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40 years ago this month, Ringwood Brewery brewed its first batch of beer. Little did the founder, Peter Austin, know that the smell of hops and malt would still be permeating the air around the town four decades later. Only 100 yards from the site where the brewery first began, a staggering 220 million pints have been brewed in Ringwood and the notoriety of the brand has won followers from all over the world. The key principles to the brewery’s success have been to maintain quality and consistency of the beer, to be the beer of choice in the local area and, to make sure that their dedicated and loyal customers know how important they are. So, a year of celebrations begins for one of the front-runners of the 1970’s micro-

brewing revolution, starting with the launch of their anniversary ale, ‘Seventy Eight’ at the end of March. Seventy Eight was first brewed in 2008 for the brewery’s 30th anniversary and proved so popular that it seemed like the natural tipple of choice for the 40th celebrations. An easy-drinking beer with a refreshing taste, Seventy Eight is a light amber ale which is very recognisable as a member of the Ringwood brand family. A year of festivities is on the cards for Ringwood and where else would you rather celebrate than in a brewery?!

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