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LAGO transports hockey gear for Tappara


Logistics from the heart of Tuscany



Checklist for receiving goods



MOTOLOGISTICA TRANSPORTS MARTTI AND AKU’S BIKES Read more on the call of the road p.



Twists and turns along the way Bikers are the only people who enjoy twists and turns along the way. Motologistica offers an uncomplicated service that paves the way for you to enjoy the twists and turns on your holiday. Our seamless transport service saves you from long and tiring transit sections, so you can simply enjoy the winding roads at your destination.



Premium service by family-owned businesses

Contents 4 LAGO Express transports quickly and securely

6 Express deliveries from Bielsko-Biała


We take pride in offering our customers a premium service – every single time.

Great work, excellent team

For us, logistics means much more than just delivering a parcel from A to B. It involves familiarising ourselves with the case at hand, listening to the customer’s wishes, pricing, and finding the optimal route and means of transportation. Collaboration between family-owned businesses We have even developed our own motorbike transport racks, and we ensure optimal security when loading motorbikes. Our policy is to treat our customers as we would treat our family members. LAGO Logistics is a family-owned business, as are our partners in Poland and Italy. The close relationships between us and our staff members and families create a unique, committed and service-minded atmosphere that, I hope, our customers can enjoy as well. Arto Hyödynmaa Managing Director

8 Martti & Aku Syrjä will tell you that motorcycling is the best pastime

10 International logistics from the heart of Tuscany

11 Quality and reliability

12 Profile: Joanna Raniszewska

13 Checklist for receiving goods

14 The easy way to reach the world

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LAGO Express transports

quickly and securely


LAGO Express is the best choice when your parcel is too heavy for air transport or when a regular truck route is too slow for your needs. Using its spacious yet agile vans, LAGO Express can deliver various kinds of industrial spare parts from all over Europe to Finland, or vice versa. One of the top ice hockey teams in Finland, Tappara, also rely on the fast and secure deliveries that LAGO Express offers. Tappara play back-to-back matches in the Finnish and European hockey leagues The best 32 ice hockey teams in Europe play in the Champions Hockey League, or CHL. The CHL has kept Tappara busy for several years: in fact, Tappara is the only Finnish team that has played in the CHL every year! The trips around Europe can be busy and stressful for the players. Fortunately, the transportation of their gear to the destination country is something they do not have to worry about: the company behind the team, Tamhockey Oy, has signed a contract with LAGO Logistics Oy on the transportation of their gear to European destinations and, obviously, back to Finland. The team usually has a domestic game very soon after arriving back home, which is why speed and reliability played a key role in selecting the logistics partner for the team. “The gear to be transported, including that of the coaches and staff, weighs up to 1,200 kg. When you think about dozens of ice hockey sticks and helmets, you can imagine that the bags and boxes are extremely varied in their shape and size,” Aki Hautamäki, Sales and Development Manager at Tamhockey Oy, and Veli-Matti Pohjonen, a staff member, explain.

at the local ice hockey arena in Tampere, and the journey to the destination begins. The team usually opts for flights to their destination. When the team arrives at the ice hockey arena at the destination, their equipment is already there waiting. After the game, the packing and transportation back home begins. Tight schedules create pressure “Our collaboration with LAGO has been exemplary. Our gear has always been delivered to the destination as agreed and is always on time. I hope we can collaborate soon again. We certainly can’t blame logistics if we don’t win our games,” say Tappara’s satisfied support team.

Players take the plane “The players don’t need to worry about packing – that’s our job. There may be up to 12 containers and 25 large hockey bags, that’s nearly 40 parcels of different shapes and sizes,” Mr Pohjonen adds. The equipment containers are loaded

Staff member and massage therapist VeliMatti Pohjonen takes good care of the players and packs their equipment for a trip.

Tamhockey Oy has signed a contract with LAGO Logistics Oy for the transportation of their gear to European destinations and back to Finland.


Express deliveries from Bielsko-Biała

LAGO has two offices in Poland, the newest of which was opened last year in Bielsko-Biała, which is near the Czech border, Katowice, Ostrava and Krakow. LAGO Express, our unit that specialises in express deliveries, is located in Bielsko-Biała.


onika Kania, director of the LAGO express delivery unit, is in charge of the site. “My tasks are extremely varied. I’m expanding the operations of our express delivery unit and further developing our unit. I acquire customers and train our employees. I am in touch with our customers and partners practically all over Europe every day, because I am in charge of express deliveries. As for markets, I am best acquainted with Finland, Estonia and the Scandinavian countries.” As you would expect, she has become well acquainted with Finns while working at LAGO Express. “I am in touch with LAGO Logistics in Finland and our Finnish customers on a daily basis. Our Finnish and Polish operations collaborate closely and exchange experiences. Finns are extremely professional, which means that they are also highly demanding and thorough. I must say I enjoy this type of collaboration: it is fast, precise and straightforward!” What makes LAGO different from other logistics operators in Poland? “LAGO is characterised by its highly professional and stable operations. We have a good team here that enjoys strong mutual trust. We work together to achieve a common goal, and we support each other in achieving it.” Service is becoming increasingly important In terms of logistics, Poland is at the crossroads between East and West. The country has invested heavily in logistics. In recent years, the quality of logistics operations has improved significantly in Poland. At the same time, customers’ expectations have also risen. “It is a positive trend that people increasingly trust companies that can offer them excellent service. Price is no longer the only factor that matters. While we offer cost-effective logistics solutions, we stand out thanks to our fast deliveries and level of service.” Monika is confident about the future. “The number of intermodal transportations and express deliveries will grow in the future. Reports show that the market for express deliveries in the EU will grow from 60 billion euros in 2015 to 90 billion in 2025. This is a fair outlook for us.”

We work together to achieve a common goal, and we support each other in achieving it.


Great work,

excellent team LAGO has its Polish headquarters in Gdynia, a seaport near the historic city of Gdańsk. The site is responsible for operating LAGO’s fleet and organising vehicles and drivers for deliveries, with Adam Gadomski holding the reins.


lways cheerful, Adam Gadomski works hard at LAGO’s Gdynia office. He started at LAGO in 2017 and works as a freight manager, which is a versatile job description. Adam’s tasks include writing tenders, organising work, managing orders and developing cargo operations. He also handles sales, recruits drivers and maintains customer relationships. “This is an awesome job. It presents new challenges every day, and not once has it been boring. The job requires solving problems quickly, and I must say that teamwork and problem solving are what make it worthwhile.” Adam, who has worked in the logistics sector since 2005, praises the atmosphere and culture at LAGO. “We have excellent opportunities to develop ourselves, the operations have clear objectives and we always support each other. We always pull together to make logistics as smooth as possible for our customers. I consider it a privilege to work as part of such a competent team.” Polish logistics market in an upswing Adam says that the logistics market in Poland is developing fast, and the growth is about to peak. “Logistics operations will continue to grow for several years in Poland and for international logistics. The growth is driven by economic growth in Poland and international trade that require logistics

services. On the other hand, there is a lot of competition in the Polish market. New competitors are entering the market, while there is also a lack of drivers in the country. Tough competition and rising wages make it a challenging market, but the same challenges are present in various other European countries as well.” In recent years, Polish companies have invested heavily in infrastructure. New technologies and digitisation are hot topics. “Digital solutions are the key to managing costs and meeting the changing needs of our customers. These solutions help us to improve our cost-efficiency and streamline our operations.” Poland’s central location is certainly a strength that continuously offers new opportunities for logistics operators in the country. “At the moment, there are talks about the opening of a new Silk Road between Poland and China. If it becomes reality, it will offer new opportunities for LAGO, which is why we are monitoring the discussions carefully.” A symbiosis of Finland and Poland The LAGO office in Gdynia works in almost symbiotic collaboration with LAGO in Finland. “We are practically inseparable from the Finnish operations. In Finland, the operations focus strongly on sales and the domestic market in Finland, whereas Gdynia c o n c e n t r a te s on managing logistics at a practical level. In a d dition to Poland and

Finland, our office also serves various other countries – I, for one, am in touch with Dutch, German, Czech and Estonian operators on a regular basis. Language skills are extremely important in this job.” Adam has a high degree of respect for his Finnish colleagues. “My Finnish colleagues are extremely honest professionals. They can be relied upon, and they are always willing to help if there are any problems. I know what I am talking about, because I am in constant contact with them.” A good team always makes work easier, and despite some fierce competition, any challenges are faced together. Thanks to employees like Adam, the future outlook for LAGO’s office in Gdynia is bright.


MARTTI & AKU SYRJĂ„ will tell you that motorcycling is the best pastime Finnish musicians, entrepreneurs and cousins Aku and Martti Syrjä have been passionate bikers ever since their early childhood, and they have been loyal Motologistica customers for the past 10 years. In their opinion, being a biker is the best hobby, maybe even lifestyle, that a person can have.


hey first started with mopeds. Aku and Martti Syrjä lived in the country where they learnt to ride mopeds at around the age of 10. Technology, mechanics and speed fascinated the boys. As soon as they got their licences, they started riding their mopeds safely in the nearby fields and forests, and when they were old enough,

they switched up to light Kawasaki 100 motorbikes and then to Honda bikes of various sizes. The hobby got a good and safe start, but dropped to the background due to the responsibilities that becoming adults, starting families and settling down brought about. That is, if you can talk about settling down in the case of two rock musicians that at that time formed


what would become one of the most famous bands in Finland, Eppu Normaali. Midlife “crazes” “In addition to family responsibilities, gigs, rehearsals, writing songs, all sorts of public performances and touring took up a lot of our time, so we had to give up motorcycling. When we were approaching 50, our interest in motorbikes was revived, and we also had more time for it,” says Martti. Now both gentlemen ride fabulous Honda GL1800 Gold Wing Baggers. In addition to most of their trips to their concerts around Finland, they also like to ride around Europe “just for fun”. In fact, Switzerland is the only country in Europe where they have not yet travelled on their bikes. They both own several

motorbikes, but they enjoy riding their newest acquisitions, the Honda Gold Wings, the most. “There are wonderful country roads, winding gravel roads and many scenic routes in Finland, too, if you just plan your route a bit,” Aku says. Riding a motorbike is a pleasure Both men highlight the pleasure of riding and the way you can experience the scenery with all its scents and feelings when riding a motorbike. You can also access places on a bike that are not accessible by car. Last year, Aku Syrjä covered some 17,000 km and Martti about 14,000 km. Both of them disapprove of the poor and continuously worsening condition of the roads in Finland.

Best possible pastime How would you advise a young person who has just got their first motorbike, or a 50-year old first-time owner of a big bike? “First of all, it’s the best possible pastime you can think of. Congratulations! Bikers are like a tribe. The solidarity, sense of community, like-mindedness and equality among bikers create a unique atmosphere anywhere in the world,” Martti and Aku say, in praise of their hobby. “As for advice, it’s the same for both age groups: buy a good bike, invest in proper equipment, and if you plan to ride abroad, use the Motologistica service. That way, you can enjoy riding directly at your destination!”


International logistics from the heart of Tuscany ScortExpress has a broad network of services available all over Europe. One of our partners is Eurologisco, an international logistics organisation in Florence. We interviewed the director of the road transportation department, Mario Bonito.


ario Bonito is the director of the road transportation department and a partner at Eurologisco, a company that forms a part of the Scortrans group. With 20 years of experience in the sector, he is one of the partners who founded Eurologisco in Florence 10 years ago. “I have been in the business for a long time because I enjoy my work. It is dynamic and it offers new challenges all the time,” says Mario.

enable energy efficiency, and the Logistics 4.0 applications. “To be able to benefit from the Logistics 4.0 revolution, we must create new information management and organisation models. In the coming years, we will move from simply the management of physical parcel flows to the integration of information flows as well. We want to be an operator that guarantees the quality of information in integral processes and in the whole delivery chain.”

Strong growth

Central location benefits customers

The Eurologisco office in Florence has separate departments for road, marine and air transportation as well as transport under the TIR convention. There are over 50 terminals around Europe in their network, including the ScortExpress terminal in Finland. At the moment, there is a lot going on in the logistics sector in Italy. The amounts of goods to be transported are increasing, as is the turnover in the sector. “We obviously also benefit from the growth in Italy. Our volumes are growing, and new routes have been established to new markets within the EU, including to Finland. We are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities for growth.” In Italy, the growth in logistics is driven by solutions that

Eurologisco and ScortExpress are partners, and Mario says that collaboration with Finns has always been smooth. “Work and information exchange with Finns is effortless. ScortExpress works in a highly professional manner.” And how do Finnish customers benefit from ScortExpress having a partner in Florence? For Mario, this is self-evident. “Our location in the heart of Italy allows us to serve customers with logistics needs in southern or northern Italy rapidly and cost-efficiently. We are located in Tuscany, which is also one of the most important wine regions in Italy. Whether you import quality wines, textiles, leather or motor scooters, we have a strong base in Tuscany to help you.”


Quality and reliability We talked to the director of the Scortrans office in Milan, Graziano Minoglia, about logistics and the importance of collaboration. The importance of family was highlighted in the conversation.


raziano Minoglia, who has been in the business for 30 years, was one of the people who opened the Scortrans office in Milan in 2017. “At first, we were only two people starting the operations from scratch. Now there are four of us in Milan, and we are growing our business.” Milan is the industrial capital of Italy, and its location is central in terms of domestic logistics in Italy. “Milan is an important market. Whatever is imported into Italy is imported via Milan. We and our competitors are lucky to be able to operate in such a central market.” The market is significant, resulting in a wide variety of goods to be transported. “The transportations that we organise are highly versatile: examples of the cargo we handle include fabrics, steel, electric

cables, industrial machinery... You could say that there is no such thing as a typical cargo for us.” The family sticks together Graziano has now worked for Scortrans for three years. He says that his duty is to make sure that there is work for the employees at the Milan office so that they can secure the future of their families. Family is a central theme at Scortrans. “Scortrans is like one big family. We share the same kind of values as a family would, and the owner of the company, Manuel Scortegagna, is always prepared to help and support innovative ideas.” The Milan office collaborates closely with ScortExpress in Finland. “We collaborate closely with the Finnish branch every day, either by phone or over Skype, as we arrange transportations together. There is something special about working with Finns; the atmosphere is amazing. We do not share the same office hours, but our mutual trust is strong. People in Finland are extremely thorough and punctual. It is great to be able to collaborate with them.”

Convincing reliability Graziano has a clear idea of the reasons behind Scortrans’s success. “We stand out thanks to the high quality we offer and the passion we have for our work. In addition to serving our customers, we also get assignments from our competitors when they need to arrange reliable transportation to Finland, for example.” We could not agree more. Scortrans and ScortExpress are excellent partners that offer reliable transport services between Finland and Italy. “If a customer needs to transport cargo from Italy to Finland, they know that we can offer a comprehensive service. We have offices and terminals in both countries. We can arrange transportation for any product effortlessly.” In logistics, collaboration is key.



Joanna Raniszewska Joanna, please describe yourself as a person.

leave, Antti saw my application online and invited me to a job interview.

Do you have a family and what are your hobbies?

I’m thorough, meticulous and patient. I work in an organised and systematic manner – with a positive attitude, of course!

Have you worked in logistics for a long time? This is my first job in this sector. I started in 2016.

I’m married with three children. My hobbies are computer games and swimming, and my family and I often go hiking.

What are your tasks at LAGO? What are your working days like?

Have you got any dreams that you would like to make come true?

They are very busy. My main tasks have to do with financial administration. Additionally, I organise transportations from Poland and help with other tasks, if necessary.

I want to travel to Japan one day. I like the Japanese culture. I have also started learning Japanese, but it is a difficult language.

Which part of Poland are you from and how did you end up living in Finland? I’m from Włocławek in central Poland, and I came to Finland 10 years ago when my husband got a job at Tampere University of Technology. We moved to Finland together. How did you start in the logistics sector and why? You could say that the job found me. I was looking for a new job after my maternity

How do you like it in Finland? Finland is a nice and peaceful place to live. I’ve enjoyed it!


Checklist for

receiving goods Goods imported from non-EU countries

Goods imported from EU countries

An unloading report is drafted for customs. The recipient receives an extract of the report that states the condition of the goods.

Goods reach the customer Check the number of goods and condition of the packaging

Goods intact

Shortcomings or damage detected Enter a reservation related to visible damage/loss on the consignment note immediately before signing it Store the damaged goods separately from the intact ones Notify LAGO Logistics Oy/ ScortExpress Oy and your insurance company of the damage Keep the damaged goods for later inspection

Shortcomings or damage detected later After receipt of the goods, send a written complaint to the carrier no later than: - within 3 business days for marine transport - within 7 business days for road transport - within 10 business days for rail transport - within 14 business days for air transport Apart from the above, follow the instructions that concern detected shortcomings or damages

After unloading Outdoors: Protect the goods from weather and moisture from the ground Source: Finance Finland (FFI) instructions for properly controlled transportation

Indoors: Ensure proper storage conditions for the goods (temperature and humidity)


The easy way to reach the world We fetch the goods from the customer Depending on the amount of goods, the cargo is either transported directly to the harbour or to our terminal in Tampere, where the cargo is combined with other goods. Our objective is to transport full cargoes to reduce the price and ecological impact of the transportation. Route There are several route options from Finland to Italy. We select the best option according to the schedule, the need to maintain the cold chain, and costs. Road transportation is a common option: after crossing the

Gulf of Finland, the transportation continues southwards through the Baltic countries and Central Europe to Italy. Another typical option is intermodal transportation, in which the cargo is transported from Hanko to Rostock by ferry and further through Germany to Italy on a train, and finally on a truck to the destination.

we can arrange reliable transportation and meet our customers’ needs at a reasonable cost.

It works! With the help of decades of experience and know-how, excellent partners and functional infrastructure,

Finland Tampere

Poland Gdynia

Poland Bielsko-Biała

Italy Milan

Italy Vicenza

Spain Barcelona

Italy Florence

Finland Espoo


Are you looking for a reliable partner for freight transportation between Finland and the rest of Europe? We can offer safe and precise transport services at competitive prices. Our services cover all types of road transport for parcelled goods, partial loads and full truckloads across Europe. We can also handle express and specialist haulage tasks. We always want to offer the best possible service to our customers. The only way to achieve that is to be a pioneer in the industry and to constantly look for new solutions to our customers’ needs. Our experience of more than 30 years forms a solid foundation for understanding current and future challenges in managing parcel flows.

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