used and when, and can also draw attention to areas that are not being utilised to their full potential. This can then lead key decision makers to determine which utilities need to

be maximised, and which need to be minimised, such as Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) or lighting requirements. However, when integrated with a BEMS, these kinds of decisions can be made automatically with the intelligent combination of both systems. BEMS were originally focused on monitoring a buildings internal environment, but today it is becoming more common for them to be integrated with the fire and security systems already in place – and this includes access control. A BEMS can control up to 80% of a building’s energy usage, so integrating this with an access control system can optimise the system in order to suit the variability of usage and occupation, thus creating a more stream lined energy usage. >

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“in many buildings where access is needed 24 hours a day, not all of the areas will be occupied, and heating the entire facility is a waste of both energy and money� The data that access control systems gather informs the BEMS about the nature and function of those occupying a particular heating zone. By being aware of the roles that people are performing within this zone therefore allows the BEMS to make adjustments and lower the amount of fuel that is being consumed. The information gathered is then applied by the BEMS to heat-loss algorithms that help make the decision as to the minimum amount of heat required within a certain area. Ultimately, this can reduce the amount of energy consumed and eliminate the problem of unnecessary waste. As previously mentioned, in many buildings where access is needed 24 hours a day, not all of the areas will be occupied, and heating the entire facility is a waste of both energy and money. The integrated system intelligently makes use of past data and assesses which areas of the building have been accessed, at what times they have been accessed and whether this is a routine or not. It then uses this information in order to activate the heating system in time for the occupation of visitors and can subsequently reduce or completely turn off the heating during times of inactivity. To put this in perspective, consider a school that uses its hall every Monday and Thursday night for two hours. If an access control system monitors this area, the BEMS will be able to heat the room accordingly in time with this specification. The BEMS will also be aware that the hall is in use from perhaps 8am-12pm Monday to Friday and make the correct energy allowances for this area as well. Therefore, the hall is not being heated for all the hours that it is not in use, avoiding unnecessary waste and higher energy bills.

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Where these integrated systems have helped The aim for many establishments can be the need to create an open, stimulating and comfortable environment for occupants, while still maintaining effective security measures in order to protect people and assets from the threats of theft, vandalism or even physical attacks. Creating this balance can, however, be a challenge. BSIA members, Kaba Ltd, were approached by Redbridge College in order to tackle this specific challenge. Their issue was the sliding doors in place at the establishment, which would give way to a rush of cold into the reception area and other areas of the building each time the doors were opened. Imaginably in a school, and many other establishments, the comings and goings of visitors can be extremely frequent and maintaining a comfortable temperature can prove difficult. For the college, this was also becoming costly and impractical.

Kaba installed a fully automatic revolving door with bilateral automatic pass doors. These automatic pass doors were installed either side of the revolving doors in order to provide seamless access for people with reduced mobility and for the transportation of goods through the reception area. This solution proved to be energy efficient due to the thermal separation design incorporated into the façade of a building. This created thermal insulation for the college without rocketing energy bills, whilst also allowing efficient access to the building and emergency escape routes via the automatic pass doors.

Choosing your systems BSIA members offer a variety of quality access control products and are inspected to the highest standards, to find out more about access control visit http://www.bsia.

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17-19 June 2014, ExCeL London

Bringing together the entire buying chain at the largest security industry event Providing an opportunity for the security industry to discover the latest technology and insight at ExCeL London. With top class education sessions in the IFSEC Academy and the leading solutions from the key players, IFSEC International attracts a global audience keen to discover what’s in store for the future of security. We’re looking forward to seeing you in London!

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Port Security preview

Port Security preview Meet the industry’s leading experts in International Port Security International Port Security takes place on the 4th and 5th June 2014 in London, UK


he Maritime Security Market report forecasts the global maritime security market to grow from $12.55 billion in 2013 to $19.48 billion in 2018, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9.2% from 2013 to 2018.* The report states port security is imperative due to the increasing number of maritime threats, which may disrupt the international trade and also cause political unrest. With 2014 showing no sign of slowing up in terms of investment in the sector, it is imperative that stakeholders understand the importance of the challenges faced in ports from: theft of cargo, illegal immigration, drug smuggling and corruption of high level port staff and take the opportunity to network with key nations including UK, Sweden, Brazil, Germany, USA,

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Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Belgium and many more to compare the best practice of global leaders against their own mitigation of threat. The highly anticipated International Port Security conference returns to London for the 5th annual event. The conference will deliver case studies from over 12 ports around the globe, briefing sessions from government bodies and leading security technology providers to ensure delegates are up-to-date with high priority information that enables you to best secure your seaports, economies and means of trade. The Conference SMi, the organisers are pleased to introduce John Dalby, CEO from Marine Risk Management who will chair the conference. John will

be joined by a number of key port security professionals to discuss themes including: Maritime security in territorial waters, Global Counter Piracy, EU Port Security Legislation, compliance with the ISPS code, Security Challenges, Case study on: Securing London during the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics in 2012 and Corruption at ports. The conference will present a line-up of esteemed international speakers including 2 keynote addresses from Commander David Phillips, Chief Harbour Master, Port of London Authority discussing ‘Securing London from Waterborne Threats during the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics in 2012’ and Chris Trelawny, Senior Deputy Director, International Maritime Organisation presenting on ‘IMO guidance on maritime security in territorial waters and port areas’.

The two day conference will also feature presentations from a plethora of international speakers from key ports including: Portuguese Navy, NATO Specialist Team on Harbour Protection Maritime Command Northwood, EU Commission, Port of Hamburg, Port of Santos – Brazil, Los Angeles Port Police, Port of Dover, Saudi Ports Authority, Port Of Gothenburg, Port of Antwerp plus many more. Attendees will have the opportunity to take part in an interactive panel discussion hosted by port security professionals debating on: How secure are America’s seaports and the global cargo system that delivers foreign goods to them? Panellists include EU Commission, Los Angeles Port Police, Maritime Command Northwood and Marine Risk Management. Pre-Conference Interactive workshop On the 3rd June there will be a full day workshop on Maritime Crime, hosted by Neil Hall AFNI MIACP, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Retd). The workshop will deal with a

multitude of maritime crime threats. In recent years there has been an abundance of information and media coverage of the risk of piracy issues that dominate the news and industry solutions. This workshop will look into threats that are often overlooked and under rated as key issues. Interview with Port of London Authority In the run up to our forthcoming event, SMi are very grateful to their day two keynote speaker, Commander David Phillips, Chief Harbour Master, Port of London Authority for taking time out to give us his view on this year’s conference, challenges facing the industry and the future of port security. Snippet of Interview: Q. About you – what is your role and current activities, generally speaking? I am the Chief Harbour Master at the Port of London Authority and so responsible under the terms of the Port of London Act (an Act of Parliament) and the Port Marine Safety Code for managing

the safe navigation of all vessels, both commercial and recreational along the 95 miles of the tidal River Thames, which is home also to the 2nd largest port by volume traded in the United Kingdom. Q. What is the value/strength of this year’s conference? What particularly struck me about this year’s conference compared with other security conferences I have attended in the past, is its scope and balance. All too often security conferences focus too much on the more newsworthy aspects such as piracy and criminal activity, whereas the real security question very often is more prosaic: which one of many thousands of containers aboard that particular ship is holding the dangerous or illegal cargo? The agenda for this conference shows a very broad scope embracing all the key security issues, including my example above and furthermore is well-balanced in the time apportioned to key security issues. To read the full interview or for further information please visit the website at n

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MIPS 2014 review

MIPS 2014 review A focus on intelligent security solutions

The 20th edition of MIPS - Moscow International Protection, Security and Fire Safety Exhibition took place on 14-17 April 2014 in Pavilion 75 of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre (VVC), Moscow, Russia. This annual event is organised by ITE Group, the leaders of the Russian exhibition services market that occupy 6th place in the world ranking of exhibition organisers. 500 companies from 25 countries presented their most advanced technological developments at the exhibition space of over 12,400 sq.m. The event was visited by 17,877 specialists from 43 countries and 78 Russian regions. The United Kingdom, China, Taiwan and South Korea were represented from the national stands. The latest equipment was demonstrated in the new product presentation zone by leading market leaders such as: Axis Communications, Honeywell Security Group, SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH, Merlion, Aver, Vivotek, Macroscop, Somov Engineering, and ALPA SB and Integra-S Consortium. A meeting with Vlado Damjanovski the author of “CCTV from light to pixels”, a book which is known as the “CCTV bible” took place at the exhibition, and was organised by ITV, AxxonSoft and publishers Security Focus. The “Future of video surveillance today” seminar with Martin Gren, founder of Axis Communications was also a great success.

Business Programme MIPS has become more than just an exhibition over its 20 years of existence. A substantial business programme took place over 4 days, with more than 30 seminars and presentations, meetings and discussions. The key business programme event at the exhibition was the MIPS Forum - a range of specialised business events dedicated to the discussion of current security issues and advanced global practices and the successful use of new Russian and foreign technologies. The following conferences took place as part of the MIPS Forum: • Integrated security for shopping centres and retail security • Cloud based technologies in the monitoring and security industry • The systematic modernisation of the market supplying fire and rescue products and services • Prevention of terrorism at the stages of planning, construction and operation of facilities in accordance with the new requirements of the legislation and regulations of the Russian Federation The 11th international scientific and practical conference took place with the support of the Government of Moscow, the Inter-agency commission for the provision of security and anti-terrorist protection of important facilities, University of Integrated Safety Systems and Engineers Support and Inform-Alyans.

Competitions The “Pride of Russia” competition took place for the first time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of MIPS. The purpose of the competition is to discover the most advanced achievements of the domestic security industry - products that are exported and recognised abroad. The winners of the competition were Argus-Spektr, Bolid, ITV, Stilsoft CJSC and IstochnikPlus CJSC. The annual “Best innovative product” competition of technical solutions is recognised as one of the key tools for the promotion of the latest security industry developments. It focuses on 6 categories: Security alarms, Access control and management systems, CCTV and video surveillance, Integrated security systems and Fire alarms and safety. Gold medals were awarded to Somov Engineering, Satro-Paladin, SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH, MOBOTIX AG, Altonika SB LLC, Metrospetstekhnika. The 21st edition of MIPS will take place on 13 to 16 April 2015 in Pavilion 75 of the VVC exhibition centre, Moscow, Russia.

n For more information about the participation, please visit

The 21st edition of MIPS will take place on 13 to 16 April 2015 in Pavilion 75 of the VVC exhibition centre, Moscow, Russia.

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SIPS South Russia 2014 6th South Russian International Protection and Security Exhibition 2–4 September 2014 • Krasnodar, Russia

SIPS South Russia 2014 6-я Международная выставка «Охрана, безопасность и противопожарная защита» 2–4 cентября 2014 • Краснодар, Россия

SIPS Siberia 2014 23rd Siberian International Fire Fighting, Emergency and Rescue Exhibition 24–26 September 2014 • Novosibirsk, Russia

SIPS Siberia 2014 23-я Сибирская международная выставка «Охрана и пожарная безопасность» 24–26 cентября 2014 • Новосибирск, Россия

CIPS Caspian 2014 7th Caspian International Protection, Security and Rescue Exhibition 22–25 October 2014 • Baku, Azerbaijan

CIPS Caspian 2014 7-я Каспийская международная выставка «Охрана, безопасность и средства спасения» 22–25 октября 2014 • Баку, Азербайджан

SFITEX 2014 23rd Saint Petersburg International Security and Fire Exhibition 11–14 November 2014 • St. Petersburg, Russia

SFITEX 2014 23-я Международная выставка и форум «Охрана и безопасность – SFITEX» 11–14 ноября 2014 • Санкт-Петербург, Россия

IS.CS 2014 5th International Specialised Exhibition – Information Security. Counter Surveillance 11–14 November 2014 • St. Petersburg, Russia

IS.CS 2014 5-я Международная специализированная выставка «Информация: техника и технология защиты» 11–14 ноября 2014 • Санкт-Петербург, Россия

AIPS Almaty 2015 5th Almaty International Protection, Security, Rescue and Fire Safety Exhibition 11–13 March 2015 • Almaty, Kazakhstan

AIPS Almaty 2015 5-я Казахстанская международная выставка «Охрана, безопасность, средства спасения и противопожарная защита» 11–13 марта 2015 • Алматы, Казахстан

MIPS Moscow 2015 21st Moscow International Protection and Security Exhibition 13 –16 April 2015 • Moscow, Russia

MIPS Moscow 2015 21-я Московская международная выставка «Охрана, безопасность и противопожарная защита» 13–16 апреля 2015 • Москва, Россия

CAIPS 2015 8th Central Asian International Protection, Security and Fire Safety Exhibition 21–23 October 2015 • Tashkent, Uzbekistan

CAIPS 2015 8-я Центрально-азиатская международная выставка «Охрана, безопасность и противопожарная защита» 21–23 Октябрь 2015 • Ташкент, Узбекистан

For more information please contact: Ilya Sobolev (Head of Sales–Security Events) T +44 (0)20 7596 5170 E

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solutions for the access control and security industries. Based in Dallas, DSX designs all software and hardware in house. The company motto is: ‘Integrated Solutions and real world applications are what we do best.’ DSX products are sold worldwide through a network of factory-trained dealers. Dealers are located in the US, Canada, Mexico, Latin and South America, Europe, Middle East, Australia and the Pacific Rim, and Nigeria amongst others.


Fermax Our clients are the

Barco designs and develops visualization solutions for the security market. With its own facilities for Sales & Marketing, Customer Support, R&D and Manufacturing in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, Barco is active in more than 90 countries with 4,000 employees worldwide. Barco posted sales of 1.158 billion euro in 2013.



Smarter visualization Networked visualization leading to smarter decision making

DSX manufactures integrated

AdaptiveRF Ltd is a UK based RF Design company. Formed by experienced RF and Baseband engineers with previous experience with key industry players like Nokia, Lucent and 3Com. We have all the tools and skills required to take a design from concept to working prototypes.

main installer companies in the electrical and electronics sector and companies specialising in residential communications and security; professionals with whom we establish lasting bonds based on good purchasing conditions, one to one technical assistance service and an exceptional product, which we design in anticipation of their needs.

A reliable networked visualization solution is indispensable to monitor, analyze, and share an ever increasing number of video and data sources all over the world. That is why Barco designed its networked visualization solution, the simplest and most flexible way to securely distribute any information to any location. The result: faster and smarter decision-making.

Bosch Security Systems

Learn more about networked visualization at security.netviz.indd 1

24/04/14 15:43

Offer an extensive portfolio of innovative, high-quality, ergonomic products and systems for security, safety and communication. Our product range includes video surveillance systems with state-of-the-art IP-solutions, access control systems, intrusion detection systems, fire detection and evacuation systems, security management systems, paging and personal security systems and public address and conference solutions.


Dallmeier One of the world

leading providers of products for network-based video surveillance solutions, already has more than 30 years experience in the development and manufacture of high quality components and complete solutions for the CCTV/IP sector.



hall 4, stand D80

06.02.2012 11:05:55

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FLIR FLIR Systems, Inc. is the global leader in Infrared cameras, night vision and thermal imaging systems. WHERE INNOVATION MATTERS Our products play pivotal roles in a The Next-Generation Scalable Infotainment Platform wide range of industrial, commercial DYNAMIC AND CUSTOMIZABLE WHILE ENHANCING SAFETY AND SECURITY. and government activities in more Meeting the steadily growing expectations of customers in a seamlessly connected world is one of the greatest tasks for the automotive industry. than 60 countries. HARMAN’s Next-Generation Scalable Infotainment Platform offers a new, modular, multicore architecture and a fully open-standard software basis to ultimately fulfill the demands of digital natives.

THE PROBLEM: As modern cars become more and more connected, car hacking is becoming a serious threat. THE SOLUTION: HARMAN’s new platform offers unparalleled multi-layer security through features such as hypervisor-based domain separation and its hybrid architecture.


HARMAN designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of infotainment and audio solutions for the automotive, consumer, and professional markets. It is a recognized world leader for leading-edge connectivity, safety and audio technologies. More than 25 WWW.HARMAN.COM million automobiles on the road today are equipped with HARMAN audio and infotainment systems. HARMAN has a workforce of 14,800 people across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. © 2014 HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated. All rights reserved. Features, specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice. All other company and product names used herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

To have your company included in this listing contact Wayne Banks on +44 (0) 1622 201207

Honeywell Security Group

Paxton Access Ltd is a leading manufacturer of electronic access control systems. From its inception Paxton has aimed for engineering excellence. This means designing and manufacturing intelligent and innovative products that are fit for their purpose. We have become a market leader through our constant efforts to exceed the expectations of installers and system users.

Keytracker Ltd

Samsung Security

delivers the newest innovations, technologies and products. Honeywell is driven to maintain its position as an innovator and leading manufacturer, and invests continuously in R&D. Each of the product ranges regularly delivers new features and technological advancements, while maintaining a familiar user interface and backwards compatibility for ease of installation. Honeywell is a world leading security business.

Secure Storage & Management for all Keys & Equipment Mechanical & electronic tracking to suit all budgets & applications, low spec to high tech – the world’s largest range of tracking systems for keys & equipment. Keytracker Ltd, Keyper House, Unit 3, Station Road, Rowley Regis, West Midlands, B65 0JY

ess usiness.

Samsung Techwin is one of the fastest growing professional security brands in Europe. Providing a complete range of security solutions that are suitable for a wide range of applications, the company is dedicated to developing technology and products that its clients demand.

The leading global M2M managed services provider

It’s good to be well connected.

Dual vision, Real time. Keysure

ULISSE COMPACT THERMAL The positioning unit offers an integrated solution for total darkness, fog, rain or smoke.

KEYSURE’s patented Key Control container is a pilfer proof, tamper evident key safe. This is the only non-electronic security device that will control and audit the use of a key, password or any other content. Once an item is secured inside the Key Control, it must be physically broken to access the contents.

Access )) my Business.


Your M2M solution is more than just data connectivity. We understand that.

Videotec Dual vision, Real time.

So we not only built the world’s most advanced global M2M platform, we also built our business upon the most important connections of all – our relationships with our partners, carriers and Videotec manufactures

ULISSE COMPACT THERMAL a wide CCTV products That’s why Wyless is the trusted M2Mrange partnerof of Fortune 500 companies

The positioning unit offalike. ers an integrated and startups We’re the easiest company to work with. We listen to our solution for total darkness, fog, rain or smoke. customers and take pride in every connection.

recognized for high performances, flexibility and style. Our mission to Wyless offers truly uncompromising M2M solutions, delivering worldwide lead the field in the development wireless connectivity via the most secure and resilient network infrastructure. We provide unrivaled management tools and empower with end-to-end of robust, reliable andyou high managed services, technical expertise and dedicated support. performances mechanical and So connect with the experts and together we’ll take your to the electronic products forapplications surveillance next level. You have found your true M2M partner. applications is the driving force We can’t wait to discuss the possibilities. behind our success.



Wyless Systems

Legic The LEGIC brand is now known around the world and stands for quality in contactless ID technology and in smart card systems for personal identification applications operating at 13.56 MHz.

)) +1 617 949 8900


ity level I desire. my choice.

Our award-winning M2M platform, delivered in partnership with the world’s largest mobile network operators, provides secure, reliable wireless connectivity to mobile and fixed devices in nearly every country in the world. Our unique products and services help our customers deploy robust, scalable and secure applications. +44 1895M2M 454 699

The leading global M2M managed services provider

29.03.2011 10:55:29

It’s good to be well connected. Your M2M solution is more than just data connectivity. We understand that. So we not only built the world’s most advanced global M2M platform, we also built our business upon the most important connections of all – our relationships with our partners, carriers and customers. That’s why Wyless is the trusted M2M partner of Fortune 500 companies and startups alike. We’re the easiest company to work with. We listen to our


The Security Professionals’ first choice for today’s security infrastructure, from one room to multi-location complexes around the world. Our reputation is based on a time-honored tradition of rock-solid quality, premium reliability and the integrity of DSX and our network of factory-trained, authorized dealers and support. When you are staking your reputation on a solution - choose the most powerful and intelligent access control systems in the world, choose the total security relationship with DSX.

• No “Per Seat” Licensing In System Pricing

DSX Access Systems, Inc.

• LAN/WAN Compatible

• Alarm Text Message/ E-Mail Notification

• Smart Card and Biometric Integration

• Hot Swap Redundant Communication Server

• Unlimited Access Levels Per Cardholder

• High Level Elevator Control Interface

• Integrated Photo ID Badging • Backup SQL Server

• Backwards Compatible Architecture

• Integrated Wireless Locksets

DSX-Europe LTD | Unit 41 Mountheath Industrial Park Prestwich MANCHESTER M259WB UK | 44(0)161.408.1166 |

DSX-USA | 10731 Rockwall Road Dallas, TX USA 75238-1219 214.553.6140 |

Quality. Reliability. Integrity. The Security Professionals’ First Choice.

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