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MAGX #64 • MARCH 2011 • PG.2








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By: Frank X

Kevin Rupp’s KR1, a DIY guitar synth could make you take a second look at how music is made in the modern age.

Kevin Rupp has created a Zoybar-based modular guitar synth completely on his own featuring a Korg Kaossilator synth, both the Pocket Pod and a wireless transmitter from Line 6, and the beloved Sanyo Pedal Juice battery pack. This bad boy can do double duty as both your ax and your backing band.


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WHAT’S A ZOYBAR? Zoybar is an open-source guitar kit which you put together yourself, and the modular parts can be arranged in many combinations. Available in bass or sixstring configurations, the twist is that you can further customize the designs yourself. Zoybar Tor was designed using open source 3D modeling software. Everyone seemed to agree that it looked great with its sleek, minimal design, but the big question was: how did it sound? Well, we emailed Bård and asked him if he wouldn’t mind sending us a video of him

playing it, and he kindly obliged (scan the QR code on the left.) Keep in mind he’s playing this fretless, but even so, we think it sounds pretty damn good. The white parts that make up the body contours of this guitar have been 3D printed to meet [Bård S D's] personal specifications. He started designing the pieces last year to add to his Zoybar guitar. Each of the three parts has its own functions.


He was the voice of BLIND JUSTICE, DJ for many years on Q94.5 THE ROCK STATION, most recently, part of the CLICKA MORNING SHOW on sister station QUE PASA 99.5, and is the ring announcer for Boxing and MMA bouts around the Valley. Now ROCK & ROLL JAMES is about to add OUTLAW COUNTRY to his repetior. Get ready for some...WHISKEY DICK? By: Ramsey

MAGX: What's going on Rock? We hear you’ve started up another band! What's the deal? RRJ: Yup, It's been about 20 years since I've performed with a band and I recently ran into a good buddy of mine from the late 80's early 90's local music scene Sonny Salas from Kalamity Jane. He had just departed from Los Gatos Locos and wanted to get something rolling. I told him I had a pretty interesting concept and idea for a band (Whiskey Dick) and that's where it pretty much started. Our next step was to find some solid musicians to fill the rest of the plate up and serve up a Botana of good Ole Texas Outlaw Music. MAGX: Who are the other members of Whiskey Dick? RRJ: Right now on guitars we got Mike Luna and Electric Cedric on drums we have Carlos Arredondo Sonny Salas on Bass and yours truly on Vocals. MAGX: How did you guys get together? RRJ: a few changes. We really wanted to know for sure that everyone involved was on the same page as for what this band is all about. Little by little pieces of the puzzle started falling into place. I really have some Big Goals with this band that I want

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to achieve before kicking the bucket!!

Music, You don't know Dick!!! Whiskey Dick

MAGX: How did you guys decide on WHISKEY DICK?

MAGX: LMFAO! Brilliant! How is QUE PASA and the CLICKA morning show treating you?

RRJ: LMFAO!! Believe it or not Comedian Raymond Orta tossed the name at me and I ran with it. MAGX: When is your first show? We hear its gonna be big! RRJ: Whiskey Dick's Debut will be at The 7th annual Bash at The Brush Biker Rally in San Isidro, Texas on Saturday April 30 at approximately 2pm. According to Rally officials that is the peak time for attendance and they are expecting over 5000 people at the event. It gets bigger and bigger every year Whiskey Dick is gonna tear it up!! MAGX: What sort of songs will you be playing? RRJ: We're doing Outlaw country music (Cash, Coe, Waylon,Willie,Hank Jr, etc..) and some Classic Rock (Bad Co.,Frampton,Steve Miller,etc...) MAGX: We hear you have a slogan for your band. What is it? RRJ: If you don't know Outlaw

RRJ: We’re kicking ASS and Taking Names. Comedian Ray-


mond Orta, Myself and El Chief are entertaining listeners all over the world with our Clicka Crank Calls and Eres Clickaisms!!! MAGX: Do you sneak any rock and roll songs on there? RRJ: Naw I let our sister station


MAGX-TRA WITH ROCK & ROLL JAMES Favorite album cover of all time? Maiden “Killers

Favorite Song of all time? “I’ve Always Been Crazy” by Waylon Jennings. Listen to the words on that song. Thats me in a nutshell! Favorite Wrestler? Recent CMPunk/ Old School-Bruiser Brody


Q94.5 take care of that. They're the professionals in that department! MAGX: Any chance of getting you back on the Q94.5?

Favorite food? The Monumental at Burguesa Burgers! It’s the Shiznit!! Favorite Cereal? Grits Favorite Movie: The Outlaw Josie Wales Jim Bean or Jack Daniels? Jack Favorite Comic Book/ cartoon character? LOBO Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Search Pre-show Ritual? A gallon of Whiskey

RRJ: Well, you never know. I'm pretty much a Chameleon in radio, I can adjust to just about any format. I guess it's because I am an avid Musicologist . I collect and listen to all forms of Music. from AC/DC to Waylon to Sinatra Torme' and Bennet to Shooter to believe it or not even Pop and Rap and Musica en Espanol you name it I'm aware of it all. MAGX:For those that don't know, tell us your history in the Local music scene. RRJ: I started rocking in "83 as a teenager in Mercedes and sang with a few bands that covered Maiden Sabs Ozzy and whatnot but most people remember me from my Blind Illusion

and Blind Justice days in the late 80's and early 90's. We had quite the following and reputation to go with it as well. One of our more memorable shows was an opening slot for Quiet Riot in March of 1994 at the Villareal Convention Center which is now the Harley Davidson Dealership. It was attended by 2,500 people where believe it or not our Bass player Sonny Salas opened up the show with his band Kalamity Jane and now here we are 17 years later ready to kick some ass again!! MAGX:What does ROCK do on his down time? RRJ: Smoke a Cigar while Riding his Harley Road King Classic MAGX: You are a man of many talents. You MC a lot of events like STFC & boxing. What else do you do? RRJ: I've been ring announcing, boxing,wrestling and now the

popular MMA cage fights.I’m looking forward to meeting UFC Heavyweight Champ Cain Velasquez this upcoming 15th of April at STFC 15, I also have a pretty good track record as a Stand Up Comedian, I opened up for Cheech and Chong, Paul Rodriguez and Popular Mexican Comedian Polo Polo and believe it or not became a Professional Wrestler in December of 2009 and I have had some pretty Bloody matches with the most hated mexican Rudo "Spawn" my next match is tentatively scheduled in late June at the White Wing Baseball field in Harlingen! I'm gonna F%#$K Spawn up!! MAGX: DAMN! A wrestler too? What can people expect from WHISKEY DICK on April 30th? RRJ: A Balls Out Whiskey Drinking Musical Performance!! We leave it ALL on Stage. Absolutely no Fucking around!!!

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MAGX: I hear you have a Live DVD Taping later this month. Fill us in. R.O: Yeah! Its probably been 4 years in the works and I finally got enough material to fill in a whole new hour, so that means I have to put that bad boy on tape and put out a new DVD.. to do this, I rented out the Historic Border Theater in Mission (you know the one, it was the one where they’d take us on field trips to go see movies like sister act, and the land before time) and I’m gonna be holding a LIVE DVD taping on April 29th at 8:00pm the doors are gonna open at 7pm and im gonna have some good friends of mine open up the show for me. Noel Sweets Reyna, Berto Garcia (out of Corpus) and Mark the Mexicant will be hosting the show. MAGX: Why LAUGH-gasm? R.O: I decided to name it Laugh-Gasm because one of my friends on facebook suggested the name, and I thought it was awesome.. but I also thought the name was appropriate because I had a lady with a certain condition at one of my shows that LITERALLY had an orgasm from the over-stimulation of all the laughter.. that’s called a Laugh Gasm.. I can’t do it while im on

| 10 | MAGX

top of you, but if you come to the show, I can make you orgasm from 30 feet away.. To this day, I don’t know of any other comedian that has been able to do this.. MAGX: You're one of the best known & Accomplished comedians in South Texas. What's the secret to your success? R.O: Well THANK YOU! I appreciate that. I guess I can trace that back to the fact that I work on material that is marketable and jokes that are easy on the ears.. what I mean by that is , sure, I can go out there and talk about shit, farts, dick, and pussy jokes, but I won’t be able to be on national TV with that type of humor, I’ll be lucky to get on Cable tv. Truth is, anybody can talk about sex, and pooping and make it funny, because its universal, everybody does it, but the fact of the matter is, the real talent comes in where you can make someone laugh out loud without using any “Blue” material (Blue material is jokes that you couldn’t say in front of a church group) once you have clean material, promoters find it easier to book you because they know you’re not gonna say something that’s gonna offend the crowd and send them filing towards the exits.. In this world of being PC,

I’ll be the first to tell you that I got into comedy because I wanted to say horrible words and terrible jokes, but I’ll also be the first to tell you that the big money comes when you can do clean shows.. Corporations will pay HUGE money come Christmas time for their Christmas Parties for a guy who won’t have half the office in the HR office filing for sexual harassment the next Monday morning.. and Getting a check with a COMMA in it for something that you love doing is A feeling that I think EVERYONE should experience!! Don’t get me wrong, I have probably one of the most sick and twisted sense of humors you will find out there, but I Gots Bills To pay, bro. MAGX: You competed for LAST COMIC STANDING. Tell us about that whole experience. R.O: Oh man, talk about awesome! Standing in line for 7 hours with a bunch of angry comedians was AWESOME!! The comments that some of these guys would make were fucking hilarious! We were in New York and of course that means sanity is optional. There was a homeless person on the other side of the street yelling at the sun because it was too bright. He then turned his attention to the comedians standing in line,

and he said that we were all just part of the system, and were all gonna die if we didn’t get out of the sun.. the sun was out to kill us that day. Before it was my turn to go into the audition room, a man happened to wheel by in a Rascal Scooter. This was not an ordinary man, he was Hugely obese, and was wearing shorts that would make Richard simmons blush.. well, hanging out of his shorts were THE BIGGEST TESTICLES I HAVE EVER SEEN! They looked like 2 Chihuahuas in a burlap sack, but were in fact this man’s balls.. they were hanging out of his shorts and over his seat and dangling a good 6 inches down!! CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT?! If he would have stood up, this mans balls would have easily been hanging down a whole FOOT! It was the most ridiculous thing I could have probably seen, and it was RIGHT BEFORE I had to audition.. Naturally this through my mind for a loop. I did my audition, but to my surprise, I wasn’t in front of the judges, I was in front of some screeners, I made the chick laugh HARD, and then she told me to try again next year.. I was confused… later, I would come to find out that the auditions were already closed, and they were just going through all the comics so there wouldn’t be any rioting if we didn’t get to

COMEDY RAYMOND ORTA Continued audition after standing in line for 7 hours.. smart guys if you ask me.. the show debuted a few months after and I got seen on TV standing in line for a SOLID 12 seconds.. not much, you might think, but JUST ENOUGH to get National TV credit added to the ol’ resume .. my buddy sweets was auditioning as well, and was standing right next to me, but unfortunately, his face kept on getting blocked out by peoples hair, hands, and microphones. . and yes, I do give him a lot of shit for it. MAGX: Where else have you performed? R.O: I’ve performed in Hollywood, New York, and random spots in between. Comedy Clubs like the Improv, The Laugh Factory and the New York Comic Strip Live (where jerry Seinfeld and chris rock started their careers) I’ve also performed at the horseman saloon in Weslaco (they shot a guy there) and probably my favorite place to perform in the world is DON CHILOS BAR AND GRILL in the Small town of Penitas Texas! The owner is like a father to me, and im always treated awesome in there.. If you ever have a chance to stop by in Penitas, stop by Don Chilos, it’s a tiny bar off the highway, and its next to some ghetto ass Motel called el Arbolito, but it’s the coolest little country bar I’ve ever been to.. MAGX: What's been the best show? Worst? R.O: Best show(s) I’ve received dozens of standing ovations and believe me when I tell you, THOSE NEVER GET OLD!! It’s the ultimate in a performers world.. to get people to rise to their feet and give you that kind of respect is straight up ORGASMIC! But let me tell you the story of my worst show.. its agonizing

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A Comedian always remembers his worst show.. I remember it was a clear night and my former agent thought it would be a great idea to get a TON of exposure doing a standup comedy show in the middle of a boxing match in between bouts. He told me, “Theres usually more than a thousand people at these events!” I was excited to showcase my skills.. I was young, and I was out to get some recognition.. that day, my Ego got the best of me.. If I have learned one thing in my career as a comedian is that ITS REALLY HARD TO MIX anything with comedy.. Comedy has its own crowd.. they’re attentive, they’re ready to laugh, and most importantly, they actually give a shit about what you have to say.. Boxing and Comedy?? unless someone is getting punched in the nuts.. its a bad idea to combine the 2.. People are there to see violence, NOT to laugh. my agent called his friend who was promoting the event and asked if I could get in the ring and do a small bit of comedy while the other fighters got ready.. He gave the okay.. I was psyched.. had I known what I was getting myself into, I would have just stayed home, jerked a quick one out, and went to sleep... but as the wise old saying says, “Hindsight is 20-20.” The boxing matches were being held in a park in the middle of town, the night was HUMID! I was working up a sweat just walking to the ring.. My agent was right, there was a TON of people throughout the park.. the ring announcer, who is now a really good friend of mine, Rock n Roll James introduced me and handed me the microphone. Now I am not one to make excuses when i have a shitty show…. But hear me out on this one.. first of all, it was the first time I was gonna be performing where the audience was in front of me, to my left,

my right, and behind me.. so i actually had to do the show in a circle! You’re thinking, ” But Raymond, Dane Cook did it, why can’t you?!” well, Because Dane cook is a douche bag.. a very talented douche bag. Plus, the event was an outdoor event, and i had a wireless microphone in my hands..  the signal receiver was up wind from the ring, so the microphone would cut off every time a gust of wind would blow through.. I know i know.. Excuses excuses, Raymond.. Get to the good shit. I get into the ring and Im doing my thing turning in a circle.. which is so awkward for me.. The audience senses my fear.. Half of the audience is getting

my set up to the joke, and as i turn around the other half of people get the punchlines.. People are more confused than fathers day in Harlem. Every now and then a gust of wind blows through and the mic cuts off in the middle of my joke. i have to wait 5 seconds for the mic to come back on.. the whole time im turning in a circle trying to make eye contact with everybody.. this was bombing on a whole new level.. Even Japan was feeling sorry for me.. Heres what makes this show extra special in the sense that i will never ever forget it.. Its burned in my mind for the rest of my life. Everytime i would turn around, I would catch a glimpse

COMEDY of a woman that was sitting on a lawn chair.. This woman was morbidly obese.. how obese you ask?? This woman was 2 cheeseburgers away from washing herself with a sponge on a stick, obese... And for some reason, this woman thought it would be appropriate to come out of her house to the public world in some hot pink spandex biker shorts, a tank top with no bra, and some sandals that i felt sorry for.. she was a disgusting mass of a woman, and the lawn chair she was sitting on was begging for mercy.. Had this lady taken a deep breath, i think the chair would have written a suicide letter and killed itself… she was a white lady that had turned pink with the humidity. she was sweating to the point where i could see the stains on her shorts because they had turned the hot pink in her nether regions to a disturbing fuchsia color.  the trailer park was missing its token obese chick that rides a rascal scooter to get around... Everytime I would make the circle around, I would see this lady looking me dead in the eye.. She was holding up her both her arms holding up a thumbs down signal.. she would pump the thumbs down.. her gigantic blubbery arms or bingo wings as i like to call them were flapping in

the humidity… Circle after circle, this lady was just basically telling me, “Hey.. Go fuck yourself” it was the longest 5 minutes of my life... Turn after turn, I had to see this mountain of a woman…. Booing me...  It’s a moment that I don’t think I will ever be able to live down.. but now I wonder, was this lady holding up her arms the whole time? Or as soon as I would turn my back to her, would she put her arms down in order to conserve energy...   I got out of the ring with my tail between my legs.. never in my life had the thought of quitting comedy entered my mind until that day.. My whole mind set was totally screwed up. It was after that day that i learned another lesson in comedy..  If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.. this is the hardest job in the world for a reason..  I got my happy ass back on the horse and got to where i am today..   MAGX: You're a regular at Cine El Rey In McAllen & Paradise Road house in Weslaco. When can people catch your act at those places? Where else can they see you? R.O: I usually go to those places to work on my new mate-

rial that I’ve been working on. The tough Crowds in the valley ensure that if I get a laugh out of them, I’ll keep the joke because it’ll get a laugh anywhere.. I usually keep my facebook pretty updated on where I’m going be to try and get the people out there. I haven’t really performed a full hour set down in the valley in quite a while because people have seen my hour show already, so right now, im worrying about getting my DVD filmed and doing more headlining shows OUT of town.. Its always refreshing to go out of town and try your stuff in front of a Brand New Audience that’s never heard you before.. the laughter is louder, and merchandise sales always are better out of town.. But I like to hone my craft in the valley because it’s the tougher/ toughest region to perform comedy. I like to think of comedy like MMA.. if you train in the toughest gyms, you’re gonna be ready to take on anybody in the cage. Same thing in comedy if you train to make valley people laugh, people anywhere else will LOVE YOU! MAGX: Are all your bits true? Tell us the truth! R.O: YES! Granted some of them are a wee bit exaggerated only for comical effect, but for

the most part, the life experiences are probably the funniest bits in my repertoire.. One of the comics that I would work with when I first started had this great stand up bit about having sex and crowing like a rooster when he would orgasm. He said that it would burn him into the minds of the women he slept with forever, thus providing a booty call forever; Only because he was different from all the other guys.. I thought this was awesome, and decided to adopt his philosophy, and instead of crowing like a rooster, I would do the call of Chewbacca.. I tried it on my unsuspecting girlfriend at the time, and she laughed so hard she nearly crapped herself. Elated I went to tell my friend about what I had done, and to tell him that his philosophy worked! He then proceeded to tell me that he doesn’t do that shit, and that he was really high when he wrote that joke.. I was crushed, it was like someone told me Santa was fake.. Why would you say something that wasn’t true!? I was young and naïve, and believed that everything a comedian said HAD TO BE TRUE.. boy, was I mistaken, but I didn’t let it get me down for too long, And I’ll have you know, that to this day, everytime I orgasm, I do the Chewbacca noise.

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“The state of music right now is dance music.” - DJ SKOOTR



By: Frank X

Dj Skootr has been a friend of mine for a very long time. I’ve recognized his talent whether it was in his metal band Solarium, his unending knowledge of smoking accessories, and most recently his talent at mixing music. It is always much harder to interview a friend, because what do you ask of someone you know alot about? What started as a normal conversation about music and what was going on in his life became a pretty interesting and candid interview. Read on to hear what he has to say about what’s going on in the world of DJs , the local scene that has began to burst at the seams, and the decline of the music industry and his opinion on where music is headed. MAGX: What made you want to start djing man? DJS: I started getting disillusioned with the rock thing. I started noticing a decline in the state of rock, at least in my mind. MAGX: I mean, what do you think of it today then? I would say it’s gotten worse… DJS: Oh yeah man, it’s always hit and miss nowadays with rock

music or with any kind of music really in general. For every good band there is at least ten really bad ones. I think it’s sad we have to listen to all those bands just to find one good one. But hey you gotta do what you gotta do, that’s why I chose to go towards more of the electronic side of things. I wanted to be the producer one person you don’t have a band holding you back. I think the state of music is pretty much dead. The only thing going right now is dance music. I mean it’s everywhere, every Indie band or Rock band is becoming an electronic band and every hip hop guy has sampled a dance track. So the state of music to me right now is dance music. If it stays like that for the next few years no one can know. We just have to cherish and appreciate it for now while it lasts.

more Top 40 djs like Cicada. They all kind of got me to where I am today and I gotta say thanks. MAGX: You’ve opened for some pretty big names like Kaskade and Tiesto how does it feel to be opening for your heroes essentially? DJS: It’s coming really fast actually. I just started a few years ago and there’s people who have been playing their whole lives and for me to get theses opportunities I’m just so grateful. It really shows that a lot of handwork and sleepless nights of just practicing will get you somewhere in a short period of time if you try. It’s a very humbling feeling to know that I’m sharing the stage with these guys that I buy music from on beatport and that I used to watch religiously on YouTube.

MAGX: There’s so many different genres, what made you choose techno to be your new form of expression?

MAGX: Speaking of beatport, that’s a huge avenue for distribution now, how do you feel about purchasing online versus physical formats?

DJS: I guess the fact that it seems so simple but it grabs you in a way that makes you get lost for awhile. It puts you in a trance and you can forget your problems. I was listening to a lot of metal bands like Opeth and Meshuggah and those bands put you in that trance but I found I got that same feeling from listening to Josh Wink, Tiesto, and even the

DJS: Well back in the day I used to buy the cd for the music and the artwork. I loved opening up and checking out all the madness in the artwork. If you’ve ever looked at an old Ozzy album there was some madness in those pictures! I think it just all disappeared and got lost with the “cookie cutter” bands. So many bands putting out the same

nonsense artwise too, it just killed it for me. I still like some album art and if I could buy everything on vinyl it would be great but for right now the best place for music is the internet. I like buying off of beatport either way, I don’t have to worry about viruses and i’m contributing back to these people instead of stealing the music. At the end of the day it works out for all of us. MAGX: You recently got chosen as one of the opening djs for Robbie Rivera at the Ultimate Pool Party during Day 2 of the Ultimate Music Experience (UME). What’s it like to be playing at an event that Robbie’s synonymous with? DJS: Luckily I’ve studied all the videos of Robbie on YouTube and I have analyzed and learned just what type of vibe to expect. I mean, I’m from the Valley, I love the beach. Once you cross that bridge it’s like another environment. But this is a totally different thing, to have Robbie Rivera and to me, he is a House Music legend. To have him at the beach and for me to be opening up is a dream come true. It was only a few years ago I was listening to his stuff on XM radio thinking he’s amazing and now I’m getting to open up for him, it’s pretty crazy. for more of this interview check out

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OMNI CON IS BACK FOR ROUND WHEN: July 8-9 Doors: 10am – Midnight WHERE: McAllen Convention Center WHAT: Anime, Video Games, Comics, Music COST: Regular Pass $30/day, $35/wknd Fan Pack - $50 Omni Pass - $70 Concert ONLY - $7 Nexus Gaming Tournament - $15/wknd

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MAGX: SO WHAT YEAR IS OMNICON ON NOW? OMNI: Omnicon is on its fourth year. MAGX: WHAT NEW THINGS ARE YOU PLANNING ON BRINGING TO THE TABLE? OMNI: This year we are offering different ways to participate with Omnicon. As usual we are offering our Omnicon convention pass, but we’ve also included two new passes: the Fan Pack and Omni Pass. The Fan Pack includes standard two-day entry, Omnicon t-shirt and an Omnicon goody bag filled with promotional items. The Omni Pass includes everything the Fan Pack offers, plus a limited edition poster, early entry pass to events and vendors and an exclusive meet n’ greet with all our guests. Also, this year we are working with local video game organizers to produce one of

the largest tournaments in the state, Nexus. Lastly, this year we’re having separate entry fees for the concert and video game tournaments, allowing more people to enjoy Omnicon the way they want to. MAGX: WHO ARE YOU BRINGING DOWN THIS YEAR? OMNI: This year we’ve invited Johnny Yong Bosch, Bleach – Ichigo/Trigun – Vash the Stampede/Power Rangers – Adam the Black Ranger, and Jason Frank, Power Rangers – Tommy the White/Green Ranger/MMA Fighter. Having worked together on the set of Power Rangers and on various conventions, we expect to have some entertaining moments. Also included among the guests is Eyeshine, Johnny Yong Bosch’s band, which will be headlining the annual Omnicon concert, along with local bands: Through the Grapevine, Behold

the Executioner and What Lies Between Us. The 501st will also be making a surprise appearance during the event, dressed in their movie replica Stars Wars costumes. MAGX: WHAT IS RETURNING? OMNI: Cosplay (Costume Play) is coming back with a bigger stage and more room for spectators. Also returning is our vendor room and artist alley, where con-goers can come support their local artisans. Plus, Rock Band returns to the stage with light show and full sound system. MAGX: WHAT ARE SOME OF THE EVENTS AT THIS YEAR’S CON? OMNI: Attendees will be able to compete in card tournaments, video game tournaments and contests throughout the week-


questions, and learn what the Otaku culture can be like. MAGX: ALL OF THE OTHER CONVENTIONS HAVE BEEN IN HOTELS, WHAT HAPPENS TO THE OUT OF TOWN GUESTS NOW? OMNI: Out of town guests and guests and attendees wishing to spend the whole weekend with us can check into the Marriot Springhill Suites located on the opposite side of Expressway 83. They also provide a convenient shuttle service between the hotel and the convention center. MAGX: WHAT ARE SOME CHANGES THAT WILL HAPPEN DUE TO THE NEW ENVIRONMENT? end. We will also have different panels relating to anime, comic book and video game culture. New anime will be screened at different times during the convention. New events are also currently in the works. MAGX: WHAT IS OMNICON’S MOST EXCITING EVENT THIS YEAR? OMNI: Many people are looking forward to the panels with both Jason Frank and Johnny

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Yong Bosch. Having these two actors in the same room is going to be a treat for anyone interested in Power Rangers, animation or general geek culture. MAGX: WHAT ABOUT THE PARENTS? OMNI: Parents can enjoy a weekend learning about, and sharing in, their children’s hobbies and interests. All of our events are family friendly and we encourage people to ask

OMNI: The McAllen Convention Center was designed for thousands of attendees. Congoers will find it a more comfortable and pleasant experience with digital displays for each room, large projectors and great common areas. It is also conveniently located off the expressway so that everyone can easily find their way to the convention. Restaurants within walking distance, like Kumori, PF Changs, Subway and Weinerschnitzel, allow for a great variety of eats while at the con.


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COMEDY RAYMOND ORTA Continued MAGX: You are also a Morning Show Personality on Que Pasa 99.5. How did you land that gig? What is it like working on Live Radio? Believe it or not, I actually landed the radio gig because one of the DJ’s saw me perform comedy at the Villareal before it was made into the Harley Davidson. . they gave me a call and at first, I actually declined it. I couldn’t picture myself as a “Disc Jockey” I was a stand-up comedian. I didn’t want people to think, oh, its Raymond Orta, you know.. the guy from the radio.. Screw that.. I wanted people to say, oh, its Raymond orta.. He’s the Stand-up Comedian.. but they convinced to me get on the air, and its probably been the most fun job I’ve ever had.. I do Voices, and talk smack, and I get paid for it.. its something I’d do for free.. Just don’t tell them I told you that, because believe me, they’ll do it if they can get away with it.. lol.. but working on the radio is awesome, and its landed me some bad ass opportunities that I wouldn’t have gotten if I weren’t on the air. Opening for Paul Rodriguez, Gabriel Iglesias, Polo Polo, and Cheech and Chong have all been because of the radio. At the same time, its also a burden because I really don’t have the opportunity to go out of town to perform because I have to be at work the next day at 5am.. MAGX: Who inspired you to take up stand up comedy? R.O: George Carlin, Rodney Dangerfield, Jim Carrey, and Robin Williams. Rodney Dangerfield Especially because he was ugly as hell but still had chicks hanging on his arm.. having the same characteristics as Rodney, I figured being funny was the only way I was gonna get laid. I guess I can list Fe-

males as one of my inspirations . MAGX: Who is the gang of local comedians you perform around town with? tell us about them. R.O: Mario SuperStar SalazarHes the fat, loud, in your face comic that everyone loves to hate. He’ll say anything to get a laugh, despite how offensive and crass it is... Sometimes I laugh hard just because I see people squirming in their seats because they don’t know where he’s going with his stuff. Sweets- Noel Reyna- He’s Puerto Rican.. that’s already funny.. he has very feminine features, characteristics, and mannerisms. What makes this guy funny is that he’s straight, but he has to go through so much to prove it to people because of the way he is, he’s got a high voice and screams like a girl when shit starts hitting the fan.. ask him to tell you the time his car caught on fire. Its hilarious. And it’s a true story, which makes it even better. Mark the Mexican’t – He’s funny because he’s small, but has a powerful booming voice. Its awkward.. it would be the equivalent of seeing mini-me with the voice of James Earl Jones.. He’s got the ability to do impressions and that’s always a plus, but a stage presence is what some new comics struggle to get, and this guy got one the very first time he went on stage, if you ever have a chance to see him perform, you wont be sorry. Genuinely a Solid Performer. Sexy Carlos- I think sexy carlos is hilarious! Some people don’t get his material, probably because he’s throwing it at you 100mph.. While you’re laughing at his 1st joke, he’s already on his 3rd one, so you gotta be on your toes. He’s fat, portly, got a full man beard, and a

squeaky nasaly voice.. cmon, that’s fucking hilarious in itself, but he’s probably got some of the smarter material out of all of us.. and I appreciate that.. ask him to tell you about his philosophy on playboy magazines. Bobby Brown- no not the one who beat Whitney, this guy looks like a fat butch lesbian, and he uses a style of self depreciating humor that will have you laughing your ass off. He does TONS of different voices, and really likes to impersonate celebrities and other public figures in his show, it makes for a good time. Penny Lane- The Girl that tells you what guys are thinking from a girls point of view. She’s raunchy, in your face, but still pulls off the innocent girl on stage.. she has some great material, and she loves to swear like a sailor, her act is not for the faint of heart, but she’ll really get into your head if you give her the chance.. truly HILARIOUS. Michael Paul Garcia- I’ve only seen this guy a handful of times, but everytime I see him, its pretty funny and lots of shit talking.. Which I am a huge fan of! MAGX: What's "CLICKA?" And how do you know if that term applies to you? R.O: Clicka is a way of life.. It’s the absence of civility in a person. There’s Tons of examples, but a few that always seem to hit close to home are: If you’ve ever stolen a centerpiece from a quincenera, You’re Clicka If you use old san marcos blankets as curtains in your house, Eres Clicka If you’re living in section 8 housing, and your monthly payment is 12 dollars a month, and you’re 6 months behind, you’re clicka. If you’ve ever traded food stamps for cash.. yeah, you’re

clicka If you’ve ever put a kid that isn’t yours on your income tax return as a dependent, eres clicka. MAGX: Have you ever gotten into "CHINGASOS" with anyone after a show? Is that why you work out? I’ve gotten my life threatened for making fun of someone’s sister at a comedy show.. but the bitch would not shut the hell up! The guy said, “Eh, que pinche onda bro! ay te voy a WATCHAR en la parking lot.. “ my response was typical, “Dude, are you serious.. you know this is a comedy show, right?” then he shot back with a “Fuck you, Vato, im gonna kill you.” I gave the guy a t shirt and he calmed down.. Fucking Brownsville. MAGX: WOW. Tell us the craziest TRUE story about one of your performances. R.O: The time that I got to perform with Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias, he gave me 5 minutes to open up his show, and I was SOOO READY.. I have to say that the 5 minutes (which can be seen on youtube) was probably one of the best 5 minutes said that I’ve ever had. After the show, Gabriel asked me what I was doing the next day, because he had a show in Laredo and wanted me to open up for him again.. I was BLINDED with the opportunity, but the sad thing about it is, I had a show that I had already been paid for the next day, so I had to decline the opportunity… Im Still kicking myself in the ass for it to this day.. MAGX: Comedy has really taken off here in the valley over the last few years. What do you attribute that to? I think you can attribute that

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COMEDY RAYMOND ORTA Continued to the fact that Mario “SuperStar” Salazar and I have been busting our asses to make a scene down here.. it is a well known throughout the comedy circuit that working in the valley is the equivalent to comedy suicide. It’s so hard to make people laugh down here. In the big cities, people go to comedy clubs WANTING to laugh, in the valley people go to comedy shows EXPECTING for you to MAKE THEM LAUGH.. but we brave the bars and dimly lit night clubs to try and establish a small tour for those that are brave enough to come down here. MAGX: How can people find out more about RAYMOND ORTA and your next shows? Become a friend of mine on Facebook: or you can check out my website:

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AV Lopez Barnes & Noble Bennigan’s Ben’s Liquor Store Bicycle World Bigo’s Blue Shell B’s Hobbies Bucana’s Night Club Buffalo Wild Wings Burger King C & C Wings Chapa’s City Kart Cobblehead Courtyard Inn Dark Secrets Novelties Dark Side Of The Moon Day’s Inn Ferrell’s Liquor H & H Liquors Hermes Music Joe’s Bar & Grill Lopez Super Market Lotus Inn Motel 6 New China Buffet Oyster Bar The Green Dragon Smoke Shop Powerhouse Gym Quizno’s Rack Daddy’s Rudy’s Bar-B-Q Shenanigans Spanky’s Burgers Sportman Club Stickman’s Bar & Grill Stilettos Cabaret Taco Bell Tide Water Bar-B-Q U-Mix Coffee Bar Wal-Mart Wing Stop Yamaha


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107 Food Mart American Audio & Tint Chap’s Bar & Grill Ciro’s

Colimas Restaurant Cornerstone Grill Crucitas Kitchen Cyber Comix Dairy Queen Delia’s Fast Eddies Flaming Heart Tattoo Hippie’s Smoke Shop Holiday Liquor Ink Addictions Moonlight Café Monster Carwash New Home Curcitas’s Buffet Oriental Café UTPA Library Choice Quick Wok Mala Compania Tattoos Skates & Boards Taco Bell Tico’s Restaurant Top Video Trevino’s Video Mart Wille’s Bar B Q


America’s Big John’s Bar-B-Q Wild Bills Brisas Car Wash Car Wash, Car Wash Cherry John’s City Light Bar & Grill Comics unlimited Copz Lounge Eight Ball El Loco Tattoo EZ Rims Gotham Comics Henry Party Supplies Hop & Shop Hot Topic Kujo’s Krazy Tattoo Las Cazuela Lone Star Long John Silver Mares Tires & Wheels Mr. Music Reilly’s Party Time Liquors Pokeys Planet Sam Goody Sauza Restaurant Sound Advise Taco Bell Taqueria Jalisco

Valley Girls Vela’s Restaurant Wal-Mart Whispers Yen San


$1.50 Cleaners 2 Brothers Comm. (Verizon Wireless) A Cut Above Adam & Eve Alhambra Ambiente Bad Bob’s Bar B Q Bar 201 Bel Ange Salon & Spa Best Video Bicycle World Big H Customs Billy’s Bar B Q Blimpie Blue Shell Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Breadsmith Brewski’s Buffalo Wild Wings Buffalo Wings & Rings Buffalo Wings ‘n’ Rings BV Tronix Casa Petrides Chicago East Cold Stone Creamery Costa Messa Couture Revolution Cycle Stuff D Tronics Home Entertainment Deli Salads Dickey’s BBQ Dirty Bottle Doggie’s Don Juan’s Restaurant Double Dave’s Pizza Dynamic Fitness Academy El Divino El Molcajete El Pastor Restaurant El Rey Cine Elite Cuts Extreme Fitness Fast Eddies Feldman’s Feldman’s Feldman’s Flamingo Bowl

Franco’s Electronic Freedom Fitness Frederick’s Boutique Free Spirits Fuddruckers Game Stop Golden Dragon Golds’ Gym Gombada’s Sandwich Shop Gordita Dona Tota Grease Monkey Green Beret Guitar Center Guitar Center Hacienda 17 Bar Havanna Club Havok Records Hayashi Hillbilly’s Hobby’s & Heroes Hobbytown USA Holiday Liquor Holiday Wine Hooters Hungry Howie Pizza Inferno Club Irish Pub (3) Jack in the Box’s Java Girls JJ’s Party House (3) Just A Cuts Kai Kato Sushi Bar Kolache Factory Kumori Kumori Sushi Bar L & F Distributor La Casa Del Taco La Justica La Paletera La Terraza Last Pocket Le Peep Restaurant Le Rouge Little Ceasers Logan’s Restaurant London Grill & Tavern Lone Star Bar-B-Q Lotus Lucky 13 Lumen M & M Customs Mac’s Newsstand Master Piece Café McAllen Motor Sports McAllen’s Cigar Bar Melhart Music Memes’s Records & Videos Meson Del Taco Mesquite Grill & Bar Metamophis Hair

Studio Mezzanine Monterrey Morados Bar Mundo Power Plate Myth Adventures New York Deli Newman’s Octopus Tattoos Orlie’s Accessories Osuka’s Parlays Sports Bar Perfect Ink Pick A Salad Picosito’s Mexican Cuisine Picosito’s Pow Wow Puff-N-Stuff Quiznos R.G.V. Video Ramos Bar-B-Q RDS Guns Red Robin Rio Tires & Wheels Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Russo’s New York Pizzeria Schlotzky’s Deli Shoney’s Simon Sez Sinugba House Skate Shop Skin Deep Tattoo Skunky’s Smoke Shop Smoothie King Soundwaves Sport Clips Sports Authority Sprint Store Starbucks Starbucks Subway Sun Palace Sunny Bunz Super Cuts Taco Cabana Taco Palenque Taco Rico Taco Rico Texas Road House Thai Red Chilis The Armory The Brass Chair Barber Shop The Gallery The Gallery Bar The Gallery Lingerie The Gym at Uptown The Ice House The Office The Peace Pipe

The Red Barn The Smoke Shop The Vitamin Shoppe Tico’s Toucan Lounge Tropic Tan & Massage Truck Toys Ultimate Hair Cut Experience Underworld Boutique Up In Smoke Shop Up Town Café Uptown Fitness Valley Vinyls Vermilyen Tattoos Vice Videomatic Vintage Room Volta Disco Western Beverage Whispers White Buffalo White Buffalo #2 Wing Stop Wireless Toys Woodlands Xotic Hair Studio Yoko’s Zarah’s Restaurant


Casa Del Taco Church’s Danny’s Restaurant Finish Line Jitter Café K.F.C. La Paletera Michallita’s Restaurant Mission Fitness Center Pizza Di Roma The Peace Pipe Quick Wash Quick Wok Quiznos’s Skean Dhu Tequila Jacks The Bean Cuisine The Car Spa Valley Bowl West Side Liquor Store


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Tattoo Free Spirits Glick Twins KFC La Mexicana Smokey’s Bar-B-Q Stilettos Cabaret Subway Tex-Mex The Music Center Yamaha


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Ace Hardware ACE Tattoos AmberJacks B & S Kites Ben’s Liquor Bigo’s Coral Reef Bar Daddy’s Dairy Queen Dirty Al’s Inkredible Tattoo Kelly’s Irish Pub Padre Island Brewery Palm & Laguna Palmetto Inn Peggy’s Tattoos Pizza Hut Psychadeli Rovan Restaurant Surf Up Tom & Jerry

WESLACO Holiday Liquor Keno’s Café Pokey’s Planet Red Pepper S.T.C. Top Video Wal-Mart

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