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DEC 2017



COMITTEE CHIEF EDITOR Wong Jun Tat EDITORS Riza Zainudin Awang Nazrin Syahmi bin Awang Johari Fabriziofranco Anak Morris Edrea Shamani Amirah Amir CONTRIBUTORS Heeran Dave Nair, Cassandra Tan Yee Yee, Wong Ze Ying, Tia Fitriah, Wan Hazmi Wan Mohd Nor, Muhammad Fikiri Mohd Saman


EDITOR'S LETTER BY WONG JUN TAT Short and sweet. That's the change we're taking in creating the first ever seasonal MASAF magazine. From our deepest heart, we'd like to thank all the support we have been receiving since the start. And to our fellow readers, we hope you have a great time discovering this magazine. Cheers!

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MASAF Regionals


We all know too well what doing sports can bring us. But who got time especially when you’re busy running after your teachers and finishing your assignments. As you sit reading this during your free time, perfectly sedentary, munching on the leftover of the last Halloween candy, it might come across your mind the question of “When was the last time you stretch those joints?” MASAF Regionals is that one in a year event that’s going to give you that chance. If there a day you’d spend outdoor and sharing sheer excitement over winning a competition with some friends, losing some weights and making new friends or at least being more social, let me make it clear to you, this is that day!


MASAF Regionals

BY FRANCO MORRIS The event this year, participated by two cities Besancon and Toulon, has been a major success. What can be more fulfilling than having the experience to test your gear and fitness before the major event MASAF Game later? Plus you get to learn to synchronize and build chemistry with your team. Not to mention the list of strangers waiting to be your new friends. With MASAF, it’s more than just a sport, it’s a lifestyle, a hobby and social network base.

"It was the major moment in my life and I get to bond with my seniors and other fellow students." As the best player of futsal Mizan Meor in Toulon would phrase it “It was the major moment in my life and I get to bond with my seniors and other fellow students.” Mizan, student of PF14 currently in Aix-Marseille has set his goal to pursue another victory in the upcoming Masaf games. The event held on 14 TH October 2017 showed great participation from students of respective cities. Sports is not only a strenuous activity that we’re doing only for the sake of health. Instead, the bonding, the rivals and the desire to grow bigger as team made sports a lifestyle and hobby for some. MASAF Regionals and MASAF Games awaits you!



Bringing a whole new concept FRANCO MORRIS Summer vacation season has faded away and that means going back to school and study. But MASAF opened the possibility to squeeze in some adventures like camping or a retreat during this fall with the annually held event, MASAF Retreat 2017. Wait, camping in fall? You might ask. The weather may be cooler to go for a retreat in the wilderness in fall, but that had not dampened the enthusiasms of 52 Malaysian’s students who participated.

MASAF Retreat BY FRANCO MORRIS As the director, Arvinderan from the bureau of entrepreneurship and leadership describes the events as “An event that brings students from everywhere together just to have a few days filled with nothing but relaxation and fun. Having said that, I also feel the need to send my gratitude to each participant and of course to the E & L family who put in a tremendous amount of effort to make this event a success. Plus, I’m really eager for MASAF Retreat 2.0 !!!”

"An event that brings students from everywhere together just to have a few days filled with nothing but relaxation and fun." This 3-day event held from the 28th to 30th of October 2017 has been packed with various fun activities. Ranging from the old arm wrestling game to the exciting light Frisbee in the night, the participants were well pampered to the contents of their heart. Nevertheless, barbecue and Nasi Briyani on the first night have become the major highlight of the event for most participants. I know, we all love Malaysian food, we’re Malaysians. Taking some time off from the hustle and hectic life as a student and spending time in the nature is a great way to extend your outdoor activities especially in the cooler months. This year held in Les Hameaux du Perrier, MASAF has never disappoint us when it comes to venue. Les Hameaux du Perrier is a residence of 94 chalets known for its good service and an excellent nature. Too cold, you say? Don’t fret. Next time you hesitate, you can secure your place for the next retreat because all that the participants knew was this year’s retreat was a major success. Plus, you get to enjoy some gorgeous fall scenery. What could go wrong? The trick is, with a little extra preparation you’re good to go for some days in the nature with comfort.

FESTIVAL SENIÂ MALAYSIA FARAH KHUZAIMAH Hello to all malaysians in France! Next year, the Bureau of Culture is going to bring you again, the Malaysians Arts Festival ! Brace yourself because we have prepared various activities for you. For your information, this year's FSM is going to be carried out in Grenoble on the 24th of February 2018. From malaysian food to traditional performances, from different booths to exciting games, join us for a day full of culture, fun and new friends . Untuk makluman, Festival Seni Malaysia (FSM) merupakan aktiviti tahunan MASAF yang baharu sahaja diperkenalkan pada tahun 2015. Antara objektif FSM diperkenalkan adalah untuk memupuk pengetahuan tentang kebudayaan Malaysia dan dalam masa yang sama memupuk jati diri bangsa dalam kalangan pelajar Malaysia di Perancis. Tambahan lagi, acara ini secara tidak langsung berperanan sebagai serampang dua mata iaitu bagi memperkenalkan kebudayaan Malaysia dalam kalangan masyarakat setempat. Apa tunggu lagi, jumpa anda disana!


Life at your POV “LIFE IS INHERENTLY RISKY. THERE IS ONLY ONE BIG RISK YOU SHOULD AVOID AT ALL COSTS, AND THAT IS THE RISK OF DOING NOTHING” — DENIS WAITLEY BY AMIRAH AMIR Hence, make a full effort to determine your path in life. Life is all about the goods and the bads. Some people might be you friends or enemies today, some people might be intended to ruin your day, you just have to know what and who to invest with. It’s not easy to cope with what’s around you when you feel like you hit a rock bottom. That’s why I’m going to give a few tips on how to handle your rant-onTwitter-because- someone-might-ask-what’s up-with- you time (that’s a long word, I know). • Keep your shine on, you deserve the best for yourself and don’t let anybody screw up your day • Face the odds in your life! — You’re going to screw up your exams due to tons of tasks to do in a week, so what? You failed at life sometimes to get back on your track again


Life at your POV BY AMIRAH AMIR • Embrace your inner boss in order to get your degree/masters done. Throw that one passive partner in your group to the bin if they ain’t contribute anything. WHAT MATTERS THE MOST IS YOUR CERTIFICATE! • Cook whatever is in your fridge (uh-oh as long as you’re the only one who’s eating it, so no worries) • Stop minding people’s business. There are reasons why they choose not to tell you. • When you feel like you’re alone, don’t hesitate to call upon your friends. • It’s okay to cry. It helps in cleaning the dust in your eyes. • It’s totally fine if you think your life hasn’t figured out yet, take a deep breath and start to figure it out slowly. You’ll probably say, “it’s easier said than done”. Well, it definitely is. Challenge yourself everyday to make a full use of your life. You think you have forever, but you don’t. Good luck! P/S : POV - Point of View.


Trick or Treat It’s that season,again,when pumpkins are carved with a devilish grin and ABRACADABRA!, Starbucks suddenly comes up with a creepy concoction of coffees and teas widely associated to Halloween!! (For example, the Zombie Frappucino : another green gooey beverage up for grabs ! ). Suddenly, the confectionery section in Geant seems more appealing as the packages are made to be a tad scarier and you’re greeted by ladies with web-like makeup on their faces at Sephora. But of course, Halloween wouldn't be complete if you don't disguise yourself as Pennywise or Harley Quinn and go around knocking on your neighbor's door in hopes of getting some kisses (the chocolate ,you sneaky kid!).

Trick or Treat But as a couch potato, who hates extravagant costumes and makeup , I’d rather spend my holidays on my bed watching horror films. And so, I did a movie marathon on Halloween to find out what was the scariest film and also the best picks for a Haloween themed movie ! 1. IT (2017) : Yeah , I do know that the guy who played Pennywise in IT is one fine looking man, but let’s face the fact, he’s just one meanie and scary clown who bares his alien like teeth at innocent kids in this movie. If you have coulrophobia, you might want to avoid this movie on Halloween because I do know that some of my girlfriends were so afraid that they couldn’t sleep at night as they kept picturing the iconic red balloon floating pass their windows ! 2) The conjuring: Based on a true story, the movie revolves around a doll,Annabelle and the possession of a mother by a witch. I dare you to watch it alone with the lights switched off ! 3)The Exorcist: Even ghostbusters can’t help you if you’re possessed by a demon. So who are you gonna call? This movie is about the exorcism of a 12 year old kid. Don’t watch this if you have a ds around the corner because you wouldn’t be sleeping for weeks if you’re afraid of horror films like me!






Nevertheless, I just agreed with my friends, when they are trying to prepare for their vacation. It was a cold night, during the month of April, we were planning to travel to Italy by car. We were so excited till we looked at the price of the car and the tolls we have to pay to go around Italy. It was devastating. But it doesn’t stop our trip to Italy together! My friends bought the bus tickets, which were very cheap back then, around 20 euros per trip. THAT IS QUITE A BARGAIN! So we bought bus tickets from Nice to Milan, and then to Florence and to Venice. So, basically, we were planning to visit 3 cities within 4 nights with buses. Can you imagine how pressured we were to do all of those with minimum budgets? So the bus trip started 2 weeks after, when the first night, it was going horrible! My friend accidently left by the train to go to Nice, and the bus was about to depart from the station! So what he did was, he took Uber to get here just in the nick of time! WOW! So, 1st lesson guys, always plan before going anywhere, plan and go at least 1 hour before the rendezvous! Or you might pay for the extra bling bling for the vacation!


ITALY Then, the travel started with 5 hours bus trip to Milan, and we saw a lot of beautiful place in this region, with the view of the night sky and the beautiful sea, giving away its melody during the night. However, we slept because we did not really care, and we were so tired after the final exams. So, we arrived in Milan at 5am in the morning, It was so cold, and we did not bring winter clothes. Who would expect that it would still be cold in Milan at this time of the month? So, we had to stay in Milan for several hours before our next bus going to Florence ! Basically, we were starving to death and the nearest place to grab a bite was McDonald, and it was closed. WHERE IS THAT 24H McDONALD WHEN WE NEED IT? So fast forward, we arrived in Florence after being hungry in the bus, exactly at 2pm. Wow, it was hot ! Florence is quite beautiful. It has this architectural buildings everywhere, and while we were there, we met a couple of students from overseas came to Florence to draw their buildings. Quite interesting though. It is true, when Florence was a city known for the age of Renaissance. Beauty everywhere. After going through another 8 hours of bus from Florence to Venice, and we had our bottoms burned in the bus due to the leather seats, which were very uncomfortable. Nevertheless, it was cheap, so we were down to it. Reaching Venice, it was not exactly what we thought, as Venice actually divided into 2, the city and the tourist region. The city actually is not part of those places where you would find water everywhere, it is actually on the mainland. But to get to that touristic part, you have to get a ferry, and from there, magic will happen. But still, it costs you money, which was not part of our budget.


ITALY We were speaking French the whole day, to confuse these Italians. But then, they talked us back in Italians with their hand gestures. And finally, we understood what they wanted, they wanted someone to play rock-paper-scissors. They could have just asked for it. Anyway, we met a group of Malaysians in Venice! They were very happy to see a group of Malaysians in Venice as well, it is like meeting the love of your life, but with less love and more life. It was interesting. They even paid for our kebabs! MALAYSIANS UNITE! The trip in Venice was quite fun! We got into Gondola, the romantic boat that we actually have in Malaysia, but it is special because it is in Venice, but the feeling was the same as on a boat. The views were extremely beautiful. It was fun! And yes, people do live here, and they even told us sometimes, they are bored with all these tourists came in here because it would distract their daily life, but then, they are already used to this thing. Basically, in Milan. We have a splendid time in the fashion city. Everyone was fashionable. Very. I don’t even know why, but they are very fashionable, and then there was us. Looking as hipster as possible! YEAH! Basically, we look like normal people on a trip without bathing, so you get the idea. We were so happy to see Milan at night! It was beautiful with these lights, it reflects every mirror in this building, and it showed the beauty of Milan. But this was only In the city center, where you could not find anywhere else. So, to finish up the trip, it would be nice to eat at restaurant in Milan right? So we did. Basically, that was the end of our trip. We had so much fun and were so tired, within 4 days with only 3 cities. It was quite a “galere”, but nothing can replace these with experiences that we had. The burned bottoms, the “too tired to walk but need to get on the bus or I’m doomed in Italy”, and most importantly, the money paid for this voyage. Thank you!


THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUBMISSION! It's autumn and we know very well you photo geeks are excited to capture every moment of it. We are grateful for those who wished to share their creativity through lenses.




HIDAYATUL FITRIAH HAMID Cherish the autumn! As there is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than enjoying nature with beautiful scenery and stunning autumn colors. Because I believe that we must always remember to cherish the present.

When we think about autumn, we often think about leaves. The leaves are falling and changing its color. It represents the true meaning of loss and how to let things go. But look on the bright side, we learn to make way for the new as long as we know how to cherish the present.

WAN HAZMI WAN MOHD NOR Antwerpen Centraal, arguably the most beautiful train station in the world situated in Belgium's second most populated city. Majestic and beautiful main hall with magnificent exterior architecture says it all.

Een hond van Vlaanderen. A Dog of Flanders. It's a story about a boy named Nello, and his dog, Patrasche which he and his grandfather saved from near death one day. The tale takes place outside of Antwerp, and so popular has this story become that there is a commemorative statue of Nello and Patrasche standing in the village yet today. This statue in Antwerp is also another commemorative statue about this story.

WONG ZE YING A traveller sees what he sees, a tourist sees what he has come to see. - Gilbert K. Chesterton

MUHAMMAD FIKRI MOHD SAMAN Autumn view from the sky at The Atomium, Brussels

TRENDING RIGHT NOW Ever since MASAF has created MASAFStories, it has worked as a platform for discussions and ideas. Here we look at a few hot topics:

WELCOME TO THE INTERNET BY: LE TOPI PUTIH Part 1 : Introduction to Deep Web of the Darknet. Okay la, since page ni untuk cerita pasal semua benda kan, jadi aku nak share satu ilmu pengetahuan kat korang, pernah tak dengar cerita pasal Darknet or Deep Web? Bagi yang minat IT tu mesti la tahu kan, tapi korang just tahu, pernah masuk tak? Pernah teroka? (takkan nak bagitahu, hahaha) Okay , firstly, aku cerita pasal apa itu Darknet or Deep Web bagi yang tak berapa sangat la dalam l'Informatique ni cewah, kalau nak tahu lebih lebih, aku syorkan MASAF gather semua student yang pro bab IT then buat talk pasal anything, pasal keselamatan dalam WWW ke, pasal programming ke, pasal cyberbullying ke, anything pasal IT, kita buat satu talk, amacam? Dapat tengok sikit muka muka yang terperap dalam bilik je masa summer, winter, spring dan autumn. Haha, takde la, tu prejudice je, kami ni ada jugak keluar, sebab nak beli kebab kan, lapar, alloresto pun mahal sikit, so takleh selalu. Okay, back to the point. First, yang korang search dekat google tu, contoh la www.dotabuff.com, bila ada www tu maknanya website tu ada index dalam Internet, semua yang korang jumpa kat Mozilla Firefox, Opera, IE(lul) , dan Google Chrome favourite korang tu, semua dah ada index dalam sesawang internet. (WWW).

WELCOME TO THE INTERNET BY: LE TOPI PUTIH Even yang download torrent tu pun ada index walaupun illegal, (bagi yang suka download torrent tu , senyum kambing la sebab tak pernah kantoi ) walaupun tak spoof IP address. Takde orang kisah pun sebenarnya korang buat benda illegal tu, sebab undang undang manusia kan tak sempurna. Jadi deep web ni adalah laman sesawang yang tak ada index, maksudnya, korang takleh guna pun search engine biasa untuk masuk ke dalam deep web tu. Jadi, dekat sini korang da masuk ke dalam darknet. Kenapa nama dia darknet? Yela, kenapa susah susah masuk deep web kalau semata mata nak buat sedekah ke, nak search gambar kucing ke, nak beli barang dapur ke, mestilah nak buat something yang tarik perhatian FBI (whoops). Jadi dekat sini, semua ada, aku bagi contoh sikit la supaya korang rasa takut, kalau tak takut, maknanya korang memang cool la - Personal information macam IC, Kad Bank, Pin bank, email, password and anything yang korang rasa selamat disimpan online, masuk dalam darknet, benda tu jadi bahan dagangan.( Semua orang yang berminat akan beli) - Dadah, senjata tanpa permit , manusia/cannibalism, jual daging manusia, masak lemak cili api kan, sedap - Child pornography - Manhunt/ Pembunuh upahanÂ

WELCOME TO THE INTERNET BY: LE TOPI PUTIH Okay, mesti korang tertanya, macam mana perdagangan ni boleh berlaku tanpa orang lain sedar? Transaction bank kan, kerajaan boleh nampak? Aku nak tanya korang balik la, mata wang apa yang encrypted? Bagi yang pro IT tu korang tahu la, yes, Bitcoin. Diorang mostly guna digital currency untuk buat transaction. Or diorang akan gunakan spoofing contoh dekat indexed website beli baju, tapi padahal orang tu bayar untuk something lain dekat deep web. Hehehe, bijak tak? Tak pun, banyak lagi cara boleh guna, and kalau kena dekat FBI yang menyamar jadi pembeli? Yes, a total shutdown. Salah satu contoh website yang kena busted adalah Silk Road (google please, thanks) So, macam mana diorang ada access to the deep web? Ada satu software nama dia Tor , dia bagi dua kelebihan dekat pengguna, satu, IP address dia kita takkan tahu (100% foolproof ) dan satu lagi, kita boleh masuk ke dalam deep web. Tor ni pulak masuk dalam topic lain, haa, so kalau aku rajin aku sambung la pulak pasal Tor or anything related.

WELCOME TO THE INTERNET BY: LE TOPI PUTIH Jadi, secara asasnya, kita guna Tor untuk dapat akses ke Darknet, dan masuk mana mana sesawang yang tak ada index, dan teruskan apa yang kita nak buat, lepas tu, kita disconnect from Tor. Okay, faham dah apa itu Darknet dan cara nak masuk ke dalam darknet? Ada banyak lagi cara, tapi aku nak promote Tor sebab, lagi ramai orang pakai, lagi susah orang nak cari kita. So, kalau ada apa apa yang aku tertinggal pasal Introduction to Deep Web of the Darknet ni, boleh la tinggalkan di ruangan komen, bagi yang da tahu, tak ada apa pun korang boleh belajar dari post ni, melainkan korang nak lebih, boleh la ya request pasal anything and aku simplifykan dengan cara korang boleh faham. Apa benefit yang korang boleh dapat? Hmm, banyak je sebenarnya kalau korang fikir jauh sikit. Salah satunya, jaga la kenalan korang dari masuk dalam deep web dengan niat suka suka, or even, dapat ubah mentaliti korang tentang kepercayaan korang terhadap teknologi.