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Give your Bottle a Premium Look with Resin


I am proud to present our most premium label solution for your wine or spirits bottle. The Resin label will enhance your brand and makes it stand out on the shelf.” David Buse, Global COO Wine & Spirits at MCC


Meet Resin, our Unique “Not Just a Label” Label Grow your sales by standing out on the shelf


Imagine a very sophisticated wax seal, able to be made in different sizes, colors and formats. That’s our unique Resin label. Use your creativity and imagination, and anything is possible. Resin provides an opportunity to enhance and add value to your packaging.

What is Resin? Resin is an ultra-high tactile coating, produced using a patented process to deliver 3D. Compare several Resin labels and they may all look completely different. Color, size and thickness is customizable. If you have interest in a Resin label, we can show you over 20 different shapes, sizes and types to be inspired, as this label is so versatile. All types are self-adhesive and can come with hot foil and embossing. We currently offer five different types of Resin for your wine or spirits bottle:

Seals Enhance your packaging with a self-adhesive seal. It is the solution to create a premium look-and-feel to your bottle of wine, spirits, cognac, oil, vinegar, or any other type of packaging. As this is not a one-size-fits-all solution, we offer many possibilities of shape, size and finishing material, all to help personalize your brand.


Ribbons Add prestigious value to your packaging with a self-adhesive Resin ribbon. A perforation can also be applied to the ribbon, if your bottle requires warranty closure.

Partial Resin label If you want to highlight a certain element of your label, you can choose to finish off with Resin. The self-adhesive label will first be printed offset, digitally, or by silkscreen. Foil and embossing can be added after. And finally, details of Resin will be the finishing touch to your premium bottle. Both automatic and manual application are possible.


Separated letters The minimum width of a Resin label is 2mm, which allows us to reproduce very thin shapes, logos and texts. The separated or shaped Resin is coated on a pressure sensitive label. There is a clear application tape positioned on the upper front of the label itself.

Full Resin label The word speaks for itself – this selfadhesive label is fully covered with Resin. Foil and embossing can also be added if desired. To create a 3D ‘dome’ effect, it is possible to cover the label with a transparent Resin layer.

Transparent Resin for cost savings Ever had the vision of a custom molded glass bottle? Our transparent Resin label on a bottle is a cost effective solution that mimics the look. This alternative is much cheaper than the cost of a real custom molded bottle. In addition, you won’t see a difference on the shelf. It looks like the Resin is part of the bottle.


The Process The label is printed and produced like a normal selfadhesive label, but with an extra, and much more manual, process.

way, you don’t have to worry about the appearance of your labels. This reduces quality complaints on the final label to zero.

A patented process The process starts with die-cutting. The precision of the plotter is very important to ensure a qualified Resin label. After die-cutting, the label gets screen printed. It is also possible to print the Resin label digitally. In this case, the die-cutting happens after the printing process. After this stage, we can start adding value to the label in the form of hot foil and embossing. The label is fully prepared to add Resin up to your choice. Now the label needs to dry for approximately 10-20 hours (depending on the amount of Resin).

Small, medium and high volumes Unique on the market is that we are able to put the Resin labels on a reel (except for separated letters). This gives you the opportunity to apply the labels automatically to the bottle. This way, you can easily order high volumes.

100% quality control This is where the manual process takes over. Our labels go through a 100% quality control check. Every single Resin label must pass to get to this final stage. This

Resin labels on a reel 8

In-house experience The production process happens in an optimal environment. We have the best printing technologies available and the most accurate computerized plotter cut. We are able to print offset and high-resolution digitally for customized labels. The silk-screen printing is enriched with new and modern machines for making hot foil and embossing finishing. We are the global leader on producing high-quality Resin labels.

How to Apply? Thanks to our patented innovation, Resin labels can be delivered on a reel for automatic application. This means that the application method is exactly the same as other self-adhesive labels. Your standard labeling working stations will do the trick. If it is the first time, you will need to check some small settings on your machine sensor and beak. Our team of engineers is available to support you through every step of the application process, and can be on-site if needed.

Our dedicated team at the Resin plant will help you with all your graphic design needs. We will make sure your label design is the best solution for your brand.” Roberto Pagani, Director Resin plant at MCC

The Service Our Resin label is unique on the market. Besides the product, we are also providing you with our worldclass service. A local label production using global resources, that’s our winning approach. Design service Our dedicated team on the Resin site will help you with all your graphic design needs. This team is available for creating and proposing solutions, as well as supporting agencies in their developments. We will make sure your label design is the best solution for your brand.

Rapid prototyping This premium label is not just an overnight decision. We aim to provide you the best Resin solution possible. To give better understanding to the design and the technical feasibility, we can make a mockup within a couple of days. The prototype replicates the final Resin label in the same shape, material, and finishing. For all markets, everywhere Yearly, we produce around 50 million Resin labels for customers all over the world. We have safe and complete shipping solutions to every continent.



Verga Heart: When a Limited Edition Becomes a Fixed Value Partial Resin label finished off with gold foil ‘Casa Vinicola Natale Verga’ represents one of the largest bottlers in Northern Italy. We are supplying labels since 2016 with a constant growth trend ever since.

For the love of Resin In 2017, one of the bottler’s most important European importers had a very specific question for a limited edition: a bottle that represents love. The bigger the heart, the better. Natale Verga had already seen several of our Resin labels, and knew that this would meet the importers’ expectations. Transparent Resin for 3D effect We developed love on a bottle with a big red Resin heart. In cooperation with the bottler, our design team created a partial Resin Label, finished off with gold

foil. The cherry on top is the transparent Resin coat on the small heart, to create a 3D ‘dome’ effect. Our technical team came over to support the first application. By adjusting some settings and providing technical advice, the application went without issues. Spread the love - global distribution This limited edition was such a large success, that it has now become a fixed value in Natale Verga’s offer. What started as a European request, has now been extended to China and the United States as well.

I feel very lucky to work with a client like Verga. They immediately understood the added value of a Resin label on a bottle. I strongly believe that customer satisfaction is the best result a salesman can achieve. Being a witness of this success made me very happy.” Daniele Zanatta, Account Manager at MCC


Accolade Wine’s Premium Brands Deserve Premium Labels


Kumala Resin seal, Finished Off with Gold Foil After previous success stories, Accolade Wines (UK) worked with us on three of their premium offers: Hardys, Kumala and Grant Burge. For these premium wines, the bar needed to be raised to a higher level: the Resin label. Automatic application at high lines speeds Accolade Wines is the number one wine company by value in the UK. “The Resin label mimics a wax seal and can be applied through an automatic label applicator at very high lines speeds. Eliminating the need and cost to apply through manual handling.” says Packaging Development Manager, Anita Patel. Hardys kicked off the use of Resin label. The printing, testing and application process took six months from start to finish. Our engineering team travelled over from Italy to make sure everything was set up correctly. The machines managed to apply the labels. Initially it ran 18k bottles an hour, which has now further developed to 26k bottles an hour. This is an incredible achievement. A second and third brand decorated with Resin The second brand in line for the Resin label was Kumala. This brand is already known for their innovative labels, created by MCC. As the testing and application process happened before, everything went as planned. Accolade Wines has now launched the Resin label for Grand Burge. Again, one of their premium brands.

The Resin label provides a premium look-and-feel, which provides a point of differentiation.”

Anita Patel, Packaging Development Manager at Accolade Wines


New Bottle Decoration for Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey Jim Beam bourbon whiskey deserves a premium label look. Supremia, a leading premiums and promotional packaging specialist, had a vision to develop a dimensional label. We recreated the iconic wax seal badge that states the bourbon’s authenticity. The goal was to create a 3D effect beyond the capability of a conventional label that could stand up to the rigor faced in transit.

Triple check We needed to check 3 boxes of criteria to create the Jim Beam Resin label: 1. Color standards: The label needed to meet rigid brand color standards, which was no problem. The Resin label can be produced in all colors possible. We only need a color reference or sample from the customer.

MCC’s unique raised resign technology proved to be an outstanding replacement for older technology that was currently being used on the bottling lines. The look and feel and the resign rosette label on the bottle was a great choice while providing no disruption in the bottle application process.”

2. Automatic application: The label needed to be applicable on auto bottling lines. We produced the Jim Beam labels on a reel to foresee automatic application. 3. Environment: last but not least, the label needed to pass several environmental adhesion challenges, which was a success. Rapid prototyping for trial Our plant in Italy digitally printed trial labels to qualify for use on bourbon bottles. We produce a prototype the exact same way as the final label: same material, color, shape and thickness. After approval, the labels were printed and applied to the bottles. It was a successful replica of the original badge.

Chris Calomino, Account Director at Supremia

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This Resin special is focused on the Wine and Spirit’s market. It is a compilation of what we accomplish for and together with our customers. It covers international success stories as well as information about this innovation and unique services we offer. We love to share our knowledge and experiences to help meeting our customers’ needs and supporting their business growth! Share yours? Mail Copyright © by MCC. All rights reserved. The content of this document, including all copy, images, and attachment(s) are property of MCC and should be treated as confidential. It cannot be shared with or forwarded to third parties and cannot be published without MCC’s prior permission. If you have any questions regarding the use of this document, please email

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