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2010 Community Report

Building Our Mission

Mission To improve survivorship and lessen the burden of cancer through expert treatment, compassionate care, early detection, research and education.


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Table of Contents

Hallmarks of 2010 included constructing new facilities and expanding cancer services and programs.

2____________Board of Directors 3____________President and CEO Message 5 – 15________Building the Mission 16___________NCI Community Cancer Centers Program Update 19___________Fundraising Support and Impact 22___________Development Leadership 23___________Hillar C. Moore, Jr. Award Recipients 23___________D. Jensen Holliday Award Recipient 24 ___________Louis D. Curet Award Recipients 24___________Anna B. Lipsey Memorial Volunteer of the Year

Award Recipients

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board of directors Board of Directors J. Gerard Jolly Chair KPMG LLP Donna M. Saurage Vice Chair Community Volunteer Tom J. Meek, Jr., M.D. Secretary Dermatology Clinic D. Randolph Waesche Treasurer Resource Management, Inc. Maurice L. King, Jr., M.D. Medical Director Southeast Louisiana Radiation Oncology Group Todd D. Stevens President and CEO Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center Richard A. Lipsey Immediate Past Chair Lipsey’s, Inc. Thomas Adamek Stonehenge Capital Company Kevin R. Carman, Ph.D. Louisiana State University Dudley W. Coates Morgan Stanley Smith Barney (Retired) Art Favre Performance Contractors William T. Firesheets II Buquet & LeBlanc, Inc. Brett P. Furr Taylor Porter Attorneys at Law G. Lee Griffin Chase (Retired) 2

Rose Hudson Louisiana Lottery Corporation Eli Jones, Ph.D. Louisiana State University Shelley Mockler Mockler Beverage-Budweiser Bill O’Quin Financial Services Online Bill Peters Peters Wealth Advisors, LLC Gary Sligar Baton Rouge Coca-Cola (Retired) Paul R. Thompson Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Directors Emeriti Wallace F. Armstrong * John W. Barton, Sr. Mark P. Bensabat Terence Beven, M.D. Frederic T. Billings III, M.D. Richard C. Boyer, M.D. Lynwood J. Brassett, M.D. * L. Heidel Brown * Redfield E. Bryan, Jr., M.D. D. V. Cacioppo, M.D. * Beth Courtney Louis D. Curet Mortimer F. Currier, M.D. Teri G. Fontenot Charles C. Garvey R. Bryan Griffith, Jr., M.D. Merrill O. Hines, Jr., M.D. Henry W. Jolly, Jr., M.D. * David Kahn, M.D. * Preston V. Kors * Anna B. Lipsey * Susan H. Lipsey Michael H. Martin Lillian Maurin Frank D. McArthur


Sancy McCool * C. Brent McCoy Hillar C. Moore, Jr. Hermann Moyse, Jr. * Julius H. Mullins, Sr., M.D. * John W. Munson, DDS * Don H. Neufeld * G.T. Owen, Jr. * G.T. Owen, III * Roy A. Parker, Ph.D. Thomas Ramsey, M.D. Kevin P. Reilly, Jr. Harry D. Richardson * Eula W. Palmer Rogers, M.D. * Donna M. Saurage Robert M. Stuart, Sr. Troye A. Svendson O. M. Thomspon, Jr., M.D. Roland M. Toups J. Ralph Vannoy, M.D. * Maurice J. Wilson, M.D. * Allie Woolfolk, M.D. * Robert S. Greer, Jr. Chairman Emeritus J. H. Campbell, Jr. Chairman Emeritus W. Patton Culbertson, Jr., Ph.D. Chairman Emeritus D. Jensen Holliday * Chairman Emeritus M. J. Rathbone, Jr., M.D. * Chairman Emeritus James E. Hancock, M.D. Medical Director Emeritus Gregory C. Henkelmann, M.D. Medical Director Emeritus Sheldon A. Johnson, M.D. Medical Director Emeritus * Deceased

❝ From the outset, community leaders established Mary Bird Perkins to provide local access to the best possible cancer care, regardless of ability to pay. Today, with a network of five locations across southeast Louisiana, and with the help of many dedicated supporters, we have been able to further the vision to provide the most advanced cancer care close to home where patients live and work. ❞ – Jerry Jolly, Chair

A Message from President & ceo Todd D. Stevens This past year was one of incredible accomplishment and evolution in Mary Bird Perkins’ ongoing fight against cancer. Building Mary Bird Perkins’ mission across southeast Louisiana is a result of collaboration with physicians, hospitals, and community organizations that recognize the value of Mary Bird’s programs and services and excellence in cancer care. Continued expansion has taken this organization from a state-of-the-art radiation treatment center to a dynamic cancer care organization. From expanded outreach and record-breaking early detection programs to innovative research and cutting edge treatment technologies, we made many inroads in battling this disease. These efforts reflect the desire of communities that want to see advanced cancer treatment and services available to more patients close to home. According to the National Cancer Institute, there are now 12 million cancer survivors in the United States – more than at any other time in U.S. history. That momentum toward a cure must continue, and we are doing our part. We are working to build Mary Bird Perkins’ mission on a strong foundation so we can do even more to help cancer patients – more leading-edge treatment options, more prevention and education, more early detection, more outreach, more research, more clinical trials, and more enhanced cancer services in more communities. We need everyone’s help to go where the need is. Community support has and will always make the difference. Thank you for supporting the mission and for the important role you played in keeping Mary Bird Perkins at the forefront of cancer care in 2010. Countless lives have been touched because of your unwavering commitment to beating this disease. Sincerely,

Todd D. Stevens Todd D. Stevens



Physicians and Partners Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center began as a state-of-the-art radiation therapy treatment center more than 40 years ago. It was then community leaders had a vision that cancer patients should have access to leading-edge radiation therapy close to home. Today, Mary Bird Perkins has evolved into a dynamic cancer care organization that partners with physicians and hospitals to provide comprehensive cancer care. Recognized for the excellence of its treatment team, the strength of its partnerships and its patient and community focused programs, Mary Bird Perkins now has five locations serving 18 parishes across southeast Louisiana.

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center is grateful to its many partners… Baton Rouge

We are grateful for our partners across the region working with us to provide exceptional cancer care close to home, family and friends – just as the founders intended. And while the Center has expanded over the years, its expertise in radiation oncology has remained at the forefront. The expert radiation oncologists practicing across the Mary Bird Perkins service area have unparalleled skill and experience.


R. Scott Bermudez, M.D.


Cynthia Boyer, M.D. Robert S. Fields, M.D.


Greg C. Henkelmann, M.D. Sheldon A. Johnson, M.D. Maurice L. King, M.D.


Renée A. Levine, M.D. Kenneth K. Lo, Ph.D., M.D. Jeffrey P. Long, M.D. Mary Ella Sanders, M.D.

Baton Rouge

Charles G. Wood, M.D. In addition to working with a team of dedicated radiation oncologists, the Center – through its many partnerships – has the opportunity to work with a wide range of extended medical staff to help patients fight cancer.



Louisiana State University

Expert Treatment Compassionate Care Early Detection Research Education BUILDING OUR MISSION


expert treatment Faster Treatment Option Darrell Tate was the first patient at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Baton Rouge to benefit from the Elekta Infinity’s VMAT (Volumetric Intensity Modulated Arc Therapy) technology to treat his prostate cancer. “This is an exciting new treatment option that promises to significantly improve our patients’ experience and quality of care,” said Dr. Maurice King, medical director, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. “The patient gets the same amount of radiation in about 80-90 percent less time.”

COVINGTON New Facilities — Expanded Technology & Programs Construction of the new Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Covington (shown above) on the campus of our partner, St. Tammany Parish Hospital, was a major 2010 project, and radiation therapy operations moved into the new facility in early 2011. We look forward to expanding the comprehensive nature of our partnership to help provide enhanced cancer care to the residents on the Northshore. Building plans for the new Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center at TGMC in Houma (shown below) took shape in 2010. The Center is scheduled to open in the fall of 2011. This new state-of-the-art facility will house comprehensive cancer services and programs, providing seamless patient care in the Bayou Region.




Treated Close to My Home It came as quite a shock to 56-year-old Melody Christy when her mammogram was abnormal. She made sure to get one every year and there had never been a problem. “I was so frightened. No one in my family has ever had breast cancer,” she said. “I live in Gonzales and I remember reading at one point in the paper that Mary Bird Perkins was coming here, but I never thought I would need it.” Since Christy also works full-time in Gonzales, having to go to Baton Rouge for six weeks of treatment would have been a hardship for this single working woman. “It was like a miracle to me that the Gonzales Center was there. I would go for treatments before work, or if I had the early shift, I would go on my lunch hour and then go back to work. It was close to my home so it was perfect. The staff was absolutely awesome. They put me at ease and took the time to explain everything that was going to happen. They made me feel like I was the only patient there.”

Melody Christy Gonzales Patient



Compassionate Care Always By My Side Originally from Georgia, 75-year-old John Moore spent 23 years of his life in the U. S. Army. He served as a helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War before retiring. A fellow pilot told Moore about a helicopter company that was hiring in case Moore wasn’t quite ready for the rocking chair. Moore checked it out, working off shore for a while, and ultimately secured a position with the company in Thibodaux. He and his wife Libbi bought a house in Houma in 1976. “There weren’t a lot of houses available at that time,” Moore said. “But we found one, and a lot of good friends at the same time.” After some routine blood work in 2004, doctors discovered that Moore had chronic lymphocytic leukemia, a cancer of the white blood cells. “That went into remission in 2006,” Moore said, “and then in December 2009, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.” Moore and his wife once again put John’s life in the hands of Dr. Raul Doria, a medical oncologist with Mary Bird Perkins at TGMC. Dr. Doria treated Moore the first time he was diagnosed. “Both my wife and I were so impressed with him from the very beginning. He said the treatment wouldn’t be easy, but that Hodgkin’s lymphoma (a cancer of the lymph nodes) is considered one of the most curable forms of cancer.” In 2010, between surgery, chemotherapy with Dr. Doria and radiation with Dr. Long – the Moores finally heard the words they had been waiting to hear. Moore was in remission and that meant he and Libbi could go on the upcoming cruise they had been planning. “We want to do things while we can, before we can’t,” is the couple’s mantra. “I think the entire staff at Mary Bird Perkins at TGMC has worked with me at one point or another and they are all upbeat about everything,” Moore said. “You feel just like you’re at home. They made me feel good, always leaving me with the feeling that it was going to get better every day.”



John Moore Houma Patient



Early Detection Catching Breast Cancer Earlier Findings from a 2010 review of our free cancer screening programs, conducted by the LSU School of Public Health, confirmed our early detection collaboration efforts are working. One example showed that from 2004 to 2009, late stage diagnosis for breast cancer screening participants dropped from 71 percent to 38 percent. This means fewer late-stage breast cancers were detected in 2009 versus 2004 indicating these programs resulted in catching the disease earlier – when likelihood of a positive outcome is highest.

Screening Event Attracts Hundreds The Cancer Program of Our Lady of the Lake and Mary Bird Perkins hosted its third annual Minority Cancer Awareness event, screening nearly 500 people for cancer in one day. Of the participants, 67 percent had never been screened before. Southern University’s School of Nursing, Woman’s Hospital, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, YWCA Encore Plus and numerous volunteers helped make this event a success.

Breaking the Screening Record

The Early Bird Mobile Medical Clinic, which provides free screening and services across 18 parishes. 10


It was a record-breaking year for early detection efforts. With our partners, we provided 248 free cancer screening events across southeast Louisiana – reaching 6,785 people. Fortyfive percent of those screened had never been screened before, and 53 participants were diagnosed with cancer. We have screened more than 36,000 people for cancer from 2002 through 2010.

Screenings Brought to My Work Priscilla Lugo lives in Hammond but works in another town four days a week, 10 hours a day. That leaves little time for life’s other necessities. “I try to have a mammogram every year because breast cancer runs in my family. My sister had breast cancer five years ago,” explained the 55-year-old Lugo. She said she was relieved to find out Mary Bird Perkins’ “screening truck” was going to be at her workplace in Independence, La. “My co-workers told me about it, and I went during my lunch time. Since we work so much, it’s hard to take time off, even though I know cancer screenings are important. You might feel like you’re healthy, but you never know.” She added, “It’s a great service for the community – especially since it’s free for people without insurance.” She also said having someone present who could speak Spanish was a good thing. “English is not a problem for me,” she said, “but having someone there who could speak both languages made a lot of women feel much more at ease.”

Priscilla Lugo

Hammond Participant BUILDING OUR MISSION


research Developed Skin Cancer Technique As a result of research by Mary Bird Perkins medical physicists, a new treatment technique called Bolus Electron Conformal Therapy (BolusECT™) now offers improved treatments for complex cancers of the skin, or just below the skin.

Progress Notes

“Specific tumors can be treated very well with this technology, especially skin cancer of the head and neck.”

In six years, the Mary Bird Perkins-LSU Partnership has:

Greg Henkelmann, M.D., radiation oncologist who has used this treatment for specific cases at Mary Bird Perkins.

●● ●●

Dr. Henkelmann is pictured to the left holding a computer-fabricated Bolus, customized to tailor the penetration of electron beams for specific skin cancers. “BolusECT™ is not meant to replace other technology but rather to fill a niche for very specific situations,” he said.


Graduated 22 students Generated 7 research grants with funding in excess of $3.5 million Published 22 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals

The Mary Bird Perkins-LSU Partnership Enhancing Radiation Therapy Technology

Conducting Radiation and Proton Therapy Initiatives

Elekta Limited and Mary Bird Perkins agreed to a 3-year, $450,000 research agreement directed at further enhancing the utility of the Elekta radiotherapy treatment systems. The three areas of research, which include electron therapy, volumetric modulated arc therapy and imageguided radiotherapy, are aimed at developing new delivery technology and assessing accuracy of current treatment technology.

The U.S. Department of Defense awarded Mary Bird Perkins a $2.2 million research contract to conduct two important radiation research initiatives. In one initiative, Mary Bird Perkins will collaborate with LSU scientists to explore targeting radiation at individual cancer cells. The second research initiative will be Mary Bird Perkins’ first major effort in proton therapy research and will seek to expand proton therapy to more cancers.



Clinical Trial Saved My Life Jack Wilson won his personal fight with throat cancer, but as a clinical trial participant his treatment plan may help countless others beat the disease in the future. Clinical trials are research studies in which people help doctors find ways to improve cancer care. Through Jack’s participation in a clinical trial, he received one of the newest combinations of treatments. His experience has been documented and may become a standard in treating throat cancer. Jack says participating in the trial was clearly the right choice for him.“I knew everything the trial entailed prior to starting treatment, and I could get this care close to home. I was aware this trial could help save my life, but the fact that others could benefit made my decision to participate even easier.” Staff members closely monitored Jack’s health throughout his treatment. He came to know the staff as more than just his cancer care team. “I leaned on them during a time when I really needed their support. They weren’t just my doctors and nurses— we became like family.”

BR patient Jack Wilson

Jack Wilson



Education Residency Training for Next Generation of Medical Physicists

Empowering Survivors Educating survivors on the next phase of their journey – Survivorship – is a very important part of cancer care and now a national best practice. To provide this critical service, we launched a Survivorship Program and also hired a full time Survivorship Navigator to help patients actively participate in their care and access important resources. As part of this program, Mary Bird Perkins held its first Survivors’ Day Celebration in June. More than 200 cancer survivors, current patients and employees gathered at all five centers to celebrate the day by sharing a picnic lunch served by the Centers’ staff and volunteers.

Held 14

Mary Bird Perkins is the first center in Louisiana to establish a residency training program in radiation oncology physics, helping to provide qualified professionals to the workforce and benefiting patient care. It is aimed at taking graduates from CAMPEPaccredited graduate medical physics programs, like the one Mary Bird Perkins has with LSU, and providing two years of clinical training in the specialty of radiation oncology physics – just as physicians are required to do residency training following medical school. A grant from the American Society for Radiation Oncology helped with program startup.

Learning to Quit The Cancer Program of Our Lady of the Lake and Mary Bird Perkins’ patients and family members can receive free one-on-one tobacco cessation counseling at the bedside while hospitalized at Our Lady of the Lake or onsite at Mary Bird Perkins. Sessions are led by a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist who guides patients through the process of quitting. Data shows that 65% of patients enrolled in this program have quit smoking.

124 educational events, reaching more than 12,000 people.


Classes Helped Me Quit Kathy Lavigne started smoking when she was 18. “By the time I tried to quit, which I did many times, I was addicted.” The decision to go with a friend to a free smoking cessation class in Covington sponsored by Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center changed her life. “The class was so different that it broke my tie to smoking completely,” Lavigne said. She explained that the class met once a week for six weeks and the members became very close, forming a true support group for one another. Additionally, participants were given a discount coupon for a smoking cessation medication that Lavigne said was a help both financially and physically for helping with the withdrawal symptoms. “We were also given a ‘quit-keeper’ to keep track of how many days we had not had a cigarette. My son would yell out the number every day,” she laughed. “We were encouraged to find a hobby. I took up knitting. I think I knitted enough scarves to keep the whole world warm,” she joked. “I quit two years ago on Valentine’s Day. I have been given one of the greatest gifts – being smoke-free and loving it.”

Kathy Lavigne

Covington Participant BUILDING OUR MISSION


NCI Community Cancer centers Program Year Three in Summary In addition to English, screening and clinical trials information is now translated into Spanish and Vietnamese languages to ensure clear communication within these populations.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) Community Cancer Centers Program (NCCCP) ended its third year by implementing programs to advance clinical research and create a model for community cancer care—with an emphasis on underserved minorities, including poor, rural, racial and ethnic populations.

Our Cancer Program data shows that 58% of all patients screened were minorities with 46% African American, 4% Asian American, and 7.5% Hispanic Americans. Also, 8% of those screened were over age 65, and 25% of all patients screened had never been screened before.

ARRA Funds Advance NCI Initiatives NCI is using $80 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) to develop programs at 30 competitively chosen sites in 22 states across the nation. Two million dollars from ARRA will fund 14 new projects over the next two years for The Cancer Program of Our Lady of the Lake and Mary Bird Perkins, a NCCCP site since 2007.


Reduce Cancer Healthcare Disparities Our patient navigators continue to bridge the gap for many underserved minorities when an abnormal cancer screening result occurs. From the time the patient navigator becomes aware of a patient’s abnormal finding, they guide the patient through every step of the diagnosis process, whether it’s scheduling appointments, addressing financial or transportation challenges or finding a doctor who can provide specialized care. Our patient navigators’ primary goal is to remove any obstacle that could prevent a patient from receiving the immediate care they require.


Improve Quality of Cancer Care Multidisciplinary care teams for colorectal, head and neck and brain cancers have been created. These teams provide enhanced physician collaboration, delivering the most seamless, comprehensive care possible for patients.

Key Accomplishments by Focus Area ●●

Cancer Program volunteers and staff canvassed neighborhoods to promote prostate cancer screenings.

We have enhanced our genetic counseling and testing program to provide important information to patients and their families about their risk of cancer, and a board certified geneticist is a member of our multidisciplinary teams. ●●

Enhance Survivorship and Palliative Care Programs We have developed a breast cancer patient treatment summary and survivorship care plan to provide patients and their primary care physicians with important records of the treatment they received, including a detailed


post-treatment follow-up plan created by best practice experiences. Our care plan also includes a Survivorship Navigator who will help patients transition to this new phase of their journey. ●●

Enhance Information Technology Capabilities by Converting Paper-based Patient Records to Electronic Health Records Cohesive and comprehensive cancer care is only possible through the use of electronic medical records. During this past year, our Cancer Program has reached new levels in developing secure information technology systems for sharing patient health records with other providers.


Physician Outreach Program The Cancer Program launched a Physician Outreach Program to increase primary care physicians’ awareness of national clinical trials that are available in their local community. Physician Outreach Stats

52% of outreach population is defined as rural 37% of outreach population is African American, Hispanic or Asian

17% of outreach population is considered minority based on additional NCCCP factors (age, education level, income, language, uninsured)

The Cancer Program held its third annual event in recognition of National Minority Cancer Awareness Week to promote the importance of early detection of cancer among racial/ethnic minority groups. This year’s event resulted in nearly 500 cancer screenings in one day for colorectal, skin, oral, prostate and breast cancers and 185 blood pressure and glucose screenings.

To date, 35 physician clinics have been visited; 27 located in rural communities NCCCP Year 3 Clinical Trials Accruals:

26% African American 50% Elderly 57% Rural ●●

Standardize Biospecimen Collection for Research Through a Standards-Based Approach The Cancer Program continues to partner with the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute to perform state-of-the-art cancer research called Total Cancer CareTM (TCC). By combining research efforts, we are creating a new frontier in cancer research that will potentially offer personalized cancer treatment to all patients. More than 700 patients to date have been enrolled. We continue to work with our TCC clinical partners: LSU Minority-Based CCOP, Wake Forest University, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center and Moffitt Cancer Center. Together, we have developed clinical trial workgroups to identify the trials best suited to our patients for gastrointestinal and head and neck cancers.

Dwayne Superneau, M.D., a geneticist and member of our colorectal multidisciplinary teams, counsels a patient. BUILDING OUR MISSION


Outreach Coordinators The Cancer Program of our Lady of the Lake and Mary Bird Perkins, through its participation in the National Cancer Institute Community Cancer Centers Program, recently added Vietnamese and Hispanic outreach coordinators to educate these populations on early detection.

“There is a tremendous need for cancer education in the Vietnamese population. It’s really a privilege to be the connection to cancer resources for my community,” Maggie said. Discussing health issues is difficult for many people. But, for Vietnamese Americans—especially the women, who are very modest— talking about their body with a doctor can be especially hard. Maggie said it’s during these situations when she can earn trust and help the most. In addition to verbally translating at screenings, Maggie translates printed information produced by The Cancer Program. Maggie is also anxious to begin educating Vietnamese patients on cancer clinical trials.

Maggie Tran, Vietnamese Outreach Coordinator



“It’s easy to feel isolated when you don’t speak English and there aren’t many other health providers that are outreaching to the Hispanic community. They appreciate that we want to help keep them healthy; it makes them feel good that we genuinely care. I give them the facts,” Grace said. Like many people, some in the Hispanic community believe cancer could never happen to them. When Grace is out in the community or working at a screening, Hispanics often express their appreciation that the Cancer Program aggressively reaches out to them.

Grace Espinosa, Hispanic Outreach Coordinator

Community Commitment Volunteer Service Ambassadors BUILDING OUR MISSION


support and impact 2010 Investment in the Community Community support continues to be a cornerstone for Mary Bird Perkins. In 2010, Mary Bird Perkins received contributions totaling more than $5.5 million to fight cancer in southeast Louisiana, making it the most successful fundraising year in our organization’s history. The majority of these funds will be used to support the mission to improve survivorship and lessen the burden of cancer through expert treatment, compassionate care, early detection, research and education. A significant amount of funding will support the Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center Foundation and its mission to build an endowment to fight cancer.

$5.6 Million Detailed Sources of Contributions to Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center Community Foundation


8% 49%

$1.0 Million – Foundation Gifts




State and Federal Appropriations and Research Funds


Organization and Corporate


$2.8 Million – State and Federal Funding

Total raised in 2010 for the fight against cancer

18% Individual

Sources At A Glance $1.8 Million – Community Fundraising Efforts

$5.6 Million

Gifts to MBPCC


Contributions Private Foundation Grants

Community Impact See how your support made an impact on the fight against cancer in 2010


21% Programs to


Support the Mission: Awareness, Education & Early Detection

27% 7% Research and Tumor Registry Program

Patient Care and


Fight Cancer Campaign Leadership Stacey Chiasson (Corporate Division Chair), Rose Hudson (Vice Chair), Shelley Mockler (Chair), Elisabeth Prescott (Samaritan’s Circle Chair) and Lisa Adamek (Rathbone Division Chair).

Support Services

Your investment helped impact so many lives in so many ways, including: ●● Providing nearly 250 free cancer screenings events across southeast Louisiana ●● Screening more than 6,700 people ●● Reaching more than 3,000 participants who had never been screened before ●● Diagnosing 53 cancers



Development Leadership Development Committee

Donna M. Saurage

Jo Ann Hamilton

Community Volunteer

Rubicon L.L.C.

Paul R. Thompson

Clint Hurst

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

J.P. Morgan

Chase (Retired)

David A. Winkler

Ashley Johnson

James R. McIlwain Vice Chair

Faulk & Winkler, L.L.C.

Community Volunteer

Todd D. Stevens

J. Gerard Jolly

Lamar Advertising Company

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center


Thomas J. Adamek

Ethan J. Bush

Shannon Lavigne

Stonehenge Capital Company, L.L.C.

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

Rubicon L.L.C.

Paul R. Nowacki

Perry Leslie

Louis D. Curet

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center


G. Lee Griffin Chair

D’Amico & Curet (Retired)

William T. Firesheets II Buquet & LeBlanc, Inc.

Brett P. Furr Taylor Porter Attorneys at Law

Cynthia S. Harlan Collegiate Admissions Consulting Services, L.L.C.

Rose J. Hudson Louisiana Lottery Corporation

Sheldon A. Johnson, M.D. Southeast Louisiana Radiation Oncology Group

J. Gerard Jolly KPMG LLP

Kyle France Kehoe-France Northshore

Sancy H. McCool Community Volunteer

Shelley Mockler Mockler Beverage-Budweiser

Hillar C. Moore, Jr. Associated Grocers, Inc. (Retired)

Craig A. Nuckolls Rubicon L.L.C.

Bill O’Quin Financial Services Online

Bill Peters Peters Wealth Advisors, L.L.C.


Fight Cancer Campaign Leadership Shelley Mockler Chair Mockler Beverage-Budweiser

Rose J. Hudson Vice Chair

Ben Lemann Arthur J. Gallagher

Richard A. Lipsey Lipsey’s, Inc.

James R. McIlwain Lamar Advertising Company

Hillar C. Moore, Jr. Associated Grocers, Inc. (Retired)

Louisiana Lottery Corporation

Craig Netterville

Lisa Adamek Rathbone Division Chair

Bill O’Quin


Community Volunteer

Financial Services Online

Stacey Chiasson Corporate Division Chair

Gail O’Quin

The Dow Chemical Company

Will Owens

Elisabeth Prescott Samaritan’s Circle Chair

Stonehenge Capital Company, L.L.C.

Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC

Volunteers Jeff Barbin

Robert Parham Hancock Bank

Sanford Roy Merrill Lynch

Blanchard E. Sanchez

Phelps Dunbar, LLP

McArthur, Sanchez Associates

Louis D. Curet

Wynn White

D’Amico & Curet (Retired)

Ken Champagne USAgencies

Brett P. Furr Taylor Porter Attorneys at Law


Wynn L. White Consulting Engineers

Mary Bird Perkins President’s Councils Advocates Fighting Cancer in Louisiana Greater Northshore President’s Council

Baton Rouge President’s Council

Cindy Harlan Chair

Brett Furr Chair

Randy Kinchen Vice Chair

Lisa Adamek Diane Allen Kathy Arnes Thomas Bell Kenneth Champagne Stacey Chiasson Darian Chustz Sandra Holub Rose Hudson Clint Hurst Jeanne James Ashley Johnson Dee Keller Marielle Land-Howard Shannon Lavigne Suzanne Marquette Elizabeth McKnight Shelley Mockler Hillar Moore Matt Mullins Bill O’Quin Gail O’Quin Mike Pitts Elisabeth Prescott Sanford Roy Blanchard Sanchez Henry Saurage John Schiller Brad Supple Owen Weber

Don Burke Glenda Dobson, RN, BSN Mike Ford Kyle France Ann Keyes Joe Luquet Mark Malkemus Lillian Maurin Mike Miranda Mark Salvetti Donna Taylor Cindy Williamson Sue Zaunbrecher

volunteer award recipients D. Jensen Holliday Memorial Award This award recognizes an individual in the communities served by MBP who has made a meaningful difference in the fight against cancer. In 2010, the award was presented to Mrs. Gloria Graham. Graham is a five-year cancer survivor, and much like Jensen Holliday, for whom the award was named, she serves our community through her tireless dedication of devoting her time and talent to the cancer community.

Pictured (L-R): Donna Saurage, MBP Board of Directors Vice Chair, Gloria Graham and Mike Graham

Pictured (L-R): Jerry Jolly, MBP Board of Directors Chair, Richard and Susan Lipsey, Hillar C. Moore, Jr.

Hillar C. Moore, Jr. Outstanding Service Award The 2010 Hillar C. Moore, Jr. Outstanding Service Award was presented to Susan and Richard Lipsey. The Lipseys have been dedicated supporters of and leaders at Mary Bird for the past 40 years. Richard and Susan have put their heart and soul into volunteerism and fundraising efforts that work to support the overall mission of Mary Bird.



volunteer award recipients Pictured (L-R): Jerry Jolly, MBP Board of Directors Chair, Ashley and Greg Stringfellow, Louis D. Curet

Louis D. Curet Volunteer Fundraiser Award Greg and Ashley Stringfellow were the recipients of the 2010 Louis D. Curet Volunteer Fundraiser Award. The Stringfellows helped create the Jeff Boss Memorial Golf Tournament, which has raised more than $24,000 for MBP, after the former LSU equipment manager passed away from cancer in 2003.

Anna B. Lipsey Memorial Volunteer of the Year Award Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center volunteers Lou Fitzmorris and Chuck Stanton received the 2010 Anna B. Lipsey Memorial Volunteer of the Year award. Fitzmorris has been a volunteer at the Center’s Hammond location for 22 years, since the doors first opened in 1988. Stanton volunteers at the Baton Rouge location. This award, established in 1986, is given each year to the volunteer(s) who best exemplifies the volunteer spirit and dedication for which Mrs. Anna B. Lipsey was known. Pictured (L-R): Richard Lipsey, Lou Fitzmorris, Chuck Stanton, Susan Lipsey 24


Local student athletes partnered with Mary Bird Perkins to invest more than $20,000 to fight cancer through our Geaux Pink! Program. Area basketball, volleyball and soccer teams dedicated one home game during their playing season to raise breast cancer awareness and funds to support our mission to improve survivorship and lessen the burden of cancer in our community.

East Ascension High School Girls Soccer Team tours the MBP Gonzales Center.

BRCC Basketball Players Support Geaux Pink!

Dunham High School Volleyball Team after Geaux Pink! game.

Danielle Mack, MBP Development Officer, with St. Amant Coach Allison Leake, Dutchtown Coach Patrick Ricks and the senior volleyball players from each school.

2010 Geaux Pink! Participants Baton Rouge Community College Dunham High School Dutchtown High School East Ascension High School Northlake Christian School St. Amant High School St. Joseph’s Academy St. Michael the Archangel High School St. Scholastica Academy St. Thomas Aquinas High School Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center is truly thankful for the support of these area schools.



Community events Spa for a Cure Bumble Lane Spa Retreat hosted their annual “Spa for a Cure” Fundraiser to benefit Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center on October 21. It was a great night of fun, food and pampering for an amazing cause.

(L-R): Event Organizers Stefanie Grunitz, Donald Chube, Bumble Lane Owner Casey Little and Danielle Mack, MBP Development Officer.

Taco de Paco Taco de Paco generously donated net proceeds from a lunch event where Department of Health and Hospitals Secretary Bruce Greenstein served Department of Children and Family Services Secretary Ruth Johnson and other lunch guests.

Rotary Club of East Ascension For more than a decade, the Rotary Club of East Ascension has held an annual fundraiser to celebrate the Mardi Gras season, benefiting a local charity. With a successful raffle incorporated into the 2010 fundraising efforts, the Rotary Club’s Mardi Gras Ball raised $20,000 to benefit Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Gonzales. The raffle served as the first event organized in Gonzales to benefit MBP.

(L-R): John Snow, Taco de Paco owner, Randy Haddad, MBP Development Officer, Ruth Johnson, DCFS Secretary and Bruce Greenstein, DHH Secretary.

Hit for Hope The Ascension Tennis Association (ATA) hosted its first “Hit for Hope” Tennis Tournament April 24-25, 2010 at the Gonzales Tennis Center in honor of Wanda Mayers, longtime Gonzales tennis coach and cancer survivor. (L-R): Danielle Mack, MBP Development Officer, Stephanie Purdy, Taylor Purdy, Coach Graylin Mayers, Danielle LeBlanc, Coach Wanda Mayers, and Lori LeBlanc. 26


(Back Row, L-R): David Smith, Mark Richards, Ethan Bush, Todd Stevens, Brandon Walsworth. (Front Row, L-R): Carolyn Chassee, Renee Smith, Marian Walsworth and Kelli Stevens.

Close to Home

Discover a Cure

Jeff Boss Memorial Classic

Lively entertainment, a touching program and energetic supporters made the inaugural Close to Home Summer Gala an evening to remember.

Stevie and LeLe Keller, young Baton Rouge philanthropists, hosted their second annual “DISCOver a Cure” charity dance for approximately 350 7th and 8th graders on August 5, 2010. Together with their friends, Stevie and LeLe were able to donate $8,800 to Mary Bird Perkins.

The Sixth Annual Jeff Boss Memorial Classic Golf Tournament, held May 15, 2010 at Copper Mill Golf Club, was a tremendous success. Tournament organizers Ashley and Greg Stringfellow presented MBP with a check for $5,000. Since its inception, the Jeff Boss Memorial Classic has invested more than $29,000 toward the fight against cancer.

Close to Home Summer Gala nets $50,000 to Fight Cancer!

Held at Abita Oaks Plantation in Abita Springs on August 19 and organized by Strategic Employee Benefit Services (SEBS) and Northwestern Mutual of Louisiana (NML), this spectacular gala was developed in less than two months to benefit Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. With support from dedicated employees and supporters, this community event invested more than $50,000 toward the fight against cancer in our community.

(L-R): Stevie Keller, Carolyn Chassee, Danielle Mack, MBP Development Officer and LeLe Keller.

(L-R): Danielle Mack, MBP Development Officer, Ethan Bush, MBP Senior Development Officer, Karen Boss, BJ Boss, Greg and Ashley Stringfellow.

Rubicon Invitational

(L-R): Mike Ford (SEBS), Paul Nowacki (MBP CFO), Kevin Gardner (SEBS), Steve Dugal (NML), Todd Stevens (MBP President and CEO)

Rubicon LLC hosts the Rubicon Invitational golf tournament annually in April. For the past nine years, MBP has been honored to be the beneficiary of all funds raised from the tournament. In 2010, Rubicon presented MBP with a check for $45,000. Each year, Rubicon’s tournament has become a greater success than the year before and has raised more than $350,000 for the fight against cancer. (L-R) Todd Stevens, MBP President and CEO, and Mark Dearman, Rubicon Plant Manager.



2010 Mary Bird perkins merrill lynch open Golf Sponsors Title Sponsor Merrill Lynch Presenting Sponsors Amedisys, Inc. MAPP Construction Pro-Am Tournament Sponsor Amedisys, Inc. Taste of the Tournament Underwriting Sponsor Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center Taste of the Tournament Presenting Sponsor Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center

Taste of the Tournament Entertainment Sponsor Louisiana Lottery Corporation TV Community Information Sponsor WAFB Channel 9 Presenting Radio Sponsor 104.5 ESPN – Guaranty Broadcasting Sponsor Zone Sponsors Chenevert Architects Cox Business Service Regions Bank Cart Signage Sponsor EATEL and Sunshine Pages Awards Reception Sponsor Manda Fine Meats

Scoring Sponsor Albemarle Foundation

Putting Green Sponsor Corporate Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

Prize Package Sponsor Elekta

Putting Contest Sponsor Taylor Porter Attorneys at Law

Junior Clinic Sponsor Baton Rouge Coca-Cola

Driving Range Sponsor LEMIC Insurance Company

Tee Marker Sponsor Mockler Beverage-Budweiser

Gold Hole Sponsors .decimal, Inc. Antares Technology, Inc. Arthur Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc. Capital One Bank Chiquita Brands/Fresh Express

Taste of the Tournament Live Auction Sponsor Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry

(L-R): Kurt LaCroix, 2010 MBP Golf Committee member, Randy Haddad, 2010 Golf Committee Chair, Todd Stevens, MBP President and CEO, and Ken Caldwell, Director of Golf, BREC. Diane Allen & Associates Fidelity Homestead Savings Bank LUBA Workers’ Comp Phelps Dunbar Law Firm, L.L.C. Rubicon L.L.C. Sanderson Farms, Inc. Saurage Commercial Real Estate The Vinyl Institute VOA Incorporated

Closest to the Hole Sponsor CenturyLink 20th Anniversary Sponsors Campus Federal Credit Union D. Honoré Construction, Inc. KPMG LLP OrchestrateHR St. Elizabeth Hospital Woman’s Hospital

Raised more than $160,000 28


Golf Organizing Committee Hillar C. Moore, Jr. Founding Chair Associated Grocers (Retired) Randy Haddad Chair Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center Kurt LaCroix Professional Tournament Chair Cox Business Service Mason Marsh Pro-Am Tournament Chair Merck Sara Abercrombie Taste of the Tournament Chair Community Volunteer Jude Barbier Volunteer Co-Chair American Gateway Bank Scott Bogan Volunteer Co-Chair Fidelity Homestead Savings Bank Dick Briody Finance Chair LEMIC Insurance Company Gil Brassard Pro-Am Tournament Co-Chair Dexcomm

Brent Ledet Marketing Chair WAFB Channel 9 Bryan Lindsay Professional Tournament Liaison The University Club Jason McKenzie Food and Beverage Co-Chair Guaranty Broadcasting Mike Patterson Raffle Chair Lee, Dougherty and Ferrara Fred Reno Housing Chair WBRZ Channel 2 John Schiller Special Advisor to Committee Mockler Beverage-Budweiser

2010 Golf Committee and Volunteers. Below, an Adams Golf Pro helps kids with their golf swing at the 2010 Junior Clinic, which is sponsored by Baton Rouge Coca-Cola.

Brad Supple Special Advisor to Committee EATEL Jack Terry Junior Clinic Committee Chair The First Tee Nicole Young Food and Beverage Co-Chair Saurage Commercial Real Estate

Danna Hodges Taste of the Tournament Food and Beverage Chair Community Volunteer Marielle Land-Howard Sponsorship Chair Greater Baton Rouge Business Report

Golfer Bryce Garnett celebrates after winning the 2010 Mary Bird Perkins Merrill Lynch Open. BUILDING OUR MISSION


2010 Mary Bird perkins merrill lynch open Mary Bird Perkins Merrill Lynch Open and Taste of the Tournament In-Kind Donors 100 Black Men of Metro Baton Rouge, LTD. Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Abercrombie Academy Sports Adler’s Allied Waste Services of Baton Rouge Amy James Photography Blue Bell Creameries, Inc. Cake Goddess LLC Carmena’s Collision Center Chef Don Bergeron Enterprises Clean Cut Lawn & Landscape Cohn Turner Mr. Jeff Dawsey Doe’s Eat Place Donna Nunnally, M.D. - Dermatology and Aesthetic Institute Dot Calm Drapes Unlimited, Inc. EMCO Estate of Thelma Conrad Expert Moving Co. Gio’s Mezza Luna Restaurant Guaranty Broadcasting Company, LLC Head Over Heels Ms. Susan Indest Kleinpeter Photography, Inc. Kona Grill Lamps & Lighting by Design Laville Frames, Inc. Ms. Katie Lofton Louisiana Women’s Center for Aesthetics LSU Football Martinez Custom Clothier and Shirt Maker Marucci Sports Massage By Scott Meg Reilley Photography Monteleone Hotel Mr. B’s Bistro Ninfa’s Mexican Restaurant


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Oliver On The Half Shell Otey White & Assoc. Advertising & Pub. Rel. Will and Yvette Owens Pattons Fine Jewelry Pearson’s Luggage and Travel Pet Butler Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pettit Portobello’s Dr. Chad Prather Raising Cane’s Red Door Interiors Regency Lighting Republic Beverage Co. Roberto’s River Road Restaurant Rock-n-Sake Bar and Sushi Ruffino’s Italian Restaurant, LLC Ruth’s Chris Steak House Sable International Sew Simple


Stella and Dot Sushi Yama Japanese Restaurant T. J. Ribs The Belle of Baton Rouge Hotel The Gallery Salon & Day Spa The Princeton Review The Ritz-Carlton New Orleans The Southern Review Thomas Bernhardt and Big Leagues of Baton Rouge Mr. Terry Tuminello Via Veneto Salon WAFB-TV, Channel 9 Walt Disney World Co. Whole Foods Market Woman’s Hospital Printing Services Yoglates II Zeagler Music

(Right): 2010 Taste of the Tournament Par-tee and Auction Committee. (Below): MBP supporters enjoying the Taste and silent auction bidding.



Volunteers Ashley Augustus Fay Babin Mary Babin Helen Badeaux Diana Badkoobeh Milton Beatty Richard Bell Robbye Bell Matthew Berlinger Brenda Bertrand Margaret Biggio Tom Boone Mignon Bosse Edward Burke Pam Cagnolotti Ed Calamari Lauren Callon Bob Cancienne Judy Cancienne Kelly Carbo Jack Carmena Tiffany Cavalier Vernell Chaney Robin Chapman

Craig Clement Virginia Crow Alice Daniel Maurine David Elsie Davis Kay Deumite Brandi Ducote Christie Duronslet Neila Eckler Robert Emerson Robert Evans Rosalyn Fagan Lou Fitzmorris Evelyn Flynn Nancy Fogleman Kendra France Jane Fulks Audrey Gabriel Renee Galvin Sue Gambrell Myrtle Gatlin Evelyn Traylor Gautreau Winnie Gill Mary Greathouse

Juanita Grissom Davis Gueymard Marzie Harrison Betty Hastings Hayley Haydel Claudia Hebert Josie Hebert Garry Hoffman Blair Hollyfield Stephenie Holzhalb Guy Jenkins Bev Jones Bob Jones Brandon Jones Suzanne Kropog Sarah Lalande Melissa Lambert Jerry Lambert Myra LaRue David Leader Sandy Leader Trudy LeBoeuf Mary Liu Joyce Liuzza Charlotte Lyons

Meghan Maestri Deanna Magee Taineah McGraw Mary Morton Huy Nguyen Sandra Nguyen Kayla Nolan Jasmine Palmiano Juanita Pearson Valencia Phillip Karen Planchard Connie Planche Alice Posseno Michael Posseno, Sr. Alyzza Prudente Pat Quartararo Emily Rea Ross Roshto Rosemary Rownd Pat Rusk

Yvonne Seal Barbara Shea Margaret Sheldon Joy Sheridan Evelyn Short Lloyd Siemann Paula Siemann Ann Smith Daphne Spears Chuck Stanton Sherrie Starkey Alice (Sally) Stutzman James Theriot Judy Waguespack Clayshavika (Shay) Washington Gabrielle Weyer Jean Wilcox Neill Wright Cindy Zito

! u o Y Thank for your tremendous service to those in need.



Thank you to all employees and volunteers who made a charitable contribution to the 2010 Partners of Hope campaign – you gave more than $37,000 this year! Your generosity helps provide the margin of excellence in delivering our compassionate care to patients.

2010 Participants Latishia Adams Patrick Adams Melinda Albin Sheila Alexander Peggy Amato Ora Anderson Frank Apollo Rebecca Arceneaux Jamie Arton Tammy Asmus Ronald Atwood Yolanda Augustus Javon Ayo Donna Baham Paige Barcia Amy Benton Amy Berthelot Lonnie Black Sherri Blackwell Gwen Bonton Vickie Boudreaux Deidre Boyd Edna Breaux Matt Bryant Donna Bryant Don Burke Ethan Bush Bonnie Caldwell Robert Carver Kristen Case Rhonda S. Chandler Carolyn Chassee Peggy Colona Robin Cox

Linda Cox Erin Knight Credo Lynn Dalier Raymond Derossette Brad Duet Renea Duffin Susan Duncan Chad Dunn Pamela Dykes Theresa Edwards Syble Ellen Brenda Favaron Kara Ferachi Dr. Jonas Fontenot Sabrina Franklin Terry Freeman Corie Gagliano Amy Gauthier Charity Gay Jennifer Gibbons Dr. John P. Gibbons, Jr. Tiffany Giluso Denise Gipson Anissia Green Dianne Griffin Janet Guercio Bonnie Guidry Kent Guidry Teresa Guidry Patsy Guitreau Randy Haddad Amie Haggenmacher Vickie Hall Sharon Harman Sherri Hayden Cassandra Hayden Stephen A. Hebert

Ricky Hesston Katherine Hilliard Natalie Hock Dr. Kenneth R. Hogstrom Donna Holmes Chris Hux Michelle Hyatt Sylvia Johns LaRue Jolly Talaya Jones Debbie Knobloch Cyndi Knox Debbie Landry Leslie Lang Aaron LaRose Amy Lavigne David and Sandy Leader Lan Lin Neva Lipscomb Mary Livingston Danielle Mack Carolyn Madere Nicole Magee Rebekah Maher Leigh Ann Martinez Adam Mason David Mason Janis Mayfield Keonia McKneely Ashlee Menke Crissy Michel Jennifer Miller Mike Miranda Monica Moldovan Sharyn Monce Scott Musgrove Sharon S. Myshrall

Doug Naden Ruben Nambo, Jr. Daniel Neck Lacey Neil Hanh Nguyen Judy A. Nickens James Nosacka Lisa O’Deay Jenni M. O’Neil Megan O’Quin Layton Olano Emily Ourso Christine Palmer Dr. Brent Parker David Perrin Salli Phillips Judy Pol Cassandra Powers Michael Price Maria Reyes Jesse Rodrigue Catherine Sanders Chad J. Schmalz Lisa Seese Tiffany Shelton Jenafer Sheridan Vadel Shivers Kristi Siemann Eddie Singleton Erdal Sipahi Morgan Smith Renee Smith Adrienne Smith Danielle Smith Anne Spiece Karen Spriggs Angela Stam

Jason Stephens Todd Stevens Michael Stewart Latasha Stewart Rhea Stewart Josh Strahan Amy Tomassie Lareika Tircuit Karla Tullier Susan Valenti Aronda Veal Deirdre B. Ventress Temple Villar Daniel Vincent Debby P. Vollmer Kevin Walker Vicki Walker Pam Wall Erin Wallace Marian Walsworth Arnette Warren Tracie Way Carolyn West Lashandra Whitfield Cynthia Williams Lisa Williams Heather Williamson Jamie Wilson Carrie Wood Beverly A. Wood Gloria Worrell Trisha Wright Angelle Wyatt Davelyn Zachary Lisa Zeringue



Rathbone Society Donors

Individuals Benefactor Mr. and Mrs. Dudley W. Coates Jerry and Devera Goss T.J. Moran Philanthropist Anonymous (1) Mr. John W. Barton, Sr. Mr. Art Favre Bill and René Firesheets Dr. John and Donna Fraiche Mr. and Mrs. J. W. “Billy” and Janice Guitreau J. Gerard and Donna Jolly Richard and Susan Lipsey Shelley and Patrick Mockler Ms. Josephine Nixon Gail and Bill O’Quin Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Parks Mr. and Mrs. David C. Price Family of Dr. and Mrs. M.J. Rathbone, Jr. Stephen and Shawnee McCord Barbara Rathbone Jack and Randee Rathbone Richard and Michele Rathbone Mr. and Mrs. H. Norman Saurage III Mr. and Mrs. Newton B. Thomas


Patron Tom and Lisa Adamek Mrs. Jeanelle Beskin Dr. and Mrs. Frederic Billings III Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Campbell, Jr. Mrs. Mary Dale Conrad Mrs. Rubye Lee Engquist Dr. Robert S. Fields Alíce and Bob Greer Mr. and Mrs. G. Lee Griffin Davis Gueymard Dr. and Mrs. Greg Henkelmann Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon A. Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Maurice L. King, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lo Jimmy and Lillian Maurin Frank and Kathy McArthur Mr. Earl E. Nelson Jay Pellegrini Cherie and Bill Peters The Rawlston Phillips Family Ms. Mary Olive Pierson Al and Anne Rotenberg Ms. Betty M. Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Kenny St. Romain Todd and Kelli Stevens Paul R. and Mary H. Thompson Roland and Kay Toups Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Turner Dr. Charles G. Wood

Organizations, Corporations and Foundations Benefactor Albemarle Foundation Amedisys, Inc. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention City of Baton Rouge - East Baton Rouge Parish Department of Health and Hospitals


The Dow Chemical Company Foundation Foundation56 Gerry Lane Cadillac The Gheens Foundation Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation Irene and C.B. Pennington Foundation Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center The Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care Susan G. Komen for the Cure— Baton Rouge Affiliate Susan G. Komen for the Cure— Bayou Affiliate William Edwin Montan Charitable Trust Philanthropist Breast Cancer Relief Foundation ExxonMobil Baton Rouge Refinery Louisiana Breast Cancer Task Force Rite Aid Foundation Southeast Louisiana Radiation Oncology Group St. Tammany Cancer Fund Tomarlee Foundation Wilbur Marvin Foundation Patron Allen Robbins & Associates, Inc. American Cancer Society Edgen Murrary Corporation Evans-Graves Engineers, Inc. Fairway Medical Center Huie-Dellmon Trust LeBlanc Enterprises Louisiana Public Health Institute Mosaic Fertilizer, L.L.C. Northlake Gastroenterology Associates Oncology Solutions, L.L.C. Placid Refining Company, L.L.C. POOLCORP Republic Finance, L.L.C. Salmen Family Foundation Turner Industries Group, L.L.C.

Community Events Benefactor Close to Home Gala Northwestern Mutual Financial Network Strategic Employee Benefit Services of Louisiana East Ascension Rotary Club Geaux Pink – Join the Fight! Baton Rouge Community College Dunham High School Dutchtown High School East Ascension High School Northlake Christian School St. Amant High School St. Joseph’s Academy St. Michael the Archangel High School St. Scholastica Academy St. Thomas Aquinas High School Karnival Krewe de Louisiane Rubicon Golf Tournament AbClean/USIS Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. Alberty and Associates, LLC Alison Hawkins Anonymous Ascension Roofing and Sheet Metal Ascension Storage, LLC B & G Crane Service, LLC Mr. B. Azadan BASF Corporation Bayer Material Science BJ Services Company Brand Scaffold Builders, Inc. Briggs Equipment Brock Services, LTD Cajun Constructors, Inc. Carter Chambers Cheryl Mauffray CN - Canadian National Railway Company Commercial Tire of LA Inc. Cranford Equipment Company, Inc. Cross Road Centers Transportation & Warehouse

Daily Equipment Company Dynamic Fuels, LLC EATEL Empire Scaffold, L.L.C. Enterprise Products, OLP G & K Services, Inc. Gist Logistics, Inc. Greif Bros. Corporation Group Contractors, Inc. Hexion Specialty Chemical Houston Armature Works, Inc. Huntsman Polyurethanes & Specialties IKON Office Solutions Industrial Design & Construction Inc. Industrial Electric Motor Service, Inc. Ineos Fluor Americas LLC Jones-Hamilton Co. Kinder Morgan L & B Transport, L.L.C. Lewis-Goetz and Company, Inc Lofton Staffing & Lofton Security Services Louisiana Staffing Unlimited, Inc. M. L. Smith, Jr. Inc. Marchem Technologies, LLC Mauser USA, Inc. Michael Darbonne NewPort Tank Containers, Inc. Occidental Chemical Corporation Olin Chlor Alkali Products PCS Administration (USA), Inc. Phelps Dunbar, L.L.P. Pipeline Technology PPC Mechanical Seals Praxair Corporation

Quality Bolt and Screw Corp. R & D Consulting Reagent Chemical and Research Reliable Plumbing, Inc. Roland J. Robert Distributors, Inc. Rubicon LLC Service Transport Company SGS Petroleum Service Corporation Slay Transportation Specialized Industrial Maintenance Star Service, Inc. of Baton Rouge Sumter Transport Company The Air Products Foundation Topcor Companies LLC Total Safety U.S., Inc. Transport Service Company Transportation Consultants, Inc. Tricore, Inc. Trimac Transportation, Inc. Turner Industries Group, L.L.C. Univar Vitusa Products, Inc. Volks Constructors LLC Philanthropist Stirling Properties DISCOver a Cure Strike Out Cancer Oak Knoll Country Club Ladies Golf Association

(L-R): Dan Bevan, president, Wilson Foundation, Donna Saurage, who serves on boards of MBP and the Wilson Foundation, Dianna Stephens, V.P. of Grants Administration, Wilson Foundation and Todd Stevens, MBP President and CEO

The Wilson Foundation visits a rural cancer screening funded through the Foundation’s grant program.

Patron Bass Pro Shops Jeff Boss Memorial Golf Classic Rich Mauti Tennis Tournament

In December, MBP was awarded a $20,000 challenge grant from the IMPACT 2010 program at the Greater New Orleans Foundation. Funds will be used for early detection, navigation, and follow-up of screening participants with a finding. (L-R): MBP Radiation Therapist Pam Dykes, MBP Manager Early Detection / Education Charity Gay, MBP Grants Director Pam Wall, cancer survivor Charles Morgan, MBP Covington Program Manager Mike Miranda. BUILDING OUR MISSION


Paul D. Perkins Society Individuals Guardian Anonymous (2) Mr. and Mrs. Edward Amar Mr. Dane Andreeff Lorraine Bretthauer William O. Crabtree, Sr. Mike and Linda Ford Brett and Renee Furr Cathie and Ed Galante Drs. David S. Hanson and Jolene K. Johnson H. Alston Johnson III Mrs. Ann Shudmak Keogh Gordon and Teri LeBlanc Mr. Kevin Lyle Mrs. Ruth McCoy Jim and Terri McIlwain Lee and Phyllis McLaurin Dr. and Mrs. Tom Meek Mr. and Mrs. John Noland Bishop Clarence and Dr. Martha Pope Mike and Michelle Robinson Mrs. Laura Chopin Ross Sanford and Jan Roy Blanchard and Allison Sanchez Charles Schwing Ms. Ellen C. Sessions Bryan Statham Mr. and Mrs. Michael Todd Mrs. Suzanne Pauline Turner Peter and Lisa Wilson Sustainer Anonymous (2) Dr. and Mrs. Charles Afeman Laurie and Mark Aronson Mr. and Mrs. John W. Barton, Jr. Jay and Brenna Barzenick Dr. R. Scott Bermudez Lee and Brenda Berg James and Donna Bryant Robert L. Burgess John and Elaine Burke


Mr. Herbert Butt Andre and Kelly Coudrain Kim and Robert Crosby Louis D. Curet Ms. Billie Dean Bill and Glenda Dobson Mr. Steven Dugal Chris and Angela Ferrara Mr. and Mrs. John Fetzer Mr. Christopher Foot Dr. and Mrs. John P. Gibbons, Jr. Keith R. Gibson, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Graphia Dr. Robert Grissom William and Vickie Hall Dr. Mike and Cindy Harlan Mrs. Estelle Holliday Mr. and Mrs. Donovan Hudson Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Hurst Mr. and Mrs. David James Randy and Yvonne Kinchen Ms. Amanda Lyday Don and Pat Lyle Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Malkemus Lillie A. Maurin Mr. and Mrs. James McCall Mrs. Sancy H. McCool Mr. and Mrs. Bill McNabb Mr. and Mrs. Craig Nuckolls Drs. Kirk and Judith Patrick Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Philips, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pitts Dr. and Mrs. James Ruiz Blanchard and Allison Sanchez Mr. and Mrs. Tony Savoie Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Schuessler Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sinanan Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Sligar Mr. and Mrs. Edward Spiess Moo and Martin Svendson Mr. James B. Thompson III Mr. and Mrs. D. Randolph Waesche Mr. James. E. Walters, Jr. June and Harry Warner


Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wester Dr. Cornelius G. Whitley Mr. and Mrs. Rip Wilkinson Drs. Jack and Gay Winters Jean and Will Wilcox Kirk and Cindy Williamson Bobby and Marsha Yarborough

Perkins Organizations Guardian Alberty and Associates, LLC The Almar Foundation Arthur J. Gallagher of LA, Inc. AT&T Louisiana BP Lubricants - USA Cornerstone Government Affairs Diane Allen & Associates First Guaranty Bank The Jackson Kearney Group LUBA Workers’ Comp Lyons Specialty / AA Vending The Milford Wampold Support Foundation Sanderson Farms SGS Petroleum Service Corporation United Healthcare Services, Inc. United Way of South Louisiana USAgencies Sustainer Anonymous (1) A. Wilbert’s Sons, L.L.C. Acura and Infiniti of Baton Rouge Assurance Financial Group, LLC Batted, LLC The Celtic Group, L.L.C. CMA Technology Solutions Combined Federal Campaign Franklin Lion Copolymer Lofton Staffing & Lofton Security Services Moody-Price LLC

PCS Nitrogen Fertilizer, L.P. Peterbilt of Louisiana, L.L.C Post Architects Rubicon LLC Shaw Maintenance & Construction C.J. and Keith Ladner, State Farm Insurance, Covington Stonehenge Capital Company, LLC Syngenta The Thomas H. and Mayme P. Scott Foundation TMI Enterprise, LLC

Community Events Guardian Ascension Tennis Association Bumble Lane Spa Crawfishman Triathalon Holla Day Hip Hop LA Lady Hustlers St. Tammany Parish Denim Day Cedarwood School Kehoe France Northshore School St. Peter Catholic School Northlake Christian School Fountainebleau High School

Our Commitment to the Mission “Every year we are moved to support Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center for numerous reasons,” explained Bill and René Firesheets. “Few people can escape being directly affected by cancer. We have family, friends and colleagues who have received treatment at Mary Bird Perkins,” said Bill. The Firesheets believe that for patients and their families to be able to receive world-class treatment locally, rather than in another state, is a huge benefit. “Many don’t know that Mary Bird provides treatment to all who need it, regardless of their ability to pay,” stated René. “This is very important to us.” They also fully support the Center’s commitment to screening, early detection, prevention and education and see it as a tremendous service to the community. The Firesheets also feel that in addition to being a major part of the health care community, “Mary Bird Perkins is a major economic engine in each community it serves.” Together they consider it a privilege and a blessing to have such an excellent cancer treatment center in our community. “We want to help ensure that Mary Bird will be here for our children and grandchildren,” they explained.

Bill and René Firesheets Loyal Benefactors



samaritan circle Individual Ambassador Anonymous (1) Mr. Theodore Anthony Ms. Zita Badeaux Mr. Wilfred Barry Dr. Mitchell Berger Dr. Charles Berry Mr. William Blackwood Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bosse Claude Bouchard and Monique Chagnon Linda and Bob Bowsher Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Carman Mr. Rawlin Carter Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Cashe Mr. and Mrs. Tom Coerver Val Coles Mr. Robert Cradic Ms. Wendy Daigle Mr. and Mrs. Robert Daigrepont Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dobbins Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dodson Clay and Katheryn Flournoy Nancy Fogleman Lynnette and Thomas Frazer Larry and Connie Galloway Sandra Gibbens Michelle Gonsoulin Mr. and Mrs. Les Griffon Dr. Mike and Cindy Harlan Dr. Thomas B. and Susan C. Heflin Mr. and Mrs. John Hill, Jr. Belinda Ho Dr. and Mrs. Donald Imhoff Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones Byron and Susan Kantrow


Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Berret Ms. Leslie Keen Mr. Keith Kellum Charles and Carole Lamar Susan P. and F. Barrow Leake III Mr. and Mrs. W. Conville Lemoine Phil and Ann Livingston Dr. Lee Mason Marty and Terri Mayer Mr. William McCollister II Stormy Milan Mr. G. Rolfe Miller Dr. Clyde Moore Mr. Hillar Moore Mr. and Mrs. Roger Moser Jake and Mary Nell Netterville Laurie Oertling Ms. Kay Olds Dr. and Mrs. Henry Olinde Mrs. Rosemary Palfrey Ragan and Virginia Richard Mr. and Mrs. Charley Rougeau Mr. and Mrs. Chris Sammons Dr. Mary Sanders Dr. Kelly Scrantz Patricia A. Day and Joseph G. Simmons Donna, Haley, and Connor Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Graham Thompson Betty Tucker Connie Whittle David and Anne Winkler Drs. Frank and Karen Wolfsheimer Supporter Ms. Kim Boudreaux Mr. and Mrs. Tim Bowlin Dr. and Mrs. P. M. Breaud Eddie Cabos Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cammarosano


Mr. and Mrs. Pete Cannatella Mr. and Mrs. John Carnahan Marchem Technologies, LLC Dean and Stephanie Cazenave Susie Childress Mr. and Mrs. William Conger Mr. and Mrs. Michael Darbonne Mr. and Mrs. Winston Day Mr. and Mrs. Grover Dobbins Kelly Dufrene Ms. Tammy Duncan Dr. Brian Dyess Mr. and Mrs. Ira Feld Mr. Timothy Folks Mrs. Claribel Fontenot Mrs. Hella Franklin Mr. and Mrs. Carol Gautreau Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gibson Craig Goodwin Mr. Robert Guidry Mr. Maurice Hansen Mrs. Nita Harris Mrs. Alison Hawkins Ms. Goldie Hudson Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Hurst Dr. and Mrs. Eli Jones Mr. Eric Juneau Ms. Anna Junius Mr. and Mrs. John Kaiser Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kearns Harvey Knoblock Mr. Shelton Launey Mr. Beau Leitner Mr. John Levert Ms. Charlotte Levy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Luquet Ms. Cheryl Mauffray Mr. and Mrs. Edward McCrary Mr. Brent Messina Mrs. Juanita Metz

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Mullins Mr. Todd Newbill Mr. and Mrs. John Noland Ms. Shelly Pennington Mr. and Mrs. James Purgerson Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rotenberg Dr. Marvin Stuckey Clifford Sutter Ms. Maria Taravella Mrs. Camellia Brown Mr. and Mrs. Alvey Vallee Rice Voelker Mr. John Rendall and Ms. Michelle Whaley Mrs. Verna Will Care Giver Anonymous (9) Ms. Rhonda Abadie Mr. Matt Abinanti Leo and Insa Abraham Mr. Royal Adams Neal Adler Paul K. and Clara S. Andersen Dr. and Mrs. Tim Andrus Sharon Angelo Mr. Leslie Arcana Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Baer Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Baldwin Mr. Russell Bankston Mr. John Barksdale Mrs. Marjorie Belanger Mr. F. J. Bello Jr., Benhard Grain, Inc. Andrew Benson Warren Berault Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Berthelot Susan Bessent Ms. Jacque Blanchard Mr. and Mrs. Emile Bourg

Ms. Carol Bradley Ms. Rose Brady Mr. Brian Branigan Mr. and Mrs. James Breaux Mr. and Ms. Thomas Brennan Ms. Laila Britos Mr. and Mrs. George Britten Mr. Ralph Cappiello Dr. Carlton Carpenter Mr. Paul Carreras Mary Kay Casadaban Mr. Robert Casey Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Chappo Ms. Mary Chustz Mr. Kevin Clark Mrs. Faye Clesi Dr. and Mrs. James Coleman Mrs. and Mr. Linda Corkern Mr. and Mrs. George Covert Mr. Robert Coyle William and Janet Daily Mr. and Mrs. Edward Daniel Mr. Glenn Davis Mr. and Mrs. Omer Davis Mr. and Mrs. Robert Deaton Mr. and Mrs. Rene Diaz Mr. and Mrs. David DiVincenti Mr. Robert Doerr Mr. Paul Dufour Ms. E. Anne Dunn Mr. John Dyer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Eiswirth Dr. and Mrs. Steven Feigley Mrs. Sheila Floyd Mr. Parrish Foote Ms. Elizabeth Geheber Mr. Silas Geralds Mr. and Mrs. James Giblin Mr. and Mrs. David Gonzales Mrs. Ana Graci

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Graner Mr. William Greene Mr. and Mrs. G. Lee Griffin Mr. Eli Guillory Ileana Guion William O. and Mary Helen Hamilton Mr. Bruce Hammatt Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hancock Mrs. Betty Hanks Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses Hargrove Ms. Catherine Harrell Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Harris Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Harvey Robert and Betty Hazel Mr. Robert Hewitt Mr. James Hingle Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Holliday Mr. and Mrs. Michael Holly Mr. and Mrs. Rich Holub Ms. Beverly Honore Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hotard Mrs. Sandra Hufstetler-Istre Merlie and Clay Hunt Mr. Larry Jacobs Ms. Catherine Johnson Ms. Ashley Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jolly Mr. and Mrs. Larry Jordan Francis and Robin Jumonville Mr. Daniel Kerkmaz Mr. Mark Kielwasser Mr. Michael Kilbride Ms. Christy Knight Mr. Harvey Knobloch John Koch Ms. Sandra Kuykendall Ms. Elizabeth Laborde Mr. and Mrs. Dean Lacy Mr. Mark Lagrange Mr. Harry Laker

Mr. and Mrs. Alton Landry Mr. and Mrs. Barry Landry Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lavin Mrs. Patricia Lemoine Ms. Christine Lipsey Longhorn Steakhouse Hector Lopez Mrs. Susan Love Lucy and Joe DiVincenti, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Martin Mr. Marion Mascarella Jimmy and Lillian Maurin Mr. Roger Mayes Mr. and Mrs. Jake Mayo Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. McCall III Gaye Mccutchen Ms. Laura McGinnis Dean and Vette McKee Mr. Edwin McNeil Mr. Clyde Messenger Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Mills Mrs. Nancy Mosley Mr. and Mrs. Dyke Nelson Ms. Katherine Nesser Mr. and Mrs. Louis Normand Mr. Eduardo Nunez Mr. Joe Pacaccio Mr. Leslie Palmer Ms. Melanie Palmer Ms. Cherine Patin Jay and Pamela Perkins Mr. John Perrin Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Pettiss Mr. Neal Poche Mr. Frank Prestia Mrs. April Rabayda Mrs. Frances Ray Mr. and Mrs. John Reulet Mrs. Mary Ricard Mr. Kevin Riche

Dr. Carol Ridenour Mr. Michael Rivet Mr. Gerard Rockenbaugh Sr., Mr. Wally Rosenblum Mr. Alvin Ross Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rotenberg Mr. and Mrs. Milton Rougon Mr. Sidney Roy Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Ruckstuhl David Ruegsegger William W. Scheffy Roland and Eloise Selig Ms. Dorothy Smith Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith Craig and Bridget Soileau Mr. Mark Stars Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sterling Mr. Richard Stinson Mr. and Mrs. John Stuckey Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sullivan Dr. Basil Sweatt Mr. Stephen Tope Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Uffman Mrs. Cheryl Waddell Ms. Tara Walker Ms. Marie Wall Tricia and Dick Whitlow Ms. Amanda Young Associate Anonymous (11) Ms. Adele Abboud Mr. Clarence Acclise Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Agnew Ms. Ida Alexander Mr. Ellsworth Alexander Mr. and Mrs. A. Steve Allison Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Amaroso Mrs. Peggy Anselmo Mr. and Mrs. Bertram Babers



samaritan circle Mrs. and Mr. Gladys Baker Ms. Grace Balcom Mr. Joseph Barbe Mr. and Mrs. Dale Barbier Mr. and Mrs. John Barry Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barton Annette D. Barton Mr. and Mrs. John Bateman Mr. and Mrs. James Batson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Beckers Ms. Rosa Benjamin Mr. and Mrs. John Bergeron Ms. Glenda Berthelot Mr. Verdell Blakly Mr. Patrick Bloodworth Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boyce Mr. Robert Bradley Ms. Rose Brady Mr. and Mrs. Julius Braud Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Burkhead Mr. Francis Burleigh Mr. and Mrs. Carl Burregi Ms. Carrie Burrell Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cancienne Mr. Ludwig Candies Mr. Charlie Canova Mr. Thomas Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. David Cassidy Cedarwood School Inc. Ms. Renee Cedotal Mr. and Mrs. Casimir Cerniauskas Mr. and Mrs. Pat Chaney Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Chapman Mr. Chamnan Chapman Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chassaignac Mr. Charles Coghlan Mr. Charles Coghlan, Jr. Mr. James Collier Ms. Jo Anne Courtney Mr. and Mrs. Scott Courtwright


Mr. and Mrs. Norman Crain Mr. and Mrs. Eric Crake Dr. and Mrs. Mortimer Currier Mr. Gordon Curry Ginger Curtis Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dagani Mr. Adrian Damian Mr. Randal Daniel Mr. Lawrence Datnoff Mr. and Mrs. Peeler Davidson Mr. John Dawes Mr. Charles Delery Mr. and Mrs. Luther Despino Ms. Suzanne Deutch Mr. Robert Didier Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dileo Mrs. Taylor Dobbs Bill and Glenda Dobson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dileo Norbert and Betty Drew Mr. Eugene Dunavant Mr. William Dupre Mr. Jason Dupree Ms. Elaine Edwards Ms. Andrea Eickmeier Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Eilts Mrs. Marcile England Mr. Ronnie Evans Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Eversberg Mr. William Ewing Drs. Fargason Mr. and Mrs. Don Fay Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Ferachi Mr. and Mrs. Roy Fliegauf Drs. Jonas and Shelly Fontenot Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Foshee Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fournet Ms. Beryl Fourroux Mr. Ronnie Franklin Mr. and Mrs. John Funes


Mr. and Mrs. Louis Garrity Mr. and Mrs. Glynn Gautreau Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Gautreaux Dr. Julie Gayle Ms. Nicole Gazaway Mrs. Mindy Gibbons Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gibson Ms. Sadie Gilmore Mr. Robert Ginn Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Godwin Mrs. Elizabeth Gomilla Mr. George Goss Mr. and Mrs. Todd Graves Mr. and Mrs. Lee Gray Ms. Tracie Greely Ms. Heidi Guillot Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hall Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. John Hamilton Dr. and Mrs. John Harbour Mr. Charles Harrington Mr. Herman Harris Mr. and Mrs. Edward Haspel Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hay Mr. Martin Haymon Mr. and Mrs. James Hebert Mr. and Mrs. John Hebert Ms. Donna Hellmers Ms. Kay Hoffpauir Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hollander Mrs. Bertha Hood Mr. and Mrs. Donald Houde Mr. and Mrs. James Howell Mr. and Mrs. William Huffmaster Mr. and Mrs. O. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hyde Mr. and Mrs. Scott Irwin Ms. Dollie Jarreau Ms. Sylvia Jeansonne Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Jenkins

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Ms. Leoda McConnell Mr. and Mrs. Stephen McCord Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McCoy Mr. Mike McGinley Mr. W. Douglas McMillin Cpt. Richard McNeely Ms. Susan Melancon Mr. and Mrs. Norris Melancon Mr. and Mrs. William Metcalf Mr. and Mrs. Mark Michel Mr. Eugene Miller Mr. and Mrs. Terry Miller Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Miller Ms. Shirley Mills Mr. and Mrs. Eric Mistretta Mrs. Maaike Mohsen Mr. Jay Montalbano Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Montalbano Don and Carol Moore Dr. and Mrs. Joe Morgan Mrs. Venita Muczynski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Muniz Mrs. Elaine Neese Ms. Roxanne Newton Mr. Jay Noland Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Normand Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nowacki Mr. Eduardo Nunez Mr. Marvin O’Neal Ms. Patricia Oliver Mr. Anthony Oramous Mr. and Mrs. Michael Oubre Ms. Patti Oufnac Mr. and Mrs. Artie Ourso Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Paciera Barbara P. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Patin Mrs. Golda Patrick Mr. James Payne Judy, Mandy, and Amy Pearce

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Mr. and Mrs. Ted Denstel Mrs. Alice Devillier Mr. Lynn Dicharry Mr. Robert Dicks Mr. Stanley Dill Mr. Cecil Doffitt Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Doherty Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dougherty Ms. Toni Douglas Ms. Joan Drouilhet Ms. Margaret Duck Mr. Wayne Ducote Mr. Keith Duhe Ms. Mary Dunbar Mr. and Mrs. Alton Duplantier Ms. Neila Eckler Mrs. and Mr. Millie Edwards Mr. Tim Elkins Mr. and Mrs. M. Emmich Mrs. Gaston England Mr. Joseph Engler Mr. Lionel Ezidore Mr. and Mrs. Paul Favaloro Dr. and Mrs. Frank Fazio Mr. Ozzie Fernandez Mrs. Carolyn Fernbaugh Mr. and Mrs. Henri Ferrer Mr. and Mrs. Jack Field Mr. Michael Finn Mr. John Firmin Ms. Linda Firmin Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fisher Mrs. Evelyn Fleming Ms. Elaine Forbes Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Foster Mr. and Mrs. Michael Francioni Mr. Herman Frederic Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Freeman Ms. Audrey Fry

Jim and Diane Garbo Mr. and Mrs. Jack Garrison Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Gates Ms. Cherie Gauthier Mr. and Mrs. Pendery Gibbens Mr. David Giffin Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Golson Mr. William Gomila Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gonzales Mr. J. Goodwin Mr. Joseph Goscha Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Gravois Mr. John Greene Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gremillion Pete and Janice Gremillion Mrs. and Mr. Emily Grey Mr. and Mrs. James Griffith Mr. and Mrs. John Guerin Mr. and Mrs. Allen Guillot Ms. Tricia Guitreau Mr. and Mrs. John Gulino Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Gutter Mr. and Mrs. David Guzan Mrs. Katie Haley Ronald and Gloria Harlow Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Harrop Dr. and Mrs. Paul Hatrel Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Heaton Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hebert Ms. Anne Heckendorn Mr. and Mrs. Larry Heirtzler Ms. Lisbeth Helland-Hansen Mrs. Dolores Henderson Mr. Jackie Henry Mr. and Mrs. Greg Herbert Hernandez Farms Mrs. Amber Hezeau Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hightower Mrs. Alesha Hill Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hillis

Mr. and Mrs. David Hitchner Ms. Donna Hodge Ms. Jane Hodges Ms. Marcia Holmes Ms. Betty Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Lenes Hulin Mrs. Billie Hultgren Ms. Catherine Hurston Ms. Geraldine Inman Mrs. Carey Jackson Mr. Michael Jackson Mr. Joseph James Mr. and Mrs. Denis Janz Mr. Ritter Jarrell Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jeanne Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Jeffers Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Joffrion Ms. Cariola Johnson Mr. Roland Jones Mr. Frank Jones Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. David Jordan Mr. Nicolas Kariouk Mr. Ben Kasischke Mr. K. A. Keblys Mr. William Kilian Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kimble Mr. and Mrs. Myles Kirkland Mr. Ed Klein Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kleinpeter Mr. Arthur Kleinpeter Mr. William Kline Dr. Paul Koenig Mr. Warren Kron Mr. William Lacher Mr. and Mrs. Randy Lachney Mr. and Mrs. Paul LaCour Ms. Dani Lamana Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Lambert Mr. and Mrs. Barry Lamothe

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Ms. Ann Mazoch Dr. and Mrs. Eugene McCann Mr. and Mrs. Stephen McCord Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McCoy Mr. Thomas McGuire Ms. Elizabeth McIntyre Mr. Jason McKenzie Ms. Madeline McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Meagher Mr. and Mrs. Norris Melancon Mr. and Mrs. Chris Metz Ms. Mary Meyer Mr. Benjamin Meyers Donald T. and Anna W. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Rene Millet Ms. Beth Mindlin Mistretta Veterinary Clinic, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Ron Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. John Monroe Mr. John Montgomery Mr. Lee Moore Mrs. Wallace Moore Molly S. Morgan Mr. Dan Mulligan Ms. Elizabeth Munch Mr. Herbert Murray Ms. Phyllis Mury Mr. Paul Mutter Mr. and Mrs. William Nadler Mr. and Mrs. Donald Naquin Mrs. Angie Navarra Mr. and Mrs. Keynon Neames Mr. William Nemeth Ms. Yolanda Netter Phyllis Newman Mr. and Mrs. John Newman Mr. John Newton Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Nobles Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Nobles Ms. Alice Normand

Mr. and Mrs. W. Odom Mrs. Mary Ory Mr. and Mrs. Artie Ourso Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Ourso Ms. Tammy Padgett Ms. Carol Page Mr. and Mrs. Jay Parker Mrs. Marguerite Parsons Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Passman Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Patterson Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Paul Ms. Joyce Pedersen Mr. Angelo Pepe Mr. and Mrs. Brannon Perilloux Jerry and Francine Perlman Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Perlman Mr. and Mrs. Larry Perrin Ms. Rebecca Perry Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Persac Ms. Sadie Peters Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Peters Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Phelps Phi Lambda Epsilon National Fraternity Mr. Clarence Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Donald Piatt Mr. and Mrs. Donald Piatt Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon Poche Mr. and Mrs. Ewell Poirrier Mrs. E. J. Porche Mr. and Mrs. Michael Posseno Ms. Janet Pounds Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pousson Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Price Ms. Katherine Price Mrs. Margaret Priest Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Rabalais Mr. and Mrs. James Rabb Mr. and Mrs. Ben Ragusa Mr. Mitchell Rayner Record Agency, Inc.



samaritan circle Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Reed Mr. and Mrs. George Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rhodes Mrs. Mildred Ricard Mr. and Mrs. James Richard Mr. and Mrs. Scott Richard Mrs. and Mr. Dora Richardson Mr. Robert Riche Ms. Angela Riley Mr. and Ms. Renell Robert Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Robichaux Mr. James Robinson Mr. Lonnie Robinson Ms. Tina Rodgers Ms. Angie Rogers Laplace Mr. Arthur Roig Dr. George Roundtree Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Roy Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Ruckstuhl Ms. Debra Russell Ms. Theresa Saia Mr. and Ms. Zlatko Salihbegovic Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Sammonds Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Sammonds Mr. and Mrs. Robert Satterfield Mr. John Scardina Ms. Ann Scarle Mr. John Schittone Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Schwartzenburg Mr. and Mrs. John Robert Schwendimann Mr. and Mrs. John Sciambra Mr. James Scivicque Dr. and Mrs. Max Scott Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Scroggs Mr. and Mrs. Jim Seitz David and Paulette Senior Ms. Janet Shaffer Ms. Sara Shank Mr. Byron Sharp Ms. Stacey Simpson-Calvert


Ms. Lynette Singleton Mr. and Mrs. Joe Skenderian Ms. Elinor Sloss Ms. Mary Smith Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Smith Ms. Mae Smith Mrs. Dixon Smith Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Speer Mrs. Trudy Spillman Mr. and Mrs. Lynwood Stafford Staring Motel Mr. Earl Stein Ms. Elizabeth Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Bert Stipelcovich Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Sulzer Ms. Kiko Sunderland Ms. Anh Tang Mr. and Mrs. Donald Taylor Mr. John Thigpen Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Thomas Ms. Delores Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Clovis Tillery Mr. and Mrs. Chris Trevino Mrs. Carol Triola Mr. Gerald Tullier Ms. Mary Tullier Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Tynes Mrs. Mary Varela Varnado Plumbing Contractors, Inc. Mr. Alegenon Vaughn Ms. Sue Veilleux Mr. and Mrs. Glynn Villemarette Mr. Alex Wall Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Washington Mr. Melvin Watts Dr. and Mrs. Richard Webb Mrs. Dorothy Webre Lynn and Felix Weill Mrs. Margaret West Ms. Kathleen White


Ms. Monica Wiley Mr. James Williams Dr. Glenn Wilson Mr. and Mrs. R. Wilson Dr. and Mrs. Carey Winder Mr. and Mrs. William Winston Ms. Mary Womack Mr. Francis Wyble Ms. Joyce York Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Young

Organizations and Companies Ambassador Central Middle School Corks N Canvas, LLC Parish Concrete, L.L.C. St. Tammany Parish Hospital Woman’s Hospital Give with Liberty Our Lady of the Lake College Tricore, Inc. Kehoe France Northshore Student Council KPMG Office of Juvenile Justice OrchestrateHR Package Concepts & Materials, Inc. Providence Holding, LLC Phyllis Perron and Associates, Inc. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Olin Corporation Summit Consulting Sweet Wishes Walgreens Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market P & W Industries, L.L.C. Campus Federal Credit Union

Supporter AbClean/USIS Bohning and Company, Inc. BP Fabric of America Fund Brock Services, LTD Industrial Electric Motor Service, Inc. Capital One Bank Marchem Technologies, LLC CLT Investments - Taco de Paco Commercial Tire of LA Inc. Cranford Equipment Company, Inc. Kadair Advertising, Inc. BOH Brothers Construction Company LifeCare Medical, Inc. Dynamic Fuels, LLC Ellis & Bradford Webvertising, LLC First Premium Group, LLC Patrick L. Flanagan Insurance Agency, Inc. Gonzales Middle School Cajun Constructors, Inc. Ascension Roofing and Sheet Metal Daily Equipment Company R & D Consulting Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Industrial Consulting & Supply Corp Industrial Design & Construction Inc. Transportation Consultants, Inc. Group Contractors, Inc. Acme Refrigeration of Baton Rouge, Inc. Kalle USA, Inc. Resource Bank L & B Transport, L.L.C. State Farm Insurance Lewy Physical Therapy, Inc. Lofton Staffing & Lofton Security Services Louisiana Staffing Unlimited, Inc. Macedonia Free Baptist Church Bayer Material Science

CF Industries Massengale Ground Management, Inc. Briggs Equipment BASF Corporation Northlake Christian School Ineos Fluor Americas LLC IKON Office Solutions Pro Serv Estimating LLC Albemarle Corporation EATEL Specialized Industrial Maintenance Empire Scaffold, L.L.C. Specialty LTCH Hospital of Hammond Starmount Life Insurance Company Villars Physical Therapy, LLC Vitusa Products, Inc. Wolfson Casing Corporation W. P. Wray, Jr., Attorney at Law Zaunbrecher Treadaway, LLC Care Giver Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. Barker’s Antique Jewelry, Inc. Baton Rouge Community College Ellison, Ellison & Ogwyn IBM Employee Services Center Kehoe-France Northshore Glen Oaks Park Elementary School #173 Roland J. Robert Distributors, Inc. Industrial Analyzer Services, LLC J. Caldarera & Company, Inc. Jani King of Gulf Coast Region Kas Anesthesia Services, LLC Lanier Elementary School Merck Partnership for Giving St. Joseph’s Academy Freeport-McMoran Foundation Audubon General Contractors, Inc. Premier Stone Services of LA LLC Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company

Associate ARCCO Company Services, Inc. Baton Rouge Sigma Alumnae Chapter Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant American Legion Auxiliary #16 Care, Inc. The Dorcas Door, Inc. Chat and Chew Chick-fil-A at Covington Chili’s Grill and Bar Colorado Business Group On Health Greener Trees Daigrepont & Brian, Accounting Corp. State Farm Insurance Employee Plan Compliance Co. Felder’s Collision Parts, Inc. Ferrand Design Community Coffee Company, LLC Hoth Eye Clinic K-fx2, Inc. Northlake Medical Supply, Inc. Mike Williams Insurance Agency, Inc. Perrin & Carter, Inc. Production Services Network U.S. Inc. New York Life Insurance Spectra Energy Group Tel/Logic, Inc. The Advocate

Our House for Respite, Inc. River Region Rehab, L.L.C. Sherry & Denton Attorneys at Law Southeast Community Services, Inc. Sentive Trading Travel Corp. International United eWay

Friend Acadiana Bridge Association Bocage Enterprise, Inc. American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 81 Louisiana Republican Legislative Delegation Calloway Inn & Suites Darnell Browning Insurance Agency, Inc. DEMCO Central Drug Store, Inc. DiGiulio Brothers E-Partners in Giving, LLC



foundation Growth in Foundation Assets n Fund Total


The Future of Cancer Care Starts Now.

















What Will Be Your Legacy? Endowment gifts allow you to create an enduring legacy – permanent support to help fight cancer. Your gifts to the endowment help fuel innovation and ensure that Mary Bird Perkins stays on the leading edge of cancer treatment, prevention and research. The endowment means we have a stable, ongoing flow of resources to bring the latest cancer care and services to patients and their families and to work toward eliminating cancer through research – now and in the future.

*Value Calculated December 31 of each year


With your support, we can make sure services and new advances in cancer care are available for you, your children and your grandchildren through Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center Foundation. Our mission is simple: build an endowment to fight cancer. This will ensure that patients and families have access to all the services they need – now and in the future – and that valuable cancer research continues.

n Fund plus Expectancies* $8,000,000




How Can You Make a Foundation Gift? There are so many ways you can invest in the Foundation to create a legacy of care and support ongoing research to cure cancer. CURRENT GIFTS • Cash • Stocks and bonds • Real estate and other property • Collectibles • Retirement assets • Life estates

PLANNED GIFTS • Bequests • Insurance • Charitable gift annuities • Charitable remainder trusts

For more information on making a gift to Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center Foundation, please contact Ethan Bush, Development Director, (225) 215-1229 or visit



Endowment Build Future Invest Legacy BUILDING OUR MISSION


foundation Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center Foundation Board of Directors

Planned Giving Council

Bill Peters Chair Peters Wealth Advisors, L.L.C.

David A. Winkler Chair Faulk & Winkler, L.L.C.

J. H. Campbell, Jr. Vice Chair Associated Grocers, Inc.

J. Gerard Jolly Immediate Past Chairman KPMG LLP

Gerald T. Goss Secretary/Treasurer Wells Fargo

Gerald T. Goss Wells Fargo

G. Lee Griffin Immediate Past Chairman Chase (Retired) Todd D. Stevens President and CEO Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center Louis D. Curet D’Amico & Curet (Retired) B. Michael Mauldin Jones Walker James R. McIlwain Lamar Advertising Company Gail O’Quin

Mary C. Hester Taylor Porter Attorneys at Law Clint M. Hurst, CFM J.P. Morgan Kevin Knobloch Wells Fargo Advisors, L.L.C. David G. Koch Weill, Dunn & Koch, L.L.C. Frank D. McArthur II McArthur, Sanchez Associates Carey J. Messina Kean Miller Hawthorne D’Armond McCowan & Jarman, L.L.P. Edward L. Shobe The Shobe Financial Group

2010 Foundation Donors Tom and Virginia Bromley Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Campbell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Coates Raymond Herman Gettier * Cordell and Ava Haymon Don and Pat Lyle T.J. Moran

Named Endowed Funds Raymond Herman Gettier Fund The D. Jensen Holliday Family Fund The Shirley C. and J. Barker Kilgore Research Fund Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Kurlas Family Fund Marianne and R. Upton Lea, Jr. Fund Richard and Susan Haspel Lipsey Family Fund John and Virginia Noland Family Fund Regional Oncology Library Fund

Bold indicates new donor * Deceased



❝ As Mary Bird Perkins expands its presence across southeast Louisiana, providing more services than ever before, growing a healthy endowment becomes even more important. As the population grows and medical costs rise, we want to ensure that patients and families have access to the best cancer care possible 400 years from now! Momentum is strong, and we are moving closer to achieving our goal. We must continue to foster interest in supporting Mary Bird Perkins’ needs today, all while ensuring its future, through gifts directed to the Foundation.❞ – Bill Peters, Chair

I Want to Give Back Emily Stich is a 10-year breast cancer survivor. “My treatment included six weeks of radiation at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. My experience made me very thankful to have a great job and health insurance. So many people don’t have those resources. Knowing that Mary Bird Perkins doesn’t turn anyone away regardless of ability to pay is very important to me,” Stich said. So much so, in fact, that in her will Stich has stipulated that the Center is to receive a percentage of her estate. “I want to give something back, to support and nurture a caring community. By planning ahead, I can help perpetuate the good work that goes on at Mary Bird Perkins and support its mission of providing care to all who need it.”

Emily Stich



foundation Anna B. Lipsey Legacy Builders Anna B. Lipsey Legacy Builders comprises individuals who have made or have notified Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center Foundation (MBPCCF) of their intent to make planned gifts through their estate plans. Donors who have made outright gifts of $10,000 or more to the endowment or created endowed gifts for specific programs are also recognized as Anna B. Lipsey Legacy Builders.


Through their generosity, the following individuals are helping MBPCCF to build a perpetual endowment fund in support of Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. The endowment will also ultimately help support other nonprofit entities that have demonstrated the ability to conduct cancer related programs, provide services that reduce cancer incidence and mortality, or improve the quality of life for those affected by cancer.

Anonymous – (11) Robelynn H. Abadie Tom and Lisa Adamek Mr. and Mrs. John W. Barton, Jr. Mr. John W. Barton, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. James M. Bernhard, Jr. Evelyn Campbell Beven * Dr. and Mrs. Frederic Billings III Mrs. Jane Thibaut Boyce Herbert H. Butt in Memory of Joan J. Butt Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Campbell, Jr. Carolyn A. Chassee, CFRE Pat Cheramie Beverly and Dudley Coates Jess Willard Cockerham * Charles Newsam Conner * Violet T. Crum * Jean H. Curet * Mr. Louis D. Curet Mr. D. Cecil Delaune * Ms. Elaine T. Delaune * Leonard Boyd Delaune Hazel Ewing * Isiah J. Ewing * William A. Ferguson * Leon Ford IV and Helen Ford Dufreche Raymond Herman Gettier * Charlie V. Giambelluca * Jerry and Devera Goss Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Greer, Jr.

Isaac and Florence * Gregorie Mr. and Mrs. Lee Griffin David S. Hanson, M.D. and Jolene K. Johnson, M.D. Mrs. Cecile B. Harrell * The D. Jensen Holliday Family Fund Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon A. Johnson Jerry and Donna Jolly Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Jones Esther Kent * John Barker Killgore * Shirley Coppenex Killgore * Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Kurlas Family Mary Alicia* and Bettye * Lauret Marianne* and R. Upton Lea, Jr. * Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Lipsey Alton W. Luedtke Don and Pat Lyle Mrs. Paula Garvey Manship * Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. McArthur II Mrs. Sancy H. McCool * Chuck * and Ruth McCoy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. McKernan Lady Katharine McLaurin * Dr. and Mrs. Tom J. Meek, Jr. Marguerite H. Mills * Mr. Hillar C. Moore, Jr. Mr. Thomas J. Moran Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Moser Mr. and Mrs. Hermann Moyse III Rosalie Moyse *

Stephen R. Musso * Earl E. Nelson Ron and Corinne Helm Ness Mrs. Eleanor P. Newman * John and Virginia Noland Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Nowacki Craig and Cindy Nuckolls Bill and Gail O’Quin Bill and Cherie Peters Miss Emogene Pliner * Mr. and Mrs. David C. Price Dr. Barbara V. Rathbone Dr. and Mrs. M. J. Rathbone, Jr. * Dr. and Mrs. Richard Rathbone Suzanne and Jackie Rome Marjorie H. Sanders * Donna M. Saurage Elaine Kessler Schudmak * Jerry * and Chuck Schwing Ms. Ruth C. Sessions Beverly Carson Smiley Edward and Bernice Spiess Todd and Kelli Stevens Peter and Paige Stewart Emily C. Stich Dr. and Mrs. O. M. Thompson, Jr. Michael Trufant Felix and Lynn Weill Ann Wilkinson * Deceased



is your name missing? In spite of our best efforts, errors and omissions sometimes occur, and we sincerely apologize in advance if your name is missing. To view the full list of donors, please view this report online at For clarification or questions, please contact the Office of Development at (225) 215-1224 or


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