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La Légende Edition 03

La Légende Edition 03

La Légende Edition 03

MASAF Malaysian Students’s Association in France #empoweringMASAF #GEMPAK Generasi Mahasiswa Pemangkin Aspirasi Kebangsaan


MASAF now represents all the Malaysian students in France, and serves as a networking platform. Our association have progressively changed towards the better since it was being formed. Over past few years, MASAF has increased the number of events of our members. Besides gathering the Malaysian students from all over the France. To this date, MASAF has succesfully organized some events and we are proud to inform that most of the events have become an annual event with improvisation from time to time.

OUR VISION To develop a young generation of mature, holistic and cohesive, through the movement of students and graduates Malaysian circuit in France to enable them to participate actively in shaping the country’s future.

" Man is not merely born to make money. But to fulfill its mission " masafrance.org | Annual | 09


an extract from our interview with


The outcome of the discussion is the first France UMNO Club which all races can join in, which would be easier in financial term.


All members felt tortured and betrayed at the same time.




Malaysian students in France had the annual Chinese New Year dinner and discussed to form a club/association to unite Malaysian students in France.

Then, they planned to have a general election for this UMNO Club BUT they didn’t manage it because a student from this club was appointed to be the president by a patron of this club during the Perhimpunan Agung UMNO at PWTC.

Henc a ne linked due to law stud

P re s ide n

Syukry Hamidi Hashim

Ahmed Syukri Amin



Ahmed Ismail

Abdul Hadi Amin 2009/2010 2010/2011

Hannamalai Caruppaiya

Muhammad Abduh Daud




h 2nd President of MASAF

They used documents, rules, constitution (perlembagaan) from the first France UMNO Club to build an established association which is then called MASAF.

Finally, the first MASAF general assembly was held in Tours during Chinese New Year dinner.





ce, they ended up building ew association which is not d to any political parties. It’s o a clause in our scholarship w which forbid any of the dent to be involved in any political association.

MASAF was established in 2007 and even registered in RoS (Registry of Societies) France, so MASAF is a legal association with legal document, constitution and bank account. The establishment of MASAF is supported by JPA and MARA.

nt s ’ l i s t

Cyril Janting

Sivaraj Nihil Scire

Justin Lim Jia Tian

Eva Maria Unyat

Eswaren Ravi Shankar






La Légende Edition 03

The 1st MASAF’s Events

1st MASAF Games by 1st President in Nice

Jamuan Raya

CNY Dinner

only city level

Career & Educational Talks

2007 2011

Annual event to assemble all Malaysia students in France

Pre-marriage Course by 3rd President in Lyon

in UniKL

Malaysian Students Leadership Organized by UKEC. The aim is to assemble all the Hicom from each Malaysian association around the world to discuss about country issues. MASAF participated this event with MGSS.

MASAF Olympics Industrial Dinner Dinner with french companies at Federal Hotel KL in Malaysia - the aim is to set up connexion with companies for career development after graduating.

by 2nd President in Nice This event was participated by Malaysian students from France, Germany and UK It was officially lauched by the Minister of Education, Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein Minister Education.

La Légende Edition 03


alumni’s interview

16 42


let’s bring back the smile ; ayu & nadwah

my experience ; nurul zulaikha

in this ma

students’ sharing


little rendezvous in MOROCCO ; mukhlis & friends

JORDAN, bumi barakah syam ; izzat hanafi



51 96


year in review



What is/are your best and weirdest experience in France?

Booked a hotel in Paris unknowingly that it is located in Red Light district and get stuck outside in the cold for several hours during New Years Eve night in Paris because the metro was closed. I would even say adulting, becoming your own boss of the household is considered my best and weirdest experience too.

w ar


Alumni’s interview



risyia Re t a z

What are you currently do? Ca vous plait? Grenoble Ecole de Management currently working as recruitment consultant at HAYS Malaysia

Which one do you prefer? France or Malaysia? Obviously both!

What were you doing before getting the job? For the first four months, I was hired as an intern at HAYS to get tthe recruitment ‘feels’ first, then I was promoted to recruitment consultant.

Any tips or medium you use to find the work/job? I always used jobstreet and linkedin to find job opportunities. We can also find jobs vacancies via the recruitment company’s website where they always postjobs from various industries.

Currently I’m working as a recruitment consultant at a recruitment company called HAYS. To be honest a bit daunting since I need to constantly cold-call and meet new candidates and clients, but interesting in the same time, because I can network with people from different career backgrounds.

Can you talk about work recruitment/job marketability in Malaysia? The recruitment market is still promising with high amount of jobs available. It also depends on the type of jobs and industry, for example, there seems to be talent short for certain functions especially technical and niche roles within healthcare industry.

As a graduate with Bac+5, what job should we take? How much is the expected salary? Any advises for our future graduates? There are no perfect jobs. The most important point is that you need to pursue your interest. For the expected basic salary, it depends on the job functions itself. It can go on a monthly basis from RM 2500 to RM 3000. For example, we will expect higher salary if we moved to sales related job where commission is expected.

How about the Malaysian economy? Malaysian economy and also the neighboring countries are facing economy challenges. Regardless of market situation, there is still potential. We can see companies are taking this opportunity by consolidating their business in the region thus creating work opportunities in the market.

masafrance.org | Annual | 17

Alumni’s interview


What is/are your best and weirdest experience in France? Had many best experience but if you asked for best + weirdest experiences in France, that will be: 1. At the end of my 7 years in France, I am able to cook many things. I have not cut any single onion before I came to France. (Applicable to everyone I think) 2. Sprained my ankle during IUT basketball club training and had to use crutches for two months solid.

2 3

Which one do you prefer? Although France hold a very very special place in my heart and life, I would still of course prefer Malaysia. What are you currently do? Which company? Ca vous plait? I landed a job with Vinci Construction Grands Projets, South-East Asia Divison, based in Kuala Lumpur, the same company where I had my ‘stage fin d’étude’ in Paris. It’s a good company that correspond perfectly with my academic qualification in Civil Engineering. It was an enriching experience as I had the chance to work in different sites in Kota Kinabalu and Kuala Lumpur. However, after about 3 years working, I decided to have a pause for ‘personal reasons’. Will resumes to work soon, expected to be in different domain.

4 5

What were you doing before getting the job? I graduated in time in August 2013 and worked straight away few months after around November. Can you talk about work recruitment/job marketability in Malaysia? It is getting tougher and full of competition. That is why there is government inisiative called SL1M to cater the graduates who are unemployed. Do not take this inisiative for granted as there are key player companies who participate in the program such as TNB, Petronas, Sime Darby, Malaysia Airlines and many more.

18 | La Légende Edition 03 | 2018

Fansurina binti Ramli FP07


As a graduate with Bac+5, what job should we take? How much is the expected salary? Any advises for our future graduates? - Take the job that pleased you the most despite the salary as it can be increased from time to time. - Maximise your job, travel if it required before having any comitment (loan, family, etc). - Be alert on offers or inisiatives from government (such as SL1M or TalentCorp) as overseas graduates tend to aim solely on private sectors. Graduates should know that many inisiatives from government are actually also involving many private companies : 1. GLCs (Goverment Linked Company such as MMC, Petronas, MRT, UEM) 2. GLICs (Goverment Linked Investment Company such as Khazanah, PNB, EPF, Tabung Haji)


How about the Malaysian economy? In Trade Policy Review held in World Trade Organization (WTO) in Geneva just recently, Malaysia economy is being said as sustainable and resilient. We are actually being praised by giant countries and are actually in a ‘correct’ track. GST implementation & petrol rationalization subsidy are one or two of the ‘right’ solutions to attain Malaysia’s economy. BUT, as much as it is correct for the country economy, it has monumental EFFECT for the citizens. Malaysia’s economy is increasing rapidly, we wanted to catch up with the big countyries. However, the question is can us, the citizen catch up with the speed as well? To relate this scenario to us, graduates must not feel at ease and too relax, you must run and grab any opportunity that you see.


Any tips or medium you use to find the job? - LinkedIn , Jobstreet , SL1M, TalentCorp and go to every Job Exposition if you can. - Always keep yourself updated in whatever you do. - Be humble and always feel we are correctly qualified (not under or over qualified). - Keep running

What is/are your best and weirdest experience in France? The best experience was in France were to get chances doing internships in 3 different companies in France. Especially when they are hiring as a permanent contract after the intern phase. Furthermore, I get the chance to move to different part of the country due to these internships. The weirdest experience is to have pack of friends where we are moving forward together even with different kind of journeys yet achievable. Which one do you prefer? Without Malaysia, I am nobody and nothing. Without Malaysia, I cannot afford to go to France but speaking of the standard of living and place you prefer to work in of course I choose France. What are you currently do? Which company? Ca vous plait? I am working with a French base company in Malaysia, mainly work for the railway industry. I am happy with where I am right now but wish to go further and explore more in other countries. I am now in charge for the Asia Region but looking forward for more opportunities in Europe. My company name is Colas Rail. What were you doing before getting the job? From Internship in France then getting the CDD in France and then getting

hired as a permanent staff CDI in Malaysia in the same company. Praise to Allah, I faced no jobless phase or I do not have to search for a job since my final year of my study. Can you talk about work recruitment/job marketability in Malaysia? There are a lot of jobs in Malaysia but not many related to what we learn in France. It is our choice to be picky on what we are going to be. Of course do not expect the salary to be paid equivalent as in Europe country for a young engineer. Choose to learn more or gain more. It is either or in Malaysia. As a graduate with Bac+5, what job should we take? How much is the expected salary? Any advises for our future graduates? If you want to live in Malaysia, choose a job that can make you pay your commitments. Be as flexible as you can in Malaysia. Do not be too picky on selecting job title etc. If you are willing to learn, go to field work but must be tough. Later on you will be granted for what you have learned in hands on or the skill you had. If you are in Europe or other developed country then choose which suits you or related to your background. My advice is after graduation or during first job, do invest more on getting skill/ technical certifications from the approved body. No harm on getting sides skills/ certificates. I do sacrifice my weekends for months to get new knowledge and to upgrade my level.

How about the Malaysian economy? No further comments. It depends on ourselves on how we fit ourselves in the current economy. Do not wait and see, move forward and help our own self. Any tips or medium you use to find the work/job? I do not have tips in finding jobs as they keep me as their staff after the internship. Many of my friends do get hired as their permanent staff from their internship company. I think the most essential thing is to believe in what we do, have faith that we can go further and work with honesty. Do a lot of networking with others and have a great relation with everyone in the company.

Atikah Ezlynna Rosly Pf6 IUT D’Aixen-Provence (GMP) Université de FrancheComté ( Master EcoConception de produits)

masafrance.org | Annual | 19

Alumni’s interview What is/are your best and weirdest experience in France? I don’t think this could be consider weird but something that I will definitely remember is when we slept at a bar in Paris after my friends and I missed our train back to Le Havre.

What did you do before get that job? Prior of joining PEMANDU Associates, I was involved in two volunteering events, CHANCE Jelajah Pangkor and Mahasiswa Turun Dun in Langkawi. Apart from these two events, I was also working as a Visitor Services Executive with Perak Menteri Besar Incorporated.

What are you currently do? Which company/establishment? Ca vous plait? I am enjoying myself working as a consultant with PEMANDU Associates in Malaysia.

Can you talk about work recruitment/ job marketability in Malaysia? I would like to be frank with everyone that it is hard to get jobs nowadays especially the one that you like to do. However, it does not mean you will not get it, I am just saying that it will take a longer time to find a suitable one for you. The competition is tough when all the Malaysian graduates (both local and overseas) are educated and skilful. Regarding work recruitment, I think different companies have different methods but the similarities are the face to face interview. Make sure you score the impression with the interviewer.

Meor Muhammad Naqib Meor Mustaffa Science Po Le Havre, currently working as an associate at PEMANDU Malaysia

20 | La Légende Edition 03 | 2018

Which one do you prefer? France has an amazing architecture, culture, food and history but no doubt Malaysia is still the best.

Any tips or medium you use to find the work/job? LinkedIn was my hero. I was able to get my job with PEMANDU Associates thanks to LinkedIn.

As a graduate with Bac+5, what job should we take? How much is the expected salary? Any advises for our future graduates? The jobs that you want is completely up to you as long as you enjoy and passionate with your work. Sorry to say this to fresh graduates out there, do not expect a high salary especially when you lack experiences and never work or intern with any companies before. Usually RM2500 is already consider quite high for fresh graduates but this depends in what kind of industry you are involve in. My advice to you is be prepared of the tough world. Get experiences by interning or working regardless the pay because at the end of the day the experience you gain will give value to you during jour job interviews. If you are going through difficulties or rejections, remember not to give up easily. Keep on moving forward until you manage to get your dream job.


What is/are your best and weirdest experience in France?


How long have you stayed in France?


Which one do you prefer? France or Malaysia?


During your sejour, how would you explain your journey as a student in France?

My best experience was when I visited Bretagne with my friend who was French. We explored castles and forests and ate a lot of crepes!

2 6

years and a month in

half. I spent another Stockholm, Sweden.

Definitely France, I absolutely love how you can walk by your own at night while feeling absolutely safe. Plus, their pain au chocolat is too die for!

It felt like a breeze. I met wonderful people who are now friends for life. In terms of student life, it was an incredible experience being able to evaluate and analyze different case studies to apply in real life. Plus I absolutely adore the fact that there are many career and social activities made by the student association of my school.


What do you think of the french culture? Was it hard to integrate into their culture?


What would your advice to your future juniors about France?

It’s definitely a diverse culture but it’s mostly made from love and respect. If you are aware of this, it is very easy to integrate with them.

Be prepared to be pampered by good food and good people. Come to France with an open mind


What did you do before get that job?

I did internships in two big multinational companies back in Malaysia. I was also an active volunteer on social and human rights event such as TEDxStockholm and Stockholm Amnesty International.


What are you currently do? Which company? Ca vous plait?


Any tips or medium you use to find the job?


Should I pursue a job that is related to my degree or be involved a different profession?

I am currently working as a Social Media and Marketing Specialist for a company in Miami Beach, USA.

Please leverage on the university’s alumni network and most importantly, do follow up on every job you applied for. It shows enthusiasm but it also lets you move forward and strategize for new opportunities.

The truth is the workforce is full of people working on a different profession than their degree. Well it might be comfortable to work on something you learnt but it is wiser to follow your passion and your interest, you will not regret it!


How do I get a job outside of Malaysia?

Start early. Make a kick-ass resume and have a list why you are the best person to hire. Highlight what you can offer than no one can and write and talk professionally. But remember to shine your personality and crack a joke. All the best!

Aida Yacob Grenoble École de Management currently working as Marketing Strategist in USA

masafrance.org | Annual | 21

Alumni’s interview



What was your greatest motivation to pursue this course?


What was/were the greatest challenge(s) you had to face during your years in France ?


What advice would you give to your juniors who will be graduating this year (about jobs,life after France….etc )?

Well, for me, I found the idea of studying Fashion at the birthplace of many infamous luxurious brands intriguing. Besides, Fashion week at Paris is where all the magic occurs.

Being a 22 year old foreigner among 49 French students was when I felt the first pang of culture shock Trying to keep up with the french culture wasn’t a piece of cake especially when your classmates are at least 3 years your junior. It was indeed a very distressing first year ! Imagine having no friends,no one to accompany you for lunch and working alone ! But when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Despite all the struggles and obstacles in my path , I persevered and learnt more french words related to the Fashion industry and voila ! Hard work does pay off eventually ! Communication with the french was indeed a tad more easier .

In my opinion, I would really encourage my juniors to work and get some experience in France before coming back to your “ Tanah Melayu”. The experience that you gain there will be handy once you return home.

22 | La Légende Edition 03 | 2018


What do you miss the most in France ?

The picturesque view of the iconic buildings in Paris as well as the cobbled streets in Paris definitely has a special place in my heart. The people as well as their culture is really something that I miss as well. Despite being deemed as a busy capital, the Parisians always have the time to say “Bonjour” . During my days in Paris, I’d usually take different routes back home and it is safe to say that getting lost in Paris is quite rare because there’s always a metro just around the corner.


What advice would you give to the students planning to take this course ?


What was your favourite memory while you were studying in France ?


Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life-Mark Twain. If you love Fashion, go for it . If you put your heart and soul to it,there ain’t no mountain high enough.

For me, it was the all the memories made with my fellow Malaysians during MASAF Games, gatherings and Festive Celebrations. Oh, and not to forget,the rare snowfall in Paris.

masafrance.org | Annual | 23


’ S T N E UD



Students’ sharing

ff the beaten path


Text & Photo : Faizal bin Lamappa

ada musim luruh 2017,saya telah membuat keputusan untuk pergi mengembara berjalan kaki serta berkhemah bersama rakan-rakan saya di sebuah tempat yang bernama Lacs Robert. Kami memulakan perjalanan kami daripada Grenoble dengan menaiki bus 6010 dan telah sampai ke Chamrousse, sebuah bandar kecil/ ski resort pada kira kira 2 petang. Perjalanan daripada Chamrousse ke tasik tersebut mengambil masa 4 jam. Perjalanan ini saya anggap sukar kerana

bukit ini agak curam dan terdapat banyak batu batu kecil yang berbahaya. Anda memerlukan sedikit otot dan tidak takut pada ketinggian. Saya telah melihat beberapa pemandangan yang indah, tetapi sedikit sekali “heartstopping� seperti Lacs Robert dan puncak sekitarnya. Walaupun sedikit sulit untuk mendapatkan kayu api kerana matahari hampir terbenam tapi hasil kru perkhemahan membanting tulang memotong pokok-pokok yang terdapat di persekitaran tasik tersebut. masafrance.org | Annual | 27

28 | La LĂŠgende Edition 03 | 2018

Pada malam hari kam dan marshmallow. Dikes dan keaadan pengajian walaupun suhu persekit

mi membuat unggun api dan memanggang sosej sempatan ini, kami berkongsi pengalaman hidup n kami. Cuaca pada malam itu amat baik sekali taran saya anggarkan mendekati 0 darjah celcius.

Menaiki bas diawal pagi untuk mendaki gunung yang bernama Chamechaude. Walaupun sukar untuk bangkit namun demi pemandangan yang indah berserta udara yang nyaman ku tempuhi jua. Pendakian kami mengambil masa yang agak lama kerana jalan yang berbatu dan sangat berisiko untuk jatuh kedalam gaung. Kami seringkali berhenti untuk berehat seketika kerana peserta pendakian ini bukanlah sangat “sportif �. Sewaktu berehat kami disajikan pemandangan yang indah yang membuatkan kami lupa akan kepenatan yang kami alami.

Students’ sharing June will be my last month SsweetointhisFrance after five years of and tears. Going back for good earlier than everyone else coz teachers always have fun.

Honestly I had no concrete reason why I opted for French Linguistics and ditched pharmacy. When I accepted the offer, I just wanted to fly abroad and experience all the scenes that I watched on TV without knowing how much this choice would shape my life. Science du langage made me understand why it’s hard to pronounce “rue” and the ways to resolve it, knows why babies can drink milk while laying down without choking and to never trust Google Translate. Five years being in the same city and with the same people might be exhausting for some people but a huge relief for me. When I wander around, everything seems familiar ; Mohamed the owner of Chicken Wings, la Grande Rue which leads to many ‘therapeutic’ places (shopping time) and le Monsieur at Pont Battant. People say that I’m brave enough to leave my family and be away for a long time in foreign country but I actually found my home. A home of a new chapter of life. 30 | La Légende Edition 03 | 2018

Nurul Z

I will never forget my firs a student from a program Perancis where we only s and then need to fly straig semester on October 201 french as I have zero basi up because I thought it was that I understand nothing. it was only after 3 months d that we had homework to s week. I understand nothin the class, not even a wor only thing I did was sm The teacher spoke fully fre to teach a mixed class several nationalities so was a novel way of learn for me. For example, how you introduce “jeudi” would you explain a french by using 100% f person who doesn’t spe

And it was even hard de tous les jours. Th English, I could not people, mimics and hand g

But I’m forever thankful for it helps me to prepare for m as a french teacher to a group of immigrants and asylum non-profit association in B their difficulties better becau

My life is full of stories an number one family in Fran a strong support system is student, but having ones w is something that i won’t are 16 in my batch so i’ve different personalities every certain attitudes that I don’

Zulaikha binti Azmi Murad

st three months here. I am tolerance are everything guys. Life isn’t just about you m called Tindikan Bahasa but everything and everyone around you. Its your spent 3 months at Intec friends, the one who will always stand by and with ght away to start our first you. Losing a lover is nothing compared to losing 13. So I speak no a friend. Coucou Eiffel ‘‘Science du ic. I almost gave 2 je vous aime forte! s so hard seeing For example, Speaking of them, langage made me did we know I’m always in my send every inner circle until understand why it’s ng during my last two years rd. The when i decided hard to pronounce “rue” miling. to join ench MASAF as a and the ways to resolve it, of it knows why babies can drink ning committee w will member and milk while laying down ? How then moved to word in VP for Internal french to a I without choking and to Relations. eak french ? discovered new parts of myself and never trust Google found der dans la vie new friends They won’t speak that are worth fighting Translate’’ speak French so for. For some people, gestures are crucial ! MASAF has always been perceived as closed off but let me remind you that I’m r these experiences because not from Engineering program, i knew no one in this my class. I was volunteering organisation before, yet i felt welcomed in it. So stop p of students which consist complaining and procrastinating and join MASAF seekers for 3 months at a by yourself so that you know what i’m nagging about Besancon. So I understand (please ask eswaren to belanja i makan pls hahha) use i’ve been in their shoes. To be honest, i’m ready to leave France and be nd mostly shared with my back for good. Five years is enough for me because nce : my friends. Finding if i stay longer, i would probably migrate here. s important for a foreign I dont know what the future will bring me but who treat you like a family I’ll surely live it better thanks to the memories t trade for anything. We and friends that i’ve made along the journey. been keeping up with 15 Thank you. Au revoir la France, Hello cendol ! y day. Of course there are n’t like but acceptance and masafrance.org | Annual | 31

masafrance.org | Annual | 39

Students’ sharing



s I flipped through the months left in France actually. It MGS Ipoh yearbook, was definitely tough but as the going ‘‘Our Argosy” , the vague gets tough, the tough gets going It memories of my schooling years has been a beautiful and rewarding were slowly flooding into my journey. Learning a new language, brain. Reminiscing the break living in France, traveling around time a.k.a. get together and gossip Europe, meeting wonderful people time, making up our own stories and making lifelong friends… for the Nilam Project and sharing ghost stories during camps made As for my école experience, I me realize that I’m getting old! It joined Ensam upon completing has been a few years since I left my my DUT GMP at Iut Aix Marseille Alma Mater to pursue my dreams . IUT days didn’t just go by like in the land of crispy a breeze because it was the "Emotional hardest beginning. I would (yet hard) baguettes and lanky models say the two years formed strength, strutting down perseverance, family the solid foundation the infamous of my technical support and being and Champs Elysee, production but at the end resourceful are the key background. From of the day, I to survive throughout here, joining Ensam know I wouldn’t was my ultimate this learning have made it this goal because not only far if it wasn’t for it’s among the top and process" the dedicated teachers oldest engineering school who molded us during my in France, but the culture and schooling days. So, I thought it traditions of a previous military would be a great idea if a former school attracted me most. Ensam MGSIAN shared her experience is actually a general engineering during her 5 year course in France school and majors in industrial and to inspire all the other former MGS mechanical engineering. But we students or even any girl out there do get a lot of exposure in terms debunking the usual stereotype of structural, electrical and design by being an Engineer . Without engineering. And some other minor further ado,here’s a glimpse of subjects like programming, project SzeLing’s journey in France. management, accountancy, finance, etc... Again,it’s a general engineering Well, first of all, I have to admit 5 school. I got a lot of exposure and years flew past in a blink of an eye. often project based tasks were given I can’t believe it that I have only 5 and needs to be solved in teams.

40 | La Légende Edition 03 | 2018

So peo and acq

TMOST FOR THE HIGHEST Text & Phot o : G oh Szel i ng

ople relations, cooperation and soft skills are some of the essential living skills we learn quire during the first two years in ENSAM. The final year is the specialisation year and the possibilities are endless. It’s possible to pursue for a master of science in parallel, study one semester abroad at no extra cost depending on countries of choice and ranking. As for me, I stayed down to earth and specialised in Industrial engineering management. I did two years in Cluny and my final year in Lille. There’s no compulsory internship during the two years, optional if you want and possible to get a convention if necessary. Only a compulsory 6 months final year internship. One great thing about studying in Ensam is the fact that coming from a general engineering school, the offers and possibilities are really endless in France (based on my experience of hunting for stage). Well, to conclude in this part, ensam was an enriching experience and I would strongly recommend Malaysians to go for it. It may be intimidating at the beginning because being a lone ranger among mostly french classmates but it’s also the moment that allows you to totally live out of your comfort zone and try something new. Stage wise, I’m currently working at Schlumberger at Abbeville in France in an automation project. I count my blessings for being able to secure this offer and everyday is a true learning experience and full of challenges . Fingers crossed and hope all goes well Apart from all this, this journey so far has been truly amazing. Of course, I’m grateful everyday for this opportunity to be here in France (merci JPA) Emotional strength, perseverance, family support and being resourceful are the key to survive throughout this learning process. Last but not least, it is truly important to find ways to relax and to keep yourself happy as living abroad isn’t a piece of cake !

masafrance.org | Annual | 41

Students’ sharing

Let’s Bring Back The Smile “Satu misi kemanusiaan merentasi sempadan”

‘Let’s Bring Back The Smile project’ yang diadakan pada 20-22 julai 2018 bertempat di Warsaw, Poland ialah salah satu misi dakwah & kemanusiaan yang dianjurkan oleh Muslim Care Eropah (MCE) dan Platform siswa Islam Malaysia UK (PRiSM) dengan kerjasama Muslim Care Malaysia Society.untuk pengetahuan, MCE merupakan satu badan bukan kerajaan di bawah kelolaan Muslim Care Malaysia Society. Persatuan dipelopori oleh segolongan mahasiswa Malaysia yang berfokus kepada aktivitiaktiviti dakwah & kemanusiaan di sekitar Eropah. manakala PRiSM ialah pertubuhan mahasiswa bersifat umum yang aktif bergerak di tanah Inggeris UK.

Text : Alisayuni Ismail, Nadwah Azizah Photo : LBBTS’s Team


bjektif utama misi ini adalah untuk memberi bantuan kewangan untuk pembangunan Pusat Islam Muslim Care sebagai pusat ibadat & kegiatan masyarakat muslim serta pengedaran bekalan keperluan asas seperti pakaian musim sejuk kepada para pelarian Chechen yang diselubungi dengan mimpi peperangan yang dahsyat sehingga menyebabkan mereka terpaksa bermigrasi ke Negara Poland yang merupakan negara yang paling banyak menerima pelarian daripada Chechnya kerana kedudukannya yang strategik iaitu bersebelahan dengan Russia. Misi ini juga dianjurkan dengan tujuan memupuk sifat persaudaraan dalam kalangan pelajar Malaysia di UK dan Eropah terhadap pelarian Muslim Chechnya sekaligus menjadikan pertemuan ini sebagai ruang untuk mereka merapatkan ukhuwah, berkongsi maklumat dan meluahkan masalah yang dihadapi di samping menjadi satu wadah untuk melibatkan

para pelajar Malaysia di UK dan Eropah khususnya dalam program kemanusiaan berbentuk sukarelawan agar dapat memupuk rasa cakna dan empati terhadap kesusahan orang lain, terutamanya pelarian Muslim yang berada di Eropah. Padahari Jumaat 19 April 2018, bumi Warsaw menyambut ketibaan para sukarelawan yang hadir dari pelbagai bandar di Perancis dan United Kingdom. Seramai 32 orang sukarelawan yang terdiri darpada mahasiswa yang menyambung pengajian di luar negara berkumpul di hotel penginapan bermula pada pukul 1 tengahari. Beberapa Wakil sukarelawan pergi ke pasar raya besar Makro untuk membeli barang-barang sumbangan dan kemudian membungkus paket makanan harian untuk diedarkan kepada pelarian pada keesokan harinya di pusat Islam, Bodycha, iaitu pusat aktiviti dan kegiatan para pelarian Chechen di Warsaw

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Students’ sharing


ke Ima van hal tah

sete Pada hari yang sama, iaitu sekitar 3 pm pihak pengurusan LBBTS’18 juga turut membuat kunjungan hormat ke kedutaan Malaysia di Rumah Malaysia Warsaw, Poland di mana mereka telah pun menerangkan hasrat dan usaha yang cuba diketengahkan oleh badan Pelajar PRiSM dan Muslim Care Eropah menerusi misi kemanusiaan tersebut. Bagi mengisi masa lapang setelah solat maghrib dan isyak berjemaah, para sukarelawan bersama-sama melakukan aktiviti bagi merapatkan ukhwah seperti sesi “ice breaking” dan juga sedikit pengisian rohani yang disampaikan oleh Ustaz Rashdan yang merupakan setiausaha Agung Muslim Care Malaysia turut hadir pada misi kali ini di mana beliau juga ada menceritakan sejarah dan latar belakang pelarian Chechnya yang berada di Poland. 44 | La Légende Edition 03 | 2018

Aktiviti pada hari Sabtu bermula seawal 4.30 pagi di mana para sukarelawan rkumpul untuk melaksanakan solat fardhu subuh secara berjemaah.

Selesai bersarapan, para sukarelawan mempersiapkan diri dan seterusnya bertolak Blue City Mosque pada pukul 7 a.m. Kami dijemput dengan tangan terbuka oleh am masjid tersebut dan sesampainya kami di sana, kami dapat melihat kesan-kesan ndalisme pada cermin dan pintu masjid. Seperti apa yang diterangkan kepada kami, l ini terjadi oleh kerana serangan yang dilakukan oleh golongan Islamophobe pada 2 hun yang lepas.

Para sukarelawan juga sempat melawat kawasan dalam dan luar masjid tersebut dan erusnya menunaikan Solat Dhuha sebelum meneruskan perjalanan. Seterusnya,kami menggerakkan langkah ke lokasi kem pelarian (Kem Debak) di mana kami tidak dibenarkan untuk memasukinya disebabkan polisi dan peraturanperaturan ketat yangt elah ditetapkan oleh kerajaan Poland. Oleh itu, sumbangan paket makanan yang telah siap dibungkus pada hari sebelumnya hanya dapat diedarkan di luar kawasan kem. Pelarian-pelarian yang terdiri daripada pelbagai kewarganegaraan terutamanya daripada Chechnya tampil untuk mengambil bantuan makanan yang diberi. masafrance.org | Annual | 45

Students’ sharing Para sukarelawan kemudian berpeluang untuk melawat Old Town, Warsaw salah satu tempat bersejarah di bumi Poland pada waktu tengah hari untuk sesi santai sebelum meneruskan lawatan ke Pusat Islam Muslim Care Malaysia yang terletak di Skalnicowa, sekitar 25 min dari Bandar Warsaw sesampainya di Pusat Islam Skalnicowa, kami disambut mesra oleh imam dan beberapa orang yang bertanggungjawab menguruskan tempat tersebut dan Alhamdulillah kami berpeluang untuk menikmati jamuan makan tengahari yang disediakan khas oleh penduduk Poland dan beberapa wakil pelarian Chechnya. Selepas solat jamak, kami meneruskan aktiviti gotong-royong bersama-sama sukarelawan yang telah dibahagikan mengikut kumpulan dan mengikut tempat untuk dibersihkan antaranya ruang wudhu’, dapur, bilik belajar, dan ruang solat. Setelah itu, Sebuah majlis penyerahan sumbangan barang makanan turut diadakan dan kami turut disajikan dengan pendengaran bacaan ayat-ayat suci Al Quran oleh kanak-kanak huffaz yang belajar di pusat Islam tersebut. Selepas itu, pada waktu petang kami sempat mengadakan sedikit aktiviti riadah bersama sukarelawan serta kanak-kanak pelarian Chechnya untuk merapatkan lagi silaturrahim antara sukarelawan dan juga para pelarian.

46 | La LĂŠgende Edition 03 | 2018

Sekitar pukul 8.30 pm selepas solat maghrib berjemaah, kami pulang ke tempat penginapan dan seterusnya mengadakan perjumpaan sesama sukarelawan untuk sesi perkongsian dan muhasabah serta refleksi program.

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Students’ sharing Pada hari terakhir misi iaitu pada hari ahad, seawal pukul 8.30 pagi, para sukarelawan bergerak ke Pusat Islam Bodyha yang terletak kira-kira 15 min dari tempat penginapan. Sesampainya kami di sana, 2 kumpulan sukarelawan telah dibahai-bahagikan, kumpulan 1 memulakan aktiviti sukaneka bersamakanak-kanak Chechen manakala kumpulan 2 mengadakan sesi ramah mesra dengan golongan dewasa. Beberapa sukarelawan terpaksa menggunakan ‘google translate’ untuk berkomunikasi dengan pelarian kerana mereka hanya tahu bercakap dalam bahasa polish dan russia. Sekitar pukul 11.30 pagi, satu sesi pemberian sumbangan telah diadakan dan seterusnya majlis penutupan program yang dimulakan dengan persembahan dikir barat daripada para sukarelawan. Para tetamu amat teruja kerana pertama kali melihat persembahan yang amat asing bagi mereka. Kami telah disajikan dengan makanan tradisional masyrakat tempatan selepas majjlis penutupan berakhir. Sebelum bergerak ke lapangan terbang, kami sempat mengambil gambar bersama-sama dengan para pelarian Chechnya untuk dijadikan sebagai kenangan program. 48 | La LĂŠgende Edition 03 | 2018

Sesungguhnya misi ini telah ban kehidupan. Mendengar kisah dan s Mellihat senyuman para pelarian am syukur ke hadrat Ilahi kerana telah berbesar hati dapat menyampaikan am yang memerlukan ini. Semoga misi sukarelawan yang sanggup berkorban

nyak mengajar kami erti kesyukuran dan kesabaran dalam menghadapi ujian sejarah mereka amat memberi kesan yang utuh dalam diri setiap sukarelawan. mat melegakan hati kami semua, tiada apa yang dapat diungkapkan melaikan rasa melancarkan pergerakan program sepanjang misi. Kami juga amat gembira dan manah dan sumbangan orang ramai terutamanya rakyat Malaysia kepada golongan ini dapat memberi seribu satu pengajaran dan memorabilia terindah buat setiap n wang ringgit, usaha dan tenaga demi melaksanakan misi yang amat bermakna ini. masafrance.org | Annual | 49





Bumi Barakah Syam Text & Photo : Izzat Hanafi

Alhamdulillah, puji dan syukur bagi Allah yang membenarkan aku menziarahi bumi Jordan. Niatku yang utama datang ke bumi ini sebenarnya hanyalah untuk menziarahi sahabatsahabatku disini yang bakal menamatkan pelajaran mereka pada bulan Jun ini. Ya, sudah empat tahun kami tidak bersua muka, pertemuan kami ini melepaskan rindu yang sudah lama terpendam di jiwa seorang sahabat yang sentiasa ada di dalam doanya. Setibanya aku di Queen Alia International Airport, Amman, hatiku mula berasa sayup mengenangkan di bumi inilah, telah hidup ribuan nabi dan tercatatnya berbagai kisah dalam alQuran, al-Hadith dan kitab-kitab sirah.

masafrance.org | Annual | 51


Laut mati, murka Sang Pen

52 | La LĂŠgende Edition 03 | 2018


Hal ini mengingatkan aku akan firman Tuhanku:

Sesungguhnya pada kisah-kisah mereka (para Nabi dan umat mereka) itu terdapat pelajaran bagi orang-orang yang mempunyai akal (sihat). al-Qur’an itu bukanlah cerita yang dibuat-buat, akan tetapi membenarkan (kitab-kitab) yang sebelumnya dan menjelaskan segala sesuatu, serta sebagai petunjuk dan rahmat bagi orangorang yang beriman [12:111]. Antara tempat bersejarah yang telah aku ziarahi adalah Ashabul Kahfi, Laut mati, makam nabi Allah Syu’aib a.s. dan nabi Allah Yusya’ a.s. Di sini, ingin aku kongsikan bersama kalian, sedikit ibrah (pengajaran) yang aku dapati di Laut mati atau dikenali juga sebagai Bahrul mayyit). Sebenarnya, ianya bukanlah sejenis laut, ia merupakan tasik dan airnya merupakan air masin. Masinnya air laut mati ini sehinggakan garam boleh terbentuk dengan semula jadinya di pinggirpinggir tasik tersebut. Selain itu, kawasan ini merupakan kawasan darat yang terendah di dunia, 418m di bawah paras laut. Tasik ini juga merupakan pemisah antara negara haram Israel dan Jordan. Berdasarkan sejarah, inilah kesan kemurkaan Allah terhadap kaum nabi Allah Luth yang melakukan hubungan sejenis. Hal ini mengingatkan aku akan firman Tuhanku:

Katakanlah (Muhammad), berjalanlah di muka bumi lalu lihatlah bagaimana kesudahan orang-orang dahulu. Kebanyakan daripada mereka adalah orang yang menyekutukan (Allah) [30:42].


Petra, 7 Wonders of the World Aku juga sempat menjejakkan kaki di Petra yang pernah diiktiraf sebagai salah satu daripada “7 Wonders of the World�. Tempat ini merupakan kota peninggalan purba yang masih ada khilafnya. Ada yang mengatakan ianya merupakan bekas peninggalan kaum Tsamud, kaumnya nabi Allah Shaleh a.s. Tempat ini membuatkanku terfikir teknologi apakah yang dimiliki pada zaman peradaban ini hingga membolehkan mereka membina bangunan-bangunan sehebat ini. Wadi Rum, Tanah Gersang Bangsa Badwin Selain itu, aku sempat merasai sedikit sebanyak pengalaman hidup sebagai orang arab badwin (bangsa nomad arab). Dimana aku tinggal di dalam khemah di tengah-tengah padang pasir yang terbentang luas di wadi rum (Lembah Rum). Aku juga dapat merasakan menunggang unta yang merupakan kenderaan utama bagi bangsa tersebut dan juga merupakan kenderaan nabiku Muhammad s.a.w. semasa hijrahnya baginda dari Mekah al-Mukarramah ke Madinah al-Munawwarah.

Ingin juga aku kongsikan pengalaman berharga aku, apabila aku menemui sepasangan warga Perancis yang juga sedang melancong di sini. Aku sempat berborak dengan mereka dan antara perkara yang menarik perhatianku ialah, mereka mengatakan bahawa sekarang mereka sudah faham bahawa Islam itu bukan arab dan arab bukanlah islam. Hal ini kerana mereka sudah melancong ke pelbagai negara yang rakyatnya beragama Islam atau bukan Islam dan berbangsa arab atau bukan arab. Mereka menemukan yang bagi mereka yang mengamalkan ajaran Islam ialah mereka yang pembersih,

bersopan dan penuh budi bahasa. Hal ini jauh sekali dengan realitinya bangsa arab (secara umum). Jujurku katakan Jordan bukanlah sebuah negara yang bersih seperti di Perancis, dan rakyatnya (secara umum) tidaklah sesopan bangsa Malaysia. Peristiwa ini sungguh memberikan inspirasi untukku, agarku dapat sebarkan erti Islam yang sebenarnya kepada masyarakat dunia melalui tingkah lakuku. Inginku kongsikan kepada semua, jika engkau ingin memahami sesuatu agama, lihatlah pada mereka yang berilmu dan mengamalkan ajaran agama tersebut.

masafrance.org | Annual | 55

Little Rendezvous in Morocco

a travelogue by ENSIACET’s students

We’ve never imagined going on a trip together since we’ve just met each other a few months ago. We (eight Malaysians, one French and one Chinese) are currently studying in ENSIACET, Toulouse either in Chemical Engineering or in Process Engineering. Our winter holidays in 2018 started on the 10th of March, this one-week holidays were rather late compared to other students in France. This was one the factors that led to our Morocco trip. Peggy was the one who suggested Morocco at the first place. None of us has ever been to the African continent, well what are the chances that you have been to Africa in your twenties right? Whenever we see peoples’ breathtaking photos in Morocco (especially the Sahara Desert!) we know that we have to visit this country before going back for good. Peggy started looking for flight tickets to Morocco since December 2017, and guess what? She was lucky because return tickets for Toulouse-Fez cost only 50euros during our holidays’ period. Planning a trip of ten was never an easy task. Considering seniors’ advice and the risks of driving ourselves in Morocco, all of us opted for Heeran and Cassandra’s suggestion: to find a travel agent and have our trip planned from A to Z. The itinerary of our trip included Fes, Chefchaouen, Sahara, Marrakech, Casablanca and Rabat. Text : Peggy Chan Photo : Khairi


DAY ONE : FES Text : Mukhlis Anas ; Photo : Khairi


es, the second largest city in Morocco was the first city we visited during our one-week trip. Upon our arrival at Fes-Saiss Airport from Toulouse, we were greeted by a friendly man who was our driver for the trip, Mohammed. He then took us to our riad to settle down before we start our guided tour of the medina of Fes. When we arrived at the riad, we were so excited because it was our first time being in a traditional Moroccan mansion that looked exactly like the ones we saw on the Internet while doing our preparation for the trip. After we had our welcome drink (Moroccan mint tea!), we were introduced to our tour guide, Hassan. According to Hassan, the city of Fes consists of three different parts: two old medina quarters, Fes el Bali and Fes Jdid, and a modern urban area of Ville Nouvelle constructed during the French colonial era. We started our tour by visiting the impressive Bab Boujloud (Blue Gate) which serves as the entry to the World Heritage Site, the medina of Fes. We then headed to the Madrasa Bou Inania, an Islamic school, beautifully decorated with intricate carvings and tile work all the way up to the top of its minaret. We had to pay 20 Moroccan dirhams (= 2euros) per person to visit the madrasah. We then visited the famous Tanners’ Quarter where barefoot workers tread skins in dyeing pits. One of the men who worked at the tannery gave us each a sprig of mint to sniff before taking us to a terrace to view the pungent pits below where he explained to us the leather production processes. As we were famished, we then went to a local restaurant to have our first-ever authentic Moroccan meal. We ended our walking tour by passing through small alleys packed with hundreds of stalls selling local stuffs, visiting the second-largest and one of the oldest mosque in Morocco, the Karouine mosque, and passing by the University of Al Quaraouiyine, the oldest continuously functioning university in the world before going back to our riad to have our freshly-prepared dinner.

58 | La LĂŠgende Edition 03 | 2018

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CHEFCHAOUEN Text : Ayuni ; Photo : Khairi


n our second Morocco, we w north to a well-know nicknamed “the blue of Morocco”. Chefcha famous for its blue buildings that we can sp miles away as we ma journey towards the h the city. We were told 4-hour journey from Chefchaouen will be a and dizzy ride, it was, view out of the windo worth it. Even though i throughout the whole didn’t hide the city’s Our driver left us to exp city so we decided to h lunch first in a small res Afterwards, we walked the medina and stopp couple of shops to buy so and beautiful djellabas is a colourful tra Moroccan semi-robe (o a hoodie). Some of us m to perform our praye mosque here while the strolled in a small garde


60 | La Légende Edition 03 | 2018

very turn of the a gem as the wh blue-washed façade pair potted plants and deco are calming and mesm Even some of the flo stairs were painted bl

day in went up wn city e pearl aouen is painted pot even ake our heart of that the Fez to a bumpy but the ows was it rained e day, it beauty. plore the have our staurant. through ped at a ouvenirs s which aditional or simply managed er in a e others en.

street is hite and red with orations merizing. oors and lue! We

didn’t stray too far away as our phones weren’t equipped with internet data, so we couldn’t fully explore this city in fear of getting lost, but we were satisfied with what we have come to see. Having a tour guide that knows all the beautiful places to visit in Chefchaouen or a map will help as it is easy to get lost in the streets. Chefchaouen is also a popular place for hiking as it is located in the Rif Mountains and you will be treated with a scenic view of the town and a waterfall. Some 3-4 hours visit in Chefchaouen is recommended as it is more than enough to time to discover this blue city.

masafrance.org | Annual | 61


Day 3 & 4 : Sahara Text : Airbone ; Photo : Khairi


he moment that we were waiting for arrived. It was the highlight of our trip. We departed from Fez to our destination in the early morning for around 8 hours to catch the sunset at the desert. We headed south through the Atlas Mountains. On the way, we passed by the Cedar forests of Azrou, the Berber villages and the Ziz Valley where the biggest oasis of Morocco can be found. When we arrived at Merzouga, we left our luggage at the hotel and we took the things that we needed for a night’s sleep. After that, we were all assigned one cute camel each and we started our journey. The excitement of riding the camels for the first time was indescribable. It was sunset, our

eyes were steady on the horizon while the sun casted its golden rays down upon the desert. Everything was perfect; the view, the weather, the company. The camel ride took about an hour. At night, we were served with traditional and delicious Berber Tagine. The locals also prepared a campfire and some performances for us. We even got to try their traditional drums! It was an unforgettable experience. We spent the night in a Berber tent under the starry sky. The next morning, we headed back to our hotel by camels. We had the chance to witness the majestic sunrise. It was one of the best moments of our lives.

masafrance.org | Annual | 63


Day 5 & 6 Marrakech Text : Laura ; Photo : Khairi


arrakech was one of the most memorable places we visited in Morocco. In the evening, the market stalls were thriving and busy with tourists and locals alike. Once we got past the many calls for our attention, exploring each business was an adventure of its own. Fresh fruit are stacked high and are made into mouthwatering smoothies, and souvenirs and trinkets line the streets, representing all the best parts of Morocco. On the historical side, it was worth visiting the Menara Gardens and the Medina. A guided tour offered us more information on the royal family, the interesting architecture and the colorful tiles that are a recurring Moroccan feature. Most of all, simply walking through the streets and absorbing the sights and smells was exciting in itself, and was one of the best ways to discover Morocco. 64 | La LĂŠgende Edition 03 | 2018

Day Seven Casablanca & Rabat Text : Cassandra Tan, Heeran ; Photo : Khairi

On day 7, we left Marrakech early morning for Casablanca. It was about 2 hours and a half drive. Our first stop in Casablanca was Mohammed V Square, surrounded by public buildings resplendent with Mauresque details. There were palm trees around it with a large fountain in the centre dominating the square. Many of Casablanca’s most important administrative buildings which exemplify Art Deco architecture with Islamic influences can be found on this square. After that, we went to Hassan II Mosque, the largest mosque in

Morocco and the 13th largest in the world. The mosque is a must see. The prayer hall itself can accommodate 25,000 people whereas the esplanade 80 000 people. Hassan II Mosque is one of the few mosques in Morocco that nonMuslims are allowed to enter. However, it was Friday when we were there and it was time for prayer so the nonMuslims didn’t have the chance to admire the magnificence on the inside. Muslims are allowed to join their Friday’s prayer. But to visit this mosque, you must be dressed appropriately and get

your tickets for 120 dirhams (60 dirhams for students with IDs). Nevertheless, there is enough for you to see on the outside! The mosque is built partly on the sea and you can have an amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean. The façade of the mosque is beyond impressive. This architectural masterpiece is said to be the most beautiful mosque Ayuni has claimed to see. Don’t come to Casablanca without a visit to this site, if even for a few minutes. It is really a true work of art on every level.

masafrance.org | Annual | 65


66 | La LĂŠgende Edition 03 | 2018

After having our lunch, we hit the road to Rabat, the final destination of our trip. We arrived at the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, a masterpiece of modern Moroccan architecture, holding inside the grand tombs of past kings. The present king’s father (the late Hassan II), grandfather (the late Mohammed V) and uncle (the late Prince Abdallah) were laid to rest in this marble mausoleum. There are guards at the entry and at all four corners of the mezzanine level overlooking the tombs. To pay a visit, it is advised to be respectfully dressed. The mausoleum is beautiful inside and out.

The painted woodwork, sculpted plasterwork and marble are the details that you can’t skip! The Hassan tower is just at the opposite of the Mausoleum of Mohammed V. This tower was supposed to be the largest minaret in the world, but the death of Sultan Yaqub al Mansour in 1199 stopped the construction of the mosque. The rest of the mosque was left incomplete, with only the beginnings of several walls and 200 columns being constructed. The tower, along with the remains of the mosque and the modern Mausoleum of Mohammed V, forms an important historical complex in Rabat. Take your time to wander around the courtyard and admire the foundations at the tower with their beautiful mosaic work. masafrance.org | Annual | 67

After a long and tiring road trip back to Fes, we went to a private hammam (a type of Turkish “spa”). Hammam workers (normally ladies) scrub filth off your body with a special type of brush and soap. After that, they will pour buckets of hot water on your body to wash the filth away. It was quite a refreshing experience. Morocco, a country with unique culture and breathtaking scenery is indeed one of the must-visit destinations in the world...

Text : Zheng Yi Photo : Khairi

68 | La Légende Edition 03 | 2018

The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page Agustine of Hippo



Students’ welfare

On July 8th 2017, MASAF organized Orientation Week Tours (OWT) to launch MASAF Freshers’ Week to welcome new students who have just arrived from Malaysia. These students have just finished their SPM exams and have no prior knowledge of what it’s like studying in France so a BBQ lunch was held in a park in Tours so that the existing students could meet the newly arrived students and share their knowledge. This gave the juniors the opportunity to ask any troubling questions and it gave the chance for the seniors to share their own personal experiences as well. Also present were JPA representatives to brief the students on several official procedures that needs to be done. Throughout the luncheon, tips and tricks were passed on from the seniors to the juniors and precious moments were shared by all. Text : Alicia Idris

74 | La Légende Edition 03 | 2018

MASAF Mart, a MASAF funding project by E&L bureau, is a trading group on Facebook which assembles Malaysian students in France. The objectives are to gain funds for MASAF in long term by selling MASAF's products, to provide a platform for students to trade their unused items and to inspire entrepreneurship among students. It allows building entrepreneurial skills among MASAF E&L members too. Text : Chin Yi Hien

In MASAF, student’s well-being is one of our main concerns. As we know that some students in France are facing difficulties in a variety of situation, we feel that we have to help them ease the situation by lending our ears and put our heart and soul into consoling them from their distress. Thus, we created a helpline called MASAF Embrace a helpline to those in need of a patient and kind listener to hear them out. A group of listeners was created to create rosters for callers to contact them every month. Do not worry, the conversation rests confidential between us and none of the informations of any sort were being exposed. So, when you are in dire need of emotional support, ring us up. Text : Brian McSalako

masafrance.org | Annual | 75

Students’ welfare

76 | La Légende Edition 03 | 2018

This year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 30th September 2017 in the Malaysian Embassy, Paris. A total of 66 participants were present to welcome the newly-appointed committee. One of the highlights of the event was the unveiling of our new bureau, Strategic Development Bureau, aimed to help with the progress of MASAF. Later, the president, Eswaren delivered his inauguration speech, calling Malaysian students to be united to form a stronger MASAF. Each bureau directors then took turns to introduce themselves, presenting with them their new projects and aspirations for MASAF. The event then proceeds to a question and answer session called MASAFListens, an initiative from the Communications Bureau in order to fill the gap between Malaysian students in France and MASAF high committee. The event ended with a networking session. Text : Franco Morris

masafrance.org | Annual | 77

Social & Community There was an idea, to bring together a group of Malaysian students from all over France to enjoy themselves on a 3-day spree of awesome activities and breathtaking sceneries. This was possible as the hot summer was being replaced by the cold winds of Autumn. So, it sprung to life after almost 3 months of planning by the E&L bureau, a retreat deep in the mountains beside a beautiful lake: MASAF Retreat 2017 from the 28th to the 30th of October at Les Hameaux du Perrier. 52 Malaysian students from all over France joined us in this amazing journey in the wilderness. When interviewed, the Head Organizer, Arvinderan, described the event as “An event that brought students from everywhere together just to have a few days filled with nothing but relaxation

and fun. Having said that, I also feel the need to send my gratitude to each participant and of course to the E & L family who put in a tremendous amount of effort to make this event a success. Plus, I’m really eager for MASAF Retreat 2.0 !!!”. Various activities were organized to keep the event fun going, from the old school arm wrestling to night frisbee where participants were glowing with fluorescent colours in the pitch-black night. Being a Malaysian, our food can be equated to life itself. Thus, one first night, participants were pampered with barbecue and nasi briyani. We could tell from the smiles on their faces and the bumps on their bellies that it was indeed a satisfying and relaxing evening. However, the highlight of the whole event was the 2-hour kayaking at the lake below the camping

78 | La Légende Edition 03 | 2018

site accompanied by delicious spaghetti and bolognaise sauce that made every participants day. Well, our tiring days always ended with small gatherings in our chalets. Capable of holding up to 10 people, these little house-like structures now hold uncountable memories of laughter and joy of our very own students. With 94 chalets, this camping site can be said to be known for its excellent service and breathtaking sceneries. Ups and downs are part of the game and success is born from many failures. Having said that, even though there were a number of hick ups here and there, MASAF Retreat 2017 was a huge success in terms of attaining its primary objectives. We’ll sure be waiting for Retreat 2.0! Text : Arvinderan Balakumaran

masafrance.org | Annual | 79

Social & Community

From The Malaysian Eye is a project initiated and managed by the Bureau of IT and Multimedia. Their Facebook page was launched in January 2018. The aim of this project is to provide a platform for photographers to showcase their talent by sharing their artwork. By having their photos shared to public,this concept of open criticism and feedback regarding their artwork is meant to encourage self-improvement in photography among young photographers. FME also conducts monthly photo contest in which participants are required to submit their entry photo related to the monthly predefined theme. Each entry will be judged based on photography skills used and its content. Winner will be awarded 25 Euros cash as prize. From time to time, FME through its initiative to enlighten the community of Malaysian photographers in France, provides photography tutorials on its Facebook page. Do check them out @ FromTheMalaysianEye Text : Mustaqim Azhar 80 | La LĂŠgende Edition 03 | 2018

This year, MASAF from all around France their experiences, expre on and so forth. Know courage to boldly com ideas, our association ha platform through Face individuals to post anon be out for the world to post individually. These Higher Committee.

The goal of this plat ideas within the comm opinion is considered v We aim to stimulate in starting a post or replyi

As of today, we had public and we had lea nothing is not worth im will stumble and fall bu its purpose even better

had created a platform whereby students e are able to voice out their opinions, share ess their thoughts, showcase their talent, so wing for a fact that not everybody has the me forward and express their thoughts and ad taken the initiative in using a third-party ebook, known as “Crush Ninja”, to allow nymously. However, before said post would o see, admins are required to approve each e admins are appointed from the MASAF

tform is to allow sharing and exchange of munity in France. On MASAF Stories, every valid and every experience is worth sharing. nteraction between individuals whether by ing to the post in the comments section.

d received amazing participation from the arned so much along the way. However, mproving. MASAF believes that great things ut we hope that MASAF Stories would serve than before in the future. Text : Zafirah Rasid

Until today, women are still poorly represented in the Science, Technology and Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) area. Therefore, alongside Malaysia’s aspiration to empower women, Engpowering Women was created to break the stereotype that STEM majors are only made for men. In order to increase female representation in this industry, Engpowering Women publishes real success stories of female students in France who are taking engineering courses. Hence, the wordplay of “Engineering + Empowering”. This revolutionary initiative was brought up by MASAF’s own former president, Eva Marie Eeyah. Text : Alicia Idris masafrance.org | Annual | 81

Social & Community

Inspired by the original Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton, Humans of MASAF aims to share anecdotes of Malaysian students all around France. Members of MASAF are very active in their personal projects outside schoolwork and MASAF wishes to share the stories of these students in order to inspire others. Volunteering work, hobbies and personal experiences are among the type of stories that Humans of MASAF publishes. Initially, Humans of MASAF was the original idea behind MASAF Stories and therefore it can be found on that same page under the hashtag #HumansOfMASAF. Text : Alicia Idris 82 | La LĂŠgende Edition 03 | 2018

Malaysian Food Bazaar On 7th of April 2018, PERWAKILAN Paris hosted the inaugural Malaysian Food Bazaar in Paris. Thirteen bazaar vendors (MASAF is one of them) opened their booths to the public with an estimated of 1000 visitors participating the event. We envision that this event will strengthen relationships between Malaysians and the locals. With plenty of laughter and a great sense of community spirit, the weekend was even topped off with a splash of sunshine. We are glad guests had a chance to savour delicious food while basking in the warm weather and joined the lucky draw. Moreover, it was the last event for HE Ambassador before he bid farewell to all of us. To conclude, the event was seen as a valuable way of making the whole greater than the sum of individual parts. Text : Afifah Othman

masafrance.org | Annual | 83

Sports & Recreations The sporting event organized by MASAF is a platform for students to sharpen talent while maintaining physical and mental health. In addition, every effort to achieve the victory throughout this event has fostered the spirit of sportsmanship and strengthening friendship among students in order to be able to form students who are not only excellent at university but balance in all aspects. This year alone, MASAF has managed 4 different sports this year, such as Regional Games, E-Games, Winter Games and MASAF Games XII.

MASAF E-Games On 7 and 8 October 2017, Masaf held an online contest called Dota Games. The aim of the competition was to unite all Malaysian students in France under a network of games online and also foster a long-range spirit of competitions between players regardless of time and place. A total of 8 teams consisting of 6 Malaysian students in France participated in the competition. The competition is run by Nuruddin Amin (2nd year IUT Aix students) and also two commentators namely Alvin and Awang Nazrin. The match lasted for two days, morning and evening. 84 | La LĂŠgende Edition 03 | 2018

The competition starts at 9:00 am until 12:30 pm. The tournament continued in the afternoon session at 2:00 pm until 6:00 pm. The competition was successfully run despite some technical problems. The E-Games organized this year reached the original objective. As conclusion, this competition should be held every year and can be renewed in various ways such as increasing the number of games. Original Text : Nuruddin Amin, Translated Text : Editorial Team

MASAF Regional Games


ASAF Regional Games is a sports event organized by MASAF every year. The event, which took place on October 14, 2017, has attracted more than 60 Malaysian students. This event is organized separately and is participated by Malaysian students in their respective cities. However, MASAF's sports activities are concentrated in some areas, this year in Toulon and Besanรงon. The purpose of this event is to encourage the participants to participate in MASAF Games XII later on as a heater to increase momentum. The events were futsal, individual badminton and doubles badminton. Original Text : Franco Morris ; Translated Text : Editorial Team

masafrance.org | Annual | 85

Sports & Recreations

March 4, 2018, MASAF has successfully run its first Winter Games at the Alpes d'Huez ski resort. The main purpose of the program was to strengthen the relationship between Malaysian students in France and to reinforce the spirit of sportsmanship and recreation culture in the winter for Malaysian students in France to balance physical and mental intelligence.


Malik, his wife and a family of 4 attended the program.

The event began as early as 7.00 am where participants are required to gather at the Grenoble bus station for the opening remarks from En. Razdan Jamil, Malaysian Deputy Ambassador in France before departing to the Alpes d'Huez ski station. The safety briefing was then given by the program director, Muhammad Nasrullah Bin A total of 51 participants comprising Zulkafli while on their way to the 45 Malaysian students from various destination. cities throughout France, Malaysian Deputy Ambassador in France, Mr. Upon arrival at the ski station at Mohamad Razdan Jamil and PPL 9.30am, participants are provided JPA of Paris, Mr. Mohd Akmal Abdul with ski and snowboard equipment, 86 | La LĂŠgende Edition 03 | 2018

ASAF Winter Games

ski pass, insurance and lunch. At 4.30pm, all participants returned to the gathering place to return rental equipment. The event then ended with a massive photography session as well as with groups and friends. Bus return to Grenoble city is taken at 6.30 pm and participants are supplied with Nasi Kerabu to take home when they arrive at the bus station at 8.00 pm.

was not very good. The success of the "MASAF Sports Bureau committee members 2018" in managing this event is very rewarding and is a new for MASAF in applying sports culture among Malaysian students in France even during the winter.

Following this remarkable achievement, we hope that this event will continue in the coming year by The MASAF Winter Games event further improving existing activities has been successfully conducted and and introducing this program on a meets the original objectives of the larger scale. program. Each participant returned home with a healthy condition without Original Text : Nasrullah Zulkafli any accident or injury even though the Translated Text : Editorial Team weather on the day of the program masafrance.org | Annual | 87

Sports & Recreations

MASAF Games XII On 12 - 13 May 2018, or MASAF has successfully organized its 12th annual MASAF Games program in Nice, France. The program, run by the MASAF Sport bureau, is participated by Malaysian students from three European countries: France, Germany and Spain. The main objective of this program is to encourage Malaysian students to engage in social and co-curricular activities as well as to bridge the relationship between students in Europe. A total of 220 participants included of 30 students from Spain, 70 students from Germany and 120 students from various cities in France. The program is also enhanced by the presence of PPL JPA Officer Paris, En. Mohd Akmal Abdul Malik together with his family of 4 and Malaysian Youth Council representatives from Malaysia. In addition, the program was also welcomed by the Malaysian Youth Council (MBM) with the presence of MBM representatives from Malaysia. On May 12, 2018 (Saturday), as early as 7.00 am, French students included MASAF Games XII crew gathered at UFR STAPS, Nice to prepare and have breakfast for the participants. The event begun at 9.30 am with the opening speech being delivered by Mr. Mohd Akmal Abdul Malik.

88 | La LĂŠgende Edition 03 | 2018

The program continued on Sundays with more events such as galah panjang and individual badmintons in the morning while at afternoon, handball and tug-of-war (tarik tali) were continued. The MASAF Games XII program ended with a prize giving ceremony at 5.30 pm. The ceremony was ended with a medal presentation ceremony by En Akmal and MBM representatives to participants who won gold, silver and bronze medals. Not to mention the best contingent award that has been selected based on the number of gold medals given to the French contingent. This program has been successfully conducted for the first time in Nice and has successfully achieved the main program objectives. Although the weather on the day of the program was not so good on the second day of the program, however, all the plans were successful. The success of MASAF Sports Bureau crew 2018 in managing this program is very encouraging. We hope this success will continue in the coming year by improving existing activity. Original Text : Nadwah Azizah, Translated Text : Editorial team masafrance.org | Annual | 89

Academic & Intelectual

EduTalk Tours This year’s Edutalk for the FP18 students was held on 17th February 2019 at IUT de Tours. A total of 37 students were present including the committee. This year, the students from PF13 in Saint Nazaire and FP16 who are currently doing their Bac+2 were also present. The morning started with the presentation from M. Armel Bruno about engineering and the engineering schools in France followed by a presentation from En. Akmal. The program was then followed by a sharing session with the seniors just before the lunch break, about different choices and possibilities of engineering courses that Malaysian students in France can pursue and their own experiences regarding to this matter. The sharing sessions continued for another few hours after the lunch break before proceeding to the LDK session with En. Akmal. Text : Jamie Kuk Mijim 90 | La LÊgende Edition 03 | 2018

The annual MASAF French Education Exposure (FEdX) was held on 21st July 2017 in Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysia France Institute (UniKL MFI), Bangi. It is an educational talk and a sharing session by Malaysian students currently studying in France. It acts as an avenue to reunite the alumnis of Malaysian

students studying in France. This year, Mrs Elisabeth Laubel from MFCCI was present as one of the main speaker. The discussion opened with introductions of MFCCI by Mrs Laubel followed by study tips in France and guideline to find an internship during studies in France. M. Mourad Zirour officated the event and encouraged MASAF

to continue organising FEdX in the future. The event also includes a 30-minute forum, to discuss more on the challenges and tips of living in France. In the evening, a barbeque session was held and thereafter a futsal game session in MG2, Bangi. Text : Jamie Kuk Mijim

FEdX masafrance.org | Annual | 91

Academic & Intelectual

Interfaith Month Living in a multi religious society is considered as a norm in Malaysia. Since preschool, we have been nurtured to follow certain rules and obligations that cater to the religions in our society. However, when living in a country which practices laicity, eye brows are bound to be raised amongst us. As expected, with the launching of our newest social media platform, MASAF stories, it was clear to us that our Malaysian students were yearning for answers to questions that are considered as taboo in our country. For example, what is religion? Why are there so many of them? What are the similarities? Why does it have such a big influence on Malaysia? These are the unanswered questions that linger in the minds of Malaysians everywhere. Therefore, we for one wanted to instil the belief that SENSITIVE matters do not translate to OFFENSIVE matters if discussed in a controlled environment with people who are well-versed in the in the topic. Equipped with these ideals and with the aim to promote 92 | La LĂŠgende Edition 03 | 2018

better understanding of the various religions among our Malaysian students and further appreciate the diversity of the Malaysian community, the E&L bureau launched the very first INTERFAITH month on the 19th of March 2018 which concludes with an INTERFAITH forum. The idea of this forum is basically to have an exchange of opinions between our students and religious experts. Apart from that, it is also a chance for our students to learn how the religious societies in France function. The event initially planned for the 14th of April 2018 in Lyon was postponed to the month of May till further notice due to the unexpected SNCF Rally. During this month, several online activities such as essay writing competitions, crossword puzzles and photography competitions with attractive prizes were launched. In a nutshell, we estimated 50 students participate in the event with the hopes to further develop it in the coming years. Text : Arvinderan Balakumaran

Culture, Tradition & Identity

Secret Santa BBQ Deepavali Celebration To celebrate Deepavali, MASAF has organised a bbq session during MASAF Retreat in Lissac-sur-Couze. All participants were happy to chip in their effort to prepare food for dinner. The event started around 8pm, and the menu for the night included curry chicken and spaghetti as well. It was great to witness people coming together from all parts of France to celebrate the festival of light. Despite long journeys, everyone bonded over the dinner and made it a success. Text : Wong Jun Tat

Another festive season not to be missed, but this year, due to certain circumstances, we decided to go digital for the first time, with an event called “The Secret Santa Gift Exchange�. For this event, since we could not organize a big dinner with a lot of people, we would still like to organize something to liven up the festive mood. Thus, the Secret Santa. For this, those who are interested with gift exchanges with strangers; amongst Malaysian students; could sign up and think about a surprising gift to be given to the receiver. An Elf-in-chief will surveille the programme as it was still new and needs to make sure everyone have sent and have received their gifts. It was a fun activity as it could bring surprises to many who love them. Text : Brian McSalako

94 | La LĂŠgende Edition 03 | 2018

CNY Dinner


hinese New Year is one of the festive seasons that we missed back in Malaysia; the ambiance, the food, and the people around it. In order to have this same celebration overseas, it would be nice to celebrate it at a larger scale, at one

centred place, with all Malaysians from all around France celebrating it together, with great activities and food. This year, we celebrated it in Toulouse at a Royal Buffet Restaurant which can cater a halal selection of food,

alongside with tons of activities organised by our bureau; and a few prizes as well. A whopping 80 people had joined us for that night and it was, nonetheless, a memory to be treasured by everyone. Text : Brian McSalako

masafrance.org | Annual | 95

Culture, Tradition & Identity

On February 24, 2018, Cultural Bureau MASAF successfully organized the 3rd Festival Seni Malaysia (FSM) successfully. This one-day event was held in the multi-purpose hall "Salle Rouge" in Grenoble. At this event, MASAF has succeeded in achieving its objectives aiming at more student engagement as well as expanding the involvement of the French community. It is estimated that more than 150 people included visitors, sellers, committee members are involved in making the event a success. Among the elements and attractions presented at the organizing ceremonies this time are stalls, exhibitions and cultural performances from students and invitees. There are five sales stalls that operate during the day of the events run by Besancon students, Arif, European Muslim Careers 96 | La LĂŠgende Edition 03 | 2018

Festival S

and individuals such as Kak Nurul (Grenoble) and Alvin (Malaysian students). The sale of traditional Malaysian food received a warm welcome from the visitors and was seen as one of the main attractions. Among the dishes available at the stalls are Nasi Dagang, Mi Bandung Muar, Kek Batik Sarawak, Nasi Kerabu and Laksa Sarawak. In addition, we have also provided exhibition booths showing the cultural elements and identity of Malaysia. Among the exhibits are stalling booths, traditional games, WeMalaysia and MFUC. The batik stalling booth has received encouraging response from visitors who are attending either students or french visitors. No less lively as well as traditional game booths that bring games such as congkak, batu seremban and ceper.

Seni Malaysia

The next attraction is the silat performances of the Pencak Silat Seni Gayung Fatani Perancis and the dance performances of Malaysian students in Besancon and in Grenoble. At the same time, the dance group has also demonstrated the diversity of races in Malaysia by presenting various ethnic races such as Malay, Chinese and Indian. In the afternoon, visitors had had the opportunity to experience the Malaysian cultural scene by participating in martial arts demonstrations and open dance. In the nutshell, thousands of thanks are spoken to all who are directly or indirectly involved. Indeed, the organization of FSM has involved hard work from various parties. Included of Cultural Bureau committees member, MASAF committees and volunteers in Grenoble. Thousands of gratitude and appreciation were also given to the embassy and sponsors who have entrusted MASAF's support and support to implement this event. Hopefully this Festival Seni Malaysia will continue to be held in the future to keep our tradition and culture alive. Text : Abd Fattah Samsuri, Translated by Editorial Team

Culture, Tradition & Identity

Interfaith Forum Day ‘‘MASAF Iftar (Buka Puasa)’’

The activities were designed to offer insight on social subjects and issues while also providing a refreshing respite for the intellect from the monotony of a student’s routine, demanding in return the participation and enthusiasm of the students. As expected, these were more than satisfactory and reflects the efficiency of the planning. Meanwhile, certain activities such as calligraphy and writing tutorials gave valuable input on cultural diversity. The forum was designed to act as a catalyst to induce discussion on topics that can be considered sensitive in this era and also to provide the necessary means of response to questions in the form of willing experts and theologists. The participants, mostly in the age range of 19-25 years old, together with the speakers/panelists, quickly adapted to the manner with which the forum was carried out. Thus, the event panned out to its best possible outcome; passionate yet civil discussion, coupled with researched insights and most importantly, the lack of anger-infused arguments despite the nature of the subject. It was carried out mostly in the local language, though a large portion of the questions asked were in English. Former MASAF president, Eva Maria acted as an unbiased moderator during the forum. The general topics which provided an intellectual introduction of the speakers and spearheaded the discussion towards the Question & Answer (Q&A) session that ensued, are as follows: • What is the primary purpose of your religion? • What is the purpose of life according to your faith? • The cohabitation of people belonging to a multireligious community. • Point of view on the LGBT community.

98 | La Légende Edition 03 | 2018

The panelists consisted of three experts from various religious backgrounds: Iaad Ben Dhia A doctorate in Mathematics holder from the Mines Telecom Institute, Mr. Iaad is the president of Muslim Students in France (Etudiants Musulmans en France, EMF)

David Pater A scholar of religion and Christian theology from the US of A, Mr. Pater has worked as a scholar following the pastoral apprenticeship program for the past four years in SaintCyprien Protestant Church in Toulouse, France.

Didier Bernis 1981: Officially elected as a pastor 2012: Protestant delegate in the departmental conference of religious liberty 2015: President of the Toulouse branch of the Protestants Federation of France

The event then proceeded with the Q&A session. The participants posed their questions either in a direct verbal address or on an online platform (slide.do) that allowed users to ask questions, anonymously if desired, which would then appear on two large screens in the room. The latter turned out to be the preferred method by the students.

masafrance.org | Annual | 99

Nation Building & Leadership On the 22th of July 2017, MSGA Summit took place at Sunway University. This event is a meeting point for Malaysian students from every corner of the world to meet-up and have an exchange of ideas. The event has 2 sessions, the morning parallel session and afternoon parallel session. During the morning session participants could choose 2 sessions to attend, there were: Productivity, The Key to Sustaining Inclusive growth; Mental Health, Depression, the Silent Killer; Bias Busting, How Unconscious Holds Us Back; Refugee Education in Malaysia. The topics for the afternoon sessions are as follow: Value Driven Leadership through Education; Up and Close with Prof. Dzulkifli Razak; Malaysian Students Abroad; Engaging Beyond, ASEAn and Regional Networking. MASAF’s team was also chosen to present about the Economic Inequality between East and West Malaysia. They were represented by Nur Zafirah Binti Rasid, Ahmad Naqib Bin Tamby Ahmad and Khoo Kee Win. Text : Khoo Kee Win

100 | La LĂŠgende Edition 03 | 2018

TN50 Dialogue Session T

N50 Dialogue Session is held on 12th of November 2017 in New Jawad Restaurant, Paris. The event commenced by introduction speech from Mr. Jufitri Joha, Vice-President of MBM, introducing MBM to the students, their role in realizing TN50 aspiration and the objectives of the roundtable discussion. One of the challenges that had been actively discussed is the importance of restructuring Malaysian education system as education is a critical component for an effective national youth development. The practical approach in French education system, notably in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is strongly addressed by Nabilla Zulaikha, Vice-President of MASAF, to be implemented in Malaysian Education system in order to have a generation of demanding and analytical youth. This purpose is absolutely in need for clear policies, legal frameworks and budgeting at national to local levels focusing from the very young age of student.

Other than that, the importance of social associations that support unfortunate youths also had been discussed during the session. Voiced out by Wan Azmanuddin, referring to France as a model of a country that provide social support to youth. Roles of French social aids was discussed for example Centre Allocation Familialle (CAF) that helps housing rental for students. MBM also had introduced to the students different youth associations in Malaysia that help in personal development and opportunities beyond that. The event terminated by conclusion and speech from Mr. Razdan Jamil, Deputy Ambassador of the Malaysian Embassy in France. Among his keynotes are the importance of Malaysian students returning to Malaysia to serve our country with acquired knowledge and qualities from the European; and also the need of social and political awareness in Malaysia despite living abroad. Text : Nasrullah Zulkafli

masafrance.org | Annual | 101

Nation Building & Leadership

KPT Engagement

MASAF had the opportunity to meet with Y. Bhg. Tan Sri Dr. Noorul Ainur Binti Mohd. Nur, the Secretary General of Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, accompanied by Associate Professor Dr. Zainal Abidin Sanusi, the director of Education Malaysia UK and Eire for a roundtable meeting during their visit in Paris. The aim of the event, KPT (Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi) Engagement, was so that the participating

students could engage in a Q&A session mainly regarding the plans laid out by Malaysian government for youth development in the Transformasi Nasional 2050 (TN50) initiative as well as the roles the youths could eventually play in it. Other notable topics discussed also was the Industry 4.0 in Malaysia and how students in the technology sector could benefit from it in the future, youth entrepreneurship and the Malaysian economy in general. During

102 | La LĂŠgende Edition 03 | 2018

this meeting, MASAF was also given the occasion to present the education system that the Malaysian students undergo in France along with the programs that has and will be organized by the association for the welfare of its members. The session, which lasted about 2 hours, was very enriching in terms of allowing the students to gain a better insight into TN50 alongside the other interesting topics discussed. Text : Naqib Tamby

Launched by the Prime Minister in 2013, the PERWANI Community or “Persatuan Wanita” is a government initiative under National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS). It aims to serve as a platform to highlight the role of women in society, in addition to giving them opportunity to learn new skills as well as to improve their communities’ social economic statuses.

Perwani MASAF

As for PERWANI MASAF, it has been officially registered under Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development since last year and this year, we continued being active members. On the 19th of February, a High Tea event, organized by the Ministry was held in Paris and several members of PERWANI MASAF attended this event. A welcome speech by YB DS Rohani Abdul Karim, minister of Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development marked the start of the event. In her speech, she talked about women empowerment, encouraging all members to be supportive to each other as well as to be actively involved in nation’s development. Later, both groups, Perwakilan and PERWANI MASAF presented reports on events organized by members in 2017 and MASAF was represented by Nabilla HAMIDI. The event then continued with its highlight, the food festive and engaging sessions with government representatives as well as other members from Perwakilan PARIS. Text : Nabella Zulaikha masafrance.org | Annual | 103

Nation Building & Leadership

GMMF Engagement Session

Global Movement of • La covívençia (convivial) Moderates Federation • Langkawi Declaration, GMMF PVE/CVE, Patani • Pullman Hotel, Toulouse conference (Muslim and • Attendances: 30 Malaysian Buddhist) students • ASEAN initiative, • Guests : Mr. Akmal (PPL 27/4/2015 at Langkawi JPA Paris) PART 2: From Malaysia to PART 1: History of GMMF ASEAN and UN • Est. since 2010 during • 8/12/2017 - Adoption of UNGA 27/9/2010 Moderation at the UN; 135 3 key themes; violent for, 2 against, a few abstain extremism, sustainable development, equitable PART 3: Violent-Extremism growth and New Age Terror • 2017, Filipinos from • In need of moderation Mindinao exposure • Ex: threat near Marawi program • Prevention of spreading of • HQ at IOI Mall, Putrajaya extremism • Silent majority, need to • Mostly through social raise our voice against media extremism, terrorism Text : Brian McSalako

104 | La Légende Edition 03 | 2018

MFUC Rountable Held on 25th January 2018 in a Malaysian-owned restaurant Village D’Ung, Paris, Malaysia-France University Center (MFUC) roundtable dinner was participated by Former Malaysian ambassador to France, Datuk Ibrahim Abdullah, Co-Directors of MFUC, Prof. Datuk Seri Dr. Md Zabid and Dr. Philippe Arnaud, Executive administration of MFUC, Pn. Nursyahidah Abdul Hamid, President of MASAF, Eswaren Ravi and last but not least Vice-Presidents of MASAF, Nabilla Zulaikha and Muhammad Nasrullah The primary objectives of this roundtable is to discuss the actual direction of Malaysian students studying in France, relevance of the offered programme and courses by the French Institution towards Malaysian human resource demands and most importantly to discuss the present and future collaboration of MFUC and MASAF in providing essential resources

between both parties in order to strengthen the relationship between them. One of the remark from Datuk Ibrahim Abdullah for example, it would be intriguing to unveil the Master’s Degree programme for Business-related studies in France to Malaysian students and scholarship providers as France has a number of wellknown and highly-ranked business schools in Europe such as HEC Paris. The relatively lower cost of studying compared to the traditional business study destination such as the UK and US would also be interesting to them. At the end of the roundtable dinner, MASAF was sponsored with some materials and souvenirs from MFUC for the use of MASAF future events. The event ended well around 10.00 p.m. after approximately 2 hours of intellectual and enriching exchange between the attendees. Text : Nasrullah Zulkafli

masafrance.org | Annual | 105

Employability &Career Development

Industrial Insight

On the 27th of January, at the Grand hotel of Orleans, Toulouse, 45 students all suited up attended MASAF Industrial Insights 2018. This event was the result of MASAF’s collaboration with MIDA to strengthen ties industry players in France. There were 4 companies, Ciel et Terre, Daher Group, Piriou and Orinox, that participated in this event with each of them sending in their representative. As we know, investment from France in Malaysia mostly concentrates in the high-tech sector, namely the aerospace, oil and gas infrastructure , pharmaceutical, defence, and telecom. Trade between Malaysia and France stands at 5 billion euros across all sectors in 2016. In recent times, the aerospace industry in Malaysia has experienced strong growth without the exception of involvement from the French companies such as Safran and Daher. 106 | La LÊgende Edition 03 | 2018

However, participating companies during this event were from different industries. Other participating companies were: Ciel et Terre, a company specialising in floating solar panel installation, they have installed a floating solar plant of 108 kWH on a water storage pond, located in Sepang city, Malaysia; Piriou, a shipbuilding company which is evaluating Malaysia as a potential location to set up their ship yard ; ORINOX, a worldwide software consulting, Plant Design & Engineering firm specializing in digitalization using the AVEVA suite of products. Each of the company presented their business interest in Malaysia and had a sharing session with the students. The event ended with a group photo and nasi lemak being distributed to the participants. As a footnote, Malaysian students studying in France are being sought after by French companies in Malaysia for as their ability to converse in French, Malay, Chinese, Tamil and other dialects. Recently, MASAF Corporate Relations has widen our network to about 54 company, and it is expected to grow even further. Opportunity awaits you. Text : Khoo Kee Win masafrance.org | Annual | 107

Employability &Career Development

MASAF-FraME Employment Forum

One of the grand initiatives under MASAF’s employment programme, we felt that we need a proper and active group of MASAF Alumni (which means Malaysian students who studied in France); a group in which these appreciated Malaysian professionals can have a medium to contact each other and those who currently pursue their studies in France, in terms of employment, building up connections, or simply seeking professional groups and help. Thus, our bureau was simply the stepping stone for this ideal and we created the platform to start up the programme, before handing it out to the well-established FraME committee; which means French-Malaysia Graduates Exchange Network. After several discussions with French University Graduates Association of Malaysia (FUGAM) committee, FraME is set to rebrand FUGAM as the current active alumni association for Malaysian graduates from France. The registration and the handing over process is currently being carried out as we speak. 108 | La LÊgende Edition 03 | 2018

This alumni's primary vision is to unite all graduates from all ages (from seniors to junior graduates), academic backgrounds, sponsors, etc. Secondary objectives include constructing and expanding its members' professional networking circle, to promote French graduates in Malaysia as well as providing job opportunities, and last but not least, ensure the continuity of Malaysian Students' Association in France (MASAF) in Malaysia. We are currently looking to recruit more graduates as committee members. Do contact us if you are interested. Text : Brian McSalako

l a u t t i o a r n g s n ! !! o C


Graduates’ 2018

Fazeera bt Jaafar Sc du Langage - UFC Feel like you don’t belong? Trust me , you are where you are for a reason . Start believing it, and others will too.

Nurul Zulaikha binti Azmi Murad Sc du Langage - UFC One cries because one is sad . For example , I cry because others are stupid , and that makes me sad .

Nur Syamimi Alwani binti Yushalani

Jerry Mclean Jonis Insa Toulouse

Sc du Langage - UFC I was born in a thunderstorm. I grew up overnight.

MEng - Mechanical Engineering

Better a patient person than a warrior, one with self-control tahn one who takes a city.

110 | La Légende Edition 03 | 2018

Muhammad Mohd R

Sc du Lan

Kasih ibu b kasih seniman

Anis Kha Kama

Sc du Lang Live

Usamah Bin Ridzuan

ngage - UFC

buat si anak , n buat sejagat.

airina bt arudin

gage - UFC a life .

Fatin Aiman binti Kamaruddin Sc du Langage - UFC No matter how far you strive in life , never forget where you came from. Be humble & kind towards others. Love and you will be loved .

Ahmad Fadzli bin Abu Sahmah Sc du Langage - UFC Lepas Ribut Pasti Ada Pelangi

Ahmad Rahimi bin Zulkiplee

Nuramalina binti Zainudin

Insa Toulouse

Sc du Langage - UFC

MEng - Mechanical Engineering

Memories worth a zillion times more than money.

Make your happiness and personal growth a priority in your life . The more you take care of yourself, the more you can take care of others.

masafrance.org | Annual | 111

Graduates’ 2018

Wong Xin Li

Yu Min Kiw

Chai Jia

Université de Lille

ENSCR Rennes


MSc - Water Treatment

MEng - Chemical Engineering

Choose and study what you LOVE, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life .

If you never try, you’ll never know. Embrace each change , challenge , opportunity and don’t be afraid to fail .

Eva Maria anak Unyat Polytech Tours MEng - Mechanical Engineering

112 | La Légende Edition 03 | 2018

Sim Soon Sin UPSSITECH Toulouse MEng - Civil and Geotechnical Engineering

We are the master of our faith and captain of our soul

MEng - Electric

Only those w fai

Visakan a/l K


MEng - Electric

Success and L easier than s

a Zheng Lyon

cal Engineering

Khairul Azlan bin Mohd Shamsuri UBFC

MSc - Formulation and Surface Treatment

who stop trying il .

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, but today is a gift. That ’s why it ’s called present.


Heather Lim Shin Bey

T EtiEnne

cal Engineering

Love : Achieving staying in it.


MEng - Process Systems Engineering

We came expecting, left remembering. We came strangers, left friends. We came with nothing and left with everything.

Nur Fareha Afiqa binti Mohd Haizal Université de Lorraine MSc - Complex System Engineering

Muhammad Faris bin Omar UGA MSc - Polymers for Advanced Technologies

Buy your time with happiness. Time matters as you get older but the happiness only comes awhile .

masafrance.org | Annual | 113

Graduates’ 2018


Muhammad Nur Azwan bin Safri

MEng - Chemical Engineering


Chua Yi Lin It ’s been a long journey; out of my bubble to explore the world . But I’ll never have it undone

MEng - Mechanical Engineering

Go straight and don’t look back ...

Syarinie Nurrul Ain binti Ab Rahman ENSI Caen MEng - Chemical Engineering

Hasil usaha kita, ibarat buah di pohon , kelat bila putik manis bila ranum

114 | La Légende Edition 03 | 2018

Low Su


MSc - Functiona Materials E (Erasmus

Louis Chan Kit How Phelma Grenoble MEng - Nanotechnology

All you need for a happy life are some lemons-->

Muhammad Amri bin Mansur

u Yeian

INSA Toulouse



alised Advanced Engineering s Mundus)

Heng Chun Yang

MEng - Energy - Embedded System (Système embarqué)

MEng - Automatics Control and Electronics

Don’t let the fear of failure be greater than the joy of success.

Clement Tham INSA Lyon MEng - Mechanical Engineering

<-- All you need for a happy life are some lame jokes

Knowledge is not power. The implementation of knowledge is power.

Farah Syahira binti Zulkifli CPE Lyon MEng - Formulation in Chemical Engineering

If you’re still looking for that one person who will change your life , take a look in the mirror

masafrance.org | Annual | 115

Graduates’ 2018

Thanusha a/p Chandran

Shaalni a/p Paramasivan


ENSMM Besançon

MEng - Process System Engineering

Unlock future success through education , Fulfill your dreams with great passion

MEng - Mechanical & Microtechnology Engineering

Nur Hafizah Abd Halim

Nurfarah Nabihah binti Ishak

IUT Toulouse

Pro. Degree in Chemical Engineering

Dare to dream.

When you feel like quitting, remember why you started . Think of how great it will be to get where you’re headed , and keep going.

116 | La Légende Edition 03 | 2018

IUT Toulouse Professional Degree in Chemical and Process Engineering

Apa pun terjadi , All is well! Perbaiki diri selalu..

Faizal bin


MSc - Process Sy

Always hav knowledge an follow

Nur Zafirah


Professional Degree in P Spécialisation Indus

One thing I’v France: Valar

n Lamappa


ystem Engineering

ve passion for nd succes will w you.

h binti Rasid


Production Industrielle, strialisation Intégrée

ve learned in r morghulis.

Nor Hanim binti Sayuti Isat Nevers MEng - Mechanical Engineering

Tout commence par u rêve

Nor Nadiah binti Ahmad Nazari IUT Toulouse Professional Degree in Chemical and Process Engineering

It was an intense ride . But I made it !

Arafahana binti Amir ENSIACET Toulouse MEng - Chemical Engineering

Sleep is always the best option .

Hanim Marlisa binti Mohamad Jamili IUT Toulouse Professional Degree in Chemical and Process Engineering

There’s always sunshine after the rain

masafrance.org | Annual | 117



Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Ingénieurs en Arts Chimiques et Technologiques

118 | La Légende Edition 03 | 2018

the team - editorial bureau’s committees -


riza edrea

franco amirah

awang masafrance.org | Annual | 119

MASAF Malaysian Students’ Association in France #empoweringMASAF #GEMPAK Generasi Mahasiswa Pemangkin Aspirasi Kebangsaan

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