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Don’t Risk Your Most Significant Asset With Just Anyone Introducing a fresh approach to real estate in Noosa. Founded by award-winning local real estate agent, Alex Harris, Noosa4Sale will change the way you feel about real estate agents. “Alex is the best agent we have ever used”. T & M Hall, Noosa Waters “Alex was exceptional. Achieved in three weeks what another agent could not in 5 years. I have no hesitation recommending her”. M Thomson, Noosa Heads “The most positive interaction we’ve experienced in over 20 real estate deals to date”. R & L Broadley, Tewantin “Without doubt, Alex is the most professional, hardworking, motivated and honest agent that we have ever met”. B & P Newbert, Noosa Heads “Never before have we had an agent work so hard and give us the ongoing feedback that Alex has”. S & K Reid, Noosaville “We’ve bought and sold 10 properties over the last 23 years and Alex Harris is by far the best agent we’ve ever dealt with”. A & C McKenzie, Noosa “The most professional agent in Noosa Heads”. J & H Lloyd, Noosaville “Not your typical real estate, Alex works incredibly hard and goes way beyond just doing her job. Without a doubt we would use her again and again”. C & A Thin, Tewantin “An amazing agent”. K. Wiliams, Noosaville “Alex was always a pleasure to deal with and is literally a breath of fresh air compared to other Noosa agents we dealt with. We have no hesitation in recommending Alex”. K & M Foster, Noosaville


0412 635 274

Suite CA8, Noosaville Business Centre, 28 Eenie Creek Road Noosaville QLD


THE BIGGEST CHANGE OF MY LIFE! It would be an understatement to say that 2017 didn’t end as I had planned!

I attended Eckhart Tolle’s retreat about living in the now I attended the Anthony Robbins’ Date with Destiny five-day seminar I crewed on his Unleash the Power Within And I did Business Mastery I had businesses I was training in-house with productivity and mindset I had my women’s mindset retreats I had been doing for five years The magazine was swimming along I was President of the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network I started a new business with my online 21-day transformational program called ‘The Magic Success Formula’


In fact, I heard more than one person say, “You’re so lucky you have it all: great business (now businesses), great home (less than one minute from the beach), great relationship (married to my soul mate), lots of friends etcetera, etcetera.” What more could a girl want? However, when it got towards the end of November I fell into a bit of a heap. My fake perception - but at the time my absolute reality - was that my family and friends no longer loved me and I wasn’t enough. I focused all my attention on this and facts kept on validating my belief. I got deeper and deeper into the hole and I just couldn’t dig myself out of it. I pushed my people away and I made crazy decisions. This was my gig. I knew this stuff. I had the mind stuff sorted – this is how I helped others. I didn’t have this stuff happen to me. But here I was. Then I realised something, two things actually. The first thing was that ‘Life is a mirror’. What we say about others is really just a reflection of what we are thinking about ourselves. I realised that it was me who no longer loved me, it was me who no longer thought I was enough, not my family and not my friends – ME. I didn’t love me and I didn’t think I was enough, BUT WHY? I guess it came down to the fact that after ten years of working on me, I still didn’t have the one thing I wanted the most – a healthy body. After ten years of dieting and doing this, that and the other thing, I was still overweight.

Vickiaegic M

07 5444 4456

WHY? WHY? WHY? Let’s think about that. You know what, I have said this before but I didn’t really get it until towards the very end of last year. I believe I held onto that flaw to show people I did, in fact, have a flaw, that I didn’t have it all. If someone said, “You have it all”, I would simply point to my body and say, “Really, I don’t think so”. The limiting belief I was holding on to was YOU CAN’T HAVE IT ALL. I truly believed that and my body backed me up to show the world this was the truth. I can actually hear my dad’s voice saying, “Ace it up, Vick. I told you from the age of seven you could be, do and have whatever your heart desires”. Yep, he said it but here I was 50 years later still believing that I COULDN’T HAVE IT ALL. The other thing I learnt, which is something I teach constantly, is that it is 100 per cent TRUE that ‘WHAT YOU FOCUS ON GROWS’. The more I focused on not being enough, the bigger it got. I am so grateful for these learnings. The truth is the gift of these learnings is the best thing I could have ever asked for. It’s changed the way I think forever, and it has changed the way I can teach forever too. I now have empathy instead of sympathy for people. I now can really UNDERSTAND, whereas previously I just understood as a concept.


At the beginning of last year, I had it all. This was going to be my year. I had great plans and declared, 2017 here I come!

I can’t believe this is the change issue. Because the change that has just happened for me is the BIGGEST change I’ve had in my entire life. I have finally made the FINAL CHANGE that I have been seeking for ten years. I am sharing this now because I believe others may be stuck the same way I was and searching for a way out. I hope some of my words may be just the catalyst to help someone out. It’s my vision, my purpose and my passion to make a difference. I am so grateful for the learnings and I totally believe this will make me a better teacher and a better leader. We sometimes think that when this or that happens (when we succeed at something or achieve something), we will be HAPPY, the truth is that when we are HAPPY this or that happens and we then succeed and achieve the things we want. THE HAPPINESS MUST COME FIRST. It makes complete sense to me now.



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Architectural designs (studios to 4 bedrooms) Flexibility in site suitability – suits sloping blocks Potential for income producing (2nd dwelling) Less site disruption – less impact on neighbours Energy Efficient Low Maintenance Sustainability ‘join the small house movement’ Innovative designs and construction HIA Building Innovation Award Winner 2015 and 2016


PH: 0411 136 599

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There is a new way to make the most of your time, use your expertise more efficiently and double or triple your revenue in the process.

If your marketing strategy relies on word-of-mouth, cold calls, random Facebook posts, leaving business cards in coffee shops and hoping for referrals, that’s a dangerous way to do business! There is a better way to take control of your time and attract potential clients on demand. It’s about having a system that turns strangers into leads, and leads into clients, any time of the day or night. 1. Facebook - the most advanced marketing platform in history. Want to target women aged 37 to 45 who are divorced and like Tony Robbins? You can. Want to ‘stalk’ people who have visited your website, engaged with your Page or watched one of your videos? You can! 2. Bring people from Facebook to your ‘Master Class’. A Master Classes develops rapport, connection and establishes your authority as the ‘go-to’ person in your niche. 3. Turn leads into clients. Offer a free call at the end of the class so that you can turn your lead into a client.

8 ISSUE 87

4. Deliver your service with online group coaching. Don’t make the mistake of creating a program before you’ve sold it! Get clients onboard, record your live training sessions then add this to your membership site, ready for new clients. Online group coaching helps you claim back some of those precious hours while serving more clients.

Are your current marketing strategies getting you the monthly revenue you want? Could you create a fantastic webinar if you had the necessary support team in place? m Send me your answers at

JODY MILWARD Founder - Social Charlie

Jody Milward is the founder of Facebook ad agency, Social Charlie. She heads an international team of Facebook ad and funnel specialists serving seven-figure business owners.




Here at Stewart Property, we are constantly evolving. As a boutique agency, we have the freedom to change our processes to cater for each and every client on an individual basis; you are not just a number with Stewart property. Our client base stretches across the generations and each group has different expectations when it comes to communication, marketing, time frames and presentation.

staff are either registered or fully licensed to sell real estate and, as a member of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland, there is a high expectation in regards to the way we do business.

Our administration and sales teams continuously attend training sessions and industry seminars, to help them keep on top of new processes so they can better serve our clients and customers. These sessions also keep us up-to-date on new legislation requirements.

From the World War II generation to Baby Boomers 1 and 2 and through to Generation Y and even Gen X, we’ve got you all covered. And with Generation Z about to hit the market in the next few years, we are already studying what their expectations will be in regards to communication and marketing.

If you choose to work with one of our sales team or our property management team, you can expect the best. We are trained, experienced and know our stuff.

We are constantly changing and will continue to do so in order to be able to look after you the way you expect. 2018 has started with a bang in regards to real estate on the Sunshine Coast and what a fabulous year we have ahead of us! ca Stewart Property E: P: 07 5457 8100 M: 0412 713 04

To remain one of Mooloolaba’s mostcontacted agencies it is imperative that our communication is impeccable, and our knowledge is second-to-none. All of our



ABOUT VICKI Vicki Stewart is the Director and Licensee at Stewart Property

Mooloolaba. With 30 years’ experience selling on the Sunshine Coast, Vicki has all the answers. Vicki is an REIQ Fellow and is a constant source of industry information for local newspapers and magazines. Heavily involved with the community and a past president of Mooloolaba Rotary Club, Vicki is a true Sunshine Coaster. 9



We all know that if we want to change, we have to change things. However, we often don’t change a thing but expect different results. What is it about us humans? We know what we have to do, but we don’t do it. As a concept we know that to get to A we have to do B. We know it, we absolutely 100% know it, but why can’t we do it?

I am a perfect example of this. For at least ten years I have tried to lose weight. Ten years! It’s insane, isn’t it? There isn’t a soul alive who doesn’t know that to lose weight you have to eat less and move more. Boy, that sounds simple, don’t you think? It sounds so simple that there shouldn’t be one fat person on the planet, least of all me! I have done more research on losing weight than possibly anyone else in the world. Why then, don’t we do what we know we need to do to get what we want? IS IT BECAUSE WE:


It could be A, B or C but, to be honest, I think it’s D. We know what we want. We know how to do it. But have we dug deep enough to invent a big enough WHY? You see I think it’s the WHY that gives us leverage and it is LEVERAGE that makes something that was difficult much easier. So think about something you want to be different. I’m sure you know what you need to do, but you're not doing it and maybe you don’t understand why? I have to admit I didn’t understand why I just couldn’t stay on track. I would try and try and try and then fall off again and again. When I looked at my 'why', it was wishy-washy. It didn’t really have much backbone. It was actually about me - I wanted to lose the weight to feel better, look better. This 'why' didn’t push me far enough to make it happen. The truth was I wasn’t prepared to give up the cookie, the cake, the wine. The pleasure of eating the food outweighed the pain

of being overweight. Until the pleasure of looking good outweighed the pain of not looking good, I was never going to maintain the program. Until the pain of being overweight outweighed the pleasure of eating the yummy food, I WASN’T GOING TO CHANGE. Now I find that eating the wrong food, and too much of it, is painful and unpleasant. There's no pleasure in that overfull feeling. Over and over again we hear people say they've tried everything. Really? Everything? Have you tried eating less and exercising more on a regular ongoing basis? That works!


but then I added up my calories and guess what? My salad for lunch was 1300 calories; healthy but way, way, way too much. My healthy afternoon snack of one or two handfuls of almonds was 350 calories! So until I actually had a look, I could kid myself all the way to China that I had done everything I could do. Because the truth is IF NOTHING CHANGES NOTHING CHANGES. So what are you prepared to change to get what you want? And I don't mean as a concept. What actual action will you take to get what you want? You can kid yourself all you like like I did. Or you can make the changes - PERMANENT CHANGES RIGHT NOW - that really will get you what you want. Whether it is alcohol, gambling, drugs, food, shopping, whatever your addiction is IF NOTHING CHANGES NOTHING CHANGES.

Have you ever been guilty of that? I have for ten years now. Has anyone out there reading this been in the same boat? Well, guess what? We have to burn the boats and blow up the bridge so there's no way back. We are living in La La Land, convincing ourselves we have done all we can and we just can’t do it. I guess we have to go back to the heading of this article - IF NOTHING CHANGES NOTHING CHANGES. We want change without change.

If you keep banging your head against the wall in the same place, two things will happen.

We want a million bucks without changing a thing.

NO MORE. QUESTION: When is enough enough? ANSWER: When it is enough.

We believe that the law of attraction will bring us want we want just because we want it.

1. You will wreck the wall and 2. You will most definitely get a headache. So we need to stop doing the same thing and expecting different results. Trust me; I did it for ten years.

So what are you prepared to CHANGE to get what you want?

You will never ACT on anything you know you need to act on until you DECIDE THAT THE TIME IS NOW. Until you make the DECISION that it is ENOUGH.

For my part, I knew that I had to eat less. Sure, I was eating healthy

But the real truth is that nothing changes if nothing changes.

f 11



If the prospect you’ve been waiting for suddenly appeared to buy your business, would you be ready for them?

• Formal contracts need to be in place for all your employees, as well as trading agreements with key suppliers.

Just because you’ve decided it’s the right time to sell, and you’ve emotionally committed to selling, it doesn’t mean your business is ready for sale.

• Sales and marketing strategies will also be of interest since these have a direct impact on your business’s ability to fulfil sales forecasts. Increasingly businesses, and in particular service businesses, are relying more and more on enquiries and sales through the web so if you can provide website and social media analytical data which tracks enquiries and conversions, that will also be of enormous value.

Many business owners don’t understand that being prepared to sell their business - and their business being properly prepared for sale are actually two totally different things. So before you decide on an approach to selling your business, here are the five things you need to do to ensure your business is really ready to sell. If you’re properly prepared to sell your business, you’re properly prepared for success. STEP 1: Build an appealing business • Strong sales demonstrating consistent growth over the past three years. • Profitability is good - and increasing year-on-year. • Your service or product has an enviable reputation. • Excellent customer feedback, high levels of repeat business and a full order book. • The business runs without your day-to-day involvement.

• Basically, you need to get your house in order! STEP 4: Demonstrate your business can fulfil its sales forecasts

• Potential buyers are very attracted to businesses that are ‘future proofed’. STEP 5: Help instil confidence in potential prospects You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression. Do the groundwork now to ensure you have everything in place to present your business at its very best. Potential new owners need to know they can successfully continue to operate your business. It’s far better to be prepared for the day a prospect knocks on your door than to have an interested buyer and not be prepared. m Mob: 0415 543 469 Email:​-​mauric

STEP 2: Proof that your numbers stack up • Most businesses are valued using a simple formula so astute buyers will want to see your financial results. It is critical this information is available for a prospect to view once appropriately pre-qualified and having signed a Confidentiality Agreement. • Information that ‘stacks up’ will also give the prospective buyer confidence they are considering a well-run business. Step 3: Dot your ‘I’s and cross your ‘T’s • Any serious prospect will also be looking for evidence of sound customer and supplier relationships. If your business has a well organised Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database with documented customer contact and buying history it will certainly be more appealing.

WHY DO CLIENTS CHOOSE TO WORK WITH DIONE? A full-service offer, experience, expertise, integrity, and ethics. Delivers outstanding results for both buyers and sellers. Extensive knowledge of Queensland’s business sales trends. Award-winning broker - Winner of the Franchise Council of Australia QLD/NT Multi-Unit Franchisee of the Year. Finalist in the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network Awards and the Sunshine Coast Business Awards. Finn Franchise Brokers Sunshine Coast | Mob. 0415 543 469 Email.

12 ISSUE 87


A 10-year business sales veteran, Dione is Managing Director of Finn Franchise Brokers Sunshine Coast, based at Peregian Beach. Dione has sold hundreds of businesses across many big name brands and industries. She has built a solid foundation of clients through her expert sales skills and outstanding results.





In a relatively short period of time, the way we live and work has been transformed by new technology. Most of us would now be lost without email, social media, smartphones and Wi-Fi. The digital revolution isn’t going to stop and communities must embrace technology if they want to succeed in the 21st Century. SunCentral’s ambition is for the new Maroochydore CBD to be one of the most technologically advanced in Australia and this year it launched an initiative to ensure that ambition is realised. The company called for expressions of interest from technology companies to partner in the delivery of key features of the future Maroochydore City Centre. They include world-leading Internet speeds for business, research and education services, and outstanding public Wi-Fi access for residents, visitors and business, taking advantage of the coming 5G network. The CBD will also deliver innovative services and embrace the ‘Internet of Things’, which is already increasing connectivity between electronic devices, appliances and infrastructure.

The new CBD’s use of technology is already ahead of many other Australian cities. An Automatic Waste Collection Service, which will use underground pipes to transfer waste directly from apartments, offices and businesses, has been installed beneath the first stage of the core commercial precinct, along with the infrastructure to support the high-speed fibre network. But SunCentral isn’t taking the future for granted. If the Maroochydore City Centre is to be Australia’s best-connected city beyond 2020, its digital vision needs to be implanted now. The response from the private sector to SunCentral’s search for a technology partner has been encouraging and it is clear that many share the vision and passion for the new CBD. Tapping into their expertise and energy will ensure the Sunshine Coast capital’s new CBD remains cutting edge for decades to come. ca To keep up-to-date with the latest Maroochydore CBD developments visit or 13


Lessons from the

TASMANIAN WILDERNESS I have spent the past three weeks hiking 10 of Tasmania’s Great Walks, viewing some spectacular scenery, tackling some challenging terrain and contemplating the coming year.

Simplifying life for a few weeks a year makes us aware of how busy we can become without knowing it. We need time to consider whether our busyness is aligned with our day-to-day enjoyment. Going off-grid with no access to phones or Wi-Fi is like doing a reset and recognising how dependent we have become on things outside of ourselves for attention and happiness. Not having phone reception and leaving my phone in my pack made me aware of how often my phone is in my hand normally, more as a habit than a conscious choice. Technology is an amazing asset but like all assets needs to be managed so it doesn’t turn into a burden. I like the way they teach teenagers at some schools the difference between leadership and Leadership. With a lower case ‘l’ it refers to the leadership of self, as opposed to ‘Leadership’ which has an impact on others at a community, national and international level. Schools recognise how critical it is to support students in learning self-leadership around technology and life choices. As ‘Leaders’ we need the skills to grow others.

The time out reminded me of three important lessons:

Developing self leadership and leading others requires us to be willing to keep learning and challenging ourselves.

• Always plan for a break

What is your learning and personal growth plan for 2018?

• Nature supplies all the essentials for us to find real peace and joy

FIRE UP Coaching P: 1300 347 387 M: 0409 686 772

• Start each year reflecting on what you can simplify in your life


ABOUT KATHY Kathy McKenzie is recognised as a pioneer in the field of coaching in Australia having designed a Diploma of Leadership Coaching and

Mentoring ((22233VIC) , and Certificate IV in Business and Personal Coaching (10547NAT) which are also International Coach Federation Accredited (ACTP) Studies and practical experience over 25 years give her a wealth of understanding of what it takes to really create personal or organisational transformation.

We specialise in specialists From Private Hospitals to Radiation Oncologists, Dentists to Orthopaedic Surgeons, we help many medical and healthcare clients thrive with a healthy injection of marketing.

14 ISSUE 87

SMART BUSINESS MOVE We’re creating a bigger, better, brighter city centre in Maroochydore with more to see and do.

Artist’s impression.

There’s never been a better time to live and work on the Sunshine Coast, and it’s only going to get brighter.



THE IMPORTANCE OF citations for local SEO You might be saying ‘speak English’ right now. Or wondering what ‘Citations’ are and why you need them. Don’t worry you’re not alone - when it comes to SEO sometimes we are MIA (missing in action).

I know that’s certainly the case for some business owners. We are so busy doing everything else we don’t always understand the difference and the IMPORTANCE of Search Engine Optimisation. Basically, citations are just any mentions of your name, address or phone number (NAP) on different online directories and equally authoritative websites. With all factors impacting local SEO promotion, businesses with more citations online often rank higher on Google, Bing and other search engines. With changes in Google’s search results and the Map Pack being reduced from seven listings to three, it’s now even more important to have your ducks in a row when it comes to local listings. What’s the importance of citations for your local SEO? When ranking for local searches, Google gives priority to businesses with a verifiable physical location in relation to the searcher’s location. In effect, the further away your business and the fewer mentions on the web to confirm your location, the smaller your chances of being picked up by search. It pays to have your business NAP highlighted on different online listings.

Some of the reasons Google favours citations include: Consistent citation of the business address proves to Google that your company fits in a given community. In such cases, your business will be given priority when matching consumers with your service. Note that these listings don’t necessarily need to be linked back to your site. In many cases, a nofollow attribute is more relevant. The goal is to get your business name out there not necessarily to link back to your website.

PRO TIP: Always, where possible, use the same NAP in your citation listings as your Google My Business listing. This will increase the link between the two for search engines. Where should you cite your business? Apart from having clear and precise contact information on your website, preferably in the footer and linked to your Google My Business listing, you should consider other authoritative sites and associations across the internet. For starters, you can boost your business visibility with citations on sites such as: • National and local directories. • Yellow Pages to Hotfrog to Gumtree. • Listing in your business association directory. • Mentions on the local Chambers of Commerce. ca

ABOUT JANE Felicity Jane Digital specialise in Local and Organic SEO to get you the results you deserve.

16 ISSUE 87


MATTERS MAGAZINE ISSUE 87 LAUNCH Thank you Rumba Resort for the great venue and great food.

What’s changed in REAL ESTATE? When was the last time you ran all over town to stand in front of shops, searching their window displays to find your next property? Ten years ago? Five years ago?

Nicole Peatey & Corrie Attneave (Secure Access)

You were then driven by the real estate agent from one home to the next until you found one you liked enough to purchase. It’s so ancient a method of shopping do you even remember doing it?

Brian Worley (Pacific Office Solutins), Alicia Dodgshun & Serg Gubecka (Recommended Agent’s)

There’s been a remarkable yet near imperceptible change since the mainstream uptake of the internet that shifted the modern real estate agency from a retail shop front to a first-floor business centre.

Not all agents have caught up with the change themselves. They still rent expensive retail space to showcase pretty pictures of properties in their windows.

Oscar Valdes & Sue Battistin (Visa Australia)

Kate Dever & Bill Knepscheld (Live it Travel)

Space to which clients rarely come. Windows that no real buyers even see as they whiz past in their cars, or on public transport, head down, immersed in their smartphones and tablet screens. The fact is more than 60 percent of property views on all portals are reported to be from mobile devices. Most shopping is now done online. This is the way of the digital world. So it is with real estate, too. Serious buyers are researching online, shortlisting, saving and sharing advertised properties with their friends. In fact, 90 percent of enquiries are by email, ten percent by phone and nearly all buyer enquiries are from online advertising. It is a disruption driven by the internet and accelerated by new technologies, putting my agency in the palm of my hand.

Alvia Turney (Act 4 Tomorrow), Annette Lasek(Laser Zone), Amanda Ballantine (Act 4 Tomorrow)

My shop window is, or - whichever is your preferred real estate portal. I am there, my listed properties visible worldwide, 24/7, right alongside the larger agencies with fancy high street offices. ca Noosa 4 Sale M: 0412 635 274 E:

ABOUT ALEX Award-winning real estate agent Alex Harris

is Principal of Noosa4Sale Pty Ltd, a full service real estate agency selling and managing residential and commercial property across the Noosa Shire. Sunshine Statesmen Barbershop Chorus 17


@ e n e Sc



embrace change


Change is here, like it or not. We are all awakening and evolving at some level and the deep yearning many are experiencing is leading people to embrace this new world we live in. When I lost my Mum at just 11 years of age shock overtook me and my family without warning. This led me to live in an unconscious suppressed bubble of silence. I didn’t feel comfortable expressing myself or speaking my truth because I didn’t want to hurt the people I loved. They were hurting so badly already. I had to embrace courage and bravery and I did this like a little girl soldier. I discovered that the more I stepped outside of my comfort zone and embraced change, the easier my life became and the better I felt within myself. As I became older and wiser I understood why. I was following my instincts and my intuition whilst listening and gathering information from others. The more I worked on myself, loved and trusted myself, and believed in myself, the easier it was to be congruent with my decisions, my dreams and my life purpose. The more I dived into change the easier it became to manifest and transform my dreams into reality. Ultimately I realised that it was my God-given right to make my own decisions and embrace change. And I chose to do that regardless of whether I stuffed it up, got it wrong or got it completely right. If I made the final decision, right or wrong, it was okay because it was my decision, not somebody else’s. Of course, in a relationship, or when a decision affects and involves others, we need to be flexible and mindful of their lives and their free will. I used to be a big believer when I was younger that change is only good when change is needed and, to some degree, I still believe this to be true. Why fix something that ain’t broken? We now live in such a different world. As we awaken and evolve we need to embrace change or we run the risk of being left behind. The best way, in my opinion, is to work on ourselves, empower ourselves and others and live as authentic a life as humanly possible. Take the risks and learn from the ones that don’t go our way. We shouldn’t dwell on things that go wrong but pick ourselves up again and again. Learn to listen, learn to give and learn to receive. Be grateful and embrace this precious life; we only get one conscious chance in this world and it has so much to offer us. My biggest inspiration is my Daddy ‘Antonio’. He was an amazing man and father. However, like many of his era, he was not a huge fan of change. He was private, structured, conservative and extremely loving and loyal. He was a man of hard work and routines and loved his family, home and garden. I often used to say to him, “Daddy, as confronting as it can be, sometimes it’s good to do something new. Once it’s done it isn’t new anymore and then the more you do it and embrace the changes, the easier and more fun it actually becomes”.

At the age of 80-something, my Dad embraced this like the true superstar he was. He started enjoying his life on another level of openness and change. This made Dad’s last years very happy and empowering. He got to show a side of himself that was full of life. This change gave his life purpose. He went out and did things he had never done. He faced his fears with courage, determination and strength and left a legacy of humility, loyalty and unconditional love. He was my best friend. It was a true daughter-daddy love and he was my hero. I am forever grateful that he encouraged me to never give up but to follow my dreams, be happy and embrace life to the fullest. I believe that to live our life purpose, the life we were born to live, we need to embrace change. We need to follow our dreams and passions and always trust our inner guidance. We need to have hope and hobbies that can possibly turn into careers that align with our spirit and soul. The perfect time to embrace change is right now. ca AVALON HEALING SERVICES M:. 0413 757 147 E:


ABOUT GEMMA Gemma specialises in a range of holistic healing and clinical therapies, including Transformational Coaching, Hypnosis,

Holistic Healing, Emotional Regressed Release Therapy, Rebalance & Body Mind Heart Integration, Life Forecast Readings, Mediumship, Grief Counseling and Guidance, Energy Clearing and Psycho-Spiritual Healing Therapies, Home and Business Clearings and Consultancy. ‘I assist those in times of transition, transformation and courageous change to step out and into the best possible version of themselves and their life’. 18 ISSUE 87

2018 is here. What plans do you have to keep your staff motivated, happy and headed in the right direction this year? The increased demands of modern day living - at home and at work - impact our health and well-being dramatically. Whether your business is large or small, and whether you’re a manager or business owner, an important part of leadership is providing the opportunity for your team to grow. The truth is, you can’t grow your business without growing your people. Research shows that staff wellbeing and workplace culture have a powerful influence on all aspects of business, including the financial and emotional cost of staff turnover, disciplinary incidents, absenteeism, customer service, productivity and employer reputation. Wellbeing industry leader Melissa Schembri can deliver personal development and performance psychology strategies to enhance your team’s personal and professional happiness, and cement the foundations of a productive, positive and happy workplace. Her fun, interactive and tailored workshops empower teams to appreciate their colleagues, create positive workplace communication and develop resilience along with leadership strengths.

Melissa has uplifted the lives of thousands of people and worked with some of Australia’s leading organisations, including Red Cross Blood Service, Kids Help Line - Yourtown (formerly Boystown), Mackay Regional Council, Leighton Contractors, Australian Institute of Management, Planning Institute of Australia, Catholic Education, Department of Education Queensland and Queensland Carers Australia, to name just a few. Whether you need a one-off workshop in your workplace (two to three hours), a 40-minute booster presentation at your conference or an ongoing staff Wellbeing Program, Melissa’s affordable and effective workshops can be customised to meet your development needs. So the question is are you providing an opportunity for your team to grow and evolve in 2018? For a free initial consultation on how to transform your workplace, call Melissa on 0403 327 792. LOCAL OFFER Sunshine Coast Businesses will receive ONE HOUR EXTRA at NO CHARGE. a Melissa Schembri

ABOUT MELISSA With a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology and Philosophy, Melissa has more than 15 years’ experience in corporate leadership and development.


OPEN 7 DAYS! Mon-Fri: 7am - 6pm Sat: 7am - 5pm Sun: 8am - 4pm

86 WISES RD MAROOCHYDORE Phone 07 5451 0533 • • 19






with Jean Sheehan

with Marilyn Brayshaw

with Catherine Craig




So often we want others to change when in fact it is about us being the change. That happened to me years ago when I was nursing. I felt my life was normal and supposedly happy. And then BOOM! Change occurred - and life became amazing.

... So why hasn’t your loan?

Autumn on the Sunshine Coast brings with it some relief from the sweltering heat and humidity that is our summer and, as such, it’s a brilliant time to sell your property.

Becoming the change allowed me to step up as a leader in my field of work and become a Key Person of Influence. My business became internationally recognised, I won awards and had my courses accredited. The change was seeing I made a difference to people’s lives. And that is what I am asking you to do now - yes you! Do you make a difference in people’s lives, personally and professionally? Do you allow others to shine? What if being the change was about you embracing the fact that you are amazing? It’s time to shine your brilliance. Millennium Education Ph 07 5641 4009 Mob 0414 758 360 Web

While our lives change constantly we can be guilty of a ‘set and forget’ attitude with our finances. A lot can change in a few years and changes to your personal life can impact your household just as much as market conditions. Whether you want a better interest rate, access equity for an investment, or you’re wondering if you can afford a renovation, refinancing is just a normal part of life. At Astute, we offer our clients regular financial health checks to make sure they know about the latest financial options for their unique circumstances. If we find a better option we may recommend you refinance. Benefits of refinancing can include: • Access to more favourable interest rates • Ability to consolidate debts into a single low rate loan • Access to home equity for investment or renovations • Flexible features that better suit your circumstances • The possibility of savings through lower repayments A tailored loan solution from Astute might be able to save you substantial time and money. Astute Financial Management Pty Ltd Ph 0414 789 665 Web astutefinancial. ABN 59 093 587 010 Australian Credit Licence Number 364 253

20 ISSUE 87

When there are an increased number of properties on the market at once, it becomes imperative that your property stands out from the crowd. Three principles that professional stylists use when preparing a property are: Research the Market. Look for properties similar to yours that are for sale in your area. Consider how they are presented, how long they have been on the market, the asking price or sale price and what features your property has that they do not. Know your Home. What are your home’s best features? Is it the view, the garden, the pool area or the location? Highlight that feature and show your home’s ‘best side’ to the camera for what will be the feature photo for your marketing campaign. First Impressions are Priceless. Research shows that it takes less than one minute for a potential buyer to form an opinion. Simple and Savvy Ph 0414 741 227 Web


HAIR with Maria Faulder

PLUMBING with Tracey and Craig Pugsley





Here at Suite Three Hair, we’re always on the lookout for hero products, to keep your colour fresh, your locks hydrated and your style on point.

The construction industry is moving as fast as the world of technology. Since the early 1980s, the world of plumbing has certainly kept up!

Colour fade is a constant challenge here on the Sunny Coast, so what’s the solution? Two words: Fabulouso Pro.

An installation today moves at a much quicker pace and needs much less manpower. Part of the reason for this is that the materials are so much lighter to work with.

Communication is essential in the property management business. In order to keep a property in the best condition, both physically and financially, property managers need to have open lines of communication with the property owners and tenants at all times.

This amazing product from Evo is a bespoke colour conditioner which we mix to the exact shade of your salon colour. You take it home and apply it whenever you feel like intensifying your colour or preventing fade. At just $39.95, Fabuloso Pro is Australian, Vegan, and paraben and sulphate-free. The next ‘must have’ product is Miracle Hair Treatment by Aussie company, Eleven. This delicious coconut cream lotion is applied liberally to the hair before swimming to strengthen fragile hair and repair dry or damaged hair. Miracle delivers UVA and UVB protection for the hair and scalp, and for thermal styling, and chlorine protection - all for just $24.95. The first ten people to make an appointment AND mention this ad will receive a FREE Evo Product. Maria Faulder Facebook Suite Three Hair Ph 07 5445 6700 Web

As a plumbing company on the Sunshine Coast we have embraced these changes with open arms. This has enabled us to stand out in our industry. We love to share our videos on our Facebook page and website to help our customers gain that fundamental knowledge needed to help in any emergency situation or, better still, prevent one from happening! Feel free to visit us at ‘If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’

Top Dog Plumbing Head Office 5370 9532 Email

At Laurent Property here are three things we strive to do to ensure great communication: Make it easy: We never want it to be difficult for people to get hold of us. It’s our job to be there when our clients need us. Respond quickly: When there’s a problem, issue or question, people want a fast response. We always aim to respond and take action as quickly as possible. Keep people informed: There’s nothing that frustrates people more than not knowing what’s going on. We always make it a priority to provide our clients with updates on their property. Many of our clients come to us after struggles with other property management companies. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to change what our clients think is typical of a relationship with a property manager. It doesn’t have to be a headache! Let Laurent Property be the Change you are looking for. We service all areas of the Sunshine Coast and surrounding regions.

Laurent Property Mob 0417 772 190 | Ph 07 5449 2417 Email Web FB 21




with Amber Fox

with Kate Brown & Mandy Ward

with Melissa Austin

UNDERSTANDING HOW CHANGE IMPACTS THE REAL ESTATE MARKET The real estate market is sizzling hot right now! We are seeing great buyer demand and properties are selling for more, quicker. However, that doesn’t mean we should be complacent. Aside from a massive event taking place nationally or globally - and regardless of overall market conditions that are measured annually - there are always ebbs and flows on a shorter term basis. They can be seasonal, political, a result of tax law changes, impacted by population and infrastructure, supply and demand and sometimes for reasons we don’t even know. The key to optimising your result in any market is always the 3 Ps: Presentation, Price and Promotion. Ensure your property is well presented, properly priced and skilfully marketed and you will get the best result in whatever market you are selling in. Do you think it might be time to make hay while the sun shines? It’s as easy as giving me a call or sending an email for a confidential, no-obligation chat. Amber Fox - The Property League Mob 0405 357 735 Email 20% OF MY SALES COMMISSIONS CAN GO BACK TO YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY- ASK ME HOW!

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As business owners or managers, we understand how important it is to have a great brand and happy clients who provide glowing testimonials and 5-star Google reviews. We spend a lot of time and energy ensuring our clients are satisfied. But what about our employees? Should we consider that they are also advocates in our community, for us and our businesses?

Just as your business has a lifecycle, so too does your life as a business owner. When it comes to your exit from the business world, pre-planning can have a dramatic impact on what you walk away with. During these seasons of change it’s wise to consider some of these key issues:

What is the impact on our business if we don’t look after our employment branding? • Difficulty attracting star performers • Costly, high turnover or performance and behaviour issues • High absenteeism and disengaged employees • Disengaged employees may not provide the best customer service • Higher risk of employment disputes • Negative community perception So how do you improve your employment branding? • Measure engagement and alignment • Listen and improve communication Mandy Ward and Kate Brown at Suncoast HR Services are specialists in helping businesses improve their employee branding. For more information, please contact them today for a free consultation. Kate Brown & Mandy Ward Suncoast HR Services Email Web

• Can you sell your business? If so, for how much and who to? • Is this enough to fund the next phase of your life (retirement, lifestyle, next business)? • What is your timeframe? Planning for your exit two to three years in advance reaps greater rewards than a sudden exit. From an accounting perspective, this provides a realistic timeframe to improve your bottom line and show consistency in financial results. It also ensures any tax planning and retirement structuring is well and truly in place when the right buyer comes along. It can take a lifetime to grow a successful business - your exit should not only be graceful but rewarding to both you and your successor. Brilliance for Business Ph 07 5437 7624 Email


BRANDING & MARKETING with Craig Levitt



with Tony Jannides & John Pickering

with Marilyn Black




If you’re like many business people I know, you feel you’re not always getting the best ROI on your marketing spend. You may even be questioning the whole marketing and advertising concept. Sound familiar?

People often ask the question, ‘why change?’ We know from experience that you have to keep up with change or you’ll get left behind. This is no different in the bookkeeping industry.

Extend your outside entertaining area all year round, without the cost of a builder! Folding arm awnings are ideal for patios, beside a pool, over a deck, or even to extend the dining area of a café.

My 30 years in business have shown me that only two things matter: the MEDIUM (TV, radio, Facebook etcetera) and the MESSAGE. And by message, I’m talking about the WIIFM Factor - What’s In It For Me?

Changes in the legislation and software affecting your business accounting processes are constant.

So simple to use, the arms extend horizontally (like an elbow) so you can sit underneath. It’s perfect for creating another living area in a stylish contemporary way.

Try this 4-Step WIIFM process in your advertising (real example provided): Create the Need. In other words, A headline like “How goals make a difference to your bank account”. What you do. We have developed the most advanced, step-by-step system to achieve any goal you want. Why choose you. Many people teach goals, but our unique goal-setting system has achieved faster results for thousands of people. Credibility through testimonials. For example, ‘In just three months I was earning more money than I ever had before’.

At FitBooks Online, we pride ourselves on keeping up with these changes. It’s an important part of the service we provide to our clients, to help them roll with the changes and remain compliant. FitBooks Online provides a complete bookkeeping solution to owners. Our simple systems will free up your time and allow you to concentrate your primary focus on running your business. Our own business model has also gone through significant change, enabling us to offer fixed price bookkeeping, payroll and BAS services, and ‘real-time’ financial information to better meet the needs of clients operating in this modern online world. What does this do for your business? It gives you certainty in relation to cost, and therefore cash flow, so there are no surprises.

Getting this right means you don’t need to spend more - you just need to say it better!

Call us now to arrange a free consultation.

Craig Levitt - Marketing & Success Coach Life & Wealth Academy Mob 0414 681 189 Email

FitBooks Online Ph Tony 0419 768 104, John 0401 717 630 Email Web


The awnings are custom-made to your exact requirements, with your choice of fabric colour and frame colour, including powder coating colours. The controls can be operated by a crank handle or can be motorised. Ideal for residential and commercial use, waterproof and water-resistant fabrics are also available. This motorised folding arm awning can be fitted with sun and wind sensors, so it automatically adjusts to suit the weather. You can even have one that can be controlled by a remote. With widths up to 10 metres wide, with up to 4 metres projection, these awnings can be mounted to a wall, pergola, up high next to the guttering, or under the eaves of your home. We offer a free no pressure measure and quote with a trained window furnishing consultant, at your home or office. Harlequin Blinds and Security Ph 07 5476 9888 Web 23


SEO: SHOULD YOU DIY? The mere mention of SEO is enough to send many business owners into a tailspin. Optimisation is considered confusing, boring and expensive. The truth is that ranking on Google can be a relatively simple process. It doesn’t have to be mindboggling and it can be done on a pretty modest budget if you DIY.

PROS VS CONS OF DIY SEO PRO: Save money It’s no secret that SEO consultants can cost a pretty penny so by doing it yourself you can save some serious dollars. The cost of education is far cheaper than ongoing consultancy fees. CON: It takes up valuable time SEO is for life not just for the New Year! Google is an ever-changing, ever-growing beast, therefore, SEO is an ongoing process. A setand-forget approach simply won’t work so, if you decide to DIY, you need to commit for the long-term. If you really don’t have time to dedicate to your SEO, it is probably a good idea to enlist some help. PRO: You have full control of your website If like me, you are a total control freak, doing your own SEO

will give you peace of mind. It will give you a 360-degree perspective of your online presence and an understanding of how all of your digital assets work together to build brand awareness, customer engagement and conversion. CON: It’s on you If you make a mistake, or your SEO is implemented incorrectly, then you only have yourself to blame. Your SEO is an important part of your business and if you go at it ‘willy-nilly’ you’ll do more damage than good. Make sure you know what you’re doing before you start playing with your website by investing in some SEO training. PRO: Keep your consultant honest Even if you choose to hire an SEO consultant in the end, if you know how to DIY then you’ll also know what your consultant should be doing for you and what they shouldn’t. By educating yourself, you’ll know how to tell the difference between a dodgy SEO consultant and a Google champion. ca Want to learn more about implementing your own SEO and SEO training? Get in touch. P: 0414 371 966

ABOUT DOMINIQUE Dominique is an SEO copywriter who

works with small businesses to develop content that is relevant, engaging and true to brand but is also jam-packed with Google nitty gritty.



Sit back, relax and let us do RED TAPE FOR TRADIES work fordo this you. But the you can actually quickly, easily and cheaply.

Tradies Scan the Scan the QR code QR code for maximum

for a free and simple turnover calculator for QBCC licensing. maximum turnover calculator.

To find To outfind moreout callmore us oncall (07)us 5439 1600

on (07) 5439 1600

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As an IT consultant, I see businesses being attacked by viruses and spyware on a daily basis. I’ve even seen them held to ransom for their data in extreme events. So how do you protect yourself from the online threats that seem to be looking over our shoulder all the time? Years ago, the typical hacking scenario involved a lone attacker who created code and targeted specific sites. Nowadays, however, it has evolved into bidding markets for malware, crime syndicates, botnets for hire and cyber warfare. It’s people, not computers, who create computer threats. They probe the internet looking for security vulnerability. They also rely on people to enable their exploits, unintentionally or unknowingly.

2. Train your staff on best practices when dealing with secure passwords, opening email attachments from random people and recognising unsecured website sites asking for personal data. 3. Most importantly, make sure your business has a backup plan in place for your data. It should be backed up daily and, preferably, stored off-site. If a hacker tries to hold you to ransom, asking for money in return for your data, you know you can restore your system without paying a cent. By implementing a proactive approach to your security, educating your users and taking advantage of the latest virus software, you’ll be better equipped to prevent, detect and strengthen your business against attacks and not become the next victim. m

So how do we protect ourselves from the online attacks and threats? There are some simple measures you can put in place to help prevent cyber attackers visiting your business. 1. Put the right technologies in place, such as a firewall to protect your network from the outside web. Implement a strong password policy in your network. Use cyber protection software that hunts for viruses and malware and update your computers with the latest security patches on a weekly basis.



Having been in the IT industry for over a decade, Corrie Attneave is always looking for the latest technology trends in order to design IT systems that allows businesses to streamline their processes. A key part of this is building relationships with clients who then become friends, and being considered a business partner who offers professional advice.



1300 880 565 25




... a i v l A r a e D

Dear Alvia I am really nervous about leaving my marriage, I keep coming up with reasons/ excuses I should stay but I don’t want to be in this relationship anymore. What if he gets really angry, what if he shuts down the banking or moves the money and I have no access? I don’t have a proper income and I am scared I can’t afford to live if I leave. I go around in circles and it all seems too big and I just stay. I am so sad and unhappy. How can any of this get sorted out? Melinda Dear Melinda Putting off what you know you should be doing for yourself gets worse the longer you leave it. Your self-esteem erodes, your unhappiness may also bring illness and or depression. Many, many people find leaving a relationship an overwhelming problem, however all problems can be solved. You do need to make a plan, start with making a list of the what if this or that happens and bring your list to us, we will work through each problem and help to resolve those concerns and we will also work with you on a plan for breaking up, when, where and how as respectfully as possible. The magazine’s theme this month is change, so Melinda, make that change for your best interest today. Alvia

Dear Alvia How long does all this separation stuff take and is it really possible to do this in a decent way as your website says? I just want to get out of this mess, move on and re-build my life. We have struggled for years, we are not happy and now it is impossible to even be civil. Rob Dear Rob Yes, it is possible to move through the process in as short a time frame as one month. We have many couples who want to have a straightforward separation, split assets and liabilities and move on. The important factors: are you both willing to do this process respectfully, listen to the lawyer’s legal advice, agree on values of assets, are you on the same page when it comes to how you wish to divide up your assets and debt? We manage the entire process step by step for both of you, that is the key in keeping everyone on track, calm and respectful as well as costs to a minimum. We can help you change your current situation in a short space of time you just need to make that call. Alvia

Dear Alvia My wife told me it is over, and she has been seeing someone else for the past 2 years. I am so angry and can’t seem to come to terms with her lies and deceit. It is affecting my work and how I am interacting with the kids. Right now, I don’t want to be fair with the settlement, why should she get half or more of everything, does cheating count with family law? Are you able to help me? Sean

Dear Sean My first suggestion would be to put you in touch with a great male psychologist we recommend, who will help with your mindset. Then I would suggest meeting one of the lawyers we engage for our clients. They will explain the no-fault divorce and what you are entitled to legally. And finally, I would say work with us. Because of our impartiality, we can keep your separation amicable and move you through it quickly and cheaply. You will regain control over your life, improve your relationship with your children and function effectively at work. Remember, change your perception and your problem will seem smaller. Don’t be disappointed that you’ve only just found out, be grateful that you have. Noone should be with someone who has already checked out. You will be happy again so embrace the change. Alvia ca

Alvia Turney

Act 4 Tomorrow Separation Specialists

“Get the help you need during separation – call for a free consultation. Act4Tomorrow: We want you out of the separation and onto happier days as quickly and cost effectively as possible” Act 4 Tomorrow: an easier, cheaper, better way to separate. Web: Ph: 1300 Act4Tom (1300 228486) Please send your letters to Matters Magazine or direct to

26 ISSUE 87


The 2018 year is off to a flying start and it’s time to think about what changes need to happen within your business. Change comes in many forms for business, some internal, some external – think growth, innovation, redundancy, outsourcing, relocation, diversification and competition. It is better to be driving the change in your business, rather than letting it control or surprise you. This way you will be on the front foot of change so that you are in control of guiding your business, your clients and your employees through the transition. A good starting point in reviewing what changes you should make, might be to look at what didn’t work last year and what do you want to achieve this year. What changes do you need to implement for that to occur? A COUPLE OF FACTORS TO CONSIDER Review your client/customer market, what is it that they want from you? Is what you provide, and importantly, the way you deliver your service to them, still relevant. Consider asking for feedback from your clients – see exactly what they want from you. Armed with this feedback what can you change and improve? Also, review benchmarking standards for your industry. As a starting point, the Australian Taxation Office has on its website small business benchmarks. Your accountant may also have access to industry benchmarks. Get the facts. If you have mapped out a large change program for your business – you will need to prioritise and focus on the critical changes which will deliver the biggest potential benefits. Consider whether the change can be implemented over a series of small changes instead of a large change. Small changes overtime will ensure your clients and employees come along as part to the journey.

Depending on what changes you are trying to implement, it’s important that all stakeholders of your business are aware, kept informed of the reason for the changes and the expected benefits. This way you will be able to introduction a positive culture of change within your business. WAIT THERE’S MORE… Depending what you are planning to implement for the year ahead, you will also need to factor in the financial impact of those changes. This should mean you review your budgets and cashflows to ensure the impact (cost and benefits) of the changes are correctly factored in the business’s bottom line. As always remember, think positively about the changes you wish to make and let 2018 be the best year to date for your business. m DISCLAIMER: This article contains general information only. Regrettably, no responsibility can be accepted for errors, omissions or possible misleading statements or for any action taken as a result of any material in this guide. It is not designed to be a substitute for professional advice, as such a brief guide cannot hope to cover all circumstances and conditions applying to the law as it relates to these items.


CA Director, Holmans Accounting & Taxation

Sharee Webster joined Holmans in April 2007. Sharee manages the Holmans Maroochydore office, which was opened in April 2008. Sharee is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Queensland, a Chartered Tax Adviser from the Taxation Institute of Australia and a Registered Tax Agent. At Holmans, Sharee specialises in business structures, taxation advice, superannuation and in particular Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs). She has extensive experience in providing strategic tax advice to private clients, owner-operated family businesses and large corporate entities. 27


e g n a h C o t s d e e n What FOR YOUR BUSINESS TO THRIVE IN 2018




We like to associate the upcoming season with change. Autumn brings with it new beginnings and an opportunity to start afresh.

As we know, the Sunshine Coast has been built on the visitor economy. Tourism is undeniably the one cornerstone that influences all aspects of our community and our regional identity. That said our daily news reporting regularly devalues this precious resource by bombarding the market with negativity. This summer we witnessed a cascade of shark stories, yet the Sunshine Coast is virtually shark safe. There have been reports of cyclones and floods, most of which never

In recent years there’s been a change in how the Sunshine Coast is viewed by those outside the region. It wasn’t that long ago that Noosa was the only destination people knew and visiting the Big Pineapple was still a thing. These days the Sunshine Coast is broadly considered not only as an incredibly diverse tourism region, but also a vibrant centre of regional commerce and infrastructure growth. News of major projects in the fields of health, aviation, sustainable energy and urban footprint development now permeate across the national landscape. The contemporary narrative of the Sunshine Coast continues to mature and evolve in a really positive way - but not everyone has come on board. Some of those delivering daily local news, for example, are not keeping up. Overly dramatic news bursts and exaggerated headlines flood our inboxes, sometimes hourly. An emerging pattern of amplifying negative news to engage the readership faithful is now commonplace.

eventuated. Delays on the Bruce Highway are referred to as ‘traffic hell’. These are all stories framed in a negative context, discouraging visitation and serving no practical purpose. Perhaps due to budget cuts, the old-fashioned way of getting out into the community to find stories is being superseded by scanner alerts and social media content being regurgitated into local news. Some news agencies are struggling to find relevance and it seems they need us to click-click-click to boost their readership statistics. There’s so much to be positive about in our region and the media should be our biggest ambassador. There will always be sharks in the sea, clouds in the sky and cars on the road. If we can just change the focus from peril to praise, it would be a welcome change indeed. ca P: 07 5492 0555

ABOUT BILL Sometimes outspoken but always frank, Bill is the co-owner of Caloundra’s Rumba Beach Resort and 26 Degrees Bar & Venue.

A proud Sunshine Coaster, Bill is a regular social commentator on newsworthy regional matters. Read more of Bill’s opinions on tourism, politics and business by visiting his website


IS IT TIME FOR CHANGE? LIVE LIFE TO YOUR FULL POTENTIAL? TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE? Gemma is passionate about embracing change and assisting you to find your life purpose.

Psycho-Spiritual Therapies Hypno-Coaching Holistic Healing Home & Business Consulting Channeled Readings




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Gemma Castiglia 0413 757 147 Email:

Well Established business Australia & Global from 2003 Relocated 11 months ago TO THE SUNSHINE COAST

We’re teaming up with Entire Fitout Solutions to bring one lucky business $5000 worth of custom joinery - ON US! To enter go to and follow the prompts.

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Terms and conditions: To be eligible to win this prize the business must engage Entire Fitout Solutions to perform a partial or full fitout of the winners’ office space. The total cost of the fitout must exceed $50,000 ex GST. The joinery component of the fitout will be discounted up to the value of $5000 ex GST. Cabinetry QLD will supply said joinery to Entire Fitout Solutions for installation. Competition opens on March 1, 2018. Entries close June 30, 2018. Winner will be drawn and notified by July 7, 2018. The winners’ fitout project must be initiated by July 31, 2018 and completed by December 31, 2018. Prize cannot be claimed as cash or transferred to any other business without the written agreeance from Cooper & Small Pty Ltd. If the winner cannot be contacted by 5:00pm on July 7, 2018 then they will forfeit the prize and a new winner will be drawn from the existing database of entries. 29

Why businesses should have a

STRATEGIC PEOPLE PLAN Mandy Ward and Kate Brown from Suncoast HR Services find it amusing how human resource managers are portrayed in movies. They are often soft-hearted do-gooders, who go around organising Christmas parties and ensuring noone says anything politically incorrect. Alternatively, they are the uncaring executives who fly in and start handing out redundancies.

30 ISSUE 87

• Ensure the lines of communication between management and employees stay open • Design, execute and evaluate staffing budgets • Analyse pay trends to ensure businesses remain competitive in their industry • Provide strategies for attracting and retaining top talent • Find cost-effective ways to educate and train employees to ensure the business has the right skills, at the right time, in the right place • Implement systems to manage workforce and safety requirements • Measure performance and provide strategies for performance improvement • Complete due diligence with grievances and conduct thorough investigations, minimising liability on the employer • Measure engagement, alignment and satisfaction • Create healthier, happier cultures • Support and manage organisational change Mandy believes the secret is to get the CEO or business owner to view HR managers as strategic partners. Many organisations still consider HR to be more of a transactional back-of-office role. Yet the value HR management brings to strategic planning is vital for achieving organisationwide goals and managing the disruptive changes many industries are facing. Implementing change and implementing strategic plans need employee involvement and buy-in.

Most businesses don’t employ HR personnel until they have around 75 employees and many businesses on the Sunshine Coast fall into this group. Kate and Mandy’s services are often sought by businesses in this group that just can’t justify the cost of a full-time HR manager. Outsourcing is an effective option. “We get satisfaction from coming into businesses that have had a toxic culture and using our know-how to change those businesses into productive and happy environments. Quoting the Pantene ad, ‘It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen’. All we need is a business owner or executive team’s endorsement and we can do it.” Suncoast HR Services commenced operating on the Sunshine Coast in late 2015. Kate and Mandy met through the HR Coach Network, of which they are both licenced members. Both women have extensive histories in the corporate and small business worlds, building business strategies and consulting across a wide range of industries. They have also had experience as business owners and managers and intimately understand the issues that keep leaders awake at night. They are both passionate about helping Sunshine Coast businesses to build healthy and successful workplaces, believing this will help make the community stronger. “There is so much evidence to show that happy employees are more productive, and the key to competitive advantage and great customer service. We want to teach leaders how to create happy cultures and achieve organisational performance.” a Kate Brown & Mandy Ward - Suncoast HR Services E: 31


In reality, Human Resourcing professionals, when viewed as strategic partners of a business can:


CHANGE THE WAY YOU buy investment property Have you heard of people making money out of property, or building wealth through property? Ever wonder how they do it? Most people do the buy and hold method. This is where they decide on an area (usually close to home so they can drive past it now and again), find a property that looks good and purchase their investment. Now, if the market is rising it can be easy to make capital gains. But if the market is slow it can be five years before you see any of those gains and the rental market can stagnate, costing you money in the long run.

If you want change in your life and want help to build a property portfolio, but don’t know where to start, the give a property strategist call to get the bet advice. What goals have you set for 2018? If you want this year to be better than last year, you must make a CHANGE and take action now. m

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” - Albert Einstein

Sometimes you need to change the way you look at investing in property and make an advance strategy purchase. This is where you can force the equity growth and get greater cash flow on the property sooner. You need to look outside the box because this is where the real money is made. An advanced strategy can be buying a duplex or dual occupancy property; adding value to an established property by renovating; doing research on the areas with the greatest potential for capital growth; doing a development, or just splitting the titles. Some of these options are great ways to fast track your investment. Imagine if you made $100,000 on your first investment property in the space of 12 months?

CHRIS PULLEN Blue Wave Property

Passionate about property, Chris has accumulated over 14 years of experience in the property and finance industry. As a volunteer surf life saver, along with his two sons, Chris always puts people first. The financial success of his clients is by far the best reward for him. Integrity, honesty, freedom and education are all values on which Blue Wave Property Strategies has been based.

Where do you want to be in five, ten, fifteen or twenty years?

MAKE $100K+

on your advance strategy investment property purchase!


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JulieAnn Boutique at Buderim is a Sunshine Coast icon. Julie-Ann and her team help women on the Coast dress for special occasions and weddings. They will select three outfits for you, including accessories and shoes, which they know will be amazing on you. Five private schools, ten public schools and squillions of women rely on JulieAnn Boutique to look their best for formals, races, weddings and all special occasions. Julie-Ann’s taste and experience removes the pain from your choice.

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1. Rose Noir 2. Jadore 3. Rose Noir 4. De Cavalier clutch 5. Christian Loubautin – Paris Shoes

Buderim’s Finest FASHION HOUSE

Find your perfect gown for ball and formal season

Barino Ursula USA Pink Ruby Pasduchas Jadore Rose Noir Studio

47 Burnett St (The Hub), BUDERIM P 5453 7777 Sat 9am - 4pm 33



''It's a really exciting time for both designers and residents on the Sunshine Coast

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DREAM CAREER TAFE QUEENSLAND DIPLOMA OF GRAPHIC DESIGN GRADUATE AND LOCAL BUSINESS OWNER MADELINE RAWLINGS IS USING HER SKILLS TO CREATE HER OWN CAREER PATH AND HELP BRING POSITIVE CHANGE TO THE SUNSHINE COAST. As the niece of global surf wear giant Billabong’s former creative director of design and marketing, Madeline Rawlings was exposed to the power of creative expression from an early age. At just eight years old, she was employed as a model for Billabong Junior Girls, where she witnessed first-hand an industry full of fun, flair and far more ingenuity than many people would realise. “It was one giant collaborative community,” said Madeline. “Surrounded by mood boards, sketches and product samples, each shoot had creative directors, art directors, photographers and graphic designers all working together in complete creative harmony, each feeding off one another’s ideas, concepts and energy. I was hooked!” After exploring the idea of a career in fashion design, Madeline found herself drawn to graphic design and decided to turn her passion into her dream job by enrolling in a Diploma of Graphic Design with TAFE Queensland. “TAFE made sense to me. I didn’t want to spend months or even years learning the theory of how to design things; I wanted to get in there and do it,” Madeline said. “I’d spent five years at school in a very hands-on practical learning environment and loved it; in fact, I thrived in it. I wanted to replicate that learning environment and graduate job-ready to achieve my goal of owning my own business and doing my own thing,” she said.

After completing her studies in 2014 at TAFE Queensland’s Mooloolaba campus,Madeline founded her own freelance graphic design and branding company, The Binding. Working from collaborative co-working space Spark Bureau, she was in the middle of turning The Binding into a successful business in its own right when opportunity struck a second time. As a result, Madeline is now the co-founder of Xandra – one of the world’s first companies solely dedicated to developing ‘chatbots’ for brands to engage users via conversational platforms like Facebook Messenger and Amazon’s Alexa. Madeline describes it as ‘live chat’ but a robot with personality, and it’s changing the game for online businesses. “Personifying brands has never been more important and conversational interfaces like ‘chatbots’ will dictate how brands engage customers; how companies transact business; and how physical spaces, including cities, interact with members and residents,” said Madeline. Following Xandra’s success, the City of Maroochydore contracted the innovative start-up to help build their ‘smart city’, giving Madeline a unique opportunity to leave her mark on the changing face of the Sunshine Coast. “Our chatbot will be used to inform people about the history and future plans for the new CBD and surrounding area,” Madeline said. “It’s a really exciting time for both designers and residents on the Sunshine Coast and to have the opportunity to be a part of this project is allowing me to play an active role in shaping the future of my own community,” she said. Now 23 years old and running two businesses, Madeline has designed her own dream career and is helping shape the future. Find out how you can too and enquire about the hundreds of courses available at TAFE Queensland today.


Learn more about TAFE Queensland’s design courses by calling 1300 656 188 or visiting 35



to make the CHANGE?

What do you think future generations will condemn this generation for? I wonder what pops into your head. The thing that comes to mind for me is the mobile device.

Prayer’. It’s a pretty good summation of what I want for myself and for our children and it goes like this: ‘God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference’.

However, I remain sceptical about its long-term effects on humans, especially when we put these things into the hands of children when they are still developing. Also, when I consider the environment, and climate change, I wonder if our future selves will look back in condemnation.

Our challenge is not to hide behind the façade of talking about change or accepting change at a micro level, but creating opportunities to see the need and to be the agents of change at a macro level. Our challenge is to educate well and to create inquiring, thinking minds, courageous spirits, bold actions and team players who communicate and work together for good. m

People aren’t really willing to make the changes necessary to truly protect the environment. We are making some changes to our habits to reduce the impact we are having on the environment but more needs to be done. To improve the things around us radical change must take place, and someone has to do it. If we’re going to tackle the challenges facing our indigenous communities, the environment, asylum seekers and so on, then radical change needs to take place. If we want to ensure that we aren’t condemned for our actions today, then change is required. But why do we find change so hard? What is it about change that we love and what is it that we find so confronting? The reality is we so often get caught up in the concept of change at a micro level. For example, we get obsessed with that new phone or gadget. Organisations employ people to oversee and manage change. What needs changing outside of things that impact just our own lives? If you feel overwhelmed by reading this, you’re not alone! It’s really easy to be overwhelmed by the change that’s needed in our world. There is a famous prayer called the ‘Serenity

36 ISSUE 87

Our challenge is to educate students into their new and re-imagined futures.


PRINCIPAL St Andrew’s Anglican College

Chris Ivey has been Principal of St Andrew’s Anglican College since 2007. He is married to Elizabeth and they have four children, the older two are at University and his youngest two are at St Andrew’s, where he hopes they love being with their Dad! Chris trained as an English and drama teacher before becoming a college Chaplain and then moving into his current leadership role.



COULD BE THE EXIT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR? Are you tired of the ongoing legal battle with your ex-spouse? Do you see no end to the expensive ongoing legal fees? Do you want to resolve your matter so you can move forward?

The Arbitration process sees parties and their solicitor present evidence to a qualified, neutral third-party to make a decision and avoid the need to go to Court. Your experienced family lawyer will work with the arbitrator to get your matter ready.

With the Court System in crisis, and clients waiting up to three years to get a judgement in relation to their property matters, alternate dispute family law practitioners are seeking a solution to help clients move forward and finalise their family law matter.

P Saves the client time

Some solicitors believe that trial may be the only way to resolve a dispute; however, there are other options including arbitration. Parties opt-in to use arbitration when they want a quick resolution of their matter without the need for ongoing delay and the expense of finalising their matter. WHAT IS ARBITRATION? Arbitration is a relatively new process introduced into the Family Law Act to resolve property disputes between parties without the need of attending Court.

THE ADVANTAGES OF ARBITRATION ARE: P Reduces legal fees and emotional stress P Resolves disputes quicker so you can move forward P Is a confidential process THE DISADVANTAGES OF ARBITRATION ARE: O Cannot deal with parenting issues, Child Support, revocation of spousal maintenance O Difficult to appeal IS THE DECISION FINAL? When a decision is handed down by an Arbitrator the decision is final and binding on each of the parties. The only way the decision can be overturned is to appeal based on the question of law. m

MICAELA CHOMLEY Chomley Family Law

Micaela has practised exclusively in Family Law since graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce and Law in 2009. She has since completed her Masters in Family Law and is passionate about getting results for her clients without long drawn-out litigation.

We understand families, we have families too At Chomley Family Law we aim to help you reach a quick resolution whilst achieving a lasting agreement and avoiding high conflict situations. We offer the following services:

• Separation/ Divorce • Children/ Parenting rights • Defacto • Child Support • Binding Financial Agreements • Domestic Violence • Dispute Resolution • Grandparents Rights • Same Sex Relationship • Paternity You wouldn’t hire a plumber to change a light bulb. Why would you trust anyone but an alternate dispute solicitor with your most precious asset, your family?

1300 CHOMLEY (1300 246 653) CALL MICAELA (07) 5413 9215 E: 37



I don’t know about you, but it really does seem to me like ‘Youth Suicide’ is on the up. There are just too many times that we hear about another young life being taken at their own hand. What makes someone so sad, so unhappy, so miserable that they see the only way out is to completely sign out? We may never know to be honest, but I tell you what, for my part I am certainly not going to sit back and say, “That’s so sad, but there’s nothing I can do”. We, that is you and I, we can BE THE CHANGE. The Inspire Youth Forum which was put on last year, on the second December, was simply a group of local Sunshine Coast people who CARE. Who care about Youth, who care about life and who care about making a difference. We really can make a difference. Not experts, just normal everyday people with big hearts looking at what they can do to spread the message to young people that they don’t

38 ISSUE 87

The INSPIRE YOUTH FORUM was amazing, we had inspirational speakers, we had music, we had prizes, but most of all we had smiling Youth whose feedback told us we were absolutely on the right track.

Thank you to our sponsors from the December event, Kirsty from RTR Association, Natalie from Busy at Work, Cheryl from Volunteering Sunshine Coast, and Annette from Laserzone.

YOU are the CHANGE! Humans are the only animals on earth capable of changing emotions with a thought. Yes! We can think a thought and be happy, think a thought and be sad, think a thought and feel fearful, think a thought and be anxious think a thought and be depressed or ill. Changing thoughts and beliefs without therapy is difficult. Of course this can be done, however it but may take years, and who can wait years when it comes to suffers of anxiety, stress, grief and depression?

One young girl came up to me after the event, she was beaming from ear to ear, she said, “Vickie to tell you the truth, I didn’t really want to come today, but I am so glad I did, this has been a million times better than I imagined, I have loved every second, when is the next one?” On the actual day of the event, that night, one of the participants had the opportunity to practise what she had learnt, and truly saved a life. Our last speaker Andy Marriot who lost his son to youth suicide, gave us some words of wisdom about language to use and how to respond to someone who sounds like they are struggling. One of our participants got a call that very night from someone about to take their own life, and through what she had learnt from Andy that day was able to use the right words to help that youth. Wow, that’s one life we know we saved and I know that there could be others. But you know what ONE IS ACTUALLY ENOUGH. ONE IS PERFECT. ONE IS AWESOME. ONE MADE IT ALL WORTHWHILE.


Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is rapid and you will see results in weeks not years. Most of us were born happy and healthy and then, somewhere along the way, we adopted beliefs that became habits that then became us. RTT helps to CHANGE these limiting beliefs and replaces them with new beliefs that serve you. YOUR MIND: MOVES you away from pain towards pleasure. DOES what it thinks you want it to do. LISTENS to the words you say and the pictures you form in your head. LOVES what’s familiar. so we must change familiar habits if they are detrimental. YOU are in charge of your thoughts and that great news because you have the power to CHANGE your thoughts. You are in charge. What are some of the things you can CHANGE?

WOW that’s incredible and we are SO GRATEFUL.

• Change your weight to your desired weight. 98% of diets fail. • Change the limiting beliefs that are holding you back in any area of your life to positive, beneficial beliefs that serve you best. • Change habits: e.g smoking. • Change fear into excitement. eg flying.

Thanks once again to Volunteering Sunshine Coast and Lazerzone who have come on board as sponsors for the May 19th event too.

RTT founder Marisa Peer who has treated people for 30 years believes that most issues exist because of the following limiting beliefs:

So if you have a youth, or know a youth, they are going to want to book their spot quickly or they might miss out.

• You believe you are different.

AUSSIE WORLD have come on board as the major sponsor for this event and will be GIVING away FREE entry to the park after the event.

Youth is anyone who think they are a youth, ages from 12 ish to 26ish. We had younger and older at the December event. Take a look at our website to see the details of our INSPIRATIONAL speakers for the day. and our facebook page Inspire Youth Forum. Date: Saturday May 19 Time: 8:45am to 12:15pm

TICKETS ARE LIMITED SO DON’T MISS OUT We need your help. We need 50 volunteers to help us on the day. Can you help? PLEASE CONTACT ME, VICKIE MAGIC VIA EMAIL VMAGIC@BMMAG.COM.AU TO LET ME KNOW.


• You believe you are not enough. • You believe you cannot get what you want. An integral part of your treatment is a recording which has been created especially for you to listen to for a period of 21 days. This recording will help to programme your sub-conscious with new beneficial beliefs. CHANGE YOUR LIFE STARTING TODAY.


Rapid Mind Therapies   M: 0418 775 849 E:

ABOUT SPIRI BUHAGIAR Between 1986 and 2017, Spiri has

been educated in behavioural science, mind patterning, neurolinguistics programming, clinical hypnotherapy, Reiki, aromatherapy, EFT (tapping) and, most recently, Rapid Transformational Therapy. She has recently established herself on the Sunshine Coast but also provides scheduled face-to-face consultations in Cairns and Byron Bay and Skype consultations—locally, Australia-wide and worldwide—at any time by prior arrangement. 39


have to do it alone, that there really are people out here who REALLY DO CARE and who want to provide a space to share insights, to share MINDSET tools. Because you know what, EVERYTHING comes down to our MINDSET, if we can master (or at least manage) our MINDSET, then we have a chance. We can save lives.


CHANGING PALATES FAD OR TREND? ‘Some food trends make it to mainstream, but it takes years’ - Kara Nielsen, Culinary Trendologist I was delighted to hear Kara’s fascinating food and beverage trend analysis late last year when we travelled to San Francisco on an international supermarket study tour. According to Kara, there are many factors creating this transformation, from Millennials changing how they eat to internet communities, allergies, dietary lifestyles and consumers demanding authenticity. I’m sure you are familiar with diet-related terms such as Paleo, ‘free-from’ eating, gut health and plant-based eating and products like quinoa, wasabi, bone broth and cauliflower rice. Back in the early 1990s wasabi, for example, was only popular in restaurants. Now it is considered mainstream with readily available product lines such as wasabi peas and wasabi-flavoured crisp breads. Newer trends such as Korean BBQ and Asian Grill have seen products such as Kim Chi (salted and fermented vegetables) and Bibimbap (bowl of warm rice topped with flavours) emerging into the market. Infused juices are popular and products such as kombucha, a functional beverage consumed for supposed health benefits, are commonly stocked.

It’s an exciting time to be in the food retailing industry with so many interesting new products available, driven by these emerging trends.

There will surely be more to come with global biotech research into cellular agriculture. The world is discovering new ways to create what were once traditional agricultural product options. Milk without cows, eggs without hens and beef without cattle may seem fad-like now but change will create this as the new norm.

White’s IGA is constantly improving its knowledge about food trends and sourcing new lines to meet the diverse demands of the community. One of the charms of the Sunshine Coast is our abundant local food supply. We are privileged to have so many fresh food options created and grown right here on home soil and we love nothing more than making them available to you; from our family to yours. ca 2015/16 IGA State and National Retail Excellence Award Winner | 2017 IGA National Community Award Winner | 2017 IGA Hall Of Fame

ABOUT ROZ Roz White and her husband, Michael, commenced their retailing journey on the Sunshine Coast in 1993. Currently the IGA

Group consists of the Supa IGA Bli Bli, IGA Mooloolah, IGA Peregian Beach and IGA Mt Coolum. The unique ‘locavore’ culture guarantees you to always spot a local in store, because they are locally owned, they employ locals and it’s where the locals shop.

Sunshine Uniforms have MOVED Come and visit our new showroom soon

No need to think about what to wear to work Always look the part


07 5438 0711


Unit 1 /16 Sydal Street Caloundra Qld 4551




There are significant cash flow benefits achieved from constructing a duplex property:  ONE PROPERTY  TWO SEPARATE RENTAL AGREEMENTS  TWO SOURCES OF INCOME


WE OFFER A BUY BACK GUARANTEE! WE SPECIALISE IN: Duplex Properties with Positive Cashflow AND Instant Equity



You rent it out at $400/week. Your annual rent yields - Negative gearing. OOPS! YOU BUY A 3-BEDROOM + 2-BED DUPLEX:

$720,000 You rent it out at $750/week. Your annual rent yields 6% - positive cashflow (before tax). DOWN TO BASICS: why duplexes are a good investment The most important factor is that a duplex can be strata titled. This means two separate titles on one lot. The properties on these titles can then be revalued as two separate units, giving you your equity growth. What you now have is equity that can then be used towards a deposit on another property to turbo-charge your portfolio. DUPLEXES: an advanced strategy only for experienced property investors? This is something you might hear from property spruikers (investment promoters who often run wealth creation seminars). It could be true if you are new to property investing but, if you use a company whose core business is building duplexes (where it’s all done for you) - then it’s no different to building a house. At Vizion Group Queensland duplexes are at the very heart of our business. If you are looking to get started with a dual income property investment, trust in us - we can help you.

Ph: 0438 534 930

Ask us about our rental assurance + buy back guarantee ca Vizion Group QLD M: 0438 534 930 E:

ABOUT PAULA Paula is the Managing Director of Vizion Group

Qld. Paula has personally been investing in property for over 20 years, she is passionate about making a difference in the lives of her clients by helping them to grow their portfolios with positive cash flow and instant equity properties. 41


and life


PACIFIC MARITIME LAWYERS Experienced maritime lawyer and executive Anthony Stanton is now available to help Sunshine Coast boat owners with legal or compliance problems. Anthony’s firm, Pacific Maritime Lawyers, has assisted shipowners, commercial tourism operators, port authorities and recreational boaties across the country with every conceivable maritime issue. Anthony can make ‘house calls’ from Caloundra to Noosa and the initial consultation is free. Anthony Stanton Lawyer Consultant M: 0328 894 882 E:

If you’re suffering from lagging sales or your revenue has ‘flat-lined’ it could mean you don’t have the right marketing messages to attract customers. A marketing professional and executive coach for over 30 years - with Optus, Vodafone, Citibank and more - I work with you ‘one-on-one’ (that’s right, no handoff to juniors) to create ADVERTISING THAT WORKS for your business. Craig Levitt - Executive Success Coach M: 0414 681 189 E:


With more than a decade’s experience in the health and fitness industry, Luke Aglio specialises in muscle activation and functional movement. These techniques release tension accumulated in the body from stress, injuries and working beyond one’s limits. Book an assessment today to unlock your body and feel its full potential.

Alto Performance M: 0406 185 368

FIRE UP COACHING Kathy McKenzie has been at the forefront of business in the RTO arena for more than 20 years. She now resides right here on the Sunshine Coast. Kathy and Fire Up Coaching are now offering courses and programs to Sunshine Coasters right here, with no need to travel to Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne for these high calibre courses. Become an internationally accredited Business or Life Coach without leaving the Coast. P: 1300 FIREUP


Yes ...

✓ Personal Car Loans ✓ Business Car Loans ✓ Classic Car Loans ✓ Bad Credit Car Loans

42 ISSUE 87

Divorce, Separation & Break-Up


hC ange?

At different times of our lives we can fear CHANGE, because being separated from people or things which are familiar brings uncertainty and trepidation.

“I am scared to tell him its over, he will be so angry” 46-year old mother of 3

A divorce can feel like one big scary life change but only if you let it. Procrastinating the ‘change’ over years whilst running scenarios in your head increases your anxiety, sadness, frustration and fear. When you’re not happy it often brings other problems into your life which include health issues, decreased work productivity, and dysfunction in the home for all family members.

“It’s too difficult to leave, I’ll just stay” 75-year old grandmother

If someone were to come along who answered all your separation questions, explained what happens next, who brainstormed your decision whether to leave or stay, made a plan with you from any stage you’re currently in, who stepped you through the entire process so you didn’t feel so overwhelmed, and finally kept the costs to a minimum compared to a lawyer verses lawyer process, would you leave? “I can’t leave I have no money and don’t have a job” 42-year-old mother of 2 “Marriage isn’t always happy, we made vows, I have to keep trying don’t I?” 53 year old lady “I am sick of this marriage but I’m too old to bother leaving now” 65-year-old grandfather “If I leave my church will disown me and my family will be ashamed of what I have done” 53-year-old mother and grandmother of 3

“I have to stay until my children finish school” 38-year old father of 2

These are a few of the excuses/reasons we heard from people like you who have now separated successfully, who have moved out of unhealthy relationships and onto positive happy new lives. My business Act4Tomorrow Separation Specialists was created because I was someone who didn’t know how to face my separation change and spent a small fortune on legal fees. We have been assisting individuals and couples nationwide for over 4 years. We manage the entire break-up and have a network of the best people to call upon for you, finance, mortgage brokers, real estate, etc. and of course three of the best lawyers you could wish to meet, who will not escalate your matter. We will help you to bring that change you know you want to make, calmly, respectfully, whilst saving you literally tens of thousands of dollars that other people are spending on their divorce and separation. Introducing Tracy Price (Griffiths Parry Lawyers), Louise Ward (LAW Legal) and Rob Hollis (Greenhalgh Pickard). We all share the same common ethos of treating our clients in the manner we would wish to be treated ourselves, if we were in their shoes. Act4Tomorrow offers a FREE initial consultation, you will learn what is involved in a separation process. If you or someone you know could benefit from this better way to separate contact Act4Tomorrow today, make the change you deserve to be happy. Call us now on 1300 228 486

A Better Way To Separate

Act 4 Tomorrow Separation Specialists “A Better Way to Separate” throughout Australia and Overseas

Call us today on 1300 228486 (1300 Act4Tom) for a FREE consultation. 43

e g n a h C AUTUMN


LAUREN THE LASER LEAGUE LEGEND Laserzone on the Sunshine Coast comes across many stories of people becoming the change they wish to see in the world. One of these people was Lauren Curry. The 25-year-old discovered a passion for lasertag and saw what it had to offer people of all ages and abilities. Lauren started playing lasertag for fun with friends, but it didn’t take long for her to get interested in the competitive leagues Laserzone offers. Three years later, Lauren now plays lasertag at a national level and is Laserzone’s official League coordinator.

Ph. 1300 LASERZ

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Laserzone runs three competitive leagues for different age groups and skill levels. Competitive laser sports are a great way to exercise both mind and body in a fun, team-oriented environment. Through these competitive leagues, Lauren and Laserzone have been able to grow positivity on the Sunshine Coast by creating a healthy and happy environment.

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Life is like UNDERWEAR, change is good.

THE HIVE EXPANDS WITH FIVE NEW OFFICES! Do you and your team need a private office but don’t want to lock into a lease or fixed term contract? Do you want the sophistication of a worldclass business environment without all the extra costs? Would you like your clients greeted by a friendly and caring receptionist but without the wage bill? At The Hive Business Space, we offer all this and so much more. To keep up with demand, The Hive recently added not one, not two, but FIVE brand new serviced offices! These new offices are larger than our standard two-person

office and have been designed to suit teams of three or more people. They are fully furnished, inclusive of 24/7 access, high-speed internet and unlimited data, and situated in the sophisticated and centrally located Kon-Tiki Building in the heart of Maroochydore. The place to go and the place to grow! Contact us now because we guarantee they will not be vacant for long! Call (07) 5451 0000 to arrange a tour and trial today

Flexi desks | Acoustic Pods | Meeting Rooms | Private Offices | High-Speed Internet | Espresso Bar | Business Lounge

CHANGE IS IN THE AIR IN CALOUNDRA There’s a noticeable change in the location choices for business entrepreneurs. Here in Caloundra, we’re seeing local businesses opting to co-locate. ‘Shared workspaces’ are popping up and inspiring business connections and collaborations. Take the Hub Shared Space on Third Avenue for example. It’s a collection of professional creatives under one roof offering hair, beauty and sewing. Malarkey Artisan Coffee is co-located in a funky shipping container outside in the garden. In downtown Caloundra, Sunshine Coast Marketing Services is a combination of three independent businesses in one place: public relations, graphic and website design and search engine optimisation. 4 Ingredients recently relocated to big premises in the Moffat Beach industrial area. There’s room for other businesses to join them and share the space. Across the road is the Moffat Beach Collective,

a collaboration of goods and services that work off each other. With the potential savings from sharing outgoing costs, cross-promotion, customer networking and marketing support, the change to shared space is bound to gather momentum. Ph. (07) 5492 5977 45

e g n a h C AUTUMN


Change is inevitable – growth is optional

IS IT TIME TO CHANGE YOUR IT EXPERT? Detox IT has lots of longstanding relationships with small and medium enterprises. That’s because each IT system they install or manage is slightly different, tailored specifically to the needs of that particular organisation. This means they have gained an enormous amount of knowledge and expertise in the needs of a wide range of different business types. If you’re in one of these industries,

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chances are we have a pretty good idea of what your IT requirements will be and we will be in a good position to help: Retail, Property, Registered Training (RTO), Not for Profit, Financial Services (mortgage brokers, financial advisors and accountants), Legal, Education, Aged Care and Local Government. Email: Office phone: +61 7 5406 9000 Mobile: + 61 404 893 432


NEED HELP WITH WRITING? DOCUMENT MAPPING: BEYOND EDITING “Are we there yet?” As a child on a long car journey, it’s all you wanted to know. As an adult digesting lengthy, corporate documents, it’s more, ‘Is there an end in sight?’ The scenarios are similar: each one is long; each has a starting point and a destination. It’s what’s in between that is either pleasure or pain. Document mapping techniques leave the long and winding road and take the direct route:

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” - Albert Einstein

TUNE UP language, grammar, style, consistency.

LOCALISE what you need to know now in the journey. SIGNAGE from here-to-there route indicators. DIVERT navigate a logical sequence. CONDENSE look for any shortcuts. Let the journey begin!

Easy-to-read documents that look great. • Fixed fees, based on words, not hours. • 20+ years’ international experience.


NEW OFFICES, SAME GREAT SERVICE The Coast is forever growing and changing - and so is the team at Bentleys Sunshine Coast. After more than 30 years in Caloundra, they have relocated to larger offices on Nicklin Way in Minyama. While their offices may have moved they are still committed to providing tax and business advice to Caloundra residents, and they will continue to support businesses from Caloundra to Noosa, into the Hinterland and beyond. Bentleys Sunshine Coast is renowned for providing an exceptional level of care and advice to all their clients. Whether you visit their office, or they come to you, you can always expect friendly, professional service. Your business, financial, super and tax needs will be handled with expertise, whatever your industry or specialisation.

Bentleys Sunshine Coast is an accounting firm that can service all businesses on the Coast. Call in and check out their new premises at 9 Nicklin Way, Minyama. Brendon may even shout you a coffee! 5436 0300 47

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

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CHANGE IS GOOD, RIGHT? Yes, but not change for the sake of change, rather a strategic move on where you want to take your business. At HBA Encompass we assist clients to CHANGE not only the way they do things but also to get where they want to be. Our mission is, ‘To inspire and assist our clients to define and achieve their financial and lifestyle objectives’. Essentially, we work with you to discover where you want to go and how to get you there. First, we ask: What is your end game? What do you need to live the lifestyle you want? Where are you now? This identifies shortfalls and indicates what you need to achieve your goals.

Then, we: • Create a flexible long-term strategic plan. • Chunk your long-term plan into threeyear, one-year and 90-day increments. There will be defined actions so that you focus on a few things at a time, allowing for realistic changes that are measurable and, most importantly, achievable. • Review results and plans on a regular basis, amending them where necessary, to check you are heading in the right direction. Is it time for you to CHANGE the way you look at your business? If so, call us to discuss your options.

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BOOKKEEPERS THAT HATE PAPERWORK! Yes, it’s true! We love doing bookkeeping but we hate paperwork! And you probably do, too. So let’s change the way we look at things. Modern technology allows us to streamline our systems and processes to eliminate paper once and for all.

Here’s a quick list of the things you can do to change your life forever:

The Bookkeeper Hub is at the forefront of technological change - we are total app nerds! This means we are constantly keeping ourselves updated and finding better ways to do things. Oh, and we like to keep it simple, too!

• Bank Statements: Cancel printed statements and simply download the electronic copies.

Automation is the key. Whether you want to do it yourself or pass it on to experts like us, we can set up systems to get rid of paperwork. We can train you to use simple systems to simplify your bookkeeping processes.

• Bookkeeping: Use an online system that collates your bank transactions each night so you don’t have to enter all the details. Xero is our choice.

• Timecards: Do them electronically on your phone and sync them to your bookkeeping system to ensure you invoice for all your time. We know you have better things to do, get in touch to find the best apps for you and your business. There are literally thousands to choose from. We are experts in paperwork elimination.

• Bills: Get them sent electronically, directly to your bookkeeping program. • Receipts: Use an app to electronically add them to your bookkeeping system. • Invoices: Do them on the spot electronically and send them automatically.

Phone 0419 179 177 or Email

HELPING YOUR BUSINESS CHANGE AND GROW Being in business today brings continuous change. This can often be stressful and leave you with the feeling of being alone and without support. Being part of a large-scale networking group can often provide you with the support and confidence to deal with these changes. That’s what networking is really about, learning from, co-operating with and supporting each other to achieve a mutual benefit. Key Business Connection provides a fantastic opportunity to exchange best practice knowledge, learn about different business strategies from your peers and stay abreast of the latest industry developments and changes. Our wide network of informed, interconnected

contacts means broader access to new and valuable information. As the saying goes, ‘it’s not what you know but who you know’. So please join us at our next monthly event, learn from specialists and industry professionals and connect with others that will help you on your journey to change for the better. When: 1st Friday of every month Where: Best Western Plus Lake Kawana Hotel, 9 Florey Blvd, Birtinya, Sunshine Coast. What to bring: Business Cards, Flyers and a Mind Ready to Learn! Call Julie on 0414 868 523 for more information and to book 49


CHANGING HOW WE EAT FOR GOOD How are your New Year’s resolutions holding up so far? Did you start off with great passion but fizzle out as the weeks went by, or are you still on track to achieve your goals? Change is hard but most certainly not as hard as sustaining it.


families, too! My wife Agnes and I believe wholeheartedly in helping our customers create the most nutritious, delicious and stress-free meals every day. How do we do this? FRESH: We process everything on site and our high turnover means our meat and seafood are the freshest around. Poultry arrives daily and other meats are delivered multiple times a week. Our seafood is from the Mooloolaba, Brisbane or Sydney fish markets, or local fishermen when the weather is right. ALL NATURAL: We have an amazing chef onsite to create all our marinades, rotisserie chickens and ready meals from scratch, so it tastes like home cooking, if not better!

Many of us want to change our relationship with food - what we buy, how we prepare it and how we eat it. Ideally, we would all grow or buy organic food, prepare it fresh and eat at home with family. In real life, however, healthier options can be more expensive and time-consuming. We often find ourselves eating mediocre takeaway frantically at a desk, in the car, on the phone or perhaps we just miss a meal.

TIME-SAVING: Our marinated products are so easy to cook and can be paired with our ready-made sides, including potatoes, salads and more. Our savoury pies and ready-made meals can be prepped in minutes and we even have weekly meal planning packs to help you. Whether you’re a home cook, gourmand, professional chef or even someone who hates cooking but loves food, we’re here to help families and businesses enjoy food and feel good! ca

If you can relate to this you’re certainly not alone. We’re right there with you because we have to work and feed our

ABOUT MARTIN Martin Pennay spent nearly 20 years in commodities sales and trading, primarily in global energy, metals and

agriculture markets. His passion is food and farming, and in his spare time, he encourages his family to join him in gardening and fishing.

Integrity. Service. Trust. Schedule Your Appraisal Now!

Clients say…

“From the moment we met, we clicked. She listened to our needs, went above and beyond our expectations, always kept us in the loop and when our final negotiations were happening, her skills as a communicator were fantastic!” 5 Stars (Damien and Anita, Sellers, Buderim QLD) “I would like to thank Shari and her team at SCeNic Real Estate on the wonderful job they did selling our place. I left the whole process to her and she delivered – with multiple offers, selling in 7 days, above list price! We would like to highly recommend her to other potential customers!” 5 Stars (Kaye, Seller, Currimundi QLD) “Shari was very aware of the market state and gave us informed advice. Due to the efficient manner in which our sale was handled, we asked her to market the sale of another property! We would not hesitate in recommending Shari.” 5 Stars (John and Karen, Sellers, Palmwoods QLD)

SHARI HALL M 0409 607 075 E 50 ISSUE 87

Matters readers receive Premiere Ad FREE if listed before March 31, 2018

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Fox Car Loans will simplify and make it easy for you to finance any sort of vehicle.

Here are seven ‘Fast and Furious’ secrets to getting the best car and finance deal for you: Use a professional and experienced car loan broker who knows which car loan is suitable for you An experienced car loan broker will have access to many bank and finance company car loan products, some of which are not available directly to the public. These include Classic Car, Private Sales and Business Car Loans.

on obtaining credit in any way, shape or form. Obviously, this will not help your cause, so go easy on the applications. You may think the more applications you submit, the more likely you are to get approved, but it can do more harm than good. Factor in insurance All car loans will require the car to be insured. You may also be offered Security Shortfall Insurance (Gap) and/or an extended warranty depending on your circumstances. These are all designed to protect you and reduce your risk if something goes wrong. Lower risk for you translates to lower risk for the bank. You normally have a few payment options for this: • Pay for your annual premium upfront yourself • Pay the insurance by the month or • Finance the cost of the insurance through the loan

Choose the right car Many borrowers don’t realise the car has to be right for them - and possibly right for the lending bank. Some banks refuse loans for certain types of cars, no matter how strong the applicant is. You could be the best customer in the world with a stellar credit history but, if the car you’re eyeing does not meet their standards, you still will not get that loan.

Other banks have varying interest rates dependent on the year and model of the car. In other words, the later the year the better the interest rate. It is always a good idea to talk to your broker first about any car requirements before you proceed with the actual car hunting. Get pre-approved It is always a smart decision to apply for financing before you go shopping for your new car. Otherwise, you may be rushed into a car or loan that isn’t exactly right for you. Having a preapproved car loan affords you the certainty of choosing the right car and the bargaining power of walking into a dealership with cash. This gives you the best negotiating power possible. Go easy on the applications When you apply for a car loan the financial institution will request a credit report. If you apply to more than a few lenders, the bank may perceive this as a desperate move made by someone bent

Be honest It is vitally important to be open and honest on your loan application. For example, if you are planning on using your car for business, make sure you communicate this to your finance broker as this may entitle you to different loan products. Pay weekly and pay extra Paying extra on your loan is another great way to save interest and help you pay your loan off sooner. You can pay a small amount extra each week (even $5 helps) or you can pay lump sums when you have additional funds available. ca Ph 1300 665 906

FOX FINANCE offer easy finance solutions - Since 2006 the Fox team have been helping clients just like you achieve their financial dreams. Whether it’s a small car loan for someone with bad credit, a multi million dollar property purchase or just plain good financial planning, we are the experts. Each member of our staff possess a real passion for helping our clients. 51


Purchasing a vehicle


SEE CHANGE In 2014, SEE Restaurant on Mooloolaba’s Wharf changed ownership when fate—in the form of his son—prompted Antonio Puelma to take ownership of this now iconic waterside restaurant.

Born in Chile, owner Antonio migrated to Australia when he was 18 and travelled just about everywhere in Australia before settling on the Sunshine Coast. A chef for most of his life, Antonio is no stranger to the restaurant business. For the first ten years of his life in Australia he lived in Western Australia; for three of those early years he owned and operated Antonio’s restaurant in Perth. After a three-year spell in Sydney, he moved to Queensland and ran a number of cafes and restaurants in Brisbane before moving to the Sunshine Coast. For his first eight years here, he ran a catering business, somehow managing to be a full-time dad at the same time.

SEE now

Four years on, SEE Restaurant has become one of Mooloolaba’s favourite restaurants; in part, due to its prime location on Mooloolaba’s Wharf but mostly because of its reputation as a friendly, familyowned and family-run restaurant. Antonio’s wife, Wendy, works there temporarily, daughter Francesca works there full time. His son Angelo is currently taking time out in Chile but should back sometime soon. The family picture was complete when 17-yearold Zander decided to leave school ‘to do what Dad does’.

SEE the difference

Antonio prides himself on his relationship with SEE’s clientele. He and his team make a point of getting to know their clients; they are proud of their ‘meet and greet’ and everyone gets a hug and a kiss. SEE’s clients have the upper hand. Always. They don’t like something, it gets changed. No fuss, no fret. The important thing is that clients are happy and the team will go to any lengths to ensure this.

My older son migrated to Australia, found a job at SEE restaurant and suddenly, BANG, we bought a restaurant!

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With a regular local clientele—and swamped by hordes of tourists in the summer season—SEE Restaurant is always busy.

SEE food

SEE’s menu, predominantly seafood with a Chilean influence, reflects Antonio’s early years in a place with 4,500kms of coastline. Antonio reminisces about the days when a bag of salt, a beach and a big bed of mussels on the rocks was dinner. Clearly influenced by his early years, ‘fresh and fast’ is SEE’s motto. It’s all about spices, freshness, herbs, onions and big, bold beautiful flavours, where nothing is really cooked for very long. If you love to lunch, why not try SEE’s daily lunch special. A good deal at $29.50, it includes a choice of main course, dessert and a glass of wine or soft drink. The emphasis is on home-style and usually includes at least one traditional Chilean dish.

SEE relaunched

SEE Restaurant has recently completed work on a new deck. Coming soon is the renovation and beautification of the interior and the installation of a hard roof on the deck to make it an all-year-round outside dining experience. Antonio is planning a SEE relaunch sometime around April.

SEE fishing Did you know that there is a fishing charter boat attached to SEE Restaurant? Antonio operates half-day, three-quarter day and full-day fishing charters. If you don’t know how to fish, he’ll teach you. If you bring back your catch, the restaurant will even cook it for you! Catch, cook and consume! How good is that?

SEE more Events@SEE. Keep a close eye on SEE’s website,, for upcoming events and specials. The five-course degustation menus—pairing each course with wines and liqueurs to complement the food—are a must-do for foodies. Weddings@SEE. If you are planning a wedding—or any other social event—don’t forget to add a beautiful view over the river and marina to the list! SEE Restaurant caters for all function types, romantic, social or corporate, and will tailor the event to your requirements.

SEE the wharf With the completion of the first phase of redevelopment, Mooloolaba Wharf has certainly seen change, and no one is happier than Antonio. He likes that it’s bringing in new neighbours and many more visitors to Mooloolaba. Antonio is excited about the next stage of the redevelopment, especially the new marinas to bring in the boaties, the renovations to the food court and the arrival of new retail outlets. What will ultimately be the pièce de résistance is the beautification of the wharf’s iconic tower and the reinstatement (we hope!) of the lookout tower. e

All is good @SEE! See Restaurant P: (07) 5444 5044 53

$5,000 towards a business makeover *

Join Bartercard today and access $5,000* Bartercard trade dollars to makeover your business. We know that running a business comes with so many costs, from staffing, rent, suppliers and the continuous expense of marketing and advertising. When you join Bartercard you gain access to a T$5,000 Bartercard interest free line of credit that can be used to makeover your business and help you focus on marketing and advertising, without using your cash dollars.

*T$5,000 is a Bartercard trade dollar line of credit. Terms and conditions apply. Credit is subject to credit approval and only available through membership in Bartercard.

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Call your local Bartercard team to find out more and use Bartercard to makeover your business!

1300 BARTER (1300 227 837)



Marketing Q&A

Youradvertising, advertising, marketing branding questions answered an industry Your marketing and& branding questions answered by anby industry professional. Send you to (insert pro con cum voluptur Your advertising, marketing and branding answered by an industry professional. Just send anyquestions question you havequestions toaddress) and we willabor do our professional. Just send any questionporeper you haveehenim to and we will do andunt. Idit, undam ipis dolliatque hic te moloreium exped quat. best to give you the best possible answer to help you grow your brand and your business. our best to give you the best possible answer to help you grow your brand and your business. What is the difference between marketing, sales and

graphic and copy – which should to be reviewed regularly as part ofthan the the Marketing Strategy quicker last decade, so itdevelopment is important process. to stay

What do I change when change is required?

relevant. Businesses should always review economic their marketing These could include things like Commercial environments aredemographics, very dynamic and consumers plans on a technological regular basis tointerests ensure that they keep in touch conditions, changes, natural and- legal, can change attitudes and veryforces quickly much with their prospective target markets. political and social conditions. As examples, these could be quicker than last decade - so it is important to stay relevant. things like changes to interest rates, cultural tastes, government Is any publicity, bad publicity, good publicity? Businesses shouldeven always review their marketing plans on regulations, a disaster or catastrophic weather events. aThis regular basis toused ensure that they keepoverused, in touch with their is a widely phrase, perhaps but as a Another important point for management teams to acknowledge perspective target markets. general statement, in many cases, it could be misleading.

What is the difference between Marketing, Sales advertising? and Advertising? Sales and Marketing are two key functions that complement

Sales and marketing areRtwo key functions that complement eachquote other in any business operation, while is The below is from Buckminster Fuller, an Advertising American each any business operation, while advertising one other of theinelements of marketing communications. philosopher, inventor, architect and systems theorist. He livedis fromof1895 to 1983 but, the current macro environment, it one the elements of in marketing communications. Using Using this analogy, if a business is likened to a fruit-producing couldn’t be more relevant. this analogy, if a business is likened to a fruit-producing tree, then the collecting and distribution of the fruits would tree, then the collecting and distribution of the fruits would be the Sales function. Maximising yield of production, or ‘You never change thingstheby fighting be the sales function. Maximising the yield of production, or the number of fruit on each tree, requires various nurturing the existing Torequires change the number of fruit reality. on each tree, various nurturing processes like fertilisation and irrigation - and this process processes such asbuild fertilisation and irrigation, this process something, aTherefore, new model that would be the Marketing. Advertising then fits into would be the marketing function. Therefore, advertising also makes the existing model obsolete.’ the nurturing process as well. fits into the nurturing process. At Sixe, we see a lot of small-to-medium business owners who recognise that something is wrong with their marketing - and How long will my logo last? requiredfor- but need our or help to work out what Athat logochange is the isidentity a business organisation, which to change. A logo is the identity for a business organisation, can provide a product, a service or beoran overarching which

How long will my logo last?

can provide a product, a service ortobe an holding enterprise; identity becomes theoverarching public face holdBefore they make a this knee-jerk reaction tough market ing enterprise – and this identity becomes the public face conditions, we generally advise our clients to review their or business thumbprint. Ideally, this brand identity should business models and identify new opportunities in their field. or business remain stable ‘thumbprint’. for some time as it helps the brand awareness and brand equity the morethe itshould issame: seenremain andfirst recognised in the And our message is identity always ‘Be or be unique’. Ideally, this brand stable for some marketplace. Brand awareness and brand equity a timebelieve as this helps the brand awareness and brand equity We these enterprises need to find new ways toplay capture, significant role in customer purchase behaviour and also in or re-capture, their target markets and communicate with them the more it is seen and recognised in the marketplace. in a new way. They need to connect directly. customer retention and loyalty. The brand awareness and brand equity play a significant Itrole is true thatcustomer brandit loyalty still exists but tools createinit insaid the purchase behaviours and also Having that, is best practice to the refresh atologo have changed dramatically. It requires work on the company’s after a period of time and - depending customer retention loyalty. on the management side to keep it. constitution - and should be considered for various reasons; Having said that, it is best practice to ‘refresh’ a logo after So, to start the process and get an effective review underway, a for example, a major company milestone, an acquisition, a period of timeteam (which will to depend on the management the management needs look at the following six key change of market direction, a company name change or the constitution) and this should be considered elements, which ultimately combine to strengthenfor anyvarious SME introduction of competitors into the market. In some cases, business reasons, module: such as, a major company milestone, an acquisition, the logo may begin to look dated as trends change, which a change of market direction, a company name change or • Leadership can be a good style reason in itself for a refresh, but it may not be the introduction • Team structureof competitors into the market. necessary to make a complete transformation. • Business plan

In some cases, the logo may begin to look dated as According toservices experts, logo revisions • Products and/or trends change, which can be a good reason in itself for • The market ora refresh refreshments beto subtle - but it may notshould be necessary make a and • Macro environment complete transformation. gradual so existing brand awareness The business should also prepare and budget for regular tactical or equity isit on not lost intothe change. activities to keep track. It helps be flexible in order to

According to experts, logo revisions or refreshments should be subtle and gradual so existing brand awareness or equity is not lost in the change.

influencingto factors with the times. We find It adapt is alsotoimportant note and howchange you represent your logo. the best way to forecast the direction of business and implement One example is your brand story - a combination of the appropriate tactics is to closely follow the macro environment. graphic and copy - which should be reviewed regularly macro environment all the external and uncontrollable asThe part of the marketingisstrategy development process. factors that affect performance and will ultimately influence Commercial environments are very dynamic and consumers the organisation’s decision-making process. can attitudestoand interests very quickly, your muchlogo. It ischange also important note how you represent

One example is your brand story - a combination of the

is that the source for some of the most effective ideas for change can come from anywhere - including their own team members. live and breathe the business day after day. IfAfter there isthey a controversial situation, this good could be bad, but Is anyall,publicity, even bad publicity, publicity?

In my view, we need to define the word ‘bad’ first.

with the right publicity strategies and tactics, the public

In post-WW2 Japan, businesses usedoverused this strategy to as This is a widely usedmany phrase – perhaps – but reaction could be turned around andsame the result could recover and then carried on using these principles for a general statement, in many cases, it could be misleading. be a research positive and boost in brand awareness. Instay some cases, development ahead of Intheir my view, we need to defineprocesses the word to ‘bad’ first.

companies have contingency plans and/or human resources their competitors.

Ifdedicated there is a for controversial situation, could be ‘bad’ but this occurrence to bethis able to recover quickly When these initial business management strategies are in with publicity fromthe anyright situation thatstrategies arises. and tactics, the public place, only then will appropriate marketing strategies reaction could be turned around and the result could be naturally in toisplace. But if thecome situation extremely damaging; for example, a positive boost in brand awareness. In some cases, rat poison in a food product ormarketing a plane crash, then the Using short-sighted transactionalplans andhuman advertising companies have contingency and/or publicity strategy should be to focus only on damage activities, without a solid plan, will not resources dedicated forbusiness this occurrence, toproduce be able to control. With benefits. the rightTherefore, strategies, can be any long-term it’ssituations important that recover quickly from any situation that arises. each recovered quicklyprocess or neutralised beforeathey business planning should include smartescalate; marketer.

But if the situation is extremely damaging, e.g.skills rat poison in however, exceptional planning and execution are With the ongoing volatile global economy and significant arequired food product or a plane crash, then the publicity strategy to achieve these outcomes. change in consumer behaviours, one would be foolish not to should be to focus only on damage control. With the right acknowledge the commercial world is constantlyprocess, evolving. As part of thethat marketing strategy development strategies, situations can be recovered quickly or neutralised aApplying regularaupdate to the SWOT analysis—strengths, approach to advertising becoming before theyone-size-fits-all escalate, however to achieve theseisoutcomes weaknesses, opportunities and threats—is important; out-dated. Platforms like Facebook are now drilling down to not exceptional planning and execution skills are required. particularly the threats,groups to help for any potentialSo only small demographic butprepare to individual customers.

As ofsituations theyou marketing strategy development it’s part important get that your might message right so you canprocess, connect negative occur. This preparation willwith ithelp is important to update the SWOT regularly particularly these potential new customers. dramatically when you need to neutralise any the ‘T’ (which stands for to help prepare for ca Threats) damaging publicity. The key lesson is for businesses to find ways to change to suit any potential negative situations thatdevelop might occur. Thisways the existing market conditions and then innovative preparation will dramatically help when you need to ca to grow organically. neutralise any damaging publicity.

Dom Ogun,

Managing Director, Sixe®

DOMWith OGUN over 20 years’ Dom Ogun, Managing Director, Sixeexperience in Managing Director & Strategist, SixE ®

marketing and advertising, Dom has With held overboard 20 years levelexperience sales and in marketing andover advertising, Dom hasinheld board level With 20 years’positions experience in marketing and marketing various salesorganisations, & marketing various advertising, Dom haspositions held boardinthe level sales and including organisations including the multi-national marketing positions in various organisations, multinational Adshel Inc. Dom’s Adshel Inc. In addition to his extensive including the multinational Adshel Inc. Dom’s key commercial strengths are management experience, keybusiness commercial strengths developing developing brandare strategies andbrand Dom’s key strengths strategies and commercial marketing solutions for are SMEs. marketing solutions for SMEs. developing brand strategies and marketing solutions for SMEs. 55

We know what you need before you do BBC Digital have the tools to help your business get faster solutions, save money, and deliver a new level of efficiency.

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POST-MORTGAGE WORLD Once your mortgage is paid off, you can start thinking about building wealth for tomorrow using these three simple techniques: 1. INVEST REGULARLY IN MANAGED FUNDS Paying off a mortgage teaches you healthy financial habits like investing a set amount each month. So, when the house is paid off, why not keep up that discipline with a regular investment into a managed fund? Managed funds can give you exposure to a diverse range of assets. Fund managers research and choose which stocks to buy and sell which means you do not need to make the hard decisions. By setting up a regular investment you’ll be employing a strategy known as ‘dollar cost averaging’. Because you’ll automatically buy more units when prices are low, and fewer when they’re high, your average cost per unit is reduced, which increases your profit potential. 2. SALARY SACRIFICE INTO YOUR SUPER Salary sacrifice is so easy to do. Just ask your employer if they can pay part of your pre-tax salary into your super - along with the compulsory superannuation guarantee super payments they already make. Because the contribution comes out of your pre-tax earnings, it can also be a very tax-effective strategy and may lower your assessable income. As a result, you could pay less income tax each year, while building your retirement savings. What’s more, the money you salary sacrifice is taxed at just 15% within super. So if you’re in a higher tax bracket, with a marginal rate of 46.5% tax, for example, this could reduce the tax you pay by 31.5%. 3. DIVERSIFY INTO OTHER TYPES OF INVESTMENTS It’s true that investment properties, with potential capital growth and rental income, can be a great investment. But it is also important to diversify, spreading your investments across a range of assets, markets and industries - including overseas.

For example, international shares can give you exposure to emerging markets, such as China, Russia and India, and access to the more developed markets that include some of the world’s most successful companies. You may also consider investing in fixed interest assets, like term deposits or bonds, for more predictable returns. If you are keen to stay in property, another option is indirect property investment. By pooling your money with other investors into a property fund, you can gain exposure to commercial or overseas property, at a lower cost than investing directly. If that all sounds too hard, there are plenty of managed funds to choose from, that can provide instant diversification - without you having to do any of the legwork. m IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This document has been prepared by Colonial First State Investments Limited ABN 98 002 348 352, AFS Licence 232468 (Colonial First State) based on its understanding of current regulatory requirements and laws as at 16 February 2015. While all care has been taken in the preparation of this document (using sources believed to be reliable and accurate), to the maximum extent permitted by law, no person including Colonial First State or any member of the Commonwealth Bank group of companies, accepts responsibility for any loss suffered by any person arising from reliance on this information.

MEGAN KNOWLES Rowland Financial Advisory

An established member of our team with a strong focus on wealth accumulation and retirement planning, Megan is well placed to provide strategic advice in these complex areas. We believe that strategic financial direction can be simplified and our aim is to work together to help improve client’s circumstances. 57


Building wealth IN A

and you’d have sand in your togs! G’day from Alex Surf Club - the home of the Black and Gold. We love keeping the beach safe and playing an important role in our community. Sure, we think we’re special but the fact is there are some wonderful surf clubs throughout the Sunshine Coast. Of course, we’d love your support but we also urge you to support your own favourite surf club. Surf Clubs are not only in the business of saving lives, but also building young people and offering training and skills for the very young right up to the not-so-young. Every time you spend your hard-earned cash at a Surf Club you can be sure it’s going back into the community. Surf Clubs not only keep the beach safe but play important roles in the community, and your support is much-needed and appreciated. In saying that, there are many wonderful sporting clubs, bowls clubs and RSLs that do the exact same thing; they put back into the community and are the fabric of our local region. While we are all in competition for your business it should not be forgotten that all licensed clubs on the Sunshine Coast have something to offer. So, the next time you are thinking about going to a venue for a meal, a get-together or just a cold beer, give serious thought to going to a local club because, at the end of the day, you’ll be helping an organisation put back into your community. It could be a sport, it

could be volunteering, it could be saving a life or changing a life; you should know that it’s your choice and your support makes a difference. The Sunshine Coast is a very supportive community and Alexandra Headland SLSC thanks you for that and, as we say, any closer to the beach and you would have sand in your togs! ca Phone (07) 5443 6677 or you can email me, Ashley Robinson at

Are the leaders in your business equipped to INSPIRE, INNOVATE AND IMPLEMENT YOUR VISION for the future? DO YOU HAVE A CULTURE OF TRUST AND POSITIVITY? Call us to discuss how 2018 can be the year to enhance your business IQ, EQ & SQ. If you don’t know what that means join us for a day of


on Saturday April 14th at the Noosa Convention Centre 10-4pm More than 20 years experience Australia wide NOW ON THE SUNSHINE COAST


1300 FIRE UP • FIREUP Coaching (RTO 22458) – part of the HQ for IQ on the Sunshine Coast 59


Any closer to the beach



The longer you live, the more change you experience. Adapting to a new situation is an unknown. You need to move out of your comfort zone and, even if you resist, eventually change will be upon you. It is simply a part of life and it happens. Whilst some change is exciting, we’re often faced with disruptions we didn’t want and human nature is to resist change. Embracing change, or at least not fearing it, is a skill you can acquire. If you start looking at change as a process, you’ll embrace it and enjoy the thrill of it. Adopting a positive attitude and accepting change is a good place to start. FIVE REASONS TO ACCEPT CHANGE: 1. Change helps you grow. Change puts you in situations you didn’t foresee, plan or desire. This forces you to adapt in ways you’ve never imagined. These new experiences can be a major driver of personal and professional growth and development. This, in turn, can lead to new situations and new experiences which create further growth. 2. Change teaches you to be flexible. Being in a new situation gets you out of a rut and makes you think differently. When you’re not so set in your ways you learn new things. It can be challenging but, if you’re open to learning new ways of approaching problems, you can find new solutions. This makes you stronger and more capable. 3. Change allows you to understand others. When you live in a routine way it can be difficult to understand why others do what they do. The more life experiences you have the more you are able to empathise. Change increases your compassion when you think about other people and the choices they make.

4. Change reveals your strengths. When you are in your comfort zone, you don’t extend yourself very much. You know you can cope with everyday tasks. Being forced to accept changes shows you your own strength, including your ability to adapt in new (and often interesting) ways. 5. Change offers opportunities. Changes can present opportunities you never dreamed of. Meeting new people and trying new things might fuel new passions and send you down unexpected pathways. Two years ago my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer the week before Christmas. Mehera has now been given the all-clear following surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Whilst her life went through a huge change, my life changed too, just by being party to the experience. Given a choice, I would not wish this on anyone. But there was no choice, I had to be flexible, strong and understanding. My part was made easy by Mehera’s incredibly positive attitude and this provided an environment for us to grow and identify opportunities. I must send out big thanks to the Wesley Hospital for being there when it counted, our insurance broker who advised us on taking trauma insurance and friends and family for their amazing support. ca Workplace Central P: 1300 766 380

ABOUT BEN Ben lives with his partner of 27 years, Mehera. He has two children who are no longer at home. His daughter is studying at Uni, and his son manages a venue in Brisbane. His son constantly reminds him how he missed the crypto-currency boat. He loves the movie The Blues Brothers, watches The Good Place on Netflix and enjoys listening to Rolling Stones and Adele on vinyl.

Extraordinary Jewellery Exceptional Designs Renee Blackwell Design is one of Australia’s most iconic jewellery design collections. Renee’s passion is to create unique jewellery designs, inspired by travel, her love of vintage and antique curios, gems and semi-precious stones and the sublime beauty of nature. To view the current range go here:


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Fishing Charter for two with adventure fishing Charters drawn every Month Enter in Restaurant. Name

See Restaurant – located right on the water at Mooloolaba 123 Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba Wharf (under the Tower) Ph: 07 5444 5044

Phone Email

! 61




There are many reasons why private business should be thinking about a management liability insurance solution. Managing a private company has its risks. Every decision has the potential for an upside and a downside. Even with a skilled and experienced management team at the helm, some managers encounter unanticipated risks or threats that, due to their complexity or nature, are better off mitigated through insurance protection. Just one lawsuit or criminal scheme may be enough to send a vigorous, growing business crashing into bankruptcy. In today’s litigious environment, no business relationship is free of risk, including dealings with employees, vendors, investors, competitors, customers, government agencies, suppliers and creditors. For example:

• Employees and former employees can sue a firm, its board members and its officers for discrimination, harassment and other illegal employment practices. • Investors, customers, clients, government regulators and competitors can sue a firm’s board members and officers over their actions or decisions. • Retirees, former employees and employees can sue the firm and its plan fiduciaries for alleged mismanagement in administering benefits. • A trusted employee can embezzle funds, steal inventory or commit fraud over a long period of time. • Customers can sue a firm for alleged errors and omissions committed during the delivery of a professional service. • A regulatory/government body may impose a fine upon the company for breach of its statutory requirements. • An employee can be kidnapped while travelling overseas or a criminal can attempt extortion against the firm by threatening its employees or products. • The company can be sued for copyright infringement or defamation over content it posts on its website. Most people don’t usually associate these constituents with potential harm to a company or its managers, but any of them could generate

litigation—and many could engage in criminal activity—that could have a negative financial impact on a company’s bottom line. To ensure full protection against such risks, cover should include Directors and Officers Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Trustees Liability, Crime, Miscellaneous Professional Liability, Statutory Liability, Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion and Internet Liability. For private companies, whether small or large, every dollar counts. The bottom line matters. The company’s success and the return on investment have a direct impact on the personal wealth of its owners and employees, who are sometimes one and the same. ACT NOW! Why take a chance that your company will face financial calamity as a result of an event that can be insured? As the regulatory environment in Australia evolves, so do the exposures of private enterprise. Even the smallest of businesses are no longer immune to the scrutiny of our active regulators. The need for a comprehensive insurance program that can address these exposures is more apparent than ever. m E:

ROXANNE HEIBLOEM Roxanne Insurance Brokers

Roxanne Insurance Brokers (R.I.B) was established in 2014 to develop unique, specialised insurance advice for business customers. R.I.B’s strength comes from being an authorised representative of Westcourt General Insurance Brokers. Being part of a larger network gives our authorised representatives access to vast resources, knowledge and services to enhance the quality of products and advice available to you as their client.


CALL US ON: 07 5477 7567 EMAIL US: FIND US AT: Unit 4, 101 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba

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CELEBRATES IT’S 25TH ANNIVERSARY Some things just naturally get better with age and Suncoast Fitness is a great example! It has had a golden past and is ready to celebrate its gleaming future. Don’t pigeonhole this business though, as the variety on offer is second-to-none. There are seven different styled sessions to choose between, from strength and mobility all the way through to the high intensity, sweat buckets interval-based sessions. A huge part of the facility’s success is due to exceptional service and a community-based culture. From Suncoast’s humble beginnings 25 years ago, the business has contributed many resources back into the community and charity organisations. Suncoast Fitness has truly played a role in creating a healthier, happier and more active Sunshine Coast community.

Business longevity and growth is a testament to solid management, great products and exceptional service. Mark Stitt’s management vision has been dynamic and flexible as he has had to accommodate regular changes in the market. However, in Marks own words, “the biggest achievement is that after all these years Suncoast staff still get excited by every new member who comes in the door and our workplace is always filled with laughter and that good old family feel.”

Past and current staff members have always been second-to-none. Their commitment to their roles and their members is simply admirable. Suncoast repays this by offering many opportunities for staff to invest in themselves and grow within the business. Most importantly, Suncoast Fitness acknowledges the amazing members that have supported the business over the years and continue to choose Suncoast as their preferred exercise destination. Some of them have been with Suncoast for 25 years! Suncoast truly values its members and sees them as family, not just another number. It’s thanks to their contributions and recommendations that Suncoast has grown together with them as a family.

In regards to great products, Suncoast continually re-invests in its facilities. In fact, it is now filled with fresh, new state-of-the-art equipment. The group fitness rooms, the base for Suncoast’s Les Mills fitness experience, are always in a constant state of evolution to keep ahead of new products and equipment.

Looking forward, the future is bright for the Suncoast Fitness group as it continues to evolve and change with the market, whilst maintaining its tradition of consistently strong management, products and service.

Suncoast Fitness is also celebrating another amazing event this year with the opening of its Suncoast Hitroom. This facility is home to the high-intensity group training classes. This arm of Suncoast Fitness provides exciting and challenging high-intensity circuit-based classes.

Suncoast Fitness P: (07) 5409 7000 E:

You really do only have One Life - Live It Well and join a club that cares. a 63


But watch for unintended consequences BY TED FITZGERALD SUNSHINE COAST NUMBERS EXPERT

Change can be pursued for positive reasons but, sometimes, change just happens and we have to cope with unintended consequences.

Perhaps those who invented these digital platforms would find it useful to read the works of Italian diplomat, philosopher, humanist and Renaissance writer, Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli. He wrote, “Whoever wishes to foresee the future (i.e. change) must consult the past; for human events ever resemble those of preceding times. This arises from the fact that they are produced by those who ever have been, and ever shall be, animated by the same passions, and thus they necessarily have the same results.”

Did the inventors of the many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and YouTube realise that what was intended to foster universal sharing of information, ideas, images and other forms of expression could also be used in offensive or downright criminal ways? Think of the young person in the Northern Territory who recently killed herself because she could not bear the avalanche of cyberbullying.

As ever, all people respond first to their instincts, their ‘heart’, their passions, before engaging their brain to tidy up the consequences. In choosing a place to live they will ask, ‘Can I afford it? Where can I work? Does it have good facilities? Do I like it?’ These thoughts led me to examine what I think are two clear signals of Sunshine Coast ‘change’ underway. The first is the direction of urban growth patterns; the second is the ageing of our community.

w o n e l b a l i a v A


Centrally located between Caloundra and Noosa this 87m2 Office is available for rent.

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• Reception area • Three fully enclosed offices • Lunch Room (or conference area) • Two workstations • Kitchenette

In the Noel Burns building right next to the Kawana Hotel and Kawana Shoppingworld. Enquire now by calling 0408 751 863


Southern & CBD SC & Hinterland



Northers SC & Hinterland



Greater Noosa & Hinterland



Data shows that between 2006 and 2016 the Sunshine Coast grew by 28% to nearly 300,000 residents, with most growth heading south - especially around Caloundra, Buderim and Mooloolaba/ Maroochydore. In the Northern area, Coolum and Peregian Springs have a high growth rate but fewer numbers overall.













Sunshine Coast








Gold Coast




Are these demographic changes an opportunity or a threat? It depends on how you respond. I think they offer significant future benefits for community wellbeing and business. Big changes in lifestyle choices and advances in medical science have increased life expectancy and quality of life dramatically.

This growth will influence priorities for public spending and private investment. Drive past the recently opened Sunshine Coast University Hospital and it is starkly obvious. Think ‘Aura’ and take a look at the route planned for the proposed ‘light rail’ transport system. History shows that like the Gold Coast, we are ‘growing towards Brisbane’ - with increased commuting!

In 1901, only four percent of Australians were 65 years or older. By June 2010, it was 13.5%. In just over 20 years it will be over 20%.

And so to an ageing Coast. The data in the table says it all. The Sunshine Coast, and particularly Noosa, is heading towards being the ‘oldest’ community in South-East Queensland.

Can you sense the increasing economic and political power this will exert? Yes, but it is also useful to consider what might be the consequences - good and bad! c

The Bear and the Ladle !


MEET TRISH DAVISON FOUNDER AND OWNER OF THE BEAR AND THE LADLE . Trish has a simple mission - to bring you a range of healthier, tastier, more superior condiments, for you to enjoy at your table. Just eat real food because with The Bear and the Ladle – from Prep to plate we make it great. Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Preservative Free, MSG Free and Refined Cane Sugar Free and made using the finest and freshest ingredients and sweetened with cold fusion honey from the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

L O C AT E D I N T H E F O L L O W I N G S TO R E S: • Kunara Organic Marketplace Forest Glen • Bfresh Cafe and Market Warana • Whites IGA Peregian Beach • Whites IGA Coolum • Fresh Meats Maroochydore • Buderim Ginger Shoppe Montville • Pantry On The Square Eumundi





FOCUS INTENTION RESULTS EVALUATE UPGRADE PERFORM FIREUP Coaching relocates to the HQ for IQ - Sunshine Coast Queensland One of Australia’s leading providers for Accredited Coaching Qualifications has been approved as a Department of Education Queensland preferred provider and relocated its head office to the Sunshine Coast. Kathy McKenzie, Director of FIREUP Coaching, said she is excited about the level of support she has received since arriving on the Sunshine Coast. “My first meeting with Tim McGee from the Sunshine Coast City Council was the most support I have been offered in 20 years, as a small business owner, from any government body,” she said. “I am fortunate that I had the opportunity to study coaching and business in Canada in the mid-90s, well before it was recognised as being a powerful tool for business in Australia. The potential here is unlimited as there is no other equivalent qualification on the Coast. "The market has changed significantly in that 10 years ago, no-one engaging a coach really understood the importance of the coach having a qualification. That is definitely not the case now. We (at FIREUP) win a lot of business because all our coaches are trained extensively and have their International Coach Federation (ICF) credentials.

66 ISSUE87 87 1 ISSUE

"Coaching has exploded in popularity in the past five years. One of the big challenges the industry faces is that there is currently no regulation and anyone can call themselves a coach and start a business. FIREUP is affiliated with the International Coach Federation (ICF), which is the industry body globally for coaching. ICF is advancing the coaching profession so that coaching becomes an integral part of society. Our members lead this journey by representing the highest quality in professional coaching (" Having started her career in nursing, and then attaining a Masters in Vocational Education - during which she decided she needed to develop a qualification for coaching - Kathy has worked extensively in health and education. “I developed the REACH Coaching Model in 2008 for the QLD Health Coaching Skills for Leaders Program. Coaching was still in its infancy in Australia. They needed a holistic model for coaching conversations that was sophisticated enough to enable the depth of conversations that arise in the health context, but practical enough to roll out on a large scale. Evidencebased coaching was also gaining momentum and REACH provided a more robust approach to supporting capability development. "Most programs at that time used the popular GROW coaching framework but the issue I found with it was that it jumps straight into the goal without stressing the importance of first connecting deeply with the person you are coaching. Rapport is so critical as without that, people are not transparent and withhold discussing what is really going on for them. The GROW model also missed the importance of the coachee working on the goals that have value and significance. The coach needs to partner with their client to ensure they can clarify and articulate the reason or the benefits of getting their desired outcome. "When we have a strong enough purpose and commitment we are far more likely to commit to achievement. This was also validated by the research coming from the International Coach Federation. "Often people get very little validation and acknowledgement for their efforts. In developing the REACH model we realised that concluding a coaching conversation by authentically honouring the coachee meant they left the session energised, believing they can achieve what is important to them, and feeling good about who they are. This is what distinguishes exceptional coaches - their ability to inspire others to transform. "Hence, in working with QLD Health, the REACH© Coaching Conversation Model was born. The REACH acronym stands for Rapport, Explore, Action, Clarify and Honour."

REACH in Practice Any model is only useful if it works in practice. A Learning and Organisation Development Manager at a public sector agency attests to the benefits of REACH at an organisational level. “We have recently decided to adopt the REACH coaching model in our organisation. One of the key reasons is that I think the Rapport and Honour steps add more of the ‘human side’ to the coaching conversation. In my last role, we had a development centre where leaders would practice coaching skills using a different coaching model. Our feedback would often be that leaders needed to spend more time building rapport into their coaching and encouraging their team members to take on challenges. I often wondered why those steps weren’t themselves part of other models.”

RAPPORT Building rapport is essential to get coachees engaged and in the space of trusting and opening up, prior to gaining agreement on what a successful coaching conversation topic or outcome would be.

EXPLORE Most of the conversation is questioning and exploring the topic at deeper and deeper levels. Various tools and techniques can be applied to access the subconscious. The key to quality answers is asking quality questions that are solution-oriented and focused on possibilities, not problems.

ACTION An effective coaching conversation leads to action steps that are stated as SMART goals which can be measured and monitored.

CLARIFY Clarifying the value in achieving the outcome cements the importance of realising each goal and builds the desire to make it happen.

HONOUR Reflecting on the value of the coaching conversation and authentically validating and honouring the coachee means they leave the session feeling good about who they are and believing they can achieve their goals.

REACH gives leaders and coaches a robust approach that can be utilised powerfully for individual clients or organisational rollouts. The REACH Model is part of FIREUP’s programs, the Diploma of Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring (22233VIC) and the Certificate IV in Business and Personal Coaching (10547NAT). Both these programs have been designed and developed specifically to align with the 11 core competencies recognised by the International Coach Federation (ICF), as essential to being a professional coach. "It is a rigorous process to be an endorsed ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) and we have worked hard to gain and maintain this which means our clients get the opportunity to gain not just a national, but also an international qualification."

The FIREUP Coaching program is unique in that it utilises a combination of methodologies including: • • • • •

Emotional Intelligence Positive Psychology Brain Dominance Solution-focused frameworks Neuroscience and NLP Techniques • Strength-based Philosophy • Techniques from CIQ® Kathy is the ICF (International Coaching Federation) Regional Support Developer for 2018.

For more information see p. 1300 347 387 e. 67 2


Coast’s favourite balloon bender selected for

world record team in Singapore Sunshine Coast businessman Matt Russell is familiar to many families and businesses who love his balloon artwork. Now he has been invited to join 50 artists from around the globe for a world record attempt in Singapore in March. Matt will meet fellow balloon artists from China, Israel, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore and work together over four days to build an artwork from more than 500,000 balloons in the Marina Square Atrium. The resulting design will then be on public display from 9-12 March so visitors can walk through the interactive balloon sculpture. Matt says the Singapore record attempt is set to ‘blow up’ the industry and set a new benchmark for eye-catching temporary sculpture. “These enormous, interactive art installations are hugely popular overseas and this world record attempt will be the biggest, most intricate design yet. Naturally, it is a secret for now and has to be kept under wraps until the big reveal,” Matt said. “I am pretty chuffed to be invited to be involved. It’s not something Australia has ever seen before so it’s exciting to have the chance to travel and be part of the experience.”

Matt has been working in the balloon industry for 11 years and has had his own business, Twisted Mr, for almost eight years. Matt has won four awards at the annual world balloon convention and is a worldwide ambassador for Qualatex balloons, teaching his art during the 2017 Qualatex World Tour in Sydney. He has also made balloon creations for major events, one even starring in a national Toyota television advertisement. The world record attempt will be televised to millions of audience members over the event. e Matt Russell M: 0410 177 504

AVAILABLE NOW! WE’RE HERE TO HELP YOU GET A TICK IN EVERY BOX Talk to us about all Australian Migration visas including:

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MARN 0639290 68 ISSUE 87

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These books will help children with resilience, bullying, depression and anxiety. Written for the parents, teachers and guardians of children and schools to know who the Millennium Children® are and how to empower them.




CHANGE IS THE ‘And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future’ John F. Kennedy A few evenings ago I was on my computer watching my favourite YouTube channel on animals and insects. Mesmerised, I watched a dragonfly emerging from its nymph shell. The nymph changed from a larva to an adult by literally splitting and climbing out of its old skin. This remarkable change takes a surprising amount of time and energy to achieve. The pumping up of the wings and body, ready to fly, is the last in step in the process. This metamorphosis was startling and completely enthralled me. I couldn’t help but find it the perfect example of change. In both my business and personal life I, too, have undergone a lifechanging metamorphosis more than once. These included major international moves, such as travelling to Mexico and living on a sailboat for five years. Then later I moved to Australia from my birth country of America. I have also navigated major changes in my business life. Most recently I decided to go from being a jewellery wholesaler, stocking 144 shops throughout Australia, to a 100% online business. This was a complete turnaround on the business model I have painstakingly nurtured for 20 years. It was time for a major overhaul, as the business was driving me, rather than me driving the business. I did have some trepidation but I knew in my heart that change was inevitable, so I embraced the notion and forged ahead.

Why do some people sail gently through all the changes life throws at them, whilst others get upset if they have to change their breakfast cereal? There seem to be two categories of people: those who embrace and welcome change and those who shy away from it. Quite clearly I fall into the first. However, it is much more complicated than me simply saying ‘go for it - change is inevitable’ or asking ‘what do you have to lose?’

SEE OPPORTUNITY ON PAGE SIX TO WIN A PIECE OF RENEE BLACKWELL JEWELLERY. Making this change was hard. Period. I went back to school in some ways, taking every available workshop, seminar and tutorial on how to successfully integrate various online platforms, websites and the like required for online success. Two years on, the dragonfly has emerged. e

For a true and successful change, there are many ‘rules of the road’ that one must follow and navigate. First and foremost, you must really want to change.

‘The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking’ - Albert Einstein

Staying the course is easy, even if it’s not the best choice in the long run. I could have easily continued stocking jewellery stores, adding more and more as the years flew by. But I knew that for me, the internet offered boundless opportunities and the change I was looking for.

Renee Blackwell, Managing Director Renee Blackwell Design 69


e g n a h c g n i g a n a M IN THE WORKPLACE As the old saying goes, change is hard. When change affects an organisation, the challenges are multiplied. Whether it’s a transition in leadership or managing redundancies, the implementation of such events in the workplace may end up in your hands. So how can you navigate the process without getting lost?

LOOK AFTER YOUR EMPLOYEES Depending on what the change is, it may impact some or all of your employees directly, but it will definitely affect all of your employees indirectly. Plan for that. Make sure they have information about Employee Assistance Programs if you offer such support. If you don’t have a formalised EAP, do some homework to provide information about free support resources your employees can access. And if you’re prepared to go above and beyond, seek your employees’ feedback about the process to see how your organisation could improve going forward.


As we all know, change is a fact of life in the workplace. It can be managed poorly, or it can be managed well. Whichever way it goes, it will reflect on the organisation in the minds of those who are impacted by it, including employees, their families, friends and others with whom they speak about it, as well as your clients and customers. If it’s done right, you can land on the positive side of those conversations, even if the change brings about difficult outcomes for some. It’s understandable if it doesn’t all go according to plan, but if you strategise at the outset with these key points in mind, it will go a long way towards coming through the process better off as an organisation. Ultimately, that’s what change is all about. m

GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT When you know that significant change is on the horizon for your organisation, get your leadership team together as soon as practicable to plot out the key information, and know your legal obligations around consultation. We’re talking about the basics of the anticipated change: who, what, when, where, why and how. As you’re working through this critical overview, the details of preparing and implementing the changes should also come to the fore. COMMUNICATE EARLY AND OFTEN People have a tendency to speculate when they are left to wonder what’s happening, and they often think the worst. Even if you think only your core leadership is aware of looming changes, there may be some whispering going on already. Once your leadership team is on the same page about the details of what’s happening, make a plan to communicate that to the whole organisation. Whether you speak with your team managers immediately before or after addressing the whole company, make sure they are up to speed on the key information. They need to be prepared for the inevitable questions that will follow and know where to direct employees if they don’t have the answer they’re seeking. Ensure you provide any relevant updates during the implementation as well, so people aren’t interpreting things they hear second or third-hand.

NICOLE MARTIN Workplace Central

Nicole is passionate about making sure employers and employees communicate effectively so they can work together to build better organisations. She believes a happy and healthy workforce leads to increased productivity and loves to play a part in creating this for her clients. 1300 766 380

Make employment simple in your workplace. Book your no obligation consultation with Steph to discuss getting your business’ greatest asset - its people - on track to a fun and productive workspace. 70 ISSUE 87


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! H T A I L O G V D I V A D SYDNEY’S Matters Magazine is excited to share this BE THE CHANGE article, it’s amazing a difference just one person thinking out the square can make. What could you do to think outside the square in your industry?

SYDNEY MAN TAKES ON THE MIGHT OF SAUDI ARABIA AND OPENS UP A WORLD OF EXPORT OPPORTUNITY FOR AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS! A Sydney businessman is taking on the might of Saudi Arabia and the Middle Eastern Arab GCC countries to break their controversial blockade of 2022 Soccer World Cup hosts Qatar. Simultaneously he is opening up an incredible export opportunity for Australian business. Since June 5 2017 Michael Ibrahim has been sending food to the small peninsular country of Qatar ... not just food parcels, but containers. I sold one container of meat in July last year and with the help of my wife we are now shipping 30 containers a month ... and climbing! Michael has also started a #wesupportQatar campaign! “I’d never done anything like this in my life before,” says Michael. “I had the idea for #wesupportQatar when I was working in

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the Middle East on June 5th last year and the trade blockade was announced. Everyone was in shock. It’s a country of 3.5 million people including tens of thousands of US troops, and all of a sudden their food supply was stopped.” Michael Ibrahim says, “Australian beef is really sought after in Qatar so that was the first phone call. Now it’s everything. Food, vitamins, building materials ... it’s a whole country! This is an amazing export opportunity for Australian business to open up a brand new territory and I’m keen to purchase container loads of product from manufacturers, farmers, growers and industry as a whole. In less than six months this business has grown exponentially and with three and a half million mouths to feed every day and a whole country to service it’s a real challenge!”

ABOUT THE BLOCKADE Apparently a $500 million loan deal from Qatar with President Trump’s son in law and senior adviser Jared Kushner in 2017 soured and shortly after the US agreed to a massive $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia. Following which on June 5 2017 leading members of the GCC (Gulf Council Countries) Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt and Yemen imposed a blockade on Qatar alleging that the country supported “extremism and terrorism”, accusations that Doha has vehemently denied. President Trump supported Doha’s denials in a phone call on Monday 22nd January 2018 with the Gulf Nation’s emir Sheikh Tamim where he praised Qatar’s efforts to combat “terrorism and extremism”. e Article provided by



Sue Dalmeyer offers a professional, personalised, cost effective styling service using your own furniture and accessories to best prepare your house for sale, saving you money on costly furniture hire.

Sue is a Qualified Interior Decorator and has an extensive background in design along with successfully styling for sale, many of her own properties. She can look at your property through the eyes of the buyer, providing specialised solutions, advising on how to accentuate what your property has, highlighting your property’s best characteristics and maximising spaces, creating a beautiful ambience and flow.

See the difference that Sue can make to your property.


ANDREA KIRWAN-TAYLOR You want to change careers, but you just don’t have the skills you know you need. Sutherland Training are the specialists in computer training. Owner Andrea Kirwan-Taylor is passionate about the quality of the training provided. Since 2007 Sutherland Training have offered a broad range of courses with particular attention to quality for each individual participant. You will love the friendly and approachable trainers. Sutherland Training P: 07 5451 1737

After years of working in the education system and raising three children, Robyn finally made the decision to scratch the itch for her ideal ROBYN CROMMELIN career and lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast. Now ten years on, having assisted both buyers and sellers with property purchases and sales, Robyn has built firm relationships. She is as enthusiastic as ever to continue in this role. Networking also becomes a large part of the process with connectivity to a varied range of industries - solicitors, building and pest inspectors, valuers, tradies, mortgage brokers, bond cleaners and landscapers the list goes on. Robyn says, “Empathy to varied situations is essential as is the ability to unravel awkward scenarios and most of all maintain a good sense of humour, life is to be enjoyed, shared and to assist one another to have a happy, healthy future. It is easy to tick all those boxes with my chosen career.”

Our Commitment

upskill now

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We specialise in: Short one day computer courses (MYOB, Xero, Excel, Word, Project and many more) Accredited Certificate courses in • Business administration • Small business management • Medical Receptionist

07 5448 7700 0418 184 043 Email.


Call sue on 0413 746 572 Email: WWW.SUEDALMEYER.COM.AU

SUTHERLAND TRAINING T 5451 1737 M 0419 797 932 73









Exploring the natural beauty of the Sunshine Coast and all it has to offer is as easy as unwrapping a beautifully presented, custom-made gourmet hamper delivered to your door by Ray and Irene DeVos, the proud owners of ‘D’licious Gourmet Hampers’, a family run business located in Noosa Shire. Packaged with love, each hamper features the finest selection of locally produced products, providing a genuine sample of regional foods. It's a true ‘farm-to-plate’ culinary experience for the customer. Dining on the treats in every hamper is like taking a personally guided tour across the Sunshine Coast, sampling products made by artisan producers from the hinterland to the beach. Whilst pleasing your palate with a wealth of gourmet foods the DeVos family has also created a beneficial ripple-effect throughout the local farming and business community. They are on a first name basis with all their producers, from Michelle and Kris at the Noosa National Chocolate Company, to Claire and Tim of Garisha Curries in Boreen Point, Peter and Sally of Hinterland Feijoas in Belli Park and John at Partner Foods in the Glasshouse Mountains. The family has managed to source the highest quality regional produce whilst simultaneously cultivating a strong sense of community. “We love that each hamper sold is helping myriad other local small businesses, and our customers value the fact that their gift is locally produced.” Sunshine Coast and Brisbane-based businesses have become particularly fond of D’licious Gourmet Hampers. Businesses can get custom-designed, uniquely branded gifts for clients, with a variety of options, inclusions, packaging styles and price points.

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“We understand that a corporate gift needs to reflect the business giving it, so we work with our corporate clients to ensure we provide exactly what they are looking for, while also saving them valuable time and effort.” For seven years, Ray and Irene have nurtured their labour of love whilst enjoying the personal benefit of sampling delectable treats from Buderim Ginger, Candy Addictions and Yandina Nutworks, as well as craft brews from Sunshine Coast Brewery, aromatic coffees from The Coffee Place and the purest teas from Planet Organic and Kin Kin Tea. “To run a business that gives people pleasure, while helping spread the word about the quality of our amazing regional food and producers from the Sunshine Coast and surrounds, is extremely satisfying!” Next time you’re feeling the need to travel the world and escape into a diverse collection of exquisite flavours, remember ‘a taste of the Sunshine Coast’ from Maleny to Maroochydore, can be delivered to your home, with love, from the DeVos family to yours. a D’licious Gourmet Hampers M: 0406 670 952 E:

Jean Sheehan is an award winning Sunshine Coast based entrepreneur and three time AMAZON best seller Author that has just launched her second and third books, both children empowerment books. The culmination of a lifelong dream, the books are entitled ‘Door 1: The Millennium Children’ and ‘Door 2: Empowering the Millennium Children’. Written for parents, teachers and childcare businesses, the books look towards CHANGE in the world, to empower children to create a future population that is happy, healthy and emboldened! ‘Door 1: The Millennium Children’ outlines a revolutionary approach to confidence and self-esteem in children. It discusses the four personalities, gifts, learning styles, health problems, body shapes and challenges they face. The reader is taken on a voyage of discovery of the children in their care, necessary for harmonious relationships and helping children to thrive in life. ‘Door 2: Empowering the Millennium Children’ is replete with proven methods to help children thrive in life. It describes how outdated ways of thinking are stifling children and suggests new ways of empowering them.

depression and anxiety. To date, no-one has come up with revolutionary concepts that empower not only children but parents and teachers. Jean’s central message is that there are solutions to the myriad problems faced by children; her methods are easy and effective with long-lasting dynamic transformations. e

To enter these ‘millennium doors’ is to unleash a wealth of information, to discover the fundamental problems faced by children and to learn ways to help them with resilience, bullying,

Millennium Education P: (07) 5641 4009 M: 0414 758 360

MEET JEAN: Jean has been an educator, speaker and nurse for 20 years. She has developed a revolutionary understanding of children’s personality types and offers parenting and teaching styles which complement these. An award-winning businesswoman, Jean features regularly in the media and is sought after as a life-changing expert.

$75 ‘Make Over’ Package 1/2 PRICE 15 Foils OR Colour including Style Cut and Blow-dry

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For Bret Davis, putting things together and creating workable solutions has been a passion of his since his early years as a carpentry apprentice. But now he works with a different kind of hardware. Instead of performing manual tasks with a hammer and drill he’s customising digital workflow solutions for more than 1000 clients across the Sunshine Coast.

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With printing and paper documentation fast becoming a thing of the past - and entire business processes now being managed virtually from the palm of one’s hand - the transition to all digital platforms can be daunting and overwhelming for companies accustomed to traditional methods. By replacing paper forms - like job forms, leave forms and order forms and replacing them with digital equivalents, companies can eliminate the extra burden of data entry, reduce waste and unnecessary staff hours, and ultimately become more efficient and profitable. BBC Digital specialises in supporting businesses with the installation of the latest hardware and software solutions, updating office equipment and increasing automation. They have three world-recognised workflow solutions that overcome the multitude of everyday business challenges - Doc2Matter™, Cost2Matter™ and Mail-room sorting. Implementing these solutions, with help from BBC, will lead to increased efficiency, improved security and compliance, centralised processing, streamlined operations and overall reduced costs.

“In the future - who knows how far away - we will not have the need to print or scan anything. Everything will be digital, right on the screen of our phones. All the software apps we need for our business will be on a single digital device,” Bret said. Solutions can be tailored to all industries, from finance and insurance to real estate, legal, construction, education, retail and manufacturing. More than ever, in the age of technology, client satisfaction, innovation, speed and productivity, instantaneous access to information and efficiency are important determining factors for a company’s longevity and success.

With over 40 years' experience serving the Sunshine Coast, BBC Digital sets the bar high and is helping others to follow their suit. BBC provides numerous products to help benefit your company: • PRINTERS: Multi-function devices, large/wide format printers, productions printers, single function printers • SHARE DEVICES: Projectors, interactive whiteboards • SCANNERS: Additionally, they have the workflow solutions to help you overcome business challenges: File, capture and OCR capabilities for your electronic documents Convert paper documents to electronic ones and securely save to the cloud • Improve workflow by automating manual tasks, invoice approval and device services to reduce cost and free up staff’s valuable time • Manage your print fleet with online monitoring tools and securely print documents from anywhere within the company • Mobilise your workforce printing to print, scan and access documents on the go • Monitor costs of print, copy and fax load by department or by user and recover any print costs that you do on behalf of clients • Green and Mobile Printing With customer service that's second-to-none, BBC Digital provides its clients with a guaranteed response time of fewer than four hours, with the average being three! There's no need to wait for replacement products and supplies to be ordered since they carry over $700,000 of parts within the group and replenish as needed, staying current and available to their client base. Their technicians receive comprehensive training and have over 10 years' experience in the industry. Information overload is part of life in the new millennium. Congested workspaces, piles of paper and waste, malfunctioning equipment, shortages of supplies, disgruntled and frustrated administrative assistants battling with outdated software applications, inefficient methods of document sharing and more are part of this. There are solutions to all of the above, and it’s as easy as a pointand-click on the contact page of their website. Alternatively, call Bret to arrange a chat over a cuppa. Whatever you need, he has the solution for you and your company, because that’s just what he does - puts it all together and fixes things! e BBC Digital P: 1300 249 992 77


Bret started as a sales manager in 1993 with Berwicks, a business technology company founded in 1977, providing the latest in copiers, printers, scanners and fax machines. He has been General manger for over 20 years of BBC Digital (a Berwicks company) on the Sunshine Coast.


FUTURIST, TERRY KEENE, sees change ahead

As a futurist, I understand that change is as natural and necessary as the day is to night. I believe we all have many futures, formed through the different decisions we make, both individually and collectively. I see the day when businesses will more meaningfully connect with each other, to the benefit of themselves and their stakeholders. Businesses will cluster around values that will challenge the ‘business as usual’, 20th Century ‘used future’ view that creates overtly short-term connections based at times on unethical and harmful practices.

the Commonwealth Bank and Hollywood personalities.

Social media is a driver of change. The actions of one individual or a corporate group can influence the lives of many others in both positive and negative ways. For example, the negative impact, through a downward movement of share prices or drop in TV ratings, of the recent events with

As a businessman, completing my Master of Business Administration at the University of the Sunshine Coast, I have learnt that the current ‘gold standard’ for determining business success is principally based on archaic descriptors such as market-share, return-on-investment and profit.

From a humanistic perspective, I see these above actions as unethical, socially unacceptable and totally inappropriate. From a business perspective I see them as non-sustainable and a threat to the financial wellbeing of the businesses and people they contact.

As a futurist, I see an alternative and preferred future being created where a new ‘gold standard’ for determining business success will evolve to equally include new descriptors, such as psychological safety in the workplace, operational ethics and business integrity. When we see the emergence of new descriptors I believe they will enhance staff well-being, stakeholder loyalty and therefore ‘bottom-line’ performance. c


Higher Certificate in Mining, Diploma in Project Management, Graduate Certificate in Futures Studies

Terry has extensive experience at executive levels of corporations. He has also been the sole proprietor of two successful businesses. He is passionate about human rights and the positive influence businesses can have in both local and global environments. He is a futurist and has spoken professionally on personal motivation, human rights and business ethics.

78 ISSUE 87




Have you been living on SOMEDAY ISLAND? What’s your someday? Someday I’ll get fit; someday I’ll leave this unhealthy relationship; someday I’ll find Mr or Mrs Right; someday I’ll get that degree. Do that course, change careers, leave this job, get that job, give up drinking, shopping, drinking, gambling - the list goes on and on so insert your someday item here ....................................................... The truth is that Someday Island can quickly become a place you don’t want to leave. Well, guys, you have to VOTE YOURSELF OFF THE ISLAND! It’s so comfortable and cushy on that island, it’s so easy to stay there and return to (say through yo-yo dieting). We get so far off the Island but then give up and go back. Because the food is great and endless and oh so yummy!

BUT WE MUST VOTE OURSELVES OFF THE ISLAND FOREVER What if you voted yourself off the island and chose to:

MAKE REST OF YOUR LIFE THE BEST OF YOUR LIFE. Did you know that if you set your intentions, if you write down what you want, you are TEN times more likely to achieve it? I just made that number up, but I reckon its lots of times more! Write down ten things you could do to get you to your SOMEDAY sooner. When things go wrong, that’s when we go back to the island. When we get stressed or someone upsets us, we seek the comfort of the island. WE ABSOLUTELY MUST BURN THE BOATS What does burning the boats look like to you? Have a ‘BURN THE BOATS’ brainstorm conversation with yourself right now. How does that look? How could you really burn the boats? What does that even mean to you?

If you really did burn the boats, if there really was no way back to the island EVER, how does that feel for you? How does that look to you? At the end of the day, it all comes down to leverage. Your big WHY. As well as your leverage, it is also about who you are being. So who are YOU being? Your identity defines you. It’s who you are. So who do you want to be? What is your leverage? What is your why? If your leverage is big enough, powerful enough, important enough, that’s when you will burn the boats. So work it out right now. What is your why? Why do you want that someday thing? Write down five reasons why you want what you want and that you are prepared to burn the boats to achieve. Is it a big enough why? Does it give you enough leverage? So no matter what it is that you want to CHANGE: Begin with these four questions: What do you need to do less of? What do you need to do more of? What do you need to start doing? What do you need to stop doing? Now ask yourself these four questions: Will you do less of what you said? Will you do more of what you said? Will you start doing what you said? Will you stop doing what you said?


It is important to set your intentions - proper planning prevents poor performance. You need an action plan and a commitment towards that plan. You need a strategy, a plan and a purpose.


START RIGHT NOW TOWARDS THE FUTURE - instead of thinking in the past. f 79




Every week someone hits me up for an opinion on a 'new' website or they receive a 'spam' email on 'How to make $$$ millions from Bitcoin'. None of these is legitimate. Nada. Zero. They're shams! THESE ARE ALL SCAMS. BUT WHY? Because the whole point of Bitcoin is to stop third parties from stealing and profiteering from YOUR money. You can now be your own bank. Sites will charge fees to help you manage and transfer your money but this is the end of an era - no longer do we need someone else to hold our money or reinvest it, whilst ripping us off with hidden fees and charges. So why do we keep giving it to someone else we know we can’t trust? Offers that are sent to you without you asking are probably scams. It's like signing up to something posing as a bank, or third party investor, but worse: it's a cryptocurrency scammer. This new crypto economy is still the 'wild west' of finance. This is an unregulated market, with virtues and high hopes, but also crammed with scammers taking advantage of people’s naivety and lack of knowledge in Bitcoin and speculation. Some of these businesses are called MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), Pyramids and Ponzi Schemes. Basically, they are scams. And they do go missing overnight sometimes and take all your money with them.

Existing financial institutions, like superannuation funds and hedge funds, are currently whaling the market to extract all they can before the flame finally goes out for them. Bitcoin investment schemes promising guaranteed returns and seminars charging more than $50 to attend are all a waste of money. They are mainly making money out of you. The information is freely available on the internet - and in this post. There are 'meetup' groups everywhere that are basically free and consist of good folk who are helping each other and can help you.

ICOS: THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY These are like IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) on the stock exchange. An ICO (also known as an ITO) is Initial Coin/Token Offering. It’s like investing in a new company. They release a prospectus or white paper, then announce they're selling discounted pre-float tokens or 'coins' to start their business, usually through their own website. These coins then turn into another cryptocurrency, which can turn up on any exchange and be traded in and out of other currencies - just like Foreign Exchange (Forex). You can make a lot of money almost overnight from these. You can also lose a lot. BE CAREFUL: DO YOUR HOMEWORK. And remember, ICOs have NO REGULATIONS. Unlike the checks and measures provided by the stock exchanges and finance industry - which still don't offer any guarantees - the ease of setting up an ICO means anyone can scam. Be very careful before investing in any of these. China just banned all ICOs unless approved by the government. Of course, many of us don't even trust governments!

BEFORE INVESTING IN AN ICO ASK THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: • Are they registered in the home country where they conduct most of their business / your country? Or are they in a tax haven, even a hotel room? Red flag! They may be up to something or avoiding tax.

This has already happened to friends of mine.

• What is their track record? Do they have previous businesses? Is the information verifiable?


• What financial or business registrations do they have? Experience and successes?

As mentioned, the point of cryptocurrencies using Blockchain is to do away with banks and third-party financial institutions which make money out of your money. New technology facilitates this and successful banks are already pivoting their business model to provide on-ramping into the crypto world. 80 ISSUE 87

Examples of good, well trusted ICOs: - Ethereum and its Token (ETH) was the first operating system/platform for Blockchain development Power Exchange (POWR)

You cannot avoid having to do some of the footwork yourself. Monitor the cryptocurrency and technology newsfeeds, twitter feeds and respected websites. You can find free tutorials all over the internet and YouTube on how to invest in crypto. 'How to buy Bitcoin for beginners' videos seem fairly straightforward, especially if they match up with the sites I’m going to recommend below.


See how people review their service. Here’s a good indicator of popular exchanges:

THEN BUY A WALLET This wallet is a USB stick that stores your cryptocurrency safely. No-one can steal it unless you let them. This is where cryptocurrency becomes real money. You can also print it out as a backup. The chessboard-like code is a representation of proof that you ‘own’ an amount or Cryptocurrency. These wallets are popularly regarded as good: (Highly Recommended)

If you can sign up an account on eBay, Amazon or even Facebook, you can easily register yourself on a cryptocurrency exchange (or Bitcoin exchange). Find a trusted bitcoin exchange site in Australia, where you can convert Australian dollars at reasonable rates to a cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin, referred to as BTC).

How to pay bills or BPay using your cryptocurrency:

Popular (in Australia):

The security and privacy of Bitcoin are almost unparalleled but remember, the total market value of the entire crypto market (Bitcoin, Ethereum and more) is still only one-tenth of Apple’s international company share value. It's very exposed to 'whaling' and Wall St/Hedge Fund/Miner manipulation) but it’s better and more purposeful than gold.

A reasonable fee is around five percent. You have to pay for their service somehow but avoid paying too much. Offering good fees and conversion rates (in Australia): ACX charge only one percent when you withdraw dollars. The rest is fee-free. Harder to use, with low volume, it’s good for buying Bitcoin but not much else.

ONLY INVEST WHAT YOU WOULD BE PREPARED TO LOSE Just in case you make a mistake depositing, exchanging currency or choosing a falling or crashing currency. Many smart people I know have also lost a lot of money in crypto. Then find a crypto exchange. Send your bitcoin to one of these and you can start swapping it for other currencies like bitcoin cash (BCH) or Ethereum (ETH):


WHAT ABOUT BUGS AND HACKS? Millions of dollars are being lost in poorly written code or apps. Sadly, with all new technology, this is going to happen. It’s still early days. The best thing you can do right now is buy a little bit of cryptocurrency and hold and watch, learn and experience, get familiar with the new global currencies and join communities who talk about helping each other out without the need to ask for your money. e

DISCLAIMER This article contains general information only, no responsibility can be accepted for any actions taken as a result of reading this. Professional advice should be sought. and

ABOUT JIMMY Jimmy Hirst offers Tiny Houses and regenerative Eco Communities to make the transition to modern, happier and

sustainable living communities more accessible to everyone. He is also passionate about Bitcoin, networking, innovation and technology. Jimmy ran one of the largest public seminars in Queensland on Bitcoin and blockchain last August to educate the community on what’s about to happen. 81


No-one who promises to make you rich is doing it to help you. They are doing it to help themselves. If they are charging you, THEY are the ones becoming rich, not you. Who would help make you rich for the love of it?



economy is changing

We are experiencing distinct changes in our Sunshine Coast economy - and it’s indisputable that these are changes for the better. Recent labour force data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show our Regional Economic Development Strategy, which I released in September 2013, is producing real dividends for our region. The data revealed the ABS trend unemployment figure for the Sunshine Coast in December 2017 was five percent compared with the Queensland rate of 5.9%. A major priority for our council when it was first elected in 2012 was to work with business, industry and other stakeholders to produce a blueprint that would reshape our region’s economy, attract new investment, generate more jobs in high-value industries and grow our exports domestically and internationally.

Our council has never wavered from implementing this strategy and our Sunshine Coast is now seeing the benefits of that commitment in the results we are seeing pretty much across the board.

Jobs growth is at the heart of achieving one of the four goals in the Regional Economic Development Strategy - which is to lift average household income levels on the Sunshine Coast. Importantly for our community, since 2011 we have seen average household income levels rise from being 22% below the State average to now being nine percent below the State average. This is the real social dividend because, at the end of the day, this contributes to a greater sense of confidence and prosperity in our community. More work needs to be done to ensure our Sunshine Coast remains in a strong economic position and that jobs continue to be created, particularly for our young people. Importantly, we must continue to tackle the issue of youth unemployment which remains at unacceptably high levels. This challenge - one that is common in all regional areas - needs concerted and focused attention by all tiers of government. It needs to be done in such a way that all regions experience a positive change in the job opportunities for our young people. The opportunities here on the Sunshine Coast are enormous, and I invite you to share in them. c

By staying focused and committed to our plan for our region’s economy, we are now experiencing a sustained period with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the State, continuing high levels of business confidence over the last three years and more than $10 billion in investment in new infrastructure and major commercial and residential developments. Over the course of 12 months, an estimated 13,200 jobs were created on the Sunshine Coast.

MARK JAMIESON Sunshine Coast Mayor

Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson keeps Matters Magazine readers up-to-date on what’s happening on the Coast.

Overcover the future of your dreams! Is it time for you? Do you sometimes wonder what else is possible for you? Would you like to spend a weekend with some like-minded ladies to uncover what you really want? And to put a plan in place to get it? Often the only thing standing in the way of what you getting what you want is the belief you have about why you can’t get it! 31st May to 2nd June Location Sunshine Coast Cost from just $462 everything included!

Go to and click on retreats for more information and to book your spot. The Magic Success Formula | Ph. 5444 4456 | Mob. 0433198868 | Email. 82 ISSUE 87

There’s no doubt that we take our feet for granted and only maintain or look after them when we have a problem.


If you walk, run, jump or even stand for extended periods, you will place greater physical demands on your body than normal day-to-day activity, making you more susceptible to foot and lower limb injuries.


Dr Peter Shelton (accredited Podiatrist) is a leader in Podiatry and constantly strives to revolutionise Podiatry care and management. The only Podiatry Clinic on the Sunshine Coast utilizing the world class technology and benefits of Shockwave therapy and Low Level Laser Therapy to help reduce pain and accelerate the natural healing process.


‘The use of Shockwave therapy & Low Level Laser Therapy is used to help with many different problems from, lower back pain, hip pain, knee pain to foot and ankle problems. This research based treatment option is not just for elite athletes and sporting injuries but also benefiting many of the Sunshine Coasts ageing population who are experiencing musculoskeletal problems’.



• Stimulates the body’s own healing ability • Fast, safe & Effective • Often provides immediate reduction of pain as well as increased mobility and function. • Non Invasive • Non-surgical • Does not require anesthesia • Shockwave Therapy has been shown to have an 80-90% success rate if all underlying issues are addressed as well.



DR PETER SHELTON BSc Hons Accredited Podiatrist - Coastal Podiatry

Dr Peter Shelton is an accredited podiatrist with an additional Diploma in Sports Therapy. He completed his studies in his hometown at the University of Huddersfield in the UK and has been working in private practice on the Sunshine Coast since 2006. As an ex-professional rugby league player, Peter has a special interest in foot and leg pain. He has spent a lot of time working on a treatment called foot mobilisation therapy, often combining it with Shockwave Therapy & Low Level Laser Therapy.





ARTHRITIS PAIN Phone: (07) 5492 2944 Address: 1/68 Jessica Blvd, Minyama 83




If you really want change, change the way you think! What is something you would like to change? The Magic Success Formula helps you to achieve ANYTHING YOU WISH TO ACHIEVE IT’S PRETTY EASY TO MAKE WHAT YOU WANT APPEAR JUST LIKE MAGIC

What is the MAGIC you are seeking? What is one ACTION you could do right now towards that? Give GRATITUDE right now as if you have already achieved it – visualise yourself having already achieved it. Be INSPIRED from within – make one I AM statement in relation to what you want (for example if the thing you wanted to achieve was weight loss, your I AM ... could be I AM SLIM AND HEALTHY)

Make a CHOICE right now that serves you towards making this happen.


My Actions Get Instant Change

Then simply click your fingers and DO SOMETHING, one thing, RIGHT NOW.


If you are female I would love to invite you to join The MAGIC Circle, IT’S simply a group of like-minded ladies inspiring each other to BE THE CHANGE, to DO THEIR BEST, to BE THEIR BEST. WHEN YOU ARE PART OF A GROUP YOU • Support each other • Inspire each other • Encourage each other • Help each other • Motivate each other

e c la p a is e l c ir C ic g a The M e b d n a U O Y e b n a c u o y w here e th e b to d te r o pp u s d e ncouraged an YO U CA N B E. B ES T YO U

AND SO MUCH MORE! COST IS JUST $59 PER MONTH, AND INCLUDES Interviews, Workshops, Dinners, Meditations, Inspiration If you are not a hundred per cent sure if this is for you, you can try it for free! ACT NOW TO RECEIVE A FREE ONE MONTH TRIAL in the group. Simply contact Vickie directly to claim your free month

Our editor/owner Vickie Magic has been inspiring people to step-up through her weekend retreats for the last five years. Vickie is a journalist/ NLP trained/ Multi-award winning business owner, who is passionate about empowering people to lead a successful and happy life. As well as MAGIC CIRCLE offered above, Vickie also offers a 21-day Interactive Program for BOTH MEN AND WOMEN which is simply about inspiring you TO STEP UP AND INTO THE BEST VERSION OF YOU THAT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO BE. If that sounds like something that could make a difference to your life, ACT NOW.

Call Vickie on 0433 198 868, email or facebook her Vickie Exton Magic 85





Kris McCue’s belief is that to get different results, you must do something different. And he should know because he walks the talk.

In 2011, Stones Throw was engaged by the Commonwealth Government to work with businesses, community organisations, state and local government, and employment, education and training providers in the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay regions.

After 8 years working in the private and public sectors in Victoria and the Northern Territory, helping companies in the employment, training and education sector, he took the leap and opened his own business, Stones Throw, in 2005.

The objective was to develop projects that created economic opportunities for businesses, and jobs, skills pathways and opportunities for locals, in the wake of the global financial crisis. From 2011 to 2014, 33 projects were completed delivering 700-plus jobs, training and upskilling for over 1000 people and support for 126 businesses to grow.

The idea behind this boutique consultancy business was to use his experience to help companies win more contracts and deliver services more effectively and efficiently. And that’s exactly what Stones Throw achieved, generating more than $50 million for clients over the first six years.

Since 2014, Kris has grown his company from a sole operator consultancy business to a team of six highly qualified and experienced staff.

One of Kris's biggest achievements was taking a Brisbane-based business turning over $1.5 million per year, to a national company generating $12 million in revenue per annum. 86 ISSUE 87




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Together they deliver an expanded range of outcome-focused services, including:




"Rewards are there for those companies that do things differently and explore other workforce pipeline and recruitment models. Opportunities exist to go where your next ideal employee is, rather than waiting for them to find you on an online jobs board.

20 21 • Employment, 22 23 training 24 and skilling16projects17to help18match19 20 21 22 businesses with skilled and qualified staff in the hospitality, retail, agribusiness and civil construction industries.

27 28 • Bespoke 29 30 23 24 25 26 "Increased 27 28focus by29all levels of government and recruitment, jobs and skills campaigns and

private sector companies on outsourcing various functions and services means there are more opportunities to access grants and tenders. These help businesses grow through expanded capacity, delivering additional services, accessing new markets and increasing their geographic footprint.

events - including the 2015 and 2016 Sunshine Coast JobShows. • Consultancy projects for businesses, community organisations, and federal, state and local governments to deliver research, training services reviews, business development and growth strategy and projects, with a focus on the training industry, employment and labour market intervention and economic and community development.

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Stones Throw’s employment and recruitment services have seen more than 1000 people skilled and trained, and over 800 people placed into jobs. The company has continued to help businesses grow through its tender writing and bid management services, generating over $40 million for clients during the past four years.

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"Recruiting new staff in new ways - and accessing new business opportunities arising from tenders and bids - are significant and effective levers for businesses owners and managers to grow their business. What’s remarkable isOR most SELLING BUYING businesses don’t even know these opportunities exist, don’t in the Caloundra Area? know how to identify them, or think it’s too expensive and too difficult to change," Kris said. Contact Carol Carr "The cost of doing the same things in the same way and to experience her expecting a different result is the real risk. And it’s more Six Star Service expensive in the long run." e

15 16 "The17recruitment 18 and19 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 employment industry is changing rapidly. Businesses are finding that traditional ways to recruit staff

Stones Throw Recruitment

business," Kris said.


time-consuming and ineffective18 and often in a high21 M: 074 00124 22 23 are 24 25 26 19result 20 220408 23 turnover of staff, and recruits that do not fit the culture of the

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25 26 27 28 29 30 31 HOW WILL YOU STAND OUT? Would you like a free write up in Matters Magazine? Spend 30 minutes with me, yes I will attempt to sell you advertising. st ts from ju Pricing star

Public Holidays

School Holidays $100 + GST

BAS Dates

Material Deadline


I love Bookkeeping – Payroll – Budgeting and reconciling your accounts Give me a call to discuss a solution to your bookkeeping issues.

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The accountant specialising in bookkeeping

Email me to book a time.




0401 717 630

don’t ask how, ask Who!


Breathtaking beachside location Bar and Bistro Daily Bistro Specials Gaming and Function Rooms Courtesy Bus available Thursday to Sunday

PH. 07 5444 8642 87



Andrea Kirwan-Taylor is the proud owner of Sutherland Training. This has been one of the Sunshine Coast’s premium training centres since 2007. They specialise in all things computers, including one-day courses in YOB, Xero, Excel, Word and Project. They also offer accredited certificate courses in business administration and small business management, keeping classes small and providing quality attention to each participant.

and life

P: 07 5451 1737

SCHOLARD FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS Finding a convenient time to meet with a mortgage broker can prove difficult. As a mobile mortgage broker, I can provide you with the flexibility to choose when and where we meet. SFS will strip back the jargon, coordinate the paperwork and do the legwork on your behalf to make applying for a loan as smooth and stress-free as possible. M: 0401 909 947

Described by clients as a 'breath of fresh air', Alex Harris, Principal of Noosa4Sale, will change how you feel about real estate agents. Not your average agent, Alex was previously an award-winning media and public relations executive and this experience is proving invaluable in property marketing. Winning accolades for launching North America’s first finance and business journal for women in the 1990s, plus an Australian Innovation Patent for creating an online business process in the early 2000s, Alex was later nominated for a Pride of Australia Medal for her creation of the national koala map, In 2015, Alex won the RateMyAgent Award for Most Recommended Real Estate Agent in Noosa. It was just her second year in real estate. Today she heads her own agency, selling across Noosa. M: 0412 635 274

Our commitment is you! Maroochy North Shore is one of the most idyllic areas on the Sunshine Coast and Robyn is fortunate enough to live, work and play there. Her decade of working with buyers and sellers who enjoy this same lifestyle has been instrumental in forming firm relationships and providing referrals for the future.



Based on the Sunshine Coast, Sue is a qualified interior decorator with more than 30 years’ experience in design. Along the way, she has worked for several luxury home building companies. Sue brings an eclectic design eye and a knack for discovering beautiful, extraordinary pieces. Embracing many different styles Sue’s designs are well-balanced and will expertly reflect your personal taste and style. M: 0413 746 572 E:

RAPID MIND THERAPIES Have you ever made a plan for the day and suddenly its 5pm and you've achieved nothing? There’s more to time management than just having a plan and knowing what you have to do. Peter Johnson, The Time Retriever, is a productivity specialist who helps business owners have more time and money for their family, holidays and hobbies. P: 1300 794 401

TONI POWELL - STORYTELLER & WORKPLACE WONDER-WORKER Science shows that happy staff members have a positive impact on every area of business, including the bottom line. They’re more engaged, complain less, have more harmonious relationships and are solution-oriented. If you want wonderful things to happen at your workplace give me a call about booking a workshop. M: 0431 194 566 E:

88 ISSUE 87


Between 1986 and 2017 Spiri trained in behavioural science, mind patterning, neurolinguistics programming, clinical hypnotherapy, Reiki, aromatherapy, EFT (tapping) and, most recently, Rapid Transformational Therapy. She has recently established herself on the Sunshine Coast. She also provides scheduled face-to-face consultations in Cairns and Byron Bay and Skype consultations - locally, Australiawide and worldwide - at any time by prior arrangement. E:



The first Chamber event for 2018 was held at HeliMods on 30 January. More than 120 Chamber members and non-members attended the event, enjoying anname evening of networking. First Name, last (Business name)

Will Shrapnel, (Helimods)


Emma Courtney-Millwood (Blend Hair & Spa), Sarah Lord (Blend Hair & Spa)

YOUR SMILE MATTERS FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER Google Oris Dental and visit their smile gallery to see the difference a beautiful smile can make!

Phone: 5444 4308 10/7 Nicklin Way, Minyama QLD 4575 Oris Dental - Spreading smiles. Changing lives. 89

EQUENTI LEADERSHIP AND LEARNING Culture, Leadership and Teams. Equenti’s leadership and learning programs are designed with one thing in mind: to take your leadership and team results to the next level.





• Experience delivering premium recruitment services for 15 years • Competitive flat rate fixed fee • Career advice, HR consulting and coaching.

Offering beautifully unique weddings, commitment ceremonies & renewal of vows, Joan from Celebrate Everything is a marriage celebrant, professional public speaker, workshop facilitator, published author, singer songwriter, poet and speech writer. Available 7 days

P: 0414 889 079 E: W.

P: 0402 473 173 or E:

TWISTED c Creative Professional Development


SinceCoolum: our humble beginnings, Affordable Removals (07) 5446 5688 has grown to be one of the leading local removals and storage companies in Queensland. WE OFFER FREE QUOTES | HOURLY & “Local People Moving People Locally” FIXED RATES | NO DAMAGE GUARANTEE P: Caloundra 07 5491 1078 or Coolum 07 5446 6588 W:

A FAIR GO FOR EVERYONE SunnyKids are a non for profit organisation that believe everyone deserves a fair go. SunnyKids work tirelessly to break the intergenerational cycles of poverty and disadvantage.

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR TRAINING IN QUICKBOOKS? I can help train you in all things quickbooks. No matter how much you already know, I can help you become efficient so that you can do your books yourself. Call Tracey on 0400 604 018

GET 50% OFF OUR FUNCTION ROOM HIRE Mention Matters Magazine

Contact Peita Ball - Key Relationships Manager P: 07 5479 0394 E:

Caloundra Golf Club P: 5491 1811 Charles Woodward Drive CALOUNDRA, QLD 4551



Nationally recognized training tailored to your industry needs. Specialists in: Work Health and Safety Training and Assessment Business and Management Training Contact our team on: 1300 738 098 E: 90 ISSUE 87

RTO number 41097

Linda has expert local Sunshine Coast knowledge having been a resident of Pelican Waters and Caloundra for over 20 years. Linda Feltman - McGrath Estate Agents M: 0412 805 362 E:

RECONNECT YOUR TEAM THE CREATIVE WAY Half Day & Whole Day creative programs, tailor made for your team to pause & play together. Call Emma Creed today! M 0438 619 518

GET A FREE APPRAISAL WITH LINK TODAY • Three times as many buyers as other brokerage networks • Multi-media platforms (Australia and International) P: Jan 0432 554 775 E:

FITBOOKS ONLINE Provide a complete bookkeeping solution to owners. Their simple systems will free up your time and allow you to concentrate your primary focus on running your business. Call John on 0401717630 E:

Graham Connor Mortgage Consultant

0448 071 162

Providing Solutions Homeloans Ltd. ABN 55 095 034 003. Australian Credit Licence 247829.



Bad Mobile Phone Signal? Weak WiFi/ internet speeds?

TENILLE IS PASSIONATE ABOUT PAIN MANAGEMENT. IT’S HER THING. She is Naturopath, Herbalist, Massage and Scenar Therapist with 19 years experience in the Natural Health Industry specialising in musculoskeletal pain. LOCATED IN COOLUM

Capricorn Wellbeing Phone Tenille on 0497 076 964





Marketing Consultation


for Small Business with Megyn Carpenter Austwide Insurance Brokers 07 5474 3040

Suite 6-10, 28 Eenie Creek Road, Noosaville Qld 4566

2 hours for the price of 1


Austwide IBS Pty Ltd T/as Austwide Insurance Brokers | ABN 65 237 964 223 Authorised Representative No. 343827 | Authorised Representative of Ausure Pty Ltd ABN 94 096 971 854 | Licence No. 238433

(conditions apply)

CONCEPT BESPOKE INTERIORS Matthew Crane offers bespoke designs, unsurpassed TO Designer quality of products and services delivering a Total Concept of COMPLETION unique furnishings to work with the architecture and proportions


Creating Besp oke Furniture + Interiors

Phone: 07 5477 1460

Design Centre: 2/42 Enterprise Street Kunda Park

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