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Small Bites Food and drink news by Susan Laughlin

While mushroom hunting can be fun, it’s best left to the knowledgeable. William Dunkerly of Danville has spent his life outdoors and knows the good, the bad and the ugly members of the mushroom family that can be foraged safely. He also cultivates beautiful lion’s mane, chestnut and oyster mushrooms. He recently expanded and moved his basement grow space to a larger facility in Brentwood, which allows him to provide product to his expanding list of restaurants, including The William Dunkerly at the Nashua Foundry in Manchester, Blue Moon Evolution in farmers market Exeter and Greenleaf in Milford. He doesn’t sell retail to the public, except for stints at the Nashua farmers market on Sundays through October. Dunks Mushrooms, 313 NH-125, (617) 240-9605

September 14 National Cream-filled Donut Day It may be hard to beat the beauties at the Yum Yum Shop in Wolfeboro. The Kelly family sold the much-beloved shop in 2018, but new owners Spencer and Ashley Samuelian hired third generation Peter Kelly to help run the shop, so the march of gingerbread men and parade of cream-filled donuts hasn’t stopped. Who knew they had their own day? 26 | September 2019

Summer Blues with lemongrass and butterfly pea flower from Thailand, which gives it a distinctive blue color

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A love of tea brought Margaret Gay of Candia into the fragrant world of teas and tisanes with her business 27Teas. There are fancy coffees available, so why not high-end tea? She also discovered many tea bags contain polypropylene or an epoxy resin. Her loose-leaf teas are blends of green, black or white tea, and the latter is one of the most healthy teas. She also offers tisanes, herbal blends that are caffeine-free, many with health benefits. Milk ’N More is designed for lactating mothers. Gentle Ginger and Lemon Drop have CBD added. Each package includes the proper water temperature and steeping time, key for making a proper beverage. 27Teas gives back to the world by sending 10% of their profits to global clean water initiatives. Available online and at the Hopkinton State Fair and several farmers markets through September (Bedford, Merrimack, Nashua and Lee). Find more info at

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