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Masonic Home of Missouri

Annual Report

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Board of Directors Brent Stewart, Chairman/GM Richard L. Smith, President Ronald D. Jones, Vice President Keith M. Bail, Secretary Chris T. Harrelson, Treasurer William J. Bowser Stanton T. Brown, II Jeffrey A. Parrotte David W. Ramsey Buddy Roberts James D. Schepers Tim Thomas Daniel J. Ward

Executive Director Barbara Ramsey

Director of Finance & Development Jodi Blake


Rhonda Stone Lightfoot Masonic Home of Missouri 6033 Masonic Drive, Suite A Columbia, MO 65202 573.814.4663 Phone 1.800.434.9804 Toll Free 573.814.4660 Fax Mission Statement “To assist eligible adults and children in need by practicing the principles of Freemasonry”


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page 2 Annual Report

Organizational Chart

Missouri Outreach Programs

Barbara Ramsey, Executive Director

Financial Assistance by Region Partnering Programs by Region

Development Report 2016 Jodi Blake, Director of Finance & Fund Development

Jackie Walters, Major Gifts Officer Julie Kirchhoff, Annual Giving Officer

Truman Club Roll of Donors The Vincil Society Roll of Donors

Penny-A-Day Participants

The Legacy Society Roll of Donors

Financial Report 2016 Jodi Blake, Director of Finance & Fund Development Independent Auditor’s Report

Williams-Keepers, LLC

Notes to the Financial Statement

Masonic Home of Missouri

25th Anniversary of the Outreach Programs Barbara Ramsey Executive Director

In 1991, Grand Master Dan Cole would tell the membership in his Grand Master’s address at Grand Lodge Annual Communication: “The term ‘Masonic Home’ is no longer a reference to a place or a facility; it represents a range of support and services. It is a program structure that is more available, more flexible, and more responsive to the needs of those who require our assistance.” The Outreach Program began as one financial assistance program to help Missouri Masons, their wives or widows, and female members of the Order of the Eastern Star remain in their own communities, but the flexibility of the Outreach Program allowed it to grow and expand over the last 25 years. The Outreach Program is very different than it was 25 years ago. “Outreach Program” is no longer the name used to describe one program, it is now the umbrella name for the 9 programs within it: Long-Term Financial Assistance, Short-Term Financial Assistance, Children’s Outreach, CreatingA-Partnership, Armed Forces Program, Social Services, Widows Program, Masonic Family Cares, and Financial Education Program. Each and every one of these programs makes a difference in the lives of Missouri Masons, their wives or widows, and Order of the Eastern Star members. For some of these programs, it has nothing to do with receiving monetary assistance. Some of the programs, such as the Widows Program and the Veterans Program within the Armed Forces Program, are simply to let those honored individuals know that they are not forgotten and are still appreciated. This Annual Report takes you through the numbers behind the Outreach Programs. I am extremely proud that the Masonic Home provided $1,277,707.42 in direct charitable assistance, but that number is not as important as the people who received the assistance. The “cover girl” on this Annual Report is Lucy McGuire. Mrs. McGuire’s husband, James J. McGuire, was the love of her life, and she was married to him for 62 years. For 32 years of their marriage,

Masonic Home of Missouri

she supported her husband as a Missouri Mason. Mrs. McGuire lost her beloved husband in 2001. In 2013 at the age of 93, this Masonic widow would be referred to the Masonic Home because she had simply outlived her resources and needed assisted living care. The Masonic Home began providing financial assistance each month to help with the cost of the assisted living facility, and we continue to assist her today. She is part of the numbers and dollars in this report, but to the Masonic Home she is not a number, she is part of our family. We will be with her and her family for as long as she is in need of the Masonic Home’s assistance. With the first Outreach client in 1991, the Masonic Home Board of Directors broke down the walls of the Masonic Home. The Masonic Home is no longer restricted to only helping elderly Missouri Masons, their wives or widows, and Order of the Eastern Star members who need facility care on the Eastern or Western sides of the state. Those individuals can still receive the level of care they need, but so can Lucy McGuire and all those like her living throughout the state. The Outreach Program also made it possible to help younger members in need as well as help children again – a part of the Masonic Home’s mission that had been lost when the orphanage closed in the 1980s. In addition, the Masonic Home is able to connect with and help people that do not have a financial need through the Social Services, Widows Program, Veterans Program, and Financial Education Program. Finally, the Masonic Home now has an opportunity to connect to every Lodge and Chapter in the state that wants to participate in one or more of the Outreach Programs. The Masonic Home exists in every community when someone’s life is touched by one of the Outreach Programs…..We Are Where You Are.

Annual Report

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Masonic Home Board of Directors Barbara Ramsey Executive Director

Michelle Phillippe Administrative Office Coordinator

Richard White Maintenance Supervisor

Kathy Horn Receptionist

Jodi Blake Director of Finance & Fund Development

Debbie Summers Outreach Financial Assistance Caseworker

Dana Morgenthaler Outreach Financial Assistance Caseworker

Tisha Woodard Partnership Program Coordinator

Chantana Irvin Masonic Family Cares Coordinator

Rhonda Stone Lightfoot Community Relations Coordinator

Carly Dibben Accrediated Financial Counselor

Andrea Thacher Sr. Accountant

Julie Kirchhoff Annual Giving Officer

Norma Carmody Accountant

Jackie Walters Major Gifts Officer

as of 09/26/2016 page 4 Annual Report

Masonic Home of Missouri

Missouri Outreach Programs Barbara Ramsey Executive Director

The Masonic Home of Missouri provided $995,643.77 in direct financial assistance to 101 Missouri Master Masons, their wives or widows, female members of the Order of the Eastern Star, and their dependent children. An additional $257,881.52 was provided to nonaffiliated children in need through the Creating-A-Partnership Program statewide. The Partnering to Honor (PTH) Program provided another $20,148.00 in direct assistance to help honor Veterans by sponsoring Honor Flights for Veterans and care packages to those currently serving. In addition, the Masonic Home partnered with a Lodge through the Masonic Family Cares Program in the amount of $4,034.13. The total direct assistance provided in Fiscal Year 2016 was $1,277,707.42.

Long-Term Financial Assistance

The Long-Term Financial Assistance program provides financial assistance for primarily elderly Missouri Masons, their wives or widows, and female members of the Order of the Eastern Star. This assistance provides monthly financial help for someone living in a facility, such as an assisted living facility or independent living facility, or for those living in their home or apartment. In the Masonic Home’s Fiscal Year 2016, the Home provided monthly financial assistance to 53 clients living in facilities throughout the state of Missouri and 3 clients in facilities in other states. The monthly assistance to clients in facilities totaled $824,828.36. The Home also provided monthly assistance to enable 6 clients to remain in their homes, totaling $20,873.00. Without this monthly assistance, these clients would not have been able to remain in their homes or facilities. They would not have been able to receive the level of care they needed, and may have been forced to prematurely move to an unnecessary level of care.

In addition to providing monthly assistance, the Home can provide clients assistance through one-time payments. Clients can receive multiple one-time payment assistance and/or monthly assistance. For example, a client might receive assistance to remain in his home to pay for things such as utilities and medication each month. That same client could also receive assistance for a one-time payment to help pay an unexpected medical bill. The Masonic Home assisted 29 Long-Term assistance clients with one-time payments totaling $73,169.44. Seventeen of these clients also received monthly financial assistance.

Masonic Home of Missouri

Annual Report

page 5

Masonic Home of Missouri Monetary Assistance by Region FY2016 $21,645.23



$45,244.60 Out of State

$463,903.11 $70,678.48

Key Regions A B C D E F G

$118,833.61 $100,724.50


*(does not include Creating-A-Partnership or Partnering to Honor Programs)

page 6 Annual Report

Masonic Home of Missouri

Short-Term Financial Assistance

The Short-Term Financial Assistance program provides financial assistance primarily to younger Missouri Masons, their wives or widows, and female members of the Order of the Eastern Star. This program recognizes that members of the fraternity may need assistance during unexpected hardships, such as an unexpected medical problem. Short-Term Assistance typically lasts 6 months or less, and qualified applicants may receive monthly assistance, one-time payments, or a combination of monthly and one-time payment assistance. In Fiscal Year 2016, the Masonic Home assisted 7 clients in their homes with monthly assistance totaling $9,932.16. In addition, the Home assisted 21 clients with one-time payments totaling $59,932.93. Five of the short-term assistance clients received both monthly assistance and one-time payments.

Children’s Outreach Program

The Children’s Outreach Program provides financial assistance to legal dependents of Missouri Master Masons or Missouri female members of the Order of the Eastern Star. The Home provided assistance to 7 children totaling $6,907.88. This assistance helped the children with school supplies, clothing, medical bills, and assistance for medical necessities not covered by insurance.

Armed Forced Program: Partnering To Honor

The Partnering To Honor Program (PTH) was introduced by the Masonic Home of Missouri in January 2015, as part of our new Armed Forces Program. PTH is a matching funds program between the Masonic Home and local Lodges and Chapters. It provides an opportunity to join together to help fund Honor Flights and/or care packages to active duty members, serving overseas or in the United States. In Fiscal Year 2016, the Masonic Home partnered with 6 Lodges to provide $19,668.00 and 1 Chapter to provide $480.00 funding Honor Flights to help veterans visit their memorial in Washington D.C. and care packages for those currently serving our Country.


The Creating-A-Partnership Program (CAP) is a matching funds program that creates a partnership between the Masonic Home and the Lodges/Chapters to assist children in need in their communities. In Fiscal Year 2016, 78 Lodges and 11 Chapters partnered with the Masonic Home to provide $238,334.86 and $19,546.66, respectively, to children in need. Through this partnership, Lodges and Chapters made a difference in the lives of an estimated 12,467 children statewide by providing clothing, glasses, school supplies, and by funding various projects to help children in need. The primary project Lodges and Chapters funded was the “Buddy Backpack” programs. Buddy Backpack programs are designed to send food home over the weekend for low income children. Because of the joint efforts of the Lodges/Chapters partnering with the Masonic Home of Missouri, there were thousands of children across the state that did not have to go hungry. Masonic Home of Missouri

Annual Report

page 7

Masonic Home of Missouri Partnership Programs by Region FY2016 $25,034.00 CAP $0.00 PTH

$26,651.28 CAP $2,700.00 PTH

5 Lodges/Chapters

10 Lodges/Chapters

$31,332.64 CAP $13,000.00 PTH

11 Lodges/Chapters

$18,000.00 CAP $1,200.00 PTH

11 Lodges/Chapters

$46,450.00 CAP $2,000.00 PTH 24 Lodges/Chapters

Key Regions A B C D E F G

$70,807.00 CAP $930.00 PTH 21 Lodges/Chapters

$39,606.60 CAP $318.00 PTH 14 Lodges/Chapters


Creating-A-Partnership Program (CAP) Assistance Total


Partnering To Honor Assistance Total 96 Lodges/Chapters page 8 Annual Report

Masonic Home of Missouri

The CAP program was introduced at Grand Lodge Annual Communication 13 years ago. In Fiscal Year 2016, there were 7 Lodges that had participated in the CAP Program for at least 10 years – Ava Lodge No. 26, Billings Lodge No. 379, Lathrop Lodge No. 506, O’Sullivan Lodge No. 7, Robert Burns Lodge No. 496, Summit Lodge No. 263, and Woodside Lodge No. 387. An additional 29 Lodges/Chapters had at least 5 years of participation – Bee Hive Lodge No. 696, Brotherhood Lodge No. 269, Clay Lodge No. 207, Cuba Chapter No. 398, Decatur Lodge No. 400, Elvins-Ionic Lodge No. 154, Fraternal Lodge No. 363, Galena Lodge No. 515, Greenville Lodge No. 107, Hallsville Lodge No. 336, Hermann Lodge No. 123, Hillsboro Chapter No. 71, Jackson Lodge No. 82, Leadwood Lodge No. 598, Mokane Lodge No. 612, Montgomery Lodge No. 246, Mountain View Lodge No. 637, Osage Lodge No. 303, Owensville Lodge No. 624, Pauldingville Lodge No. 11, Poplar Bluff Lodge No. 209, Richmond Lodge No. 57, Samaritan Lodge No. 424, Sampson Lodge No. 298, Strafford Lodge No. 608, Sullivan Lodge No. 69, Webster Lodge No. 98, Weston Star Chapter No. 197 and Willard Lodge No. 620. This program makes a difference in the lives of children who would otherwise go without the things that so many of us take for granted, like a warm winter coat or food to eat during the weekend.

Masonic Family Cares Program

The Masonic Family Cares Program helps facilitate connections between Lodges, Chapters, Youth organizations and the Masonic brothers and sisters in their communities. Sometimes the Masonic Home receives requests from Masons or Order of the Eastern Star members, but the assistance needed is really a helping hand from the local Lodge or Chapter. The Masonic Home can act as a liaison between the member and the Lodge or Chapter, getting the two connected. A Lodge or Chapter may find that a Missouri Mason, his wife or widow, or a female member of the Order of the Eastern Star has a need that the Lodge or Chapter can assist with, but there is a financial component. In Fiscal Year 2016, a Lodge identified a Brother in need of a wheelchair ramp and handicap accessible shower. The Lodge partnered with the Masonic Home through the Masonic Family Cares Program. St. Francois Lodge No. 234 provided the labor for building the ramp and installing the shower, and the Masonic Home provided the funding for the materials in the amount of $4,034.13.

Social Services Program

The Masonic Home of Missouri helps individuals locate services throughout the state. When Missouri Masons, their wives or widows, and female members of the Order of the Eastern Star apply for help through the Financial Assistance Programs, the staff completes an application with the client. In addition to determining financial need, the caseworker helps the client identify additional assistance available through other organizations and agencies. This information is also available to those individuals that do not require financial assistance but may need help locating services. The Masonic Home maintains a list of agencies and resources specific to each county and Masonic District statewide, and this information is provided on the Masonic Home’s website at www.mohome. org. It is located in the “Outreach Programs” section under “Social Services Program”.

Widows Program

When the Masonic Home learns that a Missouri Mason has passed away, a condolence card is mailed to the family. In Fiscal Year 2016, the Masonic Home sent out 490 condolence cards to grieving families. When the Home identifies a Masonic widow, then a letter, a widow’s pin, and a widow’s card is sent to the widow with her deceased husband’s Masonic information. Should she ever need assistance through the Financial Assistance programs, this widow’s card contains all the Masonic information a caseworker would need to verify membership requirements. This past year, the Masonic Home sent out 517 letters and widow’s cards. Many of these widows were identified by the Lodges and reported to the Masonic Home. At least once a year, the Masonic Home shares the list of widows with the local Lodge helping to ensure that both the Masonic Home and the Lodges have the same widows identified. Masonic Home of Missouri

Annual Report

page 9

This past year Lodges hosted 25 ladies luncheons, teas, and dinners, and they invited the Home to come speak and share with the ladies about the wonderful programs the Masonic Home has to offer. It is an opportunity to learn about the assistance available to them by the Masonic Home should they ever need assistance. We encourage our Masonic widows to wear their pins to these events.

Armed Forces Program: Veterans Program

In Fiscal Year 2016, the Masonic Home was able to send out 600 veterans lapel pins to Masons and Order of the Eastern Star members as a small token of our appreciation for their service to our Country. Since introducing this new program in January 2015, the Masonic Home has been able to identify and send out pins to 1,556 Masonic Veterans. In addition to mailing the lapel pin, the Masonic Home sent out mailings thanking our veterans for their services on Armed Forces Day and Veteran’s Day.

Financial Education Program

Fiscal Year 2016 has been a year of growth and change for the Masonic Home of Missouri’s Financial Education Program. Formerly known as the Financial Counseling Program, the program was renamed to better identify the services and supports the program offers. The majority of the Financial Education participants are referred from the Financial Assistance programs. It is the belief that financial assistance coupled with financial education will aid those seeking financial help to better adjust to the changes in their finances, so they will not require assistance again in the future. In the past year, the program has seen an increase in self-referrals seeking educational services in order to avoid financial crisis or support in planning for a significant transition in lifestyle. It is a goal of the program to continue to increase the number of self-referral clients in order to better support members and their families who don’t require financial assistance. Financial Education staff also offers support to those planning major lifestyle changes, such as moving to an assisted living facility or downsizing their home; and those who are facing financial crisis, such as foreclosure or excessive debt. Since its start in 2012, the Financial Education Program has opened 130 cases. Thirty-one of these cases were opened in Fiscal Year 2016 alone, touching the lives of 11 Master Masons, 2 Eastern Star members, 4 widows, and 14 couples. While 31 new cases were opened in Fiscal Year 2016, actual open cases span from the program’s inception in 2012. This brings the total of active open cases between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016 to 69.

The Outreach Programs are all built around helping people in communities throughout the state, and the Masonic Home of Missouri exists in every community that participates in any one of the nine Outreach Programs. It is because of the local Lodges and Chapters that the Masonic Home is able to fulfill our mission: “To assist eligible adults and children in need by practicing the principles of Freemasonry.” page 10 Annual Report

Masonic Home of Missouri

Development Report 2016 Jodi Blake Director of Finance & Fund Development

Jackie Walters Major Gifts Officer

Julie Kirchhoff Annual Giving Officer

The ability of the Masonic Home to provide assistance to the membership and thousands of children throughout the state now and for years to come requires the continued support of donors who share our passion to fund the services provided. This past year, we saw an increase in donations, hosted several events, used all donor dollars for program costs and, as a result, we have many people to thank for their support.

Growing Support of Our Mission

During 2016, contributions from individuals, lodges, chapters, and other organizations made up 36% of our total revenues, with investment income accounting for the remaining 64%. Donor support increased by almost 35% compared to the prior year! Estate income increased by almost 15% as well. The Home received the support of over 1,500 donors in our efforts to carry out our mission. Through various efforts, 232 new donors joined us in this endeavor during Fiscal Year 2016. If you were one of these many donors, Thank You! The graph below is presented to give you a sense of the different fundraising efforts that have inspired donors to give.

Donations at Work

During Fiscal Year 2016, 100% of every donor dollar went to fund the Home’s programs. Direct Assistance increased by 19% compared to last year. Take a look at the Finance Report within this publication for more details. Your on-going support is critical to the ability of the Home to carry out our charitable work. During Fiscal Year 2016, with your help, the Home touched the lives of almost 21,000 individuals!

Charity Golf Tournament

The Masonic Home of Missouri Charity Golf Tournament is a favorite event among Masons and non-Masons alike. This year’s event, held on May 2, 2016, raised more than $50,000 for the Home’s Creating-A-Partnership and Partnering-To-Honor Programs, drawing support from all across the state. Thirty-four teams participated and enjoyed Kentucky Derby-themed activities throughout the day. Involvement from our volunteer base as well as new and growing partnerships in the community contributed to the success of this year’s event.

Masonic Home of Missouri

Annual Report

page 11

Truman Club Dinner

On September 26, 2015 nearly 140 guests joined together for a beautiful night of fun, fellowship and firsts at the 10th Annual Truman Club Dinner, where Truman Club members are recognized for reaching the various societies within the Club. Guests came together to “Eat, Drink, and Be Charitable” as they raised funds for the Home with our first-ever Truman Club silent auction and wine pull. We had the honor of recognizing and presenting gifts of appreciation to a record-setting 39 donors for their ongoing commitment to the Home. Another first came when Temperance Lodge presented the Traveling Truman Trophy to Acacia Lodge No. 602 for having the most lodge brothers in attendance at the event. Finally, this year’s event saw our first donor-issued challenge as Thomas A. Spencer challenged five members to move to the next society that night and he would do the same. His challenge was met and resulted in an additional $16,400 raised for the Home! With record-setting attendance, a record-setting number of donors being recognized and a record-setting amount of money being raised for the Home, this event was truly a success!

Burning Bush Event

On June 10, 2016, the Masonic Home held an event to unveil the Burning Bush Art Glass. With more than 100 guests in attendance, the event brought awareness to the timeless beauty of the glass that was originally positioned behind the alter in the Order of the Eastern Star Chapel located on the Masonic Home of Missouri’s Delmar Campus in St. Louis. This piece is prominently displayed in the front lobby of the Masonic Complex. This art glass reminds us of the history of the Masonic Home and the support of the Grand Lodge and the Grand Chapter. The Event honored the life and legacy of the donor that provided the funding for the restoration and repair, C.E. (Gene) Ridenhour MD, who passed away on September 1, 2015. Gene’s daughter, Renee Ridenhour, was present at the unveiling.

Donor Recognition

Ensuring that our donors know just how much they are appreciated is very important to the Home. The Truman Club, The Vincil Society, and The Legacy Society lists of donors who continued to support the Home during this fiscal year are included in this report. Please accept our deepest thanks for your new, renewed or on-going support! Together we are all making a difference in the lives of those who need us.

“There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life — happiness, freedom, and peace of mind — are always attained by giving them to someone else.” ~ Peyton Conway March

page 12 Annual Report

Masonic Home of Missouri

A Society of the Masonic Home of Missouri

The Truman Club is a donor society comprised of individuals who make an annual commitment of support to the Home. In Fiscal Year 2016, Truman Club members contributed more than $235,000 to assist eligible adults and children in need. As of June 30, 2016, the Club had 605 members, welcoming 29 new members during the fiscal year.

2016 Truman Club Roll of Donors We gratefully acknowledge and thank our Truman Club members who have contributed to our mission “To assist eligible adults and children in need by practicing the principles of Freemasonry” with a gift made to the Home from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016. * Freddie and Lauretta Adams Robert S. Alexander Donald V. Arends Jim and Wilma Arnold Richard and Marie Auernheimer * Bruce and Sisser Austin * Keith and Cathy Bail # Mr. and Mrs. Winston Bailey * Charles and Virginia Baird Frances M. Baity # Mr. and Mrs. William Bangerter * John and Karen Barhydt Walter and Marilyn Barnes George Barrios # Clarence A. “Buzz” Barrows * Theodore B. Basford Bruce G. Bax * Willard and Connie Bean Robert and Judy Bean Dr. John Bearden * Charles and Julia Beckman Gary and Patricia Belt Troy and Patti Bernard # Jerry and Joanne Berneche Elmer W. Bishop # Bob Bjornethum # Sean and Jodi Blake George and Aileene Blincoe Marland and Cindy Blinn Jeffrey and Jodi Bloemker * Robert and JoAnne Bodine Jack and Lillian Bolozky Masonic Home of Missouri

* Ed and Judy Bousquet * James W. Bowles Ω William J. and Phyllis J. Bowser * Alan Bridgford Marion and Michelle Briggs Dick and Julie Brighthaupt # Chester and Mary Bross # Stanton T. Brown II Glenn F. Brown * Bill and Mary Broyles * JoAnne Bryan # Dale M. Bryan Emmett J. Bryson ◊ W. Gordon Buckner * Warren and Betty Burnam * Ronald B. Burt * Jack and Dolores Butler * William J. Carboneau * John W. Carter Jr. * Roy and Janice Cary William and Meredith Cecil + Nick and Lori Cichielo John V. Colasanti * David and Clara Combs Daniel and Stephanie Conley James H. Coogan * Larry and Donna Cook Robert O. Cowan James and Pam Cox Ω Ken and Cathy Crawford * Cleo and Karen Crawford * Rick and Ellie Crawford Annual Report

Charles W. Crawford Edward and Elizabeth Cunliff # Garry L. Dalton Andy and Sue Ann Dalton Larry and Judith Darnell * Larry and Linda Sue Davis Harold and Marietta Davis * Gary and Norma Day * Hank and Beatrice Deibel David and Dana Deisher * Bill and Lois Dill * Warren and Karen Dixon Adeline M. Dixon + Doak Doolittle and Teresa Mills Roger A. Dorf Richard and Darlene Drake * Terry and Marie Duckett * Audrey Dugan * Steve and Ina Duncan * Ronald L. Dunlap * Orville Dunn * Jimmie Durkee Stan and Kathy East # James and Carol Eaton Bernard and Shirley Eder * Jim and Dorothy Ellis Howard R. Elmore Jr. Lou and Phyllis Fabre # Corey Faler * Don and Lou Farris * Jewell and Sharon Fields William and Sandra Fields page 13

Ω Jim and Dorothy Fiete # Dr. George F. Fischer * Russell and Carol Fisher Woodrow W. Fitzgerald Riley E. Fitzgerald * James and Elizabeth Flaherty Yvonne C. Fligge + Jim and Lindy Ford * Michael and Janet Ford Marcus A. Foreman * Robert A. Foster Virgil and Vera Fox John W. Frederick * Rex and Janet Fryar Bobby A. Fullerton Karen Gaertner Donell J. Gaertner Carla E. Galloway * Bill and Christine Gansemer * Lendon and Mary Garrison * Kevin and Janet Gasper * Richard and Gloria Gauert + Bill and Karen George * Robert P. Gephardt * Eugene and Pat Goebel Ω Lon and Ginny Goede * Gale and Caroline Going * Stanford B. Goldman * James and Peggy Goldsberry George P. Goldstein + Richard E. Graff Gary and Maxine Green * Paul and Jean Greenlaw Bobby and Imogene Grisham * Homer and Ruthellen Grose * William H. Grundmann Jr. Carl D. Gum Jr. Harold and Sandra Hackler # Jim and Glenda Haddox * Larry A. Hahn * Melvin and Jaunita Hall * Lester and Audrey Halmrast Kenneth E. Hampton + Mr. and Mrs. Byron E. Hams * Bill and Katherine Hanna Darrel M. Hanson * Bob and Laverne Hardester * Chris and Sandy Harrelson # Teddie Harrison Brandon L. Hatchell * Terry and LaVerne Hatridge * Fred Hawley Jr. * Wayne and Susan Haymes Ω Dave and Diane Haywood * Gil and Dorothy Head * Jack D. Heidbreder Wayne and Dorothy Heins * John and Carol Hendrickson Robert E. Hensley

Kevin L. Hensley Donald G. Henson * John and Juanita Hewitt Ω Jacqueline and Gary Hinderks * Don S. Hollingsworth * Ronald E. Holmes # Don and Donna Hoover * Roger N. Hopkins # Beverly Hopkins * Scott Houge * Larry and Myra Houge Richard Frederick Houser William and Velma Howard + Charles and Sue Howell Roy and Mildred Howerton * Delbert C. Huddleston # Rick and Barbara Huddleston * Dorothy A. Hudson Doug and Jill Hudson + Donald L. Huggins * Kenneth F. Huston # Mrs. Frances Ignacio # Charles A. Iselin # Allen and Mary Jants Eli and Geraldine Jeffries * Bob and Betty Jenkins Mark and Carolyn Johnsen # Ron and Susie Jones Culus L. Jones Alvin and Eunice Jones * Donald L. Justice Richard and Carolyn Kaeser * Harvey and Melba Kahle Elmer J. Kalal III Emil F. Kammer * Sherman and Anne Keathley Robert and Karen Keeton * James and Vickie Keller * Ben and Mary Kelley * Anthony J. Kerns * William and Virginia Kilburn William J. King John B. Kirkley * John and Patsy Knapp # James M. Knight * Kenneth R. Koerber Richard and Barbara Kraus Dan Landrum * Leonard M. Landsbaum Jack and Kathy Laughlin * Jimmie & Jeri Lee * Larry LeFever June Lenger * Joe and Linda Lewis James W. Lewis Elvin and Evelyn Lewis Garry and Brenda Lewis * Hugh and Betty Libby Jack and Paula Lite

page 14 Annual Report

* Milton and Sandra Litzsinger * Doug Lollar # H. H. and Marilynn Luetjen * Claude H. Malone # Richard L. and Rebecca Mansfield Richard and Dorothy Martin * Billy and Janice Martinez # Robert and Carolyn Mason Bob and Alene Matthews * Lee and Rebecca McCollum Ray McDowell * Michael and Joyce McKay Jack and Janet McLard Ω Jim and Yvonne McManigle * Dean and Nancy McMillin Darby Meehan Stan Mehrhoff + Emory Melton * Jim and Janice Mercer # Larry and Donna Meskimen John N. Mikusch * Warren and Joyce Miller # Joseph M. Miller Jr. Ray and Virginia Miller Charles K. Miller Jr. Keith and Jill Mitchell Robert J. Mitchell Sr. Dr. J.C. Montgomery Jr. William C. Morgan Gale and Ruth Morrison Mitchell Morrow Fred and Ellen Mottaz Jack and Nancy Munson Phillip and Michelle Murfin Charles and Delta Murphy * Art and Phyllis Murray + Keith and Beverly Neese * Dayle R. Nelson * Chris and Margaret Newbold * Donald J. Newman Jr. Dorothea A. Niebling * Larry R. Niedergerke # David and Dorothy Norman Jason Norman * Glen and Janet Ocheskey * Marion J. Oeth * Martin C. Oetting * Roger W. Owens Robert L. Owens William and Lora Padley # Kyle and Yvette Palacios # Pete and Mary Papasifakis * Jeff and Judi Parrotte * Warren E. Patt Ω Richard E. Paul * William Dudley Payne Shannon and Jamie Payton # Eugene H. and Joan Peak * LeRoy E and Linda A Peterson Masonic Home of Missouri

Jim Peterson & Sharon Santa Cruz * Eddie and Patricia Phillips Bert E. Pierson Jr. James W. Pool # David and Lois Powell Gary Price Private Donor * Marvin E. Proffer * Bernard Proper Jerry and Michelle Pusser + David and Friday Ramsey # Jason and Barbara Ramsey David and Kathe Ramsey Dustin and Shannon Ramsey Richard Reade # Doug Reece and Gayle Behr * Elmer and Diana Revelle * Eugene and Phyllis Rich Harold and Patricia Richardson John and Marian Roberts * Peter S. Rodgers Jr. Paul and Patricia Rodriguez * Mr. and Mrs. A. Charles Roland * Dale and Cathy Roller * Marvin and Effie Rousset Edward and Betty Ruhlman * Joseph S. Russell Roberta Y. Sanderson * Jim and Debbie Schepers # John and Rose Schloot Clyde and Erma Schlup * Vern Schneider + Larry Schroeder # Robert Scott + Dan and Anne Searing * H. Eugene Self * John G. Severson Jr. Dorothy H. Shepard # Gerald E. Shibley ◊ Alice and Terry Shofner Louis V. Sieg Richard and Elizabeth Simons * Marshall and Ann Simpson * Randy and Linda Sinley * John and Barbara Siscel * John and Bernice Skaggs * Gentry E. Slone + Richard and June Smith * Jesse L. Smith # Jeff Smith # Emmett and Abigail Smith Benjamin W. Smith * William W. Snell * Scott A. Snyder Ω Harvey and Barbara Soule

* Michael L. South # Wilfred and Carol Soutiea # LeRoy and Margaret Spears Dennis and Cathy Spears ∆ Maj Thomas A. Spencer AVS (Ret) * Frank J. Spielberg Alva and Evelyn Sporer Ω Doug and Kay Sprouse David M. Spurgeon * Rex L. Stark Sr. * Fred and Alverta Statler Ω Richard and Ruth Steed * James D. Steele Henry M. Steele * David Stepanek * Brent and Kristine Stewart # Russell and Betty Stokes Glenn Streibig * Phillip P. Stringfield Terry and Donna Struse + Billie R. and JoAnn Sullivan Mel and Betty Sundermeyer Michael and Laurel Sundhausen # Mark Suycott James L. Tait Jr. + Fred D. Tapy Joseph & Connie Thee Marcus and Shirley Theodore # Tim and Kathryn Thomas James A. Thomas * Parker C. Thompson * George and Bette Thompson Timothy and Tammy Thompson David and Ina Thompson + Grace A. Thornton Ray and Linda Trauernicht # Harry L. Tripp Jr. Harold and Elsie Turnbull # Gail and Tina Turner * Kirby D. Vanatta * William B. VanMeter * Billy R. Vickery * William and Shirley Virdon Dennis N. Vogel Lewis C. Vollmar # Stevan Vukcevich * John Wagenknecht # Chad and Jennifer Wagoner * Kenneth A. Walker # Ralph and Ellen Walker * Jim and Jackie Walters * Jean and Ethel Warden * Robert and Dora Warder * Robert H. Weaver # Richard and Karen Weber

John G. Weedin + Richard L. Weible * Marc and Nancy Weiner * Ken and Patricia Wenk Ω Earnest O. West # Dale C. and Lelah Mae West * Darvin and Susan Weston * Jimmie L. Wharton * Cary and Jacque White Gerald D. White * Ben E. Whited Robert D. Whitney # Jerry W. Wideman + Charlie and Debbe Wiegert + Roy F. and Bernie Wilde * Roy A. Wilson Clinton and Carolyn Wofford * Ron and Marie Wood William and Doris Wood * Richard J. Woods # Henry “Woody” Woodward * George and Julie Workman * Carl and Marilyn Wright * Richard and Donna Wright * Rick and Donna Young Thomas C. Yunick Charles H. Zeigler # Kenneth C. Ziegler + Bill and Georgia Zimmerman Gene M. Zinn

* Lewis and Clark Society # Laura Ingalls Wilder Society + Thomas Hart Benton Society Ω Samuel Clemens Society ◊ Charles Lindbergh Society ∆ Omar Bradley Society Members shown in bold achieved a new Society Level during the year.

If we have erred or omitted anyone, we sincerely apologize and ask for your help in correcting our records by contacting Julie Kirchhoff at (800) 434-9804 or Masonic Home of Missouri

Annual Report

page 15

The Vincil Society, a donor society comprised of lodges, chapters and other organizations, more than doubled in membership during Fiscal Year 2016 to end the year with 87 members. Much of this growth is attributed to growing community support of our events and the revitalization of our Penny-A-Day program for lodges. Thank you and congratulations to those lodges entering and leveling up within The Vincil Society.

Vincil Society Roll of Donors We gratefully acknowledge and thank our newest Vincil Society members and those who have achieved a new level within The Society with a gift made to the Home from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016. Algabil-Freedom Lodge No. 636 Bob McCosh Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac, Inc. Bridgeton Lodge No. 80 Billiards on Broadway Brotherhood Lodge No. 269 Cass Lodge No. 147 Central Bank of Boone County Central Trust Company Champagne Ballroom Clinton Lodge No. 548 Columbia Country Club Columbia Landcare, LLC Country Club of Missouri Crestwood-Anchor Lodge No. 443 Dave Griggs Flooring America Fraternal Lodge No. 363 Gate of the Temple Lodge No. 422 Grand Chapter of Missouri OES Grand Lodge of Missouri Grand River Lodge No. 276 Harold O. Grauel Lodge No. 672 Hebron Lodge No. 354 Herculaneum Lodge No. 338 Holiday Inn, Columbia East Independence Lodge No. 76 Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches Job's Daughters International Lanit Liberty Chapter #3 of Liberty York Rite page 16 Annual Report

Lucky's Market McAlister's Deli Meridian Lodge No. 2 MFA Oil Company Midway Golf Complex MACDDS Modern Litho Moolah Temple Guide's Unit Moolah Temple Shrine Mt. Olive Lodge No. 439 Neosho Lodge No. 247 Osage Lodge No. 303 Owensville Lodge No. 624 Paragon Certified Restoration Premier Paper and Packaging, Inc. Rolla Lodge No. 213 Salem Lodge No. 225 Shawnee Lodge No. 653 Sikeston Lodge No. 310 Stupp Bros Bridge and Iron Co. Foundation Sullivan Lodge No. 69 Temperance Lodge No. 438 Tuscan Lodge No. 360 U.S. Bank Webster Lodge No. 98 Wentzville Lodge No. 46 Williams-Keepers LLC Windsor Lodge No. 29

Masonic Home of Missouri

In Fiscal Year 2015, we began efforts to revitalize the 40 year old Penny-A-Day program. The first year, we saw a 5% increase in donations to the program. In Fiscal Year 2016, donations rose another 23.29% adding many new lodges to The Vincil Society through their Penny-A-Day giving. We would like to recognize and thank the following lodges for their contributions to the Penny-A-Day Program from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016. Adair Lodge No. 366 Algabil-Freedom Lodge No. 636 Ada Lodge No. 444 Amsterdam Lodge No. 141 Angerona Lodge No. 193 Arnold Lodge No. 673 Arrow Rock Lodge No. 55 Bee Hive Lodge No. 393 Belgrade Lodge No. 632 Bethany Lodge No. 97 Billings Lodge No. 379 Blackwell Lodge No. 535 Bolivar Lodge No. 195 Bonhomme Lodge No. 45 Bridgeton Lodge No. 80 Brotherhood Lodge No. 269 Buckner Lodge No. 501 Butler Lodge No. 254 Cambridge Lodge No. 63 Canopy Lodge No. 284 Carl Junction Lodge No. 549 Caruthersville Lodge No. 461 Cass Lodge No. 147 Cecile Daylight Lodge No. 305 Central Crossing Lodge No. 674 Centralia Lodge No. 59 Chamois Lodge No. 185 Charity Zeredatha Lodge No. 189 Christian Lodge No. 392 Circle Lodge No. 342 Clark Lodge No. 610 Composite Lodge No. 369 Cooper Lodge No. 36 Corinthian Lodge No. 265 Craftsman Lodge No. 717 Crescent Hill Lodge No. 368 Crestwood-Anchor Lodge No. 443 Criterion Lodge No. 586 De Soto Lodge No. 119 Decatur Lodge No. 400 Dexter Lodge No. 532 Easter Lodge No. 575 Elvins-Ionic Lodge No. 154 Excelsior Lodge No. 441 Fairfax Lodge No. 483 Farmington Lodge No. 132 Fenton Lodge No. 281

Four Mile Lodge No. 212 Fraternal Lodge No. 363 Gate Of The Temple Lodge No. 422 George Washington Lodge No. 9 Glenwood Lodge No. 427 Gower Lodge No. 397 Grand River Lodge No. 276 Granite Lodge No. 272 Greensburg Lodge No. 414 Harold O. Grauel Lodge No. 672 Hazelwood Lodge No. 459 Hebron Lodge No. 354 Herculaneum Lodge No. 338 Hermann Lodge No. 123 Higginsville Lodge No. 364 Hogles Creek Lodge No. 279 Hope Lodge No. 251 Independence Lodge No. 76 Irondale Lodge No. 143 Jackson Lodge No. 82 Jefferson Lodge No. 43 Jerusalem Lodge No. 315 Jewel Lodge No. 480 Joachim Lodge No. 164 Kearney Lodge No. 311 Kennett Lodge No. 68 Knob Noster Lodge No. 245 Laclede Lodge No. 83 LaPlata Lodge No. 237 Lathrop Lodge No. 506 Leadwood Lodge No. 598 Liberty Lodge No. 31 Lincoln County Lodge No. 682 Mansfield Lodge No. 543 Mechanicsville Lodge No. 260 Memphis Lodge No. 16 Meramec Lodge No. 313 Meridian Lodge No. 2 Mizpah Mount Moriah Lodge No. 40 Mokane Lodge No. 612 Montgomery Lodge No. 246 Monticello Lodge No. 58 Mount Olive Lodge No. 439 Mount Zion Lodge No. 327 Naylor Lodge No. 568 Neosho Lodge No. 247 Nodaway Lodge No. 470

Masonic Home of Missouri

Olive Branch Lodge No. 576 Osage Lodge No. 303 O'Sullivan Lodge No. 7 Overland-Occidental Lodge No. 623 Owensville Lodge No. 624 Perseverance Lodge No. 92 Plato Lodge No. 469 Polar Star - Rose Hill Lodge No. 79 Pollock Lodge No. 349 Poplar Bluff Lodge No. 209 Pride Of The West Lodge No. 179 Ralls Lodge No. 33 Ray Lodge No. 223 Raytown Lodge No. 391 Richland Lodge No. 385 Richmond Lodge No. 57 Rising Sun Lodge No. 13 Robert Burns Lodge No. 496 Rolla Lodge No. 213 Rushville Lodge No. 238 Salem Lodge No. 225 Saline Lodge No. 226 Samaritan Lodge No. 424 Sampson Lodge No. 298 Saxton Lodge No. 508 Sedalia Lodge No. 236 Shawnee Lodge No. 653 Sheffield Lodge No. 625 Shekinah Lodge No. 256 Sheldon Lodge No. 371 Sikeston Lodge No. 310 Spirit of St. Louis Lodge No. 27 St. Clair Lodge No. 273 St. Francois Lodge No. 234 St. Joseph Lodge No. 78 Sullivan Lodge No. 69 Summit Lodge No. 263 Swope Park Lodge No. 617 Temperance Lodge No. 438 Troy Lodge No. 34 Tuscan Lodge No. 360 Twilight Lodge No. 114 Tyro Lodge No. 12 Union Lodge No. 593 United Lodge No. 5 Vandalia Lodge No. 491 Versailles Lodge No. 320

Annual Report

Vienna Lodge No. 94 Wakanda Lodge No. 52 Waverly Lodge No. 61 Webster Groves Lodge No. 84 Webster Lodge No. 98 Wentzville Lodge No. 46 West View Lodge No. 103 Western Star Lodge No. 15 Windsor Lodge No. 29 Woodside Lodge No. 387

page 17

Members of The Legacy Society place the Masonic Home in their estate plans, creating a lasting legacy to assist eligible adults and children in need. Estate gifts totaled over $300,000 in Fiscal Year 2016. We also added 12 new members to this group, increasing the total number of Legacy Society members to 201. Planned gifts ensure the mission of the Masonic Home now and into the future, having an enduring impact on the causes about which the donor is most passionate. We gratefully acknowledge and thank those donors who remembered the Masonic Home in their estate planning.

2016 Legacy Society Roll of Donors Gifts from the following were received between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016, and recognized with a gold leaf on The Legacy Society Tree. Maxine Aumann Trust Eva Lois Bennett Trust Victor H. & Selene H. DeLiniere Charitable Trust Russell Clarence Eberley Gift Annuity Alta E. Graff Living Trust Gussie Grenner Trust George P. & Zelda Juanita Hart Trust

Harold J. Hart Trust James T. Hook Trust Melba A. Krehmeyer Trust Fred W. & Irene M. Michel Trust John T. Opie Trust Helen D. Scott Trust Katherine Stauffer Trust

The following individuals notified the Masonic Home during the 2016 Fiscal Year that they have listed the Home as a beneficiary of a planned gift. These donors have been recognized with a silver leaf on The Legacy Society Tree. Estate of Wayne H. Gardner Charlotte A. Miller Estate of Doris Jeanne Snyder Thomas A. Spencer Trust G. Wendell Tappmeyer Trust Grace A. Thornton Trust Darvin L. & Susan W. Weston Trust

“The greatest use of a life is to spend it on something that will outlast it.� ~ William James

page 18 Annual Report

Masonic Home of Missouri

Financial Report 2016 Jodi Blake Director of Finance & Development

The following are the audited financial statements of the Masonic Home of Missouri and the related disclosures. These financial statements were audited by Williams-Keepers, LLC located in Columbia, MO. For the year ended June 30, 2016, the Masonic Home has received a clean audit report, meaning that it is the opinion of the auditors that the financial statements are presented fairly, in all material respects, and in conformity with U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). No adjustments to the records of the Masonic Home were recommended by the auditors during their audit, nor were any recommendations made to management regarding the fiscal operations of the Home. Transparency is very important to the Home. The note disclosures are very thorough and the entire report is made available in the following ways each year: • • • • •

presented each year at Grand Lodge Annual Communication published in the Grand Lodge of Missouri Annual Proceedings published in this Masonic Home Annual Report made available on the Masonic Home website at made available upon request by contacting the Masonic Home of Missouri

In addition, the IRS Form 990, which is prepared based on these statements, is also available on the Home’s website, on the GuideStar website at, and by contacting the Masonic Home. The Home’s financial position remains stable with almost $135 million in net assets as of June 30, 2016. The overall makeup of the Home’s funds remains consistent with the prior year. Investments continue to comprise almost 92% of these assets and almost half of those investments are restricted, which means that access is either not allowed or is limited.


As one would expect with an investment portfolio of this size, the Home’s investment earnings make up a substantial portion of total operating revenues, 64% during Fiscal Year 2016. Donations accounted for the remaining 36% of revenues. As a result, the Masonic Home has come to rely greatly on investment income as our main source of funding. The Home continues to work to maintain a level of investment income that will cover necessary expenses, while also enhancing our fundraising efforts, both of which are critical to help fund the Home’s charitable work. Overall revenues increased by almost 8% as a result of increased support and investment income. Donor support increased by almost 35% compared to last year. Take a look at the Development Report within this publication for more information on what we are doing and how you can help!

Public Support Test

Each year, when we file our IRS Form 990, we disclose the past five years of revenue and calculate a percentage that is considered “public support”. This is called the “Public Support Test”. The IRS requires that non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations complete this test and if the organization receives at least 33 1/3 of its income over that five-year period from donations, excluding unusually large gifts, it is automatically granted Public Charity status. Falling below this threshold for two consecutive years requires the organization to attempt to qualify by submitting a written explanation to the IRS illustrating why the organization should be defined as a Public Charity, rather than Masonic Home of Missouri

Annual Report

page 19

a Private Foundation. It is in the best interest of the Masonic Home, our clients, and our donors to be classified as a Public Charity, as classification as a Private Foundation comes with additional reporting requirements and tax implications. Last year, the Home failed the Test, and we anticipate that the Home will be in this situation again this year and will attempt to qualify via written explanation. For several years, the Masonic Home has ended each year with 30% to 35% of its revenue considered public support. The Home’s donations, especially estate gifts, had been decreasing for years, and as a result investment income became even more necessary for the programs of the Masonic Home to function; however, the higher our investment income, the more difficult it is to satisfy the Public Support Test. We have seen donor support increase over the past couple of years and we are so inspired by this trend!! This is one more example that shows that we cannot carry out our mission without donor support.


The Home’s overall expenses increased by approximately 7% over the previous year. A 19% increase in assistance provided through the Outreach Programs accounted for the vast majority of this increase. Donations, excluding estate and trust contributions, provided the funding for almost 48% of the direct assistance provided. The remaining assistance was funded by investment income and donations received from estates and trusts. All program-related expenses, administrative expenses, and fundraising expenses were funded by investment income. The idea for the Masonic Home was presented to the Grand Lodge at Annual Communication in 1875. Although our programs have evolved, the purpose of this organization remains to care for members of the Masonic Family. We continue to carry out the wishes of those that have come before us and work tirelessly to find ways to ensure we are meeting the needs of the Membership. The Board of Directors and staff of the Masonic Home take very seriously the fiscal responsibility that we have to our clients, our donors and the entire Masonic family. We continue to focus on operating more efficiently and enhancing our fundraising efforts. The organization cannot move forward without the collective support of donors, staff, board members, and the entire Masonic Family. Whether you contribute by donating, working a Program through your Lodge or Chapter, or by referring your brothers and sisters in need, we appreciate and need your continued support. Thank you!

page 20 Annual Report

Masonic Home of Missouri

Masonic Home of Missouri

Annual Report

page 21

page 22 Annual Report

Masonic Home of Missouri

Masonic Home of Missouri

Annual Report

page 23

page 24 Annual Report

Masonic Home of Missouri

Masonic Home of Missouri

Annual Report

page 25

page 26 Annual Report

Masonic Home of Missouri

Masonic Home of Missouri

Annual Report

page 27

page 28 Annual Report

Masonic Home of Missouri

Masonic Home of Missouri

Annual Report

page 29

page 30 Annual Report

Masonic Home of Missouri

Masonic Home of Missouri

Annual Report

page 31

page 32 Annual Report

Masonic Home of Missouri

Masonic Home of Missouri

Annual Report

page 33

page 34 Annual Report

Masonic Home of Missouri

Masonic Home of Missouri

Annual Report

page 35

page 36 Annual Report

Masonic Home of Missouri

Masonic Home of Missouri

Annual Report

page 37

page 38 Annual Report

Masonic Home of Missouri

Masonic Home of Missouri

Annual Report

page 39


Masonic Home of Missouri

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