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TT MA gazineERS ‘Be in control of your data’, iComplii shares the story of major change within the compliance and recruitment platform. See page 30

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Sunshine Coast Changemakers Being the Change What’s Changed? What’s Changing?


Includes 92kW TSI with DSG and a corporate escapee.

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Cricks Volkswagen 6 Flinders Lane ‘off Maroochy Blvd’, Maroochydore Tel. 07 5373 3100

Safety technologies are not a substitute for the driver’s responsibility of the vehicle.


New Tiguan. Easy to forget it’s a family car.

The stylish new Tiguan has arrived, and with a sleek new design, advanced active safety features and a more spacious interior, it’s easy to forget it’s a family car. See for yourself at Cricks Volkswagen

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Vickie Magic The biggest stand out change in my life to date, (aside from marrying the love of my life) would be moving to Sunshine Coast, that is TO DATE the best decision I have ever made.

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Welcome to our Autumn Issue of MATTERS Magazine, which is all about CHANGE.


Proof-Rea Personal

Jasmine Sharpe My biggest change to date has been making the commitment to consistent selfimprovement and encouraging myself to be better than I was yesterday.

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CHANGE is all about choice. If you choose to stay the same, nothing changes — you have to make the decision to change if you want 2017 to be your best year. We are definitely making it our best year. We are passionate about being the magazine on the Sunshine Coast that you MUST read. We are passionate about BEING THE CHANGE. We want you to read this magazine cover to cover, with the knowledge that every single page has the potential to help you change to become the “you” that you want to be. You can sit back and watch and complain, this shouldn’t be, that shouldn’t be, shouldn’t happen — blah, blah, blah — they should do this, do that, et cetera, or you can stand up and be a catalyst for change yourself. We want to stand up and be counted, we want you to truly know that MATTERS magazine is about change; it is about encouraging the people and businesses on the Sunshine Coast to STEP UP, to work together, to be or become the BEST VERSION of themselves possible.

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Magic Having moved to the Sunny Coast with my best friend, soul mate, partner and love of my life “twice the Magic”


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We include some great articles on Sunshine Coast Changemakers, and give you some ideas for embracing change and being the change within your industry, or within your life.

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Tori Barth The biggest change that I have gone through in my life was moving from Germany to Australia without knowing a word of English.


Eileen Herbert - Goodall Meditating every morning with the intention of bringing positive change forward has enriched my life.



Isobel Coleman The most significant change for my personal growth was getting made redundant - because it allowed me to completely rethink my goals and my future - on my terms!

Sub-Edito r

We asked our team to share the number one biggest CHANGE that has essentially changed their life. Writer

Leisa-Kay Fleming Being told my son has cancer. It changes your perspective in an instant and brings you front and centre to what's important, which is love and family.


We want to empower you to embrace change, to know that if something is going to happen, you can’t just sit back and hope for change, you have to be part of it. Collaboration is key — don’t consider others in your industry as competitors, consider them as collaborators, believe and know that together you can make your industry better. You do not need to keep these changes to yourself with a fear of your ideas being stolen — if your ideas are good, give them freely to all who will listen.

I love that Matters Magazine is essentially enticing people to understand the Power of the Mind, because the truth is, in our opinion, success is exactly what you say it is. My belief is that success without fulfilment is failure; it doesn’t matter how much money you do or don’t have in the bank, if you are not at peace, if you are not content, the money means diddly-squat. We want to inspire people to see that success in both business and life is not only possible, but actually probable by simply embracing change, by BEING THE CHANGE.

Vickie Magic

07 5444 4456

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Download the Australian DreemAR application to watch video on page 69 marked with DreemAR


Small Business of the Year:

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18 Editor’s Note Contents


21 MediJobs – How can a Recruitment Agency Help Me find the Right Job? 22 Life Business with the Compass Institute 24 Join the Conversation with Bill Darby 26 Interior Design with Di Henshall 34 Travel Business with 123 Travel 37 Social Photos 58 Could It Be Time To Change To 100 Per Cent Class with a Mercedes Benz? 67 Maroochydore Update with SunCentral Maroochydore 68 Food and Agriculture Business Network (FAN) 72 Mayoral Business with Mayor Mark Jamieson 75 Children’s Therapy with Debbie Blumel 76 Change Is Inevitable…It’s How You Handle It That Makes or Breaks You with Laurie Clarke 78 Community Business with Roz White 84 To Re-Brand or Not Re-Brand with Sixe™ 88 Local Business with Rod Russell 89 Dear Alvia with Alvia Turney 94 Real Life Property Management with Terreno Management 98 Is it time for a Career Change? Fit College 104 Number Business with Ted FitzGerald


14 Battery Hill Veterinary Clinic, 470 Group,

Karinya Montessori 15 Astute Mooloolaba, Suite Three, Shoebox 16 Live It Travel, Mooloolaba Computers, Dream Property 17 Brilliance for Business, Simple and Savvy, Yabbi’s Steak and Seafood Restaurant

Image by Jason Hay Photography


REGULAR MATTERS PAGES 20 Speaker Matters with Kim Taylor Ultimate Speaker 23 Car Loan Matters with Fox Finance 25 Money Management Matters with Infocus 28 Smart Business Matters with KB Business Solutions 30 Compliance Matters with miiGroup 31 Dental Matters with Divine Dental 39 Education Matters with St Andrews Anglican College 41 Building Matters with Stroud Homes 45 Living Matters with Living Valley Springs 47 Insurance Matters with Austwide Insurance 61 Safety Matters with Encompass Safety 70 Fitness Matters with Perspective Training 71 Real Estate Matters with McGrath Estate Agents 74 Accounting Matters with Holmans Accounting & Taxation 79 Duplex Matters with Vizion Group QLD 81 Caravan Matters with Caravan RV 85 Health Matters with Infectious Clothing 93 Learning Matters with Irlen Clinic 95 HR Matters with East Coast HR 105 Legal Matters with Beckhaus Legal


10  Business Class Co Working Has Arrived On the Sunshine Coast at the Hive Business Space 18 Di Henshall Interior Design 32 Intentional Passion, Heart and Hustle with McGrath Estate Agents Caloundra 48 Value People more than Money with Superior Screens 65 Volkswagen Premises…Moving on up! 77 A Fresh New Look And Feel to Local Sunshine Coast Icon; Sunshine Coast Afloat 102 Bringing What Really Matters In Business into Focus with My Carrot 106 Volunteering that’s Changing Lives with Community Mates



8 Are you a Changemaker? 12 Do You Want To Add Multiple Streams Of Income To Your Business? Using Video You Could Do Just That! 38 Gerald Cullen and the Team at A Cullen and Son Look Forward To The Changes That Peugeot Is Bringing Forward In Their Model Line-Up For 2017 50 Noosa; Noosa Civic, Residential Hero, Bistro C 52 Caloundra; Smile I.T, Caloundra Chamber of Commerce, Carol Carr – McGrath, Chaps Menswear 54 Central Sunshine Coast; Express Print & Mail, Allure Medi Spa and Beauty Lounge, Detox IT 56 The Hinterland; Laurisha Jewellery, Montville Day Spa, 305 Montville 59 Are you ignoring what is right in front of you? Act4Tomorrow 60 Boutique Wine, European Cuisine and Cellaring Located Right in the Heart of Mooloolaba at Bin106 62 Changemaker Feature; Sunshine Coast Grammar School, iCompLii, Workplace Central, Linda Feltman – McGrath 72 Locals in Business and Life 73 New Beginning for One Of State’s Oldest Law Firms wilson/ryan/grose Lawyers 80 Medical Intuition – What Can your Body Tell You? 83 Locals in Business and Life 86 Sunshine Coast Changemakers Lunch at See Restaurant 90 The Power to Change comes from the Power of Choice 99 Sunshine Coast Personality Leads Local Cast In School Holiday Fun – Rosanna Natoli To Star In Gateway Theatre Productions’ Wizard Of Oz 100 Turn and Face the Change 103 Buddina Community Garden 107 Hello Baby 3D Says ‘Hello’ To Better Workforce Management with Workplace Central 108 If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes




By Vickie Magic

With this issue being about change and changemakers, I wanted to write an article about changemakers, firstly looking at exactly what one is and then looking at what we would have to do or be or indeed change to be one. My thoughts are that a changemaker is someone who is BEING THE CHANGE WITHIN THEIR INDUSTRY OR WITHIN THEIR LIFE. They are standing up and doing what they believe their industry needs, or their life needs.

They are being productive and standing up for things they believe in, sometimes even when it means taking a risk. I am a massive advocate for BEING THE CHANGE. It’s all very well to sit back and look at something that we wish was different to how it is, but quite often we will watch from the sidelines and shout out shots to the team. I believe that if we really want to see change, we have to be change. And that means getting our hands dirty sometimes, that means playing right down there on the field. That means making the shots. Sure, sometimes we will miss, but that’s okay, because the truth is that the only way we are ever going to score is if we continue taking shots.

So think about it, what are you doing to BE THE CHANGE? What is something you would like to see be different to how it is now? What are you doing about it? What could you do about it? What advice would you give if someone came to you and said, “I don’t like this — what could I do to change it?” Sometimes when we put ourselves in the seat of advice-giver, the advice we give to someone else might indeed be the advice that we could, and possibly should, take ourselves. So in 2017 what could you do to ensure that you are being the change? Have a chat with your team, have a brainstorm meeting to work out how you can be different this year, do differently, act differently. The only way we are going to get different… BETTER RESULTS, is by doing better, doing differently. Sure, stuff can accidently happen. Everywhere, every day, accidental heroes and accidental fortunes are made but, percentage-wise, the chances of that being you aren’t really that high. That isn’t being negative, that’s being real. If you want to guarantee your results, then the only true way to make things happen is to start making things happen.


Who could you talk to about ideas?

What could you do differently this year?

What changes need to happen in your business?

In your industry?

What about in your life?

What do you do well?

What could you do better?

What would need to happen for that to happen?

What is something you have been putting off and off that you could do, should you choose to, in 2017?



Business Class Co Working Has Arrived On The Sunshine Coast Ever wished for office space that gives you all the services and support of a large company and the technology of the future, without binding contracts and significant financial investment? The Sunshine Coast is about to experience a revolution in professional business services. The Hive Business Space, offering fully serviced offices, acoustically engineered pods, dedicated desks and meeting room space, has just opened its doors in the heart of the Maroochydore CBD. Situated in Tower 2 of the prestigious Kon-Tiki Business Centre, on the corner of Plaza Parade and Maroochy Boulevard, their premises are easily accessible from the Sunshine Coast Motorway and in walking distance from Sunshine Plaza.

HERE ARE JUST SOME OF THE SERVICES YOU’LL LOVE AT THE HIVE STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY •  Uncontended internet connectivity with 200 Mbps upload and download speeds. •  Wi-Fi and Wired internet access with unlimited data and a secure business grade firewall. • Dedicated personal phone and phone numbers available. • iPad controlled AV and Digital Display technology • Fully automated online booking system. • Swipe card/FOB for 24 Hour Access

The Hive is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art, fully serviced professional co-working space, with a flexible pay-per-use offering. Perhaps the most significant point of difference offered by The Hive is the fact that they deliver unrivalled, uncontended high speed internet capabilities, with upload and download speeds of 200mbps. At The Hive, phrases like “Has the internet stopped working?”, or “Why is the internet so slow and erratic?” are things of the past.


Currently, these incredible services are not available anywhere else on the Sunshine Coast. The Hive Director, Mike Greeff says, “This is an opportunity that all businesses can take advantage of — to grow and expand in a business environment that boosts productivity and minimises downtime due to inconsistent internet speeds.”

• Electronically-controlled height adjustable sit/stand desks

With their focus firmly set on providing for their members’ needs, the team behind The Hive Business Space is dedicated to creating a working environment that’s an automated and seamless experience. As Executive Manager Jen Forster explains, “The Hive Business Space has been in the making for over a year now and, in that time, market research indicated privacy, noise levels and internet connectivity were the highest priority for members in a co-working space. The Hive has not only addressed these issues, we’ve also raised the bar to create a never-before-seen, business class co-working experience. With over 85 per cent of registered businesses on the Sunshine Coast being SMEs employing 4 people or less, this accessible and affordable business environment was long overdue and I am very excited to be involved in bringing this to our community.” Of course, it’s the 'little things' that are the 'big things' in business. The Hive has thought of everything. Freshly brewed barista style coffee can be enjoyed whilst viewing Sky News in their 'café inspired' Espresso Bar, along with a selection of fine teas, refreshing chilled and filtered still or sparkling water, delicious snacks and fresh fruit — all at no extra charge. Perhaps you need some time out from your desk? Relax in comfort in our Business Lounge with daily newspapers, 180 degree window views, and soothing background music. For those moments of inspiration or collaboration, our Creative Lab will let you spread out so you can get those thoughts flowing.

• Fully furnished serviced offices • Fully equipped boardrooms and meeting rooms with AV and digital display. • Private, acoustically dampened office pods. • Ergonomically designed and sophisticated furniture • Lockable pedestal drawers • Free National calls to landlines and mobiles (Australia Wide). • A creative lab and open air breakout areas.

BUSINESS CLASS SUPPORT • A full time receptionist and access to a virtual receptionist. • A modern Espresso Bar with barista style coffee, snacks and sparkling or still filtered water. • Secure copy and printing services, mail handling and postal address. • Free parking and bike racks for our members. • Shower and locker facilities. The Hive is encouraging businesses to utilise their space for free during our opening trial period. The team wants to engage with clients and work together to deliver a world-class co-working environment and their early adopters will have hands on input into shaping The Hive Business Space. “It’s an opportunity to experience business class co-working and discover for yourself the differences of our seamless and flexible business space. We truly believe that once you try it for yourself, you’ll never want to leave.” Contact us at The Hive and let us help you to be busier, easier. a


be busier, easier.

HOW DOES YOUR CLEANER COMPARE? SAME? 1. Can your cleaner offer you general cleaning, window cleaning, steam cleaning and vinyl strip and seals? Can they clean offices, body corporate, hospitality venues, council buildings, retail outlets and education institutions?

SAME? 2. Can our cleaner provide cleaning at the time that suits your business?

BUT DIFFERENT!! Kerle Projects:

1. Offer you competitive rates 2. Uses commercial equipment and chemicals 3. Is insured with public liability and workcover 4. Offers police checked service providers 5. Offers a proactive approach to cleaning 6. Conducts regular inspections on standards 7. Offers a guarantee - to beat any quote on both quality and price - Respond to issues within an hour - Offer 100% credit on service if a reoccurring issue occurs *conditions apply 8. Offer no lock in contracts 9. Offers a flexible service

Trial our Co Working Space for FREE

Call now to find out how! Call Jen on (07 ) 5451 0000 E: info@hivebu W: www.hivebu *conditions appl


business space


PH: 1800 660 975




Multiple Streams of Income TO YOUR BUSINESS?

USING VIDEO YOU COULD DO JUST THAT! Everyone wants video to market and grow their business. If you don’t, then you’re leaving money on the table. Video is the most powerful way to get your business known on Social Media in 2017, but often the cost of having videos done for you is prohibitive. How great would it be if you could learn how to make your own high quality videos whenever you wanted, without the need for expensive equipment and without the 'overwhelm factor'? This is all possible with your phone and certain methods for structuring, planning, and shooting. It also helps to outsource those parts of the process that are the most time-consuming. At Girl Director, we teach you all of this and more. We also

teach you how to take full advantage of Facebook and other Social Media platforms with your videos to get real, measurable results, so you can see that you’re getting a return on your investment. We, and our clients, get a '10 times' return on investment on our Video Ad spend, and so can you when you use our video marketing and online program systems. This approach will allow you to add multiple streams of income to your business. And, what’s better, once you know how it’s done, you can repeat the process over and over again.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” That’s our ethic at Girl Director. Rachel and Michael have over 20 years’ experience and LOVE what they do. They teach clients all over the world and

Model features optional panorama roof.





16” Alloy Wheels, 7” Multi-function Colour Display Screen & MirrorScreen Connectivity, Rearview Camera and rear parking sensor




Satellite Navigation, Park Assist and Active City Brake



A CULLEN & SON, 17-29Address Lamington Tce, Nambour DEALER NAME. Dealer and phone number.QLD 4560 Ph : 0754419000 Email: †*Disclaimer: 2 year extended provided by2014. Peugeot Australia in addition to standard 3 year factory warranty for a total of 5 years unlimited kilometres. Excludes fleet and government buyers. Not available with other offers. For warranty details go to Offerwarranty is on MY15’s built in OfferAutomobiles ends December 31 2015.a Offer valid on MY17 2008 models bought before 31st May 2017 only. ^Driveaway price includes dealer registration, dealer delivery and government charges. Metallic paint extra cost. Prices may vary between dealers. Excludes fleet and government buyers. Not available with other offers.

have written the number one bestselling book 'Better Videos', which has helped thousands of people. They have extensive experience in creating music videos for some of the biggest bands in Australia, so your videos will always have a high-end, edgy designer look that will make them stand out amongst other videos.



Speak with us now about joining one of our local Sunshine Coast workshops, or come on board for longer-term training. We mentor you, teach you, and hold your hand throughout the whole process, so you’ll never feel alone in this fast growing, online juggernaut that is video marketing. a To find out more, go to our website at or just start talking to us now at

FOR A CLEAR & CONCISE PLAN FOR YOUR FAMILY’S FINANCIAL FUTURE A CLIENT PERSPECTIVE It is hard to know where to start to show my appreciation and gratitude to Lyn for all her help over the past decade or so. She certainly has been the essence of professionalism… always reliable. She delivers on her promises, and has a skill in communicating which leaves me with a sound understanding of my financial position. I am always happy to actively recommend Lyn to my friends, such is my confidence in her ability and ethics. Bev Smith - Kawana Island

We will come to you for your no obligation complimentary meeting including a bonus home loan health check. Call us today: (07) 3868 3287 or 0412 710 119 www. Lyn Eddy and Alexmar Pty Ltd T/As Lyn Eddy Financial are Authorised Representatives of AIW Dealer Services Pty Ltd ABN 59 153 322 420 | AFSL 414256



with Annette Cochrane & Dr Ernie Young


HOT SPOTS OF DERMATITIS: Most prevalent during the moist and humid conditions of summer, Hot Spots of Dermatitis is an infection of the skin usually caused by Staph Intermedius Bacteria. Moist Dermatitis of the skin flares up quickly and is most commonly found on the face, neck and rump of animals. HEARTWORM: Carried by infected mosquitoes, heartworm is a disease that affects dogs. Given there’s no way to tell if a mosquito is infected, it’s crucial to maintain your pet’s heartworm prevention through the use of monthly tablets or annual injections. TICK PARALYSIS: Paralysis ticks are very common in dogs and cats and can be deadly when undetected, which is why pets should be on regular tick prevention medication. When giving your dog or cat a daily pat, search the body all over in particular their head and neck for ticks. If you suspect your pet could be affected by tick paralysis, seek veterinary advice. If you have any concerns about your pet’s wellbeing, it is best to address concerns with a vet and have your pet looked over.

Ph: 5492 6001

Facebook: Battery Hill Veterinary Clinic Please like and share Web:






with Barry & Charles

It was back in 2014 that Charles Wyllie, working as a contract coordinator for an asbestos business, saw a gap in the market, decided to fill it, and so 470 Group was born, in August of that year. What prompted the decision was the fact that wherever he went, clients were looking for project management of their renovations. “I knew that with my experience and knowledge, I could fill that role, so I did,” said Charles And he didn’t go alone, taking his long-time mate, with 15 years in the game, Barry Blair with him. They joke about it being the brains and the brawn! 470 Group are a multifaceted construction company, specialising in construction projects, commercial and retail fit-outs, and asbestos removal. Covering a growing area, from the Sunshine Coast to south Brisbane, 470 Group is attracting top end clients, such as Bayer, recently carrying out a full amenities refurbishment of the company’s busy production factory in Brisbane. “Our strong construction capabilities enable us to provide a high quality end-to-end service, effectively managing your project from de-construction through to completion,” said Charles. Ph: 1300 470 470 Website:

with Kerri Steele

It is a great time for education on the Sunshine Coast, change is occurring. Why?

Parents are more conscious of what they want for their children, they are not happy just with basic child care, but rightly demand early education that is holistic and supports their child to learn in self-orientated and self-directed ways. They want education that fosters their child’s natural interests of creative expression and wonder of the world not just academics. Educational environments are responding to the call, since 2009 we have been providing holistic education that supports the individual learner and recently a new School 'Montessori Noosa' has opened its doors for children aged six to nine at Sunshine Beach. Governments are now realising that, due to Australia’s poor performance academically against other countries, surface knowledge is not enough. Children need high function environments that foster their natural intelligence and interests. Now is a very exciting time to embrace this change!

Contact: Kerri Steele Email:




with Marilyn Brayshaw


You don’t need to find your new home before you apply for a loan. In fact, getting preapproval before you find your home delivers a number of excellent benefits. Some of these benefits include: • You’ll know your borrowing capacity (based on a real credit assessment). • You’ll know what the repayments look like, your deposit requirements and the costs involved. • You’ll know the Lenders Terms & Conditions upfront. • You’ll have a much better idea about what properties to look at and within what price range (rather than wasting time looking in unrealistic price ranges). • You’ll be much better placed to meet finance clause timeframes. • Most pre-approvals will last between three and six months (providing your circumstances don’t change). When you attain a pre-approved loan, there are fewer chances of experiencing hiccups with the buying/selling process. And knowing you can move quickly to take the property off the market may even give you better negotiating powers.

Ph: 0414 789 665 Web: mooloolaba/ Astute Financial Management Pty Ltd ABN 59 093 587 010 Australian Credit Licence Number 364 253


with Maria Faulder


With the new season now here, it’s an obvious chance for me to share with you news about the Pro Fiber range from L’oreal Professionnel. This treatment and haircare range is a real game changer; it’s an in-salon treatment that will literally roll back any effects of over processed or coloured hair, and reverse the signs of damage, dehydration or weakness. Aptyl 100 is the patented hero in this range, seeking out imperfections and transforming your hair into optimal condition. It all begins with the in-salon treatment, a quick application that only takes FIVE minutes and has a price tag of only $50. This instantly leaves hair feeling smooth and slim, while also giving it a superb shine. Stocking up at home with a Pro Fiber shampoo conditioner and a pack of Recharge phials will sustain the delivered benefits for up to six weeks. And there’s great news for the guys, too — American Crew’s 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner and shower gel is now available in a Tea Tree fragrance, which is fresh and cool. Come and try it in the salon! Speaking of fragrance, have you tried the American Crew fragrance, Nine? It’s called Nine because 9 out of 10 women love it — and guess what? It’s only $50! Maria Faulder Facebook: Suite Three Hair Ph: 5445 6700 Website:


with Shoebox Bookkeeping


Cloud Accounting software has become mainstream, but some business owners are still resisting this turn of the tide. So, what are the advantages of getting your Head in the Cloud? • Your software is always up-to-date with the newest version taking into account the latest tax changes and software upgrades. • Remote accessibility gives you and your staff access to your accounts anywhere, anytime, which is particularly helpful for those who are more mobile in their business, or who want real-time information, feedback or advice. • Achieving an increase in workflow efficiency through data integration — the software uses bank feeds and receipt capturing to automatically bring your bank transactions into your accounting system, saving time and stress. • Digital filing of receipts, invoices and reports means you can create that paperless office you’ve so desperately wanted. • Constant on-line backups will make the worry of manual backups obsolete so you never lose data again. • With monthly subscriptions for as little as $1 per month (guaranteed for life), some cloud accounting software providers are serious about saving you money. Give us a call to discuss how to get your business in the Cloud and take advantage of the latest Cloud Accounting technology.

Ph: 0475 417 271 Web:



with Kate Dever


With so many exciting destinations to choose from, deciding where to go can be one of the hardest parts of travelling. Here are our top holiday destinations for 2017: 1. Canada — For a destination that embraces its incredible natural landscapes, while offering an amazing array of cultural experiences and trendy cities, you can’t go past Canada. 2. USA — Behind the political bravado lies one of the most incredibly diverse and exciting destinations in the world. There’s no end to the hidden gems scattered across all 52 states. 3. N  ew Zealand — With skiing and hiking, gorgeous islands and inlets, and vibrant communities to discover, you’ll find plenty of reasons to explore New Zealand. 4. S  outh America — Home of Machu Picchu, the Amazon rainforest and Iguazu Falls, you can’t go past this this diverse continent for incredible food, ancient history and vibrant culture. 5. Africa — Hosting more than the pyramids and some of the world’s most incredible wildlife, this amazing continent boasts an astonishing tapestry of culture, ancient tradition and unique natural landscapes.

Ph: 1300 662 702 Web:

COMPUTERS with Craig Randall

SMALL BUSINESS IT SPECIALISTS Eight years ago, Craig Randall started Mooloolaba Computers as the sole operator. Due to its rapid growth over the years, through genuine service and good pricing, it has gained many happy customers and continues to help the Sunshine Coast people with all computer problems. Located on Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba, the locally owned business has you covered with all your computer and mobile services, wherever you are on the Sunshine Coast. The new online shop also provides the people of the Sunshine Coast with simple and efficient customer purchase and quoting service, which allows the customers to quickly browse the products and services from the comfort of their own home or office. The knowledgeable team at Mooloolaba Computers, prides itself on one to two day turnarounds, with honest service and competitive pricing. Being a locally owned and operated business, Mooloolaba Computers owes its success to friendly, efficient customer service. Mooloolaba Computers are small business IT specialists, cloud ready and capable of supporting all brands and fixing all computer problems. Ph: 07 5444 8853

Address: 148 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba Website:

LANDLORDS with Fran Denny & Jo Horton


This is a question often asked by landlords. Below are a few possible answers. If your investment property is sitting vacant for a long time, it may be because it’s looking tired and unappealing compared with similar properties on the market. You can carry out some very quick, cheap and easy renovations to ensure your property appeals to a wider audience, while also possibly increasing the rent to achieve a higher return. A quick lick of paint inside with a neutral colour will immediately freshen up the home and eliminate its tired look.You don’t have to do full renovations on kitchens or bathrooms either — there are many products available on the market today that can be used on tiles, benchtops and cupboard doors to give a more modern look and feel. Even a bright, new shower curtain can add value to a dated bathroom. And don’t forget to consider street appeal. Often prospective tenants will drive past a property before viewing it inside, so make sure the grass is mowed and edged, and that the garden beds are weeded and tidy.

Ph.1800 373 262 Web:




with Melissa Austin

CHANGEMAKER VS. CHANGETAKER The definition of insanity is doing the same thing but expecting a different result. As business owners, we need to be adaptable in order to keep up with the fast pace that shapes businesses today. If not, we’re going to be left behind, forced to adapt as a CHANGETAKER. So, when it comes to change…are you a CHANGEMAKER , or a CHANGETAKER? CHANGEMAKERS can see ahead of the trends, take action and are natural leaders. But what is the cost of changing — or not changing? Crunching the numbers is a natural place to start in business. You’ll need to keep in mind long-term return profits, cash flow, and your business valuation when making any changes. Short-term costs, such as time, capital, brand value, and resources also need to be calculated. If you want a different result, you’ll need to try something different, which means stepping up as a CHANGEMAKER with the sort of confidence and innovation that will allow your business to be the best it can be.

Ph: 07 5437 7624 Email:


with Catherine Craig


1. STYLING IS VISUAL MERCHANDISING • The first touch point for your property is the internet or print media, so it’s important to make a BIG impression. • Create beautiful photos and you create interest. 2. STYLING CREATES AN EMOTIONAL CONNECTION • 'Home is where the heart is' never rings truer than when buying a home. • Know the demographic of your potential buyer. 3. STYLING RULE…LESS IS MORE • Style so that several groups of people can move through your property with ease. • You are showcasing the property itself, not your furniture or style. 4. STYLING SHOWS FUNCTIONALITY • Showcase what each room is used for and how you live in it. • Demonstrate the style and size of furniture that the room can easily accommodate. 5. STYLING ENHANCES FOCAL POINTS AND FEATURES • These are the pieces of 'gold' unique to your property. • Focal points can be emphasised and features created by using styling. If you are contemplating selling your home this year, consider styling the property as it will help create the change required to alleviate some of the associated challenges.

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with Tanya Donovan & Jodie Bareham

YABBI’S RESTAURANT SERVES UP SENSATIONAL FLAVOURS Speaking of changemakers…Yabbi’s Seafood & Steak Restaurant has introduced a delicious NEW menu and a NEW Head Chef. Since recently being promoted, the new Head Chef at Yabbi’s, Danica, has taken the culinary standards of this little Cotton Tree gem to NEW heights. Danica has a passion for local produce, good quality seafood, and native ingredients. She places native flavours in the spotlight with her NEW delicious dishes, including Lemon Myrtle Moreton Bay Bug Gnocchi, Macadamia Chicken with Prosciutto, Pear and Prawns, and the decadent Chocolate Mousse with Quandong Syrup. Pushing the boundaries of creativity, Danica delivers a modern twist on flavour and texture in unique dishes such as the Blue Swimmer Crab Salad with Apple and Cucumber Granita. Danica is also committed to sustainable kitchen practices and often uses native-foraged garnishes, as well as home grown herbs. Be sure to visit Yabbi’s soon and taste the sensational flavours of CHANGE. Yabbi’s Steak and Seafood Restaurant

Address: Shop 2 ‘The Dunes’,

27-29 Cotton Tree Parade, Cotton Tree 4558

Phone: (07) 5443 6650 Web:



interior design By Shari Hall

Even as a child, Di Henshall knew she wanted to be a designer of just about anything and everything — from kitchens and bathrooms, to furniture, homes and resorts. At 11-years-old, her art teacher said her ideas were 'innovative' when she added a roof top garden to her 3D building design project. And today, she has received more than forty awards in the building and design industry, including the HIA Commercial Designer of the Year, the Professional Business Woman of the Year, the Master Builder’s Women in Business Award, and House of the Year. Di Henshall has always been an example of innovation and change. After graduating from art school in Liverpool, at 18, Di landed a job as the Export Designer for the biggest kitchen company in the world, designing showrooms and exhibitions worldwide. Her plans to subsequently open her own shop in Quarry Street were crushed when her mum developed cancer back in Australia. So she returned to Australia, initially working as an interior designer for an architecture firm in Melbourne. Di eventually ended up in Noosa as the Marketing Manager for Noosa Resort and the Noosa International. Although she had little experience in marketing, she quickly realised their premiere conference centre was the drawcard to be promoted, and soon the convention market became the biggest seller for the Noosa International. In 1988, she opened her own shop in Noosa, and spent the next 15 years designing custom furniture and kitchens. At the turn of the century, Di decided to go back to school and obtain a builder’s license. “Lots of people who are decorators call themselves interior designers, without the proper training. Being an interior designer doesn’t have any weight to it. But when you say you’re a builder, then they say, ‘“Crikey! She might actually know something!”’ Clients relax when they find out I’m a builder — there’s extra credibility.” Now with all facets of her business under one roof — Resident Hero Custom Furniture, Kitchens by Resident Hero, and Di Henshall Interior Design — she believes it’s important to give back. “I love teaching, lecturing, writing, and coaching,” says Di. As a changemaker in her industry, Di Henshall has the following advice for would-be interior designers:


“I always think as a consumer or as a person that wants the service. What is it that I want? If I was somebody who was organising a conference, what would I want to see, to do, to feel, to hear, to touch, to taste? I think that’s inherent to the interior design side of me. Everything to do with interior design is to do with the senses. When people ask: ‘“What is interior design?”’ I tell them we live it. Houses, cars, work spaces, if all those things — the smell, the touch, the feel — if all those things are in harmony, then you will have a harmonious life.”


“To be successful in any business, you need to have a profile of your client. You have to know who you’re pitching to. It will help you deliver what they’re expecting. My clients are almost all very well-off financially, well travelled, well educated, time poor (we give them what they haven’t got time for); they don’t suffer fools lightly, they enjoy good wine, good food, entertaining, place a great sense of value on family, they’re environmentally aware, a lot are philanthropic in Australia as well as abroad, they understand and recognise the true value of engaging a professional to help them with something they are not experts in.”


“Everything we do is about houses. We are the hero of the house by creating things to go inside it. People are getting more educated — now everybody travels and people are much more worldly. They are starting to recognise value for money, and want their interiors to reflect their success, their personality, their lifestyle. I’m a conduit between their success and how they want to express their love of their family, love of their lifestyle, love of their success.”

With no plans of stopping any time soon, like her now 89-year-old mother who still teaches anatomy and physiology classes three times a week, Di says, “I don’t think I’m going to bow out gracefully.” She’s got multiple projects that are ongoing, including a winery, a surf club, a public toilet block, and a new house in New Zealand. Still, she jokingly admits that every time she sees a new designer come into her place, she secretly hopes for a hostile takeover!

Di Henshall Interior Design Head Office – Noosaville, Sunshine Coast QLD (07) 5449 0788







Did you know only 8% of people actually reach their goals?

If you’ve ever started your day in a grumpy mood and found the rest of your day was negatively impacted, then you may not be aware that the mindset you choose to start your day influences the rest of it.

• Can you relate to days when everything seems to go wrong?

• Do you believe there is a connection between what you feel and how your life evolves?

• Do you wake up each day trusting you have the power to influence whether or not your dreams become a reality?

Dr Joe Dispenza, Neuroscientist shares this:

“I wake up in the morning and I consciously create my day the way I want it to happen...The more I do that, the more I build a neural net in my brain that I accept that that’s possible. This gives me the power and the incentive to do it the next day.” It’s said when you have SMART goals you will reach your outcomes (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely). If so, why do only 8% achieve them? What else needs to happen? Imagine you want to create a garden. You’ve chosen the plants, the layout, watered, and fertilized it. However, if it’s positioned on the beach where the tide comes in, it’s not going to grow. Even though you followed the plan, the environment is not right. What is 92% of the population not doing? Mindset!

It’s easier for our brain to remember past memories and revert into old familiar strategies. Without awareness, we fall into unresourceful past patterns formed through our experiences, thoughts and beliefs. In Dr Joe Dispenza’s book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, it’s stated that: “When the mind and body are in opposition, change will never happen.” Deepak Chopra offers this: “Self-judgment is the voice inside that says: ‘“You can’t handle it. Remember the last time you fell apart?”’ Neuroscience has proven you can create your results by the thoughts


and beliefs you choose. It’s possible to create each day and your life the way you want it. What are the essential SEEDs to access and attract your success?

SERVE - What is your big 'why' for achieving your goals? How do you want to support others and make a difference? EVOLVE - Choose who you want to be. Is it confident, calm, peaceful or motivated? The more you feel this the more it becomes second nature. EMBRACE - Live in each moment. Align your brain, mind and heart so that they’re working together. Now you know how you want to feel, it’s time to create this feeling over and over again so that it becomes the new normal. DIRECT COMMUNICATION - How do you speak to yourself? Are your thoughts resourceful or unresourceful?

In the words of Dr Seuss: “You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any way you choose!” Here’s to Speaking from Your Heart and Sharing Your Message!

Kim Taylor, Ultimate Speaker


Kim Taylor’s passion for assisting people to discover and implement their own speaking style enables them to share their message and bring positive inspiration for change in the world. With more than 30 years of experience in professional and personal development, she is highly praised for her ability to help people unlock their voice and speak from their heart. Kim is a renowned speaker, coach, trainer, author, emcee and founder of the 9-Steps to Ultimate Speaker training system.


A great recruitment agency will not only help you apply for jobs, but understand the best prospective positions for you and ensure you’re well-equipped for success. Here’s what you should expect if you apply for a job through a recruitment agency. 1. CONFIRMATION EMAIL

Once you apply for a job via a job-board or on an agency website, you should receive an email acknowledging your application. 2. PHONE OR FACE-TO-FACE CONFERENCE

Within 48 business hours, the agency should call to discuss your application and what you’re looking for in a role — they find out about your salary, location, career aspirations, what you love and dislike about your job, your skills base, education and professional development, the kind of employer you would like to work with, and more. 3. RESUME FEEDBACK

Agencies are best placed to help you improve your resume if required. Once your resume is complete, it should be formatted into the agency’s professional-looking template. 4. COMMUNICATON WITH POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS

Once you’ve decided together which employers to approach, the agency should send your resume to those employers. If you are unsuccessful in obtaining an interview, your recruitment consultant should provide feedback as to why this was the case. 5. ARRANGING INTERVIEWS

Your recruitment consultant should arrange interviews with employers. They should also conduct interview preparation sessions with you and further brief you on the client’s expectations regarding this preparation. Similarly, they should inform you about the client’s premises, their website, whom you will be meeting, and the job description if one is available. Your recruitment consultant should explain behavioural interview techniques so you can structure your responses according to the employers’ questions.

7. REFEREE CHECKS If you are successful in securing a role, your recruitment consultant should contact your referees. A good recruitment consultant should ensure you have contacted the referees to let them know the agency or employer will be calling. 8. PACKAGE NEGOTIATION Your recruitment consultant should negotiate your salary package, as well as the start date and location of employment. Salary negotiations can be delicate and having an industry expert involved may expedite the process. 9. POST-PLACEMENT CHECK-IN Your recruitment consultant should check-in with you on your first day and a few weeks later to ensure you and the employer are happy. At Medijobs we follow the above process for every one of our candidates. We believe you deserve an agency that values what you bring to the table and treats your application with due care, respect and confidentiality. Knowing what to expect from an agency empowers you to select one that will work best for you. If we can be of assistance, we’d love to hear from you. ca P: 1300 905 373 E: W: FB: Medijobs Australia


Your recruitment consultant should ask you for feedback about the interview, and also provide feedback from the potential employer. If you were unsuccessful, they should tell you why, so you can draw upon this feedback to improve your chances of attaining success in the future.

Executive Team Connie Morrall, Farah Rizvi-Hammond and Renee Reynolds

C O R P O R AT E T E A M B U I L D I N G ! ESCAPE ROOM OZ CAN HELP: • Strengthen team relationships • Stretch brain muscles • Develop self-awareness • Increase productivity in the office Puzzled for somewhere to have your next Sales Meeting? Experience an Escape Room, and see how your team works in an under a different type of pressure, in an enclosed environment. Boardroom Style! COMING SOON Onsite Boardroom Facilities and NEW Conspiracy Room

AGE PREMIUM PACK/PE RSON Bookings: 0414 309 629 or 0455 528 936


eet, Caloundra Shop 10a, 51-55 Bulcock Str


(Arcade near ANZ)




FANCY A RELAXING WALK IN thebush? Like most people I enjoy my daily coffee… or two. It’s funny just how far we’ve come in Australia — the coffee culture is so embedded and people really know what they like.

you’ll find us next to Cricks on Connection Rd, Nambour.

They will often share their tips on new blends or cafés that are doing something special. Well, for those coffee lovers out there who ALSO like a pleasant walk around nature, I’ve got just the thing for you. Compass recently won the tender to provide your favourite coffee at The Garden Café located at the Sunshine Coast Bush Botanical Gardens on Palm Creek Rd, Tanawha. There’s 112 hectares of gorgeous natural landscapes, sprinkled with a variety of wonderful sculptures, all linked by meandering, well maintained paths that are wheelchair accessible. The Garden Café is at the entrance so you can fortify yourself with a coffee at the beginning of your adventure, or put your feet up with one after a stroll…or both.

In addition to naming rights, the partnership includes signage, product placement and promotional opportunities that are only limited by imagination. If you’re reading this and think you’d like to discuss the partnership opportunity please contact me and we’ll be sure to arrange a chat… over a good coffee of course. ca

Naturally the lovely young people attending Compass, all of whom have an intellectual or physical disability, will not only make and serve your coffee but also brighten your day. The Garden Café builds on the great success that is Compass Connections Café in Nambour. Since its launch in May last year, hundreds of locals have discovered that food can be fresh, delicious, well priced AND served in an atmosphere of sheer joy and goodwill. If you haven’t tried our café and you want to support a great cause while enjoying good food and even better company, make sure your drop out for a visit —

There’s also a great opportunity at The Garden Café for an enterprising business to partner with Compass as the naming rights sponsor for the Café.

David Dangerfield, Compass Institute

David established the multi-award winning Compass Institute in 2003 and it continues to set new benchmarks in blending social objectives and sound business and governance practices while delivering best practice services to young Queenslanders with a disability. He also travels widely presenting ‘Strategic Living’ workshops to various international companies including Honeywell, McAfee, Microsoft, TATA, Time Inc & Aspen Foundation.

LOCAL CHANGEMAKER – AWARD WINNER In a period of 14 months, local Sunshine Coast startup and small business getonline. simply. has moved from strength to strength. From securing a win at the Queensland Music Design Awards for Best Website 2016, to exhibiting at CLICK! Digital Expo 2016. This local small business drives clients’ digital presence through website design, hosting, digital marketing, social media management and more. Local digital marketing enthusiast and original music advocate, Jerome Bechard started his passion project music. simply. with the aim of helping musicians to get online. Combining his experience with digital marketing and passion for music, music. simply. is an online one stop shop for muso’s wishing to establish a website, grow their online traffic, and anything in a digital capacity that aims to help them expose their music online. (

But it doesn’t stop there. Seeing an opportunity to help the local small businesses achieve the same successes, getonline. simply. was established. The name says it all. This is an avenue for small businesses to achieve the goal of getting their business online at affordable rates. ( With local businesses already jumping onboard for the services offered, in a short time the simply. brand has a growing client list of local businesses on top of the database of music artists who have sought the same thing.

If you are a local Sunshine Coast small business or musician looking to expand your online world, contact Jerome today for an obligation free appraisal of how we can help you

When most of us look to buy a car, a couple of important questions we need answered are — can I finance it, and, what’s the best interest rate I can get? These are important questions, but they’re not the only ones that should be considered. The biggest advantage of using a car loan finance broker is that we have access to multiple lenders (some not available to the general public), so there is a choice of which loan would suit YOUR circumstances best. A good car loan finance broker will be able to match YOUR unique circumstances to the best lender for you, with only ONE application. More importantly, using a car loan finance broker means there is no additional application on your credit file until the correct lender is selected, whereas if you applied directly to multiple lenders, you would have multiple applications on your credit file, which can negatively impact your credit score.

You use a professional for medical, plumbing and car servicing needs, why not use a professional car loan finance broker to achieve the best loan for you when buying your next car, bike, caravan or classic car?

An experienced car loan finance broker will be able to talk you through all your options and help achieve the best loan for your circumstances. m

Dan Fox, Fox Car Loans

After 17 years’ experience with several finance companies, Dan decided to establish Fox Car Loans in 2006 to offer customers the best possible finance solutions for their individual circumstances. Dan is a former Jet Ski champion and is passionate about helping various organisations and holds various volunteer and executive positions in Australia.


Yes to...

3 Personal Car Loans 3 Business Car Loans 3 Classic Car Loans 3 Bad Credit Car Loans






The tourism sector is one of the Sunshine Coast’s key economic drivers. It could probably be said that it was a tourism advertisement of one kind or another that introduced most of us to the existence of the Coast in the first place. Tourism has fashioned our beachfront communities and given rise to the establishment of many other successful industries. While tourism is essential to the future prosperity and diversity of the region, several changes in the funding of destination marketing have many in the industry concerned. Back in 2010, when we were one happy family with Noosa, the Sunshine Coast Regional Council formed a company now known as Visit Sunshine Coast (VSC). This company was charged with the task of spending the millions generated as a result of the tourism levy that many Sunshine Coast residents pay as part of their rates. According to VSC’s current website, its role is to lead the management of tourism on the Sunshine Coast. “As the Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO), VSC is responsible for a geographical area that encompasses the Glass House Mountains in the south, to Rainbow Beach in the north…and includes three council regions — Sunshine Coast, Noosa and Gympie.” What the website fails to highlight is that VSC now only receives a tourism levy from the Sunshine Coast Council which, as we know, excludes Noosa and beyond. For the record, Noosa generates millions through its own tourism levy, used exclusively for its own promotion.


Recent publicity emanating from national and international visitor survey results describes how successful the region has been in growing its tourism economy. However, disguised in these results is the disproportional benefit that the Noosa Council region enjoys from retaining its own tourism levy. Last year, Noosa claimed a solid 36.3% growth rate with tourism expenditure reaching $940 million. This represents over 40% of the regional tourism economy, leaving only 7.5% growth for the remainder of the Coast. With the extra millions at Noosa’s disposal, none of this comes as a surprise. The united approach to destination marketing we presently enjoy is vital to our tourism economy as a whole. Yet, VSC presently delivers positive outcomes in spades. It somehow seems wrong that the tourism levies raised from Caloundra to Coolum pay the bills to promote Noosa and Gympie. Strangely, nobody seems too concerned.


Bill Darby, Caloundra’s Rumba Beach Resort

Sometimes outspoken but always frank, Bill is the co-owner of Caloundra’s Rumba Beach Resort and 26 Degrees Bar & Venue. A proud Sunshine Coaster, Bill is a regular social commentator on newsworthy regional matters. Read more of Bill’s opinions on tourism, politics and business by visiting his website

Disclaimer: The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of the Matters Magazine team.

Rescue Books Bookkeeping “Your Bookkeeping Lifesaver”

3  Increase business efficiency 3  Management of meeting tax obligations 3  Streamline payroll 3  Cloud bookkeeping

Tracey O’Neill Ph. 0400 604 018

DO YOU need?

For many people, superannuation is the single largest financial asset they have, apart from the family home, so it pays to take it seriously. Studies by Superguide show that a single person who has paid off the home loan will need around $43,000 p.a. to enjoy a comfortable standard of living. 1Over a typical 25-year retirement, this adds up to $1,073,000. Nor can you rely on the Age Pension to support you. Currently the maximum pension entitlement (subject to deeming rules), provides just $22,805 2for a single person, or around half the amount recommended for a comfortable retirement. BUILDING ON YOUR EMPLOYER CONTRIBUTIONS

If you are working, your employer should already be making regular contributions into your super account of at least 9.5%. So will this be enough to give you the retirement you desire? Not according to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA). ASFA suggests that you should be saving around 12% – 15% of your salary over a 30-year period as a minimum savings target. HARNESSING THE BENEFIT OF COMPOUND INTEREST

• Government Co-contributions If you are a low or middle-income earner, you may be eligible for a government co-contribution, up to a maximum of $500. The amount you receive will depend on your income and the size of your own after-tax contribution. • Salary Sacrifice Salary sacrifice is a personal contribution that is made directly from your pre-tax salary and can be a tax-efficient way to boost your super. 1

retirement-how-much-super-need 2

This information is general information only. You should consider the appropriateness of this information with regards to your objectives, financial situation and needs.This information has been compiled from sources considered to be reliable, but is not guaranteed. Sunshine Coast Financial Planning ABN 34 133 955 736 [t/a Infocus Money Management] is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Infocus Securities Australia Pty Ltd ABN 47 097 797 049 AFSL No. 236523 t/a Infocus Money Management and Infocus Financial Advice. m

To achieve the recommended ASFA savings, you may need to make some additional super contributions. The key is to start early, because the earlier you add funds, the longer it has to grow and work for you. Super grows through investment earnings and the benefit of compound interest, which allows you to earn interest on your interest. GREAT OPTIONS FOR GROWING YOUR SUPER Once you’ve decided to give your super a boost, the next question is…how? Fortunately, there are a few different options to consider: • Post-Tax Contributions Making voluntary contributions from your after-tax pay is a simple way to top-up. Simply deposit your own money into your super.

Shaun Long, Financial Adviser, Infocus Shaun has recently brought vast experience in the Financial Advice industry to the Sunshine Coast, having worked in the Wide Bay region since 2003. He has developed expertise in the pre-retirement field and truly enjoys guiding a diverse range of clients towards achieving their financial and lifestyle goals.

What’s important to you is important to us We understand how important it is for you to make the right decision when it comes to achieving your financial goals and we would love to offer you a no obligation initial appointment (valued at $330) to discuss your aspirations and financial goals. Drop by for a coffee and a chat with one of our Financial Advisers today! Our receptionist Rihann will be happy to book a time that suits you best.

07 5443 4311

Sunshine Coast Financial Planning Pty Ltd ABN 34 133 955 736 is a Corporate Authorised Representatives of Infocus Securities Australia Pty Ltd ABN 47 097 797 049 AFSL and Australian Credit Licence No. 236523






The first thing to know about CHANGE is that most people don’t like it. Most people are afraid of change. It’s understandable. People resist and resent being pushed out of their comfort zone and change is definitely out of most people’s comfort zone. As a designer, if I kept within our clients’ comfort zones, our work wouldn’t allow them to experience a renewed energy that is borne out of expansion of thought and expansion of reality. If a designer simply works with what people are comfortable with, we would still be in houses that were designed and decorated as they were decades or even centuries before. It is the duty of architects and designers to explore and develop new ideas (largely from OLD ideas and theories) and impart these concepts to their clients.

you think you’re going to faint, but you get the idea — we have to allow CHANGE into our lives in order to find new horizons, to reinvigorate our lust for life, while also gaining a sense of peace and harmony with what has been created to enhance our lives. Change often comes from without, rather than from within. Asking an interior designer for help is a bit like going to the dentist. You have to open wide and let someone prod and poke you to find out how you tick and what seems to be the problem. TRUST is a big part of allowing change into our lives and if you can start an honest conversation with the designer, with an open mind and heart, the experience could well change your life for the better. It is one of the biggest joys of this job. ca

Di Henshall, Design Director

With 25 years’ experience owning her own interior design studio under her belt, Di Henshall has all the right tools when it comes to practicality and creativity of designing your home. A qualified builder, furniture designer and cabinetry designer herself, Di Henshall, along with her talented and experienced team have a genuine understanding of how to truly design a home that reflects your personality and lifestyle, designing buildings from the ground up, right down to teaspoons, and everything in between.

The joy and sense of freedom that is gained by being (gently) pushed into a new experience can’t be underestimated. The catch-cry of bungy jumpers, rookie skiers, parachutists and firsttime international travellers is: “I Should Have Done This Years Ago!” I am not suggesting that every fabulous design solution we come up with has to be received with an adrenaline rush where

If you love coffee, really love coffee, join our Coffee Roastery Club



• • •

FREE COFFEE DELIVERY (*South East QLD only) Special Club Member ONLY Pricing (per kilo) A list of our Award Winning House Blends and Seasonal Single Origin Coffee Options ADHOC MEMBER ONLY SPECIALS

Simply Email your contact details including: Name; business name, email address, phone number and delivery address (USE THE CODE SCCRCLUB) to enquiries@sunshinecoastcoffeeroastery. TODAY to receive a Roastery Club membership ABSOLUTELY FREE



Many times we are told: “Change is as good as a rest.” However, we know from experience that not all change is positive.

So my challenge to you is to make a positive change to your business — GET ORGANISED. One of the best Continuous Improvement Tools available is called Workplace Organisation. There are a few versions, but the most common are 5S and CANDO, which can be applied to a Desk, Office, Work Area, Production Line, Warehouse — in fact, anywhere in your business “A WELL ORGANISED BUSINESS IS CLEAN, SAFE AND PRODUCTIVE.”

We all have moments when we know something isn’t safe (wires on floor, loose fixings). We also know that our systems could be better organised (wasting time and money looking for and moving items). We’re also often aware that our business could be more productive (creating frustration with how things are). Well, if you’re having these moments on a regular basis, then Workplace Organisation is what you need! The system is based on implementing 5 key stages, and is simple to follow, but can be challenging to maintain without regular reviews and updates. When implementing Workplace Organisation it is important to involve the right people and never forget your customers. The key is to complete all 5 stages and not stop after the first one or two. • Sort/Clear


• For anything that remains, agree on and then place in the best location so that it is organised and productive.

• Review the Downtime Wastes in previous issue.


• Make sure everything is correctly labelled and easy to read.

• Repair or renew as required — does it look professional?

• Is the area safe and organised for all who work in it?

• Take pictures of the organised workplace.


• Communicate the new standards and talk about the benefits.

• Carry out regular audits using the Visual Standards.

• Continuously look for ways to improve the workplace.

• Regularly assess the Downtime Wastes and look to minimise them.

• Involve your team and build accountability.

When implemented correctly, this effective tool can have a dramatic effect on morale, customer perception and overall business productivity. It makes good business sense; it can be fun to do and it will improve how your business performs. So if you really want to make a positive change within your business for 2017, then get your workplace organised — be safe, clean and productive. m

• Set in Order/Arrange • Shine/Neatness

• Standardise/Discipline

• Sustain/Ongoing Improvement

Let me explain each of these stages. I will use CANDO as my model: CLEAR —

• Remove everything that shouldn’t be there, or that isn’t needed.

• Return all items to their correct place.

• Recycle where possible, dispose of the rest.

• Give feedback and create positive discussion.


Kevin Bennett, KB Business Solutions Kevin has over 30 years of experience working with international businesses identifying and implementing ways to become smarter and improve business performance. Practical, simple and effective solutions that really work.

IMPROVING YOUR BUSINESS WITH YOU Coaching and Mentoring Key Note Speaker Facilitated Workshops Customised Improvement Programs

Matters Magazine Readers - FREE One Hour Workplace Organisation Assessment worth $250 valid until 30 April 2017. Contact us today to claim. GET SMART - CALL KEVIN on 0407 144 963 Email SERVICING ALL OF THE SUNSHINE COAST Join us on Facebook: KB Business Solutions










When it comes to selling your business, make it count with the Sunshine Coast’s best and most experienced business broker – Rod Russell. With a lifetime commitment to business sales and a string of industry awards, Rod possesses an unmatched ability to connect buyers with sellers, achieving outstanding results time and time again.






New technology seems to pop up around us everywhere we look, and then it passes us by as if we’re standing still; new innovations and startups are being created at an unprecedented speed.


Even the government is catching on and making moves to help startups, which is a change in the right direction. Such initiatives are being embraced because the startups and innovative companies of today are the employers of tomorrow. Providing them with support and assistance is a great way to ensure the design and distribution of new products, along with the lowering of unemployment rates as per election promises.


While all this change is happening both online and off — much of it beneficial — one area that has lagged behind is the efficiencies (or lack of) concerning the acquisition and management of personal and asset data. Sure, we now have digital forms and, if we fill these in on our own computer, chances are they will auto-populate, or auto-fill. But digitising forms is merely a stop-gap measure; moving beyond the status quo and creating collaborative data systems is key to the future. SO WHAT IS THE FUTURE? WHAT IS THE SOLUTION? The future is a single source of data, a single source of truth, where the data is owned by the individual it pertains to. The big difference is that your data can be shared — with your permission — with other people like family or the organisations you’re connected to. It won’t be shared publicly in the way social platforms like Facebook or Instagram work, but kept on a network that is both secure and private.

Imagine a digital filing system that holds all your documents and data, that also warns and reminds you of upcoming expiries, stops you from losing documents, keeps everything searchable by name and keyword, and even insures you against their theft or misuse — that has to be good!

Currently we are storing our private data in emails, or through services like Dropbox or Google Drive, or in a myriad of other locations, and even as hard copy.

But wouldn’t you prefer it if you could look through the list of people or organisations that can see your data and remove any of them with a simple click? Wouldn’t you prefer it if you had control over your own data? m

JasonKnight, miiGroup

Jason Knight is the founder of the platforms iCompLii and miiFile. After living and breathing the small business pains of administrative and compliance burdens, Jason formed a vision of a world where employees and clients could instantly be connected and managed with simplicity.


Scaredy Cat?

IV Sedation puts you into a Twilight Sleep state that can allow more dentistry to be done in a single visit, which is great if you’re too busy for multiple visits. Or, if you feel anxious about taking a trip to the dentist, it can simply help you feel like you’re sleeping through your visit. Sedation is nothing new in dentistry; most people will have experienced 'Happy Gas' at some point in their lives and general anaesthetic is favoured by some dentists for major procedures. However, IV Sedation

has a number of benefits that can be highly appealing for many patients. Firstly, IV Sedation can be provided within the dental practice, which avoids the costs and inconvenience associated with visiting a hospital for general anaesthetic. There is a dedicated doctor who provides the Twilight Sedation, while monitoring you the whole time. And there is the

local anaesthetic, so if you need a number of dental crowns, or maybe implants, then chances are you will need a few visits to complete this work. IV Sedation extends the time the dentist is able to work on your mouth and, in the process, allows a lot more dentistry to be done. This can be very appealing to busy people who find it hard to allocate the time for their dental visits. Then there are the 'scaredy cats'. Being anxious about visiting the dentist is very natural. Indeed, I think most of us have some resistance. But if anxiety is stopping you from visiting the dentist all together, you could be damaging more than your teeth. Oral health is inextricably linked to your overall health and avoiding dental visits can affect your chances of developing cardiovascular disease, obesity and even diabetes. So, if you need extensive dental treatment, if you’re thinking about a cosmetic smile makeover, or if you simply can’t face visiting the dentist, then IV Sedation could be the solution for you.


actual state that the sedation provides, which is sleep-like, yet the dentist can still communicate with you, which makes providing dentistry

Dr Clive Creager, Dr Nancy Rajan and Dr Andrew Glendinning

much easier. Once the sedation has worn off, you have little or no memory of the time you spent in the dental chair.

Divine Dental

IV Sedation is an option that can be considered for many dental procedures. However, it is usually associated with time-poor or anxious patients. There is a limit to how much dentistry can be done with a


Dr Clive Creager, Dr Nancy Rajan and Dr Andrew Glendinning are the committed team of dentists at Divine Dental in Noosa. With over 60 years of dental experience between them, they provide a truly comprehensive and holistic approach to their patients’ dental needs. Each of them has their own area of special interest: Dr Clive likes to concentrate on Dental Implants and Restorative Dentistry; Dr Nancy loves treating kids, and Dr Andrew provides Orthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry.



Examination, Scale & Clean, inc X-rays & Fluoride

NOT IN A HEALTH FUND? NO WORRIES, ONLY $149 *conditions apply

Call or go online today to book your appointment

Dentistry is a Dream with IV Sedation at Divine Dental

Noosa Civic Shopping Centre, 1/28 Eenie Creek Rd, Noosaville

07 5455 6214





t r a e h , n o i s pas & HUSTLE


By Shari Hall

When she met David on her 23rd birthday while working and travelling in Hong Kong, her plan for life was: “I just want to paint and make babies!” When he said, “Okay,” she knew she had met the love of her life. Today Jodie and David are the Co-Principals of the McGrath Estate Agents office in Caloundra, and they are intentionally passionate about their life, their love, and bringing people and property together. Both Jodie and David came from entrepreneurial business families, and from as early as she can remember, she’s just wanted to get out there and work. At 13, she got her very first job at an ice cream shop in New Zealand. She grew up and went on to obtain a Masters of Business and Marketing Degree in New Zealand, most of which she thought was just 'common sense'. A strong desire to empower others — in particular women — to lead their best life, led Jodie into the plus-size women’s fashion industry, where she became the brand manager at Artigiano, a fast track 100 Italian women’s fashion company in the UK. After getting married and having children, she felt another passion rise within her — to write a book on behalf of all the 'Sexy Mothers' out there, addressing issues previously neglected in pop literature about the challenges of being a new mother. During their time together living on the Isle of Wight, David had his own Cornish pasty company, which he sold prior to their return to New Zealand. His interest in real estate came when he and Jodie began their own house hunt and recognised that the service was not what they as consumers had expected. Here they were, motivated cash buyers, and no one was calling them back. Both agreed, they could do better, and David immediately got his real estate licence and Jodie was soon to follow. Working for Bayley’s Real Estate, a company with a high standard for ethics and marketing (with Jodie’s assistance), David acquired the necessary foundation to develop and create their current McGrath office, one they hope will improve perceptions about the profession, and show that real estate can be done differently, that it can be done better.

For David and Jodie, theirs is a philosophy of caring - for their team, their customers, and their community. Their new purpose-built office has become an environment that agents consider to be a home away from home.

meetings. Instead, you’ll hear constructive discussions and set intentions that are then displayed on vision boards. There you’ll see people who are genuinely happy and ready to provide consistently friendly service to all their clients. There is a positive ripple down effect from the principals, to their agents, to each of their customers. “People pick us because we are honest about everything. We tell it like it is. We care at a ridiculous level for everyone who works with us. We are true to ourselves, and we do the right thing. By each interaction we have and each sale we do — it’s just good clean business.” Open communication is at the forefront of every transaction with their clients. Their team has learned that delivering honest communication throughout the entire process, even if it’s a difficult conversation, is highly respected. “Clients are crying out for good communication. We believe you’re either a 10 out of 10 where integrity is concerned, or you’re not,” says Jodie. Their interest in contributing and being involved in their local community is evident with their Community Giveback program. Clients are informed that every sale made through McGrath Caloundra includes a $500 donation to the charity of their choice. This allows their team and client base to have a deeper level of fulfilment with each transaction, knowing they can contribute to such organisations as Jake Garret Foundation or Lily House. Their front of office meeting space in Caloundra is also available for community organisations, like schools or companies needing a meeting space, to use whenever it’s available.

“We’re a little bit different. At the end of the day, nothing beats hard work, and we do work ridiculously long hours. But we get deals done with heart and hustle.” The next 12 months in real estate on the Sunshine Coast are going to be very exciting. With the Kawana Health Hub precinct set to open in April, the upcoming airport expansion, and the continuing growth of the university, more and more people are choosing to stay local, and Jodie and David will be here, intentionally passionate, about helping you fulfil your real estate needs.

The support team are knowledgeable and savvy about current marketing and social media trends, and all are 100% supportive of each other. You won’t find any drama or chaos at the McGrath Caloundra team


It’s not the classic boy meets girls story when a girl from New Zealand and a boy from the UK find true love in the middle of Hong Kong. But such is the story of Jodie and David Hedley-Ward.




• 23 million (m) passengers travelled in 2015 (22.1m in 2014). • Projecting 24m passengers in 2016, up 68% in the last 10 years. • 20 new ships were christened in 2015. • By 2023, 60 new ships will have entered the industry.


• China and Cuba continue to be identified as the markets with the greatest future potential.


• The Chinese market is growing rapidly with 135m outbound travellers in 2015.







• China had 1m cruisers in 2015, rising to a predicted 1.7m in 2016. This could be as high as 2.3m by 2018.



• The Caribbean continues to hold 43% of the cruise market.












• National and regional cruise passenger numbers in Australia are predicted to reach 2m per year by 2020. Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) reported that the number of Australians taking ocean cruises swelled by almost 15% in 2015 to reach 1,058,781 passengers. A 42% hike in domestic cruise passenger numbers contributed significantly to that result.

The cruise industry is thriving with new ships continually being built. So why are we all cruising? Quite simply, because cruises are an easy holiday for everyone and provide the best bang for your dollar.


Cheryl Ryan, 123 Travel - Buderim

The quality of entertainment and food has hit all-time highs with celebrity chefs providing some incredible “foodie” experiences.

Cheryl has been working and travelling the world for over 25 years. Her travel business is a combination of leisure and conferencing with a special passion for supporting local communities she visits.

There are also speciality cruises that revolve around events like the Melbourne Cup, tennis and comedy. Groups and clubs, as well as family events and reunions are well catered for. Weddings and anniversary celebrations are also becoming popular.

isit ur first v o y f f o $10

Massage Therapy Remedial / Deep Tissue / Reflexology / Relaxation / Aromatherapy

$65 for 60 minutes or

$90 for 90 minutes Health rebates apply


0427 870 048

Your local home loan specialists

Full colour on teal (reversed-out ve Standard logo

If your current home loan interest rate is above 4.2 p.a. - and you have been in the same home loan for more than two years - you could be missing out on significant savings. When was the last time you checked in with your home loan?


WIN a $300 Myer Gift Voucher Simply sit down with one of the Mortgage Choice Buderim team members and chat about how we can help you SAVE $$ in 2017 and you’ll go in the draw. Drawn 1st June 2017.

It’s our job to provide you with a choice of lender options and then to negotiate with the lenders on your behalf - taking the legwork off you. Mortgage Choice in Buderim are currently celebrating our 12th year anniversary. We are currently ranked number two franchise in Australia by MPA magazine (Mortgage Professionals Australia), and attribute this to our loyal customers who continually come back so that we can play a part in building their wealth, or achieving their next dream property. Our entire team is motivated by not just the home loan, but the opportunity to make the experience a special one for our clients. There are so many great opportunities out there right now, and we encourage you to give us a call to explore them with you.

Linda Ireland 0414 012 714 • Kaia Hunter 0414 891 931 • Pete Solomon 0413 999 953 • Matt Ireland 0413 999 951 Office Phone 5476 9333 • • 1 Ballinger Rd, Buderim QLD 4556

IT’S YOUR TIME TO SHINE There’s never been a better time to live and work on the Sunshine Coast, and it’s only going to get brighter. We’ve started building the city of the future in Maroochydore, and it’s got Australia watching. Let’s show them what we can do.

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Valentines Day at the Lakehouse


The Sunshine Coast Business Women’s network celebrated Valentines Day at the Lakehouse, Brightwater with a LOVE your business LOVE your life themed breakfast. Speakers Vickie Magic, Darryl Olson, John Williams and Yvette Adams gave lots of great tips to the guest to inspire them to take their business and life to the next level.


Vickie Magic, (SCBWN President)

Event Speakers, Darryl Olson (My Weekly Preview), Vickie Magic (Matters Magazine), Yvette Adams (The Creative Collective), John Willliams (GM Sunshine Coast Broadcasters 92.7 Mix FM Sea 91.1)

Donna Niazov (Family Friendly Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control), Sandra Olah (Ron Hill Automatics)

Amanda Oxley (Amanda Hair Design), Rose Potter, (Sunshine Coast Council)

Melanie Jacobson (MJJ Acounting), John Willliams (GM Sunshine Coast Broadcasters 92.7 Mix FM Sea 91.1), Roz White (Whites IGA)

Jane Cluff (Felicity Jane Digital)

Darryl Olson (My Weekly Preview)

Karen McNamara (KBAS Bookkeeping), Madeline Klein (Garland Waddington)

Sixe: it’s how you say it...

SixeTM is the new name for Six Elements Find out more at




Change can be both an exciting proposition and a frightening prospect. However, sometimes it is a refreshing thought to know that whilst businesses may change externally, their roots can remain firmly planted locally in the Sunshine Coast community. A Cullen and Son Peugeot is one such business. Having been established in 1952 as a garage and engineering shop, this family-run business evolved into a vehicle dealership, and proudly became Peugeot on the Sunshine Coast in 1971. The first Peugeot vehicle to be sold was a 504. The family that purchased this 504 was so happy with the French vehicle’s ride and quality, as well as the service provided, that they have remained a customer of the dealership until today, almost 46 years later. Whilst the external façade of the dealership has changed dramatically since 1971, the customer service has remained the same. This service is what sets the dealership apart, with existing staff members retaining knowledge, and always learning more, racking up over 100 years of combined Peugeot experience. A Cullen and Son Peugeot has become a landmark at the top of the hill in Nambour, creating a positive culture for the customers that use their services, many of whom travel from as far away as Darwin to have their vehicles serviced.

The most exciting changes that DO happen are related to the innovations and sleek designs that Peugeot continue to create in their vehicle range. 2017 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for the brand and the dealership, with three new models entering the SUV market, creating the year of the Peugeot SUV. The model most recently being able to escape the city is the 2017 New Peugeot 2008 SUV. This face-lifted model is sporting fresh styling, spec enhancements and the adoption of Peugeot’s Puretech 81kW/2015Nm 1.2-litre three-cylinder turbo petrol engine mated

to a six-speed full fluid automatic transmission. Peugeot Australia has confirmed that its all-new 3008 SUV, featuring an all-Euro6 petrol and diesel engine line up, will be launching mid-2017. With its name the only carry-over, the all-new, French-designed and built SUV brings with it a new platform, new drivetrains, new technology, new design and an allnew focus. Late 2017 will see the release of the all-new, seven-seat 5008 SUV. Bearing only the name of its predecessor, the all-new Peugeot 5008 breaks new ground for the French marque as its first large, seven-seat SUV. The all-new Peugeot 5008’s overall profile is long and dynamic. At the front, the wide grille with chrome fins is exclusive, while the rear design features the gloss black strip and signature LED 'claw effect' rear lights — also featured on all-new 2008 and 3008 — which will set the design theme for all future Peugeot SUVs. Retaining its exemplary position in the Peugeot line-up, the all-new 308 was awarded European Car of Year in 2014 and continues to turn heads with its sleek design and multiple functionalities. For a limited time, until the 31 March 2017, the entire Peugeot range (MY15 models only) comes with the added benefit of an eight year, unlimited km warranty, plus eight years roadside assist for peace of mind. This deal is unmatched (in Australia) and provides customers with more reason to experience the 'Motion and Emotion' of Peugeot in Australia. Gerald Cullen and the Team at A Cullen and Son look forward to the changes that Peugeot is bringing forward in their model line-up for 2017 — they’d love for the Sunshine Coast to come and share these changes with them. A CULLEN & SON, 17-29 Lamington Tce, Nambour QLD 4560 Ph : 075441 9000

UNIFORMS WITH LOGOS No need to think about what to wear to work Always look the part

Be a walking advertisement for your business • CORPORATE WEAR • ACTIVE WEAR • HI VIZ WEAR • POLO SHIRTS • FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED

07 5438 0711


Shop 14, 51-55 Bulcock Street Caloundra

EXPERIENCES, NEW opportunities

I love new beginnings. While being at school is one of the most exciting times of our children’s lives, it’s also unique because in no other place or context do you get the chance to make a fresh start each year.

New teachers, new experiences, new opportunities. As our children return to another year of school, maybe we can provide them with a challenge: to think small! You might think that seems a bit odd; however, when it comes to taking a fresh look, and making a fresh start in a fresh year, we should encourage our children to think small. Why? Because success comes in a number of small and deliberate steps. Similarly, failure comes the same way — not from a single event, but perhaps from a few errors in judgement, or a few poor choices repeated every day. The challenge exists within how we encourage our children to take a fresh look at the things they do and then make a change for the better, moving towards a goal. The fresh start could be about how they treat others, how they treat the environment, how they respond to a challenge, how they cope with failure, or about how they approach their classwork. It is based on a few simple practices that you can plan and implement…then watch to see how they go. However, while they are small, they need to be repeated to ensure they become positive habits. We all have the capacity to change, to grow and to improve, and the New Year is the time to do it. Encourage your children to take just a few minutes every day to look ahead and think: What small steps can I change NOW that will have a positive impact on my life and those around me? One of the exciting things about the small steps formula is that the results are almost immediate. It could be as simple as this: when they get home from school, they don’t jump in front of a screen; rather, they read a book or offer to help out around the house.

As we take a fresh look at things and change our habits, we experience positive benefits in a very short period of time. If we start some more regular exercise, we will see the difference; if we try to rebuild a relationship with someone, again, we will see results.

If we start today to make a conscious and consistent effort to change our choices, to take the small steps, we are already on the road to success. I love this quote from Harvey Mackay, a businessman, author and syndicated columnist, who says: “People begin to become successful the minute they decide to be.” Let the beginning of 2017 be a fresh start that delivers success for you and your children. m

Reverend Chris Ivey, St Andrew’s Anglican College Chris Ivey has been Principal of St Andrew’s Anglican College since 2007. He is married to an amazing lady, Elizabeth and they have four children. The oldest is in her first year at UQ and his youngest three are at St Andrew’s, where he hopes they love being with their Dad! He trained as an English and Drama teacher, before becoming a College Chaplain and then moving into his current leadership role.



A Sunshine Coast based business for all your Screens, Shutters and Gates made to fit using only Australian powder coated aluminium, you pick the colour!

Superior Screens specialise in manufacturing an extensive range of COLORBOND® steel and aluminium fixed and adjustable louvres, plantation shutters, lattice and slatting products. Need a shed? We are your local Authorised Agents for Wide Span Sheds. CALL TODAY TO ARRANGE A QUOTE.


A. 9 Newing Way, Caloundra (off Mark Rd at Daniel Street Roundabout) W. E.



1. Ask for the contact details of your builder’s main subcontractors, carpenter, electrician, painter, etc. Give these tradies a call and find out if the builder is currently behind on payments and if the builder is usually on time with payments or has a history of being late. If the builder is regularly behind on payments to the subcontractors, then this is no good and you should dig deeper. Also, if the builder does not want to give these details out, this is a warning sign. 2. Ask for the contact details of the builder’s main material suppliers, concrete, windows, tiles, etc. Give these suppliers a call and find out if the builder is currently behind on payments and if the builder is usually on time with payments or has a history of being late. It’s the same as above — late payments show poor cash flow management, which is the first warning sign of a builder going bankrupt.

know what their finances are doing and are flying completely blind.

That’s not something you want when it comes to dealing with one of your biggest investments, or your future employment. 4. Ask for the full names of the heads of the building company. All of the directors, partners and main decision makers. Once you have these, employ the services of a solicitor to run a quick check and ensure none of them have been involved with any companies that have been bankrupt previously.

W  hen you buy a car, you run a check to make sure it has not been in any major accidents before, so why not do the same with your builder? These simple tips don’t take a huge amount of time and compared to what they can save you from, I’d say they are priceless. m

3. Ask the builder how often they do a cash flow report. Running a building company is very complex as there are huge sums of money coming in and huge sums of money going out.

C  ash flow monitoring is paramount and should be getting completed once a week. If the builder is building over 15 homes per year and is only doing a cash flow report once a month or worse, than they don’t

Daniel Chapman, Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast

Hanging around building sites since he was old enough to hold a hammer, it was only natural Dan would follow his grandfather, uncle, and older brother to become a builder. One of the first things you’ll notice about Daniel Chapman is the relationship he builds with those he builds for. When someone’s building a home for you it’s important that you’re both on the same page, and Dan has the ability to deal with both customers and his team with a great professional, friendly attitude.

DANIEL CHAPMAN, STROUD HOMES SUNSHINE COAST It is no secret that the building industry is a tough industry to be in and one of the hardest parts of it is ensuring adequate cash flow so you don’t go bust. I am personally and solely responsible for a group of approximately one hundred staff and subcontractors and their families across the Sunshine Coast so going bust for me is not an option. Growing up on the Sunshine Coast I have seen big builders come and go and I know firsthand the pain this causes to the community. I come from a not so well-off building and tradie family with seven siblings all born on the Sunshine Coast so the seriousness of non-payments from bankrupt builders is engrained into me and being open with you, the depth of this responsibility I now have often weighs heavily on me. By never missing payments I have created a staunch level of trust and loyalty amongst my entire team, and I am confident that if you talk with my trades suppliers and staff you will hear firsthand that I have a steadfast and unfailing reputation for paying on time . T: 07 5444 2521 A: 9 Nicklin Way, Minyama, QLD, 4575



An important question to ask when becoming involved with the building industry is this — how do I avoid working for, or buying from, a builder who might go bankrupt?




In 2017, Head of Nursing Jo-Liz Prosser will lead the delivery of the 18-month Diploma of Nursing in the new Sunshine Coast Health Institute (SCHI) located in the Sunshine Coast Health Precinct. Ms Prosser has been a registered nurse for almost 20 years and says there has never been a better time to start a career in nursing. “The new SCHI facility will offer students a very unique and innovative study experience,” Ms Prosser said. “Nursing students will train in a purpose-built facility and utilise shared resources; providing a greater practical experience in their clinical skills training, resulting in an increased skill level prior to hospital placements and employment.” “SCHI has a 370-seat auditorium, e-learning labs and simulation suites which contains stateof-the-art technology and comprises exact replicas of hospital rooms including operating suite, intensive care bedroom, birthing suite and emergency resuscitation bay.”

worker in areas of natural disaster or crisis to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity,” she said. Studying a Diploma of Nursing at TAFE is very different to University as students learn the skills, knowledge and capability to start practical placement after only 10 weeks. “Students will enter their placements with the foundations of anatomy and physiology, know how to process and understand paperwork, and appreciate the importance of ‘activity of daily living skills’ like nutrition, mobility care and hygiene,” Ms Prosser said.


INCREASE IN ENROLMENTS Nursing is one of the most popular courses offered at TAFE Queensland East Coast with enrolments in the Diploma of Nursing increasing by 44.7 per cent since 2013.

“Training and assessment will be filmed on-site and can be streamed online to other students. The recorded sessions will then be archived as a learning tool made available for review and reference as required,” she said. A career in nursing offers people a very diverse set of transferable skills. Nurses are easily relatable, good communicators, professional and highly skilled. “Nursing is incredibly diverse and can literally take you anywhere you want to go,” Ms Prosser said. “You can choose to work in metro and regional areas or you can choose to travel and work on oil rigs, on cruise ships or in schools all around the world. You can even become a humanitarian aid

“To put this into perspective, students studying to become registered nurses at University don’t typically start practical placement until towards the end of their first year,” she said.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 400 hours of practical placement which guarantees their skills become second nature and they graduate job-ready. “There will always be a need for nurses,” Ms Prosser said. “People who are confident, capable and caring are highly sought after and a career in nursing offers the ultimate in job satisfaction,” she said. Become one of the 1.3million Australians making a valuable difference in people’s lives every day and find out how a career in nursing could give you the ultimate in job satisfaction.



CAPABLE. CONFIDENT. CARING. GRADUATE ENROLLED NURSE GRACE SINCLAIR IS CAPABLE, CONFIDENT AND CARING. While she might occasionally miss Christmas day with her family, a friend’s birthday party or even a customary Australia Day BBQ, you can rest assured that Grace will never miss a shift and will be by your, or a loved one’s, bedside in time of need. “Nursing’s always been something I’ve been interested in, but I was scared that I might not have what it takes to be a good nurse,” Grace said. Grace put her worries aside and decided to enrol in nursing at TAFE Queensland East Coast to see if she had the ability to join one of the most challenging but diverse and rewarding professions in the world. “TAFE was the obvious choice for me and for what I wanted to do – care for people,” Grace said. Like a lot of people, Grace is all too familiar with caring for loved ones coping with serious illnesses. Over the space of three short years, Grace became quite accustomed to the inside of hospitals and nursing homes. “I listened to them when they needed to talk things through. I became the friendly face next to their LEFT Grace Sinclair PHOTO BY Amanda Fiedler

bedside, even when they didn’t recognise me. I was there for them no matter what they needed,” Grace said. After completing her Diploma earlier this year, Grace is now a Graduate Enrolled Nurse with Ramsay Health Care working in the Cardiology Ward at the Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital in the new Health Precinct at Kawana. “I care for people who’ve had heart attacks, are having chest pains or any other cardiac related issues,” Grace said. “I monitor patient’s hearts and report to cardiologists so they can effectively diagnose the disease and determine the most appropriate recovery or management plan.” “The most important part of my role is to simply support people, be there for them, listen to them, and care for them.” “We help them through the shock of it all. We help them work through the fear, uncertainty and doubt of ‘what next’,” she said. Working at Ramsay, Grace appreciates how lucky she is to work with so many committed and highly skilled nurses. Her skills and training are now second nature and the scared student has blossomed into a capable, confident and caring professional. “I love nursing. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done,” Grace said. “To me, Ramsay’s philosophy of ‘People Caring for People’ is what nursing’s all about. I’ll be a nurse forever,” she said.

Have you EVER dreamt of owning your own Restaurant?

Here is your opportunity…. WE DELIVER the recipe to success from experts with over 30 years’ experience in the industry. 3 We deliver - your own Thai Restaurant with proven recipes and systems

3 We deliver - mentoring to achieve a very high income 3 We deliver – choose your preferred area, we will find a site for you and negotiate the lease

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You will be the stand out Restaurant in your chosen area with our well known unique Branding and Systems. Step 1. Contact to arrange an obligation free meeting with John Carter 0418 879 732 Step 2. View the Thai Restaurant Opportunity Presentation Step 3. Let us deliver you a money making business




is now!

When it comes to ‘health’ most people truly want optimal wellness and longevity. No one really desires to be sick. Yet our hospitals and cemeteries are full of victims of lifestyle related diseases. Over the years many patients have said to me, “If only I had stopped smoking years ago; if only I had exercised more; if only I had beaten my sugar addiction; if only I had looked into healthy eating; if only....” It is a great thought to believe we are immortal, until we discover that we are not.

It is possible to live a long, happy and healthy life and to pass without experiencing the suffering associated with long drawn out diseases. However, with most people such a possibility would require change NOW. No measure or effort is too small. Simply making the decision to alter one’s daily lifestyle is a big step in the right direction. Small changes in eating habits can have a huge impact, while regular daily exercise, early nights and proper hydration will promote high energy levels and clarity of mind. Make a decision to go sugar-free. Refined sugar hit the market as a commercial product in 1820. Prior to that it was mostly only consumed by the royals, who often suffered with 21st Century diseases. The people of the past generally had bitter palates. According to the Medieval author, Culpepper, most preferred bitter herbs and savoury dishes. Children were rarely rewarded with sweets, as they too preferred bitter. These days we generally reward our children with sweets, often setting them up with a life-long addiction to healthdestroying products. Dr Weston Price, who spent ten years in the field studying indigenous societies, found that the disease-free population groups, that mostly lived to well over one hundred years, rarely consumed anything sweet. Even fruit was a delicacy only eaten when in season. Price documented many cases of robust indigenous children who all had naturally bitter-savoury palates. We probably all know people who violated the natural laws of health for decades before suffering any consequences; but recent statistics indicate that such anomalies are very rare these days. We probably also knew people who enjoyed the pleasures of bad living for just a season before decline and death took them by surprise.

A New You

More than a holiday, it’s about your life! Living Valley is a world renowned health retreat with a consistent record of success. Our team includes therapists, naturopaths and carers all dedicated to providing you with the optimal opportunity to heal, using the most up-to-date therapies, information and clinical advice available.

Call us now: 1800 644 733 or visit

Change requires tenacity. Habits can take weeks to beat, but firm resolve will produce a lifestyle that can elevate you right up to the high places of life! It is worth the effort. m

Gary Martin ND. Living Valley Springs Gary Martin is the Co-Founder and Director of Living Valley Springs - Australia’s premier health retreat – for over 25 years. Backed by a team of natural health professionals, Gary has played a pivotal role in transforming lives and is passionate about advancing a major health revolution in Australia!


Detox & Wellness Retreat


Noosa Hinterland

kspot n I e h T er now off t il-ou a m l l u f services

Unbeatable prices for Corflute signs on the coast!

Like us o Facebo n ok to be in th e dr to win f aw business ree cards!

P: 07 5443 5431 E: A: 4/123 Sugar Road, Maroochydore QLD 4558

We will beat any written q uote guarante ed!


ns apply

inner d n i W o! for tw

order t n i r p a h Place n marc i 0 0 5 over $ ion this ad ent and m e draw h t o t n to go i

In light of the recent fires on the Sunshine Coast, we all got to thinking…“What if?!”

What if your business suffered a major event like a fire, cyclone, or significant storm event and sustained substantial damage? It is extremely important that business owners include Business Interruption as part of their Business Insurance package. This cover is like a personal accident policy for your business. It provides financial security should the business experience a disruption to its normal business trading due to an insured event. WHO SHOULD HAVE BUSINESS INTERRUPTION INSURANCE? Here’s a simple check list for SOME situations. Should you answer 'yes' to any of these, you should strongly consider Business Interruption insurance: • Our business is financed by debt. • Our business owns commercial property. • Our business has stock, equipment, supplier/s, or customer/s that are not able to be immediately replaced. • Our business would lose revenue if unable to operate from our existing building. • Our business is seasonal — we cannot afford to lose our peak season’s productivity. • Our business relies on utilities. • Our staff are key to the business. • Our business is a manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer. • It would be difficult to find alternative premises in which to operate.

THERE ARE FIVE KEY AREAS WITHIN A PROPERTY-DAMAGE BUSINESS INTERRUPTION POLICY WHERE YOUR INSURANCE BROKER NEEDS TO TAILOR THE POLICY TO MEET YOUR BUSINESS’ SPECIFIC NEEDS: 1. Insured Values — (to minimise underinsurance clauses). 2. Indemnity Periods — (period of claim payable). 3. Wide areas damage (major loss event). 4. Supply Chain — (covering your suppliers and customers). 5. Claims Settlement — (optimise the claims processes). A good Insurance broker will work with you, to tailor your Business Interruption cover according to your specific business requirements and ensure you are adequately and correctly insured. Please be aware that any advice offered is General Advice only and has been prepared without taking into consideration your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before deciding to acquire a financial product please consider the Product Disclosure Statement and whether the product is appropriate for your individual objectives, financial situation and needs. m

Sarah Fisher, Austwide Insurance Brokers

Sarah Fisher has over 21 years experience in General Insurance brokering. Sarah enjoys assisting small business owners with their business insurance portfolios to ensure that they have the most appropriate cover available to cover their business assets. Her business is based locally in Tewantin, but able to assist clients all over Australia.

What if your business suffered a major event like a



Business Interruption Insurance not only protects the net profit of the business but all ongoing business expenses such as wages, director’s fees and finance costs etc.

Protect your future with Business Interruption Insurance today!

Austwide Insurance Brokers 07 5474 3040 Suite CA 6-10, Noosa Civic Commercial, 28 Eenie Creek Road, Noosaville 4566

LET US COVER THE RISK! Austwide IBS Pty Ltd T/as Austwide Insurance Brokers | ABN 65 237 964 223 Authorised Representative No. 343827 | Authorised Representative of Ausure Pty Ltd ABN 94 096 971 854 | Licence No. 238433






When it comes to business, local business owner Mark Derrick prides himself on putting people first.

“I have absolutely always been this way. I was born as the man I am, putting people first and myself second,” says Mark. “I have always been a people person, I am very much not a money-oriented person.” Mark delivers his 'people first' approach within his two successful Sunshine Coast businesses — Superior Screens and Wide Span Sheds. In 2007, following a move from Townsville, Mark and his wife Judy purchased the Sunshine Coast and Sydney Superior Screens’ stores. Founded in 1981, Superior Screens has grown to become one of Australia’s largest and most reputable suppliers of Colorbond steel and Aluminium shade, fencing, gates and privacy screens for residential and commercial properties. In the beginning, the company started with only six distributors and now runs a network of more than 25 national and international distributors and franchisees. In 2008, not long after they took over Superior Screens, the global financial crisis struck. As most readers would remember, this caused a major impact on the local economy and many business owners like Mark. “Almost immediately, the bottom of the market fell out of the screen industry,” Mark says. With a family to support, he had to think outside the box and adapt to the changing market. Mark took the opportunity to sign as an agent for Wide Span Sheds — now Australia’s largest national suppliers of premium BlueScope Steel sheds, carports, patios, industrial buildings and kit homes.

He says the downturn in the economy hit many people hard. “There were a lot of people who wanted to reside on the Sunshine Coast but at that time, couldn’t afford the land and home package. Traditional housing became unaffordable and people were buying sheds to live in instead.” Although it was a difficult time, Mark hasn’t looked back and his personal approach to business is what sets him apart. A qualified builder by trade, he has also worked in the professional sports and soft and hard flooring industries. Because of his building experience and background, Mark has an appreciation for using quality Australian-made materials. He recognises the value and longevity of products such as aluminium, as opposed to timber, in the fickle southeast Queensland climate. Over the past ten years, Mark has been no stranger to witnessing changes in the industry, particularly during the last two years, where there has been a significant increase in imported low-quality products. “These products are already starting to show their unsuitability for our very harsh Sunshine Coast environment,” says Mark. “Low quality stainless steel and substandard paint systems age early. “The global financial crisis to a large degree sorted the wheat from the chaff, and the arrival of the next generation of clientele has forced the suppliers of Aluminium and Colorbond products to lift their game to meet new expectations.” Superior Screens offer high quality, Australian-made durable products that are made to withstand our harsh climate.


Mark is dedicated to putting people first, personally and professionally. His enthusiasm and focus on people is particularly evident in his approach to conducting business; customer service and satisfaction have been the key drivers behind his success. Mark has always been a people person. Mark gets satisfaction by exceeding his customers’ expectations and delivering quality over quantity. It’s clear that he values people more than financial gain.

Mark has had many clients over the years, some of whom he is now proud to call friends. His approach to business means there will be no hidden surprises. His advice to other business owners is to not skimp on customer service and satisfaction. He prides himself on referrals from previous clients and providing honest, practical advice.“My mobile is never turned off, and when it rings, I answer it or return the call.”

FREE instore consultation with accredited practicing


• Offering nutritional label advice • Healthy lunch box options • General healthy eating

VISITING BLI BLI AND PEREGIAN BEACH STORES New Zealand born and a very proud Australian, Mark is a dedicated family man and maintains a healthy work-life balance. He is married to Judy, his wife of 19 years, has five children, four grandchildren, and 12 (YES, 12) brothers and sisters. It’s no wonder people have always been a focus in his life.

“Customers know they will get what they want, the way they want it,” he says. And they can be confident about being put first. e P. 5438 2866 M. 0424 984 785 W: E:

Kristie Pieters



a s o No

Image supplied by Jason Hay Photography

The changing face of Noosa


Although reports of the area can be traced back to Captain Cook's voyages in May 1770, European settlement in the region did not proceed for almost a century. This early settlement was primarily driven firstly by timber logging and then secondly a gold rush in the Gympie area, north of Noosa. The difficulty of transport in the region, which persisted to the 1920s and beyond, was one major reason for this. In 1871, the Government laid out a port at Tewantin, which was duly surveyed and by 1877 contained two hotels, a boarding house, school, police station and telegraph office. In 1872, the Noosa Heads and coastal region south to Peregian Beach was set aside as an Aboriginal Mission, however this was cancelled in 1878 and land was opened for selection on 15 January 1879. With the advent of the railway, Tewantin declined in importance. Noosa is a region, not a town. It contains spectacular beaches and beach national park, the cleanest river in South-East Queensland

and an extensive trail network inland, linking a number of lifestyle villages, including Cooroy and Pomona. In the last 50 years Noosa has been transformed from an isolated fishing village to a popular tourist destination. Although this has had its costs the shire is known for its generally greener approach to development. Most development in Noosa has been restrained. Noosa has no high rise buildings, due both to local community pressure and to council planning action, and much remaining native forest. 34.8 per cent of the Noosa district consists of National Parks, Conservation Parks, State Forests, and other generally protected land. The popularity of Noosa Heads comes from the fact that is it one of Australia's few North facing beaches located on the East Coast, hence Noosa Beach is relatively protected from on-shore wind and storms. Information from Wikipedia


Join the Lorna Jane team for a complimentary workout! You’ll get 45 minutes of body weight/resistance training, suitable for all fitness levels, with each class delivered by an accredited personal trainer. When: 9am, every Sunday. Where: Meet at the Noosa Civic Food Court opposite the playground. Bring a water bottle and towel, mats provided. No need to book — see you there! Plus, visit to find out about other free weekly activities in Centre, such as weekly Kids’ Mornings and the Heart Foundation Walking Group.

5440 7900 28 Eenie Creek Road, Noosaville


We think Mark Henshall is definitely a SUNSHINE COAST CHANGEMAKER. Mark took over the helm at Resident Hero some years ago, having started out sweeping the floors of the factories after school in his father’s small, but very busy business. He has now almost single-handedly grown the business into one that now manufactures furniture and cabinetry for projects all over the Eastern seaboard and New Zealand. He introduced state-of-the-art technology and the best European machinery available, ensuring that all products leaving the premises are precision-made. Resident Hero is a burgeoning company that has two distinctive arms, one manufacturing craftsman-built kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes, the other being the custom-made furniture workshop that specialises in one-off pieces of beautiful, contemporary furniture. Mark heads a team of dedicated tradesmen that take great pride in their work. Recently, Mark secured another multi-residential project in Brisbane, one of many on the books, together with a contract to manufacture display kitchens for a German appliance company.

Ph: 07 5447 1077

BISTRO C OOZES NOOSA STYLE Recently refurbished, this iconic beachfront restaurant stands alone with direct beach access and open air dining. The restaurant is open 7 days for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, plus they specialise in corporate functions and stunning beachside weddings. The menu changes seasonally and where possible uses local seafood and produce. But there are many menu favourites which are a constant such as their famous Calamari with chilli lime dipper or the seafood spaghetti with basil, garlic, romas and olive oil. There are daily specials and an everchanging extensive wine list with both International and Australian wines. This buzzy restaurant with friendly staff has a certain vibe that sets it apart. There is always a 3pm to 5pm special with culinary bites and new exciting cocktails, currently its Sip and Share – Spanish Tapas by the Sea. The owner Lorrie Banks is a fan of changing things up with décor, menu, music and specials to keep things fresh. That she believes is why tourists and locals alike keep coming back again and again.

Bistro C Restaurant & Bar ‘On The Beach’ – 49 Hastings Street Noosa Heads Qld 4567 T. 07 5447 2855




e l l i v t n o M

Image supplied by Jason Hay Photography

The changing face of Montville The first white settlers arrived in the area in 1887 and the town was later named by Henry Smith (who bought a selection of land there in 1893) after a suggestion by his mother, as it reminded her of their early years in Montville, USA. From about 1900 the town became a popular mountain resort. Montville was the setting for Eleanor Dark's 1959 novel Lantana Lane. Montville Post Office opened by February 1910 (a receiving office had been open from 1897).

Montville was predominantly a logging then farming community (dairy, citrus, avocados, pineapples and macadamia nuts) until a tourism boom which commenced during the 1970s, taking advantage of the scenic views of the Sunshine Coast and the nearby rainforest walks. Information from Wikipedia


305 Montville - A Montville holiday home. Set amongst two acres of private rainforest, this lovely fully self-contained luxury Montville holiday home is situated in a prominent location in the heart of Montville. Minutes from the galleries, cafes and gift shops of Main Street, a short stroll to flame Hill Winery, and situated just above the beautiful Baroon Pocket Dam, a popular picnic spot and the start of The Great South East walk. The Charming hardwood timber home boast views from the large north facing deck over Kondalilla Falls National Park. The front of the property overlooks Baroon Pocket Dam, a popular scenic spot people stop and take photographs. Located on the cusp of the National Park the property is rich in wildlife and is a bird watcher's Paradise. 305 is the perfect holiday destination to get away from it all. An exclusively private retreat for family and friends, wedding parties, or that romantic weekend away for two. Jamie Hill 0408 722 025


Laurisha Jewellery is fast establishing itself as a standout presence in the field of custom-made jewellery on the Sunshine coast. With an already wellestablished clientele, both internationally and within Australia, company owner Ishkhan Kojayan has been making waves on the coast with many locals having discovered his unique pieces and high professional standards. Ishkhan cares immensely about the quality of his workmanship, and his dedication to producing unique pieces of 'wearable art' is immediately evident upon viewing them. “Here at Laurisha, we believe that jewellery should be a timeless statement, reflecting nothing less than the very best of our capabilities — but most of all expressing the uniqueness of the wearer,” says Ishkhan. At Laurisha Jewellery, you will receive quality service and a listening ear to ensure your vision to own a special piece of jewellery is brought to life!

0448 158 899


Part of the beautiful Clouds Eco Resort & Spa, Montville Day Spa offers endless possibilities for relaxing, pampering, rejuvenating and repair. From our many massage options for singles and couples, to unique, edible face masks; Infra-red sauna detox sessions and our amazing, relaxing Floatation Pool, we have something special and unique for you to enjoy, or to give to others, by purchasing a gift voucher. One of our Signature Packages is specially designed for two, be it mother and daughter, sisters, partners or just friends who would like to enjoy four hours of manicures and pedicures, facials, body scrubs and full body massages. Another great package for couples includes making fresh, organic, edible face masks, followed by a one hour facial and one hour full body massage with refreshments included.

0456 173 389




e r o d y h c o o r a M

Image supplied by Jason Hay Photography

The changing face of Maroochydore


Andrew Petrie during his 1842 exploration of the coast gave the name Maroochydore to the area. It was derived from the word ‘murukutchi-dha’ in the language of the Brisbane River Aboriginal people who accompanied Petrie on his exploration. It literally means "the place of the red bills" that is the black swans. Governor Gipps, stimulated by Petrie's exploration, proposed the Bunya Proclamation of 1842. This prevented settlement or the granting of cattle or timber licenses in the Bunya Country which covered much of the Maroochy district. The Proclamation lapsed, attracting Tom Petrie to explore the coastal area for timber resources in 1862.

Maroochydore as we know today began to emerge in 1912. This emergence began with opening of the first Coastal hotel and a regular mail boat service to Yandina. Following this, in 1917, a boat and tram service operated to Nambour. In 1916, one of Queensland's first surf lifesaving clubs was formed at Maroochydore. By 1920, the permanent population reached seventy and during the following decade it had grown enough to necessitate schools, churches, business houses, a post office and a bitumen main road. Maroochydore Post Office opened on 4 October 1922 (a receiving office had been open from 1891 until 1898, and from 1916). Information from Wikipedia


As the Sunshine Coast continues to expand, businesses must do the same to succeed in today’s highly competitive market. At EPM we recognise that change and growth is essential if we want to save our customers time and money by providing them with a range of high quality products and services. Our latest installation is a new five colour Heidelberg printing press which we are confident will produce impressive results for our clients. This state of the art machinery handles any size print run with ease and promises unparalleled colour consistency and image quality. For us, embracing change is about accessing the amazing advances in technology which improve the customer experience. However we still value and understand the importance of providing an outstanding level of personal service, something we promise will never change!

Heidelberg Printing Press

5479 1659 1/84 Wises Road, Maroochydore

THE POWER OF THE BROW! Allure Medi Spa & Beauty Lounge is a boutique Medi Spa offering Cosmetic Tattooing, Feather Touch Eyebrow techniques, Cosmetic Injectables, and Specialty Skin and Hair Removal treatments. Easily accessible in the heart of Maroochydore, park in one of our many designated car parks and come in to meet our highly professional team.

The Allure team is recognised as one of the Sunshine Coast’s leading brow designers because of their results driven attitude and aim to provide the highest quality service within a professional, yet relaxed atmosphere. Why is the Allure team so passionate about the power of the brow? Eyebrows are greatly underestimated in the business world today. People rush out to buy a new blouse or suit for that important meeting, yet figures show 87% of relayed information comes via the eyes. What’s CHANGED? We have recently opened Allure Coffee next door to our salon, so come and get pampered and relax with a delicious coffee. Find us on Facebook for 'before and after' pictures and our latest promotions.

22 Beach Rd, Maroochydore Call 5443 1011 or text 0431 726 680


As an I.T. provider, keeping up with change and advances in information and communication technology is an integral part of providing our customers with effective services. The ever-changing landscape of I.T. can be confusing and challenging for many business owners and, as an I.T. provider, it is my responsibility to navigate them towards a solution that meets their individual needs. At times, this could mean changing from one I.T. service to another that better aligns with their business’s requirements. In 95% of cases, this is a seamless process but one that may also be daunting for business owners. When new clients come across to DetoxIT, we deal directly with their existing I.T. provider where possible to ensure a smooth handover. I believe that collaboration is the key to being successful; this approach also allows us to reassure customers that change does not have to be a daunting process. Servicing all of the Sunshine Coast

Email: Office phone: +61 7 5406 9000 Mobile: + 61 404 893 432




a r d n u o l a C Pictures supplied Jason Hay Photography

The changing face of Caloundra


In 1875, Robert Bulcock, an English immigrant who founded a Brisbane newspaper and later represented the Brisbane suburb of Enoggera in the Legislative Assembly of Queensland from 1885 until 1888, bought 277 acres (1.12 km2) of land in the region. A town was surveyed in the 1870s, and land sales commenced in 1883. With its proximity to beaches, the area became popular with tourists and a number of hotels and guest houses were set up to accommodate them. In 1917, Bulcock's son, Robert Bulcock Jr, who was a councillor in the Shire of Landsborough, subdivided part of the land into 404 lots. This area became known as Bulcock Beach. By 1933, Caloundra had a population of 271.

During World War II, the area became key to Australian defence due to defensive positions along the beaches. Radar stations and machine gun pits were mounted, and Australian and US armed forces came to the area. From the early 1950s onwards, Caloundra experienced a boom in development and population, and by 1968, it had come to dominate the Shire of Landsborough so completely that the council chambers were relocated to Caloundra. Information from Wikipedia



Amazon is coming to Australia and they plan to ‘Change the face of retail’. Be prepared and get your business moved onto a system that will allow you to take advantage of these changes. Intelligent Omni Channel selling with the world’s best cloud inventory system. The company, which began as Smile IT in Brisbane in 2007, offers a superior and tailored business solutions service – a result of this year’s amalgamation of Smile IT, Smile Tel and Smile Consulting. Partnered with reputable vendors, they specialise in Cloud solutions, and have enhanced more than 200 businesses now using these accessible and efficient online systems. Smile IT are committed to remaining at the cutting edge of technology and have partnered with leading Cloud solution providers including Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, Xero, Service M8, CIN7 and a number more.

1300 716 840




There’s a new breeze blowing through COOLOUNDRA and it’s easy to find on Bulcock Street. Emerging from the recent changes that have taken place in the heart of town, Caloundra is the place to be. You’ll discover new fashion havens like Sweet Charlotte Studio, Ghanda, The Big Swim, and the eclectic MaisyMoo There’s a host of new eateries and beverage bars as well, including Grounded Tea, Coco Loco, Coffee Cat’s Kitten, Baci Gelato, and Boost. Centrepoint Marketplace has also materialised as a new meeting destination filled with foodies and alfresco fun. Several favourite outlets have changed location including Crumbz, Front Cover Girl, Shannon Shoes, Val Sparks Florist, and Mango Deli — all with new and refreshing looks. You won’t just find retail changes, but new activities too. There’s a bowling alley called Spinners, the stylish new 26 Degrees Bar + Venue, and The Art Hub creativity space. Downtown Caloundra has really come of age. You’ll be surprised and delighted by the changes. It’s a new beat —it’s COOLOUNDRA. 5492 5977 Level 1 Suncity Centre, 74 Bulcock St

Photo Credit: Lisa Smart


It’s always been my passion to turn what could be a stressful, negative time into a positive and nurturing experience…it’s what I do best! I pride myself on providing excellent customer service and continue to build a reputation for displaying exceptional attention to detail. There are windows of time when we become immersed in someone’s life to assist and guide them through their real estate experience, and I have a knack for keeping the sales process as stress-free as possible. I come out the other side of the journey with raving fans, glowing testimonials and genuine friendships. My initial point of contact and ongoing communication with clients is always maintained from a caring perspective, rather than a standpoint of “What’s in it for me?” While my number one priority is delighting clients with my professional integrity, my purpose is to provide an honest Six Star Service that not only exceeds clients’ expectations, but leaves them feeling cared for.

0435 807 324


Changes of season in Menswear are relatively simple on the Sunshine Coast as we tend to experience primarily two seasons per year — a long summer and a brief cool period that we refer to as winter. Our hot temperatures, humidity and summery aspects tend to linger until Easter time and we have just had the perfect new stock arrive in store to combat this heat — we call this range our Second Summer Stock. The new stock brings with it a fresh injection of fashion and colour, with new cotton and the ever popular bamboo styles creating a vibe and energy that will take you through to the next change in season and its milder weather perfectly.

5491 1137 | 47 Bulcock Street, Caloundra 5443 2252 | 3 Ocean street Maroochydore


100 per cent Class?


I was pretty excited about picking up my C-Class Mercedes to test drive to write this piece. The first thing I noticed was just how comfortable the car was to sit in — with a touch of a finger, I could move the seat up, down, forward, or back to suit my level of comfort; it also has a very cool feature that can actually extend the seat forward. Having it all in the one spot made it very easy to get comfortable quickly. Next was the exquisite interior — the special upholstery colour combinations simply scream class. It was easy to work out how to get started; Amelia (from Mercedes) gave me a quick lesson and, with the touch of just a few buttons, I was off like the wind. Mercedes-Benz is certainly setting the pace in the field of aerodynamics and offers the best drag coefficients possible. This definitely pays off, especially when driving on country roads on the way to my weekend getaway to the beautiful Honey Bee Farm at Kandanga, just an hour north of the Sunshine Coast. It felt like the car could go from zero to a million in a matter of seconds — not that I tried that, of course. There is a host of safety and assistance systems to choose from, based on the Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive concept, including

“Attention Assist” with adjustable sensitivity, which warns the driver of inattentiveness and drowsiness, and is included as a standard feature. Further standard equipment includes 'Collision Prevention Assist Plus'. Apart from a visual proximity warning and an additional audible collision warning, the safety system also includes 'Adaptive Brake Assist', which can help prevent collisions by boosting the brake pressure commensurate with the situation. Couple all this with perfect climate control and, of course, the latest inbuilt satellite navigation, and suffice it to say that I felt like I was in heaven; it certainly was a dream that I didn’t want to wake up from on Monday morning. And when one of the sales team asked if I was interested in making a purchase, my answer was clear and simple, “Definitely, one day.”

To sum up my Mercedes experience in three words, I would have to say, “COMFORT — CLASS — EASE.” Contact the team at Mercedes Benz Sunshine Coast to arrange your test drive today (07) 5409 0100 65 Maroochy Blvd, Maroochydore.

Cruise Queensland Queensland & The Great Barrier Reef 7 Nights Departing 17th September 2017 THE SUN PRINCESS CRUISE SHIP

From just $935 Interior* From just $1185.00 Oceanview* From just $1535.00 Balcony* Based on Twin Share PP


On board credit of $60 per stateroom Chocolate covered strawberries in your room

TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY *Please note that prices are listed per person and based on double occupancy. Third and Fourth guest fares apply to the 3rd and 4th guests booked in the same stateroom as the First and Second guests. Prices are subject to change based on availability. Prices shown in AUD. Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses are subject to change and Princess reserves the right to collect any increases in effect at the time of sailing even if the fare has already been paid in full. Credit/Debit Card: we accept Visa and MasterCard (1.2% service fee applies only to credit card payments) as well as AMEX (3% service fee applies). Prices are subject to change based on availability. Stateroom views are considered unobstructed unless noted otherwise. Photos, floor plan diagrams, and amenities represent typical arrangements and may vary by ship. Obstructions do not include certain nautical items like handrails, dividers, or ship hardware. For balcony staterooms, the view is determined from the perspective of the balcony railing.

07 5476 9368

For more information Shop 5/56 Burnett Street Buderim

Divorce, Separation & Break-Up Advice Are you pretending that your relationship is not that bad? How good is it, 50% good and 50% bad or is it better or worse? Do you dread going home? Are you ignoring what is right in front of you? At Act4Tomorrow Separation Specialists, we hear of couples who say it was over many, many years before one of them finally called it off. Sleeping in separate rooms or back to back with no intimacy, feeling sad and low. Others say they bickered and argued for years, tried counselling over and over again only to find themselves slipping back into their old negative patterns of behaviour.


Answer the following questions below. If you answer NO more than three times… Hmmmm, I think you are ignoring what is right in front of you. 1.

Do you still find you partner attractive?


If you met your partner today, would you pick them to live with for the rest of your life?


Do you bicker and argue less than twice a week?


Do you ever have a month free of arguing?


Do you share intimacy out of love?


Would you wish your relationship upon one of your children or close friends?


Are you proud to be seen with your partner?


Do you hold hands and joke in public?


Is your partner just right the way they are?

10. Are you happy living where you do? 11. Do you want to plan a trip away with just you and your partner? 12. Do you want to spend the next 20-40 years with your partner? You don’t have to fight your way through a separation, as so many do. It isn’t mandatory to argue and bicker, it is really simply a process, which you can work though respectfully and quickly? If you decide to go through your break-up amicably you will save yourself and your ex-partner emotionally and financially. It is understandable to feel the change to come is daunting and scary. However if properly managed and you are shown the way through your separation the journey will not be half as bad as you think it will be. Over 100,000+ people in Australia separate every year, ask them if they wished they had stayed in an unhappy relationship. My own personal negative separation experience is what spurred me to create a company which is bringing positive change to the traditional

lawyer verses lawyer industry. We are here to assist you or you and your partner to walk through your relationship break-up. We manage the entire process step by step, we even have collaborative relationships with like-minded solicitors who won’t escalate your matter. We save you tens of thousands of dollars and help you through the emotional mayhem, communicating between you both to reduce the animosity as you go. The result is a divorce and separation that is faster, easier and cheaper. “We manage the entire process for you at a fraction of the cost. We are a new concept away from the traditional lawyer versus lawyer approach.” Alvia Turney, CEO

A Better Way To Separate Call us today on 1300 228486 (1300 Act 4 Tom) for a FREE one hour consultation.


Arrange your corporate or special function in our private cellar banquet room with bar and glassed cellar, accommodating up to 44 people. We can cater for your specific needs World renowned chef, Stephen Pulman has cooked for rock stars, members of the Royal Family and many entertainment greats. When it comes to serving exquisite European cuisine, we use only the freshest and finest local produce with everything made from scratch in the restaurant. Microwaves and deep fryers are nowhere to be found in his kitchen. It’s real food cooked with love. Need inspiration – let us help you create a memorable occasion... • Wine tastings with food platters • Food and wine pairing banquet • Degustation menu • Fine boutique wine and beer on tap


There’s also our intimate restaurant and casual waterfront garden area where you can watch the sunset while relaxing with friends or family while sipping on a cocktail. Try wine tasting from the winery of the month prior to sitting down to dine or for groups of 6 or more tastings in the private cellar banquet room with food platters carefully paired to the boutique wines offered for tasting.


Awnings, Blinds, Security, Shutters, Curtains

• Maroochydore 07 5476 9888 • Caloundra 07 5492 8888 • Noosa 07 5447 1888 • Shed 5/46 Enterprise St, Kunda Park Qld 4556


readys?afety act

ARE REALLY UNDER THE HEALTH AND ARE YOU YOU REALLY With the introduction of the harmonised health and safety In Queensland over introduced the past month orholders. so, there legislation, officers were as duty In Queensland over the pastis month oror so, there So have what is an officer? An officer a person been two major accidents, resultingpersons in six been two major accidents, resulting in six whohave makes, or participates in making, decisions fatalities. Accidents happen; it doesn’t matter how thatfatalities. affect theAccidents whole, or ahappen; substantial part, of matter the it doesn’t how prepared The you duty thinkofyou are, things go wrong. The organisation. an officer is in addition to prepared you think you are, things go wrong. The is, are YOU prepared? thequestion duty requirements of the organisation and in fact question is, are YOU prepared? both entities may be prosecuted.

To be truly prepared you need an emergency plan that is relevant to To be truly you an emergency is relevant to DUEthe DILIGENCE scale of prepared operations at need your workplace. Thisplan planthat would the scale of operations at your workplace. This plan would detail specific emergency procedures, and who will coordinate Officers have a duty to exercise due diligence to ensure their organisation detailprocedures, specific emergency procedures, and who coordinate these example, wardens, aidwill or other complies with the WHSfor laws. The due diligencefirst obligation recognises that these procedures, for example, wardens, first aid or other specialist trained personnel. Personnel mustinfluences be trained tohealth the and the behaviour and decisions of officer/s strongly the specialist trained personnel. Personnel must be trained to the level required oforganisation. their role, and procedures must bebe tested safety culture of the Inthe addition, an officer can found guilty level required of their remembering role, and the procedures must beare tested theregardless workplace, fire and evacuation not guilty. of anwithin offence of whether the organisation has been found within the workplace,that remembering fireat and evacuation are not the only emergencies may present your workplace. To demonstrate due diligence the officer must: the only emergencies that may present at your workplace. • Acquire and keep up-to-date knowledge of work health and safety Rehabilitation matters — theinjury officer needsinto keepbeing abreast of their healthto and safety IfRehabilitation a worker’s results them unable to return their If a worker’s injury results in them to returnto toassist their requirements through training, seminars, orunable other activities. Membership normal duties, a rehabilitation plan being should be developed normal duties, a rehabilitation should be developed to assist the worker’s recovery. The plan would becurrency developed in consultation with a relevant industry body canplan assist in of information and the also worker’s recovery. The plan developed in consultation with the treating practitioner, the would workerbe and their supervisor, and may provide an industry contact. withinclude the treating practitioner, thespecialist worker and their treatment. supervisor, and may suitable duties and medical • Gain an understanding of the nature of the operations — if the officer’s may include suitable and work specialist medical treatment. There is research that duties promotes as having important health background is different the organisation’s operation, then the officer There is research thatto promotes work as having important and wellbeing benefits, and an early return to work / activityhealth needs to gain anbenefits, understanding whatreturn the business does and where and help wellbeing and disability. anofearly work / activity may prevent long-term It can to also improve the it may can go wrong with WHS. helpof prevent long-term disability.toIt work can also improve the likelihood the employee continuing once they return. likelihood of the and employee continuing to work—once they return. • Ensure resources processes are provided the officer must Reporting to ofthe ensure that duties the Regulator organisation are met through the provision Reporting theinjuries Regulator incidents and that occur may be reportable ofSpecific safe plant andto equipment, safe systems of work, informationtoand Specific incidents and Safety injuriesQueensland that occur may be reportable to Workplace Health and (the regulator). training, as well as workplace consultation and supervision. This is a Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (the regulator). This is a legislative duty under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. These • Receive andduty consider information regarding incidents, hazards and legislative under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. These reportable events include a fatality, a serious injury or illness, and a risks. The officer needs to ensure theya are provided information reportable events include fatality, serious injurywith or illness, and aon dangerous event. For moreainformation see incidents, hazards that they are able to act dangerous event.and Fornon-conformances more information see accordingly. If you have a reportable event, you must also preserve the accident If you for have a authorities reportable event, you must also accident scene the to inspect. • Ensure that the organisation can comply with all preserve duties asthe prescribed scene for the authorities to inspect. under the Work Health and Safety Act.


The final part of due diligence is that the officer must verify the provisions Investigations Investigations There areofmany reasons why an accident can goiswrong. However, and use resources. In short “I gave it to them” not a defence for a

Therein are many why accident go wrong. However, when focusing onreasons the endVerification user,anthe worker may not identify other lapse WHS standards. may becan demonstrated through: when focusing on the end The user,aim theofworker may not identify other factors that may be amiss. workplace investigations • Making work health and safety a standing agenda item on board that what may be amiss. The of workplace investigations isfactors to identify contributed to aim the incident. Remember, the meeting agendas, including discussions of incidents and other issues is to identify what contributed to the incident. Remember, the workers involved in the accident did not intend for the situation over the the accident did not intend for the situation workers involved to go wrong, so what allowed the situation to evolve? Even a •  Implementing a process for evaluation andto review safe to go wrong, so what allowed theassituation evolve? a policies ‘close call’ is worth investigating, it could have hadofaEven verywork ‘close is worthWe investigating, as it could a very andcall’ procedures. different outcome. call these ‘freebies’ or have ‘nearhad misses’ different outcome. call audits, these ‘freebies’ or ‘near cost. misses’ as they allow you toWe investigate without human •  Facilitating independent activethe workplace consultation and as they allow you to investigate without the human cost. site visits.

Check your processes Providing training oraware information to officers the WHS laws and the Check your processes ••  Are your personnel of what to do inabout an emergency? of the organisation carried its emergency? workers. • operations Are your personnel aware of what toout do by in an • Is your equipment maintained and tested as required? • Is your equipment maintained and tested as required? • Do you have trained first aiders? • Do you have trained first aiders? MORE INFORMATION • Do you have procedures in place to conduct More information the duty officers be found on the Work Health and • follow-ups Do you have procedures in of place to may conduct atregarding your workplace? Safety website, follow-ups at your workplace? . Officers that are seeking more information There are somehealth sample emergency plans on the regarding specific and safety issues need to ensure theQueensland source is credible There are some sample emergency plans on Queensland with the required competencies and experience. The Safety Institute of Australia has Fire and Emergency Services website that canthe be amended Fire and Emergency Services website that be that amended introduced professional membership, to the US can and UK, to suit your workplace needs -similar mrequires the person/source hold specificneeds qualifications and to possess experience to suit your to workplace - m in the field in order to be eligible. See for more details. m

Steve Fitzpatrick Safety Steve Fitzpatrick,,Encompass Encompass Safety Steve Fitzpatrick is a Certified Safety

Steve Fitzpatrick is a Certified Safety Professional (SIA), and Registered Auditor Professional (SIA), with and 15 Registered Auditor (Examplar Global), years’ experience (Examplar Global), with 15 years’ experience working with business - developing and working with business - developing and implementing health and safety implementing and safety managementhealth requirements, incident management requirements, investigations and auditing incident investigationssystems. and auditing management management systems.


When it comes to your Workplace Health and Safety? When it comes to your Workplace Health and Safety? CONSULTANCY CONSULTANCY > Safety Plans and Procedures > Safety Plans and Procedures > Management Systems > Development Management Systems Development > Safety, Environmental and > Quality Safety, Management EnvironmentalSystem and Quality Management System Auditing Auditing > Incident Investigations > Incident Investigations

TRAINING TRAINING > Cert IV WHS and > Safety Cert IVRepresentative WHS and Safety Representative > Fire Safety including Adviser > and Fire Warden Safety including Adviser and Warden > CPR and First Aid > CPR and First Aid > Traffic Controller and > Implementation Traffic Controller and Implementation 1300 974 976 1300 974 976








Sunshine Coast Grammar School Principal since 2012, Mrs Maria Woods has established herself as a change maker in education by building a platform for future learning at Grammar. Mrs Woods believes that the current pedagogical principles need to be responsive to student needs, by focusing on building the skills they require to be successful into the future and cognisant of becoming Global Citizens. The school environment creates and encourages students to demonstrate their own initiative by seeking opportunities to make a real difference to their own community and the world. Working in partnership to ensure new student initiatives can happen, with a particular focus on supporting students to find their own paths. During the recent holidays, a Year 12 student visited and attended school in Russia; this immersion trip complements her additional studies of the Russian language through Macquarie University, offering her automatic entry to her Tertiary studies next year. We are committed to supporting students explore all kinds of opportunities to build the life they want once they finish school. Over the next twelve months, Sunshine Coast Grammar School will be very busy constructing their new $11M Aquatic Centre. This 50m FINA Olympic pool also includes a Learn to Swim pool, and a covered 700 seat grandstand. Grammar is also examining curriculum offerings and structures to support broader state government changes in education. Involvement in the process ensures that Grammar teachers, and ultimately students, are prepared for these changes. A key focus in 2017 is about how the school uses data to inform teaching – data including academic results, pastoral information, testing (eg: NAPLAN), historical data and trends in results. Over the next twelve months this data will be critically examined with a view to improving teaching and personalising learning for students. Maria says, “Our students are potentially with us for the whole Prep to Year 12 journey. It’s our mission to ensure we know them so that we can tailor our approaches and support students to give their best and be their best.”

372 Mons Road , Forest Glen Ph: +61 7 5445 4444


Can help

Everywhere we go, organisations we connect with require confirmation concerning our identity, or simply an acknowledgement of who WE are. While the core of our identity rarely changes, there are a few things — like our contact details — that DO change. It can be a nightmare trying to remember who we need to inform about these changes. is the answer! A startup with global sights being developed right here on the Sunshine Coast, provides a secure digital space for you to store personal information, contact and resume details, along with asset-related data. also allows you to share this information with friends, family, or organisations. But isn’t like social networking sites, because your data is private; it’s OWNED by YOU. Importantly, while you can send a link to connect with others, you’re not searchable by somebody with whom you’re not connected. Employers and retailers are gearing up to connect with your digital identity. With they can only see what you show them, yet they’re able to send you receipts and warranties, so you can easily look up that fridge or washing machine to determine whether the warranty has expired. When you last searched for a document or receipt, did it take a while to find? is the solution that will help you keep track of your personal information. Worried about your identity being stolen online or offline? There’s also a premium package available that includes theft protection; this ensures your identity is quickly restored in the event that it’s borrowed or stolen. These days change happens fast — is a convenient and safe option for storing your identity… and it’s one that we’re all likely to need it in the not-too-distant future. Jason Knight, CEO 23-25 Bulcock Street, Caloundra Ph : 07 5492 4407



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Weekend Holidays

From this year onwards, we have a new public holiday. In December, the Queensland Industrial Relations Bill was passed, which means that from 2017 Easter Sunday in Queensland will now be a public holiday.

Where we previously had only Easter Friday, Saturday and Monday as public holidays, Queensland now classes the most religiously significant day of the weekend as a public holiday too. Businesses that operate across the Easter weekend, whether it’s in the hospitality or retail sector, need to be aware that the penalty rate loadings for this day will change. If you’re unsure of how this change will impact your business, or if you need help in updating your payroll systems to accommodate the new pay rates, talk to the team at Workplace Central about the best ways to be compliant in your operations. For customers of Workplace Central’s Workforce Management service, there’s nothing you need to do or change in your work practice because we’ve done it for you. Workforce Management is a complete solution taking care of recruitment, occupational compliance, payroll, human resources, health, safety and workers’ compensation, as well as reporting. Essentially, you’ve got everything covered and you’re future-proofed for any changes to legislation or workplace requirements. You can let the employment experts manage your workforce and get back to managing your core business. Stay up-to-date with workplace requirements and workforce legislation changes by following our blog at or signup for the newsletter. 1300 766 380



In an industry faced with constant change, some fundamental real estate truths remain. Honesty, integrity and hard work are the foundation of all great real estate professionals and these characteristics are at the heart of Linda Feltman’s success. A huge range of digital platforms continue to change the method and pace of real estate transactions; and, with buyers and sellers more informed and better prepared than ever before, the best agents are harnessing innovation to improve their marketing power and service style. Specialised apps, price predictors, social media, free market research, and cheap, independent online property reports have all worked to benefit the consumer. There has never been more interest in residential real estate than there is today, and better educated consumers almost certainly lead to more efficient transactions. Linda has focused on changing the way real estate is sold in Pelican Waters and the results speak for themselves, with properties on the market for less time and premium prices being achieved. She has also received endorsements by her clients on as the most recommended agent in Pelican Waters. So, while it’s true that facets of the industry will continue to change at an incomprehensible pace, it’s comforting to know that the fundamental truths remain. M 0412 805 362 E

Last year Cricks Volkswagen were still selling out of their Sugar Road facility, which was built back in 2003 when they were only moving around 25 vehicles a month. Fast forward to today and they’re standing in a brand new, purpose-built, state-of-the-art dealership located in the new Sunshine Cove Precinct at Maroochydore. The new premises proudly boast a spacious 630m² sales showroom — that turns over approximately 100 new Volkswagen vehicles monthly — as well as an 18-bay service department.

The recent expansion of Cricks Volkswagen was embarked upon to effectively set up the brand’s future, which has experienced exponential growth of late after being named the world’s largest automaker. Closer to home, this global expansion has also meant growth for the Cricks team, with the incoming Dealer Principal Dean Stuart heading up a team of 45 staff, after 24 years with the Crick Auto Group.

moving onup!

dealers in order to ensure that premium service is always delivered to customers.

And, as it goes from strength to strength, a premium service experience is certainly what you can expect from the new Cricks Volkswagen Dealership. Having recently celebrated selling 10,000 Volkswagens across the past 15 years, the team have recently been named the 2016 highest selling Amarok Dealer in Australia. e Cricks Volkswagen 6 Flinders Lane (off Maroochy Blvd), Maroochydore Tel. 07 5373 3100

As the newest Volkswagen dealership in Australia, Cricks Volkswagen is commonly cited by Volkswagen Head Office as an example of the investment levels expected from

Communication solutions that meet your needs

WE’RE ABLE TO CHANGE AT THE DROP OF A HAT Whether it’s 10 or 10,000 we can print: • Magazines • Banners • Stationery • Flyers & brochures • Books, manuals & more!

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$5,000* towards a business makeover Join Bartercard today and access $5,000* Bartercard trade dollars to makeover your business. We know that running a business comes with so many costs, from staffing, rent, suppliers and the continuous expense of marketing and advertising. When you join Bartercard you gain access to a T$5,000 Bartercard interest free line of credit that can be used to makeover your business and help you focus on marketing and advertising, without using your cash dollars.

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The new Maroochydore City Centre and surrounds. Image is indicative only.


new ground

What makes a great CBD? Is it stylish architecture, a vibrant nightlife, or sensational shopping? The new Maroochydore City Centre will have all three — and a lot more besides. But it is what lies beneath the CBD’s streets that will make the new Maroochydore City Centre a genuinely unique and exciting urban development. The foundations of the CBD will include ground-breaking technology that will revolutionise the way locals live and work. A Smart City fibre optic network will be installed throughout the 53-hectare site to support city-wide wi-fi and enable a range of high-tech urban innovations, such as smart lighting, parking and transport information systems.

And, in an Australian first, an underground automated waste collection system will ensure wheelie bins and garbage truck collections are banished from the new CBD. Instead, a 6.5 km network of underground pipes will use vacuum power to remove waste straight from apartments and businesses to a central transfer station. Building the critical underground infrastructure upon which these innovations will depend is one of the biggest tasks facing SunCentral Maroochydore, the organisation overseeing design and delivery of the new CBD. Civil construction on the first stage of the project will include the installation of water mains, storm water drains, an electricity grid and telecommunications conduits. On the surface, contractors will build six roads and two laneways, carving out 10 city blocks for commercial, retail and residential buildings. Once complete, the roads will be opened for public use, allowing residents to drive or take a stroll through their new evolving CBD, and construction of the first wave of developments will begin soon after. The new Maroochydore City Centre will create a dynamic, 21st Century urban heart for the Sunshine Coast region — a place that brings the community together for both business and pleasure. For more information visit or email ca


1. Peace of Mind – You are dealing direct with the business owners getting practical advice 2. Competitive Prices 3. We work to your budget – Construction at an affordable price 4. Highest quality of work – regular on-site inspections and project management 5. We offer experience from professionals – we know the construction process and can work collaboratively with you 6. The best customer service – Our focus is putting a smile on the face of the home owner throughout the entire build process. 7. Leading edge design – suit your new home or investment 8. No obligation FREE quotes for all building works

Simon Scott

Award Winning Building Designer Simon Scott and highly experienced builder Cameron Foster together have over 45 years joint experience have joined forces to create an enjoyable and exciting building experience, where clients are included, informed and able to talk directly to the Directors of the company, knowing that they will receive an excellent customer service, which we believe is the key for all our clients.

Eureka Homes - Brings you the joys of living!

M. 0405 432 015 E. W. QBCC LICENCE NO: 15022892





I feel very privileged to be part of the Food Agribusiness Network (FAN) as we enter our second year. Already we have over 135 members, a number of paid staff and an eight-member strategy committee! In a very short period of time, we have generated significant momentum and positivity in the sector. Members are really benefiting from attending our events and workshops, and it is encouraging to see relationships being formed and innovative projects and collaborations happening already. Recently FAN formed a partnership with the Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast (IC) to support the delivery of the Grow Coastal program, which has been made possible by a two-year funding agreement from the Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland initiative. Featuring a boot camp and three-month food accelerator program, Grow Coastal will find, fund and accelerate 12 ambitious food-related businesses in the region. Our vision is to create a more prosperous and connected food and agribusiness industry that celebrates the provenance and innovation of our region locally and globally. The Grow Coastal Program is designed especially with these goals in mind. There are so many benefits to being a part of our network and I hope businesses will take the opportunity to get involved. Whether you are an input supplier, primary producer, processor, restaurant, or a business providing goods and services to the industry, you will find the network useful. Member benefits include the opportunity to make valuable business connections. You will have access to professional development workshops that will enhance your business skills, as well as discounted

tickets (75%) to eight workshops and four networking events per year. FAN also runs a Mentoring for Success program provided by senior managers of successful Sunshine Coast companies. There is exclusive access to valuable food industry research, reports and government grants, as well as increased visibility and promotional opportunities for your business. There is no doubt that if you’re looking, you will also find new retail distribution channels and new customers within the FAN community. Joining is a simple online process and I encourage you to join today!

Jacqui Wilson-Smith, FAN Chairman

Jacqui heads Global Innovation, McCormick (including Gourmet Garden). Her insightful and energetic approach inspires others to embrace innovative thinking, challenge internal business practices, and refine and revise how, what and when we communicate — by looking through the lens of our customers. A founding board member of FAN, Jacqui, is passionate about seeing the food and agribusiness industry grow on the Sunshine Coast.

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g o t y

o u r ? k b c a Scan here to find out who’s got your back!




Fat loss

SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST For decades, people have been visiting their local gym with the notion of either building muscle (by lifting weights), or losing weight (generally via cardio); but for today’s gym goer the benefits reach far beyond this. Delve deep into the community of your local gym and you will find the motivation/s to lift weights can vary widely. Many potential gym goers are turned off visiting their local gym, not because they don’t want to take action and do something positive for themselves, but through fear of standing out. Once they get past that stigma and take their first step, they find there are many people similar to them and that their fear was unfounded. SUCCESS STORIES The success stories are endless where people’s lives have been improved or transformed by lifting weights — and in many cases, weight loss wasn’t the major goal. Our personal success stories include: • A Parkinson’s sufferer who credits the gym for saving his life. • Multiple mums from 30 to 60 years of age, who all have autoimmune disorders — such as Lupus, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Raynaud’s Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis — and whose quality of life has increased tenfold. All credit weight training as an integral part of the puzzle. • Helping sufferers of depression and diabetics. THE BENEFITS OF WEIGHT TRAINING There is a long list of reasons as to why you should include strength training in your program: • Not only does strength training increase your physical work capacity, it also improves your ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs). You will be able to work harder and longer with the proper weight training activities.

• It improves bone density. One of the best ways you can control bone loss as you age is to add strength training into your workout plan.

• It promotes fat-free body mass with decreasing sarcopenia. The lean muscle mass that we all work so hard for decreases with age. If we don’t add strength training to our routine, then it will turn into fat. • It Increases the strength of connective tissue, muscles, and tendons. This leads to improved motor performance and decreased injury risk. • It improves your quality of life as you gain body confidence. Strength training will not only make you strong, but also help with managing your weight. •  Burning more calories throughout the day. Your body works harder to maintain muscle over fat. Strength training can boost your metabolism so you burn more calories throughout the day. • Lower diabetes risk. • Helps to fight depression.


CameronLeth, Perspective Training

A lifelong passion for sports and sports coaching has helped shape Cameron’s passion for helping others into a career. Cameron takes a particular interest in helping those with autoimmune disorders live a better quality of life after helping his wife, Trish, improve her life tenfold after being diagnosed with Lupus. Cameron, a Level 1 Coach with the Australian Strength and Condition Association, believes that a strong foundation is the key to success and achieving results for everyone from mum’s working on their fitness through to individuals training for MMA.

You’ve tried it alone, now try what has been statistically proven to get RESULTS. Change your perspective, change your results, change your life. Athletic Development – Performance Coaching – Strength & Conditioning – Personal Training Services

Find us at Plus Fitness Gym, 1/1 Nicklin Way Minyama, Sunshine Coast Perspective Training


Coach Cameron Leth Coach Jordi Taylor 0414 580 694 0449 636 568

As a working mum, I’m all too familiar with the relentless demands that each day can bring and the seemingly fewer hours we have in which to meet them. As life continues to speed up, the number of items on my to-do list always seems to increase. Is it any wonder I find myself gravitating to podcasts like 'The Minimalists', or that I’ve become obsessed with watching 'Tiny Houses' and dreaming about a simpler life? I’ve come to realise that those life areas where I focus my energies tend to prosper and flourish. However, if I spread myself too thinly, aspects of my life wither like flowers without sun and water. In order to ensure you achieve the level of fulfilment that you want and deserve, follow these simple strategies: 1) WRITE DOWN ALL THE THINGS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY AND THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO EACH DAY Think fresh flowers, a glass of bubbles, time with the kids, yoga, a great book or your phone switched off…whatever allows you to recharge and come back into balance so you can be a positive influence on those around you. 2) WRITE DOWN ALL THE THINGS YOU CURRENTLY DO IN A DAY Such as eat, sleep, work, respond to emails, chores, work out, etc. Normally these are things that 'must' be done and not necessarily things we 'want' to do. We tend to ensure our 'musts' are done, yet put our 'wants' on-hold repeatedly. 3) ADJUST YOUR LISTS ACCORDINGLY

Approach it like a game and see how many items on the first list above

can be moved onto the second list. If you focus on the things you know will have a positive impact on your long-term happiness, health and wellbeing, then it’s inevitable your life will begin to reflect more of those wonderful moments and experiences — you will reap the benefits of a happy household and content family life. By consciously analysing the things you do each day, you can begin to eliminate the unrewarding activities that consume too much of your time; for example, checking emails constantly throughout the day. Tim Ferriss, author of “The 4 Hour Workweek”, suggests checking them no more than twice per day. (He apparently has it down to once per week, but I am a long way off that!) You have to be in a place of genuinely wanting 2017 to be different FOR YOU in order for it to be so. As Robin Sharma famously said, “Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.” Make sure you put a plan in place by using a tool such as a vision board. If you can clearly see what you want your life to look like, it’s much easier to make empowered decisions and plan your day to ensure you’re moving closer to achieving that vision. Good luck and enjoy this very personal journey of discovery for 2017! m

Jodie Hedley-Ward, McGrath Estate Agents Caloundra Highly experienced, award winning real estate agent Jodie Hedley-Ward leads the team alongside her husband David. Long before real estate, Jodie enjoyed a career in marketing and communications and can even boast to be a best selling author with three titles to her name. Jodie juggles real estate sales, mentoring her team and being a mum to her two children Lili and Josh and is renowned for her relentless positivity and focus on leaving an uplifting energy signature at all times.

“The difference between a good and great price is never one thing, it’s everything.” John McGrath

McGrath Caloundra 5438 8548









and life

SUNSHINE COAST RECREATION CENTRE The Sunshine Coast Recreation Centre has undergone a $7.1 million facelift, with accommodation, dining and activity facilities receiving a major overhaul.

We’ve kicked off our celebrations for a very special year — the 50th Anniversary of the Naming of the Sunshine Coast. This is an exciting time for our region as we celebrate and commemorate the people who have shaped and defined the Sunshine Coast. This milestone also allows us the opportunity to celebrate our coming of age and look forward to what is surely going to be a very bright future. With the development of the Maroochydore CBD greenfield site, expansion of the Sunshine Coast Airport with its newly acquired international status, the opening of the Sunshine Coast University Hospital, our innovative Sunshine Coast Solar Farm and our first national sporting team, the Lightning netball squad, this is an era of great progress for our region. In September last year, we launched the 50th Anniversary Fund as a way of further engaging our community in these milestone celebrations. We had an overwhelming response, with more than 30 local community groups applying to be part of the celebrations and add to a calendar that has something for everyone. We were able to select a rich and diverse range of events, projects and activities to celebrate our history, lifestyle and local community. Community days, a street fair, an outdoor movie night, art exhibitions, a commemorative cookbook, concerts,

musical tributes, heritage exhibitions, and an open cockpit weekend are just some of the local community activities funded by the 50th Anniversary grants. It’s a great selection for our residents and visitors to enjoy. If you are interested in joining the party, there is still time to apply for the second round of Category A Grants, which closes on Friday, May 19. Check our council website for details: A unique component of the celebrations is the 'SC50 Memory Mobile', which was officially launched at the Maroochydore Library. The specially commissioned mobile photo booth allows residents to record their fond memories — their personal connection and history of the Sunshine Coast — and is travelling throughout the region during the year.

Included in the redevelopment is an indoor rock wall known as ‘The Rock Face’, and a two-storey caving system called ‘The Caves’, which is the first of its kind in Australia, and the longest of its type in the world. NEIL MCNULTY, SUNCOAST WEB SOLUTIONS '

We are much more than just a web development company; we use our extensive experience and knowledge to create tailor-made, cutting edge solutions to meet our clients' online needs. We can design your new website within your budget, and help create and manage your online presence for the best long-term results.

Is your website delivering? Ask us for an SEO Audit.

We’re inviting residents to share their favourite memories, photos, recollections and reminisces with our 50th Anniversary team. This anniversary celebration is a great opportunity for us to showcase our history and future and celebrate our unique identity as a region. I encourage everyone in our community to take pride in this milestone for our region and enjoy and take part in the celebrations. Keep an eye on the events calendar on council’s website and help us have a fantastic year. c

Mark Jamieson, Sunshine Coast Mayor

Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson keeps Matters Magazine readers up-to-date on what’s happening on the Coast.

RENEE NAPTHALI, CARAVAN RV CAMPING Renee grew up living and breathing caravans throughout her childhood and knew she had something more to give to the industry. With big plans and even bigger dreams, Renee launched Caravan RV Camping — an online store, selling caravan accessories to keen campers all over Australia. Renee is driven and ready to share her love for travel and caravanning with people of all ages. She looks forward to seeing where this journey will take her.


One of Queensland’s oldest law firms has commenced practice on the Sunshine Coast. wilson/ryan/grose Lawyers has opened a new office in Maroochydore to add to its Townsville practice which was established in 1895.

Managing Partner Michelle Morton says the move to Maroochydore was an easy decision to make when the firm was considering options for growth. “Our firm has always enjoyed strong relationships in regional Queensland and we were keen to maintain a regional focus, while also expanding our services in a thriving and growing area. Our long history means clients can have confidence in our ability to deliver high quality and practical advice which is tailored to their specific needs. “We have four Accredited Specialists in the fields of Workplace Relations, Personal Injuries, Property, Succession and Business and we are really looking forward to a long term presence on the Sunshine Coast,” said Ms Morton. The firm has a total of 22 lawyers and a large support staff, with two of its partners and a Senior Associate practising from the new Cotton Tree office in areas including commercial and property law, employment, family and personal injuries law. Ms Morton said the expansion of the firm will not change its central focus, which is a commitment to outstanding levels

Left to right Luke Shanahan (Partner, personal injuries and family law), Anne Parker (Senior Associate, employment and workplace relations), Chris Bowden (Partner, property and commercial law)

of service to its clients. a

Suite 2, 63 The Esplanade, Maroochydore Ph: 07 5443 7897

PAGE TITLE wilson/ryan/grose


73 73



OR IN THE business? As the owner of a small business you have just returned from a well-deserved holiday. You quickly call a team meeting to announce to all team members that you are going overseas for 12 months and unable to be contacted.

appropriate action taken where necessary. If your business is small, you should still have a regular meeting, maybe with your spouse or your accountant, to discuss the performance and future direction of the business.

You are entrusting your team to run and grow your business whilst you are away.

• A business plan in place dealing with the operational, human resource, marketing and financial areas of the business

What do you think you would return to in 12 months? Would your business have declined or even closed down? Would you return to a bigger and stronger business?

• The business owner/s have goals and take strategic action to achieve and surpass their goals

Unfortunately, the answer for most small businesses is that they would return to a business which would be in a complete mess. This is because most business owners tend to work in the business rather than on the business. Without the continued hard work of the business owner the business would not function. A business where the owner works ON the business displays the following characteristics: • The business is systemised with procedures and processes and manuals in place for all activities of the business • The business owner/s have a vision of where they wish their business to be in five years. This vision will be shared with the team • Continued training, both technical and people skills is undertaken by all team members • Strategic planning sessions are undertaken at least twice a year • The business owner/s do not work long hours. They don’t need to as they are surrounded by well trained staff with the right skills and expertise to complete all tasks • Key performance indicators (KPI’s) are in place recording and measuring the 'heartbeat' of the business. KPI’s may include average customer sale, number of customers and for a service business may include hours available, hours charged, productivity per employee and job write-offs. • Detailed budgets are in place with board meetings taking place every month with actual figures compared to budget and

You may question all this as being too hard. Well simply have a look at your competitors and pick out the successful ones. They are the ones doing these things. Ask yourself what would happen if you disappeared from your business for 12 months. A business where the business owner works on the business is worth far more than a business where the owner works in the business. It is time for a change? Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is of a general nature only. You should seek specific advice from your accountant / financial adviser who will assess your personal situation.


Sharee Webster

CA Director, Holmans Accounting & Taxation

Sharee is the owner/manager of Holmans Maroochydore office. Sharee is a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Tax Adviser and a licensed Self- Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Financial Adviser. At Holmans, Sharee specialises in business structures, taxation advice, superannuation and in particular SMSFs. She has extensive experience in providing strategic tax advice to private clients, owneroperated family businesses and large corporate entities.Sharee is passionate about being part of the Sunshine Coast Community and about giving back to the community and is involved with various local community groups.

“Enriching people through trusted advice”

accounting & taxation Noosa 97 Noosa Drive, Noosa Heads P 07 5430 7600 Maroochydore Unit 8 / 61- 63 Primary School Court Maroochydore P 07 5451 6888

Asset protection strategies | Business advisors | Self managed super funds | Tax advice & planning




The Children’s Therapy Centre is now approved for Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) funding for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Funding of $12,000 is available per child up to age 7.


INTEGRATED TEAMWORK • Occupational Therapists • Psychologists • Speech and Language Pathologists • Physiotherapists • Family Services Workers

The Children’s Therapy Centre provides therapy for children and young people with developmental delays, disabilities and health conditions. Our integrated teams help children with physical, intellectual, emotional and behavioural conditions. We accept HiCaps and are registered for Medicare (CDM, MHP), Better Start, Helping Children With Autism (HCWA), Early Intervention, and Your Life Your Choice.

Debbie Blumel, CEO Children’s Therapy Centre

Our vision is to empower children and young people with developmental delays, disabilities and health conditions in the greater Sunshine Coast region to achieve their potential and participate in the community. We are making sure that people can access best practice therapy services locally through an affordable Not For Profit organisation.

We visit children in the home, child care centre, school, pool – wherever they prefer. Our services extend from Caboolture to Gympie. ca

Call us now on 5441 7199

Our helpful receptionists will explain everything you need to know about funding for assessments and therapy.



visit WWW.SUNSHINECOASTPRINTERS.COM.AU for our product range and PRICES on:

• Business cards • Stationery • Flyers • Brochures • Forms • Dividers • Desk Pads • Note Pads • Magnets • Calendars • Postcards • Presentation Folders • Invoice-Order Books • Labels • Posters • Stickers • Menus • Price lists • Envelopes • Copying • Binding • Laminating • Artwork & Design • Stamps


CHANGE IS INEVITABLE… it’s how you handle it that makes or breaks you What happens in small business when demand increases, or competition gets tougher, or staff leave, or any other change occurs in business fundamentals? Yes, the business owner invariably picks up the slack through working longer hours. This is okay for short periods, but often becomes part of business-as-usual. And that is where the danger arises. For example, I know of one business owner in my network who is regularly working until midnight just to keep up.

I also know from personal experience that if this situation of being over-worked persists for any length of time, it can result in health or other personal challenges developing. Laurie Clarke is a retired local business owner and senior banker. He writes in Matters Magazine about issues of relevance to business owners.

There are options to fix this, but it does take a very conscious effort as it can be difficult to break out of this cycle. It also requires the owner to set aside some time to work out the best option for their individual business. Some of these options might include shedding unprofitable clients or product lines, re-defining the core target market, or taking on additional resources to delegate lower value tasks. As one senior executive once told me — “Don’t get caught up doing the $20 an hour jobs.” Let’s look at some of these options in a little more detail…

Business owners often get dragged into spending time on the clients who yell the loudest. That’s okay if they are in your top 20 clients for profitability, but it rarely seems to happen that way. This is understandable — most of us are in business to serve and we all want happy clients. The time to deal with this issue is not when the client is agitated. It’s best to resolve the issue and then manage the relationship expectations when things are calm. Either it will fix itself once challenged, or the client will move on, hopefully with everyone’s self-esteem intact. If you provide great service, then bear in mind that it is a privilege, not a right, for clients to work with you. Staffing is probably the most vexatious issue for business owners, particularly in terms of when to add or shed staff. A trainee can be a good option to consider, from both a cost and team development perspective. While some employers I know have had disappointing experiences, just as many have gained great, loyal, longterm employees. I know it worked for us. There are a number of organisations on the Sunshine Coast that are registered to provide services to businesses under the various government support programs. If you’ve read this far, then it might be safe to assume you’re in the over-worked category, and perhaps conscious of a need to do something about it. Well, here’s my final tip — DO SOMETHING NOW! The process has to start with you.


We Help You Move Your Home or Office Safe, Fast & Without the Stress

All Backed By Our Famous NO DAMAGE GUARANTEE! Here is what a happy customer had to say: I have found the directors, office staff and field staff to be honest and reliable. They also demonstrate professional work ethics and build trusting relationships with our clients. Their work is consistently carried out professionally, efficiently and to a high standard. Desley Bignell, Rowlo Constructions


Caloundra: (07) 5491 1078 Coolum: (07) 5446 5688

“Local People Moving People Locally”


Come and

try ou r new menu!

Meet the Team

123 Parkyn Parade, “The Wharf” Mooloolaba (Under the Tower) Tuesday to Saturday from 10 til late, Sundays 10 til 5 Ph: 07 5444 5044


CHANGEMAKER It is a BIG time of change — I can feel it! I’m sure you can too. One look across the globe and you will soon note a growing appetite for ‘different’. This translates across various industries, including politics, and it’s being driven by consumers — people. People are creating change and people vote with their feet. That’s great news for consumers — to be offered genuine choice is in the best interest of us all. People have the power to drive change through choice. This means that decision makers, service providers, retailers, professionals all perform better, because their performance is based on knowing they’ll be selected if they’re the best in the business. The key for providers is to understand what makes their audience or potential customer tick. Once they understand this, they’ll know how to respond. Acting in accordance with demand will deliver success. Being complacent or adopting a laissez-faire approach will deliver failure.

In my view, dominant consumer global trends seek authenticity and an interest in health and well-being. The desire to maintain a healthy status, and a passion for wellness, is influencing consumers eating habits and lifestyles. White’s Grocers (IGA Peregian Beach and Supa IGA Bli Bli) offer FREE INSTORE healthy dietary advice by an accredited practising visiting dietitian, Kristie Pieters. Kristie guides our consumers so they can better understand nutritional labels, offering healthy lunch box ideas and general healthy eating advice right on the shop floor. Major disrupters, such as Air BNB and Uber, are industry leaders delivering “different” on a massive scale. Led by consumers with an appetite for change, such providers are offering savvy purchase deals with a high level of personalisation. Consumers are responding and mainstream players are battling to keep up. They must reinvent and differentiate themselves at the same time. Change is fashionable today and this trend has been intensified by the insatiable appetite of consumers who want the biggest, brightest and best from life.

Changemakers will win the day if the solution is right for consumers!


Roz White, White’s IGA

Roz White and her husband Michael, commenced their retailing journey on the Sunshine Coast in 1993. Currently the IGA Group consists of the Supa IGA Bli Bli, IGA Mooloolah, Peregian Beach and IGA Mt Coolum. The unique ‘locavore’ culture guarantees you to always spot a local instore, because they are locally owned, they employ locals and it’s where the locals shop.

Embrace the Experience

Relaxing atmosphere and latest technology including: Suresmile – Damon Braces – Invisalign

Providing orthodontic treatment and transforming smiles for all ages NO REFERRAL NECESSARY PHONE 5493 3200


Specialist Orthodontist / Owner & Director Ocean Orthodontics / Member of the Australian Society of Orthodontists, Australian Orthodontic Board & World Federation of Orthodontics


If you’ve never owned property in Australia, it’s time to take advantage of the government’s generous $20,000 First Home Buyers’ Grant.

$45,000. If you deduct the $20,000 First Home Buyers’ Grant from that, all you would need is $25,000 to get out of the rental market.

The availability of the grant, which has been boosted by $5000 until 1 July 2017, means you could be in your own home sooner.

With the Sunshine Coast still in its growth phase, now is the time to buy land and build before first home buyers are priced out of the market, and while the full $20,000 is still on offer.

TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE GRANT: • At least one applicant must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident. • All applicants must live in the house for a minimum of six months. • You or your spouse must not have previously owned property in Australia.

Given interest rates are at an all-time low, some mortgage repayments will be cheaper than paying rent.

Check your eligibility online here: https://firsthomeowners.initiatives. m

Tracy Drent and Paula Harris, Vizion Group Qld Vizion Group Qld promise: Your property should give you cash and equity instantly and we have a crafted, tested real world system we are so confident about that we can commit to having your back – no matter what!

• You must be at least 18 years of age. For a house and land package, there is no stamp duty payable if the land is valued at less than $250,000. If there is no stamp duty to pay, all you need is the deposit, which in most cases can be 10% or less. So, if you were to buy a house and land package for an all encompassing price of $450,000, you would need a deposit of

Specialising In: Duplex Properties and First Home Buyer Homes

3+2 duplex

Positive Cashflow AND Instant Equity

Ph: 0438 534 930

3 bedroom first home buyer house





What Can Your Body Tell You? Imagine if your body could talk to you — what would it say? In addition, what if illnesses, or aches and pains, were really trying to communicate with you and let you know what was going on in your life? Imagine if you could see inside your body and receive any messages directly — what a gift that would be! Welcome to Medical Intuition: the art of knowing what your body is saying and recognising that each and every body part is storing emotions. As a practising nurse for over 15 years, I was well aware there was more to health than the physical body. However, Western medicine often lacked the holistic approach to deliver wellbeing. It wasn’t until I worked in pathology and autopsies that the true meaning of health revealed itself to me. Here I discovered that the body had two key functions: the physical and chemical function of making the body work mechanically; and also the function of storing emotions and 'stories' that could either empower or disempower the body. As I looked under a microscope examining a blood sample, I could actually see the person, their personality, their thoughts, and what had led them to disease. The body was talking to me!

What became evident to me was that although Western medicine can alleviate immediate pain, the true cause of any illness or disease often returns at a later date. This occurs because Western medicine does not understand or integrate the whole picture of health for a person (or animal)

and what is really going on in the body. However, a more holistic approach of Medical Intuition allows the client or patient to feel empowered and to receive optimum health on all levels. This works by focusing and 'tuning in' to a person to discover their 'story', which may have caused the disease in the first place. The disease itself is simply a warning sign that life is not going according to plan, and Medical Intuition is about understanding what the body’s saying. Since childhood, I have always been able to see inside the body like an x-ray, blood test, or MRI. Today I am called the 'walking, talking MRI'! What I see is that the human body is a blueprint for your most prominent thoughts, or a 'print out' of your most dominant vibration; this information shows the unconscious secrets in the body, which are highlighted through pain, disease, mental anguish, emotional unrest, or discomfort. Each body part has two main functions: physical and metaphysical and, as a nurse, I was taught only to focus on the physical aspect of health. In most cases, medication was used with the intention of alleviating immediate pain and distress.

CONSIDER THIS CASE STUDY: Casey is a 15-year-old girl who had continual headaches. She was unable to focus and her parents tried everything to help her. They had been to see neurologists, psychologists and tried all sorts of medication. The headaches only occurred for Casey on weekday mornings. Her cranial bones were holding on to something; she felt the need to be alone and protect herself. The metaphysical meaning of the cranial bones is about 'holding on' to things and 'protection'. What Casey’s parents didn’t know was that Casey felt she didn’t fit in at school as she was a sensitive child who preferred to be at home, reading in solitude. Her headaches were actually 'allowing' her to stay at home and keep herself protected. Once her parents were made aware of this situation, they assisted her with home schooling in which she thrived, and her headaches suddenly disappeared. With a background in nursing, pathology, and autopsy knowledge, Jean Sheehan is an award-winning and internationally recognised Medical Intuitive. Her unique systems for adults and children have been taught in Universities in Australia and on a global basis. Jean has also been featured on radio and TV, and in numerous magazine articles. To find out more about Jean and her work, please see or call 07 5641 4009.

“Medical Intuition is the science and art of healing with the absolute, and acting on spontaneous insight” ~ Jean Sheehan ©2003


Big Lap

Hopping into your caravan as you gear up for your next long weekend away is such a thrill, so imagine the feeling you’d experience when setting off on the big lap without an end date in mind. You’ve been waiting for this time of your life for years. You’ve been dreaming of driving into the sunset since before you can even remember, but something always got in the way. Here are three reasons why you should stop postponing that exciting trip and get on the road now. And if you don’t have a home on wheels yet, this list of reasons might inspire you to invest in one.

1. THERE WILL NEVER BE A PERFECT TIME You’ve no doubt heard this saying before, and it couldn’t be more accurate. There will always be a new grandchild, a birthday celebration, a show that you want to see. Life is filled with events and reasons to stay at home. People use the idea of waiting for 'the perfect time' as an easy way out of taking their dream trip, which means they risk getting caught in the trap of never actually leaving. You may not have all the accessories in your caravan that you were hoping for, but you can pick them up along the way, or do without them. There’s no time like the present, and don’t let the idea of 'the perfect time' hold you back from leaving.

2. LIFE IS SHORT We all know someone who ran out of time. Who had big plans but never got the chance to pursue them. Life is short. Don’t let time get the better of you. If you want to do the big lap, do it now. Talking about a big trip that you never actually got to experience is not only heartbreaking for those around you, but will leave you filled with regret.

Serial postponing is a trap and one day it may be too late. Remember the saying: “The only trip you will regret taking is the one you don’t take.” Keep this in mind when making any decisions and you’re bound to be happy with your choices.

3. YOU CAN ALWAYS COME HOME EARLY Instead of being that person who’s synonymous with the phrase 'One day…', be the one who’s telling travel stories while reminiscing with family and friends. If you’re currently postponing your trip, regardless of the reason/s, remember you’re not failing if you decide to return home early. Get on your way and take each hiccup as it comes.

Our brains have a sneaky way of talking us out of things we want to do, so push through the doubts. Get on the road and take each day as it comes. If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out. At least you gave it a go and you won’t be left wondering, 'What if…?'' m

Renee Napthali, Caravan RV Camping Renee is driven and enjoys sharing her love for travel and caravanning with people of all ages. With big plans and even bigger dreams, Renee runs Caravan RV Camping — an online store, selling caravan accessories to keen campers all over Australia.




Our new name ‘Sunshine Coast Afloat’ encompasses exactly who we are. We take the Sunshine Coast onto the water and help them to float away to more fun than they ever dreamed possible. If you have heard of Fish n Crab Charters, Mooloolaba Jet Boat or Coastline Cruises, then you know that we (Paddy and Jerry), are both experienced and passionate about enticing you to enjoy the fun of the ocean. We now offer an even more extensive range than ever before INCLUDING • Deep Sea Fishing Charters • Whale Watching (Cruise on Crusader 1 or Take a Fun Trip on Hela-Va Jet)

• Ocean Jet Boating • Cruises - Hens, Bucks, Corporate, Social Clubs, Groups • Kayaking • Water Taxi • Ashes Scattering – pets included We also have some super exciting other activities in our range including: Guided Kayak Estuary fishing, a two/three person boat which can do water taxi to Green Zebra, and the water ways of Mooloolaba. Or how about a romantic or fun cruise of the Pumicestone Passage, Noosa, Maroochydore or Mooloolaba – just cruise or stop off for a picnic and swim, platters of food, champagne etc – fully customized to suit YOU.

Ph: 0412 155 814

VAUGHAN ALLEN, DETOX IT Detox IT is a boutique IT support company that specialises in being different by working with you and for you to ensure the best solutions and service.






IT is all about change as IT never stands still; there’s always something new, be it operating systems, hardware or infrastructure.

Kylie has ten years’ experience as a communication professional working in state government, not-for-profit and private consultancy. Her goal is to deliver professional, personalised communication outputs that add value to your business.

Ph 07 5406 9000

BRIDGET DYER, DIAMOND PARTNERS WEALTH MANAGEMENT Diamond Partners Wealth Management are focused on delivering holistic/goals-based advice to individuals and families on the Sunshine Coast. They strive to empower clients with a proactive can-do attitude that sets the foundation for positive ongoing professional relationships. They are passionate about advocating the increasing need for all Australians to seek advice, given the shrinking social security blanket with which our country is faced. Phone 07 5491 8777

Blitz Communication offers flexible and costeffective communication support tailored to your business needs and budget. SUNSHINE COAST NATURAL HEALTH


The friendly practitioners at Sunshine Coast Natural Health are passionate about health and repairing your quality of life.

Reflexology: Learn to spoil yourself. Non painful method used for stress, worry or just to stay healthy.

Sunshine Coast Natural Health provides a diverse mixture of practitioners to provide a one- stop shop for all your natural health needs. Services Including Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine, Remedial and Sports Injury Massage, Bowen Therapy, and Bio-Magnetism.

Do you want to be pain free and age gracefully? Yoga can connect and teach you to listen to your body. Slowing the mind down whilst you strengthen, stretch and de-stress yourself creates new energy for focusing and clarity.


All priced from $500 to $1000 sizes 6 to 20 ALL BRAND NEW

Contact us for more information and to arrange a viewing

Ph: 0408 751 863



To re-brand or not re-brand? It’s an age-old marketing question, and one that we know intimately. Sometimes a re-brand is required in response to the market moving on, or changing direction, and a desire by the company to not be left behind. But for many companies a re-branding process is unavoidable and comes because of a company merger or name change. Australia has had its share of these company name changes and they haven’t always been met with a positive customer response. Personally, I remember the disdain that first greeted the news that Telecom was becoming Telstra, or that The Bank of NSW would become Westpac; this name is a portmanteau of ‘Western-Pacific’ but, in 1982, this didn’t sound like the name for a bank. It may have been some brilliant marketing, or perhaps just the passage of time, but eventually both names found their place in the marketing landscape. Not many people are aware that one of the world’s most ubiquitous brands Google was originally called something else. When it first began in 1996, founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin named their search engine ‘BackRub’. A year later, when it became too large to operate on the Stanford University servers that hosted it, they registered the domain name and, over time, this gave us the expression to “Google it”. Saying “BackRub it” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it?

Ultimately, company names and brands evolve, and re-branding doesn’t have to be seen as a scary or negative thing.

Coca-Cola is another great example of a shape-shifting brand. The company started in 1886 and the trademarked Coca-Cola script logo was created that same year. Over the years their brand has evolved many times, but it has always included reference to that original design. In the early years, the company resisted use of the word 'Coke'. They took the stance that the brand was called 'Coca-Cola' and people should call it that and not use the shortened form. But in 1941, they finally embraced the abbreviation and produced magazine ads with the headline: 'Coke means Coca-Cola', which told people it was now okay to use the term 'Coke'. It then got it’s own logo and was added to their stable of brands. It was this same innovative approach that we, Six Elements, took when re-branding to Sixe™. From the very conception of Six Elements, key clients would often refer to us as the ‘Sixe team’, and we gradually found ourselves saying ‘Sixe’ to certain people instead of the full company name. As a Branding Agency, one of our core values is to focus on the attributes of a brand, not the core product, and we felt it was time to adapt ourselves to what our clients already called us — so we have embraced change and now have a new name and logo.

Some organisations embrace change and are constantly looking to update and stay relevant. These companies make subtle changes to their logo as a matter of course, to show they have their ‘finger on the pulse’ and are few steps in front of their competitors. They evolve their logo over time, as part of an overall longterm strategy, and keep an eye on their past as much as where they want their brand to go. This reference to their past prevents any loss of customer loyalty, or any confusion in the marketplace. Take Apple Computers who — can you believe it? — have been around for 40 years! Apart from a very early incarnation in 1976, they have used and adapted the 'bitten apple' through the decades, adding and removing colour and dimension to arrive at the current version of a flat, silhouetted shape that is now one of the most recognisable logos on the planet.

Our old logo

Our new logo

Andy Engel,

Head of Creative, Sixe™

Andy has worked for design and advertising agencies of all sizes over his 20-plus year working life and brings with him a wealth of experience across a range of product categories, from automotive to fashion, packaged goods to retail - and a burning desire to bring great ideas to life.



Infectious Medical Scrubs has just opened a new retail space and refitted its office and warehouse, so we’ve been looking into ergonomics in the work place and would love to share some of that information with you. HERE ARE FIVE QUICK TIPS THAT CAN HELP YOU AND YOUR EMPLOYEES AVOID FATIGUE IN THE WORK PLACE: 1. Use a chair with a lumbar support to avoid slouching, and pull your chair in close to your desk so you aren’t leaning or slouching, which will cause back and neck pain. 2. Make sure that your keyboard and mouse are close enough that you don’t have to extend your arms to use them; this can cause significant shoulder pain. 3. Keep your monitor at eye level and at least at arm’s length away so you don’t cause eyestrain. 4. Use a headset for your phone — it’s very easy to jam the phone between your neck and ear while you are working on a computer



or writing something down; it’s a killer for your neck and causes headaches.

5. Don’t let your feet dangle — it creates pressure on the backs of your legs and can cause lower back issues; either lower your chair or use a footstool. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on fancy desks or equipment, but these few simple tips could really help your staff — and happy staff make for happy customers! m

Pete & Sally Doran, Infectious Medical Scrubs Infectious owner Pete Doran worked as an Emergency Nurse for over fifteen years and knows first hand what is important to healthcare professionals when it comes to work uniforms. Together with his wife Sally, they have recognised the need for uniforms to be durable and comfortable enough to wear all day long and require little maintenance.




s r e k a m Change ON THE SUNSHINE COAST By Victoria Barth

Many local businesses on the Sunshine Coast are driving CHANGE across the community. As such, twelve business owners and workers recently attended a lunch hosted by Vickie Magic from Matters Magazine, where they shared business insights, as well as a few tricks of the trade that have enabled them to become ‘changemakers’.

Clockwise from front left; Jasmine Sharpe (Matters Magazine), Sally Hopper, (Maleny Diaries), Chris Cameron (Rockcote Enterprises), Cyndi O’Meara (Changing Habits), James Colquhoun (Food Matters), Vickie Magic (Mindsight Magic Retreats and Matters Magazine), Amanda Yeates (Department of Transport and Main Roads), Harrison Thompson (Turner and Thompson Events), Darrel Edwards (Regional Development Australia), Leanne Layfield, (Caloundra Chamber of Commerce), Stephanie Moroz (Nano Nouvelle)

When asked the question — What do the words ‘Sunshine Coast changemaker’ mean to you? — attendees described the attributes of those whom they believed were creating positive change within the community. As Darrel Edwards stated, “A ‘changemaker’ is someone who influences people and the community to live positively, but does so selflessly, giving their time to others and by challenging the norm. In this way, they can look to the future and know-how to adapt as the norms keep evolving.” Cyndi O’Meara kept with the theme of making positive differences, while also highlighting the need to challenge the status quo. “A ‘changemaker’ is someone who is aware of what’s happening and who is prepared to stand up for what they believe in,” she said. Similarly, James Colquhoun identified a ‘changemaker’ as follows: “Someone who’s shifting belief systems. Our society operates on beliefs, ideas, and values that then become legislation, laws and religious beliefs, which we shape our whole world on. Shifting beliefs through education is really important, and I define a ‘changemaker’ as someone who facilitates that process in some way.” Next, attendees were made to think harder by having to answer more specific questions. In particular, they needed to name someone who was recognized as a ‘changemaker’ in the community. Attendees found it difficult NOT to name a person nearby, given some of the most influential ‘changemakers’ on the Sunshine Coast were sitting in the one room; but the names of many inspiring locals were soon listed. During Leanne Layfield even took the time to express her appreciation for the work performed by Mayor Mark Jamieson. Having lived on the Sunshine Coast for over 30 years, Leanne said that Mayor Jamieson was demonstrating a vision for

the region while also trying to make things happen for the Sunshine Coast. As other attendees listed individuals responsible for instigating change, Amanda Yeates answered in broader terms, stating that local businesses have been ‘changemakers’ because they demonstrate a “…strong vision for the coast to transform from being primarily dependant on tourism as an economic driver, to business that can add value into a whole range of different areas.” Amanda explained that more businesses have been putting themselves “out there” in order to be more readily recognised and to transform the way people do business on the Sunshine Coast. It was then time for attendees to discuss how their local business might be instigating its own changes. Harrison Thompson shared an anecdote about attending an event that showcased businesses, where the businesses weren’t sourced from the Sunshine Coast but from north and south of the region. Harrison explained that, in response to this experience, he and his business partner set about organising their own regular event that focussed on promoting local Sunshine Coast businesses only. In doing so, Harrison has worked towards making those in the region aware of what products and produce are available to them locally. As Harrison said, “I want to see the Sunshine Coast change and thrive for the better.”

Sally Hopper is another ‘changemaker’ who continues to support locals and the new local farms in her area. She strives to keep employment and money in the local areas and relies on community support to continue making her products. Finally, these twelve influential business owners and workers — all of them ‘changemakers’ — were asked what they would like to change and influence in relation to the future of the Sunshine Coast. European-born Stephanie Moroz explained that upon moving to the region, she soon realised people could easily take the beauty of the place for granted. Stephanie said she wanted to change people’s attitudes towards energy and waste, and raise levels of awareness concerning sustainability for the future. Chris Cameron expressed a shared passion for looking after the community by supporting local businesses and taking care of our environment. Chris explained that her role within Cleantech Industries had fed her passion for the pursuit of environmentally sustainable practices. Indeed, she said she believes the community should work with the council in order to attract clean and green businesses to the coast that will also boost our economy.

These ideas surely leave us all with something to think about in terms of how we can contribute in a positive manner towards the changes unfolding in our community.


Attendees included Stephanie Moroz from Nano Nouvelle, Sally Hopper from Maleny Diaries, Leanne Layfield from Caloundra Chamber of Commerce, Chris Cameron from Rockcote Enterprises, Harrison Thompson from Turner and Thompson Events, Cyndi O’Meara from Changing Habits, Amanda Yeates from Department of Transport and Main Roads, James Colquhoun from Food Matters, Darrel Edwards from Regional Development Australia, as well as Vickie Magic, Dranko Magic, and Jasmine Sharpe from Matters Magazine.




For many years business owners on the Sunshine Coast have been talking up future growth and eagerly waiting for a stronger economy and major local projects to kick in.

Well, the time has come and the region is finally reaping the rewards with many industries once again enjoying prosperous times. As expected, this has seen demand increase for quality businesses in numerous sectors across all price ranges. In particular, there is high demand for service providers, building supplies, online businesses, manufacturing, wholesale, tourism and hospitality, education, retail — even food-related businesses are now sought after and achieving fantastic 'sale' prices.

also had our share of difficult trading periods. It seems to be different now, though — the Coast is maturing and the wave of growth and major projects underway should provide business operators with more consistency and solid trading for many years into the future. Business owners contemplating a sale should capitalise on what certainly is a red-hot market for quality opportunities and “let the good times roll”.


Rod Russell, Savvy Business Sales

The recent demand is being fuelled by a new wave of buyers who have relocated here to enjoy the best lifestyle on offer in Australia. They are seeking solid opportunities to ensure their own employment and to build future wealth. The noticeable increase in demand has been warmly met by numerous Baby Boomers who are finally ready for retirement and more than happy to pass the baton on to younger buyers with fresh ideas.

Rod’s unrivalled professionalism and years of experience have earned him the reputation as the Sunshine Coast’s most successful business broker. He continues to raise the standards in business sales and make people’s dreams of owning their own business a reality.

Most Sunshine Coast businesses and industries have lacked consistency over the past 25 years and while we’ve had some good times, we’ve

RTO 31903

YOUR LOCAL REGISTERED TRAINING ORGANISATION Wises Road Maroochydore 1300 887 017 BUSINESS & ADMINISTRATION Certificate III in Business Administration - BSB30415 Certificate IV in Small Business Management - BSB40415 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management - BSB42015 Certificate IV in New Small Business - BSB42615

FIRST AID Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation - HLTAID001 Provide first aid - HLTAID003 Provide advanced first aid - HLTAID006 Provide advanced resuscitation - HLTAID007

TRAINING & ASSESSMENT Certificate IV in Training and Assessment - TAE40110 Diploma of Vocational Education and Training - TAE50111 Diploma of Training Design and Development - TAE50216 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills -TAELLN411

FITNESS Certificate III in Fitness - SIS30315 Certificate III in Sports Trainer - SIS30813 Certificate IV in Fitness - SIS40215 Diploma of Fitness - SIS50215

Dear Alvia. .. 89 DEAR ALVIA

Dear Alvia . To separate rooms for months We’ve been sleeping in ple cou a n getting along for be honest, we haven’t bee I p. ste t nex to take the of years. I don’t know how my kids and if I am ing see ey, mon ut am afraid abo I do? I hate living uld sho making a mistake. What like this. From M Dear M not lling and things have If you have sought counse an to e relationship has com improved, perhaps your and ve, lea to on e the decisi end. You will need to mak . ure fut erm g-t lon and ediate have a plan for your imm ers — many thousands of oth Look on the bright side it does all work out in and s have gone through thi h ne and happy, than wit the end. Better to be alo . day ry eve sad sed and someone feeling depres


Dear Alvia My partner and I are really like friends now. I know I am not in love, but I don’t want to leave. I am especially concerned that I won’t be able to afford living costs on my own. It’s not really that bad, he is a kind man and so generous. Is staying with someone because I can’t afford to move out such a bad thing to do? From K Dear K How would you feel if the tables were turned? If you are staying because this is a meal ticket, how fair is that on the other person? Staying also prevents them from finding someone else who will love them for being 'kind and generous'. Face your financial fears. There is help and support out there for people struggling financially. You can make separation work. ca


Alvia Turney, Act4Tomorrow Separation Specialists “Don’t waste another second of your life or someone else’s being in the wrong relationship.” Act 4 Tomorrow: an easier, cheaper, better way to separate. Ph: 1300 Act4Tom (1300 228486)



Power of Choice By Vickie Magic

Being upset is a get to CHOOSE how the story is going to end! GROW it or BLOW IT. Really... if something upsets us, we are going to be upset, it’s not a choice it’s a reaction to the upset — right? No, actually it’s still a choice and the truth is we get to choose how the story ends. I recently proved the following beyond a shadow of a doubt: first of all, that the distance I have travelled over the last few years is extraordinary; and, secondly, that we choose in every single moment to be angry, frustrated, upset, sad, disappointed, insert your personal pain here...or NOT. Something happened recently that, to be honest, if it happened even a year ago I would have reacted quite differently. I would have been angry; I definitely would have talked to someone about it. I probably would have talked to lots of people about it. Yes, I definitely would have fed it and, of course, that would have helped it to grow and to become bigger than Ben Hur inside my head. Yep, I definitely would have sat in that pain for quite some time.

But this time it was very different to ever before, and the reason it was so different was because of how I reacted, and it made me see that it is always a choice; it is absolutely never the situation. Situations constantly happen to us and around us, we choose in that moment what happens from there. We can and indeed must train ourselves to stop and choose our own peace of mind, and the way we do that is to begin by recognising that if we are upset, if we are hurting, if we are in pain, we have chosen that, and if we have chosen that we can, in a moment, in a second, also unchoose it. So back to my incident — yep, for a moment, I am going to say about half an hour, I was very hurt, very upset, even a little bit angry. How could this happen to me? Blah, blah, blah. The more I thought about it, the bigger it got, the more it grew, because focus makes things (everything) grow. Then I took some deep breaths and within those breaths started to truly think about things. The truth is nobody does something to someone else, we just make stuff mean stuff and then buy into what we make stuff mean, then illicit others to buy in as well (gossip to our friends to help us feed the pain and therefore help it to grow and get bigger and bigger); but this time I didn’t tell anyone, this time I just sat in it and thought — why? Why


did this really happen? Did I do something to make this happen? What’s the learning here? What’s the lesson? What can I take from this? What would love do? What’s the gift? What’s the gold? The gold is that I spent a very short time being upset and am at complete peace with what happened. Of course, I can’t change anything, I can’t go backwards, but that isn’t really the point. The point is that instead of living in a space of upset, a place of anger, hurt, pain of any kind, I can choose to live in a place of peace.

My passion, my purpose in life, is to inspire people to truly understand that the power of choice can change anything/everything. We add all the drama, we add all the “he said”, “she said”, “didn’t say”, “didn’t do”, “that means this”, “that must mean this”. We tell anyone who will listen our tales of woe, and all that happens with that is our tales of woe grow. So what’s the learning? The learning for me is: things happen — shit happens, stuff happens, constantly — and in a flash we can choose to grow it or blow it. I choose to blow it. To breathe through it; the breathing stopped me, the breathing changed my state of mind and allowed me to think of the outcome I wanted. The truth is the outcome I wanted was peace of mind; the truth is that we all want peace of mind. None of us want to live in a place of upset, a place of anger, a place of frustration. We sometimes just don’t realise that all the power we seek is within us, that WE and ONLY WE have the power to feel good or feel bad.


Can you feel it? Do you want things to be different to how they are?



Do you get almost there then sabotage your results?



Do you believe that THEY have to change for you to be happy?



DO you wish/dream/want what you don’t have?



Do you have beliefs telling you that you CAN’T achieve the things you want to achieve



THEN IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE Join a Mindsight Magic retreat go to for more details

Just stopping and taking five deep breaths in through the nose to the count of three and out through the mouth to the count of three, and allowing ourselves to sit in that moment and choose our outcome, choose to keep the incident to ourselves, to not tell the world, to not illicit buy in from those around us to help it grow and grow and grow — that can make all the difference. So I invite you to really think about it the next time something happens to you, and it will. I invite you to think to yourself — I have a choice right now, I can feel sick with pain, worry, frustration even anger and GROW this, or I can choose to look for the gift, look for the gold and SIMPLY BLOW IT and instead choose to breathe and let it go and stay peaceful, stay calm where I truly would prefer to live.

The power to change is a CHOICE, our choice. What do you really want for you?

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DECEMBER 5, 2016


Cornell University From the Desk of Professor Adam Anderson Director of the Affect and Cognition Lab at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA Sincerely, Adam Anderson, PhD Director, Affect and Cognition Lab Associate Professor Cornell University, Ithaca, NY Disorders of reading have been thought to be of primarily phonological origin. However, visual neuroscience has uncovered systematic disturbances in the visual brain in the reading impaired, supporting a prominent role of visual processing deficits. It has been shown that differential processing along three main visual neural pathways — magnocellular, parvocellular and koniocellular — contributes to reading impairments. Each of these pathways has specific wavelength (colour) sensitivity, but in combination support all visual processing, beyond the perception of colour. As such, changing the background colour of visual inputs influences the relative balance between these pathways for visual processing. We and others have shown that such colour manipulations enhance and/or suppress the different pathways to influence vision, both in simple tasks, e.g., judging orientations; to complex ones, e.g., reading emotion from faces. Our functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging work at Cornell is following up on these findings to examine how the primary visual cortex relays information along these three visual channels to other regions of the brain to support normal and disordered reading.

in the three pathways we observe in those diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome, we make predictions on what wavelength filters would be most likely to restore normal integration across channels. We then test how use of specific wavelength Irlen filters restore normal visual responses across the three pathways and their relation to visual performance, including reading.

More than a simple outcome, like reading speed, we test a specific neural model of dysfunction of the visual pathways involved in reading and its relation to many aspects of vision, reading facility and comprehension, and associated behaviours (e.g., eye scanning) that contribute to a larger syndrome of visual stress and reading difficulty. m

According to this research, each individual may have altered dysfunction within and across visual channels. As such, unique colour filters would be needed to restore normal balance and integration. Based on imbalances

About Peter Freney from Irlen Clinic Peter has been involved all of his adult life with teaching and learning. As a School Principal in all sizes of schools, and later as a School Inspector, he has consistently tried to find better answers to how students learn, and why some find it so hard. The last twenty years have been focused on one piece of that puzzle: dyslexia and visual processing. B. ED.(UQ), M. Ed. (James Cook), M.Ed. (Canberra University), FACEL (Qld)

IS YOUR CHILD WORRIED BY Headaches, Glare, Sore Eyes? Are they a poor reader, find words confusing, have difficulty reading the whiteboard?

MENTIO N THIS AD to receive a free FRAME fo r every pa ir of Irlen gla sses purchas ed

PERHAPS YOUR CHILD HAS A FORM OF VISUAL DYSLEXIA The answer could be as simple as a pair of special Irlen Tinted glasses. With 23 years on the Coast the Irlen Clinic has been helping children and adults successfully for years.

Go to Press on Irlen Symptoms, then Self-Test to do your own test, if you get a considerable number of yes’s then the Irlen Method could be your answer.

Located at Buderim. Call today to find out if this could be the answer for your child on 5445 2458





like it’s their Own?

Anita Humphreys, Principal of Terreno Management Pty Ltd, has 22 years’ experience in the industry and has lived on the Sunshine Coast for 29 years. Her team manages properties across the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland; they have tenants on their database looking for long term properties across the Sunshine Coast.

WHAT TERRENO MANAGEMENT OFFER: • A genuine commitment to service and a high degree of personal attention so as to provide the best possible Property Management Services available. • Informative and up-to-date information and working knowledge of the legislation governing tenancies in Queensland, known as the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act. • They’ll work towards and provide the best possible return on your investment, based on up-to-date and relevant information that is only acquired through being proactive. • Terreno will verify the credibility of any and all prospective tenants to ensure minimum disruption to the ongoing success of your investment property. • Regular and consistent attention to each and every property to ensure that Property Managers and tenants alike fulfil their individual obligations. • They’ll assist you in building a profitable and tangible Property Investment Portfolio based on realistic and informative decisions. • Entry Condition Report — a detailed Entry Condition Report is completed that outlines the condition of the property at the commencement of the tenancy. The tenants have three days to complete this report and return it. Terreno also supply detailed photos of the property inside and outside saved to a disc. • Routine Inspections — they carry out their first routine inspection of the property once the tenants have occupied the property for six weeks, then every three months thereafter. Written reports are issued on all routine inspection reports carried out.

Anita, Terreno Management

• Rent Collection and Disbursement to owners’ accounts — payments made to owners account twice a month. They can also arrange payments of water, council rates, insurances, etc., from rent payments to ensure easy accounting at the end of financial year. • Repairs and Maintenance — to maintain your property in good condition, it is important that all necessary repairs and maintenance are carried out when required. • Vacating Procedure and Exit Condition Report — due to recent changes to the Residential Tenancies Act, all tenants are required to be given two months’ notice if their tenancy agreement is not going to be renewed. However, the tenant is only required to give the owner two weeks’ notice. As soon as the notice is received, the property is placed back on the market in order to find suitable tenants as quickly as possible and minimise the property’s vacancy time. The tenants must leave the property in the condition in which they found it. All property management fees are tax deductible.

TESTIMONIALS: “I have been leasing the same property through Terreno Management for the past 11 years and Anita goes above and beyond to ensure the tenants’ and owners’ needs are met.” – MB, Coolum Beach. “Anita Humphreys and the team at Terreno Management have looked after our property portfolio for the past seven years and we have always received fantastic service from them.” — DK, Mackay. “Anita always goes above and beyond to ensure any situation that arises is quickly dealt with to ensure the smooth running of my investment property.” — JW, Adelaide. “Thank you so much for your quick service. The tenants gave notice that they were leaving and you had found me new tenants within three days. We are so happy and thankful that we have you looking after things for us.” — GS, Sydney. ca

Anita has owned and operated a successful real estate business for 21 years, using her excellent working knowledge of RTA rules and regulations, and the Property Agents and the Property Occupations Act of 2014. Anita strives to fulfil her obligations when it comes to landlords and tenants alike and, having built an excellent reputation across a wide sector of the property industry nationally, her services are highly in demand.

Good Human Resource Management is all about relationships. When I talk to my kids about the importance and value to them personally in building strong and healthy relationships, I liken it to managing your personal finances or bank account. We have discussions like — does your friend treat you as well as you treat them? Do they support you in good times as well as in bad? Do you ensure that both your interests are balanced when making decisions about what to do? Your personal and workplace relationships are exactly the same. If you take, take, take at work and yet don’t give anything in return, it’s likely that your relationships will suffer as a result. This leads to disengagement, disgruntlement, and often workplace conflict. We all know what happens to your bank account if you keep making withdrawals and don’t make any deposits — your account will end up in deficit. In my view, healthy relationships exist when parties to the relationship give and take what they need in reasonable equal measures. For example, the employer who repeatedly gives opportunities for an employee to have flexibility to attend non-work related appointments or attend a family event during work hours (because they are fair and respect the needs of their team member to balance family and work commitments), might be a bit disappointed if that same employee, who has enjoyed that flexibility, refuses to do reasonable additional tasks or is unwilling to stay behind to assist in finishing a project. Equally, the employee who has worked additional hours, or who never takes unplanned leave and has passionately worked hard for the employer, will feel the same disappointment in the working relationship if their request for flexibility is denied. All relationships take time, care and personal commitment to keep them in a healthy balance. The more effort and time you commit to putting into your relationships, the more you will get back. In the workplace, healthy relationship benefits are plentiful, not just


between the employer and employee but between colleagues as well. Team members who have a mutual trust and respect, and who have built healthy workplace relationships, can work collaboratively and productively, reducing inefficiencies and workplace conflict. KEY ELEMENTS FOR A HEALTHY, BALANCED WORKING RELATIONSHIP:

•  Communication — good relationships depend and rely on open, honest and effective communication. •  Mutual Respect — value each person’s ideas and input. Work together on solutions to issues based on both sets of views and opinions. When making decisions in the workplace that affect others, ensure you include them in the discussions and consider their views. •  Trust — if you trust each other, you can have honest discussions as you have formed a strong bond. Don’t ever breach trust given to you and always keep your confidences. •  Being Mindful — you are individually responsible for your own actions and choice of words. •  Equality/Fairness — make sure you focus on maintaining a fair and balanced scorecard with your relationships. Don’t take more than you give! •  Don’t make assumptions — people aren’t mind readers; be clear and articulate about what you want in a kind, professional and courteous way. •  Appreciation — always be grateful and acknowledge those around you for their contribution to the working relationship. m

Michalle Faulkner, EastCoast HR

Michalle Faulkner knows people. In fact she bases her business on it! As a business owner herself, she can relate to the struggles and demands on your time when it comes to managing staff. A highly sought-after HR consultant and expert in human resources, Michalle believes: “invest in your people, increase your profit”.



We know what you need before you do BBC Digital have the tools to help your business get faster solutions, save money, and deliver a new level of efďŹ ciency.

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Choose BBC and get more than just technology Whether you acquire one of our leading brands of office machines or proven software solutions from BBC Digital, we recognise that our on-going support of these products is vital to ensuring that your business runs seamlessly. BBC Digital have integrated remote diagnostic software that allows our skilled help desk, field service staff and software professional service personnel to be notified of errors and alerts on products that we have supplied – sometimes even before your staff are aware. the office of the future is efficient, inspiring, productive and exciting to be part of. By 2020 it is estimated that 50% of the workforce will be millennials, and to appeal to this new breed of professional, BBC Digital is thinking “out of the cubical” to improve mobility, collaboration, department workflow and enhance space efficiencies. Do you want to find out how you could be saving time and money? You can visit one of our BBC Digital Innovation Centre’s across Australia and experience some of the newest business technology available that can save you time and money.

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More Freedom and More Savings!

Get out of the office by accessing your documents anywhere with Therefore Online and receive 37% off a 12-month Therefore Online document management subscription. Contact us to find out more.

Reduce accounts Payable processing costs and grow your profits



When handling invoices manually it can be difficult to stay on top of every requirement such as early payment discounts. Streamlined automation will help to speed up processes while ensuring everything gets ticked off along the way.

63% Avoid driving up unnecessary costs. A study by Sandsky Group found that using electronic AP processing is 63% more costeffective than manual processing.



Stay aligned with The Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act by ensuring progress payments can be recovered when needed without a glitch.

1300 249 992




There’s no doubt that the VET education sector has exploded in recent years. Some of the more popular qualifications available provide graduates with the ability to become a Gym Instructor or Personal Trainer. Other areas in demand include becoming a Trainer and Assessor, developing Business and Management skills, and those always sought-after First Aid qualifications. The National Training Package that guides these qualifications is constantly being updated. Firstly, be sure to check the code of the qualification being offered; next, confirm this is the newest code for the qualification and not an older version. The Fitness Training Package has included significant changes around content and the qualifications required to teach related courses. If you are keen to become an Exercise Professional, be sure to look for these

becomes a critical part of developing quality staff and improving their expertise, these qualifications provide graduates with the skills to become a Work Place Trainer and assess work place competency. As always, First Aid and CPR skills require annual updating and many occupations require these before you can commence employment. There is also good evidence to show that attending a face-to-face class, with real teachers in real classrooms, provides students with the best learning opportunities. If you are considering further study, be sure to seek out a reputable provider with long-term training experience. Where possible, attend classes in which you can talk to experienced and professional teachers. FIT College offers a range of quality qualifications across many industries and can help when it comes to deciding on a new career, or upskilling in your current career. ca 07 5409 7070

Mark McKean,

newer codes — Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30315), Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40215), Diploma of Fitness (SIS50215). Other in-demand qualifications include the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110), as well as the new Diploma of VET

FIT College Special Projects Manager

Mark has a PhD in Sport & Exercise Science, is an ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist, and a Level 3 ASCA Master Coach, Mark is the S&C Coach for USC Spartans swimming and Sunshine Coast Lightning Netball Teams.

(TAE50111) and Diploma of TDD (TAE50211). As work-based training

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ROSANNA NATOLI to star in Gateway Theatre Productions’ WIZARD OF OZ Seven Sunshine Coast news presenter, Rosanna Natoli will take to The Events Centre stage when she performs in Gateway Theatre Productions’ upcoming season of The Wizard of Oz, opening in Caloundra on 8 April this year. Gateway Theatre Productions are set to bring a new, bright and wonderful retelling of the 1939 classic film, filled with theatrical special effects, amazing sets and costumes, a 20 piece orchestra and a cast of 80! This charming story is based on the popular L. Frank Baum fantasy tale, in which Dorothy and her dog Toto are caught in a tornado’s path, taking them on a journey to the 'Merry Old Land of Oz'. Dorothy meets some memorable friends and foe along the way, who help her return home, and who

find the brain, heart and courage they’ve been searching for. Gateway Theatre Productions’ Executive Producer Tracey Ferguson says 'The Wizard of Oz' is a story recognized by everyone, and is the family favourite for many.“It’s very different to our debut production of 'Jesus Christ Superstar' and we hope to see Sunshine Coast families in the audience, particularly as the season sits within the school holiday period.” Ms Ferguson said she is delighted to have Rosanna Natoli on board. “Rosanna is such fun to work with and is really immersing herself in her role as the Wicked Witch.” Rosanna is supported by a cast of almost 80, including 50 Munchkins, who will be played by children from the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. “The kids are loving the experience and are so committed to the rehearsal process. They really are going to create quite a spectacle, and will most certainly surprise our audiences with their performance,” says Ms Ferguson. The adult cast of this production features some of the brightest musical theatre talent from South East Queensland, including Kayleigh Marven as Dorothy, Liam Wigney as Scarecrow, Paul Wheeler as The Wizard of Oz will open at The Events Centre in Minchinton Street, Caloundra, with 4 shows only from 8 April to 11 April. Tickets start at $49.90 and are available from To find out more please visit or call 0458 020 370

YOUR SMILE MATTERS FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER Google Oris Dental and visit their smile gallery to see the difference a beautiful smile can make!

Phone: 5444 4308 10/7 Nicklin Way, Minyama QLD 4575 Oris Dental - Spreading smiles. Changing lives.





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By Cath Molloy

Whenever I think of Change Management, I hear the song “Changes” inside my head and know we must turn and face the change... accept the challenge, look for the new opportunities that always come with change, and then create some awesome solutions and plans to move ahead. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes…time may change me…and time does change all of us; it’s up to us to decide how we accept the changes and make sure we use them to our advantage. Some people believe you need to change your business model every two years so you don’t get complacent or bored, while others get in a rut when they don’t face changes and challenges. We can instigate change, be in control of it, and not be a 'victim' of change. As we all know, if nothing changes, nothing changes. So why should we want change, and how do we manage it? Managing change is the 'speak' of the corporate world. I wonder what it was called before this term was invented? Maybe continuous improvement? Anyway, managing change, managing time, managing people, managing results, managing projects…in actual fact, it’s all about the people, the management, and not so much the change because, as Winston Churchill once said, “To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.” I want to share a story with you that we so often see unfolding in the business world. I refer to five monkeys and their attempt to get at a bundle of bananas. Here is a simple version of the experiment:

The bananas were placed on the top step, and all five monkeys began to climb the steps to get them. Once all the monkeys were on the steps, they were sprayed with ice-cold water, which frightened them and they also hated getting wet. This happened every time they tried to get the bananas, so eventually they gave up trying. Next, they placed a new monkey in the habitat, while one of the original monkeys was removed. The new monkey saw the bananas and instinctively made for the steps, and the other monkeys threatened him and shrieked and he eventually gave up trying. A second monkey was then placed in the habitat and another of the original monkeys was removed. They threatened the second new monkey as she tried to get to the bananas and it was interesting to see that the first new monkey joined in even though he had never been sprayed with water. The same phenomenon was observed as they replaced the third and fourth and fifth monkeys into place. Now, none of these monkeys living in the habitat had ever been punished with cold water for climbing up the steps. Yet as the fifth new monkey made a dash for the steps the other four, as before, screamed and threatened her until she gave up.

The conclusion to be drawn is that, in the end, the monkeys were upholding a social norm that was no longer connected to a logical consequence. Some people also resist change, and I wonder what the outcome would be if they didn’t play one of these parts as above. Do you sometimes act like these monkeys? Or are you happy to see what change could bring if only you let it?

Change is ultimately all about people - if they don’t change, then nothing significant changes. Being able to let go allows you to experience what happens one change at a time, one moment at a time, and one day at a time. This is where true Change Management works best. When change is embraced and you are the navigator of change, it will create a healthier, happier workplace culture.

The four responses to change







Sit back, relax and let us do RED TAPE FOR TRADIES work fordo this you. But the you can actually quickly, easily and cheaply.

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Researchers created a comfortable habitat for five monkeys, in order to do an experiment. When the monkeys had adapted to their new habitat and had forged some relationships, a bundle of bananas was presented to them, a treat they rarely received. To get to the bananas, the monkeys would need to climb to the top of some steps.



My Carrot Consulting was created through a desire to benefit those corporate teams who are stuck in the old styles of coaching and training in a classroom environment and need to transition to 'real world' techniques, infield route riding, and 'real life' situations. I also give clients the support and tools needed to face challenges, become true exploratory experts with their customers and develop long-term business partnerships; this allows them to switch from being 'transactional' style sales people to 'relationship' business development consultants.

My Carrot Specialties: all aspects of business development, sales (internal and external), marketing, account management, route to market, distribution, vertical markets, business planning, sales and marketing planning, projections, Training and Assessment coach.

AMANDA RICHENS I believe your mental and physical health matters! Being passionate about coaching, business development and business success, I have had the privilege, and been given the gift, of combining these passions together over the last 25-plus years. Committed and experienced in the FMCG industry, I have now worked within every aspect of the industry at all levels. Three years ago, I made the choice to create my own 'startup' distribution company and was responsible for fulfilling all roles from my home, including sales, marketing, advertising, coaching, stock controller, bookkeeper, warehouse manager, accounts, delivery driver, while also generating new business all in a single day! Based on the success of one of the brands represented, I was 'poached' to join the team at a senior level and grow the brand nationally. Today, I am proud to leave this business to return to my dream role of coaching others in their own business development and sales careers in order to maximise their personal and professional development.

Over the past 10-plus years, I have specialised in business development and sales growth across many strong brands within Australia, identifying areas of improvement and gaps in coaching environments that use dated techniques infield. My aim is to step up and encourage sales teams to step out of the norm of a typical sales role and ask themselves the important question: “Why?” IAN RICHENS Your business matters! My speciality is generating improvement and CHANGE to your business’s advantage and benefit. With a passion for technology and the good fortune of having grown up in a successful family business, I’ve gained a strong analytical approach to making things work in a more efficient, economical and userfriendly manner in many environments within your budget. I am a seasoned business and technology professional with over two decades’ experience covering all aspects of technology and business, culminating in Solutions Architecture, Project Management, Business Analysis, Innovation, Management, Engineering and Operations roles. I can grasp conceptual developments quickly and pass on the implications and advantages to business with an absence of 'jargon'. Specialising in identification through exploratory, analysis, design, engineering, project management, delivery, across private and public sectors, from small business to large enterprise projects locally and nationally.



Nestled in the heart of Kawana is the Buddina Community Garden, an oasis of green in suburbia. Look closer and you will see a group of dedicated volunteers creating something for the community. At the Buddina Community Garden we grow our own spray free food. The garden is open to the public to walk through and enjoy. There are even some beds where the picking of herbs and lettuce is allowed for a small donation into the donation box.The Buddina Community Garden recently celebrated its 5 year anniversary.


A crew of enthusiastic people all got together one day. They found a patch of dirt not far from Nicklin Way Just over here in Kevin Asmus Park A great idea, I beg your pardon What a perfect spot they thought For a brand new Community Garden So many people gave their time Suzie, Trevor and Kevin Until they made it happen there and opened in 2011 Growing everything from peas to Lemon Verbena A wonderful village centre for the people of Buddina Getting together, we all like to share A little jam for you or just a banana It’s all happening here for the Generous people of Kawana A garden for plants and food standing up to all kinds of weather at Buddina Community Garden Where we are all Growing together. Our next garden lease period begins this month so if you have thought about growing your own food or becoming a member of a small urban farming community please contact us via facebook Buddina Community Garden or visit our website at e

'My Carrot' allows me to work with some amazing people across various businesses, further developing my growth of products, services and processes, which I utilise to help everyone I can while sharing my knowledge to the benefit of others. a Ph: 1300 681 511 Web:




. .. ” s r e k a m e g n a h C “

NEED MORE THAN VISION, By Ted Fitzgerald Sunshine Coast Numbers Expert


Effective business changemakers will have: (1) a clear idea where they want to go; (2) an accurate 'roadmap' showing how to get there; and (3) a good sense of timing.


Three 'trend signals' can help guide (2) and (3) above. They are called Leading, Lagging, and Coincident Indicators. The first signals a rise in market activity BEFORE the general economy improves. This is where the BIG profits are! The second FOLLOWS moves in the overall economy, giving useful risk alerts. The third reports changes in the overall economy and is more ambient noise than a predictive signal. Here is a brief overview of their role and what information can to be used to inform (2) and (3) above.

• GDP movements (by state) quarterly (source RBA).

LEADING INDICATORS Leading Indicators are short-term economic predictors. For example, stock market trends are a good Leading Indicator, as the market usually improves before the general economy. Others include consumer sentiment and building trends. For Sunshine Coast businesses, here are five sources that are easy to find and interpret: • Unemployment trends, job vacancy trends (monthly — source ABS Cat 6202, Cat 6354). • Consumer and Business Sentiment Indices (RBA H3/Westpac/NAB). • Building approvals/commencements (source ABS Cat 8731). • ASX 300 (updated monthly and looking back 20 years, source ASX/ RBA F7). • Local tourism data (go to www. LAGGING INDICATORS Lagging Indicators typically appear a few quarters behind a change in the market. I suggest following two easy indicators: • Movements in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), quarterly (source RBA). • Job vacancy, unemployment trends, monthly (source ABS).

Coincident indicators change roughly at the same time as the whole economy, and it can be useful to monitor two indicators: • Retail and new motor sales trends, quarterly (source RBA).

SUMMARY Want some good news? Check the chart I prepared to guide personal investment activities. With it I correlate trends for the ASX All Ords (higher risk, higher rewards), the gold price (lower risk, lower rewards), and the base rate interest rate as set by the Reserve Bank (a pointer to inflation and higher costs). What these six years’ trends, plus others I monitor, are telling me, is that the future is looking good, and it is a GOOD time to be a ‘Changemaker’ on the Sunshine Coast. So go on, have some fun. Put a little time aside each month to monitor trends to guide progress in the changes you have set. Not only is it fun, you’ll also be surprised how it can impress your bank manager. ca


Individuals can change their mind about who they want to appoint as their attorney for a variety of reasons. For example, if their relationship with that individual changes, if that person is no longer in a position to fulfil their obligations, or if the individual dies or loses capacity. If your circumstances change, it’s imperative that you arrange to replace your appointed attorney. The appointment of an attorney may be revoked by a term in the document itself, or in writing by the principal. You, as principal, need to inform your attorney that the power has been revoked. If the power of attorney documents have been registered in the power of attorney register, then you need to have them deregistered. Your solicitor can assist you with implementing these changes.

I really want to change my Will — what do I need to do? People’s circumstances are constantly changing. People separate, form new relationships, have loved ones pass away, have children, etc., so it is often necessary to review your Will. You need to ensure your Will accurately reflects what you want to happen to your estate in the event of your death. For example, the Will made during a relationship may no longer be appropriate if you have separated, and if you don’t update it, then provisions made for your former spouse may still be followed if you die. Furthermore, if your former spouse has entered into a new relationship, it may mean that their new partner could benefit from your estate. Depending on your needs, a change to your Will may simply be addressed by a document called a codicil, which is an additional document added to your existing Will, as opposed to the preparation of a completely new Will. You should discuss this with your solicitor, who will provide advice.


I have a person appointed as my power of attorney, but I want to appoint someone else — why do I need to do this?


How can I make sure my superannuation goes to my children? It is important to be aware that Death Benefits for superannuation funds do not by law form part of your estate to be distributed according to your Will. Instead, it is generally up to the discretion of the Trustee of your superannuation fund to determine to whom the benefit is paid. Any nomination of preferred beneficiaries will not be binding upon the Trustee unless the fund permits a Binding Death Benefit Nomination. If your circumstances change — for example, if you separate from your spouse — it is essential that you revoke your Binding Death Nomination and execute a new document nominating your children as the beneficiaries.

If you have not made a Binding Death Nomination, you should consider doing so as, generally, death benefits will be paid from the fund as determined by the trustee and will likely be distributed to your spouse, children and your estate in such proportions as the Trustee determines appropriate. m

Kristen Beckhaus, Beckhaus Legal

Kristen is the Director of Beckhaus Legal with over 10 years of experience including civil and commercial litigation, criminal matters, wills and estates and leasing. Kristen is also a director for Nambour Tramway Company Ltd which is committed to the re-activation of the heritage listed tram line in Nambour and is a key element of the Nambour Activation Plan.


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Volunteering that’s changing lives

“Volunteering through Community Mates for the Disabled Surfers Association (D.S.A.) at Maroochydore Beach recently with my teenage son was amazing! We had no previous experience, but it was easy and the team leaders were fantastic, showing us what to do. Volunteering was the perfect re-bonding for a grumpy teenager and an “over it” Mum. This time was one of the best investments we’ve made in our relationship. The experience reminded me of my son’s good nature, it reminded him of all the good in his life and how he can help others and it was a wonderful shared experience. The best part of all was the joy of being together with beautiful people - participants, volunteers and carers. I can’t recommend volunteering with the Community Mates team highly enough!” (Emily - November 2016)

Get Involved:

1. Get your mates together (or just you). 2. Donate your time, not your money. 3. No ongoing commitment, ever. 4. Turn up on the day and just have FUN!

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to enjoy a deeper, richer, more meaningful life in 2017! To receive email updates of volunteering opportunities coming up in your area, register online at

#VolunteeringMadeEasy #CommunityMates #StartTheChange!


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Hello Baby 3D says “hello” WHEN HELLO BABY 3D, THE PREMIUM NONDIAGNOSTIC 3D AND 4D PREGNANCY ULTRASOUND SERVICE, EXPANDED THEIR OPERATIONS INTO A COMMERCIAL SPACE AND TOOK ON STAFF, THEY RECOGNISED A NEED FOR EXPERT SUPPORT IN WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT. On their accountant’s recommendation, Hello Baby 3D partnered with Workplace Central to manage their workforce and they’re so glad they did. Workforce Central took care of all the contracts, payroll and compliance requirements that come with employing staff, leaving Hello Baby 3D to get back to their core business of introducing parents to their new babies in the womb. “[Employment contracts] was not something we had thought of initially and [we’re] glad the suggestion was made as it really just helped make very clear what expectations and responsibilities there were for both employer and employee, all in accordance with the relevant Fair Work policies and legislation.” Having Workplace Central on their side has enabled Hello Baby 3D to establish the correct foundations for compliant and positive employee management and future-proofed them for any changes or updates to policies with Workplace Central’s ongoing service. “It’s great peace of mind knowing we don’t have to worry about

whether or not we are compliant and we don’t have to trawl through the Fair Work website to check if we ever have any queries!” The owners of Hello Baby have saved an estimated 40+ hours so far by handing over their workforce management to Workplace Central — hours they just didn’t have to sort these important tasks out on their own. “One of the most obvious and immediate benefits we’ve received from working with Workplace Central is definitely the time we’ve saved…By having Workplace Central take over our payroll processing it immediately freed up that time for us to focus on actually running our business. It just meant we were able to let the experts handle what they do best, so we could get on with what we do best!” If you’re after incredible 2D, 3D and 4D images of your baby in the womb, talk to the Hello Baby 3D team on the Sunshine Coast or Townsville:

If you’re looking for a partner to help with your workforce management, talk to Workplace Central today. A business owner’s responsibilities are never ending — let Workplace Central help lighten the load by managing your employment requirements in an all-inclusive management solution.



nothing changes

By Vickie Magic

MAKING THIS CHANGE COULD CHANGE EVERYTHING FOR YOU… Setting a daily ritual for success changed my life, so I thought I would share it.

What creates a magic moment for you? Is it something someone says? The way you feel about something? What you think about something? The truth is, the reality is, that we can create a MAGIC MOMENT at the click of our own fingers, inside our own head. So if you are feeling stressed — Overworked — As if there’s not enough time in the day — Like there’s too much to do — Or, you don’t know where to start— Etc., etc., etc.: fill in the blanks…


THEN SOMETHING’S GOT TO GIVE, something has to CHANGE. One thing I find works for me is to simply STOP. So, every single morning I do this little ritual and it sets me up for a fabulous day. Play some soft music, maybe Google some meditation music, and just breathe.

When you breathe, breathe in through your nose to the count of five, then out through your mouth. Did you know that if you breathe in and out like this while listening to calming, beautiful music, it is a statistical fact that your brain and heart can begin to connect. Then follow these SEVEN STEPS TO PEACE: 1. In that moment just allow all self-sabotaging tendencies to leave you, including any negative beliefs, fears, anxieties, traces of depression or stress, anything that you know doesn’t serve you. Allow them to float up to an imaginary magnet above your head.

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2. Now imagine a sense of calm coming across you, a sense of peace, fulfilment, contentment. 3. Then imagine yourself achieving something you really want to achieve, something you have been wanting for a while. See yourself achieving it; see others saying well done. 4. Feel the absolute pride in yourself that exists for achieving the success you wanted. 5. Feel love for yourself; now begin to feel love for others. Send love or thanks or respect to one person, someone that isn’t here, someone unwell, someone overseas or in another place — just send them your thoughts and love. 6. Be grateful — be grateful for what you have, your life, where you live, anything you can think of that you’re thankful for. 7. Open your eyes and look in front of you, soak in your surroundings and tell yourself, today is a great day for a GREAT DAY. When we are rushing around like blue-arsed flies, it’s not possible for our heart and brain to connect, so we don’t make the absolute best decision for ourselves. If we begin to make a habit of calming the farm, we set our day, and our life, up for success. Don’t knock it ’til you try it.

STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS: RELAX - DE-STRESS - TAKE A BREAK. You won’t believe the difference it makes!

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My Bio-nutritional therapy balances your biochemistry and treats the cause of your disease, not just your symptoms. Specialising in the treatment and management of chronic conditions:

the creative way!

Support, reward and enliven your staff with a unique professional development with a TWIST! experience... not only is there a core message, but it’s heaps of fun too! TWISTed offer Half Day, Whole Day and Weekend Corporate Creative Wellbeing programs, tailor made for your team to pause & play together Bookings for 2017 are NOW OPEN

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Matters Magazine Autumn Issue  

We include some great articles on Sunshine Coast Changemakers, and give you some ideas for embracing change and being the change within your...