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90 Years of Excellence

At Radiology

Ltd., Every Image Tells a Story

With a legacy begun by a prominent physician in 1933, Radiology Ltd. has cemented its status as the region’s top radiology practice and a world-class company trusted for its patient care excellence, state-of-the-art technology and unwavering employee dedication.

In fact, today’s Radiology Ltd. is a powerful convergence of Cs – customer satisfaction, convenience, confidence and costeffectiveness. The home-grown practice has 11 locations across Southern Arizona, a 97% patient satisfaction rate and a team of expertly trained people who thrive on compassionate, meticulous care.

“We have the most skilled and experienced staff who provide a fantastic patient experience,” said Radiology Ltd. CEO Logan Ward. “We have a group of radiologists who, because of their sub-specialization, are the radiologists anyone would want reading scans. Some of the largest physician groups in Tucson have a choice of where to send their patients for medical imaging, and they’re sending their patients throughout the region to us, because they understand the difference.

“We definitely hang our hat on that,” he said.

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Radiology Ltd. 90 Years of Excellence

Dr. Edward Hayden founds his radiology practice. A 1925 graduate of the University of Minnesota Medical School, Hayden completed post-graduate work in diagnostic X-ray at the Mayo Clinic and Stanford University. He was responsible for the X-ray department at the Desert Sanatorium (now Tucson Medical Center).

Hayden’s practice expands with the addition of the first partner, Dr. Arthur Present, and continues to grow with the addition of more than 20 radiologists over the next 3 decades.

With the construction of St. Joseph’s Hospital, the practice, now the HaydenPresent Group, continues to grow as the exclusive provider of radiology services. Radiology expands beyond X-rays and the group works to recruit younger physicians trained in “special procedures,” now known as interventional radiology.

The group officially becomes known as Radiology Ltd. and expands to include El Dorado Hospital. Dr. Donald Jeck becomes the 18th radiologist to join. TMC acquires the first Computed Tomography (CT) scanner in Southern Arizona and the scans are read exclusively by Radiology Ltd. physicians. The practice adds diagnostic ultrasound, keeping it on the cutting edge of medical technology.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) becomes the next advancement in radiology and Radiology Ltd. helps bring it to Tucson. TMC acquires the region’s first MRI machine with scans read exclusively by Radiology Ltd. Physicians. Radiology Ltd. begins operating outpatient imaging centers with CT and MRI capabilities.

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Added President and Chairman Dr. David Jeck, “Quality has always come first. In all of our decisions, we don’t compromise on quality. The degree to which we do that, sets us apart.”

The company story begins with Dr. Edward Hayden, a University of Minnesota medical school graduate with Mayo Clinic and Stanford University post-graduate training. Responsible for the X-ray department at the Desert Sanatorium (now Tucson Medical Center), Hayden started a private practice in 1933. With each new radiologist who joined him, the footprint in excellence he started has since grown over 90 years into a beacon of regional prominence.

“From where I sit now, I’m still impressed by the presence of Radiology Ltd. in the community,” said Dr. Donald Jeck, who was recruited in 1976 and served as president from 1980 to 2001. “People come up to tell me what good care they got here and it makes me very proud, to know that you were a small participant in that care.”

Radiology Ltd., which took its name in the 1970s, today employs more than 45 subspecialized, fellowship-trained experts in body imaging, women’s imaging, interventional radiology, molecular imaging, musculoskeletal imaging and neuroradiology, along with a dedicated staff of more than 500. The company is in-network with 99% of health plans and prides itself on patient-centric technology such as seamless, automated scheduling and prompt portal access to test results.

Radiology Ltd. becomes the first Tucson practice to implement a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), and the first to provide interventional neuroradiology services.

The people who work at Radiology Ltd. stay here–often for decades–because of the company’s dedication to employee development and support.

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“Quality has always come first. In all of our decisions, we don’t compromise on quality. The degree to which we do that, sets us apart.”
– Dr. David Jeck President & Chairman Radiology Ltd.
1933 1946
1960s 1970s 1980s
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Radiology Ltd. 90 Years of Excellence

Radiology Ltd. opens multiple imaging centers including Radiology Ltd. Rancho Vistoso, Radiology Ltd. La Cholla, Radiology Ltd. Wilmot, Radiology Ltd. Midvale and Radiology Ltd. Camp Lowell offering advanced imaging, dedicated women’s imaging, PET/CT and outpatient interventional services throughout the broader Tucson metro region and Oro Valley.

“We have a 90-year history and I have been here for almost half of it,” said Frank Rodriguez, a professional relations liaison who started as a dark room tech in 1981. “Radiology Ltd. has opened so many doors for me. It has fine-tuned my work ethic and my personality traits.”

Dr. Danielle Carroll, a women’s imaging diagnostic radiologist and incoming vice chairwoman for Radiology Ltd., said, “I love the people here. I love the staff. I love how everyone truly cares about the patients. I just feel fully supported. These are all people who are willing to hear someone’s vision or thoughts on how to grow and change, and they support you through that process.”

Radiology Ltd. adds 3D mammography to its dedicated Women’s Imaging Centers at Wilmot and La Cholla in 2014.  A partnership with El Rio Health Center is formed in 2015 for professional radiology services.  A 3-Tesla open-bore MRI is added to the Camp Lowell Imaging Center in 2016.  Radiology Ltd. continues to enhance the patient experience with all outpatient centers going fully paperless in 2017.  Radiology Ltd. Rincon opens on the TMC Rincon campus in 2017 and Radiology Ltd. Continental opens in Green Valley in 2019, expanding the Southern Arizona footprint.

Radiology Ltd. begins providing exclusive radiology services for Benson Hospital and Northern Cochise Community Hospital offering greater degree of subspecialized care to Southern Arizonans.

A second location in Green Valley opens with the addition of Radiology Ltd. Casa Verde and expansion continues to west Tucson with the addition of Radiology Ltd. St. Mary’s Medical Plaza.

Radiology Ltd. adds MRI to the Rincon Imaging Center and opens Radiology Ltd. Alvernon in Central Tucson with a new advanced, interventional radiology suite. Online scheduling capabilities including a mobile platform to add convenience to the patient’s experience.

In addition to volunteer and fitness opportunities, the company hosts epic annual dinners to celebrate its technologists—the first people that patients see and their lifeline for compassion during difficult circumstances. “We just really want to celebrate them,” said Crystal Atwell, a compliance coordinator who volunteers on the event’s planning committee. “We love our people.”

Mandy Davis, a Radiology Ltd. breast patient navigator who assists patients after a biopsy, hailed this kind of investment into employees. “They care about your work and life balance, that you are healthy, physically and emotionally.”

Incoming President and Chairman Dr. Bobby Kalb, who worked in an academic setting before joining the company, said it was Radiology Ltd.’s signature model that appealed to him–one that he believes can advance beyond the region. “I’m really looking forward to leading Radiology Ltd. into the next frontier.”

“We want to continue to take this forward and offer our successful model in other places. We want to expand our reach to other areas which can benefit from what we have to offer.”

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Radiology Ltd.

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Dr. David Jeck President & Chairman Dr. Donald Jeck President from 1980 to 2001 Radiology Ltd. PHOTO: BRENT G. MATHIS

A Family Tradition

Father and Son’s Legacy of Leadership

The inclusive culture that has shaped Radiology Ltd., helping to fuel robust growth and foster employee longevity, has been stewarded by a dedicated father and son: Drs. Donald Jeck and David Jeck.

Don served as Radiology Ltd. president from 1980 to 2001. David joined the company one year later and became president and chairman in 2015. Together, their impact on advancing the region’s top radiology practice over the past four decades has been indelible.

“This practice was the best I found, with highly trained radiologists at all levels,” said Don, who was recruited to Radiology Ltd. in 1976. “The quality of the practice and its history in the community - that’s why I joined.”

“I was most proud of the fact that we have grown from 18 to 46 radiologists,” he said of his tenure. “We put a lot into quality improvement and making sure we did things right. Internally, we were committed to look at our own processes and we continued to recruit the best radiologists we could find. The whole practice was a team from the ground up. We all worked together.”

Don’s kindness and empathy are still remembered by Radiology Ltd.’s most senior employees. “I started as a dark room technician and I remember he introduced himself to me and he took the time to have me sit next to him and learn,” said Robert Martinez, a 26year employee who now oversees the medical records department. “It was that caring for an employee that he started.”

David remembered the same collegiality at Radiology Ltd. picnics as a kid. “They knew my dad as not just their boss, but as their friend,” he said. “They knew he genuinely cared about their lives. That is the part that is ingrained in me.”

Though Don never pressured his son to join Radiology Ltd., he couldn’t be prouder that he did. “He’s smarter and better than I ever was. To have him here, he could have gone anywhere and he’s done a hell of a job.”

“I knew Radiology Ltd. was as good of a place as I could get, but I wanted to be here on my own credentials,” said David. “It’s been a huge honor being in the role that my dad was.”

Under David’s tenure, Radiology Ltd. has continued to prosper throughout the region, adding a location on the St. Mary’s Hospital campus, an interventional suite at the new Alvernon clinic and expanding into Green Valley. The company boasts more than 45 subspecialized, fellowship-trained experts in body imaging, women’s imaging, interventional radiology, molecular imaging, pediatric imaging, cardiothoracic imaging and neuroradiology, with an expertly trained staff of more than 500. “We have continued to focus on people, but also technology and infrastructure that is allowing us to expand service to broader areas,” he said.

Even with growth, Jeck and the leadership team have remained dedicated to supporting employees and bolstering the patient-centric approach that is signature to Radiology Ltd.

“They know that in any decisions we make, we will never compromise quality and I think they really respect that,” David said. “We are not going to cut corners to make a dollar.”

Just like his father, David and his family have been frequent volunteers at Radiology Ltd. community events, helping to make meals for Primavera Foundation Men’s Shelter and other opportunities to support the community in other ways beyond practicing medicine.

In welcoming new President and Chairman Dr. Bobby Kalb, who takes over in January, David will refocus on his clinical practice in diagnostic and interventional neuroradiology. He’ll also remain on board and committee leadership for Radiology Ltd.

“It’s really important to have a smooth succession plan for any company,” he said. “I love clinical medicine and I’m very excited about being able to do that full-time.”

Both Jecks still enjoy when people approach them about their great patient experiences here. “I’m still so impressed by the presence of Radiology Ltd. in this community,” Don said. “People come up to me and tell me what great care they received. It makes me very proud to have been a part of that success.”

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The Surgical Side of Radiology

A New World of Patient Care

which opened last year at 5th and Alvernon, is a tranquil, efficient alterna-


Often called the surgical side of radiology, these physicians use fluoroscopy, MRI, CT and ultrasound to conduct minimally invasive procedures that target, treat, and cure many conditions. Drs. Jason Hanley, Shaun McManimon, Steven Siwik, Matthew Vanasco, Julie Zaetta and Nurse Practitioner Liana McEvoy compose the IR team.

At the company’s new imaging and interventional suite in central Tucson, the team has found a modern, new setting to deliver this care. The new state-of-the-art IR and imaging facility,

“Diseases and health conditions that once required open surgery or caused the patient to be admitted to the hospital, can now be treated far less invasively, much less expensively, and with less risk and downtime for the patient,” said Zaetta, section chief of the IR team.

Beyond image-guided biopsies, IR procedures include treating fibroids internally by cutting off their blood supply, saving the patient from a hysterectomy. In liver cancer patients, a radiologist can pinpoint the tumor, use tiny catheters to inject chemotherapy and kill it. In elderly patients with softening

bones, imaging is used to insert a needle into the bone and inject cement to buttress it like a cast.

“We want patients and their doctors to know they have options,” Zaetta added. “When people learn that they can achieve the same outcome without going under the knife, we believe they will choose the less-invasive option.”

“I’ve been doing IR for over 25 years now and we are continuously innovating and reworking our techniques and devices, making them even more accurate,” she said. “The thing that I love most about interventional radiology is that it is highly creative, and we have a way to help with virtually every issue a patient might encounter.”

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From left – Interventional Radiologists Dr. Matthew Vanasco, Dr. Jason Hanley and Dr. Julie Zaetta

Compassionate, Expert Care

Women’s Imaging a Top Priority

Women who choose Radiology Ltd. for breast imaging are cared for by experts in their field.

“We have a team of highly specialized breast imagers who have dedicated a significant amount of their career to breast imaging,” said Dr. Danielle Carroll, a diagnostic and fellowship-trained breast radiologist and vice chairwoman of the company.

“Radiology Ltd. has the highest percentage of fellowship-trained breast imagers in practice in Southern Arizona, which means the radiologist has completed five years of radiology training and then a year of dedicated breast imaging training,” she said. “If you come to Radiology Ltd., you are getting a true expert reading your exam.”

Indeed, Radiology Ltd. is designated as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology, the gold standard of accreditation in medical imaging. The company is also proud to provide professional services in breast imaging at Tucson Medical Center, El Rio Health and Northern Cochise Community Hospital.

Beyond offering a full suite of breast imaging services, including 3D mammograms, breast ultrasound, breast MRI and image-guided breast biopsies, Radiology Ltd. is committed to making the experience not only comfortable

and compassionate, but efficient and patient-focused.

“We want to treat every patient individually,” Carroll said. “Our technologists truly appreciate and understand that each patient is an individual person. They make it their mission to make patients as comfortable as possible.

“Even in biopsies, we try to distract the patient and have them talk about something that makes them happy. We do everything we can to make these anxiety-provoking procedures less daunting.” For Carroll, the empathy is there as she personally discovered a breast lump and had to undergo a biopsy. “It helps me understand the angst they are going through.”

Radiology Ltd. CEO Logan Ward praised the company’s technology capabilities. “We’re trying to make it as seamless for our patients as possible. From scheduling their appointment, to checking in at the clinic, to receiving their report on their individual patient portal, we’re always iterating on our technology capabilities to improve the patient experience and increase the likelihood that they return for their annual mammogram.”

The company has also created a breast patient navigator program that shepherds women through the process following a positive biopsy. “When a

patient has a new diagnosis of cancer, it can be so overwhelming and confusing,” Carroll said. “Having the navigator guide them through the complex process is priceless.”

Longtime imaging tech Mandy Davis, now a Radiology Ltd. breast patient navigator, is devoted to nurturing and educating her breast cancer patients.

“When I was an ultrasound tech, I discovered I had a passion for the breast imaging part of my job,” Davis said. “I would follow them through the process and I developed this relationship with them over time. I discovered that I really felt such empathy and compassion. They are going through a really scary process.”

Providers are welcome to sign up for their patients to be a part of the patient navigator program. She talks with the patient directly about pathology results, manages their upcoming exams and appointments for new cancer diagnoses, acts as a liaison between the physicians and essentially handles all the leg work. Davis also gives each patient a notebook and resource guide.

“I care so much about this,” she said. “The difference this makes for patients is huge. I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

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Train and Retain

A Company Devoted to Promoting, Supporting its Own

Kristal McCormick started at Radiology Ltd. at age 19 as an assistant. Jason Love joined as a young man out of the military.

The in-house training and support both received has not only kept them at the company, but promoted them to leadership and provided them top-level expertise.

“It just feels like family here,” said McCormick, who at 34 is now clinical manager at two Radiology Ltd. locations. “I can’t say enough good things about this company. They have been so wonderful to me. I am here for life.”

McCormick ascended through many positions at Radiology Ltd., including technical assistant, overnights as a reading room assistant and technologist roles in X-ray, CT and MRI. When she continued her education at Pima Community College, the company paid for it through its scholarship program, she said.

“Just so many opportunities were presented to me along the way,” McCormick said.

As clinical manager, McCormick splits her week between the company’s Rincon and Carondelet locations. She manages 20 people for all the radiology modalities, oversees daily orders and coordinates accreditation on 60 machines. “I have a strong team,” she said. “They all know what is expected of them and they are an amazing group of people.”

Love enlisted in the U.S. Army at age 19 and trained as a radiology tech and combat medic in the U.S. Army, but relished the challenging opportunities provided at Radiology Ltd. when he joined in 2005. His manager encouraged him to train in CT and get his CT certification, which he did. Then, he decided to cross-train in MRI and found his dream job as an MRI technologist at the Rincon campus.

“I just love MRI,” Love said. “The technology is so incredible and always changing. I never get tired of learning. My favorite part about the job is the technology itself. It is a fast-growing field. There is always new technology coming out and new applications for old technology as well. One of my hobbies outside of work is drawing and digital art. I feel like there is an art to medical imaging and I take pride in doing it.”

“I feel like I am blessed to work here,” he said. “The opportunities are always here with this company. To be able to work around so many techs who have that much knowledge. I have learned from techs who have been in the field for more than 30 years. It’s really incredible.”


A Philanthropic Force in the Region

Wearing their signature green and blue shirts, Radiology Ltd. employees are a presence as volunteers throughout the Southern Arizona community.

From making meals for Primavera Foundation Men’s Shelter and Ronald McDonald House to building houses for Habitat for Humanity, employees attend roughly 60 community and corporate-sponsored events each year. In fact, each employee receives four paid hours to devote to the community.

“We have always been focused on the community,” said Radiology Ltd. President Dr. David Jeck. “I believe in this very strongly. We are a significant employer in Tucson and Southern Arizona and we want to do what we can to make it a better place.”

Stephanie Swanick, Radiology Ltd. training manager, organizes group volunteer events for the company’s 500+ staff and includes upcoming opportunities in a weekly newsletter. “I really think this sets us apart,” she said. “I love that I can do what I would do on my free time and share the experience with people I work with. It fosters and builds teamwork.”

Each Radiology Ltd. employee learns about the program at orientation, where Swanick gives a presentation. With the company’s 11 locations throughout the region, volunteering gives all employees the chance to connect in a casual setting. “The vibe is friendly and fun. A person who works on the east side can meet a person who works on the west side where they may not otherwise have the opportunity.”

“We love our community,” said Crystal Atwell, a Radiology Ltd. compliance coordinator who is one of the company’s most prolific volunteers. “We are super involved with the different organizations. When we served breakfast at the Ronald McDonald House, that one touched my heart the most because I had a son who was born sick. Seeing all the parents coming in exhausted and being able to give them something, to provide a meal for them.”

Through the years, Radiology Ltd. employees have organized Trunk or Treat events at Halloween, volunteered at Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Arizona, made Thanksgiving meals, crafted bells at Ben’s Bells and fundraised

for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night.

Swanick is always researching new opportunities and also encourages groups of employees to volunteer on their own if they have a personal cause. “It helps us build teamwork between departments. It builds bonds and enables people to meet as themselves, on the same level and the same team, while doing good.”

MRI Technologist Jason Love said he embraces the chance to help his community through Radiology Ltd. “All the men I have ever looked up to in my family, they worked in their community. I knew that would be me too.”

“This will sound cliche, but the most rewarding part of my job is serving my community,” Love said. “I have lived in and worked in Tucson for a decade and some change. People come up to me all the time while I am out and thank me for helping them or their loved ones.”

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A Place to Stay

Radiology Ltd. Physicians, Staff Find Company that Values Them

Radiology Ltd. has a way with employees. Keeping them, that is.

The physicians and staff who join the region’s top radiology practice have found a company that embraces, supports and encourages them. Some started as student interns, only to rise through the ranks into a leadership role. Others came during fellowship training and found a place that valued their skills and expertise.

“I’ve never been a part of an organization that has had people with so much tenure,” said Radiology Ltd. CEO Logan Ward. “So many people have been here for 10, 20, 30 years. You really don’t see that anymore.”

Professional Relations Liaison Frank Rodriguez is among the most tenured, having worked at Radiology Ltd. for 41 years. He started in 1981 as a dark room tech and ascended through several positions. “I never went to college,” he said.

“Radiology Ltd. became my university. It opened a lot of doors for me.”

As one of three liaisons for the company, Rodriguez explains his role as a “walking, talking website” for Radiology Ltd. in the community. “I visit hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices in person. I try to assist with issues and meet with physicians as much as possible.”

Rodriguez met his wife at the company and also helped his cousin Robert Martinez join Radiology Ltd. Martinez has since given 26 years to the company, starting as a dark room tech and now managing the medical records department.

“Radiology Ltd. has invested a lot of money in me,” Martinez said. “They trained me. I’ve had some great mentors here to help guide me. There are just good people here and I enjoy what I do.”

Longtime radiologist Dr. Lindsey In-

ouye told his wife he would never work in Tucson when he came for his initial interview from Eureka, Calif. in 1989. “33 years later, we’re desert rats,” he joked.

“They had an old-fashioned, familyoriented practice approach to new partners, mixed with an honest, innovative business model,” Inouye said. “Basically, I love Tucson. Radiology Ltd. has treated me well.”

Crystal Atwell began at Radiology Ltd. as an intern in 2010 and is now a compliance coordinator. “I like this company because you are able to start somewhere and grow.”

“I think it’s the DNA of the group,” said President and Chairman Dr. David Jeck., who grew up going to Radiology Ltd. events before joining the practice in 2002. “It’s always had this atmosphere and that’s one of the things we feel is important to try to maintain.”

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Radiology Ltd. Charts an Ambitious Vision for Arizona

Closing in on a century in Southern Arizona, Radiology Ltd. is committed to using its 90 years of excellence as the foundation to increase its footprint as a force in medical imaging.

Helmed by CEO Logan Ward and incoming President and Chairman Dr. Bobby Kalb and Vice Chairwoman Dr. Danielle Carroll, Radiology Ltd. plans not only to add to its 11 locations, but also to bolster investment into innovation and patient-centered technology. Its new parent company, U.S. Radiology Specialists, will strengthen the infrastructure for expansion beyond Southern Arizona.

“Our goal is to meet the needs of the patient population here, and Arizona is a growing market,” said Ward. “We are trying to grow right alongside the marketplace, and as the radiology and imaging provider of choice, ensure our services are available to more patients. We want to be responsive to demand so patients aren’t having to wait multiple weeks to get in for an MRI, for exam-

ple, or a mammogram.”

Kalb agreed. “We want to continue to take this forward, having our infrastructure in place. We can offer our successful model in other places and we want to expand our reach in areas that could benefit.”

Over the past decade, Radiology Ltd. has invested heavily into the patient experience, creating easy scheduling and prompt delivery of imaging results. Once an order is made, patients receive a text or email on their phones with an embedded link to schedule their appointment. “This frees up our staff to call patients to schedule more complex appointments,” Ward said. “Streamlining communication with our patients pre- and post-appointment is a high priority for us.”

Equally important has been the company’s consistent investment into the best imaging technology. Radiology Ltd. acquired two new Siemens MRI machines this past year at the Rincon and Alvernon locations, a new Phillips

CT machine in Oro Valley and it’s adding new 3D mammography machines with numerous capabilities, he said.

“This is something that we monitor all the time: how is the patient experience from the time we receive an order to the time they are seen. If it’s too long, that’s where we look to invest in new equipment,” Ward said.

Kalb, who was drawn to Radiology Ltd. for its stellar reputation, said the company wants to be forward-thinking and continue to drive quality care. For example, Radiology Ltd. recently hired a physicist and expert on calibrating MRI machines, which has helped ensure image quality across the fleet and enables top-of-the-line staff training on the new MRI technology deployed at the Rincon and Alvernon locations.

“A lot of other practices will only depend on the manufacturer to give some applications and the techs just figure it out, but to have him go beyond the basics, we are now running it in the most advanced way,” Kalb said.

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