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The best in TV choice The choice is yours Airwave supplies, installs and maintains a full range of commercial televisions from Samsung, LG, Philips, Sharp and Toshiba from discrete 19” screens to the largest LED’s of up to 108”. Our buying power is such that our policy is

“never to be beaten on price” whether for outright purchases or for rental. Airwave offers commercial warranties with all televisions purchased. Whether its smaller screens for student accommodation, or large displays

for campus signage and university bars, Airwave will provide the perfect solution. Hospitality TVs can be easily cloned via a USB, saving staff time and money configuring each set individually.

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Student Castle is one of the most talked about private student accommodation companies in the UK, providing a fresh, slick and modern solution that guarantees its place as one of the key players in the market. Leading hospitality TV and AV supplier, Airwave Europe, worked in partnership with Student Castle and Vinci Construction to supply studio rooms, cluster kitchens and common rooms with a top quality student TV solution at the 1st phase of the student accommodation facility in Cardiff with phase 2 due for completion and lit out in 2013. Modern and stylish studio rooms were supplied with LG 27” monitors, giving the rooms a real focal point as well as providing students with endless hours of entertainment. The 20 brand new cluster kitchens now have top of the range 37” LG LCD TV screens, perfect for watching films, television or gaming. Student Castle went a step further in the common rooms where Airwave installed stunning LG 60” plasma screens. Here, student experience is at its peak with the very best HD quality viewing – what better way to spend an evening than a movie night, or a game of FIFA on the big screen? Paul Chambers, Sales and Marketing Director at Airwave, said: ‘We are now looking forward to phase 2, due for completion for the 2013-2014 academic year and also the installation in the Bristol Student Accommodation facility currently under construction in Bristol. It has been a great partnership so far and we look forward to further collaborations with Vinci and Student Castle in the future’.

Freeview can be made available to stream directly to students’ laptops. An IPTV head-end allows data to be streamed directly to laptops via an individual stream. This enables users to watch Freeview without interruption, a welcome relief from the usual irritation caused in student halls where students are fighting over limited bandwidth.

Entertaining international students? Airwave’s AirSTREAM and IRS network solutions allow the reception of hundreds of free international satellite channels from all over the world. Most with absolutely no subscription costs and many in HD. Choose from a wide selection of high quality French, German, Italian, Spanish and Arabic channels and many more. Entertain your international students with coverage in their native tongue without the associated costs. Samsung’s hospitality televisions come with a built-in satellite tuner, meaning that they have the ability to receive satellite channels from across the globe.

Sky Sports – The Crowd Pleaser Sky offers the widest breadth of TV content – from sport to movies, news to music, culture and lots more. Sky provides the perfect solution for student bedrooms, common rooms or student union bars. Student unions can become the ‘destination’ bar on campus and rival the local pubs to capture the bulk of student footfall for all of the big sporting events. Sky Sports is showing big sporting events every day and by having the largest, high impact screen around in HD or even 3D, student unions can draw crowds to the bar every night of the week.

Inform, Promote, Communicate Give your campus a first class feel with Airwave’s information channels and billboard style signage screens. Spread the word Information channels are a simple and cost-effective way of sending messages out to your campus and student accommodations. Airwave has two great information channels that are perfect for the university environment. AirCAST enables you to communicate with your students via a dedicated ‘red button’ channel that can be set automatically as a home page for their TV sets. Easily updateable, customised content pages will inform students of local information, timetables and services. The AirINFO HD information channel is broadcast over the Internet and received at your location using a specially configured PC player. Televisions are configured so that they display your very own TV channel when powered on by a guest or student. Offering useful information, branding and advertising opportunities, AirINFO can be easily modified to incorporate your name, logo and colour scheme.

Go digital with on-screen information displays A growing number of universities across the UK are reaping the benefits of high quality large format display screens, which show live video or television alongside advertisements, news and important university information. Whether it’s keeping up to date with the latest news, displaying lecture schedules outside classrooms or promoting events from the student union, digital signage provides a flexible, modern and practical solution which gives universities a chance to impress students and guests. The LG EzSign TV displays information via a USB port, perfect for engaging audiences with eye-catching up to date information. Promotions, information, images and videos can be incorporated into a template which is delivered on screen to communicate with students, staff and visitors. The LG EzSign, controlled via a USB stick, gives a truly flexible solution, allowing each TV to have a different signage picture displayed on them. An easily manageable, updateable and cost-effective solution, LG EzSign provides universities with an excellent opportunity to really enhance the look of their campus. The solution is perfect for student union bars, promoting events, and drinks offers, whilst showing live TV content such as music videos and sporting events.

Smarter student solutions Smart TV offers unique connectivity opportunities for students, allowing them to access their favourite websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Airwave’s Smart TV solution, AirMEDIA, transforms HD Ready TVs into affordable modern Smart TVs. It’s a complete standalone solution that includes the AirMEDIA Box, a unique Gyro Remote Control and access to the TV Smart Portal, which gives you complete control over look, feel and functionality. Best of all AirMEDIA requires no on-site server...just a wired or wireless network and a broadband internet connection. A small unobtrusive smart box works with just about any TV; and when you do want to upgrade to a slimmer, more eco-friendly TV, you just move the AirMEDIA box to the new set and your student or pupil’s experience is still as great as it was before... no unwanted menus and feature changes, no missing Apps because manufacturer’s licenses have remain in complete control.


REACH out with Samsung. Grant students access to important campus information, news and updates directly to their in-room TVs with Samsung REACH. The Samsung REACH software on Samsung Hospitality TV is easily updateable and allows you to provide students with informative content on anything from key local contacts and timetables, to student union promotions and society news. And with Samsung SIRCH, you can manage all this content as well as the TV settings, quickly and easily from one central point. SIRCH provides flexible management and control over groups of TVs across a whole estate or campus. You can control settings such as limiting volume and updating channel lists, even when TVs are in use, meaning no interruption for users. So SIRCH no longer and REACH out to your students with the Samsung Hospitality Solution. For friendly, professional advice and a competitive quotation please contact us on 0845 555 1212 or



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