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HELLO 2012! Yet another year has passed me by. I love creating this magazine. I love interviewing interesting people and getting to know the people of South Texas. I am embarking on yet another journey. It’s a year long documentary tentatively called THE LEGENDS OF SOUTH TEXAS MUSIC. I plan to find and interview on camera, music legends from this area in an attempt to start some kind of history of music for this strange musical melting pot we call South Texas. The journey will take me through all kinds of genres of music from Tejano, Conjunto and Country to Rock, Hip Hop and Electronic. I don’t know what I will find or exactly where this journey will take me but I am sure it will be interesting. If you have any suggestions on who to interview, send them to This issue, we feature artist/musician Michael Vincent Ochoa, and a really cool MOBILE pizzeria; RIO PIZZA. Check them out. As always, thanks for reading. See you next month! -Ramsey











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It’s back! Every month, MAGX will pick a topic that we think is important or that we think more people should be discussing. Best answers will be printed right here. You can share your thoughts too. “LIKE“ us on and chime in with your thoughts or suggest next months question.

Joshua A. Trevino: A dreamer might say re-elect Bill I'll just keep that to myself. To answer the question though...Obama is already doing a great job, spared the country from the very real possibility of yet another great depression, started progressive movements in the green sector, killed a major terrorist, brought our troops home, fought for and signed a new healthcare bill that miraculously passed while restructuring the automobile industry. What our president needs is more support though (it would seem) in the political arena. Clearly a "one term president" type of mentality is not going to get our country very far. Rather than waste time trying to rid this country of our president, better that we work with him (hopefully someday her) to improve. Political discussion's always create hype, so anyone who takes offense keep in mind this is just my opinion. Thank You.

Ryno Matik: I think a Hispanic female president would totally rock it! Hot,smart, and won't take squat from no one!

Comedian Raymond Orta: The candidates that we have to choose from is like America is asking us.. “would you rather eat a shit sandwich or a shit hot dog..” either way we vote we are gonna be eating shit.. But at least you can put mustard on a hot dog.

Robert Hahn: We need joe the plumber or mcgyver....the only ones with experience repairing anything. Fyi the president can't fix anything. We need to vote out all incumbents, the new guys need to pass a balanced budget amendment and freeze spending at 2011 levels, then cut EVERYTHING 1% a year for 10 years. Then refreeze at that level. Plus pass a flat fair tax that everyone pays.... because class warfare is bullshit.

Sonia Mayhugh: None of them!!! Why don't "We The People"bring it on back to the fundamentals in which this country was founded on??? Get rid of the "I" and be about "We".

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By: Ramsey Ramirez

RIO PIZZA: MOBILE BRICK OVEN PIZZERIA Alberto Gulino may have started the coolest pizza business in South Texas. RIO PIZZA; a mobile pizzeria! He hitches his mobile brick oven onto his truck and brings the great taste of brick oven-baked pizza to you. He cooks up his hot delicious pizzas at festivals, partys & all kinds of events. Last week, I had the privilage of tasting his pizzas, and RIO PIZZA is now my favorite pizza hands down. The best part? It only takes 90 seconds to cook each pizza! MAGX: Rio Pizza isn't your ordinary pizza place. Instead of someone walking in to your place, you actually go to them. RIO PIZZA: We have a mobile wood burning brick oven that alows us to come to your event and cook tasty pizzas right in front of you and your guest. People love watching the process and are entertained by the fire. MAGX: At MAGX we know pizza, and your pizza is some of the best we have tasted. Does it help that you are Italian? What experience do you have in the pizza biz? RIO PIZZA: We’ve got quite a few years in the Pizza buisness. My uncle Sal Gulino was the first to come to the USA. He opened Roma Pizzerias in Bay City, Michigan.That’s almost 55 years ago. They were such a hit that he invited my Father to come and help. My Father then opened his own in 1974. Nino's along with Josephine's Pizza in 1986 both in Bay City, MI. In 1981 our family went to Italy to open Il Gabbiano. Almost all of

these are still open and running except for Josephine’s which became Gulino's and was recently sold. My aunts, uncles, and cousins are still involved in these businesses. Being Italian helps in exposure, we have tasted and seen many types to decide what we like. MAGX: What are some of the types of pizzas you make? Tell us a bit about the ingredients. RIO PIZZA: We use traditional ItalianAmerican ingredients along with Italian and now Mexican to create unique pizzas, such has Choriqueso pizza, Mexican italian cheses combined with local chorizo, or the one that you enjoyed, I call it the "Valley Pizza" Poblano Pesto base topped with Italian mexican cheses and fajita. I like it with valley onion and

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black olives. MAGX: I liked them all but yes, your poblano pesto pizza was extremely delicious. RIO PIZZA: Thanks! I have people tell me they did not like pizza until they have had our pizzas. MAGX: You pizza is Brick-oven baked. How hot does it get in that oven and how quickly are the pizzas ready? RIO PIZZA: A scorching 900 degrees they cook in about 90 sec. MAGX: So in 1 hour, working non-stop, you could potentially cook 40 pizzas? RIO PIZZA: When we get rolling and

topping quickly we should get 70 pizzas! MAGX: I could probably eat all 70. Tell us a little about how this idea came about? RIO PIZZA: A few years ago I had a brick oven built in my back yard. After that I began looking into making it portable and let more people enjoy the great pizza that was coming out of the back yard oven. MAGX: What kind of events have you cooked at? RIO PIZZA: I have made potato gnocchi for Profesional football players like Eric Hipple and Little house on the prarie actor Merylyn Olson, Pre game meals for the Utah state footbal team, Recently Alfresco and the farmers market in weslaco. to ‘top your own pizza parties’ with the boy scouts of America. I cooked Italian food at a Japanese food festival in Sukumo Japan. MAGX: What other types of things can you cook in that brick oven? RIO PIZZA: Anythink that is baked just need to be patient for temp to lower. Things I have made. Pita bread, Naan

bread, Foccaccia bread , Ciabatta bread, Roast chicken and Pork. MAGX: Have you experimented making pizzas with crazy topping? Maybe something people wouldn't normally expect? RIO PIZZA: When I was in Japan a Greek Japanese friend introduced me to sesame oil, tofu, cheese, lotus root, garlic chives and spinach pizza. I love it but it is crazy! last week I had bacon so I cracked and egg on top bacon pizza and cooked sunny side up in the oven it was great! I see breakfast pizzas in the future. have put nutella, cajeta, salmon, lamb, on pizzas and i have not been disapointed. (never all on the same pizza that sounds gross) MAGX: Which pizza is your personal

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favorite? RIO PIZZA: This question I can not answer, too difficult. It depends on the mood, the pizza can satisfy most cravings. MAGX: If any readers out there want you to come to their place and cook up a bunch of pizzas, how would they get ahold of you? RIO PIZZA: Call us at 956-655-2845 or email us at Follow us on Facebook at Rio Pizza and alberto rio pizza gulino


MAGX: What do you think makes a great artist? MVO: The willingness to experiment with and think outside of your craft. The willingness to work outside of your craft and learn new crafts. Constantly changing and evolving your craft. Adapting to the time and staying current with what is happening all around you. A great artist is someone who is always learning and never stops learning. A master of manipulating lines, light, dark, colors and shapes, along with depth perception in the efforts to alter ones space or reality and concept of time. Truly great artists make time stand still while you are digesting their art. A great artist is always conscious of those around him and their environment, an artist is a mirror. A great artist is a sponge; soaking up all the world and space and time and spitting back out again on his medium of choice. This is what I think makes a great artist. MAGX: When did you realize you had a knack for art?

Voodoo Jesús: �Not everything has to have a message. Sometimes, I love making stuff that looks or sounds good at that moment in my life." - Michael Vincent Ochoa | 8 | MAGX

MVO: Before I was even aware of myself. I've been drawing ever since before I can remember. Before I learned to write my name, before the alphabet, even before I attempted baby speech, I was drawing. Non-Toxic Crayons Rock! My mom probably has some of it somewhere. I was horrible at it though. I was not a good artist at all. My mickey mouse was horrible. My Bart Simpson was terrible. People used to make fun of me, I was so bad. Somewhere in Jr. High School I got caught up in the whirlwind of experimentation and it was apparent in my art work. Let's just say, I had a lot more patience for spending hours on end working on

the best. They have no pre-conceived idea of what art is. I LOVE CHILDRENS' ART. MAGX: Music is one of your other passions, do they tie in together? MVO: Music and art are the same thing. when I paint, I am singing with paint. When I sing, I am painting with music. I strongly believe the same is true for surfing, skateboarding, even Algebra takes a lot of artistic skill. I also firmly believe that ANYONE can do either. All you need is belief in yourself and the courage and the opportunity to try. MAGX: What other secret talents do you have? MVO: I have this uncanny ability to dodge the police. Most of the time it's like I am invisible. Or so I think. (Don't do drugs, kids.) MAGX: What tools do you use to create your pieces? MVO: I try and plan out my pieces. sometimes it just flows out of me. As far as tools go, I will use anything. I've painted with makeup before. Highlighters... old markers... all kinds of different paints: acrylic, oil, watercolors. Give me something to paint on and something to paint with and I will make you a painting, no problem. I sometimes paint with both hands when my right one goes numb. MAGX: What’s the most frustrating thing about being an artist?

a drawing. Around that time is when I really started getting credit for my ability to draw and paint. Luckily for me, my High School offered a lot of different art classes: air brush, pottery, graphic design, to name a few. I still don't think I have a knack for it. I'm lazy, too poor to buy materials when I want to, and I rarely draw or paint any more. Digi Art is a lot faster and cheaper.

MVO: My MacBook is my favorite medium. Its quick, fast, easy, the brushes never frizz up and the paint never runs out. If I mess up it is extremely easy to correct my mistake. But I get the most gratification from using good old canvas and oil paints because it is such a bitch to work with. It also takes an ass load of time to dry.

MAGX: What is your favorite medium and why?

MVO: More so than all of the Masters, I find myself being mostly influenced by the art work of children. Small children are

MAGX: Who are your art influences?

MVO: The lack of money being circulated for artists. The lack of participation among the buyers. The mass invasion of NOT ART pop up tables taking the place of REAL ART pop up tables. The City is a real big problem. Not sponsoring artists. Not helping in getting a union organized. Artists should have health benefits. Art is what makes your city great. And it doesn't grow on trees or get fished out of the ocean. MAGX: Whats the best thing about being an artist? MVO: Things seem to just fall in my lap. With the way the world turns and the CONTINUES ON PAGE 14

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stupid shit people do, and the reports that get aired on t.v. there is no shortage of subject matter for artists. And when I want something positive I watch cartoons or read.

mother. Haha.

on December 26th, 2012).

MAGX: In 100 years, do you think people will still paint on canvas or will it be strictly digital or holographic?

MAGX: 100 years from now, what do you want people to think about the artwork you left behind?

MAGX: How does a typical MIKE PRIME art piece come together?

MVO: That is a very good question, Ramsey. I'd like to answer that by saying, in 100 years yes, we will still be painting on canvas (with oil paint). You see, Oil and a properly primed canvas will last 1,000 years or more. No other medium with the exception of stone or metal will last longer; and that's just too dog gone hard to be working with those materials. Thats the only reason why I choose oils. It'll will allow me to live on in the hearts and minds of others for a very very long time (God willing we don't all burn to hell

MVO: I want people to either say,”That guy was crazy” Or, “That guy was amazing”. The worse thing to me would be for them to say nothing at all. To just walk past it would be the ultimate insult. I want what everybody wants. I don't want to be remembered, I want to never be forgotten; me and what I've done. Coming to a wall near you, my name is Michael Vincent Ochoa, representing PERSONAL USE, GREEN FLAME, and A GRAIN OF UNIVERSE. God bless you all.

MVO: A Typical Michael piece starts with me not thinking about art. When you're looking up, things just seem to fall from the sky. When I do get an idea, I'll first sketch it out. Visualize it in my head. Edit the sketch. Research the subject, and create message. Not a massage, a message. I don't know exactly how it all starts but it almost always ends with me running around showing everybody and their

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Welcome to the MAGX events calendar. We want to be the ULTIMATE source for events & entertainment in South Texas

and have gathered events from every corner of the RGV. Make sure you check with the venue on all events listed here incase of cancellation, misprint, or any other change. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. Have fun & Be Safe! Want info on getting listed in our monthly event section? Email us at

City & Community Events Saturday January 21 Edinburg Market Days 8am – 2pm Edinburg Courthouse Square. 100 North Closner Boulevard Edinburg, TX 78539-3523. Market Days is a free quality of life event for all to enjoy. Various items will be sold from fresh produce, to new, slightly used and antique items. For more information visit: or call 956-383-4974

Events & Concerts Thursday January 12 Valley Symphony Orchestra 8:00 Pm (956) 661-1615 Orchestra Series IV: Music by Dukas, Loewe, Lennon/McCartney McAllen Civic Center Auditorium; 1300 S 10th St; McAllen, TX

Addict Fridays in Austin, TX and has provided the city of Austin with a better feel and love for house music. Join him and Austin Resident J.A.M.O.N. for an night of deep tracks and mesmerizing beats. Saturday, February 11 DJ Bl3nd at Pharr International Convention Center, Pharr, TX Sunday, February 12 Gabriel Iglesias 6:00p McAllen Civic Center Auditorium McAllen TX Tuesday, February 21 John Leguizamo McAllen Civic Center Auditorium, McAllen Thursday, March 1 National Theatre Live: The Comedy of Errors Based on William Shakespeare’s play. 7:00p Cinemark Harlingen, Harlingen TX Tuesday, March 13 -14 NEVER SAY NEVER FESTIVAL Las Palmas Rave Park Mission TX • • Wiz Khalifa

Friday, January 13 Aaron Lewis 7:00p Pharr Entertainment Center, Pharr Saturday, January 14 Morgan Page: McAllen at Cine El Rey, McAllen, TX Saturday, January 21 Monster Jam Trucks 7:30p State Farm Arena, Hidalgo TX John Leguizamo Tuesday, Feb 21 8:00p McAllen Civic Center Auditorium, McAllen Friday, January 27 Winter Spin 2012 - Featuring Mark Denim at Nox Diem, McAllen, TX Mark Denim is the host of House

Friday, April 13 Bill Cosby 8:00p State Farm Arena, Hidalgo

GAMES, COLLECTIBLES & TOURNAMENTS EVERY FRIDAY Friday Night Magic: The Gathering. Every Friday AT 7:30pm - ?

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Kaboom Comics & Collectibles • 801 Pecan Suite A • McAllen Tx 78501 956-630-BOOM. Join the MAGIC UNDERGROUND as they go head to head to see who is the ultimate Magic The gathering Master. Fully sanctioned events with prize support plus Store Credit for 1st & 2nd Place. FOrmat: Standard and Extended. EVERY SATURDAY Saturday Magic: Legacy. Every Saturday at 2pm Kaboom Comics & Collectibles • 801 Pecan Suite A • McAllen Tx 78501 956-630-BOOM. Join the MAGIC UNDERGROUND as they go head to head to see who has the ultimate Magic The gathering Legacy Deck. Rack up plainswalker points for these sanctioned but casual events. Store Credit for 1st Place. FREE MAGIC: THE GATHERING TRAINING available w/ free deck of cards @ 1pm before the Tournaments for new players. Saturday YU-GI-OH Tournaments. Every Saturday 5pm - 8pm. Kaboom Comics & Collectibles • 801 Pecan Suite A • McAllen Tx 78501 956-630-BOOM Join the MAGIC UNDERGROUND as they go head to head to see who has the ultimate Magic The gathering Legacy Deck. Rack up plainswalker points for these sanctioned but casual events. Store Credit for 1st Place. EVERY SUNDAY THE HEROCLIX WAR. Every Sunday AT 2:30 pm Kaboom Comics & Collectibles • 801 Pecan Suite A • McAllen Tx 78501 956-630-BOOM Join the Rio Grande Valley Heroclix community every sunday for HEROCLIX WAR. A knock out, drag out, beat down battle for Limited Edition HEROCLIX figures and store credit. BATTLE as your favorite heroes and villains from DC, MARVEL, GEARS OF WAR, STREET FIGHTER, HALO and more. FREE HERO CLIX TRAINING available w/ free heroclix figures @ 2pm before the Tournaments for new players.

Mercedes, TX 78570

ARTS Friday, January 6 McAllen Art Walk 6pm – 10pm Where: Nuevo Santander. 717 North Main Street, Mcallen, Texas. The McAllen ArtWalk is a self-guided tour of art galleries and art hosts in one of the oldest areas of McAllen. Guests can start their tour at any location and proceed at their own pace. The McAllen ArtWalk begins the first Friday of each month starting September through May. The evening exhibits begin at 6 p.m. and last until 10 p.m. This is all free and open to the public in attempt to highlight the culture of our community. It is a wonderful opportunity to mingle, meet a variety of different people and create new neighbors who might share in your passion for art. For more information, please visit: Thursday, January12 Valley Symphony Orchestra Contact: Valley Symphony Orchestra (956) 661-1615 Orchestra Series IV: Music by Dukas, Loewe, Lennon/McCartney  Location: McAllen Civic Center Auditorium; 1300 S 10th St; McAllen, TX Friday, January13 Jardein Del Arte City Hall Courtyard. 415 W. University, Edinburg Texas. Join us for an evening of Art, Music and Entertainment at Edinburg’s Jardin Del Arte and Edinburg Culture Fest! Showcasing local and regional artist, the monthly event celebrates Edinburg’s diverse richness in art, culture and its people! For more information, please visit: http://www.edinburgarts. com. Thursday, January19 Alfresco Weslaco - Jazz on the Street This is a monthly event using Jazz & Art .7:00p Texas Blvd Weslaco Downtown, Weslaco TX

Saturday, February 4 Winter Coin and Collectibles Show 9:00a to 4:00p Coin show to buy, sell or trade coins and paper money. $2 admission, free parking Nomad Shrine Hall, Pharr TX

Fairs & Festivals Friday, January 27 McAllen Carfest 2012 McAllen International Carfest- Date: January 27,28,29, 2012. McAllen Convention Center, McAllen TX Saturday, January 28 Texas Citrus Fiesta 10,000 attendees expected. *Estimated start time -- Please confirm* 10:00a City of Mission, Mission TX

Thursday, January26-28 Fiber Arts Competition and Exhibit D’Arte Centre Gallery. 115 E Jackson St, Harlingen, TX. The Harlingen Art Forum announces their 2012 Fiber Arts Competition and Exhibit and are calling for Fiber Artist Submissions. The Exhibit will be open through the month of February. Please visit for more information or contact Pat Skye at (956 202-3778. For Exhibit hours, please call D’Arte Centre at (956) 425-4030.

Sunday, February 19 Charro Days Fiesta - Opening Day 10:00a City o Brownsville, TX


Friday, March 9 - 18 RIO GRANDE VALLEY LIVESTOCK SHOW Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show Grounds 1000 N Texas / mailing: P. O. Box 867

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ALAMO Wal-Mart

ALTON Advanced Auto Parts Auto Zone Juniors Supermarket O’Rielly’s


America Athletix & JSK8 Shop Barnes & Noble Bennigan’s Ben’s Liquor Store Big Daddy’s Boss Club Brownsville Coffee Buffalo Wild Wings C & C Wings C & C Wings Chapa’s Circuit Plus Audio Cobblehead Coyote Canyon Restaurant Cricket Dark Secrets DarkSide O/T Moon Devil’s Playground Feldman’s Liqour(all) Galaxy Bowl Green Dragon H & H Liquors Harbor Liqour Store Irish Pub Jone’s Liquors Koi Restaurant La Botana Grill Los Comperos Molcojetes New York Deli 2 Ol’ School Tattoo Philly’s America Cheesesteaks Pokey’s Planet Pro Auto Detail Rack Daddy’s Red’s Bar & Grill Rudy’s Bar-B-Q Shenabigans Stickman’s Taco Bell The Bar The New Workout U.T. Brownsville Valley Honda Wing Stop (All)

DONNA Texxx Adult Video Valley Girls


1st Class Tattoos 600 Plus Gym Arturo’s Mexican Restaurant Bab’s Deli Buffalo Wings & Rings County Court House Danny’s Sports Bar & Grill Delia’s Devine Tattoo Echo El Patio Restaurant El Vaquero El Zarape Fast Eddies Flaming Heart Foxy’s Flo Fruit & Salad Good Times Good Times Hamburger King Harry’s Oil Can Hippies Holiday Liquor Hungry Howie’s Pizza Hunts Brother Pizza Ink Addictions Jc Restaurant La Finca Restaurant La Paloma Bakery La Parilla Maki Sushi Bar Max Fitness Mega Chicken Monster Car Wash Moonlight Café National Lube Pan American Library Papa John’s Pizza Pueblo Tires Quick Wok Resturante Colima Ristretto Café Taco Bell Taco Ole The Cubby Hole Trevino’s U.S. Liqour Store

Willie’s B Bar B Q Wing Stop Woodreauxs


Baloos Big John Bar B Q Booter’s Bar Butt Wild Bar Cherijons Music Chuck Ice House Comic Unlimited Copz Lounge Cossey Creations El Loco Tattoos El Rancho Restaurant Feldman’s (All) Frank Record Shop Gotham Comics Great China Henry’s Party House Holiday Liquor Hot Topic (In The Mall) Jaguar Club Java Café Las Brisas Long John Silver Los Asados Los Cazuales Mr. Music (In the Mall) Old’s Soda Shop Pancake House Party Time Liqour Pokey’s Planet Pro Hand Car Wash Pueblo Tires Rack Daddy’s Rent A Tire Sam Goody (In the Mall) Sound Advise Street Sound Taco Bell (All) Taqueria La Mexicana The Corner Deli Uchi Restaurant Whispers Wing Stop (All)


A Cut Above Adam & Eve Alhambra Americas Best Mixed Martial Arts

Bad Bob’s Bar B Q Bar 201 Bar B Cutie Bicycle World Billy’s Bar B Q Blue Island Body Builders Powerhouse Gym Boxing Academy Breadsmith Brewski’s Buffalo Wild Wings Burgeusa Burgers BV Tronix Casa Petrides Chicago East Chill Yogurt Bar Cold Stone Copy Zone Cycle Stuff D Troncis Home Entertainment Dat Tung Deli Salads Dirtry Bottle Doggie’s Double Dave’s Pizza Dyramic Fittness El PastorEl Rey Cine Extreme Flavors Fall Back Records Fast Eddies Feldman’s Flamingo Bowl Frederick’s Boutique Free Spirits Game Stop Golds’ Gym Good Times Goodtimes Green Beret Guitar Center Havanna Club Hayashi Hermes Music Hillbilly’s Hobby’s & Heros Holiday Liquor Hooters Hungry Howie Pizza Iguana’s Ranas Irish Pub Jack in the Box JJ’s Party House Just A Cut Kai

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Kato Sushi Bar Krave L & F Distributor La Casa Del Taco La Paletera La Pamp Restaurant Last Pocket Pool Le Peep Restaurant Le Rouge Lean Nutrition Little Ceasars Logan’s Restaurant London Grill & Tavern Lone Star Bar-B-Q Lucky 13 Lumen M & M Customs Mac’s Newsstand McAllen Motor Sports McAllen’s Cigar Bar Melhart Music Mezzanine Misty’s Moonbeans Coffee Myth Adventures National Lube Express New York Deli Newman’s OctuposTattoos Orlie’s Accessories Parlays Sports Bar Pepper’s Pick A Salad Poncho’s Restaurant Pow Wow Puff-N-Stuff R.G.V. Video Ramos Bar-B-Q Rios Tires Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Roof Top Patio Russo’s New York Pizzeria Shogun Restaurant Simon Sez Skunky’s Skyn Lingerie Smoke Shop Smokies / Skin Deep Tattoo Shop Smoothie King Soundwaves Sport Clips Sports Authority

Starbucks Starbucks Starlight Burger Subway Sun Palace Restaurnt Sunny Bunz Switchfoot Skate Shop Taco Rico Texas Road House Thai Red Chilis The Gallery The Gym Of Uptown The Ice House The Office The Patio The Peace Pipe The Smoke Shop The Vitamin Shoppe Thirsty Monkey Tinder Box Tino’s Seafood Toucan Lounge Town & Country Tropic Tan & Massage Underworld Boutique Valley Vinyls Vice Videomatic Vintage Room Volta Disco Western Beverage Whispers White Buffalo Wing Stop Wireless Express Yoko’s


Brisket Haus Cardenas Asscesories Chopstix Restaurant Casa Del Taco Church’s Danny’s Restaurant Fanatics Sport Bar & Grill Hippies Smoke Shop Holiday Liquor Ink Spot Jitter Café King’s Restaurant

K.F.C. Lone Star Bar-B-Q Mission Fitness Center MCM Sporting Goods Pollito Grilled Chicken Quick Wash Quick Wok Quiznos’s Skean Dhu Pub Smokin’ Aces Bar & Grill Soleria Wine & Liqour Taco Rico The Car Spa The Peace Pipe Tequila Jacks The Bean Cuisine The Car Spa Valley Bowl West Side Liquor Store


Texxx Adult Video


Buena Suerta Tattoo Free Spirits Good Times Glick Twins KFC La Mexicana Red Robin Smokey’s Bar-B-Q Stilettos Cabaret Subway Tex-Mex The Music Center Yamaha

SAN BENITO Aces High Tattoo Gillman Lounge Harley Davidson Smoking Accessories The Gas Station Sport Bar


Dairy Queen Juniors Supermarket Powerhouse Gym Smokey’s Bar-B-Q

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MAGX #74 • JANUARY 2012  

Rio Pizza, Personal Use, Michael Vincent Ochoa, Shenanigans Irish Pub, Copz Lounge, MAGX MODEL Natalie

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