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FALL 2021


Living Our Faith Creating Our Future


FALL 2021


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M The Power of Community

Throughout the COVID pandemic, the power of our community came through. Individually, we are alumni, parents, teachers, students and friends. Collectively, we are a Spartan Strong community. We are proud to present our latest issue of The Knoller. This issue tells the diverse stories of some of the accomplished and compassionate alumni, faculty, parents and students who make up our great community. Now more than ever, we are called upon to make a difference. To learn more about partnering with us and creating opportunities for the students of today – and tomorrow – please visit us online at

13 30 UNDER 30


FALL 2021


Aloha Friends of Maryknoll, One of the greatest gifts you see in a faith-filled community like Maryknoll School, is the support and resiliency that comes from people who have a common Mission and a love for Maryknoll. The 2019-2021 school years have been a challenge, as well as an opportunity to grow and come together to move Maryknoll School forward. Our dynamic faculty and staff helped to continue the Maryknoll legacy gifted to us by our Founders. It was through prayers, generosity and support of our donors, friends, and school community, that Maryknoll was able to thrive. As we look toward the future of Maryknoll, it is with sparks of enthusiasm and revived purpose to continue to make Maryknoll School a premier Catholic school in Hawaii. In Japanese culture, there is an art of Kintsugi, also known as Kintsukuroi, literally, “golden repair”. This craft encourages one to see the beauty in reconstructing broken pieces. Broken pieces of pottery are fixed with a lacquer resin mixed with gold powder. Once repaired, these pieces of art are said to be even more beautiful than the original piece. After weathering a year and a half of the challenges that the pandemic brought, the idea of embracing imperfections, coming together, and creating a Maryknoll that is even more resilient, beautiful, and special is appealing. It is with this strong and focused mindset that we focus on Maryknoll’s strengths and opportunities for growth, leading us to soar into the future. A future that guides students to embrace faith, develop strong academics, and aspire to be good people with values of making a difference in the world and in the lives of others. We are grateful for your support of Maryknoll School and of your partnership in continuing the spirit of Maryknoll for future generations of Spartans. Noblesse Oblige!


SHANA TONG ’83 President, Maryknoll School






FALL 2021







The 2021 Virtual Career Week united alumni, students and faculty in digital fellowship and is inspiring the next generation of business professionals.

We share our heartfelt aloha with veteran staff members Becky Kotake, Gail Nakamura and Cyndi Medeiros in celebration of their reitrement and decades of service to Maryknoll.

10 LIVING OUR FAITH, CREATING OUR FUTURE BY NICK CHANG & PAT TI LOOK Take a look back at the history of Bachelot Memorial Hall and what the future has in store for this special space at our school.

13 30 UNDER 30 Get to know 30 Spartan alumni who are changing the world and carrying Noblesse Oblige throughout their current endeavors.

24 WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH... PLAY SOFTBALL! BY JULIA LIT TLE How the girl’s softball team overcame adversity and persevered through challenge.

28 NOBLESSE OBLIGE: AN APPROACH TO LIFE BY JADE SNOW The Junior Class is inspiring compassion and civic engagement, while tackling big issues in our community.

32 REPORT OF GIVING 2020-2021 MAHALO MESSAGE BY WENDY M. CHANG Mahalo to all those who have given their time, energy and resources toward building a better tomorrow for Maryknoll School and our students. TO K EEP UP WITH LIFE AT MARYKNOLL SCHOOL, FOL LOW US ON SOCIA L MEDIA @maryknoll_school @MaryknollSchool




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Mentorship in Motion


How the 2021 Virtual Career Week (VCW) program united alumni, students and faculty in digital fellowship and is inspiring the next generation of business professionals


irtual connectivity was

The long-standing Career Day format

the hallmark of 2020, as

came to an abrupt halt in the spring

the global impact of the

of 2020 when the event was canceled

agreeing to breathe new life into the Career Week program. For Oshitari and Lum, that process

pandemic kept us separated by social

during its early planning stage. Plagued

was no easy feat, as their late start in the

distancing to keep us safe from

with the uncertain future of college

school year meant initial preparations

COVID-19. For a Catholic school

transitions and traditional school

would begin in December 2020. With

founded in time-honored traditions and

curricula ahead, Alumni Relations

only four months to prepare, they began

hands-on academic strategies, this shift

Officer and 2006 graduate, Gotaro

program planning by soliciting help

was momentous. It required innovative

Oshitari, was determined to unify

from faculty, staff and administration

thinking and new technologies to

the student body and engage greater

with nominating potential speakers

advance student success when the very

alumni support through a new virtual

through a wide network of alumni and

blueprint of academia and professional

medium. “My goal was to connect

friends within the community. Thanks

pathways were shifting in real time.

alumni who had never been connected

to the support of faculty, staff, and

No longer able to gather in-person,

to the school and to feature cool jobs

administration, nearly 75 nominees

important events, like Maryknoll’s

and companies that would interest the

were submitted, and 48 professionals

annual Career Day, were reimagined,

students. Being virtual was actually a

confirmed. From Aerospace and

transitioning to an entirely online

great opportunity for us because a lot

Architecture to Health Services, Media

platform. The result was tremendous.

of alum are very successful outside of

to Entrepreneurship, Non-Profit,

Proud alumni generously offered their

Hawaii and it allowed us to connect with

Sales, Technology and more, a wealth

time and knowledge through a wide

them as well,” he shares. Oshitari shared

of diverse industries was represented.

variety of virtual sessions intended to

his idea for the new virtual format

Subject matter experts from the likes of

encourage, excite and nurture student

with Maryknoll’s new college guidance

Warner Bros., Google, Boeing, Hawaii

interests in potential career paths.

counselor, ’96 alumna Monica Lum, and

Pacific Health, Truest Hawaii and more

Spartan pride was palpable throughout

together they began envisioning an

prepared to offer a wealth of knowledge

Maryknoll’s first ever Virtual Career

exciting new program. Their synergy

and experience with the Maryknoll

Week and stood as a testament to a

sparked immediate discussions on

community. Their inclusion affirmed the

deeply cultivated community, both on

how to integrate career awareness and

value of the career week program as an

campus and off.

exploration for the students, ultimately

opportunity to connect with students


FALL 2021

and to highlight their businesses. “The

welcome viewer questions. “We wanted

mishaps in the weeks leading up to the

main goal was to provide an awareness of

our speakers to talk about their journey

event. Where previous in-person events

various careers that are out there,” Lum

through high school in addition to

experienced their own set of limitations,

states. “Students don’t necessarily need to

talking about their current profession and

the virtual capabilities allowed for safe

know what they want to do, but showing

why it’s a good fit for them. By having the

social gathering and even incorporated

them what options are out there, planting

speaker hone in on those questions they

visual components shared by speakers to

seeds of possibility, strengthening their

could help students focus on developing

further illustrate their professions.

knowledge to help with decision making

their interests and skill sets,” Lum

and evaluating what they can work on


now were some of our main priorities,” she says.

Structurally, the program was

Of the nearly 400 students that make up our high school student body, roughly 3/4 signed up to attend, in addition to

shaping up to be a success. Logistically,

interested 7th and 8th graders, faculty

however, coordinating the volume of

and staff. Raffles and electronic gift

movement quickly grew with its

participants using new technology

cards bolstered student enthusiasm and

impressive list of participants. While

proved to be a challenge. Though faculty,

participation around the event. Oshitari

What began as a modest grassroots

Oshitari and Lum initially intended on

staff and students had spent the past

created a dynamic Virtual Career Week

offering three online presentations per

year navigating hybrid learning models

(VCW) website to illustrate the vision,

day, the interest generated by its speakers

and became quite savvy in utilizing

mission and logistics of the program,

developed into a week-long event offering

the Webex platform that guided online

complete with helpful information about

10-12 presentations during the lunchtime

learning, preparing a large-scale program

each speaker. “My goal was to make it

hour. Each 30-40 minute session was

on Webex Events was a daunting new

like a Hawaii business conference,” he

structured through a moderated webinar

endeavor. Oshitari and Lum were tasked

explains. Without the logistical concern

with behind-the-scenes learning and

of space limitations, there were no

could expound upon their educational

training staff and alumni moderators,

capacity limits on each virtual session–a

backgrounds, journeys into their chosen

which included extensive work with

welcomed perk of hosting in a digital

career path and thought-provoking

Maryknoll’s IT department and many

space. The result indicated areas of

insights on the future of their industries.

trial runs to lay the groundwork for the

interest within the student body and

“talk story” format, where each speaker

Sessions were assigned moderators to

program plans. Those trial runs proved

important data was collected to enhance

ensure the flow of each presentation and

to be critical in addressing potential

future Maryknoll programming.

Stephanie Lum ’94 Anchor | Hawaii News Now



Jasper Wong Founder/Artist | Pow! Wow! Worldwide

“One of the sessions that had the highest attendance was with the Quensell sisters. Dr. Joy Quensell ’96 is a pediatrician at Kapiolani Hospital, and her sister, Michelle Quensell, is pursuing her doctorate as a nurse practitioner at UH Manoa graduating this summer. Over 100 students signed up for that session. I shared those numbers with our principal and our Medical Innovations Faculty to let them know how high student interest was in this field. Those insights were really helpful as they can use that data to project future programs,” Lum explains.

Teachers were encouraged to sign up and listen in on sessions from former

felt really inspired to take his advice

students. The presentations also offered

into action and reached out to him

opportunities for faculty to connect with

though Instagram for possible volunteer

professionals who could serve as future

work.” The opportunity evolved into an

guest speakers in their classrooms.

internship that offered Flores firsthand

As a college preparatory school,

experience in the art outreach program.

Maryknoll’s focus on holistic student

As part of this experience, Flores assisted

success is attributed to programs such

with the organization’s art exhibition at

as the VCW. These events help to

the Bishop Museum to honor the non-

foster connection, build character and

profit’s 10th anniversary.

encourage readiness for students’ postgraduation plans. One such connection evolved beyond the VCW session when artist Jasper Wong of POW! WOW! Hawaii was introduced to Maryknoll senior Kaila Flores ’21 following his presentation. The insights he shared about his non-profit art organization piqued Flores’ interests, and she followed up with an introduction after his session. “I am really interested in art, especially public displays of art!” Flores shares. She continues, “I’ve been a big fan of Jasper and POW! WOW! Hawaii for a long time, so when I saw that he would be speaking,


FALL 2021

I was really excited! After his session, I

Britney Asao ’09 Design Manager Warner Bros Entertainment

O the connections she gained through her

with COVID-19 mitigations in place

introduction to Wong and his powerful

to offer both in-person and virtual

VCW presentation.

session options. He credits the pandemic

As Maryknoll continues to navigate

“I was there to prime walls, assist in assembling parts of the exhibit, and lend a hand to anyone who needed it. It was amazing to see behind the scenes of a lot of artists that I look up to. I learned how much thought and work goes into creating public displays of art such as murals and exhibits. This experience heightened my love for art and solidified my desire to join that career path,” she shares.

for urging the school community to

the changing format of academia

adapt to the virtual concept, inevitably

throughout the pandemic, the fellowship

broadening their network of alumni

of the school community ensures its

and friends to support the cause. “We’re

future. They are looking forward to

so grateful for our participants and the

nurturing student relations as plans

growth of our alumni engagement. I

unfold for 2022 and beyond. Lum’s prior

want to keep encouraging alumni to

experience in higher education has

know that donating their time and

proven to be an asset as she looks ahead

volunteering for events like VCW

for ways to improve upon the program

is just as valuable as a monetary

for college guidance and prospective

contribution,” he shares. Oshitari notes

career pathways. She hopes to change

that alumni participation brings value

the format in 2022 to allow for more

to the Maryknoll experience not only

interactive student involvement and to

to nurture student interests as role

shift students’ mindsets when it comes

models and mentors, but also provides

to career planning. “We want to move

alumni with a unique opportunity to

away from asking ‘What do you want to

put Maryknoll’s beloved motto–Noblesse

do when you grow up?’ but rather ‘What

Oblige–in action. For alumni interested in participating in VCW

2022, please contact Alumni Relations Officer

Arik Ma ‘11

Gotaro Oshitari for more information at:

Owner | Harbors Vintage

Deeply impacted by Wong’s mentorship and her experience at POW!

‘What purpose do you want to have?’ so

WOW! Hawaii, Flores is currently

students can see the bigger picture for

interning at the Honolulu Museum

their future instead of focusing on a

of Art and hopes to continue studying

specific career.

and working in the art industry. Her


are the problems you want to solve?’ and

On-Air Radio Personality/Influencer Micah Banks Entertainment

Oshitari is eager to build upon the

continued interest and efforts to hone

foundation he and Lum established and

these skill sets are a true testament to

hopes a hybrid event may be possible

FALL 2021

Micah Banks




Living Our Faith Creating Our Future WRIT TEN BY NICK CHANG & PAT TI LOOK


achelot Hall, one of the oldest, most recognizable

of the Kingdom of Hawaii. He and his missionaries were

buildings on campus, has seen generations of students

initially met with suspicion, and had to earn the trust of the

and faculty pass through its stone arches. Today, it

people slowly. His first mass in Hawaii was delivered in a grass

serves as the creative space where the grade, middle and high

hut, and his mission converted only 65 Native Hawaiians in

school students gather together for special activities and

the first two years. It would not be until 1843 when he and his

performing arts events. In contemporary times alone, it’s a place

missionaries first built an actual chapel. When construction of

of vibrant memories for countless students and alumni of artistic

the hall was completed, the Sacred Heart Parish looked back to

persuasion, but fewer know about its historical and aesthetic

honor these humble beginnings. With nothing but a one-way

significance. The story of Bachelot Hall takes us back over a

passage and a few small, rented buildings, Bachelot had laid the

century, carrying forward the much older legacy of the first

framework for Hawaii’s now burgeoning Catholic faith.

Catholics in Hawaii and the higher calling that defined them. Bachelot Hall was completed in 1923 to support the growing parish of the Sacred Heart Church. Its namesake was Father

Four years after the hall was blessed, Maryknoll School opened its doors as a school opened its doors as an extension of the now rapidly-growing Sacred Heart Church. Long

Alexis Bachelot, the founder of the first permanent Catholic

before it became the largest co-educational Catholic school

mission in Hawaii. Born in Orne, France, he professed into

in Hawaii, it was staffed by only a priest and six nuns. The

the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary in

original Maryknoll Sisters, sent from New York with little

1813, and was ordained a priest seven years later. In 1825, the

money or possessions, spent the first few years teaching in four

Congregation was directed by Pope Leo XII to establish a

classrooms and living in Bachelot Hall, sleeping on cots on

mission in the Kingdom of Hawaii, and Bachelot was appointed

the stage. As the school developed and grew into the respected

by them to be the mission’s Prefect Apostolic—leader,

institution it is today, the Hall took on a more specialized

organizer, and trailblazer.

role. It became a space for performances, artistic displays,

Father Bachelot endured not only the natural hardships of forging a new church, but also the changing political climate 12

FALL 2021

fundraisers, and community events—fitting given that the building is itself a work of art.

In 2001, Bachelot Hall was added to the National Register of Historic Places along with the Sacred Heart Church and its Rectory. Deemed

Bachelot Hall has inspired such creative expression in students. The style is conceptually befitting of Maryknoll School as it is today. Gothic

“architecturally significant,” the Hall,

Revivalism’s goal as a movement was

as part of the church complex, was

to apply the advancements in modern

praised by the Register’s nominating

technology toward the ideals of

authority as a noteworthy example of the “Gothic Revival” style. Gothic Revival

traditional Catholicism: vision, selfdiscipline, Noblesse Oblige. The story

architecture became prominent in 19th

of Bachelot Hall isn’t merely about

century England, where its followers

the past. The values it represents are

recreated the intricate detailing and

timeless, carrying forward the

grandiosity of medieval cathedrals using

pioneer spirit of a man who

modern materials. In particular, the

voyaged halfway around

Register exemplifies the Sacred Heart

the world to forge a

Church buildings’ use of concrete blocks

new diocese.

in a way that closely resembles medieval

Over the years,

stone. There are very few examples of

Bachelot Hall has represented

this technique in Hawaiian parishes, and

a rich history for Maryknoll and the

the Sacred Heart Church buildings are

Sacred Heart Church – from the sisters

noted to be of particularly fine quality.

who slept on the stage, to the families

With such a refined design and superior

holding memorials in the hall; from the

workmanship, it is no wonder why

brides getting ready to be married in the THE KNOLLER


church, to students onstage for the first time in front of an audience. Bachelot Hall has been the gathering place and center for fellowship, connections and unity since its opening. In 2022, Maryknoll School and Sacred Heart Church will begin renovations of the beloved hall to transform it into a Performing Arts Center and Parish Hall. The new Bachelot Hall will provide a venue to bring together the students of Maryknoll into one school with performing arts as the convener. Bachelot Hall will bridge the grade school and the high school as a centerpiece for creative expression. This renovation intends to bring Bachelot Hall forward once again, as a gathering place for creativity, discovery and fellowship for both school and parish. This endeavor will also move the school’s master plan forward for coming generations of students and answer the need for a rejuvenated gathering place for the development of talented and dynamic students. A comprehensive planning process has taken place with the students, teachers, parishioners, alumni and community to create the plan for the future of Bachelot Hall. Sacred Heart Church will utilize the space for large church meetings, overflow for big celebrations and Mass such as on Easter and Christmas, funeral receptions, community groups utilizing the space for meetings and events, and for faith

Maryknoll School and Sacred Heart Church have embarked upon a capital campaign titled Living our Faith, Creating our Future – A Campaign for Bachelot Hall. If you are interested in being a part of the campaign, please contact the Foundation for Maryknoll School at development@ or (808) 952-7310 or visit


FALL 2021

formation for youth and families. Maryknoll School has envisioned the transformation of Bachelot Hall into a Performing Arts Center that will showcase school-wide performances that incorporate all performing arts (dance, choir, band, theatre), plays and performances by individual classes, mentoring programs in which high school students can mentor grade school students in performing arts, robotics, science and art projects. It will also provide a venue for school science fairs and other competitions as well as a gathering place for students to come together during the school day. Bachelot Hall will provide the opportunity and venue for performing arts to grow and as Maryknoll grows and advances, Bachelot Hall will serve to inspire creative endeavors for many generations to come.


eet Maryknoll School’s inaugural 30 Under 30. These young alumni are entrepreneurs, activists, doctors, engineers, influencers, journalists, athletes and leaders. They come from around the world

and have created cutting-edge technologies, helped underserved communities, revolutionized retail and reported on critical issues on national platforms.

These changemakers exhibit creativity, innovation and compassion and embrace Noblesse Oblige in their everyday lives. Although all under the age of 30, our featured alumni are changing the world in the spirit of Noblesse Oblige and should bring us all hope for the future.


FALL 2021


HEAD 2 TOE SPINE AND SPORTS THERAPY Nurturing and care have always been essential to Agcaoili, who put these qualities to use as an After-School Care Leader at Maryknoll. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Puget Sound with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science, before furthering her studies at the University of Western States and completing her masters degree in sports medicine. Agcaoili completed her preceptorship at Tacoma VA Hospital, providing care to local veterans before becoming a licensed Doctor of Chiropractics. She is currently a practicing chiropractic physician at Head 2 Toe Spine and Sports Therapy specializing in clinical neurodynamics. “My experience at Maryknoll has truly made me a better person. The level of connectedness that I was able to cultivate with my teachers and classmates forged a path for creating new and meaningful relationships in the professional world. I’ve learned to value the importance that faith has in my life; to have faith in myself as well as in others.”


FALL 2021


UHA HEALTH INSURANCE Maryknoll nurtured Agsalud’s interest in service, where she participated in school retreats and campus ministry. Her efforts grew beyond the classroom through


SKYWEST AIRLINES Ah Loy’s passion for airplanes

internship and volunteer opportunities

is one he recalls from the early days

at Make-A-Wish Hawaii as well as at

of his childhood. Upon graduation,

Kaiser Permanente where she discovered

he completed his B.A. in aviation

her interest in healthcare working as

and chartered a steady travel path

a Kaiser Safety and Service volunteer.

towards his dream. He worked as a

She went on to receive her B.S. in public

flight attendant, a charter pilot and

health at Hawaii Pacific University

is currently based in Minneapolis,

before completing her master’s degree

Minnesota, where he works as a First

in healthcare administration at Bellevue

Officer Pilot flying the CRJ series aircraft

University. Agsalud returned home

for a regional airline. He hopes to be

to Hawaii and has continued serving

upgraded to Captain in the near future

her community as a Client Services

and dreams of returning home to Hawaii

Coordinator at UHA Health Insurance.

and flying for a major airline.

“Maryknoll has impacted my professional

“Maryknoll provided me with the preparation

and personal life by broadening my horizon. I

to become a professional within my chosen

knew I wanted to be in the healthcare industry

career. My high school has given me the strength

after all the opportunities in campus ministry,

and wisdom to persevere no matter what the

because I wanted to help out the community.”

circumstance. I am always looking forward and thanking God for all the protection, guidance, and consolation He is providing me.”

Lauren Aratani ’14 Andrew Ancheta II ’17 COLLEGE COUNSELOR

CHAMINADE UNIVERSITY OF HONOLULU The power of education is one that resonates for Ancheta as a graduate of Chaminade University. During his final year in college, he was recognized with the prestigious 2021 Founder’s award for his leadership and service to the community. In addition to his undergraduate studies, Ancheta served on the Chaminade Student Government Association to advocate for fellow students, as well as collaborated with the Center for Teaching & Learning throughout the pandemic to ensure student success. Upon completion of his B.S in biology, he worked for the Chaminade admissions department and was recently promoted to the role of admissions counselor. He is currently applying for graduate programs in the field of leadership in higher education and looks forward to ensuring that students are nurtured holistically throughout their educational journey. “The school’s Catholic identity was an important contributor to my development. Maryknoll taught me to be confident in reaching for the stars, but also to learn from the journey along the way. Our motto, Noblesse Oblige, became a source of inspiration for me as I continue to dedicate my life to making a positive impact in the lives of as many people as possible.”


THE GUARDIAN Aratani received her bachelor’s degree in English from Brown University, while gaining editorial experience through her college newspaper, The Brown Daily Herald. She interned at the likes of HuffPost, Inc., Providence Business News and Politico before becoming an assistant editor at Forbes. Upon graduation, she began working as a fellow at The Guardian, where she continues to work as a reporter. Throughout her career, Aratani has covered important topics such as gun violence in Missouri, political support for Bernie Sanders at a rally in Queens, and even helped cover the trial of Harvey Weinstein when he received his court sentence. She recently wrote a story about the tourism industry in Hawaii and notes the gratitude she feels for publications like The Guardian for allowing her to report on some of the most important issues facing society today. “At Maryknoll, I had amazing teachers who helped me grow both academically and personally. In grade school, teachers like Mr. Jeffrey Chang and Mrs. Mary Jane Vannatta instilled values of kindness and patience that have stuck with me. In high school, my English teachers like Mr. Mason Donald and Mrs. Natalie Morey (who has since retired), helped me develop a strong foundation in writing that has helped me throughout my career.”

Jacob Burke ’14 UX DESIGNER

MICROSOFT After completing his B.A. in informatics from the University of Washington and UW Information School’s Human-Computer Interaction track, Burke continued on to the school’s elite Master of Human-Computer Interaction + Design program. He has worked as a developer for the State of Hawaii’s Office of Planning, University of Washington’s ACE Lab, Data Responsibly and Qualtrics. He is currently working as a UX developer for Microsoft (provided by 24 Seven) where he designs at the Microsoft AI + Research studio for Bing’s multimedia experience. Burke notes his proudest achievement as his master’s capstone project, “Alchemi,” where he worked with children ages 9-12 to design an interactive, educational tablet game that taught computation thinking and computer science. Alchemi enabled children to incorporate their personal interests with computer science to build something creative and expressive rather than a solely functional game. “The lessons and values taught to me by teachers such as Mrs. LeeMarie DePonte, Mr. Troy Kamiya, and Mrs. Heidi McGivern have fundamentally shaped me into the person I am. The teachers at Maryknoll have given me the values of empathy, curiosity, challenging the status quo, objectiveness, and a sense of humor. Many of these values have helped me through my undergraduate and graduate school challenges and are currently helping me through my career.” THE KNOLLER




Michael Chang ’10

Cheng was honored with the prestigious Regents Scholarship from

Bryan Doan ’11


2010, earning him a full tuition waiver



for four years of undergraduate study.


As a former Lead Engineer at aerospace company PC Krause and Associates, Chang was one of two individuals who developed a nanomaterial coating which was used to withstand heat in outer space. By partnering with a housing roof manufacturer, the applied coating could help to save energy and money on air conditioning costs, as well as apply to the likes of cars and tents to stay cool. The project’s success helped reduce the impact of energy usage on climate change. Chang and his fiancée recently quit their jobs to move to London with plans for global travel. He hopes to split his time between teaching math and science to underprivileged individuals (such as those in prisons), working on

the University of Hawaii at Manoa in

He notes the award as a culmination of his academic career at Maryknoll, due in large part to the support he received from the school community. The tremendous opportunity provided him with a steadfast foundation to pursue his M.S. degree in electrical engineering. Cheng is currently working on earning his professional electrical engineering license in Hawaii and looks forward to bringing his knowledge and skills home to contribute to the local community. “Maryknoll has served as a springboard for both my professional and personal life. The teachers and faculty were able to bring the best out of me, providing me with the work ethic necessary to be a contributing member of society.”

As an influencer, Doan’s goal of creating content and inspiring positivity has remained the focus of his digital brand. He has established a devoted online following through the likes of his Twitch streams (164K followers), YouTube channel (89.4K subscribers) and social media platforms. Though it is often difficult to navigate online toxicity in the influencer industry, Doan notes that he is proud to have built a community over the past five years that consists of like-minded followers who radiate positivity and support one another in all they do. His ambitions include helping others around the world through various charities and philanthropic work, and hopes to influence others to do the same.

cutting-edge technological problems as an engineer, and spending meaningful quality time with family and friends.

“Maryknoll has taught me to think about others and try to help people. These core values have made me who I am today and pushed me to

“One of my favorite teachers helped run the

help others in the community. This can be seen

math team. With him and my friends, I had a

through my streaming and YouTube career as well

blast problem solving, which led directly into the

as my #1 goal, which has always been to bring

types of skills I use as an engineer.”

people together and build community.”


FALL 2021


Jhenna Gabriel ’18



UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN A recent graduate from the University of Texas at Austin, Gabriel’s athletic prowess led her to the 2021 Women’s Volleyball NCAA National Championships. The skilled setter has

Kinder is an ambitious fourth-year

Jeffrey Hagino, DO ’10

student who was accepted into the


& Engineering School at Loyola


made incredible strides in her academic

from UH Manoa, Hagino completed

and athletic careers, including honors

his medical education at A.T. Still

such as the 2018 Big 12 Rookie of the

University in Mesa, Arizona, doing his

Week, 2019 AVCA All-Southwest Region,

clinical rotations out of Waianae Coast

2019 All-Big 12 Second Team, 2019

Comprehensive Health Center. He is

Academic All-Big 12 First Team and Big

currently fulfilling his medical residency

12 Conference Commissioner’s Honor

at UCSF Fresno. Passionate about

Roll. Despite the challenges of the

medicine, Hagino chose osteopathic

pandemic, Gabriel recently graduated

medicine to provide high-quality care for

a year early and completed her B.A. in

underserved communities. He hopes to

public relations as a college junior. She

pursue a fellowship in gastroenterology

hopes to pursue a career in sports media

after completing his residency.

or work for a sports agency. “During my time at Maryknoll I developed my “Maryknoll gave me a place to call home and

interpersonal skills as well as my commitment to

prepared me for the real world while helping me

community. Health is the greatest resource within

grow in my faith and create friendships that will

a community, and becoming a physician has

last my whole life!”

allowed me to make a tangible impact. The reach that a physician can have in their community is

Frank R. Seaver College of Science Marymount University. A dedicated student, he achieved the dean’s list status for two years, maintained above a 3.5 cumulative GPA in civil engineering, and was awarded the Riva Endowed Scholarship by the Dean of Engineering all four years of study. Out of an impressive pool of 500 undergraduate and graduate candidates, Kinder was recently selected for the prestigious position of Oceanit’s 2021 Civil Engineering Summer Intern, where he has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience to lead him towards his ultimate goal of project management in civil engineering. “The educational foundation that I received at Maryknoll School has prepared me well for the many academic challenges I faced in college and instilled in me the self-confidence to solve real world challenges in the field of civil engineering.”

unparalleled, and Maryknoll gave me the skills and passion that set me on this path.”



Shearyna Labasan ’15

Keenan Kurihara ’10



LA SALLE COLLEGE PREPARATORY Following graduation from Seattle University with a B.A. in public affairs and strategic communications, Kurihara joined Hawaiian Airlines’ marketing department. After two years at Hawaiian Airlines, Kurihara was



appointed Director of Marketing and

political science at the University of

Communications at Maryknoll School

Portland and an M.A. from UC San

in 2015. During his five-year tenure, he

Diego’s School of Global Policy and

led the redevelopment of the school’s

Strategy in international affairs with a

internal and external communications

regional focus in Southeast Asia and the

channels, fostering positive relationships

Pacific. In 2018 she received a Fulbright

with community members, while also

grant as an English TA in Malaysia

positioning the school’s marketing efforts

where she co-hosted an English camp

to focus on service and Noblesse Oblige.

for secondary students that covered

Kurihara currently serves as Director

environmental stewardship and the

of Enrollment Management & Chief

arts. She has worked as a research intern

Communications Officer at La Salle

at the Center for Asia Pacific Strategy

College Prepatory in Pasadena, CA, where

as well as Freedom House’s Asia Team

he currently leads a team of professionals

intern before beginning a position as a

tasked with ensuring robust enrollment

Health Policy and Issues Management

and admissions operations.

Analyst at the CDC. Laanui hopes to make an impact on issues surrounding

“As a storyteller, I carry Noblesse Oblige with me everyday and apply this credo to the

girls’ education, health equity, and indigenous rights.

work I do in serving the students, families and community members both in my current role and at Maryknoll.”

“The concept of Noblesse Oblige has continued to play a role in my life after Maryknoll. It has reminded me to recognize my privilege and to always strive to be an advocate for others.”


FALL 2021

WESTERN WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY A devoted athlete since her days at Maryknoll, Labasan continued making strides as a softball player at Western Washington University (WWU). The first in her family to graduate with a bachelor’s degree, she felt a deep sense of pride in furthering her education while also advancing her athletic career. Labasan completed her bachelor’s degree in 2020 and began a position as an Assistant Softball Coach at WWU after graduation. She notes the team’s Great Northwest Athletic Conference championship win in 2017 as one of her proudest moments as a player, as well as the team’s most recent win which she supported as a coach. Labasan is looking forward to beginning her master’s program in business administration at WWU and continuing to thrive in her passion for softball as an assistant coach. “I had the pleasure of playing and coaching against fellow Maryknoll alumni that I once played with, which has been a very cool experience. Whether it was inside the classroom or out on the field, I always felt the support of the Maryknoll community throughout my college career. The people there created a foundation for me to be able to make a difference, big or small, in the lives of the student athletes that I am fortunate enough to work with now.”


NBA SUMMER LEAGUE, LA CLIPPERS When Lim graduated from


FINERY A full-time student at the Fashion

Arik Ma ’11

Maryknoll in 2013, social media


was transforming the landscape of


marketing and media. He stayed the course, graduating with a bachelor’s

Ma combined his love of vintage

degree in Public Relations from Gonzaga

fashion, retail and business in 2018 when

University in 2017 before completing

he opened Harbors Vintage in Kaimuki.

his masters degree in Digital Social

A graduate of the University of Hawaii

Institute of Design and Merchandising

Media from the University of Southern

at Manoa with a degree in Business

(FIDM) in Los Angeles, Lacno dreamed

California in 2019. He gained important

Administration and Management, his

of becoming an artist and activist who

marketing experience through

unique style and business savvy were

inspires change. In her first semester, she

companies such as the Spokane Hoopfest

the inspiration for his carefully curated

had the opportunity to volunteer for the

Association, 6 Pillars Marketing and

store. From nostalgic 80s, 90s and early

Los Angeles Breast Cancer Fundraiser.

Digital Production Buzz before joining

2000s brands to trendy modern brands

Impacted by her own mother’s battle

the iconic LA Clippers organization. He

like Comme Des Garçons and Supreme,

with breast cancer, she auctioned off a

currently works as a social media intern

Ma’s eye for streetwear and vintage finds

live art piece to help raise money for the

for the LA Clippers, and also serves as

have turned his passion into a growing

organization. She is currently working

the social media manager for the NBA

fashion community. The store offers

to complete her A.A. in fashion design

Summer League. In these positions,

items for sale as well as consignment

while working at the Finery, a design

Lim has the opportunity to contribute

opportunities to sell and trade vintage

and manufacturing studio. Lacno hopes

to one of the best content teams in

items, encouraging connections and

to channel her creativity into designing

the NBA, connecting with millions

fellowship amongst other like-minded

her own ethical, sustainable brand using

of devoted sports fans and creating

shoppers. Harbors Vintage’s success has

pre-loved fabrics.

lasting memories through their shared

evolved to a larger location on Beretania,

love of basketball. He hopes to one day

as well as expanded to their online shop

“I am unable to express how much gratitude

mentor young professionals in Hawaii

and their newest location in Waikiki in

I have for my Maryknoll education. I was able to

and increase accessibility for youth

the Royal Hawaiian Center.

succeed as a scholar-athlete, participate in a

interested in working in mainstream

multitude of extracurriculars, and have teachers

industries such as sports media.

whose only goal was to help me to learn as much as I could. I can confidently say that I am a self-

my future when I was in high school. I appreciated “The teachings at Maryknoll have carried

motivated individual who is well prepared for the

with me throughout my entire personal and

challenges of the real world and am always ready

professional journey. In the daily curriculum,

to step up when change is necessary.”

“Going to Maryknoll was a good foundation for the college prep program and that pushed me to go to college and study business management.”

Noblesse Oblige was instilled in me to my core. I’ve tried my best to give as much as I could to any opportunity presented and to try to achieve the impossible.” THE KNOLLER



DELL TECHNOLOGIES Currently a first-year Master of Accountancy student at Brigham Young University in Provo, Mateo played NCAA Division I college golf all five

Jeff Peroutka ’16

years of her collegiate career. During


the 2020-2021 season, she earned the


West Coast Conference Female Golfer of the Year title and qualified for NCAA

David Nishiki ’11

Division 1 Regionals while completing


her undergraduate studies and being


accepted in the masters program. This summer, she worked as an accounting department intern at Dell Technologies as well as qualified for the USGA U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship. Mateo looks forward to graduating with her master’s degree in 2023 and plans to earn her CPA. She hopes to start a career in business utilizing her accounting background as well as continuing to further her ambitions in golf. “The relationships I made at Maryknoll greatly impacted me. Teachers such as Ms. Robyn Gausman-Burnett, Ms. Shawn Higa, Ms. Kit-U Wong, and many more have given me the guidance and confidence that I needed to excel once I left Maryknoll. Teachers like them helped me find confidence in myself and encouraged me to set standards that I never thought I could achieve. They challenged me to set the bar higher and to reach further than I thought I could. They saw potential in me that I didn’t see for myself and pushed me to be my best and continually seek to learn and understand.” 22

FALL 2021

A graduate of Creighton University

Peroutka began his entrepreneurial career as a college student honing his skills in branding, marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) before establishing digital ad agency Pror Marketing in 2020. His experience

with a Doctor of Physical Therapy

with REC Innovation Lab at SDMC and

degree, Nishiki returned home to Hawaii

UpWork offered him valuable experience

to assist individuals who have undergone

in social media, content marketing, sales

joint replacements, multiple joint

development, advertising and SEO. As

trauma, and/or neurological injuries. He

the founder and SEO strategist of Pror

strives to continue learning and evolving

Marketing, Peroutka has been running

in his profession as an inpatient physical

his team remotely while traveling

therapist at the Rehab Hospital of the

through Latin America. Peroutka’s

Pacific in Honolulu. He is grateful to

entrepreneurial savvy and SEO expertise

be home and hopes to raise a family in

has been featured in publications such

Hawaii with the same opportunities he

as MarketWatch, Medium, and Digital

was afforded thanks to his parents and

Journal, and earned Pror Marketing the

the island community.

prestigious Titan ‘Agency of the Year Award’ by MarketWatch.

“Maryknoll taught me how to embrace opportunities and to set high expectations for

“Maryknoll has developed my work ethic and

oneself in order to achieve success. Beginning in

drive which has allowed me to effectively create

a smaller community at Maryknoll, I have been

a system to help businesses grow. Maryknoll

able to establish close-knit relationships and

has taught me how to properly treat my clients,

maintain friendships within larger group settings

colleagues and partners in an effective way to

both in my professional and my personal life.”

build a healthy work environment for the future.”


KYLE ROCHE PHOTOGRAPHY & CLEVER WOLF PHOTOGRAPHY A passionate entrepreneur, Roche developed his creative skills during his days at Maryknoll. He credits his invaluable experience working as head editor of the school yearbook in 7th grade for teaching him how to balance various creative tasks and responsibilities. Working on the yearbook had a tremendous impact on Roche, who continued working with marketing and other departments on campus to gain insight into branding and content creation, honing his skills from 8th grade through senior year. He credits these experiences for providing him with the knowledge and training to establish his own photography business. Roche has continued growing Kyle Roche Photography’s client list, which includes the likes of Maryknoll, Hawaii Self Storage and Roger Dunn Golf Shop, while also pursuing his college degree. A passionate photographer and videographer, he offers portrait, product, event and real estate photography as well as commercial video services. “My mom graduated from Maryknoll in 1985, and I knew she would want me to come here when it was time to pick a school. The small size of the school and the relationships built with my peers and faculty are something I feel can only be found at Maryknoll. I still come back to do work and walk around. I get to catch up with former



Kimberlee Speakman ’13 REPORTER

FORBES Reading, writing assignments and chance opportunities to write for the Knoller helped Speakman realize her

Shimabukuro ensures the safe departure

interest in journalism throughout high

and arrival of all aircraft throughout

school. She completed her broadcast

the National Airspace System. The

journalism and communication and

responsibility is one the Embry-Riddle

media studies degrees from the University

Aeronautical University graduate takes

of Hawaii at Manoa while working for the

great pride in, knowing his efforts

student newspaper, Ka Leo. The insight

protect the traveling public. He hopes to

into television news she gained from a

give back to those who have supported

brief internship at KHON-2 led her to

his journey and aims to further his

a full-time position as a multimedia

entrepreneurial goals by also creating an

reporter for the station. After three years

online business to help others achieve

at KHON-2, Speakman transitioned to

personal freedom.

a position at Forbes, lending her talent for writing to their online news platform

“Maryknoll showed me that life is about giving back to others and making this world a better

and publishing breaking news happening throughout the U.S.

place for everyone. Every day I’m reminded that to whom much is given, much is expected. I’m

“I first figured out I wanted to be a reporter

extremely thankful for all the opportunities and

while attending Maryknoll High School. I wrote

privileges that I had; now is my time to give back.”

small articles here and there [for the Knoller]. Collaborating with other writers and talking to people for interviews was something I loved to do. I enjoyed seeing people read my articles and comment to me on them, and these comments would lead to fun little discussions.”

teachers and something about that just makes me feel like I’ve come home.” THE KNOLLER


Charla Teves ’21 STUDENT

UNIVERSIT Y OF HAWAII AT MANOA While attending Maryknoll, Teves realized her passion for charity, community and justice. She helped to organize and direct the Hawaii Virtual End Hunger Summit, a halfday conference consisting of policy discussions with youth, state legislators, and community leaders, and raised

Marcus Tobin ’19 BASK E TBALL PL AYER




A star basketball player throughout

over 1,100 lbs of food donations for the

high school, Tobin made Maryknoll

Hawaii Foodbank. Teves was recently

history where he led the Spartans to

appointed to the Hawaii State Youth

a state basketball championship title

Commission where she will help to

in 2019. The win was a tremendous

amplify the voices of local youth within

achievement for the Spartan players as

the state government. The position is

it marked the school’s first state title in

one she is honored to hold, knowing

35 years. He went on to play for McCook

that it will afford her opportunities to

Community College in Nebraska,

improve the lives of our local community.

where he continued making impressive

Teves wants to find better support for

strides as a power forward. The ’19 alum

individuals without access to lawyers

recently made headlines this August

and legal resources. Now a student at

when he signed with the Basketball

UH Manoa, Teves is pursuing a B.A. in

Japan League’s Shiga Lakestars team

political science and hopes to become a

based out of Shiga Prefecture for the

lawyer to serve the people of Hawaii by

2021-2022 season. Tobin has continued

promoting justice.

making his mark in the world of basketball and hopes to one day help win

“Maryknoll has instilled in me a sense

Olympic gold for Japan as well as achieve

of responsibility to make a difference in the

his lifelong dream of playing in the NBA.

community and to put service before self. The Maryknoll motto is a philosophy that students, teachers, and school leaders truly take to

“I met coach Kendall through Maryknoll basketball. He has truly been a big help

heart and it has left a permanent impression

throughout this process in getting me to play

on me, shaping my approach to life. This sense

in Japan. Without him, this wouldn’t have been

of responsibility has caused me to run toward


opportunities. In essence, I believe that I have a duty to do good because I have the opportunity to do so.” 24

FALL 2021

Taylor Ursulum ’16

A first-generation college graduate, Ursulum is deeply proud of her accomplishments as a recent graduate from the University of Portland. She received her B.S. in organizational communications while interning at Becker Communications in their Public Relations department under the Kamehameha School’s Kapili ‘Oihana Internship Program. Through that experience, Ursulum supported account executives with written and digital communication tools for clients such as Duke’s Waikiki, Girl Scouts of Hawaii, Sea Life Park, Hawaii Youth Symphony and Castle Resorts & Hotels. Upon graduation, she came home to Honolulu where she has returned to Becker Communications, currently serving as a Digital Account Coordinator. “Maryknoll’s motto continues to play an important role in my life. Personally, it has reminded me to appreciate the opportunities and mentors that have molded me into the person I am today. Professionally, it has instilled the value of giving back to the community and inspiring others to strive for greatness.”

Eduardo Zabanal ’15

Joyce Zhang ’12




Arianne Yago ’15

Zabanal’s STEM experience with the Maryknoll Robotics Team led him


engineering at the University of


project manager of his senior design

Yago is a two-time Lumberjack

to pursue a B.S. degree in mechanical Hawai‘i at Manoa. Selected as the project, he led a cross-functional team of seven in designing and developing

alumna who received her Master of

a subterranean autonomous drone

Education and Bachelor of Science

system. Their successful completion of

from Northern Arizona University

the project ensured proper integration

(NAU). She currently serves as a

of all mechanical, structural, electrical,

Communications Analyst for NAU

and computer programming teams.

Information Technology Services, and

Currently working as an Associate

was awarded NAU’s coveted President’s

Hardware Platform Engineer for Spirent

Award for her parallel work efforts with

Communications, Zabanal hopes to

the university’s strategic goals. She

continue evolving within the STEM field

carries on Maryknoll’s Noblesse Oblige

to seek solutions through engineering

motto with her continued dedication

technologies. He aspires to learn more

to serving her community, and received

about nex-gen innovations that make a

the bronze President’s Service Award for

difference in the world and hopes to one day

over 100 hours of community service

work for Big Tech companies like Google,

within a year. With her time as a student

Apple or military defense companies like

and working as a higher education

Raytheon and Northrop Grumman.

professional, she has found her passion for decreasing educational gaps and

“My participation in our Maryknoll Robotics

promoting higher education accessibility.

Team piqued my interest in mechanical

She hopes to further her education by

engineering and taught me valuable life skills

pursuing her Doctorate in Education.

such as leadership and teamwork. My experience with high school robotics and attending Hawaii

“Maryknoll helped mold me into the person I

state-wide robotics competitions such as FIRST

am today, and helped me use my passions and

and VEX exposed me to the STEM field and

skills to make a positive impact in my community.”

furthered my interest in hands-on learning.”

UNIVERSITY OF THE INCARNATE WORD ROSENBERG SCHOOL OF OPTOMETRY Inspired by a pediatric ophthalmologist to head into the eye care profession, Zhang went on to complete her B.A. at Boston University where she conducted research in the field of diabetic retinopathy. While pursuing her Doctor of Optometry degree from the UC Berkeley School of Optometry, Zhang discovered her passion for low vision rehabilitation, ultimately deciding to fulfill her residency at the University of Incarnate Word Rosenberg School of Optometry in San Antonio, where she works with patients with different visual impairments. She currently works full-time as a Senior Clinical Instructor in San Antonio and has enjoyed focusing on academia. Zhang hopes to eventually return to Hawaii in the future and dreams of establishing a low vision clinic to give back and support the local community with the knowledge she’s gained. “Maryknoll has taught me the importance of Noblesse Oblige and what it means to provide service to the community. The mentorship I’ve received in school made me aware that I wanted to give back to my community for the knowledge I’ve gained. Throughout optometry school and even today, I would volunteer at vision screenings to make sure people are getting the care or referrals they need.” THE KNOLLER





e’re in the middle of a

bat(ted) north of .500 this season,”

pandemic. There’s no time

Valle offers.

for fun and games. Well, a

pandemic is anything, but fun. However,

you can still play the game of softball! At least that’s the way Maryknoll School Athletic Director Ben Valle ’84 sees it. The team would have to wear masks while playing. How would the players adapt to that adjustment? “It was kind of the kids finding

field.” The Player of the Year must have good grades and be involved in some form of community service. “My fear? It didn’t play out as much as I thought,” Valle remembers. He believed because of the change, there was a

kids enough (credit) to finding their

chance the team could be “disjointed.”

resilience,” Valle says.

However, when the girls hit the field,

“Sometimes in athletics we overdo “This was a bunch of girls that simply

they were ready to concentrate on playing softball. “It didn’t matter where we played

wanted to play softball. They had some

or what time. When it was time for us

obstacles, but I think what made this

to play, we played. We tried to make it

team exciting was they just wanted to

simple for them – little things like Mass

play! In their mind, it was just softball

at games… tried to get them all on the

season and they have to wear a mask,”

bus, with distancing,” Valle explains.

Valle remembers. And, they played well. Team member

FALL 2021

involves more than athletics,” Valle explains, “more than what you accomplished on the

normal. Sometimes we don’t give the

overcoming adversity,” Valle states.


The Player of the Year has to be more than just exceptional at the game. “It

He believed the camaraderie of the team members was challenged by the

Jenna Sniffen ’24 (third baseman) was

pandemic. “We had some who were all

named Gatorade Player of the Year. “She

in-person students, some all on-line;

some hybrid. It wasn’t as big as I thought.

of Honolulu (ILH) got permission to

When we came to the field, they came

participate in sports, Valle was excited.

back,” Valle states.

“That fueled my fire,” Valle says. “As

“They practiced with a mask, they

busy as we were, that was the closest to

went to school with a mask and I think

normal. Kudos to ILH for working hard

Spring of 2020 we just started softball

to make it happen,” he added.

when the pandemic hit,” Valle recalls. “The whole island shut down and from that point on, all the meetings, we gotta think outside the box,” he adds. The school arranged for online

The team was very engaged in the Spring. “Softball, baseball, track, tennis – all going at the same time,” Valle said. There were a lot of outdoor sports, which taxed the school at times, because there

strength trainers for the players. Valle said

were protocols to be followed. “We

he was inspired by the team. “To see that

loaded buses and tried to keep the

whether the team won or lost, there was

students socially distanced,” he added.

no grumbling. That’s a great perspective

Valle says he was inspired by the

for someone so young,” Valle says. Once the Interscholastic League

team. “We’re doing things different. It was exciting,” he says. Valle believes core values make a good team. The girls really wanted to play. “No one said, ‘Nah, I don’t want to play,’” Valle exclaimed. “It looks like we’ll have a fall season,” Valle said confidently. “So, girls’ volleyball will move to the fall. I’m not positive that it will look like two years ago - no fans, etcetera, but I’m pretty darn confident that we’ll have a season.” The logistics still needed to be worked out. They might be doing a few things differently. But, when all is said and done, the girls will play softball!

“It didn’t matter where we played or what time. When it was time for us to play, we played. We tried to make it simple for them – little things like Mass at games… tried to get them all on the bus, with distancing.”



A HUI HOU We share our heartfelt aloha with veteran staff members Becky Kotake, Gail Nakamura and Cyndi Medeiros in celebration of their retirement and decades of service. WRITTEN BY JADE SNOW Perhaps one of the greatest gifts imparted by our close-knit community is the gift of family that is cultivated at Maryknoll. In honor of their extraordinary contributions, we share our heartfelt aloha and mahalo to three beloved staff members of the Maryknoll ohana who have collectively cultivated community for over 90 years: Becky Kotake, Gail Nakamura, and Cyndi Medeiros. We honor their tremendous impact with insights and reflections on their storied time at Maryknoll and wish them the very best upon their retirement!

Cyndi Medeiros Known throughout campus as Aunty Cyndi, the title of “Ambassador of Aloha,” is an honor that veteran Cyndi Medeiros does not take lightly. An activist since college, she has been deeply committed to perpetuating the aloha spirit in all she pursues—which has included three decades at Maryknoll! Since the day she stepped on campus wearing a Mamo Howell muumuu for her interview 30 years ago, she has generously shared her love for Hawaiian culture with students, staff, and faculty. Aunty Cyndi worked as the principal’s secretary for twenty years serving under Mr. Andrew Corcoran ’64, Mrs. Wendie Wong, Mr. Evanson Chang, and Mrs. Betsy Gunderson ’68 before transitioning to the position of high school administrative assistant ten years ago. She acknowledges the connection between Maryknoll’s faith-driven values and the aloha spirit that has guided her, noting two particularly special staff for their tremendous impact: “We had two Maryknoll sisters on staff—a St. Joseph sister and a Maryknoll sister—and these sisters were my inspiration. It was inspiring to witness their devotion to community, their love of teaching, and the way they nurtured the true meaning of aloha. They welcomed everyone to learn and share Maryknoll’s motto Noblesse Oblige to pass on the wisdom of faith to others.” Aunty Cyndi has loved working with students in such a nurturing environment and urges them to embody the spirit of aloha wherever they go. “I’ve always believed that all students and adults should know where they are from–to study the culture, language, and learn the stories of where we live. It’s important to do so, so that when we leave the islands we can become the best ambassador of aloha for our state.” 28

FALL 2021

Becky Kotake For over three decades, students have been shaped by

Gail Nakamura Guided by the principals of hard work and humility, Gail

instrumental leaders like Becky Kotake. A passionate teacher

Nakamura has been credited with ensuring the financial

for 34 years, she may be most remembered as a beloved

integrity and operational efficiency of Maryknoll School

kindergarten teacher of 28 years who says that her experience

for 28 years. Serving in the Business Office and leading the

in the classroom has taught her that “there is Jesus in every

dedicated business team, she is noted as the driving force of

child.” It is because of the steadfast foundation provided by

the school’s success. Described by colleagues as a “no nonsense”

inspiring teachers like Kotake that Maryknoll is celebrated

leader with laser-sharp focus who leads with integrity and

throughout the island for our exceptional reading program and

honesty, her decisions have always been guided with the best

strong value system rooted in faith. “It’s not just in the mass

interests of the school community at heart. “We always kid

or services or the literacy of our religion, but in our actions

each other about her conservative approach to Maryknoll’s

and words. We instill the values of giving in our students so

financial management, but I have a profound respect

it’s easier for them to understand through these acts of service

for Gail,” shares Galen Ho ’63, president of the Foundation for

what a relationship with God is like,” she says. Maryknoll holds

Maryknoll School Board of Directors. “Much of our ability to

a special place in Kotake’s heart on a personal level as well, as

offer substantial financial aid is due to her ability to manage

the church is where she was initiated and became a Catholic

Maryknoll’s cash flow,” he explains.

herself. She insists that it is because of the safe, close-knit

While Gail’s business acumen has been integral to the

environment that the school has become home for so many

school’s incredible success, Business Office team members

children and families—and one in particular, who will have an

Cora Gushikuma ’73 and Benedith Ventura will also miss

important role in her next chapter as well.

her thoughtful insights and generous caretaking qualities. “I

Kotake reflects upon the memory of Maryknoll student,

was always in awe of how smart and sharp Gail is, but as I

Grayson Gouveia, who was diagnosed with an aggressive brain

got to know and work with her for over 22 years, I became

cancer at the age of 5 and lost his hard-fought battle in 2016.

more in awe of her as a mom and daughter who always places

The Gouveia ohana founded the non-profit organization “Let

her family first. She has always encouraged Cora and I to be

Grace In” to honor their son and to support grieving families

there for our kids and parents,” recalls Benedith. “I will miss

navigate the loss of their children. Upon retirement, Kotake

the conversations we have all had about raising our children,

will continue to share her heart for children by working with

being caregivers to elderly parents, and traveling,” echoes Cora.

the organization and their extraordinary mission of healing.

She remembers one poignant office detail that will always

“They have a fabulous team, and I will be working with a child specialist from Kapiolani. She and I will plan activities that

remind her of Gail: “She was so knowledgeable about many subjects—including raising caterpillars to morph into beautiful

are relevant to these youngsters to help them work through

butterflies! At one time, we had 20+ caterpillars morphing in

their grief, including uplifting retreats and activities that will

our office!”

incorporate lots of music. It will be very holistic—physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically,” she explains.

Gail’s commitment to nurturing her beloved butterflies is a testament to the way she generously cares for those around her,

While Kotake insists that she will miss the classroom and the

both in and out of Maryknoll School. Benedith and Cora share

constant joy she shared with her students, there is no doubt

their profound gratitude and aloha for their remarkable leader

that she will find extraordinary love and fulfillment with Let

as she spreads her wings to explore an exciting new phase of

Grace In for years to come.

evolution in her journey. THE KNOLLER


Noblesse Oblige: An Approach to Life


HOW THE JUNIOR CLASS’ “SOLUTIONARY PROJECT” IS INSPIRING COMPASSION AND CIVIC ENGAGEMENT As a close-knit community founded in family and faith, service is paramount at Maryknoll. Students are tasked not only with the goals of individual academic excellence, but also those of civic duty. Such was the case when high school English teacher Ryan Smith established the “Solutionary Project” program. Inspired by the Institute for Humane Education’s Solutionary Project, he challenged Maryknoll juniors to research issues plaguing our local community and launch solutions to address them. For students, the process is equally as important as the presentation. Each step in their project incorporates real-life skills they begin to hone for their own professional careers: pitching, marketing, and web design, to name a few. Students explored their discoveries through the work


FALL 2021

of crafting a detailed research essay, showcasing their work through a web presentation, and delivering their findings in a formal, eight-minute TED Talk style speech. Through this semester-long project, students utilized their critical thinking, problem solving, and public speaking skills that many modern jobs require. Not only did the project encourage applied learning, it also elevated their collective social consciousness through the realization of issues plaguing their community. Through their research, students realized the challenges facing local families here in Hawaii and deepened their sense of compassion to address them. “Students said that they liked being challenged to not only learn about social issues, injustices, and evils in the world, but that we required them

to get out into the community and take action. Now on the verge of 18, they are ready to get out into the real world and start doing real, authentic work. Many of them are confident that they can make a difference and are ready to be trusted to do so,” shares Smith. For Daniel Yamane ’22, it meant tackling the issue of Hawaii’s homeless crisis; for Faith Inatsuka ’22 and Shaylynn Kua‘ana ’22, it was sparked by their interest in political activism and the growing impacts of climate change; and for animal lover Skylen DuPonte ’22, it inspired ways to support the Kaaawa K9 Rescue Shelter. A shared passion for sports sparked conversation about its greater impact for students Jonah Higashiguchi ’22, Jaren Kaneshiro ’22, and Micah Sakamoto ’22. Their group project noted the positive impact of

activities, such as sports, in keeping kids busy, productive, and goal-oriented. But their findings also acknowledged dire economic disparities for children in Hawaii who are unable to afford sports equipment to participate. They deduced that by reaching out to other local schools and organizations willing to contribute used equipment or financial donations, their efforts would support student involvement in sports in underserved communities. Noah Chang ’22 addressed a growing concern that has been a hot topic at the Hawaii State Legislature throughout the past year. For his solutionary project, he focused on the issue of youth vaping. Not only did he detail the pointed goal of his project to end the sale of flavored tobacco products targeted towards minors, but he exercised his civic duty in the process. Chang worked with the Hawaii Public Health Institute to issue support for SB1147, HB826, and HB598. He even called upon Maryknoll president Shana Tong ’83 and his fellow peers in the Hawaii Youth Council to join him in providing online testimonies, as well as created flyers to better educate the Maryknoll community about the dangers of e-cigarettes. The process left a lasting impression on Chang: “It is often thought that minors are not able to make significant change within the legislative system since they cannot vote, but through everything the Youth Council and I accomplished in the past few years, I can definitely say that

we have impacted the state of Hawaii as a whole and the work we are doing matters. After completing the project, I was invited to be a part of the council’s leadership team and I cannot wait to continue my project on ending the sale of flavored tobacco products in the next legislative season!” The impact of these projects on the junior class has been profound. From period poverty to animal shelters to keiki literacy, students focused on a wide range of issues. “The solutionary project made me realize that students can impact the community and create long-lasting solutions with the help of other people. It also taught me the importance of giving back to the community through service,” one student shared in their feedback. To support their efforts, the project also received a donation from Ernest Spencer ’61 and Sara Duncan this year to provide students with helpful seed money to fund their solutions. Thanks to such innovative opportunities for applied learning, Maryknoll furthers its commitment to cultivating academic excellence and compassionate, global citizens. “As a Catholic school, we are committed to teaching the kids what it means to serve God by serving others,” Smith explains. He continues, “Noblesse Oblige isn’t just a motto on the school badge, but an approach to life.” If students leave Maryknoll committed to speaking up for what is right and to a life of helping others, we will be beyond happy.

“Noblesse Oblige isn’t just a motto on the school badge, but an approach to life.” THE KNOLLER




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“I’m excited for this year at Maryknoll because I will learn Chinese and play on the playground structure!” MAKUA ENOS ‘34




Report of


FALL 2021



Dear Friends, This issue of The Knoller covers the 2020-2021 school year, which was an extraordinary moment in our school’s, and the world’s, history due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a year in which our community faced hardship and losses on both personal and financial levels. We saw much adversity, but we also witnessed great compassion, resilience, generosity, and the true strength of our families, alumni, students, faculty, and staff. When we look back at this unparalleled time, we will remember not only the pandemic, we will remember our Maryknoll community coming together stronger than ever. At the beginning of the pandemic, we recognized the need to change the way we did things and to refocus our priorities. We found new ways to connect with our constituents, including alumni kupuna who were dealing with social isolation. We spent more time on showing gratitude and caring for our community. Our team sent care packages; created welcome back gifts for faculty and staff; brought alumni kupuna together with a spirited virtual bingo; hosted a virtual donor thank you event; and partnered with the College Guidance Department to bring over 40 alumni to our middle and high school students for a virtual career week. While our new focus had initially been on building and bringing our school community together, the lingering pandemic’s effect on the economy created an impact on some of our students’ families and their ability to afford the cost of tuition. To help our families in need, we launched the Spartan Support Fund that provided emergency tuition assistance to those who had been financially affected by COVID. Through it all, our donors have continued to be generous. Although we are living through an unprecedented time, we are moved by our community’s equally unprecedented commitment to helping our students. This year, we held three virtual fundraising events that raised a total of $173,815.32 for the Spartan Support Fund. We were blessed with retaining 64% of our supporters while also welcoming almost 500 new donors. The story of how our school community responds to this pandemic is still being written. Our needs and our potential have never been greater. To all of you who have let us share in your generosity, I offer my sincere gratitude. Thank you for inspiring us and for joining us in strengthening our Maryknoll community together. Rooted in the Catholic faith, our students develop a true passion for learning, a growing curiosity about the world, and an excitement about making a difference at Maryknoll School.

Noblesse Oblige,

WENDY M. CHANG Executive Director, Foundation for Maryknoll School Director of Institutional Advancement



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The Foundation for Maryknoll School is designated as a 501 c(3) entity through the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Its federal tax ID number is 38-3926901. 36

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The Estate of Fr. Scott Bush ‘68 The Estate of Mr. Dennis Gomes ‘58 Mr. Bob and Mrs. Lori Harrison Maryknoll School Class of 1961 Maryknoll School Class of 1975

Ms. Ginny Tiu ◊ Mr. Derrick Wong ‘68 and Mrs. Carol Kwak ‘68 Wong Mrs. Susan S.K. Wong ‘66 and Dr. Calvin Y.H. Wong


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Dr. Henry Oyama ‘49 ◊ Rudolph A. and Ralph W. Sylva Scholarship of the Hawaii Community Foundation Dr. Venerando Seguritan and Mrs. Mona Liza Valentin Mr. Ernest Spencer ‘61 and Mrs. Sara Duncan Mrs. Audrey N. Tanaka ‘64 and Mr. Milton K. Tanaka


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Mr. Peter C.K. Fong Fujiwara Appraisal Services LLC Mr. Myles Fujiwara ‘85 and Mrs. Cheryl Fujiwara Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hee ‘64 Inatsuka Engineering LLC Mr. Scott and Mrs. Joey Inatsuka ◊ Dr. and Mrs. Gabriel W.C. Ma Mrs. Linda S. Mistysyn Northwestern Mutual Foundation Ohata Chun Yuen LLP

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Mr. Gregg and Mrs. Patricia Fujimoto Mrs. Kathy Silva ‘91 Hancock Mr. Ricardo and Dr. Rosita Leong Mrs. Aiko Odo Shriners Hospitals for Children® — Honolulu

If you have questions about donor names listed in the Report of Giving, please contact Lara Grimm in the Office of Institutional Advancement at (808) 952-7314 or

Fr. EJ Resinto Mr. Blane and Dr. Zelah Yamagata Mr. Chris Q.Y. Yuen ‘71


Albert Chong Associates Inc. Mrs. Catherine Waters ‘53 Allen

◊ Donor has given for 10+ consecutive years.

Mr. James Andreassen and Mrs. Melinda Magnayon Prado Mrs. Lorna L. Aratani Mr. Larry D.K. Au ‘96 Augustine Educational Foundation Bank of America Charitable Foundation ◊ Mr. Rendell K. Bourg ‘73 and Mrs. Lanette Bourg Mr. and Mrs. William H.Q. Bow Carole Kai Charities, Inc. Mr. Nathan Chang ‘85 and Mrs. Wendy Chang ◊ Mr. Rick Chong ‘78 Mr. and Mrs. Carl K. Chun Lt. Col. Jon-David Chun ‘85 and Mrs. Marcy Chun Ms. Eloise Conover Mr. Robert J. Coursey ‘64 and Mrs. Susan N. Coursey Mr. John and Mrs. Mailelani Cox Ms. Felice Cravalho D. Lau Family Fund of the Hawaii Community Foundation Mr. James Dator and Mrs. Rosemary McShane ◊ Mr. Michael X. Dean ‘65 and Mrs. Kathryn N. Dean Mr. Michael and Mrs. Anne DeLuca ◊ Mr. Danilo Domingo and Mrs. Harrilynn-Joy Kameenui Mr. Andrew K.K. Everett ‘95 Mr. Edwin G. Ferreira ‘57 Fidelity Charitable Mr. Edward and Mrs. Wendy Fujimoto Golden Arches Merchants Association of Hawaii Mr. Ronald T.Y. Goo ‘54 Goodfellow Bros. Green Thumb Inc. Mrs. Donamay Lau ‘76 Guinasso and Mr. Rennie Guinasso



Ms. Betsey H. Gunderson ‘68 Mr. Derek and Mrs. Robin Hanzawa Mr. Eric Hew ‘76 and Mrs. Linda Hew ◊ Mr. Michael Ho ‘57 and Mrs. Patricia Chu ‘57 Ho Mrs. Carolyn Dang ‘67 Hong and Mr. Leslie Hong Mrs. Wendy Wong ‘73 Howell Jhamandas Watumull Fund Mr. Jeffrey Keahi Kalani ‘90 Mrs. Akiko Kato ‘58 and Mr. G. John Kato Mrs. Linda W. Kealoha ‘66 and Mr. Abraham S. Kealoha Mr. Ronald H. Kikawa Mr. Peter A. Kirst ‘06 Mr. Howard Komine ‘82 and Mrs. Bridget Komine Mr. David H. Kula ‘65 Mr. and Mrs. Oliver H. Kupau III Mr. M. Thaddeus Kwiatkowski ‘56 Mr. Kerry Lam ‘76 and Mrs. Bernadette Loo ‘76 Lam Mrs. Bernadette Y. Lau ◊ Mrs. Edwina Cordeiro ‘58 Lee Dr. Joseph Lee, Jr. ‘70 and Mrs. Madeline Tom ‘70 Lee ◊ Dr. Patricia Young ‘61 Lee and Dr. Worldster Lee ◊ Mrs. Chris Mattos ‘85 Loomis and Mr. Philip Loomis Mr. Alfred Y.F. Lum ‘71 and Mrs. Adele Odo ‘72 Lum Mr. Darrell Mattos ‘63 and Mrs. Marjorie Mattos Mr. and Mrs. Rix Maurer III ◊ Mrs. Emily Wong ‘91 McCollum and Mr. Albie McCollum Mrs. Lucile Smith ‘37 Mistysyn ◊ Mr. Dean Miyamoto ‘72 Mr. Ross and Mrs. Dayle Murakami ◊ Mrs. Gail Nakamura and Mr. Carleton Williams Mr. Dan Nakasato and Mrs. Chrystal Wong New York Life Mr. John and Dr. Leslie Ohari Mr. Ross T. Okinaga ‘20 ◊ Mrs. Nadine Jeremiah ‘57 Olinger ◊ Mr. Floyd and Mrs. JoEllen Otani ◊ Mr. and Mrs. Jerry K. Pang ‘56 Mrs. Denise Pang ‘71 Yee and Dr. Edwin Yee Dr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Perry Ms. Elaine Peterson ‘68 Mrs. Michele Tagawa ‘77 Saito and Dr. Kevin Saito Dr. David and Mrs. Elizabeth Samsami Mr. Ian Santee ‘91 and Mrs. Joy Watanabe Scholarship America Schwab Charitable Ms. Shay F. Shibata ‘09 ◊ Mr. Charles Shigeta ‘54 and Mrs. Florence Shigeta Ms. Kellilynn K. C. Smith ‘98 Mrs. Valerie Sorensen ‘63 and Mr. David Sorensen


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◊ Mr. Duane Takamine ‘86 and Mrs. Allison LeeTakamine ‘87 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence N. and Pauline Y. Takao ◊ Mrs. Shana Campos ‘83 Tong and Mr. Rodney Tong Mr. John H. Walbridge, Jr. ‘65 ◊ Mr. Alfred M.K. Wong and Mrs. Laurie W.L. Hong ‘56 Wong Mrs. Brenda Dung ‘77 Wong and Mr. Kiman Wong Dr. Brian Wong ‘94 and Dr. Shellie Yamashita ◊ Mr. Darryl P. Wong and Mrs. Teresa L. Brink-Wong ◊ Maj. Gen. Darryll Wong ‘68 and Mrs. Teresa ChingWong ‘69 Mr. Milton Wong ‘76 ◊ Ms. Stella M. Q. Wong ‘68 Mr. Stephen Wong ‘65 and Mrs. Susan Wong ‘65 Mrs. Kathleen Yee ‘62 Mr. Gabriel Young and Mrs. Natalie PenningtonYoung


Mr. and Mrs. John Isabelo Mrs. Barbara Elias ‘57 Iseri ◊ Mrs. Allene M.C. Ishikawa ‘58 Mr. Kurt and Mrs. Aine Kendro Ms. Annalea M. Kim ‘82 Knights Of Columbus Bishop Louis Maigret Assembly 1577 Mrs. Marjorie Wong ‘51 Kum and Mr. Stan Kum Mrs. Violet Lau Ms. Deborah A. Lazur Dr. Olivier Le Saux and Dr. Sheree Kuo ◊ Mrs. Audrey Kong ‘64 Lee and Mr. Guy Lee ◊ Mrs. Lorna P. Lin ‘63 and Dr. Paul Y.K. Lin Mr. Mallory Longboy and Mrs. Shari Arakawa ‘94 Longboy Mrs. Charlene C.L. Lum ‘60 and Mr. Ronald Lum Ms. Monica Lum ‘96 ◊ Col. William Earl Marshall ‘67 and Mrs. Marcia Marshall Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc. Mr. Michael and Mrs. Lori Munekiyo

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Mrs. Linda Wedge ‘73 Puu and Mr. John Puu Mr. Christoper Radich and Ms. Sally Maske Dr. Denby K. Rall ‘99 and Mr. Henni Rall Mrs. Lillian G. Rodolfich Dr. and Mrs. Dennis K. Ryan Mr. James F. Sellar Mr. Brian Simpkins and Ms. Amy Liu Dr. Arleene Skillman ◊ Mrs. Caroline P. Spencer Dr. Sonia L. Sugg ‘79 and Dr. Joel Shilyansky Mr. Anson Sugimoto Times Supermarket Mr. Daniel Tom ‘68 and Mrs. Urai Tom ◊ Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Y. Ukishima ‘58

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Able Pest Management LLC Ms. Catherine Acena Mr. Eddie and Mrs. Helen Agbayani Ms. Kuulei Agbayani Mr. Landen and Mrs. Allyson Agcaoili Mr. Romel Jake Aguiran Mrs. Liberta Aiwohi ‘57 Mrs. Barbara Nobrega ‘61 Akau and Mr. Henry Akau Ms. Katherine Alcaras Mr. Daniel Aldrich Ms. Jolette Aldrich ‘89 Mr. Kent and Dr. Alice Alverio American Savings Bank Ameriprise Financial Service Mr. Eugene M. Amorine ‘56 and Mrs. Sandra Amorine Mrs. Brenda Anderson ‘67 Mr. and Mrs. Jerome M. Andrade Mrs. Melissa M. Arciaga Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Armstrong Ms. Juliana Arreola Ms. Camille Au Mr. Dan Y.W. Au Hoy Ms. Phyllis L. Au ‘69 and Ms. Kaila Au Mrs. Cherilyn Konn ‘97 Badua and Mr. Joel Badua Mr. Allan and Mrs. Frances Bailon Mrs. Clara Bueno ‘89 Baker and Mr. Jonathan Baker Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Baker Mr. Matthew M.T. Balantac ‘10 Mr. Chester and Mrs. Kristina ‘97 Barayuga Mrs. Sally Engstrom ‘55 Barr and Mr. Laurence Barr ◊ Mr. Michael and Mrs. Denise Beauchemin Mr. Joseph Benevides ‘65 and Mrs. Pauline Pereira ‘65 Benevides ◊ Mrs. Antonella Chock ‘55 Bennett and Mr. Joseph Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Berger Mr. Mitsunori K. Blaisdell ‘75 Ms. Kathleen Tom ‘89 Bode Mr. Harold V. Botelho ‘54 Mr. Herbert Botelho ‘51 and Mrs. Mary Lou Botelho ‘53 Mr. Robert F. Brogle ‘92 Mrs. Carol D. Buell Mr. and Mrs. Stanley G. Bukes ‘70 Mr. and Mrs. William L. Burgess Ms. Haunani F.M. Burns ‘60


Mr. Michael H. Arita

Being part of a tight-knit community is one of the qualities Cheri Konn ’97 Badua values most about Maryknoll. Her children, Maddy ’27 and Jacob ’30, are third-generation Spartans; her parents, Jeff and Liane Konn, graduated in 1970. Maryknoll feels like a second home for her. “I love it! It’s an amazing community of parents with the same goal of making the school experience a memorable and positive one for the kids. We’ve been blessed with wonderful friendships and we’re so grateful!” says Cheri. As a Maryknoll parent and alumna, Cheri connects with the school in two different roles, spanning decades. She puts family first, just as her parents did: the Baduas hike, hit the beach and watch anime together (“Hunter x Hunter” comes highly recommended, by the way). Participating in beach cleanups is another way the family bonds and expresses Noblesse Oblige. They volunteer their time and resources to worthy causes such as Maryknoll. With close ties to the school, it’s no wonder that the Baduas donate regularly. “Maryknoll has given so much to our family that I enjoy being involved and helping out wherever I can,” says Cheri. Feeling like her home away from home, Maryknoll is a place she is happy to invest in and hopes others who feel love for the school will volunteer either their time or money. She wants people to know that no amount of help is “too small”—giving any amount, regardless of size, makes a difference in someone’s life. She also suggests asking employers about matching gifts—a valuable resource that can double the impact of a donation. Maryknoll is blessed to have people like Cheri love our school and community. With the amount of time students spend in class and extracurricular activities, the outstanding efforts of parents and grandparents, and the aloha from alumni, we hope all of you, too, consider the campus as your second home.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Burns Ms. Sloane C. Burns ‘11



◊ Mr. Thomas J. Burns ‘59 and Mrs. Judy Burns Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Cajski

Mrs. Kathryn D. Fitzsimmons Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Fletcher ‘76

Mr. Jeffrey Callangan and Mrs. May Idolor-Callangan

Mrs. Harriet A. Chun Fat

Mrs. Geri W. Fong

Ms. Bernadine Kuulei Campbell ‘64

Mrs. Jeanette Lum ‘56 Chun and Mr. Ronald Chun

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn G. Fonseca ‘78

Ms. Jill Canfield

Mrs. Lottie H. Chun ‘77 and Mr. Rick Hoo

Mr. Guy T. Fujishige

Ms. Kimberly Carahasen ‘87

Mr. Henry W.C. Chung ‘47

Mr. and Mrs. Kinsley Fujitani

Mr. Leslie Chung ‘64 and Mrs. Anne Chung

Mrs. Lei Fujiwara ‘83 and Mr. Gary Fujiwara

Mr. William Carrillo, Jr. Mr. Joey and Mrs. Lani Castaneda

◊ Mr. Joseph F. Clare ‘62 and Mrs. Kathlyn Ann Clare

Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Christine Fuller

Castle & Cooke Homes Hawaii, Inc.

Mr. John and Mrs. Taryn Carr ‘97 Clatanoff

Mr. Garrett Gabriel ‘86 and Mrs. Dori Kern ‘87 Gabriel

Mr. Robert and Dr. Kristin Caulfield

Dr. Kerry Cleary ‘83 and Cpt Gregory A. Cleary

Mr. James H. Gahler

Mr. Mike and Mrs. Kat Cavaco

Mr. and Mrs. Eurim R. Co

Mr. Herbert and Mrs. Debbie Galiza

Mr. Rick Cole

Ms. Barbara J. Gambol

Karady Chan

Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Conboy

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew K. Gamiao

Mr. James Chandler

Ms. Annaliza Constantino

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Gamiao

Mr. and Mrs. John Chandler, Sr.

Mrs. Elena C. Contemprato

Mr. Fernando and Mrs. Gloria Gansit

Mrs. Jacqueline K. Chang ‘71 and Mr. Roland H.H. Chang

Mrs. Gloriane M.L. Cooper ‘76 and Mr. William J.K. Cooper

Dr. Brian and Dr. Miki Garcia

Mr. Kai M. Chang ‘85

Mr. George A. Correia ‘55

◊ Mr. Elliott W.K.C. Chamizo ‘61

◊ Mrs. Michelle Goo ‘82 Chang and Mr. Welton Chang Mr. Noah M. Chang ‘22 Mr. Shih Chia and Mrs. Yuli Chang Mr. Robert and Mrs. Brenda Char Mr. Kelvin Chee ‘73 and Mrs. Phyllis Odo ‘73 Chee Mr. Matthew A. Chee ‘07 Mr. Julian Cheng ‘10 Mrs. Pai Ho Cheng Dr. Shiuh Feng Cheng and Ms. Fung Ping Lee Mr. Borg Yen Chew and Ms. I Chun Liu Mr. Warren Chiang ‘91 and Mrs. Jamie Fukui-Chiang Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Chinen ‘61 Mr. Ronald Chinen ‘60 and Mrs. Marilyn Thompson ‘61 Chinen Mr. and Mrs. Carleton K.L. Ching Mrs. Elaine Young ‘50 Ching Ms. Kelli Ann Y.L. Ching ‘06 Mr. Spencer and Mrs. Connie Ching Mr. and Mrs. Leonard K. Chinn ‘58 Mr. Leif and Mrs. Joelle Chiu ◊ Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Chock ‘70 Mr. Dennis T.K. Chong ‘55 and Mrs. Bernice H.S. Chong Mr. Henry and Mrs. Tiffany Chong Ms. Melissa S.J. Chong ‘86 Mr. Michael and Mrs. Laura Chong Mr. Randall Y.L. Chong ‘84 Dr. Dominic and Mrs. Naomi Chow Dr. Andrew and Dr. Vanessa Choy Mr. and Mrs. Calvin C. Choy ‘62 Mrs. Lee-Ann W. Choy Mr. Anthony P. Chun ‘72 and Mrs. Linda F.S. Chun Mr. Bradford Chun ‘82 and Mrs. Alice Wong ‘81 Chun


Mr. Eric ‘83 and Mrs. Sharene Chun ◊ Col. Edward and Mrs. Jackie Chun Fat, Jr.

FALL 2021

Ms. Lorilyn M.K. Cravalho Mrs. Fabiana Baquering ‘59 Crozier and Mr. William Crozier Mr. Christopher Crum ‘69 and Mrs. Lana Crum Mrs. Frances Cruz ‘53 and Mr. Roman Cruz ◊ Ms. Patricia A. Czermak Mr. Jon and Mrs. Kimberly Dahl The late Mrs. Claire Murakami ‘59 Dang Ms. Patricia Davis Mr. Scott and Mrs. Tiffany Davis Mr. Leo and Mrs. Audrey DeCosta Mr. Leonardo Delgado and Mrs. Charito PascualDelgado ◊ Mrs. Napua Ellen Prados ‘58 Demers Mr. Joe DePrimo ‘69 ◊ Mr. and Mrs. Paul I. deVille ‘66 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Devlin Mr. Sudeera and Mrs. Anne Dissanayake Mr. Sean Dodge and Mrs. Sheryl Ladrillono Dodge ‘96 ◊ Mr. Arnel and Mrs. May Grace Domingo ◊ Mr. Russell D. Dung ‘70 and Mrs. Christine Marie Dung Ms. Suerte Dureg Mr. Scott and Mrs. Stacy Ellefsen Mrs. Patricia Gilsey ‘57 Eng Mr. Damien Enright ‘99 and Mrs. Lynn Chan ‘01 Enright Mr. Elden M. Esmeralda ‘82 and Mrs. Shelly Esmeralda ◊ Mr. Ed and Mrs. Kathy Felipe

Ms. Teresita Garcia Ms. Vicki Gaynor Mr. Scott Gehring ‘68 Mrs. Cheryl Kunimune ‘75 Gesik Mr. Lester S. Gibo ‘72 Mrs. Paula Lee Wallace Gillespie ‘64 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn K. Ginoza Mr. Ryan T. Ginoza ‘01 Mrs. Kimberly Nakagami ‘97 Gleason Mr. Lance Goetz and Mrs. Jill Yamasato Mrs. Betty Doi ‘53 Gomes Mrs. Kimberly Alden ‘90 Gonzalez and Mr. Omar Gonzalez ◊ Mrs. Joyce Lee ‘56 Goo Mrs. Vivian W.M. Goo Mr. and Mrs. Reynaldo R. Gose Mrs. Gabrielle Wong ‘96 Gouveia and Mr. Kaeo Gouveia Mr. Edgar Guillermo ◊ Mrs. Cora Cabebe ‘73 Gushikuma and Mr. Wayne Gushikuma Ms. Corine C. Gushikuma ‘10 Mr. Wade N.S. Gushikuma ‘10 Mr. Wyatt M. Gushikuma ‘10 Mr. and Mrs. Randall E. Ha Mrs. Monica Luke ‘84 Hahn and Mr. Michael Hahn Mr. Nicholas Haigler Mr. Kirk and Mrs. Jennifer Halemano Mrs. Lorraine Chamizo ‘60 Hamilton and Mr. David Hamilton Hanafuda Hawaii LLC Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Hannan

Mr. Clifford Ferreira ‘55

Mr. John Hao Sr. ‘62 and Mrs. Amy Nuuhiwa Hao

Mrs. Debra Lum ‘81 Fikac and Mr. Anthony Fikac

Mr. John Harada and Mrs. Helen Chong

Mr. Michael Finamore

Mrs. Reyna Hashimoto ‘89 and Mr. Scott Hashimoto


Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hayashida HEI Charitable Foundation

Young Spartan Gets Moving to Make a Difference

Mrs. Elizabeth Haggood ‘39 Helfrich HEMIC Foundation Ms. Julia M. Hengel Mr. Brian Higa ‘97 and Mrs. Korynne Higa Mr. Ray M. Higa ‘69 Mr. Roger and Mrs. Maureen Higa Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Higuchi Mr. Scott and Mrs. Brandi Hino Mr. Paul and Mrs. Gayle Hironaka Mr. and Mrs. John Ho Mrs. Jamielyn Hobbs Dr. Marcia F.J. Ho-Gatto ‘82 Mr. Clifton Hokama Mr. Robin Hollison and Mrs. Charmaine Yee-Hollison Honolulu Business Service Kemamo Hookano Mrs. LeAnne Mistysyn ‘97 Howard and Mr. Wes Howard Ms. Kyree Hummel IC Construction, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Cris V. Ildefonso Mrs. Christine H. Imoto Mr. and Mrs. John V. Imperial Mr. Shane and Mrs. Rosa Ishihara Island Veterinary Care, LLC ◊ Mrs. M. Yoshino ‘75 Jennings and Mr. J. Jennings Mrs. Beatrice Iwamoto ‘49 Jost Mr. Brandon Kaai ‘92 and Ms. Tenaya Calhoun Mr. Jory and Mrs. Mary Ann Kahele Mr. Aaron Kailio and Mrs. Anolani Badua ‘00 Kailio Mr. Dalan J. Kam ‘22 Kam Designs LLC ◊ Mr. and Mrs. Wayne K.M. Kam ◊ Mr. and Mrs. Haruyuki Kamemoto Mr. and Mrs. Warren S. Kanai Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kanenaga ◊ Mrs. Betty Yoneda ‘55 Kaneshige and Mr. George Kaneshige Mrs. Mary N.I. Kano Ms. Mary Ann Kaopua Mr. and Mrs. Guy N. Katayama Mr. Jayson and Mrs. Nella Kauwenaole Mrs. Leigh Kawakami ‘60 and Mr. Ray Kawakami ◊ Mrs. Darcie Au ‘90 Kawamura and Mr. Jon Kawamura Ms. Mia E. Kawamura ‘05 Mr. Reece M. Kawamura ‘26 Mr. Wyatt M. Kawamura ‘26


Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Minori Hung

With limited extracurricular activities last year, teachers looked for creative ways to send kids outside. In February 2021, Maryknoll School held a virtual Spartan Run: students committed to getting active in any way they enjoyed. Their family and friends could donate to Maryknoll in support of their activities. Around the time of the Spartan Run, Jedi Bello ’32 was celebrating his 7th birthday and had a terrific idea: he would combine his Spartan Run activities with his birthday celebration. Holding a drive-by party, he asked friends and family to donate to Maryknoll School instead of gifting him birthday presents, in support of him being physically active. Dad, Jon, created a party flyer with a QR code to encourage folks to easily donate. It worked—Jedi’s efforts raised over $1,000! Sometimes, younger students don’t exactly understand the meaning of Maryknoll’s motto, Noblesse Oblige – to whom much is given, much is expected. When asked if he knew what it meant, Jedi said that he did; in fact, it was something he learned from his dad. Mr. Bello explained, “I have a longstanding relationship with Maryknoll, even before Jedi started school here. When I learned about Noblesse Oblige being the school’s motto, I was impressed. So I started to teach the meaning of it to Jedi at a young age.” From hole-punching ID cards to helping with PPE materials, Jedi has volunteered his time to helping his dad and family at community events. Although his dad explained the concept of Noblesse Oblige to him, Jedi learned the meaning through his own hands-on volunteerism. He enjoys helping others. When asked how he felt about raising funds for Maryknoll School instead of getting birthday gifts, he replied, “It was fun and I felt happy!” We’re so grateful that Jedi plans to continue to live Noblesse Oblige, as well as stay active. Jedi loves to play with his younger brother, Bodhi, who keeps him on his toes. And when asked about his plans for the weekend, Jedi replied that he would be playing flag football - one of his favorite ways to go outside and get moving!

Ms. Lorraine Kay



The late Mr. Paul Kealoha ‘54 and Mrs. Faith Cardoza ‘54 Kealoha Mr. Noland and Mrs. Christina Keaulana Dr. Mari Ann Zeiler ‘82 Keithahn and Dr. Stephen T. Keithahn Mr. Kristopher C. Kern ‘98 ◊ Mrs. Lucille L. Kern Mr. Cy and Mrs. Hong Kihara Mrs. Lina Kikuta ‘63 and Mr. Dwight K. Kikuta Ms. Annette Lum ‘92 Kim Mrs. Faye Spencer ‘63 Kim and Mr. Anthony Kim Mr. Huck Kim Dr. Sylvia D.Y. Kim-Sioda ‘83 and Dr. Paul A. Sioda Mr. and Mrs. Art Kimura Mr. Dennis King and Mrs. Zhongli Yu Dr. Emmanuel Kintu Mrs. Erin Ginoza ‘02 Kirihara Mr. Patrick E. Klein ‘95 ◊ Mrs. Virginia M. Klein ‘64 and Mr. Edward F. Klein Mr. Jason F. Knight ‘96 Ms. Danette Kobayashi Mrs. Be-Jay Upchurch ‘81 Kodama and Mr. Gregg Kodama

Mrs. Suzanne S. Matsuda ‘66

Dr. Damon and Mrs. Cheryl Lee

Mrs. Claire Akamine ‘64 Matsumoto

Mr. Hobbes and Mrs. Tari Lee

Mrs. Maureen Matsuura

Dr. Irwin and Mrs. Irene Lee

The late Mrs. Krissie K. Mattis ‘90

Mrs. Jennifer Mew ‘64 Lee

Mrs. Carolyn Wong ‘56 Mau

Mrs. Lorraine Lee ‘59

Mr. Steve Mau ‘97 and Mrs. Sabrina Mau

Mr. Jacob Legaspi

Mr. Kekoa and Mrs. Makana McClellan

Mr. Lance Leong and Mrs. Andrea Hussey-Leong

Mrs. Claudia Tom ‘62 McCloskey

Mr. Russell Leu

Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Heidi McGivern

Mr. Tim Li and Ms. Lili Zhang

Ms. Patricia McMaster

Ms. Jennifer A. Lim

Mrs. Cynthia N. Medeiros

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Ling

Mrs. Melodee Barkus ‘60 Metzger

Mrs. Dale B. McIntyre Lipton ‘66

Mrs. Carol Meyer ‘80 and Mr. William Meyer

Mr. Garrett Liu and Mrs. Colleen Yoda ‘75 Liu

Ms. Josephine L. Michelakis

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Liu

◊ Mrs. Cafey N. Millard

Ms. Shay T. Loftus ‘83

◊ Ms. Cary Jane Miller ‘64

Mrs. Jacqueline Loo

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde G. Min ‘67

Ms. Patti Look

Mr. Stephen Miranda ‘55 and Mrs. Kathleen Parker Miranda

Mr. Jonah B. Loomis ‘29 Mr. Noah W. Loomis ‘28

Mrs. Theresa M. Koki ‘71

Ms. Tina B. Loos ‘18

Mr. Jeffrey Konn ‘70 and Mrs. Liane Morihara ‘70 Konn

Ms. Amber Losbog

Mrs. Elizabeth Kudo ‘63 Mrs. Elyse Kukonu ‘71 and Mr. Daniel Houk Dr. Stephen ‘67 and Mrs. Deborah Kula Mr. Todd Kuniyoshi and Dr. Maria Chun Mrs. Marlene T. Kurihara Mr. Lawson S. Kurosu ‘10 Mr. Waley C.M. Kwock ‘64 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ky ◊ Mr. Arnold and Mrs. Paulette Laanui Dr. Roderick Labrador and Ms. Christine Quemuel Mr. Ednelson Laciste and Mrs. Jennifer Kanai-Laciste ‘90 Mr. and Mrs. Nin Wah Lam Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C.K. Lam Dr. Dolly Echiverri ‘66 Langen and Mr. David Langen Mrs. Linda Jo Langley ‘67 and Mr. Lawrence Louis Langley

Mrs. Frankie A. Lucas Mr. David and Mrs. Patricia Ludlow Mr. Ricky and Mrs. Katherine Lui Mrs. Franchon W.Q. Luke ‘82 Ms. Stacey S. H. Luke ‘85 Ms. Theresa Luke Mr. Albert Lum ‘50 and Mrs. Alma Lum ‘51 Mr. David ‘61 and Mrs. Patricia Lum Ms. Michelle M.G. Lum ‘07 Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred W.C. Lum Mr. Richard Lung ‘60 and Mrs. Louella Lung ‘64 Mr. John and Mrs. Stephanie Madriaga Patty Lum ‘65 Maffit Dr. Rochelle A. Mahoe ‘88 and Mr. Albert Mahoe Ms. Celeste Malia ‘98 and Mr. Anthony Craun Mr. Scott Marciel and Mrs. Jayne Lee Mr. James and Mrs. Jeanne Marn Ms. Annette L. Martin Mrs. Catherine Martin ‘52

Mr. Howard and Mrs. Gloria Lao

Ms. Maegen N.L. Martin ‘15

Stephanie M. Lape, M.D. ‘97

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Marumoto

Mrs. Christine Lau ‘74 and Dr. Bertram Lau

Ms. Alexandria Maruyama

◊ Mrs. Claire Chong ‘50 Lau and Mr. Merton Lau

Maryknoll Class of 1997

Mr. Dennis Lau ‘67 and Mrs. Reinette Lau

Ms. Maile Masada

Dr. Jonathan K.H. Lau ‘91

Mr. Niraj Maskey and Mrs. Yi-Ju Chen

FALL 2021

Mr. Jon H. Miki

Mr. Robert Loewenstein and Ms. Julie Ann Uyemura

Lila A. Loos, Ph.D.

Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Sachiko Kudo

◊ Mrs. Mary Jane McMillan and Mr. Roland Santos

Mr. and Mrs. Cory P. Lindo

Ms. Laura M. Kodama

◊ Dr. Jerold and Mrs. Lori Kouchi


Mrs. Louise M. Lau

Mr. Thomas P. Mistysyn Dr. Brandon and Dr. Anh Mitsuda Mr. Walter Miyamoto Mr. and Mrs. Denis Y. Miyashiro ‘65 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Miyashiro Mrs. Winona Miyashiro ‘62 and Mr. Patrick Miyashiro Mr. Ryan Miyashita Mrs. Rie Mizumura Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Morey Mr. and Mrs. James G. Morihara Mr. Shane Morimatsu and Dr. Kelly Shimabukuro Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Morinaga ◊ Mr. James Morris II ‘85 and Mrs. Doreen Leong ‘84 Morris ◊ Mr. Jim and Mrs. Yvonne ‘63 Morris Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Marilou Mortimer Ms. Theresa T.L. Mui ‘74 Ms. Arsima A. Muller ‘97 ◊ Ms. Patricia A.C. Muneno ‘67 Mrs. Lynn T. Murata-Tsang ‘69 Mr. Reid L. Muromoto ‘17 Ms. Merrilee F. Barkus Murphy ‘59 Mr. Robert Murray and Mrs. Serena Twu-Murray ◊ Mr. Dan Nagami and Mrs. Robin Aipa-Nagami Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Nagata Mr. Alvin and Mrs. Karen Naguwa Mr. Dudley and Mrs. Patricia Naito Ms. Kaya Naiwi Mr. Lincoln and Mrs. Dawn Naiwi Ms. Kristen B. Nakagawa ‘22

Ms. Taryn A. Nakagawa ‘21

Mr. Herman and Mrs. Lisa Nillos

Mr. Troy S. Nakagawa

Ms. Toni Nishida

Mr. Brandon Nakahara and Ms. Brenda Corpuz

Mr. John and Mrs. Natalie Nishida

Mr. Lincoln and Mrs. Lynn Oshiro

Mrs. Adora Aoki ‘44 Nakamura

Mr. Satoru and Mrs. Gertrude Nishida

Mr. Gotaro Oshitari ‘06

Mrs. Karen Nakamura ‘62 and Mr. Bertram Nakamura

Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Roxanne Nishijima

Mr. Christopher Otto and Mrs. Raylynn Mendes-Otto

Mr. Wayne Nakashima

Mrs. Lorraine Sawai ‘54 Noda

Ms. Gladys M. Oyama

◊ Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nakasone

Mrs. Iris M. Oshiro ◊ Mr. Lester and Mrs. Deanna Oshiro

Dr. Harry T. Nomura ‘47

Mrs. Claire M. Paishon

Mr. Eric Nakayama

Mrs. Caroline Unciano ‘82 Norwood

Mr. and Mrs. Cleighton Pang

Mr. Charles and Mrs. Suzanne Nakoa

Mr. Terrence O’Brien

Mr. Dennis Pang

Mrs. Wilma M. Ogimi ‘68 and Mr. Tom T. Ogimi

Mr. Donavan Pang and Ms. Trieu Chau Le

Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo P. Narciso

Mrs. Nancy Wakayama ‘54 Oide

Mrs. Denise Park

Mrs. June Chun ‘55 Naughton

Mr. Justin M. Okamoto ‘06

Ms. Ponemany Pellett

Mr. Joseph C. Neilson ‘65

Mr. Ernest and Mrs. Lucille Okinaga

Mr. Brady and Mrs. Dawn Perreira

Mr. Vaughn and Mrs. Laverne Nekota

Mrs. Tracy Konn ‘99 Olds

Mrs. Keala Jones ‘87 Peters and Mr. Colin Peters

Mr. and Mrs. John Nelson

Ms. Amy Onaka

Mr. Michael Pettingill ‘63 and Mrs. Jeanne Pettingill

Mrs. Sylvia Costa ‘54 Neves

Mr. Glen and Mrs. Mary Jeanne Onato

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Peyton

Mr. Shaun and Mrs. Tessa Ng

Dr. Jane Onoye

Mr. Dale and Mrs. Erika Phillips

Mr. Chadwick and Mrs. Kanako Ngai

Mr. Frederick Chang ‘54 and Mrs. Betty Ontai-Chang ‘54

Mr. Brett and Mrs. Zofia Plummer

◊ Mrs. Leocadia Kaopuiki Naone ‘60

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Roberta Nickel Ms. Claudia Nihei Mr. Lanakila and Mrs. Shellie Ann Niles

Mr. William and Mrs. Mamo Ornellas Mr. Brian Oshiro

Mr. James Poyo and Mrs. Angela Yogi Mrs. Darlene M. Raffanello Mr. Jeremy J. Ramos ‘07


Living her Dream What were your dreams as a child? What did you want to be when you grew up? Kelli Ann Ching ’06 knew her goal in elementary school: to teach at Maryknoll. A Spartan since kindergarten, she bleeds maroon and gold. When she started teaching here in 2018, she reflects, “It was me coming home.” Creativity and energy radiate from the second-grade teacher who tries her best every day and models this drive for her students. “I want my students to know they can go farther than they have ever imagined. Don’t set the bar low. When you set it high, go higher,” Kelli says. Students matter to her and she hopes that she impacts their lives in a positive way. She says that she gets “chicken skin” when she thinks about how she might inspire them to follow their dreams; maybe become teachers themselves and be colleagues with them one day!

In fact, Kelli considers herself lucky to work alongside one of her fondest teachers, Mrs. Shana Tong ’83, who made her feel at ease with a wink or smile. She credits her guidance counselor, Mr. Michael Amore ’79, with making time to talk with her and showing her patience. A third favorite, Mrs. Suzanne McLaughlin, showed Kelli how to act with grace and be a servant of God. These teachers, along with Kelli’s mother who modeled generosity and empathy, helped to shape Kelli into the excellent teacher she is today. Maryknoll is fortunate to have Kelli as a teacher who encourages her students to put their best efforts forward. While she gives tirelessly of her time and talent to her students, she also supports the school as a donor. She believes that it’s important to give back to a place that helped her blossom. Citing Noblesse Oblige, she tells her students to give back not only when it is expected, but whenever they can. “You never know how you can brighten someone’s day and [how] even the smallest act can change a person’s life,” Kelli explains. She wants her students and their families to know that she considers them her Maryknoll family as well, that we all support one another. “We may be a small school,” she adds, “but we are definitely big at heart.”



Mrs. K. Nina Rapozo ‘54 and Mr. Gordon Rapozo

Mr. David and Mrs. Marissa Sugano

Mr. Aaron Rauckhorst ‘98 and Mrs. Dana Fukuda ‘98 Rauckhorst

Mr. Eugene and Mrs. Sheila Sumida

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome E. Rauckhorst Mr. and Mrs. Harvey K. Recarte Mr. Chad S. Resari ‘55 Mrs. Diana Jeremiah ‘60 Rittmeister and Mr. Richard Rittmeister Ms. Susan Porter ‘64 Robinson and Mr. Douglas Craig Mr. William C. Robinson ‘75 Mr. Robert Roesener CFP® ‘09 Mrs. Tana H. Rosehill ‘74 Ms. Nancy Y. Ruan ‘08 Mr. Marc Rubenstein Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Sagadraca Ms. Deborah Sagapolutele Ms. Jan P. Sage ‘79 ◊ Ms. Naomi Saito and Mr. Robert Love

Mr. Stephen S. Sung ‘00 Mr. and Mrs. Ken Sur Mr. Ronald R. Svetz ‘70 Mr. James and Mrs. Lorraine Sylva Mr. and Mrs. Russell M. Sypowicz ‘01 ◊ Mrs. Benedith Tabiolo-Ventura and Mr. Leonard Ventura Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn M. Taira Ms. Dana Takahara-Dias Mrs. Doris N. Takara Mr. and Mrs. Clifford K. Tamura Mr. and Mrs. James Tan Mr. Chad Tanaka and Mrs. Carrie Fujitani Mrs. Lauralei Morgan ‘87 Tanaka and Mr. Jordon Tanaka

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sakamoto

Mr. Clayton Tang

Mr. Roland and Mrs. Lynn Sambueno

Mrs. Megan Carnate ‘97 Tang

Mr. Osmand and Mrs. Priscilla Saoit

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tanoura

Ms. Heather Y. Sato

Mr. and Mrs. Chester K. Tatsumura

Mrs. Margaret Goto ‘45 Sato

Mrs. Brenda Tavares-Ham ‘63 and Mr. Kevin Ham

Mr. Lance and Mrs. Melanie Sawai

Mrs. Kathleen M. Teruya ‘68 and Mr. Claude S. Teruya

Mr. Eric and Mrs. Lissa Schiff

The Walt Disney Company Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Schraff

Mr. Nicholas and Mrs. Teri Theuriet

Mrs. Marcie Ann Schwarz ‘79 and Mr. Patrick Schwarz

Mrs. Janeen Haleamau ‘79 Tirrell and Mr. Robert Tirrell

Mr. Anthony “Tino” Sellitto III ‘83 Mrs. Lynette Mau ‘69 Seto Mr. Walt Shaw ‘89 Ms. Iris R. Shimabukuro ‘75 Mr. Jarrett and Mrs. Kristen Shimizu Mr. Rodney Shimizu ‘67 and Mrs. Emiko Shimizu Mrs. Brenda Anne Shin ‘85 and Mr. Paul Shin Kazuo Shirakawa Mr. Roy L. Shults ‘66 Mr. Clayton P. Silva, Jr. Mr. Thomas Silva ‘66 and Mrs. Cindy Silva Mr. Noel Simbajon and Mrs. Melchora GuillenSimbajon Mrs. Edwina Lau ‘57 Siu and Mr. Stanley Siu ◊ Mrs. Ann Mary Siu-Kinder ‘81 and Mr. John Kinder

Ms. Beverly S.K. Tom ‘72 Mr. Peter Tom ‘83 and Mrs. Jamie Lum ‘83 Tom Mr. Tamafaiga Tuiteleleapaga and Ms. Keala Kamai

Mr. Robert Upchurch ‘80

FALL 2021

◊ Mrs. Kit U Wong ‘06 Mr. Kyle A. Wong ‘89 Mrs. Leona Tom ‘65 Wong Mr. and Mrs. Mark C.M. Wong Mr. Mark and Mrs. Rhonda Wong Mrs. Shari Wong ‘83 and Mr. Stanley Kubota Mr. and Mrs. Timothy S.C. Wong Mr. and Mrs. Wendell S.H. Wong Mrs. Lisa Wong-Yamamoto ‘84 and Mr. Lee Yamamoto Mrs. Isabella Grohmann ‘80 Wooldridge Mr. Shannon K. Wright Dr. Susan Wynne-Piters ‘71 and Dr. Kenneth Piters Mr. Reggie and Mrs. Myra Yamada Mr. Dean and Mrs. Catherine Yamamoto ◊ Mrs. Sandra M. Yamane Ms. Gail T. Yamashita Mr. Kenneth K. Yamashita Dr. Garret H. Yanagi ‘46 and Mrs. Nancy Yanagi Mr. David and Mrs. Christine Yang ◊ Mrs. Eloise Uyeda ‘55 Yano

◊ Ms. Pamela J. Yoon ‘68 Deacon Walter and Mrs. Frances Yoshimitsu

Mr. and Mrs. Bernardo O. Ursulum

Mrs. Marlene S. Yoshimoto ‘80 and Mr. Stanley Yoshimoto

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Ursulum Mrs. Michelle Arakawa ‘81 Ushio and Mr. Glenn Ushio Mr. and Mrs. James A. Uy Ms. Coraleen Valdez ‘73 Mr. and Mrs. Norman B. Valentin ◊ Mr. Ben ‘84 and Mrs. Katy Valle

Mr. Jeffrey Scott Ventura ‘88 and Mrs. Suzanne Ventura

Maick Su

Mrs. Deanna W.L. Wong ‘84 ◊ Mr. Kingsley W.G. Wong ‘63

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Urasaki

Mrs. Monica Souza ‘60 and Mr. Albert Souza

Jony Su

Mrs. Catherine Salado ‘55 Wong and Mr. Gordon Wong

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas H. Yoo ‘80

Mr. Bhanu and Dr. Vijaya Vellanki

Mr. Richard F. Strawn II ‘64

Mr. Bryant W.C. Wong ‘74

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Yokoyama

Mr. Eric N. Sorensen

Mr. Jay Stone ‘88 and Mrs. JoAnn Stone

Mrs. Betty L. Wong

Dr. Michael and Dr. Tracie Umaki

Mr. and Mrs. John West Vannatta

Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Jianna Stevenson

Mrs. Jennifer Ishii ‘91 Willing ◊ Mr. David F. Won ‘74

Mr. Jon and Mrs. Lisa Tulchin

Mr. Aaron A. Soong ‘62

Col. Brian J. Spitzer ‘66


◊ Mrs. Joan Kwock ‘56 Sung

◊ Mrs. Tiffany Young ‘97 Williamson and Mr. Shawn Williamson

Mr. Elix Villafuerte ‘87 and Mrs. Vicky Villafuerte

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Yoshizaki ◊ Ms. Carol M. Young ‘58 Mr. Gerald D.J. Young ‘75 Dr. Richard S.K. Young ‘65 and Mrs. Dorothy T. Young Dr. Robert Young ‘59 and Mrs. Virginia Lum ‘72 Mr. Ronald Young ‘57 Mr. Sebastian and Mrs. EunHee Young Mrs. Sylvia S.E. Young ‘58 and Mr. Ronald T.C. Young Ms. Charla Yu ‘92 ◊ Mr. Kenn and Mrs. Kimberly Yuen

Ms. Na Wang

Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Zerbe, Jr.

Mrs. Virginia Lum ‘52 Wat and Dr. Herman Wat

Mr. Zhi Hong Zhang and Mrs. Ching Man Lau

Mr. Scott and Mrs. Kandyce Watanabe

Mrs. Mimi McClendon ‘73 Zoll

Theresa Y. Wee, M.D. ‘72


Adopting a Spartan Legacy of Giving


Ms. Magalys Abreu Ms. Kari Acebo Mr. Dale Acoba Mr. Matthew Adams Ms. Charlynn Adversalo Mrs. Ashley Labasan ‘02 Agcaoili Ms. Melony Agliam ‘97 Ms. Catherine Affatica ‘64 Agor Ms. Leslie Ann Agpaoa Mr. Rodney Agpaoa Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Agpaoa Ms. Imelda Aguiran Mrs. Aonani Ahakuelo-Chernisky ‘72 and Mr. Joseph Chernisky Mrs. Patricia Andrews ‘87 Ahn and Mr. Lawrence Ahn Mr. Todd Ajari

For Andrew Ancheta ’17, Catholicism is a central part of his identity. Attending Catholic schools throughout his life, he currently works in Chaminade University’s Admissions Office and next fall, he plans to pursue his master’s degree at the school.

Mrs. Kathleen Akiona-Perreira

His faith inspired his current path. “I look to Jesus as an example of the life I want to live, and that means affecting as many people as possible – even if I haven’t met them – in a positive and uplifting way, whatever that is,” says Andrew.

Mr. Sherwin Alop

It’s important to him to give back to a community that built him up – like Maryknoll has – once he has transitioned on. He strongly believes in intergenerational support, older folks helping younger ones. Andrew feels it’s his turn to continue that legacy and help future generations of Maryknoll alumni.

Mr. Kellen Asao

Andrew goes on to say, “[Giving] keeps that Spartan Spirit alive, it keeps the community strong. Maryknoll is a strong, beautiful community that I am proud to be a part of. I can’t give too much of my time, but I can give a little financial assistance to those students who want to be at Maryknoll, to help give them the experience I had.” A sustaining donor since 2020, he plans to continue his monthly gift, increasing the amount incrementally as his career advances.

Mr. Lenny D.W. Au ‘97 and Mrs. Jenny E.N. Au

Since eighth grade, Andrew had planned to become a doctor in order to help people. However, in college, he didn’t feel any joy while taking science and research classes. Instead, he found fulfillment in leading students in community projects; he found passion in mentoring those students to become leaders themselves. He realized that medicine was not the only venue for him to positively affect people’s lives. Andrew concludes, “In medicine, you must treat your patients how they need to be specifically treated, according to their condition. Well, I’m looking to translate that into education – I want to help students with whatever they need to grow and accomplish their goals. Seeing that growth happen and seeing students chasing their dreams – it’s so inspiring. It’s a beautiful process.”

Ms. Donna Albano Mrs. Beverly Shinnick ‘56 Aldrich Mr. Joshua J. Almanza ‘97 Mr. Andrew P. Ancheta II ‘17 Mr. and Mrs. George Arelliano Mr. William A. Arnemann Mr. Les and Mrs. Kim Asato Mr. Baldwin Au Mrs. Della Au Belatti ‘92 and Mr. Michael Belatti Mr. Dean D.C. Au ‘93 Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Bacnis, Jr. Mr. Adam W.H. Bajinting ‘11 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bajinting Mrs. Diane O’Grady ‘63 Bakdash Mr. Jesse K. Baker ‘24 Mr. Jeffrey M. Bal ‘97 Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Jaslyn Balberdi Ms. Sheryl Banday Mr. John Banquil, Jr. Ms. Josephine Barrientos Mr. Ken Barrow and Mrs. Catherine Kawada Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Bauer Mrs. Dolores Grohmann ‘78 Beddow and Mr. Bradley Beddow Ms. Amber M. Belcher ‘00 Mr. and Mrs. Gary F. Belcher Ms. Aileen Bello Mr. Roger Benicta



Ms. Lynn Benny

Mr. Kristopher J.A.F. Co ‘02

Ms. Juliet Garcia

Mrs. Darlene Kojo ‘67 Benton

Ms. Melissa Coash

Mr. Robert Garcia

Ms. Kerianne Bernard

Ms. Courtnee A.M. Collins ‘18

Mrs. Phyllis Boner ‘55 Gardner

Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Emily Bobbitt

Ms. Jessie Jo Crites

Mr. Wade and Mrs. Margaret Garlin

Boeing Matching Gifts

Mr. Adam and Mrs. Young Ok Cua

Ms. Enriqueta Gascon

Mrs. Marla A. Boley ‘82 and Mr. Frank D. Boley

Mr. and Mrs. Jacinto Cua

Wenzie Gerry

Ms. Sharon Bolmeier

Mrs. Keala V. Cupp ‘69

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Hsiaowen Gillespie

Ms. Natalie Bradshaw

Mrs. Naty Dadiz

Mr. Jason Gomez

Mr. Steven Brandt

Ms. Mary Ellen de Leon

Mr. Armindo Gonzalez

Kehau Bugado

Ms. Candace DeJohn

Mr. Clyde and Mrs. Jocelyn Goo

Mr. Robert W. Bulger ‘62

Mr. Patrick K. A. Deparini ‘93

Ms. Marisah M.Y. Goo ‘19

Ms. Pamela Burdine

Ms. Patricia Derby

Mr. and Mrs. Milton Goo

Miss Amanda Cadiz

Ms. B. Natalie Dias

Mr. Mitchell B. Goo ‘97

Mrs. Karen Yap ‘66 Cahill

Ms. Richelle Doctolero

Ms. Vivian Goo

Mrs. Lynette Yap Cahill ‘65

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Domanay

Ms. Marianne T. Camagan ‘97

Ms. Desiree L. Duarte ‘11

Mrs. June Mattos ‘75 Gorgonio and Mr. Lawrence Gorgonio

Ms. Marina Campbell

Mr. Desmond Duarte

Mrs. Alison Kam ‘97 Campos

Ms. Shirley Dusendschon

Mr. Brandon and Mrs. Erika Candelario

Mr. Amadeo Esperanza

Mrs. Shauna K. Candia ‘75 and Mr. Carl John Schlack

Mr. Brandon Estrella

Mr. Xiande Cao and Mrs. Tingting Lin

Mr. John Etter

Ms. Lexi A. Carlos ‘20

Mr. Moses Fellez-Rodrigues and Ms. Lisa Ko

Ms. Logan A. Carlos ‘18

Julian, Dominic and Jacob Fernandes

Ms. Sandra Carranza

Ms. Merlyn Fernandez

Mr. Jose Castellanos and Ms. Eleu Ornellas

Ms. Ruby Fernandez

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Elizabeth Caulfield

Mr. and Mrs. William Fernandez

Mrs. Dara M. Cavaco-Caballero ‘98

Mrs. Nicole Yoshiko Ferrara ‘97 and Mr. Travis Ferrara

Governor and Mrs. Benjamin J. Cayetano

Mr. Nevin and Mrs. Suzanne Field

Mr. William Cayetano and Ms. Pei Yu

Ahokava Fine

Mr. Ronny Chan

Mr. Charles Fine

Ms. Stephanie Chan

Sima Fine

Ms. Carolyn Chandler

Mrs. Sima Fine-Atualevao

Mr. Kevin Chandler

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Floyd

The late Mrs. Esther Lee ‘47 Chee

Ms. Eunice P. Fong

Mr. Richard Cheney Mr. and Mrs. Joe Y.C. Cheng

Kaaiahua Francis

Mr. Ivan Chik

Ms. Ruth Freedman, R.N.

Mr. Channing and Mrs. Gayle Ching

Mr. Jared Fuchigami and Ms. Kessy Kepaa

Mr. Grant Ching ‘95 and Mrs. Stacy Kanno-Ching ‘93

Mrs. Lillian Yoshimoto ‘47 Fujihara

Ms. Leigh Ching

Ms. Caitlyn T. Fujiwara ‘18

Ms. Mariko Ching

Ms. Cassidy K. Fujiwara ‘19

Mr. Scott Chong

Mr. McClyde Gaborno

Mr. Shannon K. Chong

Mr. Lindsey D. Gamiao

◊ Mr. Darryl Choy ‘90

Raejean Gamiao

Ms. Michele Choy

Ms. Marylou Ganir

Mr. Michael J. Chu ‘01

Ms. Janice Ganoy

Mr. Gregory Chun ‘91 and Mrs. Kristen Chun

Miss Marrie Ganoy

◊ Mr. and Mrs. Joe Y.F. Chun


◊ Foodland Super Market, Ltd.

Mr. Rogelio and Mrs. Marilou Ganoy

Mrs. Marie Alina ‘57 Chun

Mr. Voltaire Gansit and Ms. Eligie Mae Pinacate

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Y.H. Co

Ms. Merry A. Gantley

FALL 2021

Ms. Lilia Gray Ms. Capri Greene Mr. Raymond Greene and Ms. Jody Ramos Mr. Richard T. Greene ‘97 Mrs. Maria Anna Guevara and Dr. Paul Guevara Mrs. Sydney Kam ‘82 Gutierrez Mr. Ryan Hamandon Mr. Eugene J. Hanratty ‘62 Ms. Susan Hashimoto Ms. Rose Hata Mr. Paul Hayashi Mr. Wilfred and Mrs. Evelyn Hee Ms. Madeline Heil Ms. Jan Heiser Mr. Daniel Y.T. Hew ‘70 Ms. Janice S. Higa ‘72 Mr. Ty and Mrs. Nicole Higa Mr. and Mrs. David K. Higashiguchi Ms. Alyssa Higuchi Ms. Lorena Higuera Ms. Elizabeth Hill Ms. Julianne Hiu Mr. Brian and Mrs. Tracy Hiyane Mr. Jonathan Ho Mr. Lawrence Ho ◊ Mr. Michael and Mrs. Cynthia Ho Mr. Bryson Hoe Ms. Staci D. Hogan ‘76 Mrs. Jana Hollenbeck ‘61 Mrs. Valerie Hung ‘62 Holler Mrs. Kaylene L. Holub ‘60 Ms. Napua N. Hookano Mrs. Mary Aki ‘57 Huihui Ms. Carolyn Hulten Mr. Kealaka’i Hussey ‘04 and Mrs. Benah Hussey

Mrs. Noraine Sue Ichikawa ‘68

Mr. Mosese and Mrs. Melanie Koli

Mr. Nestor Idica and Mrs. Nita Ganio-Idica

Mrs. Beatrice Kam ‘54 Kong

Ms. Cheryl Ann Ikeda

◊ Mrs. Becky Kotake

Ms. Jessica Marker ◊ Mrs. Charlene Martin Mr. Peter Martinez

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Imbo, Jr. ‘64

Ms. Jenai Santee ‘98 Kubo

Mr. John Mason

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Inatsuka

Ms. Andrea Kubota

Mr. James Mateo

Ms. Jodi Inoue

Ms. Camrie Kubota

Mr. Ellis M. Matro ‘08

Mr. Aaron Inouye

Mr. Mark and Mrs. Taryn Kumamoto

Matson Navigation Company, Inc.

Mr. Brandon J. Inouye ‘97

Mr. Clarence Lam

Ms. Betty Matsubara

Ms. Dawn M. Inouye

Ms. Ngoc Lam

Mr. Russell and Mrs. Kareen Mau

Mr. Douglas H. Inouye

Mr. Jerry Lambert and Ms. Elizabeth Burgin

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Susan McGinn

Mr. Travis Inouye

Ms. Angela Lanaris

Ms. Sofia McGuire

Mr. Jerry Ishibashi ‘97 and Mrs. Elizabeth Ohno ‘98 Ishibashi

Mr. Ky Lao and Mrs. Vikki Kaya-Lao

Mr. Jemuel Val G. Melegrito ‘28

Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Stella Laroza

Mr. and Mrs. Mario Melegrito

Ms. Diana Laroza

Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Leticia Melegrito

Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Lastor

Mrs. Karen Paula Mendes ‘82

Ms. Jill Lau

Ms. Laurie Chock ‘64 Miki

Mr. Marc Devon Lau ‘03

Ms. Lynn E. Mitchell

Ms. Alison L. Lee

Mr. Todd and Mrs. Stephanie Miyahara

Mr. James G. Lee, Jr. ‘82

Mr. Matthew Miyahira

Mr. Jeffrey Lee

Ms. Evelyn Miyashiro

Ms. Karen Lee

Mr. Robert Miyashita

Mr. Paul and Mrs. Alice Lee

Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Pui Yee Cecilia Moats

Mrs. Shirley Ann Liu Lee ‘53

Ms. Lauren Moats

Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Moniz

Mrs. Francine Lee-Kadota ‘77 and Mr. Alan Kadota

Ms. Tracy Lynn Monsarrat ‘75

Ms. Sondra Leiggi

Ms. Anya Moore

Ms. Bonnie Leong

Ms. Emily Moore

Ms. Leiana U. Leong ‘19

Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Heather Morgado

Ms. Grace Leung

Ms. Mariah Morgado ‘21

Mr. Jonathan Li ‘18

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Morita

Mr. Troy Kamiya

Mr. Kun Hang Liang and Ms. Karen Tam

Mr. Michael Moskal ‘95 and Ms. Leanna Lui

Ms. Rosemary Kam-Pabingwit

Mr. Carl and Mrs. Sara Light

Mr. and Mrs. Allan H. Murakami

Mr. Vaughn and Mrs. Wendi Kanenaga

Chris Liu

Mr. Ross Murakami and Ms. Erin Kobayashi

Ms. Emi Kaneshiro

Mr. Travis M. Liu ‘07

Ms. TiaRose L.T. Nagami ‘18

Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Kimberly Kaneshiro

Ms. Melissa Lockyer

Mr. Michael Naito ‘90 and Mrs. Michelle Naito

Ms. Kristi Kang

Ms. Meredith A. Loo

Dr. Todd and Mrs. Brigitte Nakagawa

Ms. Vivian Karleen

Mr. Matt Loper

Ms. Kristyna Nakamatsu

Ms. Alyssa Y.L. Kawamura ‘19

Ms. Jennie Lopez

Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Nakamura

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis S. Kawasaka

Mr. Jason Louie

Ms. Stephanie M.Nakamura ‘02

Mr. Larry Kekaulike

Mr. Wayne Lovell ‘64 and Mrs. Noho Lovell

Mr. Lloyd Nakao

Ms. Dawn Kelley

Mr. James and Mrs. Cynthia Low

Mr. James and Mrs. Elaine Nakayama

Mrs. Marianne Murakami ‘63 Kilgore

Mr. Lulu Lulu, Jr.

Ms. Tenille Nakayama

Mr. Peter Kim

Mr. Blake M.K. Lum ‘98

Mr. Bryce Nekota

Mr. Micah E. Kinder ‘18

Mr. Justin Macy

Mr. Devin Nekota

Mr. Noah R. Kinder ‘18

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Maeda

Mr. Anthony C.H. Ng ‘13

Ms. Alyson Ishihara Mr. Kent Ishihara and Mrs. Jaymie Nishimura Ms. Jani Ishikawa Ms. Sandra Ishikawa Mr. and Mrs. Bert P. Itoga Dr. Dennis and Mrs. Mikiko Itoga Mrs. Kristen Schultz ‘88 Iwashita and Mr. Randy Iwashita Ms. Collette Jeremiah Mrs. Theresa Jean S. Jeremiah ‘74 Ms. Amanda Jiggens Ms. Jan Johnston Ms. Xyla Juvera Ms. Lisa Kahue Ms. Justine P. Kamelamela ‘97 Mr. Wesley S. Kamikawa ‘13 Mrs. June E. Kamioka-Fuller ‘53 and Mr. Harry K. Fuller

Ms. Denise King

◊ Mr. Milton Y. Makishi

Mr. Pak-Wai and Mrs. Maria Ng

Ms. Judith Kinnart

Mr. Robb and Mrs. Chelsea Malefyt

Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Tien Nguyen

Mrs. Leslie Abrigo ‘97 Kobashigawa

Dr. Catherine Masica ‘67 Maley and Mr. Pat Maley

Ms. Rebecca Nievera

Mr. Randall and Mrs. Wilma Kobayashi

Mrs. Dorothy Goo ‘52 Man

Ms. Karen Nishimura

Mr. Laine H. Kohama ‘93

Mr. Alexander Manuel

Dr. Stephanie T. Nishimura



Mrs. Kristie Koga ‘91 Nourrie and Mr. Jay Nourrie

Ms. Ashleigh E. Rumbaoa ‘20

Ms. Rene Sugimoto

Mr. Jake K. Nowicki ‘10

Dr. Paula V. Viveiros Russell ‘63

Mr. Gabriel Sur

Mr. Mitchell and Mrs. Gail Nowicki

Ms. Rose Sagon

Ms. Kari Sur

Mr. Randy and Mrs. Janelle Oberes

Ms. Carly Saito

Mr. Kevin Sur

Ms. Tammy Oblero

Mrs. Mara Ishida ‘84 Saito and Mr. Scott Saito

Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Tracie Sur

Mrs. Grace Ogawa

Mrs. Geraldine Sakai ‘56 and Mr. Roy T. Sakai

Ms. Jenny Suzuki

Ms. Penney Oguma

Ms. Jodie Sakai

Mr. Hitoshi and Mrs. Aya Okada

Mr. Philip G. San Juan ‘07

Aleia Tagoai

Ms. Agnes R. Okino ‘46

Ms. Alice Sanchez

Mr. Russell Taira and Dr. Caren Tamura-Taira

Mrs. Eloise Pereira ‘60 Omakanim

Mrs. Kimberlee Kelley ‘97 Sandobal

Mr. Patrick H. Ono ‘85

Ms. Blessie A. Saoit ‘17

Mrs. Christina Hamada ‘88 Takafuji and Mr. Burton Takafuji

Yuan Ooi

Ms. Darlene Sasz

◊ Mr. John and Mrs. Nancy Oshiro Mr. Norman Ota and Ms. Daryl Lynn Davalos

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sato

Dr. Ian Oyama and Mrs. Joey Minato-Oyama

Mr. Kenneth Sato ‘54 and Mrs. Jean Sato

Ms. Kikue Oyama

Ms. Stacie Sato-Sugimoto

Ms. Patricia A. Paakaula

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Sawa

Ms. Jennifer Pak

Mr. Ross and Mrs. Cindy Sawai

Ms. Rose Lanie Palomares

Mr. Patrick Seguritan

Mr. Andrew K.H. Pang ‘97

Ms. Sharon Seifert

Mr. Reginald C.C. Pang ‘63 and Mrs. Doris I. Pang

Ms. Dana Senaha

Mr. Timothy J. Pasion ‘97

Mr. Sean and Mrs. Mellissa Shelverton

Mrs. Toyoko N. Pasoquen

Mrs. Dawn Shiinoki-Ho and Mr. Timothy Ho

Mr. Kamohoalii Pedro and Mrs. Harolynn ArakakiPedro Ms. Denise Peralta Dr. Danilo Perlas Mr. George Perry Ms. Elaine Pinacate Ms. Geena Pinacate Ms. Dolores M. Pinao Shannon Putnam Mrs. Kimberly Quezada Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert V. Rabago Ms. Berdem Ragasa Ms. Julie Ragasa Ms. Annie Ragus Ms. Karisa Ramolete Hayashi Mrs. Angela O’Malley ‘93 Reed Mr. Alan Rego Ms. Jolyne R. Rego ‘66 Reuel Reyel Mrs. Jennifer Cui ‘97 Rice Mrs. Barbara Soon ‘54 Richards Mr. Jaziah K. Rodrigues ‘31 Ms. Jody Rodriguez Bobby Jo Rogers Mr. Marc and Mrs. Tracey Rol Mr. and Mrs. Max Rol Mrs. Joslyn Awa ‘97 Romo Ms. Lisa Rowland


Ms. Deanna Sato

FALL 2021

◊ Mr. John and Mrs. Stacie Shimabukuro Mr. Ziggy and Mrs. Sharon Shinkawa Ms. Tara Shinkawa Mr. Ernest and Mrs. Angela Shiraki Ms. Alberta Silva Ms. Evon Silva Ms. Kim Silva Ms. Elaine Silveria Ms. Renee Silveria Ms. Maydene Simmons Alex Smith Ms. Danielle Smith Mrs. Georgiana D. Smith ‘53 and Mr. Jay Smith Mr. and Mrs. John R. Smith Mr. Quincy Solano Mr. Raul and Mrs. Faye Lynn Solidum Mr. Pat and Mrs. Leslie So’oalo Ms. Sharon Soper Ms. Marissa Chee ‘01 Sorensen Mrs. Marlene Soares ‘56 Souki Ms. Dori Sparlin Mr. Marc Spivey Ms. Tanya Steffl Ms. Amanda Stevens Mrs. Joni Maeda ‘95 Stewart Ms. Kathleen M. Stillwell ‘62 Ms. Kathleen Sugawa

◊ Dr. Anne Sylva ‘97 and Mr. Jareus Sylva

Mr. and Mrs. Warren K. Takagi Ms. Fay Takahashi Ms. Tracy Taketa Mr. Jason and Mrs. Lerie Ann Tan Mrs. Myrna Fong ‘83 Tanaka and Mr. Gerald Tanaka Ms. Jill Tanioka-Ventura Mr. Fidel G. Taparra Jr. ‘55 Mr. Eric and Mrs. Wendy Taramasco Mrs. Karen Thiebaut ‘63 Ms. Sherri Timar Ms. Yushing Ting Mr. Terrence K. Torco ‘90 Ms. Rylynne Totoki Mrs. Jewel Toyama ‘73 and Mr. Gerald Toyama Mr. Patrick A. Toyama Dr. Yash Trivedi and Dr. Stacy Kanayama-Trivedi Ms. Emily Tse Mrs. Lori Tseu-Rodriguez ‘83 and Mr. Pablo Rodriguez Mr. Michael L. Tsuda ‘84 Ms. Renelle Tsui Ms. Donna Tsutsumi-Ota Mr. and Mrs. Ben Tulchin Mrs. Charissa Ferreira ‘80 Tumalip Ms. Shirley Tumbaga Ms. Erin Uemura Mrs. Kathryn Elms ‘68 Ulrich Mrs. Mary Ann Yim ‘67 Underwood and Mr. David Underwood, Sr. Mr. Lyle and Mrs. Debra Urasaki Mr. Justin T. Ushio ‘14 Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Frances Uyemura Mr. Wallace Valdez Mrs. Shirley Visperas Mr. Ky Vuong and Dr. Lorrie Chong Ms. Marilyn Wallace Ms. Charmaine Wan Ms. Staci Wan Mrs. Kristen Kadokawa ‘97 Wang Ms. Jennifer Watanabe Ms. Trisha Watson

Mr. Greg White

Mr. Anthony C.H. Ng ‘13

Edward Enterprises, Inc.

Ms. Christina Wong

Mrs. Beatrice F. Okada

Mr. Kanoe Enos

Mr. Clinton and Mrs. Macy Wong

Ms. Elaine Peterson ‘68

Miki Garcia M.D. @ Oahu Dermatology

Mr. Derick and Mrs. Eloise Wong

Mr. Ian Santee ‘91 and Mrs. Joy Watanabe

Germaine’s Luau

Ms. Gaylean M.K. Wong ‘00

Ms. Kellilynn K. C. Smith ‘98

Glow Putt Mini Golf

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T.K. Wong

Mrs. Marlene Soares ‘56 Souki

Mr. and Mrs. Albert T. Grande

Mr. Jake W.H. Wong ‘11

Dr. Marel R. Ver ‘98


Mr. James Wong ‘61 and Mrs. Beverly Pang ‘61 Wong

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy S.C. Wong


Mr. James K.W. Wong ‘65 and Mrs. Fanny P.T. Wong

Mr. Gabriel Young and Mrs. Natalie PenningtonYoung

Honolulu Cookie Company

Mr. Jonathan Wong Mr. Randy Wong Ms. Sybil Wong Ms. Taylor S.L. Wong ‘11 Mr. William and Mrs. Sun Wong Mrs. Laurie Ann Wong-Nowinski Mrs. Thalia Candia ‘73 Woodward and Mr. Russell Woodward Mrs. Krystal Lee ‘00 Wu Ms. Marisa Yamada Mr. Russell and Mrs. Angela Yamada Yukiko Yamada Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Wendy Yamaguchi Mr. Chad M. Yamamoto ‘02 Mr. David Yamasaki Ms. Serena Yamauchi Ms. Hao Yang Ms. Melinda Yanuaria Ms. Kayla K.K. Yoneshige ‘09 Mr. Jason Yoshioka Mr. Jayson and Mrs. Wendy Yoshioka-Moore Ms. Christine Y.L. Yuen Ms. Courtney Zurich

SUSTAINING DONORS Mr. Andrew P. Ancheta II ‘17

Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Jaslyn Balberdi Mrs. Paula Lindo ‘63 Boyce Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Chock ‘70 Mr. Desmond Duarte Mr. Andrew K.K. Everett ‘95 Mr. and Mrs. Shawn G. Fonseca ‘78 Mrs. Cheryl Kunimune ‘75 Gesik Mr. Steven Hee ‘72 Mrs. Allene M.C. Ishikawa ‘58 Ms. Annette Lum ‘92 Kim Dr. Jerold and Mrs. Lori Kouchi Mr. M. Thaddeus Kwiatkowski ‘56 Dr. Joseph Lee, Jr. ‘70 and Mrs. Madeline Tom ‘70 Lee Mr. James and Mrs. Cynthia Low The late Mrs. Krissie K. Mattis ‘90 Mrs. Karen Nakamura ‘62 and Mr. Bertram Nakamura

Mrs. Marlene S. Yoshimoto ‘80 and Mr. Stanley Yoshimoto


Mr. Jeffrey Callangan and Mrs. May Idolor-Callangan Mr. Paul ‘57 and Mrs. Yvonne Chinen Mrs. Jeanne Amlin ‘58 Duggan Mr. Scott Finkboner ‘62 Mr. Roger and Mrs. Maureen Higa Mr. Galen Ho ‘63 and Mrs. Patricia Ching ‘63 Ho Dr. Norine Lau ‘66 Jalbert Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Kosasa Dr. and Mrs. Gabriel W.C. Ma Ms. Cary Jane Miller ‘64 Mrs. Lucile Smith ‘37 Mistysyn Mr. Jim and Mrs. Yvonne ‘63 Morris Mrs. Nadine Jeremiah ‘57 Olinger Mrs. Nobuko Ono Dr. Rita S. Rapoza ‘61 and Mr. John L. Eidem Mrs. Valerie Sorensen ‘63 and Mr. David Sorensen Mr. Ernest Spencer ‘61 and Mrs. Sara Duncan Mrs. Shana Campos ‘83 Tong and Mr. Rodney Tong Mr. Don ‘58 and Mrs. Maxine Vickery ‘58 Mr. Derrick Wong ‘68 and Mrs. Carol Kwak ‘68 Wong Mr. Stacey Wong ‘70 and Mrs. Lorena Wong


Island Flooring Kaimana Beach Hotel Kualoa Ranch Hawaii, Inc. Mr. Russell Leu Mr. Wayne Lovell ‘64 and Mrs. Noho Lovell Market City Limited Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Kim Matsubara Maui Divers of Hawaii McKinley Car Wash Mr. Barry and Dr. Patricia Muranaka Mr. Melvin and Mrs. Denise Nakaoka Nine Fine Mynahs Cacao Farm Mr. John and Mrs. Natalie Nishida Pasha Hawaii Pepsi Co. Mr. Franklin Portillo and Ms. Maria Canoy Pualani Hawaii Roy Sakuma Productions, Inc. Shangri-La Tea of Hawaii, LLC Ms. Diane Shizuru Standard Textile Taj Clubhouse Mr. Eric and Mrs. Wendy Taramasco The Counter Hawaii The Indigenous Soap Company USS Missouri Memorial Association, Inc. Watanabe Floral, Inc. Ms. Sandra L. Yamamoto

Advanced Fence Solutions Advantage Webco Hawaii American Savings Bank Best Buy Design Big City Diner Bishop Museum Body Glove Cruises Mrs. Kelli K. Brandvold Butler & Badou Portraits Lt. Col. Jon-David Chun ‘85 and Mrs. Marcy Chun Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated Theatres Daughters of Hawaii



IN HONOR OF Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Burns in honor of Ms. Sloane C. Burns ’11 Mr. and Mrs. Oliver H. Kupau III in honor of Ms. Haylee L. Cathcart ’22 Ms. Camrie Kubota in honor of Mrs. Wendy M. Chang for sharing her leadership and insights to inspire our future female leaders Ms. Susan Porter ’64 Robinson in honor of Mr. Douglas Craig Mr. Arnel and Mrs. May Grace Domingo in honor of Mr. Kyle Davis Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Fletcher ’76 in honor of Francis R. Fletcher Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Fletcher ’76 in honor of Ms. Rose Anne Fletcher ’80 Mrs. Gabrielle Wong ’96 Gouveia and Mr. Kaeo Gouveia in honor of Mr. Grayson N. Gouveia ’28 Ms. Theresa Luke in honor of Mr. George S. Hino ’49 Mrs. Marlene T. Kurihara in honor of Mr. Derrick M.H. Kurihara ’16 Mrs. Marlene T. Kurihara in honor of Mr. Keenan A.K. Kurihara ’10 Mr. and Mrs. Cory P. Lindo in honor of Mrs. Marie S. Lindo Lt. Col. Jon-David Chun ’85 and Mrs. Marcy Chun in honor of Mr. and Mrs. David J. Lum


FALL 2021

Anonymous in honor of Maryknoll Class of 1964

Anonymous in honor of Mr. Ian K.K. Tsui ’31

Mr. Dale and Mrs. Erika Phillips in honor of Maryknoll Spartan Runners in 7C

Mr. Michael Finamore in honor of Ms. Savanna R. Wilson ’22

Mrs. Kimberly Alden ’90 Gonzalez and Mr. Omar Gonzalez in honor of Maryknoll Spartan Runners in KA Brown Bears

Mrs. Jennifer Ishii ‘91 Willing in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Wong

Mrs. Jennifer Ishii ’91 Willing in honor of Mrs. Emily Wong ’91 McCollum Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sato in honor of James Takeshi Ng Mr. Ernest and Mrs. Lucille Okinaga in honor of Mr. Ross T. Okinaga ’20 Mr. Ernest and Mrs. Lucille Okinaga in honor of Mr. Reyn H. Okinaga ’20 Mr. Quincy Solano in honor of Mr. Gotaro Oshitari ’06 birthday Maryknoll Class of 1961 in honor of Sr. Claudia Joeline “Jo” Santiago ’61

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas H. Yoo ’80 in honor of Dr. Jai-Ho Yoo

IN MEMORY OF Ms. Stacey S. H. Luke ’85 in memory of Mr. Norman D. Abe ’85 Mrs. Brenda Anne Shin ’85 and Mr. Paul Shin in memory of Mr. Norman D. Abe ’85 Mrs. Thalia Candia ’73 Woodward and Mr. Russell Woodward in memory of Mr. Theodore “Ted” Candia ’46 Mrs. Vivian W.M. Goo in memory of Wilfred Wai Mun Ching ’62

Ms. Ruth Freedman, R.N. in honor of Rudy Sylva

Ms. Magalys Abreu in memory of All those who have passed away from COVID-19

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Fletcher ’76 in honor of Susan H. Tillelry

Ms. Deborah A. Lazur in memory of Sr. Maria Rosario Daley

Dr. Lawrence K.W. Tseu in honor of Ms. Ginny Tiu

Dr. Collin Dang ’61 and Dr. Mary Dang in memory of LtC Garon G. Dang USAF (Ret.) ’68

Hanafuda Hawaii LLC in honor of Mrs. Shana Campos ’83 Tong

Mr. Desmond Duarte in memory of Mrs. Beverly Stone Duarte

Mrs. Lynn T. Murata-Tsang ’69 in honor of Tony Tsang

Anonymous in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63

Mr. Lindsey D. Gamiao in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew K. Gamiao in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63 Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Gamiao in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63 Raejean Gamiao in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63

Mrs. Faye Spencer ’63 Kim and Mr. Anthony Kim in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63 Mrs. Elizabeth Kudo ’63 in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63 Mrs. Audrey Kong ’64 Lee and Mr. Guy Lee in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63 Mr. Arthur Loebl and Mrs. Rhoda Apao ’57 Loebl in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63

Ms. Staci D. Hogan ’76 in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63

Mr. Wayne Lovell ’64 and Mrs. Noho Lovell in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Imbo, Jr. ’64 in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63

Mr. James and Mrs. Jeanne Marn in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63

Mrs. Marianne Murakami ’63 Kilgore in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63

Ms. Cary Jane Miller ’64 in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63


Mrs. Paula Lindo ’63 Boyce in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63

Mrs. Lucile Smith ’37 Mistysyn in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63 Mr. Jim and Mrs. Yvonne ’63 Morris in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63 Mr. Dennis Pang in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63 Mr. Reginald C.C. Pang ’63 and Mrs. Doris I. Pang in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63 Mr. Alan Rego in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63 Mrs. Tana H. Rosehill ’74 in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63 Mrs. Valerie Sorensen ’63 and Mr. David Sorensen in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63



Mrs. Brenda Tavares-Ham ’63 and Mr. Kevin Ham in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63 Mrs. Karen Thiebaut ’63 in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63 Mrs. Shana Campos ’83 Tong and Mr. Rodney Tong in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63 Mr. Derrick Wong ’68 and Mrs. Carol Kwak ’68 Wong in memory of Mr. Doug Ferreira ’63 Mrs. Geri W. Fong in memory of Mr. Stephen D.M. Fong ’62 Mr. Robert W. Bulger ’62 in memory of Peter J. Harvey Ms. Stacey S. H. Luke ’85 in memory of Mr. Richard Y.S. Jang ’85


FALL 2021

Mr. Aaron A. Soong ’62 in memory of Johnson C. Kwock

Ms. Jan P. Sage ’79 in memory of Ted Sax

Mr. James G. Lee, Jr. ’82 in memory of Chris Noel Lee ’87

Anonymous in memory of Dr. & Mrs. Reynold Shirai

Mrs. Lorraine Lee ’59 in memory of Chris Noel Lee ’87

Mrs. Caroline P. Spencer in memory of William E. Spencer, Jr. ’58

Mrs. Lorna L. Aratani in memory of Cynthia Lum ’59 Loo

Ms. Kathleen Tom ’89 Bode in memory of Gordon K.K. Tom ’57

Mr. Jon and Mrs. Lisa Tulchin in memory of Ms. Lori D. Ohtani ’77

Mr. Terrence K. Torco ’90 in memory of Lena Salazar Torco

Mr. Christoper Radich and Ms. Sally Maske in memory of James Radich

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy S.C. Wong in memory of Tawny Mae H. Wong

Schwab Charitable in memory of James Radich

Miss T. Phyllis Zerbe in memory of Ms. Gertrude M. Zerbe ’35

MEMORIALS 2/11/2021 Mr. Clarence L. Ahakuelo, Jr. ’53 10/23/2020 Mrs. Pauline L. Akimo ’51 3/14/2021 Mrs. Patricia Leach ’73 Almeida 2/15/2021 Mrs. Darlaine Gerhard ’53 Anderson 6/2/2021 Mrs. Stephanie Budar ’78 1/2/2021 Fr. Scott Bush ’68 10/23/2020 Ms. Roberta W.S. Chang ’49

1/28/2021 Mrs. Esther L. Chee ’47 4/12/2021 Mrs. Winona Ching ’47 Chow

8/17/2021 Mr. Fredric Lum ’44

11/30/2020 Mr. Francis Chin Fong ’49

7/8/2021 Mrs. Beatrice Lee Matsubara ’55

4/23/2021 Mr. Clarence L. Gouveia ’51

8/2021 Mrs. Krissie K. Mattis ’90

2/4/2021 Mrs. Theresa Kui Youn Gregerson ’44

12/26/2020 Mr. Abel R. Mattos, Jr. ’52

4/4/2021 Mr. George Satoshi Hino ’49

7/30/2021 Mr. Frank Mattos

3/18/2021 Mr. Henry J.Y. Kam ’46

4/9/2021 Mr. Ronald Ohira ’57

2/17/2021 Mr. Ralph K. Kamaka ’96

8/9/2021 Mr. Earl Paiaina ’58

2/23/2021 Mr. Paul J. Kealoha ’54

5/27/2021 Mr. Nelson Paul Umiamaka ’58

12/30/2020 Mr. Harry P. Keawe ’60

9/9/2021 Mr. Melvin Vios ’56

10/22/2020 Ms. Momoe Kunihiro ’46

1/4/2021 Dr. Victor T. Wayland ’45

2/18/2021 Mrs. Brenda Tom ’64 Kwock-Lum

7/1/2021 Mr. Charles C. Wong ’63



4/7/2021 Mr. Robert K.Y. Chang ’56

2/1/2021 Mrs. Claire S. Murakami Dang ’59

























FALL 2021

Congratulations C L A S S



2 0 2 1





Genesis Hahn


Austin Chun


Noah Furtado



Caitlin Idica



Celina Taramasco


Mackenzie Masoe


Matthew Pila


FALL 2021


Jialu Lucinda Hu

Matthew Chun

Kristina Domingo




Austin Chun

Noah Furtado






Liliana Thomas

Ciera Simmonds



Cross Country | Track & Field

Cross Country | Track & Field


Cross Country | Track & Field

Track & Field

Girls Volleyball


Lucas Stumbaugh





FALL 2021


Aloha Akaka

Matthew Pila

Mahalo Akaka

Karter Wong



Boys Volleyball

Cross Country | Track & Field





FALL 2021


LEEWARD COMMUNITY COLLEGE Yashiro, Brock UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII AT MANOA Baker, Justin Billena, Kyla Chang, Breyson Chong-Navarre, Isabella Chun Fat, Wayne Contemprato, Juel DeSilva, Bo Flores, Kaila Ho, Gordon Houghtailing, Shani Kim, Rachel Kubo, Kirah Kubo, Liliana Lee, Jenna Manuwai, Lototoa Matsubara, Alexander McDonald, Evan McGee, Kahaweoakaliaaloha Miyashiro, Kaitlyn Morris, Darian Nishida, Summer Taira, Brandon Teves, Charla Wu, Angus Yamamura, Ryan Yonamine, Kiara UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII - WEST OAHU Garcia-Wang, Isis Tam Ho, Linkin WORK Akamine, Lia Ornellas, Jonathon IDAHO BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY - IDAHO Fuller, Kiara Iaea, Teʻa





KAPIOLANI COMMUNITY COLLEGE Akaka, Mahalo Horiuchi, Matthew Pila, Matthew Smith, Quinn Yogi-Sonobe, Reyn






UNIVERSITY OF DALLAS Panganiban, Mary Anne







CORBAN UNIVERSITY Burgess-Correia, Hi’ilani




OREGON INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Hedani, Chase Lacno, Nicholas Tam, Ty OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY Gonzalez, Marc Laciste, Remy Nushida, Kai Ries, Shawn Watanabe, Micah SOUTHERN OREGON UNIVERSITY Harada, Konnor UNIVERSITY OF OREGON Baraquio, Blaze Magdadaro, Kaley Natividad, Taeshia-Irene UNIVERSITY OF PORTLAND Ho, Gavin Ursulum, Conor Won, Bailey WILLAMETTE UNIVERSITY Albano, Max




Class of 2021 Student Profile: Caitlin Idica CLASS OF 2021 SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT

If you could describe the class of 2021 in one word, what would that word be and why? One word that I would use to describe the class of 2021 is accomplished. To be accomplished means to be highly trained or skilled in something. The class of 2021 is made up of very talented individuals. Each person brings their own unique skill set to the table. Through getting to know many of my peers, I was able to discover and observe the many interests of the people I shared classroom walls with. These interests range from academics, sports, and the arts to activism and entrepreneurship. One thing that I very much admire from this class is that these individuals are not afraid to pursue the things that they are passionate about. I have watched many of my classmates speak of their goals and


FALL 2021

then execute them. My classmates are not only accomplished because they are talented in their different interests but because they also possess the passion and drive to continue to achieve more.

What was Junior and Senior life like during the COVID-19 pandemic? The hardest part about being a student during the COVID-19 pandemic was adjusting and finding balance in such uncertain circumstances. Speaking from my personal experience, attending classes virtually and keeping up with extracurriculars online was a very daunting task. I found myself struggling to be engaged while I attended class from my bedroom. I knew that the physical routine of going to school and being around other students and teachers kept me motivated to make the most out of the

given situation. I was very fortunate to be able to come back as a fulltime, in-person student once it was allowed. Attending classes in person was a unique experience as I would share the classroom with my teacher and maybe four other classmates, if we were lucky. It was a challenge for me as a leader of my class and a leader of different clubs to find ways to make the most of the school year we were given. However, after facing what seemed to be a new challenge day after day, I learned a much needed lesson about remaining diligent in spite of difficulty. I’ll never forget the technical difficulties that occurred in almost every

class, sitting in a very empty Rogers Hall, and having to awkwardly smile at my laptop camera for a few minutes to take club pictures for the yearbook. This very unique school year came with very valuable learning experiences that not only made me a better student, but a better leader as well.

What was the biggest lesson you will take away from Maryknoll? The biggest lesson that I will take away from Maryknoll is that it is so important to give back to the community that you are a part of. Noblesse Oblige calls for those who are a part of the Maryknoll community to act selflessly and generously towards others. In addition to receiving a great academic experience, Maryknoll has equipped me with the many skills that I need to be a successful member of society. Some of these skills include compassion, respect, and empathy. By acknowledging that I’ve gained so much from my time at Maryknoll, it is important that I express my gratitude not only through my words but through my actions. As a student I have always strived to find ways to give back to my school community through my leadership efforts. As I begin a new chapter in life, I plan to utilize my skills and strengths in order to be useful to the next community I will be a part of. I will continue to seek opportunities to make a positive impact wherever I may go.

What were some of the highlights from the class of 2021’s senior year?

school year, spending our last two days of our high school lives together was so special to all of us. Graduation marked the day we conquered not just getting through high school, but getting through high school during a global pandemic. We saw friends that we haven’t seen in months for the first time. It was also the last time most of us would see each other before heading our separate ways. From our Baccalaureate Mass, our graduation ceremony, to the end of our Project Grad, we cherished our last moments together and the great company we had.

Do you have any advice for the current students at Maryknoll School? My best advice for current students at Maryknoll is to take a shot at new things without hesitation. Take the chance before it’s gone. There are always ways to remain engaged and active in your school community. It is just a matter of getting out there and pursuing the opportunities that are available to you. It is always a good time to try a new thing or explore an interest. Maryknoll’s small, nurturing community pushes students to do better. Take that risk and run for that leadership position, try learning that instrument you’ve always wanted to play, or try out for that sport, even if you haven’t played before. Use your time at Maryknoll to explore what your strengths are and find ways to use those strengths to better the great community you are a part of.

Having an amazing graduation ceremony was one of the best highlights that the class of 2021 had during our senior year. While we weren’t given much time together during the


FALL 2021



Take a look at what Maryknoll School Spartans have been up to this year.





Students from the Grade 8 Algebra 1 Bridge class were challenged to use their knowledge of the rectangular coordinate plane and linear graphing to create a curve by only drawing straight lines. Each student created a unique sewn piece that showcased their creativity and knowledge of linear graphing.


Middle schoolers play a spirited game of dodgeball on the outdoor basketball courts.


Young Spartans eagerly wave ‘hello’ while waiting for class.


The girls varsity volleyball team celebrates senior night at the last home game of the 20-21 season. They eventually went on to become the 2021 Season 2 Girls Varsity II Volleyball ILH Champions.


Season 2 Varsity Cross Country athletes warm up before the 2021 ILH Championships. 62

FALL 2021



2021 Maryknoll seniors pose for a photo upon graduation from Hawaii Pacific University through the dual-credit program. Pictured with them are HPU faculty and Larry Kekaulike, Maryknoll School Co-Director of College Guidance. G

Nothing but treats for our youngest Spartans during a Halloween classroom celebration!


Our kindergarteners get spirited and excited for the 2021 Virtual Spartan Run!


Getting into the holiday spirit! Grade school classes work on building magical gingerbread houses.









Mary Jane remembers her first class at Maryknoll School.



For as long as she can remember, Mary Jane Vannatta has

she would be their new teacher, they seemed disappointed

wanted to be a teacher. While she was a student, she started

and couldn’t pronounce her name. It has been over 40 years

helping the Sisters at St. John the Baptist after school and

since that first day of school and Mary Jane cannot imagine

taught Sunday school at the parish. In college, she became

teaching anywhere else. She is currently the longest serving

the Religious Education Coordinator.

teacher at the grade school and says that

After graduating from Seattle University

the best part about teaching at Maryknoll

with a master’s degree in special

has been the supportive community she

education, however, Vannatta struggled

has been surrounded with. She heavily

to find a full-time teaching job. In

credits her teaching partners, parents,

1980, a Dominican sister from St. John

and even students for shaping her career

school encouraged her to apply to the

and Mrs. Vannatta has left a long legacy

Catholic Diocese. About a week before

of transforming the lives of hundreds in

school started, she was offered a sixth-

the Maryknoll community.

grade teacher position at Maryknoll

Stephanie Lum ’94, Hawaii News

School. Still unsure about whether she

Now Anchor, recalls one of her favorite

wanted to teach at a Catholic school,

teachers. “Ms. Arce, as we called her

she asked, “Can I think about it?” to

then, is one of my favorite teachers at

which Mrs. Shirley Campos replied, “No,

Maryknoll! She has a bright, big smile

you cannot. School is about to start,

and a warm and caring personality, really

you have to say yes” – and she’s been teaching at Maryknoll

nice handwriting and artistic flair. She taught me how to

School ever since.

think like an entrepreneur in her ‘Mini Society’ lessons! Most

She remembers her first day was rough. Her students had been expecting another teacher and when they learned


FALL 2021

importantly, Ms. Arce was so nurturing, she made me feel confident and empowered me to focus on just doing my best.”

Monica Lum ’96, Maryknoll’s

you, Mrs. Vannatta, you are and will

the footsteps of his older sisters Nicole

Academic Advisor & Co-Director of

always be one of my favorite teachers

and Isabelle and myself by being

College Guidance, fondly remembers

I’ve had at Maryknoll!”

in Mrs. Vannatta’s homeroom this

Ms. Arce. “My favorite memories of Mrs. Vannatta are of her opening her

Mary Jane feels blessed to have worked with incredible teaching

upcoming school year. My children are third generation Spartans, as

partners and colleagues

our family values and prioritizes

such as Dr. Fran Wong

both spiritual and academic

’69. “Jane and I – the

development. Mrs. Vannatta has

‘dynamic duo’ were

been an influential part of my and my

teaching partners

children’s development; holding us

for many years. We

to higher standards both morally and

complimented each

academically. She has taught myself

other well: math (Jane)

and my daughters both explicitly

and language arts

and implicitly the tenets of Noblesse

(me). Lively and full

Oblige. I feel very blessed my son Mick

of infectious laughter

Jr. will have this same nurturance this

(Jane); quiet and soft-

upcoming school year. Mrs. Vannatta

spoken (me). Yet, we

epitomizes all that we pray our

had like minds and

children will experience during their

like expectations for

time at Maryknoll.”

the students. I always

In June, Mary Jane became the first

remembered her

Maryknoll teacher to be awarded the

presence in school - as

2020-2021 Hawaii Catholic Schools’

early as 6:30 am – to

“Golden Pineapple” Teacher of the

avoid the Mililani

Year award. Mary Jane was nominated

traffic and to meet

by an anonymous parent at the school

those who needed

and was presented with a year’s lease

extra help. Jane was

on a car from Aloha Kia, a $1,000

classroom to a few of my classmates

dedicated. Her welcoming warmth

Hele gas card from Par Hawaii and

and I after hours to help her organize

and tender heart were always balanced

$1,000 from Chaminade University

and put up bulletin boards (which was

with a strong sense of professional

of Honolulu. In addition, she earned

one of the experiences that influenced

ethics. She was the best.”

Maryknoll School a $1,500 award to

my decision to pursue elementary

Jill Panos ’91 remembers being a

be used towards faculty development

teaching as a college degree), she gave

student of Mrs. Vannatta and is so

from the Augustine Educational

our 6th grade class time to settle

grateful that all three of her children

Foundation. Maryknoll School is

down and ‘chill’ while listening to

have been taught by Mrs. Vannatta.

truly blessed to be home to such an

‘Only Good Times’ by Keola & Kapono

“We were blessed to discover my

outstanding teacher.

Beamer, and she ignited her class to be

youngest child Mick Jr. will follow in

young entrepreneurs with her ‘Mini Society’ lessons. As a class, we voted and created our own money bills, we developed and sold our own self-made products in groups, and we learned the value of teamwork, marketing, supply and demand, and expenses/ profit. I am forever grateful to Mrs. Vannatta for the individual care and attention she provided to me and my classmates, and the continued support and friendship she has offered me now as a Maryknoll staff member. I love 65

FALL 2021



Shriners Honolulu Partnership Shriners Hospitals for Children – Honolulu, located

ways to create areas of collaboration and opportunity.

just next door to Maryknoll’s High School campus, has

Maryknoll School subsequently began expanding its school

been providing life-changing care for the keiki throughout

lunch service and created a partnership with Shriners

Hawaii and the Pacific Basin since 1923. Shriners Honolulu

Honolulu in which Maryknoll high school students were able

has helped keiki with both rare and common orthopedic

to enjoy convenient and freshly prepared meal options at

conditions live their best lives for nearly 100 years – in fact,

Shriners Honolulu.

Press Ganey, a global organization dedicated to measuring

Students also benefitted from Shriners Honolulu’s 24/7

and ensuring patient experience and satisfaction, ranked

Injury Care where they could receive medical attention

Shriners Honolulu among the Top 5% of health care

ranging from physical examinations to sports injuries no

organizations across the nation.

matter the time of day. The hospital offers telehealth

Like Maryknoll School, Shriners Honolulu believes in the power of helping our community’s keiki, families, and the

options, too! We are excited about our current discussion to integrate

concept of Noblesse Oblige – to whom much is given, much

Shriners Honolulu’s medical and health care expertise

is expected. No referrals or sponsorships are necessary to

into our Medical Innovation Pathways Program. Shriners

receive care at Shriners Honolulu. It remains the hospital’s

Honolulu is an academic teaching and research institution

mission to provide specialized, quality care to keiki regardless

affiliated with the University of Hawaii – Manoa, John

of a family’s ability to pay. The board-certified surgeons and

A. Burns School of Medicine, Hawaii Pacific University,

team of care professionals at Shriners Honolulu are specially

Chaminade University of Honolulu, Pacific University,

trained to treat pediatric orthopedic conditions in the bones,

Tripler Army Medical Center, and NYU Langone Health.

muscles, and joints and they regularly provide mission-based

In the Medical Innovation Pathways Program, students

care to keiki on the neighbor islands and throughout the

in grades 9-12 enroll in elective courses aligned with the

Pacific Basin.

medical field. Those interested in this field will gain valuable

As part of a shared mission to ensure access to quality

insight from Shriners Honolulu’s professionals through site

education and quality care for our keiki and families,

visits, guest lectures, internships, shadowing opportunities,

Maryknoll School and Shriners Honolulu began exploring

and mentorships.

24-Hour Injury Care | (808) 941-4466 Telehealth options available Only hospital in Hawaii to offer ultra low-dose radiation EOS X-ray system, which uses 1/3 of the radiation compared to standard x-rays 66

FALL 2021

Maryknoll School

Alumni Faculty We are so grateful for these amazing alumni who returned to serve their alma mater; truly exemplifying Noblesse Oblige. R O W 1 ( F R O N T ) : J E R E M Y R A M O S ’ 0 7, H E A T H E R FA U S T I N ’ 0 7, J E N N Y ( L E E ) FA N G O N ’ 0 7, E R I K A ( N E L S O N ) O R I M O T O ’ 0 8 , JEFF CHANG ’9 4, KIMBERLY (ALDEN) GONZ ALEZ ’90, DARCIE (AU) K AWAMURA ’90, LEE MARIE (ARMSTRONG) DEPONTE ‘93, A N N E ( W O N G ) S Y LVA ’ 9 7, C H A S E N S T. O N G E ’ 0 9 R O W 2 : T R AV I S L I U ’ 0 7, M I C H A E L M O S K A L ’ 9 5 , L O R R A I N E ( S A M S O N ) KOJIMA ’83, COLLEEN (YODA) LIU ’75, MARA (ISHIDA) SAITO ’84, K E L LY GR A N T ’8 4, CRY S T IE WONG ’13, COR A (CA BEBE ) GU S HIK UM A ’73, MONICA (LUKE) HAHN ’84 RO W 3: MICHE L L E N A K A NIS HI- S A R A E ’91, K RIS T IE ( K OG A ) NOURRIE ’91, L O R I ( K E R N ) C A R L O S ’ 8 7, N A T H A N I E L S I LVA ’ 0 2 , D E VA N U Y E D A ’ 10 , KIT-U WONG ’06, K ELLI-ANN CHING ’06, MONICA LUM ’96 ROW 4 (BACK): SHANA (CAMPOS) TONG ’83, CHRIS (MAT TOS) LOOMIS ’85, JAMES MORRIS II ’85, GOTARO OSHITARI ’06, BL AINE GIER ’88, BEN VALLE ’84


FALL 2021




When Shana Campos ’83 Tong stepped onto campus for her first day of kindergarten at Maryknoll School, she had no idea that she would be stepping into her legacy. A “lifer” who was educated at Maryknoll from pre-K through high school and went on to serve as a teacher and administrator for 31 years, she was uniquely poised for leadership with a wealth of knowledge of both the school and its community. In February of 2021, Mrs. Tong began a new chapter at Maryknoll marked by the prayers and wisdom that guided her long history at the school —serving as Maryknoll’s third president. The historic decision represents both the personal and professional investment from Mrs. Tong and her family, as she is both the first alumna and the first female to serve in this position. A 1983 graduate of Maryknoll, Mrs. Tong’s educational journey has been one of passion and evolution. Her desire to further the mission of Maryknoll coupled with 68

FALL 2021

her tremendous

Maryknoll that was the greatest gift,”

knowledge in

she shares. “I look at them and can

education shifted her

see how their Maryknoll experience

trajectory out of the

helped mold them into good people,

classroom and into administration.

as well as prepared them for college.

While she had never imagined

Aside from being involved in such

transitioning from teaching, it was

a great community, it truly helped

the steadfast support she received

to form who they are – it was a

from mentors and colleagues

partnership in raising my children,”

who encouraged her to expand

she reflects.

her horizons into administrative

Mrs. Tong explains that the

leadership. “I was so fortunate to

practice of Catholicism is woven

have supervisors and principals who

into the fabric of its curriculum

saw something in me and nurtured

and encompasses all aspects of

that potential. I know the best way

its teachings. “Students grasp the

I can carry on the legacy of the

overarching theme of being good

Maryknollers would be to mentor the

citizens, having a good moral compass,

leaders of the future who can take our

and to treat others in a way that models

place one day.”

what our faith teaches us. It really sets

When her own two children began

a tone and mindset for this sense of

their education at Maryknoll, the

community where everyone rises to

experience became full circle. Mrs.

be their personal best and to practice

Tong’s own mother had worked at

Christ-like values,” she explains.

Maryknoll, serving in various roles

A product of the same nurturing

for 30 years. Decades later, Mrs.

environment that guided her pathway

Tong experienced the same nostalgia

to president, her leadership will serve

when she became a Maryknoll

as both an example of Maryknoll’s

employee herself and watched her

success as well as provide an inspiring

own children grow up as students on

role model for future generations.

campus. “When my children came to

Student Musings ON THE LAWN

Kaya Hatzis ’32 Q: How do you live Noblesse Oblige? A: I give food to people on the street,

Grade and middle school students explain how they live out Noblesse Oblige, what they would like to see on campus and, if they were teachers, how they would welcome their students on the first day of class. An insightful, thought-provoking (and humorous!) look into young Spartans’ perspectives.

food that doesn’t need to be cooked.

Sophia Alverio ’33 Q: If you were a teacher, what is the first

Derek Tulchin ’26

thing you would do on the first day of

Q: What would you like to see on Maryknoll’s


campus that we currently don’t have?

A: Give them morning work.

A: A jungle gym for older kids!

Gabriel Itokazu ’28

Kingston Maehara ’28

Q: How do you live Noblesse Oblige?

Q: What is something that you learned

A: In my old building, I used to take out

during the pandemic about school or life?

my neighbors’ trash. They were older.

A: How much just one thing can change everything.

Ceana Moore ’26 Q: If you could change one thing about

William “Liam” Cayetano ’32

Maryknoll, what would it be?

Q: What would you like to see on Maryknoll’s

A: Less homework and less tests.

campus that we currently don’t have? A: A sandpit, with excavators. And my little brother.

Aleia Rauckhorst ’33 Q: If you were a teacher, what is the first thing you would do on the first day of school? A: Let them sit down.


FALL 2021




When alumnus and educator, Jared Kaufmann ’58, lost his

gift for teaching and leadership. Upon graduation in 1958,

battle with cancer in 2011, the loss reverberated throughout

he continued his educational journey through Chaminade

the Maryknoll community. A devout Spartan alum and

University, thanks to the generosity of the Maryknoll Sisters

beloved teacher, coach, and administrator, his legacy was

who pooled their resources together to cover one year of

steeped in pride and aloha for the Maryknoll ohana who

schooling for him. Mr. Kaufmann chose to give back to

had embraced him for over five decades. Now ten years after

the Church and the Maryknoll Sisters for their support by

his passing, Mr. Kaufmann’s legacy lives on through storied

completing his teaching degrees and joining the school as

memories of his tenure, the tremendous impact he made

a teacher, coach, and eventually as an administrator. “They

upon students and staff, as

said it was his calling,”

well as the annual Alumni

Michael describes. “The

Week Memorial Bowl-A-Rama

realization of how much

Tournament that continues to

the nuns cared about him

honor his name.

made him want to pursue

Mr. Kaufmann was first

it, and I don’t think any of

introduced to Maryknoll in

us could imagine him doing

1956 as a transfer student

anything else. It was what

from St. Louis High School.

he was good at and he truly

His youngest son, Michael

loved it,” he says.

Kaufmann ’99, recalls the

Throughout his teaching

way the nuns recognized his

career at Maryknoll, Mr.

father’s sense of leadership as

Kaufmann taught the likes

a young student. “The nuns

of history, geography, and

realized, ‘oh, he has something

social studies courses, but

- something he can pass on’, so

it was his role as the school

they gave him opportunities

bowling coach that will

to cover for them,” Michael

forever carry the Kaufmann

shares. Though only a senior,

name. A steadfast supporter

Mr. Kaufmann was appointed

of Maryknoll athletics,

to lead his senior social studies

he attended countless

course when Sr. Miriam David

student games to cheer

took business leave for the

on the students. “He went

Maryknoll order. That unlikely

to every sporting event,”

opportunity afforded him his first introduction to the world

Michael says. “I think he was grandfathered in from ILH

of teaching, and he began subbing for the nuns while still

(the Interscholastic League of Honolulu) because he was

a student, serving as a high school teaching assistant while

the bowling coordinator who had a state tournament pass,

still a student himself. The poignant memory marked a

but he went to every sporting event. He went to everything!

significant turning point for him in realizing his innate

You hear at sporting events ‘bleeding maroon and gold,’ but


FALL 2021

he literally did,” Michael says with a laugh. While Mr. Kaufmann was a known as an avid sports fan, bowling was most notably his favorite sport and pastime. He established the Bowl-O-Rama Tournament as a means of bringing former bowlers and their families back to compete generationally in a fun, social setting. The long-standing tradition remains one of Maryknoll’s most popular Alumni Week events that continues to live on in his memory. Mr. Kaufmann’s profound impact and deep affection for the school community continues to endure. Since he began his journey as a high school junior in 1956, Maryknoll has been the foundation upon which he built his family as well as a thriving career. It is through the school ohana that he was introduced to his late wife, Michelle, as well as the community who nurtured 17 of their family members who have since attended the school. When Mr. Kaufmann learned of his cancer diagnosis in 1993 with non-Hodgkins lymphoma, the community rallied behind him to provide prayer, emotional support, and even financial aid to uplift him in his time of need. The extent of their generosity afforded him 18 years of continued celebration as he furthered his love of travel, bowling, and family before his passing in 2011. Reflecting upon his father’s incredible Maryknoll history and the lifetime of memories he shared, Michael offers his heartfelt gratitude to the extended family who embraced Mr. Kaufmann for 55 years and enveloped his family in their kindness and love. “Everything was Maryknoll to my father–he cared so much about the school. He owes his family to Maryknoll. It wasn’t just place of work, it was his home,” Michael shares. And while the Bowl-O-Rama event was cancelled last year due to COVID-19, hope for its return is on the horizon. As a co-chair for the committee, Michael looks forward to welcoming the next tournament for Alumni Week in celebration of his father and the game he loved so dearly. 71

FALL 2021






A Kenneth Kwock & Eloise Yano

D Blaine Gier

H Ian Caliedo

Kenneth Kwock ’55 shares a photo of a small Class of 1955 gathering at classmate Judy Wong’s house. Currently living in Pasadena, CA, Antonella (Tiny) Bennett ‘55 was in town for a family reunion - prompting the lunch between friends. The class of 1955 classmates were able to spend hours telling stories and reliving memories of school days. In the picture, Maxine Pada ’55 is seated. Standing from left to right is: Judy Wong ’55, Tiny Bennett ’55, James Chun ’55, Eloise Yano ’55 and Kenneth Kwock ’55

B Dennis Chong & Kenneth Kwock Dennis Chong ’55 & Kenneth Kwock ’55 shared a photo with his Class of 1955 classmates at Aiea Bowl having lunch with Sally Engstrom Barr who was visiting from Naples, FL in July. Sitting: Eloise Yano ’55, Sally Barr ’55, Clifford Ferreira ’55, Judy Wong ’55 Standing: Dennis Chong ’55, Kenneth Kwock ’55, Helen Nakano ’55, Cathe Wong ’55

CLASS OF 1987 C E. Tory Laitila The Honolulu Museum of Art (HoMA) has announced an internal promotion: Tory Laitila ’87 is HoMa’s new curator of the Historic Arts of Hawai‘i collection, an expansion of his current role in textiles and fashion. Laitila joined HoMA in 2019 after a 17-year career with the Honolulu Mayor’s Office of Culture and the Arts. Prior to that, he served as the assistant curator at the Hawaiian Mission Houses.


FALL 2021

Blaine Gier ’88 volunteers his time by coaching youth sports; Noblesse Oblige lives on! Blaine found his passion in coaching his son’s 3-4 year old, flag football team.

E Jordan Armstrong So last year, the year I turned 50, I got married, had a son and welcomed a grand daughter into this world. Looks like 2022 will be as productive with a second grand child and my fifth child on the way. I’m in my 30th year in construction and hold a pivotal role at Kiewit construction. Love to surf and golf and spending time with my fabulous family

CLASS OF 1990 F Melissa Gerding Melissa Gerding ’90 married Shawn Fiordimondo on June 13, 2021 in Villanova, PA. The happy couple live in St. Davids, PA where Melissa is also celebrating her 25th anniversary working in Enrollment Management for Villanova University.

CLASS OF 1992 G Katherine Alcares Kathy (Sy) Alcares ’92 was recently awarded the Hospitality Tech Top Women 2021 Innovator Award. She has worked in the restaurant industry for over 33 years and is currently serving as the Director of Information Technology at Eureka! Restaurant Group, an award winning full-service restaurant group with more than 26 locations nationwide. She spearheaded the launch of the restaurant’s first online ordering platform and a new contactless ordering service model as the pandemic spread. Kathy continues to serve her community and volunteer for organizations like @Restaurants_Care and attributes her early beginnings of community service to her years at Maryknoll School.

Ian Caliedo ’96 was honored and recognized by the Honolulu City & Council for his service to the community over the years. Ian serves as the President/Owner of Caliedo & Sons, Hawaii’s leader in industrial shipbuilding and repair services. Ian and his team have volunteered for countless community service events and continue to give back through food distribution events and organized trash clean-ups.

I Gabrielle (Wong) Gouveia Congratulations, Gabrielle “Gabby” Gouveia ’96 for being awarded as “Nurse of the Year” at Straub Hospital! Gabby is also the co-founder of Let Grace In, a 501(c)(3) charity that supports families after the death of a child. LGI offers resources including the Hope retreat that encourages healing, resilience and time to explore practical ways to move through grief.

CLASS OF 1997 J Brent Lau Brent Lau ’97 was nominated for two prestigious On-Air Personality awards for this year’s Country Music Awards & Academy of Country Music. He is passionate about his job — from serving up requests during the lunch hour each day to hosting coverage of events like the Stagecoach Music Festival for KUZZ, he’s always up for bringing country music right to fans in Bakersfield and Kern County.


















K Arsima Muller

N Brandon Lam

Q Katy Parsons

Arsima Muller ’97 was ​named “Lawyer of the Year” for Administrative / Regulatory Law in the 2021 edition of The Best Lawyers in America. Muller’s practice includes considerable experience with corporate business, finance, acquisitions, ocean and maritime activities, real property transactions, energy projects, and administrative law, with an emphasis on environmental and land use law. She regularly handles litigation matters in these areas and has an active practice in Hawaii, Guam and the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

CLASS OF 1998 L Dara Cavaco-Caballero On January 23, 2021 (12321), Dara CavacoCaballero ’98 married her best friend, Nick Caballero. Her brother, David Cavaco ’94 was the best man.

CLASS OF 2000 M Abby Underkofler Abby Underkofler ’00 started off her career as a teacher and is currently a pediatric cardiac ICU nurse at Duke University Hospital in Durham, NC. Amy Underkofler ’96 is a married mother of two who works as a Vice President Risk Management Analyst at Bank of America in Charlotte, NC. Melinda Underkofler is happily retired from teaching and enjoying time with her two grandsons. (Left to right): Abby Underkofler ’00, Amy Underkofler ’96, Melinda Underkofler (former retired Maryknoll grade school teacher), Chris Mattos Loomis ’85.


FALL 2021

Brandon Lam ’02 was proud to be a part of the production team for the Pure Heart concert featured in the 2021 Maryknoll School Spartan Strong Virtual Fundraising Event. Pictured, left to right: Steve Mau ’97, Lopaka Colon, Sabrina Mau, Jon Yamasato, Gotaro Oshitari ’06, Jake Shimabukuro, Brandon Lam ’02, Krystal Macugay Alcayde, Christopher Balidio, Romeo Lapitan, Kyle Roche ’18

O Jacob Noh Jacob Noh ’02 was named as this year’s Young Professionals Hawaii Community Leader of the Year. Jacob is an HR Consultant for Altres and currently serves as the chair of DreamHouse ‘Ewa Beach and a board member of Catholic Charities Hawaii.

CLASS OF 2003 P Jason Kennedy Jason Kennedy ’03 is in his second year as head coach of the Boston College volleyball program, arriving at Boston in January 2018. Through his second season, he led the Eagles to 20 wins - its most in program history - highlighted by a 5-0 start to Atlantic Coast Conference play. Jason arrived at Boston College after spending the previous three seasons as a member of the USC women’s volleyball staff, the last two as the team’s associate head coach. Over the past three seasons at USC, the women’s volleyball program compiled a record of 75-25 and made three appearances in the NCAA Tournament.

Throw back to Maryknoll High School Winterball 2003! First Row Pictured: Jackie Okimoto ’06, Katy Parsons ’05, and Deanne Lee ’04. Second Row: James Tokishi ’04, Kamehameha Student, and Craig Arakawa ’04

R Cheryl (Lee) Ricordi Cheryl (Lee) Ricordi ’05 and her husband Alberto Ricordi welcomed their first child, Andrew to the world on May 27, 2021. They are enjoying watching their son grow, and are blessed to be Andrew’s parents.

CLASS OF 2006 S Christopher Chu Christopher Chu ’06 shares a photo of fellow 2006 alums meeting up for a night out. Left to right: Christopher Chu ’06, Sean “Bakersman” Selby ’06, Stratton Wright ’06, Tom Billins ’06, Tommy (Nguyen) Shimomura ’06, Tyler Tsukazaki ’06, Alex Chu ’08, Chris “Hammah” Hsia ’06, Spencer Kim ’06, Waika Spencer, Ken Yamazaki ’06

CLASS OF 2007 T Reyn Mukawa Friends Reyn Mukawa ’07 and Malia Ka‘aihue are co-founders of Aloha Modern, one of this years HVCA People’s Choice of Startup Paradise 2021 finalists. The ocean inspired lifestyle company is known for a design esthetic grounded in native Hawaiian culture and mo‘olelo – the Hawaiian art of storytelling. Aloha Modern now produces a full line of towels, beach bags, swimwear and other apparel, blankets and home goods.
















U Kristen Canencia

BB Giselle Agsalud

Kristen Canencia ’09 got married to Nick Dudley on April 3, 2021 in Hawaii.

V Krystle Guillermo Krystle Guillermo ’09 got married to Jordan Ferreira on February 1, 2020.

CLASS OF 2010 W Claire Hann Claire Hann ’10 got married to Casey Cameron this year.

X Michele Laporte Michelle LaPorte ’10 married her high school sweetheart, Masashi Uematsu ’10 on October 26, 2019 at Kualoa Ranch.

Y Trevor Ventura Trevor Ventura ’10 married Kerrigan Ah Mook Sang on September 26, 2020 in Las Vegas.

CLASS OF 2012 Z Joyce Zhang Joyce Zhang ’12 recently received her Doctorate degree in Optometry from University of California Berkeley School of Optometry. After graduating, she completed a low vision rehabilitation residency at the University of Incarnate Word Rosenberg School of Optometry. Teachers at Maryknoll and throughout her schooling have inspired her to also pursue teaching and starting this year, Joyce will be a Senior Clinical Instructor at the Rosenberg School of Optometry in San Antonio, Texas.

AA Blaine Hokama Blaine Hokama ’12 recently married the love of his life, Taylor (Hiraki) Hokama, this year with plans for a bigger wedding for family and friends in 2023.


FALL 2021

Despite the challenging year, due to the pandemic, Giselle Agsalud ’13 graduated in June 2021 from Bellevue University in Omaha, Nebraska with a Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration. After graduating, Giselle is working as a Client Service Coordinator at UHA Health Insurance. “Stay safe & healthy!”

CLASS OF 2016 CC Jarin Kobashigawa Javin Kobashigawa ’16 recently completed his Master’s degree in Marketing at Willamette University and was featured in their school publication for his involvement in leadership roles in student programs, which helped him find his passion in business and marketing.

CLASS OF 2017 DD Joanne Nguyen Mindful of her alma mater’s motto, “Noblesse Oblige,” Joanne Nguyen ’17 was recently featured in a story by Shriners Hospital about her donation to support their current programs after selling her first home as a realtor.

EE Matthew Dunaway At Western Oregon University, the return of baseball games has been highly anticipated and Matthew Dunaway ’17 was a stand-out player in their first doubleheader game back from hiatus. On the mound, Dunaway had an impressive Wolves’ debut; not allowing any runs and pitching four innings and tallied eight strikeouts.

FF Evangeline Muyano Evangeline Muyano ’17 graduated with her B.S in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Portland this year and was recognized in Portland Business Journal’s Inno Under 25, which features entrepreneurs under the age of 25 who showcase the energy and enthusiasm that’s helping to fuel Oregon’s innovation economy now and into the future. Muyano & her classmate founded rePLA, a start-up company that developed an algae-based biodegradable plastic to be used for rapid prototyping with 3D printing. Their goal is to take locally sourced algae and turn it into a biodegradable product that redefines what plastic is and could be in our everyday lives.

CLASS OF 2018 GG Allysha Mae Mateo Allysha Mae Mateo ’18 was named 2021 West Coast Conference Golfer of the Year and competed in her third USGA Women’s Amateur Championships.

HH Jhenna Gabriel Jhenna Gabriel ’18 led her No. 4 ranked Texas Longhorns Volleyball team to their first NCAA Final Four since 2016. She was also named the NCAA Setter of the Year.

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Gotaro Oshitari ’06

GOTARO.OSHITARI@MARYKNOLLSCHOOL.ORG Our school motto of Noblesse Oblige has been the foundation for Gotaro Oshitari ’06 as he pursued his marketing and graphic design career. Now entering his second year serving as Maryknoll’s Alumni Relations Officer, Gotaro has applied his past experience and deep community network toward developing Maryknoll’s alumni relations programs. From hosting innovative events, to assisting with the modernization of our alumni systems, Gotaro strives to ensure all alumni feel welcomed and at home here at Maryknoll. If you’re a Maryknoll alum and would like to talk story with Gotaro about a new idea, class reunion planning or a possible event, be sure to reach out to him, as he’d love to hear from you! THE KNOLLER







II Allyson Pang Allyson Pang ’18 was recently recognized as the “Campus Civic Poet” at Washington State University. Pang is currently double-majoring in English and Journalism, serves as editor-in-chief for the student literary magazine and was featured in the school publication for her contributions to the arts through slam poetry.


JJ Angeline Tanjutco Angeline Tanjutco ’19 graduated this year with her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Hawaii Pacific University at the age of 19. Angeline was part of the first cohort in 2017 that participated in the HPU-Maryknoll Dual-Degree Program where juniors and seniors have the opportunity of taking college level courses to earn up to 60 HPU college credits and/or their Associate of Arts degree upon graduating.


FALL 2021


CLASS OF 2021 KK Brooke Peralta Brooke Peralta ’21 continues her dream of playing volleyball at a collegiate level in Olympia, Washington as a libero/ defensive specialst for the South Pugent Sound Community College Clippers.

LL Noah Furtado Noah Furtado ’21 started his first year of college at Arizona State University and was already highlighted on ASU news on his pursuit in a Sports Journalism degree. He is also a member of Barrett, The Honors College at ASU, which is a selective, residential college that recruits academically outstanding undergraduates across the nation and was recently accepted as a member of ASU’s Next Generation Service Corps.

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