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Wellness matters more than we realise. It’s interesting just how much our wellness matters, especially when we are unwell. On February 6, I came down with ‘Rona’, and it honestly hit me for a six. I was more unwell than I have ever been in my entire life, and it made me really think about WELLNESS in general and just how much we often take our health for granted. It also made me realise how grateful I am for a partner that absolutely always has my back and looks after me through thick and thin. I’ve heard of lots of people who have contracted the virus and been okay, but I personally was not one of those people. Our longevity comes banging at the door when we realise just how fragile we are. This virus is a perfect example of the fact that we actually have absolutely no idea what could be just around the corner. It is the unknown, I think, that makes people fearful. But I guess if we are honest, the reality is that everything is always unknown. We have no

I, for one, have decided that I can either be frightened about that, or excited about it. It comes down to choice.

What are you choosing? If we choose to live in fear, we are always worried, always stressed, always upset. On the other hand, if we choose to live in excitement, then we are always living in anticipation of what may come our way. Excitement and anxiety are similar feelings, one is a healthy emotion and one is an unhealthy one. Remember that the next time you are anxious about something you can’t control and turn your anxiety into excitement. The other reality is that nothing is actually the end of the world, except of course the actual end of the world. But everything else we can survive.

You’ve got this and your mental wellness depends on it.

Vickie Magic IT, E M A N U YO E IT , M A R F E W in Custom Framing ts Specialis d Design , Print an g in lt u s n Co

Your local framing specialists We’ve been framing on the coast for over 30 years and are well equipped to frame two and three dimensional pieces up to museum conservation standards. Specialising in fine art reproductions including large canvas and wallpapers to printing and framing your art and photos from camera or phone.

Visit our Gallery and get inspired!

MINYAMA: 3 Longwood St. (Next to Pillowtalk) 5444 0009 | NOOSA: 2/50 Gateway Drive, Noosaville 5474 1 1 27 | 7





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It is said that wellness is the act of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes, so that instead of just surviving, you're thriving. BUSINESS WELLNESS How do you achieve wellness when you are in business? It can be achieved by ensuring that your business is providing you with financial wellness, which means making sure the business can meet current and future financial obligations. Achieving financial wellness should allow you to have the flexibility to achieve your goals. Benefits of financial wellness include less stress for you and the business, increased innovation and creativity, and a better outcome for your work/life balance. Areas to consider for your business to attain financial wellness are: • Hire the right people. • Focus on your customers and their experience. • Reduce your business risks.

• Be adaptable. • Always think ahead. ACCOUNTING WELLNESS It’s been discussed before in this column about the benefits of your business adopting a cloud-based accounting package. For those of you have taken this on board – it’s time to take it to the next level and start using systems that assist with reducing data entry. For example, if you are using Xero, are you using their add-on program called Hubdoc? This program (free with Xero) allows you to capture invoices electronically – no more paper. It has the potential to deliver drastic time savings. To work towards accounting wellness: • Cloud-based software. • Bank data fees. • Programs that allow you to load invoices electronically. • Work towards the goal of recording data only in one place to minimise double handling. TAXATION WELLNESS We would call this tax planning. Tax planning is where you review your 2022 tax position prior to June 30 (usually in April/May) to implement strategies that will reduce your tax liability. After June 30, you are recording history and you can’t implement strategies to reduce your tax position.

Common strategies to assist with reducing your current year’s tax position – these need to be undertaken prior to June 30, 2022: • Impact on any announcements in the budget. • Deferral/Timing strategies, for example prepaying expenses, stock valuations, deferring income. • New investment opportunities (mostly a deferral strategy also), like investing in new business equipment (immediate write-off rules), or negatively geared investments. • New entity/structure options, changing structure to accommodate growth, new owners or maximise exemptions, loss carry back scheme for “tax loss” companies and preparing a business for eventual sale • Retirement-based strategies including superannuation contributions. In summary, it’s time to think about strategies and options to put you and your business in the best possible position to thrive in these challenging times. m Disclaimer: This article contains general information only. Regrettably, no responsibility can be accepted for errors, omissions or possible misleading statements or for any action taken as a result of any material in this guide. It is not designed to be a substitute for professional advice, as such a brief guide cannot hope to cover all circumstances and conditions applying to the law as it relates to these items.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Sharee Webster is one of the directors of Holmans and is located at the Maroorchydore office. Sharee is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Commerce. At Holmans, Sharee specialises in business structures, taxation advice, superannuation and in particular, Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs). She has extensive experience in providing strategic tax advice.

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PUTTING THE BLISS BACK INTO selling your property

When we think about exiting or entering the property market, wellness and relaxation are usually the last emotions we’re likely to feel. For most of us, the idea of listing a property makes our blood pressure rise, but Melissa Schembri has good news: “Selling your home can be a joyous experience!” It could just be her bubbly disposition and natural penchant for positivity, but Melissa Schembri’s views on what is generally synonymous with stress and worry - buying and selling property - are incredibly upbeat. And why wouldn’t they be? In the past year alone she has sold over $90 million in property (on and off-market) and smashed multiple sales records. Currently she’s the agent holding the highest waterfront (conjunction), highest duplex and highest residential sale price in the Sunshine Coast LGA, totalling $31.25 million for three prestige properties. She has proven herself to be a master negotiator, providing win/win terms and solutions for hundreds of buyers and sellers. 12 ISSUE 101

Whilst breaking through those price ceilings again and again is wonderful for both her and her clients, she is adamant that her successful formula can be applied to any and every property on the Coast, from luxurious waterfront residences to mum and dad’s modest family home. The best part is that her formula removes all the stress, confusion and difficulty from what is typically a nerve-wracking process.

For Melissa, it’s simple. “Presenting each property at its absolute best is the key to a quick, highly profitable sale. Your home is one of your most valuable assets, and it is important to ensure that is reflected in its presentation as potential buyers walk through the door,” she says. With a carefully curated team of tradespeople and creatives, Melissa works on transforming client properties, often with very little monetary input, to obtain a maximum sale price; sometimes up to 20% above the initial appraisal.

een mopped Before/during - the difference betw ed tiles ‘clean’ tiles and professionally clean

“Clients often ask me how to achieve that Rainbow Unicorn price, and I explain to them that presentation is everything! A beautifully presented property means there is so much less resistance from buyers; they don’t have to try and visualise their way around dated furnishings or tired flooring. They can view the property in its best light and they will often put in their best offer, there and then!” Melissa’s point of difference to the growing number of other property agents on the Sunshine Coast centres around her Personal Property Concierge service, something which is free to all her clients and most importantly, has proven results. During the appraisal process, Melissa will advise clients on where money can be spent best to raise the presentation of the property. She’ll even provide finance options. Melissa then coordinates her team to clean or replace floorings, remove unnecessary furniture, organise landscaping and handyman jobs and stage and style the property. This can generally be completed within a two week period, “so that the property is at its optimum and ready to shine by the time we reach photography.” Melissa recently applied her magical touch to a 20-year-old property. With her team at hand, tiles throughout were chemically cleaned, carpet deep steamed, the dated furniture was removed and stored, landscaping was completed, and professional interior staging installed. For less than a $10,000 investment from the client, the sales price was almost 20% above its initial appraisal, equating to an increase of approximately $400,000. And the property sold within two weeks of being listed. It may seem counter-intuitive to ‘spend’ when you are attempting to ‘sell’ for the best possible profit, but it’s the winning formula that has Melissa’s clients raving all the way to the bank.

“I know what buyers are looking for. I can visualise just how good that property can look, and I know what needs to be done to achieve that.”

After - with professionally clean ed tiles and styling

It’s not all modern sofas and clean floors though. Having multiple university degrees and ten years’ experience in her own award-winning property law firm certainly helps to smooth the sometimes muddy market waters for sellers and buyers. For this delightful ray of real estate sunshine however, a record smashing sales price is not her sole objective: “I want this to be a joyous experience for my clients, and that doesn’t begin and end with a sold sign.” This is an intelligent woman with a fierce sense of community, a characteristic ode in part to her Maltese heritage and a childhood spent in the tight knit town of Mackay in North Queensland: helping others is simply part of Melissa’s nature. Selling a property due to separation or marriage breakdown, over 50s downsizing to a retirement resort or even a deceased estate are indicators of greater trauma and change for people. Finesse, care and thoughtfulness is required to get the best result for everyone involved, something Melissa’s free Personal Property Concierge service is specifically designed to do. “I had one client whose mother was in palliative care, and she was trying to sell her house. We took care of everything; we deep cleaned the carpets and brought in a bond cleaner, so everything was sparkling before we staged the interior in a more modern style.” Melissa even helped sell some of the client’s unwanted furniture. “She was just so thankful, which is very fulfilling for me. We achieved a top price too, but knowing the process was stress-free for her was wonderful.” Despite this winning formula, there are those clients who baulk at the idea of spending money on their properties, something Melissa insists can be fine too! “At the moment, I’m receiving huge demand from property developers looking for large sites, renovators, knock downs, great views or water frontage. There’s absolutely no need to refresh a property if there’s something else planned for that space.” With an extensive and diverse network of motivated buyers, it seems this master negotiator has a solution for every seller. Melissa’s caring nature, attention to detail and former property lawyer knowledge make selling a home not only profitable, but enjoyable. “I love taking all the worry and guess work out of the sale’s picture for my clients.” Who knew selling your home could be such a blissful experience? You just need Melissa by your side. Want to take the stress out of buying or selling your property and achieve an incredible price?


Call Melissa and find out more about her Personal Property Concierge service; take advantage of her expertise with a free property appraisal to find out what your home is worth in the current market. Get in contact via email melissa@nextpropertygroup. or give her a call on 0403 327 792. a 13




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Local artist Julia Carter

EYE CARE with Dr Karpa



Age-related macular degeneration is Australia's leading cause of vision loss in persons over forty. The macula is the part of the retina responsible for your fine central vision, such as your reading vision.

Yandina Art & Framing is expanding. We have big plans for 2022, including an extension to our busy shop. During the last 18 months we have been actively adding to our framing services with an art gallery and high-quality art supplies.

In dry age-related macular degeneration, toxic waste products build up underneath the macula and cause retinal cell death that progresses over many years. This leads to slow, progressive central vision loss. If you have dry age-related macular degeneration, you are at risk of developing wet age-related macular degeneration. The waste products cause abnormal blood vessel growth underneath the macula, which leak fluid and blood into the retina. This makes the macula wet causing rapid vision loss over days or months. While there is no treatment for dry macular degeneration, this is an active research area, with several drugs showing promising results. The treatment for wet macular degeneration is regular injections. To reduce your risk of permanent vision loss, if you develop sudden changes in your vision, you should see an eye specialist immediately. ca

In dealing with the arts community, I constantly notice that wellness is a key theme in the works we frame, show and for which we supply materials. Situated in the beautiful hinterland, it is little wonder that our artists are inspired by the beauty of the landscape, the deep roots into ancient culture and the historic streetscapes. We urge all our visitors to take time and enjoy the wondrous beauty of Yandina and the surrounding countryside. Our trained artistic consultants love discussing the finer points, whether you are a first timer or an art veteran. We are also keen to show support for our artistic community by offering a 20% discount for artists framing their own work as well as sponsoring exhibitions and competitions. Improve your wellness by visiting us in historic Yandina and sharing your ideas. ca

YOUR FACE MATTERS Regular facials aren’t just amazing, relaxing, and rejuvenating, they are also a way to help keep your skin young, moisturised, and give you the potential to look and feel fabulous. Vickie Magic's 'Your Face Matters' beauty salon specialises in every thing for your face. She offers the good old-fashioned facial, including: Double cleanse, steamer, ten-minute relaxing massage, optional microdermabrasion, customised mask and moisture. The best time to plant a tree was fifty years ago, the second-best time is now. The best time to start really looking after your skin was fifty years ago, the second-best time is now. Do your skin a favour, give it some Magic for the Face with a facial at 'Your Face Matters'. Vickie also specialises in brow and lash dying with long lasting Bronson (similar to Henna) and Lash Lifts. ca Text 0433 198 868 to book. Appointment times: Monday 9.30am - 4.30pm Wednesday & Thursday 12.30pm - 7.00pm

Yandina Art and Framing

Best Practice Eye Care Ph 07 5492 2822 Web

14 ISSUE 101

Ph 07 5446 8000 Web Location 7 Stevens St, Yandina

Magic for the Face Ph 0433 198 868 Facebook @magicfortheface Location inside Angelic Hair at Shop 4/ 18-29 Parkana Cres, Buddina Web





with Brendan Butler & Peter Patrikios

Angela Farlam

with Marilyn Brayshaw




If you get stiff and sore from sitting in front of a computer for hours on end, then check out the Offit app.

Angela Farlam has been practicing as a clinical hypnotherapist and success coach specialising in stress and anxiety for many years in the UK and on the Sunshine Coast since 2007.

Whether it be to provide housing for your family, or as an investment to earn rental income, granny flats are growing in popularity. If you are considering this as an option, there are two common ways to arrange the money you need.

Offit sends you reminder notifications to take a minute and move. It provides exercise videos for different areas of the body using selections made by you. By introducing a small amount of physical movement into our day, we can reset ourselves mentally. We know that we can only concentrate for a certain period of time before we get tired, distracted and less productive. Using a tool that reminds us to stop, move and give our brain a rest, can really improve our productivity over the course of the day. The Offit app is designed to help us achieve happier and healthier lifestyles through the implementation of specific, time-efficient, and easy to perform exercises in our working environment. We believe people who are happier and healthier perform better in all aspects of life. Offit is currently free for all users. ca

Offit Available at the app and play stores.

Through experience and truly listening, she has an ability to see beyond perceived problems and limiting beliefs and recognise where her client is stuck in thinking. She then guides them inward to their own internal resources where they gain insight, clarity, and a sense of peace and wellbeing from the inside out. Although Angela specialises in stress and anxiety, this doesn’t always present as a phobia or problem. Sometimes her client just wants to improve at a particular skill. One of her ongoing clients is a professional athlete in Mexico who initially had lost her motivation and confidence after an injury. She books in whenever she needs a reminder of her innate capacity to calm the noise in her mind and succeed in any challenge. Claim your free introductory session online at ca

The first is using equity. The simplest way to secure funds for your new granny flat is using equity in your current home. It’s relatively easy to arrange a home loan to build a granny flat if you have enough equity in your existing property and you have sufficient income to support the new loan. The second option is using a construction loan. If you don’t have enough equity in your property, another option is to take out a construction loan. Construction loans are usually approved based on the value of the existing property plus the value of the granny flat build contract. Before you begin, it’s important to check with your local council to make sure you are working within the right parameters and regulations, including the rules around using a granny flat as an investment. ca

Angela Farlam

Astute Financial Management Pty Ltd

Ph 0414 211 976 Email Web Skype angela.farlam

Ph 0414 789 665 Web ABN 59 093 587 010 Australian Credit Licence Number 364 253 15





with Ruth Holland

with Michelle Britton

with Vickie Magic

EXPAND YOUR BRAND Flying banners, SunSmart marquees, pull up banners, flags, media walls, inflatables and more; there is so much choice in the land of business and event branding. But what’s the most effective for your business shopfront, or the event you have coming up? Expandasign has worked with many wellknown national and international brands across a wide range of industries, all with different branding requirements. Some of these include McDonalds, Ironman, Baker’s Delight, Subway and councils and government departments nationwide. We can supply any quantity from orders for only one sign to orders for hundreds - no order is too large or too small. When you need to use your display for different programs, consider a product you can rebrand with ease by reprinting the fabric, such as flying banners, media walls and marquees. Selecting the correct base for your flying banner is also important. All of our bases fit on all of our flag poles, so you can purchase multiple bases to allow you to use your flags at any event or location. ca

FOCUS FAMILY LAW… WHERE THE FOCUS IS ON YOU! Focus Family Law is a local family law firm situated in Birtinya, servicing all areas of Queensland and Australia. They continue to be one of the Sunshine Coast’s leading Family Law practices. Established by Principal Solicitor Michelle Britton in 2014, the Focus Family Law team comprises of four female solicitors practicing solely in Family Law. With a variety of backgrounds and experiences, their family lawyers can assist you with expert family law advice and assistance. The Focus Family Law team pride themselves on their friendly, caring and empathetic nature, guiding you through your situation, no matter how difficult or overwhelmed you may be feeling. A common misconception is, ‘Now that solicitors are involved it is going to get ugly.’ But that doesn’t have to be the case. Let Focus Family Law keep the focus on you and your individual situation. Focus Family Law offer a free 15-minute, no obligation phone consultation. Contact their office on 5493 9888 or email ca

CUTE AND COMFY I recently starting wearing hair wraps. I love them, they look awesome and help make every day a HAPPY HAIR DAY. The problem was that they just weren't comfortable. The wire dug in and gave me a headache after a while. I was chatting to a friend Melissa, who happens to be handy with a sewing machine and I said, “Someone needs to make these but more comfortable.” And hey presto, Magic Hair Wraps was born, and Melissa is now my business partner. Not only are they fabulous to cover root growth, but they are also fantastic to make any day a 'MAGIC HAIR DAY'. They look great, and make you feel happy. Happy hair days can happen every single day with a Magic Hair Wrap. Choose from plain, patterned and sparkles. Priced from $24.99 Go to Text me on 0433 198 868 if you have any questions or grab yours online. ca

Focus Family Law Expanda Sign Ph 1300 720 058 / 07 5351 1757 Web

16 ISSUE 101

Ph 07 5493 9888 Web Location 4/9 Capital Place, Birtinya Q 4575

Magic Hair Wraps Web MagicHairWraps

The future is wonderfully bright for Ron Hill Automatics and it’s a perfect time to fly their flag. In past issues of Matters Magazine, Ron Hill Automatics have written about the technical side of what they do in the world of automatic transmissions and the benefits of servicing. But now, it seems fitting to share a bit more about this very busy workshop. With 47 years under their belt, Ron Hill Automatics is busier than ever and have maintained their position as industry leaders in the automatic transmission arena. They are extremely thankful to the other mechanical workshops that refer transmission work to them. Much gratitude goes out to their customers that keep coming back and for sharing the experience whether it be through posting a review or just sharing a conversation with their friends and family – that’s good old-fashioned word of mouth advertising! When people are happy with you, they tell people or post a review, and this is absolutely the best online advertising for any business.

The volume of Google and Facebook reviews are an excellent indication of just how well they are doing.


***** FIVE STAR ***** Reviews

A special mention goes out to Rob, a recent customer, for his testimonial. He is old school, doesn’t do social media and was kind enough to email his thoughts. With the next generation of the Olah family seated in place, things are going great guns. It’s a real benefit being surrounded by the family and the Ron Hill team, who are family not in blood but family in spirit. They enjoy each other’s company and support each other inside and outside of work.

This family culture is the backbone and foundation of the business. They are extremely proud of their team, which is made up of pure local talent, who maintain a high level of before and after sales service. Since specialising in 4WD transmission upgrades, vehicle owners from all over Australia seek them out, and referring to them as the go-to people in the industry. a Call us // 07 5443 4444 Visit us // www.ronhillautomatics

These testimonials exceed just about any other mechanical repair facility. When you plan to stay at a hotel or go to a restaurant you haven’t been to before, you check out the reviews. This industry isn’t any different. Please take the time to read their outstanding reviews, there are many - this is why their phone is constantly ringing. 17

Luxury & Comfort Space is built for looks and comfort and is a masterpiece in luxury seating that will give you years of absolute comfort. With the Space recliner program, the back angle is adjustable with a unique motorised system to adapt to all comfort requirements. With all the built-in functions in this recliner, you will experience an entirely different level of absolute comfort.


Electric Upgrade SAVE

BENEFITS $700 INCLUDE: ‘Just right’ headrest |Motorised back system| Integrated motorised footrest |Unique motorised reclining-system |Battery package |360° Swivel| Cold-Cure foam cushioning

Shop 3G Home Central, 566 Kawana Way, Birtinya Phone 5493 7166 18 ISSUE 101


THE CHOICE IS YOURS Choose between a polished or black aluminium five star base. You also have a choice of leather and fabric upholstery.



While damage to homes often receives media coverage in the event of a major flood, businesses are just as at risk when a weather event of this nature happens. So, it pays to understand how insurance responds in the event of a flood or storm. After a number of catastrophic floods in Australia over the past decade, in particular in Queensland, many steps have been put in place to reduce this risk in flood-prone towns. For instance, Queensland’s Central Highland Regional Council now has a comprehensive flood management plan. This initiative means in towns where the flood risk is extremely high and the consequences of

such an event are catastrophic, steps are being taken to ensure damage to the town and its businesses will be more limited than in the past should a serious flood occur.

When it comes to insurance, it’s simple… Sarah has you covered! Sarah believes that “Good service is about understanding her client’s needs and objectives”

“Serious floods aside, there’s a difference in the way insurers treat claims related to storm water and floodwater,” Michael White, Steadfast’s broker technical manager, says.

Contact Sarah for all your insurance needs:

As such, it’s important small businesses understand this difference should they experience either of these events. This differential is critical for all businesses to appreciate – not just those in flood-prone areas. ca

 Commercial Vehicle

 Business Insurance  Public & Product Liability  Professional Indemnity  Cyber Risk  Event Insurance  Farm Insurance  House & Contents  Landlord Insurance  Management Insurance

Please be aware that any advice offered is General Advice only and has been prepared without taking into consideration your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before deciding to acquire a financial product please consider the Product Disclosure Statement and whether the product is appropriate for your individual objectives, financial situation and needs.

Austwide IBS Pty Ltd T/as Austwide Insurance Brokers // ABN 65 237 964 223 is an Authorised Representative of Ausure Pty Ltd // ABN 94 096 971 854 AFSL 238433 // Licence No: 238433

THINK about it

Why do you need a marketer to design and host your website? Your website has a job to do. To act as the bridge between your marketing efforts and sales. It needs to convert traffic to customers. Your website is at its best when it is aiding decision-making. Your customer is on a journey to make the right decision – you. Do not set and forget. Most business owners add websites to their small business checklist. On the same list as business cards, uniforms, and insurance. It’s viewed as a cost of doing business - set and forget. Website developers love this. You give them the content, they build a beautiful, functional, search-optimised website. Then you pay a nominal monthly fee to keep it running – so you can focus on everything else. That is a mistake. Firstly, you should not be providing the content. A marketer should outline the strategy and a professional copywriter should write it. Written to persuade and convert. Secondly, your website should track marketing performance and return on investment. Your website can track sources of traffic including social media, search, business cards, networking, and yes Matters Magazine articles. Lastly, your website establishes your credibility. Your qualifications, reviews, examples of your work, associations, and expertise. Your professional brand is on display, so they know why and who they are choosing. Please, upgrade to a campaign-ready website that is hosted by a marketer today. To get started, use the QR code. ca 19



when it matters As your family grows, the pressures of life and ensuring you have what you ‘need’ to raise your family, can cause unsurmountable strain in your home and your marriage.

your goals and objectives.

Financial obligations can be a heavy weight to bear, including housing costs, vehicle loans, credit cards and general living expenses, which cause you to feel that you will never get out of the web of financial stress. You find yourself taking on more hours at work, or looking for a better paying job, but before you know it the children are grown and or the marriage is over.

of providing financial relief and

Getting your financial matters in order can be achieved. It’s all about taking ownership and putting a plan in place to meet

with compassion and empathy,

Cathy and the team at Serafina Wealth Management have helped many clients by completing a comprehensive review of their financial situation, to build a plan with the purpose possibility for a prosperous future. Cathy completed her Bachelor of Commerce in 2016 and has 15 years in the Financial Services industry. Her personal experience of juggling finances while raising a young family and financial trauma of divorce,

At Serafina Wealth Management, we provide the following comprehensive financial advice services to you wherever you are located: • Cashflow & Debt Management • Superannuation • Investment • Retirement Planning • Personal Insurance Email us at for your free tips to unravel your financial stress. Delivering professional service in a friendly trusted environment.

ensures we provide service delivered with the knowledge of what is required to turn things around. ca Serafina Wealth Management Pty Ltd (ABN No. 43 653 182 355, Corporate Authorised Representative No. 1293410) and Cathy Irwin (Authorised Representative No. 1243783) are Authorised Representatives of Lifespan Financial Planning Pty Ltd AFSL 229892

CO-PARENTING AFTER SEPARATION, At Focus Family Law, we assist with all aspects of Family Law, including: • • • • • •

Divorce Property Settlements Children’s Living Arrangements Consent Orders Domestic Violence matters International Hague Convention matters

• • • • • •

De Facto Relationships Representation in Court Mediations & Settlement Conferences Child Support Spousal Maintenance Recovery Orders

Ph: (07) 5493 9888 4/9 Capital Place, Birtinya QLD 4575


is it possible? Separating from a partner is an emotional and stressful time in your life which can be intensified when trying to communicate with the other person regarding arrangements for your children. Michelle has a large, blended family and has the empathy and knowledge to guide you through this important time, as well as providing you with expert family law advice and assistance. Some parents may be able to navigate this space alone, but others, for various reasons, may need to seek professional support. Focus Family Law are a supportive and experienced team of professionals that can guide you on your individual journey to

help you make arrangements for your children and formalise these into a legally binding document if necessary. By taking a measured and supported approach, we often find this can preserve or enhance your co-parenting relationship long term without the need for timely and expensive litigation. Your relationship may have ended, but you will always be parents and for children to have a meaningful relationship with both their parents (in most cases) is of upmost importance. For more information on how we can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact our office to speak with one of our experienced lawyers for a complimentary 15-minute confidential chat. ca


your back Sunshine Coast local Raphael McGowan is a keen surfer and lover of the great outdoors. It was the tragic loss of his sister Tess to melanoma skin cancer that inspired him to create Bakslap.

The lotion applicator solves the problem for individuals trying to apply any lotion to hard-to-reach places like the middle of the back, legs and feet. Originally developed to offer protection and awareness when enjoying the sunshine, they quickly discovered from customers just how versatile Bakslap is. Not only does it work to prevent skin cancers, but the Bakslap team are passionate about spreading awareness of melanoma skin cancer and consequently raising valuable dollars for research.

Reach All Areas With This Award-Winning Local Invention For Bakslap, the product is secondary. They have a huge focus on events and building partnerships to run campaigns together centered around health, small business and skin cancer awareness. Some successful partnerships include those with Facebook Australia, Cricks Volkswagen Sunshine Coast, Melanoma Institute Australia, Ochre Sunscreen, Ricky Richards, Cancer Council Queensland and Ego Pharmaceuticals. Bakslap is becoming a wellknown health brand. They love supporting ambassadors as they pursue their passions and make a positive impact in their own community. Ambassadors have come from varied fields such as race car drivers, triathletes, surfers, skin cancer advocates and fashion stylists. ca



Keen to know more? Go to


Longtime local Troy Deighton heads up the full-service agency now known as Chook Media Group. The agency was formally known as Black Chook Media. Clients are loving the new name and fresh new look! Troy’s goals are the same as they have always been; not only to ensure that advertising exciting and fun, but also to assist you to get the brand strategy and results you are after.


Troy and his team love nothing more than building long term relationships with their clients. We all know that in business we can’t do everything ourselves. We

often need assistance to get to where we’re going, whether it be by surrounding yourself with the right team or planning your marketing and advertising strategy. Yes, marketing and advertising is one of those areas where you can spend a lot of time and money and not really be assured of a return. To save time and money, in the long run,


you need an expert! You wouldn’t operate on yourself and expect great results. Chook Media Group are a boutique marketing agency offering all services both digitally and mainstream, including television, radio,


social media, and Google campaigns, and all creative. ca 21


There is a good reason why Living Valley Health Retreat is still going strong after almost 32 years. That reason is nothing actually matters as much as our health. It really doesn’t matter how much money we have, what we do for a living, what we own, or how famous we are, none of that matters if we don’t have our health. Living Valley Health Retreat is serious about health and serious about helping their guests to get and stay well. Are you slowing down, having less fun? The team at Living Valley Health Retreat can work with you one-on-one to create the best possible environment and conditions for your body, mind and soul to heal just as nature intended. The Living Valley experience is the most comprehensive, yet simple and effective restorative health program in Australia and they genuinely guarantee you will leave feeling energised, educated and empowered! The team at Living Valley Health Retreat will help you to ascertain and address the root cause of your issue, creating a positive change that will last. 22 ISSUE 101

For 30 years, Living Valley Health Retreat has successfully helped over 20,000 people from all over the world, with a multitude of complaints including: allergies, arthritis, asthma, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, candida albicans, constipation, depression, diabetes, digestive problems, headaches, hormonal dysfunction, menopause, multiple sclerosis, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, migraine, obesity, prostate hyperplasia, toxic exposure, weight issues and much more! They have also helped many healthy people get even healthier while often finding a new direction in life. From simple problems such as headaches, blood pressure, stress, back pain, poor digestion, obesity, and tiredness to more serious conditions such as asthma, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, tumours and even cancer, the Living Valley Health Retreat program is effective. Members of the Living Valley team are specialists in naturopathic and herbal medicine, remedial therapies and weight loss help, rejuvenation, healing and life extension. Implementing solutions based on the philosophy that our bodies are designed to win when given the right conditions.

CEO and Managing Director, Giselle Martin, is the daughter of founders Gary and Debbie Martin. Gary was a naturopath who worked hard for three decades hands-on at the retreat. He is still devoted to the cause of health but takes much more of a back seat these days, leaving Giselle to run the show. You can hear the pride Gary feels for Giselle when he talks about her. He speaks so highly of her leadership skills, her attention to detail, her flair for beauty and her passion for health. Giselle’s first role was Head Cook from 1995 to 2000. Since then, she has worked in every department including gardening, maintenance and cleaning, beauty therapies, massage, reception, accounts, shop, marketing and now management. Giselle is an enthusiastic health advocate, presenter, wholesome food creator and cooking instructor. She is also a health and well-being educator, an author and mother of three. She strives to apply all her experience and skills for the benefit of others. With over 25 years’ experience in natural health and healing, Giselle was appointed Managing Director and CEO in November 2016. When you look at the gorgeous black-haired beauty, Giselle just oozes health. She doesn’t

Coulda…. Shoulda…. Woulda… look a day over fabulous; it is difficult to believe that she is has been working at the retreat for 27 years. She looks amazingly young, vibrant and healthy. You can tell within a second of meeting her that she practices what she preaches. Having someone so passionate leading the way is most definitely good for business. Giselle is passionate about creating a healthier and happier world. In fact, Living Valley Health Retreat is on a mission to impact Australia and the world by empowering people to take charge of their health. The whole team of fifty dedicated personnel is passionate about helping you to love life and enjoy it to the full! I personally have been to Living Valley eight times, it’s not like any other heath retreat, their main focus is to educate the participants so that when they leave, they are on track to really change their life and their health. Most evenings there are educational talks by professionals in all areas of health. The content is fascinating and even though I have heard some of them quite a few times I never get tired of learning from these jammed packed informative sessions. I always leave feeling energised and inspired to take my health to a new level. There is definitely pampering too at Living Valley Health Retreat. You can treat yourself to facials, body treatments, manicures, pedicures and massages, steam rooms, swimming pool, lap pool, gym, pilates and relaxation therapy. In fact, there is always something you can do if you choose. You can always do nothing too. It’s a place for unwinding, rejuvenation and nurturing. The team make you feel welcome, like you are part of their family. Your health and well-being are always their focus and priority. TYRONNE MISSO had kidney failure and was overweight before going to Living Valley Retreat. Here’s what he said in his testimonial. “I feel great and wonderful and I am travelling overseas in four weeks time. Just a quick note to thank you and the team for the opportunity of attending a 10 day period in January 2008. It was the greatest thing I have ever done in my life.

Coulda… You decided to move house or business, and you coulda had a best-move-plan. But you didn’t. So your move got all messy and costly. And now you’re feeling stressed because you know you coulda moved better. Prior to my attending, I had collapsed and spent a week in a German Hospital due to kidney failure and being overweight.


I returned under the supervision of a carer flown out from Australia and swore I would never leave the shores of Australia again.

Jamie Bennett, Move Planner

After attending my 10 day stint, I changed my lifestyle and menu and took your vitamins. I have never looked back.

You know you shoulda called at cartoplan – before you started signing contracts and making time commitments. Because you needed professional,

I was 88 kilos and within 6 weeks dropped down to 75 kilos and have maintained that weight.

affordable moving advice and a

I feel great and wonderful and I am travelling overseas in 4 weeks time. Looking forward to spending another period at Living Valley.”

That woulda been smart.

The programs at Living Valley are customised to suit you, there’s a program for everyone, including their signature programs: Power cleanse and detox, Weight loss, Mental Health, Women’s Flourish program, Men’s Ultimate Health. They are anywhere from three days to 21 days and beyond. No matter what your ailment, or even if you have no health issues whatsoever, getting healthy and maintaining your health is paramount at Living Valley Health Retreat.

Plan your best move, before you

Choose your wellness retreat experience of a three, seven, 14, 21, 28-day or longer program to restore, detox, cleanse and pamper body and mind. Their team is there for you seven days a week, 51 weeks a year.

step-by-step best-move-plan.

Woulda … move, and save yourself all the stressful costly stuff.

Call Jamie Bennett Move Planner at cartoplan on 0431 528 400 for a FREE informative chat – or go to

Take a look at the packages on offer and book yourself, Your Health Matters. e 23

Let’s keep our focus local. Supporting Sunshine Coast products and services really does make a difference. Next time you are looking to buy ANY product or service, remember SUPPORTING LOCAL MATTERS.

PHYSICAL WELLNESS dieting and fitness focus; the ‘on-off”, ‘start again Monday’ mentality.

As a health professional - especially in the realm of nutrition - people come to me wanting to work and focus on their physical wellness. This is also where I began my personal journey of wellness.

If you want to win long term in the physical wellbeing realm, make sure you’re tending to and addressing the mental and emotional realms as a priority. Your mental wellbeing is your superpower. ca

However, I have learned through my clients and my own personal experience that enduring physical wellbeing has much less to do with physical factors such as nutrition and movement, and much more to do with mental and emotional factors.

Bridget Jane Dietitian – Counsellor – Eating Psychology Coach

How we think determines how we feel, and how we feel influences what we do or do not do. So always, always, it comes down to thoughts and mindset as the ultimate origin for our resulting physical health.



lard o




Mental and emotional wellness fosters and fuels sustained physical wellness. Without these factors as a solid foundation, physical wellbeing is a precarious thing. This is why we see temporary improvement or ‘success’; the ‘yo-yo’

P: 0421 332 243 Bridget Jane



'SEAS' VALUE IN QOIN An interior stylist on the Sunshine Coast who is adapting homes for those seeking a sea change now has designs on digital currency, Qoin.

Rosanna Pappalardo launched RJP Design and Decor in Brisbane 17 years ago. Now based in Caloundra, her business works alongside those residents who have recently relocated to the Sunshine Coast. “More and more people are making a sea change and moving into areas like Caloundra and Maroochydore,” she said. “My role as a designer is to help them adapt their home to suit their needs and make them feel more comfortable. “Qoin makes my business more accessible for the changing times.”

vision. I like to work with their ideas, and I enjoy the challenge of bringing them into reality,” Rosanna said. One of the first interior designers on the Sunshine Coast to accept Qoin, Rosanna joined the community because the digital currency network is all about supporting small business. “There’s been a lot of hype around digital currencies. The biggest difference about Qoin is the opportunity to support other small businesses on the Sunshine Coast,” she said. “Businesses here are small, they’re not big corporations… if I’m on board and there’s others on board, then it will encourage people to buy locally, support Sunshine Coast made and promote the small businesses on the Sunshine Coast.” ca

RJP Design and Decor offers a full design service including kitchen and bathroom design, interior and exterior colour schemes, decoration and styling, furniture layout and space planning, renovations and new developments, product sourcing and window coverings. “I love to be involved in the whole project and follow through a client’s

24 ISSUE 101

BOOKKEEPING VS ACCOUNTING Your business wellness depends on understanding your business. Knowing the difference between bookkeeping and accounting is the first step. There are a lot of jargon words thrown around in the financial world and the biggest question most people have is, what is the difference between bookkeeping and accounting? It’s a fair question: they both seem so similar and in finance, they’re used in a way that’s interchangeable. It’s important to know, however, that these are both very different concepts. While bookkeeping is about recording financial transactions, accounting does something very different. An accounting team deals with analysis, interpretation, reporting, and summarising the financial information of a business. In this article, we’re going to look at both bookkeeping and accounting and see what the differences are. What is bookkeeping? Bookkeepers work to record and classify all of the financial transactions of a business. It’s the basis of an accountant’s job, and yet accounting forms everything bigger than this in finance. Bookkeepers have to maintain very accurate records of the incomings and outgoings of the business. It’s this information that can help a business make better decisions about their investments and finances, so accuracy really does matter. It’s critical for businesses to have the correct information, which is why accurate bookkeeping is a must. The steps involved in bookkeeping for a business include things like preparing ledger accounts, identifying financial transactions, and recording them, too. This has to be done

regularly for a business to know what they can spend their money on. Bookkeeping is vital for a business so they can keep their finances in order. Throughout the bookkeeping process, an accountant supervises and works with the bookkeeper to ensure that the numbers in the business are clear and defined. A record of all of the revenues of the business is provided by the bookkeeper and the company can tally the income and goals for their finances with the actual income and expenses. This enables the business to maintain their benchmark to future decisions. What is accounting? Along with a bookkeeper, an accounting team will record, measure, and communicate financial information for the business. The accounting team helps to determine the financial position of a firm and present the same to any investors and stakeholders. An accountant can also help the business in their decision making. The best accounting team will be able to convey credibility to the market, too, and this is known as the language of business. Accounting is designed to offer a business owner a clear view of their finances and whether they can grow their business as planned or not. Professional accountants can take the baseline of the data and interpret this looking forward for the business. They can show the business their financial position and tell a business owner whether they are in the right financial position at a particular time. Accounting also contains information about the firm’s cash flow.

What are the differences? There are some main differences between accounting and bookkeeping. Bookkeeping records the financial data systematically, but accounting analyses that data and prepares a report based on it. Bookkeeping generally isn’t involved in management decisions regarding finances, but accountants can help management teams to make the right decisions regarding their financial future in business. Reports prepared by an accounting team help to make further financial reports in the business, but bookkeeping teams don’t do that. Bookkeepers are required to have relevant experience, qualifications and be BAS agents to practice, but accountants have to have a degree or additional certifications to practice. Both of these teams are not exclusive of each other – they are both necessary for a business to function correctly. Both teams work to help a business with their finances and help them to make the best possible financial decisions. Need help with your business’s bookkeeping? Bookkeeper Hub can help you save time and money with their Xero bookkeeping and training services. Contact them today for more information. ca

P: 0419 179 177 E: 25



Hi there, Victoria from HBA Encompass, today we’re talking about managing your debtors. Debtors are also known as accounts receivable. They are the bills or the invoices that you issue to your customers that require payment. To be honest, the easiest way to manage your debtors is to make it easy for people to pay you. That means having bank details on the invoice. You may be surprised how many invoices I’ve actually seen lately that don’t have bank details on it, which is amazing. How do they expect to be paid if they don’t have payment details? I don’t know. If you use Xero, you can actually link payment services up to your Xero account. Payment services include PayPal, Stripe, Eway or Go-cardless. This means that when someone clicks through to the invoice, they can click on the link and then put their card details in and you actually get paid. Stripe takes credit card payments, PayPal takes credit card payments, but Go-cardless actually takes debit card payments. So sometimes it’s worth thinking about both options and linking them together. Another thing that you want to do is to set up debtor reminders. I’m talking about Xero here, because we love all things Xero. In Xero, you can set up reminders that go out to your customers, and you can set the frequency and the tone of them. For instance, you could set reminders like this: Two days before your bill is due that says, “Hi Victoria. Just a reminder that your invoice for HBA Encompass is due in two days. We look

forward to receiving your payment and hope you are happy with our services. If not, get in touch.” On the day of the payment, “Hi Victoria, friendly reminder that your invoice is due today. If you’ve already made payment, please disregard this message.” Two days after, “Hey Victoria, looks like we haven’t received your payment yet. Are there any issues? Give us a call and we can sort it out.” You can have up to five of these reminders and you can work out the timing, whether they’re before or after the actual bill is due. It’s quite easy to manage debtors from that point of view because you can make it easy for people to pay. Naturally these can change in tone as time goes on, the last one could say that if the bill is not paid within 48 hours, the company will refer you to debt collection. But hopefully it doesn’t get to that. Remember, if you do go down that process, make sure you have got processes and procedures as to who’s responsible for following people up. It’s also important to review whether you are still making it easy for your customers to pay. In a nutshell, that’s how to manage your debtors. If you have any questions regarding any Xero, bookkeeping or accounting issues, give the office a call 07 5444 7094 or go to and book an appointment with your accountant. ca

P: 07 5444 7094 E: 26 ISSUE 101



UNIQUENESS! These astonishing creations were custom orders for clients of Uniqueness Designer Jeweller by Vanessa Nock. Each one of these pieces has its very own story to tell. They are all unique symbols in one’s lifetime. Bringing so much joy to each and every day! In time, they become part of the owner’s legacy. ca

Should I stay or should I go? To sell or not to sell? These are the questions we encounter almost every day at Henzells Agency as clients contemplate their best way forward in the current property market. The reality is that there are no clear answers, as with all major decisions in life, and it comes down to individual circumstances and preferences. Certainly it’s a great time to sell if you want a quick result and a good price. Though, the flip side is, where are you going to go? The reason why supply is so tight is because once people move here, they never want to leave. Such is the enviable lifestyle on offer and all the other important things such as excellent prospects for employment and education, a growing economy and great infrastructure. In some of our traditional beach holiday strongholds, such as Currimundi, Dicky Beach and others, there are a number of properties that are largely locked up for most of the year and visited only on rare occasions. Owners of these houses might be asking themselves whether this is the best utilisation of a family asset. Let’s face it, $1 million, for example, could be put to any number of life-changing uses. Alternatively, places like these are prime for placing quality tenants and generating strong rental returns. If you are looking for friendly advice on planning your best way forward, we are here to help. Otherwise, if would like to sell, we are also offering FREE* marketing for new clients if you list your home for sale with us. Give us a call today to find out more on 07 5491 2000 or email us at ca

Photos by Jodie Modric Photography *Terms & conditions apply.


Uniqueness Designer Jeweller Private Studio, Maroochydore. P: 0409 057 442 //

Kyle Davies is the Sales Manager at Henzells Agency and is one of many long serving members, being a part of the team for over eight years. He brings extensive industry expertise and local-area knowledge to the position, having specialised in the Sunshine Coast property market for well over a decade. 27


SHOULD I STAY or should I go?

Step into the vibrant world of Czarina

at our dreamy boutique in Maroochydore, Queensland.

Love you forever

At Czarina, our passion lies in creating unique handcrafted garments, vibrant & easy-to-wear to bring out the beauty in everybody. Ph. 07 5479 2812

28 ISSUE 101

Sunshine Plaza (David Jones end)

New Bugatti styling Get Kitted Clothing Co Shop 30, 123 Parkyn Parade, The Wharf Mooloolaba

Tahitian and diamond 18k white gold earrings To Hold & To Have, Buderim

Butter-soft bamboo shirts and board shorts made from recycled plastic bottles Not Sponsored

TO LOVE TO REMEMBER TO HOLD AND T O H AV E FOREVER 07 5477 0561 Multi-Award-Winning Manufacturing Jewellers Freeworld Comfort Plus walking shoes - Mint. Other colours available Freeworld Australia discount/SABINE10

Bee knit jumper and leggings from Fox & Finch Moo Baba, Mooloolaba 29

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✔ Instant waist reduction

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Tahitian pearl 18k yellow gold ring

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✔ Postpartum recovery

✔ Smooth from bust and hips

✔ Sport, formal, bridal, everyday

✔ High quality latex & steel bones ✔ Triple thread technology fabric

Online 0405751646 By Appointment Shop 2, Brisbane Road Mooloolaba Q 4558 In-store Onxy Poppy 45 Burnett St, Buderim Q 4556 Wedding expos: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba and Sydney. 30 ISSUE 101

A true action and recovery Flip-Flop, $49.00 unisex. Available in many colours. Freeworld Australia

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It’s about Comfort – Our all-purpose walking shoe is designed to keep you on your feet no matter how far you have to go. When you don’t have your attention taken up by aching feet and ill-fitting shoes, you will find that you can continue walking for many hours longer than you ever thought possible. This gives you more bandwidth to think clearly and enjoy your surroundings, which is one of the most significant benefits of walking.


Keep hydrated with a Sabine Gruchet Freeworld Australia Shaker. Free to the first 50 customers who ‘Get Comfortable’ in the Comfort Plus (Code: Shakerplus). 31

Queensland inspired reef silk tops and Kaftans – $229 - $289 Onyx Poppy Boutique, Buderim

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Get Kitted Clothing Co incorporates statement pieces, classic items and casual menswear from the most sought-after, leading international designer labels, to form an exclusive, unique collection of menswear.

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It is installing a solar farm over agriculture. Agriculture uses an enormous amount of resources. It takes a lot of water and energy to grow all of our food! 85% of global water consumption is used for irrigation. Water, energy and agriculture are the foundation of our existence.

Agrivoltaics address all of three components at once. This technology has improved food production and reduced water use, while also creating extra energy and additional revenue.

How does it work? Simply, the solar panels are placed over the land where crops are grown. This allows growers to harvest the power of the sun twice. The solar panels also help plants grow more efficiently by needing less water.

How exactly do solar panels help plants use less water? See, plants have a limit to how much sun they can actually use. It’s called the light saturation point. This can happen in only two hours per day. Once reached, any light beyond that point does not increase photosynthesis or help the plant grow, it only increases the plant’s water demand. It simply makes the plant sweat, which in turn makes it thirstier. So the other five sunlight hours a day are wasted on the plant. Solar panels can be positioned to allow plants just the right amount of sunlight, and then the excess sunlight can be harvested for electricity

The electricity can be used to run the water pumps for irrigation and other elements of the farming business- charging electric tractors and equipment. Any surplus energy can be stored in batteries to run the farm overnight or sent to the grid for consumer use.

It’s a win-win-win relationship between the three most foundational elements of modern life: food, water, and energy. m

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Bret has been passionate about solar as long as he can remember. With over 30 years in management roles, Bret now follows his passion to get solar installed into as many homes and business premises as he can, at the most affordable price possible by cutting out the middle man.


Don't delay

Right now the government is paying 50% of the upfront cost! And there is ZERO upfront cost! Meaning you can pay for it through your power savings! It’s NEVER BEEN EASIER!


P. 1300 459 315 WHOLESALE SOLAR INSTALLERS PTY LTD A.C.N 626 416 215

36 ISSUE 101

We install your solar – Australia-wide at a Wholesale price

Awnings, Blinds, Security, Shutters, Curtains

Located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast and making our range of window furnishing products just for you, Harlequin Blinds and Security manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of window and door coverings. Products that are made in the factory direct for you: Blinds, Awnings, Security, Shutters and Curtains.

Stainless Steel security doors and windows are made to suit your window and door frames to give you the added security and look you are after. Block out the morning winter sun or allow light in without rain – Harlequin has got you covered. Harlequin specialises in motorisation, including motorisation for awnings, roller blinds and curtain tracks, hard-wired or battery operated, a button to open and close.

WE OFFER A FREE MEASURE & QUOTE SERVICE DIRECT TO YOUR DOOR! • Maroochydore 07 5476 9888 • Caloundra 07 5492 8888 • Noosa 07 5447 1888 Shed 5/46 Enterprise St, Kunda Park Qld 4556


w w w . h a rl e q uin b li ndsa ndse c uri t . au 37



Nathan and Grace Staal from multi-awardwinning, ‘Green Earth Homes’ share their story of passion to change lives. They understand that the best kind of builder is the one who treats each and every customer like partners. Someone who is willing to listen to the specific needs and requirements. That’s why they consider good advice and good service to be just as an important part of their business as the quality of the homes that they build. ‘Green Earth Homes is continuously improving their service to customers, being responsive to their needs by constructing sustainable, healthy, and high quality homes, through a process of consultation and innovation’. With attention to detail, efficiency and a professional yet personalised service, Green Earth Homes provides you with the most beneficial building strategy to suit your needs and budget, assuring the best long-lasting value for your biggest financial investment. Green Earth Homes believe in exceeding your expectations; they believe in being flexible to your ideas and requirements. On listening to the multiple video testimonials on their website, the word ‘effortless’ is the word that comes to mind when clients recall their building journey. Green Earth Homes customers can’t say enough great things about Nathan and Grace and the way they run their business, the way they just effortlessly get the job done and the way the results just speak for themselves. 38 ISSUE 101

Every single person can’t believe how easy and effortless their journey was with Nathan and Grace. Saying things like, “They are with you every single step of the way, they are at the end of the phone 24 hours a day, holding your hand, leading the way, fielding any questions, and guiding all your decisions”.

Getting the design right for the land takes skill and having an experienced team designing and managing this from the beginning will make a massive difference to the end result.

The thing that Green Earth Homes customers have in common is busy-ness, they are often business professionals that just don’t have the time required for all the little things that need doing when building a home. Grace takes on that role effortlessly, she just gets the job done, having done each task so many times, she knows what’s coming and how to handle it. She is like a swan on the top of the water just gliding along, making things look so easy, so effortless, but underneath those feet are going a hundred miles an hour. Her attention for detail is definitely one of her best qualities. It’s that attention to detail that makes Green Earth Homes superior in the market.

Green Earth Homes believe that the design of your home must suit your lifestyle and your budget. They take into consideration the fall of the land, the solar orientation, vegetation overlays, prevailing winds, and the site access. Often finding that sloping sites are purchased for the potential of views, this then becomes the key consideration in the design of the home. They have the expertise in custom designed homes that overcome the many challenges that arise on the more difficult or acreage sites, and they leverage them to your advantage.

Green Earth Homes are second to none when it comes to designing and building a new home on a challenging site, like: sloping, acreage. These require specialist skills and experience. Understanding how a home sits on each unique site is vital to the overall result of the build. If the design is not right for the site, then the home will never be enjoyable to live in, nor will it maximise the natural environment whether this be the view, the breezes or the sunlight.

If you have the choice to design your own home, why not do it?

Why make a decision on one of the biggest investments that you will ever make for your family and not get it right the first time? Download your free copy of ‘7 Things You Must Know BEFORE Designing A New Home & Discover The Secrets To Building Your Perfect Home’ a

SUSTAINABLE SURF AND STREET WEAR LOCAL AWARD Sunshine Coast’s Robin Nicolle’s short film Honest Police wins three awards, including best actor. Robin’s film career began when he enrolled in a two-year course at The Actors Workshop. His first short film was called Detective. This was followed by O’Hare, a short film about a boy dealing with domestic violence. Robin went to the New York Film Academy and created Certainty and Doubt, in which he played a nerdy reporter. Robin then appeared in the lead role in Spirits of the Dead, a short film about Edgar Allan Poe. He was also cast as a main character in a comedic web


series about gothic people.

In 2014, Robin performed at Bats Theatre in Buderim. Robin and his friends shot all the scenes for Honest Police on the Sunshine Coast and Caboolture. Robin says Honest Police is a wacky comedy for all ages. It won big at The International Media, Arts and Film Awards, securing Best Short Film, Best Editor and the Best Actor Award for Robin.


NOT SPONSORED Australia's own eco-friendly surf brand, created right here at home on the Sunshine Coast. All board shorts and rapid dry, sandrepellent compact beach towels are made using recycled materials (around 10 bottles per pair of shorts and 15 bottles per towel) saving a bunch of plastic bottles from ending up in landfill. The stuff lasts forever, so we need to reuse and repurpose as much of it as we can. The boardies and towels keep going strong for years and years, meaning less need to buy new stuff every six to 12 months. All the shirts, hoodies and trackies are made from butter-soft naturally antibacterial bamboo, which uses no pesticides in production and uses around 20 times less water than cotton. All this means silky smooth, comfortable and truly environmentally friendly gear. Oh, and don’t forget they also make a Shark Deterrent Leg Rope for added peace of mind while you are in the surf. You can buy online www.notsponsored. and locally at Eumundi Markets every Wednesday and Cotton Tree Markets every Sunday. a

Honest Police is being submitted to film festivals around Australia. a You can watch Honest Police at watch?v=_hMS561zevc

Contact Brad Manuel 0417 724 347. Find on socials @notsponsoredsurf

FREE EVENTS LinkedIn Local Sunshine Coast enters its fifth year. A FREE monthly networking event for business professionals. At every event we share helpful tips and advice for using LinkedIn, showcase local expertise, and host fun, interactive networking activities. LinkedIn Local is a global event, hosted by volunteers around the world with the support of LinkedIn. The mission is to get to know the person behind the profile. We provide a relaxed, welcoming environment. The event has evolved over the years. We held pre-recorded, live Facebook events during 2020. In 2021 we introduced a membership group and new website portal – B2B Sunshine Coast. B2B Sunshine Coast’s mission is to showcase local expertise and make it easier to connect and refer work to like-minded professionals. In 2021 we also launched a fortnightly newsletter and grew our social media pages – our community group has over 16,000 followers.

Welcome to

Sunshine Coast Audiology We are a new independent audiology clinic located at Sippy Downs, providing personalised hearing care to the community. Sunshine Coast Audiology is an accredited provider of the Government’s Hearing Services Program for eligible pensioners and veterans

We are excited for 2022. To build upon our success in 2021 with our events and website portal. If you are free on the first Wednesday of the month, please join us for LinkedIn Local Sunshine Coast at the Buderim Tavern, 5:30pm to 7:30pm. a For all the event details go to events

Emryn Maclachlan Call 07

Anita Burgess

5378 2226 or email

Shop 10, 1 Scholars Drive, Sippy Downs 39



Imagine if you could see inside your body and receive any messages directly – what a gift that would be! Welcome to Medical Intuition – the art of knowing what your body is saying and recognising that each and every body part is storing emotions. As a nurse for over 15 years, I understood there was more to health than the physical body. However, Western medicine often lacked the holistic approach to wellbeing. It wasn’t until I worked in pathology and autopsies that the true meaning of health revealed itself to me. I discovered that the body had two key functions – the physical and chemical function of making the body work mechanically and also the function of storing emotions and stories that could either empower or disempower the body. As I looked under a microscope examining a blood sample, I could actually see the person, personality, their thoughts and what had led them to disease. The body was talking to me! What was evident to me was although Western medicine could alleviate immediate pain, the true cause of any illness or disease often returns later. A more holistic approach of Medical Intuition allows the client or patient to feel empowered. This works by focusing and ‘tuning in’ to a person to discover their ‘story’, which caused the disease in the first place. The disease itself is simply a warning sign that life is not going according to plan and Medical Intuition is understanding what the body is saying. What I saw was the human body is a blueprint for your most dominant thoughts or a ‘print out’ of your most dominant vibration. It shows the

unconscious secrets in the body and will highlight this to you through pain, disease, mental anguish, emotional unrest. Each body part has two main functions – physical and metaphysical. Jean Sheehan is an entrepreneur and keynote speaker on Medical Intuition and five-time Amazon bestselling author. She is known as the Queen of Hearts and Manifesting. Using Quantum Reality and Law of Attraction, Jean travels globally teaching her accredited Millennium Modality® at universities, to health professionals, on cruise ships and businesses. She will WOW you with what she knows!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jean is an entrepreneur and keynote speaker of Medical Intuition and a best selling author known as the Queen of Hearts and of Manifesting. Using Quantum reality and Law of Attraction, Jean travels globally teaching her accredited Millenium Modality®.

Make every day a happy hair day with Magic Hair Wraps Cute and comfy Padded hair wraps Cover grey or roots Wear with a rose knot style j Or a bow j j j j

j Or scrunch it up j Wear halo style j Or twist one around your ponytail j Make every single day a HAPPY HAIR DAY

Grab yours today at, go to accessories then click on Magic Hair Wraps. Text 0433 198 868 for further info.

40 ISSUE 101


A beautiful work of art deserves a stunning frame to show it off in the best possible way. At our new Noosaville framing workshop and our Minyama framing workshop / gallery café, you’ll find framers and consultants with years of experience waiting to provide you with a keen eye for detail, exceptional customer service and the highest quality framing materials. We specialise in art preservation and custom framing, canvas stretching, printing, custom mirrors, framing of sporting memorabilia and objects as well as readyto-hang artworks. We pride ourselves on educating our customers in the latest framing techniques and methods that will protect their artwork and treasured memories and ensure that they will last a lifetime.

For those of you looking to explore the art world, be sure to keep updated with our new workshops and fun classes that are scheduled for the coming months. Artists will find an extensive range of art supplies in different medias such as acrylic, watercolour, oils, inks, and pastel. We have a large range of ready-made canvases and painting accessories like brushes, inks, paper, pads available to you.

You name it, we frame it! Including original art, limited edition prints, embroidery, mementos and objects, medals, photographs, posters, and certificates and so much more! At Minyama you can relax in our Gallery Café and take in our beautiful range of wall art, homewares, and gifts. There, you will find our experienced baristas serving Bear Bones coffee and treats.

Our Minyama Store is open six days a week, Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm and Saturdays 8.30am to 4pm. Shop E, 3 Longwood Street Minyama QLD 4575 (Nicklin Way Next door from Pillow Talk) Ph: 07 5444 0009. Email: Our Noosaville store is open Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm. 2/50 Gateway Drive Noosaville QLD 4566 Ph: 07 5474 1127 Email: ca

ABOUT THE AUTHORS Paula and John Gowland are passionate about everything to do with the Art and Framing World. They head a team of experts with over 100 years’ combined knowledge in the area. Each member of the team brings their own unique skills that, when combined, leaves no stone unturned.

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR RELIABLE AND PROFESSIONAL ELECTRICIAN OR AIR CONDITIONING SERVICES? Family man and former Falcons half-back and captain, Todd Murphy is offering a FREE CONSULTATION to ensure that he identifies the most efficient solution for your electrical or air conditioning requirements.

• Servicing the whole of the Sunshine Coast • Renovations and new homes • Air Conditioning - Design, and installation. • All of your electrical needs

Check out our reviews here

W | M 0423 758 971 | E 41




TECHNICAL WELLNESS – a helpful IT audit An IT audit is a review of all your IT systems (sometimes called an ICT audit, the C is for communications). It includes hardware, platforms, right up to the applications you’re using and the connectivity between them all. The concept is to provide an appraisal of your overall IT position and help collate as much information, so it builds a ‘IT Business Map’. This enables you to better understand what you have, where you have it and highlight any weaknesses and areas of probable improvement. In many cases this brings the information out from IT supply back into the hands of the business owner, potentially used as a handover document, or asset depreciation schedules. An IT audit typical areas may include: •S erver/Cloud Infrastructure – Cloud and on-premises servers (their lifecycle, optimisations, and risks) • Workstation/Endpoint infrastructure – Full review of all workstations/devices, operating systems, and applications (also including lifecycle, optimisations, and risks) •N etworking/Internet – Local and wide area networks (including WIFI, VPN, internet and more) •B ackups - Disaster recovery and business continuity (verification of cover, estimates in recovery and what if scenarios, highlighting of risks) •S ystems Integration and Workflow – Basic snapshot of business/ systems workflows and where optimisation and automation may save time/errors/cost. This can be a large undertaking for some organisations and often left out of the initial audit.

• Power and Environmental – Where possible, review physical environments and cover items like data racks, cabling and power. •S ecurity – This really covers all the points above. Looking for security issues from physical access, internet security, antivirus, firewalls, software patching, websites, login methodologies, emails to end users and their setups. It may even include ethical hacking attempts to expose and grade any risks found exposed. The audit process has minimal impact, will not affect or impact operations and is a practice that pays dividends to any sized business. If you would like to discuss your IT health you can reach us on 07 5353 5178 or ca

ABOUT TECODA Tecoda is a trusted IT advisor, developer and end-to-end managed service provider based in Maroochydore. Our award-winning software development and network engineering teams are committed to honesty, reliability, delivery, and security.

A cosmetic medicine practice dedicated to helping you

look and feel your best. Rejuvenative can help you with

• Acne • Pigmentation • Visible veins • Sun damaged skin • Oily & dry skin 1300 288 606 // 42 ISSUE 101

• Melasma • Anti-aging • • •

treatment Hair reduction Vitamin infusions Skin care regimes

have questions?

Book an initial consultation to find out which servies will work best for you.

My love and connection with the ocean came from growing up in the coastal town of Portland, Victoria. Surrounded by the open sea, I walked the beaches barefoot and spoke my wishes and secrets to the blue waters in front of me. My other love as a young girl was art, often filling pages with various sketches and scribbles of colour. In 2020 I was able to bring my lifelong dream of combining my two greatest loves together, and Ocean Art Naomi was born.

What space do you have that I can help bring to life with my ocean art?

There is no greater joy than witnessing people connect with my art. Whether it be the colours I paint with, or the ocean escape they feel when they are viewing my art. I have been fortunate to sell my artworks both nationally and internationally.

join in the fun with me!

Operating completely in-house, I print my own archival giclee prints and canvas wall art to custom sizes that suit. All artworks are

I offer art bundle packages and artwork for rent, perfect for interior designers and home styling specialists. Passionate about sharing the benefits of art and its therapy, I offer two-and-ahalf hour art workshops where we all get to laugh and paint the time away together. BYO drinks are welcomed. Group and corporate bookings welcomed. Come

handled with care and finished with the finest quality you would expect. And who doesn't like to go large? With my custom wall mural art, I have been able to bring large pops of ocean splashes into homes, offices, motels, restaurants, boats and yachts.

From my ocean-loving heart to yours, I look forward to meeting you soon to discuss your ocean art needs. ca

Be a world class Medical Intuitive Practitioner with 07 5641 4009 43


"MY HEART AND SOUL ARE STAINED... with the inks of the ocean"

B2B Sunshine Coast proudly showcasing the expertise of our members. A CANCER DIAGNOSIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING.


Now you need a guide.

Learn to engage and retain employees

Journal your story to heal body, mind, and soul from cancer. This first-of-its-kind structured writing journal helps cancer patients write about their life-altering experience with cancer.

Are you a Medium Enterprise Business, and do you want fully engaged and highly trained employees?

From diagnosis through treatment and into the future, follow along with this beautiful guidebook is written by a local woman and two-time cancer survivor, Cindy Scott, to navigate your cancer journey with greater ease.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always occur naturally. It takes an intentional, systematic, people-management approach to get this right. If there is dissatisfaction in your employees, your customers will experience it.

This guidebook contains supportive prompting questions, mindfulness practices, journaling pages, and insights from Cindy’s journey for people wanting to heal from any type of cancer.

Yet too much of ‘Employee Development and Engagement’ is left to chance. What is this costing you? Is it time to take the guesswork out of this critical area?

The Healing Journal is the quintessential guidebook and perfect gift to show concern and compassion and conveys best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Cutting-edge technology can now assist you in hiring best-fit staff, effectively equipping powerfully managers, precisely measure and track employee engagement and fulfilment levels, target needed developmental areas, develop team cohesiveness and transform workplace culture.

This book is like a big hug when you need it most. A portion of the author’s proceeds from the sale of each book will be donated to cancer patient support organisations.

Improve your business results by focusing on staff talent management? I live on the Sunshine Coast and am happy to offer a free demonstration of how I can assist you in improving your results.

To purchase your copy, go to:




What is your body telling you?

Don't underestimate SEO

Hormone imbalance symptoms include headaches, fatigue, weight gain, stress, constipation, hair loss, and blood sugar problems. Not to mention the diagnosed related illnesses such as cancers, diabetes, PCOS, graves disease, erectile dysfunction, endometriosis, etc.

You agreed to an update of your website. You were probably told you would keep your traffic or lose some, and it would come back. But it has been months, and your traffic is not back. You are spending loads of money on ads or even letting staff go. You have never been this stressed.

Whether you are already sick or want to stay healthy, the basic principles are the same. Karen Thorley can help. Karen was worked with women with a hormone imbalance for over a decade. Karen offers a 12-week foundation program, three phases to weight release, renewed energy, and rejuvenation. The three phases are lifestyle, detox, and permanent change.

To learn more and book your spot, go to

44 ISSUE 101

We know that a business thrives when its employees desire to be at work and are highly competent.

Unfortunately, some web developers and SEOs don’t know what they don’t know. At Large Hope SEO, we specialise in SEO recovery. So if the SEO migration has failed or was not done correctly, we can fix it. Georgie has over ten years of SEO experience. In addition, she has written seven books on SEO, including an SEO migration checklist for tech-savvy business owners and web developers. We know you are financially stressed. So we offer a sliding scale payment. You pay a small amount in the first few months while we recover the traffic and then pay extra once the leads are coming in again.

For more information on traffic recovery and FREE prelaunch prevention check, go to

Become a member today by going to


THE office fairy

Kathy Bellman’s commercial cleaning business has been looking after clients, like a fairy in the background, all around South-East Queensland for over 16 years.

I asked Kathy where the inspiration for the business name came from and she says, “Dad always used to say when things were clean that they were ‘Clean as a whistle.’ I wanted that name, but it was taken, so my sister-in-law came up with Whistle A Cleaner and it seemed equally appropriate for what we were trying to create.” With an admin team of four and a total team of 49, Whistle A Cleaner has certainly earnt a reputation in the industry for getting the job done. The biggest point of different they hang their hat on is attention to detail.

Whistle A Cleaner is passionate about the local community too, actively helping the homeless, families in need, DVA and cancer patients.

Kathy feels it is a sign of gratitude for the business that the community provides, to give back to that community where needed. “It’s rewarding for our team to know that their hard work is not just all about profits, it makes everyone feel good and helps to keep us humble,” she says. Give Kathy and the team a call today to find out just how affordable their cleaning services are; Including commercial cleaning, Aged Care Organisations and NDIS Participants. a Phone. 0439 069 553 Email.

We are all so busy with our businesses, the last thing we need when we come into the office after the weekend is to find the office not up to scratch. We go to throw something in the bin and see the bit of paper we threw in that direction on Friday, but missed, still in the same spot. We see that mark on the wall that we knew was there the other day. It’s not the end of the world, but it certainly doesn’t make us feel like we are getting our money’s worth. Kathy says most of their new business comes from people who just want to be sure that the job is done right each and every time. They just want to feel confident that their office cleaners are truly passionate about that attention to detail. “That’s what makes the biggest difference when it comes to the choosing an office cleaner,” she says.

“Great customer service is about treating every client with care and great service. It’s vitally important to treat each team member with that same love and care too. It’s my job to look after my team and my team’s job to look after our clients. I always aim to lead by example.” Whistle A Cleaner prides themselves on affordability, reliability, and professionalism. Their team are friendly, well-trained and highly motivated to deliver cleaning services that are second to none. Whether you require a weekly, fortnightly or monthly contract office cleaner, or you have need of a long overdue spring clean, Whistle A Cleaner is here to make your place of work sparkle. Whistle A Cleaner caters for the cleaning needs of all business entities from offices, retail outlets and distribution centres, to healthcare and medical centres, including dental surgeries, doctors’ practices and veterinary clinics to name a few. The only cleaning they don't do is residential. Their employees are trained in health and safety processes and are assessed annually to ensure their cleaning services consistently deliver the highest standards of workplace health and safety. For your assurances of safety and security, all Whistle A Cleaner team members have current Queensland Police Security checks and are covered by WorkCover and public liability insurance. 45


NURTURING THE nurturer’s wellbeing As Dr Montessori wrote over 100 years ago, “the child is both the hope and promise of mankind.” With this mindset, our educators are dedicated and passionate. As management we are always working on ways to support our educators to feel nurtured and appreciated in their roles. We do this in many ways, including paying above award and lots of staff perks. One of these perks would usually be taking the whole team to the Gold Coast or Brisbane for the weekend to an annual conference, however this year we are trying something a little different.

We have put together an Educator’s Wellness Retreat! Renting a fabulous house in Mooloolaba. The focus for our retreat is resilience, how to bounce back when you are feeling overwhelmed by emotions that occur every day with children, parents, colleagues and even managing the work/ life balance. We have three amazing speakers for our educators including:

>> Vickie Magic, wellbeing guru, focusing on giving our educators coping skills such as meditation.

All in all, we are looking forward to this team

>> Jo Hassan, wellness coach, who will outline her program PEPP (Purpose, Energy, Pleasure and Profit).

is not enough for the teacher to love the

>> Lyn Levitt, who will support educators to consider their current and future financial goals.

bonding weekend, which will set us up for a fabulous year! As Dr Montessori says, “It child. She first must love and understand the universe, she must prepare herself, and truly work at it.” ca

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Kerri Steele is the Approved Provider and Educational Leader of the centre. She has a Bachelor of Early Education, Diploma of Montessori, and a Diploma of Counselling. Kerri can be contacted about any aspect of Karinya Montessori on

46 ISSUE 101 47

"We each have one life to live, and it is up to each of us to make the most of it."

RTO 0275 | CRICOS 03020E 48 ISSUE 101

SUNSHINE COAST LOCAL AND DIPLOMA OF NURSING GRADUATE TANYA ARMSTRONG HAS BEEN RECOGNISED FOR HER COMMITMENT TO ACHIEVING HER CAREER GOALS. Dedicated 23-year-old Tanya Armstrong was awarded the title of 2021 Sunshine Coast Student of the Year — an award that recognises academic achievement, motivation, teamwork, and extracurricular commitments — during TAFE Queensland’s Sunshine Coast graduation ceremony in December. Tanya said she felt proud just to have graduated, and that she was honoured to receive the accolade. “It feels absolutely incredible to have graduated. I am so pleased to have finally achieved this goal,” Tanya said. “I wasn’t expecting it (the award) in the slightest, but I’m incredibly thankful. It feels amazing that my hard work has been recognised." Tanya began her journey to becoming a nurse in 2020, following in the footsteps of her mother. Having previously spent four years working as a personal carer, Tanya said she was always drawn to the idea of caring for others, so becoming an enrolled nurse was the next logical step. “Growing up in that environment at home and hearing about how much my mum loves what she does both inspired and motivated me to become a nurse,” Tanya said. “I have genuinely loved my time as a personal carer, but after around two-and-a-half years, I felt like I was stagnating in the industry and realised I wanted to increase my knowledge and further my skills.” But it was her own experience within the healthcare system that triggered Tanya to take her passion to the next level, after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at just 20-years-old.

“I experienced first-hand what a positive difference simple things such as a warm smile and friendly voice can have on someone when they in a truly terrifying and uncertain time in their life,” Tanya said. “When I first enrolled, I wanted to become a nurse that specialises in MS, so that I could help others in a similar way to how I have been helped and continue to be helped along my own health journey. But that goal has changed and now I just want to be able to make a positive lasting difference to the people I care for, regardless of what specific position or role I have as a nurse. “I genuinely believe that my attitude, mindset and energy are immensely more powerful than anything else that goes on in my life. You can’t control what happens to you, but you can control how you look at those events and how they shape your future.” Tanya enrolled in TAFE Queensland’s Diploma of Nursing on the advice of colleagues that she’d met during her time as a personal carer, and completed her studies at the Sunshine Coast Health Institute — a state-of-the-art training facility operated as a joint-venture partnership between Queensland Health, TAFE Queensland, University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), and Griffith University. “I heard so many amazing reviews about TAFE Queensland and loved how many flexible learning options were offered,” Tanya said. “There was a huge focus on the practical side of nursing, which

really helped to support the theory I learned in class, and the teachers were absolutely fabulous. They were extremely knowledgeable, patient, and great at explaining things — I am so appreciative of their hard work and for the support I received from them.” Since graduating, Tanya has secured a full time position as an endorsed enrolled nurse at a local GP clinic. “I am so incredibly excited to be starting my career as a practice nurse,” Tanya said. “I can honestly say that finishing my diploma is one of the proudest things I have accomplished. I have learned so much about nursing and myself along this journey, and I can’t wait to put it all to good use.” When asked what her advice is for others considering whether to enrol and pursue the career they’re passionate about, Tanya’s response was to not “let fear get in the way of their dreams”. “I am so glad that I took the leap and completed what I set off to do. We each have one life to live, and it is up to each of us to make the most of it.” TAFE Queensland’s Diploma of Nursing recently topped the QTAC offers for school leavers in 2022, with Queenslanders looking to make the most of the 9.8 per cent increase in employment opportunities that the Department of Education, Skills and Employment are projecting for enrolled nurses over the next five years. For more information about how you can kick-start a rewarding career, visit or call 1300 308 233, and let TAFE Queensland help you define your greatness. 49


YOUR PATH to freedom Meet Angela. Her job is to help people feel better. To give her clients the freedom to live life to the fullest without the ailments that sometimes make them feel bad or lack confidence. Angela doesn’t specifically remember making this decision, it always seemed to just be a part of who she was. Maybe it was due to her dad having a nervous breakdown when she was just eight years old. Angela didn’t understand back then why her lovely, happy daddy who was always whistling, smiling and jolly suddenly became a broken man who seemed so sad. She wanted to make it better. Being the youngest of five children and the only girl, she was a ‘proper’ daddy’s girl and thought her job in life was to put a smile on his face.

COU RAG E TO GO D E E P NEED HELP WITH: Sexual harassment Bullying Misconduct Fraud and appropriation Litigation support Workcover

Code of conduct Whistleblowing Workplace health & safety Performance and conduct General investigations

Integrity experts, ‘The Forensix Group’ specialise in HR, Workplace and general investigations



Angela has been helping people like her dad ever since.

The list of ailments Angela has helped with is huge and includes weight loss, smoking cessation, stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, pain, sexual issues, fears and phobias, confidence, motivation, sports performance, public speaking, business stress, new therapist mentoring, work anxiety, coaching for success, communication skills, rapport skills, motivation, confidence, finding direction, finding inner peace, improving relationships and pretty much anything that you would like to change.

If you suffer from overwhelm, stress, anxiety or any of the unhealthy emotions that stop you in your day-to-day life, or if you spend your time worrying about your business, job, kids, health and finances, so much that you can’t sleep, then Angela may be just the solution you’ve been looking for. Maybe you’ve lost your sense of fun and adventure and everything seems an effort? Maybe you feel pretty good but would just like a bit more confidence, motivation or the belief that you can do those things you want to do without unnecessary anxiety of fear of failure?

Angela trained and worked as a Psychiatric Nurse in 1981. Angela began her NLP training in 2006, learning with several highly respected trainers including both of the original founders of NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder. She has been qualified as an NLP Master Practitioner and Certified NLP Trainer for over 15 years and has worked in a professional capacity as a self-employed Hypnotist, Coach and Trainer since 2007. Angela specialises in addictions, stress, anxiety and depression.

All of these things can be helped with Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Angela’s unique ability to get to the core of the situation quickly. Most people book in for sessions with Angela after trying everything else, like a last resort. They are often surprised by how quickly they feel better, more at ease, with a sense of wellbeing and a clear mind. Start with a free introductory session as an opportunity to connect with Angela. You’ll get a sense of how she works and you’ll more than likely leave the session with a taster of what to expect while at the same time, Angela can decide if her skillset is a match to help you feel better.

We all live in the feeling of our moment to moment thinking and see life as we are, not as it is. By changing the way you relate to your thoughts, you can feel at peace no matter what challenges, events or situations you are experiencing.

At the age of 51 Angela started running and has just completed her second ultra marathon with a third coming up later in this year.

CCoommee ininttoo....

If you are ready to stop thinking and start doing, get in touch with Angela today to claim your first session FREE!

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Warana Shop 8 / 278 Nicklin Way (Cnr Production Ave) ART STOOL STOOL ART




Phone 5479 5502 8/278 8/278 8/278 Nicklin Nicklin Nicklin Way, Way, Way, Warana Warana Warana sitting sitting around around around Ph Ph Ph 5479 5479 5479 5502 5502 5502 51



When it comes to starting a business, the first thing we do is get excited. Like the arrival of a new child, this newcomer to your life is your little baby, who you will nurture and cherish. You go in and register a name, smash out a logo, and get on with it. If that scenario sounds like your business, then you’re not alone. Most small businesses start this way. But in an ever-increasing competitive market, you need to stand out

from the competition and turn heads your way. That is what branding is about – it’s not the logo, and not even the name. Those visual elements should come way after all the hard brand work has been done.

carve out your own little space, and own it – communicating in a way that makes your brand more attractive and be positioned right in front of your customers – that is what branding should do.

To really get your brand working, you need to develop a brand strategy. Like a marketing plan, you’ll get a full understanding of your brand, what it stands for and why it exists. You’ll also learn about your customers through deep research into what they want from your brand, even if they don’t know it themselves yet! You’ll have deep intel on your competitors.

The process for all this, is deep, timeconsuming, but essential for brand success. You can’t rush it. The good news is there is expert help available. Creative agency Hula offer you specialist help and advice in getting your brand up and running and attracting more customers to your business. Get in touch today at or call Stu on 0401 205 198 and arrange a catch up. ca

By knowing what your customers want and what your competitors offer, you can then

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Stu Peace is a seasoned creative marketing professional. With big agency experience and having held senior marketing roles in corporates, he is now Sunshine Coast based with Hula, offering big brand experiences to all Sunny Coast businesses. The goal is to level the playing field, allowing all business owners access to winning marketing strategies and stunning creative.

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Are you a mum, a wife, a partner, a business owner, employee, a sister, a friend? Are you constantly doing things for someone other than yourself? When is your turn? Do you sometimes feel that you are so far down the list of ‘things to do’ that you never get anything done for you? Do you lack confidence, motivation or inspiration? Sole travel is good for the soul. It gives you time to really reflect and find yourself. We want to be the best version of ourselves possible, we just don’t always know how.

Meet Yogita Ridgley. Yogita is an author, a multi-awardwinning entrepreneur, a speaker and also a mum. Yogita was born in an Indian working class family, her parents were both schoolteachers, now retired. Her parents valued education, teaching her from a young age that, “Knowledge is Power.” She is proud of her Indian heritage. Speaking a few different languages, eating different food, wearing different clothes, she totally enjoys the best of both worlds. However, she always felt she did not fit into the Indian society because she was not Indian enough and she didn’t belong in Western society either. She grew up with very low self-esteem. Growing up with dyslexia made school tricky. When you have other children and teachers laughing at you, calling you names like, stupid, dumb, useless and lazy, it is very hard to feel good about yourself. I identified my self-worth based on how well I could read, write and spell, when I was an A+ student in maths, science and anything that did not require reading and writing. After finishing school, I took the simple road of studying Accounting and Economics at University instead of what I wanted to do. Yogita carried the self-doubt and limiting beliefs with her into her working life to the extent where she identified herself as a broken person.

She allowed depression and negative emotions to rule her life and stop her from living her true potential. She was unable to see her inner beauty and be the authentic version of herself. It was not until she went on her first solo trip, ten years ago, that the penny dropped. She realised she could act like a victim, or she could take responsibility for her life. Through solo travel, she began to discover herself and her business, Traveling with Me, Myself and I, was born.

they will always experience an inner conflict. This is because they are fighting who they are at the deep, unconscious level. To make any change permanent, you must make it in the subconscious mind where all permanent behaviour change occurs. You must also make a shift in your identity that is consistent with the behaviour you are changing. Email Yogita at a

Yogita says being a mum is actually the biggest role she plays, and now that she has found herself and found her purpose, she lives her life inspiring and encouraging her family and women all over the world to do the same. She helps women use the art of selfreflection to uncover their gifts that have often been hidden until now. Women that have travelled with Yogita have said the journey of self-discovery was an overdue journey. They speak of finding confidence and feeling empowered to really step outside of their comfort zone and become a role model to those around them. All permanent behaviour changes occur in the unconscious mind. This is where our beliefs are stored. You can change a person’s behaviour, but if there is an unconscious belief that conflicts with that change, 53


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Did you know that by not marketing, you’re actually costing your business thousands? But how can that be? If you don’t spend $1000 then you still have $1000, right? WRONG! Buckle up because what I am about to tell you is going to BLOW… YOUR… MIND! Ready to see how you're losing money, even though you aren’t spending any? How much money are you making per month?

For the sake of this example, I am going to say $3500. So how much do you want to be making? Let’s pretend you want to make $15,000 per month. How long have you been trying to make 15k per month? Let’s say one year. Now here is the twist: From our example, if you have been trying to achieve the $15,000 per month minus the $3500 that you have already managed to achieve then it is actually costing you $11,500 per month. That’s $138,000 per year that you are losing by not changing what you are doing! Now you tell me, can you afford to lose that? Do you believe that people in your industry are

currently doing 15k per month? Of course they are! But you’re not, so the question is, what are you going to do to get there? Many business owners believe that there is no cost to them not changing something and not hitting the companies’ goals and targets. But in fact, there is a massive cost. Sometimes, this cost can be the business itself. If you don’t stand up, you will never be seen! The best product in the world means nothing if no-one knows it exists. Contact us for a FREE 30 Minute Strategy Session. ca 1300 640 508 //

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Kirsty’s experience sits with business growth and marketing, problem solving and automation; you could call her a ‘serial entrepreneur’. She entered the business world with the enthusiasm to learn, venturing out on her own at the age of 15. The lessons and skills learnt were invaluable and have allowed her to help hundreds of businesses reach their true potential so far.


Whether you’re catering for a board meeting, an office farewell or just showing your team you appreciate them, we have all your corporate catering needs covered. We even do private functions like parties and family get togethers – no event is too big or small! All our options are perfect for any dietary requirement as everything is 100% gluten free and mostly dairy free with plenty of vegan options. We are a fresh, delicious and healthy alternative to your average, everyday catering platters.

To view our full catering menu and order online head to 55


ARE YOU LOSING $1000s PER MONTH? Ready for a twist?

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OPEN FOR business

WITH ROD RUSSELL // SAVVY BUSINESS SALES Now that Queensland’s borders are open to the world, business owners can finally sense some normality, as we slowly return to life as we knew it pre-Covid. The highs and lows of the past two years have been taxing, however, business owners that have hung in there may be well rewarded in the years ahead. The resurgence in the economy will be led by domestic and international travel, southern state migration, overseas students, returning backpackers and of course federal and state funding for infrastructure to accommodate population growth and the 2032 Olympics.

lost employment during Covid choosing to take control by purchasing a business, the market is red hot. With the projected growth, why wouldn’t buyers want to invest in local business now? Interest rates are at their lowest, most businesses sold offer over 30% return on investment (money back in just over three years!), as well as our enormous opportunities that most regions can only dream about. Of course, this is also a dream come true for business owners who are ready to retire. We are seeing an abundance of energetic buyers with access to cheap money. They are driven, educated and keen to take business to the next level, and why wouldn’t they…this is one of the world’s most liveable places.

This puts us in a unique position, so it is a great time to consider buying or selling a business.

It’s time to put the Covid years behind us and look at the endless opportunities that lie ahead. We have it all here and we are “Open for Business”, now is a sensational time for those wanting to purchase or exit a business. ca

With so many people relocating to the Coast and thousands who

ABOUT THE AUTHOR With over 25 years’ experience selling businesses on the Sunshine Coast and beyond, Rod Russell and his award-winning team at Savvy Business are leaders in buying or selling businesses.


Visit our modern, purpose-built, technologically advanced ophthalmic practice.

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With her glowing smile, stunning wavy brunette hair, head-turning body, and a winning personality that grabs your attention from the moment she walks into a room, it’s hard to believe Tahitian-born, with a French Polynesian father, 47-year-old, 5'10" Sabine Gruchet felt she wasn’t good enough. Gracing the covers of magazines worldwide from London to Sydney for more than 30 years might seem the epitome of a successful modeling career. But, for this French Polynesian beauty, there was a point when she simply asked herself, “Is it worth it?” For seventeen years, Sabine was a size 6/8, the desired average size of a straight-sized model. The pressure to sustain her ‘sample’ size measurements was incessant. If it wasn’t from her agent or the brand she represented, then it was from her 5'1" mother, a mirror twin petite, slim woman who was an entrepreneur, singer, and model herself. “The psychology of being told not to gain weight, made me gain weight! My mum got upset if I was gaining weight. Yes, she praised me and instilled confidence in me when I did the right thing, but she would also tell me off,” Sabine recalls. This led to years of binge eating and other self-sabotaging behaviours. For Sabine, it was a mentally unsustainable way to live. She saw how stress and overwhelm affected her mother. “I learned the mind is a very powerful thing. My mum, who began as a singer, moved on to own a chain of boutiques, she started me in fashion, she definitely worked too hard, and every time she got stressed, she got a new lump. She had many cancers throughout her life and died while I was in my twenties.” The average woman wears a size 16/18, yet most models promote size 4/6, which is not even 5% of the population, according to Sabine. Her body changed shape when she was in her thirties, and it was getting harder and harder to maintain her physique. She made the decision to switch to “plus-sized” modeling. Ironically, at a size 14, Sabine was told she 58 ISSUE 101

was too small and needed to be at least a size 18 to 22. She was encouraged to be bigger and to eat more. Originally, she thought, “How great! I can eat whatever I want!” Her size increased easily, and with confidence and humour, she embraced her new curves. Her highly-relatable demeanour and authentic presentation style had her instantly selling out every item she advertised on shopping TV. Yet even at 95kg, the pressure remained the same. She was measured every day, like a live mannequin, to fit the samples, often being told, “Your arms are too small,” or “Your waist is still too small.” So, she ate some more, to the point where it became out of control and she just couldn’t stop. When she returned to Australia, she was shocked to find she was a size 20/22 and 103 kgs. It seemed there was no way to halt the weight gain.

Fate would have it that the right opportunity came to her at just the right time – to become an ambassador for Nestle’s Optifast. The Optifast Program, developed in 1974, is a clinically proven, scientifically designed very low calorie diet, doctor recommended for the management of obesity. Placing her in a state of mild ketosis (the process where your body begins to burn fat rather than carbohydrates for fuel), she was down a dress size in six days. The rapid results motivated her to continue. With the combination of shakes, bars and low starch vegetables, thirteen weeks later she found herself 20kg lighter, having lost thirty percent of her body weight. Thereafter, she continued to lose one to two kilograms per week until she reached her desired 30 kilo weight loss - not too skinny, not too fat, but happy in the middle. Describing herself as a “natural psychologist,” Sabine intuitively knew that how you feel inside can dramatically affect how you show up in the world. An entrepreneur since the age of 17, (as the owner of two lingerie boutiques), it was time for her to use her lifetime of knowledge and experience in the lingerie industry to create a

brand of shape-wear for all figures and sizes of women.


Working with a technologist and improving upon the very best brand samples she’d modeled in the past, Sabine created the Miracle Shapers. Available in nude and black, with sizes ranging from small to 6XL, there are multiple styles to empower every woman, allowing each to embrace her unique and beautiful body shape.

1. Change your perspective and focus

“If you feel good underneath, you can wear anything! Contrary to popular belief, the Miracle Shapers are not just for big girls. Our most popular sizes are 10-14. We have styles for the waist, bottom, thighs, whist improving posture that make any outfit look great. It’s a happy, fun business,” she says. Sabine is as busy as they come managing her business, and soon to be selling real estate with the McGill group, inspiring people to exercise and walk more as a footwear model with Freeworld Comfort line, and maintaining her own photography and modeling studios in Sydney and the Sunshine Coast. But she keeps it real with the support of her family and friends, taking the necessary “me time” to rest and recharge. It’s not unusual to see Sabine walking in the park or along the beaches of the Sunshine Coast with her Great Dane English Mastiff, Thumper. On first impressions, his massive size would have anyone giving a wide berth. But Sabine loves that when he meets another dog, he cuddles and kisses them, and never fights back. Thumper is as gentle as they come, and he loves to have a play, reminding us all, as the old adage says, to “never judge a book by its cover,” or a woman (or dog!) by her size.

Food isn’t naughty or nice, it just simply is – an amazing plethora of scrumptious, nutritious choices in which to fuel your body. Rather than focusing on foods you can’t have, appreciate the healthy options you do have, and with gratitude say “Bon appetit!” 2. Love yourself The world may judge you, but you don’t have to. Remind yourself daily, with positive affirmations, of all the amazing things you are! Be kind, take a look in the mirror and reflect on the beauty you see inside and out. 3. Enjoy moving your body Exercise comes in all forms. Dance, walk, swim, run, cycle, paddle-board, go to the gym, take a class, or simply play in the park! Just move your body whenever and however you can, alone or with others. Make it fun and your body will thank you. 4. Dish out the praise! Instead of commenting or criticising others on their eating habits, praise them when they make healthy choices. Instead of shaming their cake indulgence, celebrate their choice of an apple or a walk after dinner. It will inspire them to repeat the behaviour. 5. Make healthy substitutions Food can be fun, so get creative in the kitchen with some of these suggested substitutions: spiraled zucchini for pasta, mashed cauliflower for rice, lettuce leaves for flour wraps, baby cucumbers for packaged chips (they’re crunchy too!), herbal tea for coffee or soda – just to name a few. 6. Take a day off Go easy on yourself and enjoy a day of food freedom. A once-in-a-while departure from the routine will rev up your metabolism and eliminate boredom.

7. Nurture yourself with nature Get outside and breathe some fresh air. Take a walk with Mother Nature and soothe your soul. It’s also a great way to get from point A to B and meet some of your neighbours! 8. Catch some z’s Good sleep habits are a must when trying to maintain a healthy weight. Create a wind down routine that’s inviting for slumber so you can wake up refreshed and energised for the new day ahead. 9. Put on a happy tune Music is an automatic state changer. It can elevate your mood, distract you from mindless eating, and signal your body to move. Whether you are at home, on a walk, in the car, or at work, crank up the tunes and feel your heart soar. 10. Be prepared Take the time to prepare healthy meals and snacks a head of time so you are never tempted to indulge. The extra prep time may save you from self-sabotaging behaviours in the future. *Bonus tip – keep it to yourself and lead by example – You may have heard that making your healthy lifestyle choices public garners support and applause. But it may actually do the opposite.

Telling everyone you are on a “diet” puts a lot of pressure on both you and them. You may even find those closest to you become the first to sabotage your efforts to stay on track. Instead, lead by example, just do you, and let go of the need to guilt others who don’t fall in line with your plan. In time, they will see your results and the glow you emanate to the world and be inspired. a Sabine Gruchet // 0405 751 646 59


View from Kings Beach project

PLANNING AND BUILDING in a new paradigm Covid-19 has changed the way businesses operate. While many had restrictions and isolation measures to navigate, with some experiencing decreases in demand and fabrication, the building industry saw a different phenomenon. Following strong government measures to create incentives to recover the economy, create new jobs and keep those within the industry gainfully employed, demand went through the roof. With people unable to spend on travel and other activities, more people turned to investing in building new property and renovating old ones. This has created a big demand and increased pressure on the building supply chain and trading professionals. This presented unique challenges to the building industry and increased planning was required to ensure construction timeframes weren’t filled with holes while crews awaited materials to arrive to complete their jobs.

View from Kings Beach project

60 ISSUE 101

Levon Yaghdjian

A smooth construction started with a professional design that takes every detail into account. This process became even more important post-covid as this is where you can avoid using materials that are in high demand. Not only does this make them harder to get hold of, but it also increases the price. While timber demand skyrocketed, alternatives like concrete and steel

became more attractive to some customers. Traditionally, they were more expensive options, but now the difference is not so obvious. We must be bold. Your designer, engineer or architect must be experienced enough to understand when it is possible to take a new road and find alternatives in design and construction. Within the industry, we have also had to simplify the way we do things. We need to reduce the quantity of the different types of material we work with and the number of trades we engage for each job. This is

Through a good design that is well planned, well budgeted and engages experienced professionals, you will be on the path to success. LYNP can offer you more than 40 years of uninterrupted local and international experience in industrial, commercial and residential design and construction. a Book a free meeting at email.

done by concentrating on every minute detail every step of the way. By doing this, we can spend more time planning and less time in construction and reduce the likelihood of unforeseen delays to obtain materials or labour.

QBCC 15057927

Every single item in your bill of must be correctly quantified and lynp-projects-construction

priced. There is no space for waste when it comes to labour or materials.

GET THE JOB YOU LOVE, NOT THE ONE YOU CAN DO. Resumes That Stand Out. Inside Secrets For Finding Your Dream Job. Expert Support That Will Help You Get Clear About Your Next Career Move. BOOK YOUR FREE 20 MINUTE NEXT MOVE CAREER CHAT or go to our website, we help with Resumes, Career Coaching, Applications, Interviews and Career Confidence. 61


LET’S GET BACK TO NATURE – three tips for a healthier diet WITH JAMES MCGOVERN // THE GOOD PLACE

It’s time for us all to get back to nature. Returning to what is genuinely natural as opposed to those ‘foodlike’ substances that modern marketing tricks us into thinking is natural.

nutrition science. You know something is flawed when an Up and Go breakfast milk drink with 28.7 grams of carbs, 15.8 grams of added sugar and ingredients such as “cane sugar, vegetable fibre, soy protein, vegetable oils (sunflower, canola), and fructose”, has a star rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Modern society has certainly given us a lot of comforts. However, it has also deceived us with misinformation funded by the marketing budgets of the biggest processed food manufacturers in the world.

Yet smoked salmon, which is high in healthy omega 3 fats and protein with zero carbs or sugar, and just two ingredients (salmon and salt for those playing along at home), has a star rating of 2!

Not to mention that many of us in Australia will base our grocery shopping on a national ‘health star rating’ which ignores basic

If you are looking to move your health in a positive direction, I recommend you ditch the clever marketing and get back to nature:

1. Fill your plate with non-starchy vegetables and eat natural foods high in proteins and fats like organic eggs and meats, cooked in natural fats like butter, extra virgin olive or coconut oil. 2. Steer away from seed oils like vegetable, sunflower and canola, which are extracted using high temperatures and chemicals. 3. Eat only when you’re actually hungry and try to limit your “feeding window” to ten hours during daylight. The natural food debate is a deep and winding rabbit hole of truth and fiction – but speaking from experience, your health will improve immensely when your diet is dominated by the foods that nature intended. ca

ABOUT THE AUTHOR James McGovern is owner of The Good Place cafes, driven by a purpose to fix a food system he believes is broken. His passion is to improve physical and mental well-being through real food whilst selecting only ethical and sustainable ingredients, leaving behind a better world for the generations to come.

ASK YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS... What is important in your life? What would make this a great year for you? What do you need to achieve your business goals? What’s the biggest obstacle getting in your way? What do you need to say no to, to make this happen? What is your business exit plan? If you don’t know the answers or your accountant doesn’t ask you these questions, then it might be time to change accountants?


Level 1, Capital One, 9 Capital Place, Birtinya QLD 4575 p: 07 5439 1600 • e: 62 ISSUE 101

Belinda is one impressive woman. Ironman World Championship competitor, former veterinarian, mother of three, award-winning businesswoman and much more. After successfully launching and establishing a range of sports nutrition products on the Australian market, she felt ready for her next challenge.

Belinda had put her heart and soul into her business for the last eight years, and on top of that, a lot of money. The thought of earning a salary again was tempting and she wanted to explore her options…

come across as confident rather than desperate. Her words were, “It felt like they were trying to impress me as well.”

A great demonstration of the power of networking, Belinda had been recommended to the world’s largest healthcare company. Thinking back to a business conference three or four years ago, she remembered Kate Langford from Kate Langford Career Consulting and decided to reach out to get a resume and cover letter written up for her. Good thing she did, because just after we had sent her the documents, the manager reached out and asked to see them.

From barely taking out a salary at all from her own business, she was able to sell herself well enough to sign a $130,000 salary package deal, including a car allowance and bonuses.

“Belinda promptly sent through her sparkly new ‘Kate Langford’ resume. Within one hour, they requested a meeting with her. All this for a job that’s not been advertised, and that she wasn’t looking for. Just goes to show how well a sophisticated and targeted cover letter and resume can work,” Kate Langford says. Realising she had just landed an interview for a Clinical Specialist role, responsible for partnering with and promoting products to surgical professionals, Belinda felt amazed, excited, and also quite nervous. She called Kate Langford Consulting again and booked in for 1:1 interview coaching with their Head Career Coach, hoping to gain more confidence in her answers and her ability to sell herself. They also practised and prepared for salary negotiation. Fast forward a week, Belinda wrote to Kate Langford Career Consulting saying, “When I answered the [question] about handling conflict using an example, the interviewer asked if I had read their HR manual as it was so perfect.” Although the interview process was rigorous, spanning several weeks and a variety of tests, Belinda went through it with more confidence than she thought she would. She said the interview coaching really helped her with not only great answers, but the mindset piece as well. With greater belief in herself, Belinda said that if it didn’t work out, she knew there would be other opportunities, allowing her energy to

And then… the job offer:

Belinda was overjoyed and called us up to share the news on the day she found out. “I know I’ve done well but one of the main things I did right was getting in touch with you! It was the best investment ever,” she said.

Inspiring, isn’t it? • I f you’re ready for that next step in your career or feeling like it’s time for a pay rise. • If you’re overwhelmed in your job search? • Maybe your frustrated with writing your resume? • Constantly getting rejected with your applications. • Feeling stuck in finding out what your ideal role is? • Anxious about interviews? • Something holding you back from doing a job you love? • Feel like you've lost your confidence? • Not sure what your transferable skills are? • Didn't realise that Seek is the last place to look? • Haven't tapped into the hidden job market yet? • Unsure on how to get the best results from LinkedIn?

Don’t wait for the right opportunity, create it! Book in for a free 20-minute career strategy session with Kate Langford Career Consultants, so you can start taking action today. a 63


A REWARDING NEW CAREER AND A $130k pay package!


WHY AN electric bike? Vickie Magic rides her electric bike conversion

When it comes to wellness, exercise is pretty important. An electric bike is a great way to start. What is an electric bike? Generally speaking, e-bikes are bicycles with a battery-powered assist that comes via pedaling and, in some cases, a throttle. When you push the pedals on a pedal-assist e-bike, a small motor engages and gives you a boost, so you can zip up hills and cruise over tough terrain without wearing yourself out. The first thing you should know about e-bikes is that they’re here to stay. Electric bike sales jumped by an incredible 145 percent in the last few years and there’s no sign of a slowdown. Here are a few reasons why the electric bike is taking off more than ever before. • It’s a speedy way to get up to speed! When you ride a bike in traffic, one of the biggest sources of anxiety is stopping and starting, going from a complete stop (like a red light) to the speed of traffic. This can take a lot of energy, especially if you’re a little out of shape. The motor is a great assistant, getting you from zero to the speed of the surrounding traffic quickly, meaning you don’t need to worry about holding up the people behind you. • Hills? No problem! A steep incline can be a nightmare to cyclists. However, on an electric bicycle, hills are no problem at all. In fact, one of the biggest selling points for electric bikes are their hill-climbing capabilities. • They are great for when you’re tired! Sometimes you just feel so tired, even when usually cycling isn’t a particularly tiresome activity. There’s just something about it that drains you. Well, fear no more. The battery is great because you’re still pedalling, and therefore still doing physical activity, but you don’t have to put nearly as much effort into it. • It’s great motivation to exercise! I’ve seen people make the joke that electric bikes are the “lazy man’s bike”. Ironically, an electric bicycle is actually great motivation for 64 ISSUE 101

people to work out. If you’re riding a bike for exercise, you probably plan your route, and most people likely won’t stray too far from home for fear that if they get too tired, they’re screwed. After all, if you’re too physically exhausted to keep riding, but you’re 30 minutes from home, you’re going to have a bad time. But an electric bike takes care of that problem. • An electric bike is the extra little kick when you need it. It’s a get-out-of-jail-free card for when you feel tired. It’s not that you need one, it just makes a really good back up for all those just in case situations. Once you have one, I can guarantee you’ll be using it more than you thought you would. Ben Lynn and the team from Cap Rouge in Mooloolaba are passionate about electric bikes. From replacing the battery on an e-bike to converting a favourite bike by adding an electric motor and battery, the family run business combines their electric bike building experience and mentoring from a family who have been 40+ years in the battery business. Ben and the team at Cap Rouge pride themselves on providing the best products at the lowest prices so everyone can enjoy the electric movement. They feel great about helping more people go green by commuting clean! As well as working with their clients personally, Cap Rouge also work with bike shops and retailers all over Australia. They love local shops. Customer service is their priority and they work hard to provide the good old fashioned customer service that we all love and need. If you are seeking a replacement battery for your electric bike or looking to electrify your existing bike, contact Ben and the team to get started. They are ready to answer any questions you have and you’ll be surprised at their fantastic prices and sensational service. a 1300 809 840 //


Most organisations face staff integrity issues at some point and effectively dealing with complaints can be challenging. Navigating legalities, interpreting policy, procedural fairness, and psychological impacts on staff can be complex and, frankly, confusing. Dealing with issues of inappropriate workplace behaviour, like sexual harassment, bullying, criminality (fraud and appropriation), breaches of codes of conduct or whistleblowing often require different approaches and specialist skills. Do you engage an independent

consultant or tackle the complaint yourself? Workplace investigations can range from informal enquiries (outcome-focused) to formal, evidence-based investigations. They can involve matters concerning operational staff to senior executive level and may involve union representatives or bodies like the Fair Work Commission, Industrial Relations Commission or the CCC. But there are options when a complaint is received. Not everything requires a formal, often highly stressful, lengthy (and expensive) investigative process. Training team leaders and supervisors to factually investigate, provide guidance to get outcomes, or even mediate can save a lot of heartache. Of course, more serious matters require

investigative expertise, and often independence. The consequences of getting this wrong can not only adversely impact staff culture and confidence, but reputation. Conducting a procedurally fair, transparent and timely investigation of a complaint is best practice and will save you and save your organisation time and money. Anyone undertaking investigations should have a high level of professional empathy, patience, knowledge of procedural fairness, expert investigative interviewing skills and adaptable and consistent communication. Looking after the good and the bad will prevent the ugly later. Focus on people. ca 1300 138 467 //

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Gregory is a specialist investigator with a passion for helping government and private organisations address integrity and governance related matters. With 30 years law enforcement and corporate experience, he is sought after in the areas of HR integrity matters, sexual harassment, bullying and misconduct.

Welcome .


Building your beautiful home Go to to download your free copy of ‘7 Things You Must Know BEFORE Designing a New Home’ and ‘Discover the Secrets to Building Your Perfect Home.’ Phone Grace on 07 5476 6468





WORKPLACE INVESTIGATIONS: the good, the bad and the ugly


Meet your local team...

Pascal Stussi I am a 42-year-old dual citizen from Switzerland who has lived on the Sunshine Coast for over 15 years. I enjoy exploring the amazing outdoors with my family or hitting the breathtaking Mountain Bike trails on the Coast. Other than that, I am either volunteering at Alex Surf Club as a Surf Life Saver or talking to our business customers about the possibilities our local Telstra Business Centre can offer. The last two years have been very challenging for all of us, and therefore it is more

important than ever that businesses explore and invest into the endless possibilities technology can offer. Adapting to the new ways of operating a business can be complicated and a confusing experience, especially when it comes down to technology and IT. However, it is the most rewarding part of my job to witness my customers increasing their performance and their profitability afterwards, or simply to offer the company the ability to work from home at any time #lockdowns!

Karl Brockman I am a Sunny Coast bloke who loves his footy (AFL) and exploring beautiful Australia. I’ve been working with ENTAG and the Telstra Business Team for almost a year now with almost eight years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Over the past year, I’ve enjoyed meeting and working with business owners and leaders in business. It’s great when I’m able to support and evolve how a business operates through the evolution of technology. We’ve all faced great adversity over the last two years and the way we work and service our clients has changed. Where it’s been tough for all, some businesses have reveled in this

Suni Rajapakse I am Sunisitha Rajapakse, but everyone calls me Suni. Originally from Sri Lanka, I started working with Telstra retail in Darwin. I moved to the Sunshine Coast a year ago and joined Telstra Business Technology Centre. One of my ongoing projects involves helping a local small business with around 15 employees to migrate from a traditional PABX phone system to a cloud-based Microsoft Teams calling solution. I have already completed the first steps of migrating their e-mails and data from Google Suite to the Microsoft 66 ISSUE 101

environment and set them up with all they need in the process. This will help their business grow, by creating a smoother communication experience for the employees as well as their customers. In what I can only call a sacrilege to the Aussie lifestyle and my island roots, I am not an outdoorsy person. I am a DJ. I love spinning some tracks when I can, though my tunes aren’t your everyday ear worms as I play a range of otherworldly genres! I’ve played numerous times for crowds in Darwin and am keen to pursue it on the Coast as well.

uncertainty and have proactively created avenues in their businesses. They have utilised technology to adapt and move with the adverse climate and continue to provide great service, products and solutions to their clients. For me, I love to build a relationship with my clients, understand their business and work with them to explore, solve and deliver solutions that will support efficiency, advocacy and profitability long term while minimising risk. Here we have a team of extremely intelligent and IT savvy people who allow me to be confident that we recommend the best way to move forward for a business and that solution is delivered well.

Breanna Lucas I am Sunshine Coast born and raised. I spend most weekends adventuring with my partner and our Australian Shepherd. We are lucky that we live in beautiful Queensland and get to spend our spare time exploring new places. I have recently transitioned into an account manager role with the Telstra Business Technology Centre for a new challenge. Having a background in complex delivery roles, I really understand the importance of a streamlined delivery process.

As account managers, we get to be the centralised point of contact for our business clients for all things technology. We are able to translate technical jargon into real life language and make tech simple. It doesn’t need to be confusing and that is what we’re here for. Consider us your technology translators. The biggest reward in the industry is hearing and seeing the real-life impact technology changes have on local businesses.

Matt Storer

Pratik Pokharel I am Pratik ‘Pat’ Pokharel and I have been working on Telstra Business Technology Centre on the Sunshine Coast since September 2020. I have been in the Telco industry for almost nine years and have customer service experience of more than 11 years.

new customers while retaining

I am a proud Nepalese born Australian who loves to travel and cook. Since covid restricted my travelling aspirations, I've been keeping myself busy with experimenting in the kitchen.

their Brisbane-based office. We

Currently I am liaising with two of the apartment hotels in Mooloolaba to overhaul their entire networking infrastructures so that they can provide their tenants and visitors high speed internet. This will help the building management to attract


their current ones as internet and data are a necessity in today’s unpredictable world. Furthermore, I have been working with a mining company to help with their ongoing projects in rural Queensland and have provided them with highspeed internet and cloud-based telephony so that they can rely on secure and reliable network to conduct their day-to-day At the Telstra Business

I have been in the Telstra channel for 20 years now, originally working in the retail stores moving to the Business Technology center five years ago. I have lived on the Sunshine Coast for the past 18 years working across six Telstra locations throughout the coast. During this time, I have worked with countless businesses to help improve communications, processes, and productivity through the vast range of products and services Telstra offer.

Currently one customer that stands out is a local finance company that struggled with the volume of calls they were receiving on their mobile phone. The solution that we opted for was a migration to Microsoft 365 email, Teams calling, and the next step will be to migrate all internal files to One drive and Share point. This has allowed the management of calls across the whole team, working remotely, increased security and more productivity across the whole team.

Technology Centre in Sunshine Coast we proudly work with our small business customers as well as assist our large clientele from Brisbane to Rockhampton.

Hayden Saunders My name is Hayden Saunders and I have been a Sunshine Coast local my whole life. After I finished school, I was fortunate enough to dive straight into an industry that I am extremely passionate about. I am proud to be part of a strong team who are a focal point in developing the foundations of which we communicate and do business in the future. I love being involved in endto-end solution building to transition businesses into the

next stage of technology and develop their digital strategy. I am their first point of contact when they need to identify and explore new opportunities within their business, which can range from marketing, management, security, and collaboration. The Telstra Business Technology Centre Sunshine Coast have offerings to support all industries and business types. So don’t hesitate to reach out and see what we can do for you. 67

Absolute Wate See Restaurant, The Wharf 123 Parkyn Pde, Mooloolaba

OPENING HOURS Tuesday to Saturday 10am till late & Sunday 10am till 5pm.


ONLINE PH: 07 5444 5044 68 ISSUE 101

erfront Dining 69



Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is one of the most common diseases of the central nervous system, affecting the brain, spinal cord and optic nerve. Symptoms include weakness, lack of coordination, abnormal sensations, speech and visual disturbances, constipation, and a general lack of mobility. MS impacts more young people in Australia than any other chronic progressive neurological disease. For decades, conventional medicine has unsuccessfully sought a cure, however many therapeutic and technological advances are helping people manage symptoms and get the best out of life.

The MS Society of Australia says, “There is no known single cause, but many genetic and environmental factors have been shown to contribute to its development.”

attended to dental issues. That’s where the red and white barber’s pole originated. Barbers often performed bloodletting and dental extractions, later hanging their bloody rags on hooks outside to dry.

The term, Multiple Sclerosis, means ‘many scars’. It is a highly variable condition as the symptoms depend on which areas of the central nervous system are affected, and where the scarring has occurred. There is no firm pattern to MS, as different people suffer with a variety of symptoms which can change in severity and duration.

The mercury amalgam dental filling was developed the same year and installed in the mouths of thousands of people. Through the years 1838 to 1868, Jean-Martin Charcot, known as the father of neurology, noted and researched the emergence of a symptomatic condition that was ultimately classified as Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

According to the MS Society, more than 25,600 people in Australia are living with Multiple Sclerosis, including 3700 Queenslanders. An average of over 500 Australians are diagnosed with MS each year.

In the early 1990’s, 60 Minutes in the USA aired a program during which a link between mercury amalgam tooth fillings and Multiple Sclerosis was presented. Over the following few years, a number of MS sufferers attended our retreat at Living Valley.

Rather than primarily seeking a cure, researchers in the USA and Canada have been focusing for many years on ascertaining the causes of MS and other neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease. In an article published in the Journal of Public Health Dentistry on March 13, 2007, it was noted that an increased risk existed in those with mercury amalgam dental fillings. Studies conducted at the Kentucky University under the direction of Professor Boyd Haley found a definite link between mercury toxicity and brain damage. He also found a greater risk of neurological harm in those with the Apolipoprotein E4 genotype who had been exposed to mercury from dental amalgam tooth fillings. This study established that a genetic predisposition to certain disease conditions may not become active in an individual without exposure to a neurotoxic substance such a mercury. In other words, mercury can play the role of a catalyst in those with a genetic degenerative potential. Mercury has long been known to be a potent neurotoxic substance whether it is inhaled or consumed in the diet as a food contaminant. Medical research laboratories have established that mercury amalgam tooth fillings are a major contributor to mercury body burden. In 1997, a team of research scientists at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary in Canada demonstrated that mercury vapour inhalation by animals produced a molecular lesion in brain protein metabolism. This study can be viewed on YouTube by searching, How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Damage. The very first dental chair was constructed in Paris in 1832, to accommodate the new profession. Prior to 1832, barbers primarily

Unsurprisingly, they all had a significant number of mercury amalgam dental fillings. Nutritional, emotional and lifestyle habits were all considered. All were also referred for biological dental revision. The first three recovered 100% within months and have not since experienced any return of symptoms. For over 30 years, we have continued to investigate the cases of those suffering with Multiple Sclerosis and have found that a very high percentage responded positively to dental revision supported by a specific dietary regime. Two of these guests have written books about their journey to optimal health. Conquering Multiple Sclerosis by Carmel Egan and Go Natural by Johan Jacobs. The current medical hypothesis is that MS appears in those individuals who have a genetic predisposition to react to some infectious agents such as a virus or bacterium. While several different viruses and bacteria have been studied for their possible role in MS, the trigger(s) have not yet been found. It is also believed that environmental and psychological factors may play a part that we do not yet understand. We do know, however, that MS is not a contagious disease. In our experience at Living Valley, we believe that all of the above factors may play a role. However, each year, I become more convinced that, in addition to genetic influences, mercury leakage from amalgam dental fillings plays a major role in the degeneration of the myelin sheath in some people, affecting communication between the brain and other parts of the body. a

Gary Martin ND // Living Valley Health Retreat // 70 ISSUE 101 71


CONFESSIONS OF A ghost writer Putting U back in business. How much of yourself do you share in your business? If the answer is “not much,” you may be unintentionally disconnecting from potential clients.

This was the theme of the Leverage Your Business Story presentations I conducted across the Sunshine Coast, educating business owners on the importance of remembering you ARE your business. I’ve found people can fall into the trap of feeling like they have to separate themselves from their business. It is an old way of thinking and one I was definitely guilty of when I left fulltime employment to start ghostwriting. We believe putting on a professional front will make us more attractive to our potential clients, but the trend now more than ever is towards authenticity and connection. Being your true self in person, online and in print is going to win the day every time.

One of the most prominent ways we can tell our stories is through the About page on your website. There have been many studies into the efficiency and importance of About pages and findings show more than half of the people who visit your website will click through to your About page. The reason for this is simple, they are looking for connection. They already know about your product or service, that’s why they are visiting your website in the first place. But now, they want to know more about the people behind the product or service. 72 ISSUE 101

They want to know who you are, what drives you, what your ethos and priorities are, why you were driven to establish your business. It is the human element more than half of your website visitors are looking for. If you don’t have an About page yet, make this a priority for your 2022 content creation! When the internet did not exist, most business transactions occurred after a personal meeting. People would talk to a sales manager or business owner to establish that vital connection. These days, the vast majority of business is done online. This is a reason why the About page should be communicating much more than just your business’ services and how long you have been operating. If you have just thrown up a stock-standard About page that doesn’t dare to tell your story and the story of your employees, you are wasting this valuable connection point. People are not only looking to see whether you can solve their problem and establish your credibility, they are also seeking connection to you personally, whether you ‘get’ them and if you share similarities in value systems or background. All of these components build trust, which is the golden ingredient to convert them to clients.

So how do you write a compelling and authentic About page? As a former journalist and the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network Micro/

Small Businesswoman of the Year, I know the same principles for nonfiction book writing can be used for your About page. Make sure to answer the questions Who? What? When? Where? Why? And How? to build the base of your storytelling. It’s time to flip the mindset that you are writing about your business so that you are looking at writing it about the people behind the business. So now it’s time to open the curtains a little and let people know about you! The same principles apply if you decide to take your connection a step further and venture into becoming an author, to create a whole new platform for your business and generate a platform for you to tell even more of your authentic story in the pages of your own book. It is a guaranteed way to expand the reach of your potential client base far beyond the confines of your About page or website. If this is the next step you have been searching for, visit ca Facebook: Instagram: @roxannewriter


2022 — YEAR OF CHANGE •A ccess equity in your home for a renovation or investment.

This year the lending market will see change. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) had its first meeting of 2022 and has decided to maintain the official cash rate at 0.10%. While the cash rate remains steady for the moment, many lenders have increased their fixed rates, and there are indications of more changes to come over the next twelve months.

•E nsure your insurances are up to date and that you’re covered properly. With a lot of uncertainty about what may happen later in the year, setting yourself up with the right finance and insurance structures could make sure your world of finance is set for success in 2022. f

Now could be a good time to: • Review your current home or investment loan. The option of fixing your interest rate ahead of possible increases in the future. ABN 59 093 587 010 Australian Credit Licence Number 364 253

TIME FOR A BUSINESS WELLNESS CHECK-UP HBA Encompass was founded in 2010 by the directors of well-respected Sunshine Coast firms, HBA Accounting Pty Ltd and Encompass Tax & Accounting Pty Ltd. HBA Encompass’ passion is working closely with clients to enable them to maximise and extract value from their business operations. Although as accountants and business advisers they see many generalities among businesses, they are sufficiently experienced to understand that your business has its own unique qualities and characteristics that differentiate it from others.

Their values set them apart: Strive – to delight their clients. Ethical – Always doing the right thing. Trusted advisor – Clients seek their advice before making decisions. Enjoyable – to deal with both internally and externally. Early adopters – willing to embrace cutting edge technology and systems. Listeners – to clients’ needs and circumstances Email HBA encompass to be sent a FREE business advisor health check f

RON HILL AUTOMATICS With 47 years under their belt, Ron Hill Automatics are busier than ever. Having maintained their position as industry leaders in the automatic transmission arena, they are extremely thankful to the trade (other mechanical workshops) that refer transmission work to them.

foundation of the business. They are extremely proud of their team, made up of pure local talent, who maintain a high level of before and after sales service. f

They are also very grateful to their repeat customers that share their experience, whether it be through posting a review or just sharing a conversation with their friends and family – that’s good old-fashioned word of mouth advertising! Owners Sandra and Bill are thrilled to be surrounded by family with a son and daughter working in the business and of course the rest of the Ron Hill team, who are family not in blood but family in spirit. They all really enjoy each other’s company and support each other inside and outside of work. This family culture is the backbone and

DQ250 Dual Clutch Transmission

YOU HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO! The Bookkeeper Hub specialises in helping small business owners take back control. Control of their time, their money, and their life! Whether you’re looking to DIY with your bookkeeping, or to get professional bookkeeping help, the Bookkeeper Hub do the work, so you save the time. Easy as 1 – 2 – 3! 1. Bookkeeping. At The Bookkeeper Hub, bookkeepers are trained Xero Consultants who

know how to make things work – and can save you up to 95% of your bookkeeping time. 2. Xero Training Their training solution provides video learning sessions to suit your needs. Whether it be a full course in Xero or a tutorial top-up. Get Xero working for you the way you want! 3. Xero Fix it Centre They know that the Xero help centre doesn’t always cut it, so they have created Xero Fix-It to allow you to be the hero of your own destiny. Perfect for those who want to DIY but need a little help. Contact The Bookkeeper Hub and let them take the hassle out of managing your cashflow. f 73

Here for you! JOIN OUR LIVELIFE REWARDS PROGRAM Our customer loyalty program is FREE to join, and you will receive: • $5 Voucher on sign up

LIVELIFE PHARMACIES HAVE A VISION TO BE: An employer of choice To deliver excellent customer experiences To be successful businesses supporting our local communities

• $10 Voucher on your birthday • Points on non-prescription purchases • You will also have access to our members only benefits including emailed health advice and e-catalogues

Sign up online now at rewards


Green Earth Homes are second to none when it comes to designing and building your dream home. Sloping blocks and acreage require specialist skills and experience. Understanding how a home sits on each unique site is vital to the overall result of the build. If the design is not right for the site, then the home will never be enjoyable to live in, nor will it maximise the natural environment whether this be the view, the breezes or the sunlight. e


Sunshine Coast local Raphael McGowan is a keen surfer and lover of the great outdoors. It was the tragic loss of his sister Tess to melanoma skin cancer that inspired him to create Bakslap. The lotion applicator solves the problem for individuals trying to apply any lotion to hard-to-reach places like the middle of the back, legs and feet. Originally developed to offer protection and awareness when enjoying the sunshine, they quickly discovered from customers just how versatile Bakslap is. e

BEDARING THE ADULT SHOP 25% Discount Offer, website only. Adult products make awesome unique personal gifts that keep on giving and are never forgotten. Zip and Afterpay. VIPs earn spending points. Sensual lingerie, adult toys, novelties and lifestyle products. Lucky dips, mystery boxes. Open 7 days until late. Be Daring The Adult Shop, corner Nicklin and Thunderbird, Bokarina. e 1800 666 069



THE SHE SHED For Kerrie and Craig Burrows and the women of the Sunshine Coast, this is only just the beginning! A vision years in the mind of its owners and more than 12 months in the making, the SheShed now has over 800 subscribers in the database, dozens of artists, craftspeople, educators, and facilitators registering their interest in sharing their talents. Upon entering the doors for the first time, one will be greeted with laughter, smiles, and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and empowerment. e

James McGovern

IT’S TIME FOR US ALL TO GET BACK TO NATURE. ROBIN NICOLLE Local award winner and actor, Sunshine Coast’s Robin Nicolle’s short film Honest Police has won three awards, including best actor. Robin and his friends shot all the scenes for Honest Police on the Sunshine Coast and Caboolture. Robin says Honest Police is a wacky comedy for all ages. Honest Police is being submitted to film festivals around Australia. e You can watch Honest Police at

Returning to what is genuinely natural as opposed to those ‘food-like’ substances that modern marketing tricks us into thinking is natural. Modern society has certainly given us a lot of comforts, however it has also deceived us with misinformation funded by the marketing budgets of the biggest processed food manufacturers in the world. e

Amber Madden & Lauren Smith

SMITH MADDEN CREATIVE AGENCY Smith Madden Creative Agency is a Sunshine Coastbased contemporary agency that combines strategy with aesthetics, providing creative and marketing solutions that elevate forwardthinking brands. e


Kathy Bellman

“Great customer service is about treating every client with care and great service. It’s vitally important to treat each team member with that same love and care too”, says Kathy Bellman from Whistle A Cleaner. They pride themselves on affordability, reliability, and professionalism. Whistle A Cleaner caters for the cleaning needs of all business entities from offices, retail outlets and distribution centres, to healthcare and medical centres, including dental surgeries, doctors’ practices and veterinary clinics to name a few. e 75


WHAT ARE anti -wrinkle injections? WITH DR RAFIQ // REJUVENATIVE

Would they work for you? Anti-wrinkle injections provide temporary relaxation and softening of the muscles of facial expressions. This provides a smoother, youthful appearance to the face and helps avert future expression lines from forming. Anti-wrinkle injections are very effective in areas like frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead lines, gummy smile, bunny lines, chin crease (Mentalis muscle crease), chin dimples (chin Peau D’Orange), relaxing hyperactive

neckbands (Platysma muscle), jawline slimming (Masseter muscle), mouth corner lift (DAO muscle). Non-cosmetic benefits of anti-wrinkle injections include reducing migraines, cluster headaches and softening of chewing muscles to avert teeth-grinding. Answers to common questions include: Q. Will I look frozen or ducklike? A. No, the aim of anti-wrinkle treatment is to appear refreshed. When delivered by an experienced cosmetic doctor, the results seem natural, with appropriate facial expressions still intact.

Q. Is there any downtime? A. There is minimal to no downtime. It’s well known as a “lunch-time procedure”. Most patients can get back to work or normal activities immediately after the treatment. Q. When will I see the results? A. The effects of the treatment will start to take effect within two to three days. The maximum effect is generally seen after two weeks. It is recommended by us that you avoid strenuous exercise, heavy lifting, and massaging of the injected area for the first 24 hours. ca

1300 288 606//

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr Rafiq completed his M.B.B.S. in 2002 and has over 10 years’ experience as a General Practitioner in Australia. He lives and works on the beautiful Sunshine Coast and has a special interest in cosmetic medicine. Dr Rafiq’s approach is to treat the client as a whole to address their long-term goals and ideal results with the aim to minimise treatments and products needed to meet the client’s optimal goals.

You Matter Ladies Empowerment Retreat

Is it time for you to take a little TIMEOUT for YOU?


You’re worth it. Join Vickie Magic and a group of like-minded fun-loving ladies at our YOU MATTER LADIES EMPOWERMENT RETREAT on the 24th–26th of June. Three accommodation levels to choose from to ensure the pricing is right for your budget. Pricing starts from just $605 per person.

Email Vickie Magic at or text 0433 198 868 for further information. 76 ISSUE 101

Printed on Fuji Xerox Iridesse press using pink dry ink 77


TRAVELLING WITH ME MYSELF AND I Struggling with low self-esteem/ confidence? Yogita Ridgley author of Finding Me, Myself and I, is helping women unleash the power of their authentic self through self -discovery and travel. After traveling solo though 54 countries, Yogita now inspires and empowers women to transform from low self-esteem to self-belief. Reading Yogita’s book will lead you towards finding courage, strength and your true self. Grab yourself a copy of the book today (code Matters for 10%). e

THE FORENSIX GROUP Gregory is a specialist investigator with a passion for helping government and private organisations address integrity and governance related matters. With 30 years law enforcement and corporate experience, he is sought after in the areas of HR integrity matters, sexual harassment, bullying and misconduct. He is also an accredited mediator, negotiator and author. The Forensix Group deal with issues of inappropriate workplace behaviour like: sexual harassment, bullying, criminality (fraud and appropriation), breaches of codes of conduct or whistleblowing that often require different approaches and specialist skills. e

ANGELA FARLAM Although Angela specialises in stress and anxiety, this doesn’t always present as a phobia or problem. Sometimes, it’s just that a client wants to get better at a particular skill. One of her ongoing clients is a professional athlete in Mexico who initially had lost her motivation and confidence after an injury. She now books in whenever she needs a reminder of her innate capacity to calm the noise in her mind and succeed in any challenge. e

SUNSHINE COAST AUDIOLOGY Isn’t it ‘normal’ to have trouble hearing as I get older?

At Sunshine Coast Audiology we get asked all the time, is my hearing normal for my age? We always say, a hearing loss is a hearing loss, no matter what age you are! Hearing difficulties can affect your quality of life and the lives of your loved ones. Anita & Emryn

We can help. Free hearing screens for the over 50s. e Phone 07 5378 2226

NOT SPONSORED SUSTAINABLE SURF AND STREET WEAR Australia's own eco-friendly surf brand, created right here at home on the Sunshine Coast. All board shorts and rapid dry, sand-repellent compact beach towels are made using recycled materials (around 10 bottles per pair of shorts). You can buy online and locally at Eumundi Markets every Wednesday and Cotton Tree Markets every Sunday.Contact Brad Manuel 0417 724 347. e Find on socials @notsponsoredsurf



“My heart and soul are stained... with the inks of the ocean”. My love and connection with the ocean came from growing up in the coastal town of Portland, Victoria. Surrounded by the open sea, I walked the beaches barefoot and spoke my wishes and secrets to the blue waters in front of me. My other love as a young girl was art, often filling pages with various sketches and scribbles of colour. In 2020 I was able to bring my life dream of combining my two greatest loves together, and Ocean Art Naomi was born. e

Stuart Peace

To really get your brand working, you need to develop a brand strategy. Like a marketing plan, you’ll get a full understanding of your brand, what it stands for and why it exists. By knowing what your customers want and what your competitors offer, you can carve out your own little space, and own it, communicating in a way that makes your brand more attractive and be positioned right in front of your customers. That is what branding should do. Call 0401 205 198. e

CARTOPLAN The best moves are planned! Cartoplan assists people through the process of moving house or business. Cartoplan services are simple, affordable and deliver a step-by-step plan preparing the client for a “less-stress, more-success” move. Before contacting suppliers, before signing contracts, get a plan! Why a Cartoplan? Because the best moves are planned! Contact Jamie today 0431 528 400. e

78 ISSUE 101

What’s most important for your business today? • More customers • Reduce business costs • Reward your customers and build brand loyalty • Improve your lifestyle and build personal wealth • Fee-free merchant trading If you as a business owner would enjoy any or all of the above, then it’s time to engage the latest digital currency payment solution for your business. Zero entry cost and zero transaction costs to take on extra customers. Head to to find out more!

oin 79



When it comes to our WELLNESS we often think, ‘I know I need to do better’. We quite often put off looking after ourselves last, putting everyone and everything on the planet ahead of ourselves. Why do you think we do that? Is it that we don’t think we are worth looking after? Is it that we think others are more important than us? I guess at the end of the day there isn’t just one reason. For anyone reading this, your answer will be unique. However, I would like to ask you, “Do you need to up your game a little to put yourself first a little more? Do you need to give your wellness more priority?” If you answered, ‘Yes,’ then this article might be just the thing for you. I am talking about your physical wellness, your mental wellness, your financial wellness, your relationship wellness, all of it. It really is about balance. The more wellness you have in these areas, the happier you are. Let’s face it, when we are happy, everything is so much better. So where do we begin? I guess first of all I should address the elephant in the room that has been playing havoc with our physical and mental wellness of late; ‘Rona’. Yes, Covid has most definitely had an effect on life as we know it. Some have lived in 80 ISSUE 101

total fear of this virus, some have been affected personally, some have been pretty unwell and some have even lost their life to it.

to change my focus. It is very easy for us to focus our energy and attention on the things in our life that are ‘wrong’. In fact, we were born that way.

I personally made a decision that I will not live in fear. I have made a decision to live my life from a place of surrender, of acceptance. I truly believe that when we decide we can’t control what we can’t control, and to focus on the things we can, we leave ourselves feeling calm and peaceful.

If we want to flip that on it’s head and train ourselves to focus our energy and attention on what’s right, then we have to make a decision to do that.

I, for one, want to live my life calmly and peacefully. I don’t want to live in fear, and I won’t. It really comes down to choice. When I made that choice, I gave up the fear, and I embraced acceptance. That said, on February 6, ‘Rona’ got me, and she got me good. I can honestly say that I was the most unwell I have ever been in my entire life. I suffered big time and it was definitely not fun. I ended up in hospital with chest pain which was later found to be inflamed cartilage around my heart. But I lived. I’m here to tell the story, so it wasn’t the end of the world. It was bad, but life goes on. ‘It is what it is’, ‘It was what it was’, truth is that I am still absolutely exhausted from it. Those words, ‘It is what it is’, are words I often use when I know there is something that I don’t have control over. My mental wellness is dependent on my acceptance of the things I cannot change. Yours is too! One of the ways that I truly changed my mental wellness was by really training myself

Then we have to start catching ourselves when we feel ourselves going back to our old habits. I still do it from time to time even now; something happens, or someone says something that upsets me and I focus on what’s wrong. But the reality is that what we focus on grows, what we give attention to, what we water, is what we get more of. So, if we focus on the stuff that is going wrong, we tend to just get more of that. If we focus on the stuff that is going well, we actually get more of that. Think about the weeds and flowers in your garden. If you water the weeds, you get more weeds. If you water the flowers, you get more flowers. We often have to remind ourselves that we are the ones holding the hose and that we decide which we water. It sounds so simple, in theory. Gratitude is one of the keys to mental wellbeing. That’s a fact. But it can’t just be word play, or pen play.

Writing or saying a list of the things you are grateful, or think you should be grateful for, isn’t practicing gratitude. We must actually stop and really feel it, really imagine sending gratitude out from our hearts to the person or thing we are grateful for. I find that this turns the gratitude from word play to real feelings of joy. This has changed my life.

When we make peace with our mental wellbeing, I believe we can then move on to the other areas. Everything stems from the mindset, being mind-fit first gives us the ability to then work on our health, relationships, finances etc. It gives us the confidence we need to believe that we can achieve whatever our heart desires. Our mind-fitness can change by changing the questions that we ask ourselves. Begin by changing the questions around in your head slowly, each day a little more a little more. Eventually the questions in your head will help you rather than hinder you. Change Why does this happen to me?

To Oh, this is interesting, what can I learn from this? Change Why can't I do this? To How can I make this work? Change Why is this happening? To What can I do to change this? Change How could they do this to me? To How can I use this? Change Why can't I make enough money? To How can I add more value? Change Why is there never enough time? To What can I alter to fit in these things I really want in my life? Start to change each and every question you ask yourself to a question that serves you. Your mindset is just that little voice in your head, train it to help you.

That little voice in your head that says you can't do something IS A LIAR. It’s just a BELIEF (and you can even see that little word LIE in there) Train it to work with you not against you. Three questions that can change your life and change everything are used in REBT, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy. They are: Is it true? It is sensible? Is it helpful? Ask yourself these questions regularly, they help you bring rationality back into the forefront. It’s often those irrational thoughts that play havoc with our mental wellness. Join me and some like-minded ladies at my next empowerment Mind-fit Retreat, on June 24. I have been facilitating these retreats for over 12 years now, some ladies use these weekends to reset, rejuvenate and relax. Check out the details on the website. f

HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU SPEND DEALING WITH TELCO’S? Your time is valuable. Is spending hours on the phone to your Telco the best use of your(or your staff member’s) time? Whether it’s checking your bill to make sure you have been charged correctly, making sure you are on the best plans for your business, keeping track of your mobile spend and data usage - we can help. We have a team experienced in dealing with Telecommunication Companies.

Also offering Phone Systems, VOIP phone lines, NBN. Give us a call or drop us a line to get in touch.

We can: • Check your bill for errors and lodge disputes when required • Ensure you are on the best available plans • Save you time and $$ The monthly fee you pay us will more than compensate what you get back in time, money, peace of mind and sanity.

Call Debbie or Michael on 07 5478 2000

Dealing with Telcos is stressful, and these days – you don’t need more stress in your life! Let us do that for you 81


Celebrating 15 years of connecting and inspiring the Sunshine Coast community

Vickie Magic (Matters Magazine, Your Face Matters, You Matter Retreats, and Magic Hair Wraps), Di Henshall (Di Henshall Interior Design)

Julia & Christian Davies (Tecoda)

Ruth Holland (Expandasign), Vickie Magic (Matters Magazine)

Antonio Puelma (See Restaurant), Wendy Puelma (Moo Baba), Bret Davis (Wholesale Solar Installers)

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Pat & Deb Hannan

Brad Manuel- funny, inspiring speaker and comedy magician

Matters Magazine celebrates the launch of their 'Milestone Issue' at Mecure Hotel Kawana Waters.

Grant Smith, Geoff McDonald & Darren Martens (C21 Grant Smith Property)

What a night celebrating 100 issues! Fantastic food, a great venue and delightful company. Win, win, win!

Fabe Keily (Real Woman Global), Jean Sheehan (Millennium Education), Vickie Magic (Matters Magazine), Vanessa Webster (Webstar Marketing), Vanessa Nock (Uniqueness Designer Jeweller) 82 ISSUE 101

Peter O'Leary & Jarrod Barr (All Coast Tyres)

Robyn Robertson (Woman Speak Mob), Rachael Yurko (Thrive Financial), Ruth Holland (Expandasign), Nicole Rebeck & Brook Murray (Lumina Design House)

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Your Face Matters Let us help you have a happy, calm, stress-free life with your puppy or adult dog

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Our old-fashioned traditional facial

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Includes: • 3 x hot towels • Double cleanse with brushes • Hydrating steam • Hand massage • Neck and shoulder massage • Customised mask and serums • Moisture infusion • Add microdermabrasion for a younger looking skin

Choose the accountant who specialises in bookkeeping

I am passionate about Bookkeeping – Payroll ZERO ABOUT XERO? – Budgeting and reconciling your accounts Looking at getting your bookkeeping in Givehelp meyou a call to discuss the cloud? We can whether it’s converting your bookkeeping a solutionsystem to youror cleaning up your current Xero account. bookkeeping issues.

In addition we offer the following services:  Reconciliation of your accountsCall  Bookkeeping  Payroll  Budgeting

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you stay ATO compliant in the following areas GST – IAS – PAYG - PAYGW

WHAT’S ON OFFER Breathtaking beachside location Bar and Bistro Daily Bistro Specials Gaming and Function Rooms Courtesy Bus available Thursday to Sunday


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Go to YOUR FACE MATTERS on facebook for a choice of available facials. We are passionate about making YOUR FACE look and feel like MAGIC. TEXT Vickie on 0433 198 868 to book your spot.


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