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Sindy Doll Magazine ISSUE 32 | April 2024 | £9.95

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Hello Dolls! Welcome to the April issue of Mam'selle! A mini magazine for Sindy doll lovers, fans and collectors. This month’s bumper Art issue is filled to the brim with masterpieces! From unique Sindy art (page 29), colourful fashion (page 12) and an interview with an artist’s muse (page 52). And, what can we say about our exclusive cover by illustrator Rachel Godfroy-Scott? It's simply the pièce de résistance! Enjoy the issue - until next month.

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Mam'selle I S S U E

32 Sindy Doll Magazine: Contents 05 Sindy Social Scene 06 Fashion & Art Special 27 Living with Sindy 29 Sindy Art Gallery 52 Interview with Gayle

New Sindy fashions for Spring: see more from page 6

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56 Shopping with Sindy 58 #VintageSindy




Above: The historic Yelde Hall, a stone’s throw from the Chippenham Museum where the first Sindy Set meet of 2024 will be held.

Sindy collectors are a special breed of wonderful ladies and gents that enjoy Sindy dolls, scenesetters, and accessories.



The Sindy Set is where we meet to have fun!

The next Sindy Set meet-up is Saturday 6th April 2024 in Wiltshire.



CONTACT BONITA : @dresslikeasindy

SINDY SOCIAL SCENE Top Nine: our favourite Sindy Snaps this month...

Art special

1. @dresslikeasindy | 2. @dresslikeasindy | 3. @sindy_doll_collector 4. @dollygoodtime | 5. @sindy_the_traveler | 6. @dollsabouttown 7. @sindy_doll_collector | 8. @jollydollyshop | 9. @dresslikeasindy MAM'SELLE MAGAZINE | 5

y r e t n i a p SINDY-SUE SPRING COLLECTION Every season we wait patiently for designer, maker and all round best-Sindy-friend ever, Sue to launch her exclusive Sindy fashions. Well dolls, the wait is over, as Sue gave us a peek at her new collaboration for Spring 2024. Teaming up with fellow Norwich-based artist Kellee Rich, the duo have produced five limited edition handpainted blouses - with only four of each design available. They will go on sale on Friday 29th March at 7pm on Etsy, alongside other unique hand-made pieces including playsuits, cord swing coats and dresses.

Meet the artists

Norwich-based designer SindySue (above) and artist Kellee Rich (right).

FASHION & ART SPECIAL THE SINDY-SUE / KELLEE RICH SPRING ‘24 BLOUSE COLLECTION OOAK designs Each of the 20 blouses in this collection have been individually hand-painted and heatsealed by Kellee in colour fast acrylic on vintage, soft white cotton.

- p a in t e d

There will be five unique designs in the collection with a limited run of four of each design for sale.

Versatile style

Each blouse will come with a handpainted belt and 3 tiny buttons. They can be worn as a swing jacket, or even as a micro-mini dress for when the sun finally comes out. Colour matching fine knitted skirts, made from 100% 4ply wool from Kinross, Scotland will also be available for a completed look.


I'm a writer with a background in painting and visual art. Sindy-Sue and I first met in 2013 and we clicked straight away. A huge part of our initial bond being our shared love of 1950s and 60s art and design. In high school, I fell in love with Paul Klee's paintings, particularly his landscapes; these led me to Bauhaus and artists like Anni Albers and Gunta Stölzl, and from there to Lucienne Day and on to Scandinavian aesthetics. I also love the bold, playful designs of animation background artists Mary Blair and Maurice Noble, and the combination of all these influences - grids, abstract shapes, unusual colour combinations and simplicity - paired with the 'mood' laid down on the page by writers I love (Shirley Jackson, Patricia Highsmith, Daphne Du Maurier, Edith Nesbit) really informed my tastes, not only in visual art but in what I surround myself with at home, how I dress and what I make. This collaboration with Sindy-Sue has been such an enormous pleasure: not only is it wonderful to work with someone you love very dearly, but our tastes work so well together. We've been talking about collaborating for years, and I'm so happy that we made it happen! Though I may have designed the patterns and painted the fabric, Sue is the one who has brought them to life by making them into wearable garments for Sindy and her friends. I'm so happy to be part of such a fun and joyful project.

shop at:



SEWING FUN AND SINDY GORGEOUSNESS FOR ADULT COLLECTORS O n s a l e F r i d a y 2 9 t h M a r c h 2 0 2 4 a t 7 p m o n ly a t w w w .s e w i s t53 .e ts y .c o m

SINDYBYMARGUERITE NEW COLLECTION Yorkshire-based Sindy enthusiast Marguerite has been running her account @sindylife2021 since, well 2021, when she rediscovered her love of Sindy and Tammy dolls. Besides her frequent work travel that takes her all over Europe - always with a Sindy in tow - Marguerite makes hand-made fashions, accessories (we’re big fans of her leather chain handbags) and interiors. Here’s a peek at what’s to come for Spring/Summer 2024 in her ‘Marimekko’ inspired collection which includes tops, bags, trousers, a duster coat and maxi skirt.

Meet the maker

Marguerite designs and makes 1:6 scale Sindy fashions, accessories & interiors


4 SP 02

N2 O I T



by Marguerite @sindybymarguerite


FASHION & ART SPECIAL FLOWER POWER: THE FINNISH DESIGN COMPANY Meet Marimekko Marimekko, the Finnish textiles, clothing and home furnishing company, was co-founded by Armi Ratia and her husband Viljo in 1951. She is noted as one of Finland's most famous female entrepreneurs.

Poppy Power Floral prints were initially excluded from the Marimekko collections, as founder Armi believed that it was not possible to faithfully capture the true essence of real flowers in print... Until Maija Isola designed ‘Unikko’ in 1964 to be an abstraction of a flower rather than a photorealistic rendition.


Over the last 25 years I have been to Sweden, Finland, and Norway through work - so have a soft spot for modern Scandinavian design, specifically Marimekko. I have been busy over the last month or so looking for fabric and colours that inspire me, so when I stumbled across some ‘Unikko’ style print fabric ideal for Sindy sized clothes, I couldn’t resist planning a new Spring collection based on this 1960s print. This universally loved mid-century design is a modern classic - in fact I picked up a monochrome Marimekko tote bag in Helsinki last year so, of course I have included some similar bags in the range for Sindy.

An international icon of print design, the huge splashy Unikko Poppy is an emblem of joy and creativity.

shop : @sindybymarguerite

COLOUR BLOCK Clash those shades with confidence!

What is colour blocking? It's combining two or more different colours strategically to create an eye-catching look.

All images and styling, @dresslikeasindy

Colour blocking can be a daring look - make it easy by starting with solid shades initially.

Red works with yellow, blue, and pink

wear red with

Try to stick with the same saturation. If you are starting with a very saturated piece, keep the other colours saturated as well.

Colour blocking involves using “blocks of colour” in your outfit to create a bold, eyecatching look.

Orange works with green, purple, and blue

wear orange with

When colour blocking you can choose one side of the rainbow as a guide...

Top side of rainbow: yellow, orange, red work well together (include pink here too). And then the underside of the rainbow: purple, blue and green work together.

Yellow works with green, orange, and pink

wear yellow with

BUT... if you want to be adventurous, choose colours from opposite ends of the rainbow!

Do try to experiment with unexpected colour combinations.

Green works with mustard navy, and pink

wear green with

One key to simply nailing this trend is to pick colours that are not too contrasting.

In other words, make sure that the hues that you’re blocking reside in the same camp: neons with neons, pastels with pastels.

Blue works with green, yellow, and pink.

wear blue with

When colourblocking don't mix any more than three shades.

Don't forget your accessories - they can add an instant pop of colour and pull your whole look together.

Pink works with orange, turquoise, and lavender.

wear pink with

Remember art classes? Use the colour wheel to work out complementary colours if you are unsure where to start.

Try wearing contrasting fabrics to add an extra dimension. Try pairing luxurious silks with heavy wools, or soft cottons with suede accents.

Purple works with yellow, green and blue.

wear purple with













March 30th May 11th 2024

SINDY 6OTH ANNIVERSARY EXHIBITION free entry An exhibition to celebrate the Diamond anniversary of Sindy curated by local collectors Karen Colley and Bonita Turner. Chippenham Museum (Chippenham Town Council) 9-10 Market Place, Chippenham, Wiltshire SN15 3HF

Contact 01249 705020




APRIL, 2024

Art Gallery




Sarah is a photorealist oil painter of toys, sweets, joy and colour. She lives in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, UK. SHOP AT:



Rosemary Fugeman paints illustrations of British life and is based in Shrivenham in South Oxfordshire, UK. SHOP AT:



Brani Mladenov is an illustrator from Sofia, Bulgaria.



Emma Mount is an artist from Wimborne Minster. She likes to paint oil on wood. SHOP AT:



Original doll art oil paintings and prints by Julie Barry, who lives in a little village in North West UK. SHOP AT:



This was a competition entry for Dollycon 2022. Using kitchen roll, craft glue, acrylic paint and a sealer to papiermâché the body. The trophy base is from



Rachel Godfroy-Scott is an illustrator, toy designer, inventor and IP creator from Cambridge, UK. She is a specialist in dolls, cute stuff and designing for young children. Rachel uses Photoshop and hand draws it all on a graphics tablet.



Dawn Austin is an artist, illustrator and toy collector. She used acrylic for this Sindy portrait. Dawn lives in Derbyshire, UK. SHOP AT:



Laura New is an artist & illustrator based in the UK. Her work depicts snapshots of dystopian fairy tales without a story and hints at almost recognisable characters frozen in suspense of a potential horror. SHOP AT:



Lorna Bowden is an artist and colour fan using multiple subjects and mediums. She lives in Southam, Warwickshire, UK. SHOP AT:



Wiltshire-based artist Frankie Sinclair is interested in fashion, character design and illustration. She also makes doll clothes which she sells in her online boutique. SHOP AT:



Art, Design and Digital mess is how Susan Sloan describes herself. She lives in Edinburgh, Scotland and also shares her work @allofmydolls SHOP AT:



Svitlana Makarova from Ukraine is an artist and fashion illustrator who uses Adobe Illustrator. This artwork is from a Sindy style guide project Svitlana worked on in 2012/13. SHOP AT:



Park Jiyeon lives in Seoul, South Korea and shares her husband’s artwork on her feed. He draws portraits, which she makes into postcards and mobile phone cases. She also knits doll clothes.



Charlotte Ridsdale is from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, UK. Using the Procreate Dreams animation app, she produces many images of Sindy and turns them into keyrings and pins. SHOP AT:



Doll photographer and artist based in Brighton, UK. Mandy Fletcher claims Sindy is her muse.



Richard Williams from Kent, UK is a digital artist using Procreate on his iPad. He is inspired by comic books, dolls, movies, mythology and pop culture. SHOP AT:



Julia Woolf is a children’s author and illustrator living in Kent, UK. Julia has done a series of quick, loose 10-minute sketches of Sindy as you can see above. SHOP AT:



Maria Blomkvist is a visual artist from Handen, Sweden. She has many artworks of her Sindy collection in pencil, watercolour pencils and markers. SEE MORE AT:



Ingeborg from Alkmaar, Netherlands is an illustrator, picture maker and designer. She sells artwork, posters and postcards. SHOP AT:



‘Après Ski Sindy’ by Suzanne Williams, a mixed media visual artist from County Durham, UK. Made from found images and digitally manipulated using the PicsArt app on iPad. It was part of a daily Instagram art challenge during Covid.

Art print from original paintings sold in various sizes - 10x8 inch print, 7x5 inch print and ACEO (Art Cards Editions and Originals) 3.5 x2.5 inch print

AN ARTIST’S MUSE by Gayle @sindyfrolics When an artist calls... a model answers. The artist in question was Sarah Graham, a UK based creative who has painted six Sindy portraits in her distinctive photorealistic style. She was on the lookout for Gayle (aren’t we all?!), the iconic Black Sindy doll produced by Marx in 1978, to model for her latest project. Answering that call was Rebs from @sindyfrolics. She was put in touch with Sarah via a British Sindy fan who lives in Australia. Small world, huh? Here Mam’selle caught up with Gayle to hear all about her sitting and the exhibition that followed >>> When our Mam’selle writer met with Gayle, the model

a model sitting Hey Gayle, so lovely to meet with you. How amazing that you have been immortalised by British artist Sarah Graham - what a thrill. Thank you Mam’selle, so lovely to see you today. M’wah!

Tell us, how did this wonderful modelling opportunity come about? A Sindy loving Brit living in Australia knows Sarah the artist. She put a message on Instagram saying that Sarah was looking for an opportunity to paint me Gayle! I loved the look of Sarah’s work, and thought it would be quite exciting to be part of a creative process. I later wrote directly to Sarah.

Is this your first venture into the art world? I dabbled in painting during my Art A level, but went clubbing the night before my exam. The life of a model, eh! So, I am deeply appreciative of the art world, and remain passionate about art and artists.

How many sittings did the portrait take? When Sarah and I discovered we lived 30 minutes from one another, it was logistically easy to get a lift to her studio (rather than fly via Royal Mail.) Actually, I went to live in Sarah’s studio for the duration - it was much easier for the sittings. In fact, my twin came along too. She’s the shy one, who stays out of the limelight, so we shared the sittings.

Tell us about the first sittings... After about three weeks, Sarah prepared a stunning photograph (of me!) in the eventual pose that is shown in the painting. As Sarah is a photorealist oil painter, she works off her magnified and detailed photographs. I stayed on for a further week - it was hugely interesting watching Sarah work and I got to see the background be added. I told Sarah that the blue background made me think of outdoor swimming pools, skies and summer!

Images: Sarah at work in her studio on the portrait of Gayle.

Gayle, 2021 by Sarah Graham

How long did the portrait take? After those first photographs, and a little later in Sarah’s schedule, she wrote to tell me that she’d started my painting. It was approximately nine to ten months from beginning to end. When she was finished, I received a photo of the painting via Instagram. It was such a lovely surprise. Sarah is a bipolar survivor, and a mental health advocate. In one of her messages to me, she said her painting really allows her to be in the moment. That was lovely to hear. Did you know I’m her 7th painting of Sindy?

What do you think of the completed art work? Sarah told me the finished painting is 80 x 120 cm, so it has quite a presence. Personally, I am blown away with the size and vibrancy of Sarah’s work. The colours, including the background, are so vivid and the detail is amazing. I think Sarah’s painting has lit up my eyes and facial features. The hair and perspective fade is just lovely - I just love art. And now I can say I was a genuine artist’s muse!

In June-July 2023 the portrait was shown as part of Sarah’s show at The Arkley Fine Art Gallery in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

Gayle beside her portrait at The Arkley Fine Art Gallery, 2023

a work of art How did you feel seeing yourself in the gallery? I dropped in during a quiet period after the opening night. Less paparazzi, darlings! I walked around looking at all of Sarah’s art. The painting is quite a size. I was stunned to see it, and sat down for a moment in shock with a few of my Sindy friends.

Have you any other modelling opportunities coming up? Well, did you know Sarah the artist painted me during Black History Month? On the back of that, a top London museum has invited me to curate a forthcoming exhibition on Black role models. Plus, my agent really wants me to shoot a coffee ad with George Clooney. It’s a busy time, must dash...M’wah!

Gayle and friends at The Arkley Fine Art Gallery, 2023

More Sindy: Sarah Graham Sindy Paintings. See more at

Little Red Riding Hood, 2008 English Rose, 2008

Sheer Blonde, 2007

Blonde Bombshell, 2008

Brilliant Brunette, 2007 Goldilocks, 2008



Image, @sindy_doll_collector



APRIL FINDS: ART CLASS 1.Barbie Art Teacher Palette, VINTAGE BARBIE 2. Wooden Artist Model & Art, part of set OUR GENERATION DOLL 3. Set of 8 Pencils, £7.19, WWW.EBAY.CO.UK

4. Easel, from selection WWW.ETSY.COM 5.Paintbrushes, £11 WWW.ETSY.COM/UK/SHOP/FLORENCE FELTS 6. Art Books, from £14.60 WWW.ETSY.COM/UK/SHOP/MYTINY NESTMINIATURES 7. Bob Ross By The Numbers Mini, £6.99, WWW.FIREBOX.COM



S P E C I A L w i t h

S i n d y





1990 PAINT-A-PICTURE In her paint splattered leggings and her trendy off-the-shoulder motif print tee, Paint-A-Picture Sindy (8054) was a 1990s masterpiece. She came ready to create with a palette, brushes, sketch pad and portfolio. And even more exciting was that the paints and brushes were real! Quite hard to find now complete and in good condition - but definitely a 90s doll worthy of a display stand within your collection.

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