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The inflight magazine of Air India

January 2018 | Vol 5 | Issue 12

India in 2018 Economy Sports Entertainment



Free Copy -- for inflight reading only

HampI and otHer must-HaVe experIences

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R Sustaining the life force

02/01/18 1:31 PM

The inflight magazine of Air India

January 2018 | Vol 5 | Issue 12

India in 2018 Economy Sports Entertainment



Free Copy -- for inflight reading only

HampI and otHer must-HaVe experIences

live your life with dignity ROMSONS incontinence products go further to improve the quality of life for those living with incontinence. We believe in developing future-minded solutions that allow people to live life with DIGNITY!! Presenting


ADULT DIAPERS which offer..

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Impose Cover SY jan'18.indd 2






















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R Sustaining the life force

02/01/18 1:31 PM

R.N.I No. DELBIL/2013/49281

The inflight magazine of Air India

A Maxposure Media Group Publication

January 2018

02/01/18 1:31 PM Impose Cover SY jan'18.indd 1

Cmd's note

iznhi flag [kjksyk

v/;{k ,oa izca/k funs'kd

Pradeep Singh Kharola Chairman and Managing Director

We are keen to hear from you. Tweet us your feedback @airindiain

fiz; ;kf=;ks]

Dear Flyer,

vkidks ,oa vkids ifjokj dks uo o"kZ dh gkfnZd 'kqHkdkeuk,a! o"kZ 2018 lHkh ds fy, 'kkafr] izxfr ,oa le`f) ls ifjiw.kZ gks!

I wish you and your family members a very happy and fulfilling New Year! May 2018 usher in peace, progress and prosperity for all!

chrs o"kZ ds vuqHkoksa ls lh[krs gq, ubZ mEehn] ubZ vk'kk vkSj vkidks csgrj lsok nsus ds ladYi ds lkFk ge uo o"kZ dk Lokxr djrs gSaA vkidks lq[kn mM+kuxr vuqHko iznku djus ds gekjs fujarj iz;klksa ds QyLo:i gh gekjs le;c) fu"iknu] mM+kuxr lsokvksa rFkk ;kf=;ksa ls lacaf/kr vU; lsokvksa esa mYys[kuh; lq/kkj gqvk gS ftlus gesa vkidh lokZf/kd ilanhnk ,;jykbu cuk fn;k gSA

We look forward to the New Year with optimism even as we glance back at the year gone by to assess how to excel further. Our relentless effort to ensure a pleasant flying experience for you has led to considerable improvement, especially our On Time Performance, in-flight services and in other areas of passenger interface, which has made us one of your most preferred airlines.

foeku csM+s esa foLrkj ;kstuk ds rgr gesa viuk 27oka o vkf[kjh Mªheykbuj ch787 foeku izkIr gks x;k gS vkSj blh Øe esa ,320 fu;ks rFkk ,Vhvkj&72 foeku Hkh gekjs foeku&cM+s dh {kerk esa o`f) dj jgs gSaA bl izdkj ge okWf'kaxVu] LVkWdgkse rFkk dksiugsxu tSls u, varjjk"Vªh; xarO;ksa dks vius usVodZ esa 'kkfey djrs gq, ia[k ilkj jgs gSaA

We have received the last of the 27 Dreamliner B787s as per our fleet augmentation plan, while the A320 NEOs and the ATR-72 aircraft are also boosting our fleet strength, helping us to spread our wings to new overseas destinations like Washington, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

,vj bafM;k ,Dlizsl rFkk ,ykbal ,;j ds lkFk feydj ,vj bafM;k {ks=h; laidksaZ esa foLrkj djus ds fy, izfrc) gSA ,ykbal ,;j dh mM+kuksa esa foLrkj djrs gq, geus eqacbZ dks gqcyh o ukansM+] fnYyh rFkk dqYyw dks paMhx<+] csaxyw: dks dks;Ecrw: ls tksM+k gSA f'kjMh dks Hkh eqacbZ rFkk gSnjkckn nksuksa ls tksM+k x;k gSA gky gh esa] geus paMhx<+ rFkk Hkqous'oj ls cSadkWd ds fy, gokbZ laidZ iznku fd;k gSA

Air India, with Air India Express and Alliance Air, is also committed to enhancing regional connectivity. We have been increasing frequencies and introducing more flights on Alliance Air, connecting Mumbai with Hubbali and Nanded and Delhi and Kullu with Chandigarh, Bengaluru with Coimbatore. Shirdi was also linked with both Mumbai and Hyderabad. Recently, we connected Chandigarh and Bhubaneswar with Bangkok.

varjjk"Vªh; efgyk fnol ds volj ij xr ekpZ esa] gekjh efgyk dfeZ;ksa us fnYyh rFkk lSu ÝkaflLdks ds chp ukWu&LVkWi jkmaM n oYMZ fo'o dh lcls yach mM+ku dk izpkyu dj ,d u;k fjdkWMZ cuk;kA gekjk ;g dne vkn'kZ dk;Z laLÑfr ds izfr gekjh fu"Bk dks n'kkZrk gSA ukxiqj ,evkjvks] esa ckgjh ikVhZ dk igyk foeku vuqj{k.k ds fy, izkIr gksuk rFkk gekjs dsanzh; izf'k{k.k izfr"Bku] gSnjkckn esa ,Vhvkj fleqysVj dk vkjaHk fiNys o"kZ dh izeq[k xfrfof/k;ka jghaA

To mark International Women’s Day last March, we had operated the world’s longest non-stop roundthe-world flight between Delhi and San Francisco with an all-woman crew - creating a record and reiterating our commitment to exemplary work culture. The induction of the first external party aircraft for maintenance at MRO, Nagpur and the commissioning of the ATR simulator at our Central Training Establishment, Hyderabad, have been the major happenings last year.

gesa baVjus'kuy ,;jykbu vkWQ n bZ;j ds fy, vkbZthvkbZ vokWMZ rFkk lqj{kk o i;; fLFkjrk ds fy, vusd iqjLdkjksa ls ljkgk x;k gSA ;g gekjs izfr vkids Hkjksls dk gh ifj.kke gS fd ,d ckj fQj gesa n bdksukWfed VkbEl czkaM bfDoVh vokWMZ ds varxZr lokZf/kd fo'oluh; ,;jykbu czkaM dk vokWMZ feykA dksgjs ds nkSjku lqpk: :i ls mM+ku izpkyu cuk, j[kus ds fy, ge vk'oLr gSa D;ksafd gekjs ik;yV de n`';rk esa Hkh izpkyu djus ds fy, izf'kf{kr gSaA viuk vewY; QhMcSd gesa vo'; nsaA blls gesa viuh lsokvksa dks csgrj cukus esa lgk;rk feyrh gSA

We have received several accolades, like the IGI Award for International Airline of the Year and awards for Safety and Environmental Sustainability. Your trust in us was reiterated in The Economic Times Brand Equity Award for being the Most Trusted Airline Brand. We are confident of offering smooth operations during fog as our pilots are certified to operate even in low visibility. Help us to further improve our services with your valuable feedback. Bon Voyage  Shubh Yatra!

'kqHk ;k=k!

JANUARY 2018 I shubh Yatra I 3

editor's letter

pg 102 pg 112

pg 66

Twitter chatter pg 84 dkjsa laHkor% vius vki pysx a h vkSj 'kk;n mM+us Hkh yxs]a /kukM~; yksx NqfV~V;ka eukus varfj{k esa tk,axs rFkk Hkkjr fo'o dh ikapoha lcls cM+h vFkZO;oLFkk cu tk,xh! ge tc 2018 esa dne j[k jgs gSa rc Hkfo";oDrk crk jgs gSa fd vkus okyk lky lq[kn vk'p;ksZa ls Hkjiwj gksxkA 'kqHk ;k=k ds tuojh laLdj.k esa ge vuks[ks Hkkjr dh xkFkk c;ka dj jgs gSAa lkFk gh ¼i`"B 84½ ij fofHkUu {ks=ksa ds fo'ks"kK crk jgs gSa fd vkus okyk o"kZ jk"Vª ds fy, dSlk gksxkA if=dk ds vkoj.k i`"B ij geus dukZVd ds gEih esa rqx a Hknzk unh esa vuks[kh Mksx a h dh lSj dk lkSna ;Z mtkxj fd;k gSA 2018 esa vki ns'k esa ftu ikap csgrjhu vkd"kZd LFkyksa ij tkdj vuqHko izkIr dj ldrs gS]a muesa ls ;g ,d ize[q k txg gSA gekjs O;atuksa ds laHkkx esa Hkh vuks[ks Hkkjr dh rLohj ifjyf{kr gksrh gSA ge vkidks crk jgs gSa fd uoo"kZ ij vki fdl izdkj ds uohu idokuksa dk Lokn p[k ldrs gSa vkSj fo'ks"k ekSle esa dkSu ls O;atu [kkuk fgrdj lkfcr gksrk gS! euksjt a u laHkkx esa ge ikap cgqirz hf{kr fQ+Yeksa dh ppkZ dj jgs gSa ftuesa ls ,d pan;z k=k ls lacfa /kr gS! vkidks lky Hkj vuks[ks vuqHko izkIr gksa blds fy, <sjksa 'kqHkdkeuk,a!

Had a great Delhi to Chennai flight with you @airindiain Keep rocking!! Hope my next leg of journey is equally nice. I must appreciate the hospitality and the good food. Pendown @manjulika5

Choc-a bloc full and seamlessly smooth & comfortable @airindiain flight to new york- made even better by two female commandersCapts Sunita Narula & Kshamta Bajpai. JFK non stop easily AI best product. barkha dutt @BDUTT Thanks @airindiain for taking care of my mother while she travelled to Ranchi today. She was given all assistance on flight n on ground shirin kujur @jsr_1974

Cars will self-drive and maybe even fly, the rich will vacation in space and India will be set to become the world's fifth-largest economy! As we step into 2018, the crystal ball predicts a year full of pleasant surprises. In the January issue of Shubh Yatra, we look at what experts from various fields foretell for India this year (page 84). On our cover, we capture the mesmerising beauty of the mighty Tungabhadra, as a coracle ride down the river in Hampi, Karnataka, wins a place in our list of the top five unique experiences to enjoy across the country in 2018.

tf;rk ca/kksik/;k; laikndh; funs'kd

Jayita Bandyopadhyay Editorial Director (

Unique India is reflected in our food section as well, as we list the benefits of going seasonal with your diet plan. Know why some traditional foods are best eaten in specific seasons! And in the entertainment section, read about five of Bollywood’s most awaited movie releases, including one about a trip to the moon! Here's wishing you a year of unique experiences!

Just touched down in Calicut. Thanks @airindiain - on time; in fact ahead of schedule. Very smooth flight and courteous staff. Was a pleasure. RK @RK_sports To Crew members on flight130 from N Delhi to Hong kong, dec13. I started having bad sore throat & was supposed to deliver speech at conference. When told the situation to the crew, they helped me with multiple rounds of hot water & strepsils, special thanks Prabari @airindiain. Rohan Naggi @lifeboy

@airindiain took Syd-Del, excellent flight, great food, best service. Go AI Bhavesh Gandhi @bhavesh2204

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4 I Shubh Yatra I January 2018

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Bon Voyage


CEO and Managing Director Prakash Johari Director Vikas Johari Editorial Director Jayita Bandyopadhyay

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6 I Shubh Yatra I January 2018

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Contents I january 2018


sure shorts 36-59 Snapshots of travel and festivals, food and culture, books and events

special feature 60   it happens only in india Five unique experiences only this country can offer you

open house 66   diet goes seasonal Five seasonal food items you must include in your diet this year 72   strokes of legacy Rukmini Varma on carrying on the heritage of Raja Ravi Varma 76   'come home to serbia' Vladimir Maric, ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to India, on his experiences in this country


8 I Shubh Yatra I January 2018

Contents I january 2018


84   india in 2018 What the nation can expect in the year to come 94   of chalk and cheese Take a drive in two very different, very luxurious vehicles 98 Four to fit Four fitness trends to try out in the new year

footprints 102 winter wonderland Embark on snow-filled adventures in the national parks of California

Pop pourri 112 reel treat for the year The five most awaited movies of 2018


136 Astro speak What the stars hold for you this year


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air india Behind The Scenes Fleet Entertainment Guide AI Schedule Route Map: Domestic Route Map: Middle-East Route Map: International

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10 I Shubh Yatra I January 2018



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pg 66

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pg 112

pg 118


khurseed wani

Devgan is a well-known nutritionist and weight management specialist. She contributes regularly to established publications and has also authored the book Don't Diet! 50 Habits of Thin People.

A holistic fitness and wellness expert, Jacob is known as the person who introduced Delhi to the Pilates fitness system. She also runs a fitness centre and is an author and an avid traveller.

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pSVthZ jk"Vªh; iqjLdkj fotsrk ,d fo[;kr flusek leh{kd gSaA og tc lkIrkfgd leh{kk ugha djrs rc fofHkUu LFkkuksa ij ?kweus fudy tkrs gSaA mUgksaus vkf/kdkfjd :i ls xqyt+kj dh thouh Hkh fy[kh gSA

okuh ,d ofj"B i=dkj gSa rFkk jk"Vªh; nSfud lekpkj&i= ls tqMs+ gq, gSAa og nwjn'kZu lekpkj pSuy ij lkef;d ?kVukvksa ls lacfa /kr dk;ZØe izLrqr djrs gSa rFkk lapkyu ds vfrfjDr fo'ks"kK ds :i esa vius er Hkh vfHkO;Dr djrs gSAa

Chatterjee is a National Award-winning film critic. When he isn't doing his weekly reviews, he travels to savour the latest in world cinema at leading film festivals. He has also authored an authorised biography of lyricist Gulzar.

Wani is a senior journalist based in Srinagar and is associated with a national daily. He participates regularly in programmes on current affairs on DD News as an anchor and expert.

pg 134

deepak dua

A freelancer and a prominent film critic, Dua has been writing on films since 1993. His articles have been published in several leading Indian newspapers and magazines. He is also a travel writer.

nhid nqvk og 1993 ls fQ+Ye leh{kk dj jgs gSAa nhid nqvk ns'k ds tkus&ekus fQ+Ye leh{kdksa esa ls ,d gSAa muds }kjk fy[ks x, fofHkUu vkys[k fofHkUu i=&if=dkvksa esa izdkf'kr gks pqds gSAa og i;ZVu ls lacfa /kr vkys[k Hkh fy[krs gSAa

Association of Business Communicators of India - (ABCI) Awards for shubh Yatra magazine

On the Cover Three coracles await their passengers along the banks of River Tungabhadra, as boulders glisten beneath the clouds at a distance. A thrilling ride aboard the traditional boats or a spell of bouldering - either experience is likely to leave on you an indelible impression of Hampi, Karnataka. In this issue, partake of five experiences that only India can offer you, and enter the New Year with memories for a lifetime.

12 I Shubh Yatra I January 2018

YEAR: 2012 CATEGORY: Language Feature-Hindi Bronze YEAR: 2013 CATEGORY: External Magazine Silver YEAR: 2013 CATEGORY: Magazine Design Silver YEAR: 2013 CATEGORY: Bilingual Publication Silver YEAR: 2013 CATEGORY: Photo Feature Bronze YEAR: 2014 CATEGORY: Best Bilingual Publication GOLD YEAR: 2014 CATEGORY: Photo Feature silver YEAR: 2014 CATEGORY: Photography Silver YEAR: 2015 CATEGORY: Photo Feature bronze YEAR: 2016 CATEGORY: Photo Feature silver CATEGORY: Photography gold

Air India behind the scenes

Connecting India, For You Air India offers you a well-connected network, with a multitude of flights across India and overseas. With our Connecting India programme taking off in a big way, you now get connections to several Tier-2 cities. We have started daily return flights from Chennai to Tiruchirapalli, Vijayawada, Coimbatore and Madurai with ATR 72, in addition to direct flights from Mumbai and Hyderabad to Shirdi from October. We have linked Amritsar to Nanded in Maharashtra by A320 Neo aircraft.

ready for

take off

Vsd vkWQ+ ds fy, rS;kj Offers and discounts to make flying happier ;k=k dks vkSj vf/kd lq[kn cukus ds fy, vkWQ+lZ ,oa NwV

On the international sector, we have introduced thrice-a-week direct flights between Delhi–Washington and are commencing direct twice-a-week flights on the Varanasi-ColomboVaranasi sector. Yet another link to Singapore has been established by Air India Express, which now operates on the Delhi-MaduraiSingapore sector. Our new connections include flights between Delhi-Stockholm and thrice-aweek direct flights on the Delhi-Copenhagen sector. We have introduced direct flights to Bangkok from Chandigarh, besides providing additional capacity on the Delhi-Bangkok and Delhi-Singapore routes.

dusfDVax bafM;k] vkids fy, ,vj bafM;k Hkkjr vkSj fo’o Hkj esa dbZ mM+kuksa ds lkFk vkidks ,d csgrjhu dusfDVM usVodZ vkWQj+ djrh gSA gekjs dusfDVax bafM;k dk;ZØe ds lkFk vkidks vusd Vh;j&2 ’kgjksa ds fy, Hkh laidZ feyrk gSA geus ,Vhvkj&72 foekuksa }kjk psUuS ls fr#fpjkiYyh] fot;okM+k] dks;EcVwj o enqjS lsDVjksa ds fy, nSfud okilh mM+kusa Hkh izpkfyr dh gSAa blds vfrfjDr geus eqca bZ o gSnjkckn ls f’kjMh ds fy, vDVwcj ls lh/kh mM+kusa izpkfyr dh gSAa geus ,320 fu;ks foeku }kjk ve`rlj ls egkjk"Vª ds ukanM s + dks tksM+ fn;k gSA varjjk"Vªh; lsDVj ij] geus fnYyh&okWf’kaxVu ds fy, lIrkg esa rhu lh/kh mM+kusa o okjk.klh&dksyca ks&okjk.klh lsDVj ij lIrkg esa nks lh/kh mM+kusa izpkfyr dh gSAa ,vj bafM;k ,Dlizl s }kjk Hkh flaxkiqj dks tksMk+ x;k gSA ;g mM+ku fnYyh&enqj& S flaxkiqj lsDVj ij izpkfyr dh tk jgh gSA gekjs u, laidksZa ds rgr fnYyh&LVkWdgkse ds chp lh/kh mM+ku rFkk fnYyh&dksius gsxu ds chp lIrkg esa rhu lh/kh mM+kusa Hkh izpkfyr dh tk pqdh gSAa ogha geus paMhx<+ ls cSd a kWd ds fy, lh/kh mM+ku izpkfyr dh gS rFkk fnYyh&cSd a kWd o fnYyh&flaxkiqj ds fy, vfrfjDr lhVsa miyC/k djkbZ gaAS

18 I Shubh Yatra I january 2018

Air India behind the scenes

Book your ticket online, at, for more convenience, better discounts and extra mileage points

More baggage allowance, than the rest

We offer you an unbelievable free baggage allowance of 25 kg on domestic sectors, in Economy Class on all fare levels. We also understand the baggage needs of the little ones and have allowed a free baggage allowance of 10 kg for infants. Those of you travelling on Alliance Air flights and connecting to Air India domestic flights and vice versa, holding a single ticket, will also be eligible for 25 kg. For journey applicable only on Alliance Air flights (aircraft types ATR 72 and 42) free baggage allowance is 15 kg.

cSxst vykmal esa o`f) ?kjsyw lsDVjksa ij bdksukWeh esa lHkh fdjk;k Lrjksa ij ge vkidks 25 fd-xzk- Ý+h cSxst vykmal dh vfo’oluh; NwV nsrs gSaA ge vkids uUgsa&eqUuksa dh cSxst vko’;drkvksa dks Hkh le>rs gSa vkSj f’k’kqvksa ds fy, 10 fd-xzk- rd dk fu%’kqYd cSxst vykmal ns jgs gaSA vki esa ls tks ;k=h ,d gh fVdV ls ,yk;al ,;j dh mM+kuksa ij ;k=k djrs gq, ,vj bafM;k dh mM+kuksa ls ;k Get the best-in-class travel blds foijhr dusDV gks benefits like miles and lounges jgs gSa] os Hkh 25 fd-xzkwith the Air India-SBI credit cSxst ds Ý+h vykmal card. Choose the Signature or the dk ykHk ys ldrs gSaA Platinum card, with attractive dsoy ,yk;al ,;j dh mM+kuksa ¼,;jØk¶+V Vkbi & rewards. For details, log onto ,Vhvkj 72 ,oa 42½ ij ;k=k

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20 I Shubh Yatra I january 2018

Special row for women passengers In a historic first, Air India is now reserving an entire row in Economy Class at no extra cost for women passengers travelling alone on its domestic flights. Women travelling with infants can also occupy these seats but without bassinets. The scheme is currently not applicable on Alliance Air and Air India’s code share flights. Know more on

efgyk ;kf=;ksa ds fy, fo’ks"k iafDr bfrgkl esa igyh ckj] ,vj bafM;k viuh ?kjsyw mM+kuksa esa bdksukWeh esa vdsys ;k=k dj jgha efgyk ;kf=;ksa ds fy, fcuk fdlh vfrfjDr ykxr ds ,d iwjh iafDr ¼Row½ vkjf{kr dj jgh gSA f’k’kq ds lkFk ;k=k dj jgha efgyk,a Hkh ikyus ds fcuk bu lhVksa dks ys ldrh gSaA orZeku esa ;g ;kstuk ,yk;al ,;j vkSj ,vj bafM;k dh dksM ’ks;j mM+kuksa ds fy, ekU; ugha gSA vf/kd tkudkjh ds fy, ns[ksaA

Fly for Sure Offer Air India has introduced ‘Fly for Sure Offer’ for passengers who are concerned that their travel plans may change. At the time of purchase of ticket, by making an advance payment of `2,000 per sector, you can avail one-time flight change facility on the same sector and day of travel. Applicable for domestic flights only.

¶+ykbZ Q+kjW ’;ksj vkWQj+ ,vj bafM;k vius mu lHkh ;kf=;ksa ds fy, ftUgsa ;g fÝ+d gS fd mudh ;k=k ;kstuk esa ifjorZu gks ldrk gS *¶+ykbZ Q+kWj ’;ksj vkWQ+j* is’k djrh gSA fVdV [k+jhnrs le; 2]000 #i, izfr lsDVj dk vfxze Hkqxrku dj vki mlh fnu rFkk mlh ;k=k lsDVj ij ,d ckj mM+ku esa ifjorZu dh lqfo/kk ys ldrs gSaA ;g dsoy ?kjsyw lsDVjksa ij izpkyu djus okyh mM+kuksa ds fy, ykxw gSA

Air India behind the scenes

Upgrade to First or Business Class at the airport on domestic and international flights for a nominal charge. For details visit

Weekend Bonanza discounts You can now save money by booking on weekends. Avail a 10 per cent discount for domestic travel in Business and Economy Class. For international flights, there is a 10 per cent discount in First and Business Class into India and 5 per cent in Economy Class into India on weekends. It is a limited period offer and the discount is applicable on the base fare only. To know more visit the home page on our website

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prepaid baggage allowance

vc vki ohdsaM ij cqfdax djk dj cpr dj ldrs gSaA ?kjsyw lsDVjksa ij & fct+usl rFkk bdksukWeh esa ?kjsyw ;k=k gsrq 10 izfr’kr dh NwV rFkk varjjk"Vªh; lsDVjksa ij & ohdsaM ij Hkkjr ds fy, izFke rFkk fct+usl esa cqfdax ij 10 izfr’kr rFkk bdksukWeh esa 5 izfr’kr dh NwVA vkWQ+j lhfer vof/k ds fy, miyC/kA NwV dsoy csl fdjk, ij nh tk,xhA vf/kd tkudkjh ds fy, gekjh osclkbV dk gkse ist ns[ksaA

Now, pre-purchase additional baggage allowance through Air India’s call centre or at any of Air India’s booking offices till six hours of departure of flight and save 20 per cent vis-a-vis airport rates.

vc vki viuk vfrfjDr cSxst vykmal ,vj bafM;k ds dkWy lsaVj vFkok fdlh Hkh ,vj bafM;k cqfdax dk;kZy; ds ek/;e ls izLFkku ls 6 ?kaVs igys rd izh&ijpst+ djsa vkSj ,;jiksVZ njksa dh rqyuk esa 20 izfr’kr dh cpr ik,aA

Concessionary Fares Starting September 1, 2017 Concessionary Fares on the domestic sector have been made more attractive to senior citizens, armed forces, paramilitary forces and students. Concessionary Fares are available for sale from Air India’s City Ticketing Office (CTO), Airport Ticketing Office (ATO), website and Call Centre. To know more visit our website

fj;k;rh fdjk, ?kjsyw lsDVjksa ij] ofj"B ukxfjdksa] l’kL= cyksa] v/kZlSfud cyksa rFkk fo|kfFkZ;ksa ds fy, fj;k;rh fdjk;ksa dks 1 flrEcj 2017 ls vkSj vf/kd vkd"kZd cuk;k x;k gSA fj;k;rh fdjk, ,vj bafM;k flVh fVdfVax vkWfQ+l ¼lhVhvks½] ,;jiksVZ fVdfVax vkWfQ+l ¼,Vhvks½] osclkbV rFkk dkWy lsaVj ij foØ; ds fy, miyC/k gSaA vf/kd tkudkjh ds fy, gekjh osclkbV ns[ksaA

22 I Shubh Yatra I january 2018

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FLY YOUR COMPANION FREE First and Business Class travellers can also now avail of Companion Free Scheme for travel to/from any non-metro domestic sectors. The scheme is valid till March 31, 2018.

dEiSfu;u Ý+h Ldhe QLVZ ,oa fct+usl Dykl ds ;k=h dEiSfu;u Ý+h Ldhe dk Hkh ykHk ik ldrs gSaA os fdlh Hkh ukWu esVªks ?kjsyw lsDVjksa rd@ls ;k=k ds nkSjku ,d dEiSfu;u lkFk ys tk ldrs gSaA ;g ;kstuk 31 ekpZ] 2018 rd ekU; gSA

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Air India behind the scenes

@airindiain AI-SBI credit card, loaded with benefits

Airsewa mobile app and portal launched The AirSewa web portal and a mobile app have been recently launched by the Government for the convenience of air passengers. It provides an integrated common platform where passengers can lodge their grievances against all major stakeholders in the aviation sector including airlines. All complaints related to air services including flight delays, baggage loss and long waiting period for refund can be registered using the AirSewa web portal ( in) or mobile app. Complaints can be registered under specific category/ sub categories such as ticketing, fares and refunds, flight delays, baggage, check-in, boarding and the like.

Now, check in your baggage at Delhi’s Airport Express Metro stations and save time!

osc iksVZy o eksckby ,si ^,;j lsok* gokbZ ;kf=;ksa dh lqfo/kk ds fy, ljdkj }kjk ^,;j lsok* osc iksVZy vkSj ,d eksckby ,si yk¡p fd;k x;k gSA ;g ,d ,dhd`r lk>k IysVQkWeZ iznku djrk gS ftl ij ,;jykbuksa lfgr foekuu {ks= esa lHkh cM+s Hkkxhnkjksa ds fo#) gokbZ ;k=h viuh f’kdk;rsa ntZ djk ldrs gSaA mM+ku esa foyac] cSxst [kksus vkSj /ku okilh esa cgqr nsj gksus ds lkFk&lkFk ,;jiksVksZa ij yach ykbuksa lfgr gokbZ lsokvksa ls lacaf/kr lHkh f’kdk;rsa ,;j lsok osc iksVZy@eksckby ,si ¼½ dk bLrseky djrs gq, ntZ djkbZ tk ldrh gSaA f’kdk;rsa fVdfVax] fdjk, o /ku okilh] mM+ku esa foyac] cSxst] pSd&bu o cksfMZax bR;kfn tSlh fo’ks"k Jsf.k;ksa ds varxZr vFkok lkekU; esa ^vU;* ds varxZr ntZ djkbZ tk ldrh gSaA gokbZ ;k=k ls lacaf/kr fdlh Hkh f’kdk;r ds fuokj.k gsrq vki gekjh osclkbV esa fd, x, mYys[k ds vuqlkj bl ,;jykbu ds uksMy vf/kdkjh@vihyh; izkf/kdkjh ls Hkh laidZ dj ldrs gSaA

Do you have special needs for travel? Give us details on the request form available on

For any air travel related grievance redressal, contact the nodal officer or the appellate authority of Air India as mentioned in our website

call centres

Passengers can access Air India on toll free number 1800 180 1407 through MTNL/BSNL numbers and mobile/ land lines of most private telecom operators from within India only. Air India’s contact numbers outside India are: Australia:1800247463* Canada: 1800 625 6424* France: 0033-1-76545741 (9am to 9pm) (Local) Germany: 49 69 12009821 (9am to 9pm) (Local) Singapore: 62259411 (Local) UK: 44 207 760 3290 (Local) US: 1800 223 7776* Callers from all foreign locations can also call on: +91 44 66921455 (international call rates applicable) +91 22 25818515 (international call rates applicable) *Toll-free numbers Please give your contact number at the time of ticketing to help

us reach you, in case of a delay/disruption.

24 I Shubh Yatra I january 2018

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Looking for a credit card with travel benefits? Look no further than the Air India-SBI credit card. Get the best-in-class travel benefits like miles and lounges. Available in two variants, the Air India-SBI Signature Card and Air India-SBI Platinum Card, with an attractive rewards structure. Get details under Special Offers on

ykHk ls Hkjiwj ,vj bafM;k&,lchvkbZ ØsfMV dkMZ D;k vki ;k=k ykHk ls Hkjiwj ØsfMV dkMZ dh ryk’k esa gSa\ rks ,vj bafM;k&,lchvkbZ ØsfMV dkMZ vkidh bl ryk’k dks iwjk djrk gSA bl dkMZ ls vki ekbYl rFkk ykmat tSls loksZŸke ykHk izkIr dj ldrs gSaA vkd"kZd fjokWMZ ds lkFk ;g dkMZ&,vj bafM;k ,lchvkbZ flXuspj dkMZ rFkk ,vj bafM;k ,lchvkbZ IysfVue dkMZ nks :iksa esa miyC/k gSA iwjh tkudkjh ds fy, osclkbV

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;k=h Hkkjr ds Hkhrj ,eVh,u,y@ch,l,u,y uEcjksa ls rFkk vf/kdrj futh VsyhdkWe vkWijsVjksa ds eksckby@ySMa ykbu uEcjksa ls Vksy Ý+h uEcj 1800 180 1407 rFkk Vksy uEcj 1860 233 1407 ij Mk;y djus ij ,vj bafM;k ls lEidZ dj ldrs gSAa fons'kksa esa ,vj bafM;k ds lEidZ uEcj gS%a vkWLVªfs y;k% 1800247463* dukMk% 1800 625 6424* Ýkal% 0033&1&76545741 ¼izkr% 9cts ls jkf= 9cts rd½ ¼LFkkuh;½ teZuh% 49 69 12009821 ¼izkr% 9cts ls jkf= 9cts rd½ ¼LFkkuh;½ flaxkiqj% 62259411 ¼LFkkuh;½ ;wd%s 44 207 760 3290 ¼LFkkuh;½ ;w,l% 1800 223 7776* lHkh fons'kh LVs'kuksa ls dkWy djus okys fuEu uEcjksa ij Hkh dkWy dj ldrs gS%a $91 44 66921455 ¼varjjk"Vªh; dkWy njsa ykxw gksxa h½ $91 22 25818515 ¼varjjk"Vªh; dkWy njsa ykxw gksxa h½ *Vksy Ý+h uEcj Ñi;k fVdfVax ds le; viuk dkWUVsDV uEcj nsa rkfd nsjh@ck/kk gksus ij vki ls laidZ

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çfrfØ;k Passenger feedback is very valuable to us. Do write in with your suggestions/ observations through feedback-form.htm

;kf=;ksa dk QhMcSd gekjs fy, cgqr egÙoiw.kZ gSA Ñi;k feedback-form.htm

ij vki gesa vius lq>ko@fVIif.k;ka HkstAas

aircraft guide fleet Air India boasts the biggest modern state-of-the-art fleet, comprising Boeing (747-400, 777-200LR, 777-300ER and 787 Dreamliner) and

Airbus (319, 320, 320Neo and 321). Its subsidiaries, Air India Express and Alliance Air, have in their fleet the B737-800s and ATRs respectively.

Air india FLEET B747-400 (4 aircraft)

B777-300ER (12 aircraft) Typical Seating F/J/Y 12/26/385

Typical Seating F/J/Y 4/35/303

A320 (23)

B777-200LR (3)

Seating Configuration VariantsF/J/Y -/12/138 -/-/180 -/-/168 -/12/150

Typical Seating F/J/Y 8/35/195

A320NEO (10)

B-787 Dreamliner (27)

Seating Configuration Variants F/J/Y -/12/150

Typical Seating F/J/Y -/18/238

A319 (22) Seating Configuration Variants F/J/Y -/8/114 -/-/144

A321 (20) Typical Seating F/J/Y -/12/170

alliance air ATR-72-600 (3 aircraft with 72 seats & 10 aircraft with 70 seats)

ATR-42-320 (2) Typical Seating F/J/Y -/-/48

Typical Seating F/J/Y -/-/70

Air india express B737-800 (23) Typical Seating F/J/Y -/-/186

26 I Shubh Yatra I january 2018

Air India know-how

Air India know-how

Help us to serve you better For a better flying experience with us, we request you to keep the following points in mind

• • •

Check your passport, visa and tickets. The name on your ticket should be in the same format as your passport. If they do not match, you will need to cancel the ticket and issue a fresh one at your own expense. For updated flight timings, please check our website www. on the day of departure. You can also contact our city booking office or call centre at 1800-180-1407 from India, and on numbers listed on the website from other countries. Please provide your email and personal contact number for the itinerary to the travel agent at the time of buying the ticket. Do update your meal and seat preferences as some seat selections require to be paid for in advance. Reach the airport an hour prior to what is advised on your itinerary receipt to avoid unfavourable road conditions and long queues in airport security, immigration, check-in and baggage drop counters. Airports in Indian metro cities are adequately equipped for relaxation with attractive options for refreshments and shopping. Advance web check-in on at domestic and international stations will allow you to skip long queues. Separate baggage drop counters for online/ advanced checked-in passengers are provided at Delhi and Mumbai airports.

30 I Shubh Yatra I january 2018

• • •

Don’t struggle with handbags and large suitcases. Travel light and enjoy the journey. Affix name tags with contact number and address outside and inside your bags for easy identification. Any liquid exceeding 100 ml is not permitted in hand bags at any check-in or transit city in India. Please check our website for information on baggage and goods considered dangerous for carriage by flight. Please do not buy and carry liquor in hand baggage if transiting Mumbai or Delhi to a domestic destination on a domestic flight. Doing so will result in forced disposal at transit security point. Do not carry power banks in registered (checked-in) baggage because then it will have to undergo extra security checks, which may result in the hold-up of such bags at origin. Power banks, which can be carried in the hand baggage, are subject to security screening along with laptop and notepads/ notebooks. For more details on baggage guidance visit our website Unfavourable weather conditions, air congestions and occasional malfunction of equipment may result in delays and non-availability of alternate flights or accommodation during peak periods. But it helps to be pleasant and cheerful during such circumstances.

Air India know-how

Reach boarding gates early and follow boarding instructions carefully. First, Business and Star Gold members are given priority in boarding and other facilities, including the use of airline lounges. Boarding completes 30 minutes prior to departure. Report early, or on time, to the boarding gates. Refer to your boarding pass for instructions and follow the display boards. When in doubt, check at airline transit counters and boarding gates for updates. Frequent flyer members earn bonus miles which are easy to redeem as upgrades or free tickets through our website and booking offices.

Do not carry valuables, especially not in registered/checkin baggage. For travel to and within the US, please use TSA compliant locks. Keep your valuables and belongings safely locked on board. Buy adequate travel insurance for valuables beforehand for safe travel. Some credit cards offer travel insurance policies as well. For those who suffer from travel sickness, a consultation with your doctor is advised. They can prescribe appropriate medicines to be taken before air travel. Report any untoward behaviour at the airport to security personnel, and in the aircraft to the on-board cabin crew.

Air India family

wind beneath her wings

The Indian Women Pilots Association celebrates woman power in the field of aviation and aerospace 2



The Indian Women Pilots Association (IWPA) recently organised an event celebrating 50 years of Indian women in aviation. Pradeep Singh Kharola, CMD of Air India and Harpreet A De Singh, president of IWPA and ED Flight Safety and QMS of Air India, were felicitated by Ashok Gajapathi Raju, Union minister of civil aviation. The event not only included women achievers from across aviation

32 I Shubh Yatra I january 2018

and aerospace organisations but it also included school students who could be motivated to opt for a career in this field. Over the last 50 years, IWPA has achieved an important milestone by weaving together all organisations in the field of aviation and aerospace - both civil and military. Interestingly, Air India has 13 per cent of women pilots in its work force, one of the highest in the world.

1. Ashok Gajapathi Raju, Union minister of civil aviation, along with senior captains of Air India and other airlines 2. Pradeep Singh Kharola, CMD, Air India, and Harpreet A De Singh, ED, Air India, receiving the IWPA Award from Ashok Gajapathi Raju 3. Jayant Sinha, minister of state for civil aviation, felicitating Harpreet A De Singh for her contributions as a woman achiever at the golden jubilee celebrations


Hot & happening Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nothing like an event or a festival to soak up the spirit of a place

fdlh Hkh txg dks tkuus ds fy, vk;kstu ,oa ioZ ls csgrj dqN ugha gSA


36 I Shubh Yatra I january 2018

1. All through January Enjoy views of snowcapped mountains in Gulmarg and Pahalgam in Jammu & Kashmir. There are also skiing tracks and cable car rides for adventurers. tEew&d’ehj esa xqyexZ o igyxke esa cQZ ls <dh igkfM+;ksa dks ns[ksaA vki ogka Ldhbax o dscy dkj dk vkuan ys ldrs gSaA

2. January 26 Witness the Republic Day parade at Rajpath in New Delhi, where

every Indian state displays the best of its culture and tradition. ubZ fnYyh ds jktiFk ij gksus okyh ’kkunkj x.kra= fnol ijsM dk vkuan ys ldsaxsA ns’k ds fofHkUu jkT; viuh laLd`fr o ijaijkvksa dh >kadh izLrqr djsaxsA

3. January 14-16 The Mukteshwar Dance Festival celebrates the classical Indian dance form of Odissi with solo, duet and group performances. It is held at the Mukteshwar

Temple complex in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. vksfM’kk esa n eqDrs’oj u`R; mRlo gksxkA Hkqous’oj fLFkr eqDrs’oj eafnj ifjlj esa ,dy dykdkj o dbZ lewg vksfM’kh u`R; izLrqr djsaxsA

4. January second week From Lohri in north India to Pongal in the south - celebrate the various harvest festivals across the country. ns’k Hkj esa fofHkUu izdkj ds d`f"k iz/kku ioZ vk;ksftr fd, tkrs gSaA mÙkj Hkkjr esa




yksgM+h ls ysdj nf{k.k Hkkjr esa iksaxy euk;k tkrk gSA

Images are for representational purposes only



rFkk mudh miyfC/k;ksa dks lEekfur djuk gSA

5. January 6-7

6. January 13-14

The Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, to be held in Singapore, will strengthen the engagement of overseas Indians with the Indian government and celebrate their achievements. flaxkiqj esa izoklh Hkkjrh; fnol dk vk;kstu gksxkA bldk mn~ns’; fons’kksa esa jgus okys Hkkjrh;ksa dks ljdkj ls laidZ lk/kus esa lgk;rk iznku djuk

The annual Bikaner Camel Festival features beautifully decorated camels, camel races and folk performances near the Junagarh Fort. jktLFkku ds twukx<+ nqxZ esa vk;ksftr gksus okys chdkusj ÅaV egksRlo esa jax&fcjaxs ÅaV ns[kus dks feysaxsA izns’k ds i;ZVu foHkkx }kjk vk;ksftr mRlo esa ÅaVksa dh nkSM+ ,oa yksd dykvksa dh NVk ns[kus dks feysxhA

january 2018 I shubh Yatra I 37

sure shorts


Go out, travel, discover ... From hotspots, festivals and culture to cuisines, automobiles and technology

?kwe&as fQ+j-as --i;ZVd LFkyks]a ioks]aZ laLd`fr ls ysdj O;atuks]a vkWVkseksckby ,oa rduhd ds ckjs esa tkusAa

Art Fair, London vkVZ Qs;j] yanu The London Art Fair is an acclaimed platform for modern and contemporary art. Alongside showcasing works from leading international galleries, it also gives collectors and visitors a chance to admire curated spaces and art projects. The 30th edition of the fair will be held this year, from January 17 to 21. n yanu vkVZ Qs;j fczVsu o varjjk"Vªh; dyknh?kkZvksa esa iznf'kZr vk/kqfud fczfV'k ,oa ledkyhu dykd`fr;ka ns[kus dk mi;qDr xarO; gSA ;gka vkus okys vkxarqdksa o dysDVlZ dks yksdfiz; dykdkjksa dh 20oha lnh ls ysdj vc rd cukbZ xbZa dykd`fr;ka ns[kus dks feysaxhA bl lky 30oka Qs;j 17 ls 21 tuojh dks gksxkA

Street food festival, New Delhi LVªhV QwM mRlo] ubZ fnYyh Choose from over 200 culinary delights from over 25 states in India at the ninth edition of the National Street Food Festival, to be held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi from January 12 to 14. ubZ fnYyh ds tokgjyky usg: LVsfM;e esa 12 ls 14 tuojh dks 9oka us'kuy LVªhV QwM QsfLVoy gksxkA blesa Hkkjr ds 25 ls vf/kd jkT;ksa ds 200 ls vf/kd Lokfn"V {ks=h; O;atuksa dk Lokn p[kus dks feysxkA

38 I Shubh Yatra I JANUARY 2018

Images are for representational purposes only

sure shorts

Philharmonic Ball, Vienna Attend the annual Vienna Philharmonic Ball in all halls of the Musikverein building in Vienna, on January 18. Once a year, the Vienna Musikverein is transformed from a venerated concert auditorium into an elegant ballroom, and provides a stunning backdrop for the ball. The celebrations include an orchestra performance and a debutante procession.

fQygkeksfZ ud ckWy] fo;uk fo;uk dh E;wft+dosjsbu bekjr ds lHkh gkWy esa 18 tuojh dks okf"kZd fQygkeksZfud ckWy vk;ksftr gksxkA bl okf"kZd vk;kstu esa ;g izkphu dalVZ lHkkxkj vkd"kZd ckWy:e esa ifjofrZr dj fn;k tkrk gSA ;gka jksekapd ckWy ns[krs gh curk gSA bl volj ij vkWdsZLVªk izLrqfr rFkk u, dykdkjksa dk vfHkuanu Hkh fd;k tkrk gSA

Book fair, Kolkata Indulge the bookworm in you at the International Kolkata Book Fair, to be held from January 30 to February 11. The theme country for this year's fair is France, and noted Bengali thespian Soumitra Chatterjee will be conferred the Legion of Honour, the highest French order of merit, by French culture minister Francoise Nyssen during the festival.

iqLrd esyk] dksydkrk fdrkcksa dks i<+us dh viuh yyd dks vki varjjk"Vªh; dksydkrk iqLrd esyk tkdj iwjh dj ldrs gSaA ;g 30 tuojh ls 11 Qjojh rd vk;ksftr gksxkA bl ckj esys dk fo"k; Ýkal gSA fo[;kr caxkyh lkfgR;dkj lkSfe= pSVthZ dks bl volj ij Ýkal ds lcls cM+s lEeku Ýsap vkWMZj vkWQ+ esfjV ls lEekfur fd;k tk,xkA Ýkal ds laLd`fr ea=h Ýkadks,l uk,flu mUgsa ;g lEeku iznku djsaxsA

sure shorts

1. Enjoy a meal for two at Maia for `1,000 (approx.)




2. A meal for two at The Storytellers' Bar is `800 (approx.)

A bowl full of mamma's love We've travelled the world and tasted world-class cuisine on the way. But no matter how much we develop a taste for the finest of delicacies, none holds comparison to a bowlful (or plateful) of mom-made comfort food. And this is what Bengaluru-based restaurant Maia offers â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a place to experience authentic mothers' recipes from across the country. The menu at Maia boasts all-vegetarian dishes. Do not miss the simple and sumptuous cream of mushroom soup and the popcorn milkshake if you're here. We also recommend the roasted pumpkin soup, the hand-rolled gnocchi in burnt butter sauce and the sandalwood and camphor aromatic kebabs.

A tale of food and travel What's good food without a great story to go with it? At The Storytellers' Bar at the Promenade hotel in Puducherry, you can have both, and more. The highlight here is the interactive Wall of Stories, which displays souvenirs from locals and visitors. You're encouraged to contribute your own memories too. Do not miss the crab cakes, cheese profiteroles and the chicken sloppy joe brioche. Opt for the Promenade Sunrise to savour the dishes with. And if you'd like an adventurous twist to your coffee, try the chocolate filter kaapi prepared with KahlĂşa, whiskey, locally-sourced chocolate and espresso, served in a traditional dabara (a bowl and glass in which coffee is served in South India).

44 I Shubh Yatra I JANUARY 2018

sure shorts

A fort with a view Offering a rejuvenating mix of heritage, luxury and serenity, Alila Fort Bishangarh, a fortress-turned-heritage-resort in Shahpura, Rajasthan, makes for a refreshing weekend getaway


The spa gardens at the resort, against the backdrop of the Aravalli Hills The royal heritage suite

For a herd of cows serenely grazing in a patch of green in a tiny village in Rajasthan, the sight of travellers huddled aboard a jeep is perhaps an odd one. As we drive past them, our carrier occupying the narrow lane almost in its entirety, we behold Bishangarh in its rustic glory â&#x20AC;&#x201C; old brick homes with windows looking out at lush green fields, ghoonghat-clad women labouring with love over mud choolhas for a hard-earned afternoon meal, potters giving form to many an object on their wheels and children playfully chasing each other to celebrate a set of welcome holidays. As we turn around a bend, we are greeted by the Alila Fort Bishangarh, a majestic warrior fort atop a granite hill, and also a luxurious heritage resort. With a sizeable amount of restoration work, the original fort is intact and care has been given to ecological restoration as well as the construction of new residential areas that hark back to the grandeur of the royal family of Shahpura, the district within which Bishangarh lies. The Bishangarh fort, as the property was formerly known, was built by Rao Bishan Singh, the ruler of Shahpura from 1793 to 1810, as a warrior fortress. As we find our way to our rooms, the multiple routes and passageways, as also the architectural details, serve as a stark reminder of the use to which the structure was put in

46 I Shubh Yatra I JANUARY 2018

sure shorts

The outdoor dining venue, Nazara; (below right) sandpit-roasted zameeni murg served here

its earlier days. While the rooms are exquisite in their upholstery as well as their sheer diversity in design – no two rooms at the resort are alike – the most unforgettable aspect of the property is the view. The outdoor dining venue, aptly named Nazara, greets you with a magnificent panorama of the Aravalli Hills, as does the spa deck. And the accompanying serenity seals the deal – there is nothing like a peaceful getaway nestled within the arms of heritage, luxury and quietude.

- ND Tripathy

Amarsar, the all-day dining restaurant at the property

48 I Shubh Yatra I JANUARY 2018


Vellore Institute of Technology

(Deemed to be University under section 3 of UGC Act, 1956)






A p r i l t o 1 5 t h A p r i l ( C o m p u t e r B a s e d Te s t ) Applications are invited for B.Tech Programmes

Biotech., Bioengg., Chemical, Civil, CSE, CSE (Specialisation in Digital Forensics & Cyber security), CSE (Bioinfo.), CSE (Data Analytics), CSE (Gaming Tech.), CSE (Information Security), CSE (Networks & Security), ECE, ECE (Biomedical), ECE (Embedded Systems), ECE (IOT), ECE (Sensors & Wearable Tech.), ECE (VLSI) , EEE, EIE, Electronics & Computer Engg., IT, Mech., Mech (Auto), Mech. (Energy), Production & Industrial Engg., B.Des.Ind.Design

To apply online and to get details like eligibility and fee, please visit


International Transfer Programme (ITP)


VIT _Univ

VIT offers students the choice to study the first two years at VIT and the next two in the following universities abroad & get their degree United States of America: • Purdue University • State University of New York (SUNY) • Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) • University of Massachusetts (UMass) United Kingdom: • Queen Mary University of London Australia: • Australian National University • Deakin University • Queensland University of Technology • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) • Curtin University

Opportunities Unlimited

Ranked as 13th best engineering institution in India by NIRF, MHRD, GOI, for 2 consecutive years in 2016 & 2017

VIT offers students, opportunity to get placed in companies with regular, dream (5L CTC & above), Superdream (10L CTC & above) offers. In 2016-17, 427 companies came for placement to VIT, which itself is a record, of which 45+ were Super Dream Companies. Recruiting companies include: •Microsoft •Amazon







•L & T

•Morgan Stanley





•KPMG •JP Morgan







•TVS Motors

•Johnson Controls •PWC

Advantage VIT • Curriculum for Applied Learning (CAL)™ • Project Based Learning (PBL) • Opportunity for Semester Abroad Programme • One module of every subject handled by Industry experts

• 35,000 students from 60 countries • 110 student clubs and chapters • More than 170 Adjunct Professors from reputed universities abroad

International Accreditations • ABET, US, has accredited 14 B.Tech Programs at VIT Vellore & Chennai Campus • 3 cycles of NAAC accreditation completed • Awarded ‘A’ grade for last two consecutive cycles • First Engineering Institution in India to get QS 4 Stars Rating

GET THE VIT EDGE • National Record in Slot 1 companies recruitment for 9 years in a row • Record 7943 job offers from Slot 1 companies (Accenture, Cognizant, Infosys, TCS, Wipro) at VIT for the year 2016 • Excellent international internship and placement opportunities

Offline application forms can be obtained: • From the designated branches of Post Offices on cash payment of ₹1200/(list available on our website) •By handing over a DD for ₹1200/- drawn in favour of Vellore Institute of Technology, payable at Vellore. Applications also available in VIT Chennai, VIT Bhopal & VIT AP.

For enquiries contact us on our helpline number +91-416-330 5555 For more details visit



Vellore Institute of Technology C H E N N A I

(Deemed to be University under section 3 of UGC Act, 1956)

V IT - A P la ce to learn; A Chance to grow

sure shorts

(Left) A painting by Paresh Maity titled Timelessness; (bottom) a canvas by Jayasri Burman

For art’s sake


Perhaps no other artist has experimented as much with a variety of media as Satish Gujral has. It is no wonder, then, that an untitled bronze sculpture, standing tall at nearly 10 feet, adorns the entrance of the gallery space as part of 'Art NOW 17', a group show being hosted by Delhi's Art Alive gallery (to be on till January 15). Featuring works by some of the most renowned names in Indian contemporary art, the show aims to throw light on evolving art practices over the last few years. Each artwork highlights the signature style of its artist, while at the same time referencing the current cultural and global influences on Indian art. No group show worth its salt is complete without a Paresh Maity canvas, and here, a massive oil and acrylic painting depicting the ghats of Benaras will take your breath away. The canvas titled Timelessness reaffirms the accomplished flourish with which Maity creates a sublime world balancing nature and humankind. Large-scale is Maity’s forte and a 14-foot sculpture titled Metamorphosis of Life is a new piece he has created for the show. Then there are Thota Vaikuntam’s resplendent Telangana women, Narayan Sinha’s miniature sculptures, Veer Munshi’s pop art (Three Musketeers), Baiju Parthan’s animated 3D lenticular print that creates a surreal optical illusion, and much more. Other artists represented in the show, which boasts as many as 34 names, include Sakti Burman, Jogen Chowdhury, Anjolie Ela Menon, Manu Parekh, Jatin Das and KS Radhakrishnan. - P Goel

sure shorts

Gota patti embroidery on shawls is very popular. (Above) A pure wool Kashmiri shawl from the brand Satayam, with the same embellishment


It's all in the weave Handwoven shawls from Jammu & Kashmir are among the most desired fashion accessories in the world - be it pure wool shawls or much-in-demand pashminas. The latter, history says, claimed fame in Europe after Napoleon returned from one of his conquests with a finely woven shawl from Jammu & Kashmir, for Empress Josephine. "Shawl-weaving is an integral part of Jammu & Kashmir's cottage industry," says Varuna Anand, founder, Splendor of Kashmir, a brand that works with local weavers in the state. Shawls from the state can be divided into two categories:

Sui kaam jamavar The complete coverage of a shawl with extensive hand embroidery creates a jamavar shawl. The design embroidered on it is the comprehensive handiwork of skilled craftsmen, and demands patience and dedication. Each individual piece can take almost two years to complete. Kani shawls The name refers to a technique that employs the use of eyeless wooden spokes instead of a shuttle during weaving. These spokes are traditionally called tujis or kanis. Such is the intricacy of the technique that even the most skilled weaver can only weave up to an inch in a day.

sure shorts

buzz words They say thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no joy like reading a good book. We bring you the five best reads to look out for this year.


the growth delusion By David Pilling, Bloomsbury India, 368 pages, `499

A look at how the perceived health of an economy affects its prospects, this book discusses the role of economic formulae that often set the tone for public debate. The author presents his take on the limitations of traditional economic indicators and explores alternative measures of growth that resonate more closely with public experience, making for an incisive read.

the clay toy-cart: Mrchchakatikam

Stories from Saratchandra

By Shudraka, Penguin Books, 352 pages, `399

By Saratchandra Chattopadhyay, Rupa Publications, 195 pages, `295

Considered to be among the foundational works of Sanskrit drama, this lucid, new translation of the classic play presents a gripping story of romance, betrayal and intrigue set in ancient India. The story of a courtesan who is attracted to a penniless merchant, and the twists and turns that ensue, is sure to enthral fans of this genre of writing.

This book is a collection of 12 widely acclaimed short stories by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, one of the icons of Bengali literature. Divided into two sections depicting innocent childhood and deeper sensibilities, this selection is an interesting, vivid take on life in rural Bengal in the early years of the 20th century.


By Chandrahas Choudhury, Simon & Schuster India, 288 pages, `699 A take on the Indian democracy at the age of 70 through fictional tales of six Mumbai-based individuals, this book brings together - among others - a Parsi psychotherapist about to relocate to the US and a young caretaker. The stories of how six individuals forge their own paths in the city, make for a captivating read.

Raj kapoor: the one and only showman By Ritu Nanda, HarperCollins India, 336 pages, `899

This book is both a biography and an autobiography of the creator of some of Hindi cinemaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most enduring classics. It uses his own words - from interviews, journals and anecdotes - to give a glimpse into his mind, as well as recollections from his family, colleagues and friends. This makes it a fascinating look at one of the earliest movie moguls of Hindi cinema.

58 I Shubh Yatra I january 2018

special feature travel


Karnataka has two airports - Hubli and Bengaluru. The latter is connected to Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Goa and Hubli


It happens only in

Set off on a coracle ride down the Tungabhadra river in Hampi, take a jeep safari through the historic lanes of Mumbai, see the Taj Mahal from 20,000 feet up in the air and drive to the highest motorable road in the world. We list five experiences only this country can offer you 60 I Shubh Yatra I january 2018

Naga tribal warriors


1. A pair of coracles in Hampi, Karnataka 2. The Taj Mahal in Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Connectivity Air India connects Agra to Delhi and Khajuraho

Boating and bouldering in Hampi, Karnataka A swirling cruise down the Tungabhadra river on a coracle - a bowl-shaped boat made of bamboo and reed - is one of the most unique and thrilling experiences you can have in Hampi. This unforgettable boat ride gives you an unparalleled taste of adventure even as you take in the serene vistas around you. The best time to embark on a coracle ride is either in the morning or at dusk. If boating isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t your cup of tea, go for a spell of bouldering (rock climbing without harnesses). Hampi is renowned as a site of archaeological significance, but it also draws adventure seekers from all over the world for its giant granite boulders.

Hot air balloon over the Taj Mahal, Agra, Uttar Pradesh

The Taj Mahal, the fabled monument of love that has captured the imagination of travellers the world over,

presents an ethereal facade when seen from 20,000 feet up in air. At the Taj Balloon Festival, which is organised almost every year and is slated to be held in February this year, hop aboard a hot air balloon and see the Taj like never before. As the pristine white edifice reveals its hidden subtleties to your eyes, watch Mughal emperor Shah Jahanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ode to Mumtaz Mahal acquire a new layer of magnificence, reflected on the surface of River Yamuna as it flows past, carrying stories of an era bygone.

Jeep safari in Mumbai, Maharashtra

There are few better ways to discover Mumbai beyond the Gateway of India, Marine Drive and Bollywood than an open jeep safari. Innumerable stories echo in every nook and cranny of the city as you explore its bylanes. Visit some of the most popular flea markets it is home to, such as the 150-year-old Chor Bazaar, and make your way to the Dhobi Ghat at Mahalaxmi to catch nearly 10,000 washermen in action! Also stop by the historic

january 2018 I shubh Yatra I 61

special feature travel



Air India connects the major cities of Gujarat such as Surat, Ahemdabad, Vadodara and Jamnagar to Chennai, Delhi, Kuwait, London and Mumbai

1. A man inside a traditional home in Hodka village, Kutch, Gujarat 2. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, Mumbai, Maharashtra 3. A view of Ladakh, which is home to the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s highest motorable road 3


Rann Utsav, Kutch, Gujarat Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Railway Station, to see the famed dabbawalas of Mumbai at work.

Connectivity Air India connects Jammu to Leh and Delhi; and Mumbai to almost all the major cities in India

Ride to the highest motorable road in the world, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir

If adventure is what you live for, then strap on your backpack and take a ride to the highest motorable road in the world. The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) has constructed a motorable road - higher even than Khardung La (17,582 ft) in Ladakh, passing through Umling La Top, at over 19,300 ft. This new 86-km-long road connects Chismule and Demchok villages, located about 230 km from Leh.

62 I Shubh Yatra I january 2018

Few sights in the world are as surreal and captivating as the snow-white salt plains of the Rann of Kutch, gleaming on a full-moon night. And there is no better way to soak in its traditions, culture and spirit than by visiting the Rann Utsav. An annual winter event, currently on till February, it features colourful fairs, handicrafts, a complimentary safari on an open double-decker bus in the daytime and folk performances at night. For an even more authentic taste of Kutchâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s way of life, a few villages adjoining Dhordo (where a tented city has been erected for the festival) have opened their doors to visitors so they can experience local culture, cuisine and hospitality.

january New Delhi World Book Fair, New Delhi (January 6 to 14) Jaipur Literature Festival, Jaipur (January 25 to 29)

Several unique cultural events are held in India every year. Here are a few planned in 2018 that are worth attending


International Yoga Festival, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand (March 1 to 7) The Shigmo Festival, Goa (refer to for exact date) Olive Ridley turtle hatching festival, various beaches of Maharashtra (refer to for exact dates)



Tulip Festival, Jammu & Kashmir (refer to for exact dates)



special feature travel

Summer Festival, Ooty, Tamil Nadu (refer to for exact dates) Cherry Festival, Jammu & Kashmir (refer to jktourism. org for exact dates)

Surajkund International Crafts Mela, Faridabad, Haryana (February 2 to 18)

World Sacred Spirit Festival, Jodhpur, Rajasthan (February 15 to 18) Taj Mahotsav, Agra, Uttar Pradesh (February 18 to 27) Bharat Rang Mahotsav, National School of Drama, New Delhi (Refer to for exact dates) Goa Carnival, (Refer to for exact dates)

64 I Shubh Yatra I january 2018


Auto Expo, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh (February 9 to 14)

Hemis Festival, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir (celebrated in the later half of June or the first half of July. Refer to for exact dates)

july Champakulam Boat Race, Alappuzha, Kerala (July 28) Mango Food Festival, Uttar Pradesh (refer to for exact dates)


Covelong Point Surf, Music and Yoga Festival, Kovalam, Chennai (refer to for exact dates)

Hornbill Festival, Nagaland (December 1 to 10)



Onam, Kerala (August 25)

Rajasthan International Folk Festival, Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, Rajasthan (October 24-28)


Jal Mahotsav, Hanuwantiya Island, Madhya Pradesh (continues till January. Refer to and for exact dates)

Rann Utsav, Kutch, Gujarat (continues till February. Refer to for exact dates)

september Ladakh festival, Jammu & Kashmir (refer to for exact dates)

Manipur Sangai Festival (Refer to for exact dates) Delhi International Arts Festival, New Delhi (Refer to for exact dates) Pushkar Mela, Pushkar, Rajasthan (November 15 to 23)

Konark Festival, Konark, Odisha (refer to and for exact dates)

Serendipity Arts Festival, Goa (refer to serendipityartsfestival. com for exact dates)

Vectors are for representational purposes only

Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Festival, Hyderabad, Telangana (refer to for exact dates)

Ziro Festival of Music, Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh (refer to for exact dates)

january 2018 I shubh Yatra I 65

open house food

diet goes

seasonal Traditional Indian diets are often based on eating according to the season. Some food items are specifically consumed in summer because they cool the body, and some in winter because they warm the body. Consuming them in healthy quantities during their corresponding seasons translates to a stronger immune system, better digestion and several other health benefits. This year, get stocked up on these foods to breeze through every season!

Winter: Jaggery

What jaggery is to winter, water chestnuts are to autumn - foods that are particularly beneficial in their respective season. Kavita Devgan lists five such items that you must incorporate in your diet this year 66 I Shubh Yatra I January 2018

Jaggery, or gur, is an extremely good digestive. A small piece after a meal is beneficial at any time of the year, but particularly so during winter, since, according to Ayurveda, jaggery has a hot potency (termed taseer). This implies that, as your stomach digests it, heat is generated naturally in your body. Also, blood vessels tend to get constricted due to low temperatures and jaggery can help dilate them to improve blood flow, thus further aiding the body to heat up. Jaggery has been used as a traditional remedy for respiratory disorders and throat problems, both common during the colder months. It soothes irritation in the throat, eases any accompanying pain, keeps the lungs warm and dilates the respiratory tract. It is also rich in minerals such as phosphorus, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium and potassium, along with multiple antioxidants that help boost the immune system. Another important aspect of jaggery is its ability to

open house food

Gulkand pacifies certain heat-causing elements in the body, thus cooling it down and alleviating heatrelated problems

A bowl of gulkand

the inside. Gulkand, a preserve made from rose petals and sugar, is one such food. According to Ayurveda, gulkand pacifies certain heat-causing elements in the body, thus cooling it down and alleviating heat-related problems such as lethargy, itching, aches and exhaustion. It is a great digestive tonic too, and works by reducing stomach heat and acidity. Gulkand is also a blood purifier and aids in removing toxins from the body. Yet another benefit of this food is that it helps reduce excessive perspiration and body odour.

reduce the impact of damage caused to the lungs due to pollution.

For monsoon Raw mangoes make for a good cooking ingredient in the season. They are loaded with pectin, which keeps insulin and diabetes in check. They are rich in vitamins B and C, which boost the immune system. They are also beneficial in the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhoea and dysentery, all of which are rampant during monsoon.

68 I Shubh Yatra I January 2018

How to eat it Make peanut chikki at home: Skin, roast and coarsely crush peanuts. Heat jaggery in water until you get a thick consistency and bring to a boil till it becomes hard (test its consistency by putting a drop in cold water - it should crack after you take it out). Add the peanuts and mix thoroughly. Grease a tray, spread the mixture over it, roll into a flat sheet of your desired thickness, cool and cut into squares to consume.

Summer: Gulkand

Tempted to down another chilled drink to beat the heat? Don’t. Drinking or eating something cold doesn’t actually cool your body. Instead, you need to consume foods that cool your body naturally, from

How to eat it Consume one or two teaspoons of gulkand daily, or try a banana gulkand milkshake. To make the latter, blend one banana, one tablespoon each of gulkand and sugar, and two cups of milk to make a smooth puree. Top with ice cubes and consume chilled.

Autumn: water Chestnut

The low-calorie singhara is a perfect snacking option in autumn, when it is in season. Water chestnuts are not only delicious but also a powerhouse of nutrients. They are free of fat, cholesterol and gluten, are very low on sodium and contain a good amount of fibre as well! They are an excellent source of potassium, a mineral that is essential for the proper functioning of muscles and nerves. Water chestnuts are a great detoxifying agent, and also help reduce water retention and blood pressure by balancing the body’s sodium levels.

open house food



1. Water chestnuts and (inset) puris made with its flour 2. Buckwheat flour (top) and pancakes made with it

How to eat it You can eat water chestnuts raw, or have them stir-fried with plenty of garlic and chilli flakes, or with mustard seeds, curry leaves and dried red chillies. They can make a crunchy addition to a salad as well.

Spring: Buckwheat flour

The transition from winter to summer demands additional nutrition, and buckwheat flour, or kuttu ka aata, provides exactly that. Known to improve blood circulation, lower blood cholesterol levels and control blood glucose, buckwheat flour is packed with high-quality protein and offers lysine, the amino acid missing from regular staples like wheat and rice. This is a particularly big advantage in vegetarian diets, where an adequate amount of good-

70 I Shubh Yatra I January 2018

quality protein can be a challenge. Buckwheat flour is loaded with fibre, both soluble and insoluble, which not only keeps you full for a longer time but also helps in detoxification. It also contains a lot of B-complex vitamins including riboflavin (vitamin B2) and niacin (vitamin B3). It is also rich in trace minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and manganese. Moreover, buckwheat flour is gluten-free and is the only grain with a decent amount of quercetin, a food component that keeps the heart healthy, improves immunity and enhances energy. How to eat it Buckwheat crepes with honey or maple syrup are a great start to a day. You can also make them savoury by adding some shallots, stuffing them with assorted vegetables and seasoning them with salt and pepper. The author is a nutritionist and the views expressed in the article are her own

open house art A portrait by Rukmini Varma of her grandmother, Pooradam Tirunal Sethu Lakshmi Bayi, the maharani of erstwhile Travancore

Rukmini Varma has never found it a burden to follow in the footsteps of her great-great grandfather, legendary artist Raja Ravi Varma. Her first solo exhibition was held in 1973. Thirty-five years later, in 2017, her solo showcase titled Opulence & Eternity was held at Bengaluru’s Gallery G. The response to her work was so overwhelming that it was as if she had never been away from the limelight.

Strokes of


Raja Ravi Varma’s great-great granddaughter, Rukmini Varma, has not only carried forth his artistic heritage, but also carved a niche for herself in modern art, writes Poonam Goel 72 I Shubh Yatra I January 2018

“I had never stopped painting,” says the septuagenarian artist, who took a sabbatical from public exhibitions after a personal tragedy in the 1980s. “It was just that I spent more time in meditation, prayer and spiritual pursuits, while painting was desultory. I spend more time painting now,” she shares, and adds that it is the will to paint that keeps her going. She fondly reminisces about the vibrant artistic atmosphere in her home: “Academic realism reached its peak during the Victorian period and Raja Ravi Varma drew inspiration from it, even though he had no definite schooling in its methods. My grandmother possessed a stellar collection of books on it, which she had received from the Royal Academy of Arts, London. At a very young age, I was fascinated by the images in these books and would spend hours poring over them!” Just as it inspired Raja Ravi Varma, mythology inspires Rukmini too, though she likes to call her style “visionary realism”. She rarely uses models for her paintings, and only as reference figures for initial understanding. After that, skin tones are developed from memory – the

open house art

Fast Facts • Rukmini Varma was born in 1940 as princess Bharani Tirunal Rukmini Bayi Tampuran of erstwhile Travancore. She is a self-taught artist • Her style of painting has been influenced by Baroque masters such as Rembrandt, Peter Paul Rubens and Caravaggio


1. An artwork by Rukmini Varma 1

• Her show at Lalit Kala Akademi in Delhi in 1974 was inaugurated by the then President of India, VV Giri • Her exhibition in London in 1976 was opened by Lord Mountbatten

For some of my large canvases, I have often had my son Venu pose for me, donning the garb of a mythological character, just to get the placement right Rukmini Varma

74 I Shubh Yatra I January 2018

reason why she uses the word visionary. “My methodology stems largely from imagination and I have always had a keen colour memory. I studied my own skin tone and that of those family members who were closest to the type I required for a particular painting. I observed them for long hours and was able to reproduce the tone from memory. I still do this, and most often have no actual references. In some of my large canvases, where detailed human figures have been required, I have often had my son Venu pose for me, donning the garb of a mythological character, just to get the placement and lines right. Thereafter, I have had to rely on my visions and memories,” she says. The human figures in her compositions feature a range of skin tones - yellow ochre, cadmium yellow, vermilion, alizarin crimson, cobalt blue and Venetian red. Rukmini’s paintings are abundant with splendour and metaphor, marrying legend with history and mythology with drama. Drawing

2. The artist’s painting of Rani Parvathi Bayi

from Raja Ravi Varma’s palette, she uses minimal colours and unique shades. Allegorical imagination is the hallmark of the artist’s work, wherein she highlights the attractive qualities of her human figures and underplays their defects, at times even eliminating the latter, and celebrates beauty as eternal in its divinity. Even at the age of 77, Varma paints almost every day and is elated that she is able to carry forward Raja Ravi Varma’s artistic legacy. “His work was so universally appealing that it was adopted everywhere – the greatest tribute to a painter,” she says. In fact, at present, her son Jay is undergoing advanced training in academic realism in Philadelphia, the US, and is planning his first exhibition in the near future, continuing in his mother’s and great-great-great grandfather’s footsteps. The author is an art enthusiast and the views expressed in the article are her own

open house foreign impressions

‘Come home to

Serbia’ ings, excellent restaurants, entertainment venues and exciting shops in one beautifully designed complex that is extremely well connected to the city through highways and ultra-modern Metro lines - this is the transformation of India that I have witnessed. What are the similarities you find between India and Serbia? There are quite a few, but to me, the most significant similarity is the warmth, sincerity and compassion of the people.

Image: Bharat Kumar

Where have you travelled to in India? Do you have any favourites? There are several destinations - it is very difficult to choose! I loved the Rann of Kutch and the road trip to Gangotri. Is there any region/city in India that is on your travel bucket list? There are many, but Kerala and Ladakh top the list.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to India, Vladimir Maric, talks to Shubh Yatra about what links the two nations and says that Indian tourists no longer need a visa to visit his country

76 I Shubh Yatra I January 2018

You came to India as the ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in 2014. How has the experience been so far? Excellent, both from the professional point of view and from the point of view of living in India. New Delhi is one of the most important diplomatic centres of the world, and the intensity of the diplomatic life here is very high. Living in India has been an amazing experience. Had you travelled to India before your posting? What kind of transformation have you seen the country undergo through the years? I first came to India in 2011. I always use Gurugram’s Cyber Hub as an example when I speak about India’s development. The hi-tech office build-

What are the five things that you suggest an Indian should see in Serbia, and the five things you would ask a Serbian to see in India? At the top of the list would be our capital, Belgrade, for its restaurants, bars and clubs, galleries, museums, architecture, the Danube and Sava rivers, fashion shows and shopping. Make sure not to miss the Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan Park, and the Knez Mihailova pedestrian street for shopping. And a visit to the Museum of Nikola Tesla, the famed Serbian scientist, is a must. Belgrade is approximately six hours from Vienna by road. Air India flies directly to Vienna from New Delhi. Visit Serbian mountains for great ski runs or wellness and relaxation… or

open house foreign impressions

my favourites

Most memorable moment in India There are two – the births of my two sons

Favourite Indian food Paneer makhani People enjoy the ski resort of Kopaonik

A Book currently on my bedside table The Shade of Swords by MJ Akbar

A gadget i cannot live without My smartphone

both. Kopaonik is home to a national park and the largest, most popular and most luxurious Serbian ski resort. The city of Novi Sad is also a must-visit for its culture (declared European Capital of Culture for the year 2021) and the Exit Festival, an award-winning musical event held against the extraordinary backdrop of the Petrovaradin Fortress. Visit the natural spa, Bukovicka Banja, known for thermal springs, in Arandelovac (76 km from Belgrade). If you have time, take a trip to the Serbian wine regions of Zupa and Fruska Gora. In India, a Serbian should visit the Taj Mahal in Agra, Varanasi, Darjeeling, Mumbai and Goa.

my favourite actor and movie Serbian actor Miki Manojlovic in Emir Kusturica’s Underground and When Father Was Away on Business

Under the decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia that came into force on September 2, 2017, the nationals of the Republic of India holding ordinary passports can enter, transit through and stay in the territory of the Republic of Serbia without a visa, during a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of entry, within a period of one year, if there are no hindrances defined in Article 11 of the Law on Foreigners.

78 I Shubh Yatra I January 2018

What is the best time to visit Serbia? Serbia is an all-season destination, but I would recommend spring or summer if you want to visit the cities or the countryside. Winter can be just as beautiful, especially if skiing is what you are looking for. Tell us about the unmissable experiences Serbia offers. I will mention two. First, one must go

out for dinner and live music to one of the old kafanas (local bistros) in the Skadarlija area of Belgrade. Second, one should visit the famous Guca Trumpet Festival in August and join the great masters of the instrument for an unforgettable five-day celebration of music and food. India and the Republic of Serbia will complete 70 years of bilateral relations in 2018. What, according to you, have been the milestones along the journey? After around three decades, in January 2017 we had a visit to India at the highest level – our then Prime Minister (and now President) Aleksandar Vucic was in India and met Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We are seeing concrete forms of cooperation emerge. This is what we need - to bring the level of economic cooperation between the two countries on a par with our political relations. Tell us about your experience with Air India. I have loved Air India’s Dreamliner experience on several flights that I have taken with my family.

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India-Australia Relations: Touching New Horizons India and Australia are poised to further strengthen their bilateral economic and strategic relationship


ustralia is home to one of the world's most ancient cultures located on a large land mass at the edge of Asia. Being a migrant nation, over one-third of the population in Australia's five mainland capitals is overseas-born. The country celebrates its National Day on January 26, which marks the arrival of the first fleet of British ships at Port Jackson,

New South Wales (NSW) and the raising of the flag of Great Britain at Sydney Cove by the then NSW Governor Arthur Phillip. Donald Horne, the writer, has rightly described Australia as a “lucky country”. This refers to its great natural resource endowment that has been the source of its economic growth. Australia also has the distinction of being a migrant nation, and its Indian-

born population has tripled in the past decade to reach around 450,000 people, with Punjabi the fastestgrowing language and Hinduism the fastest-growing religion. Over the past 50 years, Australia has become more Asian, especially since the early 1990s when the then Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating put forward the proposition that: “...psychologically, Australia must understand it has to live in the region around it. Australia must find its security in Asia; it cannot find its security from Asia.” Australia-India relations Australia and India are both liberal democracies and share a commitment to the rule of law, fundamental human rights and the peaceful resolution of disputes. Earlier it used to be said that Australians discovered India once every 20 years or so, and that the relationship between the two countries was based on the three Cs of cricket, curry and the Commonwealth. But in the present time, both nations have strengthened their bilateral relationship and are more focused on economic and strategic partnerships. Economic relationship Both countries share a comprehensive economic and trade relationship that touched new heights after Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's visit to India in April 2017. During his visit, he announced that the Australian government would commission an independent India Economic Strategy to identify opportunities for Australian businesses in India.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in New Delhi

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Two-way goods and services trade between Australia and India totalled $19.4 billion in 2015-16. Major


Australia today has 53,000 students from India, its second largest source of overseas students. Australia is a natural partner for India as it seeks to meet its challenges across the education sector Sydney Opera House

Australian exports to India in 201516 included coal, vegetables and gold. Major imports from India were refined petroleum, business services, medicaments, and pearls and gems. Australian investment in India totalled $10.6 billion at the end of 2015, with Indian investment in Australia at $11.6 billion. This represents a significant growth on investment levels from a decade ago. Australian business is well placed to realise opportunities as India modernises its economy. This is both in areas of traditional strength resources, agriculture and education - as well as in innovation, skills and technology transfer. In 2014-15, 1,946 Australian businesses were exporting to India, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Education India is currently undergoing a profound transformation. More than 54 per cent of its total population is below 25 years of age and only a small proportion of the workforce has formal skills. The Indian government expects that 400 million additional people will need to be trained in the vocational sector alone by 2022. There are 53,000 Indian students studying in Australia today, its second-largest source of overseas students. Australia is a natural partner for India as it

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Indo-Pacific Dynamics Australia has been focusing on Asia, where its core economic and strategic interests lie. Traditionally, its concept of Asia has been the Asia-Pacific, which recently has been replaced by the term 'IndoPacific'. This has brought India into the strategic framework of the region, and reflects the importance of India in East Asian affairs, both directly and also institutionally through the East Asian Summit. Both the countries have recently been engaged in a '2+2' dialogue - the first ever - to ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific region. According to an statement from Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, “India and Australia share warm bilateral relations based on shared democratic values and pluralism. There is a growing convergence of strategic perspectives between the two countries.” Through this dialogue, both the countries have agreed that a free, open, prosperous and inclusive IndoPacific region serves the long-term interests of all countries in the region and of the world.

seeks to meet its challenges across the education sector, whether in schools, higher education, vocational education or research. In higher education, in particular, Australia has some of the world’s best institutions and academics. Beyond this, Australia has started to expand its work on delivering vocational and skill training to equip India’s workforce to meet the demands of the expanding economy. This training is in fields as diverse as welding, fitness and aged care. Tourism Tourist flows between Australia and India continue to grow. India is Australia's ninth-largest market for inbound visitor arrivals with nearly 260,000 Indians visiting Australia in 2016, up 11.3 per cent on 2015 figures. This is forecast to reach 488,000 by 2024-25, as per the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Government of Australia. Australians are also increasingly visiting India, and the number of Australian tourists in India has increased by almost 10 per cent annually over the last three years. The Australia-India Memorandum of Understanding in the Field of Tourism encourages cooperation between tourism stakeholders in both countries.


DSM: A LEADER IN NUTRITION INGREDIENTS B Rajagopal, president - DSM India, talks about its business strategy in India and its commitment towards fighting malnutrition and climate change in the country products for 3D printing, our materials and expertise help make electricals, electronics and communications a better and greener experience.

DSM as a company has unique competencies in life sciences and material sciences. Could you please elaborate about the various innovative solutions that DSM delivers? We are at the heart of so many things that matter to India and Indians in their everyday life. DSM is the largest nutrition ingredients company in the world. Our vitamins, omegas and functional ingredients supplement a wide range of foods, nutraceuticals and pharma products consumed everyday by babies, children, adults and seniors. And, as the only fullyintegrated animal nutrition company in the world, we provide the highest-quality ingredients and additives for healthier fish, poultry and eggs. Apart from nutrition, we also have a very interesting materials portfolio. DSM’s advanced plastics enable lighter vehicles with lower emissions and a reduced carbon footprint. Our resins are key components for the toughest environments like oil rigs. And, we are creating successive generations of environmentally-friendly water-borne resins for use everywhere. Our specialty materials help make products smaller, thinner and smarter. From safeguarding most of India’s fiber-optic cables for digital communication, to making connectors and halogen-free miniature components used in smartphones and tablets, and to

DSM’s advanced solar technologies and materials help increase the efficiency and environmental sustainability of solar modules, reducing the cost of energy delivered. We make the strongest fibre in the world, Dyneema, which is used in bulletproof jackets to protect the lives of our armed forces. A common strand running through this diverse portfolio in life sciences and material sciences is our bright science engineered to make lives brighter for every Indian. Having a two-decade-long presence in India, how has DSM as a company evolved over these years? Globally, we are over a 100-year-old company! Drawing upon that heritage, our business footprint in India has evolved with the latest technologies and significant manufacturing assets managed by excellent teams of people on the ground. We have established two nutrition premix plants at Mumbai and Vadodara, and a third one is under construction near Hyderabad. Our compounding plant for engineering plastics at Ranjangaon, near Pune, is well-acknowledged for its outstanding performance and was recently recognised with the global DSM SHE Award. Through our JV with Sinochem, we produce sustainable antibiotics catering to roughly 15 per cent of the world’s requirements through innovative enzymatic technologies, serving the needs of not just India but 50 other countries as well. At this site, we have also recently commissioned the most modern facilities for the

manufacture of the latest-generation statins. Our MW-scale solar technologies and materials' demonstration unit with extensive metering and evaluation capabilities provides the test data and evidence for continuously improving the cost-effectiveness of the huge solar investments in India. Leveraging India's competitiveness, we also operate a global delivery centre at Hyderabad to automate processes and transactions for DSM worldwide. What is your business strategy for India, considering that the country is becoming a new hub for major global companies? DSM is committed to fighting malnutrition and climate change, and these are also two of the most urgent problems facing us today in India as we grow and develop as a nation. We believe that these problems can be solved, and will be solved. Through these core commitments, we see exciting opportunities for growth in India. Our portfolio of businesses and technologies is of unique relevance to India as companies here continue to improve the quality of their products and services across a wide variety of consumer and industrial markets, touching people’s lives every day. India is an extreme focus geography for DSM, whose share of revenue from emerging markets exceeds 40 per cent. Foods, pharmaceuticals, automotive, electricals and electronics, communication, building and construction, coatings, renewable energy, life protection etc are all high-growth sectors in India where we have important solutions in play and will continue to expand our scope and impact. Of course, sustainability underpins everything we do, which is not only a responsibility and promise, but also in the DNA of every DSM employee, guiding us in every aspect of our business and strategy.

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India in 2018

Innovation, development and prosperity... that’s what the crystal ball predicts for the country this year

Finance and Economy

As a new year comes knocking, India stands on the threshold of change. From scientific innovation and technological advancement to financial stability and a booming entertainment industry, the nation is looking ahead to an eventful, dynamic 2018. Marking India’s Republic Day this January, here’s a look at four major sectors and what lies in store for them as the nation takes a step further along its path to progress.

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Even as 2017 ended, there was cheerful news on the economic front for India. According to Fortune magazine, a report published by UK-based Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) consultancy said that in 2018, India could overtake Britain to become the world’s fifth-largest economy in dollar terms. The report adds that India’s economy is headed for a boom.

Geetha Muralidhar, CMD, ECGC Ltd, explains the role and importance of the organisation ECGC Ltd (formerly Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Limited) was incorporated in 1957 to facilitate and strengthen Indiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s exports by covering the non-payment risks faced by Indian exporters and by banks in extending export credits. ECGC is the seventh-largest credit insurer of the Geetha Muralidhar world in terms of coverage CMD, ECGC Ltd of national exports. ECGC is also a member of Berne Union, an association of credit insurers worldwide. ECGC's contribution in enriching India's global trade cannot be ignored. To fulfill its objective of export promotion, ECGC issues covers to banks and exporters engaged in foreign trade. It works under the administrative control of MOCI, and is 100 per cent owned by the Government of India, managed by a board of directors comprising nominees of Government of India, Reserve Bank of India, banks, national reinsurer and eminent persons from the exporting community. Because of its far-reaching policies and foresight, it is continuously marching on the path of advancement. Export credit insurance and ECGC Exporters doing their business on credit terms, often have to face the risk related to payment delay or non-payment. The objective of export credit insurance is to create a positive environment for exporters and banks, in which exporters can do their business without any fear and banks can extend export credit adequately. Activities of ECGC ECGCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s customers consist of exporters, banks and other financial institutions. The insurance covers issued by ECGC can be divided into short-, medium- and long-term covers. The covers issued by ECGC to its exporter clients consist of declaration-based, exposurebased and consignment covers. For banks and other financial institutes, the covers issued include fund-based (packing credit and post shipment), non-fund based (surety cover) and special schemes (line of credit and buyers' credit). Risks covered by ECGC include commercial risks (default, insolvency and repudiation of contract) and political risks (war, civil war, transfer delay and import restrictions). The covers issued by ECGC to financial institutions include insolvency and default by exporters in repaying credit availed. ECGC has 20 short-term covers (products) for its more than 8,000 exporter clientele, and it has issued around 13,000 insurance covers till now; whereas, for its bank clientele, it has developed 11 insurance products. Thirty-five banks with around 4,000 branches have availed whole turnover covers, wherein more than 14,500 exporter accounts are covered. Besides this, 22 banks and more than 50 exporters are covered under MLT covers issued by ECGC.

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science and Technology

The previous year was a landmark one in India’s science and technology sector, especially in space research. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launched the much-awaited four-tonne rocket, Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle-Mk III (GSLVMk III), and also put into orbit 104 satellites in a single mission. And this year, experts feel, may be even better as ISRO, according to them, plans to launch at least one rocket every month to deploy satellites in orbit. The focus is also on the spacecraft being designed by TeamIndus, the only Indian team to be in the race for the $30 million Google Lunar XPRIZE.

what to look out for • Chandrayaan-2 mission (planned during the first half of 2018)

Bilateral relations

The Republic Day celebration at Rajpath, New Delhi, will be a new landmark in India’s relations with other countries. It is expected that leaders from various countries will be present during the celebrations, as they gather for the ASEAN-India Commemorative Summit to be held in the capital. But this is just the beginning of a year that experts predict, is set to strengthen the country’s position as a powerful voice in the world of global relationships. Trilateral and multilateral progress can be expected in 2018, wherein India has the potential to play a significant role. what to look out for • ASEAN-India Commemorative Summit on January 25 • The Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, to be held outside India for the first time, in Singapore from January 6 to 7

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We will go glamping, take specialised culinary tours and travel to discover our roots... That’s what experts say about the travelling trends of Indians in 2018. The most interesting would be genealogy, or travelling to trace ancestral roots and family histories. And with Indians settled across the world, this trend could lead to exciting experiences. Glamping or glamorous camping, on the other hand, is all about discovering our adventurous side, but in the lap of luxury.

what to look out for • New domestic airports at destinations previously inaccessible by air, including Sikkim, Jharsuguda (Odisha) and Kannur (Kerala)


In 2017, Indian sports won some and lost some. This year, experts say, could be better. In cricket, if Virat Kohli can win an offshore series in summer, it’ll be a clean sweep for the Indian cricket team. In badminton, PV Sindhu could break the jinx of losing at the very end. With coach Gopichand behind her, it is expected that Sindhu will shine this year and lead the country into the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 as well. With Saina Nehwal showing signs of getting back to her best form and Kidambi Srikanth set to take on several important tournaments, 2018 could well be the year for Indian badminton! what to look out for • The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games from April 4 to 15 • Hockey World Cup: Women’s from July 21 to August 5 and Men’s from November 28 to December 16

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25 years of cooperation The upcoming ASEAN-India Commemorative Summit, to be held on January 25, 2018, salutes the strengthening ties between the two entities

ASEAN leaders at the 12th ASEAN-India Summit, 2014 in Myanmar


ndia has shared an enduring diplomatic relationship with the 10-nation grouping of ASEAN for 25 years, an occasion that will be marked in 2018 by the ASEAN-India Commemorative Summit. To be held on January 25 in New Delhi, the summit marks 25 years of Dialogue Partnership, 15 years of Summit Level interaction and five years of Strategic Partnership between the two entities. This is the second time in the 10-nation grouping's history that it is holding a second special summit with a nonmember country. The theme of the summit, “Shared Values, Common Destiny”, emphasises the fact that ASEAN and India are connected by shared cultural and civilisational elements, as well as convergent interests. Moreover, the summit is also a significant tribute to India’s deepening relations with each of the 10 ASEAN member countries, and also marks a growing recognition of the government’s Act East policy. Silver jubilee The year 2018 will mark the 25th anniversary of India-ASEAN's Dialogue Partnership with a series of activities and events spread out through January, culminating in the summit on January 25. In the run up to the latter, a Business & Investment Meet and Expo, Business Conclave, Textile Event and Regional Indian Diaspora Meet have also been planned. This comes after several events

90 I Shubh Yatra I January 2018

The summit is a significant tribute to India’s deepening relations with each of the 10 ASEAN member countries, and also marks a growing recognition of the government’s Act East policy organised throughout 2017, including academic conferences, cultural festivals and a Youth Summit. Economic cooperation ASEAN is India's fourth-largest trading partner, and trade and investment relations between the two entities have been steadily growing through the years. India's trade with ASEAN nations has increased from USD 65 billion in 2015-16 to USD 70 billion in 2016-17, and India's export to ASEAN has grown from USD 25 billion in 2015-16 to USD 31.07 billion in 2016-17. Investment flows from both sides have also been substantial - ASEAN accounts for approximately 12.5 per cent of investment flows into India since the year 2000. The ASEAN-India Free Trade Area has



A Sui Generis International University with 17 global partners' Sunaina Singh, vice-chancellor, Nalanda University, explains the role of the university in reviving the heritage of Nalanda as a seat of knowledge

Sunaina Singh Vice-chancellor Nalanda University

Tell us about the revival of this ancient Nalanda University. What was the basic idea and need to revive it? Eight hundred years after the destruction of ancient Nalanda University, former President of India Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, while addressing the Bihar State Legislative Assembly, in March 2006, stressed on the need for reviving the renowned ancient Nalanda University by re-establishing it. The state government of Bihar under the leadership of Nitish Kumar endorsed and helped build the narrative of Nalanda. The establishment of this university was marked by a high degree of co-operation between the state of Bihar and the Central government. The present Union government through its proactive Act East Policy is dedicated to the task of rebuilding this renowned historical institution. Through the affirmative initiatives by our visionary Prime Minister Narendra Modi and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, Nalanda is foreseen as a symbol of Asian Renaissance and resurgence. Since the hallmark of the ancient Nalanda was its internationalism, to reinforce the university's international character, an inter-governmental Memorandum of Understanding came into force at the 8th East Asia Summit in October 2013. Till date, 17 countries have signed the MoU which underscores the commitment to rebuild Nalanda as a seat of knowledge.

What is the importance of Nalanda University to Asian history? The Nalanda University attracted scholars and students from near and far, some travelling all the way from Tibet, China, Korea and Central Asia in quest of knowledge. It was a Centre of excellence for the entire spectrum of Indian Knowledge Systems, including Vedic studies, Buddhism, philosophy, Medicine and Mathematics, Astronomy and Logic, Governance and Ethics, “Shastr” and “Shastra”. Asia is today synonymous with a dynamic entrepreneurial and innovative culture, based on knowledge and enterprise. Asian countries are coming together to forge a continent based on the foundations of peace and harmony which can happen only if there are strong opportunities for knowledge sharing, cultural and civilisational dialogues, collaborations and linkages. The Government of India’s resolute and indomitable commitment to initiating cultural and civilisational dialogue and developing inter and intra-Asian linkages gives fillip to the Nalanda University to act as the knowledge bridge. What is the role of Nalanda University in maintaining the regional cooperation among the ASEAN countries? Nalanda University aims to further recover centuries old cultural and civilisational heritage, by establishing new modes of scholarship and intellectual inquiry. The university has established linkages and collaborations with several institutions abroad as well as with partner countries of the East Asia Summit.The university is affirmative on knowledge sharing, cultural and civilisational dialogues, and collaborations and linkages. The Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, supports the possibility of establishing a “Common Archival Resource Centre” at Nalanda University. This resource centre aims to enable and empower the inter-Asian interactions through its rich knowledge repositories. The university will provide a platform for

cross cultural and transnational sharing of knowledge amongst the scholars coming from ASEAN countries, thus helping strengthen ties with the Asian community. What are the various steps taken by you to transform this historic university into a global centre for excellence? A university is where wise and knowledgeable people offer their intellectual hospitality, their wealth of learning to others, and earn in return the knowledge from the other worlds. Collaboration, linkages, exchanges and sharing of its resources is a symbol of peaceful coexistence in these times of monumental human challenges. If the world’s future lies in achieving a multipolar system, it is necessary that an institution such as Nalanda charts the course of the region for the 21st century and beyond. I have envisioned the new ways of projecting Nalanda University through dissemination of knowledge as stated above. The university will be the first of its kind campus with a net zero or near zero environmental impact. This would mean that the university will generate its own water and renewable energy apart from sending out zero waste into the environment. The university is following the digital route and creating a new library infrastructure with a robust network facility to host manuscripts and other print acquisitions. The library which is envisaged as a resource house of new knowledge systems will also be a treasure house of archival resources and is gearing up to establish Nalanda University Press. Along with the ongoing activities, the university is in the process of preparing an ideal academic framework, pedagogy, and evaluation pattern. In order to build a rigorous teaching and research endeavor that will primarily focus on Indian knowledge system, Nalanda University is working on reviving lost knowledge traditions of India and reframing its curriculum keeping in mind the ancient wisdom and erudite knowledge from the seers and scholars from ancient India which attracted the scholars towards India in the first place.

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infocus mixed bag

building assets UTI Asset Management Company Ltd is pioneering wealth creation in India

UTI Asset Management Company Ltd was carved out of the erstwhile Unit Trust of India as a SEBI-registered AMC from February 1, 2003. UTI AMC is promoted by the four largest Public Sector Financial Institutions as sponsors - State Bank of India, Life Insurance Corporation of India, Bank of Baroda and Punjab National Bank. T Rowe Price Inc, one of the largest AMCs in the US, has acquired a stake in UTI AMC. UTI AMCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s assets under management, across different businesses (as of September 2017), are valued at `3,27,574 crore. These include AUM in domestic Mutual Fund (MF), Portfolio Management Services and various subsidiaries like UTI International, Retirement Solutions, Venture Funds and Alternate Investment assets. UTI MF is the oldest and among the largest MFs in India, with over 1 crore investor accounts. It has a nationwide distribution network. On February 1, 2014, UTI completed 50 years of its glorious journey in pioneering wealth creation and contributing to the growth of the financial sector in India.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak on the sidelines of the ASEAN Summit 2014

Programmes and events have been organised over the past year to boost India's people-to-people connect with ASEAN nations

UTI has a competent professional fund management team and a strong in-house research team for investment management, and follows a five-layered investment management structure.

also been completed with the entering into force of the ASEANIndia Agreements on Trade in Service and Investments in 2015. Culture and knowledge A large number of programmes and events have been organised over the past year to boost India's people-to-people connect with ASEAN member nations. This includes the Students Exchange Programme, Special Training Course for ASEAN diplomats, the participation of ASEAN students in the National Children's Science Congress, etc. As part of the events leading up to the ASEAN-India Commemorative Summit 2018, youth-centric programmes , an artist camp and a music band festival have also been organised. Project support India has been supporting ASEAN in various projects in the fields of agriculture, climate change, human resource development, science and technology, renewable energy, tourism and more. It has also been supporting ASEAN member nations under the initiatives for ASEAN Integration, including projects on Training of English Language for Law Enforcement Officers in CLMV countries, scholarships for ASEAN students for higher education at Nalanda University, etc.

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UTI MF is the oldest and among the largest MFs in India, with over one crore investor accounts and a nationwide distribution network The four largest Public Sector Financial Institutions in India - State Bank of India, Life Insurance Corporation of India, Bank of Baroda and Punjab National Bank - back UTI AMC as sponsors. The erstwhile Unit Trust of India was transformed into UTI Asset Management Company Ltd. as a SEBI registered AMC from February 1, 2003. With an efficient in-house research team for investment management and a strong team for professional fund management, UTI AMC follows a five-layered investment management structure.

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OF chalk

and cheese A diesel performance SUV and a petrol-electric hybrid sedan... Diverse as they may be, Gaurav Nagpal enjoys a thrilling experience with both luxury vehicles

94 I Shubh Yatra I january 2018

The F-Pace in the R Sport variant is a thumper of an SUV that has more than enough go to match the impressive show!

In the world of luxury automobiles, you are typically spoilt for choice. The best of materials, the coolest interiors and the most advanced exteriors are typically on offer here. One of the most exciting aspects is what lies under the hood i.e. the engine and the technology it uses. I recently had the chance to experience two luxury automobiles that are as different as can be in terms of their motive force; yet, both make for excellent motoring choices. My unique experience of diversity in luxury began with the Lexus ES 300h. The ES 300h is the first sedan launched in India by Lexus, the luxury vehicle division of Japanese car maker Toyota. What grabs your attention when you cast a glance head-on at the car are its sharp LED headlamps with daytime running lights (DRLs) on either side of the signature Lexus spindle grille, making for an attractive face to the car. From the top of the grille, a smooth crease runs over the headlamps, along the window lines and all the way to the rear. Coupled with the long wheelbase, this creates a nice silhouette that heightens the luxury feel. The rear, though, is a bit of a letdown. The taillamps are Lexus’ signature L-shaped combination lamps; however, in a parking lot with all cars nose-first in their slots, the overall sedate look of the rear means this car is unlikely to stand out to the eye of an onlooker. This may not be all bad, though, as for many luxury car buyers, sedate is the name of the game, and this could well be what their doctor – or their banker – ordered!

296 HP DIESEL 1.05


Step inside to a world of comfort. Make yourself comfortable in the driver’s seat – fully power-adjustable for all manner of parameters, of course – and the moment you click the seatbelt into the buckle, the seat moves closer to the dashboard, and the steering wheel comes further out of it. Voila – you have perfect ergonomics and comfort! This is an extremely useful feature that distinguishes this car from many others. Time to experience some under-the-hood magic, then. Thumb the start-stop button, and you hear nothing! No – the car has not conked off, but the electric motor is at work. Take-off is silent, smooth and quick, with the petrol motor kicking in (and out!) automatically at preset speeds. The car picks up pace rapidly, with nary a stutter when shifting between gears; you can switch

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open house auto

202 HP

petrol/ electric 59 LAkh The Lexus ES 300h sedan is unobtrusive in its design and its power delivery, but packs in oodles of luxury!

between Normal, Eco and Sport modes to finetune your driving experience further. And the ride is oh-so-smooth – as low-slung as a typical luxury sedan is, the ES 300h glides over most imperfections in road surfaces without you needing to rein in your velocity. Impressive! Next came another luxury car with the “first” tag in its description: the F-Pace, the first SUV ever bearing the Jaguar logo and, in the R Sport variant, powered by a thumping diesel engine. Yes – diesel, not often associated with performance motoring, but we will get to that in a bit.

The seat and steering wheel of the ES 300h slide in/out of position automatically, making for excellent driver comfort 96 I Shubh Yatra I january 2018

This is a car that grabs your attention and does not let go! The signature J-blade DRLs with the stunning adaptive LED headlights on either side of the unmistakeable Jaguar grille, the bulging bonnet and muscular sides, the pronounced rear haunches and angular tail lamps – this is clearly not just a cat waiting to spring, but a big cat just about to pounce with oodles of power. Inside, it is the familiar Jaguar environment with contemporary British craftsmanship, supple leather and a sophisticated finish to every surface you lay your hands on. Ten-colour ambient lighting is available; in Dynamic mode, though, it stays in red! Ingress and egress is an issue, however, even with my none-too-tall

frame: courtesy the tapered roofline, there was scarcely an occasion when my head and the roofline did not exchange sweet nothings. The horses under the hood were begging to be unleashed, so it was time to thumb the start-stop button and go pedal-to-metal. And it can go like not much else can! Suffice to say this behemoth belies the manner in which it picks up pace: knife-through-butter gearshifts, barely a giveaway that a diesel V6 is at work, and that engine roar – you would be hard-pressed to find a soul that is not elevated by driving this SUV, or one that does not turn to see what just blew past. It is an SUV, so it indeed can take the more-than-rough patches and not-too-rocky surfaces without a whimper, all whilst you are ensconced in comfort and whispering to the wind. What an experience! Chalk and cheese is a fairly apt description for both cars, with their own particular set of charms. Wish to be whisked along sedately, quickly and supremely comfortably, away from the arc lights? The Lexus ES 300h does it perfectly, with no cause for complaint. Want to flex your muscles, love all the attention, and enjoy blowing everything away as you whiz past? The Jaguar F-Pace R Sport is more than up for the task. Oh, for the love of diversity!

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four to fit

From parkour and high-intensity interval training to integrated workouts, Vesna Pericevic Jacob lists popular ways to stay fit this year

98 I Shubh Yatra I January 2018

Come winter, and we invariably look back at the year that was, and ahead at the year to come, gauging what we can learn from the former to make the most of the latter - be it in terms of fashion, fitness or our general lifestyle. The sphere of fitness, in particular, has lately been witnessing a series of fundamental innovations that are changing the way we understand the notion of a healthy body. Among the biggest changes that have come about in this context is the concept of mindfulness being incorporated into workouts. New-age machines are being designed and equipped to enhance the user interface, and exercising is no longer just about effort, time and burning calories â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the focus is shifting, gradually, to the efficacy of movement in bringing about a more sustainable and healthier

lifestyle. Here are four fitness trends that you can follow this year, and exercise your way to better health:

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

With short bursts of activity followed by rest and recovery, an HIIT session is usually over in less than 30 minutes. This helps you burn more calories in a shorter period of time. HIIT includes familiar exercises such as mountain-climbers, burpees and jumping jacks.  

Integrated training

The trend of integrated workouts is growing, and is likely to continue in 2018. HIIT and yoga, for instance, make a fantastic combination that integrates the intensity of the former with the calming influence

open house fitness An effective 10-minute HIIT workout* Do every exercise for 45 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of rest Mountain climbers


1. Parkour ensures a fullbody workout 2. TRX helps develop core strength


Squats 2

TRX is one of the most effective body-weight training regimes and works against gravity

Crunches Burpees


Jump squats

Bicep dips

of the latter. It also helps strengthen the body and improve flexibility. Combining Pilates and TRX (a form of suspension training that uses your body weight to develop flexibility and core strength) is another popular integrated workout. TRX is one of the most effective body weight training regimes and works against gravity, while Pilatesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; effectiveness in strengthening the core and toning muscles has been proven time and again. The two systems complement each other to give you a strong, functional and toned body.



*consult your trainer before starting

High kneesÂ

100 I Shubh Yatra I January 2018

The re-emergence and reinvention of parkour as a more doable mainstream workout is one of the most exciting developments in the realm of fitness this year. This workout does not involve hardcore parkour that you might have seen movie stars engage in during high-octane chase sequences. Practised in an open-air ground, this version of parkour is designed to keep you fit without being too risky. The facilities at such

a playground are clean, safe and challenging without being intimidating. Training your body to push itself to its limits and getting from point A to B in the best way possible, is what parkour is all about.


Once considered as an unconventional sport for adventure-seekers, climbing has exploded in popularity over the past decade. The surge in people looking at climbing as a means to fitness has been largely due to the growth of indoor climbing gyms through the years. Today, facilities with indoor climbing walls are aplenty in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. And they are no longer just for off-season training for professional climbers. For urban athletes, climbing is not so much about the adventure as it is about staying fit and creating a beautiful body aesthetic. The author is a holistic fitness expert and the views expressed in this article are her own

Footprints outbound


Winter wonderland

What else to see and do See the valley Don't forget to visit the Yosemite Valley, a geological marvel, lined with towering cliffs. It is the highlight of the park

102 I Shubh Yatra I January 2018

Spot animals The Yosemite Valley is home to nearly 90 mammal species, 11 native amphibian species, 22 species of reptiles and 262 species of birds!

have an adventure The area offers you dozens of hiking trails. You can also take a cycle ride to Mirror Lake or just watch the setting sun cast its rosy glow on the granite Half Dome

Explore the snowy beauty of some of California's largest national parks through fun-filled activities such as skiing, snowshoe walks and ice skating, suggests Shrabasti Mallik


Don't miss Glacier Point for an astounding view >> Take photos at Lower Yosemite Falls and Valley View

With its iconic granite domes and spires etched in snow, and a hushed beauty that’s both intimate and wild, Yosemite National Park makes for a magical winter getaway. It offers a full slate of seasonal activities – ranger-led snowshoe (a flat device attached to the sole of a boot) walks, ice-skating at the valley’s Half Dome village and winter photography workshops.

You can go sledding at areas near the park’s main entrance or skiing in the park's low-key ski area. For more winter activities, you can visit the Yosemite Ski & Snowboard Area, which has a challenging terrain park for snowboarders, and also a snow tubing area! While some high-country routes close for the winter, you can still get to the park via well-maintained roads.

january 2018 I shubh Yatra I 103

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Air India connects San Francisco to Delhi

What else to see and do

Must-See The General Sherman sequoia tree, one of the world's largest living trees, has a height of 275 feet!

Go deep Explore polished marble and sparkling stalactites at the Crystal Cave, one of the many marble caverns found within the parks

take a hike Climb the Moro Rock, a bald granite dome that protrudes from a forested ridge, and can be accessed via a series of ramps and staircases


Don't miss The 14,494-foothigh Mt Whitney >>

Get snow sports gear at Wuksachi Lodge and Grant Grove

104 I Shubh Yatra I January 2018

Famous for their giant sequoias (redwood trees), soaring mountains, deep canyons and roaring rivers, this set of parks has plenty of things to see and do in winter. Crowned in snow, the giant sequoias become more regal â&#x20AC;&#x201C; their cinnamoncoloured trunks and deep-green needles dusted in white. While a winter visit takes a little extra planning and gear, it can provide an unforgettable Alpine experience. You

can participate in cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and other snow activities here. For a milder alternative, join rangerled snowshoe treks (offered on most winter weekends), or set off on your own. The most popular track is the 3-km round trip on Congress Trail. If you aren't feeling adventurous, simply drive to the Big Stump or Wolverton snow play area and build your own snowman!


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What else to see and do

take a look View Lassen Peak, rising to 10,457 feet. One of the best spots to admire it from is Lake Helen

Let off steam Visit Bumpass Hell, the park's largest concentration of boiling springs and hissing steam vents

Be it a snowshoe trek, fast-paced skiing or a night of camping – Lassen Volcanic National Park has a lot to offer during winter. The season provides visitors an opportunity to experience the quieter side of the park. Bring your snowshoes and set off on your own, or opt for a ranger-guided snowshoe walk, offered on weekends. While roads through the park close in winter, both the north entrance (Loomis Plaza area at Manzanita Lake) and south entrance (Kohm Yahmah-nee Visitor Center) have marked snowshoe trails. A vast area of the park's backcountry provides opportunities for skiing. The Loomis Museum and the Southwest parking area are popular starting spots. The Forest Lake trail and the Manzanita Lake trail are the only marked winter trails in the park for backcountry skiing.


Don't miss Sulphur Works, a former sulphur mine

do more Swim, kayak or camp by the Manzanita Lake, one of the most photographed in Lassen



Spend the night Camping in the park grounds

Five islands off the Southern Californian coast – Santa Cruz, Anacapa, Santa Rosa, Santa Barbara and San Miguel – together form the Channel Islands National Park, one of America’s most remote, and utterly magical, national parks. The best thing to do here in winter is to enjoy the sun and spot some whales. The gray whale season goes on from late December to mid-April, when these 50-foot-long giants make their annual migration from the Bering Sea to Mexico and back again. But if you are able to catch a glimpse of a blue whale – the largest mammal in the world – it'll be an experience you'll never forget.


Don't miss Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary


Spot some dolphins at Santa Barbara Channel

What else to see and do get exploring Explore the Channel Islands' wealth of sea caves and kelp forests up close in a kayak

106 I Shubh Yatra I January 2018

fox around Spot the island fox (Urocyon littoralis), which is native as well as exclusive to the Channel Islands

take a hike Hike at the Lobo Canyon in Santa Rosa Island and see the fossils of the extinct pygmy mammoth

infocus mixed bag

spine treatment The new approaches to spinal surgery have facilitated better results in patients

Dr H S Chhabra Medical director and HOD, Spine Services Indian Spinal Injuries Centre

The last decade has seen dramatic developments in the techniques and tools employed in spine surgery, resulting in better outcomes in patients. The myth prevailing in society about spine surgery being unsafe has largely been eliminated, with access to better training and advancement in technology. Some of these are as under:

MINIMALLY INVASIVE APPROACHES TO THE SPINE The introduction of the tubular retractor system allowed spine surgeons to treat symptomatic herniated discs with minimally invasive techniques using microscope or an endoscope. These have allowed procedures like discectomy to be done through key hole access. Since there is less tissue trauma, post-operative rehabilitation is easier.

Motion preservation Two options are currently available for patients that are interested in having non-fusion, motion preservation procedures for the spine. The first is artificial disc replacement technology; the second is dynamic stabilisation. The latter manages intolerable and intractable low back pain yet retaining motion within the desired limits. These devices are most useful for younger patients by maintaining flexibility in their backs. Motion preservation in the form of disc replacement procedures has become more popular. Such fusion-less surgeries have demonstrated encouraging results as compared to fusion procedures. Disc arthroplasty may be a reasonable option for patients with cervical or lumbar disc disease, but many patients may not fit the criteria for arthroplasty. Neuromonitoring and neuro-navigation Neuromonitoring allows the spinal cord functions to be monitored during spine surgery. Thus, any insult to the spinal cord can be immediately noticed during surgery and remedial measures can be taken. This has gone a long way in making spine surgery safe. Spine navigation allows precise surgical techniques and accurate instrumentation with minimal spinal bony damage and blood loss.

Rs. 2000/- discount for Health 360 Plus and Deluxe Packages

Please bring this coupon to avail of this Offer. Valid till 28th February 2018

These checkups are also conducted at NM Medical Bandra in Mumbai and also at NM Medical Pune and NM Medical Bangalore.

Destination Assam • Assam’s GDP at current prices during 2015-16 was USD 30.72 billion (approx. USD 985 per capita) and grew at 9 per cent CAGR from 2004-05 to 2015-16. • During this period, the state’s tertiary sector grew at a CAGR of 15.07 per cent driven by trade, hotels, real estate, finance, insurance, transport, communications and other services. The primary sector grew at a CAGR of 11.62 per cent, while the secondary sector grew at 10.31 per cent during the same period. • Assam aims to maintain an overall GSDP growth rate of over 10 per cent, with industrial growth at over 9 per cent and growth in services at over 13 per cent over the next 5 years.

With a vast expanse of tea estates, golf courses, rivers and a tourism circuit connecting other Northeastern states as well as countries like Bhutan, the tourism sector is a major investment prospect in the state of Assam. Besides, Assam houses 300 types of medicinal herbs and plants, with Brahmaputra valley alone having 150 varieties of herbs and plants of commercial value. An estimated 5-10 per cent of the plants and herbs have been commercially exploited, offering a vast potential for further investments. Industrial Infrastructure Assam holds a land bank of around 3000 acres and is continuously increasing for allotment to industries. The state has 64 commercial estate for the micro units and 50 industrial estates/areas spread across all the districts of Assam. The state has also three industrial growth centres (IGCs) located at Balipara (Sonitpur district),

Matia (Goalpara district) and ChaygaonPatgaon-Jambari (Kamrup district) along with 11 integrated infrastructure development (IID) centres, out of which two are under construction. The completed IID centres are at Silapathar (Dhemaji), Banderdewa (Lakhimpur), Dalgaon (Darrang), Rangia (Kamrup), Malinibeel (Cachar), Dimow (Sivasagar), Naltoli-Bhumuraguri (Nagaon), Parbatipur (Tinsukia) and Titabor (Jorhat). Under-construction projects are located at Serfungguri ( Kokrajhar) and Tihu (Nalabri). Two more projects on similar lines have been approved by the Government of India under MSECDP scheme at Pathsala (Barpeta) and Moran (Dibrugarh). Focus Sectors for Investment Handloom, Textiles and Handicrafts Assam ranks third amongst raw silk producing states in India contributing over 80 per cent of muga silk and over 60 per cent of eri silk produced in India. The state houses more than 13 lakh looms out of the total 28 lakh looms in the country. Sualkuchi in Assam is known as the Manchester of the East and is world-renowned for its unique Assam silk. Ninety-eight weavers extension units and 20 handloom production centres produce 65.3 thousand metres of handloom fabrics in the state. Investment Opportunities • Setting up of handloom production units • Apparel and garment making centre • Silk value-chain-based cluster development • Manufacturing of bamboo mat board, bamboo mat corrugated sheets and bamboo floor board Inland Water Transport • With 15 national waterways (NW), Assam has nearly 10 per cent of the cumulative navigable length of all 111 NWs in India. IWT caters to about 4 per cent of the total freight tonnage movement to and from the state. Investment Opportunities • Development of IWT terminals

Sectoral GSDP Composition 100 80 60 40 20 0












• Development of port townships • Operation of river taxis • Riverfront development Power Generation The state of Assam has huge potential for hydropower generation. It has a total installed power generation capacity of 1,599.65 MW, of which 364.7 MW is produced by APGCL. 2,318 villages covering 27.5 lakh rural households have been electrified, as on July 2017. Investment Opportunities • Among Northeastern states, Assam has the highest potential for solar energy with an estimated potential of 14 GW solar energy • Assam has a capacity to produce 680 MW of hydropower • Power projects under construction in the state: 930.5 MW • Power projects in pipeline in the state:1,901.5 MW The Global Investors' Summit-2018 will also provide a platform for Assam to highlights its other sectors like agriculture and food processing. Assam is a global tea hub and contributes to more than 50 per cent of the country’s total tea production. There are 216 fish species, out of which 150 species have ornamental importance and 50 species have overseas ornamental value.

january 2018 I shubh Yatra I 109


Assam Global Investors' Summit A New Business Destination

Explore vibrant business opportunities in Assam-India's expressway to ASEAN Coal Coal mined from Assam has high sulphur content and is mainly utilised by local railways, hydro power stations and steamers. Coal is found mainly in the upper Assam districts of Tinsukia and Dibrugarh in the Makum and Dilli– Jeypore coalfields. Small coal deposits occur sporadically in the central Assam districts of Karbi Anglong and North Cachar Hills. The proven reserve of coal in this belt is about 340 million tonnes.

Sarbananda Sonowal, Chief Minister, Assam during the Advantage Assam roadshow in Bengaluru


he Assam Global Investors' Summit scheduled during February 3-4, 2018, is the largest ever investment promotion and facilitation initiative by the government of Assam. The Summit aims at highlighting the state’s geostrategic advantages offered to investors by Assam. The event aims to showcase the manufacturing prowess and the opportunities offered by the state in terms of export-oriented manufacturing and services to growing economies viz ASEAN and BBN countries. In order to promote Assam as a potential business destination, the state government is also conducting roadshows at various domestic and international locations, to showcase the business potential and investment opportunities in the state. The event will see various

108 I Shubh Yatra I January 2018 assam State Feature final.indd 108

government delegates meeting industry champions from different sectors. The summit also promises to become a major platform for G2B and B2B meetings and to display investment opportunities in the state. Potential investors from diverse sectors are expected to attend 'Advantage Assam' – the Global Investor’s Summit 2018, for exploring investment opportunities in Assam, India’s Expressway to ASEAN. Key Industrial Sectors Tea The state of Assam is blessed with natural resources, which makes it one of the potential destinations for investment. Assam is also the single largest tea producing region globally and contributes to over 50 per cent (6,31,220 MT in Jan– Dec 2015) of India’s total tea production (1.2 MMT in Jan–Dec 2015).

Limestone Good quality cement-grade limestone is found in central Assam districts of North Cachar Hills and Karbi Anglong, where a total reserve of about 670 million tonnes is available. The China clay of Karbi-Anglong district is a vital input for ceramic industries. Petroleum Assam is the third-largest producer of petroleum and natural gas in the country. Major state refineries are located at Digboi, Guwahati, Bongaigaon and Numaligarh with a total refining capacity of 1,50,000 barrels per day. The Assam-Arakan Basin in Northeast India is an important oil-producing region and contains more than 15 per cent of the country’s reserves. Assam has over 1.3 billion tonnes of crude oil and 156 billion cubic metric tonnes of natural gas reserves. Tourism With its history, heritage, ethnicity, culture and wildlife, Assam has an inherent tourism potential. Several river cruises provide a unique experience to tourists taking them on a scintillating journey through the magnificent Brahmaputra.

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pop pourri movies

Reel treat for

the year Raid


Chanda Mama Door Ke


An unlikely spy, battlefield heroics, a trip to the moon, a tax raid and the exploits of a goldwinning hockey team: these are the key narrative baits in five of Bollywoodâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most awaited releases in 2018, says Saibal Chatterjee 112 I Shubh Yatra I january 2018


The past year hasn’t been a smooth ride for the Hindi film industry. But even through the choppy 12 months of 2017, Bollywood had a silver lining to show for its efforts moviegoers in India were treated to several content-driven films studded with great performances and trailblazing narrative sleights. The new year is likely to witness a continuation of this happy trend. Here are five films that Bollywood fans would do well not to miss in 2018. Here are five star kids who are making their grand Bollywood debut in 2018: • Sara Ali Khan – Daughter of actors Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh, Sara will make her Bollywood debut in Abhishek Kapoor’s Kedarnath opposite Sushant Singh Rajput • Janhvi Kapoor –The elder daughter of Sridevi and Boney Kapoor, Janhvi will be launched by Karan Johar in Dhadak along with Ishaan Khatter • Ishaan Khatter – Shahid Kapoor’s half-brother Ishaan (son of Neelima Azeem and Rajesh Khatter) is all set to step into Bollywood with Dhadak, alongside Janhvi Kapoor. The movie is the Hindi remake of Marathi movie Sairat • Karan Deol – If the Khans and Kapoors are making their mark, how can the Deols be far behind? Sunny Deol’s son, Karan, will soon make his debut in the movie Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas, directed by his father • Ahan Shetty – If rumours are to be believed, Sajid Nadiadwala will back Suniel Shetty’s son, Ahan’s entry into Bollywood


Right on top of our list is Meghna Gulzar’s Raazi, a period-espionage drama starring Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal. The film is a screen adaptation of former Indian Navy officer Harinder S Sikka’s novel, Calling Sehmat. It presents an account of the real-life adventures of a Kashmiri girl, who, during the course of the 1971 war, married a Pakistani man in order to spy for India. Several factors make Raazi a highly anticipated film. For one, this story is barely known outside defence circles. It is also Gulzar’s first directorial after Talvar (2015), and as for Kaushal, this is another opportunity for him to cement his place in the industry.


Talking of war heroes, also in the pipeline is JP Dutta’s Paltan, which revolves around India’s 1962 war with China and has all the makings of a must-watch. Coming decades after his biggest success, Border (1997), and his last directorial venture, Umrao Jaan (2016), this Arjun Rampal-starrer holds promise. Little has been revealed in terms of plot details thus far, but it is known that the cast of the under-production Paltan includes Jimmy Shergill, Harshvardhan Rane and Sonu Sood. A decade-and-a-half ago, Dutta had made LOC Kargil (2003) but the film was no patch on Border. Will Paltan mark a return for the veteran Bollywood director?

Chanda Mama Door Ke

Among the more ambitious Hindi films being readied for release in 2018 is the sci-fi space fantasy Chanda Mama Door Ke, directed by Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan. In the film’s fictionalised story, which draws from facts about India’s official space programme, an Indian eventually lands on the moon.

The movie, scheduled for a Republic Day release, stars Sushant Singh Rajput in the role of a pathbreaking astronaut. The actor had to go through a gruelling training programme at NASA to prepare for the project. The film also stars R Madhavan, Shraddha Kapoor and Bhumi Pednekar. This is Chauhan’s second film, his first being the National Award-winning Lahore, a highoctane sports drama about kickboxing. The new film looks set to push the boundaries a tad – it is arguably India’s first-ever space drama.


Far more earthy matters lie at the heart of Rajkumar Gupta’s Raid, the fourth film on our list. It dramatises an income tax department operation in Uttar Pradesh in the 1980s. Another period drama derived from real incidents, Raid is among several other films being currently shot in the state. Scripted by Ritesh Shah (who also wrote movies such as Pink and Airlift), the film is reportedly about one of the most high-profile tax raids ever conducted in the country. Ajay Devgn is the lead actor in the movie, which also stars Ileana D’Cruz. The film is slated for release in April.


Also watch out for Reema Kagti’s Gold, an Akshay Kumar-starrer, in which a glittering piece of Indian sporting history will receive cinematic treatment. The film, to be released on August 15, is based on the life of legendary hockey player Balbir Singh Sr, who was an integral part of the team that, in 1948, won India its first Olympic gold medal after Independence. The above is only an indicative list that in no way suggests that there aren’t other Hindi films in the offing that are equally powerpacked in terms of theme and substance. Among these is R Balki’s Padman, a take on social entrepreneur Arunachalam Muruganantham, who developed a low-cost sanitary napkin machine in Tamil Nadu. The film’s cast, led by Akshay Kumar, includes Sonam Kapoor and Radhika Apte.

The author is a senior film critic and the views expressed in this article are his own

january 2018 I shubh Yatra I 113

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’;kelqanj tks’kh crk jgs gSa fd ÅaVksa dh egÙkk rFkk mudh lsokvksa ds mYys[k ds fy, gj o”kZ chdkusj esa ÅaV mRlo euk;k tkrk gSA Ek#LFkyh; tuthou dk lPpk lkFkh gS ÅaVA vxj ÅaV u gks rks jsfxLrku esa thuk nqHkZj gks tkrk gSA e# izn’s k ds lkekftd&vkfFkZd mRFkku esa tgka blus viuh egÙoiw.kZ lsok,a iznku dh gS]a oghaa ;gka dh lkaLd`frd xfrfof/k;ksa ls Hkh bldk tqMk+ o ges’kk ls jgk gSA pkgs dksbZ mRlo gks] esyk gks ;k fQj lkekftd lekjksg] ÅaV us vius euksgkjh Jax ` kj ds lkFk bu vuq"Bkuksa dh ’kksHkk esa ges’kk pkj pkan yxk, gaAS

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ÅaV dks jktLFkku dk jkT; Ik’kq ?kksf"kr fd;k x;k gSA blds lEeku esa gh gj o"kZ chdkusj ’kgj esa ^ÅaV mRlo* euk;k tkrk gSA jkT; ds i;ZVu foHkkx ,oa ftyk iz’kklu }kjk vk;ksftr fd, tkus okys nks fnolh; bl mRlo dk ize[q k vkd"kZ.k ^jsfxLrku dk tgkt+* gh gksrk gSA gj o"kZ dh Hkkafr bl o"kZ Hkh 13 o 14 tuojh dks chdkusj esa bl mRlo dk vk;kstu fd;k tk jgk gSA viuh rjg ds bl vuwBs vkSj jkspd lekjksg ds nkSjku

tgka ÅaV ij dsfa nzr fofHkUu dk;ZØe] izfr;ksfxrk,a o xfrfof/k;ka gksrh ga]S ogha jktLFkkuh dyk o laLd`fr dh Hkh thoar >yd ns[kus dks feyrh gSA bl mRlo dk vkuan ysus ds fy, u dsoy Hkkjrh; cfYd fons’kh lSykuh Hkh mRlkg ds lkFk Hkkx ysrs gSAa dgk tkrk gS fd ÅaVksa dk chdkusj ls iqjkuk fj’rk jgk gSA ;gka ds jko chdkth us bu i’kqvksa dk ikyu&iks"k.k djuk vkjaHk fd;k FkkA ÅaV ;krk;kr dk ize[q k lk/ku rks gS gh] bldk nw/k Hkh ?kjsyw mRikn cukus ds fy, mi;ksx esa yk;k tkrk gSA ;gka ds ÅaVksa dks lsuk ds fy, Hkh fo’ks"k:i ls izf’kf{kr fd;k tkrk gSA Hkkjrh; Fky lsuk esa ns’k dh lhekvksa dh lqj{kk O;oLFkk esa bu izf’kf{kr ÅaVksa dk cM+k ;ksxnku gSA

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financial planning and career How often have we heard college graduates say that they dream of having a fulfilling career in a particular domain? What a fulfilling career means could vary from one individual to the other. It could mean avenues to fulfill your ambitions, challenge yourself intellectually or being surrounded Shyamali Basu by like-minded people. SVP and head - products HDFC Asset Management Co Ltd However, most people would agree that being able to adequately meet your family’s financial needs and aspirations would definitely be amongst the list of boxes to be checked in determining if a career is fulfilling or not. In fact, it’s a universal truth that higher earnings do play an important role in motivating employees. A case in point is use of variable pay by corporates to increase productivity. Although most of us are inclined to earn more at the workplace, how many of us actually give a serious thought to what we do with our hard-earned money? It is no secret that young professionals are struggling to save/invest or plan financially. The “living in the moment” philosophy has been stretched a bit too far at times and when it comes to financial planning, every delay of a day or a month makes a huge dent in your financial corpus. Barring a few exceptions, it is practically impossible to bridge the gap of one’s financial misadventures by changing jobs. Many try doing that and end up jeopardising their careers as well. Any distraction in any form doesn’t augur well for the employee’s productivity. It is virtually impossible for a distracted employee to concentrate on his job. Businesses are affected by technological changes, never more so than today. The overarching impact of technology on various domains has redefined workforce requirements. The possibility of job losses has increased manifold. In view of this, the following words by Warren Buffet seem more apt than ever before: “Never depend on single income. Make investment to create a second source.” This is the easiest thing to do to augment earnings. We need to make our earnings work hard i.e. invest prudently considering, our financial goals and investment horizon.

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pop pourri predictions

astro speak

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What the stars hold for you in 2018. By Saumyaa Vardhan vkids fy, o"kZ 2018 dSlk jgsxkA crk jgh gSa lkSE; o/kZuA

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

The New Year will usher in professional and financial success. There is a strong possibility of a marital match by August. Stay focused and driven. You might experience a phase of unprecedented growth in the middle of the year.

For those seeking love, a relationship or marriage may be on the cards, in the second half of 2018. Try not to finalise a contract in the last quarter of the year. Be careful with your finances and invest wisely.

Stay focused on what is at hand rather than trying to diversify. Your creativity will thrive throughout the year, and there are chances of love entering your life. Take all aspects into consideration before entering a partnership.

uoo"kZ esa vkidks vkids dWfj;j esa lQyrk feysxh o /ku esa c<+ksrjh gksxhA laHkkouk gS fd vxLr esa vkidks vkidk thou lkFkh fey tk,A vius y{; ij /;ku dsafnzr j[ksa o xfreku jgsaA o"kZ ds e/; esa vkids thou esa vHkwriwoZ fodkl gksus dh mEehn gSA

ftu yksxksa dks izse izlax] fj’rs cukus ;k fookg dh pkg gS] 2018 dh nwljh Nekgh esa mudh euksdkeuk iwjh gksxhA o"kZ ds vafre rhu ekg eas fdlh ls dksbZ djkj u djsaA vkfFkZd ekeyksa esa lrdZrk cjrsa vkSj lksp&le>dj fuos’k djsaA

vkidks tks feyk gS mls laHkkydj j[ksaA nwljs dkeksa esa gkFk vkt+ekus dk iz;kl u djsaA iwjs lky vkidh jpukRedrk dk izHkko cuk jgsxk o izse&izlax ’kq: gksus dh laHkkouk gSA dksbZ ikVZujf’ki vkjaHk djus ls igys ifj.kke dh lksp ysaA

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)

Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

You will be active this year – meeting deadlines and completing pending projects – which will help you progress and boost your confidence. There may be minor setbacks in relationships, but don’t let that dampen your spirits.

This year is about personal and professional rejuvenation. Engage in creative pursuits and seek avenues for progress. Strike a balance at work between delegating responsibilities and handling projects independently.

You’ll have a successful year at work and will travel extensively. New international contracts will help you grow professionally and there are chances that you may even have to relocate. You might take some important decisions post September.

vki bl lky lfØ; jgsaxs & fu/kkZfjr dk;ksZa o yafcr izkstsDV~l dks iwjk djsaxs & ftuls vkidh mUufr gksxh o vkRefo’okl c<+sxkA fj’rksa esa FkksM+k&cgqr eueqVko jgsxk fdarq mUgsa bruk egÙo u nsa fd mlls vkidk tquwu izHkkfor gksus yxsA

bl lky O;fDrxr o O;kolkf;d Lrj ij vkidk dk;kdYi gksxkA jpukRed dk;ksaZ esa O;Lr jgsa vkSj izxfr ds fy, jkLrs ryk’krs jgsaA dk;ZLFky ij ftEesnkfj;ka fuHkkrs gq, rFkk Lora= :i ls izkstsDV iwjs djrs le; larqyu cuk, j[ksaA

dk;ZLFky ij ;g lky lQy lkfcr gksxk o yxkrkj ?kweuk iM+sxkA O;kolkf;d :i ls fodkl ds fy, u, varjjk"Vªh; vuqca/k lgk;d fl) gksaxsA LFkku ifjorZu gksus dh Hkh laHkkouk gSA flrEcj ls igys vki dqN vge fu.kZ; ys ldrs gSaA

136 I Shubh Yatra I January 2018


pop pourri predictions

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and learning this year. Work will gradually become challenging, enabling you to retain your dynamism. You will also indulge in some romantic escapades with your special someone.

Travel might be on the cards in the middle of the year, so keep your calendar free. You will be highly growth-oriented in 2018. Spend wisely, keep a check on your finances - reduce your expenses and be sure to clear up pending dues.

This will be a great year to make new connections and forge new friendships. Being diplomatic in personal relationships is advised. Work may consume a lot of your time in April-May. Take care of your partner’s health.

vki bl lky Lo;a dks [kkstus o lh[kus dh jkg ij vxzlj gksaxsA vkidk dke vkids fy, /khjs&/khjs pqukSrh cu tk,xk tks vkidh xfr’khyrk dks cuk, j[ksxkA vkidk vius fdlh ilanhnk O;fDr ls izse&izlax vkjaHk gksxkA

lky ds e/; esa ?kweus dh laHkkouk gSA vr% vki Lo;a dks blds fy, Ýh j[ksaA 2018 esa vki fodklksUeq[k jgsaxsA lksp&le>dj O;; djsaA vkfFkZd fLFkr ij ut+j j[ksaA vius [kpsZ de djus dk iz;kl djsa rFkk yafcr cdk;k ekeys tYn ls tYn fuiVk,aA

u, laidZ lk/kus rFkk ubZ fe=rk xkaBus dh fn’kk esa ;g lky dkjxj fl) gksxkA lykg gS fd O;fDrxr ekeyksa esa vki O;ogkj dq’ky cusaA vizSy&ebZ esa dk;Z O;Lrrk c<+us dh mEehn gSA vius thou lkFkh dh lsgr dk /;ku j[ksaA

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

If you are unmarried, a proposal may be coming your way. You may have opportunities to expand your professional horizon and attract success. Stay focused, and take care not to make hurried decisions in mid-2018.

The New Year will bring with it all the rewards and accolades you deserve. You will be financially stable and may accomplish something exceptional, for which you will receive due recognition. Make investments with great caution.

Matters of the heart will prevail this year, even as you focus on balancing your mind, body and soul for a better life. Hard work put in during the first half of the year will enable you to reap benefits in the second half.

vki vxj vfookfgr gSa rks fookg dk izLrko izkIr gksus dh laHkkouk gSA mEehn gS fd vkidks O;kolkf;d {ks= esa fodkl rFkk izxfr ds vusd lqvolj izkIr gksaxsA y{; ij /;ku dsafnzr j[ksaA 2018 ds e/; esa dksbZ Hkh fu.kZ; ysrs le; cslczh u cjrsaA

vki ftl ikfjrks"k ,oa iz’kalk ds gdnkj gSa] bl lky vkidks mu lHkh dh izkfIr gksxhA vkfFkZd :i ls vki fLFkj gksaxs o vki ftlls dqN vlk/kkj.k djsaxsA laHkor% vkidks mfpr igpku feysA lksp&le>dj fuos’k djsaA

bl lky izse ls lacaf/kr izlax izcy gksaxsA csgrj thou ds fy, vki ru] eu rFkk varj&vkRek esa larqyu LFkkfir djus ij /;ku dsafnzr djsaxsA lky dh igyh Nekgh esa dh xbZ dM+h esgur dk lqQy vkidks nwljh Nekgh esa feysxkA

138 I Shubh Yatra I January 2018

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)


LEISURE entertainment guide

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We welcome you aboard with a promise to add zing to your journey with our large number of channels and programmes as available on each IFE system

Jab Harry Met Sejal

foeku esa ge vkidk Lokxr djrs gSa] vkbZ,Q+bZ iz.kkyh ij miyC/k gekjs vla[; pSuy vkSj mu ij izlkfjr gksus okys fofHkUu dk;ZØe vkidh ;k=k esa euksjatu dk iqV Hkj nsaxs


*Force 2 QkslZ 2

Naam Shabana uke 'kckuk

Phillauri fQYyksjh

*Ok Jaanu vksds tkuw

Dangal naxy

Raees jbZl

Wazir oT+khj

Baseraa clsjk

Badrinath Ki Dulhania cnjhukFk dh nqYgfu;k

*Rangoon jaxwu

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo izse jru /ku ik;ks

Ek Duuje Ke Liye ,d nwts ds fy,

Guest Iin London xsLV bu yanu

*Trapped VªsIM

Bachna Ae Haseeno cpuk , glhuksa

Yaarana ;kjkuk

A Death In the Gunj , MsFk bu n xat

*Tum Bin-II rqe fcu&II

Mujhse Dosti Karoge! eq>ls nksLrh djksxs!

Chitchor fprpksj

*Running Shaadi jfuax 'kknh

*Anaarkali of Aarah vukjdyh vkWQ+ vkjk

Sapnay lius

Amar Prem vej izse

*Veerappan fojIiu

Meri Pyaari Bindu esjh I;kjh fcanq

Baazi ckt+h

Khilona f[kykSuk

Jagga Jasoos tXxk tklwl

*Commando 2: The Black Money Trail dekaMks 2% n CySd euh Vªsy

*Sweetiee Weds NRI LohVh osM~l ,uvkjvkbZ

Yeh Dillagi ;s fnYyxh

Milan feyu

The Wishing Tree n fof'kax Vªh

Jolly LLB 2 tkWyh ,y,ych 2

Bank Chor cSad pksj

Naam uke

An Evening In Paris ,u bofuax bu isfjl

Noor uwj

Kaabil dkfcy

*Irada bjknk

Mashaal e'kky

*Happy New Year gSIih U;w b;j

Half Girlfriend gkQ+ xyZÝsaM

*Machine e'khu

Contemporary and classic

Pukar iqdkj

*Rafoo Chakkar jQw pDdj

fganh fQ+Yesa B787,B777 & B747 content (The titles that are marked with an asterisk are only available on B787 systems.) ch787] ch777 ,oa ch747 dh lwph ¼flrkjk fpfºur dk;ZØe dsoy ch787 esa miyC/k½

recent Releases ubZ fjyht+ Toilet: Ek Prem Katha VkW;ysV% ,d izse dFkk Poorna iw.kkZ Jab Harry Met Sejal tc gSjh esV lsty Mubarakan eqckjdka

140 I Shubh Yatra I JANUARY 2018

dUVsEijsjh o Dykfld

Half Girlfriend

The Wishing Tree



An Evening In Paris

*Guru xq# *Haath ki Safai gkFk dh lQkbZ *Hamaare Tumhare gekjs rqEgkjs

Jagga Jasoos

*Aradhana vkjk/kuk *Aakhri Adaalat vkf[kjh vnkyr *Angaar vaxkj *ankhen vka[ksa *Bang Bang cSax cSax *Bombay Velvet ckWEcs osYosV *Chak De! India pd ns! bafM;k *Dil Se... fny ls--*Doli Mksyh *Finding Fanny QkbafMax QSuh

*Jolly LLB tkWyh ,y,ych *Mardaani enkZuh *Padosan iM+kslu *Qila fdyk *Singapore flaxkiqj *Swades Lonsl


MkWu½ ¼caxkyh½ *One (Bengali) ou ¼caxkyh½ *Jai Baba Felunath (Bengali) t; ckck QsyqukFk ¼caxkyh½ *Abhimaan (Bengali) vfHkeku ¼caxkyh½ *Nayak - the hero (Bengali) uk;d & n ghjks ¼caxkyh½ Raajakumara (kannada) jktdqekj ¼dUuM+½ Kaddipuddi (kannada) dkM~MhiqM~Mh ¼dUuM+½

(marathi) osafVysVj ¼ejkBh½ Kirdar-E-Sardaar (Punjabi) fdjnkj&,&ljnkj ¼iatkch½

*ABY (malayalam) ,sch ¼ey;kye½

Dulla Bhatti (Punjabi) nqYyk HkV~Vh ¼iatkch½

*Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho (malayalam) dksPpOok ikmyks v¸;Iik pks,Ygks ¼ey;kye½

*Jora 10 Numbaria (Punjabi) t+ksjk 10 uacfj;k ¼iatkch½

*Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol (malayalam) eqafFkfjokfYydy FkkyhdqZecksy ¼ey;kye½ *RajadhiRaja (malayalam) jktkf/kjkt ¼ey;kye½

*Main Teri Tu Mera (Punjabi) eSa rsjh rw esjk ¼iatkch½ *Sargi (Punjabi) ljxh ¼iatkch½ *Nikka Zaildar (Punjabi) fuDdk tSynkj ¼iatkch½

Baapjanma (marathi) ckitUek ¼ejkBh½

Band Baaja Babuchak (gujarati) cSaM cktk ckcwpd ¼xqtjkrh½

*Adyaksha (kannada) v/;{kk ¼dUuM+½

*Dagadabaichi Chaal (marathi) nxM+kckbph pky ¼ejkBh½

Janmdaataa (gujarati) tUenkrk ¼xqtjkrh½

*Santhu Straight Forward (kannada) laFkq LVªsV QkWjoMZ ¼dUuM+½

Chi Va Chi Sau Ka (marathi) ph ok ph lkm dk ¼ejkBh½

*Wrong Side Raju (gujarati) jk¡x lkbM jktw ¼xqtjkrh½

Ami Je ke Tomar (Bengali) veh ts ds rksekj ¼caxkyh½

*Jamboo Savari (kannada) tEcw lokjh ¼dUuM+½

*Sairat (marathi) lk,jr ¼ejkBh½

Nishi Japon (After the Night… Dawn) (Bengali) fu'kh tkiksu ¼vkQ+Vj n ukbV---

Ramante Edanthottam (malayalam) jkekars bnkaFkksre ¼ey;kye½

*Chaki Kahe Chaka Jo Baka (gujarati) pkdh dkgs pkdk tks ckdk ¼xqtjkrh½

REGIONAL MOVIES jhtuy ewoht+ B787, B777 & B747 content (The movies marked with an asterisk are available on B787 only)ch787] ch777 ,oa ch747 dh lwph ¼fpfºur fQ+Yesa dsoy ch787 esa miyC/k½

*Chowka (kannada) pksodk ¼dUuM+½

How Old Are You? (malayalam) gkÅ vksYM vkj ;w\ ¼ey;kye½

Toilet: Ek Prem Katha

*Ek Taraa (marathi) bd rkjk ¼ejkBh½ *Ventilator

*Lavari (gujarati) yokjh ¼xqtjkrh½

tuojh 2018 I ’kqHk ;k=k I 141

LEISURE entertainment guide *Piyu Tara Vina Mane Eklu Lage (gujarati) ih;q rkjk ohuk ekus ,dyq ykxs ¼xqtjkrh½ Meesaya Murukku (tamil) felk;k eq#Ddw ¼rfey½ Vivegam (tamil) foosxe ¼rfey½ *Brindavanam (tamil) c`ankoue ¼rfey½ *Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva (tamil) eksV~Vk f'kok dsV~Vk f'kok ¼rfey½ *Bairavaa (tamil) cSjok ¼rfey½ *Bogan (tamil) cksxu ¼rfey½ Kittu Unnadu Jagratha (Telugu) fdV~Vw mUukMq txjkFkk ¼rsyqxw½ Drushyam (Telugu) n`';e ¼rsyqxw½ *Dhruva (Telugu) /kzqo ¼rsyqxw½ *Race Gurram (Telugu) jsl xqjkZe ¼rsyqxw½ *Premam (Telugu) izsee ¼rsyqxw½ *Aagadu (Telugu) vkxkMq ¼rsyqxw½

Audio books vkWfM;ks fdrkcsa B787 content

ch787 esa mM+ku ds nkSjku miyC/k lkexzh The Wonderful Wizard of the Oz n oaMjQqy fot+MZ vkWQ+ n vkst+

MOVIES ENGLISH ewoht+ bafXy’k B787, B777 & B747 content ch787] ch777 ,oa ch747 esa mM+ku ds nkSjku miyC/k fQ+Yesa

hollywood latest gkWyhoqM ysVsLV

Dunkirk MufddZ Cast: Fionn Whitehead, Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh dykdkj% fQvkWu okbVeSu] ekdZ fjyk;al] dsusFk czkukx Logan Lucky yksxku ydh Cast: Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig dykdkj% pSfuax VSVe] ,sMe Mªkbo] Msfu;y Øsx The Hitman's Bodyguard n fgVeSUl ckWMhxkMZ Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman dykdkj% j;ku jsukWYM~l] lseq;y ,y- tSdlu] xSjh vksYMeSu All Saints vkWy lSaV~l Cast: John Corbett, Cara Buono, Barry Corbin dykdkj% tkWu dkWcsZV] dkjk cqvksuks] cSjh dkWfcZu

Goodbye Christopher Robin xqMck, fØLVksQj jkWfcu Cast: Domhnall Gleeson, Margot Robbie, Kelly MacDonald dykdkj% MksEukWy xyslu] ekjxkWV jkWch] dSyh eSdMksukYM Stronger LVªkWUxj Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Tatiana Maslany, Miranda Richardson dykdkj% tsd xSysugkWy] rkfr;kuk elysuh] fejkaMk fjpMZlu The Lego Ninjago Movie n ysxks fuatkaxks ewoh Cast: Charlie Bean, Bob Logan, Paul Fisher dykdkj% pkyhZ chu] ckWc yksxku] ikWy fQ'kj Wind River foaM fjoj Cast: Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, Jon Bernthal dykdkj% tsjseh jsuj] ,fyt+kcsFk vksYlsu] tksu cuZFkky Kingsman: The Golden Circle fdaXleSu% n xksYMu ldZy Cast: Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, Julianne Moore dykdkj% VSjkWu ,xVksZu] dksfyu QFkZ] twfy;u ewj Black Butterfly CySd cVj¶ykbZ Cast: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Antonio Banderas, Piper Perabo dykdkj% tksukFku fjl es;slZ] ,aVksfu;ks csaMsjkl] ikbil isjkcks

hollywood gkWyhoqM The Croods n ØwM~l Cast: Emma Stone, Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds dykdkj% ,sek LVksu] fudksyl dst] j;ku jsukWYM~l Shrek Forever After: The Final Chapter Jsd QkWj,oj vk¶Vj% n Qkbuy pSIVj Cast: Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy dykdkj% ekbd ek;lZ] dSejkWu Mk,t+] ,Mh eQhZ


142 I Shubh Yatra I JANUARY 2018

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button n D;wfjvl dsl vkWQ+ cSaT+kkfeu cVu


Cast: Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton dykdkj% czSM fiV] dsV CySapsV] fVYMk fLoaVkWu The Wolverine n owYojkbu Cast: Hugh Jackman, Will Yun Lee, Famke Janssen dykdkj% gx tSdeSu] foy ;qu yh] QsEds tsulsu The Grand Budapest Hotel n xzSaM cqMkisLV gksVy Cast: Ralph Fiennes, F. Murray Abraham, Adrien Brody dykdkj% jkYQ+ QhUl] ,Q- eqjs vczkã] ,fMªu czksMh Sense & Sensibility lsal ,aM lsaflfcfyVh Cast: Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Kate Winslet dykdkj% ,sek FkkWelu] ,syu fjdeSu] dsV foaLysV Mad Max: Fury Road eSM eSDl% ¶;wjh jksM Cast: Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult dykdkj% VkWe gkMhZ] pkyhZt+ FkSjkWu] fudksyl gksYV Birdman cMZeSu Cast: Michael Keaton, Zach Galifianakis, Edward Norton dykdkj% ekbdy dsVu] tSd xyhfQvkukfdl] ,MoMZ ukWVZu Annie Hall ,suh gkWy Cast: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Tony Roberts dykdkj% oqMh ,sysu] Mk;us dsVu]

Vksuh jkWcV~lZ Some Like it Hot le ykbd bV gkWV Cast: Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon dykdkj% eSfjfyu equjks] Vksuh dqfVZl] tSd yseu Dolphin Tale 2 MkWfYQu Vsy 2 Cast: Nathan Gamble, Harry Connick Jr., Ashley Judd, Kris Kristofferson dykdkj% ukFku xSEcys] gSjh dkWfud twfu;j] ,'kys tqM] fØl fØlVksQjlu Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian ukbV ,V n E;wft+;e% cSVy vkWQ+ n fLeFklksfu;u Cast: Ben Stiller, Amy Adams, Robin Williams dykdkj% csu fLVyj] ,seh ,MEl] jkWfcu fofy;El All About Eve vkWy vckmV bo Cast: Bette Davis, Anne Baxter, George Sanders dykdkj% cSVs Msfol] ,sus csDLVj] tkWtZ lSaMlZ The Legend of Tarzan n ystsaM vkWQ+ Vkjt+u Cast: Alexander Skarsgard, Samuel L. Jackson, Margot Robbie dykdkj% ,ysXtsa+Mj LdklZxkMZ] lsE;qvy ,y tSDlu] ekxksZV jkWch Hugo gwxks Cast: Asa Butterfield, Ben

Kingsley, Chloe Moretz dykdkj% ,slk cVjQhYM] csu fdaXLys] Dyks eksVsZt+ Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory foyh oksUdk ,aM n pkWdysV QSDVjh Cast: Gene Wilder, Peter Ostrum, Jack Albertson dykdkj% thu okbYMj] ihVj vkWLVªe] tSd ,YcVZlu

fdaXleSu% n lhØsV lfoZl Cast: Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Samuel L. Jackson dykdkj% dkWfyu QFkZ] VSjksu ,xVZu] lSE;qy ,y tSdlu P.S. I Love You ih- ,l- vkbZ yo ;w Cast: Hilary Swank, Gerard Butler, Gina Gershon dykdkj% fgySjh LoSad] tsjkMZ cVyj] thuk xs'kZu

Phone Booth Qksu cwFk Cast: Colin Farrell, Kiefer Sutherland, Forest Whitaker dykdkj% dkWfyu Qsjsy] dhQj lnjySaM] QksjsLV okbVsdj

Infinitely Polar Bear bafQusVyh iksyj ch;j Cast: Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana, Imogene Wolodarsky dykdkj% ekdZ #QsYyks] tks lsyMkuk] beksftu oksyksMZLdh

Spy Lik, Cast: Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, Rose Byrne dykdkj% esfylk eSdkFkhZ] tslu LVsFke] jkst+ cuZ

Selma lsyek Cast: David Oyelowo, Carmen Ejogo, Tim Roth dykdkj% MsfoM vks,yksoks] dkjeSu btksxks] fVe jkWFk

The Drop n Mªksi Cast: Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace, James Gandolfini dykdkj% VkWe gkMhZ] uweh jkisl] tsEl xsaMksyfQuh

The Jungle Book n taxy cqd Cast: Neel Sethi, Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley dykdkj% uhy lsBh] fcy ejs] csu fdaXLys

Taken 2 Vsdu 2 Cast: Liam Neeson, Famke Janssen, Maggie Grace dykdkj% fy;se uhlu] QSad tSulsu] eSxh xzsl

Jersey Boys tlhZ ckW;t+ Cast: John Lloyd Young, Erich Bergen, Michael Lomenda dykdkj% tkWu ykW;M ;ax] ,fjp cxZu] ekbdy yksesaMk

Rio fj;ks Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Jamie Foxx dykdkj% tSLlh ,flacxZ] ,su gSFkos] tSeh QkWDl Kingsman: The Secret Service

The Dark Knight n MkdZ ukbV Cast: Aaron Eckhart, Heath Ledger, Christian Bale dykdkj% ,jksu ,dgkVZ] ghFk yStj] fØf'p;u csy Sherlock Holmes: A

Game of Shadows 'kSjykWd gksEl% v xse vkWQ+ 'ksMkst+ Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Jared Harris dykdkj% jkWcVZ Mkmuh twfu;j] twM ykW] tSjsM gSfjl The Devil Wears Prada n Msfoy fo;lZ izknk Cast: Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep, Adrian Grenier dykdkj% ,suh gSFkos] esfjy LVªhi] ,fMa;u xzsfu;j Pretty Woman fizVh oweSu Cast: Richard Gere, Julia Roberts, Jason Alexander dykdkj% fjpMZ xsj] twfy;k jkWcV~lZ] tSlu ,ysXtsaMj Rise of the Planet of the Apes jkbl vkWQ+ n IySusV vkWQ+ n ,sil Cast: James Franco, Andy Serkis, Freida Pinto dykdkj% tsEl Ýsadks] ,aMh lfdZl] fÝMk fiaVks Joy tkW; Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper dykdkj% tsfuQ+j ykWjsal] jkWcVZ fM uhjks] czsMys dwij Juno twuks Cast: Ellen Page, Michael Cera, Jennifer Garner dykdkj% ,ysu ist] ekbdy dsjk] tSfuQ+j xkuZj Life of Pi ykbQ+ vkWQ+ ikbZ Cast: Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, Adil Hussain dykdkj% lwjt 'kekZ] bjQ+ku [+kku] vkfny gqlSu Shrek Jsd Cast: Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz dykdkj% ekbd ek;lZ] ,Mh eQ+hZ] dSejkWu fM;kt+ The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of the Ring n ykWMZ vkWQ+ n fjaXl% n Qsyksf'ki vkWQ+ n fjax Cast: Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, Orlando Bloom dykdkj% ,sfyt+k oqM] bvku eSDdysu] vksykZUMks Cywe

Dolphin Tale 2

Anna and the King ,sUuk ,aM n fdax

Logan Lucky

Cast: Jodie Foster, Yun-Fat Chow, Bai Ling dykdkj% tksMh QkWLVj] ;qu&QsV pkm] ck, fyax Dolphin Tale MkWfYQ+u Vsy Cast: Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Harry Connick Jr. dykdkj% ekWxZu ÝheSu] ,s'kyh twM] gSjh dkWfud twfu;j Oliver Twist vksfyoj fV~oLV Cast: Barney Clark, Ben Kingsley, Jeremy Swift dykdkj% ckuhZ DykdZ] csu fdaXlys] tsjseh fLo¶+V Elf ,YQ+ Cast: Will Ferrell, James Caan, Bob Newhart dykdkj% foy Qsjsy] tsEl dku] ckWc U;wgkVZ The Polar Express n iksyj ,Dlizsl Cast: Tom Hanks, Michael Jeter, Nona Gaye dykdkj% VkWe gSaDl] ekbdy tsVj] uksuk x,

MOVIES international ewoht+ baVjus’kuy B787, B777 & B747 content ch787] ch777 ,oa ch747 esa mM+ku ds nkSjku miyC/k fQ+Yesa Marie Francine (French) eSjh Ýkafll ¼Ýsap½ Cast: Valérie Lemercier, Patrick Timsit dykdkj% osysjh ysesflZ;j] iSfVªd fVeflV Yana+Yanko (Russian) ;kuk $ ;kUdks ¼:lh½ Cast: Olesya Sudzilovskaya, Maksim Vitorgan

dykdkj% vksysL;k ;qMft+yksoLd;k] ekdfle foVksjxu Wild Mouse (German) okbYM ekml ¼teZu½ Cast: Josef Hader, Pia Hierzegger dykdkj% tkslsQ+ gkMZj] fivk gs;jtsxsj Moglie e Marito (Italian) eksXyh bZ esfjVks ¼bVsfy;u½ Cast: Kasia Smutniak, Marta Gastini, Pierfrancesco Favino dykdkj% dkfl;k LeqVusd] ekVkZ xkfLVuh] fi;jÝsadsLdks Qsfouks Bashtery Ragel (Arabic) ck'kVsjh jsxsy ¼vjch½ Cast: Nelly Kareem, Mohamed Mamdouh, Leila Arabi dykdkj% usyh djhe] eksgEen eenwg] ySyk vjkch Contratiempo (Spanish) daVªkVsEiks ¼LiSfu'k½ Cast: Mario Casas, Jose Coronado, Ana Wagener dykdkj% ekfj;ks dlkl] tksl dksjksukMks] ,suk oxhuj Let's Go Jets (Japanese) ysV~l xks tsV~l ¼tkikuh½ Cast: Suzu Hirose, Yuki Amami, Ayami Nakajo dykdkj% lqT+kw fgjksl] ;wdh vekeh] v;keh ukdkt+ks Battle of Memories (Chinese) cSVy vkWQ+ esejht+ ¼pkbuht+½ Cast: Bo Huang, Yihong Duan, Jingeli Xu dykdkj% cks gqvkax] ;hgksax Mqvku] ft+axsyh >q

tuojh 2018 I ’kqHk ;k=k I 143

LEISURE entertainment guide The King’s Case Note (Korean) n fdaXl dsl uksV ¼dksfj;u½ Cast: Lee Sun-kyun, Ahn Jae hong dykdkj% yh lqu&D;wa] vku ts gkax

AUDIO vkWfM;ks

B787,B777 & B747 content (The content marked with an asterisk is available only on B787) ch787] ch777 ,oa ch747 dh lwph ¼fpfºur xkusa dsoy ch787 esa miyC/k½ Duo Special - Arjun & Ranveer Singh Mwvks Lis’ky & vtquZ vkSj j.kohj flag Hit Songs - Parineeti Chopra fgV lkWUXl & ifj.khfr pksiM+k Romantic Hits jksekafVd fgV~l Dance Hits Mkal fgV~l Khan Hits [+kku fgV~l Punjabi Tadka iatkch rM+dk Evergreen Melodies ,ojxzhu esyksMht+ Hits Of Shreya Ghoshal fgV~l vkWQ+ Js;k ?kks"kky *Hits Of Saif Ali Khan fgV~l vkWQ+ lSQ+ vyh [+kku

Hits Of Sunidhi Chauhan fgV~l vkWQ+ lqfuf/k pkSgku

*Shahrukh Khan Special ’kkg#[+k [+kku Lis’ky

*Hits Of Abhishek Bachchan fgV~l vkWQ+ vfHk"ksd cPpu

*Up-Tempo Hits vi&VsEiks fgV~l

Mix Divas Special feDl nhokt+ Lis’ky Multi-Starrer Hits eYVh&LVkjj fgV~l Salim-Sulaiman Hits lyhe&lqyes ku fgV~l

SHORT SUBJECT CONTENT ’kkWVZ lctsDV daVsaV~l (The titles that are marked with an asterisk are only available on B787 systems.) ¼flrkjk fpfºur dk;ZØe dsoy ch787 esa miyC/k½

Modern Melodies ekWMuZ esyksMht+


Hit Instrumental Songs fgV baLVªew Vas y lkWUXl

FriendsS6 Ep1- The One After Vegas S6 Ep2- The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel ÝsM a l ~ & ,l6 ,filksM 1& n ou vk¶+Vj osxkl ,l6 ,filksM 2& n ou os;j jkWl gXl js'ksy

*Best Of Katrina Kaif csLV vkWQ+ dVjhuk dSQ+ *Stars Special LVklZ Lis’ky *Disco Hits fMLdks fgV~l *Best Of Anushka Sharma csLV vkWQ+ vuq"dk ’kekZ *The Diva Series - Rani Mukerji n nhok lhjht+&jkuh eq[kthZ *The Diva Series Madhuri Dixit n nhok lhjht+&ek/kqjh nhf{kr *Wedding Songs And Rain Melodies osfMax lkWUXl ,aM jsu esyksMht+

Vhoh bafXy’k

Bada Weekend Ep Wayanad: Green Paradise cM+k ohd,aM ,filksM ok;kukM% xzhu iSjkMkbl Earthrise ep water: saving every drop vFkZjkbt+ ,filksM okVj% lsfoax ,sohz MªkWi Globe Trekker Ep Poland Xyksc Vªd s j&

Mom-S2 Ep12- Kitty Litter and a Class A Felony

,filksM iksyM aS the Great Overland Adventure Ep the Great Overland Adventure Moves from Eastern Europe to Western Europe xzVs vksojySM a ,Mosp a j ,filksM xzVs vksojySM a ,Mosp a j ewOl ÝkWe bZLVªu ;wjksi Vq osLVªu ;wjksi Gadget Guru Ep Old School With a Modern Twist xStVs xq# ,filksM vksYM Ldwy fon , ekWMuZ fV~oLV Great Railway Journeys Ep Vienna to Trieste xzVs jsyos tuhZt+ ,filksM fo;uk Vq Vªk,LVs Way Back Home - A Himalayan Travelogue s1 Ep 1 s1 ep 6 os cSd gkse & v fgeky;u Vªos yykWx ,l1 ,filksM 1 ,l 1 ,filksM 6 Film Companion Ep Kajol, Dhanush and Soundarya Ep Ranbir Kapoor and Anurag Basu Ep Zaira Wasim fQ+Ye dEisfu;u & ,filksM dktksy] /kuq"k ,aM lkSna ;Z

Fresh Off the Boat-S2 Ep 3 Shaquille O'Neal Motors © 2015-2016 American Broadcasting Companies. All rights reserved.

144 I Shubh Yatra I JANUARY 2018

,filksM j.kchj diwj ,aM vuqjkx clq ,filksM t+k;jk olhe Luxe Interiors Ep All About Utilising Little Corners Of Your Space yDl baVhfj;j ,filksM vkWy vckmV ;wfVykbflax fyVy dkWul Z Z vkWQ+ ;qvj Lisl Discovering Fashion Designers: Stella McCartney fMLdofjax QS'ku fMt+kbulZ% LVsyk eSDdkVZus How To Ep How To Find a Lost Phone gkÅ Vq & ,filksM gkÅ Vq QkbaM , yksLV Qksu      MomS2 Ep11- Three Smiles and an Unpainted Ceiling S2 Ep12- Kitty Litter and a Class A Felony ekWe& ,l2 ,filksM 11 & Fkzh LekbYl ,aM ,u vuisfa VM lhfyax ,l2 ,filksM 12 & fdVh fyVj ,aM v Dykl v QSyksuh   Brain GamesEp Imagination czus xsEl& ,filksM besftus'ku Harry Potter: A History

of Magic gSjh ikWVj% , fgLVªh vkWQ+ eSftd Adarsh Smarak Qutub Complex vkn'kZ Lekjd & dqrcq dkWEIySDl Sting: Live At The Olympia Paris fLVax% ykbo ,V n vksyfEi;k isfjl Chronicles Of A Champion Golfer: Darren Clarke ØksfudYl vkWQ+ , pSfEi;u xksYQj% Msjus DykdZ The MiddleS8 Ep7- Look Who's Not Talking S8 Ep8- Trip and Fall n feMy& ,l8 ,filksM 7& yqd gw bt+ ukWV VkWfdax ,l8 ,filksM 8& fVªi ,aM QkWy Person of Interest s5 ep3 - truth be told S5 Ep4 - 6741 ilZu vkWQ+ baVjsLV & ,l5 ,filksM 3 & VªFq k ch VksYM ,l5 ,filksM 4 & 6741 The Creative Indians with Manil Rohit *S2 Ep 9 Anoushka Shankar s2 Ep6 Prasoon Joshi n fØ,fVo bafM;Ul fon efuy jksfgr ,l2 ,filksM 9 vuq"dk 'kadj ,l2 ,filksM 6 izluw tks'kh The Big Bang TheoryS9 Ep6- The helium insufficiency S9 Ep7- The Spock Resonance n fcx cSx a F;ksjh&

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Hills & Valleys Ep Valley of Flowers *Ep Solang Valley fgYl ,aM oSyhl ,filksM oSyh vkWQ+ ¶ykWolZ ,filksM lksykax oSyh Heads Up Ep Changing the World of Education with Top Notch Institutes *Ep Tech vs Non-Tech Startups in India gSMl ~ vi ,filksM psfa tax n oYMZ vkWQ+ ,tqd's ku fon VkWi ukp baLVhV~;Vw l ~ ,filksM Vsd oflZl ukWu&Vsd LVkVZvIl bu bafM;k XP Guide *Ep Srinagar Ep Seychelles ,Dlih xkbM ,filksM Jhuxj ,filksM ls'ksYl SherlockS4 Ep2- The Lying Detective 'ksjykWd& ,l4 ,filksM 2 & n ykbax fMVsfDVo

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Crime Patrol Dial 100 *Ep 460 Bhayandar Murder

*Ep 581 The Cost of Unemployment Ep 621 The Land Dispute Økbe isVªky s Mk;y 100 ,filksM 460& Hk;anj eMZj ,filksM 581&n dkWLV vkWQ+ vu,Eiyks,esVa ,filksM 621 n ySM a fMlI;wV   Hoshiyar… Sahi Waqt, Sahi Kadam *Ep 1 Ep 39 gksf'k;kj---lgh oDr] lgh dne ,filksM 1 ,filksM 39 Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Ep Indravadan's 55th Birthday *Ep Monisha, the Millionaire *Ep Rosesh Has a Hit Play ep Indu's New Friend, Cookie Sharma Ep Rosesh Indu Fight Over a Girl lkjkHkkbZ oflZl lkjkHkkbZ ,filksM banoz nUl 55 cFkZMs ,filksM eksfu'kk] n fefy;usj ,filksM jks'ksl gSt v fgV Iys ,filksM bant q + U;w ÝsM a ] dqdh 'kekZ ,filksM jks'ksl banq QkbV vksoj , xyZ A.I.S.H.A - My Virtual Girlfriend S2 Ep1 - ep 6 vk-,-'kk & ekbZ oVqv Z y xyZÝM as ,l2 ,filksM 1 & ,filksM 6 Savdhaan India - Darr Kar Nahin Dat Kar Ep 2284 An Insurance of Death lko/kku bafM;k& Mj dj ugha MV dj ,filksM 2284 ,u ba';ksjl as vkWQ+ MsFk       

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LEISURE entertainment guide Savdhaan India - India Fights back *S72 Ep 2180 A Dangerous Plot lko/kku bafM;k& bafM;k Q+kbV~l cSd ,l72 ,filksM 2180 v Mst a jl IykWV Darbaar-e-Sufi *ep 2, *ep 3, ep 4, ep 5 njckj&,&lwQh+ ,filksM 2 ,filksM 3 ,filksM 4 ,filksM 5 Rubaroo - Live Concerts by Legends *Ep 1 *ep 2 *ep 3 *ep 4 ep 5 ep 6 :c: & ykbo dalVZl ckbZ ystM as l ~ & ,filksM 1 ls ,filksM 6 Reimagined Classics *Ep 2 *ep 3 ep 4 ep 5 jhbesftUM DykflDl ,filksM 2] ,filksM 3] ,filksM 4] ,filksM 5 Mid Wicket Tales With Naseeruddin Shah Ep A Caribbean Affair feM fodsV VsYl fon ulh#n~nhu 'kkg& ,filksM v dSfjfc;u vQs;+ j Shaam e Ghazal *EP 2 *ep 3

ep 4 ep 5 'kke , xt+y& ,filksM 2 ,filksM 3 ,filksM 4 ,filksM 5 Umeed India Ep Vinesh Phogat Ep Avtar Singh mEehn bafM;k ,filksM fous'k QksxV ,filksM vorkj flag Yaar Mera Superstar Ep Shreya Ghoshal ;kj esjk lqijLVkj ,filksM Js;k ?kks"kky The Kapil Sharma Show *ep 48 Anna Hazare in Kapil's Show *Ep 52 Champions of Paralympics in Kapil's Show *Ep 103 Sunidhi Chauhan and Hitesh Sonik *Ep 104 Irrfan Khan, Deepak Dobriyal, Dishita Seghal and Sachin-Jigar *Ep 105 Asha Parekh And Helen In Kapil’s Show Ep 106 Arjun and Shraddha In Kapil’s Show *Ep 107 Manisha Koirala In Kapil’s Show *Ep 108 Huma Qureshi and Saqib Saleem Ep 109 Raina, Shikhar, Hardik In Kapil's Show Ep 110 Team Friendship Unlimited In Kapil’s Show

The Kapil Sharma Show Ep 113 Cast of Bank Chor

Ep 111 Team Behen Hogi Teri In Kapil’s Show Ep 112 Star Cast of Raabta Ep 113 Star Cast of Bank Chor Ep 114 Star Cast of Super Singh Ep 115 Night of the Champions n dfiy ’kekZ ’kks ,filksM 48 vUuk gt+kjs bu dfiYl 'kks ,filksM 52 pSfEi;al vkWQ+ iSjkyfEid bu dfiYl 'kks ,filksM 103 lqfuf/k pkSgku ,aM fgrs'k lksfud ,filksM 104 bjQ+ku [+kku] nhid Mkscfj;ky] fnf'krk lgxy ,aM lfpu&ftxj ,filksM 105 vk'kk ikjs[k ,aM gsyu bu dfiYl 'kks ,filksM 106 vtquZ ,aM J)k bu dfiYl 'kks ,filksM 107 euh"kk dksbjkyk bu dfiYl 'kks

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B787, B777 & B747 content ch787] ch777 ,oa ch747 esa mM+ku ds nkSjku miyC/k lkexzh Dora and Friends – Ep Community GARDEN Mksjk ,aM ÝsM a l ~ & ,filksM dE;wfuVh xkMZu Phineas and Ferbep My Fair Goalie fQUl ,aM QcZ& ,filksM ekbZ Qs;j xksyh ACK Heroes Series Ep Rani Durgavati and Bajirao Ep Rabindranath Tagore, Birbal ,lhds ghjkst+ lhjht+ ,filksM jkuh nqxkZorh ,aM ckthjko ,filksM jfoanuz kFk VSxksj] chjcy Chhota Bheem *ep 9, ep 10, ep 11

146 I Shubh Yatra I JANUARY 2018

NksVk Hkhe& ,filksM 9] ,filksM 10] ,filksM 11 Karadi TalesEp The Foolish Lion Ep The Monkey King *ep Young Hanuman *ep Birth Of Krishna *Ep Magic Vessels *ep Wrestling Mania djkMh VsYl& ,filksM n Qqfy'k ykW;u ,filksM n eadh fdax ,filksM ;ax guqeku ,filksM cFkZ vkWQ+ d`".kk ,filksM eSftd oslYs l ,filksM jsLVfyax esfu;k The Looney Tunes Showep Bugs and Daffy Get a Job ep The Grand Old Duck Of York n ywuh V~;Uw l 'kks& ,filksM cxl ,aM MSQh xsV , tkWc ,filksM n xzM aS vksYM Md vkWQ+ ;kWdZ The Tom and Jerry Showep Sleep Disorder, Tom's In-Tents Adventure ep Birthday Bashed, Feline Fatale n VkWe ,aM tSjh 'kks& ,filksM Lyhi fMlvkWMjZ ] VkWEl bu&VsVa l ~ ,Mosp a j ,filksM cFkZMs cS'M] fQykbu QsVy s Suppandi & Friends*ep 10, ep 11, ep 12 lqiM a h ,aM ÝsM a l ~ & ,filksM 10 ,filksM 11 ,filksM 12


Air India network Origin / dest flight no freq dep arr vkcw /kkch Abu Dhabi (AUH) eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0946 1234567 01:35 05:50 vxjryk Agartala (IXA) dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0744 1234567 11:30 12:20 dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0746 1234567 19:40 20:30 vxkrh Agatti Island (AGX) csaxyw: Bengaluru 9I 0506 1.34567 10:30 13:35 csaxyw: Bengaluru 9I 0506 .2..... 11:55 15:05 dksfPp Kochi 9I 0506 1.34567 10:30 11:50 dksfPp Kochi 9I 0506 .2..... 11:55 13:10 vkxjk Agra (AGR) 12.4... 12:25 14:35 fnYyh Delhi 9I 0688 12.4... 12:25 13:15 t;iqj Jaipur 9I 0688 [ktqjkgks Khajuraho AI 0406 1.3..6. 13:55 14:40 vgenkckn Ahmedabad (AMD) psUuS Chennai AI 0982 1...5.. 06:50 09:10 fnYyh Delhi AI 0018 1234567 07:10 08:45 fnYyh Delhi AI 0011 1234567 18:50 20:20 fnYyh Delhi AI 0014 1234567 22:20 23:55 dqoSr Kuwait AI 0981 ...4..7 20:55 22:25 yanu London AI 0171 1.3.5.. 07:00 11:05 yanu London AI 0175 ......7 07:00 11:05 eaqcbZ Mumbai AI 0030 1234567 04:00 05:15 eaqcbZ Mumbai AI 0614 1234567 07:25 08:40 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0092 1234567 19:20 20:40 U;w vkdZ Newark AI 0171 1.3.5.. 07:00 16:20 vkbZ tkWy Aizawl (AJL) bEQky Imphal AI 0715 ......7 11:55 12:40 dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0715 ......7 11:55 14:50 dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0715 ....5.. 14:30 15:40 dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0712 1234... 14:40 15:45 dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0712 .....6. 14:55 16:05 bykgkckn Allahabad (IXD) fnYyh Delhi 9I 0604 1234567 16:15 17:50 ve`rlj Amritsar (ATQ) cfeZa?ke Birmingham AI 0113 1234567 10:30 17:15 fnYyh Delhi AI 0454 1234567 06:50 07:55 fnYyh Delhi AI 0113 1234567 10:30 11:45 fnYyh Delhi AI 0462 1234567 14:45 15:50 fnYyh Delhi AI 0115 1234567 19:00 20:10 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0650 .....67 18:00 20:25 ukansM Nanded AI 0815 .....67 10:55 13:10 vkSjx a kckn Aurangabad (IXU) fnYyh Delhi AI 0442 1234567 17:40 19:20 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0441 1234567 20:20 21:30 ckxMksxjk B agdogra (IXB) fnYyh Delhi AI 0880 1234567 13:55 16:05 dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0722 ..3.5.7 15:40 16:45 cgjhu Bahrain (BAH) fnYyh 23:00 Delhi AI 0940 12.4.6. 05:00+1 cSd a kWd Bangkok (BKK) Hkqous'oj Bhubaneswar AI 0339 ...4.67 05:40 07:00 paMhx<+ Chandigarh AI 0337 123.5.. 05:40 09:20 fnYyh Delhi AI 0333 1234567 08:50 12:05 21:05 00:25+1 fnYyh Delhi AI 0335 .2..... 21:20 00:25+1 fnYyh Delhi AI 0335 ..3.5.7 21:25 00:25+1 fnYyh Delhi AI 0335 1..4.6. eaqcbZ Mumbai AI 0331 1234567 20:30 23:15 csx a yw: Bengaluru (BLR) vxkrh Agatti Island 9I 0505 1.34567 06:30 10:05 vxkrh Agatti Island 9I 0505 .2..... 08:15 11:25 Hkqous'oj Bhubaneswar AI 0776 1234567 06:05 10:20 Hkqous'oj Bhubaneswar AI 0738 ...4.67 11:40 13:50 psUuS Chennai AI 0564 1234567 11:40 12:35 dks;Ecrw: Coimbatore AI 0511 1.34567 18:00 19:00 dks;Ecrw: Coimbatore AI 0511 .2..... 19:20 20:20 fnYyh Delhi AI 0804 .2..... 06:00 08:35 fnYyh Delhi AI 0804 1.34567 06:10 08:55 fnYyh Delhi AI 0505 1234567 10:00 12:45 fnYyh Delhi AI 0501 1.34567 13:30 16:10 fnYyh Delhi AI 0503 1234567 17:00 19:45 fnYyh Delhi AI 0087 1...... 21:10 23:55 fnYyh Delhi AI 0173 .234567 21:10 23:55 nqcbZ Dubai AI 0993 .2.4.67 17:00 21:15 xksok Goa AI 0993 .2.4.67 17:00 18:15 gqcyh Hubli 9I 0507 .23..6. 12:00 12:50 gqcyh Hubli 9I 0509 1.34567 14:10 15:30 gqcyh Hubli 9I 0509 .2..... 15:35 16:55 gSnjkckn Hyderabad AI 0776 1234567 06:05 12:25 gSnjkckn Hyderabad AI 0977 1.3.5.. 17:00 18:05

148 I Shubh Yatra I march 2017

Air India Timetable Aircraft Stops A-319 A-319 A-319 ATR-72 ATR-72 ATR-72 ATR-72

1 1

ATR-42 ATR-42 A-319


A-320 A-321 A-320 A-321 A-320 B787 B787 B787 A-321 A-321 B787 A-319 A-319 A-319 A-319 A-319



ATR-72 B787 A-321 B787 B787 A-320 A-320 A-320


A-319 A-319 A-320 A-319 A-319 A-320 A-320 B787 A-320 A-320 A-320 B787 ATR-72 ATR-72 A-320 A-320 A-319 ATR-72 ATR-72 A-320 A-320 A-320 A-320 A-320 A-320 A-320 A-319 A-319 A-319 ATR-72 ATR-72 A-320 A-319

1 1 1



Origin / dest

flight no freq



dksfPp Kochi 9I 0505 1.34567 06:30 07:55 dksfPp Kochi 9I 0505 .2..... 08:15 09:35 dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0776 1234567 06:05 08:20 dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0772 1234567 11:05 13:30 ekys Male AI 0265 1.34567 14:20 15:45 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0640 1234567 06:45 08:25 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0604 1234567 08:50 10:30 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0507 .23..6. 12:00 14:30 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0608 1234567 17:25 19:00 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0610 1234567 19:20 21:00 eLdV Muscat AI 0977 1.3.5.. 17:00 21:05 lSu ÝkaflLdks San Francisco AI 0173 .234567 21:10 06:00 f=osanze Trivandrum AI 0583 1234567 07:30 08:40 fot;okM+k Vijayawada 9I 0540 12.4567 10:30 12:00 fo'kk[kkiV~Vue Visakapatanam 9I 0540 12.4567 10:30 13:25 HkfVaMk Bhatinda (BUP) fnYyh Delhi 9I 0622 .2.4.6. 12:35 13:55 Hkkouxj Bhavnagar (BHU) eaqcbZ Mumbai 9I 0652 12.4.6. 19:45 21:35 Hkksiky Bhopal (BHO) fnYyh Delhi AI 0436 1234567 08:00 09:25 fnYyh Delhi AI 0438 1234567 21:55 23:25 gSnjkckn Hyderabad 9I 0864 1234567 10:15 14:00 t;iqj Jaipur 9I 0692 1234567 18:10 22:15 y[kuÅ Lucknow 9I 0692 1234567 18:10 19:50 eaqcbZ Mumbai AI 0634 1234567 08:05 09:20 eaqcbZ Mumbai AI 0632 1234567 21:50 23:25 jk;iqj Raipur 9I 0864 1234567 10:15 11:45 Hkq ous’oj Bhubaneswar (BBI) cSadkWd Bangkok AI 0338 ...4.6. 15:45 20:15 cSadkWd Bangkok AI 0338 ......7 15:45 19:50 csaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0739 .....6. 08:40 11:00 csaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0739 ...4..7 08:45 11:00 fnYyh Delhi AI 0078 1234567 09:50 12:00 fnYyh Delhi AI 0076 1...... 13:50 16:00 fnYyh Delhi AI 0076 .234567 13:50 16:00 fnYyh Delhi AI 0474 1234567 21:35 23:40 gSnjkckn Hyderabad AI 0776 1234567 10:55 12:25 dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0780 1234567 15:10 15:55 eaqcbZ Mumbai AI 0670 1234567 14:45 16:50 Hkqt Bhuj (BHJ) eaqcbZ Mumbai 9I 0626 12.4.6. 09:00 11:05 chdkusj Bikaner (BKB) fnYyh Delhi 9I 0834 1234567 15:10 16:40 cfeZ?a ke Birmingham (BHX) ve`rlj 20:30 Amritsar AI 0114 1234567 13:45+1 fnYyh 20:30 Delhi AI 0114 1234567 09:55+1 paMhx<+ Chandigarh (IXC) cSadkWd Bangkok AI 0336 ..35 13:35 19:50 cSadkWd Bangkok AI 0336 .2..... 13:50 20:05 cSadkWd Bangkok AI 0336 1...... 14:00 20:15 fnYyh Delhi AI 0464 123456. 12:50 13:55 ysg Leh AI 0458 .2...6. 10:15 11:10 eaqcbZ Mumbai AI 0642 12345.. 15:30 18:10 iq.ks Pune AI 0813 12345.. 09:15 11:40 psUuS Chennai (MAA) vgenkckn Ahmedabad AI 0981 ...4..7 17:20 20:00 csaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0563 1.34567 13:25 14:15 csaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0563 .2..... 14:25 15:20 dks;Ecrw: Coimbatore 9I 0561 .234567 07:20 08:50 dks;Ecrw: Coimbatore AI 0429 1234567 13:30 14:20 dks;Ecrw: Coimbatore 9I 0553 1234567 18:50 20:15 dksyacks Colombo AI 0273 1234567 05:55 07:20 fnYyh Delhi AI 0440 1234567 06:10 08:55 fnYyh Delhi AI 0143 1234567 08:45 11:35 fnYyh Delhi AI 0430 1234567 09:55 12:55 fnYyh Delhi AI 0539 1234567 17:00 19:50 fnYyh Delhi AI 0043 1234567 21:05 23:55 nqcbZ Dubai AI 0905 1234567 19:35 22:00 xksok Goa AI 0975 1.3.5.. 18:15 19:35 gSnjkckn Hyderabad 9I 0561 .234567 07:20 11:05 gSnjkckn Hyderabad AI 0987 .2...6. 18:05 19:15 gSnjkckn Hyderabad AI 0545 12.4567 19:15 20:35 gSnjkckn Hyderabad AI 0545 ..3.... 20:40 22:00 dksfPp Kochi AI 0509 1234567 09:00 10:15 dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0766 1234567 11:40 13:55 dqoSr Kuwait AI 0981 ...4..7 17:20 22:25 dqoSr Kuwait AI 0987 .2...6. 18:05 22:25 dqoSr Kuwait AI 0975 1.3.5.. 18:15 22:25 enqjS Madurai AI 0671 1234567 11:30 12:35

Aircraft Stops ATR-72 ATR-72 A-320 A-319 A-320 A-319 A-320 A-319 A-319 A-319 A-319 1 A-320 1 A-319 ATR-72 ATR-72 1 ATR-72 ATR-72 A-320 A-321 ATR-72 ATR-72 ATR-72 A-319 A-319 ATR-72

1 1

A-320 A-320 A-320 A-320 A-320 A-321 A-321 A-320 A-320 A-320 A-321 ATR-72 ATR-72 B787 B787


A-320 A-320 A-320 A-320 A-319 A-320 A-320 A-320 A-319 A-319 ATR-72 A-321 ATR-72 A-321 A-321 A-320 B787 A-321 B787 A-321 A-320 ATR-72 A-320 A-321 A-321 A-319 A-321 A-320 A-320 A-320 A-319


1 1 1

Air India network Origin / dest

flight no freq



enqjS Madurai AI 0551 1234567 14:45 16:10 eaqcbZ Mumbai AI 0569 1234567 06:20 08:10 eaqcbZ Mumbai AI 0672 12345.7 15:00 16:50 eaqcbZ Mumbai AI 0672 .....6. 15:45 17:40 eaqcbZ Mumbai AI 0093 1234567 21:35 23:15 eLdV Muscat AI 0907 1234567 19:25 21:55 isfjl Paris AI 0143 1234567 08:45 18:00 iksVZ Cys;j Port Blair AI 0549 1234567 05:05 07:20 iksVZ Cys;j Port Blair AI 0551 .2.45.7 10:30 12:40 'kkjtkg Sharjah AI 0967 1234567 18:25 23:05 flaxkiqj Singapore AI 0346 1234567 11:35 18:30 f=osanze Trivandrum AI 0967 1234567 18:25 19:30 f=Pph Tiruchirapally 9I 0557 1234567 07:35 8:35 fot;okM+k Vijayawada 9I 0559 1234567 10:55 12:15 f’kdkxks Chicago (ORD) fnYyh 13:30 Delhi AI 0126 1234567 15:15+1 gSnjkckn 13:30 Hyderabad AI 0126 1234567 19:25+1 dks ;Ecrw: Coimbatore (CJB) csaxyw: Bengaluru 9I 0512 1.34567 19:30 20:30 csaxyw: Bengaluru 9I 0512 .2..... 20:45 21:45 psUuS Chennai 9I 0562 1...... 13:50 15:20 psUuS Chennai 9I 0562 .234567 13:50 15:20 psUuS Chennai AI 0539 1234567 15:05 16:10 psUuS Chennai 9I 0554 1234567 20:45 22:05 fnYyh Delhi AI 0539 1234567 15:05 19:50 gSnjkckn Hyderabad 9I 0561 .234567 09:15 11:05 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0658 1234567 13:40 15:30 dks yEcks Colombo (CMB) psUuS Chennai AI 0274 12.4567 17:05 18:25 psUuS Chennai AI 0274 ..3.... 18:20 19:30 fnYyh Delhi AI 0282 1234567 08:30 12:05 dksius gsxu Copenhagen (CPH) fnYyh Delhi AI 0158 .2.4.6. 19:50 07:35+1 nEeke Dammam (DMM) fnYyh Delhi AI 0914 1...... 03:45 10:15 fnYyh Delhi AI 0914 .234567 03:45 10:15 ns gjknwu Dehra Dun (DED) fnYyh Delhi 9I 0646 1234567 07:50 08:45 fnYyh Delhi 9I 0610 1234567 19:00 20:00 y[kuÅ Lucknow 9I 0694 1234567 10:00 11:20 iVuk Patna 9I 0694 1234567 10:00 13:20 fnYyh Delhi (DEL) vkxjk Agra AI 0687 12.4... 09:55 12:05 vkxjk Agra AI 0406 1.3..6. 10:15 13:20 vgenkckn Ahmedabad AI 0019 1234567 05:00 06:30 vgenkckn Ahmedabad AI 0010 1234567 16:40 18:05 vgenkckn Ahmedabad AI 0013 1234567 20:05 21:40 bykgkckn Allahabad 9I 0603 1234567 14:00 15:45 ve`rlj Amritsar AI 0453 1234567 05:00 06:10 ve`rlj Amritsar AI 0461 1234567 08:10 09:15 ve`rlj Amritsar AI 0114 1234567 12:40 13:45 ve`rlj Amritsar AI 0016 1234567 17:15 18:20 vkSjaxkckn Aurangabad AI 0441 1234567 17:50 19:35 ckxMksxjk Bagdogra AI 0879 1234567 11:00 13:15 cgjhu Bahrain AI 0939 12.4.6. 19:50 21:55 cSadkWd Bangkok AI 0332 1234567 13:45 19:20 cSadkWd Bangkok AI 0334 1234567 23:00 04:40+1 csaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0803 1234567 06:10 09:20 csaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0506 .2..... 09:30 12:00 csaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0506 1.34567 09:45 12:30 csaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0502 1.34567 13:25 16:15 csaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0088 ..3.... 17:45 20:25 csaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0174 12.4567 17:45 20:25 csaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0504 1234567 20:30 23:15 HkfVaMk Bhatinda 9I 0621 .2.4.6. 10:45 12:05 Hkksiky Bhopal AI 0435 1234567 05:55 07:20 Hkksiky Bhopal AI 0437 1234567 20:00 21:20 Hkqous'oj Bhubaneswar AI 0077 1234567 07:00 09:10 Hkqous'oj Bhubaneswar AI 0075 1...... 11:00 13:10 Hkqous'oj Bhubaneswar AI 0075 .234567 11:00 13:10 Hkqous'oj Bhubaneswar AI 0473 1234567 18:45 21:00 chdkusj Bikaner 9I 0833 1234567 13:15 14:45 cfeZa?ke Birmingham AI 0113 1234567 13:15 17:15 paMhx<+ Chandigarh AI 0463 123456. 11:15 12:10 psUuS Chennai AI 0439 1234567 06:05 08:55 psUuS Chennai AI 0429 1234567 09:55 12:40 psUuS Chennai AI 0142 1234567 12:30 15:15 psUuS Chennai AI 0042 1234567 17:20 20:05 psUuS Chennai AI 0540 1234567 20:45 23:35 f'kdkxks Chicago AI 0127 1234567 02:00 06:30

150 I Shubh Yatra I march 2017

Aircraft Stops ATR-72 A-319 A-319 A-319 A-319 A-319 A-320 A-321 A-320 A-320 B787 A-320 ATR-72 ATR-72 B777-ER B777-ER ATR-72 ATR-72 ATR-72 ATR-72 A-321 ATR-72 A-321 ATR-72 A-319





A-321 A-321 A-321 B787 A-320 A-321 ATR-72 ATR-72 ATR-72 ATR-72 ATR-42 A-319 A-321 A-320 A-321 ATR-72 A-321 B787 B787 A-320 A-319 A-320 A-319 B787 A-320 A-320 A-320 A-320 A-320 A-320 A-320 A-320 ATR-72 A-320 A-321 A-320 A-321 A-321 A-320 ATR-72 B787 A-320 B787 A-321 A-320 B787 A-321 B777-ER

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dks;Ecrw: dksyacks dksyacks dksisagsxu nEeke nEeke nsgjknwu nsgjknwu /keZ'kkyk /keZ'kkyk nqcbZ nqcbZ ÝsadQVZ x;k x;k xksok xqokgkVh xqokgkVh xqokgkVh Xokfy;j gk¡x dk¡x gk¡x dk¡x gSnjkckn gSnjkckn gSnjkckn gSnjkckn gSnjkckn gSnjkckn bEQky bEQky bankSj bankSj tcyiqj t;iqj t;iqj t;iqj tEew tEew tsn~nkg tks/kiqj dkcqy dkBekaMw dkBekaMw [ktqjkgks dksfPp dksfPp dksydkrk dksydkrk dksydkrk dksydkrk dqYyw ysg yanu yanu y[kuÅ y[kuÅ y[kuÅ y[kuÅ yqf/k;kuk esfMªM ekys esycuZ feyku eqacbZ eqacbZ eqacbZ eqacbZ eqacbZ eqacbZ eqacbZ eqacbZ eqacbZ eqacbZ eqacbZ eqacbZ eqacbZ eqacbZ eqacbZ eqacbZ eLdV

Coimbatore Colombo Colombo Copenhagen Dammam Dammam Dehra Dun Dehra Dun Dharamsala Dharamsala Dubai Dubai Frankfurt Gaya Gaya Goa Guwahati Guwahati Guwahati Gwalior Hong Kong Hong Kong Hyderabad Hyderabad Hyderabad Hyderabad Hyderabad Hyderabad Imphal Imphal Indore Indore Jabalpur Jaipur Jaipur Jaipur Jammu Jammu Jeddah Jodhpur Kabul Kathmandu Kathmandu Khajuraho Kochi Kochi Kolkata Kolkata Kolkata Kolkata Kulu Leh London London Lucknow Lucknow Lucknow Lucknow Ludhiana Madrid Male Melbourne Milan Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Muscat

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Aircraft Stops


09:55 12:30 13:40 14:00 00:20 00:20 06:20 17:30 06:30 11:10 05:10 20:25 13:35 07:10 12:10 10:55 09:25 09:25 16:15 10:45

14:20 16:05 17:20 17:50 02:25 02:25 07:20 18:30 08:15 12:50 12:05 22:45 18:00 09:00 13:40 13:15 12:00 13:30 18:45 11:45 06:30+1 06:30+1 09:10 11:55 15:15 15:15 19:25 23:05 13:30 12:05 13:30 16:30 17:30 10:55 12:55 20:00 11:00 12:20 19:45 14:15 13:45 09:30 14:40 14:40 08:00 21:10 09:00 16:40 19:10 22:20 10:00 08:15 06:35 18:55 08:15 08:15 13:25 19:35 15:55 20:20 10:05 07:00+1 18:30 06:15 09:05 10:10 11:10 12:15 15:35 15:10 18:15 19:10 21:30 20:10 21:15 22:10 23:10 01:05+1 01:05+1 21:25

A-321 A-321 A-321 B787 A-320 A-321 ATR-72 ATR-72 ATR-72 ATR-72 B787 B787 B787 A-320 A-319 A-321 A-321 A-320 A-321 ATR-72 B787 B787 A-320 A-321 A-320 A-320 B777-ER A-321 A-321 A-321 ATR-72 A-319 ATR-72 ATR-42 A-321 ATR-72 ATR-72 A-319 B777-ER A-321 A-320 A-321 A-321 A-319 B787 A-321 B787 B787 A-320 A-321 ATR-72 A-319 B787 B787 A-320 A-320 A-321 A-319 ATR-72 B787 A-320 B787 B787 B787 A-320 A-321 A-321 A-320 ATR-72 A-320 A-319 B777-ER A-319 A-321 A-320 A-319 B777-ER B787 B787 A-321

0429 0281 0281 0157 0913 0913 0645 0609 0813 0713 0933 0995 0121 0235 0433 0156 0889 0889 0891 0628 0310 0314 0560 0542 0104 0544 0126 0839 0889 0889 0628 0636 0617 0687 0491 0643 0613 0821 0991 0475 0243 0213 0215 0406 0933 0048 0401 0020 0764 0022 0805 0445 0161 0111 0411 0992 0431 0811 0837 0135 0263 0308 0137 0349 0887 0665 0678 0865 0628 0863 0636 0102 0441 0024 0624 0805 0191 0315 0317 0973

1234567 12.4567 ..3.... .2.4.6. 1...... .234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 ..3.... 1234567 1234567 1.3456. .2....7 1234567 ..3.5.7 .2.4.67 1.3.5.. 1234567 1234567 1..4.6. .23.5.7 1234567 1234567 1.3456. .2....7 ..3.5.7 1234567 1234567 12.4... 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 .2.4.6. 1234567 .2.4.67 1234567 1234567 1.3..6. 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 .2.4.6. 1234567 1234567 12.4.6. .2.4.6. 1234567 ..3.5.7 12.4.6. 1.3.567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 ..3.5.7 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 .2.4.6. 1234567

23:15 23:15

07:05 09:50 13:15 13:20 17:15 21:05 09:25 09:25 10:45 15:05 15:35 09:55 12:05 19:00 09:15 11:10 16:20 12:55 12:35 07:40 12:55 10:15 05:10 18:05 06:50 14:25 17:00 20:15 08:25 06:45 02:30 14:45 07:10 07:10 12:25 18:30 14:40 14:55 05:15 13:15

14:20 04:00 07:00 08:00 09:00 10:00 10:45 13:00 15:05 17:00 17:50 18:00 19:00 20:00 21:00 23:00 23:00





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infocus mixed bag

the finishing touch The NH Goel Finishing School teaches women the art of grace, elan and poise In today's ever-changing society, a woman has more on her platter than ever, and the knowhow of handling it all with finesse and expertise comes only with experience. This is what NH Goel Finishing School provides - the edge that keeps women on top right from the beginning. From the art of polite conversation to preparing meals at par with Michelin-starred restaurants, you will learn it all and more. Marianne Johannes Senior mentor NH Goel Finishing School, Raipur

Enrolling at NH Goel Finishing School could be one of the most valuable investments for a woman. Not only will she be able to successfully manoeuvre around business and social events as a result of the module on communication, she will get a lot of positive attention as soon as she walks into a room, courtesy comprehensive lessons on poise and posture. The eight-week, full-time residential course has been carefully planned to ensure that students live in an environment conducive to learning without any external disturbances and distractions. Lessons on styling will ensure that women make no fashion faux pas and are well equipped to make a stunning style statement. The goal here is to develop an innate sense of fashion and not a blind devotion to the latest trends. The students learn the social skills involved in meeting, greeting and building a rapport whilst discovering the secrets of handshakes, air kisses and other social nuances. They learn to project confidence, elegance and charismatic leadership through movements by reinforcing proper posture and body language. They learn to imbibe an essence of elegance and grace in day to day living. Lessons on the essentials of make-up are personalised to ensure that the student knows how to enhance her looks by accentuating her strengths and hiding her flaws using cosmetics. These will help her look flawless for all occasions. The students not only learn how to navigate a formal table setting, using utensils properly and eating difficult-to-manoeuvre foods, they learn to do so with style and grace. Discovering how to navigate a multitude of utensils and stemware seamlessly and elegantly will enhance a woman's confidence in being the perfect host and guest.

Air India network Origin / dest

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ukxiqj Nagpur AI 0469 1..4.6. 05:25 08:10 ukxiqj Nagpur AI 0469 .23.5.7 06:10 07:45 U;w;kWdZ New York AI 0101 1234567 01:35 06:35 U;w vkdZ Newark AI 0191 1234567 21:00 07:15 vkslkdk 23:15 Osaka AI 0314 1.3.5.. 12:05+1 iaruxj Pantnagar 9I 0815 ..3.567 09:55 11:00 isfjl Paris AI 0143 1234567 13:05 18:00 iVuk Patna AI 0409 1234567 10:35 12:00 iVuk Patna AI 0407 1234567 13:45 15:20 iVuk Patna AI 0415 1234567 18:45 20:20 iksVZ Cys;j Port Blair AI 0485 1..4..6. 05:30 10:10 iksVZ Cys;j Port Blair AI 0485 .23.5.7 05:30 09:15 iq.ks Pune AI 0851 1234567 05:00 07:05 iq.ks Pune AI 0849 1234567 16:05 18:10 iq.ks Pune AI 0853 1234567 19:00 21:10 jk;iqj Raipur AI 0469 1..4.6. 05:25 07:05 jk;iqj Raipur AI 0477 .23.5.7 05:25 07:05 jktdksV Rajkot AI 0497 1..4.6. 05:15 07:00 jktdksV Rajkot AI 0495 ..3.5.7 16:55 18:40 jkaph Ranchi AI 0417 1234567 11:10 12:45 fj;kn Riyadh AI 0925 .2..5.7 03:00 05:30 jkse Rome AI 0123 ..3.5.7 14:20 18:05 lSu ÝkaflLdks San Francisco AI 0173 1.34567 04:00 06:00 fl;ksy 23:15 Seoul AI 0310 .2.4.67 12:05+1 'kka?kkbZ Shanghai AI 0348 .2.4567 11:55 20:20 f'keyk Shimla 9I 0803 1234567 06:15 07:25 flaxkiqj 23:00 Singapore AI 0380 1234567 07:00+1 Jhuxj Srinagar AI 0825 1234567 10:15 11:45 Jhuxj Srinagar AI 0821 1234567 11:10 13:40 LVkWdgkse Stockholm AI 0167 ..3.5.7 14:20 17:45 lwjr Surat AI 0493 1234567 05:35 07:10 lwjr Surat AI 0489 1234567 19:05 20:40 flMuh 13:15 Sydney AI 0302 12.4.6. 07:10+1 f=osanze Trivandrum AI 0263 1234567 05:15 08:35 f=osanze Trivandrum AI 0048 1234567 18:05 22:30 fr#ifr Tirupati AI 0542 1234567 09:50 13:35 Vksfd;ks Tokyo AI 0306 .2..567 21:15 08:00+1 mn;iqj Udaipur AI 0471 1234567 13:20 14:35 oMksnjk Vadodara AI 0819 1...... 17:45 19:35 oMksnjk Vadodara AI 0819 .234567 17:45 19:35 okjk.klh Varanasi AI 0406 1.3..6. 10:15 11:35 okjk.klh Varanasi AI 0406 .2.45.7 10:15 11:35 okjk.klh Varanasi AI 0433 1234567 12:10 14:50 okjk.klh Varanasi AI 0427 12.4.6. 17:05 18:40 fo;uk Vienna AI 0153 ..3.5.7 14:55 18:45 fot;okM+k Vijayawada AI 0459 1234567 06:00 08:15 fot;okM+k Vijayawada AI 0544 .23.5.7 13:20 16:55 fot;okM+k Vijayawada AI 0467 1234567 17:45 20:00 fo'kk[kkiV~Vue Visakhapatnam AI 0485 1..4.6. 05:30 07:35 fo'kk[kkiV~Vue Visakhapatnam AI 0451 1234567 15:00 17:15 okWf'kaxVu Washington AI 0103 ..3.5.7 01:15 06:15 ;kaxksu Yangon AI 0235 ..3.... 07:10 12:10 <kdk Dhaka (DAC) dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0229 1...56. 21:35 22:05 dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0229 .234..7 21:35 22:05 /keZ’kkyk Dharamsala (DHM) fnYyh Delhi 9I 0814 1234567 08:40 10:15 fnYyh Delhi 9I 0714 1234567 13:20 15:00 fMczx w <+ Dibrugarh (DIB) dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0706 .2345.7 08:10 09:35 nhekiqj D imapur (DMU) dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0710 1234..7 13:30 14:40 dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0710 ....5.. 14:50 16:05 nho Diu (DIU) eqacbZ Mumbai 9I 0624 12.4.6. 13:35 14:40 nqcbZ Dubai (DXB) csaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0994 .2.4.67 23:00 05:35+1 psUuS Chennai AI 0906 1234567 23:10 05:00+1 fnYyh Delhi AI 0996 1234567 00:05 04:45 xksok Goa AI 0994 .2.4.67 23:00 03:40+1 gSnjkckn Hyderabad AI 0952 1234567 00:30 05:30 dksfPp Kochi AI 0934 1234567 13:30 18:50 dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode AI 0938 1...5.. 13:45 19:10 dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode AI 0938 .23...7 14:45 20:10 dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode AI 0938 ...4... 14:50 20:10 dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode AI 0938 .....6. 15:00 20:00 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0984 1234567 23:40 04:10+1 fo'kk[kkiV~Vue Visakhapatnam AI 0952 1234567 00:30 07:15

152 I Shubh Yatra I march 2017

Aircraft Stops A-320 1 A-320 B777-ER B777-ER 1 B787 1 ATR-42 B787 A-319 A-319 A-320 A-320 1 A-320 A-320 A-320 A-321 A-320 A-319 A-319 A-320 A-320 A-320 B787 B777-LR B787 1 B787 ATR-42 B787 A-321 A-319 1 B787 A-319 A-319 B787 A-320 A-321 1 A-321 1 B787 A-320 A-320 A-321 A-319 A-319 A-319 1 A-320 B787 A-319 A-320 1 A-319 A-320 A-321 B777-ER A-320 1 A-319 A-319 ATR-72 ATR-72 A-319 A-319 A-319 ATR-72 A-319 A-321 B787 A-319 A-321 B787 A-321 A-321 A-321 A-321 A-321 A-321



Origin / dest flight no freq dep arr Ýs d a QVZ Frankfurt (FRA) fnYyh Delhi AI 0120 1234567 21:30 09:35+1 x;k Gaya (GAY) fnYyh Delhi AI 0433 1234567 14:15 17:10 fnYyh Delhi AI 0236 ..3.... 14:35 16:25 dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0234 1....6. 11:25 12:35 okjk.klh Varanasi AI 0433 1234567 14:15 14:50 ;kaxksu Yangon AI 0235 ..3.... 09:40 12:10 ;kaxksu Yangon AI 0233 ....5.. 12:05 15:05 xks ok Goa (GOI) csaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0994 04:30 05:35 psUuS Chennai AI 0976 .2.4.6. 07:25 09:00 fnYyh Delhi AI 0882 1234567 13:55 16:45 nqcbZ Dubai AI 0993 .2.4.67 19:20 21:15 dqoSr Kuwait AI 0975 1.3.5.. 20:25 22:25 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0034 1234567 04:00 05:10 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0684 1234567 07:00 08:10 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0664 1234567 15:20 16:35 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0662 1234567 18:45 19:55 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0084 1234567 22:50 00:05+1 xq okgkVh Guwahati (GAU) csaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0775 1234567 18:50 23:20 fnYyh Delhi AI 0890 .2....7 14:05 18:10 fnYyh Delhi AI 0890 1.3456. 15:35 18:10 fnYyh Delhi AI 0892 1234567 19:20 21:55 bEQky Imphal AI 0889 1.3456. 12:40 13:30 bEQky Imphal AI 0890 .2....7 14:05 15:00 dksydkrk Kolkata 9I 0736 .2.4.6. 09:55 11:30 dksydkrk Kolkata 9I 0740 10:30 12:00 dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0730 1....6. 11:40 13:05 dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0730 .2345.7 11:40 13:00 dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0775 1234567 18:50 20:00 yhykckM+h Lilabari 9I 0739 07:50 08:45 rstiqj Tezpur 9I 0735 .2.4.6. 07:50 08:30 Xokfy;j Gwalior (GWL) fnYyh Delhi 9I 0627 ..3.5.7 16:15 16:55 bankSj Indore 9I 0628 ..3.5.7 12:15 13:30 eqacbZ Mumbai 9I 0628 ..3.5.7 12:15 15:35 gk¡x dk¡x Hong Kong (HKG) fnYyh Delhi AI 0315 .2.4.6. 18:00 21:30 fnYyh Delhi AI 0317 18:00 21:30 eqacbZ 18:00 Mumbai AI 0315 .2.4.6. 01:05+1 eqacbZ 18:00 Mumbai AI 0317 01:05+1 vkslkdk Osaka AI 0314 .2.4.6. 07:45 12:05 fl;ksy Seoul AI 0310 07:45 12:05 gqcyh Hubli (HBX) csaxyw: Bangaluru 9I 0510 1.34567 16:00 17:20 csaxyw: Bangaluru AI 0508 .23..6. 17:15 18:20 csaxyw: Bangaluru 9I 0510 .2..... 17:25 18:45 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0507 .23..6. 13:25 14:30 gSnjkckn Hyderabad (HYD) csaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0978 .2.4.6. 03:30 04:40 Hkksiky Bhopal 9I 0863 1234567 06:01 09:50 Hkqous'oj Bhubaneswar 9I 0780 1234567 13:05 14:35 psUuS Chennai AI 0988 ..3...7 07:50 09:00 psUuS Chennai 9I 0562 .234567 11:35 15:20 psUuS Chennai AI 0546 12.4567 21:15 22:15 psUuS Chennai AI 0546 ..3.... 22:40 23:55 f'kdkxks Chicago AI 0127 1234567 21:00 06:30 dks;Ecrw: Coimbatore 9I 0562 .234567 11:35 13:25 fnYyh Delhi AI 0559 1234567 06:40 08:50 fnYyh Delhi AI 0543 1234567 10:00 12:30 fnYyh Delhi AI 0541 1234567 16:15 18:30 fnYyh Delhi AI 0840 1234567 19:05 21:20 fnYyh Delhi AI 0127 1234567 21:00 23:10 nqcbZ Dubai AI 0951 1234567 20:10 22:25 tsn~nkg Jeddah AI 0965 .2..5.7 17:55 21:15 dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0525 1234567 06:00 08:05 dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0780 1234567 13:05 15:55 dqoSr Kuwait AI 0987 .2...6. 20:00 22:25 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0620 1234567 06:20 07:45 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0616 1234567 08:15 09:40 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0966 .2..5.7 09:00 10:40 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0618 1234567 17:00 18:35 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0051 1234567 22:00 23:30 eLdV Muscat AI 0977 1.3.5.. 18:50 21:05 iq.ks Pune 9I 0867 1234567 18:35 20:20 jk;iqj Raipur 9I 0863 1234567 06:01 07:55

Aircraft Stops B787 A-319 A-320 A-319 A-319 A-320 A-319


A-319 A-320 A-321 A-319 A-320 A-321 A-321 A-321 A-319 A-321 A-320 A-321 A-321 A-320 A-321 A-321 ATR-42 ATR-42 A-319 A-319 A-320 ATR-42 ATR-42 ATR-72 ATR-72 ATR-72 B787 B787 B787 B787 B787 B787

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ATR-72 A-319 ATR-72 A-319 A-319 ATR-72 A-320 A-320 ATR-72 A-321 A-321 B777-ER ATR-72 A-321 A-320 A-321 A-320 B777-ER A-321 B747 A-319 A-320 A-320 A-319 A-319 B747 A-319 A-319 A-319 ATR-72 ATR-72





Air India network Origin / dest

flight no freq

f'kjMh Shiridi 9I 0869 1234567 fr#ifr Tirupati AI 0542 1234567 fot;okM+k Vijayawada 9I 0538 ..3.... fot;okM+k Vijayawada AI 0544 1..4.6. fot;okM+k Vijayawada AI 0544 .23.57 fo'kk[kkiV~Vue Visakhapatnam AI 0952 1234567 fo'kk[kkiV~Vue Visakhapatnam 9I 0538 ..3.... bEQky Imphal (IMF)

dep 14:30 12:35 14:10 16:05 16:05 06:10 14:10

arr 16:10 13:35 15:15 16:55 16:55 07:15 16:40

Aircraft Stops ATR-72 A-321 ATR-72 A-320 A-320 A-321 ATR-72 1

Origin / dest

flight no freq



Aircraft Stops

vkbZtkWy Aizawl AI 0711 1234... 13:00 14:05 A-319 vkbZtkWy Aizawl AI 0711 .....6. 13:15 14:20 A-319 ckxMksxjk Bagdogra AI 0721 ..3.5.7 13:55 14:55 A-319 csaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0771 1234567 14:15 16:40 A-319 csaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0775 1234567 20:45 23:20 A-320 Hkqous'oj Bhubaneswar AI 0776 1234567 09:10 10:20 A-320 psUuS Chennai AI 0765 1234567 14:35 17:05 A-321 fnYyh Delhi AI 0763 1234567 07:00 09:10 A-321 fnYyh Delhi AI 0021 1234567 10:00 12:10 B787 AI 0715 ....5.. 13:15 13:55 A-319 Aizawl vkbZtkWy fnYyh fnYyh Delhi AI 0890 1.3456. 14:05 18:10 A-321 1 Delhi AI 0701 1234567 17:30 19:50 B787 fnYyh fnYyh Delhi AI 0890 .2....7 15:35 18:10 A-321 Delhi AI 0023 1234567 20:30 22:45 A-320 xqokgkVh <kdk Guwahati AI 0889 .2....7 12:40 13:30 A-321 Dhaka AI 0230 1...56. 19:05 20:35 A-319 xqokgkVh <kdk Guwahati AI 0890 1.3456. 14:05 15:00 A-321 Dhaka AI 0230 .234..7 19:05 20:35 A-319 dksydkrk fMczqx<+ Kolkata AI 0714 .234... 12:20 13:35 A-319 Dibrugarh AI 0705 .2345.7 05:55 07:30 A-319 dksydkrk nhekiqj Kolkata AI 0715 ....5.. 13:15 15:40 A-319 1 Dimapur AI 0709 1234..7 11:20 12:40 A-319 dksydkrk nhekiqj Kolkata AI 0715 ......7 13:15 14:50 A-319 Dimapur AI 0709 ....5.. 13:00 14:15 A-319 dksydkrk x;k Kolkata AI 0714 .....6. 14:55 16:15 A-319 Gaya AI 0233 ....5.. 10:30 11:25 A-319 bankSj Indore (IDR) xqokgkVh Guwahati 9I 0735 .2.4.6. 05:50 07:25 ATR-42 fnYyh xqokgkVh Delhi AI 0635 1234567 09:00 10:35 A-319 Guwahati 9I 0739 05:50 07:25 ATR-42 fnYyh xqokgkVh Delhi 9I 0627 ..3.5.7 14:35 16:55 ATR-72 1 Guwahati AI 0729 1234567 09:50 11:05 A-319 Xokfy;j xqokgkVh Gwalior 9I 0627 ..3.5.7 14:35 15:45 ATR-72 Guwahati AI 0731 1234567 17:10 18:10 A-320 eqacbZ gSnjkckn Mumbai 9I 0628 ..3.5.7 14:00 15:35 ATR-72 Hyderabad AI 0776 1234567 09:10 12:25 A-320 eqacbZ gSnjkckn Mumbai AI 0636 1234567 17:05 18:15 A-319 Hyderabad AI 0526 1234567 19:00 21:15 A-319 tcyiqj Jabalpur (JLR) bEQky Imphal AI 0713 .234... 10:15 11:45 A-319 fnYyh bEQky Delhi 9I 0618 1234567 18:00 20:00 ATR-72 Imphal AI 0715 ......7 10:15 12:40 A-319 t;iqj Jaipur (JAI) bEQky Imphal AI 0715 ....5.. 11:20 12:40 A-319 vkxjk bEQky Agra 9I 0687 12.4... 11:15 12:05 ATR-42 Imphal AI 0713 .....6. 13:00 14:20 A-319 nsgjknwu dkBekaMw Dehra Dun 9I 0691 1234567 05:55 09:30 ATR-72 1 Kathmandu AI 0247 12.4.6. 13:55 15:30 A-319 fnYyh yhykckM+h Delhi AI 0492 1234567 13:30 14:25 A-321 Lilabari 9I 0739 05:50 08:45 ATR-42 fnYyh eqacbZ Delhi 9I 0688 12.4... 13:35 14:35 ATR-42 Mumbai AI 0676 1234567 09:25 12:20 A-321 fnYyh eqacbZ Delhi 9I 0644 1234567 20:30 21:15 ATR-72 Mumbai AI 0773 1...56. 16:50 19:45 A-319 y[kuÅ eqacbZ Lucknow 9I 0691 1234567 05:55 07:30 ATR-72 Mumbai AI 0773 .234..7 16:50 19:45 A-319 eqacbZ iksVZ Cys;j Mumbai AI 0612 1234567 13:55 15:35 A-321 Port Blair AI 0787 1234567 05:40 07:50 A-319 tEew Jammu (IXJ) jkaph Ranchi 9I 0719 123..67 17:30 18:35 ATR-42 fnYyh f'kyk¡x Delhi 9I 0614 1234567 11:30 13:15 ATR-72 Shillong 9I 0711 1234567 12:45 14:30 ATR-42 fnYyh flYpj Delhi AI 0822 1234567 15:45 17:10 A-319 Silchar AI 0753 1234567 05:50 07:00 A-319 ysg rstiqj Leh AI 0450 1...5.7 10:15 11:10 A-319 Tezpur 9I 0735 .2.4.6. 05:50 08:30 ATR-42 Jhuxj okjk.klh Srinagar AI 0821 1234567 13:00 13:40 A-319 Varanasi AI 0422 .2.45.7 14:30 15:45 A-319 tkeuxj Jamnagar (JGA) ;kaxksu Yangon AI 0227 1....6. 05:45 08:30 A-319 eqacbZ ;kaxksu Mumbai AI 0648 1234567 12:50 13:55 A-319 Yangon AI 0233 ....5.. 10:30 15:05 A-319 tsnn~ kg Jeddah (JED) dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode (CCJ) fnYyh nqcbZ 21:15 Delhi AI 0992 1.3.5.. 04:45+1 B777-ER Dubai AI 0937 1...5.. 10:15 12:45 A-321 gSnjkckn nqcbZ Hyderabad AI 0966 1..4.6. 23:15 07:10+1 B747 Dubai AI 0937 .234.67 10:55 13:45 A-321 dksfPp eqacbZ Kochi AI 0964 .23.5.7 23:15 07:05+1 B747 Mumbai AI 0582 1234567 07:30 09:10 A-321 y[kuÅ 'kkjtkg Lucknow AI 0992 1.3.5.. 21:15 08:15+1 B777-ER 1 Sharjah AI 0997 1234567 22:00 00:05+1 A-321 dqYyww Kulu (KUU) eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0932 .2.4.67 21:15 04:20+1 B777-ER eqacbZ fnYyh Mumbai AI 0966 1..4.6. 23:15 10:40+1 B747 1 Delhi 9I 0806 ......7 08:35 09:55 ATR-72 tks/kiqj Jodhpur (JDH) fnYyh Delhi 9I 0806 123456. 10:40 12:25 ATR-72 dqorS Kuwait (KWI) fnYyh Delhi AI 0476 1234567 14:55 16:20 A-321 vgenkckn eqacbZ Ahmedabad AI 0982 1...5.. 00:05 06:05 A-320 Mumbai AI 0646 1234567 11:55 13:25 A-321 psUuS dkcqy Kabul (KBL) Chennai AI 0976 .2.4.6. 00:05 09:00 A-320 fnYyh Delhi AI 0244 .2.4.67 14:45 17:50 A-320 psUuS Chennai AI 0982 1...5.. 00:05 09:10 A-320 dkBekaMw Kathmandu (KTM) psUuS Chennai AI 0988 ..3...7 00:05 09:00 A-320 fnYyh Delhi AI 0214 1234567 10:25 11:45 A-321 xksok Goa AI 0976 .2.4.6. 00:05 06:35 A-320 fnYyh Delhi AI 0216 1234567 15:35 16:50 A-321 gSnjkckn Hyderabad AI 0988 ..3...7 00:05 07:00 A-320 dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0248 12.4.6. 16:20 17:25 A-319 ysg Leh (IXL) [ktqjkgks Khajuraho (HJR) paMhx<+ Chandigarh AI 0457 .2...6. 08:50 09:30 A-319 fnYyh Delhi AI 0405 1.3..6. 15:15 18:25 A-319 1 fnYyh Delhi AI 0446 1234567 11:45 13:10 A-319 okjk.klh Varanasi AI 0405 1.3..6. 15:15 16:10 A-319 tEew Jammu AI 0449 1...5.7 08:50 09:35 A-319 dksfPp Kochi (COK) Jhuxj Srinagar AI 0448 ..34... 08:50 09:35 A-319 vxkrh Agatti Island 9I 0505 1.34567 08:45 10:05 ATR-72 yhykckM+h Lilabari (IXI) vxkrh Agatti Island 9I 0505 .2..... 10:05 11:25 ATR-72 xqokgkVh Guwahati 9I 0740 09:05 10:05 ATR-42 csaxyw: Bengaluru 9I 0506 1.34567 12:15 13:35 ATR-72 dksydkrk Kolkata 9I 0740 09:05 12:00 ATR-42 csaxyw: Bengaluru 9I 0506 .2..... 13:40 15:05 ATR-72 yanu London (LHR) psUuS Chennai AI 0510 1234567 11:00 12:15 A-319 vgenkckn Ahmedabad AI 0172 .2.4.6. 13:00 02:40+1 B787 fnYyh Delhi AI 0466 1234567 07:20 10:45 A-321 vgenkckn Ahmedabad AI 0176 ......7 13:00 02:40+1 B787 fnYyh Delhi AI 0047 1234567 20:15 23:20 B787 fnYyh Delhi AI 0162 1234567 08:45 22:25 B787 nqcbZ Dubai AI 0933 1234567 09:15 12:05 B787 fnYyh Delhi AI 0112 1234567 21:30 11:20+1 B787 tsn~nkg Jeddah AI 0963 1.34.6. 17:30 21:15 B747 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0130 1234567 13:30 04:00+1 B787 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0682 1234567 08:10 10:15 A-319 U;w vkdZ Newark AI 0171 1.3.5.. 13:00 16:20 B787 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0055 1234567 20:10 22:10 A-320 y[kuÅ Lucknow (LKO) fj;kn Riyadh AI 0923 1.3.... 02:35 05:30 A-320 Hkksiky Bhopal 9I 0693 1234567 16:00 17:40 ATR-72 f=osanze Trivandrum AI 0048 1234567 21:50 22:30 A-321 nsgjknwu Dehra Dun 9I 0691 1234567 08:00 09:30 ATR-72 dksydkrk Kolkata (CCU) fnYyh Delhi AI 0412 1234567 08:55 10:05 A-320 vxjryk Agartala AI 0743 1234567 09:55 10:50 A-319 fnYyh Delhi AI 0432 14:05 15:20 A-321 vxjryk Agartala AI 0745 1234567 18:10 19:05 A-319 fnYyh Delhi AI 0991 .2.4.6. 14:05 15:10 A-321 vkbZtkWy Aizawl AI 0715 ......7 10:15 11:20 A-319 fnYyh Delhi AI 0812 1234567 20:15 21:30 A-319 vkbZtkWy Aizawl AI 0715 ....5.. 11:20 13:55 A-319 1 t;iqj Jaipur 9I 0692 1234567 20:20 22:15 ATR-72 I Shubh Yatra I march 2017







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JHARKHAND Return to the lap of nature, to be one with the calmness and peace that surrounds the many deep, lush forests of Jharkhand.You should never miss the opportunity to spend some time enjoying the silence of these jungles and Dams of the state of Jharkhand.

Department of Tourism, Government of Jharkhand M.D.I. Building, 2nd Floor, Dhurwa, Ranchi 834004, Ph.: 0651-2400493, Fax: 2400492 Secretary Ph.: 0651-2400981, Fax: 0651-2400982, Email: Director Ph.: 0651-2400493, Fax: 2400492, Email: Follow us at: website: | |

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Aircraft Stops

Origin / dest

flight no freq



Aircraft Stops

bankSj tsn~nkg Indore AI 0635 1234567 07:05 08:25 A-319 Jeddah AI 0991 .2.4.6. 14:05 19:45 A-321 1 bankSj eqacbZ Indore AI 0627 ..3.5.7 12:15 14:05 ATR-72 Mumbai AI 0626 1234567 11:05 13:15 A-319 t;iqj iVuk Jaipur AI 0611 1234567 11:35 13:15 A-321 Patna 9I 0694 1234567 11:50 13:20 ATR-72 tkeuxj yqf/k;kuk Ludhiana (LUH) Jamnagar AI 0647 1234567 11:00 12:10 A-319 tsn~nkg fnYyh Jeddah AI 0965 .2..5.7 15:00 21:15 B747 1 Delhi AI 0838 12.4.6. 16:20 17:35 ATR-72 tsn~nkg esfMªM Madrid (MAD) Jeddah AI 0931 16:50 19:45 B777-ER tks/kiqj fnYyh 21:50 Jodhpur AI 0645 1234567 09:45 11:20 A-321 Delhi AI 0136 .2.4.6. 11:05+1 B787 dksfPp enqjS Madurai (IXM) Kochi AI 0054 1234567 05:30 07:25 A-319 dksfPp psUuS Kochi AI 0681 1234567 17:15 19:15 A-320 Chennai AI 0672 12345.7 13:15 14:20 A-319 dksydkrk psUuS Kolkata AI 0675 1234567 06:10 08:50 A-321 Chennai AI 0672 .....6. 14:00 15:05 A-319 dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0774 1...56. 20:50 23:15 A-319 psUuS Chennai AI 0552 1234567 16:35 18:00 ATR-72 dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0774 .234..7 20:50 23:15 A-319 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0672 12345.7 13:15 16:50 A-319 1 dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode AI 0581 1234567 07:05 08:55 A-321 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0672 .....6. 14:00 17:40 A-319 1 yanu London AI 0131 1234567 07:00 11:30 B787 ekys Male (MLE) y[kuÅ Lucknow AI 0625 1234567 08:25 10:30 A-319 csaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0266 1.34567 10:55 13:20 A-320 enqjS Madurai AI 0671 1234567 09:00 12:35 A-319 1 fnYyh Delhi AI 0264 1234567 16:35 22:35 A-320 1 eaxyw: Mangalore AI 0679 1234567 10:15 11:40 A-319 f=osanze Trivandrum AI 0264 1234567 16:35 18:25 A-320 eLdV Muscat AI 0985 1234567 22:00 23:25 A-321 eaxyw: Mangalore (IXE) ukxiqj Nagpur AI 0627 1234567 05:45 07:15 A-319 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0680 1234567 12:20 13:45 A-319 ukxiqj Nagpur AI 0629 1234567 19:00 20:35 A-321 esyckWuZ Melbourne (MEL) U;w;kWdZ New York AI 0101 1234567 21:00 06:35 B777-ER 1 fnYyh Delhi AI 0309 1..4.6. 10:45 17:40 B787 U;w vkdZ Newark AI 0191 1234567 01:30 07:15 B777-ER feyku Milan (MXP) vkslkdk 20:00 Osaka AI 0314 1.3.5.. 12:05+1 B787 2 fnYyh 20:00 Delhi AI 0138 12.4.6. 07:45+1 B787 jk;iqj Raipur AI 0651 1234567 10:10 11:50 A-321 eqca bZ Mumbai (BOM) jktdksV Rajkot AI 0655 1234567 15:55 17:05 A-319 vkcw /kkch 22:30 Abu Dhabi AI 0945 1234567 00:35+1 A-319 fj;kn Riyadh AI 0921 1234567 12:30 14:30 A-320 vgenkckn Ahmedabad AI 0031 1234567 01:35 02:50 B787 fl;ksy Seoul AI 0310 .2.4.67 20:00 12:05+1 B787 2 vgenkckn Ahmedabad AI 0017 1234567 05:30 06:45 A-321 'kka?kkbZ Shanghai AI 0348 .2.4567 08:15 20:20 B787 1 vgenkckn Ahmedabad AI 0091 1234567 17:30 18:40 A-321 f'kjMh Shiridi 9I 0653 ..3.5.7 08:30 09:15 ATR-72 ve`rlj Amritsar AI 0649 .....67 07:15 10:05 A-320 f'kjMh Shiridi 9I 0653 12.4.6. 15:20 16:05 ATR-72 vkSjaxkckn Aurangabad AI 0442 1234567 16:05 17:05 A-319 flaxkiqj Singapore AI 0342 1234567 23:50 07:45+1 B787 cSadkWd Bangkok AI 0330 1234567 01:45 07:20 B787 lwjr csaxyw: Surat 9I 0649 ..3.5.7 05:50 06:45 ATR-72 Bengaluru AI 0603 1234567 06:15 07:50 A-320 csaxyw: f=osanze Bengaluru AI 0639 1234567 09:20 11:00 A-319 Trivandrum AI 0667 1234567 17:25 19:40 A-321 csaxyw: mn;iqj Bengaluru AI 0508 .23..6. 15:25 18:20 A-319 Udaipur AI 0643 1234567 14:10 15:40 A-321 csaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0607 1234567 16:40 18:30 A-319 okjk.klh Varanasi AI 0695 1234567 10:30 12:40 A-319 csaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0609 1234567 20:15 21:50 A-319 fo'kk[kkiV~Vue Visakhapatnam AI 0651 1234567 10:10 13:35 A-321 1 Hkkouxj Bhavnagar 9I 0651 12.4.6. 17:50 19:05 ATR-72 eLdV Muscat (MCT) Hkksiky Bhopal AI 0633 1234567 06:00 07:25 A-319 csaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0978 1.3.5.. 22:00 04:40+1 A-319 1 Hkksiky Bhopal AI 0631 1234567 19:40 21:10 A-319 psUuS Chennai AI 0908 1234567 23:00 03:55+1 A-319 Hkqous'oj Bhubaneswar AI 0669 1234567 12:00 14:05 A-321 fnYyh Delhi AI 0974 1234567 23:10 03:45+1 A-321 Hkqt Bhuj 9I 0625 12.4.6. 06:35 08:30 ATR-72 gSnjkckn Hyderabad AI 0978 1.3.5.. 22:00 02:45+1 A-319 paMhx<+ Chandigarh AI 0641 12345.. 05:40 08:30 A-320 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0986 1234567 00:20 04:25 A-321 psUuS Chennai AI 0570 1234567 06:15 08:10 A-319 ukxiqj Nagpur (NAG) psUuS Chennai AI 0671 1234567 09:00 10:55 A-319 fnYyh Delhi AI 0470 .23.5.7 08:25 10:05 A-320 psUuS Chennai AI 0094 1234567 18:30 20:25 A-319 fnYyh Delhi AI 0469 1..4.6. 08:50 10:25 A-320 dks;Ecrw: Coimbatore AI 0657 1234567 11:05 12:50 A-319 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0628 1234567 07:55 09:25 A-319 fnYyh Delhi AI 0864 1234567 07:00 09:05 A-320 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0630 1234567 21:20 22:55 A-321 fnYyh Delhi AI 0635 1234567 07:05 10:35 A-319 1 ukanM s Nanded (NDC) fnYyh Delhi AI 0806 1234567 08:00 10:15 A-321 ve`rlj Amritsar AI 0816 .....67 13:50 16:30 A-320 fnYyh Delhi AI 0348 .2.4567 08:15 10:30 B787 U;w ;kWdZ New York (JFK) fnYyh Delhi AI 0866 1234567 09:00 11:15 A-321 fnYyh Delhi AI 0102 1234567 14:25 14:50+1 B777-ER fnYyh Delhi AI 0809 1234567 10:00 12:15 A-320 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0102 1234567 14:25 19:10+1 B777-ER 1 fnYyh Delhi 9I 0627 ..3.5.7 12:15 16:55 ATR-72 2 U;wvkdZ Newark (EWR) fnYyh Delhi AI 0677 1234567 13:00 15:20 A-320 vgenkckn Ahmedabad AI 0172 1.3.5.. 23:15 02:40+2 B787 1 fnYyh Delhi AI 0687 1234567 16:00 18:15 A-320 fnYyh Delhi AI 0144 1234567 13:15 19:10+1 B777-ER 1 fnYyh Delhi AI 0442 1234567 16:05 19:20 A-319 1 yanu London AI 0172 1.3.5.. 23:15 11:05+1 B787 fnYyh Delhi AI 0144 1234567 17:00 19:10 B777-ER eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0144 1234567 13:15 14:10+1 B777-ER fnYyh Delhi AI 0660 1234567 18:00 20:10 A-321 vkslkdk Osaka (KIX) fnYyh Delhi AI 0888 1234567 19:00 21:10 A-319 fnYyh Delhi AI 0315 .2.4.6. 13:25 21:30 B787 1 fnYyh Delhi AI 0310 .2.4.67 20:00 22:05 B787 gk¡x dk¡x Hong Kong AI 0315 .2.4.6. 13:25 16:35 B787 fnYyh Delhi AI 0314 1.3.5.. 20:00 22:05 B787 eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0315 .2.4.6. 13:25 01:05+1 B787 2 fnYyh Delhi AI 0101 1234567 21:00 23:15 B777-ER iaruxj Pantnagar (PGH) nho Diu 9I 0623 12.4.6. 12:05 13:10 ATR-72 fnYyh Delhi 9I 0816 ..3.567 11:20 12:15 ATR-42 nqcbZ Dubai AI 0983 1234567 19:50 21:55 A-321 isfjl Paris (CDG) xksok Goa AI 0033 1234567 02:10 03:20 A-321 psUuS Chennai AI 0142 1234567 21:30 15:15+1 B787 1 xksok Goa AI 0083 1234567 05:30 06:30 A-321 fnYyh Delhi AI 0142 1234567 21:30 10:00+1 B787 xksok Goa AI 0663 1234567 13:30 14:45 A-321 iVuk Patna (PAT) xksok Goa AI 0661 1234567 16:50 18:00 A-319 Hkksiky Bhopal 9I 0693 1234567 13:50 17:40 ATR-72 1 xksok Goa AI 0683 1234567 21:10 22:20 A-321 fnYyh Delhi AI 0410 1234567 12:40 14:25 A-319 Xokfy;j Gwalior 9I 0627 ..3.5.7 12:15 15:45 ATR-72 1 fnYyh Delhi AI 0408 1234567 15:55 17:30 A-319 gk¡x dk¡x Hong Kong AI 0310 .2.4.67 20:00 06:30+1 B787 1 fnYyh Delhi AI 0416 1234567 20:55 22:25 A-320 gk¡x dk¡x Hong Kong AI 0314 1.3.5.. 20:00 06:30+1 B787 1 y[kuÅ Lucknow 9I 0693 1234567 13:50 15:30 ATR-72 gqcyh Hubli AI 0508 .23..6. 15:25 16:35 A-319 iksVZ Cys;j Port Blair (IXZ) gSnjkckn Hyderabad AI 0615 1234567 06:20 07:40 A-319 psUuS Chennai AI 0550 1234567 08:00 10:10 A-321 gSnjkckn Hyderabad AI 0617 1234567 13:55 15:20 A-319 psUuS Chennai AI 0552 .2.45.7 13:20 15:35 A-320 gSnjkckn Hyderabad AI 0965 .2..5.7 15:00 16:25 B747 fnYyh Delhi AI 0486 .23.5.7 12:30 17:25 A-320 1 gSnjkckn Hyderabad AI 0619 1234567 19:30 20:45 A-319 fnYyh Delhi AI 0486 1..4.6. 10:50 14:35 A-320 gSnjkckn Hyderabad AI 0050 1234567 20:50 22:15 A-319 dksydkrk Kolkata AI 0788 1234567 08:30 10:35 A-319

156 I Shubh Yatra I march 2017

Air India network Origin / dest

flight no freq



Aircraft Stops

Origin / dest

flight no freq



Aircraft Stops

gSnjkckn fo'kk[kkiV~Vue Visakhapatnam AI 0486 Hyderabad AI 0541 1234567 14:15 15:20 A-321 .23.5.7 09:55 11:55 A-320 fot;okM+k iq.ks Pune (PNQ) Vijayawada AI 0528 12.4567 17:10 18:05 ATR-72 fo'kk[kkiV~Vue Visakhapatnam AI 0528 paMhx<+ 12.4567 17:10 19:40 ATR-72 1 Chandigarh AI 0814 .2345.. 12:20 14:50 A-320 Vksfd;ks Tokyo (NRT) fnYyh Delhi AI 0852 1234567 07:40 09:50 A-320 fnYyh fnYyh Delhi AI 0307 1.3..67 11:30 18:00 B787 Delhi AI 0850 1234567 18:50 21:00 A-320 f=osna ez T rivandrum (TRV) fnYyh 22:00 Delhi AI 0854 1234567 00:10+1 A-321 csaxyw: gSnjkckn Bengaluru AI 0584 1234567 09:15 10:20 A-319 Hyderabad 9I 0868 1234567 20:50 22:30 ATR-72 psUuS jk;iqj Raipur (RPR) Chennai AI 0968 1234567 06:15 07:15 A-320 fnYyh Hkksiky Delhi AI 0466 1234567 06:05 10:45 A-321 1 Bhopal 9I 0863 1234567 08:20 09:50 ATR-72 fnYyh fnYyh Delhi AI 0264 1234567 19:20 22:35 A-320 Delhi AI 0469 1..4.6. 07:45 10:25 A-320 1 dksfPp fnYyh Kochi AI 0466 1234567 06:05 06:45 A-321 Delhi AI 0478 .23.5.7 07:45 09:20 A-319 ekys gSnjkckn Male AI 0263 1234567 09:20 10:05 A-320 Hyderabad 9I 0864 1234567 12:10 14:00 ATR-72 eqacbZ eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0668 1234567 20:15 22:25 A-321 Mumbai AI 0651 1234567 12:30 16:10 A-321 1 fj;kn ukxiqj Riyadh AI 0927 ...4.6. 02:20 05:30 A-320 Nagpur AI 0469 1..4.6. 07:45 08:10 A-320 'kkjtkg fo'kk[kkiV~Vue Visakhapatnam AI 0651 Sharjah AI 0967 1234567 20:40 23:05 A-320 1234567 12:30 13:35 A-321 mn;iqj U daipur (UDR) jktdksV Rajkot (RAJ) fnYyh fnYyh Delhi AI 0472 1234567 15:10 16:10 A-320 Delhi AI 0498 1..4.6. 07:35 08:55 A-319 eqacbZ fnYyh Mumbai AI 0644 1234567 16:20 17:50 A-321 Delhi AI 0496 ..3.5.7 19:30 21:10 A-320 oMksnjk V adodara (BDQ) eqacbZ Mumbai AI 0656 1234567 17:40 18:45 A-319 fnYyh jkaph Ranchi (IXR) Delhi AI 0820 1...... 20:20 21:45 A-320 fnYyh fnYyh Delhi AI 0820 .234567 20:20 21:45 A-321 Delhi AI 0418 1234567 13:25 15:15 A-320 okjk.klh Varanasi (VNS) dksydkrk Kolkata 9I 0720 123..67 19:00 20:05 ATR-42 vkxjk fj;kn Riyadh (RUH) Agra AI 0406 1.3..6. 12:10 13:20 A-319 fnYyh fnYyh Delhi AI 0433 1234567 15:30 17:10 A-319 Delhi AI 0926 1..4.6. 15:45 22:40 A-320 fnYyh dksfPp Delhi AI 0405 1.3..6. 16:50 18:25 A-319 Kochi AI 0924 .2....7 15:45 23:15 A-320 fnYyh eqacbZ Delhi AI 0405 .2.45.7 16:50 18:25 A-319 Mumbai AI 0922 1234567 06:45 13:20 A-320 fnYyh f=osanze Delhi AI 0428 12.4.6. 19:20 21:10 A-320 Trivandrum AI 0928 ..3.5.. 15:45 23:15 A-320 [ktqjkgks jkse Rome (FCO) Khajuraho AI 0406 1.3..6. 12:10 14:40 A-319 1 dksydkrk fnYyh 19:40 Kolkata AI 0421 .2.45.7 12:10 13:25 A-319 Delhi AI 0122 ..3.5.7 07:15+1 B787 eqacbZ lSu ÝkaflLd¨ San Francisco (SFO) Mumbai AI 0696 1234567 13:30 15:40 A-319 fo;uk Vienna (VIE) csaxyw: Bengaluru AI 0174 1.34567 10:30 20:25+1 B777-LR 1 fnYyh fnYyh Delhi AI 0154 ..3.5.7 22:45 10:20+1 B787 Delhi AI 0174 1.34567 10:30 16:15+1 B777-LR fot;okM+k Vijayawada (VGA) fl;ksy Seoul (ICN) csaxyw: fnYyh Bengaluru 9I 0539 12.4567 08:20 10:00 ATR-72 Delhi AI 0317 13:50 21:30 B787 1 pSUus gk¡x dk¡x Chennai 9I 0560 1234567 12:35 13:55 ATR-72 Hong Kong AI 0317 13:50 16:35 B787 fnYyh eqacbZ Delhi AI 0460 1234567 09:05 11:20 A-319 Mumbai AI 0317 13:50 01:05+1 B787 2 fnYyh ’kka?kkbZ Shanghai (PVG) Delhi AI 0840 1234567 17:30 21:20 A-320 1 fnYyh fnYyh 22:00 Delhi AI 0468 1234567 20:40 23:05 A-319 Delhi AI 0349 .2.4567 02:45+1 B787 gSnjkckn eqacbZ 22:00 Hyderabad 9I 0537 ..3.... 12:15 13:15 ATR-72 Mumbai AI 0349 .2.4567 06:15+1 B787 1 gSnjkckn ’kkjtkg S harjah (SHJ) Hyderabad AI 0840 1234567 17:30 18:25 A-320 fr#ifr psUuS Tirupati AI 0527 12.4567 15:30 16:40 ATR-72 Chennai AI 0968 1234567 00:05 07:15 A-320 1 fo'kk[kkiV~Vue Visakhapatnam 9I 0540 dksf"kDdksM 12.4567 12:30 13:25 ATR-72 Kozhikode AI 0998 1234567 01:00 06:10 A-321 fo'kk[kkiV~Vue Visakhapatnam 9I 0538 f=osanze ..3.... 15:40 16:40 ATR-72 Trivandrum AI 0968 1234567 00:05 05:30 A-320 fo'kk[kkiV~Vue Visakhapatnam 9I 0528 f’kyk¡x Shillong (SHL) 12.4567 18:40 19:40 ATR-72 fo’kk[kkiV~Vue Visakhapatnam (VTZ) dksydkrk Kolkata 9I 0712 1234567 14:50 16:25 ATR-42 csaxyw: f'kjMh Shiridi (SAG) Bengaluru 9I 0539 12.4567 07:00 10:00 ATR-72 1 fnYyh gSnjkckn Delhi AI 0452 1234567 07:50 10:15 A-321 Hyderabad 9I 0870 1234567 16:30 18:15 ATR-72 fnYyh eqacbZ Delhi AI 0486 .23.5.7 12:30 14:35 A-320 Mumbai 9I 0654 ..3.5.7 09:45 11:05 ATR-72 nqcbZ eqacbZ Dubai AI 0951 1234567 18:00 22:25 A-321 1 Mumbai 9I 0654 12.4.6. 16:30 17:15 ATR-72 gSnjkckn flYpj Silchar (IXS) Hyderabad 9I 0537 ..3.... 10:45 13:15 ATR-72 1 gSnjkckn dksydkrk Hyderabad AI 0951 1234567 18:00 19:05 A-321 Kolkata AI 0754 1234567 07:40 08:50 A-319 eqacbZ f'keyk Shimla (SLV) Mumbai AI 0651 1234567 14:15 16:10 A-321 iksVZ Cys;j fnYyh Port Blair AI 0485 1..4.6. 08:15 10:10 A-320 Delhi 9I 0804 1234567 07:45 08:55 ATR-42 fr#ifr flaxkiqj S ingapore (SIN) Tirupati 9I 0527 12.4567 14:00 16:40 ATR-72 1 fot;okM+k psUuS Vijayawada 9I 0539 12.4567 07:00 07:55 ATR-72 Chennai AI 0347 1234567 09:00 10:25 B787 fot;okM+k fnYyh Vijayawada 9I 0537 ..3.... 10:45 11:45 ATR-72 Delhi AI 0381 1234567 08:20 11:30 B787 fot;okM+k eqacbZ Vijayawada 9I 0527 12.4567 14:00 14:55 ATR-72 Mumbai AI 0343 1234567 19:45 22:20 B787 okWf'kaxVu Washington Jhuxj S rinagar (SXR) fnYyh fnYyh Delhi AI 0104 ..3.5.7 10:25 11:00+1 B777-ER Delhi AI 0826 1234567 12:25 14:05 A-321 gSnjkckn fnYyh Hyderabad AI 0104 ..3.5.7 10:25 15:15+1 B777-ER 1 Delhi AI 0822 1234567 14:20 17:10 A-319 1 ;kaxksu Yangon (RGN) tEew Jammu AI 0822 1234567 14:20 15:10 A-319 fnYyh ysg Delhi AI 0236 ..3.... 12:55 16:25 A-320 1 Leh AI 0447 ..34... 10:15 11:10 A-319 x;k LVkWdgkse Stockholm (ARN) Gaya AI 0234 1....6. 09:20 10:40 A-319 x;k fnYyh Gaya AI 0236 ..3.... 12:55 13:55 A-320 Delhi AI 0168 ..3.5.7 19:45 06:55+1 B787 dksydkrk lwjr Surat (STV) Kolkata AI 0234 1....6. 09:20 12:35 A-319 1 dksydkrk fnYyh Kolkata AI 0228 ....5.. 15:55 17:15 A-319 Delhi AI 0494 1234567 07:45 09:15 A-319 fnYyh Delhi AI 0490 1234567 21:25 23:00 A-319 eqacbZ Mumbai 9I 0650 ..3.5.7 07:10 07:55 ATR-72 flMUkh Sydney (SYD) fnYyh Delhi AI 0301 .2..5.7 10:45 17:50 B787 fnYyh ,cjMhu Aberdeen (ABZ) Delhi AI 0301 ..3.... 11:10 18:15 B787 rstiqj Tezpur (TEZ) cfeZa?ke Birmingham AI* 6161 12345.7 13:35 15:05 BE DH4 xqokgkVh yanu Guwahati 9I 0736 .2.4.6. 08:50 09:35 ATR-42 London AI* 6155 1234567 07:05 09:00 BE DH4 dksydkrk yanu Kolkata 9I 0736 .2.4.6. 08:50 11:30 ATR-42 1 London AI* 6159 12345.7 17:40 19:35 BE DH4 fr#fpjkiYyh Tiruchirapally (TRZ) vkcw /kkch Abu Dhabi (AUH) psUuS fnYyh Chennai 9I 0558 1234567 09:05 10:20 ATR-72 Delhi AI* 9006 1234567 05:30 10:30 IX 738 vnkuk Adana (ADA) fr#ifr Tirupati (TIR) bLrkacqy fnYyh Istanbul AI* 6076 123.56. 16:05 17:50 TK 738 Delhi AI 0541 1234567 14:15 18:30 A-321 1

Air India - Code Share

158 I Shubh Yatra I march 2017

Air India network Origin / dest

flight no freq



Aircraft Stops

Origin / dest

flight no freq



Aircraft Stops

dkfgjk Cairo (CAI) bLrkacqy Istanbul AI* 6076 ...4... 16:05 17:50 TK 73H eqacbZ Mumbai AI* 7690 123..6. 16:30 1:20+1 MS 738 bLrkacqy Istanbul AI* 6076 ......7 16:05 17:50 TK 319 dSyxjh Calgary (YYC) vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa (ADD) yanu London AI* 7314 1.34567 18:35 10:10+1 AC 789 nkj ,l lyke Dar Es Salaam AI* 7557 1..456. 10:30 13:20 ET 738 Vksfd;ks Tokyo AI* 7331 ...4.6. 11:45 14:40+1 AC 763 nkj ,l lyke Dar Es Salaam AI* 7557 .2..... 10:30 13:20 ET 77L psUuS Chennai (MAA) nkj ,l lyke Dar Es Salaam AI* 7557 ..3...7 10:30 13:20 ET 763 ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8759 1234567 01:50 07:50 CL 343 fnYyh Delhi AI* 7552 ....567 02:00 11:00 ET 763 ekWfj'kl Mauritius AI* 6747 .2..5.. 07:40 11:55 MK 343 fnYyh Delhi AI* 7568 1234567 16:50 02:00+1 ET 763 lsaV Msful St. Denis AI* 7278 .....6. 08:20 13:00 UU 738 fnYyh Delhi AI* 7552 1234... 23:05 08:05+1 ET 763 f’kdkxks Chicago (ORD) ,UVsch Entebbe AI* 7559 1234567 10:10 12:15 ET 738 ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8636 1234567 16:20 07:40+1 LH 74H ,UVsch Entebbe AI* 7570 1234567 15:30 17:35 ET 738 dks;Ecrw# Coimbatore (CJB) gjkjs Harare AI* 7563 1.3.5.. 09:25 12:25 ET 77L fnYyh Delhi AI* 9018 ..3.5.7 14:10 17:10 IX 738 gjkjs Harare AI* 7563 .2.4.6. 09:25 14:30 ET 77L 1 flaxkiqj Singapore AI* 9020 .2.4.6. 23:15 06:15+1 IX 738 gjkjs Harare AI* 7563 ......7 09:25 12:25 ET 788 dksius gsxu C openhagen (CPH) fdxkyh Kigali AI* 7561 .2.4.67 12:10 15:10 ET 738 1 ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8571 1...5.. 19:00 20:30 LH 320 fdxkyh Kigali AI* 7561 1.3.5.. 13:35 15:05 ET 738 ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8571 .23...7 19:00 20:30 LH 32A eqacbZ Mumbai AI* 7550 1.....7 21:00 04:35+1 ET 788 ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8571 ...4.6. 19:00 20:30 LH 321 eqacbZ Mumbai AI* 7550 .23456. 21:00 04:35+1 ET 77L Mkykeu D alaman (DLM) eqacbZ Mumbai AI* 7565 1234567 23:35 07:15+1 ET 763 bLrkacqy Istanbul AI* 6082 1....6. 08:00 09:15 TK 32B uSjksch Nairobi AI* 7574 1234567 08:15 10:25 ET 738 bLrkacqy Istanbul AI* 6082 .2.45.. 08:00 09:15 TK 73H uSjksch Nairobi AI* 7555 123.567 11:00 13:10 ET 738 bLrkacqy Istanbul AI* 6082 ..3...7 08:00 09:15 TK 738 uSjksch Nairobi AI* 7555 ...4... 11:00 13:10 ET 788 nkj ,l lyke Dar Es Salaam (DAR) uSjksch Nairobi AI* 7572 1234.6. 16:25 18:35 ET 763 vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7556 1..456. 16:45 19:25 ET 738 uSjksch Nairobi AI* 7572 ....5.7 16:25 18:35 ET 738 vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7556 .2..... 16:45 19:25 ET 77L vYekfV Almaty (ALA) vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7556 ..3...7 16:45 19:25 ET 763 fnYyh Delhi AI* 6520 1.34.6. 07:50 11:10 KC 321 fnYyh Delhi (DEL) fnYyh Delhi AI* 6520 .2..5.7 07:50 11:10 KC 320 vkcw /kkch Abu Dhabi AI* 9005 1234567 20:50 23:10 IX 738 ,ElVjMSe A msterdam (AMS) vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7553 1234567 03:10 07:35 ET 763 ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8538 1..456. 18:45 19:50 LH 32A vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7569 1234567 11:50 16:00 ET 763 ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8538 .2....7 18:45 19:50 LH 320 vYekVh Almaty AI* 6521 1.34.6. 12:20 16:40 KC 321 vadkjk Ankara (ESB) vYekVh Almaty AI* 6521 .2..5.7 12:20 16:40 KC 320 bLrkacqy Istanbul AI* 6084 1...... 17:10 18:30 TK 738 dks;Ecrw# Coimbatore AI* 9017 .2.4.6. 18:55 21:55 IX 738 bLrkacqy Istanbul AI* 6084 .2...6. 17:10 18:30 TK 32B ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8761 1234567 03:35 07:35 LH 388 bLrkacqy Istanbul AI* 6084 ..3.5.. 17:10 18:30 TK 321 bLrkacqy Istanbul AI* 6071 1234567 06:55 10:25 TK 77W bLrkacqy Istanbul AI* 6084 ...4..7 17:10 18:30 TK 73J enqjS Madurai AI* 9015 18:55 22:10 IX 738 vUVy;k Antalya (AYT) ekWfj'kl Mauritius AI* 6745 .2..... 08:00 14:00 MK 343 bLrkacqy Istanbul AI* 6080 123456. 15:30 16:55 TK 73J ekWfj'kl Mauritius AI* 6745 ...4..7 08:00 14:00 MK 332 bLrkacqy Istanbul AI* 6080 ......7 15:30 16:55 TK 320 E;wfu[k Munich AI* 8763 1234567 01:50 05:40 LH 359 csx a yw: B engaluru (BLR) fl;ksy Seoul AI* 7148 1.345.7 20:20 06:30+1 OZ 333 ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8755 1234567 03:35 08:50 LH 74H T;wfj[k Zurich AI* 7703 1234567 02:05 06:25 LX 333 ekWfj'kl Mauritius AI* 6747 .2..5.. 05:20 11:55 MK 343 MsUoj Denver (DEN) cSd a kWd B angkok (BKK) ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8634 1234567 17:30 11:05+1 LH 744 flaxkiqj Singapore AI* 7241 1234567 12:15 15:45 SQ 772 MsVkª ;V Detroit (DTW) rkbis Taipei AI* 7064 1234567 02:15 06:50 BR 333 ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8646 1234567 16:05 06:10+1 LH 333 rkbis Taipei AI* 7062 ..3.... 12:00 16:35 BR 77W nksgk Doha Origin / dest flight no freq dep arr Aircraft Stops (DOH) rkbis Taipei AI* 7052 .2..5.7 12:10 16:45 BR 77W eqacbZ Mumbai AI* 9002 ...4567 20:05 02:05+1 IX 738 rkbis Taipei AI* 7062 1..4.6. 12:40 17:15 BR 77W Mqckz os fud Dubrovnik (DBV) rkbis Taipei AI* 7066 ...4.6. 14:30 19:10 BR 77W ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 7510 ......7 16:30 18:35 OU 319 rkbis Taipei AI* 7066 1.3.... 14:40 19:20 BR 77W MqlyMkQZZ Dusseldorf (DUS) rkbis Taipei AI* 7056 ..3.5.7 15:50 20:25 BR 77W ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8844 12..... 18:45 19:40 LH 321 rkbis Taipei AI* 7054 1234567 17:10 21:45 BR 77W ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8844 ..34.67 18:45 19:40 LH 319 csyQkLV Belfast (BHD) ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8844 ....5.. 18:45 19:40 LH 320 cfeZa?ke Birmingham AI* 6101 123456. 07:00 08:10 BE DH4 ,fMucxZ Edinburgh (EDI) cfeZa?ke Birmingham AI* 6131 1234567 14:55 16:05 BE DH4 cfeZa?ke Birmingham AI* 6116 123456. 07:00 08:15 BE DH4 cfeZa?ke Birmingham AI* 6103 ......7 16:15 17:20 BE E75 cfeZa?ke Birmingham AI* 6136 12345.. 15:10 16:25 BE DH4 cfeZa?ke Birmingham AI* 6103 12345.. 17:05 18:10 BE E75 cfeZa?ke Birmingham AI* 6134 ......7 16:40 17:50 BE E75 cfeZa?ke Birmingham AI* 6105 12345.7 18:30 19:40 BE DH4 cfeZa?ke Birmingham AI* 6134 12345.. 17:20 18:30 BE E75 cfyZu Berlin (TXL) cfeZa?ke Birmingham AI* 6118 1234567 20:15 21:30 BE DH4 ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8876 12345.7 19:15 20:25 LH 321 yanu London AI* 6122 123456. 06:20 08:00 BE DH4 ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8876 ......6. 19:15 20:25 LH 32A yanu London AI* 6124 12345.7 08:55 10:35 BE DH4 cfeZ?a ke Birmingham (BHX) yanu London AI* 6126 1234567 15:55 17:35 BE DH4 csyQkLV Belfast AI* 6102 123456. 08:35 09:45 BE DH4 yanu London AI* 6128 12345.7 18:20 20:00 BE DH4 csyQkLV Belfast AI* 6132 ......7 18:40 19:50 BE E75 ,UVsch E ntebbe (EBB) csyQkLV Belfast AI* 6132 12345.. 19:20 20:30 BE E75 vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7571 1234567 13:05 15:10 ET 738 csyQkLV Belfast AI* 6106 123456. 20:05 21:05 BE DH4 vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7560 1234567 18:25 20:30 ET 738 ,fMucxZ Edinburgh AI* 6115 12345.. 07:00 08:15 BE DH4 Ýsd a QVZ F rankfurt (FRA) ,fMucxZ Edinburgh AI* 6117 12345.7 20:15 21:30 BE DH4 ,ElVjMSe Amsterdam AI* 8539 1.34567 21:00 22:10 LH 320 Xyklxks Glasgow AI* 6108 12345.. 07:00 08:15 BE DH4 ,ElVjMSe Amsterdam AI* 8539 .2..... 21:00 22:10 LH 32A Xyklxks Glasgow AI* 6110 12345.7 17:25 18:40 BE DH4 csaxyw: Bengaluru AI* 8754 1234567 12:50 01:55+1 LH 74H Xyklxks Glasgow AI* 6112 .....6. 18:50 20:05 BE DH4 cfyZu Berlin AI* 8867 123.567 19:45 20:55 LH 321 Xyklxks Glasgow AI* 6112 12345.. 19:00 20:15 BE DH4 cfyZu Berlin AI* 8867 ...4... 19:45 20:55 LH 320 Xyklxks Glasgow AI* 6112 ......7 19:05 20:20 BE DH4 psUuS Chennai AI* 8758 1234567 10:15 00:10+1 CL 343 Xyklxks Glasgow AI* 6114 ......7 20:25 21:40 BE DH4 f'kdkxks Chicago AI* 8637 1234567 10:40 13:05 LH 74H Xyklxks Glasgow AI* 6114 12345.. 20:55 22:10 BE DH4 dksisugsxu Copenhagen AI* 8576 .23..6. 21:40 23:05 LH 32A czl w y s Brussels (BRU) dksisugsxu Copenhagen AI* 8576 1..45.7 21:45 23:10 LH 32A eqacbZ Mumbai AI* 7477 1.345.7 10:20 23:25 SN 332

Schedules and equipment shown in this timetable are based on latest information known at the time of going to press and are subject to change without prior notice. bl le; esa fn;k x;k ’ksM~;wy izsl esa tkus ds le; rd miyC/k uohure lwpuk ij vk/kkfjr gS rFkk fcuk fdlh iwoZ lwpuk ds blesa ifjorZu fd;k tk ldrk gSA

LEGEND OF CODES USED Frequency: 1=Monday, 2=Tuesday, 3=Wednesday, 4=Thursday, 5=Friday, 6= Saturday, 7=Sunday. All times are local. Aircraft: 319= Airbus A319, 320=Airbus A320, 321=Airbus A321, 77W=Boeing 777ER, 77L=Boeing 777LR, B 744=Boeing 747, B 787= Boeing 787 Dreamliner, B 737= Boeing 737-800, ATR42=ATR 42, ATR70=ATR72, CR7=CRJ

Origin / dest

flight no freq



Aircraft Stops

Origin / dest

flight no freq



Aircraft Stops

fnYyh fo;uk Delhi AI* 8760 1234567 13:20 01:30+1 LH 388 Vienna AI* 6384 ..3.5.7 16:40 17:45 F AT7 MsUoj yanu London (LHR) Denver AI* 8635 1234567 13:20 15:40 LH 744 MsVªk;V ,cjMhu Detroit AI* 8647 1234567 10:55 14:15 LH 333 Aberdeen AI* 6154 1234567 09:45 11:45 BE DH4 Mqczksofud ,cjMhu Dubrovnik AI* 7511 ......7 19:20 21:10 OU 319 Aberdeen AI* 6156 12345.. 18:05 20:05 BE DH4 MqlyMkQZ ,cjMhu Duesseldorf AI* 8851 1...5.. 20:00 20:50 LH 319 Aberdeen AI* 6158 12345.7 20:20 22:20 BE DH4 MqlyMkQZ dSyxjh Duesseldorf AI* 8851 .2..... 20:00 20:50 LH 321 Calgary AI* 7313 1234567 13:25 15:20 AC 789 MqlyMkQZ ,fMucxZ Duesseldorf AI* 8851 ..34.67 20:00 20:50 LH 320 Edinburgh AI* 6121 123456. 08:45 10:25 BE DH4 yqfCy;kuk ,fMucxZ Ljubljana AI* 6381 1234567 20:30 21:45 JP CR9 Edinburgh AI* 6123 12345.7 11:20 13:00 BE DH4 ykWl ,aftyl Los Angeles ,fMucxZ AI* 8641 1234567 10:05 13:00 LH 388 Edinburgh AI* 6125 1234567 18:20 20:00 BE DH4 eqacbZ ,fMucxZ Mumbai AI* 8756 1234567 12:35 01:00+1 LH 74H Edinburgh AI* 6127 12345.7 20:45 22:25 BE DH4 E;wfu[k gSfyQSDl Munich AI* 8811 1234..7 19:15 20:10 LH 320 Halifax AI* 7303 .2..5.. 11:10 14:00 AC 763 E;wfu[k gSfyQSDl Munich AI* 8811 ....56. 19:15 21:10 LH 32A Halifax AI* 7303 ..3...7 11:10 16:13 AC 763 1 vkslyks ek¡fVª;y Oslo AI* 8534 1.3.... 21:20 23:25 LH 320 Montreal AI* 7305 1234567 13:00 15:25 AC 333 vkslyks vksVkok Oslo AI* 8534 .2.4567 21:20 23:25 LH 32A Ottawa AI* 7307 1.34567 12:05 14:55 AC 763 iq.ks VksjksaVks Pune AI* 8766 1.34567 11:50 00:40+1 LH 73W Toronto AI* 7343 12.4.67 12:00 14:50 AC 77W fLIyV VksjksaVks Split AI* 7513 1234567 12:05 13:45 OU 319 Toronto AI* 7343 ..3.... 12:00 14:45 AC 789 LVkWdgkse VksjksaVks Stockholm AI* 8504 ..34.6. 21:20 23:30 LH 321 Toronto AI* 7343 ....5.. 12:00 14:50 AC 77L LVkWdgkse VksjksaVks Stockholm AI* 8504 1...... 21:25 23:35 LH 32A Toronto AI* 7309 1234.67 15:00 17:45 AC 789 LVkWdgkse VksjksaVks Stockholm AI* 8504 .2..5.7 21:25 23:35 LH 321 Toronto AI* 7309 ....5.. 15:00 17:50 AC 77W LVqVxkVZ oSadwoj Stuttgart AI* 8829 1234567 21:35 22:15 LH 319 Vancouver AI* 7317 1234567 14:30 16:05 AC 77W okWf'kaxVu tkxzsc Washington AI* 8645 1234567 12:50 15:40 LH 74H Zagreb AI* 7505 1.3.56. 16:50 20:05 OU 319 tkxzsc ykWl ,aftyl Los Angeles (LAX) Zagreb AI* 7503 1234567 20:55 22:20 OU 319 ÝsadQVZ Xyklxks Glasgow (GLA) Frankfurt AI* 8640 1234567 15:15 11:10+1 LH 388 cfeZa?ke flaxkiqj Birmingham AI* 6107 123456. 06:45 08:05 BE DH4 Singapore AI* 7205 1234567 09:00 21:40+1 SQ 77W 1 cfeZa?ke VksD;ks Birmingham AI* 6137 12345.. 12:20 13:35 BE DH4 Tokyo AI* 7205 1234567 09:00 13:45+1 SQ 77W cfeZa?ke enqjS Madurai (IXM) Birmingham AI* 6139 12345.. 15:25 16:40 BE DH4 cfeZa?ke fnYyh Birmingham AI* 6139 ......7 15:45 17:00 BE DH4 Delhi AI* 9016 12.4.6. 13:55 17:10 IX 738 cfeZa?ke ekWfj’kl Mauritius (MRU) Birmingham AI* 6109 .....6. 17:00 18:15 BE DH4 cfeZa?ke csaxyw: Birmingham AI* 6109 12345.. 17:15 18:30 BE DH4 Bengaluru AI* 6746 1..4... 21:00 4:20+1 MK 343 cfeZa?ke psUuS Birmingham AI* 6111 ......7 18:45 20:00 BE DH4 Chennai AI* 6746 1..4... 21:00 6:10+1 MK 343 cfeZa?ke fnYyh Birmingham AI* 6111 12345.. 19:15 20:30 BE DH4 Delhi AI* 6744 1...... 21:15 6:15+1 MK 343 cfeZa?ke fnYyh Birmingham AI* 6113 12345.. 20:40 21:55 BE DH4 Delhi AI* 6744 ..3..6. 21:15 6:15+1 MK 332 cfeZa?ke eqacbZ Birmingham AI* 6113 ......7 20:45 22:00 BE DH4 Mumbai AI* 6748 .2345.7 21:20 5:00+1 MK 343 xuZth Guernsey (GCI) ek¡fVª;y Montreal (YUL) cfeZa?ke yanu Birmingham AI* 6146 12345.. 15:55 17:50 BE DH4 1 London AI* 7306 1234567 19:55 07:30+1 AC 333 isfjl cfeZa?ke Paris AI* 7324 1234567 20:00 08:45+1 AC 77W Birmingham AI* 6146 ......7 16:25 18:20 BE DH4 1 gSfyQSDl Halifax (YHZ) eqca bZ Mumbai (BOM) yanu vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7551 London AI* 7304 .2...6. 19:15 07:10+1 AC 763 1 1.34567 05:25 07:55 ET 77L yanu vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7551 London AI* 7304 1..4... 21:15 07:10+1 AC 763 .2..... 05:25 07:55 ET 788 vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7566 gjkjs Harare (HRE) 1234567 11:40 14:35 ET 763 vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7564 czwlsy 1.3.5.. 13:40 20:30 ET 77L 1 Brussels AI* 7476 12.456. 01:15 06:35 SN 332 vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7564 dkfgjk ......7 13:40 20:30 ET 788 1 Cairo AI* 7691 .234..7 02:20 05:35 MS 738 vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7564 nksgk .2.4.6.. 15:25 20:35 ET 77L Doha AI* 9001 ...45.7 07:00 08:15 IX 738 nksgk gk¡x dk¡x Hong Kong (HKG) Doha AI* 9001 .....6. 17:50 19:05 IX 738 oSadwoj ÝsadQVZ Vancouver AI* 7326 1234567 19:50 15:15 AC 77W Frankfurt AI* 8757 1234567 02:55 07:20 LH 74H bLrkacqy bLrkacy q Istanbul (IST) Istanbul AI* 6075 1234567 06:55 10:35 TK 77W vnkuk ekWfj'kl Adana AI* 6077 123.56. 13:40 15:10 TK 738 Mauritius AI* 6749 1.3456. 06:45 11:15 MK 343 vnkuk E;wfu[k Adana AI* 6077 ...4... 13:40 15:10 TK 73H Munich AI* 8765 1234567 01:25 05:35 LH 359 vnkuk T+;wfj[k Adana AI* 6077 ......7 13:40 15:10 TK 319 Zurich AI* 7701 1234567 01:20 06:10 LX 333 vadkjk E;wfu[k Munich (MUC) Ankara AI* 6085 1...... 12:00 13:10 TK 73J vadkjk fnYyh Ankara AI* 6085 .234567 12:00 13:10 TK 738 Delhi AI* 8762 1234567 12:20 00:10+1 LH 359 varkY;k ÝsadQVZ Antalya AI* 6081 123456. 13:15 14:35 TK 73J Frankfurt AI* 8808 1234567 19:00 20:05 LH 321 varkY;k eqacbZ Antalya AI* 6081 .....7 13:15 14:35 TK 320 Mumbai AI* 8764 1234567 11:35 23:55 LH 359 Mkyeu uSjksch Nairobi (NBO) Dalaman AI* 6083 12...67 17:45 19:05 TK 738 Mkyeu vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7575 Dalaman AI* 6083 ..345.. 17:45 19:05 TK 73H 1234567 11:35 13:35 ET 738 fnYyh vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7554 Delhi AI* 6070 1234567 19:55 05:15+1 TK 77W 123.567 17:40 19:40 ET 738 bT+kfej vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7554 Izmir AI* 6079 1...... 12:00 13:05 TK 73J ...4... 17:40 19:40 ET 788 bT+kfej vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7573 Izmir AI* 6079 .2..... 12:00 13:05 TK 73H 1234.6. 19:15 21:05 ET 763 bT+kfej vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7573 Izmir AI* 6079 ..34567 12:00 13:05 TK 320 ....5.7 19:15 21:05 ET 738 eqacbZ vkslyks Oslo (OSL) Mumbai AI* 6074 1234567 19:35 05:15+1 TK 77W ÝsadQVZ bt+fej Izmir (ADB) Frankfurt AI* 8531 12..... 15:55 18:05 LH 320 bLrkacqy ÝsadQVZ Istanbul AI* 6078 1234.67 16:05 17:25 TK 73J Frankfurt AI* 8531 ..3..67 15:55 18:05 LH 32A bLrkacqy ÝsadQVZ Istanbul AI* 6078 ....5.. 16:05 17:25 TK 738 Frankfurt AI* 8531 ...45.. 15:55 18:05 LH 321 bLrkacqy vksVkok Ottawa (YOW) Istanbul AI* 6058 1..4... 17:10 18:30 TK 320 bLrkacqy yanu Istanbul AI* 6058 .23...7 17:10 18:30 TK 738 London AI* 7308 .234567 21:25 9:10+1 AC 763 bLrkacqy isfjl Paris (CDG) Istanbul AI* 6058 ....56. 17:10 18:30 TK 73H ek¡fVª;y tksgkUlcxZ Johannesburg (JNB) Montreal AI* 7323 1234567 13:05 14:40 AC 77W lsaV Msful VksjaVks St. Denis AI* 7280 ....5.. 14:45 20:35 UU 738 Toronto AI* 7321 1234.67 11:30 13:40 AC 789 VksjaVks fdxkyh K igali (KGL) Toronto AI* 7321 ....5.. 11:30 13:40 AC 788 vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7562 tkxzsc .2.4.67 15:55 21:05 ET 738 1 Zagreb AI* 7515 1234567 12:30 14:20 OU 319 vkfnl vckck Addis Ababa AI* 7562 iq.ks Pune (PNQ) 1.3.5.. 16:20 19:55 ET 738 1 ÝsadQVZ dksydkrk K olkata (CCU) Frankfurt AI* 8767 12.4567 02:10 08:45 LH 73W 1 flaxkiqj jkse Rome (FCO) Singapore AI* 7261 1.3.56. 22:00 4:45+1 SQ 333 fLIyV Split AI* 7507 1..4.6. 18:00 19:15 OU DH4 dqvkyk yEiqj Kuala Lumpur (KUL) tkxzsc Zagreb AI* 7507 1..4.6. 18:00 20:40 OU DH4 1 flaxkiqj Singapore AI* 7243 12345.. 10:25 11:25 SQ 333 lSu ÝkaflLdks San Francisco (SFO) yqfCy;kuk Ljubljana (LJB) flaxkiqj Singapore AI* 7203 1234567 00:05 12:00+1 SQ 77W 1 ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 6382 1234567 17:50 19:15 JP CR9

Air India network Origin / dest

flight no freq



Aircraft Stops

Origin / dest

flight no freq



Aircraft Stops

fl;ksy Seoul (ICN) eaxyw: Mangalore IX 0816 1357 00:15 05:20 737 fnYyh Delhi AI* 7147 .234.67 13:20 18:50 OZ 333 f=osanze Trivandrum IX 0538 1234567 21:20 02:55 737 'kka?kkbZ Shanghai (PVG) vy ,su Al Ain (AAN) oSadwoj Vancouver AI* 7330 1.3.567 17:50 12:05 AC 789 dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode (3) IX 0336 36 15:25 20:40 737 flaxkiqj S ingapore (SIN) ve`rlj Amritsar (ATQ) cSadkWd Bangkok AI* 7242 1234567 16:00 17:25 SQ 333 nqcbZ Dubai IX 0191 1234567 15:10 17:30 737 dks;Ecrw# Coimbatore AI* 9019 ..3.5.7 10:40 12:30 IX 738 cgjhu Bahrain (BAH) dksydkrk Kolkata AI* 7262 1.3.56. 19:00 20:45 SQ 333 dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode IX 0474 1234567 15:10 21:50 737 dqvkyk yEiqj Kuala Lumpur AI* 7244 12345.. 08:30 09:30 SQ 333 dqoSr Kuwait IX 0889 135 10:10 11:10 737 ykWl ,aftyl Los Angeles AI* 7206 1234567 09:20 11:50 SQ 77W 1 dksfPp Kochi IX 0474 1234567 15:10 23:05 737 1 lSu ÝkaflLdks San Francisco AI* 7204 1234567 18:30 19:40 SQ 77W 1 eaxyw: Mangalore IX 889/890 135 10:10 19:05 737 1 rkbis Taipei AI* 7058 1234567 13:10 17:40 BR 77W paMhx<+ Chandigarh (IXC) rkbis Taipei AI* 7060 1234567 15:45 20:15 BR 77W 'kkjtkg Sharjah (1) IX 0187 146 15:15 17:10 737 fLIyV Split (SPU) psUuS Chennai (MAA) ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 7512 1234567 14:40 16:30 OU 319 flaxkiqj Singapore IX 0688 1234567 05:40 12:25 737 16:00 17:10 jkse Rome AI* 7506 ..3.5.7 OU DH4 f=osanze Trivandrum(1) IX 0605 15 03:15 04:25 737 tkxzsc Zagreb AI* 7507 1..4.6. 19:50 20:40 OU DH4 dks;Ecrw: Coimbatore (CJB) lsVa Msful S t. Denis (RUN) fnYyh Delhi IX 0166 357 14:10 17:10 737 psUuS Chennai AI* 7277 ....5.. 22:15 5:55+1 UU 738 flaxkiqj Singapore (2) IX 0686 246 23:15 06:15 737 tksgkalcxZ Johannesburg AI* 7279 ......7 10:40 12:55 UU 738 nEeke D ammam (DMM) ls'ksYl Seychelles AI* 7291 ......7 08:30 11:10 UU 738 dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode IX 0382 1357 02:30 09:25 737 LVkWdgkse S tockholm (ARN) eaxyw: Mangalore (1) IX 0886 135 21:45 04:15 737 ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8507 123456. 16:40 18:45 LH 32A eaxyw: Mangalore IX 0886 3 21:25 03:55 737 ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8507 ......7 16:40 18:45 LH 320 fnYyh Delhi (DEL) LVqVxkVZ S tuttgart (STR) vkcw /kkch Abu Dhabi IX 0115 1234567 20:50 23:10 737 ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8826 123456. 18:20 19:10 LH 319 dks;Ecrw: Coimbatore(2) IX 0165 246 18:55 21:55 737 ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8826 ......7 18:20 19:10 LH 320 nqcbZ Dubai IX 0141 1234567 13:50 16:00 737 rkbis Taipei (TPE) enqjS Madurai IX 0163 1357 18:55 22:10 737 cSadkWd Bangkok AI* 7055 .2.4.6. 08:40 11:35 BR 77W nksgk Doha (DOH) cSadkWd Bangkok AI* 7053 1234567 08:50 11:50 BR 77W dksfPp Kochi (3) IX 0476 3456 04:15 11:00 737 cSadkWd Bangkok AI* 7065 1.34.6. 09:40 12:35 BR 77W dksfPp Kochi IX 374/474 1234567 14:30 23:30 737 1 cSadkWd Bangkok AI* 7063 1234567 21:10 00:05+1 BR 333 dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode IX 0374 1234567 14:30 21:10 737 cSadkWd Bangkok AI* 7061 ...4... 21:50 00:45+1 BR 77W eaxyw: Mangalore (4) IX 0822 457 09:15 15:50 737 cSadkWd Bangkok AI* 7061 12..... 22:05 01:00+1 BR 77W eaqcbZ Mumbai (4) IX 0244 4567 20:05 02:05 737 cSadkWd Bangkok AI* 7061 .....6. 22:40 01:35+1 BR 77W nqcbZ Dubai (DXB) flaxkiqj Singapore AI* 7057 1234567 07:40 12:05 BR 77W ve`rlj Amritsar IX 0192 1234567 09:50 14:20 737 flaxkiqj Singapore AI* 7059 1234567 09:55 14:30 BR 77W fnYyh Delhi IX 0142 1234567 12:50 17:50 737 Vksfd;ks Tokyo (NRT) t;iqj Jaipur (2) IX 0196 2467 23:10 03:45 737 dSyxjh Calgary AI* 7332 ..3...7 16:10 09:40 AC 763 dksfPp Kochi IX 0434 134567 17:00 22:25 737 oSadwoj Vancouver AI* 7328 1.3..67 19:00 10:35 AC 789 dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode IX 0344 1234567 02:20 07:35 737 VksjksVa ks Toronto (YYZ) dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode IX 0346 1234567 17:00 22:30 737 yanu London AI* 7312 ..34567 18:35 6:30+1 AC 788 y[kuÅ Lucknow IX 0194 1234567 07:15 12:15 737 yanu London AI* 7310 123.567 20:40 8:30+1 AC 77W eaxyw: Mangalore IX 0384 134567 12:05 17:10 737 yanu London AI* 7310 ...4... 20:40 08:30+1 AC 77L eaxyw: Mangalore IX 0814 1234567 23:40 04:45 737 yanu London AI* 7316 123.567 23:55 11:50+1 AC 789 eaqcbZ Mumbai IX 0248 1234567 18:00 22:30 737 yanu London AI* 7316 ...4... 23:55 11:50+1 AC 77W iq.ks Pune (3) IX 0212 135 21:10 01:40 737 isfjl Paris AI* 7322 .234567 20:40 9:50+1 AC 789 f=ph Trichy IX 0612 1234567 18:40 00:10 737 isfjl Paris AI* 7322 ...4... 20:40 9:50+1 AC 788 f=osanze Trivandrum(3) IX 0540 34567 20:45 02:25 737 oSd a ow j V ancouver (YVR) t;iqj Jaipur (JAI) gk¡x dk¡x Hong Kong AI* 7325 1234567 12:05 17:40+1 AC 77W nqcbZ Dubai IX 0195 1357 05:45 07:55 737 yanu London AI* 7318 1234567 18:00 11:20+1 AC 77W dksfPp Kochi (COK) 'kka?kkbZ Shanghai AI* 7329 1.3456. 12:20 16:20+1 AC 789 vkcw /kkch Abu Dhabi IX 0419 134567 17:25 20:05 737 Vksfd;ks Tokyo AI* 7327 1..456. 13:50 16:40+1 AC 789 vkcw /kkch Abu Dhabi (2) IX 4199 2 21:30 00:10 737 fo;uk Vienna (VIE) nksgk Doha (3) IX 0475 3456 01:15 03:15 737 yqfCy;kuk Ljubljana AI* 6383 ..3.5.7 20:45 21:45 F7 AT7 nqcbZ Dubai IX 0435 134567 13:15 16:00 737 tkxzsc Zagreb AI* 7525 ..3.5.7 19:35 20:30 OU DH4 dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode IX 0473 1234567 09:15 10:00 737 okWf’kaxVu Washington (IAD) eLdV Muscat IX 0443 134567 08:05 10:20 737 ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 8644 1234567 18:05 7:50+1 LH 74H eLdV Muscat (2) IX 0443 2 12:15 14:30 737 Tkkxzcs Zagreb (ZAG) lykykg Salalah (5) IX 0543 5 07:35 09:50 737 ÝsadQVZ Frankfurt AI* 7502 1234567 18:00 19:30 OU 319 'kkjtkg Sharjah IX 0411 1234567 23:35 02:15 737 yanu London AI* 7504 ..3..6. 14:30 16:05 OU 319 'kkjtkg Sharjah (2) IX 0413 2 13:30 16:10 737 yanu London AI* 7504 1...5.. 14:40 16:05 OU 319 f=osanze Trivandrum(5) IX 0544 5 16:35 17:20 737 isfjl Paris AI* 7514 1234567 9:05 11:05 OU 319 cgjhu Bahrain IX 0473 1234567 09:15 13:20 737 1 jkse Rome AI* 7506 ..3.5.7 14:35 17:10 OU DH4 1 nksgk Doha IX 473/373 1234567 09:15 13:30 737 1 fLIyV Split AI* 7506 ..3.5.7 14:35 15:25 OU DH4 dqoSr Kuwait (2) IX 473/393 247 09:15 13:15 737 1 fo;uk Vienna AI* 7524 ..3.5.7 17:50 18:45 OU DH4 dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode (CCJ) T;wfj[k Zurich (ZRH) vkcw /kkch Abu Dhabi IX 0363 1234567 01:55 04:30 737 fnYyh Delhi AI* 7704 1234567 12:35 00:45+1 LX 333 vy ,su Al Ain (3) IX 0335 36 10:40 13:10 737 eqacbZ Mumbai AI* 7702 1234567 09:45 22:30 LX 333 cgjhu Bahrain IX 0473 1234567 11:30 13:20 737 nEeke Dammam (2) IX 0381 2467 23:30 01:30 737 nksgk Doha IX 0373 1234567 11:40 13:30 737 nqcbZ Dubai IX 0343 1234567 22:40 01:20 737 nqcbZ Dubai IX 0345 1234567 08:55 11:35 737 dksfPp Kochi IX 0474 1234567 22:45 23:30 737 vkcw /kkch Abu Dhabi (AUH) dqoSr Kuwait (2) IX 0393 247 10:45 13:15 737 fnYyh Delhi IX 0116 1234567 05:30 10:30 737 dqoSr Kuwait IX 0395 13 23:35 02:00 737 dksfPp Kochi IX 0452 134567 21:00 02:25 737 eLdV Muscat IX 0337 1234567 23:50 01:55 737 dksfPp Kochi (3) IX 4522 3 01:10 06:35 737

Air India Express Timetable



IX 0348





Origin / dest

flight no freq



Aircraft Stops

jkl vy [kSekg Ras Al Khaimah(1) IX 0331 15 10:40 13:05 737 fj;kn Riyadh IX 0321 134567 09:15 11:45 737 lykykg Salalah (5) IX 0341 5 23:30 02:10 737 'kkjtkg Sharjah IX 0351 1234567 11:05 13:35 737 f=osanze Trivandrum IX 0374 1234567 22:50 23:45 737 dqorS Kuwait (KWI) dksfPp Kochi (2) IX 394/474 247 14:15 23:05 737 dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode (2) IX 0394 247 14:15 21:35 737 dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode (2) IX 0396 24 02:55 10:10 737 eaxyw: Mangalore IX 0890 135 12:10 19:05 737 y[kuÅ Lucknow (LKO) nqcbZ Dubai IX 0193 1234567 14:15 17:05 737 enqjS Madurai (IXM) fnYyh Delhi IX 0164 1246 13:55 17:10 737 flaxkiqj Singapore IX 0684 1357 23:15 06:15 737 eaxyw: Mangalore (IXE) vkcw /kkch Abu Dhabi (2) IX 0815 2467 20:30 22:50 737 cgjhu Bahrain IX 0889 135 07:20 09:10 737 nEeke Dammam IX 0885 135 18:15 20:15 737 nksgk Doha (4) IX 0821 457 17:35 19:05 737 nqcbZ Dubai IX 0383 134567 08:40 11:05 737 nqcbZ Dubai IX 0813 1234567 20:00 22:40 737 dqoSr Kuwait IX 0889 135 07:20 11:10 737 eLdV Muscat (2) IX 0817 247 08:30 10:25 737 eacq bZ Mumbai (BOM) nksgk Doha (4) IX 0243 457 07:00 08:15 737 nksgk Doha (6) IX 0243 6 17:50 19:05 737 nqcbZ Dubai IX 0247 1234567 13:10 14:55 737 'kkjtkg Sharjah IX 0251 1234567 23:40 01:25 737 eLdV Muscat (MCT) dksfPp Kochi IX 0442 134567 11:20 16:25 737 dksfPp Kochi (2) IX 0442 2 15:30 20:35 737 dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode IX 0350 1234567 02:55 07:50 737 eaxyw: Mangalore (2) IX 0818 247 11:50 16:30 737 f=osanze Trivandrum IX 0554 1234567 11:05 16:20 737 iq.ks Pune (PNQ) nqcbZ Dubai (2) IX 0211 246 02:45 04:30 737 jkl vy [kSekg Ras Al Khaimah (RKT) dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode IX 0332 15 15:25 20:40 737



Origin / dest

flight no freq



Aircraft Stops

fj;kn Riyadh (RUH) dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode (1) IX 0322 134567 13:15 20:45 737 lykykg S alalah (SLL) dksfPp Kochi (5) IX 0544 5 10:40 15:50 737 dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode(6) IX 0342 6 03:00 08:15 737 f=osanze Trivandrum(5) IX 0544 5 10:40 17:20 737 1 ’kkjtkg Sharjah (SHJ) paMhx<+ Chandigarh(1) IX 0188 146 09:30 14:15 737 dksfPp Kochi IX 0412 1234567 03:00 08:25 737 dksfPp Kochi (2) IX 0414 2 17:10 22:35 737 dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode IX 0354 1234567 14:40 20:00 737 eqacbZ Mumbai IX 0252 1234567 02:25 06:55 737 f=ph Trichy IX 0614 1234567 20:10 02:00 737 f=osanze Trivandrum(2) IX 0534 2 20:45 02:20 737 f=osanze Trivandrum(1) IX 0536 146 20:40 02:15 737 okjk.klh Varanasi IX 0184 1234567 10:20 15:15 737 flaxkiqj Singapore (SIN) psUuS Chennai IX 0687 1234567 00:10 01:50 737 dks;Ecrw: Coimbatore (3) IX 0685 357 10:40 12:30 737 enqjS Madurai IX 0683 1246 10:40 12:25 737 f=ph Trichy IX 0681 1234567 13:25 15:10 737 f=ph Tiruchirapally (TRZ) nqcbZ Dubai IX 0611 1234567 01:00 04:00 737 'kkjtkg Sharjah IX 0613 1234567 02:55 05:25 737 flaxkiqj Singapore IX 0682 1234567 16:20 23:10 737 f=osna ez Trivandrum (TRV) vkcw /kkch Abu Dhabi IX 0537 1234567 17:15 20:10 737 psUuS Chennai (1) IX 0506 15 00:35 01:45 737 nqcbZ Dubai (3) IX 0539 34567 16:55 19:45 737 dksfPp Kochi (5) IX 0543 5 06:05 06:50 737 dksf"kDdksM Kozhikode IX 0373 1234567 07:00 07:55 737 eLdV Muscat IX 0549 1234567 07:40 10:05 737 lykykg Salalah (5) IX 0543 5 06:05 09:50 737 1 'kkjtkg Sharjah (2) IX 0533 2 16:55 19:45 737 'kkjtkg Sharjah (1) IX 0535 146 06:40 09:30 737 okjk.klh Varanasi (VNS) 'kkjtkg Sharjah IX 0183 1234567 16:15 19:05 737 (1) 1-29 Jan (2) 2-30 Jan (3) 3-31 Jan (4) 4-28 Jan (5) 5-26 Jan (6) 6-27 Jan

Air India route map

¸ÉÒxÉMÉ® Srinagar ú

+ÆiÉnäǶÉÒªÉ Domestic









,vj bafM;k / Air India ,vj bafM;k ,Dlizsl / Air India Express

Amritsar Kullu













+ÉMÉ®É Agra
















¦ÉÉ´ÉxÉMÉ® Bhavnagar nÒ´É





























EòÉä±ÉEòÉiÉÉ Kolkata






























Kanpur Allahabad












xÉÉÆnäb Nanded

Pune Hyderabad



















¨ÉèºÉÚ® Mysore EòÉäªÉ¨¤ÉþiÉÚ®ú


Kozhikode Lakshadweep (India)




{ÉÉä]õÇú ¤±ÉäªÉ®ú Port Blair


ÊiɯûÎSSÉ®úÉ{{ɱ±ÉÒ Tiruchirapalli




Andaman and Nicobar Islands(India)




Thiruvananthapuram ;g ekufp= fp=e; gS rFkk fdlh ns’k ;k izns’k dh oS/kkfud fLFkfr vFkok ljgn ;k lhekvksa ds lhekfu/kkZj.k ds laca/k esa izdk’kd vFkok mlds izk;kstdksa ds fdlh er dks vfHkO;Dr ugha djrk gSA


This map is for illustrative purposes and does not imply the expression of any opinion on the part of the publisher or their sponsors concerning the legal status of any country or territory or concerning the delimitation of frontiers or boundaries.

Map not to scale

Cartographers: ttk maps

164 I Shubh Yatra I january 2018

january 2018 I shubh Yatra I 165

Ê®úªÉÉn Riyadh

Cartographers: ttk maps

Map not to scale

VÉnÂùnɽù Jeddah

¤É½þ®úÒxÉ Bahrain

+±É BäxÉ Al Ain

,vj bafM;k / Air India ,vj bafM;k ,Dlizsl / Air India Express

¨ÉºEò] Muscat

Sharjah ¶ÉÉ®VÉɽ nÖù¤É<Ç Dubai

Ras a Khaimah JÉä¨Éɽ ®ÉºÉ B

+ɤÉÚ vÉɤÉÒ Abu Dhabi

nùÉä½þÉ Doha

ºÉ±ÉɱÉÉ Salalah

ùnù¨¨ÉÉ¨É Dammam

EÖò´ÉèiÉ Kuwait

This map is for illustrative purposes and does not imply the expression of any opinion on the part of the publisher or their sponsors concerning the legal status of any country or territory or concerning the delimitation of frontiers or boundaries.

;g ekufp= fp=e; gS rFkk fdlh ns’k ;k izns’k dh oS/kkfud fLFkfr vFkok ljgn ;k lhekvksa ds lhekfu/kkZj.k ds laca/k esa izdk’kd vFkok mlds izk;kstdksa ds fdlh er dks vfHkO;Dr ugha djrk gS A

EòÉäʹÉCEòÉäb÷ Kozhikode

¨ÉéMɱÉÉä®û Mangalore


¨ÉÖƤÉ<Ç Mumbai

±ÉJÉxÉ>ð Lucknow

EòÉäÎSSÉ Kochi Êiɯû´ÉxÉxiÉ{ÉÖ®ú¨É Thiruvananthapuram

ÊiɯûÎSSÉ®úÉ{{ɱ±ÉÒ Tiruchirapalli

SÉäxxÉè Chennai

½èþnù®úɤÉÉnù Hyderabad

ʴɶÉÉJÉÉ{É]õxÉ¨É Visakhapatnam


¤ÉåMɱÉÚ¯û Bengaluru

+½þ¨ÉnùɤÉÉnù Ahmedabad

Ênù±±ÉÒ Delhi VɪÉ{ÉÖ®ú Jaipur

+¨ÉþÞiɺɮú Amritsar

{ÉʶSɨÉÒ BʶɪÉÉ West Asia

Air India route map


+ÆiÉ®®É¹]ÅÒªÉ International M±ÉɺMÉÉä

Glasgow BÊb Edi ¤Éä±É¡ ɺ] Belfast ±ÉÆnùxÉ Londo ¤ÉʨÉÇPÆ É¨É Birmingham bֺɱÉbÉ¡Ç Dus {ÉäÊ®úºÉ Pa

´ÉéEÚ ´É®




Eè ±ÉMÉ®Ò Calgary AMERICA ºÉèxÉ £òäÎxºÉºEòÉä


San Francisco






Montreal ]õÉä®úx]õÉä Toronto xªÉÚªÉÉìEÇò


New York


´ÉÉ˶ÉMÉ]õxÉ bÒ ºÉÒ

½èʱɢè CºÉ Halifax

ºÉå] VÉÉìxÉ

St. Johns





Washington DC


Los Angeles






;wjksi ¼Hkkjr rFkk ÝSadQVZ@E;wfu[k ds chp lh/kh mM+kuksa dks NksM+dj½ rFkk ;w-,l-,- ds fy, dksM ‘ks;j mM+kusa dsoy rHkh izpkfyr dh tk,axh tc vkWuykbu varjjk”Vªh; laidZ miyC/k gksxk A The Code share flights to Europe (except direct between India and Frankfurt/Munich) and the USA will operate only when there are online AI international connections.

166 I Shubh Yatra I january 2018

Map not to scale Cartographers: ttk maps






Glasgow BÊbxɤÉMÉÇ ¨ÉÉìºEòÉä EòÉä{ÉxɽäþMÉxÉ Edinburgh Moscow Copenhagen Belfast ±ÉÆnùxÉ B¨º]®b÷è¨É London Amsterdam ¤É̱ÉxÉ Berlin ¤ÉʨÉÆÇPÉ¨É Birmingham £å ò Eò¡ò]Ç õ Frankfurt bֺɱÉbÉ¡Ç Dusseldorf º]Öõ]õMÉÉ]Çõ Stuttgart {ÉäÊ®úºÉ Paris VªÉÚÊ®JÉ ¨ªÉÚÊxÉJÉô ʴɪÉäxÉÉ Vienna Zurich Munich

¤Éä±É¡ ɺ]


Montreal wa ]õÉä®úx]õÉä Toronto xªÉÚªÉÉìEÇò


½èʱɢè CºÉ Halifax

ºÉå] VÉÉìxÉ

St. Johns

New York













¤É̱ÉxÉ Berlin £åòEò¡ò]Çõ Frankfurt º]Öõ]õMÉÉ]Çõ Stuttgart ¨ªÉÚÊxÉJÉô ʴɪÉäxÉÉ Vienna Munich









Dalaman +Æ]ɱªÉÉ Antalya

+nÉxÉÉ Adana


Ênù±±ÉÒ Delhi


E ɪɮÉä Cairo


{ÉÖhÉä Pune ¤ÉåMɱÉÚ¯û



+ÉÊnùºÉ +¤ÉɤÉÉ


Addis Ababa

xÉè®úÉä¤ÉÒ Nairobi



Dar Es Salem






EòÉä±ÉÉ䨤ÉÉä Colombo


nÉ® BºÉ ºÉɱÉä¨É


Bhubaneshwar ½èþnù®úɤÉÉnù Hyderabad ¤ÉåEòÉìEò SÉäxxÉè Chennai Bangkok ÊiɯûÎSSÉ®úÉ{{ɱ±ÉÒ Tiruchirapalli




EòÉ`ö¨ÉÉÆbÚ÷ Kathmandu ´ÉÉ®úÉhɺÉÒ gøÉEòÉ Varanasi Dhaka Gaya MɪÉÉ EòÉä±ÉEòÉiÉÉ Kolkata INDIA ¦ÉÖ¤ÉxÉ䶴ɮú ªÉÉÆMÉÚxÉ Yangon

Ahmedabad ¨ÉÖƤÉ<Ç Mumbai



er ouv

anc To V

ʺÉ+Éä±É Seoul Tokyo ]õÉäÊEòªÉÉä


EòɤÉÖ±É Kabul





+ÆE É®É Ankara


E ɪɮÉä Cairo



+nÉxÉÉ Adana



on Amsterdam

sseldorf aris












+ÆE É®É Ankara


Dalaman +Æ]ɱªÉÉ Antalya

+ÉäºDC ±ÉÉä ashington Oslo








+ÉÊnùºÉ +¤ÉɤÉÉ

Addis Ababa

To Calgary

+ÉäºÉÉEòÉ Osaka



Hong Kong

xÉè®úÉä¤OCEAN ÉÒ Nairobi isconÉ®

ranc an F

To S ½®É®ä òÉä EòÉä Harares E º É º x ele òÉÎ s Ang ºÉÉìxÉ £ To Lo EÖò+ɱÉÉ Kuala ä òÉ E É ±É¨{ÉÖ®ú Lumpur ±ÉÉìºÉ BÆÊVɱɺ VÉÉä½èþxºÉ¤ÉMÉÇ Johannesburg ˺ÉMÉÉ{ÉÖ®ú

BºÉ ºÉɱÉä¨É






SOUTH Eäò{É ]õÉ=xÉ ATLANTIC Cape Town OCEAN ,vj bafM;k / Air India ,vj bafM;k ,Dlizsl / Air India Express AUSTRALIA dksM 'ks;j / Code Share



Eäò{É ]õÉ=xÉ




Dar Es Salem

Durban Cape Town




;g ekufp= fp=e; gS rFkk fdlh ns’k ;k izns’k dh oS/kkfud fLFkfr vFkok ljgn ;k lhekvksa ds lhekfu/kkZj.k ds laca/k esa izdk’kd vFkok mlds izk;kstdksa ds fdlh er dks vfHkO;Dr ugha djrk gSA This map is for illustrative purposes and does not imply the expression of any opinion on the part of the publisher or their sponsors concerning the legal status of any country or territory or concerning the delimitation of frontiers or boundaries.

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