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editor's NOTE DO YOU HAVE BIG DREAMS? Have you ever had a big dream? Do you have one now for your own future? The truth is that when I dreamed about MATTERS MAGAZINE, or as it was back then BUSINESS MATTERS MAGAZINE, I seriously had MASSIVE DREAMS. I dreamt of us being an INSPIRATIONAL MAGAZINE. I dreamt of us being well known all over the Sunshine Coast. I dreamt of us being the magazine that locals looked forward to picking up and finding out who was doing what in their region. I dreamt of them really loving that we consciously attempted to INSPIRE. I dreamt of local Sunny Coasters truly make a conscious decision to support each other whenever they could, to buy local and support local as much as possible.

You know what, I can honestly tell you that MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE. Every single little dream that I had for myself and the magazine has come true. WOW, WOW, WOW AND WOW, I seriously need to pinch myself to believe that this is the TRUTH. WINNING SMALL BUSINESS OF THE YEAR in 2013. THIS was NO SMALL FEAT. If I’m honest, and if you know me, you know the truth is that this definitely wasn’t EVER something that I dreamt of, not even in my wildest dreams, OMG, not even close, but even this came true. To be honest, I still pinch myself about this. How did it even happen? Is it even REAL that we really won that? The certificate hangs on the wall in our office and we look at it every day, it validates the fact that we really have done something right. Even though this wasn’t a dream, it truly is a dream come true!

I saw us being a magazine that people truly loved because we inspired them to be their BEST SELF.

I guess that we are a shining example that when you DREAM BIG, when you put the work in to make things happen, when you do the actions, and you press the repeat button on those actions, over and over, you really can just sit back and wait for the results, because they can’t but be on their way to you.

I dreamt of walking into a room, or event, and being KNOWN as Vickie Magic, Inspirational Magazine owner.

So yeah, don’t ever stop dreaming!

I dreamt that at Matters Magazine HQ, we consciously made the decision, early on, that we would NEVER PRINT A NEGATIVE WORD IN THE MAGAZINE.




i g a M e i k Vic

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DREAM BIG FEATURE with Vickie Magic LOCALS WITH A PASSION FOR FASHION DREAM BIG FEATURE – New Leaf Nutrition, Wholesale Solar Installers, Heart n Soul Wellness by Natasha, Classical Pilates Noosa WHAT ARE YOU DREAMING OF?

Inspire Youth Forum 4th April

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So, be honest, if you went back in your mind to 20 years ago, did you have BIG DREAMS for yourself ? Have you lived into them? If you have, well done, do you have more dreams for the next 20 years? What are they, and how will you make them happen? And if you haven’t, why not? What happened? Didn’t happen? Is there a reason that you can name that is the reason you didn’t live into those dreams? Is there a reason that you can name as to why you are sitting there reading this, potentially thinking, it’s okay for her to say this, she probably had a great childhood, she probably had great parents, she probably had a beautiful family environment? She isn’t me, I had this happen, that happen, the other thing happen… I hear you, I see you. And you know what? I am most definitely not sitting here, in judgement on my high horse, telling you that you could have, should have, or whatever else, because I know that your past, your history, and my history for that matter, wasn’t always within your/my power or control. But I can tell you right here and right now that I truly believe with every single part of my being, that your future is! What happens is not totally within our power, but the truth is that what we make of what happens

6 ISSUE 95

and the meaning we place on it is absolutely 100% within our power. In essence, that is in fact where all of our power is.

I truly believe that starting right here and right now, you can make a decision to DREAM BIG. You can make a decision to put your FUTURE in your very own hands. I truly believe that you can STOP being held back by your past, stop being held back by your beliefs, (the truth in your heart about why you can’t) and you make a decision, right here and right now that YOU’VE GOT THIS. You could make a decision right here and right now that no matter what happens, you have the power of choice. That means you can choose, and you can choose again, and if the first choice doesn’t serve you, if the first choice doesn’t light you up, you can keep on choosing until what you choose makes you feel good. This isn’t easy, but it’s doable.

The power of choice is a LIFE CHANGING skill, a LIFE CHANGING tool, and you already have it, you just need to decide, right here and right now, to choose again. Click your fingers and choose again. JOB DONE.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying this is easy. Like anything that you have to learn, it takes time, and it takes effort, but it starts with catching yourself. When you make a choice that doesn’t serve you, that makes you feel sick, that makes you feel heavy, just remind yourself that you have the power to choose again. Ask yourself, “In this moment, what would light me up? In this moment what do I want? In this moment, what might serve me better?” And then ever so gently, ever so slightly, just lean into that. Rome wasn’t built in a day, that’s the truth, however every single day, another brick was laid towards building Rome. You are Rome. And if

you want to be built, take tiny weeny steps towards building, or rebuilding you. Make it effortless, make it easy. Don’t make any drastic moves, any drastic decisions, just lean forward, just step forward, just a tiny bit and know that your learning, your stepping forward, your decision to remind yourself, to ask yourself these questions can only facilitate change for you.

I truly honestly wholeheartedly believe, YOU’VE GOT THIS. Do you? f

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However, Roz White has BIG DREAMS FOR THE COMMUNITY OF THE SUNSHINE COAST. OUR COVER GIRL, Roz, shares some of her joys and some of her pains over the last 25 years It took Roz White nine years of working in the flourishing grocery store empire initiated by her husband Michael before she allowed herself the space to begin to DREAM BIG. The co-owner of White’s IGA, which now has stores in Mount Coolum, Peregian Beach, Baringa, Bli Bli and Mooloolah, admits she was still very much anchored to the career in banking she launched into after completing Year 12 by correspondence while living in her hometown Coalstoun Lakes in the Burnett region when Michael pursued an opportunity to buy their first store in 1993. The couple met in Tewantin a year earlier after starting work at the same Westpac branch on the same day. With a blossoming relationship came the desire to settle in one location and remove themselves from expectations to be prepared for transfer anywhere in the country to pursue promotions. Roz was keen to return to the Sunshine Coast, where she had lived briefly before Hervey Bay. They were extremely close to buying a pizza shop in Tamworth in 1993, but then the Night Owl Maroochydore became available. With a franchise model, they purchased it with the knowledge they would receive the support needed to make a transition into the industry. “I was a support person, but my heart wasn’t in it at first. I didn’t enjoy the work and couldn’t get the big picture view of it all,” Roz says. Michael was spending seven days a week in the business and Roz worked full time at the bank, spending weekends assisting at the store to help build it to a point where it could start making a profit. Pursuing another opportunity – a wholesale chocolate run – took Michael out of the store and Roz reluctantly stepped in. “Much to my horror, it was the best business decision and it gave us a few bob to be able to buy another Night Owl – in Mooloolaba.” Expansion continued, with the couple adding the Mount Coolum Corner Store to their collective in 2002. Roz says the years between 2002 and 2005 were “pivotal” for her as she threw herself into every aspect of the business, which she cautions can be counterproductive for those who are wanting to pursue their dreams. “As I became more involved and started to build my knowledge and meet people and engage more closely and intensely, my mind started to open up. So I’d spent nine years going through the motions and doing it, but not loving it, and then I started to see things differently. Almost like I had broken through the clouds and seen the sunshine - everything had gone from black and white to colour. I started to realise we weren’t in this tiny little bubble, but were part of a big, broad industry on the national landscape.” 8 ISSUE 95

“Sometimes it is hard to be visionary when you are in the midst of it. If you’ve got your head down, your bum up, you can’t stay focused on your BIG DREAMS. It’s only when you step aside, take a breath and come back in that you can see things in a different way. You know, it’s a very powerful thing and can actually set you on a new path. I ended up on a deeper pathway that I never ever even dreamed existed.” With guests ‘tripping over toys’ when arriving for meetings in their home office, Roz convinced Michael they needed to rent an office space to present a more professional look in 2005. “We couldn’t really afford to, but when you build the courage to take these steps forward, you also get some clarity about where you’re going next and this is where everything started to flourish,” Roz recalls. In 2004, they bought a little store in Bli Bli, the following year adding a location in Tin Can Bay and in 2006 completed a greenfield store development in Rothwell, Deception Bay. In 2007, they bought another store in Mooloolah and in 2008 they rebuilt and opened a brand new store in Mount Coolum. Having powered ahead, the Whites took some time to consolidate, realising there were some stores that weren’t carrying their own weight, requiring 80% input for 20% return. So they cut Rothwell, Tin Can Bay and the Maroochydore and Mooloolaba Night Owls.

ducers, giving them a much-needed foot in the door to allow them to boost brand exposure and generate growth. It also gives locals an easy way to support local businesses and producers – a key consumer behaviour for 10% of the Sunshine Coast population. What many may not know is that while her business was going through its most rapid growth and prosperity, Roz was facing extreme personal tragedy, losing three family members in the space of eight years. Her older sister lost a cancer battle in 2009, her brother died by suicide two years later and her father passed away in 2016. “What destroyed me created me,” she says. “It’s the forked road. I could have curled up and become broken, but in the journey of survival, I found dedicating my time and channelling my emotions into doing and created new pathways that may never have existed if I didn’t go through this trauma.” Roz says she fundamentally changed as a person in this period of her life, causing friendships to suffer and for her to spiral into self-loathing and survivor guilt. “I couldn’t look myself in the mirror for 10 years, not until I put my mask on,” she says. “Now I have started to regain some of my old self back by taking care of myself a little bit more. I’m starting to dream again.”

After spending 12 years in the industry, they made the decision to rebrand as IGA, which Roz says was the most progressive in the independent network and she was drawn to its longstanding commitment to supporting the community.

The network continues to grow, with the Bli Bli IGA redeveloped to become six times its original size in conjunction with Roz and Michael’s first foray into commercial development – the creation of the Bli Bli Village. In 2016, they opened another store in Peregian Beach on a greenfield site and last year opened a new store in Baringa.

It is a passion that is at the core of every White’s IGA venture, with every store stocking produce from Sunshine Coast farmers and pro-

The Peregian Beach store was very nearly lost in the late 2019 bushfires. There were three fire fronts coming towards the store and firefighters

were on the roof hosing down embers, which were flying kilometres ahead of the fire front. Roz says it was one of the most intense and emotional weeks of her life. “Michael and I were just like everyone else, trying to find out what was going on from afar. There were Facebook rumours the store had been lost and I had staff ringing me in tears. We had to maintain a stoic position to be strong for them in that moment. I knew the fire alarms inside hadn’t gone off, so we took heart from that. “Being in that space of unknown is terrifying. About 10.30pm one night... the alarms went off. I turned to Michael with dread, thinking it would truly be gone.” The persistence, skill and professionalism of the firefighters meant the store was saved and three days later, they began the heartbreaking clean-up, having to throw away stock affected by smoke and water damage as well as everything that spoilt when power was cut. “We had help from everywhere for the clean up and I was there to open the doors when we were ready and our customers were walking into the shop with their arms open, cheering. I just lost the plot and started crying because I realised that this was also their store. They were completely connected to it and to have that happen in just three years was a real eye-opener for me.” In a beautiful show of karma, the rural fire brigade White’s IGA had been supporting since they opened at Bli Bli were among the first on the scene to assist and Roz says they will be forever grateful to those “absolute heroes.” Whilst Roz has most definitely already fulfilled a lot of her BIG DREAMS, she still dreams big for the future of White’s IGA group and we believe is a fabulous role model to the community of the Sunshine Coast. e

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celebrates 25 years BY VICKIE MAGIC

Rod Russell, founder of Savvy Business Sales was fortunate enough to get into his own business when he was just 21 years old. This business gave him eight years’ experience, and a huge advantage when he started as a broker for Chris Greenfield at Greenfields Business Brokers in March 1995. Business sales are renown for being one of the toughest ‘commission only’ sales roles to succeed in and one that few brokers make a career out of. Fortunately, no one told Rod Russell this and not long after he began Chris promoted him to sales manager in charge of a team of six brokers. Thinking back to that time Rod remembers that during the late 90’s and early 2000’s the landscape changed immensely, business owners had to become more accountable with the introduction of GST and BAS statements. Thank goodness for the end to the days of Mum and Dad shoeboxes full of receipts. It was around this time the Coast started seeing some serious business opportunities, gaining more and more buyers relocating from interstate and overseas. The way businesses were sold has also transformed over the past 25 years, in the early days (pre internet) classified ads were used, evolving to full page gloss colour ads, which worked really well and was unique, at the time, to the Sunshine Coast. In September 2006, Rod branched out on his own and started Savvy Business Sales in a small office in Mooloolaba. Initially it was just him and the administration manager, however, in no time the team grew to five and they quickly established themselves as the ‘Big 10 ISSUE 95

Business Specialists’, gaining a reputation for having completed numerous multi-milliondollar transactions. Over the next few years the business continued to grow solidly and in 2011 the ‘Queensland Business Sales’ brand was added to the portfolio, this provided wider exposure to big business in Brisbane, Gold Coast and key Regional Queensland centres. That same year Rod became a Registered Business Valuer with the Australian Institute of Business Brokers through the Macquarie University in Sydney. Business continued to escalate, they won a couple of ‘Business Excellence’ awards and even hit the jackpot winning the prestigious ‘Small Business of the Year’ award, this automatically elevated them into the exclusive ‘Hall of Fame’. Rod says, “This was without doubt a career highlight, it validated to me that our systems, procedures and results were definitely on point”. In 2013 long term, corporate sales specialist, Jeremy Bycroft became involved in the sale of Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s). This has proven fruitful as he quickly became one of Australia’s leading RTO brokers and has sold RTO’s all over the country including a recent $12 million interstate sale. Last year the team relocated from Mooloolaba to a freshly fitted out office in the Aqua Vista resort complex in Cotton Tree. Rod says, “We

will be here for a while, the location doesn’t get much better than this!”

We asked Rod, “What does it take to be successful in this industry for 25 years, and still going strong?” He answered saying, “Successful brokers have to be passionate about business, articulate with facts and possess supreme people skills… as this is an emotion charged industry. We are always prepared for the unexpected as business sales can be brutal, hence, long term brokers are scarce. Success comes when you surround yourself with professional colleagues, the industry’s best advisors and sincere buyers/sellers. It’s all about the people we deal with, that’s what keeps me going. Get that sorted and the buzz from business sales is irresistible!” Matters Magazine congratulates Rod and the team for their 25 years and wishes them every success for the future. a E:

I . T. M AT T E R S


intelligent in 2020? WITH JONATHAN ALLEN

I am frequently asked what are some of the new technologies I should be using in my business? While there are several that will continue to revolutionise the future of business, one that is most certainly key to this journey is Business Intelligence and Operational Analytics. Business owners are always looking for ways to create competitive advantage to drive increases in sales or streamline operational overheads, which have a direct impact to bottom line profitability. Modern organisations today are faster paced and nimbler than ever before and this will continue to accelerate as technologies play a role in speeding up customer buying behaviour and business decision making. Business Intelligence usually involves the delivery and integration of multiple business software systems within an organisation, so it should be in the top three technology focus points for all businesses in 2020 and beyond.

and within the business operationally, to allow tactical and strategic decision making to be made at all levels of the business.

likelihood of duplication of work between roles and improving accuracy of decision making, which ultimately saves time.


Competitor behaviour – Metrics that gain insight into what competitors are doing in the market strengthens a business’s ability to make future decisions and adapt to competitor behaviour.

Customer behaviour – This is one of the primary benefits as it allows for the measurement of customer buying trends. Once you understand these trends, you can adapt and develop products and services to better meet these behaviours, including consumption, and ultimately improve profitability. Business planning – Being able to quickly identify key trends and patterns that allow you to make connections between areas of the business that may seem unrelated can be invaluable to identify unseen sales opportunities or impacts of operational processes that can assist in better decision making.

The need for faster decision making and gaining insight into mission critical operations has become paramount to maintain competitive advantage in the modern market.

Sales and marketing - Often you will have a business tool that you utilise to keep track of all your business interactions with customers. This can often include sales and lead generation activities. Business intelligence can leverage this data to gain further insight into what markets are most profitable, buying behaviours from different geographies for example.

Companies are using Business Intelligence platforms to detect significant events and monitor trends that occur within their market

Operations – This is generally about creating efficiency and actionable insights that can be shared across your teams to reduce the





To leverage business intelligence for your organisation, it’s recommended to seek guidance from skilled BI personnel and select a BI application that is easy to utilise and train on with your team. There are many different offerings in this space such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Dundas and Sisense to name a few. m


Jonathan has 16 years’ experience in the technology industry, with eight of those years at Secure Access. He started his career as a technician and has spent the last 10 years in Operations Management and Account Management roles, providing strategic technology guidance to small and medium-sized businesses.

Cloud Services

Project & Technical Services

Communication & Connectivity

Technology Advisory

Managed Services

Security & Audit Services

1300 880 565 11

It’s this sense of giving back to the community, a love of politics and her own background in small business that made the decision to run for Mayor of Noosa an easy one. “Politics, I’ve always been very interested in and at some point, (in) running,” she said. “(I want to) make a contribution and be involved and help the community at a local level.” Clare has lived in Noosa for over a decade and while she sees some need for change, she’s passionate about other aspects remaining the same. “What everyone loves about Noosa, that no one wants to change, is the environment,” she said. “It’s unique (and) I think the environment is something we need to maintain and preserve.” Clare says what does need a shakeup is the relationship between Council and the residents.

Clare Stewart By Justine Kearney


reaming big is something Clare Stewart knows all about and a quick flick through her resume reveals that Clare doesn’t just dream big, she DOES big. Law degree, check, Business degree, check, masters of law degree, check. Clare is also a published author. Add to that the full-time role of wife and mother of three, charity work and two successful businesses under her belt and it looks like Clare’s life has been a dream run. But at age 23, tragedy struck and Clare’s dream was to walk again. 20 years and 37 operations later, Clare is now running….for Noosa Mayor. For Noosa, for a change. It’s what a lot of residents would like to see, according to Clare Stewart, Noosa local and the first mayoral candidate to challenge the incumbent Tony Wellington. Some may think it’s an impossible dream. But after nearly losing her legs, Clare isn’t afraid of impossible dreams. Clare’s life changed forever one morning, back in 2000. On her usual early morning jog, she was struck by a garbage truck on a pedestrian crossing. The ten-tonne vehicle knocked her down and the front wheels came to a stop

12 ISSUE 95

on her legs, crushing them. She was pinned underneath for 37 minutes. Clare was awake the entire time. “There is nothing to describe that level of pain and that level of fear,” she said. Following countless operations and procedures and a brutal rehabilitation program over several years, the only obvious sign is Clare’s limp, a daily reminder of how far she has come. But how far will she go? “I think we should all dream big, we should all try and be the best versions of ourselves and be the best person we can be,” she said. “It’s never say never.” The word never was one Clare thought of many times. She may never walk again. She may never find love, may never have a family. But her ability to dream big has carried her through plenty of tough times. Clare met her husband Cam back in 2007 when she was working with Youngcare, a not-forprofit organisation which helps young people with high care needs. Clare was instrumental in the early days of the charity, as a funding and legal executive, and remains an active board member today.

“I feel that there is a big divide between Council and the community,” she said. “The people I’m speaking to on the streets feel there’s no accountability, there’s no transparency (and) they don’t know what’s going on.” According to Clare, residents and businesses alike are frustrated with the current Council. “What I am personally hearing is that Council are hard to deal with,” she said. Clare says despite significant opposition and a fair amount of community confusion, changes were rushed through the Noosa Plan to implement specific changes around short term accommodation in low residential areas. “I’ve spoken to people from both sides and my statement all along has been to delay the vote because there was no economic impact assessment done,” she said. If we change short term letting accommodation in low density residential areas from consistent to inconsistent what does that mean for tourism… for people wanting to stay…for house prices… for the market value of houses? “An economic impact assessment is crucial” Recent changes to signage laws for businesses have also been divisive for some 7000 businesses in the Noosa shire. One business owner Clare spoke with was particularly affected. “Because signage rules are changing, he has to throw out ten thousand dollars’ worth of signage materials,” she said. “Why aren’t we engaging with small businesses and saying how can we help you, not how can we hinder you?” When picturing Noosa in 2030, Clare is hopeful of striking the right balance between preserving what’s great and improving what’s not. “I hope Noosa environmentally hasn’t changed but I hope that the community is thriving, that small business is doing well, that our river is doing well, it’s safe, its clean, it’s got great initiatives around it,” she said. “An estimated billion dollars of our economy comes in from tourism, so you need that, but I’d like to see less congestion, more parking,” she said.

Big dreams

“Development wise, no one wants to see high rises but we want to see the town not being gridlocked, that it’s user friendly, it’s green in the sense the environment is protected and that people are happy and that businesses feel like they’re getting a decent go.” “At Pomona, they are really keen to grow their tourism numbers and encourage more overnight accommodation opportunities,” she said. “We would encourage increased tourism to the Hinterland by updating and interconnecting existing trails and walks to provide a better user experience. This would in turn provide an injection of revenue into the local economy of the Hinterland.” Clare has a 10 point plan for the shire that she has pledged to action in the first 30 to 60 days, should she be elected Mayor. “Ratepayers don’t expect you to move mountains, they’re reasonable, but they expect something to be done and their rates to be accounted for,” she said. Clare may be physically limping into the future, but mentally and emotionally, Clare is ready to leap. And the future she envisages is one where her past accomplishments and adversities will help her make a real difference for the people of Noosa. a

This 10 POINT ACTION PLAN is my commitment to you: My leadership will create a healthy, dynamic Noosa Council with a culture that effectively supports our organisation, environment, and our community. 1. Protect our environment with innovative, cost-effective technology to eliminate current Landfill Problems.

6. Reconnect with Sporting and Community Organisations for a seamless, unbiased flow of information and support.

2. Implement a new Disaster Management Plan with particular emphasis on fire breaks to alleviate unnecessary risk to our community.

7. Provide our residence with clarity on the The New Noosa Plan. i.e. What is it? How will it affect me?

3. Ensure all local Roads and Bridges are safe. 4. Appoint a dedicated Community Engagement Officer for the Hinterland. 5. Upgrade and connect popular Bikeways.

8. I will advocate for Local Businesses to ensure their interests are represented in Council. 9. Build a New Jetty in the Noosa Woods Precinct, to allow a safe and convenient drop-off and pick-up point for locals and tourists alike. 10. Assess whether Council should continue to own the Sunrise Shops.

Authorised by WF Sultmann, 6 Springs Crescent, Noosa Heads, Qld 4567 for C. Stewart (candidate) 13

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ASK US ABOUT OUR L’OREAL NO DAMAGE COLOUR! SCBWN Award Winner 2016 New York Fashion Week Participant


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Aurora pink diamond and white diamond, 18k white and rose gold ring To Hold & To Have, Buderim

Empower Yourself Kaftan dress Czarina Kaftans, Sunshine Plaza (David Jones end)


The Duchamp brand has now been sold in Australia for over 30 years and enjoys an excellent reputation for quality, service and reliability. Duchamp is for those of us who want to look as young as we feel! Quality clothing at affordable prices. Beau Gentry Men’s Store

Coast Clothing Co. AUS: Casual wear, linen shirts and swim shorts, various colours Beau Gentry Men’s Store

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Paul & Shark: Made in Italy handcrafted quality leather belts

Beau Gentry Men’s Store

Beau Gentry Men’s Store

You’re always IN STYLE with BEAU GENTRY Explore our great selection of exclusive menswear: NOOSA • MOOLOOLABA

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MEYER SHORTS & TROUSERS Germany COAST CLOTHING CO. Australia PAUL & SHARK YACHTING Italy FLORENTINO Spain CUTLER & CO New Zealand And many more in store Mention Matters Magazine & Join our VIP list to receive 20% discount on non sale items. 15


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Narrative Lab is an empowering brand of solid, customisable fragrance for both men and women. Your life, your fragrance. Own it! $99 Narrative Lab

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MR. SMITH. The Foundation. A blend of organic Australian natives nourishes and protects the hair, while enhancing and maintaining style Suite three hair, Buderim


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The Carissma garden dress by Mozaic. 100% gorgeous cotton. Pleated knee length V neck dress with ž sleeves and invisible pockets. Sizes S-XXXL, $89 Onyx Poppy Boutique, Sippy Downs 19

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South Sea pearl (SB 17.3mm W) and diamond (D64=0.77ct) pendant in 18ct white gold To Hold & To Have, Buderim

20 ISSUE 95

The aim is you...

JUST SLIGHTLY IMPROVED AND NATURALLY LOOKING YOUR BEST! As a registered nurse with many years of experience, Margaret’s passion in relation to injectables is all about making people feel the best possible version of themselves by helping them feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Margaret is a firm believer in being realistic with her clients, and always aims for a very natural look. There will be no duck faces or startled rabbits coming out of Aphrodite’s Gift! Margaret is passionate about other things too, including helping people to feel confident and embrace life. She loves living amongst a beautiful rural environment with her family and adores her animals immensely. More than anything she loves inspiring and encouraging people towards the belief that they can do anything they put their minds to. Life has never stopped being interesting for Margaret, she was a flight attendant for 17

years. One of the first female lifeguards on the Sunshine Coast, and held the 1987 title of Miss Surf Appeal, Miss Caloundra and Miss Dicky Beach, and in turn raising a substantial amount of money for our Sunshine Coast Lifesavers, this experience opened many doors for Margaret. Margaret joined forces with Cosmetic Skin Therapies because she wanted to run her own business, while delivering the best patient care and outcomes to her clients.

Helping others to embrace the ageing process whilst feeling good about your appearance is a service Margaret excels to deliver for her beloved clients. Cosmetic Skin Therapies is discreetly located inside #Chapter 3 Boutique at 5/39 Maple Street, Maleny. You can also find us in Streetwise Hair, Gympie every second Thursday. ca

ABOUT NURSE MARGARET Margaret is a Registered Nurse and the owner/operator of Aphrodite’s Gift (part of Cosmetic Skin Therapies

Franchisees), providing ongoing support, training and education, including an experienced medical team of doctors and nurses. Margaret is passionate about helping you to look your best no matter what age you are.

OUR SERVICES • • • • • • • • • •

Examination Exam & Clean Fillings Broken Tooth Extractions Crown Bridge Veneers Root Canals Teeth Whitening



See website for conditions*

At Marcoola Dental we believe that prevention is better than treatment OPEN: MON - FRI 8AM - 6 PM 4B 35 Seaside Blvd MARCOOLA | 07 5391 1625 21


Cosmetic injectables should be like good make up.

Gift Voucher


do you love






Don’t Move! IMPROVE!

• New Kitchen • New Bathroom • Bedroom • Office • Ensuite • Deck You name it we can build it. Sunshine Coast Renovations specialises in UPGRADING your home, so you can stay where you are. “Sunshine Coast Renovations added a walk-in robe and ensuite to our house. We were so happy with how quick the job was done, how flexible they were and what a professional job they did. Throughout the whole process Marty and his team were lovely and we couldn’t believe how little we were put out by the whole renovation. We are thrilled with our new ensuite and walk in robe, the only complaint we have is that we didn’t do it sooner”.

Very happy renovator – Buddina

MEET MARTY Martin Vince has worked in the industry since he was just 15, working with his dad for 14 years, he learnt all the tools of the trade. Out on his own for the past two years Marty just loves the difference he gets to make in the lives of his clients. As a builder and tiler Marty is hands on in every job. His clients love his flexibility and professionalism stating that although he is still young his ability seems that of someone 20 years his senior. Marty puts that down to the great example of work ethics he learnt from his dad.

*The only condition that applies to this voucher is that you spend the voucher towards a renovation of $10,000 or more before the 30th June 2020.

22 ISSUE 95



passionate about building? BY VICKIE MAGIC

You may have read that sentence and thought, “That wouldn’t exist”, but the truth is it does, and he is right here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Marty Vince is passionate about turning your home into your Dream Home. Often you don’t have to move, you just need to improve the home you have. He loves nothing more than working with clients to work out exactly how that can happen.

Working together to create the perfect vision for your home, Marty’s excitement never gets old. “The smile on my clients faces at the end of a build, just lights me up each and every time,” he says. Marty started his building life working for his dad Rod, who taught him so much about the old way of doing business and the values of punctuality, integrity and reliability. This invaluable training has set Marty on his path to success and in the three years he has been operating his own business, he has often reflected back on those lessons with gratitude. Marty is a husband to wife Jessica and father of Blake, six, and Ellie, five. Marty’s flexibility, the attention to detail and

being open to new ideas, ensure he is easy to work with. Being in flow is the perfect way to conduct a renovation and with many already under his belt, Marty knows how to execute a projects with ease while staying true to the client’s vision for their newlook home. Having worked on a variety of projects to date, Marty understands people sometimes get anxious about having a builder in their home for the bathroom, bedroom, or granny flat renovation and it has the potential to be a trying time, so his goal is to ensure that it all happens almost without any upset to the client whatsoever. We asked Martin who his perfect client would be and he responded that it is someone who is easy to get along with, someone wanting to renovate part of their existing home, bathroom or kitchen, or someone looking to turn their existing home into their dream home. e 0413 830 540 It’s difficult to believe that this could become the beautiful bedroom and bathroom above. 23




Local jewellery shop owners Shiree and Jo create their client’s ‘big dreams’ each and every day. From the moment Shiree Hobson and Jo Saxelby opened the doors to their bespoke jewellery design studio ‘To Hold & To Have’ in March 2014, they made it clear they were driven to form incredible connections with everyone who entered their doors. They were set to make Big Dreams a reality. On opening morning, they walked from the back door of the studio through to the window, which beautifully frames the majestic trees at Buderim’s Wirreanda Park and were somewhat surprised to see a gentleman already waiting at the door with a smile spread across his face. Their first customer had arrived 10 minutes early and came in looking to buy something special for his wife and two daughters. Almost six years later, the gentleman’s youngest daughter and her partner visited the studio to have their wedding rings designed. “In that moment to be able to be there for them and their family was an honour and a position of trust and privilege that we treasure. It is the same with every other family that includes us,” Jo says. Shiree and Jo opened the studio with only a few pieces of exquisite jewellery on display, but their passion and desire to create unique and timeless pieces that spoke to the hearts of the future owner soon saw them make their mark on the industry. ‘To Hold & To Have’ won the Australasian JAA Jewellers Award for ‘Bride 24 ISSUE 95

To Be’ in 2014, was awarded Best Small Jewellery Retailer in Australia 2015 at the Jewellery Industry Awards, won the 2017 of the Australasian JAA Jewellers Award for ‘Precious Metals’ and in 2018 was named a finalist in the Sunshine Coast Business Awards. While the accolades have allowed them to build their profile within the industry and helped them to reach many more people, they are a pleasant bonus for the pair, who were connected by their shared passion for making exceptionally designed, hand manufactured jewellery, despite having very different professional backgrounds. Jo worked as a photojournalist for Sunshine Coast and Brisbane newspapers before spending several years working for non-government organisations in developing nations and indigenous cultures. She then moved to Canada, where she started a wholesale jewellery business that she brought back to Australia. Jo returned to her family’s jewellery business before connecting with Shiree to create ‘To Hold & To Have’. The only thing Shiree’s journey has in common with Jo’s is that they both studied a Bachelor of Visual Arts. Shiree was named Apprentice of the Year when she completed her jewellery making apprenticeship and went on to work for jewellers in Sydney and Perth before relocating to the Sunshine Coast. They now work side by side to encapsulate the hearts, minds and energy of each and every one of their clients to create something they will cherish for a lifetime. Jo says every time she creates something, she imagines that piece being passed from the owner to their children, grandchildren and beyond and strives to honour her clients by capturing their essence.

Shiree and Jo understand that every person is unique and worthy of something special and they take the time to truly connect with everyone who walks through the door. “One customer we designed an amazing new ring for, had just come from the hospital visiting her son, who was being immensely affected from being bullied in primary school. We hugged her, we listened, we shared our imperfect situations as well and she now knows she has two new friends standing beside her in support,” Jo says. “When we made her ring, it was hand-made with so much love and passion. We know she drinks flat white and she knows we care. Being present, real, authentic in our imperfectness too while designing and creating, restoring, repairing exquisite diamond and gemstone jewellery is our way of allowing our passion to further fuel passion.” Since launching ‘To Hold & To Have’, Jo says the duo have most definitely found their home and a way to give back to the community each and every day. There is no job too big or too small for the master artisans, who can source red diamonds - the most expensive and the rarest diamond colour in the world – or design and create a bespoke silver locket or other unique creations in their onsite workshop. They can also bring your beloved jewellery back to life with repairs or give them a new lease on life by reusing the precious metals and stones to create something with even more meaning. e Visit To Hold & To Have at 98 King Street in Buderim

Jo says, “Each piece will trigger memories of occasions, photos, places or events. It can celebrate a new life, initiate a new beginning, provide affirmation, hope, peace, promise, unity, joy, love, reconciliation, comfort, a reminder of beauty and connection.”

Has our beautiful sun played havoc with your skin? Are you ready to look and feel better? Aphrodites Gift is a Cosmetic Skin Therapies Franchise. If you are READY to REFRESH, RESTORE or REJUVATE your look, contact Registered Nurse Margaret to find out more.


Claim your complimentary face and full skin assessment. Let us show you what is possible, services available include; anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injections, various depths of medical peels to address your individual skin concerns, ‘Aspect Dr and Cosmedix skin care’ range, plus various other treatments and procedures to help you look and feel your best. Online booking F: Aphrodites-Gift-Cosmetic-Injectables


Services: Full Face Assessments • Cosmetic Injectables • Skin Needling • Chemical Peels • Skin Care • Non-Surgical Facelift • Anti Wrinkle Treatments • Discolouration Treatments • Problematic Skin Treatments • Medical Grade Treatments 25

26 ISSUE 95 27



my dream The BIG DREAM I have for my clients is that they end up seeing themselves the way I do. One of my superpowers is to see beyond the exterior of a person right into their soul. I see and hear their dreams, their fears, their struggles and exactly what is holding them back from living their happiest, healthiest life. Many of us have internalised voices of criticism, rejection and disapproval from when we were children, all through our adolescence and young adulthood. These blur the truth of who we really are and what we are capable of. When I am working with a client, I feel their heartache, their hurt and their grief, most of which remains unacknowledged, unheard and unhealed. As we spend time together, these have an opportunity to come to the surface, be seen, heard and felt. And as if by magic, everything shifts. Once the debris is cleared, they can finally see right into their own heart and let that shine and lead the way. This is my dream. Bridget Jane Food, Body & Eating Psychology Expert Writer, Speaker, Consultant. f NEW LEAF NUTRITION WWW.NEWLEAFNUTRITION.COM.AU


while the government is paying One in five Australians have solar and one in three sunny coasters - so we are already leading the way. Let’s make it every homeowner on the Sunshine Coast has solar and doesn’t pay for power! With the government grant available to all homeowners, don’t miss out. This won’t last. They have already pulled back this grant in Victoria and its future in Queensland is being debated, so do not hesitate. Power bills have been increasing 20% per year for the last eight years. Solar on your roof can eliminate or reduce your electricity bill. Whether you live on your property or you have rental properties, put solar on the roof top while the government is paying. Add value to your property. Let’s become a Greener state – and use renewable energy. My DREAM is that we all become self-sufficient and don’t require access to the power grid. Getting solar is the first step. f WHOLESALE SOLAR P: 0410 422 922 // 1300 459 315 E: WWW.WHOLESALE-SOLAR.COM.AU

28 ISSUE 95



my unicorn “When someone told me I live in fantasyland, I nearly fell off my unicorn.” It’s a message that made me giggle and made me realise that I’ve always been a dreamer, never afraid to try new things. I recognised and appreciated my curiosity, tenacity and potential in my late 20’s and kept working at this. It took time, heartache, plenty of hurdles and trying lots of new things, each leading me to where I am now. I launched Heart n Soul Wellness by Natasha, which focuses on women’s mental health, as I wanted to create a beautiful space to share my clinical knowledge, skills and part of who I am to make a positive difference. People need guidance and understanding, not judgment and stigma. Having positive mentors throughout life helps nurture our soul and drives us to better understand ourselves. I’ve been told I must be courageous to take so many leaps of faith (others say I’m lost). My reply? “Life is about learning, experiencing, evolving and enjoying. Too many people live their life on the default setting, why do this when life can be customised?” f



classical pilates in noosa Karen Waugh-Raphael has big dreams about inspiring Sunshine Coasters in the practice of Classical Pilates. Having been a fitness trainer and aerobics instructor and always having had fitness as a priority, she has found Classical Pilates to be the answer to her personal fitness and wellbeing. Karen does not subscribe to the thought that Pilates is only for people of a certain size, age or body shape. She believes Classical Pilates is for all and she especially loves to see the progress made by her clients regardless of where their journey begins.

She is passionate about helping people build their core strength, recover from or avoid injury and improve their body awareness with the intention of enjoying a healthier, fuller life. Karen truly believes that Classical Pilates could be the answer to optimising personal strength and overall fitness and wellbeing. With the simplicity of the Classical Pilates system and the ease with which each individuals practice builds, Karen believes she can make a big difference in the life of each of her clients. f


Z E N D E N F L O AT H O U S E & C A F E


infrared sauna

Have you experienced an infrared sauna before? Do you know the benefits of them? At Zen Den Floathouse Cafe, our infra-red sauna uses the latest technology, incorporating carbon fibre heaters to ensure you achieve maximum benefits. These include improved blood circulation; weight loss through increased metabolism by burning fat and calories; detoxification through sweating; rejuvenation of the skin; reduced acne; cellulite and fine lines; boosting immunity via increases in white blood cell count; pain relief; decreased inflammation and boosted relaxation. At Zen Den, our sessions are typically 30 minutes in length. During your sauna session, you simply sit and relax while listening to a range of soothing meditation music or reading one of our wellness magazines or books. Medical evidence shows that because of the infra-red’s ability to increase metabolic rate, the body can burn up to 600 calories in a 30-minute session. Once you are inside the sauna, the benefits and detoxification process begin straight away. Numerous studies show that sweat is an important excretory pathway for many heavy metals including arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury. The studies show the rate of excretion matched or exceeded urinary excretion. In addition, the heating of the body increases the liver and kidney’s detoxification efforts, leading to greater overall removal of toxins. It also causes the toxin-rich intercellular fluid to become available for detoxification. The infrared sauna increases the circulation and blood flow to the muscles, joints, and connective tissues. This helps with healing your body, muscle soreness, muscle recovery, reducing pain in injuries, arthritis, muscle spasms, and much more. Infrared is safe to use every day and the more you use them, the greater the benefits. The contribution to your overall health is invaluable.

Come down to the Zen Den and try an Infra-red Sauna today. As a special offer to Matter’s Magazine readers, we are offering a 30-minute Infrared Sauna and Float Therapy package for $90. ca


Brad and Bec are Sunshine Coast locals; they are dedicated to providing the Sunshine Coast (and beyond) with a unique and affordable experience in natural relaxation and wellness. They live a plant based lifestyle and diet and together are dedicated to providing the community with an avenue to experience the benefits that good food and natural therapies can have on both the mind and body.

Awnings, Blinds, Security, Shutters, Curtains

• Maroochydore 07 5476 9888 • Caloundra 07 5492 8888 • Noosa 07 5447 1888 • Shed 5/46 Enterprise St, Kunda Park Qld 4556



If you have the internet, as the majority these days do, you may have noticed ads appearing on Facebook and Google saying you have to rush and get solar panels now because the ‘solar rebate’ is ending - this is not true. The government’s Renewable Energy Scheme will still be lowering the cost of rooftop solar for years to come. To be precise, it runs until 2030. The fact is the government discount for rooftop solar pulled back by 8.3% at midnight on the December 21, 2019. This means from January 1, 2020, you will only have to pay around $400 extra for a 6.6-kilowatt solar system. Most solar companies are not going to want to absorb the cost of the 8.3% fall in the government rebate but, because they are in a very competitive industry, many of them will soak up at least some of it. They’re able to do this because the cost of solar hardware keeps falling.

So, there is no need to rush into getting solar power. Take enough time so you can be sure you know what you want. Don’t feel pressured by dodgy ads to rush into getting solar panels before you’re prepared. But once you are prepared, get out there and grab it. The sunlight is free and you should use it to generate your own electricity. So when you have done your research, find a local trusted installer and get harvesting those priceless sunrays to cut your power bills down. m

BRET DAVIS Wholesale Solar

Bret Davis has been passionate about solar for as far back as he can remember, with over 30 years in management roles, Bret is now following his passion to get solar installed into as many homes and business premises as he can, at the most affordable price possible by cutting out the middle man.

GOVERNMENT UPDATE BREAKING NEWS FOR BUSINESS Receive up to $70,000 from the government for solar on your business with no upfront cost. How can you qualify?

1 You must be the electricity account holder 2 You must have a minimum of electricity usage 3 You must have available roof area

We install your solar Australia-wide at a Wholesale price

FIND OUT YOUR ENTITLEMENT Call for a no obligation assessment

1300 459 315 31


The solar rebate

WINNING IN Telstra Business Technology Centre Sunshine Coast are focused on helping small businesses adapt to new technologies and solutions that will help their business thrive in 2020 and the future. It consists of three departments which include the front of house staff at our Telstra Business Technology Centre in Maroochydore, our outbound account managers as well as our in-store experts placed in our stores across the Sunshine Coast.


Our front of house team at the Telstra Business Technology Centre Sunshine Coast, based in the heart of Maroochydore at the new Kon Tiki building, are here to offer their advice and expertise in business. The Telstra Business Technology Centre is set up to be a one-stop shop for our small and medium business customers – bringing together a team of highly trained staff with expertise in small business and our leading range of small business technology solutions.


Our Account Management Support gives you more time to look after your business, while we handle your communication and technology needs and queries. All of our business customers are assigned a dedicated account team, business technology advisor and a business solutions advisor to ensure the best possible service. We support our customers from the beginning to the end of our work, delivering the best equipment and services. For all your Computer Hardware, Telecommunication Networks and Business Programs (Apps), we take the worry and stress out of it with 24/7 Support and Service. This means your business can take advantage of our knowledge and experience and enjoy the many benefits of these new and exciting technology opportunities.


Due to our wide reach of business customers for our TBTC, we have business specialists in each of our stores across the region. Each of these specialists offer face-to-face services and to improve the efficiency of your business, whatever the industry or size, they can help with the right solution. Our business specialists can keep your business ahead of the game with the latest tech products and solutions and offer helpful advice tailored to your business.

Hear what our customers have to say... “Matt from the Telstra Business Technology Centre at Maroochydore has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. He has assisted our business in obtaining new tablets for our onsite installers, reducing the costs of our work mobiles, and assisting in the setup at our new premises. Matt is always extremely prompt, friendly and courteous. I would have no hesitation in recommending Matt to any Sunshine Coast based business!” Vicki Hinkley, Business Development Manager at Ascent Building Sol.

32 ISSUE 95

TWENTY-TWENTY ENTAG is a technology services business, providing support and solutions to customers at all levels, from small to medium, right through to government and enterprise. They are a new breed of managed services partner, with a strong focus on enabling customers transition from traditional IT to future ways of working, leveraging a mix of technologies such as software as a service, cloud compute, mobile applications and cloud communications.

MANAGED SERVICES The ENTAG Managed Service supports your business to keep your users up and running whilst delivering reliable, responsive ongoing support and management. We utilise global frameworks focused on customer service with transparent practices. To achieve this each customer receives access to their own self-branded service desk for your users to be able to keep operations moving when challenges may arise. Tailored specifically to a business’s processes, end users can be empowered to self-serve with built in approval workflows, eliminating double handling. Our comprehensive knowledgebase is accessible to all users and offers several self-help guides to empower and educate users and improve efficiencies for ICT services. Key VIP contacts will have access to escalation pathways for priority and business-critical services with direct telephone support ensuring you receive the best outcome every time.

MANAGED MOBILITY The ENTAG Managed Mobility service desk helps plan, deploy, integrate and achieve rapid adoption of mobility within an organisation. They then support end-users to ensure staff are connected and productive. From performing sim replacements, disconnections, change of ownership or ensuring devices and services are secure and managed, our managed mobility team provide end-to-end support and reviews to ensure best practice and performance for businesses. The team of mobile specialists ensures you have constant access to their associated skills and expertise with these products and services. Refocus your time on your business and customers and leave the technical stuff to them.

Hear what our customers have to say: User support was one of the biggest pain points Adams and Jones had with their previous provider, as they were receiving multiple additional bills that were outside of scope and without approval from business managers. With our model, this pain point was no longer a problem, as not only do we provide unlimited support, but our Service Portal also has built in approval workflows ensuring that anything out of scope is approved before any action is taken. “Entag provide us with a managed service and our experience to date has been an extremely positive one. We have found their customer service to be exceptional, they are always professional and timely in their responses and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. We would highly recommend their managed service package and look forward to continuing our engagement with them.� Sonya Tawhiti-Watson, General Manager at Adam & Jones 33




with Melissa Austin





Working out in the sun can be hard work and sometimes dangerous, if not wearing the correct uniforms. This can also lead to no motivation, poor performance, and heat stress.

As a business owner myself, I love the freedom and flexibility that business ownership gives in terms of business strategy – but this can be both isolating and a double edged sword – I’m only accountable to myself so if I don’t action something, I have nobody but myself to answer to!

The Residential Tenancies Authority is proposing changes to Queensland’s tenancy laws, and one of the recommendations open for consultation is that owners cannot unreasonably refuse a tenant’s request to keep a pet and can require the tenant to meet special conditions, including paying a pet bond.

Heat stress is a major problem affecting our customers while working. While being uncomfortable it can result in serious injury or death in extreme cases. Under Australian workplace acts employers are required to put plans in action for situations of risk of heat stress. Sunshine Uniforms can assist with a workwear range which increases breathability by over 110% while also increasing the tearing strength of the garment by more than 70%. The range consists of shirts, shorts and pants. Available in Hi-Vis and traditional style workwear. Contact the team at Sunshine Uniforms, to have a look at this cutting-edge range of products. ca

Sunshine Uniforms Ph 07 5438 0711 Email Web Instagram @sunshineuniforms Facebook @sunshineuniforms

34 ISSUE 95

Our clients experience similar challenges and a great way to overcome this is to surround yourself with a support network – an advisor, coach or other business owner that will hold you accountable – your accountability mentor. Set yourself a short-term goal (90-day goals are great), build actions around it and importantly, set KPI’s. An example could be I will grow monthly revenue by 30%. To achieve this, I need to speak to 10 new customers a week.

Some reasons to consider renting to a pet owner: 1. Many pet owners are prepared to pay more for a pet-friendly rental, in fact, landlords may be able to receive up to 20% more rent per week. 2. Pet-friendly properties rent faster – over 25% of all rental applicants are looking for pet-friendly housing and twice as many applications are received for pet-friendly properties.

Report your goal and your KPI’s to your accountability mentor – and ask them to hold you to it and if you aren’t hitting your KPI’s, workshop why this is.

3. Responsible pet owners make excellent long-term tenants as they know how difficult it can be to find a pet-friendly property.

A goal without action is just a dream – an accountability mentor will increase the chances of your dream becoming reality. ca

The above are based on my own professional experiences and research.

Brilliance for Business Ph 07 5437 7624 Email

Next edition – How to get the best out of your property manager. ca Your PropertyCare Web


HOME CARE ASSISTANCE with Kendall Morton

LET’S TALK GRANDPARENTS! Asking grandparents about their lives and their loves is great for us and it’s a fun and rewarding task for them too. People, generally, are quite pleased when someone shows an interest in who they are and what they do. Grandparents may live far away. Familial visits may be few and far between – this can mean children may not know their grandparents as well as they would like. When children question their grandparents about their past, they can learn much about their family’s history, and truly keep those important family stories alive. Once a grandfather or grandmother is gone, their stories can be gone as well – or at least become far more difficult to recover. Here are some starting questions for the kids: 1. What was your first job? 2. What are the full names of your siblings? 3. What were you good at in school? Did you have a favourite subject? 4. What was/has been one of the biggest struggles you’ve overcome?


with Marilyn Brayshaw

IS 2020 YOUR YEAR TO GET INTO THE PROPERTY MARKET? If getting into your first home is a goal for 2020, this year may provide you with an opportunity with the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme (FHLDS). Usually when you buy a home, you need to save at least 20% of the property’s value, or take out Lender’s Mortgage Insurance (LMI), which can add thousands to the cost of a loan. In short, this new scheme will mean that the government will guarantee the loan with as little as a 5% deposit, removing the need for LMI. Remember though, taking out a home loan with a lower deposit would mean paying interest on a larger sum. The scheme is limited to 10,000 buyers per year, starting from 1 January 2020 through a panel of participating lenders. So, if you’re keen to get into your first home in 2020, chat to your local Mortgage Broker who can assist with eligibility, paperwork and advice. ca

5. Was there a certain place you and your friends liked to hang out? As always, if you need any advice, tips or someone to unload to, feel free to pop into the office – obligation free. ca Home Care Assistance Ph 5491 6888 Email

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THE CAT RETREAT CAFÉ with Tania Barton

THE ULTIMATE CAT LOVER’S EXPERIENCE The cat retreat café is brilliant for anyone that loves cats. It is a magical space where you can enjoy delicious coffee, a relaxed ambient environment, plus have the added benefit of being surrounded by these loving animals in the Zen Zone interactive cat enclosure area. Maybe you are looking for a staff or group gathering with a difference? This is probably one of the only cafés in the world that breaks down both physiological and psychological barriers. Participation in a Zen Zone session is resulting in patrons leaving feeling inspired and proud that they have been able to give refuge cats a little love and enrichment, or may even have a connection with one of them and adopt one as a new member of their family (subject to approval from SCARS). Annual passes are now available for only $50 per person. We guarantee you will leave feeling happy, enriched and truly alive. ca

The Cat Retreat Café Ph 0448 228 578 Email Location 129 Dales Road, Chevallum, QLD

Kendall Morton is the director of Home Care Assistance Sunshine Coast to Wide Bay. 35



WHAT MAKES A PROPERTY MARKET BOOM? The following extract is from an article in Australian property publication The ReReport: ‘Hotspotting founder, Terry Ryder, told Canstar that spending on infrastructure – particularly transport, hospitals and universities – was the number one biggest factor that contributed to a property market’s growth. According to Hotspotting, the Sunshine Coast is listed number one in Australia from the list of top 10 locations for property investors seeking capital growth in their next investment. The local economy has expanded from its three dominant sectors – tourism, retail and construction – into information technology, clean tech, creative industries, aviation and education.’ There is so much happening on the Sunshine Coast creating an incredible opportunity for investment and growth, as well as increasing employment opportunities. If you are looking to buy or sell real estate or need exceptional property management, we can be contacted on the details below. Vicki Cooper: Sales // 0412 802 215 Jacqui Slack: Property Manager // 07 5419 2999 ca Purpose Real Estate Web

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THINK MONEY with Chris Childs

DREAMING BIG IS EASY DREAMING BIG is easy when you are used to goal setting, however, if you haven’t had much experience it can be quite daunting. The five big tips on creating Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs) are: 1. Think Big! Don’t limit yourself. 2. Trust! Understand you don’t need to know the HOW. 3. Believe! Believing everything is possible opens your mind. 4. Repeat! Read your goals every day! 5. Follow! Follow the opportunities that lead you towards your goals. Since creating the program My BIG Money Goal, I have witnessed some pretty amazing results from my clients. Once you realise the only person who can limit your goals and dreams is you, it can open the door to you achieving amazing results too. If you want to learn more about setting and achieving your goals – call us today. Until then – keep DREAMING BIG! ca

URBAN COCOON with Kelly Smith

ICONIC MELBOURNE INTERIOR DESIGNER MOVES TO THE SUNSHINE COAST Urban Cocoon, formerly based in Melbourne’s trendy inner west, has new roots on the Sunshine Coast. Founder and lead interior designer, Kelly Smith grew up on the Sunshine Coast and returns home excited to show sunny coasters how some of the bold design trends of the city can be applied to modern coastal living. “My preference in design is to mix styles and trends to create the perfect look for the style of home, its location and the emotion that the owner wants to feel,” Kelly says. My favourite trend is a monochromatic colour scheme, which, contrary to popular belief, does not need to be: black white, grey, repeat. Take your favourite colour and make it your highlight and accent tone. Don’t think you could pull off a blue sofa, blue rug and blue cushions? Yes, you can! Check out my 123 Design blog at 1 design trend, 2 common questions about it and 3 ways you can use it in your home today. Your home is your respite from the world, your place to relax, create and share love – it’s your Urban Cocoon ca

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with Sarah Fisher

YOU HAVE A BIG DREAM TO LAUNCH YOUR BUSINESSS: 3 EASY MISTAKES TO AVOID. We all like to DREAM BIG and have wonderful ideas on what we would like to create in our business. Three key areas you need to avoid making mistakes: 1. Cash flow: Manage correctly! Sadly 45% of Australian businesses fail due to either inadequate cash flow or high cash use. 2. Pricing off the mark: Do your market research, attract customers and be competitive including pricing strategies such as: Premium pricing, penetration pricing/skimming, and going rate pricing? 3. Skimping on insurance: When you’re starting out in business you may be tempted to say “I haven’t got anything to insure yet” ... So, you don’t purchase insurance. The reality is you could be personally liable for any losses. Be sure to speak to your local Steadfast Insurance broker about your DREAM BIG business venture to obtain the correct insurance needs. ca Please be aware that any advice offered is General Advice only and has been prepared without taking into consideration your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before deciding to acquire a financial product please consider the Product Disclosure Statement and whether the product is appropriate for your individual objectives, financial situation and needs.

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LEISURE AND LIFESTYLE with Joanna Kristoffersen


with Kate Brown & Mandy Ward



Five reasons you should get out there and enjoy the ocean today!

As business owners or managers, we understand how important it is to have a great brand and happy clients who provide glowing testimonials and five-star Google reviews.

1. Family fun The ocean becomes a giant playground for these high-performance personal watercraft; the diversity of activities makes it a game-changer for all age groups! 2. Fishing just got convenient! Fishing from your jet ski allows easy access to prime fishing locations. 3. Fitness Cardio work-outs, ab-toning, balance and improved coordination are just some of the benefits of jet skiing. 4. Stress relief Splashing in the water is a stress reliever in itself! Adding a jet ski requires your focus to be on operating the craft, allowing your worries to essentially wash away! 5. Economical Owning a jet ski is more economical than a boat, with less ongoing costs. You can own a jet ski from just $5 a day*! Whether you want to get your heart racing with adrenalin, spend time with family, fish or enjoy island adventures, the team at iJetski will steer you in the right direction. With years of experience riding and servicing jet skis, we’ve got the answers. ca *Based on finance on current stock in store: Brand new Seadoo Spark on trailer $7990.

iJetski Ph 07 5443 9653 Email Web Instagram @ijetski Location 1/13 Fishermans Road, Kuluin

What is the impact on our business if we don’t look after our employment branding? Difficulty attracting star performers; Costly, high turnover or performance and behaviour issues; High absenteeism and disengaged employees; A drop in the quality of customer service; Higher risk of employment disputes; negative community perception. So how do you improve your employment branding? 1. Improve your Attraction and Retention strategies to hire the right people and keep them longer 2. Measure engagement and alignment regularly 3. Listen and improve communication through formal and informal channels 4. Manage under performance or behavioural issues quickly Suncoast HR Services are specialists in supporting businesses to improve their employer branding. For more information, please contact them today for a free consultation. ca Suncoast HR Services Kate Brown & Mandy Ward Email Web 37


PROGRESS = Happiness When you are clear on what matters the most to you, everything will make sense to you. When you are not clear on what matters the most to you, anything will make sense to you. Or looking at it another way, you will follow the Shiny Red Bouncing Balls, instead of staying focussed and moving towards our goals with persistence and consistency. With the new decade upon us, messages about setting goals and visions for the next year and beyond are all around us – heck, I have even run workshops on it. But the problem with goals is that we overestimate what we can achieve in the short term, but underestimate what can be achieved in the long term. Day three in the gym and no sign of the improved abs, so time to give up? No.

A week on the diet and you’ve lost 300 grams, time to give up? No. Roger Federer at 38, with 20 single Grand Slam titles, is set to become the first billionaire in tennis in 2020. He has been playing tennis professionally for 22 years, yet he still gets out of bed to practice and hit the gym. His answer when questioned on what keeps him in the game is, “The love for the sport and still wanting to achieve more. It’s very important to set yourself clear goals.”

So, while we might be getting bombarded with all sorts of planning and goal setting traffic. Take a moment to think about what matters most to you, set down your goals, and enjoy the journey! ca m. 0427 274 105 // e. // FACEBOOK @tlbnnoosa

ABOUT MICHELE Michele Purvis works with business owners to deliver their Ideal business, focussing on tangible improvements in: Income, Freedom and Lifestyle. Is your business the size you need to give you a better lifestyle in the short and long-term?

“Eating disorders (ED) can be an overwhelming and confusing time for both the sufferer and family or carers.”

ARE YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW LIVING WITH AN EATING DISORDER? WHO ARE WE? endED is opening the door to new possibilities in the ED arena. They are giving an authentic voice to anyone living with a biopsychosocial illness and treating the person not the diagnosis. The unique and complex nature of an eating disorder demands a model of treatment that meets the genetic, biological, social, spiritual and psychological needs of the individual. A one ‘type’ of treatment for all sufferers does not work as the cause of the underlying imbalance or dysfunction may be different for every person. Maybe this could be the answer you are searching for?

Help is closer than you think, reach out today, THERE IS HOPE! endED = end Eating Disorders Website - Instagram - @endedaustralia Facebook - @endingeatingdisorders 38 ISSUE 95








Addiction affects everyone - not necessarily in the way that most people think when they hear the word ‘addiction’. At its core, addiction is a habit that is difficult to break. Some people are addicted to exercise, cigarettes, alcohol, food, pain (both emotional and physical), gambling, shopping, their phones, social-media, shop-lifting, plastic surgery and fillers, sugar, worry, competition, anger, self-sabotage, sex, porn, power, status, wealth, money, food, chocolate, routine, stress, picking your nails, chewing your hair, scratching your skin until it bleeds.

Addiction is a habit of thought, which becomes a habit of belief, which becomes a part of who we are and what we identify with (what we need) to function. It’s so familiar that often we are unaware that we have formed this addiction or habit. Many believe that addiction is impossible to break, the reality is that it is a habit – a habit of familiarity. As you can imagine, if you have an addiction which has become a habit familiar to your sub-conscious mind, then it’s not an overnight fix, but a commitment to yourself to create change. As you can imagine, habits need to be de-programmed from your unconscious mind. But the good news is that like a software, it can be re-programmed to best serve you. We need to get to the root cause as to why you have the addictive behaviour, how and why it was formed. Once we uncover the reason for the addictive behaviour, we can set about reprogramming the limited beliefs that caused the behaviour in the first place. Addiction is a word for a bad habit – if you want to change this habit, email me to find out more. ca

ABOUT SPIRI After working with hundreds of individuals to help them be the best version of themselves Spiri has created a ‘Masterclass’ to empower you to be the best version of you possible. Her background includes studies into Behavioural Science, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Yoga, Hypnotherapy, RTT and NLP.

Deciding to separate is a major step in a person’s life and possibly the hardest or biggest decision they will ever make. Once the decision to separate has been made, you will need to make some immediate decisions about your children and your assets. While you may not be able to agree on all these things at the time of separation, it can greatly help you and your family if you try to reach a temporary agreement.  TIPS YOU CAN TAKE TO AVOID COURT • We encourage all parties to keep the communication lines open. When you initially seek legal advice, be confident about where you stand. • Provide full and frank disclosure. This might include bank statements, superannuation balances, tax returns, payslips and other relevant items to your matter. • Participate in Family Dispute Resolution (FDR), which is a form of mediation that facilitates and enables you to reach an agreement relating to children, property and finances without having a judge determine an outcome. • Once an agreement is reached, seek assistance from your family lawyer to file terms of settlement or Orders with the Family Court of Australia. Alternatively, the agreement can be documents by way of a Binding Financial Agreement.

We suggest, you do your homework and pick a family lawyer who suits you and your individual situation. ca

ABOUT MICAELA Micaela has practised exclusively in Family Law since graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce and Law in 2009. She has since completed her Masters in Family Law and is passionate about getting results for her clients without long drawn-out litigation. 39



leg of lamb INGREDIENTS

METHOD Combine yoghurt, rosemary, parsley, garlic, and zest in a large bowl to make marinade. Coat leg of lamb in yoghurt and cover. Refrigerate for 1-2 days. Preheat oven to 200C. Spread onions on bottom of roasting pan. Remove lamb from marinade, rinse and pat dry. Set aside. Blitz olive oil, salt, pepper, along with remaining lot of rosemary, parsley, garlic, and zest in a food processor. Process until mixture becomes smooth paste.

Rub leg of lamb with fresh marinade and coat well. Place on top of onions in roasting pan. Bake in preheated oven for 20 minutes, then reduce temperature to 165C. Continue baking for 2 to 2.5 hours for medium, basting occasionally. Potatoes or other root vegetables can be added the last 40 minutes of baking. Thermometer inserted into centre (do not touch bone) should read 70C or more. Let rest 10-15 minutes before carving. ca

3kg 500g 4 ¾ cup 6 2 2 ¼ cup 3 tbsp 3 tbsp 4 ¾ cup 6 2

leg of lamb Greek or plain yoghurt sprigs fresh rosemary, leaves only fresh parsley, roughly chopped large cloves of garlic, minced lemons, zested large brown onions, quartered olive oil sea salt freshly ground black pepper sprigs fresh rosemary, leaves only fresh parsley, roughly chopped large cloves of garlic, minced lemons, zested


Martin Pennay spent nearly 20 years in commodities sales and trading, primarily in global energy, metals and agricultural markets. His passions are food and farming and, in his spare time, he encourages his family to join him in gardening and fishing.


‘As a Professional Service Firm, we believe in engaging the hearts and mind of our team to set an expectation of accountability and achievement, along with a sense of fun. We instil the ‘Hustle Factor’ into the culture of our firm and our team strive to ensure that each of our clients receives a tailored service’. Sunshine Coast Office – Suite 305 ‘La Balsa’, 45 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba QLD 4557 Gympie Office – 19 Tozer Street, Gympie QLD 4570

Phone: 07 5319 0010 Email: Website: 40 ISSUE 95

poached snapper Served with a Lemon Myrtle and Spinach Risotto INGREDIENTS 4 small pink snapper fillets 40g gluten-free flour 50g butter 1 glass of chardonnay 4 tspn minced garlic 1 punnet cherry tomatoes 150g Carnaroli rice 1 small onion, diced 100g spinach 1 tspn lemon myrtle powder sweet chili and chipotle pepper METHOD Recipe by CHEF See Restaurant


Just three years on the Sunshine Coast, Italian born Chef Federico Delfo is passionate about wine and food. Prior to being a chef, he was a proud fisherman in his own country, this gave Federico a love of all seafood. Working in a seafood restaurant by the water has delivered him his dream position.

Melt butter in a pan and then add the wine. Dust fish in GF flour and cook on low heat in the wine and butter for 12min with lid on, checking half way throughout the cooking process. Prepare the rice with a little onion, lemon myrtle and garlic in a pan, slowly heat and cook the spinach. Add the pilaf and salt to taste, keep it warm. On a flat plate pour the wine and butter sauce, plate the risotto, place the snapper fillet on top with cherry tomatoes and garnish with spicy drops and chervil leaves ca

Matters Magazine Special Reader Offer $40 for 60 minute float session (usually $80)

For bookings select 60 minute float on website and enter coupon code MATTERSVIP at the checkout for the discount to be applied. Expiry 30.06.2020

Revive | Regenerate | Recalibrate Plant Based Café • Float Therapy • Enhanced Float Therapy • Brainwave Entrainment • Light Therapy • Infra-red Sauna • Quantum Chakra Mats • Massage • Natural Therapies • Gift vouchers •


Zen Den Plant Based Café 7.30am – 7.30pm

Zen Den Floathouse 9am – 7.30pm 41





property crystal ball WITH IAN UGARTE

It’s crazy to think one of the most significant financial decisions most of us will make in our lifetimes, to buy a house, is often made with very little research. Like lemmings to a cliff, we run in the direction of the mortgage broker or bank and take out the highest mortgage we can because we feel it’s something we ‘should’ do.

had the highest growth in the nation in 2019 for apartments at 24%, while Golden Beach and Warana grew by 15%. Median house prices in Eumundi grew by 26%, Sunshine Beach and Twin Waters increased by 15%, and so did Wurtulla. All these areas are all tipped to continue to grow in 2020.

I hate to say it, but there was a time pre-property boom when homebuyers were more cautious about property. They saved, sacrificed, waited, and bought what they could afford.

Better still, some of these options give you a rental income to support you and help pay your mortgage, allowing you to grow into a larger property as you need to and, more importantly, as you can afford to.

So how did we go from that to what we have today? Australia has some of the largest homes in the world and we use very little of the space we spend years paying mortgage interest to banks to one day own. Consider this, 62% of singles over the age of 70 live in a home with more than three bedrooms, which accounts for 238,078 houses, and 82% of couples of around the same age are in the same boat, accounting for 332,752 homes. Despite all those empty bedrooms, Australia has a housing affordability problem! According to Demographia’s Annual Survey, the Sunshine Coast is one of the top two least affordable property markets in Australia. What does this mean for investing? I believe there are solutions and opportunities out there. One solution comes from doing your research and finding areas to invest in that are tipped for capital growth. Canstar recently named Sunshine Coast one of the top 10 areas for growth in 2020. Noosa

42 ISSUE 95

The second solution? Tiny homes, duplexes, flexible floor plans designed for dual occupancy and boarding house developments are all property types that give you the option of starting small.

Imagine taking out a mortgage and living cash flow positive from day one because your tenant, or tenants, are paying it for you? I like the sound of that! I’m pleased to report that Noosa is one area worth considering if this type of flexible housing investment is up your alley. m


Small is the New Big

Ian Ugarte is a plumber, builder and entrepreneur. Winner in Australia’s Top 10 Small Business Leaders 2018, he is determined to change the face of housing in Australia. Having educated 206,155 people, his goal is to help investors achieve success in property, creating the 1 million homes needed in Australia, transforming feelings of despair, insecurity and fear into hope, confidence and certainty.




Regularly I see messages such as ‘Consider the environment before you print this email’, ‘Go paperless’, ‘Go Green’ and ‘Save the Trees’. These appeals are frustrating, they are not based in fact!

consumers prefer and enjoy reading printed medium. They are more likely to trust stories they read in print over stories found in social media. Additionally, 68% do not pay attention to online advertisement and are more likely to take action after seeing an advertisement in a printed magazine or newspaper, even if they saw the same ad online.

So, you don’t have to go paperless, you can print that email, it’s helping the trees! Print and paper cannot be beaten for attractiveness impact and sustainability! m

Such messages suggest electronic communications are more environmentally friendly than paper-based communications. Statements like this are made without considering the manufacturing and lifespan of these different mediums. Studies show environmental impacts of the digital world contributes to around 3% of global greenhouse gasses and is predicted to rise to 14% by 2040. Electronic waste generates 44.7million tonnes, of which 435 thousand tonnes were mobile phones, representing more mass than the Empire State Building! Misleading information has led to consumers to believe paper is wasteful, a contributor greenhouse gases, and de-forestation. On the contrary, the paper and printing industry CO2 emissions have reduced by 25% since 2005. Paper with FSC or PEFC certification ensures it comes from well-managed forests that are sustainably managed, the cycle of planting, growing and logging is carefully controlled. As

ASH WANBON a result, forests in Europe have increased by 44,000 square kilometres in size since 2005! Trees are renewable energy sources; with a single mature tree absorbing approximately 22kg of CO2 per year, it releases oxygen in return! Saplings are 25% more efficient at absorbing CO2 than mature trees, so it’s counterintuitive to fell mature trees. An international survey found 72% of

Inkspot Printers

Ash Wanbon is the manager of all design, print and pre-press operations at the Inkspot Printers. For the past 10 years he has been looking after clients printing and design needs, ensuring all artwork and print is prepared to the highest standard. 43



you want to conserve? Matboards are a fundamental component of almost every framed picture. However, understanding the vast range of information and choices available in matboards can be daunting to comprehend.

This is because even minor environmental changes can create condensation and moisture build up on the surface of the glass, which can in turn damage an artwork.

Here, we wish to provide some useful insights about matboards to help you to decipher some of the myths and facts about this vital aspect of our profession. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF MATBOARD?

A matboard is used to enhance and help the viewer to focus correctly on the image. This can be achieved through a combination of distance, balance, proportion and colour. The papers and core of a matboard are made from either impurified wood pulp, purified alpha-cellulose wood pulp, or in the case of museum grade, board cotton linter pulp.

In the absence of a matboard, a glass spacer is recommended to facilitate this function. However, not all matboard is designed to protect the artwork it touches.

Chat to your local matboard expert about the various matboards available and which might be the perfect one for your project. m

Some matboards such as decorator-grade (white core) matboards, can gradually cause irreparable damage to art through direct contact over time.

The primary purpose of matboard is to provide protection for the artwork and enhance the framing design.


The number one reason why consumers choose to custom frame an artwork is to protect and preserve the item. The matboard is designed to support an artwork and provides a safe distance between the artwork and the glass.

Paula and John Gowland are passionate about everything to do with the Art and Framing World. They head a team of experts with over 100 years combined knowledge in the area. Each member of the team brings their own unique skills that, when combined, leaves no stone unturned.

Sunshine Coast Art & Framing Gallery

You name irta, me it! we F SIP AND PAINT GALLERY NIGHTS $45pp Absolute beginners welcome, no experience necessary. All materials supplied. Bring yourself and a friend and your favourite tipple for a fun, relaxing night out. Or come on your own, you’re bound to meet some lovely people. Date nights, girls night out, family time, hen’s nights, corporate team building... any excuse to come and try something different. 27th March - Cockatoo 24th April - The palms


Art Supplies




Local Gallery


Gifts and Décor


Sunshine Coast Art and Framing Gallery formerly known as Caloundra Art and Framing Gallery

located in MINYAMA - FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED 8 Nicklin Way Minyama (next to Pillow Talk) 44 ISSUE 95

being a landlord? Buying a residential investment property is the right step towards securing your financial future. But the reality of being a landlord is often more time consuming and stressful than you thought.

It’s not as simple as sitting back and collecting rent from whoever takes up residency. You can hire a property manager, but even this isn’t foolproof; sometimes this causes even more headaches. But knowing the biggest potential risks and pain points can save your sanity. #1 PAIN POINT - Repairs and maintenance Legislation requires you to keep the property in good working order and in good repair. If there are outstanding repairs, tenants have grounds to be paid compensation or even terminate their lease. Repair costs are unpredictable and often come at a time when you don’t have the

spare cash. The feeling of “I’m always putting my hand in my pocket” is common among landlords. #2 PAIN POINT - Bad tenants Rent arrears, damage to the property, even installing a meth lab in the house… landlord’s worst nightmares. Unfortunately, it happens. It’s a common misconception that good screening will eliminate this risk. But it’s not that simple, bad tenants still slip through the cumbersome system of tribunals and blacklists. Plus, sometimes a good tenant turns bad due to relationship breakdown or job loss. #3 PAIN POINT - Incompetent property managers Property managers can assist but there is potential for communication issues. Playing phone tag or even worse, no-one calls back when you need to know what’s happening with your property. Trust is vital and choosing a property manager who guarantees their performance is what savvy landlords are doing. GuaRENTeed has been designed from the ground-up to alleviate this pain. In an Australian first, we provide landlords a Rent Guarantee, a Fixed Price Maintenance Guarantee and a Tenant Guarantee. ca

ABOUT KYLIE & LUKE Kylie and Luke are the founders of GuaRENTeed, an Australian prop tech scale up whose purpose is to enable property investors to be more successful through expert property management, technology and risk guarantees. Kylie and Luke are both professional landlords and have spent the last decade building the systems to become Australia’s #1 NRAS Housing company, managing over 1,000 properties from Townsville to Sydney.

ASK YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS... What’s important in your life? What would make this a great year for you? What do you need to achieve your business goals? What’s the biggest obstacle getting in your way? What do you need to say no to to make this happen? What is your business exit plan?

If you don’t know the answers or your accountant doesn’t ask you these questions, then it might be time to change accountants?





Paul Breheny fell in love with cooking from a young age, making his first loaf of bread at just five-years-old. Raised in Derbyshire, England by his publican parents, he was no stranger to the kitchen when he was growing up – in fact by the time he was seven, Paul had graduated to helping his parents feed their hungry patrons by cooking cheese and onion pies. Fast-forward to his teenage years and there was no question when it came to what he wanted to do for a living. Attending a catering college in the United Kingdom, Paul spent two years studying everything from making beds to cooking for the masses. Hungry to learn more and broaden his skills, he spent his first four years working for a variety of different restaurants and establishments, before making the move to Cronulla with his Australian wife. “I was the Executive Chef at the Sydney Morning Herald, where I used to cook for 2000 people, catering for the cafeteria and their private functions,” Paul said. “I got to cook for some pretty important people as well, like high flying executives and senior politicians.” During this time, Paul started a successful film catering business that prepared food for the cast and crew of shows like Home and Away and Australian Idol. He eventually sold this to open the award-winning Sydney restaurant Fratelli Del Mare, which he co-owned and operated for 10 years. By this time, Paul had developed a

46 ISSUE 95

passion for seafood and a knowledge of the entertainment industry, which he put into practice as the co-producer and presenter of TV show, The Hook and The Cook. “It’s essentially a show where we catch fish and show viewers how to cook it, there and then on the rocks,” Paul said. “It’s been pretty successful. When we were on TV we got to go to America with it, and now we’re on YouTube, we have 18,000 subscribers and some pretty big name fishing sponsors." “I’ve also done work with the TV show Escape with ET as a result of its success.” In addition to all this, Paul has worked as a commercial cookery trainer since 2007, joining the TAFE Queensland team at their Mooloolaba campus in 2016. Paul now spends his time passing on his extensive knowledge to the Sunshine Coast’s next generation of chefs, training both local and international students in the latest cooking techniques and providing them with invaluable skills that often see them land jobs working for some of the Coast’s – and the country’s – most prestigious restaurants. “I find it’s a close knit community here; everybody here knows everyone’s name,” Paul said. “It’s great to just see these kids improve and thrive – it’s really rewarding. I just love teaching and enjoy seeing people go from barely being able to use a knife to being a fully qualified chef."

“You’ll always have a job if you get into this career – you’ll never be out of work because there is work everywhere. And if you’re passionate about it, there are so many really good restaurants you can work for on the Coast,” he said. Working as part of a team of highly experienced and skilled chefs to deliver hands-on industry-standard training, Paul and his fellow cookery trainers regularly consult with local businesses to ensure they have their finger on the pulse of the food industry. Whether it’s offering a specialised focus on high demand cuisines or teaching students about costings, students and apprentices gain a fullyrounded knowledge that will see them enter the workplace as confident and capable employees. The Mooloolaba campus even has students operate a live restaurant, where they speak to customers and put everything they’ve learned into practice. “You have to be quick in the kitchen or you get left behind, so we put a lot of emphasis on making our students industry ready.”

Kick-start your culinary career and learn from the best with a course in cookery at TAFE Queensland. Visit or call 1300 308 233 today, and see where TAFE can take you.




*Select diploma courses. Eligibility criteria applies.

RTO 0275 CRICOS 03020E 47



eating disorders

Mark Forbes, the founder of endED, was announced as the 2020 Sunshine Coast Citizen of the Year at the Sunshine Coast Australia Day Awards on January 24. Mark and his wife Gayle started endED, a Sunshine Coast service that now provides nationwide support to people with eating disorders and their families, four years ago after many years supporting two daughters battling the harrowing effects of an eating disorder, a heart-breaking experience for any parent. From what began as a parents and carers support group each fortnight at their home, Mark now volunteers full-time for endED. In partnership with the Butterfly Foundation, Mark has worked tirelessly to raise more than $2.8 million to develop endED Butterfly

House, Australia’s first national residential treatment facility for eating disorder sufferers. Mark says having experience as carers for eating disorder sufferers is an invaluable point of difference for the organisation. endED provide weekly support groups on the Sunshine Coast with a range of holistic activities, including yoga, sewing, dance therapy, pottery and art therapy. endED recognises the need for a holistic and personalised approach in support of various stages of recovery and have compassionate certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coaches who are guided by Carolyn Costin’s ‘Eight Keys to Recovery’.

This model is based on discovering your inside knowledge, strengthening your healthy self, embracing new pathways of healing and

endED team: Millie Thomas, Mark Forbes, Laura Chamberlain.

re-shaping our values and purpose. We are also looking to partner with local businesses inviting them to join our endED 150 Club by committing $150 a month to help save a life. ca INSTAGRAM @endedaustralia FACEBOOK @endingeatingdisorders

Corporate tenant looking for homes to rent at the Sunshine Coast Offering: 3 Guaranteed rent 3 No vacancies 3 No arrears 3 No bad tenant drama 3 Annual fixed price repairs & maintenance

Call us today to see if your property is eligible 07 5414 2424 48 ISSUE 95


Joseph Pilates built a system of exercises that he called ‘Contrology’ to strengthen the entire body. He was a boxer and a circus performer who spent time watching animals move and stretch, this made him think about people and their need to move their body that way too. His book ‘Your Health’ was first published in 1934 and talks about the benefits of the balance of body and mind. Joe saw people suffering ill health and poor posture through the lack of movement. He realised that if we moved our bodies with the correct posture and alignment, our health would begin to turn around. He truly believed that bad posture caused disease and he spent his life proving this with the development of ‘Contrology’. In the 1980’s Contrology would become known

Joseph’s own specifications. Joe developed this system over 40 years, upgrading and refining to develop the perfect method. This is taking Pilates back to basics to enhance everyday bodies and to empower them to work to their maximum potential. m


as Pilates so names after its creator. Pilates was brought to Australia through dancers, with very few studios that specialised in this exercise form in the 1990’s. In the early 2000’s, it exploded and people began to realise the amazing benefits, including; improved strength, core strength, balance, faster injury recovery, improved posture. This all leads to less back pain, fewer injuries and overall wellbeing through movement. Classical Pilates maintains the original philosophies and apparatus from

Classical Pilates Noosa

Karen is a third generation Classical Pilates instructor taught and mentored by Wade Edwell, who she continues to study with. Wade is the only second generation teacher in Australia. Teaching Authentic Classical Pilates is Karen’s purpose and passion.

What can ‘Classical Pilates’ do for you?

True to the original work

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It can improve your ability to move efficiently and freely, without pain; It improves your core strength; Your flexibility; Your muscle strength; And therefore, your overall wellbeing; And anyone can do it, young, old, male, female, super-fit, or completely unfit. • The programs are designed specifically for your body and your current state.

HAVE YOU EVER TRIED PILATES? At Classical Pilates Noosa, we teach the original method (we are the only studio to do so on the Sunshine Coast). There is much more to Pilates than mat and reformer. All of our equipment is built to Joseph Pilates’ original design and specifications. Pilates is a practice, a balance of mind and body. Classical Pilates Noosa is a small boutique studio offering individual attention (one on one, or small classes no greater than three).

4/67 Mary Street, Noosaville Phone Karen 0419 894 991 49


What is classical pilates

Let’s keep our focus local. Supporting Sunshine Coast products and services really does make a difference. Next time you are looking to buy ANY product or service, remember SUPPORTING LOCAL MATTERS.



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Cashflow is always an issue in business. Cashflow is necessary to live your dreams.

1. Income Account – this is the one your income goes into.

A lot of business owners manage their business based on the amount of money that’s in the business bank account. Accountants and bookkeepers will always tell you that managing your business that way is not smart business but the reality is that for a lot of people, it’s an ingrained habit that they are not going to shake in a hurry. That’s okay, there is a solution.

2. Expenses – this is where you save up money to pay day to day bills for your business. 3. Tax – this is where you put money aside for your GST and Income Tax (for you and the business) and I also suggest stashing the Super money in there too.

It’s called Profit First.

4. Wages – this is for your wages – to compensate you for the work you do in the business.

It’s a system of using multiple bank accounts to sock away money for you, your staff, your employers and the tax man so there are no nasty surprises. And the best thing is you pay yourself first!

5. Profit – this is for you too, but it’s to compensate you for owning the business. This account is not touched until each quarter, when you take half of what’s in there to spend on your personal dreams.

The system itself is pretty simple: Open five Bank accounts and once a week, transfer amounts from the main bank account into the other ones. Easy? Well, maybe a little more complicated than that. The five Bank Accounts are:

The tricky part of all this is working out what percentage of income gets transferred to each account. That’s where a Profit First Professional can help. The Bookkeeper Hub are Profit First Professionals. Call Victoria on 0419 179 177 today. ca

MYBUSINESSNOW IS HERE TO TURN BUSINESS SUCCESS AND GROWTH ON ITS HEAD Mybusinessnow has a simple mantra. Any business can grow, and in fact most could double in 12 to 24 months, but if you don’t know what you don’t know, nothing changes.

• Create a brand, image and message that attracts customers and makes you easy to find.

Erwin Brem from Mybusinessnow has been working closely with businesses in Brisbane for over 25 years, helping them grow by attracting and retaining more clients, so he knows how to uncomplicate business growth and is now launching here on the Sunshine Coast.

• Retain every prospect, customer and client for as long as possible, get them coming back more often, spending more and referring others.

Mybusinessnow and the Business360 program have been developed with more than 33 years’ experience in multiple businesses. Erwin says the key drivers to business growth haven’t changed:


• Convert well, get the fundamentals of sales right.

• Get clear about what businesses miss. • Know what you want and how to do it. • Implement the skills, strategies, solutions and get support, to make it happen. To find out more email on or call 0403 471 540. ca


Erwin Brem


STARTS OUT ON HER OWN Vanessa Nock has recently launched her business Uniqueness Designer Jeweller. She specialises in custom design and manufacturing of Fine Jewellery. For 25 passionate years now, she’s been hand making jewellery for clients creating a deeper connection. She creates quality pieces to commemorate special occasions, memories and milestones. She brings the story, energy and emotion into their very own sculpture to hold, admire and enjoy. Allow her to take you on a journey to bring your dream to life and allow you to have what you truly desire. Vanessa will help cure the curiosity of how to achieve your forever-after creation. ca

Uniqueness Private studio, Maroochydore. P: 0409 057 442 Vanessa Nock


great in their bodies that they would attract attention outside of their committed relationship. Or there may be abuse in someone’s history and so in their (subconscious) mind, being bigger, or unattractive, feels safer. For some, it is simply being afraid to step into the limelight in their careers. It feels safer to stay where they are in life. You get the idea.

In the 16 years that I have worked as a dietitian, with further studies in mindfulness, counselling, eating psychology and psychology, I have learned that most people DO know what to eat.

The food, body, weight, eating issue is an INDICATOR towards something deeper. Bigger.

I have observed that food or weight are the triggers that bring someone to work with me, however, they are merely the messengers, the indicators, the symptoms, not the cause. What is really going on for someone lies deeper. Although many people feel that if they just knew what to eat to lose weight, gain energy, resolve their illnesses or intolerances, regain their most optimal health, etc this is simply a “tripwire” of sorts keeping them stuck in the same old cycles, struggles and preoccupations.

I invite you to consider this for yourself. If this resonates with you, let’s connect. Mention Matters Magazine for a complimentary 30 minute 1:1 Energy and Metabolism Diagnostic. ca

Bridget Jane

I see women, and men, spend years, decades, their entire lives, looking for THE diet that will resolve their woes, meanwhile their BEST life is passing them by.

I invite my clients to think bigger about what is going on for them. To zoom out the lens, take a bird’s eye view and, most importantly, look through some heavy-duty love goggles.

The core problem is usually more complex, multi-faceted and has origins that have little or nothing to do with food or eating.

For example, I have seen people hold onto weight for reasons of SAFETY. They may feel that if they lost weight, got in shape and felt

New Leaf Nutrition P: 0421 332 243 E: 51




YOU’VE HAD DREAMS TO UPGRADE Sometimes our BIG DREAMS can get placed on hold.

internal and external home improvement products.

Why not make your 2020 VISION come alive by giving Harlequin Blinds and Security a call? We can help the whole way through, from coming up with the inspiration, working out what will suit you and your home the best. Our quality products and second to none service will turn your big dreams into A DREAM COME TRUE. The only thing you will be wondering is why you didn’t call us earlier.

Owned and operated by a local Sunshine Coast family, we manufacture and supply the most comprehensive range of blinds, awnings, security, shutters, and curtains, allowing you to have great choices for surprisingly affordable prices.

Harlequin Blinds and Security was first established in the early 1990’s. Since then, it has grown to become one of the Sunshine Coast’s best-known local manufacturers of

We are so proud of the level of satisfaction we give our customers, offering great service with the best quality you can find. ca Harlequin Blinds and Security Ph 07 5476 9888

ARE YOUR BUSINESS DREAMS FOCUSED WITH 20/20 VISION? It’s that time of year again. We’ve all done it – made New Year’s resolutions and promptly forgotten about them or let them slide by the wayside. The steps to achieving your dreams sound quite simple: 1. DREAM BIG – make sure you clarify your Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) & write it down. P: 07 5444 7094 E:

2. Work Backwards – break down what you need to achieve in the next three years, 12 months and three months.

3. Rinse and Repeat - but don’t forget to reward yourself and your team for achieving your goals. Putting your BHAG out there front and center gives you the drive to get started. Coupling it with an advisor who works backwards from this goal to give you step by step processes to achieve it, gives you the stamina to keep going. We run regular business planning sessions, if this is something you need some help with, feel free to call the office on 5444 7094. ca

A LITTLE HIDDEN TREASURE, LESS THAN AN HOUR FROM HOME Montville Grove seriously is a little hidden treasure just three kilometers from Montville. It’s three individual holiday cottages cater for the whole family, a group of friends, that beautiful romantic weekend away, or maybe that solo writing retreat you’ve been promising yourself. Either way, it is most definitely one of the most beautiful locations in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. The team can also put together customised ‘Indulgence Packages’, including flowers, handmade chocolates and a massage, as the perfect gift for someone you love. Nestled in a gorgeous rainforest location at 52 ISSUE 95

318 Western Avenue, Montville Grove cottages offer privacy and tranquility, setting the scene for an amazing relaxing escape. Everything you could ever need to make your stay comfortable and relaxing, including; a spa bath, log fires, self-contained kitchen, private deck, barbecue facilities, reverse cycle air-conditioning, television, DVD player and sound system, linen and bathrobes, is provided. For more information, call 5442 9186 or visit the Montville Grove website at You’ll always get the best rate booking direct. ca

Montville Grove P: 07 5442 9186 A: 318 Western Ave, Montville Queensland 4560 E:



Best practices for internet security when running a business is imperative in order to protect not only your company’s assets, but also your customer’s data. Here are a few tips to avoid cyber-attacks and keep your business and customer data secure. 1. Establish the groundwork for backups: All your business software and data must be backed up on a regular basis. Plenty of tools are available to automate the backup process so in the event of a cyber-attack, data can simply be restored from your most recent backup and the loss will be minimal. 2. Keep Passwords Secure: A tight password policy is an essential component for businesses protecting themselves from attack. Effective passwords contain a variety of numbers, letters and symbols. Password management software platforms are readily available to avoid passwords being compromised; a popular example is Last Pass.

3. E ducate Staff: (a) Never download or open attachments that come from unknown people (b) Only ever input data into websites that have an adequate SSL certificate. Check the web browser address bar for the little padlock indicating the site is secure. (c) Encourage staff to advise you if they suspect security has been compromised in any way. ca

Rob and Liz Burrell

Click Access P: 07 5315 5440 E:



Many of us know mental health does not discriminate. It can affect any one of us at some stage in our life with research indicating one in five, or 20%, of people in Australia experience a mental health crisis. Thankfully the stigma of mental health is changing and we are noticeably seeing and hearing more discussion around mental health in our communities, from governments, through many different media platforms and celebrities sharing their own experiences. Working with a diverse number of people, primarily women, in the health and wellness and medical sector over the last 10 years really highlighted that there was a significant need for creating an imaginative, soul enriching, beautiful, positive place with professional, evidence

based therapy options to assist women with their emotional and mental wellness. Heart n Soul Wellness by Natasha was created for women experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression and other stress related conditions. Being a registered nurse and working expansively with people experiencing mental health illness/conditions and completing a Masters of Mental Health (nursing), I decided to combine these skills and knowledge with eight years as a high-end beauty/ spa therapist. This has enabled Heart n Soul Wellness to evolve

and blossom into a beautiful, tranquil, and safe private practice. Clients often refer to it as the ‘ultimate woman’s cave’ and the delightful aromatics wafting outside often attract people to find out what’s behind the big door. I guess it tells us we’re doing great things when clients look forward to attending their ‘Emotional & Mental Wellness’ sessions and quite often don’t want to leave. Heart n Soul Wellness by Natasha is based in Yandina. Natasha is a registered nurse specialising in mental health and a highly experienced beauty/spa

therapist who works with women experiencing anxiety, depression and other stress related illnesses/ conditions. The ‘Emotional & Mental Wellness’ sessions are tailored to each individual and tap into all of the senses and include mindfulness, aromaTHERAPY, teaTHERAPY, talkTHERAPY, spaTHERAPY and funTHERAPY ca Heart n Soul Wellness by Natasha Ph: 0412 635 118 E: Facebook/instagram: @Heartnsoulwellness_by_natasha 53





Fiona Hall started her journey into the world of finance 15 years ago. She truly believes finance and property go hand in hand. The passion and sense of purpose Fiona has felt while buying and building property for herself over the last ten years has cemented her belief that this is her love. When she read the testimonial below from a client, everything became crystal clear - Bright Investment Plans was no longer just a possibility. Fiona knew empowering everyday people to see possibility for building and owning their own home was her future.

Dranko Magic

A REAL MAGIC MOMENT – To Fiona, Thank you. From the bottom on our hearts, we are beyond grateful and overjoyed by your persistence. You gave us a change, you looked at us, you believed in us, you went the extra mile. After hours of phone calls and evening drop ins, you have gone above and beyond what is required. Whilst maintaining your professionalism, you have gone from being more than someone who has looked at our finances and thought we were worth a chance to being someone who has gotten to know us personally and helped from your heart. We honestly can’t explain how grateful we are for this opportunity you helped us to achieve. Every step of the way you have listened, given advice and made this experience comfortable for us first timers. Because of you, we are more than homeowners, we have confidence because someone believed in us and helped our dream come alive, we are truly grateful. With love, Daryl, Jess, Ruby and Zara

What Fiona did for Daryl, Jess, Ruby and Zara, she can do for you too. She loves working with first homeowners or investors wanting to build. Holding your hand every step of the way to work out what will suit your lifestyle, where you want to live and what type of house you want to build. She also looks at your budget, lifestyle and needs, assisting to work out a plan. Fiona will project manage the entire process right through to completion, including assistance with finance, house design and plans, choosing the land and getting you a great deal, almost like getting your property wholesale. So, if you are paying rent, are full time employed and have a little in the bank, then there truly hasn’t ever been a better time to act. It’s so much easier than you think. Download your FREE FACT SHEET, ‘We can build our own home’ Bullet points for a Bright Future, at or call now to book your complementary ‘Can we do this?’ session with Fiona. ca Bright Investment Plans Ph: 0490 523 679 E: 54 ISSUE 95

HAPPY 50TH MR MAGIC! Wow, it seems like only yesterday we were all saying Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. With all the New Year resolutions we may have made, how are yours going? 2020 is going to be the best year ever, why I hear you say? For me, it’s because I (the magic man) am turning 50 this year, in fact, in this issue, that’s right 50! In fact I am twinnies (except for the year) with our amazing cover girl, Roz White. Happy Birthday Roz and what a great birthday gift to be a COVER GIRL! I find it hard to believe that I will be 50, but there you go. Where have the years gone? How did I get here so quickly? How have I managed to stay so damn hot, like a sunrise, after all these years? Hee hee! Like most of us, when I was young, I thought 50 was very old, over the hill and it’s downhill the rest of the way. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s most definitely no longer true. We may look and feel older, however our minds, well mine anyway, still acts and thinks I’m still 18? Okay maybe 21. So, whatever number you are reaching this year, remember it’s just a number. Honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing! Not one thing! This is our path, how we got here to this point, we can’t change that, we can’t go backwards. Be happy with the journey you have taken, happiness is not about yesterday or tomorrow, it’s about being present each day and each moment, being grateful for what you have and where we live. Until next time, ‘Don’t worry be happy’ c




Dream big, start small, act now: six simple words that should define every business owner’s mindset. Because no matter where you’re at in your business journey, you’ve got a vision and you want to make it happen. You’ve likely set some New Year’s resolutions. One month down, have you achieved what you wanted? Or have your goals slipped off the radar? If you’re the latter, you are not alone. Statistics say about 80% of people who make New Year’s resolutions drop them by the second week of February.

The good news is, you can kickstart your goals any day of the year. But to get a better outcome, you might need to revisit your approach. Write down your most important achievements and relationships if you had decades, years, or just days. Filter down to what really matters and prioritise that.

We understand families, we have families too

At Chomley Family Law we aim to help you reach a quick resolution whilst achieving a lasting agreement and avoiding high conflict situations. We offer the following services:

• Separation/ Divorce • Children/ Parenting rights • Defacto • Child Support • Binding Financial Agreements • Domestic Violence • Dispute Resolution • Grandparents Rights • Same Sex Relationship • Paternity You wouldn’t hire a plumber to change a light bulb. Why would you trust anyone but an alternate dispute solicitor with your most precious asset, your family?

Break your ‘big dream’ into small tasks. And lastly, but importantly… act now! Bentleys helps people and businesses achieve their aspirations. Contact us today on 5436 0300 or at, and we can help you get where you want to be. ca

ABOUT BRENDON Brendon Murray is a Partner at Bentleys

Advisors and Accountants on the Sunshine Coast. He is passionate about helping small businesses succeed and works with a range of businesses across many industries. He’s also a part-time farmer, lawn connoisseur and fierce family man.

Call Micaela (07) 5438 8222 E: 55



the truth hurts

What I’m about to tell you will probably shock you, maybe even offend you.

The difference isn’t in their hairdressing skill. It’s in the marketing and selling of that salon. This is the same across all industries. The single most important rule in business, is to sell.

If you have a sales machine that predictably brings in new customers every day, owning a business can be phenomenal.

Here goes…

Most entrepreneurs don’t own a business, they own a job. You see, they become a slave to their business. They started their business out of passion, but then somewhere along their journey they lose their way. They begin checking their email as soon as their eyes open, they get bogged down in ‘tactical hell,’ dealing with time-sucking activities that drain the life out of them. In comparison, an entrepreneur who owns a thriving, successful business that consistently

If you don’t, owning a business can be unpredictable, unreliable, and stressful.

generates hordes of new leads, clients and revenue each week is relying on automated systems and a team to run the daily operations and ‘grunt work’ of the business and make higher profits. What’s the difference between a hairdresser who opens a salon and 10 years later realises they’ve created a job, not a business and another who starts a hairdressing business and in 10 years has 16 locations and then sells it in a multi-million-dollar deal?

All the shiny marketing tactics, and tools being peddled won’t solve the problem. You need something different – to implement a value driven “selling system.” If you want to know how, call me for a FREE, no-obligation 30-minute strategy session. Go to and press ‘Book a Strategy’ or email ca 1300 640 508

ABOUT KIRSTY Kirsty’s experience sits with business growth and marketing, problem solving, and automation, you could call her a ‘serial

entrepreneur’. At a young age she entered the business world, with the enthusiasm to learn, she ventured out on her own at the age of 15. The lessons and skills learnt were invaluable and have allowed her to help 100’s of businesses reach their true potential so far. Digital is the main focus at the moment, the possibilities are endless. Kirsty is lucky enough to work with some extraordinary businesses doing some of her favourite things; business growth, automation, and problem solving. Please reach out and let me know how I can help you :)

CLINIC & MOBILE DENTURE SERVICE OFFERING AN EXCEPTIONAL CARING SERVICE • Express repairs while you wait • New, Full or Partial Dentures • Same Day Relines • Implant Retained Over Dentures • Visit The Clinic or We Can Come To You • DVA Gold Card Holders Welcome • Recognised By All Major Health Funds • Medibank Preferred Provider

Call us for a consultation on 5444 6116 Darren Fletcher

1/130 Brisbane Road Mooloolaba QLD 4557 Email: 56 ISSUE 95

MYBUSINESSNOW WANTS TO TURN BUSINESS GROWTH ON ITS HEAD! Erwin Brem has been working with businesses of all types and sizes for over 25 years. The fundamentals behind business and growth are simple, but if you don’t know what you don’t know, nothing changes. There’s also never been a more important time than right now to get those fundamentals right, understand how to attract more clients, keep them coming back, spending more and also getting every aspect of business structured, so it’s simple, easy and quick. Eliminate business overwhelm and uncomplicate the process of business growth. We’ve developed the most uncomplicated and simple structure to building a better business. Everything focuses around eight key business drivers, that 99% of businesses miss. 60% of businesses in Australia turnover under $200,000, almost any business has the potential to double within 12 to 24 months.

Mybusinessnow is a business group training program. The objective of Mybusinessnow is to turn business growth on its head. Business success and growth is easy, you just need to know how. Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.


ThinkBusinessGrowth, free one hour review and business growth plan. Not sure if a business growth program could work for you. Why not try before you buy. There’s no obligation and if you do choose to join the program, there’s no contracts. If it’s not for you, that’s ok.

Matters Magazine GRAB IT QUICK 360 FREE OFFER • 1 hour discovery360 business growth review Claim yours today, contact us below.

Find out how easy, simple and fast business growth can actually be, if you know what to do. Mybusinessnow runs monthly introductory workshops, as part of the Business360 group training program. These are free to attend and give business owners and professionals an overview of what businesses do wrong and the opportunities they miss.

Join us at one of our next upcoming free introductory events. Claim your spot today. Contact us below.

If you’d like to know more about Mybusinessnow or the Business360 program just click on the link below or email and I’ll send you one of our free business growth kits. 57


BEATING diabetes In 2018, the life expectancy at birth of Australians was 82.9 years, the sixth highest globally. However, when we examine the medical needs of those over 60, the levels of chronic disease and the steady increase in nursing home residency, the picture is not so rosy. Many would prefer to live shorter lives rather than suffer slow and painful degeneration during the last quarter. The health intelligence acquired and the choices made during the prime years will determine to a great degree the quality of life experienced in old age.

Proper eating and regular exercise will make a big difference. An understanding of the hormone, insulin, is also a factor that may help in the achievement of quality longevity. Insulin is produced in the pancreas and released in response to elevations in blood glucose. It influences many bodily functions. Insulin converts sugar and other food into energy for immediate use, or for storage to be used in times of need. Insulin also regulates the rate of ageing. With a shift in one’s fat-protein-carbohydrate ratio, diabetes mellitus can be avoided, stabilised, managed and even cured. When excessive carbohydrates are ingested over a period of time, insulin receptors in muscle, liver and fat cells fail to take up sugar. This results in levels of glucose building up in the blood. A prolonged elevation in blood glucose can cause heart disease, obesity, impaired eyesight, peripheral vascular disease, high blood pressure and many other diseases. India is the diabetic capital of the world. The Indian Council of Medical Research estimates that India has 65.1 million diabetics requiring regular medication. Only China, with 109.6 million, has more globally. Dr Mohan, president of the Madras Diabetes Research Foundation, states diabetes is now found in persons as young as 15 years.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 4,612 Australians died as a direct result of diabetes mellitus in 2018, while an average of over 300 new cases are diagnosed each day. Diabetes is Australia’s fastest growing chronic disease, and the seventh highest cause of death. Over 1.8 million Australians are living with diabetes. 58 ISSUE 95

Approximately 42% of the Indian population are strict vegetarians, consuming a diet that is high carbohydrate, low fat and low protein. If this sector of the country were to replace some of their grain and sweet foods with eggs, soft cheeses, butter and sour cream, and increase the performance of regular physical activity, there would be a significant decrease in diabetes within a few years. America also boasts a high diabetes statistic,

with 9.4% of the population diagnosed. The American Diabetes Association reported 30.3 million sufferers as at January 2019, mostly due to a diet high in sugar, processed grain foods, refined oils and concentrated carbohydrates. It has been found that when insulin is controlled in animals, through a reduction in dietary carbohydrates, they live much longer.

Control carbohydrate consumption. Keep it to around 50 to 80 grams per day (one slice of bread has 15 grams). Sugar and other refined carbohydrates provide quick energy, however they also tend to elevate blood glucose levels. Replace carbohydrates with good fats that provide sustained energy; and maintain a moderate level of protein in the diet. Make vegetables the main source of carbohydrates. Diabetes Type 2 is a lifestyle related disease that is mostly avoidable. Regular exercise along with a little self-control is generally all that is needed to live that much longer. With our magnificent Australian climate, open space and access to quality foods, there is no reason why we cannot take first position in the next world study. a Gary Martin ND Living Valley Health Retreat

Discover the feeling of vibrant health AT LIVI NG VAL L EY - A N OT- FO R - PR O F I T, H O L I ST I C H E A LT H R E T R E AT

Set amongst 145 acres of lush green hills in the Noosa Hinterland, Living Valley is only 30 minutes from Noosa, but a million miles from the hustle and bustle of daily life. You will enjoy world-class cuisine based around carefully designed nutritional programs, cleansing and therapeutic treatments, naturopathic consultations, health education, fitness training, pilates and exercise classes as well as cooking workshops and much more! Your healthier, happier future starts with just one call - 1800 644 733

“It is the best investment in yourself, a program of discovery and the tools for great living”

It’s life-changing ph: 1800 644 733 59



tone your muscles,


Do you want to achieve one or all of the above in 2020? Maybe you just don’t feel that you have enough hours in the day. This is quite a common struggle, too much to do, too little time. This is the reason that Fit in 20 is taking the world by storm. This European technique, which was founded in Europe, is certainly something the Europeans are loving, and discerning Australians are quickly following in their footsteps. Just 20-minute sessions can help the user to: TONE MUSCLE Normal training doesn’t activate all of your muscle fibers, Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) reaches nearly 98% of them with far less strenuous and more joint friendly (isometric) exercises than a normal gym workout. LOSE BODY FAT Within six to eight weeks, under guidance of a personal trainer, you will see and feel a change in your body shape. With the right diet, your body fat will greatly reduce and your muscle strength and size will increase. EMS members that wanted to lose excess weight lost an average of 3.5 kilograms and 9% body fat as well as 6.5 centimetres at the waist

and two centimetres on their upper arm circumference after just 13 weeks of training. REDUCE CELLULITE EMS technology not only stimulates muscle growth, it also works on other soft tissues like fat cells and connective tissue. Cellulite is irregular fat deposits beneath the skin. Few methods have been found helpful to clear these dimples, but weekly workouts and the cardio program of EMS will reduce the contents of the fat cells and improve circulation.

EMS will effectively reduce fat stores from the hips, waist and buttocks and firm up the muscles just under the orange skin, making EMS a brilliant ‘cellulite buster’. Not sure it’s for you? Give it a try and see the results firsthand. ca

ABOUT ROELIE With a 10 year history of training elite athletes and being active in the medical field, Roelie Schmidt is passionate about the potential and science of EMS training. Key part of our studio is creating a supportive and inviting environment that is first in the field of EMS fitness and remedial treatment.

Do you want more INCOME? A better LIFESTYLE?


The SECRET Recipe

We empower business owners who are looking to improve their business. Our program pays for itself over and over. We offer proven experience and proven results. Contact me now at to claim your FREE CHEAT SHEET – ‘THE SECRET RECIPE for Margins, Sales and Marketing and Productivity’ Phone: 0427 274 105 Email: Website: Facebook: The Local Business Network Noosa

60 ISSUE 95

to put you on the right path FOR 2020

BY SHAREE WEBSTER, CA DIRECTOR, HOLMANS ACCOUNTING & TAXATION Welcome to 2020! A new decade in the making. Here are some tax matters to start the year off on the right footing. Best to action now so the second half of the 2020 financial year, is the best. EXTENSION GRANTED BY THE ATO DUE TO BUSHFIRES Please check your Australian Tax Office (ATO) portal/bookkeeper/ accountant to see if you are eligible for an extension for your tax obligations. If you are in a fire-affected area, you now have an extension until May 28, 2020 to lodge and pay business activity statements and tax returns. ACCESSING THE ATO BUSINESS PORTAL From April 1, 2020 the ATO will remove the AUSkey system. Businesses will no longer be able to use this system to communicate with the ATO, instead they will need to use the new myGovID. For the new system you will need a smart device so we recommend you plan ahead to avoid any lastminute issues.

SUPER GUARANTEE (SG) AMNESTY The Government is working towards introducing its SG amnesty Bill into Parliament in February 2020. If it’s approved by the Senate, the Bill will allow employers to catch up unpaid super for employees without fees and penalties. This assists with a past problem, but not the future. All employers should now be on Single Touch Payroll system, which provides the Tax Office with real time information on wages and super payments. Businesses should be making sure they are keeping their cashflow up to date to ensure fines won’t be applicable for the non-payment of employee super. CHANGES TO DEDUCTIBILITY OF PAYMENTS From July 1, 2019 the ATO will disallow deductions for payments to workers and contractors if you haven’t withheld the correct amount of tax. We can’t cover all the new rules here, however two rules to keep in mind are: Tax must now be withheld when:

1. Paying directors fees and 2. No Australian Business Number (ABN) has been quoted by contractors. Remember when paying contractors to check the ABN is valid. QBCC ANNUAL REPORTING OOPS, MISSED THE LODGEMENT DATE? By now all licensees should have lodged mandated Financial Statements of their “most recent reporting year”. If, however, you failed to meet the deadline, you

should submit as soon as possible to avoid the QBCC taking regulatory action. Recommendation: If the QBCC is yet to contact you, we recommend you contact them to discuss your options moving forward. Don’t forget: If you couldn’t meet the deadline due to hardship – ensure you notify the QBCC as an extension may be provided at their discretion. m

Disclaimer: This article contains general information only. Regrettably, no responsibility can be accepted for errors, omissions or possible misleading statements or for any action taken as a result of any material in this guide. It is not designed to be a substitute for professional advice, as such a brief guide cannot hope to cover all circumstances and conditions applying to the law as it relates to these items.


CA Director, Holmans Accounting & Taxation

Sharee Webster is one of the directors of Holmans and she manages the Maroorchydore office. Sharee is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Queensland, a Chartered Tax Adviser from the Taxation Institute of Australia and a Registered Tax Agent. At Holmans, Sharee specialises in business structures, taxation advice, superannuation and in particular Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs). She has extensive experience in providing strategic tax advice to private clients, owner-operated family businesses and large corporate entities. 61





that fire in my belly… In the words of Lyn Kelly, Marcoola Dental owner, the passion, the fire in her belly, comes from great customer service and wanting to provide a service to the Sunshine Coast community. Marcoola Dental is a bespoke dental practice located on the border of Marcoola and Mount Coolum in the Town of Seaside. A beach community, in a lovely leafy area, surrounded by small businesses, cafes and a restaurant with the Marcoola Life Saving Club only minutes away.

62 ISSUE 95

The husband and wife team have a real desire to provide great customer service and stand by their belief that ‘Prevention is better than treatment’. Working with our patients to ensure they can maintain good oral health for life. With a range of services, including; full examinations, cleans, fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers, root canals, teeth whitening and extractions, all with the utmost care and attention given to maintaining high hygiene standards. The team Lyn has brought together, is among the best in the business. Lyn has 20 years in banking and finance, with many years in managing different businesses in different industries and her husband, who is a silent partner, is a diesel fitter by trade. They have owned and managed their own agribusiness for seven years and Lyn has previously managed a four-surgery dental practice and a retail business.

Lyn’s favorite saying is, “Life is a journey”, and she says, “Our journey is no exception. The people you meet and the places you live, makes us what we are today and you meet the most wonderful people at our dental practice. I always say do what you love and love what you do, this has been very important to us.” ca


Being a Bartercard member opens your business up to thousands of like-minded people who are willing and able to do business with you. Use the power of Bartercard to increase your network today.

1300 227 837 63


Mercure hotels

NOW ON THE SUNSHINE COAST 10 years ago, travel shoppers were not flocking to review sites before booking hotels, but now it’s a given that our prospective guests conduct their fair share of research before booking … 96% consider reviews important when researching a hotel. With online reviews and successful online reputation management having such a strong influence on both the consumer and the hotel, the value of our commitment to being “guest obsessed” is reinforced! After recently becoming a part of the Accor Hotels Group, as the first and only Mercure Hotel on the Sunshine Coast, our entire team have embraced their customer service training and philosophy. In this world of technology, now more than ever people want the real deal … at the heart of human connection is authenticity; a feeling of realness! “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”.

The difference is simply in how people feel when they’re with us! We believe in making our guests’ days just that little bit brighter and their trips just that little bit smoother … and because we believe in human connection, our guests feel special, recognised and appreciated.

What does this mean for you and how can you help us, help you? Life isn’t perfect, sometimes even with the best planning and intentions things can go wrong. If this happens to you, don’t wait until you leave to raise the issue, let staff know … the hotel would love the opportunity to fix whatever is wrong and make sure your stay is everything you wanted plus more! We love reviews … but what we love even more is the opportunity for positive outcomes such as was the case for this recent guest ca

GREAT STAFF Sometimes things go wrong when staying somewhere and I don’t believe you should judge a place on what goes wrong but how it is handled. While staying here on Australia Day weekend we had a negative experience however the way the staff responded was first class. They addressed the issue immediately and followed up later to ensure that everything was fixed. This made what would have been a very poor stay into a positive stay and means we will visit again if on the coast. The room was great with comfortable bed and pillows with plenty of room and huge shower which are the most important things for me when staying somewhere.

JOHN ÖRNING John Örning is a hospitality professional with more than 30 years’ experience in Hotels and Restaurants, the last 20 in different senior executive positions. He is born and bred in Sweden with a military leadership education and moved to Australia 2010 with his young family.

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BAND TOGETHER WITH A WILL TO SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER 2020 is packing a real punch with drought and fires wreaking havoc and turmoil across our nation, but in spite of our greatest challenge there are always shining stars, heroes who perform wonders of bravery in spite of personal fear and loss, showing relentless determination with courage to defend, protect, preserve and save lives. Embattled Aussies band together with a will to support one another. Inspirational acts of kindness come from all corners, big and small. Heartfelt generosity to provide vital help and genuine effort to make a difference flows through communities with broad and varied initiatives of giving. It also prompts a stronger notion to support our local networks. Aussie’s supporting Aussie made, grown, created and initiated. Consumers are empowered with choice, which carries a powerful level of influence and

distinct impact. The dawn of this new decade has seen many Australian retailers and businesses, sadly, shut up shop, across all segments of the commercial landscape. The changing tide of business is driven by how consumers shop and is reflective of the market economy. There is no question supporting the local supply chain, buying direct from local farmers, independently owned manufacturers and retailers, family owned service providers and professional groups, delivers a strong and enduring economic impact. This style of collaboration multiplies the power of every $1 spent because local families reinvest in their local areas. As we face challenges in this great nation of extremes with the knowledge that we are a pretty good bunch, a genuine group of peeps who like keeping it real, let’s stay mindful of how we can collectively influence with the power of choice. Consciously considering where to spend our hard-earned cash can alter the vitality of where we live, not just consumers but governments too. Choice that has the potential to unlock greater diversity and inspire confidence for innovativeness. Choice which has impact to make a difference

and create change for the better by keeping local families employing and supporting other local families, which empowers our community to importantly assist those who may need it more; our vulnerable. Wherever possible #shoplocal #buylocal to build a stronger, diverse and vibrant community. ca

• 2015/16 IGA State and National Retail Excellence • 2017 IGA National Community •2 017 IGA Hall Of Fame Award Winner • 2018 IGA State Retailer of the Year

ABOUT ROZ Roz White and her husband, Michael, commenced their retailing journey on the Sunshine Coast in 1993. Currently the IGA Group consists of the Supa IGA Bli Bli, IGA Mooloolah, IGA Peregian Beach and IGA Mt Coolum, and our new store in Baringa, Aura opening August 2019. The unique ‘locavore’ culture guarantees you to always spot a local in store, because they are locally owned, they employ locals and it’s where the locals shop. 65


Embattled Aussies

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experienced and professional PROPERTY MANAGER

Last edition we discussed whether you should use a property manager. To develop this further, I have set out nine key benefits of using an experienced and professional property manager. Benefit 1 – Fewer problem tenants - property managers are experts at screening tenants, reference checking and reviewing rental history to recommend high quality tenants. You, of course, have the final say. Benefit 2 – Avoid unpleasant confrontations – a property manager is a buffer between you and the tenant and will deal with problems from late payments through to damaged property. Benefit 3 – Tenants feel supported – property managers are more accessible to address problems all hours of the day and our negotiating power with tradespeople ensures the best price on all maintenance jobs.

the same legislative requirements as property managers in their dealings with tenants. This means you will need to stay abreast of constantly changing legal requirements, so choosing a property manager may save you time and money over the long term. Benefit 8 – Comprehensive insurance – landlords with a property manager may be eligible for more comprehensive insurance cover and other advantages. Benefit 9 – Reduce your risk – by engaging a property manager you reduce the chance of having a vacant property, lowering your risk of lost income. Next edition: What to ask a potential property manager. m

Benefit 4 – Decrease tenant turn over – good property managers know how to keep their tenants happy so they are more likely to want to stay and renew their lease. Benefit 5 – On time rent – consistent rent collection is the key to receiving payments on time. Property managers will enforce lease policies if payments aren’t received. Benefit 6 – Less stress – someone else is managing your property and tenants. Benefit 7 – Strict legislative requirements - private owners are bound by


Principal/Business owner of LJ Hooker Mooloolaba

Yasna commenced her career in real estate at the age of 18 and hasn’t looked back. Starting as junior receptionist and working her way through all the job roles and departments in real estate, Yasna loved the industry so much that she bought the office and has been at LJ Hooker Mooloolaba for over 22 years.

Are you looking for a local Real Estate Agency with a FIVE STAR RATING? At LJ Hooker Mooloolaba, we are a business of local people just like you. We pride ourselves on caring and understanding to help you achieve your goals. We cover residential Sales and Property Management as well as Holiday Rentals.

Our sales team offers cutting edge marketing strategies; savvy negotiation skills and a flexible approach to suit and each and every seller from budget to executive water front or multi million dollar properties. Our property management department is highly regarded by landlords and tenants alike. With almost zero rent arrears; less than 1% vacancy rate and staff who understand the need for exceptional customer service, landlords can be assured of five-star quality service.


Yasna Hawthorne 0418 544 405 or 5444 4411 67




With a large selection of unique international, award-winning wines, Japan’s finest craft beer, saké and whisky AKANE is ideal for functions, corporate events and special occasions. Located in the heart of Maroochydore, in the Sunshine Coast’s entertainment hub. AT AKANE TEPPANYAKI it’s about the food, the service, the atmosphere ALL creating the ultimate EXPERIENCE

BEAUTIFUL, ELEGANT & ENTERTAINING DINING 22 Ocean Street, Maroochydore TEL : 07 5391 3788

68 ISSUE 95

At Akane, we serve a selection of traditional Japanese small meals ranging from $6-$13. Ideally enjoyed sitting back, relaxing with a Japanese craft beer or even your favourite sakè. Expect flavour packed dishes like King Whisky and miso glazed eggplant, pan seared scollops on sautéed mushrooms with yuzu sauce, crispy pork belly with house pickles, cinnamon apple purée and vinaigrette. Open lunch and dinner seven days a week.

MARCH ONLY UP TO 20% off main teppanyaki banquets, must book and mention Matters Magazine (t&c’s apply). 69




Jennine Sellers gets the shivers just thinking about how many businesses are chasing their BIG DREAMS every day without taking the time to ensure they have suitable protections in place to buffer them from the unexpected. As the leader of the highly experienced team at Poole General Insurance Brokers, she takes great satisfaction from equipping people with the peace of mind that comes from having adequate insurance in place. “It’s frightening how many people don’t have any business insurance, many business owners don’t realise the potential ramifications if they remain unprotected,” Jennine says. Public liability, management liability, professional indemnity and many other policies exist to save businesses from bankruptcy if a product has hurt someone, or a customer has slipped over and hurt themselves on your premises and has chosen to lawyer-up. Jennine has spent 25 years in the industry and is an expert at being able to assess businesses and recommend policies that will serve their needs while also being the best bang for their buck.

With her on your side, the good news is becoming protected and navigating business insurance doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. “People are always really good in their businesses, dress makers will be fantastic at picking fabrics and experimenting with new designs, landscapers have excellent vision for their projects as well as the practical skills needed to complete the job, but they are often so busy in their business that they put insurance into the too-hard basket.

70 ISSUE 95

“When it comes to business insurance, we only recommend policies that are relevant to your individual situation. There will be policies you need to have, those that are good to have and those you don’t need at all and we sort all of that out for you.” Jennine says they present the options using industry-relevant scenarios so business owners, from sole traders through to large corporations, can understand the ramifications of each option before making an informed decision.

business itself, if you have expanded or started to offer new services, you may need to tweak your policy to remain covered.” Jennine has a few tips for businesses to consider to help them reduce policy premiums; keep excellent business records and maintain good housekeeping practices and remove anything unnecessary to reduce the risk of injury to employees as well as visiting customers. Poole Group Insurance Brokers offer much more than business insurance, they can also help you with home and contents, boat, vehicle and travel insurance, offering a “full lifecycle” for all policies, which means you are in trusted hands.

Even if you have existing policies, Jennine recommends they are reviewed every single year as not only do policies and what they cover get tweaked from time to time, but the business environment is also evolving.

They are with you from the initial fact-finding phase, where they get to know you and assess what you really need before placing policies you choose and producing the policy documents. They are also your first port of call if you ever need to lodge a claim and are with you step by step through the process to ensure you receive every cent you are entitled to.

“We review policies every single year because change happens whether people realise it or not. Less than 10 years ago, businesses didn’t have to worry about cybersecurity and the potential of being hacked into. Even within the

The Poole Group has been operating on the Sunshine Coast for more than 20 years as a successful accountancy firm, but adding the insurance services arm to their repertoire 10 years ago has allowed them to provide holistic


OPEN 7 DAYS! Mon-Fri: 7am - 6pm Sat: 7am - 5pm Sun: 8am - 4pm

support to their clients in the form of a one-stop shop. Jennine says the different arms of the business are “a natural fit” and work together seamlessly to make life easier for their clients. Working with people to give them big wins, like saving money on their premiums and knowing they have policies that offer the best value and coverage for money, has kept Jennine’s passion for her work fired up. She started her career as a bank teller before moving into lending, mortgages and insurance and went on to work at WorkCover before moving into Poole Group with insurance brokering and is a Certified Insurance Professional of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance and is a Qualified Professional Insurance Broker - Tier 1 Qualified Advisor for the National Insurance Brokers Association. No matter what stage of life or business you are at, Jennine urges people to take a moment to look at their current insurances and make sure they are still relevant to what they need today. If you are unsure, bring them in to Poole General Insurance Brokers for a review. e 07 5437 9900

The Perfect Roast Experts!

86 WISES RD MAROOCHYDORE Closed Good Friday 10/04. OPEN Easter Sunday 12/04. Phone 07 5451 0533 • • 71

R O X A N N E M C C A R T Y- O ’ K A N E


ghostwriter When I tell people I am a ghostwriter, their eyebrows lift in surprise and a look of appreciation crosses their face. “That’s cool,” comes the usual response, closely followed by, “So what does that mean?”

Part of being a member of this seemingly underground society means there are few people who understand what it is that we can offer the world.

So, let me give you a sneak peek into my passion. A ghostwriter is a wordsmith who can craft written pieces for you. Politicians use them for speeches, they can write songs for performers and yes, they can even write university essays for those who want an easy ride through. But ghostwriters are best known in the realm of books. This is my genius zone and where I love helping people to realise their BIG DREAM of becoming an author if they are facing hurdles that are stopping them from achieving their goal. The most common hurdles include: • Not having enough time to write a book while running or building a business • Language barriers, such as having English as a second language or having dyslexia • Anxiety over grammar, spelling and correctly structuring a book • Uncertainty over what to include in their book • Self-belief challenges, such as wondering if they are good enough to even release a book

72 ISSUE 95

These all act as major handbrakes for aspiring authors, even causing some to shelve the idea they will ever release a book entirely.

But ghostwriters do exist and they can step in to make your BIG DREAM a reality. I have been a journalist for the past 13 years and have always been drawn to human interest stories, what makes people who they are and the journeys they have travelled to get there. So when I began focusing on nonfiction books that connect, exude authenticity and are driven by a purpose to educate or inspire, I knew I had found my true calling. Those who are taking action to bring their book to life and coupling their lived experience with their business knowledge are having incredible results and establishing themselves as industry leaders, opening up new opportunities to connect with their target market through speaking engagements at conferences, being guests in workshops and being interviewed in mainstream and industry-specific media.

and thorough interviews that will give you brand new insights into your journey and what your purpose is for becoming an author – a transformational process that will have you become more passionate about your business and your book. Then you are free to maintain your focus on living your life, spending time with your family and innovating in your business while the manuscript comes to life with an expert at the helm. As a ghostwriter, I fly under the radar and can even assist you with the process of transforming your manuscript into a physical book – the ultimate destination!

So are you ready to DREAM BIG and become a published author this year? Visit to book in a free discovery call. ca

This is because authors are seen as experts! When you have a ghostwriter like me in your corner, you don’t have to spend hours at a time behind the keyboard, trying to remember the relevant, exciting and challenging things you have gone through to get to where you are. You can maximise your time through engaged Facebook: Instagram: @roxannewriter


Congratulations to Zariah Lamont, winner of our little mini write up


Thor Schmidt (Fitin20), Andino the Magician & James McAlloon (Chimu Adventures)

Vicki Cooper (Purpose Real Estate), Sue Scott (Scott Properties Group), Kimberley Richards (KR Soultions) & Simon Scott (Scott Properties Group)

Fratelli Fresh Team

Celebrations for the launch of Matters Magazine Summer Issue at Fratelli Fresh. Many thanks for the amazing food and great venue.

Sandra Smith (Veducci by Sandra) & Zariah Lamont (X&O Media)

Brad & Bec Wilson (ZenDen Floathouse Cafe)

Mark & Carlie Wacker (Runway Fashion Australia)

Renee Blackwell (Renee Blackwell Design) & Ruth Holland (Expandasign)

Zariah Lamont is a Sunshine Coast 18-Year-old Entrepreneur and 2019 GI Challenge Business Award Winner. She launched her first successful start-up business, X&O MEDIA, at the age of 17 and since then has gone on to launch another two start-up businesses, X&O MANAGEMENT & X&O MARKETING. She is now on a mission to change the lives of our female youth through X&O MEDIA, currently building an empire through her ONE OF A KIND agency X&O MANAGEMENT, and further plugging the gap for businesses needing creative marketing content/ mentorship through X&O MARKETING: effectively serving both sides of the social media equation. e 73

Felicity Jane Digital Local SEO Expert Websites & Digital Marketing Commit to 6 months of managed SEO service, to receive DOUBLE deliverables in the first month to get your campaign off to a hot start. Commit to 12 months of our managed SEO service, to receive TRIPLE deliverables in the first month to get your campaign off to roaring sizzle, flaming hot, volcanic magma start! This is a limited time deal, don’t miss out. 74 ISSUE 95

The 2020 energies are all about Dream Big, Plan Big, Action Big! According to ancient laws of attraction and the mathematical codes of the Millennium Calendar®, Autumn is time to make things happen. Complete your visions, dreams and goals. Being in business is a perfect way to do this. Express who you are, do it with love for your client and know that if you give from your heart, all will come back to you. This is the Law of Attraction. According to the Millennium Calendar®, Autumn is a time for completion. Time to review what goals you have not completed, what have you always wanted to do, what legacy do you want to leave to the world, what do you need to say and do? This season just do it. March has entrepreneurs and business owners extremely busy. So busy, they forget their own dream – don’t let that be you.

Dream Big, Plan Big, Action Big! April energies have people forgetting why they started business and why they do what they do. They are more focused in their head rather than their heart. This month make it a must to come back to your heart and ask yourself why you do what you do in business. May will have you winding down and getting ready to get things accomplished. It is the perfect time to set your KPI’s and goals and dreams. Look at your targets now ready to complete for May.

Autumn is the best time to get your dreams manifested for the Law of Attraction as it is a time of completion. Follow the natural law of attraction according to the Millennium Calendar ® and everything will magically manifest! What are you waiting for? ca

ABOUT JEAN Jean Sheehan is an Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker of Medical Intuition and five-time Amazon best-selling author. She is known as the

Queen of Hearts and Queen of Manifesting. Using the foundations of Quantum reality and Law of Attraction, Jean travels globally teaching her accredited Millennium Modality® at universities, with health professionals, on cruise ships and to businesses. SHE WILL WOW YOU WITH WHAT SHE KNOWS!

F R E E L O C A L I N S P I R AT I O N A L C O M M U N I T Y E V E N T F O R Y O U T H A G E D 1 3 T O 1 9


This event is about inspiring young people to live into their full potential. To create a world where they are inspired to live the fullest life possible. Where they feel enough, where they feel happiness, where they have the guts to insist on being heard, and where they can step up with total confidence to be and love who they are, and where they have the skills and tools to stand tall in any situation. Book your FREE ticket now, limited tickets available - don’t miss out, GREAT PRIZES ALL DAY

Sponsors - Andrew Wallace MP, Volunteering Sunshine Coast, Matters Magazine, TAFE Qld, Queensland Government and Sunshine Coast Council, Laserzone 75





at EUREKA! You had a Eureka! moment and you’ve thought of an industry changing product. Congratulations! BUT NOW WHAT? Turning a product from an idea to reality is a daunting task - one that often trips up budding entrepreneurs at the first hurdle.

Photo by @Ficlark Photography

Nicole de Boer is a Sunshine Coast resident who specialises in turning your product idea into reality.

While overseas factories offer cheap means of production, contacting a high-quality, reliable and trustworthy manufacturer can sometimes prove too much in the life-cycle of a product.

With over half a decade of sourcing experience, Nicole previously lived in China and sourced products for the world’s largest brands. She now offers her expertise to Sunshine Coast residents who have a product idea they’d like to bring to market. Readers of Matters Magazine receive a FREE informal consultation providing information on design process, sourcing and freighting. To claim this offer, visit a

SOODD IS HERE TO CHANGE THAT! Created by Nicole de Boer, the young and ambitious business woman helps small-time entrepreneurs create the product of their dreams, and hopefully other people’s too!

WEEKEND ESCAPES JOIN US EVERY 90 DAYS 2020 Dates 28th 29th 30th May, 28th 29th 30th August, 20th 21st 22nd November Held on the Sunshine Coast (beach or countryside)

At ‘WAKE UP – YOU’VE GOT THIS’ RETREATS, the whole idea is to show you that you really do have all that need within you. This is a WAKE UP, SHAKE UP AND LEVEL UP CALL, TO THE NEXT VERSION OF YOU. At the retreats we do upgrade work on the following areas. TRUTH, GRATITUDE, CHOICE, COURAGE, NOW, LOVE AND SURRENDER

Vickie Magic has been facilitating mindcare retreats for ten years, she is an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Coach who absolutely loves sharing her ‘EFFORTLESS LIFE’ tips and tools.

Contact me for more information, email Check out our testimonials online 76 ISSUE 95



Heart n Soul Wellness by Natasha is based in Yandina. Natasha is a registered nurse specialising in mental health and a highly experienced beauty/spa therapist who works with women experiencing anxiety, depression and other stress related illnesses/conditions. The ‘Emotional & Mental Wellness’ sessions are tailored to each individual and tap into all of the senses and include mindfulness, aromaTHERAPY, teaTHERAPY, talkTHERAPY, spaTHERAPY and funTHERAPY. 20% discount off your first session, quote ‘self-care’ when making appointment. e


Karen Waugh-Raphael is a third generation Classical Pilates instructor. Her teacher and mentor Wade Edwell, is the only second-generation teacher in Australia. Teaching Classical Pilates is Karen’s passion and purpose. What can ‘Classical Pilates’ do for you? It can improve your ability to move efficiently and freely, without pain; improve your core strength; your flexibility; your muscle strength; and therefore, your overall wellbeing. Classical Pilates Noosa is a small boutique studio offering individual attention (one on one, or small classes no greater than three). e


Wild Monkey Teardrop Campers are built locally on the Sunshine Coast. All campers are custom built to give you everything you need to hit the road for a weekend or an extended holiday. They are self-sufficient, environmentally friendly, light weight, aerodynamic, economical on fuel and easily towed by a small vehicle - yet built to feel luxurious and spacious. Most teardrop campers can be towed comfortably behind a small car. The chances are whatever is sitting in your garage right now has the power to tow a Teardrop Camper! e


Fiona Hall loves working with first homeowners or investors wanting to build. Holding your hand every step of the way to work out what will suit your lifestyle, where you want to live and what type of house you want to build. She also looks at your budget, lifestyle and needs, assisting to work out a plan. Fiona will project manage the entire process. Download your free fact sheet, ‘We can build our own home’ Bullet Points for a Bright Future, at or call now to book your complementary ‘Can we do this?’ session with Fiona.

Mybusinessnow is here to turn business success and growth on its head. Founder Erwin Brem has been working with businesses for over 25 years, running then selling those businesses successfully. He has recently relocated to the Sunshine Coast from Brisbane and is relaunching Mybusinessnow here, to help local businesses grow. Mybusinessnow has a simple mantra; any business can grow and in fact most could double in 12 to 24 months, but if you don’t know what you don’t know, nothing changes. e M. 0421 332 243

M: 0490 523 679 e E:

FC Lawyers is a respected Australian legal practice based in Queensland. Our committed team have been providing professional and personalised legal services to a wide range of international and local clients for over 20 years. Our practice areas include; Business and Corporate, Property and Projects, Conveyancing, Migration Law and Visas, Wills and Estates and Personal Services. e

P. 07 5409 7855 E:


Bridget Jane works with mainly women to free them from the preoccupation, fixation and struggle with food, eating and their bodies so they can finally live the life they have been dreaming of. Helping them to dig deep into their soul, the process of food and eating becomes fun, enjoyable and intuitive. Weight loss, if required, and body shifts are a natural and effortless side effect. e M. 0421 332 243 // Facebook @NewLeafNutrition


Dreaming big is something Clare Stewart knows all about and a quick flick through her resume reveals that Clare doesn’t just dream big, she DOES big. Law degree, check, business degree, check, masters of law degree, check. Clare is also a published author. Add to that the full-time role of wife and mother of three, charity work and two successful businesses under her belt and it looks like Clare’s life has been a dream run. e See more about Clare on page 12.

TRUE NORTH CANDLE COLLECTIVE We are True North Candle Collective born in Noosa. Our ‘destination range’ of candles features the suburb/ town and its very own unique GPS co-ordinates. Since we started our business late last year, we have grown to be stocked in over 25 stores across the country. Tourism Noosa in Hastings Street is one of them (they stock every single suburb/town in the Noosa Shire) along with a handful of local businesses. We were recently approached for an interview by Catriona Rowntree from Channel 9’s ‘Getaway’ and also have Mitch and Mark from ‘The Block’ following our Instagram page. e 77



eating disorder? BY ROXANNE MCCARTY-O’KANE

Mark and his team are passionate about ending eating disorders FOREVER. Mark and Gayle Forbes know first-hand the emotional and financial roller coaster that comes with providing support and love to someone living with an eating disorder – it is a road they have travelled for the past 20 years while helping their two daughters through their respective battles with bulimia.

The facility will provide psychological and physical care in a safe, nurturing and healing environment, delivering intensive person-centred treatment for eating disorders.

It is also the catalyst that led them to opening their home four years ago to parents and carers who are on the same journey.

A further $4 million over a four-year period has already been pledged by the Federal Government to help with operating costs once the facility is opened.

At the time, it was the only regular support group available on the Sunshine Coast and marked the inception of endED, a not-for-profit organisation that provides a haven for those living with eating disorders, their families and carers.

Mark says they were spurred to DREAM BIG when they realised the system that everyone has relied upon for the treatment of eating disorders in Australia is “broken and ineffective”. “For the sake of the 1.2 million eating disorder sufferers in Australia, something had to change. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate - five times higher - of all mental illnesses and they affect 16% of the Australian population.” In order to meet the growing need, endED, which stands for ‘end Eating Disorders’, has evolved from a fortnightly parent’s and carers support group to a well-respected organisation that now provides nationwide support to sufferers and their families. endED is also making headlines across Australia as the driving force behind construction of Australia’s first holistic residential facility specialising in eating disorders. The facility has been a BIG DREAM for the Forbes’ and one made possible with a joint venture with The Butterfly Foundation and the ongoing generosity of individuals, businesses, the Sunshine Coast Council and the Federal Government. endED Butterfly House is located on a 25-acre property in Mooloolah Valley and when its doors open towards the end of this year, it will herald a new era for the treatment of eating disorders in Australia. 78 ISSUE 95

Member for Fisher Andrew Wallace, whose daughter also battled an eating disorder, and Minister for Health Greg Hunt were instrumental in securing a $2 million grant to go towards the $2.8 million cost of building endED Butterfly House. The remaining $800,000 was raised with support from 35 Sunshine Coast businesses.

The impact endED is having on the lives of the people who access its services was further recognised in January, when Mark was named the Sunshine Coast Citizen of the Year at the Sunshine Coast Council Australia Day Awards. Mark and Gayle devote themselves fulltime to endED on a voluntary basis and also employ eating disorder recovery coaches Millie Thomas and Laura Chamberlain to provide one-on-one and group support to eating disorder sufferers. Both Millie and Laura have their own lived experience as sufferers of eating disorders, which places them in a position to be able to connect and empathise with those seeking help on a much deeper level. “There is an implicit trust and respect because our clients know we have walked the path ourselves and we truly do understand the pain and torment they are experiencing,” Mark says. The recovery coaches are guided by Carolyn Costin’s ‘Eight Keys to Recovery’ model, which focuses on discovering your inside knowledge, strengthening your healthy self, embracing new pathways of healing guided by emotions and re-shaping values and purpose. Millie and Laura work as adjuncts to endED clients’ recommended pathways to recovery and are there to offer support and walk the journey alongside those seeking help. They do this by accompanying clients to appointments, providing meal support, assisting with shopping, uncovering new activities and support regimes and facilitating personal goals. endED also offer one on one recovery coaching and weekly support groups for people living with eating disorders and separate offerings for their family and carers with a variety of enriching holistic activities on offer, including yoga, sewing, dance therapy, pottery and art therapy.

While their key focus is to help as many people as possible to overcome their battle with eating disorders, Mark says they also want to create a greater understanding of eating disorders within the wider community to dispel the damaging myths and stigma that still remain. “Eating disorders are not a choice, they are complex and lifethreatening mental illnesses caused by a combination of biological, genetic, environmental and psychological factors. They also commonly co-occur with other conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, borderline personality disorder and substance abuse,” Mark says.

“Eating disorders don’t discriminate - they can affect anyone regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or socio-economic status. “You can’t tell by looking at someone whether they have an eating disorder or not. There is a dangerous misconception in our society that you have to be underweight to have an eating disorder and that simply isn’t true. People can suffer from eating disorders at any weight - so please think before you speak because the last thing that someone affected by an eating disorder needs is to feel judged and invalidated.” The work the endED team have done and continue to do is literally saving lives every day and a key component for that, according to Mark, is that they are giving people hope that no matter how hard or how long their battle has been to date, a full recovery is possible. “Many of the Eating Disorder sufferers and their families that we support say that if it wasn’t for endED, they would have given up completely,” he says.

“We pride ourselves on making this support as accessible as possible to those who need it.”

You can find out more about endED and access their support services, by heading to or calling 0428 893 366. Alternatively, you can follow their social media channels Instagram @endedaustralia or e

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Call Iain Behr 0424 260 751 Movement Coach Plus Fitness 24/7 Minyama 1/1 Nicklin Way ‘I can confidently say that he’s been THE solution to my complex lower back problem… What I have achieved with Iain is not only outstanding, it went way beyond expectations.’ STEPHANE





Fratelli Fresh

Italians are big on many things: La Famiglia (or family), aperitivo (pre-meal drinks) and the national pastime, food. Fratelli Fresh at Sunshine Plaza lives up to this Italian heritage, with a family-friendly focus and an abundant food and drinks offering. Fratelli dishes are as generous in flavour as they are in size, and everyday affordability is super-charged with a range of daily lunch and dinner specials. Top menu picks are two weekly options, available for lunch and dinner, that allow diners to eat until they are satisfactorily full. Every Tuesday is a celebration of All-You-CanEat antipasti – the traditional first course to an Italian meal. Served on a rustic wooden board, the bite-sized collection includes tomato bruschetta, marinated olives, sliced ham,

salami, prosciutto, focaccia, and plump buffalo mozzarella. For $20 per diner, your board will be replenished until you’ve had your fill. It makes for the prefect date night, a catch up with the friends, or a big family nibble-a-thon. Fast-forward to Thursday and it’s All-You-CanEat mussels for $25 per person, served Sicilian style in tomato sauce with parsley, garlic and onion, and as many slices of sourdough as you need to mop up the delicious juices. Fratelli Fresh Culinary Director Gabor Denes

says the All-You-Can-Eat options are an example of typical Italian hospitality, which is at the core of Fratelli Fresh. “At Fratelli Fresh we bring robust Italian flavours to the table in casual, crowd-pleasing proportions,” Chef Gabor says. “Our All-YouCan-Eat options are as big on flavour as they are in quantity and we find diners return for them week after week.” Buon Appetito! e


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W H AT A R E Y O U D R E A M I N G O F ?


dreaming of ? BY VICKIE MAGIC

How can you make it happen? What is something that you really want for yourself and your life? Is it something you have wanted for a long time? Do you have a voice in your head telling you why you can’t achieve it? Why you haven’t achieved it? It’s time to shut the voice up, time to WAKE UP, SHAKE UP AND LEVEL UP, it’s time to realise that YOU’VE GOT THIS, thing called life, to see that you really can BE DO AND HAVE whatever it is that you want for yourself and your life. AND YES, I DO MEAN YOU!

Most of the time the only thing really stopping us from achieving the success we desire for ourselves is the belief that we can’t. The thing standing in our way is often US. We tell ourselves why we aren’t good enough, why and how others are better, and then we constantly remind ourselves of this fact, so much so that we really truly believe it is FACT.

and move forward, let’s allow everything that has happened up until today simply be things we have learnt. So what have you learnt? What have you learnt NOT to do? What have you learnt WORKS? AND what doesn’t? Take responsibility, right here right now, and see that the FUTURE, YOUR FUTURE is totally in your hands. Now maybe you are saying, “Yeah but…” I get that. And maybe you are saying, “That’s all very well for you, but I CAN’T.” I get that too.

We truly believe that: We aren’t smart enough, We aren’t brave enough, We aren’t worthy enough, ending with, We aren’t enough and keeping us playing small. WELL IT’S ENOUGH.

However just for a moment I want you to do a little brainstorm, I want you to change your I CAN’T, into HOW CAN I? And sit down and list all the ways.


BUT HOW? Good question, it needs to start by you accepting, and seeing for yourself, that the ONLY reason, so far, that you have not achieved the success you want, is you. No more blame game, if only he had, she had, they had, if only my family, blah blah blah. If only I had more luck, more money, more help, blah blah blah. Let’s just stand right here where we are, in this moment

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What is possible? Who is someone doing what I want to do? How are they doing it? Is there something that I could do similar? What else am I prepared to do? What can I do that will make it effortless?




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lf w Ask myse ? it happen dy? e lf am I rea ke to mak Ask myse going to ta lly a re it is lf, “What Ask myse ” ? P U me WAKE ?” THE TIME lf, “IS THIS e ys m sk A take?” it going to , “What’s lf e ys m nt?” Ask be differe this time ill w w o lf, “H ready, Ask myse ough, I am ugh is en o n D e N t a A th P U SELF , SHAKE TELL MY WAKE UP to le b a d willing an SHINE LEVEL UP TIME TO t IT’S MY a th F L E S TELL MY THIS IS IT ELF THAT S Y M the L L TE f choice is e power o th in every t a t, n th e F SEL ngle mom si ry TELL MY ve e HE in , I HAVE T it all that E POWER CRUX of H T ose? E o V h A c ute, I H hat will I single min AGAIN, w r E e S tt O e O b H e TO C serve m CHOICE, , that will w o n t h g , ri Right here ught! urrent tho c y m n a th AIN! OOSE AG NOW CH

You see it’s when we make things difficult that we set ourselves up to fail. If something is too hard, or too far away from where we are, we just give up. So the secret is to just take baby steps, nothing drastic, nothing dramatic, nothing overly difficult, just one small step forward today, another tomorrow etc and then one day we just wake up and say, “Wow, I’m here”, and we hardly even notice it happening along the way. So yeah if you are ready to make 2020 your year to DREAM BIG, then wake yourself up. Shake yourself off and level up to that version of you that is just waiting to show its beautiful face. You’ve got this. I believe that with all of my being.

WAKE UP, YOU’VE GOT THIS, you really do! f

ARE YOU READY TO ESCAPE THE CAGE? Break out of the busy-ness or something else keeping you trapped. At ‘WAKE UP – YOU’VE GOT THIS’ RETREATS, the whole idea is to show you that you really do have all that you need within you. This is a WAKE UP, SHAKE UP AND LEVEL UP CALL, TO THE NEXT VERSION OF YOU.

Choose from: A Solo Retreat – A Couples Retreat – A Ladies Retreat – An Executive Retreat – Male and Females Welcome Take some time out to; Overcome overwhelm, Find focus, Find direction, Make decisions, Work on Relationships, Increase your Self Confidence, your Courage; all while relaxing, rejuvenating and treat yourself to some much needed self-care. Vickie Magic has been facilitating mindcare retreats for ten years, she is an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Coach who absolutely loves sharing her ‘EFFORTLESS LIFE’ tips and tools.

Choose your level of luxury. Call Vickie on 0433 198 868, email 83



more engagement

THAN ANYTHING ELSE ONLINE Attention: If you are interested in growing your business using digital marketing, please read this now…

And it’s taking the social media world by storm. WHY DO THEY WORK SO WELL? Three reasons: 1. The video headline grabs your attention,

This morning, I was scrolling through all my social media feeds. And there was one thing that immediately stood out to me; some content pieces magically grabbed my attention, while others did not grab me at all and I just kept on scrolling right past them!

2. The visual footage draws you in, and... 3. The captions at the bottom engages you like crazy. Combined together, these three factors massively add to the engagement level of your videos. Which in turn can help you drive more traffic and sales to your business.

What magical power did some of these content pieces possess that hypnotised me so thoroughly and got me to actually stop and consume it? And heaven forbid, to even leave a comment and share it with my friends?

A friend of mine, Marcus Sheridan who runs IMPACT, the popular global content marketing brand, said he got a 300% increase by simply using this style of video. And this is just one of many cases. There’s a reason why folks like Gary Vaynerchuk uses it.

Video. Yup, that’s right. But not just ANY kind of video. I’m talking about well-crafted videos, with a “scroll-stopping” headline at the top, the video content in the middle, and captions at the bottom, like you can see in the image. You may have seen these kind of videos from popular outlets like Buzzfeed, TED talks or recent online celebs like Gary Vaynerchuk.

SIMPLY PUT, IT WORKS! If you’re also interested in getting your videos into this highly engaging format, you can currently get your first four videos done for FREE at ca

ABOUT GIDEON Gideon Shalwick loves helping business owners get their message out to the right people, at the right time, using the power of social video. His company, Splasheo, makes it easy to create super engaging videos, ready for social media domination! Sign up for your FREE TRIAL at






Completing a daily journal is a sure-fire way D Esuccess S I G N Eeach R and every day. to set you up for Kylie “I use the Destiny Designer every day to ensure that I plan my day and set myself up for success” Jenny “I love completing the daily journal, it’s become a habit for success for me”

ntion for Set an inte N, daily. , each BY DESIG PPINESS r DESTINY VE AND HA Create you into it. ALTH, LO ALTH, WE do is to live HE to IN S you for SUCCES there is left all n the day, and every

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Download a FREE ONE DAY of the journal at

White’s IGA are proud to bring you fresh and local food from our family to yours. Fresh and local food nourishes your family and the community!

EXCITING NEW Supa IGA Baringa, Aura

NOW OPEN White’s IGA National Retail Excellence Award Winners 2015 & 2016 White’s IGA National Community Award 2017 White’s IGA State Retailer of the Year 2015 & 2018




P: 0409 591 005 E: W.

STRUCTURED CABLING AND BUSINESS TELEPHONE SYSTEM SPECIALISTS Based on the Sunshine Coast • Data Cabling • NBN Cabling • NBN ready Telephone Systems • Sales, Installation and Maintenance • Commscope and Molex Certified Installer P: 07 5445 5040

YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW • HR Consulting and Advice • Tailored and specific solutions • Multi-industry knowledge

Our mission is to enable you to deliver technology projects in a nimble and agile method by removing the complexities of trying to resource complex technology projects internally, or through large expensive and inefficient suppliers.

Where we can help you in ICT, AV, Security and OT; •Network Audits •Network Design •Project Management •Technology Resources

We Will

MAKE IT HAPPEN 1300 88 58 54

QUALITY & SERVICE NO JOB TOO SMALL COMPETITIVE PRICING Licensed Electrician – Air Conditioning Installation Property Maintenance Services Contact: Benjamin Rodrigues Ph: 07 5499 7380 M: 0447 221 112

CONNECTING PEOPLE • Experience delivering premium recruitment services for 15 years • Competitive flat rate fixed fee • Career advice, HR consulting and coaching. P: 0414 889 079 E: W.

040 0 039 411 GET 50% OFF OUR FUNCTION ROOM HIRE Mention Matters Magazine Caloundra Golf Club P: 5491 1811 Charles Woodward Drive CALOUNDRA, QLD 4551

New & Refurbished Phone Systems 3 NBN Installations 3 Phone & Data Cabling 3 Free Phone Bill Analysis 3 Free Quotes 3 Leasing & Outright Options 3 Call 0400 039 411 Email:



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INDEPENDENT, FAMILY OWNED PROPERTY BUYERS AGENCY Scott Properties Group, takes the stress out of buying a property. Let them negotiate on your behalf, they know the local market. They have access to OFF-MARKET properties saving you time and money! Scott Properties Group P: 0405 432 015 E:


Real Estate with a Real Purpose

He is an expert in all things I.T. With over 20 years playing with computers there’s pretty much nothing he can’t fix. Great service at affordable prices.

Contact: Vicki Cooper M: 0412 802 215 E:

Detox IT P: 1300 306 609 E:

Bad Mobile Phone Signal? Weak WiFi/ internet speeds?





07 ) 5351 1757 //



If so lebta’csk bring the Magic!

TENILLE IS PASSIONATE ABOUT PAIN MANAGEMENT. IT’S HER THING. Tenille is a Naturopath specializing in musculoskeletal conditions, deep tissue massage, scenar therapy, dry needling and of course pain management. LOCATED IN COOLUM

Capricorn Physical Health

Phone Tenille on 0497 076 964




Let Mr Magic come and take some up to date professional images of you, your whole team, family, pets or whatever you need.

THE ACCOUNTANT SPECIALISING IN BOOKKEEPING I am passionate about Bookkeeping – Payroll – Budgeting and reconciling your accounts

Give me a call to discuss a solution to your bookkeeping issues.


0401 717 630


The accountant specialising in bookkeeping sunshine-coast-bookkeeping

Sunshine Coast Credit Consultants pride themselves on specialising in Accounts Receivable Management and Debt Recovery for business owners.

If your business is owed money, contact Dean to find out the first step.

Dean Kent - Credit Consultants (Qld) Office: (07) 5478 3922 Mob: 0412 773 606 E:

Individual Images and up to four group or team shots *for up to ten people Family, couples, pets at home or on location

$199 + GST Ask us about a price for larger groups BOOK BEFORE THE END OF JUNE TO RECEIVE THIS MATTERS READER OFFER

Phone MAGIC on 0408 751 863 to BOOK YOUR TIME

Savvy, leading the way in business sales.





$350+ million IN BUSINESS SALES



Local Since 1995

The Coasts’ No 1

Premium Results

Hall of Fame

Rod Russell has been involved in business sales on the Sunshine Coast since 1995 and is relentless in the ongoing development of systems and marketing strategies to ensure a smooth sale.

Savvy’s motto is ‘Raising the standards in business sales’, they are fiercely committed to providing clients the very best opportunity to achieve maximum results in the sale of their business.

Over experience and understanding of the industry has produced an award winning, highly skilled team of professionals committed to doing everything to get the very best result for your business.

Recipients of three ‘Excellence in Business Awards’ paved the way for the Savvy Team’s induction into the prestigious Sunshine Coast Hall of Fame. .

Download your free information kit, ‘Selling with Savvy’ or call us on 07 5444 3300 for a confidential conversation.