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Censor This!

The Grad Issue

Volume 7 Issue 8 June 18, 2012

The end of an Era

This issue’s editors, Kailee MacISAAC, Janele Lajoie, Kaite Hollingsworth and Amina Egeh.

Kailee MacISAAC I don’t mean to sound overly cliché but it’s been an amazing Grad year and it has all gone by too quickly. As a class we may not have come together as everyone always wishes we would in a perfect Disney movie ending but we did all finish this together and we did have our moments. In particular when everyone was singing Starships and Rack City together during prom there was a sense of unity, but maybe I should leave that instance alone... I don’t think I need to mention all of the things that have changed over the past two years here at KSS, but in case you need reminding we have had three different principals, new timetables and the other multitude of changes. Together we have pulled through the ups and downs and all the just plain crazy moments in between.

2 JUNE 18, 2012

Amina Egeh Over the past year, I’ve had to try to sum up the experiences of our thirteen years of eduation, many, many times. But, no matter how many times I try to find the words to express how I feel about moving on from highschool, it doesn’t get any easier. For the first time in my life, I don’t quite know what to expect in the months to come. Right now, our lives are a blank slate, and that’s both exciting and utterly terrifying. What I do know, however, is how much knowing all of my fellow graduates has changed me. I’m continually in awe of the people that I have encountered in my time here at KSS. Whether it’s because of their drive to succeed, their humour, their compassion or their talent, the students and staff at KSS always find a new way to impress me. It’s for that reason that, no matter how excited I am to be heading off to university in the fall, I will, without a doubt, miss being a KSS Owl.


Grade ten journalism students Marantha James, Michael Roberts, Renee Berger, Lauren Boyd and Kolby Zinger-Harris.

Janele Lajoie This grad year was definitely one to remember. It wasnothing like I expected, which is fantastic. I found that everyone really came out of their shells and branched out to eachother this year. I definitetly noticed less cliques and more acceptence as well as kindness between peers. All the grad events were so wonderfully planned and executed, particularly Dry Grad. I was extremely impressed with all the food and games, and I know that every single grad appreciated the time and effort our parents put into Dry Grad very much. Now comes to the time to move on from High School, em barking on our new adventures, leaving everything behind except the wonderful memories we have made.

KAite Hollingsworth Thirteen years ago I remember heading to kindergarten so excited that school had started. I saw my sisters and brothers bring home art projects and stories; I wanted nothing more then to be a student. Now, I could not be more excited to leave school and embark on the many adeventures life brings. From getting my drivers licence, to a boyfriend, to walking across that graduation stage, I could not be more blessed these past years. Most encounters I have had, have been related to school in some way or form, and now that it’s ending, I’m thrilled to go out and taste life. This school year has had a bit of everything. We’ve had timetable changes, new principals, new exam schedules, volleyball championships and theatre plays. Sadly, we’ve seen tragedies, but let’s not forget we’ve had an amazing Censor This! staff. I would like to thank the grad class of 2012 for their contribution to such an amazing year! We did it!

Inside This Issue

The final issue of Censor This each year is dedicated to the graduates as they go on to bigger and better things. This year is no different, and as you turn the pages, you’ll find an array of photos showcasing different events throughout the year. Thirty-two pages could never be enough to document everything that has happened this year, but we hope you’ll enjoy our extended issue, complete with eight pages of colour. This year, we would also like to dedicate these pages to the three students we’ve lost in the past years, two of whom were amongst the graduates of 2012.

The Memorial Pages

Page 7 Jordan Kilmartin Page 8 Devyn Calderon Page 9 Cody Hurlburt

Grad Sleepover & Airband Page 11

Grad Artwork Commencement Page 23 Ceremonies Page 31

Grad Banquet & Dry Grad Pages 15-19

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General Editors: Kailee MacISAAC, Amina Egeh, Janele Lajoie and Kaite Hollingsworth Journalism Crew: Marantha James, Mary Bunka, Lauren Boyd, Kolby Zinger-Harris,Renee Berger, Michael Roberts, Emilie Berthiaume, Mr. Manderioli, David Orriss Centre of Gravity... CENSOR CANCELLED! C ENSOR C ENSOR CENSOR THIS! C ENSOR THIS! CENSOR THIS! THIS! CENSOR T HIS! THIS! HIS! OUR 2011 CHRISTMAS EDITION


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NOVEMBER 29 2010







Photo by: Shanda Kopp



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AAAA Girls Volleyball Provincial Champs

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We Are BlAcking Out AgAinst sOPA And KSS SpeaKS Out!





Have you hugged a tree today? WWW.KSS.SD23.BC.CA/?PAGE=CENSOR

WOR S Prom T Dres ses

! Haunting



JUNE 18, 2012 3

at KSS!

KSS says Goodbye to 6 Staff Members... Perhaps one of the greatest measures of a school’s wealth is the quality of its faculty and support staff. KSS loses staff members to retirement every year but remains, nonetheless, a very strong school. This year’s retirees have all made their mark by distinqushing themselves in their respective disciplines. Censor This Staff wishes each one of them the very best in their lives’ next chapter.

Darlene Ewings

KSS’s energetic and no-nonsense Home Economics teacher has helped form young culinary minds into chefs, directing their paths toward careers in nutrition for 26 years. Ms. Ewings will be remembered for her warmth for staff and students alike.

Garth Vickers

A special needs advocate at KSS for the last 7 years, Garth Vickers coordinated the C.E.A’s and was instrumental in all the special needs events at our school. In a career that comprises 27 years, this gentle soul has distinguished himself through his tireless energy and selfless dedication.

Kathy Mitchell A likeable and warm English teacher at KSS for the past 29 years, Kathy Mitchell has opened young minds to the beauty of literature and expression through writing. In a career that spanned 37 years, Ms. Mitchell became legendary for her kindness and contagious sense of humour.

Lisa Boesten

This kind and efficient receptionist at KSS has been the smiling face and chipper voice to greet you when calling or entering our school for the last 10 years. After 21 years in our district, Lisa is moving on to another career. We will miss you, Ms. Boesten!

Points to Ponder...

Neal Facey

For the past 22 years, this flamboyant drama teacher and director has brought unique prestige to KSS through literally scores of student performances. In a career that spans a full 35 years, Neal Facey established himself as an inspirational juggernaut and as the district’s standard of excellence for the performance arts.

Mike Pugliese Mike Pugliese has worked at KSS for a “whopping” 42 years! For more than four decades, this unassuming and humble Head Custodian has kept our school in pristine condition while being a noble and exemplary employee.Thank-you for your tremendous dedication and service, Mr. Pugliese!

• The dream begins with an adult who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and

leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called “truth.” ~ Dan Rather • Every life is a profession of faith, and exercises an inevitable and silent influence. ~ Henri Frederic Amiel

4 JUNE 18, 2012


Words of Wisdom For the KSS

2012 Graduating class n u ca o y te gs thin gradua t n a port en you cts, fig se m i t a os wh e f use tho h u m t o e y e Th ith l not b eca portant SS w b e l e tak KSS wi wledg ost im d at K e from and kno e. The m e gain skills v . g ures s chan ould ha its and nt here b g thin s you sh des, ha ime spe t u g the thin he attit n i d t are mulate u acc ymous n Ano

“Believe in yourself!" Mrs. Taylor

“ Alw do an ays strive d be to your very best. Mr. P ” uglie se

“The real world has real deadlines and there are no re-tests.” Mr. Strachen

self, r u o y “Be best r u o y but be re to be a self. D t and to en differ our own y follow r.” sta erk sen D . r M

“With a little hard work and a lot of determination you can do it all and have it all!” "Go out into the world! Mrs. Taylor Go see new places, meet new people, try new things. Find advenSchool doesn’t prepare tures, make new friends anyone for the real and most importantly, world. It prepares you BE a good friend." for higher learning and Mdme Bracken academia. Mr. Wong

The sooner you decide to stop living in the shadow of another, the sooner you will shine. Anonymous

Trea and n t everyon e ever give with kind Mr. M your pow ness er aw ande ay! rioli CENSOR THIS

JUNE 18, 2012 5

Wasn’t that a Grad Council? Grad Coordinator: Debra Schmidt Teacher Sponsor: Patti Buna EXECUTIVE: Secretary: Alysha Southam Treasurer: Aaron Gubeli Presidents: Amina Egeh and Terry Lee Vice President: Rojin Kazemian and Gagan Bhuller CHAIRPERSONS: Grad Photos: Chelsea Marshall Grad Gowns: Anna Mutschmann Grad Rings: Kira Razzo Grad Clothing: Kaitlyn Dickie Grad Ceremonies: Julie Kim Fundraising and Dream Grad: Amy Doricic Public Relations: Arianna Ormrod Fashion Show: Lauren Hughes Semi Formal: Victor Yap and Aimee Fawcett Grad Dinner and Dance: Madison Roberts COUNCIL MEMBERS Keegan Agnew, Kevin Eger, Kate Eppler Dylan Erhardt, Mitch Goodwin, Brooks Hewko, Ashley Lemke Kailee MacIsaac, Alia McClure Elyse Milanese,Amy Nagelberg Aspen Percival, Hannah Vandenberg Emma Walker, Quinn Wright

Top row Left to right: Julie Kim,Kailee MacIsaac, Ashley Lemke Middle Left to right: Ms.Patti Buna, Quinn Wright, Ms. Debra Schmidt, Elyse Milanese , Alysha Southam, Chelsea Marshall, Iman Zahirfar, Amy Nagelberg, Anna Mutschmann,Aaron Gubeli

Front row: Amina Egeh and Terry Lee

What was the best thing about being on Grad Council? “Seeing it all come together.” - Aaron Gubeli

“It was great being able to choose what happened during my grad and not being told.” - Alysha Southam

“To be involved.” - Julie Kim

“I had such a blast! Setting up at semi and the fashion show was great.” - Ashley Lemke

6 JUNE 18, 2012

“Being able to have input on themes.” - Elyse Milanese


A big thank you to everyone that volunteered alongside Grad Council this year. Thousands of hours of work were done behind the scenes by parents, counsellors, administrators and teachers. Naming every person involved could fill pages!

Remembering Jordan Kilmartin 1994 - 2011

Jordan, a precious gift to your family and friends for 16 short years is now our beloved Angel in Spirit. I continue to hear how you touched people during your short time with us here. On your 16th birthday card, we wrote how lucky we were to have a son like you, never dreaming we would lose you so soon. We were truly blessed to have you, Jordan, as such a cute baby, always entertaining toddler, active and loved teen, amazing Judoka, (judoist) and handsome, young man. Memories of your sense of humour, hugs, affection, strength, self-discipline, self-motivation, kindness and above all, the abundance of love you had for family are forever etched in our minds. These precious memories and continued love and support of all who knew will help us along our journey, until we meet again. Love you to infinity and back, Kaitlyn, Mark & Anita Kilmartin. (Jordan’s Family) CENSOR THIS

JUNE 18, 2012 7

Remembering Devyn Calderon January 26, 1995 - October 10, 2011 Sadly this year has been a year of loss for KSS and Devyn is among those young, brave people the world now must live without. Devyn was in 12th grade and would have been graduating had he not passed away in January of this year . He was a beloved fellow classmate, son, brother and friend. He will be dearly missed and forever remembered.

Above is a photo of Devyn from 2004 on a roller coaster. “..Regardless of the age, the smile was there and he enjoyed the ride.” -Sherry Calderon

“...Dee’s struggle, battle, and effort do not go unheeded...with profound sadness there is some solace that some benefit is served with this world’s loss. The words below are words Dee wrote in Jully 2011 to inspire others in their moments of despair. Devyn’s strength and will were so strong. His aggressor was stronger.” -- Sherry Calderon

Rollercoaster Above is a photo of a smiling Devyn.

Left: The smile of a brave man

Life is a rollercoaster, I know it’s cliché but it is. But the thing that I don’t get is why are the downs considered to be so bad? On a rollercoaster, the best time is when you get to the top; adrenaline coursing through your veins, and you look down, waiting for the weight of the carriage beneath you to sweep you back to earth. This is the best time on a rollercoaster and yet we consider getting to the bottom in the same category as words like unpleasant and hard. What I am trying to say is that in life you shouldn’t let the downs overwhelm you. You should try to rough it out with a smile on your face. If you do this you will come out better in the end. Take life more literally like a rollercoaster and let the experiences in those downs strengthen you when you get back to the top :) Devyn Calderon - July 2011

8 JUNE 18, 2012


Cody James Hurlburt October 28, 1994 - March 24, 2012



out T b he L A l l A o s ’

Even though he’s gone his memory still remains in our hearts. His smile and face will never fade. We think of him as we go on each day. The good times we remember and the days spent together will be in our memories forever. by Natasha Doucet


JUNE 18, 2012 9

Cancer Another Great

This year’s Cancer fundraiser was another resounding success. More than 70 people shaved their heads and, thus far $26,000 has been collected by our school. In the past 10 years we’ve donated more than $276,000 to the BC Cancer foundation. A big thank you to Fane Triggs, the Rec Leadership class, and the entire KSS community.

May 23-25 2012


Above and below: some students and staff participating in this year’s head shaving. Way to go, guys!

10 JUNE 18, 2012


Photos taken by Renee Berger and Kailee MacIsaac

Grad Sleepover And

d n a

b ir


Tyler-Rae & Josh & Shayle Heathcote Rampone Wiebe

Sleepover photos from Shannon and Kimberly Crane


JUNE 18, 2012 11

The Nerds

AP & Honours Banquet: May 31, 2012 KSS had another event added to the roster this year to celebrate the achievements of its hardworking students with the First Annual AP and Honours Banquet. Once everyone was seated and dinner had been served, the evening began with a speech from Principal Kintzinger and Mr. Strachan and continued with a roast of the honours teachers done by several students. The tables were cleared during dessert for a hypnotist’s show, providing some entertainment for the evening. Overall, the night did not disappoint, even if Mr. Mcconnell and Mr. Strachan did manage to evade being hypnotized. Thank you to all involved in the organization of the event.

Rachel Messenbrink and Alyssa Mossman smile for the camera as they arrive at the banquet.

Naomi Letnick poses for a photo with Aaron Gubeli, a member of the Interact Club, as he works hard directing traffic at Bottega.

Students like Julie Fowlow, Tiara Jacobson, Chelsea Marshall and Kailee MacISAAC took advantage of the Bottega’s beautiful setting for some lovely photos.

Students who volunteered to be hypnotized experience a moment of down-time between dance parties and phone calls to parents. Spencer Dean, Anthony Argatoff and Yong La prepare the musical entertainment for the evening.

12 JUNE 18, 2012


The Jocks

Athletic Banquet: June 7, 2012

Each year, KSS holds a banque t to reward our a thletes for the many hours tha t they have spe nt dedicated to pra ctices and gam es and to celebrate their achievements. The stu dents are able to celebrate their successes as te ams and as individu al athletes. Ma ny graduating stud ents said goodb ye to teams that th ey have trained with since the beginning of h igh school. All the best to those w ho will continue to share their passion for athleti cs with KSS an d the community next year.

Josh Burns, Jo-dee Le Brun and Jordell Habib arrive early to the banquet for a photo-op. 1 1

Kaitlyn Given, Alia McClure and Maya LeGrange enjoy the appetizers from Kelly O’Bryan’s.

Carmell Bornau demonstrates her rugby skills on J.R. Kovacic

Johanna Macheledt and Paddie McDonald of Dance Team pose for a photo with Lucie Eger from the Cheer Team.

Mitch Goodwin, Kevin Eger, Jordan Walker, Ian Feil, Joey Wallick and Ethan Christensen wait for the banquet to begin.

Matt Steen hangs out with Nathan Brown Scott Murray from the football and Mitchell Weir in their matching outfits. team attemps to show off his “muscles”. AP Banquet photos by Naomi Letnick and Kailee MacISSAC and Athletic Banquet photos by Amina Egeh.


JUNE 18, 2012 13

A Fabulous Fashion Show & Semiformal Excitement!

The Grad Fashion show, which took place on January 26th, and the Semiformal, which happened on February 8th, are great events for dressing up fancy and showing off your individual style.

The picutres of the Semiformal on the top left, middle right and bottom right. The pictures on the top right,middle left and bottom left are all taken at the Grad Fashion Show.

14 JUNE 18, 2012



Pictures taken at the Prom Walk, which took place on May 20th.


JUNE 18, 2012 15

Showing Our True Colours at

Dominic Hofmann, Brandon Stafford, Nathan Engene, Brett Reay

Christopher Papke, Emma Walker, Miranda Belliveau, Melissa Scott, Kailee MacIsaac, Grace Lee, Amina Egeh, Chelsea Marshall, Nadine Scott, Claire Wylie, Shane Parent, Rachel Mesenbrink, Madi Finnigan, Arianna Ormrod, Amanda Hait

Selassi Ellom, Holly Brown, Stephanie Zahara

16 JUNE 18, 2012

Shannon Taylor and Sarah Burton

Cole Cripwell, Molly Klymiuk- Turner , Denver Tonkin, Lyndsay Mokonen

Shamylla Van Der Hall-Rose, Scott Murray


Daniela Lopes and Keefer Joyce

the KSS Banquet and Dance

Taylor Little, Mark Fellhauer, Noelie Royant, Max Eisner, Jaimie Drinnan, Wyatt Slattery, Samantha Adams, Cameron Lowen Josee Arpin, Mitch Larue, Andrea White, Alexandra Truit

Jessica Wood, Jordan Rosborough, Alysha Southam, Liam Wallis

Jannice Gering and Grad Date

Miguel Del Moral and Hannah Bende

Emily Stillwell and Jenessa Johnson

Ryan Brinkman and Grad Date


JUNE 18, 2012 17

The Bold & theBeautiful

18 JUNE 18, 2012


The Afterparty Dry Grad was an amazing event full of great food and plenty of entertainment. On the behalf of the grad class of 2012 Censor This! would like to thank all the sponsors that were involved and an extra big thank you to all the parents that put their time and effort into planning, setting up, running and cleaning up Dry Grad. It will be a night that everyone will remember forever.

Students playing beach Volleyball

Left Above: Chelsea Marshal, Kailee MacIsaac, Grace Lee Above Right: Kayln Graves, Amanda Hait, Amina Egeh, Ashley Lemke Below Left: Julie Kim, Shannon Crane Below Right: Hannah Diemert, Jackie Le, Nikka Ragual

Grace Lee and Julie Kim playing DDR

Carlee Vollhoffer, Holly Brown and Spenser Sipe

Students participating in the hypnotist show


JUNE 18, 2012 19

What’s hot today?


According to IMDB

Top Tens of

10. Your Highness 9. Kung Fu Panda 2 8. The Hangover Part Two 7. Transformers: Dark of the Moon 6. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows 5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 4. Cars 2 3. Scream 4 2. Fast Five 1. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides


Iconic According to KSS Grads Sensations X-Men: First Class.10 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.9 The Lorax.8 Transformers: Dark of the Moon.7 The Hangover Part Two .6 Titanic 3D.5 Bridesmaids .4 Avengers .3 Hunger Games .2 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 .1

According to KSS Grads

13. Nyan Cat 12. Minecraft 11. Lolcats 10. Planking 9. Diablo Songs 8. Old Spice According to According to KSS Grads 7. Kony 2012 10. On the Floor, Jennifer Lopez Boyfriend, Justin Bieber .10 6. Angry Birds 9. Pumped Up Kicks, Foster the People Sexy and I Know It, LMFAO .9 8. We Found Love, Rihanna Good Feeling, Flo Rida .8 5. Hipsters 7. Moves Like Jagger, Maroon 5 Party Rock Athem, LMFAO .7 6. Party Rock Anthem, LMFAO Glad You Came, Wanted .6 4. iPads 5. Set Fire to the Rain, Adele Someone Like You, Adele .5 3. Memes 4. Turn Me On, David Guetta Pumped Up Kicks, Foster the People .4 3. What Doesn’t Kill You, Kelly Clarkson Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jepsen .3 2. Tumblr 2. Domino, Jessie J. Somebody That I Used to Know, Gotye .2 1. Yolo 1. Somebody that I Used to Know, Gotye We Are Young, Fun .1

TV Shows

According to IMDB

According to KSS Grads

10. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 9. Fringe 8. Person of Interest 7. How to make it in America 6. Pan Am 5. Sons of Anarchy 4. Boardwalk Empire 3. Beavis and Butt-Head 2. The Walking Dead 1. American Horror Story

20 JUNE 18, 2012

Terra Nova .10 New Girl .9 30 Rock .8 American Horror Story .7 American Idol .6 Family Guy .5 The Walking Dead .4 Glee .3 How I Met Your Mother .2 Big Bang Theory .1


Surviving your first year out by Lauren Boyd

So you’ve made it. You’ve had your first whiff of freedom and probably can’t wait to go and chase it. But now you might also be wondering how am I ever going to survive my first year out of the school? Let’s start by thinking about what school really teaches us. Now you hopefully have some social skills, making friends and not getting into fights, you might have some work experience from job shadows. And if you’re lucky you might have even learned some science or math. So now you are on par with the rest of the population, perhaps a bit more technology savvy, many people would say this is an excellent time to travel. To travel is to gain experience some say and everybody learns from experience. It would be fun to grab a couple of

friends and go backpacking across Canada or the U.S. Roughing it and having fun are great ways to learn some life lessons and get some knowledge for later on in life. Another good suggestion I’ve heard is to always have a plan B. Let’s face it. Life is full of setbacks. It’s just another example of how we really learn in life. But having a plan B is how you’re really going to get the ball rolling. One of the nastiest most awkward spots to be in is when you don’t have anywhere to go or anything to do. You don’t want to end up living in a cardboard box in some smelly alley somewhere, even if that means living with mom and dad. Another place you don’t want to be is that lonely place where you don’t have any friends because you pushed them all out. If you put too

much effort into your college life and forget to have fun or get too boastful and proud you are almost literally boxing yourself in a corner. So in the end, be happy with who you are in the moment. Don’t worry about what you haven’t learned yet because there is always going to be time to learn things. Don’t do more schooling because you feel it’s the thing you should do, do it because you want to. Don’t be proud just yet, in a couple years you will probably be better and you’ll still have some buddies around. Don’t worry about things to come, just live in the moment, and above all don’t let the world or the people in it change you.

Prom Advice

Prom is the event that most students look foward to since they are very young. Here is these grade twelves’ advice for next year’s graduates, regarding this special day. “Nothing. Take it for what it is: the end of your youth. Enjoy even the blisters! Because honestly, who’s going to care if your dress looked like the statue of liberty ten years later?” -Emily Boucher

“Don’t leave suit shopping to the day before prom.” -Blake Birnie “Wear shoes that are comfortable.” -Quinn Bates

“Get together with your friends beforehand, even if it’s just for snacks.” -Merissa Hucul “I wish I had went to dry grad! It sounded like fun!” -Chealeana Godard “Don’t spend too much on anything because you only wear it for a couple hours. You don’t have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks!” -Janele Lajoie

“Don’t stress about it. If you don’t have a date it’s not the end of the world. And don’t go with someone you don’t really like just so you have a date. You have a lot of fun with your friends.” -Holly Brown

“Take your best friend.” -Ryan Antoniuk “Probably to not place such importance on having a date, go with a best friend (which I did) and just enjoy it for what it is not for what it could be.” -Meranda Loyd

“Plan ahead, bring safety pins, and make sure you don’t get hung up on having the most impressive ride/dress/etc. It’s all about having fun and the people you are with!” -Megan Anderson

“Dance with the one who brought you.” -Kolby Tangermann “I wish I would have gotten a real grad dress.” -Shanda Kopp


JUNE 18, 2012 21

KSS Art Spotlight: An interview with Tyler Florence Censor This reporter Michael Roberts recently caught up with one of KSS’s most gifted artists, Tyler Florence. From pen and pencil drawings to digital graphics, his art is both whimsical and beautiful, covering a variety of subjects. On this page are Michael’s interview and a sample of Tyler’s work.

Michael: So, what started your passion for drawing? Tyler: Around when I was 9 years old, I drew a scene from a Garfield comic, and it made my

Grandma's jaw drop. That's how it all started. M: So do you have a defined style of art? What about a favorite piece you've made? T: Not really, no. I like to experiment, and hope to excel in many different styles. As for a favorite, it would likely be a picture I drew of a Prawn, from District 9. M: What do you enjoy about drawing? What keeps you going? T: The fans of my art on the internet are the main thing, I'd say. Also, I just enjoy putting my ideas onto paper, making them a reality. M: Tell us about what you draw. Do you have a preferred subject? T: Not really, as it changes a lot. For a long while, dragons were what I drew most, and I recently started using My Little Pony as a subject, just because it was different. M: Any plans for the future? Are you planning on using your drawing talents in your career? T: Yes, I applied for the Centre for Arts and Technology's Graphic and Web Design program, as I have had a lot of practice in that. M: In closing, any words of advice you want to say for aspiring artists? T: Don't let anyone discourage you. Everyone has their own style, and everyone is allowed to draw what they want.

If you want to see more of Tyler’s artwork, go to

22 JUNE 18, 2012


Above (top): Queen Chrysalis, a changeling. Left: The slender man, a mythical creature. Also a prawn, from the movie district 9. Above left: An crossover of MLP and Sorcerer’s Apprentice, an old Disney movie.

Some of

KSS’s Masterpieces Under George Greedy’s tutelage, KSS art students consistently produce fine quality work. Below is a sample of some of the best grad artwork in this school year.

Lauren Tomlinson • Multi-Media Construction

Courtney Cox • Acrylic on Canvas Nadine Scott • Montage

Melissa Scott • 3 Piece Watercolour

Jordan Sullivan • Acrylic on Canvas


Dallace Johnson • Acrylic on Canvas JUNE 18, 2012 23


Can you match these baby pictures...

... to these recent pictures?

Julie Kim

Jackie Le

What was popular back then?


Julie Fowlow

Stephanie Rahmanian

What is popular now?

“When I was little I wanted to live in a motor home with 42 children.” - Tiara Jacobson


Maroon 5

“I predict one day the world will be ruled by unicorns and there will be rainbows everyday.” - Chelsea Marshall

Boyz II Men Madonna

Celine Dion

Carly Rea Jepsen “I hope that I one day will meet Tom Hiddleston because I loke him.” - Grace Lee

“I had a teddy bear named Binks. I took him everywhere and he was always so dirty.” - Ashley Lemke

Forrest Gump

Lion King “I remember the intense Pokemon trainer that I was, catching all 493 at the time; all the hours that went into that waste less game.” - Aaron Gubeli

24 June 18, 2012


Hunger Games

Hot Wheels “I predict that I will get a degree in four years.” - Alex Crooks

Cars Sega Genesis Censor This

Etch A Sketch


Xbox Censor This

June 18, 2012 25

KSS Students Travel Abroad Battlefields Tour Students on the Battlefields Tour in Europe explored Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele, Juno Beach, and Dieppe as well as spending time in Paris, Brugge, and picturesque Arras. Highlights included visiting the bunker where John McRae wrote In Flanders Fields, running up Juno Beach to re-enact the attack, and canal tours in Paris and Brugge. Students from all three grades participated and had a fantastic time.

26 JUNE 18, 2012


KSS Students Travel Abroad

All photos from the New York Band Trip were done by Blago Hristovski.

“We went to New York. There were buildings. They had people that swore and fleeced you for money and had many strange voices. We came home.” -Spencer Dean


JUNE 18, 2012 27

Changing Gears for Future Years An Interview with Ryan Antoniuk by Janele Lajoie What are your plans for next year? Next year I’m going on a Rotary Youth Exchange trip for 11 months to Gothenburg, Sweden. What influenced you to make this decision? Meeting all of the exchange students last year warmed me up to the thought of going on an exchange, so when the time came I decided to apply. Did you have any other plans for next year before this? What were they? Before my exchange I was planning on studying sciences at UVic. After I got accepted I didn’t bother applying, so that could change. How do your family and friends feel about your decision? Everyone has been very supportive. My family is helping foot the bill as well as help me deal with everything from the application to getting my visas in order. My friends are jealous, but they support me as well. What do you think will be the most significant changes from what you’re used to in Canada? The most obvious change will be the language barrier. I’ve had no time to learn Swedish because of exams, on top of that it’s one of the more difficult languages to learn. I’m essentially going to throw myself into a new language and hope I pick up. They also don’t have very good peanut butter or maple syrup. What are you most excited for? Saunas. Naked saunas. What are you dreading the most? I’m dreading the possibility that I won’t learn much Swedish, or something will happen in Canada while I’m away.

Beautiful city of Gothenburg, Sweden. Picture from

28 JUNE 18, 2012


What/who will you miss the most and how are you planning on dealing with that? My friends are the first thing to come to my mind when I think of things I’ll miss the most. Rotary trained us on dealing with culture shock, and they say the best way to deal with it is to cut off as many ties with Canada as I can and focus on making things work in Sweden. What is something that reminds you of home that will help you while being away? My two good friends Carlee Vollhoffer and Spenser Sipe made me a graduation card which I’m bringing with me to remind me of who I’m leaving behind. What are you hoping to get out of this experience? Aside from a group of new friends across the world, a new language, 11 months of amazing experiences, and hopefully a new family to take me in anytime? Not a whole lot. Do you think it is important to travel at a young age? Being young is the best time for anyone to travel. I find us youths have the right mindset of wanting to meet new people and try new things. We’re excited to just leave somewhere for awhile and see what happens. Once you start going to post-secondary and getting jobs it’s just more things to tie you down to your home and not want to leave, aside from those lame tour-guided planned-out vacations that don’t give you a real taste of your destination.. How do you think this experience will change your life? I’m told from the exchange students I’ve met (both current, former, and my own brother currently in Belgium) that going on an exchange is the best choice they’ve ever made. Apparently, you learn more about yourself than you have in your whole life, and it’s the most fun you could possibly have. If I can get any of that out of this exchange it’ll all be worth it.

Nightlife in the streets. Picture from

Aboriginal Grad Rocks! “Pursue your dreams and take the road less traveled.�

47 Aboriginal Graduates this year!

-Mr. Richard Gautcher

Mrs. Stone introduces her newborn to a group of graduates.

Every year, graduating Aboriginal students from all over the district gather at KSS in celebration of their achievements. Angel Olsen and Micheal Kunzil arrive on the scene.

Stephanie Duran, Kenny Gauthier, and Darilyn Bowden pose for a picture before choosing tables.

A beautiful tipi was set up in the gym, and graduates were able to take photos in front of it.

Cody Turner and Jessica Abbott get seated for dinner.


JUNE 18, 2012 29


Valedictorian of 2012 Carlee Vollhoffer

Carlee Vollhoffer is an arts major who has tended her time at KSS directing, doing photography, and video production. She directed a play last year in play marathon, and is stage-managing two plays this year. She had also been apart of the creation of the film “Acceptance” which was a film about the acceptance of homosexuality in Kelowna. This was accepted in the Geneva Film Conference in Switzerland, that was hosted by the UN. Congratulations! Carlee is the final speaker to celebrate the years past and our journey at KSS. “They say if you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true.” I have dreamed of this day for 12 years---to be in front of our entire graduating class and to be able to bring a close to what are our final days of high school. To be able to say, “We did it! We’re done!” Well, almost. Class of 2012, each of us has shared this dream for most of our lives in one way or another and, tonight, in front of those we hold dear, we are achieving it. We have gone through obstacles as a class, undergoing 2 teacher strikes, being guinea pigs for laptops, changing from linear to semesters in our final year of school, and losing two dear classmates during the process. Today, we celebrate our accomplishments made possible from our 12 years of perseverance. Though we have faced challenges, many more obstacles lie ahead of us. We must face these obstacles while striving for our goals and the accomplishments that we will achieve in our future. “Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one.” Our graduation is the next step to the life we want to live; the life that we get to choose. Each of us has the potential to change lives, to make an impact, to leave our mark upon this world, and to do this, we must dream big. Walt Disney once said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” Part of who we are and who we become is created through the experiences that we have while we are in school. We all came from different places but ended up together. Whether we came from KLO or Dr. Knox, or where ever else we could have come from, we all make up the Grad Class of 2012. We all did our best throughout high school and it paid off for each of us. We’ve all created memories we will never forget. We made amazing friends, enjoyed high school for all it had to offer, and are about to start a new chapter in our lives. This doesn’t mean high school was easy for any of us; we’ve all had those moments when we just wanted to throw out our document based questions and cry. Love you Mr. Stacey. Throughout this past year there have been some great achievements accomplished by our grade 12 students. Our Quadruple A Girls Volleyball Team won the BC Provincial Championships. This is the first time any Okanagan team has ever won this championship and the 1st Quadruple A team to win the Provincial Championship in the history of KSS! Our Grade 12 Jazz Band won a Gold Award in the senior category, and have been invited to compete in the Nationals in Ottawa. Our choir ensembles received many Gold Awards throughout this year, including; the vocal jazz ensemble, the vocal combo, the chamber choir, and both men’s and ladies chamber choirs. Other top achievements this year included top male vocalist, top rhythm section player and top brass soloist. KSS has proven that we have a very diverse student body, with our sports teams, drama productions, music, and choir groups and 2012 has been the best year yet. We, the grads of the class of 2012, are not the only ones preparing to leave KSS. Mr. Pugliese, Mr. Facey, Mr. Vickers, Mrs. Boesten, Mrs. Mitchell, and Mrs. Ewings, are also moving on from their years here at KSS. We wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors and will miss you dearly. As a class we have had many people involved in helping us reach our goals of graduating, and as the class of 2012 we’d like to thank our principal Mrs. Kintzinger and our vice-principals Mr. Steen, Mr. Dornian, and Mrs. Maguire for all of their hard work, dedication, and commitment to our graduating class. We’d also like to thank our faculty, and our administrative staff, and Norm Bradley-Director of Instruction from SD23, Rolli Cachonni- Board Chair from the Board of Education of SD23 and Steve Thomson- Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources operations and MLA- Kelowna Mission for attending our commencement ceremony. And another special thank you to the family and friends that are here today. These people have made it possible, with their guidance, wisdom, and infinite patience, for us to be walking across this stage today. And as Valedictorian, I’d like to thank my grad class for all the wonderful, interesting, and unforgettable memories we have created and shared with one another. “Today’s special moments are tomorrow’s memories” and with everything that we have felt about high school for the past 3 years, it is a bittersweet parting. We will always be connected through our shared experiences and memories. What you will leave high school with are the memories you’ve shared and the friends you will keep. Through the challenges, and all the achievements, the one thing left standing in the end, is the Grad class of 2012. Thank You.

Left: Our valedictorian Carlee Vollhoffer and her friend Quinn Bates at commencements Below: Carlee feeling like a kid on the swings all ready for prom

What made you decide you wanted to be valedictorian? I wanted to be Valedictorian since September. I had asked Mrs. Schmidt on the 5th day of school when applications were. I really wanted to be the final voice of the school, and share my views of the year with everyone. It’s quite the privilege. When I applied I wanted to make sure to present myself in the way I would write my speech. I wanted to be very positive, and all I was in my application was myself. What were your first reactions when you were elected? I screamed when I was elected! I wasn’t actually at school, it was my spare and I was up at Bertram creek filming. I knew they were announcing Valedictorian at the end of school so I was staring at my phone at 3:15, then at the same time I got 9 phone calls and 16 text messages congratulating me and telling that I was picked to be Valedictorian! I was so excited!! Do you have any lasting words for grad class 2012? “Be true to who you are and know that anything is possible.”I know it’s cheesy but it’s true.

30 JUNE 18, 2012


The Final Event Hats off to KSS Grads who walked across the stage and accepted their graduation diplomas and scholarships on Monday, June 11th. Graduating class Valedictorian, Carlee Volhoffer, gave an inspirational speech to her fellow classmates. It was an exciting night for grads to celebrate their accomplishments and look forward to their futures.

Megan Anderson, Emilie Berthiaume and Natasha Grunbaum smile big for our camera. Jesse Harder and Lex Hill Showing off their Jedi skills before the ceremonies

Christian Chernoff, Ethan Christensen, Cole Chasca and Samuel Hall lining up to begin the ceremonies.

Julie Kim poses for our photographer

Taylor Little, Alysha Southam and Lauren Tomlinson hanging out outside preparing for the big event

Kayln Graves, Arianna Ormrod, Kailee MacISAAC, Amina Egeh, Olivia Ratz, Brianna Wagner, Aaron Gubeli and Alex Crooks throw their hats in City Park


JUNE 18, 2012 31

Congratulations and best wishes to the Graduates of 2012

And all those to come

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