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6 YEARS (& 1 Month) Old!!!


Last month was our 6th year anniversary and I was so busy that I forgot to wish us a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Yes, it was 6 years ago in September of 2005 that I had the crazy idea that the Rio Grande Valley was ready for a magazine full of music & pop culture. It wasn’t. But I did it anyway and now I think we helped change the entertainment climate here a bit, We keep trying to move forward and pioneer new things. We were the first magazine to implement the use of QR-CODES and over a year later I hardly see a magazine without them. Many more “pop culture” type mags have popped up over the years, and a few are still around. I see the similarities and I am flattered. But I’m proud to say that NONE do it quite like we do.


OPETH! Prog Metal band! In our humble mag? YES! Read the interview. If you are a fan, you know all about them, if you don’t know who they are, give them a listen. They will take you on a musical journey like no other. Local submited their paranormal experiences for our first ever “Paranormal Tales of the RGV.” Got any you want to submit? Send ‘em in! The Rotting Flesh Factory in Harlingen is back and ready to scare the bejeezuz out of you! Many Celebrity guests! Get out there! It’s late and I’m sleepy. Love you all! See you next month! -Ramsey


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OPETH -10 SUSTO -14 MAGX CALENDAR Feat. RENEE -16 Paranormal Tales of the RGV - 22 Slipknot - 26 DISTRIBUTION - 28 |5| MAGX


MEET THE BIGGEST BADDEST DROID TO HIT THE MARKET. VERIZON’S POWERFUL DROID BIONIC. Verizon’s all new Droid Bionic is finally out! The anticipation for this beast has reached a boil and after a few delays I am proud to say that Motorola and Verizon have gotten it right! From the beautiful qHD display to the 1gb RAM under the hood and not to mention the storage space clocking in at a beautiful combined 32 gb (16gb internal and 16gb pre installed micro sd) the Droid means business. Equipped with a stunning 8 megapixel camera and flying off the charts with Verizon’s 4G LTE it is almost certain that people will flock to their nearest Verizon Wireless location to pick up what is sure the be one of the best selling pieces of hardware for 2011.


Amazon has jumped from e-readers to an all new multi-media tablet experience. The Kindle Fire priced at a cool $199 will give you all the books, magazines, newspapers, movies, apps (through Amazon’s Android App Store), and even new episodes of tv shows. At a price that low we can guarantee that you need to be on the waiting list like yesterday. | 6 | MAGX

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Every month, MAGX scours the app world to bring the latest & greatest! It’s a tough job, but we are up for the task! If you see a great app out there, let us know at




Like if Gears of War was on the iPhone. Yes, the graphics are console-quality, the game is a coverbased shooter and the main characters are outrageously huge. The game is as stellar a shooter you’ll find on the iPhone.




A web browser alternative that shines on the iPad. All the feature you want: tabbed browsing, porn mode, full screen browsing, gestures that can trigger actions and webzines that make websites look prettier and a super slick slideable sidebar for bookmarks.




Sure you may use Picasa but Flickr is like Instagram for Android. Not only can you scan Flickr photostreams, upload pictures, share photos to other social networks, you can also take filterized pictures and look so hip with it.



BeWeather is a drop dead gorgeous weather app that gets its data from Weather Underground. There’s detailed forecasts, 11 different widgets in 6 different sizes, temperature notification in the status bar, radar and satellite maps and a TON, TON, TON of customization options where you can change the icons, fonts and colors of the look of the app. | 8 | MAGX

Interview with Mikael Akerfelt, lead singer and guitarist of progressive metal outfit Opeth. MAGX: So how’s the tour going so far? M: It’s going well, I would say. We’ve done four shows, and we’re in Philadelphia for tonight’s show, so it’s business as usual for tonight in many ways. MAGX: I noticed last night’s show was sold out, and so is tonight’s. How do you prepare for something like this?

| 10 | MAGX

M: Uh, I don’t really prepare much. I’ve kind of, with time I guess, I just go out there now. I almost don’t even change clothes anymore, I go out in the same pair of jeans and tshirt that I’ve been wearing all day. I’m getting less, and less, rockstarish in my behavior, for lack of a better word.(Laughs) MAGX: (Laughing) So you’re opting more for comfort now instead? M: Well, I mean, we’re here for the music, and I don’t think anything else matters to be honest with you. We’re just trying to have a good time and make some music.

S: Well that’s the whole point of all of this. Your new album, Heritage, was released on Tuesday. It has a very moody vibe to it, it almost reminds me of old Zepplin albums. M: Cool. MAGX: It has a very minimalist approach to it, and the production is on key. How has the response been so far, I know the album was only released a couple days ago, but how’s it been? M: It’s been very good. Much better than I expected, to be honest. Because of the nature of this

album, obviously we come from an extreme (laughs) type of metal background, I was expecting more sh*t. But, I guess it’s not that much of an outrageous development for us. This album, I mean, it’s your history. It’s not strange to do an album like this, I guess. But, obviously the die hard metal fans have a hard time digesting this type of stuff, which I expected, you know. But I like to think that we have open-minded fans, in general, hat can appreciate an album like this as much as they can appreciate a heavy one, so to speak. So far so good. (Laughs) MAGX:




of sound that you can’t really hide behind. We wanted an earthy, real type of sound that pushed us to perform better as musicians.

MAGX:: I heard a lot more use of the keyboards and mellotron on this album. Did you do that deliberately to add to the vibe?

MAGX: Exactly.

M: Yeah, you could say. I just love that instrument, you know, there’s just so much to play around with, and everything sounds a bit spooky. We bought a new mellotron for this recording, and it’s just an instrument that I fell in love with. Maybe I’ll fall out of love with it but right now I’m deeply in love with the mellotron. It’s a big part of our sound these days. But not only the mellotron, our keyboards, overall, plays a big part in our sound now, which it wasn’t before.

M: And it was very liberating. Very, very liberating to do a record like this, which was no fuss, just record it. MAGX: What about working with Steve Wilson on this album again. You said the approach was minimalistic, were there any minor tweaks or adjustments you did? M: Not really. It was just a matter of getting the levels right, to be honest. The mixing was quick, you know, I was there at Steven’s place recording some vocals, and once I was done with that we mixed the album in four or five days. There were little to no tweaking, you know, there’s no editing. There’s nothing fixed, nothing really fake on this album, you know what I mean. It was just a matter of, you know, getting the levels right. We even recorded most of the reverb and echoes as we recorded the record. There was a natural echo chamber in the studio that we used a lot in this album. It was just a matter of getting the levels right, so the mixing was the easiest mix ever.

it, it sticks to it’s title in the sense that the sound you’re going for has a raw edge to it. What’s the mind-set that you put yourself into before going into the recording process? Do you put yourself in a certain mood or do you just let things flow? M: It’s both controlled and uncontrolled in many ways. The music and the material is down before we start. I know exactly what we’re going to record. I’ll make demos of the records which are very complete in it’s sound, and then when we go into the studio we just basically record and try to know what

we’re recording. And once the basic structures are down, on tape or whatever, we, you know, there’s always time for experimentation or whatever you want to do, you know, that kind of thing. This album was a little bit different because of where we recorded. We recorded in a legendary studio in Stockholm (Sweden) and it was recorded in a more old fashioned way and without any specific help from technical devices, which is very common these days, especially in the metal scene. I think you don’t really have to be able to play that well in order to make a good sounding record. We feel that we can play our songs and we wanted that type

MAGX: I can really hear the reverb and all the ambiance around the album. It stands out a lot more. M: Yeah. I mean, it’s different sounding than synthetic reverbs. It’s more like, I mean, I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s got some kind of magic. And it’s all over the mellotron and especially during the lonely guitar leads and stuff like that. MAGX:: Yeah. M: The lonely bass, leads, and stuff like that, it’s the echo chamber that gives it that sound. It make’s it sound even lonelier.

MAGX:: What’s the scene like in Stockholm? What particular music is in right now? M: Stockholm is little, it’s like a bubble. Anything out of the damn bubble isn’t hip, or cool, or whatever, you know, and we’re outside of the bubble. You know, we don’t have anything, or any impact on the Stockholm scene, I mean the metal people, everybody knows who we are and we’re popular and everything, but the music scene in general isn’t focusing on heavy music at all in Stockholm. It’s more like dance, pop, which is cool because there are some good bands and good artists that do that kind of stuff too but it’s not like were music royalty in Stockholm, you know, we’re nobodies. MAGX:: Usually when I think of Sweden, especially right now, it’s predominantly dance music, but when I do think about Stockholm, I always go back to Opeth and your distinct song structures. The thing that always attracts me to your band is your use of structure and repetition. You start off with a riff and you just build around it. It almost puts me in a trance, something that a lot of electronic music puts me in. Do you feel any correlation between your music and the trance that electronic music provides? M: No, to be honest, but it is that kind of music. We’re not a sing a | 11 | MAGX

song type of band, we’re a album band, and I think it’s inevitable when you get into records, like this one, that it has that type of effect on you. Once you’re sucked into an album, it has different effects on you. But I’ve never had anyone say that to me, like it’s a trance, but I know what they mean by it. When I put on Animals by Pink Floyd, it puts me in a certain mood and there’s no way I can turn it off, I have to listen to it from beginning to end. MAGX: What was the last album you listened to that changed your outset on music? M: Well, there’s one very important album that was David Crosby’s If I Could Only Remember My Name, which Steve Wilson played for me, actually. I knew he was some kind of a genius when it comes to vocal harmonies , the Byrds, stuff like that, but his solo album I had never heard before, and Steve put it on for me, and it was one of those moments when your life changes right in front of you. I listened to that album, everyday. It was one of the catalysts that got me going into the writing session that got me realizing that Heritage was the kind of album we needed to do. You can blame David Crosby. (Laughs) MAGX: (laughing) Is there any particular band or genre of music your listening to right now? Is there any particular genre that’s caught your attention recently? M: There’s so much. Back home, I collect records, so I get about one new record every day. Anything from obscure Pachyderm music, which, has been constantly my life for the last 10 years or so, and progressive music which has also been constant since the early 90s. But yeah, I listen to everything, almost everything. (Laughs) I’m not a big hip-hop fan. I don’t listen to electronic music too much like you seem to do, but I like some of the older bands like Tangerine Dream, and guys like Klas Shultz, you know, even some house music. Early Kraftwerk, I really like early Kraftwerk too, but I’m not sure what you’d call that kind of music, but I like when they have a drummer. Ralf und Florian (Kraftwerk’s 1973 album) I think is a beautiful f-ing | 12 | MAGX

record. So I listen to everything. (laughs) MAGX: Do you find that being in certain cities provoke a certain album of band that reminds you of a particular city? M: We were just taking about which band has come out of Philadelphia, and we couldn’t think of anyone else than Will Smith (Laugh). MAGX: (laughing) Ok. M: We first thought it was kind of a let down, not saying anything bad about him, but we were like “Who the f**k is from Philadelphia?” We couldn’t come up with anyone. But when I’m in Boston I go out and buy Aerosmith’s original album. (Laughs) MAGX: What are your thoughts on the direction metal has taken in the last 5 years? It’s gotten very hard and digital, I’m afraid to say. What are your thoughts on that? M: Well, yeah I have to agree. It’s not doing anything for me, you know. I think it’s bad, to be honest. That’s another reason why we did this album. People are screaming, “Metal, Metal, Metal!” and I’m like, what is metal? Is it what I hear that’s going on today? Because that’s not metal to me, that’s sh*t.. That’s nothing for me. And it’s quite painful for me because I love heavy metal music, but it’s become a little more of a state of mind for me than an actual form of music these days because when I talk about metal, today, it feels like it’s an attitude. And when I talk about metal, in terms of music, it’s 70s and 80s, and maybe some early 90s stuff. I’m pretty negative when it comes to metal music and I’ve gotten a lot of sh*t for it too, but I can’t lie. You know, I can’t say I love what’s going on in the metal scene. And because of the fact that I love metal so much I feel that I’m entitled to criticize it. MAGX: Exactly. Someone who is involved like you are should have some constructive criticism. M: I think it’s just sad that there’s not more creativity. I mean, not

everybody has to be fucked up to create a crazy album, but at least have something that shows that their people. The music is first and foremost, and the music says nothing to me. Most of the bands say nothing to me. And the performance is very sterile, almost like there’s no humanity in it. The sound isn’t being mastered, there’s clipping all over and it sounds f-ing awful, and metal musicians back in the day were musicians that had a good reputation. They could play. But today, it’s like anybody can make a metal record because it’s all fixed anyway. I hate it. MAGX: What’s your take on someone remixing one of your songs? Do you feel like once the song is out, it’s for everyone to interpret it in their way? M: Yeah, we had some guys do some kind of techno remix of the Still Life album, but I can’t remember how it sounded. It was probably horrible, or I can’t remember. (laughs) There’s a guy, a Turkish guy, who doesn’t want to remix, but orchestrate our songs. He’s done stuff for Dream Theater, or for Jordan, (Rudess, i.e. keyboard player for Dream Theater) that’s actually how I got into contact with him, and he wants to orchestrate Opeth songs. I mean, that might be interesting (laughs). When it comes to remixes, it’s not we got requests every day. MAGX: But are you open to

other interpretations? M: Yeah! I don’t care, you know, because that kind of stuff doesn’t interfere with my creativity so, if somebody wants to do that kind of stuff, it’s not like I’m going to try and stop them in their tracks. I think it would be interesting to see how other people would interpret our music in their own, personal way, of course. I have nothing bad to say about that at all. MAGX: Cool, well hopefully one day I can show you my electronic interpretation of an Opeth song. M: Do it! MAGX: Sounds good. Are there any plans for after the tour is over? Are you going to take a break or hit the studio as soon as you’re done? M: Yeah. You know, it’s been a bit of a rat race doing this and living this life. We’ve come off a summer full of festivals, and the albums out now, so basically we’re going to be touring until three years from now. MAGX:: Oh wow M: And then we go on a break. Or split up. MAGX: Well hopefully it’s just a small break M: Yeah, you never know.

| 13 | MAGX

By: Skootr Valdez Quint Rogers, Director of the Independent movie Andy’s Guardian unleashes SUSTO, a paranormal haunting mystery movie. It premiers at the UTPA Student Union Theatre in Edinburg, Tx on October 28. MAGX took some time to chat with Quint about the filming of the movie, filming locations here in the Rio Grande Valley and his future projects!

MAGX: How’s everything going? It looks like you have a busy October ahead of you. QUINT: We finished filming a few months ago and been editing the SUSTO movie for the past two months. Just finished adding the finishing touches. I had Jessu E. Silva who started editing the movie. Rodrigo  Zamora was contributing editor. I did the bulk of the editing since I edit 24/7 to make our deadline.  We are also promoting the movie hard. I realy appreciate you and Mag X promoting us. MAGX: Tell me a little bit about your new movie, Susto. QUINT: Susto is about a Famous sought after Paranormal Investigators the GHOST | 14 | MAGX

WARRIORS who come into fame and fortune investigating hauntings. During one of their last investigations things go horrible wrong in a very frightening way. A Paranormal haunting Mystery. MAGX: How are things going in preparation for the premieres? QUINT: Preparing for premiere is very time consuming. You have to plan everything in detail so things run smoothly and your guests are happy. You will see what I mean when you are at the premiere. I got alot of practice on do’s and don’ts at my first movie premiere last year (2010) “ANDY’S GUARDIAN” at STC. It was a huge success.    

MAGX: What was the process like making a movie such as this one? QUINT: During the filming of “SUSTO”, it was a little hard working with 7 lead actors. There  were times I had to shoot around peoples schedules.  Keeping track of scenes on story boards and sometime doing rewrites on the screenplay.  MAGX: Where did you film? QUINT: I was approached by a friend of mine Joe “Big Joe”  Saenz with an Idea  about paranormal investigators. I first I wasn’t interested because of a movie that just came out “Paranormal Activity” and the  ghost shows on TV.  I didn’t want to compete or copy anyone. We started exchanging ideas and we were getting

enthusiastic as the concept grew into something  very different and original. He  asked   if he could run with the concept to a friend David “ BEAR”Casarez who is into writing and get back to me. Both are first time writers and gave them their break. 3 weeks later a rough draft was born. Loved it and started writing the screenplay and went into production with Henceforth Pictures. By the way Joe “Big Joe” Saenz is a professional Paranormal Investigator.     We filmed all over the valley historical places like Renaissance Hotel and the legendary San Juan Hotel. We had gotten special permission from the owner who believed in our film.    MAGX: How about finding your cast, what was that like? QUINT: Finding the cast wasn’t so difficult. Joe “Big Joe” asked me if he could round up some of his Paranormal Investigators and friends who he thought could act and make it believable. I agreed. We all met at PIZZA HUT on 23rd street no one knew what Joe and I were up to. They thought they were there for their next Paranormal Investigation.  I was introduced and sat and studied everyone. After 15 minutes of listening to everyone’s conversation and personalities I realized I found my actors. The actors : Joe “Big Joe” Saenz, Dionicio “Nune” Rodriguez, David “BEAR” Casa-

rez, Felecia Gamboa, Isaac “Calcasta” Gonzalez, Paul Cuellar, Rodrigo Zamora were perfect for the roles. They were shocked and excited when I made the announcement about the movie. Russel Canady plays the hotel owner. Kelly Smith plays his brother and introducing Alexandra Ebeling. The little girl in the movie. She was an awesome actress.  MAGX: What is it about creating a film that attracts you to it?

shadow figure appears against a wall while I was filming the right section  in front of the hotel at night. This scene we kept in the movie.  At San Juan Hotel a door slammed open on us when there was no wind. This scene is also in the movie. In one of the rooms we had just finished filming and we were packing up when all of a sudden we got a strong odor of sulfur. We all know what that means. (Laughing). We had to move fast. The temperature dropped to cold in the room.     

QUINT: I have a passion for filming movies. I got hooked on filming since the 8th grade and through out High School. Then professionally for KRGV TV 5, Univision and PBS. That was years back. I   love to film something different, original  and unique that people are going to enjoy and be talking about it. It’s a challenge I always look forward to when  producing and directing a film. I love filming in the valley. I was born here. The talent, the support and the resources are here to make a great movie. You don’t have to go to Hollywood to make a movie. You can do it right here in the Rio Grande Valley.

MAGX: Can you tell us where we can see the film?

MAGX: Did anything out of the ordinary happen during the filming process?

QUINT: Next film LONESTAR Boarder Wars. Already in production. Hopefully we will have a trailer ready to show at the “SUSTO” premiere. 

Some unexplained things did happened at two locations. At Renaissance Hotel a

QUINT: SUSTO Movie World Premiere will be held at UT/PAN AM in the Student Union Theatre on October 28, 2011 6:00pm - Doors open. 7:00pm -  movie starts. Free Admission. Food will be provided. Come dressed in your favorite Halloween costume. See trailer on “SUSTO movie” on Face book. MAGX: Any plans for another film?

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In the spirit of HALOWEEN, we asked our FACEBOOK readers to send us their paranormal stories or experiences. We got more than we bargained for. So many that we may have to extend this column for a couple of months. Do you have a paranormal experience you would like to share with us? Email us at

One time I was at my friends house. We got together at her place for UFC- she had her new puppy in the corner of the hallway w/ the little gates closed in so the puppy wouldn't go running off- I picked up the puppy cause it was so cute, then something told me to look back- I turned around & I saw a shadow going across from the room on the left to the room on the right which was her bedroom- i went into her room cause i was expecting 2 c her daughter,I had this confused look on my face & I asked my friend where her daughter was at cause what I saw was a small shadow & I thought it was her. My friend said "oh she's at my suegras" & I just freaked out. But when I told her or explained it 2 her, I said "I didn't feel threatened or scared" it was just weird. | 22 | MAGX

Back in 2007 I took my wife and my daughter to my parents house to feed the dogs while my parents where in San Antonio visiting my brothers. While I was finding my clothes to take home my wife ran into the computer room and asked me if there was someone outside in the back yard. When I asked her what did it look like she told me that I was a person about 5 feet 1 inch with short black hair. So I went outside to check it out and there was no one there. Then I realized that it was the year that my friend Amanda Rodriguez that past away. She was 5 feet 1 inch tall with short black hair. She loved going to my house to eat lunch with my family. There was another encounter with a ghost but it was at my in-laws. This happened in 2007 when I was washing the dishes and I noticed a small child running towards the living room. She wore a black veil and a black victorian dress the same dress you would see depicted in the victorian era. She noticed me and ran to the wall scared. I told her "don't be scared I wont hurt you." A couple a seconds later she pocked her head out and decided to walk towards me. two years later my in-laws told my wife and I that they thought they saw my daughter in the house but it wasn't her. We told them it was the little girl that I encountered while washing dishes.

| 23 | MAGX

My last house was Haunted. We lived there for many years till one day, we had enough. One night while I was on the phone, still high school.. listening to Midnight Magic my radio went nuts from volume two to fourteen in a span of seconds! I remember being frozen and scared as hell! Not only was I witnessing this loudness but I wasnt moving it. I jumped outta bed and ran to my mothers room. This occured many times after that one night. Another ghostly encounter happen to my mother, she was alsleep as all of us and she woke up to a darkened man figure standing and lurking over my father while he slept.She was scared as well,that she faked sleeping for awhile then got the courage to get up fast and turn on the light ...and no man was there anymore. As She searched the house and saw nothing but the front door wide open.She freaked locked the door and went back to bed.She said that happened often to her in the wee hours of the night,3:00am to be exact.That was only the beggining. We had many incidents.

In Sept. 11th 2010, I got married at Rancho El Charco in La Joya. The wedding only lasted till 10pm but since I live in Edinburg the owner of the place offered to let us stay at a home she had close to the Ranch just for the night since she saw how tired we both were. We decided to stay. Once we got ready for bed the AC turned off by itself without any explanation. I didn’t want to call the owner because it was already late. So instead we drove to the nearest walmart and bought a fan. When we get home my wife asked me, “why do we keep entering through the back of the house”, and I replied “because the owner didn’t give us a key, she just told me the back door is always open so don’t worry about it”. Then I found out my wife is very paranoid about having locked doors at night because shes someone might come in in the middle of the night. So I started barricading the entire room with chairs on the doors, when out of no where I hear two men outside the door saying “I know there’s two of them inside general”…I jumped back and broke off a leg from the chair to use it to defend my wife and myself. I told my wife “let me go check it out, you stay here”. My wife was full of tears and terrified. When I go outside the room…no one was found. So I go back in and tell my wife “get everything, in the count of 3 we run out the hall and through the doors and throw everything in the truck and lets get out of here.” So when I opened the door and started running, the chairs from the kitchen table started falling and all the doors started opening and we just ran straight outside into our truck and booked it out of there. We ended up staying at a friends house for the night as I tried to calm my wife. The next morning I called the owner explaining what happened and all she said was, “OoOo it happened to you too huh?”

Do you have a spooky story you would like to share with the rest of the Valley? Send ‘em in! Email them to: or add us on FACEBOOK.COM/MAGXONLINE and tell us there! | 24 | MAGX

SLIPKNOT TO RELEASE TENTH ANNIVERSARY EDITION OF IOWA ON NOVEMBER 1, 2011 It’s been 10 years since Slipknot unleashed its second album, Iowa, on the world. Slipknot had impacted the music scene in revolutionary, unpredictable ways and established themselves as a way of life for their fans with their 1999-released, self-titled debut. But Iowa was the album that further proved the band had fully arrived and had no intentions of leaving. It was the band’s statement that they would

| 26 | MAGX

continue to make music their way, according to their rules and always for their fans, with their middle fingers pointed firmly at the rest of the world. To celebrate the album’s decade of existence, the band is releasing a special, tenth anniversary edition of this landmark release, which will drop on November 1, 2011.

The anniversary edition will include plenty of extras for the maggots and beyond to feast upon. It will be issued as a twodisc, one-DVD digipak with brand new artwork, including photography by M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan of the band. Disc One will comprise the original Iowa album along with a remix of “My Plague” as an added bonus track. Disc Two will include the full live

audio from the legendary Disasterpieces DVD, where the band’s 2002 show at the London Arena was captured by 30 cameras and released as a concert film. The DVD will include Goat, a new film directed by Crahan featuring neverbefore-seen interviews and footage showing the madness that surrounded the Iowa era, plus four music videos.

| 27 | MAGX





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America’s Big John’s Bar-B-Q Wild Bills Brisas Car Wash Car Wash, Car Wash Cherry John’s City Light Bar & Grill Comics unlimited Copz Lounge Eight Ball El Loco Tattoo EZ Rims Gotham Comics Henry Party Supplies Hop & Shop Hot Topic Kujo’s Krazy Tattoo Las Cazuela Lone Star Long John Silver Mares Tires & Wheels Mr. Music Reilly’s Party Time Liquors Pokeys Planet Sam Goody Sauza Restaurant Sound Advise Taco Bell Taqueria Jalisco

Valley Girls Vela’s Restaurant Wal-Mart Whispers Yen San


$1.50 Cleaners 2 Brothers Comm. (Verizon Wireless) A Cut Above Adam & Eve Alhambra Ambiente Bad Bob’s Bar B Q Bar 201 Bel Ange Salon & Spa Best Video Bicycle World Big H Customs Billy’s Bar B Q Blimpie Blue Shell Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Breadsmith Brewski’s Buffalo Wild Wings Buffalo Wings & Rings Buffalo Wings ‘n’ Rings BV Tronix Casa Petrides Chicago East Cold Stone Creamery Costa Messa Couture Revolution Cycle Stuff D Tronics Home Entertainment Deli Salads Dickey’s BBQ Dirty Bottle Doggie’s Don Juan’s Restaurant Double Dave’s Pizza Dynamic Fitness Academy El Divino El Molcajete El Pastor Restaurant El Rey Cine Elite Cuts Extreme Fitness Fast Eddies Feldman’s Feldman’s Feldman’s Flamingo Bowl

Franco’s Electronic Freedom Fitness Frederick’s Boutique Free Spirits Fuddruckers Game Stop Golden Dragon Golds’ Gym Gombada’s Sandwich Shop Gordita Dona Tota Grease Monkey Green Beret Guitar Center Guitar Center Hacienda 17 Bar Havanna Club Havok Records Hayashi Hillbilly’s Hobby’s & Heroes Hobbytown USA Holiday Liquor Holiday Wine Hooters Hungry Howie Pizza Inferno Club Irish Pub (3) Jack in the Box’s Java Girls JJ’s Party House (3) Just A Cuts Kai Kato Sushi Bar Kolache Factory Kumori Kumori Sushi Bar L & F Distributor La Casa Del Taco La Justica La Paletera La Terraza Last Pocket Le Peep Restaurant Le Rouge Little Ceasers Logan’s Restaurant London Grill & Tavern Lone Star Bar-B-Q Lotus Lucky 13 Lumen M & M Customs Mac’s Newsstand Master Piece Café McAllen Motor Sports McAllen’s Cigar Bar Melhart Music Memes’s Records & Videos Meson Del Taco Mesquite Grill & Bar Metamophis Hair

Studio Mezzanine Monterrey Morados Bar Mundo Power Plate Myth Adventures New York Deli Newman’s Octopus Tattoos Orlie’s Accessories Osuka’s Parlays Sports Bar Perfect Ink Pick A Salad Picosito’s Mexican Cuisine Picosito’s Pow Wow Puff-N-Stuff Quiznos R.G.V. Video Ramos Bar-B-Q RDS Guns Red Robin Rio Tires & Wheels Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Russo’s New York Pizzeria Schlotzky’s Deli Shoney’s Simon Sez Sinugba House Skate Shop Skin Deep Tattoo Skunky’s Smoke Shop Smoothie King Soundwaves Sport Clips Sports Authority Sprint Store Starbucks Starbucks Subway Sun Palace Sunny Bunz Super Cuts Taco Cabana Taco Palenque Taco Rico Taco Rico Texas Road House Thai Red Chilis The Armory The Brass Chair Barber Shop The Gallery The Gallery Bar The Gallery Lingerie The Gym at Uptown The Ice House The Office The Peace Pipe

The Red Barn The Smoke Shop The Vitamin Shoppe Tico’s Toucan Lounge Tropic Tan & Massage Truck Toys Ultimate Hair Cut Experience Underworld Boutique Up In Smoke Shop Up Town Café Uptown Fitness Valley Vinyls Vermilyen Tattoos Vice Videomatic Vintage Room Volta Disco Western Beverage Whispers White Buffalo White Buffalo #2 Wing Stop Wireless Toys Woodlands Xotic Hair Studio Yoko’s Zarah’s Restaurant


Casa Del Taco Church’s Danny’s Restaurant Finish Line Jitter Café K.F.C. La Paletera Michallita’s Restaurant Mission Fitness Center Pizza Di Roma The Peace Pipe Quick Wash Quick Wok Quiznos’s Skean Dhu Tequila Jacks The Bean Cuisine The Car Spa Valley Bowl West Side Liquor Store


Texxx Adult Video


Buena Suerta

Tattoo Free Spirits Glick Twins KFC La Mexicana Smokey’s Bar-B-Q Stilettos Cabaret Subway Tex-Mex The Music Center Yamaha


Castaway’s Dairy Queen Doubleday Bar Passions Wal-Mart


Dairy Queen Juniors Supermarket Powerhouse Gym Smokey’s Bar-B-Q


Ace Hardware ACE Tattoos AmberJacks B & S Kites Ben’s Liquor Bigo’s Coral Reef Bar Daddy’s Dairy Queen Dirty Al’s Inkredible Tattoo Kelly’s Irish Pub Padre Island Brewery Palm & Laguna Palmetto Inn Peggy’s Tattoos Pizza Hut Psychadeli Rovan Restaurant Surf Up Tom & Jerry

WESLACO Holiday Liquor Keno’s Café Pokey’s Planet Red Pepper S.T.C. Top Video Wal-Mart

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MAGX # 71 • OCTOBER 2011  
MAGX # 71 • OCTOBER 2011  

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