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The Versatile World of Folding Cartons Differentiate your brand’s packaging and stand out on the shelf

Dear reader, The global folding carton market is on the rise. According to recent studies by Smithers, the total value is expected to reach more than $160 billion by 2026. As companies search for cost-effective, eco-friendly packaging options to satisfy growing consumer awareness of the environment, folding cartons offer a range of solutions. Folding cartons are 100% recyclable and can be made from recycled materials while still giving brands a multitude of customization options to make a statement. In these pages, we seek to inform you about the key trends and drivers of the folding carton industry, and keep you up to date on the challenges and opportunities that have arisen. We’ll also show you how we can help guide your folding carton project from initial idea to final completion — ensuring that your design vision is executed flawlessly and that every step of the project is considered for the most amazing results possible. You’ll also find an overview of the various types of folding cartons that we can offer you, highlighting their unique characteristics and benefits, and explore customer success stories from around the world. Take inspiration from the innovative solutions that have been successfully implemented in different markets. We are excited to share our knowledge and experience with you so that you can maximize your brand’s success with visually appealing, functional packaging that brings your product positioning to life. Find out how folding cartons can help your brand stand out on the crowded retail shelves. The MCC Team

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Why Choose Folding Cartons?


The All-In-One Packaging Solution


The Folding Carton Customer Journey


Folding Carton Types


Top Five Benefits of Folding Cartons


Customer Success Stories

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Why Choose Folding Cartons?

Maximizing Shelf Impact

From national brands to new brands introductions and private labels, competing in today’s retail environment has never been tougher. To stand out, packaging not only needs to be eye-catching but also give brand’s the space to share the vital product information that consumers are looking for. Read on to find out how folding cartons can meet these needs and more.

Versatile packaging that brings your product positioning to life According to a mass merchant study conducted by Point of Purchase Advertising International, about 82% of purchase decisions are made at the shelf. With the ability to adapt to different product types and applications, folding cartons are the ideal point-ofpurchase display to make connections with consumers and differentiate your packaging. Brand success is in the details If the shelf impact of your folding carton or paperboard packaging goes unnoticed, you miss a key sales opportunity. On the other hand, well-designed folding cartons increase sales and repeat purchases through cost-effective branding. MCC, through its folding carton product line, specializes in developing innovative packaging solutions that can help you win at the shelf: • Enhanced brand graphics that bring new life to an existing product line • Dramatic visual impact with special effects like embossing and debossing • Digital print options for prototyping and short-run commercial launches for test marketing • Speed-to-market strategies that allow cost-effective SKU development • Integrated on- and in-pack security and promotional labels, coupons, and premiums for consumer engagement • Improved production efficiencies and reduced costs • Recyclable packaging materials


Expert Interview

The All-In-One Packaging Solution Launching a new product or continuing to drum up excitement for an existing product is both engaging and challenging. A well-designed label and product packaging can be the key to market success. With teams of experts who have strategic expertise and extensive knowledge of local markets, MCC is here to help guide our customers through each step of the process. Jon Botting and John Tuset are two MCC marketing and packaging experts with over 60 years of combined experience. They talk with us about the folding carton market today and the unique benefits folding cartons offer brands.

John Tuset, Business Development Manager Personal Care, Folding Cartons at MCC

There are many things to consider to properly produce and position a product and its package. We have found that getting involved early, asking the right questions, and presenting the best options ensures your project is executed successfully, on time, and exceeds your expectations.

What trends do you see right now in the folding carton space? Has this changed over time? JT: Today, we’re seeing more brands place emphasis on matching the brand look, touch, and feel throughout the customer lifecycle. This means ensuring a consistent brand identity from the box on the shelf all the way through to the end-use label. It’s important that everything is aligned for continuous brand exposure and customer recognition. JB: We also see more brands focusing on the experience of opening the carton — finding ways to make that exciting for the customer as well as ensuring that it fits the brand identity. Why would a brand choose a folding carton style of packaging? JT: Folding cartons give products that “premium effect” that appeals to customers. It also provides strength


to secure the product better and gives brands more marketing real estate to work with. JB: Major brands in all markets are re-thinking plastic and considering the benefits of folding carton paperboard, which can be recycled. For example, folding cartons can often be a good alternative to the plastic clam shells commonly used in deli and bakery packaging. When are folding cartons a good fit? JT: Anytime shelf appeal is required, the premium qualities of a product need to be conveyed, or extra security is needed. JB: When sustainability or costs are a concern, folding cartons are a cost-effective and sustainable option for packaging your product. They are also incredibly versatile with the ability to adapt to different product types, applications, shapes, and sizes. How are folding cartons usually printed? JB: MCC prints cartons using multiple processes: either sheetfed offset or web-fed flexographic processes.

Jon Botting, Vice President of Folding Carton Operations at MCC

What special embellishments can brand owners add to folding cartons? JT: Virtually every embellishment that can be applied to labels can also be applied to cartons, including metallic inks, molten foils, highbuilds, hot stamp foils, screen applied raised UV, and more. Smart labels are also becoming increasingly popular. Compared to labels, are there special challenges in printing and converting folding cartons? JT: There are really none to speak of. If we can print it on a label, we can print it on a carton. Does MCC offer eco-friendly and sustainable folding carton solutions? JT: Yes, MCC is a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) member, and as such, can use FSC-certified materials for any project. FSC is a certification program that ensures paper or wood products come from recycled or sustainable sources.

JB: Yes, all paper board is 100% recyclable. How does MCC support companies with their production needs? JB: MCC has many printing facilities around the world with both wide-format and high-speed flexographic capabilities and can support volumes ranging from a few thousand into the millions. Are there any cost savings associated with folding cartons? JT: It depends on the application. If you are going from corrugated packaging to folding carton material, there are definite savings. Are there limitations to certain substrates with folding cartons? JB: Our current ideal stock ranges from 8 pt tag material up to 32 pt board stock.


Project Support

The Folding Carton Customer Journey Step 1: The folding carton project checklist Drawing on our years of experience, MCC has developed a proven roadmap to ensure your folding carton project is a success. It all starts with asking the right questions to understand your vision and goals.

Below is a list of questions to consider before your next project:

What market segment(s) do you serve? What do you want to pack in folding cartons? Are you looking for any specific folding carton type? What is the anticipated quantity of folding cartons to print? What is the anticipated frequency of orders for your folding cartons? What technical details are important for your folding cartons? What are your print specifics? For example: What material do you want to use? What possible embellishments would you like to add? Would it be helpful to get folding carton prototypes rather than paying for an original print trial (to save time and costs)?

Step 2: Coordinated tech support from conception to completion After we have established your goals and what you’re looking for, MCC’s experienced design services team and manufacturing staff provide the technical support and guidance needed to address a multitude of folding carton specifications and design requirements. With a wealth of insight and experience into the specific packaging challenges that can occur across


many markets, we use our knowledge to help you build and grow your brand and elevate your shelf presence. You can also rest assured of the quality, because all MCC folding cartons are Graphic Measures International Certified (GMI). GMI is a global leader in packaging quality services. They certify, monitor, and measure the performance

of designated packaging suppliers, a process that holds them accountable to established brand owner standards. Once we identify the folding carton type that best suits your specific product and market, here’s the development process you can expect for a folding carton order — starting with the carton design all the way through to the final proof process. Proofing: If it has a die: 1. Folding carton construction sample is sent to customer for approval 2. Die-line (DXF die file) provided to customer for artwork

3. 4. 5.

If it 1. 2. 3.

Customer provides artwork to MCC MCC provides a PDF file for preliminary approval MCC then provides a final color proof and ink proofs for approval does not have a die: Customer provides artwork to MCC MCC provides a PDF file for preliminary approval MCC then provides a final color proof and ink proofs for approval

Lead time on folding cartons: General lead time is three to five weeks from proof approval.

Step 3: Get samples made before ordering After the artwork and above selections have been made, the MCC team will make a proof. Our advanced printing capabilities allow us to incorporate every custom feature you select into your folding carton and

label design sample so that you can visualize it as a final product. We bring your design to life early in the design process to give you peace of mind in design decisions and execution.

Have questions we didn’t address here? Get in touch with one of our experts at


Folding Carton Types

Spoiler: We Do More Than Just Cartons MCC has a wide range of folding carton options to help you stand out. Choose from our full lineup of substrates, including ten bending chip and Clay Coated News Back (CCNB) options. MCC is also a proud member of the Forest Stewardship Council, and as such, can create folding cartons using FSC-certified materials. The FSC tree logo has become a familiar reassurance to users and consumers worldwide signaling the sustainability of a paper and/or wood product. In addition to traditional folding cartons, MCC can also assist with the following non-corrugated products: • Frozen pizza boxes • Quick service restaurant drink holders • Food packaging • 4, 6, 12, and 18-pack can holders • Point-of-purchase display product holders • Sleeve wraps • Hangers and neckers • Tags • Windowing

And more — just tell us what you need to create!


Top Five Benefits of MCC Folding Cartons 1

Brand consistency: Attention to detail Building a solid brand takes consistency. That means ensuring communication and positioning are aligned with the unique elements of your brand’s identity for instant customer recognition. When producing folding cartons, MCC maintains the visual identity of your brand by keeping the graphic and visual elements cohesive, paying particular attention to your brand color. The way your colors appear on the shelf greatly contributes to consumer recognition of your brand and products. You can rest assured that your folding cartons will have the exact tones and the same look and feel as the label or bottle of your product inside.


One-stop-shop: All your packaging solutions in one place Incorporating multiple packaging solutions into one product is a great way to increase brand visibility and gain the shelf appeal needed to succeed. At MCC, we have an array of solutions under one roof. Consider including a pressure sensitive label to your folding carton or perhaps a shrink sleeve to the product inside to make it truly premium. Whatever your vision, we can execute it. We’ll also manage the art files for both the label and carton so that you can rest assured that everything will match perfectly.


Benefits of Folding Cartons


Embellishments: The most innovative decorative capabilities in the industry Embellishments can offer that luxurious and interesting touch needed to distinguish your brand. There are many standard embellishments, such as the use of foil or embossing and debossing, that can help you achieve a timeless and elegant look. Or go for more cutting-edge embellishments, such as alternative substrates, specialized inks, or a mix of materials that push the boundaries of design and innovation. MCC offers a wide range of “special effects” you can add to your folding cartons, including: • • • • • • • • • • •


Finishing: Shaping customer impressions

When it comes to catching eyes in-store and on the shelf, the form and function of folding carton shapes can build brand preference while increasing utility. Combined with packaging functionality and brand graphics, shape helps create familiarity that elevates your product. Our custom design and folding carton engineering capabilities help put your brand center stage. We have the ability and experience to support cost-effective and creative design concepts for various product applications across a wide array of market applications, including: • Single-serve fast food, convenience store applications, and deli cartons • Frozen food and retail packaging • Multi-use designs that use the carton for both distribution protection and retail promotion • Cartons that serve as an effective point-of-purchase display


Registered hot stamping Tactile and specialty varnishes Customized prismatic UV varnishes Foil boards of various colors and design patterns Molten foil lenticular Specialty inks Scents Embossing and debossing Die cutting and forming Unique materials or multiple films for textured touches Window capabilities, including unique shapes and designs to showcase your product


Customization: Making it your own

MCC is a niche label and folding cartons provider, meaning we design and construct each project to suit each customer’s needs. We would be happy to design a folding carton specific to you and your application. Whatever your specific design requirements call for; we’ll work with you to provide solutions. Customizations include: • Carton size Folding cartons come in various shapes and sizes. We can design and engineer a solution customized to your specific needs and the markets you serve, such as food, beverage, healthcare, personal care, home care, and consumer goods, as well as specialty applications for nutraceutical, cosmetic, and promotional products.

• Scented cartons Scented products come with the added challenge of the consumer opening the product in-store to smell or test it, leaving the brand owner with unsellable products. Folding cartons with scented elements are a perfect solution, ensuring products stay unopened while still allowing the consumer to engage directly with your product. This function also offers an additional opportunity to differentiate your product from your competitors by appealing to another one of the customer’s senses. MCC has access to a large variety of both off-the-shelf scents and custom scents that can be mixed to achieve the exact smell you’re looking for. MCC also has the capability to take a specific scent from a brand owner and encapsulate it for printing application.


Customer Succes Stories

A Solution for all Markets: Unique & Inspiring Cases BEVERAGE

Multipacks for convenience and portability HEALTHCARE

Creative designs that are up to standard MCC serves the healthcare market with folding cartons that meet both unique design requirements and the quality and production lot control standards of the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Our packaging experts welcome the opportunity to review your packaging requirements and support your product design challenges through our production capabilities.

MCC supplies folding cartons to the beverage market as well, supporting various market applications, including cold, shelf-ready, and dry goods packaging. From high-volume to short-run, we understand the market applications and can provide insight into the correct materials and design requirements to meet your project needs.


A touch of luxury you can feel Personal care and cosmetic products demand high-quality print design and execution to drive dramatic visual impact and create product differentiation at the shelf level. MCC has a wide array of specialty capabilities to give your product the quality look and feel it needs. Bring us your unique design requirements, and we’ll deliver the impact you’re after.


Improving functionality at every touch point HOME CARE

Convenience and single-serve food packaging is a growing and vibrant market. MCC has the expertise and proven experience within this segment to support both standard and custom carton designs for a wide range of single-serve food applications. Next to this, we also have experience with frozen, shelf-ready, and dry food packaging.


Transforming household products by adding just that little bit more! It was an unusual year for all industries in 2020 due to the pandemic, and the home care sector was one that saw rapid growth. With more brands moving into this segment, standing out on the shelf is even more important now, as well as adding value to products, whether that’s through premium inks or perhaps adding extra security with a folding carton. Whatever your product needs to gain that extra edge above the competitors, MCC is here to help. Share your application ideas with us, and we’ll develop designs to support your product requirements.

A Recycled Neck-Hanger for Coca-Cola’s First-Of-Its-Kind Paper Bottle Coca-Cola Europe | MCC Lucca (Italy) Coca-Cola has taken a big step towards a long-term solution to the world’s growing plastic problem. In alignment with their 2030 goal of producing zero waste, they collaborated with The Paper Bottle Company to create the first-ever paper bottle prototype. In summer 2021, they ran a 2,000 bottle market experiment in Hungary for their plant-based beverage AdeZ. The paper bottle had a plastic lid and a thin plastic lining to protect the product as the companies worked together to innovate a completely zero-plastic solution. The challenge: finding the perfect fit Coca-Cola teamed up with MCC Italy to create a folding carton neck-hanger for this exciting trial. The neckhanger features a QR code that directs consumers to additional information about the product — a great way to increase consumer engagement. The trick was creating a hanger that would be able to fit the bottle’s unique shape while being strong enough to withstand a hand application. Not to mention, the hanger would need to be as environmentally conscious as the bottle. The solution: recycled folding carton neck hangers MCC created six preliminary mockup designs to meet Coca-Cola’s needs. The designs were printed on three 100% recycled papers, all with different grammages. Coca-Cola chose the version that they thought would best convey a “natural” feeling to customers. Using a sixpronged insertion hole system, the MCC team was able to create a hanger that fits securely to the bottleneck while still being easy to apply. What’s more, the folding carton was printed on both sides with a low-energy consumption UV LED printer using lowmigration ink, an extra step to ensure the most sustainable production possible. The result: a sustainable hanger for an innovative bottle Through careful material research and design, MCC was happy to produce an aesthetically and tactilely appealing hanger to match Coca-Cola’s groundbreaking bottle.

MCC has been proactive in finding a sustainable solution and bringing a fully recycled product to market.” Daphne Ronat, Packaging Engineer at Coca-Cola.


Healthcare: Success Story

Folding Carton Worthy of Dechra’s Top Product Dechra Veterinary Products | MCC Pemulwuy (Australia) Dechra is a global specialist veterinary pharmaceuticals and related products business. Their expertise is in the development, manufacture, and sales and marketing of high-quality products exclusively. One of the products in Dechra’s portfolio, Apex Benazepril Solution, is used for the treatment of heart failure in dogs and chronic kidney disease in cats and dogs. It is the only Benazepril solution available to consumers globally. This important product requires packaging that conveys clear and direct information to pet owners. Dechra collaborated with MCC Pemulwuy (Australia) to determine a folding carton is the most effective way to display the Apex Benazepril Solution product information. A folding carton provides Dechra a clean and professional presentation for their Apex Benazepril Solution. “We tried offset printing in the past with different suppliers and were unable to achieve the consistency in colors that MCC has provided”, mentioned Nathan Smith, Product and Category Manager at Dechra. The Apex Benazepril Solution folding carton is digitally printed, using standard and designer inks approved by Dechra, utilizing a 7 color ink strategy. It is die cut


Having MCC on standby to guide us through the artwork process was priceless. It really made the printing process as seamless as possible. MCC was very professional throughout and happy to support and answer any questions that we had.” Nathan Smith, Product and Category Manager at Dechra

to shape on the BOBST die cutter before being folded and glued on the Heidelberg Glue line. This was a seamless project from start to finish thanks to the teamwork between Dechra and MCC Pemulwuy (Australia). The folding carton went from artwork to print in a very short time frame, ending with a phenomenal final result.

Thicker Cartons for Premium Shelf Appeal Farouk Systems, Inc. | MCC Oak Creek, Wisconsin (USA) Farouk Systems, Inc. is a Houston-based company of hairdressers for hairdressers, known for manufacturing high-quality professional hair care products for some industry-leading brands. Their mission is to provide the professional beauty industry with the most advanced American technology based upon “Environment, Education, and Innovation.” Thinking out of the bag Farouk turned to MCC for support with creating exclusive packaging for its CHI brand Moisture Therapy Shampoo and Thermal Protective Treatment “Liter Duo” to be sold in retail stores. In the past, this promotion was packaged in a PVC bag, but this time they wanted to save on lead times and costs, so they decided to give folding cartons a try. Given the highly competitive nature of the personal care and beauty space, Farouk knew they needed attractive packaging that would position their product above the rest and make customers notice it on the shelf. MCC had previously created labels for Farouk, so they trusted us to develop the correct appearance and structural design in line with their product requirements for this folding carton project.

Finding a material up to the test As with every project, there were some challenges that called for innovative solutions. The main one for Farouk was in finding the right material that would support the weight of their products. The project was designed to be printed on 28 pt board Solid Bleached Sulphate, but that product was not immediately available, so we needed to look for another option. The MCC team saved the day with an alternative construction — they suggested using a 16 pt board Solid Bleached Sulphate in addition to a 16 pt insert to add strength to the box.

We achieved shorter lead-times and lower prices, which meant our customers received their orders on time, and we stayed within our budget. MCC exceed our expectations with their quick problem solving and great communication throughout the process.” Vivian Phillips, Purchasing Manager at Farouk Systems, Inc.


Personal Care: ??? Success Story

Perfect Matching Label and Carton for Wild Bee Natural Life™ | MCC Victoria (Australia)


Wild Bee by Natural Life is a new skin care range that was developed and launched just as COVID-19 hit in early 2020. It is sold throughout retail stores in Australia and exported into Vietnam, Hong Kong, China and the United Arab Emirates. The launch of their product into other countries speaks to the success of the brand. Saving the bees Antony Adare, Director of Natural Life, has been selling bee products around the world for 25 years, while being a beekeeper for 12 of them. His great knowledge, passion and devotion for protecting bees has fuelled him to partner with the Save the Bees Australia, a foundation that aims to empower others to create change in the beekeeping community. He donates 5% of profits from the Wild Bee skincare range for community education and advocacy for Australian native bees and European honeybees. Premium packaging Packaging is the key distinction for any new product being released in the market, as it’s the first thing consumers will see. The Natural Life team drew inspiration from the overall brand message along with the natural ingredients used in the skincare to create the beautiful, elegant package design.

The MCC Victoria team brought their vision to life with a pressure sensitive label combined with a folding carton for their Wild Bee Nourishing Face Cream product. The two solutions showcase brand consistency across the entire skin care line of products. Emphasis on the folding carton The Wild Bee Nourishing Face Cream folding carton needed to ‘wow’ consumers. Through several rounds of technical testing and collaboration with the Natural Life team, the MCC Victoria label experts developed the perfect premium solution. They produced a folding carton with a linen grain board which has a subtle embossed, cross thatched textured finish that resembles woven line fabric, making it classic and luxurious while giving it an upscale look and finish. Successful results A meaningful message inspired the design for the attractive, tasteful packaging for the Wild Bee Nourishing Face Cream. Positive after positive reviews are coming from consumers and retailers about the product and its packaging. This is a direct result of the passion exhibited by the Natural Life team. MCC Victoria displayed its ability to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ by providing a pressure sensitive label and a folding carton with the same consistent branding on the inside and outside of the package.

MCC’s level of professionalism is extremely comforting. Knowing that they have your best interests at heart provides a level of comfort considering the investment involved. They always deliver a great product, and they never disappoint.” Antony Adare, Director at Natural LifeTM


Home Care: Success Story

Folding Cartons Were The Missing Piece for Truly Free Truly Free | MCC Batavia, Ohio (USA)

Truly Free, a cleaning brand that prides itself on reducing family’s exposure to dangerous chemicals, started out only selling direct to consumer online. In 2020, their sales skyrocketed, leading them to make the move into the retail stores. Before they could launch into retail stores, they needed to add the missing piece: a folding carton. Standing out MCC’s label experts educated the Truly Free team on folding cartons, from the multiple benefits to the technical aspects of this label solution. They learned folding cartons serve as an effective point-ofpurchase display that enable brands to shine during the consumer’s first moment of truth. This visually appealing and functional packaging is exactly what Truly Free needed to make that jump into retail chains.


Short deadline Truly Free needed the folding cartons fast. With a short timeline of three weeks, the MCC Oak Creek team got to work. During this time, they sent prototypes to Truly Free so they could have a better understanding of what the packaging would look like and make any changes needed. MCC Oak Creek was able to meet their tight deadline, even with enough time for press proofs. Truly Free could now launch in retail stores. Digital label In addition to the folding cartons, MCC produced one of their soap SKUs with the need to match an existing color for a separate retail launch. This project also had a quick deadline and MCC Dallas was able to deliver on time for Truly Free. With the success of both product launches, we are going to continue working with Truly Free on their other soap SKUs. The focus will be on selecting the right pantones to obtain color consistency across all products.


Food: Success Story

Farmhouse Meets Luxury: A Sleek Folding Carton Box for Traditional Treats Shelduck Farm | MCC Victoria (Australia) “Self-contained luxury accommodation and food experiences” are the name of the game for Shelduck Farm in Meander Valley, Tasmania. Shelduck Farm came to life in 2018 when owners Sally and Rob McCreath moved from Queensland, Australia to a stunning block of land in Tasmania’s Western Tiers. They were looking to create a place where people could immerse themselves in a farm experience, beautiful pastures, and fabulous food.

Shelduck Farm has quickly become known for its grassfed beef and award-winning baked goods, particularly their traditional farmhouse oatcakes which are handmade by Sally using Tasmanian and Australian ingredients. The savory biscuits/crackers are sold online and in stores across Tasmania. Shelduck Farm previously used a generic carton with an applied label for their prized product, but they decided it was time to take things to the next level and enlisted MCC Victoria for help. The challenge: a folding carton box with a natural feel and window cut out Shelduck Farm needed a small volume of folding carton that would be strong enough for their hearty biscuits / crackers. The packaging also needed to have a window cut out section on the front to give customers a glimpse of the product. Last but not least, it was also important to achieve an organic look and feel to match the natural, homespun ethos of the brand.

The samples have arrived, and I love them. They look really good, and the colors are great. I’m doing a little jig around the kitchen! I can’t wait to get them out onto shelves.” Sally McCreath, Owner, Shelduck Farm


The solution: recycled board with a matte finish Initial mockups and designs were created by the Australian packaging design agency Birdstone Collective. MCC Victoria then sourced 100% recycled board and supplied initial blank carton mockups for approval. Once sizing was approved, MCC Victoria printed machine proofs for color approval. After the mockup process was complete, the cartons were printed on an HP30000 digital carton press and finished with a matte varnish to complement the recycled board and to give the carton a more classic and rustic appearance. Finally, the cartons were died cut, glued, and finished to create the unique window cut out. The results: self-contained luxury in a box.

La Colombe Adopts Folding Cartons to Go Larger Format La Colombe Coffee Roasters | MCC Batavia, Ohio (USA) La Colombe Draft Latte was invented in 2016 as a packaged good. The brand has been sold as a single serve 9 ounce offering over five years throughout the United States in stores such as Whole Foods, Target and Walmart. It was in 2020 when the brand had the opportunity to go larger format into the wholesalers. To take Draft Latte into Costco was something they couldn’t miss, so they needed a 12pack solution that was prominent in store. A new sales channel needs a new type of packaging When selling in the club channel, you don’t get a lot of selling space, it really is just a pallet of products. So it was important for the brand that the primary side of the folding carton stand out and look super premium when in a palletized form. To do so, they were looking for a high-quality gloss finish and to get taste appeal from the photo displayed on the carton. For the printing of the folding carton, La Colombe chose MCC. Working together in the past, they knew all of their available capabilities such as a variety of gloss and different kinds of finishes, exactly what they were looking for. It was a challenge to get the folding carton exactly right, but after technical advice from the MCC team and several testings and learnings all issues were resolved. Recently, the brand removed the plastic lid from the individual packaging, which meant that it was necessary to change the structure of the carton,

another challenge that resulted in a great evolution to keep up with the brand. The brand is delighted that the folding carton solution has performed well and driven demand for Costco. Successful results reflected in growth What once started in one region of Costco has now grown to many, which shows its success. Having this type of clear and easy-to-transport cardboard has been a great asset for the brand when sharing the proposition with new buyers in new regions, as it makes it clear how eye-catching it is for the consumer on the floor.

MCC’s greatest support was that they really were working closely with us to make sure that the size was exactly right and that the finishes were exactly right. I think it really does help lend to the end quality of the product. Choosing MCC was not a difficult decision for us and we have been really happy with the quality. Jacob Lake, Senior Director of Brand Strategy at La Colombe Coffee Roasters


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Learn, from the experts They can guide you step by step through your folding carton project


Discover the possibilities to maximize your brand’s presence on shelf


Ensure consistency across all your packaging elements

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