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A WORD FROM PEGGY! Hello! My name is Peggy Chan and I’m currently studying Chemical Engineering in ENSIACET, Toulouse. Before going to the engineering school, I did a DUT in IUT Paul Sabatier, also in Toulouse so this is my fourth year staying the “Ville Rose”! I did an exchange internship in Finland during my second year in IUT and I’m more than delighted to share my experience with all of you. I bet you’re curious about the reasons why I chose Finland as my exchange destination. So first of all, I had never been to northern Europe before this internship and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to start visiting Scandinavian countries. Finland is well known for their excellent education system, I thought it might be a good idea of doing an internship in one of their universities to see how Finnish people implement their education. And yes, Finland did look fairy-tale like during winter, it kind of satisfied all my imagination for winter!

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Masaf Events AGM Meet InvestKL Retreat 2.0 KBR Open Day





The Annual General Meeting took place once again, this September at the Embassy of Malaysia in the city in which the Iron Lady resides. Eliciting a theme that revolves around us Malaysian students, our welfare is in discussion today. The main objectives of this reunion are to introduce the newly elected committee to the students, to make known the current mission and vision of executives and every bureau in MASAF towards its existing members and last but not least, to bring to our attention the activities that are to be held throughout the year. Among the attendees are H.E. Dr Azfar Mohamad Mustafa, our respected ambassador, Mr Mohd Akmal bin Abdoll Malik, Minister Counsellor of student affairs and the high committees within the body of MASAF.

After extending his congratulations to the newly elected leaders, our ambassador expressed how privileged we are as overseas scholars getting this opportunity of a lifetime to not only expose ourselves to the vast world out of Malaysia but to also be able to lift up the good name of our beloved nation in the eyes of Europeans through good behaviour and respectful mannerisms.

Mr Mohd Akmal has also announced that 2018 being his last year as our Minister Counsellor, he wishes to help our graduates achieve the same amount of recognition as fellow UK graduates within the Malaysian work community. Our new president, Jamie in turn shared a few words of wisdom saying that courage is the foundation of passion, and determination represents the bricks ready to be paved in order to achieve our goals. She emphasized further that no work is ever in vain and she humbly thanked her comrades in arms in hopes that the fire keeps on burning. The other bureau leaders took turns to introduce themselves and their aspirations for MASAF during their term. One of the major announcements was that the IT and Multimedia bureau will be taken over by the Editorial bureau led by Franco Morris. Despite the AGM being a yearly tradition in MASAF, one continues to seek relativity for the AGM to be opened to all students. The reformulation of how the meeting is held needs to be looked into due to the fact of bad handling of the programme in past years. Some evoked their concerns about the MASAF social media platform and the organisation of MASAF activities through a distributed feedback form after the AGM. The event ended late in the evening with a MASAFListen and a photography session.



INVESTKL On the 11th of November 2018, MASAF brought us a pertinent organisation involved in nurturing Malaysia’s economy to the Malaysian embassy, here in France. The attendees had the honour of meeting the Director, Investor Service, Mr. Riyadh Dahalan and the senior manager herself, Mdm. Yogeswaree Supramaniam. Established in 2011, InvestKL’s goal was to transform the economic landscape of Malaysia from being dependant on the oil and gas industry to emphasising on the growth of the service industry (eg: health care). Kuala Lumpur, being the capital seemed like the best platform for the expansion of the service industry.

Working with another association in Malaysia, TalentCorp, the two have created a project management programme called, Malaysia Global Talent. This programme provides MNCs a talent pool, project management and soft skills programmes for the fresh graduates. It also serves as a bridge connecting students and MNC’s project management culture.

MASAF looks forward to collaborating with InvestKL in hopes of facilitating the search of internships which is primordial requirement by the French universities. After the event, a Deepavali lunch was organised by MAF at the K’si Restaurant.

Newly appointed Finance Minister, Lim Guan Eng has chosen to focus on the difficulties of fiscal revenues and new trading/business guidelines in the 2019 Budget. InvestKL states that the Malaysian investment market is still in continuity in the service- based industry and perhaps, has seen an improvement during the government transition.

In terms of competition with our neighbour Singapore, Malaysia ranks 15th in business equity whereas Singapore comes in 3rd. This goes to show that Malaysia is almost at par with Singapore’s economic competitiveness. Thus, InvestKL hopes to see multinational companies (MNCs) transferring their services or main operational hubs to Kuala Lumpur. Furthermore, with available land and talent pool, Malaysia becomes rather appealing to investors.

Figure 1: Participants and the InvestKL representatives

Retreat 2.0 …And who said sequels suck? When the posters made for the event started flooding online feeds, most people living in the extremities of the country grumbled on their toilet seats. Some scrolled past, disgruntled, while some decided it was time to get on with work. But some reconsidered, the prospect of meeting friends out of touch, of going under the grid, off mathematical equations; the proposal was tempting. Switching apps, they now hit the search bar on Google Maps; just how far out was this place called Vaujany? Just past blue hour on the 27th of October, participants were met with sheets of rain as the reserved taxis climbed the steep mountain road that brought a huge, archaic wooden house into view, nestled in the wistfully beautiful little village called Flumet. The moment of quiet quickly passed, however, as familiar faces approached with smiles as wide as their umbrellas as soon as the cars stopped. As participants stepped into the warmth of the main hall, they realized they shouldn’t have had even that sliver of doubt. The next day brought with it foggy skies and serenity, as everyone geared up for a walk, wrapped sandwiches and DSLRs in hand, a drone buzzing high in the morning sky. Breathing in the crisp autumn air as they strode across the hilly terrain, picking apples where possible, shooting pictures where composition met nature’s aesthetics, worry was the furthest thing in mind. True to their widely publicized, recurring hashtag, #saynotocamps, the E&L bureau stuck to individual liberty, rejecting the need for a disciplined schedule. Many interesting activities were spaced out throughout the day, keeping in mind that each participant were free to join as they pleased.


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