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Board of Directors Richard L. Smith, Chairman/Grand Master Ronald D. Jones, President Tim Thomas, Vice President Keith M. Bail, Secretary James D. Schepers, Treasurer William W. Bird Stanton T. Brown, II Barry V. Cundiff Jeffrey A. Parrotte Jeffrey Quibell David W. Ramsey Buddy Roberts Daniel J. Ward

Executive Director Barbara Ramsey

Director of Finance & Fund Development Jodi Blake


Reminder!! In regard to the Creating-A-Partnership Program (CAP) and Partnering to Honor (PTH) Program, all matching funds MUST be raised by the Lodge and/or Chapter and the application must contain two signatures, with one being either the Worshipful Master, Worthy Matron, Lodge/Chapter Secretary or Treasurer. Once items are purchased and/or funds donated, the Lodge or Chapter will be responsible for providing a copy of the receipt(s) and/or a letter from the organization showing how the funds were spent. The Lodge/ Chapter will not be able to make additional requests until all receipts are received.

Mailing List Disclaimer The Masonic Home of Missouri does not give or sell our mailing list for any reason to any other person or company. We utilize our lists to keep you abreast of programs, special events or items of interest to the members of the Masonic Fraternity. We respect everyone’s privacy. If you do not wish to recieve mailings from the Masonic Home of Missouri, please contact us at (800) 434-9804.

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If you have an article on how your Lodge or Chapter is utilizing our Outreach Programs and would be interested in submitting to the Spring edition of the Missouri Outreach magazine, please contact Rhonda at (800) 434-9804 or email the article to rlightfoot@ by February 20, 2017. All photographs submitted for publication will not be returned. The Editor reserves the right to accept, reject, subedit and rearrange material submitted for publication. Deadlines for the Missouri Outreach are: Spring Issue (February 20, 2017, Summer Issue (April 29, 2017), and Winter Issue (October 31, 2017). The Fall Issue is our Annual Report.


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Savings at Your Fingertips Front Cover: McKynlee Hall visiting with Santa (see page 12) (photo credit: The Hall Family)

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Masonic Home Board President & Executive Director Message In each Outreach Magazine, the Executive Director writes a few notes about the Masonic Home focused on the items featured in the magazine. For this issue, I asked the Masonic Home Board President, Ronald D. Jones, to join me in making a few comments. We would like to begin by explaining the photo. This photograph was taken at the Masonic Home of Missouri’s annual Truman Club Dinner. Each year, the Masonic Home hosts a black-tie event to recognize and honor those Truman Club members who have made a commitment to the Masonic Home through their ongoing giving with the presentation of Truman Club Busts and/or Society Level pins and gifts. This year the Masonic Home was also celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Outreach Programs. In honor of the Outreach Programs Anniversary, Past Grand Master and former Masonic Home Board President Daniel F. Cole (1990-1991) was asked to give a presentation at the Truman Club dinner. PGM Cole shared with us the difficulties the Board of Directors faced that started the move from bricks and mortar care facilities to the Outreach Program. The presentation then transitioned to Executive Director, Barbara Ramsey, to share the impact the Outreach Programs are making today; with one story of a very special little girl – McKynlee.

McKynlee’s amazing parents, Robert & Angie, allowed us to share her story that night, and it was so moving that we wanted to share it again with all of you. In July of 2008, a request came before the Board of Directors to help the family purchase a special wheelchair adaptive vehicle to transport her. This was a very significant request for assistance. Ron Jones was in the last year of his four-year term on the Masonic Home Board, as a member voted at large at Grand Lodge Annual Communication. The entire Board voted unanimously to approve the assistance. When RWB Jones returned to Board of Directors, by virtue of his Grand Lodge office, he learned that we had continued to help McKynlee and her family over the years since he had left the Masonic Home Board. RWB Jones has stated many times that he feels it is an honor and a privilege to be part of a Board of Directors committed to the continued support of McKynlee, but it is with a heavy heart and great sadness that the Board of Directors awaits the family’s final request for assistance. McKynlee had a stroke this past summer, and McKynlee is now receiving hospice services. McKynlee is an example of why the Outreach Programs are so important. This is a family that the Masonic Home would have nothing to offer when we were limited to providing care in long-term care facilities. We would not have been able to purchase that handicap accessible vehicle eight years ago. We

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Missouri Outreach

would not have been able to continue to help her with medicine, necessary equipment, and the various other needs. Harry S. Truman said of the Masonic Home in his Grand Master’s Address in 1941: “The Masonic Home of Missouri, in my opinion, is reason enough for the existence of the Masonic Fraternity. Every man who is a member of our Fraternity in Missouri ought to be proud of the fact that he contributes to the welfare of his Brethren and their children.” We ask you to please read McKynlee’s story. McKynlee is one example of why we are so very passionate about the Masonic Home and the Outreach Programs. McKynlee and her parents are part of our Masonic Home family. We have laughed with them. We have cried. We feel blessed that we have gotten to share in this little girl’s journey, and we will stay with this family to the end of that journey.

Helping McKynlee is not possible without all of us working together. The staff at the Masonic Home love and advocate for this family. The Board of Directors meets each month to approve the assistance for all of our clients, thereby providing financial assistance so desperately needed. The Board of Directors may approve assistance, but without adequate funding, the Masonic Home cannot support McKynlee and all those in need today or in the future. Without the support of the membership and the Masonic family, the Masonic Home is simply not possible. This Outreach Magazine is all about caring, sharing and giving. Please read this magazine and share the stories and information with the people you know. McKynlee has touched our hearts, and we believe she exemplifies the sentiments expressed by MWB Harry S. Truman. Please contact the Masonic Home if you want to learn more about our Outreach Programs and how you can help support your Masonic family. Sincerely,

RWB Ronald D. Jones Masonic Home Board President

Barbara Ramsey Executive Director Masonic Home of Missouri McKynlee Hall’s Story is on page 12 (photo

credit: Hall Family)

Mission Statement To assist eligible adults and children in need by practicing the principles of Freemasonry

Winter Issue 2016

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Masonic Home of Missouri Representatives (known as Home Reps) are an essential part of the success of the Masonic Home’s Outreach Programs. Home Reps assist by being the point-of-contact for local Lodges or Chapters and the people who need the Masonic Home’s assistance. The position of the Masonic Home Representative carries certain responsibilities, and each Home Rep receives a packet of information, including their position duties, Outreach Program details, and items needed to fulfill their duties. Every Lodge should have a Masonic Home you know yours?

Sampson Lodge No. 298 Theodosia, Missouri Leonard V. ‘Len’ Modlinski was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and served with the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vietnam in 1967. Len retired as a police commander from the Chicago Transit Authority. When asked how he and his wife, Suzanne, also retired from law enforcement, ended up almost 550 miles away from Chicago, Len chuckled and said, “I got home from work one day, and Suzanne told me that we were going to Arkansas and find a retirement home on a lake, so off we went. We looked at several houses around Mountain Home, Arkansas but just couldn’t find ‘the’ one. Our realtor told us about a house in Theodosia, Missouri and when we pulled up, we just knew it was the one. I haven’t stepped foot over the Mississippi River since we moved here. My wife still visits Chicago as she has children there but I’m very happy to stay right here.” “I still have my Masonic membership in Illinois and was familiar with the Illinois Masonic Home programs.” Len says, “When I joined Sampson Lodge, I

started learning about the Masonic Home of Missouri’s Outreach Programs and the Creating-A-Partnership Program (CAP) program interested me. Our Lodge is small, maybe around 50 members, and we just didn’t have the financial resources to participate on a regular basis in the partnering programs.” The Village of Theodosia, Missouri is located approximately an hour east of Branson in Ozark County, nestled near Bull Shoals Lake. According to, the average median household income for the area is $25,847, well below the Missouri average of $46,931. The population of Theodosia is about 250, and the primary source of income is based on tourism. “We started holding a community breakfast on the first Saturday of the month. It’s donation based and has become our source of income to pay the Lodge’s bills and to partner with the Masonic Home.” says Len, “Our Lodge is located right next door to Lutie School (K-12), and several of our members visited with the administrators and counselors about how we could help the children. I was surprised at how much need there is. The school was providing a place for children to shower because their homes were without hot water. The Lodge saw the need and started raising funds through the community breakfasts, and we are very fortunate to be able to now assist three schools in our community.” The Masonic Home of Missouri’s Creating-APartnership Program (CAP) is a matching funds program that creates a partnership between the Masonic Home and Lodges/Chapters throughout the state to help children in need within their communities. The Masonic Home may match up to $10,000.00 per Lodge or Chapter each fiscal year, July 1st through June 30th. Lodges and Chapters can work within their community to identify a child or children in need through schools

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Missouri Outreach

or other local community organizations. Lodges and Chapters can choose to help either a child(ren) or do a project in the community. Assistance can help to provide clothing, school supplies, coats, shoes, hats and gloves, hygiene items, eye glasses and dental work or support a project within the community through schools or other charitable organizations. An example of a project might be supporting a backpack food program which provides food over the weekend for schoolchildren in need. “Over the past several years, I have attended the Masonic Home presentations at area meetings and also the Masonic Home Representative luncheon that is held during Grand Lodge’s Annual Communication.” Len laughs, “I just recently ‘officially’ became the Masonic Home Rep, but I’ve been involved in the various applications for the Masonic Home programs on and off over the years that I have belonged to Sampson Lodge.”

it’s a good idea to have the Outreach Programs. The Masonic Home is able to serve more people without an actual facility and the people being helped can stay in their communities.” When asked what Len’s favorite Outreach Program is, he quickly responded “Creating-A-Partnership Program ‘because of the good it does in the communities.’ I would be happy to talk to anyone interested in becoming a Masonic Home Rep and encourage them to become involved with the Home.”

Retaining and training Representatives has been an on-going goal for the staff at the Masonic Home either through email, direct mail and the website ( “I receive the Rep Report and find it very helpful Len Modlinski (left), Masonic Home Representative for Sampson Masonic Lodge #298 with keeping current on events at the in Theodosia, presented a check in the amount of $750.00 to Lutie School guidance Masonic Home and with its Outreach counselor Alisha Favazza to help support the school’s “Back-Pack Program,” which Programs.” Len says, “Recently, I’ve provides food for students who qualify for the supplementary support. With them is Dale Cutbirth (Treasurer of Sampson Lodge) and Jeff Richey (Master of Sampson been involved with Dale and Joy Cutbirth and the local Order of the Lodge). The check was presented on December 9th. Eastern Star Chapter. Their chapter is getting ready to send in their first CAP matching funds Fraternal Lodge No. 363 application, and we are pretty excited about how that Robertsville, Missouri is going to help the community.” A recent Wednesday morning coffee meeting brought about a discussion Fraternal Lodge No. 363 has a history of long-serving about the Masonic Home’s Outreach Programs. “One Masonic Home Representatives. Russell G. ‘Russ’ of our Masons did not realize that the Masonic Home Humphrey, Jr. served as the Home Rep for since 1998. was no longer a brick-and-mortar building, so we, When Russ chose to step down to pursue other Masonic as a group, talked about the Outreach Programs and positions, Gary Bay was appointed and has been an how they worked. He was quite impressed. I think active Home Rep since 2014. “I just think that being Winter Issue 2016

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the Home Rep is a great position within the Lodge.” Gary states, “It’s a great way to stay connected with the Masonic Home, the Lodge, and the community. It’s all about coordinating things to make sure the children of our community are helped.” The Lodge has worked hard to raise funds to support the two matching funds programs, CAP and Partnering to Honor (PTH). A monthly breakfast is held to raise funds for the two programs and twice a year, the Lodge hosts a chicken and dumpling dinner. “The community is supportive of the Lodge’s effort to raise funds,” Bay continues, “They understand that the funds will be going to help children and Veterans in our area.”

Fraternal Lodge No. 363 presenting a check for $2,000 to the local Honor Flight Organization. Front row, from left are Larry Davis, FCHF co-founder and boardmember; Rosalie McGaugh, FCHF board member; Ron Brown, Fraternal Lodge 363 Robertsville Worshipful Master; Dave Hall, FCHF co-founder and board member; and Gary Bay, Fraternal Lodge 363 Masonic Home Rep.  Pictured in the rear is Gary Banderman, FCHF member.

The Robertsville Elementary School holds a Heroes Day and invites members from the Lodge to attend in appreciation of the Masons support for both children and Veterans. The Lodge has been able to assist with the purchase of ‘Buzz Books’ through the Missourian Media Group. “Being able to provide books for school-aged children is very rewarding. Our Lodge also participates in the food backpack program.”

Recently, the Lodge was able to present $2,000 in funds to the local Honor Flight organization to sponsor four area veterans. “The Honor Flight group came to our Lodge in November and were presented with the check. They were so appreciative about our involvement.” Bay said, “The Masonic Home makes being a Home Rep very easy. They have the forms online or will mail them to you. A Home Rep needs to get to know their schools’ counselors and administration. You need to help with coordinating the programs and work with the Masonic Home’s staff.”

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! OH MY! Have you ‘liked’, ‘followed’ or ‘joined’ the Masonic Home’s social media accounts? You can find out the latest news, events, and photos from Lodges and Chapters. Page 8

Missouri Outreach

At Home


• Let your faucets drip to prevent freezing water from causing pipes to burst.

• Wear loose-fitting, lightweight clothing in several layers. This is more effective in creating insulation for your body.

• Make sure your pipes are properly insulated and leave cabinet doors open around pipes to ensure they receive warmth from the air flowing through your home. • Protect/Bring in your outdoor plants.

• Wear a hat. Nearly half of your body heat loss is from the top of your head. • Wear gloves or mittens (mittens which are snug at the wrist are better than gloves).

• Provide shelter for pets and check on elderly. • Have a flashlight and extra batteries available. Avoid using candles since these can become a fire hazard. • If you have a fireplace or wood stove, make sure you have a good supply of firewood. Learn to use any emergency heating sources properly to prevent a fire. • Close off unneeded rooms and place towels or rags in cracks under doors.

In the Car • Fully check and winterize your vehicle before starting your travel: Make sure your car battery has enough power, and your car has antifreeze. • Keep your gas tank near full to prevent ice from forming in the fuel lines. • If you are planning travel, carry a winter storm survival kit: • Blankets • Flashlight • High-calorie snack food • Jumper cables • A water container • Make sure your cell phone is fully charged. Reprinted with permission from the American Red Cross Winter Preparedness Pamphlet (2017) at Winter Issue 2016

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(left to right): Keith & Beverly Neese, Jim & Lindy Ford, and John & Rose Schloot (photo credit: Masonic Home archives)

On December 1, 2016, Keith and Beverly Neese, Jim and Lindy Ford and John and Rose Schloot gave a special gift to the Masonic Home of Missouri. After several months of planning, they hosted the first Truman Club Regional Event at the Elks Lodge in Columbia, MO. Masons (and their guests) from the surrounding Lodges were invited to attend. With over 30 guests in attendance, the event was a huge success. After a few words from the Executive Director, Barbara Ramsey, the guests enjoyed an evening of mingling and visiting with others. They not only came away with knowledge about the Outreach Services we provide, the types of clients we assist and becoming a member of the Truman Club; attendees also met a few new friends along the way. We can all learn a lesson from our generous hosts. They understand the important role the Masonic Home plays within each of our communities. In addition, they realize that we cannot be successful without the support of our donors. This event provided us a great opportunity to connect with more local Masons. So, as we enter a new year, we ask you to consider ways in which you can help the Masonic Home of Missouri. Remember, “There are many ways to give!� If you would like to host an event in your community, please call Julie Kirchhoff or Jackie Walters at 800-434-9804. Page 10

Missouri Outreach

Exclamations of “Oh! This one would be perfect for Lucy. She loves flowers” and “Shirley would like the one with dogs.” filtered through the room as staff went through a package that had been delivered to the Masonic Home office. The package in question was part of a service project that Jack’s Club, a group of Order of the Eastern Star members had put together in honor of Brother Jack Olson’s year as Worthy Grand Patron of the Grand Chapter of Missouri, Order of the Eastern Star. “I call them ‘saddlebags,’ Jack laughingly said, “They are bags that attach by velcro to walkers and wheelchairs to help the Masonic Home’s clients keep their phones, keys, and other small items as they move around their home or assisted care facility.” In late January 2015, plans for Jack’s reception were being discussed and the idea came up of having a service day instead of the reception. “We just put it out to the Eastern Star members to do whatever needed to be done to support our sisters, brothers, and their communities. I believe that service projects are part of our obligations as Eastern Star members.” Olson stated, “The decision to make the bags for the Masonic Home clients came through my attending the Home Board meeting and hearing how many people have been helped through their Order of the Eastern Star membership. A great group of Club members met in St. Louis and made the walker bags and also made some greeting cards that the Masonic Home’s clients could send to loved ones.” About two dozen bags were started that day, and later delivered to the Masonic Home’s staff for delivery to clients. “We have received so many sweet compliments from the clients on our gifts and are currently working on making more bags for them.” Jack says, “The Outreach Programs have expanded the ability of the Masonic Home to help people in their communities, and we are proud to be part of that effort.” Staff is distributing the bags and homemade greeting cards to clients as they are visited. The sweet smiles and immediate requests for the bags to be put on their walkers and wheelchairs exemplify the appreciation of our clients towards the members of Jack’s Club and the Grand Chapter of Missouri.

Real joy comes not from ease or riches or from the praise of men, but from doing something worthwhile. -Sir Wilfred T. Grenfell Winter Issue 2016

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Meeting Robert Hall, your first impression is a tall man whose eyes show laughter and an easy manner. Robert graciously invited staff into his home, and as we were setting our packages down, he asked if we wanted to ‘go and say ‘hi’ to McKynlee.’ We followed him back to a bedroom, decorated with Sofia the First curtains, bedspread, and a video of the animated television show on the television. The soft whirring of an oxygen machine reminds staff of who they are greeting, along with the hospice nurse who is sitting close by. A young lady of 10 years of age is seated in a reclining wheelchair, and she turns to look up at staff while her parents smile sweetly at her. A beautiful head of soft reddish curls frames the face of McKynlee Hall as she weakly smiles when staff bends down to give her a kiss on her forehead.

A recent bout of pneumonia has weakened McKynlee’s already struggling immune system. “McKynlee had a stroke this past summer, then pneumonia and a GI bug have already affected her limited food intake.” Angie Hall states, “She’s such a fighter. She has developed Chorea, which makes her muscles clench and spasm. It’s like having a Charlie Horse, but it’s your whole body. Right now, it’s about making her comfortable and helping manage her pain.” There is no remorse in Angie’s voice but rather a firm conviction that comes from a mother’s love. Medical terminology and treatment paths slide out of Angie’s mouth, faster than staff can jot them down. Items around the house have been adapted by a loving father to make his wife and daughter’s daily life easier. A cedar picnic table from a grandparent has been transformed into a changing table that is on the same level as the wheelchair. A soft pink stuffed animal serves as a place for McKynlee’s head to rest on the table.

McKynlee is on hospice and is slowly leaving this mortal earth. It’s a fact that her parents weave into their tales, smiles, and laughter as they tell staff about their The house is decorated daughter. McKynlee loves everywhere in anticipation of motorcycles, and Robert the Christmas holiday, inside shows staff photos of a local and out. “It’s all for McKynlee.” Bikers Against Child Abuse Santa and McKynlee - 2015 (photo credit: The Hall Angie says softly, “She has such Family) (BACA) group that had come a flamboyant personality. It’s to visit McKynlee and show her their motorcycles. all about the sparkles and bling. Holidays are very One photo shows a large man dressed in leather as he special.” The Board of Directors, some who have kneeled down in front of McKynlee as she reached out known about McKynlee and her family since she first to him. Doing so, ended up in the biker losing his dobecame one of the Masonic Home’s clients at the age of rag and Oakley sunglasses, as McKynlee soon charmed 2 years, requested that staff make sure that McKynlee them from him. Another motorcycle group, ABATE, received Christmas presents and staff was excited has also been to visit, after learning about McKynlee’s to present a very soft blanket and some music CDs. love of the bike. Page 12

Missouri Outreach

McKynlee loves the old crooners such as Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, and Elvis. “McKynlee is a very old soul. She’s really wise.” Angie continues, “We believe that McKynlee’s super power is her ability to bring people in and unite them.” Robert laughs as he recounts, “One time, we were at Olive Garden, and McKynlee had her helmet on. The lady next to us leaned over and said, “I’m sorry, but my daughter will not eat until she is sure your daughter is alright.” Soon, the little girl was over by us and talking to McKynlee like they had been best friends all their lives.” Children in wheelchairs sometimes illicit smiles and sometimes stares. “Oh gosh, we have had a lot of teaching moments with McKynlee,” Angie laughs, “We call it Bowling for People. When she was small, we would go to the local mall and put her in her gait trainer. It was wide open, and she could just go. I guess people thought she would go around them, but they soon figured out their shins were perfect for re-education purposes and that maybe the next time, they might want to move out of the way. The supermarket was another teaching moment. I cannot tell you how many times, McKynlee would reach over and steal things out of people’s carts. I would just have to educate them that maybe they shouldn’t pull up so close to a child in a wheelchair.” Robert L. Hall is an endowed member of Pollock Lodge No. 349, as is his father, Melvin L. Hall. “My father was a DDGL once and has been a member for over 43 years.” Robert says, “I’ve been a member since I was 18 years old and learned about the Masonic Home through the Lodge. Robert says, “We knew from the day we brought McKynlee home that this was going to be a journey. She had to get a feeding tube at six months of age.” Robert looked over at Angie and smiled, “Mama is the reason that McKynlee at dance practice. (photo credit: The Hall Family) McKynlee is still

here. She does everything for her.” Angie smiles back and softly says, “It’s all about the respect of McKynlee as a person and to let her be McKynlee.” Over the

Riding horses and rocking the pink boots (photo credit: The Hall Family)

years, the Masonic Home has assisted the family by purchasing a handicap-accessible minivan, paid for some expenses, and a washer and dryer which enables the family to keep up with loads of daily laundry necessary to making sure that harmful germs are not allowed to come into contact with McKynlee. The Halls have participated in the Masonic Home’s Children’s Outreach and Financial Education Programs through the years to help with the mounting medical bills. There are a lot of photographs in the house of the Hall’s only child. One cannot help but smile at some of them; a photograph of a grinning chocolate-covered face is staring up at you, another of McKynlee standing and grinning up at the camera, another of her in a specially designed walker that she used while she learned to tap dance. It’s obvious that McKynlee has been able to have a lot of adventures and fun. From riding horses to a dance recital in front of a local college; the Halls have made sure that McKynlee could be her own person. “She’s such a special girl and does not know the meaning of giving up.” Angie says, “All of the challenges she has faced, she faces them full on. I had to do something medically for her, and it was quite an

Winter Issue 2016

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ordeal, and she was not happy with me. She made a noise, and when I looked down at her, I said, “McKynlee! Did you just tell your mama off? She signed, ‘yes’ and we both got a laugh out of it.” As staff was getting ready to leave, Angie asked if she could give us something. Give us something? Angie came back into the room with a bag full of pins made from blue jeans. “This is a gift from McKynlee. It’s called the Blue Gene Initiative. Our motto is ‘There’s Hope in the Genes, “ and it’s to remind people that genetic diseases need to be cured. McKynlee has two genetic diseases. Beckwith-Wiedemann and Protein Methylation Disfunction which is a terminal genetic disease. Each pin is made from blue jeans and is different, just like genetic diseases. DNA tests show that McKynlee has her disease and they are now doing research on it in California.” Staff accepted the pins and also took one for each Board Member. “We may be at a new normal for McKynlee at the moment,” Angie says, as she looks over at her husband, Robert, “This is now about her comfort and helping her cope with the pain.” As staff gathered our items and walked out to the car, we were silent. As the car started, we both just looked at each other and said “wow...” This family, who has been part of the Masonic Home’s family for eight years, is so special. The love they An example of the Blue Gene Initiative Ribbon. have for their child and the strength to make sure she is comfortable is Each is unique, just like genetic diseases. Order incredible. As part of the Masonic Home’s Outreach Program family, the information is available. (See inset) Board of Directors and Staff have been able to be part of the Halls’ lives. For that we are thankful.

The ribbons are being offered, as a gift, from McKynlee and her family. The Masonic Home will be purchasing the ‘Hope’ charms to assist the family and each ribbon is hand-made. You may request a ribbon by mailing your request to: Masonic Home of Missouri Attn: Blue Gene Initiative 6033 Masonic Drive, Ste. A Columbia, MO 65202

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Missouri Outreach

Spotlight on the Masonic Home’s Outreach Programs The Masonic Home of Missouri started the Outreach Programs in 1991. At that time, the Masonic Home of Missouri’s Board of Directors recognized that there was a need to help Missouri Master Masons, their wives or widows, female members of the Order of the Eastern Star and children throughout the state in their communities. The Outreach Program began as one financial assistance program, but it has grown and evolved into nine distinct programs. The Masonic Home’s Outreach Programs provide both financial and resource-oriented support. The Long-Term Financial Assistance Program provides on-going financial assistance for longer periods of time for such things as assisted living care. This program provides for senior adults with financial assistance to remain in their homes, apartments, independent living facilities, and assisted living facilities for longer time periods. To qualify, applicants need to be Missouri Master Masons, their wives or widows, Missouri female members of the Order of the Eastern Star, must demonstrate a financial need and be in good standing. Age and length of membership are reviewed. The Short-Term Financial Assistance Program provides limited financial assistance, such as help with one-time medical needs. This program assists eligible adults who are experiencing unforeseen hardship and difficult financial situations, such as medical emergencies, dental work, eyeglasses and some living costs. To qualify, applicants need to be Missouri Master Masons, their wives or widows, Missouri female members of the Order of the Eastern Star, must demonstrate a financial need and be in

good standing. Age and length of membership are reviewed. Age & Length of Membership Age of Applicants when Raised as a Master Mason Prior to the age of 40 40 - 49 years 50 - 59 years 60+ years

Continuous Good Standing Requirements prior to application 5 years 10 years 15 years 20 years

The Children’s Outreach Program provides financial assistance to legal dependents of Missouri Master Masons or Missouri female members of the Order of the Eastern Star. Assistance through this program may help with medical care and services such as dental, hearing, vision, therapy and equipment. To qualify, applicants need to be legal dependents of a Missouri Master Mason or female member of the Order of the Eastern Star in good standing at the time of the application. The legal dependent must be 21 years of age or younger, or over the age of 21 with a physical or mental disability. Financial need must be demonstrated. The Creating-A-Partnership Program (CAP) is a matching funds program that creates a partnership between the Masonic Home and the Lodges and Chapters to assist children in need in their community. This program offers two options for the use of the matching funds: To assist an individual child or children or to assist with a project. The Masonic Home may match up to $10,000.00 per

Winter Issue 2016

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fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). Funds must be raised by the Lodge or Chapter and must go for specific items that directly benefit children in need. Examples include clothing, school supplies, coats, shoes, hats and gloves, hygiene items, eyeglasses, dental work, etc. Funds cannot be used for general operating funds. Applications can be found on the Masonic Home’s website at or be mailed upon request. The Armed Forces Program has two components: The Veterans Program and Partnering to Honor (PTH) which allows the Masonic Home and Lodges and Chapters to honor those who have served and are currently serving our Country. The Veterans Program established a database of Masons and Order of the Eastern Star members who have served in the armed forces. A special appreciation lapel pin is sent to the Veteran and during the year, cards are mailed for Armed Veterans Lapel Pin Forces Day and Veterans Day. The Masonic Home never shares or sells information from our databases. The Partnering to Honor Program (PTH) is a matching funds program that creates a partnership between the Masonic Home and the Lodges and Chapters to assist with sponsoring a Veteran to participate with on an Honor Flight. The Masonic Home may match up to $10,000.00 per Lodge or Chapter per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). Applications can be found on the Masonic Home’s website at or be mailed up on request. The Masonic Home is not affiliated with the Honor Flight Program nor is the Masonic Home responsible for any aspect of the Honor Flight Program. The Masonic Home works only with Lodges and Chapters to help fund this program. If you are a veteran interested in the Honor Flight, you must contact the Honor Flight Program directly.

This program also will assist with sending care packages to active duty military personnel. Lodges and Chapters can make and send care pacakages or raise funds to be presented to organizations that provide packages, such as churches, VFWs or American Legions. The Masonic Family Cares Program helps facilitate connections between Lodges, Chapters, youth organizations and the Masonic brothers and sisters in their communities. A Lodge or a Chapter may find that a Missouri Mason, his wife or widow, or a female member of the Order of the Eastern Star has a need that the Lodge or Chapter can assist with, but there is a financial component. For example, a Brother or Sister may need a ramp for wheelchair access to his/her home due to a change in health. The Lodge or Chapter members would like to build the ramp, but the Brother/Sister cannot afford the materials. An application can be submitted to the Masonic Home indicating the costs for materials and how the volunteer hours will be used in conjunction with the funds requested. The Masonic Home may grant funds up to $10,000.00 per Lodge or Chapter each fiscal year. The Social Services Program helps individuals locate services throughout the state. The Masonic Home has a Social Services Directory for each Missouri county and has also listed them by Masonic District on our website at The Widows Program was developed to bring Masonic Widows, the local Masonic Home Representatives, and the Masonic Home of Missouri together to recognize and assist our Masonic Widows. The Masonic Home sends a special Widows pin, along with the Masonic record of their spouse to the widow. Special acknowledgment cards are also sent throughout the year to each widow. The Financial Education Program offers financial education services to Masonic members and their family members through individual consultations and large group presentations. Unlike the Financial

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Missouri Outreach

Assistance Programs, the Financial Education Program does not require participants to meet Age & Length of Membership guidelines to participate. The Masonic Home’s Accredited Financial Counselor also provides large group educational presentations on most requested financial topics. These presentations are free of charge.

Faces of Those Helped

More information on the Masonic Home’s Outreach Programs is available on the Masonic Home’s website at or in our Informational Guide (available upon request).

Making a Referral If you are in need or know of someone in need, there are several ways to contact the Masonic Home to make a referral: • By calling us at (800) 434-9804 (toll free) and ask to speak to a Financial Outreach Caseworker • By email to • Fill out our on-line application at www. • Download, print and mail the application which is available at the above website or by request by calling the Masonic Home of Missouri • Talk to your Masonic Home Representative in your Lodge or Chapter to be referred

Ladies Luncheons & Teas Each year, several Lodge and Chapters host informational Ladies Luncheon & Tea. The scheduled events can be found on our website at, the back page of this magazine, or you can contact your local Lodge or Chapter to see if one is being planned. Winter Issue 2016

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What’s in the Numbers? Order of the Eastern Star Edition

$315,956.86 of the Long-Term Financial Assistance from the Masonic Home during FY16 was awarded to Order of the Eastern Star members. 12% of that were widows with OES membership.


in direct financial assistance was provided to Missouri Order of the Eastern Star members during the Masonic Home’s Fiscal Year 2016 (July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016).

years in a row for being the Top Partnering Chapter goes to Hillsboro Chapter #___. This Chapter has submitted and received matching funds through the Creating-APartnership Program (CAP) to help children in need in the Hillsboro community.


Chapters of the Order of the Eastern Star, Grand Chapter of Missouri participated in the CreatingA-Partnership (CAP) and Partnering to Honor (PTH) Outreach Programs. These Chapters received matching funds through submitting an application to the Masonic Home. Applications and guidelines are on-line at www.


is sent to each Long-Term Outreach Program client monthly from the Order of the Eastern Star for incidentals, such as beauty shop costs, etc.

Seven Percent

of the active Financial Education cases for FY16 are Order of the Eastern Star members. The Financial Education Program offers support to those planning major lifestyle changes, such as moving to an assisted living facility or downsizing their home; and those who are facing financial crisis, such as foreclosure or excessive debt. There is no Age & Length of Membership requirements for this Outreach Program and self-referrals are encouraged. Call Carly at (800) 434-9804.

(800) 434-9804 is the Masonic Home’s phone number. If you have questions about the Outreach Programs or wish to refer yourself or someone else, please call us.


ofassistancethroughtheShort-TermFinanicalAssistance Outreach Program is to widows with OES membership during FY16.

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Missouri Outreach

Savings at Your Finger Tips By: Carly Dibben, Accredited Financial Counselor It’s that time of year when we are all looking for a few extra dollars to purchase gifts for our loved ones or to make donations to causes near and dear to our hearts. The desire to be generous is never hard for us to find. Finding the disposable cash, on the other hand, is another matter altogether. Lucky for us, we live in a technologically advanced world where there are apps available on our cell phones that are not only entertaining, but can be essential in running our lives. Thanks to these apps, saving and investing money has become effortless. Smarty Pig offers free high yield interest savings accounts. The app is designed to help people save for specific financial goals, allowing you to have several accounts for multiple goals. Once you have established your goal accounts, you decide how often to make contributions. Deposits to your Smarty Pig account will be automatically transferred from your checking account so that you never miss a contribution. You can stop the transfers at any time and access the money in your Smarty Pig accounts whenever you like. Acorn is an app that allows you to automatically invest the spare change from your daily purchases into a diversified portfolio. How does it work? You connect the accounts and cards you use daily to the app. Each time you make a purchase using these accounts and cards, the purchase will be rounded-up to the nearest dollar amount and the rounded amount will be invested. You can increase your investment with monthly or one-time contributions. There is a monthly fee of $1.00. Digit is a free savings account that takes all the work out of savings. This app will analyze your income and spending habits. Based on this information, Digit will transfer small amounts from your checking account to savings every 2-3 days. The amounts transferred are never more than you can afford and the app guarantees no overdrafts. The best part is that the funds you saved are available to you at any time with no fees for withdrawal.

Our cell phones offer so many tools to make our lives easier. These are just a few of the apps available to make savings and investing an easy and daily activity available at your fingertips.

Winter Issue 2016

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A Collaborative Relationship for over 100 years The first Worthy Grand Patron of the Grand Chapter of Missouri, Order of the Eastern Star, John D. Vincil asked the membership at the 20th Annual Grand Chapter Session of the Order of the Eastern Star in 1894 to build a chapel at the Masonic Home of Missouri in St. Louis. The membership answered the call, and at the time of its construction it was reported to have been the only Eastern Star Chapel in the world – dedicated October 21, 1897. In 1904, the Order of the Eastern Star began to contribute 25 cents annual per capita dues for each member. The Order of the Eastern Star would continue their support of the Delmar Campus in St. Louis furnishing items needed in the operation of the Home, while expanding their support when the Western Unit was built in the Kansas City area.

In addition to being the first Worthy Grand Patron of the Grand Chapter of Missouri, Order of the Eastern Star, John D. Vincil was also Grand Master of Missouri twice and Grand Secretary when the Masonic Home was established. He clearly exemplified the impact of leadership. The Masonic Home honors his memory with The Vincil Society, a society that recognizes the financial support of Lodges and Chapters, as well as other organizations, to the Masonic Home. What an amazing impact he had helping to start both the Grand Chapter of Missouri, O.E.S., and the Masonic Home of Missouri. Hundreds of thousands of lives were changed for the better over the years by not only helping to bring about these organizations but by also bringing the two together.

The transition away from bricks and mortar facilities to the Outreach Programs not only changed how the Masonic Home assisted brothers and sisters in need, but it also changed how the Order of the Eastern Star helped support the clients of the Masonic Home. In August 2009, the Order of the Eastern Star began providing a gift of $20 to each Long-Term Assistance Client with their monthly assistance check. For clients dependent upon charitable assistance to pay their monthly bills, this gift, in addition to what is approved by the Masonic Home Board, means so much to those in dire financial need. During the Masonic Home’s 2013 Fiscal Year, the Grand Chapter of Missouri voted to forward to the Masonic Home the amount of monies accumulated by the Eastern Star’s Masonic Home Advisory Board for the benefit of the Masonic Home. At that time, a total of $296,588.95 was forwarded. Since that time, the money has been held in an account by the Masonic Home still bearing the title of Grand Chapter of Missouri, O.E.S. and the Masonic Home continues to provide the $20 a month to Long-Term Monthly Financial Assistance Clients as a gift from the Order of the Eastern Star.

Within the last two years, there has been a renewed commitment between the leadership of the Order of the Eastern Star and the Masonic Home of Missouri. Last year, Worthy Grand Matron Nancy K. Lane regularly attended Masonic Home Board Meetings as Associate Grand Matron, and she learned that the Masonic Home provided assistance totaling over $315,000 to Missouri Order of the Eastern Star members last fiscal year. This year as Worthy Grand Matron, she has made a call to the Order of the Eastern Star membership requesting their support of the Masonic Home. She has implemented the Penny A Day program within the Chapters, similar to that within the Lodges. The Masonic Home appreciates her support along with the support of the entire Grand Family. To learn more about The Vincil Society, the Penny A Day program, or to schedule a Chapter presentation regarding the Outreach Programs, please contact the Masonic Home of Missouri at (800) 434-9804 or visit our website at

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Missouri Outreach

The Masonic Home and Order of the Eastern Star Historical Overview

1894 - John D. Vincil, the first Worthy Grand Patron of the Grand Chapter of Missouri, Order of the Eastern Star, calls upon the OES to build a chapel for the Home

1991 - The Order of the Eastern Star would pay to remove the art glass from the chapel when the St. Louis property is sold, preserving this important history which is now on display at the Masonic Complex

2009 - the Order of the Eastern Star started providing an additional $20 gift per Outreach client each month for clients receiving monthly assistance

1897 - The chapel funded by the Order of the Eastern Star was dedicated at the Masonic Home in St. Louis, Missouri

For over 100 years, the Order of the Eastern Star would provide items needed at the facilities owned and operated by the Masonic Home, as well as volunteer their time.

Today, the Order of the Eastern Star continues to provide $20 gifts to each client each month receiving monthly assistance in the Outreach Program.

1928 - The new Order of the Eastern Star chapel, replacing the previous one, is dedicated and was completely funded by the Order of the Eastern Star

Today, various Order of the Eastern Star groups continue to volunteer their time to make a difference in the lives of the clients the Masonic Home assists

1904 - OES would begin to contribute 25 cents annual per capita dues for each member to the Masonic Home of Missouri.

The Masonic Home Fiscal Year 2016 (July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016) • $315,956.86 in direct financial assistance was provided to Missouri Order of the Eastern Star members. • An additional $10,180.00 was provided to Outreach clients by the Order of the Eastern Star. These $20 a month per client gifts were provided in addition to the funds approved by the Masonic Home Board. • 11 Chapters partnered with the Masonic Home to provide $19,546.66 to children in need in their communities.

Winter Issue 2016

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15th Annual Masonic Home of Missouri Charity ‘Luau’ Golf Tournament

Aloha! We are excited to announce our 15th Annual Masonic Home of Missouri Charity Golf Tournament will be held on Monday, May 1st with a 10:30 a.m. shotgun start at the Columbia Country Club in Columbia, MO. The theme this year is Hawaiian Luau, so dust off your Hawaiian shirts and get ready because this event is one you won’t want to miss! Our tournament offers fabulous food, drinks, prizes and a great day of golf, all to benefit the Masonic Home of Missouri. Registration includes 18 holes of golf, cart rental, range balls, lunch, beverages, polo shirt, prizes and an awards dinner. Funds raised during this event will benefit two of our matching funds programs: Creating-A-Partnership and Partnering to Honor. These programs provide an opportunity for Masonic Lodges and Eastern Star Chapters to double their impact in their communities through matching funds. • Armed Forces Program: Partnering to Honor – supports Honor Flights for veterans and care packages for active duty military. Last year, 159 veterans and active military members benefited from the Masonic Home, Lodges and Chapters “Partnering to Honor.” • Creating-A-Partnership – helps children in need throughout the state. Last year, we helped almost 13,000 children through this program. Start forming your teams now to help support these programs. Tournament space is limited! The registration deadline is March 31st. For more information or to receive a registration packet, visit our website at www. or call Julie Kirchhoff at (800) 434-9804.

Register online and SAV E!

This year, we have added an online registration option for your team. If you use this online registration option, you will save $4.00 per person! Check it out at www.mohome. org.

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Missouri Outreach

Masonic Home of Missouri Contact Information Ever wondered who you need to call to ask a question about a program or who could help you make arrangements for a presenter at a event? We have compiled this listing of contact information and staff functions for your use. Before discarding this magazine, please tear this page off and place somewhere that you can refer back to it during the year. Finance Andrea Thacher

Main Contact Information: Masonic Home of Missouri 6033 Masonic Drive, Suite A Columbia, MO 65202

Senior Accountant Ext. 223

(573) 814-4663 Phone (800) 434-9804 Toll Free (573) 814-4660 Fax

Norma Carmody Accountant Ext. 229


Fund Development Julie Kirchhoff

Annual Giving Officer

Executive Director Barbara Ramsey Ext. 209 Ext. 230 Responsible for general donations, Truman Club, Courtyard Paver Program, Golf Tournament, Vincil Society, and Penny-A-Day.

Director of Finance & Fund Development Jodi Blake

Administrative Office Coordinator Ext. 213 Responsible for building calendar & rental and Museum loan agreements.

Kathy Horn Receptionist

Facilities Richard White

Partnership Coordinator Ext. 210 Responsible for Creating-A-Partnership (CAP) Program, Partnering to Honor (PTH) Program, and Resource Directories.

Chantana Irvin

Masonic Family Cares & Widows/ Veterans Program Coordinator Ext. 239 Responsible for arranging assistance through the Masonic Family Cares Program, and maintaining the Widows & Veterans Pins/Databases.

Carly Dibben,

Financial Counseling Caseworker Ext. 217 Responsible for Financial Counseling Program.

Jackie Walters

Major Gifts Officer Ext. 214 Responsible for major gift donations including planned giving and the Legacy Society. Ext. 212

Administrative Support Michelle Phillippe

Letitia “Tisha� Woodard

Outreach Programs Dana Morgenthaler

Financial Assistance Caseworker Ext. 211 Responsible for Long & Short Term Financial Assistance Casework and client referrals.

Communications Rhonda Stone Lightfoot

Community Relations Coordinator Ext. 218 Responsible for marketing, Masonic Home Representatives liasion, Ladies Luncheons/Teas and speaking engagements, website, publications, and social media.

Debbie Summers

Financial Assistance Caseworker Ext. 219 Building Services Engineer Responsible for Long & Short Term Financial Assistance Casework Ext. 225 and client referrals. Winter Issue 2016

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Important Dates Saturday, February 11, 2017 • Board of Director’s Meeting in Columbia, MO • Hermitage Lodge No. 288 Sweetheart Dinner • Troy Lodge No. 34 Sweetheart Dinner Monday, February 27, 2017 • Queen Esther #202, Order of the Eastern Star, Grand Chapter of Missouri Program Presentation Saturday, March 4, 2017 • Rising Sun Lodge No. 13 Ladies Dinner

Monday, March 6, 2017 • Union Lodge No. 593 Ladies Dinner Saturday, March 18, 2017 • Granite Lodge No. 272 Ladies Dinner Saturday, April 8, 2017 • Fenton Lodge No. 281 Ladies Dinner Please confirm that events are still scheduled before traveling by calling Rhonda at (800) 434-9804.

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